Militias: Patriots or Paranoid?

by | Apr 29, 2010 | Headline News | 25 comments

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      1. They are the patriots of states and citizens rights.  

        These militia groups are a valuable counter to the tyranny being imposed by the likes of the Obama administration from their control center in Washington D.C.  

        Always remember the U.S. government genocide at Wounded Knee, Ruby Ridge, and Waco when you doubt the capacity of our government to murder it’s own.   

        The citizen soldiers ensure our Constitutional rights are being actively exercised and protected against the example of government excesses listed above.        

        Thank you gentlemen for your efforts in controlling the elitists’ policies being legislated (or forced) on the citizenry of this great Republic!

      2. Maybe that politicians might want to consider why people are so angry, maybe listen to their constituents? Then maybe the hicks will mellow.

        But no, that isn’t an option.  We need to do raids, increase surveillance, stir up public “awareness”  (thanks Reuters) of the threat.  In a sense this is the self fulfilling prophecy that the militia types are warning about.

        Maybe both sides,  progressives (neocommunist bent on transforming America), and militias (hicks playing army) should step back, mellow out, and listen to each other.  Maybe the current administration should slow down its agenda, and maybe hicks should realize that they play a dangerous game.  Let’s have government quit pouring gas on the fire and militias maybe remove some wood from the stove?

        Work things out kids, we all have A LOT to loose if you don’t.

      3. The video is certainly a way to polarize and divide segments of the people. The biggest fear of tptb are a population united to get the real bums out.

      4. The only way to solve America’s problems is to dissolve America and let the states be fully free of the so called Federal government.  I’d love to have all things controlled at the county level.  All tax money remains within the county it was collected from.  End all forms of public/private/nonforprofit charity, entitlements and federal/state taxation.  End all federal laws, end all stock markets.  End the fed, banks, insurance, imprison all lobbyists and then go after the lawyers.  Death penalty for all crime committed using a gun.  Bottom line: if you live in a crummy county too bad.  Work or starve.  How happy would you be if you could keep everything you earn and if you earn nothing you get nothing !!  Ban all race clubs, ie NAACP, BET, UNCF

        America’s immigration laws should mirror each individual country, ie Americas policy on Mexico would be the same as Mexico’s immigration policy on America.   Americas policy on Germany would be the same as Germany’s immigration policy on America.

      5. I really have to laugh at the way these supposed news “professionals” attempt to appear “neutral” or “subjective” while they covert embed their real opinions.

        I would question that a reporter based in Chicago could even be objective about such a subject.

        Certainly none of the people reporting about such subjects really knows anything about it. The news we get from outlets like this are from people who don’t know anything about it. They see images and they comment on them.

        What if you had a sports announcer that never really knew anything about the game? He knew no trivia, nothing about the rules or goals of the game. Would he be effective? No. These news people are frauds. They don’t know what they are talking about and their only goal is to seed doubt and division.

        Personally I don’t know much about the militias. Probably more than this reporter. However, I have read the constitution and I understand most of it. Those are the rules of the game, so to speak. These news frauds don’t even know the rules of the game. They are shameless hacks pulling in advertising dollars, that is their only job. If they happen to be truthful or come across a shred of wisdom in a report, that is purely and accident.


        The unregulated and unknown militias pose a serious problem because they are to find and even harder to infilltrait .You wont find them online nor will you  hear much about them.We can be your next door neighbor, your local delivery driver or even the Post man .They will start to enact Laws so no Militias can form  its currently happening right now ! 

        Wtch the video and then ask your self this question ? Are you the cattle in the Farm ?

      7. “Wtch the video and then ask your self this question ? Are you the cattle in the Farm ?”

        As I’ve read on the powers that be… If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.

      8. It’s the Obama administration in Washington D.C. who is paranoid. 

      9. America is not a united nation. it is an empire with 40 different races. There are the good,patriotic,constitiutionalist militias and then there are the racist bigoted militias(KKK,Black Panther party,Brown Berets etc). The you have the gangs. I have a cousin who lives in Pheonix,Arizona he told me the black gangs and mexican gangs are always fighting. We are divided,more divided then we were in the on set of the Civil War. Also there are communist militias who are waiting till America is weak to spark revolution. I’m Haitian American and i see a nation that is tearing a part. We need to stop fighting with each other and unite.

      10. They need more guns. The feds have consistently turned their backs on the people in favor of being hand fed by the Central bankers and Rothschilds. They steal from the working class and give it to the central bankers who lie time and time again. The people are getting sick of these bankers.

        I’m sorry to say but I feel the current military leaders have let the people down. They are currently training to kidnap you and take you to the Fema camps and confiscate your weapons. The majority of fighting men/women do not really know what is going on because they are busy trying to survive daily. In fact, the majority of the public are clueless and useless. The militias are the only barrier between the fox and the sheeple. So people better wise up and support the militia instead of cowering in fear.

        But alas, sad to say, history repeats and I can assure you all, the foxes will have their dinner because the sheeple are too stupid to realize who their true allies are. The Militia.

      11. Oh and to those who bash these “hicks”. I can assure you urban and sub-urban dwelling baffoons who prize themselves as being of superior “intellect” and civility, YOU do NOT have the courage to fight. You do not have what it takes to win. The Rural people are some of the strongest people and are always the first to realize what is going on while you are hypnotized by retarded shows like American Idol. So before you bash other people, pay close attention to yourself and ask yourself, are you willing to die? Are you willing to give up your fancy townhouse and 54″ TV? Your SUV and vacation trips?

        I am, are you?

      12. hey Phil what about the oathkeepers. they seem to be on our side and they know what is coming. they could be a powerful force if they just ignore what the media says about them. that could be a powerful militia if they wanted to.

      13. eventually we will have nothing but the militia. The one thing our armies cannot defeat is the collapse of the dollar. our government is bankrupt. we can only print so much money before our enlisted and officers bail.

      14. Rachel:   And where would these officers and enlisted go? The government will continue to feed them and house them …. at our expense, of course ….. no matter how many dollars they would have to print, or how many commodities they would have to “liberate” to supply them.

        Don’t see your scenaro happening. When the economy is at its worst, thats when enlistments are highest. The government may even pay them in gold, or silver. Maybe your gold and your silver, but they will pay them.

        The militias and the military serve two different masters, and never the two shall meet: except in battle.

      15. Phil, agree mostly, but there are a few of us who are “suburban hicks” who know the score and respect the “rural hicks”.  We just find ourselves in suburban areas for the financial benefits, but rest assured you have  some brothers here.  I see the unaware idiots all around me, knowing that in a SHTF scenario they will either perish quickly or will be not be above killing my children to get what I have because they were “Too civilized” to prepare.

        Mardochee..while it would be great if we could “all just get along” it is human nature not to.  Multi-ethnic countries such as ours never survive, there are just too many differences now. We have become TOO multi-ethnic, we have too many that do not share  the common bonds that keep us together.   We have let too many “foreigners” in and not made them assimilate to our culture.

        Black (and the assimilated hispanic) Americans are going to be the deciding group on whether this country remains intact.  Black Americans  are true Americans.  They have lived the full American experience (even though for them it was bad for a long time)

        While there are some differences, there is enough commonality that bonds us.  W & B  share the same religion , the same cultures (there are subsets of the cultures on both “sides” there are black ghettos and white ghettos), eat the same foods, watch the same TV shows, go to the same sporting events, etc, etc. 

        The blacks need to realize they have at much as stake as the whites. They need to realize that they are TRUE Americans,yes their forefathers were brutalized, but that is  over. We are both on the same team, as are all other ethnic groups that have assimilated. The enemies are those who have not or will not assimilate, these are the people who will ultimately bring us down and drag those with commonality into divisiveness.

        We have come along way in this country with blacks and whites coming together, but our dear leader and his crime syndicate are doing what they can to undo that.

      16. I should have added that I was saying the Blacks need to realize we are on the same team because when you see Al Sharpton taking the side of illegals down in AZ, he is not on your side, he is just trying to keep his job, which is rabble rousing.

        When the progressives say they are helping you with social programs, blacks must realize those programs are really chains,. To be an American is to be free from government intervention in your life.

        Obviously some blacks realize this, they are not divisive nor fall for the divisive rhetoric of the progressive left.  I am assuming you are one of these men, being from Haiti.  I salute you and consider you my American Patriot Brother.

        There are some whites who also need to realize that blacks are their American Brothers and that we are all on the same team.

      17. Anyone who thinks that their “militia” can stand up to the US government is an idiot.  If any confrontation ever came to the point where US troops were used on American soil to put down armed uprisings by citizens, you can bet that the slaughter will be entirely one way, and over within a week.

        The government would deploy combat drone, AC-130, Cobras, F/A-18. F-16, F-15, F/A-117, F-22, B-52, B-2, B-1, and cruise missles, and the goofuses playing army in the woods would never even know what killed them, much less be left alive to confront the follow on Marine combat team.

        You see, massed numbers of combat troops would NOT be needed to put down armed insurrections.  All that would be needed are the aircraft, aircrews, and the Razors of United States Military Service, The United States Marines.  Semper Fi.

      18. Hey V man, takes one to know one. Problem is, your fantasy of the U.S.  military coming to your pansy ass libtard rescue.. ain’t gonna happen. The majority of them are on the good guys team. 

        I bet the Marines are ashamed of you…

      19. Agreed Jonny V, I was just trying to dramatize their opposition to each other.  If a serious conflict broke out between the majority of the American people and the policies of their Government, to the point such, that there was genuine armed conflict and mass demonstrations against the government. Say the tea party times ten, then the political elite would fold in a hurry.

        Look for more blood on the border.

      20. Jonny, if it ever comes to a pitched battle, you are correct, the US military will crush its enemies.

        But remember the US military has not won a major war since WWII. (I do not count police actions like Panama & Grenada. If you want to count them, also count Beirut & Mogadishu. The numbers work out the same.) Our military is great at crushing a conventional foe like Germany or Japan, but has practically a no-win record against non-conventional forces in places like Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Remember, we’ve been involved with Iraq since the early ’90s and Afghanistan since the early ’80s, and our mighty armies still can’t bring the these little countries to heel.

        If the worst happens in this country, only idiots are going to go head to head with Army tanks and Air Force fighterbombers.

        What you’re going to see is not an open rebellion, but a guerilla uprising — a campaign of sabotage, bombings and possibly assassinations, like in Argentina in the 70s. It will get very dirty. TPTB will crack down mercilessly, including taking out innocents as collateral damage, and in doing so forfeit the good will of the majority.

        Face it, in ten years al Quaeda, without lifting a finger since 9/11, has half of America wavering in its will to fight and starting to think that Washington is their real enemy as well. Radical Islam has not shrunk. We may win battles on the ground, but DC is losing the ideological struggle, even among its own people.

        Eventually it will get to the point where Army infantry marching the streets of some major American city is ordered to fire into the mob, but refuses. THAT is how revolutions are won and lost.

      21. hey zukadu haven’t you heard of the oathkeepers. The military is not filled with brain dead drones who will follow orders when the shtf. There will be many of them who will fight with the people. Also the militas are not just guys playing army. many of them are former vets who have experience. But I think it will get real ugly. i recommend you to read Civil War II by Thomas Chittum. It has some racial cogitations but it tells the future of how our great Republic descends into Kosovo warfare. it was written in 97 but some of his forecasts are  coming true.

      22. WhoopdyDo has a point on the conventional/non-conventional battle issue.  Things could play out in that direction for sure.  On M/A’s Thomas Chittum thing however, I think that Chittum’s solutions revolving around a “race war” are too simplistic, and probably just reflect his desire for a race war.  The real struggle, if it comes, is much more likely to be along class lines, as opposed to racial lines.  That reflects the portions of his “forecasts” that are coming true.  We have titanic problems with people just getting by paycheck to paycheck right now, when the income gap grows even wider (already the widest income gap in the world), and people in mass numbers are failing to make it, then the blood will flow in the street.

        In my opinion a domestic war could:
        · Benefit the elite buy imposing continuous marshal law.
        · Keeping the game going by intentionally polarizing the different political and religious segments.
        · Bring in foreign mercenaries for “emergency” measures.
        · Curtail elections.
        · Curtail the constitution.
        · Making lots of money for Halliburton and the war corporation.
        · Force food, shelter, and gas rationing.
        FoForced labor and pay.
        · Eliminate all internet sites that don’t support the government.
        · And much more.
        These are just a few elite “benefits” that could come from an open-end domestic war. Some would say that the government has already started this war but the populace doesn’t know it yet.
        There is a lot of idealism in thinking about a revolution “for the greater good.” But in reality, the starvation, death and destruction to friends and family will be devastating to say the least.
        And, as the song goes, “The revolution will not be televised”

      24. I agree, many believe that the next domestic war will be the tea party vs the government. In reality if there is a civil war,revolution,civil unrest whatever you call it. This time it will be race vs race,class vs class,city vs city,county vs county,neighborhood vs neighborhood. America is very much divided as i said in a previous post.  There are so many different factions that there will be no way for a “glorious second american revolution.” The only way to achieve is peacefully.

        Now when the shtf America will dissovle into chaos. Look at the different factions in America.The Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the
        Marines, the Coast Guard, their reserve components, and fifty state national guards. The
        Border Patrol, the Secret Service, the BATF, the DEA, the FBI, the CIA and U.S. Marshals.
        All totalled, there are 46 civilian agencies of the federal government that have agents who
        carry guns and have the power to make arrests.

        State police, county police, city police, housing police, transit police, Indian reservation
        police, prison guards, and private security companies.

        The Mafia, the Colombian cocaine cartels, Jamaican posses, The Ghost Shadows, the
        Flying Dragons, anti-Castro paramilitary units, Moslem terrorist cells, the Jewish Defense
        League, the Fruit of Islam, the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, the Christian Identity movement,
        armed religious cults, the Black Guerrilla Family, Crips, Bloods, the Gangster Disciples,
        the Black Disciples, the Latin Disciples, the Latin Kings, the Simon City Royals, the
        Mexican Mafia, the Big Time Criminals, Hispanics Causing Panic, the LA Boyz, the Netas,
        the Zulu Nation, the Jungle Boys, the Jungle Brothers, the Abdullahs, Los Solidos, the
        Hazard Gang, the Nuestra Familia, United Raza, the Fresno Bulldogs, the Two Sixers, the
        Insane Deuces,MS 13,Mexican Mafia, the Insane Unknowns, 20 Love, the Bottoms Boys, the Vice Lords, the
        Harpys, the Aryan Brotherhood, the Aryan Nations, the White Patriot Party, the Michigan
        Militia, the Blue Ridge Hunt Club, the Alabama Militia, the Arizona Militia, the Butte County
        Militia, the Indiana Militia, the Michigan Militia, the Montana Militia, the Georgia Militia, the
        Oregon Militia, the Colorado Free Militia, the Texas Constitutional Militia, the Carbineers,
        the Minnesota Patriots Council, the Texas Emergency Reserve, the Alabama Minutemen,
        the Special Forces Underground, Hell’s Angels, Banditos, the Gypsy Jokers, Pagans,
        Warlocks, the International Posse, the Black Panther Militia, the Aryan Republican Army,
        White Aryan Resistance, the Islamic Liberation Army, the Freemen, skinheads,brown Berets,Oathkeepers,and the tea party.

        And these groups do not even make up 10% of the gunownwers in America. Every nation we know today has had war on its borders or had internal civil war in the last 100 yrs (Russia,Korea,France,Spain,Portugal,Latin America,Japan,India,England, Netherlands,Poland,Pakistan,Iran,Iraq)except the US. So we are living in borrowed time for a major violent time in America. It is funny how America will revert to warlord tribalism in the same way the native Americans were. Endless fighting. As double wit put it we are too ethnically diverse. America is a pressure cooker that is ready to blow.
        You guys are my fellow patriotic brothers. I’m Haitian American and my forefathers and your forefathers may have been different in color but in ideology they were the same. They both fought against tyranny and oppression.

      25. MarAug:    Would that I had time to read it. I’ll try. Yes, this division is not about COLOR. It is about CULTURE, but mostly it is about economics. 

        The Hispanics by and large, DO NOT want to assimilate. They want to retain their ethenicity, and worse, impose it upon white America. That is not going to happen and that is where the conflict lies. They want to keep their language (spanish) and make it a second language. That will divide the nation. That IS dividing the nation. And they want white America to subsidize them while they do it. America is supposed to be a melting pot. Not menudo. 


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