Militia Leader Publicly Threatens President: “We Now Have Authority to Shoot Obama”

by | Nov 26, 2013 | Headline News | 417 comments



The frustration and anger in America are growing.

So much so that one militia leader has publicly called for the assassination of the President of the United States.

In a post on his Facebook page, Christian American Patriots Militia leader Everest Wilhelmsen has claimed authority under the U.S. Constitution to take matters into his own hands.

We now have authority to shoot Obama, i.e., to kill him.

His willful violations and alienation of our Constitution, constant disregard for our peaceful protests and corruption of all the three branches of government, (i.e., rogue and illegitimate government), reveal the dictator that he is. Obama and his co-conspirators disrespect our Constitution (constitutional rule of law) and abuse the American people.

The authority to kill Obama comes from the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution: He is levying war on the United States and aiding and comforting our foreign enemies – the 2nd Amendment gives us the right and duty (authority) to engage an enemy of the United States that does so with the design to reduce us under absolute Despotism. I would be very surprised, if Obama does not leave Washington DC today (Nov. 19th) … never to return, if he is not dead within the month.

Screen capture:


The Facebook post had nearly 400 ‘shares’ and several ‘likes,’ but according to Social News Daily, these were a result of journalists spreading the report, and not people who agreed with Wilhelmsen:

The good news is that all those shares you see there are either journalists or concerned citizens reporting Wilhelmsen’s threat to the FBI. And yes, as we’ve seen time and time again, it’s very likely that a sensory deprivation tank figures into his immediate future for talking like this on Facebook. It’s not about freedom of speech, remember. Threats against the lives of others, especially public figures like the president, are taken very seriously and do not constitute protected speech.

The Secret Service, of course, was none too pleased about a direct threat to the President and the Facebook post has since been removed.

Under Federal law Wilhelmsen can be prosecuted for such threats against political leaders and may face up to ten years in prison.

Threatening the President of the United States is a class D felony under United States Code Title 18, Section 871.

The offense is punishable by five to ten years in prison, a $250,000 maximum fine, a $100 special assessment, and 3 years of supervised release.

Internet restrictions such as a prohibition on access to email have been imposed on offenders who made their threats by computer.

Hattip Kim Paxton @ The Daily Sheeple

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    1. Outlaw

      The time to take your side draws near.

      • noname

        Is Social Obedience our problem?

        • Gods Creation

          Of course it is not acceptable to bring up enforcing the Law and Obama in the same sentence. We all know the law is not for him.

          At the same time, it may well be that the posted threat itself is a false flag type of thing meant to provide a reason for something yet unknown, or to go on the attack against Lawful state militias.

          But here is the truth…

          No single person or group has the right to kill Obama, or to judge him for his crimes. However the People do have the right and duty to try him according to the Constitution for his blatant crimes and self evident acts of war against the People of the world. If and when they choose to do so.

          And the penalty for treason is death, according to the Constitution. All that is required is someone to make the charge, two living people to come forward in support as witnesses, a Sheriff with balls to assemble and hold the court proceedings according to the Constitution, and 12 guys and girls pulled off the street to pass Lawful judgment based upon the facts and law presented as evidence, and sentence him according to the Constitution if he is found to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

          While there is not much room to doubt his guilt, there is proper procedure We the People must follow called the Law. Even if Obama doesn’t recognize it, we don’t need to sink to his level or we are no better.

          Obama is here to kill the country, and is doing a fantastic job of it. It is so far gone that it is probably best to just let its current form of government be destroyed, and rebuild it from scratch after the machinery is broken, than to try to fix it by killing the guy with the wrecking ball. Another operator is standing by anyway.

          Wait, and the time for freedom will come without having to resort to the war TPTB want. Their power hangs on a string now, and that string is beginning to break.

          • Unreconsructed Southron

            They’re just setting the stage for their plans. 10 to 1 this guy’s on puppeteers’ payroll. Any takers?

            • Shooter

              Yes they have a hidden agenda.

              A hidden agenda is a noun
              an often duplicitously undisclosed plan or motive.

              This is like a false flag.

              • Genius

                What a complete and total psyop! Is this the best they can do? NOBODY is that stupid! A blatant in your face piece of propaganda govt. made shit to demonize 2nd ammend. and christians and milit. members! How f*^king pathetic.

                • Gods Creation

                  Explains why the only “likes” were of journalists spreading the report….

                • flschneider

                  I knew it as soon as I saw the name of this suppo facebook page. They really are stupid to think. that we are dumb enough to fall for this. i. feel like they may just try a huge false flag assassination attempt to do a gun grab or. dream up new ways to take. more of our liberties.

                • mountain man 6-1

                  @ Genius ….Agreed ! If this guy really did say this, then someone should set up bleachers and sell tickets , near his house, to watch as they take him out !! (most likely in the 3-4 am time frame) I can’t believe that ANYONE could be THAT DUMB !!?? So who to watch ,as this shouldn’t take long to come to a conclusion !??…Guess we’ll have to wait & see ?? ……mm ps. I’ll be in the lower bunker tonight ! Take Care !

                • Facebook Page

                  Regretfully. There are people out there that are that stupid. That is our main problem in the first place.

            • Gods Creation

              Not even at 100 to 1.

                • jerrytbg

                  (SECOND ATTEMPT)

                  I believe that that is part of the psyop…
                  to make the sheeple think we live in a more dangerous world than we already do…
                  make no mistake…in an all out nuke exchange no one wins.

                  Limited to just a few would be so hard to contain, unless everyone (nations) is on board… think about that for a second… The mullese in the ME and the Hindu’s South Asia might pop a dozen or so…
                  We as a planet population can absorb that, hell we’re absorbing Fuckashima…and many will pay for generations.

                  This is all about ultimate control…and many will beg for a solution…


                • HD74Man

                  Ready for the next world war?

                  Oh yeah…with Bill Clinton’s NAFTA and GATT trade policies we’re now a country that can’t even shod it’s own feet. I.E….Take a trip to LL Bean or peruse their catalog. This is the outfit that been America’s outdoors outfitter for over a hundred years. Not one goddamn pair of boots or shoes on the display wall in the store display is made in the USA. All shoe making companies in Maine are completely gone, with production off-shored to 3rd world sh*tholes, the principle producer being China. Talk about bein’ completely screwed.

              • RickInOregon

                Let this be a lesson, Never ever ever drink and post.

                Now this buffoon has placed extra scrutiny on his entire militia. What a piss poor leader and a useful idiot.

            • durango kidd

              I doubt that he is on anyone’s payroll, he is simply a Patriot fed up with the deliberate destruction of the Nation that emanates from DC to spread Globalism at the expense of the 90%.

              To voice such an opinion publicly is just plain stupid, and demonstrates a lack mof good sense. Remember the fool that wanted to challenge the DC gun laws? No one even remembers his name now. Stupid is as stupid does. This guy is now history for the next ten years at least. Not much he can do from there for the Cause.

              Killing O’Bummer would just make him a martyr. He is not worthy of that kind of praise. Better that the Retards take control of government next year and reverse the socialist State that O’Bummer has been building.

              Even if he were to resign or be impeached before his term of office ends, O’Biden would just pardon him for all of his crimes. Better that he remain in office until his term is up and then be prosecuted by the Constitution that he denies US.

              At the rate things are going, he may decide to resign to avoid jail, fines, and legal fees for his crimes as a private person and take a pardon from O’Biden. O’Bummer makes Nixon,even Johnson, look like choir boys by comparison.

              After their term is up, indict POTUS, Jarrett, Holder,and the whole bunch in NSA, FBI, and CIA who have aided and abetted his TREASON. Bush needs to be swinging from a rope too, along with Greenspan, Geithner, and Bernanke!

              Death to TRAITORS.

              That is not a threat. That is the penalty prescribed by the Constitution. Engage your employees or be betrayed by them, one rule, regulation, and law at time. 🙂

              • Facebook Page

                No one will. If the system is still alive. They will just join the speech tours and start making real money.

                Survive it death. Keep down not like this dips hit. If he was going to shot shot don’t talk about it.

                • RickInOregon

                  You are absolutely right, it has never happened, no new regime has ever investigated a past regime. For all the sniveling about it being “Bush’s fault” even this president didn’t investigate the Bush regime. If David Duke was to be the next president, he wouldn’t investigate Obama. Forget abut there ever being any kind of legal justice for the activities that’s taken place under this president once Obama is out of office. That goes the same for the congress and senate.

              • Ender

                I agree, whacking the ‘bummer would be a mistake. That would supply the puppeteers with just the ammo they need in order to go balls deep on the gun control/martial law/etc. It’s still too soon.
                Rogers Rangers Standing Orders #19 comes to mind:
                -“Let the enemy come till he’s almost close enough to touch. Then let him have it and jump out and finish him up with your hatchet.”
                For now, we must stay hidden. Hide among the masses. Yes, I’m sure that you and I are both on their list, but that list is so large (and growing rapidly) at this point that ‘they’ simply do not have the resources/manpower to stand toe to toe with us, the American People, and they know it. Let it come. Let it happen. We must not waste one more second or ounce of energy trying to prevent this train wreck or discussing what/who caused it to happen. We all know its coming. Don’t fight it, instead embrace it. Know in your heart that there will be a time of great cleansing, and that you possess the resolve to survive at all costs. All we must do is ensure that we get our asses off the train before it crashes, and ensure that we have the resources to survive without the support of ‘the matrix’. Once it all goes down in flames, WE THE PEOPLE will survive and rise from the ashes stronger and more emboldened than ever to take back what is ours, and deliver those who have attempted to oppress us to justice.
                However, the enemy is not yet close enough to touch. Let them get closer…and then we can jump out and let em have it!
                Sua Sponte

              • Canadian Vet

                Question is, where will you find “a jury of their peers” that will render a just verdict or an impartial judge? Or even if an equitable jury can be found and a judge who isn’t one of Holder’s bum buddies, how can they be protected from coercion by any of Obama’s enforcers (IRS, DHS, USDA, FBI, CPS, etc)?

                If the Judicial was actually apolitical and there were protective branches of the government that weren’t corrupted at some degree by these criminals, it might work but the whole alphabet soup and Justice departments are all compromised. If anything, the only thing I could suggest would be using outsiders to provide all the necessary services, or holding the trials in foreign soil or on an allied warship at sea.

                And with the purge of the military higher ranks, do even the various military legal branches still have the required integrity?

                • PoQNDI

                  Check out “Common Law Grand Jury”. We’re doing it ….all 50 states are on board. Find yours and join.

              • Slick One

                durango kidd How about economic treason? In that case the
                CEOs of oil companies, insurance companies, pharmacutical
                companies, banks, and companies like walmart and fast food companies should also be considered as aiding the enemy. Or how about the aforementioned CEOS as domestic enemies? What about corporations who moved out of America to take advantage of slave labor in third world countires? Shouldnt they also be labled as economic traiters as well? What about hedge fund managers?
                Treason takes many forms.

                • durango kidd

                  Slick One: It isn’t treason when POTUS and the Congress makes it legal to steal the American economy and ship it offshore while maintaining unfettered access to American markets.

                  The TREASON belongs to the political class and they should HANG for it. Kill the FED. Death to the New World Order. 🙂

              • sommers

                Google Mia Marie Pope. She spent time in Hawaii with Obama in her youth. Interesting.

            • braveheart

              US, that was my first thought when I read the article. I smell a false-flag to bring on martial law, etc. and this Wilhelmsen character will be the patsy. If not, then he’s one of the biggest damned fools I’ve ever seen, but my money is on false-flag. I haven’t seen this much militia activity since the Clinton era. everyone had better be aware of this situation. braveheart

              • OutWest

                braveheart — you are NOT wrong

                • DRD5508

                  braveheart and OutWest, agree with you both on the false flag. What is odd, is how you both got a few thumbs down?
                  This additional (nothing new) false flag is presented as if tptb are overly anxious to get the party going.

                • Tom T

                  This IS a false flag no doubt! This guy is a patsy or he doesn’t even exist. The media and the government have been trying for years to paint constitutionalists as radicals and domestic terrorists. Just look at the name of the so called militia group it covers all the bases don’t you think?? It’s almost laughable and certainly pathetic how they left the page up just long enough for the media to get the info they needed to start painting the picture.

              • Canadian Vet

                Can’t disagree here. This one couldn’t be more perfect an opportunity for a false-flag if it was presented on a silver platter and wrapped with a bow.

                Although I don’t doubt some militias are run tight and are as professional as can be, I would be willing to bet there are a great many more that are little more than affiliated morons with guns like that inbred Tyler Smith and these might be dumb enough to run their mouth like that. And there are no real ways to know whether Wilhemsen is the real deal, a plant or just dumber than a bag of hammers.

                • Any Mouse


                  I think that you are probably spot on this one. Years ago I read a piece about the language used in advertising, particularly when targeted to adults (pick your demographic) and I certainly think it may apply here. The piece stated that most marketing messages aimed at adults are written at a 5th grade level and targets an audience with an IQ of 70. The article went on to explain that these criteria maximized comprehension of the messages to the masses.

                • JohnFornaro

                  “Affilitated morons with guns.” Excellent.

              • Unreconsructed Southron

                Yes, Braveheart, we’re usually on the same page.

            • M

              Yeah, I agree. This is a plan to further demonize militias and gain support for DHS.

            • John W.

              I would like to believe that no one is that stupid and reckless to make a statement like that especially in writing. What a maroon. Wonder if they put his ass in the slammer.

            • lower40

              its all a set up ,look at the 4 word name of his group christian ,american ,patriot ,miltia ,that takes in every group they are targeting ,oh wait they left out pickup truck ,that would of even made them scarier ,anything to take the eye off the ball ie. health care

            • Boss Hog

              Yup U Southron thats what I was thinking too. Either this guy has the political or/and financial clout to be so bold or he is just another troll waiting for someone to bite. Who knows? However how sad is it that this is even a conversation, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that we would be here as a nation.

            • Beowulf

              @ U S If not he is not very smart. Has brought pee down on himself.

            • bj

              is there any duuuoubt?

          • The Old Coach

            My thoughts exackly, U. S. In a few weeks a firecracker will go off somewhere within five miles of the Dictator, and that will give him causus belli to round up anybody and everybody who may have disagreed with him, however privately.

            What is more interesting to me is that some retired field grade officer was saying almost the same thing in public a week or two ago.

            It may very well take an American Pinochet to set this mess right. It better be soon – the Dictator has been purging our Army/Navy/AirForce officer corps like a combine going through a wheat field lately.

          • Kulafarmer

            Heres a few questions i have,
            1. What is the process for a group to bring a greivence against an elected official?
            2. Is there a process to reverse legislation that can be initiated by you or I?

            Im just wondering, Do we start a petition? How do we get our elected officials to answer to us? I know i only voted for one of my states representatives, she is a Democrat, ( I know, say what you will, but I personally felt Tulsi Gabbard had our best interests as a state)
            Our reps are all Democrats, so much for getting anything from them!

            So where to go from here?

            Definitely not a bright move on the part of this guy to pull this shit, we do still need to conduct ourselves in a civilized manner, ie we dont threaten to harm anyone. It is our perogative to disagree or even show outward distaste for elected officials, but to threaten them is just plain dumb and nullifies anything said by the perdon uttering the threat.

            • PoQNDI

              Look up the Tenth Amendment Center . The process is called nullification, and it has precedence in history, as far back as 1798 when it was described by the founding fathers, Jefferson and Madison. We had a president then who wanted to imprison anyone who spoke out against him (John Adams) and Virginia and Kentucky were having none of it. They nullified the unconstitutional laws, and we can do the same, state by state. We just have to give our STATE legislators enough support to make them do it.

              • xlr8tr

                Look up the changes to the Grand Jury laws back in 1800’s. Ties into some interesting reading I’ve done about Lincoln. It used to be a Federal Grand Jury could investigate ANYTHING it wanted too, and DOJ had to comply with requests, investigative or otherwise. subpoena powers and everything was initiated by the Grand Jury if they believed laws were broken. Now a US attorney (DOiJ) has to initiate GJ proceedings, and we really lost the best recourse honest citizens had.

          • Janet

            With the knowledge that you have to bring this to the court…I elect you to round up the witnesses and persue it! PLEASE!!!

          • Mel

            I was told that the fellow who wrote the comment in fb doesn’t live in this country. If that’s so, do other countries enforce such comments made on social media?

          • anon48

            You are WRONG the Declaration of Independence gives us that right and power to remove ANYONE without courts. Try reading it a**hole…

          • anon48

            The Declaration of Independence gives us that power without courts to remove someone from office by force! Try reading it sometime j**k!

            • Any Mouse

              The Declaration does no such thing. It is only a letter written to King George from the colonies stating intent of leaving the monarchy. It has no legal status. Look to the Constitution for rights.

              Read the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers to gain a bit of insight into the framers thoughts and feelings.

          • PO'd Patriot

            Smells and looks like bait to me. Gonna swim by this hook.

          • scott

            Absolutely, why mention Christian in the idiotic post? This moron needs to be arrested.

          • unnamed

            I agree with everything you said
            It’s too bad Obama doesn’t follow the law himself
            It makes it hard for us to do anything when he doesn’t follow the law

          • Rectorate

            Noone needs to kill him, he will kill himself in the end.

          • shiftless

            While I do sympathize with your overall message, you are incorrect in saying that individuals do not have the right to serve justice in this case. There is NO room to doubt his guilt. Furthermore, this man and his cronies are WAGING WAR on us. We have every right in the world to defend ourselves with lethal force. That is what the 2nd amendment is all about. Talking about “trying and convicting under the Constitution” is all well and good, but how do you realistically propose to do that, while he and his sycophant army are shooting at you?

          • Nationcrying

            Hope and Pray you are correct

        • Mel

          Question…is there really a threat there that HE is going to kill anyone? I don’t see it that way. I see it as his trying to interpert the constitution and the consequences of breaking the law by high officials. Worded poorly, no doubt, but I don’t see a direct threat stating he WOULD do it.

          • Cameraman

            Although He does not Actually pull a Trigger to Kill some One His Policy Can and will result In Death…Obamacare…NDAA Patriot Act..TSA..FBI..DHS…IRS..
            and all His Militant Cronies..Drone strikes , Bengazi, FF, Operation Gun Walker…Oh and His Statement ” I”am Good at Killing” Oh Yes He Does!!!!!

            Semper Fi

        • Anonymous

          Outlaw this is not directed to you but had no other way to comment (sorry)…

          People please listen: I love this Country and have cried for its demise as we have found ourselves in a POST constitutional era. However, I encourage all to educate themselves to the best of their abilities regarding the TRUE history of America….warts and all. I am not a liberal or a progrssive nor even a republican any longer. I am a Christian and an American. The libertarians are much more true to constitutionalism of the bunch.
          I encourage all to relearn history. NOT how liberal schools teach it. But how brave souls across the world Remember it.
          Solzhenitsyn wrote and published a 2 volume book in 2002 & 2003 eentitled “200 years together”. It is a historical accounting of russian history that is very enlightening and was never accepted for publishing in ANY english-speaking country in the world. It is not american history but it is meaningful. There are several other books the speak to america specifically and are related: deanna spignola’s Ruling Elite 2 volume series (2011 & 2012) and Henry Ford’s Desrborn Independent magazine reprints. All are available on amazon.
          We are behaving exactly how we are meant to behave. The same group that rebel-roused and instigated to cause the americsn civil war is still puppeteering the admin and politicos. This is NOT a new situation.
          I also encourage folks to read the Protocoks of the Elders of Zion (if I remember this is either free or .99 on amazon (much to the liberal antidefemation leagues chagrin)
          Please note I am NOT advocating anti-semitism here as it is 1 group who have orchestrated these maneuverings throughout centuries. It is not all.
          Similarly to my Christian brothers and sisters, you have been deceived. The Nicene convention in the third century BC changed many things that are not consistent with the reaching of Jesus. The primary ourpose of these alterations of our faith were ttwofold: 1) to distance the “church” from the practices of the jews–including changing the sabbath to sunday from saturday and the trinity doctrine –which until much later approx 800 AD was not even agreed upon by the church (because the mercantile jews even back then wrecked havoc on nationalism, family, and economy)and 2) to allow pagans to transition more easily to the new state mandated religion (which eventually came to be the current day roman catholic church). Eventhough this country was settled predominately by protestants, the flaws were not corrected when luther nailed the points of disagreement to the door.
          This group (the ruling elite we’ll call them), has but ONE GOAL: to create a world ruled by them–their inheritance of the covenant. Judaism belief is that they must create this world in order for the Messiah to come and usher in the 1000 year reign of peace.
          Chirstians and jews are not so different in the Word of God but the Christian community is at a definite disadvatage from the deceit that has been perpetrated on them by the catholic church through the centuries. We are seeing 2 factions at war here….remember we are dealing with princes and principalities. We all know how it ends. The malevolent elite WILL see the error and will turn accept Christ and be saved by the original covenant. The catholic church ..well thats up to God.
          This by no means addresses everyones (mine included) fear about current events in America. However please look at he whole picture.

      • Jim (another Jim)

        I agree with you, but I don’t think it’s time for such an action. I think this man just made his life very hard. He will be pursued by the government and most of the sheeple in this country will call him a whacko. He just lost any measure of credibility with the masses. I just don’t think it was a wise move. I will probably get a lot of thumbs down for this, but I believe we need to play the politically game for a while longer until some more of the sheeple wake up

        • Outlaw

          Thumbs up from me. I dread the day, but the longer we wait… Maybe we are too late already?
          Not sure how much longer we can play the political game, but I do think the approach he took was not the wisest.

          • Swinging on a star


            Someone had to start this conversation on a broad level, it is the right time because he did it. Regardless of the consequences that he more than likely is aware of, he is the first, more will follow because he opened the door. He may have lost credibility with some but many are thinking the same way as he is, down the road, he will be credited with starting the revolution to freedom.

            When you plant a seed in the right spot under the right conditions, it will grow.

            • Jim (another Jim)

              Good point. I do applaud the man for his bravery in standing up for what he believes in. I guess to much of a coward to take such a brave giant step

              • tioga

                I read more of “trail of evidence/smoking gun” document than a declaration or manifesto for liberty. The repeated use of the phrase “2nd amendment” was tossed in there frequently and at times out of context in order to demonize the 2nd amendment as well as its supporters… while galvanizing its opposition. The name of the militia is somewhat suspect unless he intentionally was looking to thumb his nose at the DHS. And his skip to the extreme sentencing part of the course of action, just on the the heels of the JFK propaganda around the clock, every channel overload… speaks of psy ops.

                when a leader loses his support he can either coerce them back in line by threat of force, or he can manipulate them into wanting to be in line. This fb post seems to be a stimulation to rally the base.

                • OPSEC

                  What is/was your MOS ?

          • shittybritches

            I bet a lot of the ss personnel secretly wish someone would succeed

            • The Old Coach

              Somebody within the Egyptian secret service offed Nassar. And that would only be the umpteenth time that an insider did the deed. The Roman Praetorian Guard did it time after time.

              The Dictator is so scared if “his” military that anytime he’s on a military installation he sends the Secret Service around to remove the bolts from every firearm that’s not already locked up. This cannot be lost on the SS rank and file. Sooner or later one of them will crack.

              • John W.

                I was watching the videos of Kennedy a few days before he was murdered as he went right into the crowds to shake hands and talk to people. How I miss those relaxed days and what a sorry nation we have allowed ourselves to become. A kid throwing a firecracker now is charged with terrorism.

            • Jack Hammer

              I’ve often wondered if any S.S. guys or gals thought of pulling the trigger on him. They must be watched by the Gestapo. I know that Obammaboy has installed “Political Officers” similar to what the USSR had in our military commands all over the world. Never thought our country would turn into a giant prison but here we are.

          • Hey You

            Seems that your comment regarding how much longer we can play the political game is perceptive. It is a game and most of us have been played. It’s all at strenthening the federal system and we aren’t invited.

        • sixpack

          Well, we damn sure need to play it a little better than THAT…but it makes me all warm and fuzzy to imagine the HNIC to be feeling like a TARGET for once, just like the rest of us.

          • JayJay

            Oh, sixpack–I read there are so many anonymous threats on his life they aren’t even taken seriously.

            • sixpack

              I guess that depends on whether the NSA file says they are a Christian, a Prepper and/or a Gun Owner or not…you’re definitely DONE if you are ALL THREE.

              • Kulafarmer

                Oh snap!

                Why did you have to say that???

                • sixpack

                  ’cause it’s true?

              • Facebook Page

                What happens if you/l are a long term gun toting dug in deep survivalist.

                • sixpack

                  Then they’ll have to CATI, huh?

            • braveheart

              JayJay and Sixpack, think about this. A militia leader making a public threat to assassinate Obama? How damned stupid can anyone be, IF he’s serious? He had to have known the feds would jump on him like bees on honey. I think we’re looking at the patsy for the next false-flag operation. The antennas on my tinfoil hat are out to maximum length. braveheart

              • sixpack

                I think you’re absolutely right. TPTB have been drooling over a chance to make us look like the terrorists they say we are, for a long time…what better way to realize all of their filthy dreams, than to make it look like one of us assassinated the president?

                I didn’t say “attempt to”, because I firmly believe they want obummer gone too…2 birds with 1 stone.

                Personally, I wouldn’t waste my time shooting at the puppet—I’d be zeroed in on the PUPPET MASTER.

                • GrandpaSpeaks

                  You can “Bank” on that one sixpack. A little higher elevation in our aim would pre empt a lot of suffering.

        • YH

          Jim (another Jim),

          Thumbs up. There’s a time for a frontal assault, and a time to leave that tactic in the bag.

        • shiftless

          “I just don’t think it was a wise move. I will probably get a lot of thumbs down for this, but I believe we need to play the politically game for a while longer until some more of the sheeple wake up.”

          I think you’re wrong. This guy took a risk at it paid off; not for him, but for us. I re-posted the guy’s thoughts to my Facebook. He might (and probably will) personally suffer, but his words got out and they are doing their part to change minds. As long as we continue to lay low and cower like bitches then TPTB will continue to have their way with us. We need to stand up and stop being so god damned afraid.

      • Yeshua

        Better sooner than later…

      • Old Gringo

        Be advised….this man has no sense.
        Let alone, the POTUS.

        • Kulafarmer

          Agreed, is a good way to get locked up, and then even if you do get out, you will never own a gun legally again! Sheesh

          • PA farmer

            By the time this guy gets out of jail none of us will Probably be able to own a gun Legally anyhow, the way things are going.

            • Kulafarmer

              If anything like that happens, i would bet things will be fairly unglued.

        • gone under

          Seems to me that when Bush was President, a whole lot of Libs were openly saying the same thing and about Cheney too. But Cheney fought back and opened up on a Dem with Bertha, then pretended it was a Hunting “accident”.

          • braveheart

            A politician by himself is dangerous enough, but one with a shotgun…..hell, I wouldn’t be in the same city with the SOB.

        • Justice

          This guy WILL spend time in the Federal Correctional System. presently being stupid isn’t a crime, however threatening the life of the POTUS will get you a visit from the Secret Service and probably a nice new set of bracelets.

          • sixpack

            Being stupid is the gateway behavior to becoming a full-blown criminal. works like magic.

      • Ahole

        Fucked up country with fucked up leadership. Nothing but a fucked up future.

        • Shooter

          I wouldn’t call them “leadership” they are management at best.

          • John W.

            You mean mismanagement.

        • yak

          Really………….you got it that bad………….try living in mexico or south America……………….you will see how rough life really is down there……………

          • Any Mouse


            That is really a worn out and tiresome argument. Someone,somewhere always has it worse than you.

      • Thomas Neith

        He still has not proven that he is eligible to be the president, from all the information that has come out in the past few years he is nothing more then a USURPER and the Secret Service should have already removed him from the WH. Being a usurper means you are not threatening the president but a farce and a fraud squatting in the halls of our government.

      • yak

        Yea Right……..Bush and his band of morons are the one that got us in this mess…………..or is everyone missing that point……………… was not to bad until bush got in with cheney and really screwed this economy up as well as everything else….like allowing jobs to go out of country so their buds can make even more profit……………and fuel the industrial war machine with two wars..that were unnecessary yeah and Obama turned most of what he could around..until the others seen he is actually doing good………….

        • John W.

          I bet you have fantasies about Obama that are really strange. Bush was a disaster but Obama has never ever meant to make anything better. You have to be a world class dope not to realize that. Are you ten years old and a boy in a bubble?

          • yak

            Say something intelligent.or say nothing

        • Old Operator

          Says the blind deaf man…

        • lower40

          if you want to blow him let us know and we’ll turn our back ,do you see anyone on this channel defending bush if your still hung up in that paradigm you may have wondered onto the wrong channel

        • Any Mouse


          Geez, read a freaking book. Its been going on for years.

          • yak

            that’s correct but everyone hear seems to have short term memory and focused on Obama…blame is not only his…..

        • MXLord327

          Clinton was the one who went full-throttle on screwing up the economy with all the free-trade BS.

          • Any Mouse

            Let’s not forget he’s also the one that delivered the death blow to the Glass-Steagle Act.

            • sixpack

              Every sitting president since LBJ has had to play his part and do what he was told to do. Threatening one’s family is a very powerful grip—when was there a president in the white house who DIDN’T have leverage, er, I mean, a family?

        • braveheart

          Yak, we started losing our manufacturing base under Nixon. How many people here remember in the late60s -early70s when we started losing our TV factories to Japan? I damned well remember because my mother was laid off with 100 other people from the old RCA TV plant in Memphis in 1970. although she had another job the next day, that was the beginning of us losing our manufacturing base. braveheart

      • Mountain Trekker

        Speak wisely, Your comment on this site will be forgotten by most before tomorrow is over, but you can bet it will be stored in someones database for the rest of your lifetime. Just remember as well as Patriot there are Trolls, Provocatures, Agitators and other Government Spooks that are very interested in what you have to say. How well do you really know MAC? Trekker Out. SI VIS PACEM, PARA BELLUM!

      • Militantly Peaceful

        And yet 50 years after JFK was assassinated, the corrupt nest of crypto-fascists sadly known as “our government” won’t release all the files on his murder.

        He was murdered by elements within the without the government, the government orchestrated the cover-up and they continue to deny justice to the American people by giving us all the files.

        America, wake up. Fifty years ago the infrastructure and will to assassinate a president and cover it up was in place and functioning. What do you think that mechanism is like today?

      • Man on the inside

        Starting to see more and more of this kind of talk…. we live in interesting times… PRAY, PREP, PLAN FORM TEAMS.

      • Jack

        The Militia statement needs only to change the word kill to arrest in order to have real legitimacy…

      • Philip

        even those of you who know about O-Fucker’s criminal Executive Orders and plans to blow up Charleston harbour and unleash DHS nazis and foreign troops upon Americans, don’t know about this government’s collusively-produced Hollywood films and television productions. These threasd their crimes into profiteering and mockeries, and indicate to those familiar with their ways some additional things I can’t discuss in a brief posting. All this considered, the case is overwhelming to drag this guy out in handcuffs and put him on trila for conspiracy to commit mass murder, treason, fraud, and other charges. And considering what this government has done to dissidents, I wouldn’t have a problem if Obama never made it to the World Court in one piece. Thanks for reading. America is worth it.

      • Patriot 1776

        Who do you trust? Hard to do these days! Guess we are all stuck until mother nature does her job.

      • Anonymous

        It seems to me that he is not actually THREATENING TO KILL Obama. What he is saying is that the people have the Constitutional right to do this. He is not saying he will do it, rather the right is there, according to the Constitution. He seems to making a good point. I certainly would not do this and I don’t think he is saying he would. He is just saying the Constitutional right is there (because of all the aggrievances– destroying the Constitution, or whatever).

        • Anonymous

          Its not that Obama has an offensive personality– he seems trustworthy when he talks (even though ALL the polls say citizens consider him untrustworthy). The problem is, IMO, he is a puppet of the Banksters, just like Bush and all the other politicians. He does their bidding– because he reaps big profits, or because he is threatened? Dunno. Kennedy didn’t go along…look what happened to him. Just a thought.

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        What Americans should do first is to hold a trial by Jury for Obama, and fully expose his crimes in a detailed trial. Obama can exercise his rights and defend himself and his actions. Then let the Jury decide, and let the punishment fit the crime. Whether Impeachment, prison or the ultimate. Just threatening to kill someone with out the rule of law or trial judged by one peers, may be unlawful. Follow the Constitution, not Mob rule. Unless of course there is No Rule of law.

    2. Shooter

      Wow! Game on!

      • buttcrack

        Obvious ploy to get some people to take some shots at him.

        • durango kidd

          Not likely. I read somewhere that there have been more than 77 plots or threats against his life and that he even has a food taster (O’Biden no doubt).

          I don’t know if that includes the two brothers in Morristown, NJ who are avid hunters and expert shots; and the girlfriend.

          Just saying. I wouldn’t want to be standing next to this clown ANYWHERE, including on SNL. Can you say, Gov Connolly?

          Engage! LMAO ! 🙂

          • Philip

            just ang around McDonald’s eating fertiliser and household cleaning ingredients masked as food, until O-Dickhead’s stormtroopers roll up in their LRADs and MRAPs.

      • Peterson

        My thoughts exactly!

    3. California Resident

      This stuff is about to get real.

        • John W.

          How can anyone believe crap like this, detonated a nuke off of South Carolina? Sure they did and no one knew about it. Right. How would they even get the codes to arm it?

          • jerrytbg

            Didn’t Clancy write “the sum of all fears”? In any case, one of the points in that book demonstrated that a nuke, after sitting around for awhile needs to be “serviced” to get the max yield from the device…one of the weapons guys I knew described it as “tarnish on silver”. haha. How accurate that is…I don’t have a clue. ‘)

            The point I’m making is that if you know the system you can get into the nuts and bolts of the trigger mech and change the way it’s triggered. Admittedly, that’s 40 yr old hearsay. ‘)

            oh and btw, the “tarnish” factor makes me not believe anything about old suitcase nukes of Soviet era being viable beyond a dirty bomb, without servicing.
            So, if anything does go off… well…

          • GrandpaSpeaks

            Maybe you can explain the increase in readings John, check it out.


    4. Fucking pissed

      A noose would do. Isn’t that the proper punishment for treason?

    5. .02

      emm dude.. you are talking the commander in chief of the armed forces.. NOT a good idea..

      • sixpack

        Haven’t you noticed the general sentiments from the military about the CinC lately? Not so good from the ranks, especially all of the upper ranks obummer had relieved of duty in the last few months.

        It just might be that the military is about to pull rank on the HNIC. Besides, what does fear ever get you?

        • braveheart

          Sixpack, sorry if I’m asking a silly question, but what is this HNIC I’ve been seeing on the site lately?

          • sixpack

            H ead N igger I n C harge

            • braveheart

              Thank you, sixpack. It sounds appropriate.

        • John W.

          Even the black civilians in DOD cannot stand him.

        • Kulafarmer

          I wish they would,
          Then they can purge washington and we start over,,,

        • Starlifter

          Checkout And you can read all about the coming military takeover!

      • Iowa

        Emmm, what is the punishment for the President when he drone strikes US Citizens?

        • Ugly

          A second Nobel Peace Prize?

          • sixpack

            unfortunately, you’re probably right.

            • JohnFornaro


      • 1940--me

        exactly roght, if you’re in the military, you do not second guess the commander in chief and you certainly don’t threaten him or her even if they aren’t your favorite person.

        • 1940--me

          PS,I liked Ike, he was my commander in chief.

          • treetopflyer20

            NO ONE is required to follow unlawful orders, whether they come from the POSPOTUS or not. That is why he is purging the ranks.

          • John W.

            Damn you are old. Amazing you can even use the internet.

            • Smokey

              John, those guys invented the internet!

          • TRENT

            IKE was a whore.

            • shiftless

              Yo mama a ho

      • incognito

        Sounded to me that he was talking about treason. As long as there is no treason there is no problem.

    6. possee

      Only a fool would publicly declare such a threat..

      He will know have the full veil of every federal agency downwind and it will end badly..



      • wrong


        I agree. It’s one thing to think it but to declare it on Facebook of all places… What a bonehead move..

        • possee

          We live in a nation of boneheads

          From D.C. on down

          nough said


        • Genius

          Bet you 100 to 1 it’s a fake. Put out by the govt.

          • PA farmer

            Genius, This might play into what Beck was saying today(I wish I woulda been Listening better) that ob was giving a Speech somewere and the Audience started getting loud and Aggressive, but nobody was Settling them down or getting ob out of there.

            • Sigi

              Just go to The Blaze Radio download the podcast and listen again. My spouse watched that news coverage last night, we think it was in Seattle. Having just elected a socialist to city council, the Seattlites probably were heckling BO for not being far-left enough.

              • Smokey

                They were. Demanding he stop all deportations of illegals, single-payer medical care, etc.

                Seattle is San Francisco with rain.

                • TRENT

                  And more and more cities are following suit too.

              • yak

                beck… there’s a bonehead

      • gone under

        Or a Martyr.

    7. Audentis Fortuna Iuvat

      I read this site daily. So,we all know what side that I belong to. If this man is not arrested for those comments,he is a federal plant in that group,trying to promote violence to get patriots arrested.

      • Sigi

        I think we’ve seen those sort of plants on here and on other sites. They’re the guys who say, “Why are you guys still complaining? Why don’t you DO something?” or words to that effect. Obviously that ploy has come to an end and a new one has begun. First they nudged, then they shoved. They are trying to justify the final step of shooting.

    8. jerrytbg

      Diane f to propose some kind of gun legislation in 3..2..1

      I hope everybody see’s how transparent this is…geez
      They’ll stop at nothing…

      • sixpack

        …even if it means winging the HNIC to prove their point.

    9. Shooter

      This could also be a false flag to make people feel sorry for obama. Everyone has a hidden agenda.

      • sixpack

        There ain’t a whole lot that could happen to him, to make me feel sorry for obummer.

    10. AZ PREPPER

      WOW !!!!!
      No one deserves to die for their stupidity,just publicly schlonged. And, he is doing a great job of that on his own. I feel sorry for his daughters and the life that they will have to live following what their dad has done. SHAMEE SHAME SHAME

      • wrong

        I had to give you a thumbs up just for the “publicly schlonged” part. Too Funny

        • gone under

          Bathhouse Barry would like the shlong.

      • oldfart

        Anybody remember the movie “Clear and Present Danger” from the Tom Clancy book of the same name? Remember the drug guy who paid to have the American businessman killed? How about his answer when asked why he had the guy’s kids killed too?

        Because he didn’t want them coming after him when they grew up.

        Obama’s kids have to go too – or they’ll be a problem further down the road. Cruel? Yes but practical too.

        • Shooter

          What about Chelsea?

        • braveheart

          Oldfart, from the practical standpoint, I have to agree. since both of their parents hate white people I’m sure they taught those girls hatred.

      • Archivist

        @AZ Prepper

        Does that mean being beat with one, being poked with one, or having one removed?

        I don’t think the public would want to see either one.

      • Hawng

        If you are refering to Obama, you need to get one thing straight… The man is not stupid, you do not get to the position he is in by being stupid, Same goes for these congressmen and other politicians.

        The only “stupid” people are all of us, for letting this shit happen.

      • yak

        please give me a detailed list as to the terrible things their father ( the president ) has done………….to hurt this country ………also give me a list on the things he has done to better us as a whole…………….

        • admin

          If you can provide that list of things he has done to better us as a whole it’d be much appreciated. Thanks Yak!

          • yak

            I ask the question……………respond with an answer………….not a question.are you a politician.?

        • braveheart

          Yak, if you can’t see for yourself what harm he’s done to this nation and its people, then you’re a lost cause. Go have some more Obama koolaid.

    11. Shane Vandrell

      Quick Prep Tip…For those of us who may not know. FREE KINDLE!!! Kindle is great for starting a fire to keep warm, cook food, etc. Dryer lint and Toilet Paper rolls are both FREE. Put the two together and you will have instant kindle! God Bless.

      • Wilson

        I’d been reading about using lint but had never tried it. Some argue that it must be cotton lint and not synthetic lint. Others say you must add magnesium shavings from a fire starter. Aw well, I tried it the other day using nothing but lint collected from the dryer and sparks from using a steel striker. It worked great. I’m keeping it simple.

      • grandee

        cool. i got lots of that stuff.

      • sixpack

        junk mail and advertizements make good kindling too…and there’s plenty of it available for free.

        • Archivist

          I read about a guy who signs up for anything and everything that comes along so that he gets tons of junk mail. He heats his whole house for free.

          • sixpack

            Is that the one who rolls it all into logs?

            • Archivist

              Yes, I believe so.

        • AZClimber

          You can get a paper log compressor on Amazon for about $15. They work great and can make solid, long burning logs (for paper) out of junk mail. Be mindful about the cooking capabilities when using inked paper.

    12. RICH99

      You guys are fools …..this is an agent provacateur TRYING to get SOMEONE ….ANYONE to make a move !!!
      The idiots on here saying ….”shit’s about to get real …soon ” My kids could fool you guys !!!
      This is going to go on and on and on for months and years ….personally I’m just about done with this GAME

      • Kulafarmer

        Ultimate false flag!
        Definitely would fit the MO of TPTB

      • Ugly


        You said you were done on your last 12 postings. You are one of us, parahnoid, and know something bad is coming. Keep living, but be ready. Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving. We have alot to be thankful for….

      • braveheart

        Rich99, you’ve been saying for quite awhile that you’re done with us, yet you keep coming back. Admit it, you love coming here and you love us. We love you too.

        • RICH99

          I meant I’m done with this GAME ….the collapse the this the that !!!!!
          I’ll make sure I have food and water but other than that I don’t care anymore really ….with every passing year and month I’m seeing that this is going to be 20,30 years in its completion and that puts me around 70 years old

    13. just me

      YES obama is a worthless lump of cow poo,,,but he still commands a fleet of drones….has anybody heard if this wilhelmsen’s place has been leveled by a UAV???

      • vomitbag

        blaaaaaahhhh! I missed the bag. Perhaps bama would want to eat it.

      • Genius

        Obammy doesnt command shit, his buttlicking yes man mil. does…

    14. Cujo

      Notice in his organization are the words Cristian and Militia. I cannot imagine someone with any sense publicly making such a comment, unless it was meant to be a false flag initiated statement by TPTB.

      If the news media takes this and runs with it, then I will suggest that the Commies staged this.

      • YH


      • Anonymous


        That’s an interesting point you make.

        If I were a gambler, I’d put good money($$$) on the possibility that BB Nutty-yahoo is huddled w/ some mossad types, scheming to “rapidly promote/upgrade” Joe Biden via “retiring” Bath-house Barry.

        –then blame it on a loose screw (MSM label:
        white/Christian/right-wing militia) like Wilhelmsen.

        Rumor has it ole’ BB is all kinds of pissed-off over the IRAN accord!


        Believe it or not, the Mossad is actually pretty good at eliminating people.

        Google “JUBA the sniper”, allegedly he’s an Arab hunter of U.S. troops in Iraq(mainly Baghdad) & oddly enough, has used an Israeli mfgd rifle w/ an integral recording video camera, to document his victims.
        He also has a soft spot for the Soviet-era 7.62×54 Dragunov w/ a P-2 scope.

        –cannot vouch for the authenticity of his existence, as there is a shitload of conflicting info/data out there regarding him.

    15. Barn Cat

      I can understand where the guy is coming from but posting threats that put you in jail isn’t very smart.

      I have a Facebook account. I don’t hit “like” or “share” for photos that call for armed revolution. I’m not interested in having an increased threat assessment grade.

      • sixpack

        I just don’t want it to be known how much of a threat I could be, until the very moment comes to act.

      • braveheart

        I don’t do Facebook or any other ‘social media’. REAL LIFE IS MY ‘SOCIAL MEDIA’. We’re all angry and frustrated over Obama and his agenda but this is not the way to handle it. braveheart

        • Kulafarmer

          I just want to be left the fuck alone!
          I dont make tons of money
          Dont take up much space,
          Just putter around the property doin what I do,,,
          So leave me alone.

          • Ugly


            Don’t you know?

            You are on their earth, using their resources, breathing their oxygen, and exhaling your pollutant on their airspace called carbon dioxide.

            You see, you are a waste product of their earth and it needs to be disposed of….

            Don’t you feel guilty?

            Now march to FEMA Camp as per Agenda 21….

            • Kulafarmer

              Not bloody likely!

        • Facebook Page

          Ah Facebook good

          Turn to the PAGE

      • Hunter


        Damn! You sound just like me! (go figure?..strange days?)

        OFF TOPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        ..Ummmmmmm! Would the creative prepper/canning expert/philosopher who detailed the procedure for HAMBURGER MEAT “crumbles”…PLEEAASSEE, repost in detail your process!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        ..I’ll put you in my will if you do!!!!!!!!!


      • shiftless

        “I have a Facebook account. I don’t hit “like” or “share” for photos that call for armed revolution. I’m not interested in having an increased threat assessment grade.”

        Too late fucker, you are already on their list, and they will put a bullet in your brain regardless. Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way. Stop hiding your head in the dirt.

    16. buttcrackofdoom

      time for pitchforks and torches is getting near, methinks!

      • 7 3/4 tinfoil hat

        buttcrackofdoom is a great handle…makes me laugh every time is see it

    17. TheMongoose

      This is what they want. Either an actual attempt, or someone they can blame for a false flag.

      Keep your powder dry and your mouth shut.
      It will come soon enough.

    18. YH

      I have to say it, and it may not be very popular, this militia leader is not very intelligent. He is playing right into the hands of liberals and in the process putting at risk everyone who opposes the cretinous Obama.

      I don’t know who Everest Wilhelmsen is, but he sounds more like a sleeper agent than an intelligent patriot. No sane patriotic person I know would make such a reckless statement.

      I could be wrong about him, I don’t think I am, but when the “other” guys have Apache helicopters and heavily armed drones that you’ll never see, waving your arms up and down and screaming “Here I am!” is not the wisest course of action to take.

      True there may come a day when push comes to shove, but we are not there yet. Keep the powder dry. Things are going down hill pretty quickly.

      • Smokey

        You are very correct, he is not very intelligent. In fact, he is downright stupid. He has earned every bit of criminal jurisprudence he set himself up for.

        My copy of the 2nd Amendment says only that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Nowhere does it say a word about the so-called right to assassinate anyone.

        This administration is going downhill very fast, all we need to do is get out of the way and let them self-destruct. Idiotic bombast like this militia member are just playing into the hands of an administration that would welcome putting the peoples’ attentions somewhere else, and a compliant media that would love to help them out of the abyss they are falling into.

        • YH


          >>”This administration is going downhill very fast, all we need to do is get out of the way and let them self-destruct.”<<

          I couldn't have said it any better. The Republic of the United States of America will survive Obama, or whatever his name is in this decade. What we will not survive is the poisonous socialist Marxist mindset that has seduced many generations of Americans, and has us on track for the unprecedented multi-faceted socio-economic meltdown that is currently underway.

          Happy Thanksgiving All!

        • 3% Oathkeeper

          If he is the leader of this group he is the lefts example of militia. Your right the 2nd or any of the other amendment do not mention engaging in warfare or assassination. The levying of war is from the From the constitution Article 3 subsection 1 “Treason against the United States shall consist only of levying war against them or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convisted of treason unless the on the testimoney of two witnesses to the same overt act, or confession in open court” I want to see barry’s ass swing in the breeze as much as anybody but the constitution is the law of the land. He must go to trail first. the best part if found guilty Death is an option

        • shiftless

          “My copy of the 2nd Amendment says only that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Nowhere does it say a word about the so-called right to assassinate anyone.”

          What the hell do you think it’s for? So you can wave your shotgun around inside your free speech zone? “See look, I own a shotgun, so obviously you can’t take over my government since I OWN this shotgun. Right? Guys? Anyone listening?” <– Does not compute. The reason for the 2nd is that you can use that gun to SHOOT AND KILL anyone who is trying to take away your rights. Otherwise what the fuck is the point?

      • kynase

        Aside from the in-direct threats…I agree with what he is saying. This govt has chosen to manipulate the constitution left and right. They are completely turning their backs on America…and they have forgotten that they are not in charge. We, the people, should remind them who is in charge. I don’t advocate violence, but we do not have to participate in their reindeer games.

        • YH


          Violent conflict is the “easy” part. What we’re up against is a growing Marxist mentality, and that is exponentially more difficult to cure.

          How do conservatives convince Mr & Mrs America that hard work and sacrifice are good things? That free things are bad? That small government is good? I don’t know. All I know is that at this late stage in the game only a total collapse where people are reduced to their most elemental state can reintroduce commonsense and logic to this equation. Cheers.

        • Wade

          There is a ton of hand wringing and talk here about how this militia guy isn`t wise etc etc. I can`t say that I disagree with what little I have read on this topic.And yes, it maybe wasn`t the wisest move to post where he did. Been smarter to gather his group up and say, guys,,heres the plan, you in or out, and go from there.
          However, what seems to be a general sense here is that it`s not ok..never will be ok..etc etc to use force to defend the constitution and rule of law. When you have the people in power that we do, with the lack of morality that they have, and a very large percentage of the population with their hands out, excatly how do you propose to effect change ? Talk them into resonabless ?? Vote them there ?? You have truly got to wake up. Corruption will never *fix* itself. Don`t be thinking that if the stinky stuff gets airborne that you can wave your arms around and make nose at the voting box or protest and then go back home with a fixed country. If anyone is going take a stand for liberty you must reconcile yourself to being an outcast and homeless unless you have won the fight. Based on the assumption that all means have been tried and pursued,and it comes down to the 2nd ammendment being used to fix.reset/pick your term, then you must be willing to risk everything. It`s never legal to have a revoultion in any form. At least according to the laws that are passed.
          The founders of this nation were traitors,and if the secret service was around then, they would have been target number 1. People need to do some hard thinking about what they will risk for freedom.
          What I am seeing here makes me belive that if it came down to it, very few would stand up and risk everything.
          Hope I am wrong, but there seems to be a huge cloud of dust for the exits all of a sudden.

          • YH


            >”However, what seems to be a general sense here is that it`s not ok..never will be ok..etc etc to use force to defend the constitution and rule of law. When you have the people in power that we do, with the lack of morality that they have, and a very large percentage of the population with their hands out, exactly how do you propose to effect change ?”<<

            The first sentence above, I don't get that sense from the forum members. I think there is the general sense that at some point in the future, perhaps near future, when push comes to shove force and violence intervention may be required to defend our Republic and Constitution. We must be prepared for that possibility.

            I on the other hand believe time is the great equalizer, so to speak. I am very patient. We would prefer to expose the progressive lie for what it obviously is by allowing it to collapse in on itself so that there will be no doubt what-so-ever even to the most rabid progressive that their pathetic wealth distribution/social justice crap was a complete and utter failure.

            It is at this point I believe "they" will be at their most dangerous. They will blame us for their failure and they may attempt to seize power for themselves in a coup d'état.

            This will be the moment of truth for us, when we will either fight to restore Republican rule of law under our Constitution, or sit on the sidelines and discover the hard way what 70 million dead Chinese peasants learned under Mao Zedong's bloody regime.

            I agree, this civil conflict may come to a head. But keep the powder dry because just when you think it's as bad as it's going to get…it gets worse.

          • Mountain Trekker

            Wade, I believe you have read the writing on the wall. Nuff said. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

      • Kulafarmer

        Copy that YH,
        Lo pro

      • TRENT

        the guy was an idiot for saying that….. no brain.

    19. arizona

      at least someone is willing to grab this downhill bound snowball, this is not a spectator sport.

    20. Jim Bob

      O/T but I think you’ll get a warm fuzzy when you hear that the skank hoe who falsely accused the 3 Duke students of raping her is on her way to prison for killing her boyfriend. What I can’t understand is who would be so low down as to be HER boyfriend? Oh well, karma IS a bitch…..

    21. just me

      if we all wait to much longer some of us will die from starvation

    22. T Lamb

      Veteran Abuse
      I am a Disabled Viet Nam Era Veteran
      On a fixed income.
      Well it seems the City of Dardanelle AR flooded my basement with over 1000 gallons of raw sewage (NOT ONCE BUT TWICE) on Aug. 2nd. The plumbers I called from Millard Plumbing snaked my lines and told me it was the city’s fault since it was their sewer lines that backed up into my home. A city sewer worker Don Lovelace came to my home and told workers here it was the City’s fault for their lines backing sewage into my home.
      My home owners insurance was capped at $10,000 and that is what they paid. Leaving me with a repair bill of $8,883.00 (Which I can NOT PAY) I went before the city council and petitioned them with my documentation and the builder was with me and we asked the city to step up to the plate and pay for their share of damages to my home. They all voted NOT TO PAY.
      I talked to an attorney and he told me it would cost me about $6,000 and I would not be able to sue for attorney’s fees or court costs here in Arkansas. I can NOT spend $6,000 to get $8,800.
      So the past 4 weeks I have been picketing out in front of the City offices at 116 Front St. Dardanelle AR in the wind, cold and today we had freezing rain but I was their.
      I am a disabled Veteran and I am in a wheel chair but I am NOT wheel chair bound. I can walk some but not any great distance or stand long periods of time so that is why I have a wheelchair.

      You can see my full story at:
      I have been on Channel 4 news in Little Rock and was on the front page of the Russellville Courier Newspaper on Nov. 13th.
      I am an adult, when I make a mistake I expect to have to pay for it. All I am asking is for the city of Dardanelle AR to step up to the plate and take responsibility for their actions (or in this case their inaction to keep our sewer lines cleaned and operating properly). The mayors name is Carolyn McGee she is at 479-229-4500
      I don’t see how the City of Dardanelle can flood my home with raw sewage (their fault) and now expect me to pay to clean up their mess?
      Oh and the city council voted today to get a restraining order against me for being on their property or in their driveway picketing, way to go city Council…
      Thanks to Mayor McGee my family’s Christmas is ruined and the builder is screaming he wants his money…

      • Smokey

        Find a pro bono attorney. Talk to every attorney within an hour drive. There are lots of them, and they are hungry for work.

        Let the contractor squirm for a while, and get him involved in the legal case. He should be an ally against the city.

        Start a public petition drive or whatever you have available there to force the city to pay. Get it on the ballot, and you’ll get paid.

        Demand and audit of the city books to explain why it is the city hasn’t got $8,883, ask where is the money and why is it gone? Make noise. People will wonder just which of them is grafting their tax money in no time.

        Also, seriously, run for office in the city.

        Make enough noise and they’ll wish they had just paid you. Especially when people step up and start running for their offices, they’ll not like that one bit.

      • JayJay

        T lamb…right now, it may seem like nothing–but your fight is righteous in my book..and I pray to God that someone will help you fight this sorry POS city council.

      • OkieCowboy

        It may not count for much as I’m out of state but I’ll Damn sure call her on your behalf. Good luck stay strong!

      • John W.

        Get your lawyer to get the case of City of la Mesa Ca. vs. the homeowners in a section of La mesa where the same type of event happened. the city will indeed have to pay if they follow the precedent. La mesa also has a new building code standard that installs one way valves in the sewer lines for any new homes to prevent this type of failure. You will never get the smell and whatever completely out and may be better of just asking that it be declared a total loss.

      • PA farmer

        T Lamb, sorry to hear of your NIGHTMARE, sounds like you have tried everything to get paid, I hope they see their wrong an pay.
        Not to be smart but I hope you invested in a $50. flap trap this time, it will let waste go out but not back in. Good Luck.

    23. just me

      I don’t think that any one should even be thinking like this we need solutions not more problems

    24. Tomahawk

      Obammy should NOT be wacked. He is the Messiah to millions of Liberal Cultists. That would make him a martyr.

      What should happen to him is a nice long retirement in Leavenworth, or a free one-way boat trip back to Kenya.

      • Kulafarmer

        I was thinking more like choke on an olive!

      • yak

        If that moron wants to whack someone. Start with big money, corporate controlled Politicians and lobbyists also include talking heads and money mongers ( bankers / financial whores).

    25. nevermind

      Wilhemsen is a fool to say such a thing. He puts himself and his militia in the category of terrorist Muslims who issue “death threats” against journalists. Don’t make the god-hating black man who lives at the white house a martyr, who people will remember. He will self-destruct on his own and people will hate him and his self-made history will tell the story of a greedy, power-hungry, egotistical nutcase, who Americans will detest forever.

      • shiftless

        “Wilhemsen is a fool to say such a thing.”


        “He puts himself and his militia in the category of terrorist Muslims who issue “death threats” against journalists.”

        For the liberal retards who hear about this, sure. There are leagues of fucking morons in this country, with Obama’s shaft shoved so far down their throats they can’t see anything but pubes. But not everyone feels the same way. For every one libtard who sees this as “yet another example” of Tea Party lunacy, there are 3-4 angry rednecks out there nodding their heads, and gaining courage from this guy standing up. It takes real balls to publicly threaten the President.

        *I* shared the guy’s thoughts on my Facebook along with all the other anti-government stuff I share. People like and comment on what I post and their minds ARE slowly changed by seeing how bad it’s getting. Everyone I talk to, even those who know hardly anything about politics, agree that Revolution is inevitable. It’s coming. This guy is not an idiot; he is a martyr who did his part to wake folks up. He should be (and will be) celebrated as a hero.

    26. Satori

      Mother Nature is out to get us !

      When We Lose Antibiotics, Here’s Everything Else We’ll Lose Too

      “This week, health authorities in New Zealand announced that the tightly quarantined island nation — the only place I’ve ever been where you get x-rayed on the way into the country as well as leaving it — has experienced its first case, and first death, from a strain of totally drug-resistant bacteria. From the New Zealand Herald:

      In January, while he was teaching English in Vietnam, (Brian) Pool suffered a brain hemorrhage and was operated on in a Vietnamese hospital.

      He was flown to Wellington Hospital where tests found he was carrying the strain of bacterium known as KPC-Oxa 48 – an organism that rejects every kind of antibiotic.

      Wellington Hospital clinical microbiologist Mark Jones (said): “Nothing would touch it. Absolutely nothing. It’s the first one that we’ve ever seen that is resistant to every single antibiotic known.”

      gonna be hell to pay if this particular organism gets loose

      • Fucking pissed

        Colloidal silver! Kills bacteria and viruses. Even biological warfare agents. I drink some daily. You make it with silver rods, a generator that looks like mini jumper cables, and distilled water.

        • James Woroble Jr


          Colloidal silver is indiscriminate — killing ALL bacteria, including the beneficial and necessary ‘good’ bacteria, resulting in a downward spiral of health issues due to a damaged immune system.

          Gut flora

          Be cautious regarding ‘burning down the village to save it (from communism)’. (Viet Nam)

          • Fucking pissed

            Wrong answer. I’ve not been to the MD in 20 years

      • Gods Creation

        “”strain of bacterium known as KPC-Oxa 48 – an organism that rejects every kind of antibiotic.””

        A 16 oz glass of 10PPM colloidal silver twice a day for a week would take care of it. Of course, that was NOT tried at the cost of one life.

        If you look at it like that, mother nature is only waiting for us to save ourselves with what has already been provided.

    27. jim in Va.

      Impeach the man. All we need is someone in congress to file the papers!

      • 1940--me

        impeach Obama, then who do we have?

        • Smokey

          Someone else. Joe Biden, specifically.

          Do you have a problem getting Obama out of office?

          • 1940--me

            I have no problem with Obama leaving office and if it was up to me we wouldn’t be having this conversation because he would never have been there for the first term, not that I liked any of the other candidates except R. Paul.
            It’s just that I can’t see anyone in government at any level or position even in my own local government that I would rather see there, to me all Politicians are just self serving, greedy, lying, lobby controlled, deceitful hypocrites..
            Personally, I think the country would be better of if we went under the Kansas city bridge and picked up a homeless person and just set him in the WH.

            • 1940--me

              Another PS, the last headline read “68 Percent Of Americans Believe The Country Is On The Wrong Track””
              what makes you think Biden can get the country back on track, is he even still in office?, I haven’t his name in weeks.

              • Smokey

                I’m not saying Biden or anyone is better than Obama, I’m just saying not impeaching Obama because you don’t like the next one is not a reason to leave Obama in office.

                You impeach bad presidents. If you have to impeach twelve of them in a row, so be it.

        • James Woroble Jr

          ‘Irish’ ‘Catholic’ Joe Biden, of course.

          This ‘crypto Jew’ is actually a descendant of (WAIT FOR IT………….) IRAQI JEWS (paternal grandfather)!

          Joe actually holds an Iraqi passport (qualified by decendancy)and voted in Iraqi elections.

          Pick your poison. But I recommend you put the safety back on. The Rothschilds have it covered.

          • OPSEC

            Hopefully you don’t honestly believe this crap your trying to sell.

    28. JayJay

      My response??
      Get in line!!

      Uh–oh. NSA just read that.

      • JayJay

        For heaven sake–this was in response to the headline–sorry folks.

    29. maudy fricket

      Tim McVeigh used to hang out with like minded people at a militia compound in Olkahoma. Clearly half of the people there, including the owner, were on the government payroll. Militias are for suckers. McVeigh took his secrets with him to the grave, because the Feds arrested his innocent sister, and threatened to put her in the nastiest prison in the country if he talked to the press about the man who really made the truck bomb.

      • Agent Provocateur

        You are so right about that. And besides, The real threat to the President are the folks that surround him and the people that his advisers bring in.
        Of course if anything happens to him it will be made to look like Christian right wing extremist tea partier whatever is responsible.

      • gone under

        The bombs were inside the building. amonium nitrate/fuel oil doesnt have that kind of power.

        • maudy fricket

          GOS, that’s what I heard, also.

      • Justice

        All prisons are nasty places to be. Bets to avoid them at all costs.

    30. wally

      no good will come of this…

    31. WhatTheBug

      This was STUPID. STUPID. STUPID.
      The 2nd Amendment does not allow what this man claims it does. Ever. Period.
      Crazy for even writing this.
      Not that freemen, patriots were not targets before, it is now sealed with a name like Christian American Patriots Militia.
      Discretion is STRONGLY ADVISED!!!
      Don’t be Stupid!

      • Slam

        To quote Forrest Gump, ” Stupid is as stupid does ! “

    32. Ugly


      All you have to do is read it and know it is a fake. It has all the ‘buzz’ words to get people riled up. For instance, the ‘buzz’ words 2nd Amendment, Constitution, and Christian will get the left-wingers all riled up and falsely accuse someone.

      To hide their lies, these guys need one crisis after another after another.

      • braveheart

        Ugly, I agree, there’s false-flag written right in between the lines.

      • MXLord327

        100% correct!!!

    33. Legion7

      Right or wrong, this idiot just gave Pelosi and her ilk the “knob turn” so they can open the door to full on gun control. This is the vitriol that allows one person to ruin it for everyone. I hate them all, but I don’t give them a reason to bust down my door at 2am!

      • Slick One

        Legion7…….but I don’t give them a reason to bust down my door at 2am! They will be doing that anyhow, it is comming they want us disarmed.

    34. Be informed

      Threats are going to do any good for anyone but strengthen the anti-gunners position that we don’t deserve the 2nd Amendment. So much more damage can be done by waking up people to the BO horse manure and what is happening. There are still some people out there not totally brain dead. Another thing that stings anyone is some good old fashioned satire. I don’t know too much people that like to be laughed at. BO doesn’t like to be called BO for example, as it has the symbol of being a stink.

      The old saying, you don’t just go head on with a rhino, you get run over, you allow the rhino to snare itself in its own ignorance and drop over. There are more perfectly legal ways of degrading anyone than getting your rights taken away to own firearms by making threats. This is just logic that it is more important to retain your self defense than losing them in a fit of rage.

    35. Warchild

      Garbage,anything to get publics mind off of obama care fiasco,we will see more of this coming up to mid term elections,don’t fall for the false news nonsense.

    36. Warchild

      I also believe a hacked account could be the culprit.With just the little so far snowden/wiki ect. have shown the country this is a very plausible possibility.

      • James Woroble Jr

        A very intelligent and insightful perspective.

        They also have been busted on numerous occasions uploading vile child pornography onto dissidents computers. The question begs to be asked, what WOULDN’T they do to advance their Marxist agenda. We know after 911 the murder of 3,000 American men and women wasn’t a second thought.

        Perhaps it is reasonable and righteous to reserve judgement on this militia leader until we know more.

    37. Old Vet

      The last depression most of the people back then had a strong work ethic, were mostly moral, and tried to do what was right. In this day and age it’s a total 180 from the people then, now the people are way to narcissistic in altitude, have little morals, or no drive to secede. So this time (depression) it will be Hell on Earth, there is absolute no comparison to the last one. For the most part 55%+ will die in the first 30 days, and that will cause those still here conditions unthinkable. Get yourself prepared for what is coming.

      • Warchild

        Would be convenient if they died in the winter,more time to deal with the bodies or,if a fan of the book Alive,well,keep your food fresh.

      • Genius

        Good Im sick of all the idiots 🙂

    38. buck

      What an idoit!!! Keep that shit to yourself!!! Dumb ass.

    39. buck

      What an idoit!!! Keep that shit to yourself!!! Dumb ass.

    40. Chris45

      Like we need this kind of heat on us right now. OPSEC people OPSEC.

      • Anonymous

        Grow some balls, it is your duty as an american.

        • Anonymous

          And who would you be ?

    41. Charles in Charge

      I say we give Barry a wedgey, when short sheet his bed, TP the White House, then light a bag of dog poop on fire at the front door and run away!

      Terrorism as taught by Mad Magazine, TAKE THAT!

      • JohnFornaro

        Absolutely. More humor, less anger.

        Remember “Naked Gun”, where our hero is in a room with Kaddafhi, the Ayatollah, Idi Amin, Gorbachav, and a bunch of other “enemies”, and kicks all their butts?

        Laughter is the best of medicines. Better than coloidal silver. Which tastes gross.

    42. Eisenkreuz


      • Hunter


        How many ‘personalities’ do you inhabit??

        ..just curious!

        • gone under

          That was the real one…always uses FUCK in his phrase and capitals.

        • braveheart

          Hunter, when he uses all capitals, he’s normal. Just the same eisen we all know and have no use for.

      • Mountain Trekker

        I always feel such a sense of security when Eisenkraut shows up. Trekker Out

    43. InsanityISContagious

      I know there are a multitude of folks who didn’t vote for Romney because he is a Mormon and he is Republican and people are frustrated with Republicans and wary of Mormons…I get that…but NOBODY can convince me that if people would have NOT stayed home and used their vote to vote AGAINST Obama by voting for somebody/anybody else…NONE of this would be happening.

      When 2014 elections come.. if you DON’T vote at all, you cast your “vote” for Obama and his communist butt buddies and you CAN’T whine about the aftermath.

      • JayJay

        I am so damned tired of these rants about voting.
        Are you brain dead…still??
        1)The votes were counted/tallied by some fricking company from Spain??
        2)The votes had no, get that?? NO record or copy to speak of.
        3)The machines are hacked and have been for decades.

        • John W.

          Rumor has it that Harry Reids son is/was in charge of the voting machines in Nevada. What could go wrong?

        • InsanityIsContagious

          I am so damned tired of people giving up….and you wonder how 10,000 people can be slaughtered by a couple guys with guns…or a plane can be taken over by a guy with a box cutter…or a person raped while 100 people watch…apathy will do it every fucking time.

        • InsanityIsContagious

          Jay-Jay: You want to be dick in your response, fine! Your brain obviously died a LONG ass, whiney time ago…you are part of the reason Obama is king!

          • JayJay

            You keep believing in those fairy tales, Insanity–oh, very appropriate name. 🙂

            • Smokey

              The truth is that 3,000,000 fewer people voted Republican in 2012 than in 2008. If those people had come to the polls and voted, Obama would be out of office and we would not be having this conversation.

              No need to fake the vote when apathetic voters just stay home.

              • maudy fricket

                The Republican leadership is actually driving their own voters away. McCain said the Republicans should kick all conservatives out of the party. Where I live, I had all I could do the other night to keep from strangling a local republican money man, who said they should ban all handguns. This guy is a multi-millionare, Irish Catholic liberal, who’s only a republican, because he has tax issues with the Obama ideology. The hypocrate lives in the most segregated suburb in Cook County, Il. Riverside.

        • James Woroble Jr

          Voting is TOTAL CRAP!

          Black Box Voting – America’s Elections Watchdog Group

          “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin [Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili](Jew*)

          (*)Russian translation: Djuda” means Jew. therefore Djugashvili means Jewison.

          Any coincidence DIEBOLD is Jewish owned? 😉

      • BlueH20

        The votes only had to be manipulated in a few precincts to change the election in a few states to meet the Electoral College requirements.

        I voted, but in my state, the 2 biggest population centers are all that matter and they are totally controlled.

        Vote only on Election Day. Early votes and absentee votes are not secret. Votes not being secret allow the fraudsters to know just how many votes they need to manufacture. Both sides play this Vote Vault game. Both sides use their databases of personal information to target voters with fear and promises via all those robocalls and slick printed junk and planted media stories. It is difficult to cut through all this fog. Even voting your gut isn’t an answer because it is precisely your gut that is the target.

        I’ll vote in 2014. It’s not a General, so we may end up with Senate control. It may not matter if the elected can be compromised, as they seem to be with regularity.

        2016 is already a lock for Hillary. Maybe after 16 years of despotic rule, things will change in the minds of the populace. I’ll be too old to care or maybe gone. All of you under 50: this is your time. Convince your peers.

    44. BhiethirRobert

      Please don’t shoot Obama! Joe Biden would become President. That Boy is dumber than a bag of hammers and nothing would change.

      • John W.

        Actually it would be a big improvement. Joe might be a loon but he does not hate the country and the people. Just think of the entertainment value. It will be a hoot.

        • BlueH20

          Biden will do as he’s told, just like Obama.He loves only Joe and will do whatever is best for Joe.

    45. jj

      This person is either a fool or a provocateur and I vote for the ladder. Why? Because this post would have never made it past the web master unless told to do so by the man. THEIR PURPOSE? obviously TO PROVOKE someone into actually attempting it giving them an excuse to start the crackdowns and confiscations. If this were real the lame Stream media would be camped in front of his house with his every move plastered on the news. I don’t know who’s running the CIA’s False Flag operation these days but it’s pure amateur hour. Fire that fool and lets get the professional false flags we pay for and deserve.

    46. watching and waiting

      Definitely has to be a setup……

      No doubt the responses from this site are being monitored as well as others…..

      Still, the proper way is for congress to do its job as it did with a previous president.

      Non-violence, is the key……sounds silly to some but look at the civil rights movement……

      • Kulafarmer

        Non violence is the only way to maintain legitimacy.
        Self defense is one thing, this is out of bounds.

    47. Satori

      China gonna go BOOM ???

      Take the Money and Run: China’s Ill-Gotten Wealth Flees Overseas

      “If the Elites had any faith in China’s future, and in the security of their wealth, why would they be fleeing China in perhaps the greatest peacetime exodus of wealth the world has ever seen? Estimates of the money flowing out of China are merely guesses, of course, but the numbers run into the tens or even hundreds of billions of dollars.”

    48. Sheepdog

      Just what the PTB ordered. If Barry gets wacked, it would be the worst possible event for this nation.

      It would take the fence sitters to the side of the System. A martyr it would make him, dangerous indeed.

      They could fake it, like OBL and kill off those who know as we’ve seen recently.

      I wouldn’t put anything past these creatures to try and keep us off track, from us seeing reality. This country has become one giant deception from TV to radio to the web. I for one cannot believe any of it.

      I think it’s much more sinister than we could possibly imagine…

    49. EricM

      If this person speaks for this particular group, then they need to drop the “Christian” from their name. There is nothing at all “Christian” about advocating murder. I agree that Obama’s presidency is disastrous and he needs to go, but certainly not by the way this person is advocating.

      • MXLord327

        This is not a real group, just a front for DHS/CIA/FBI to use for disinformation distribution.

    50. The Lone Ranger

      One of God’s Solemn Ten Commandment is, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.”

      The ONLY exception to this is when your ONLY means of SELF-defense is to take another’s life, but in my State, you cannot kill an unarmed intruder in your own home because that would be DISproportionate force to repel the intruder because it would KILL him/her.

      Thou Shalt Not Kill = Respect Life, Promote Life, Reverence Life!

      An excellent treatment of killing is in Dr. M. Scott Peck’s second book, “PEOPLE OF THE LIE” which I encourage everyone to read.

      Killing a PERSON does NOT kill the evil any more than CONFISCATING guns does not ELIMINATE evil!

      In fact, KILLING a person can very well make you COMPLICIT with the VERY evil you DETEST!

      – The Lone Ranger

      “WHY do we KILL people who have KILLED people in order to SHOW people that KILLING people is WRONG?”
      – Clarence Darrow

      “We hang the petty thief and elect the greater ones to public office.” – Aesop

      • Rev. Billy Graham Cracker

        @ Lone Ranger,
        Most of your theology is correct, but your knowledge of Hebrew sucks. In Hebrew The lord says, “Thou shall not murder”, not kill. Big difference!

        Also, Christ told His disciples in Luke Chapter 22 to sell their cloaks and buy swords for self protection, thus illustrating that the right to self defense is a God give one.

        P.S. Get a better translation of scripture. Try either the New King James translation (NKJV) or the English Standard version (ESV), both do a much better job on the Hebrew (OT) and Greek (NT).

        • Prepared Pastor

          If you had just read one more verse in the Bible, the very next one to be exact, it explains that Jesus said that only to fulfill the prophesy of Isaiah 53 and not to contradict everything he had taught thus far. He in fact chastises Peter in Matthew 26 for using his sword and repairs the damage. He then says “for all who draw the sword will live by the sword” meaning those who walk in violence deserve to death.

          • Rev Billy Graham Cracker

            If what you said was true, then Christ would not be instructing The Disciples to “sell” anything nor “buy” anything, right? Any attempt to spiritualize this passage fails.

            I guess that as a “Prepared Pastor” you should know the difference between “living by the sword” i.e. making brute force your source of power, and self defense/defense of others.

            I ask you this, which would be more in line with loving your neighbor, sitting back and watching your neighbor get raped, or pulling out a Glock and stopping the rape?

            Maybe you should take the time to read so Augustine on “Just War” as you really don’t know what you are talking about.

          • OPSEC

            And behold, one of those who were with Jesus reached and drew out his sword, and struck the slave of the high priest and cut off his ear. 52 Then Jesus said to him, “Put your sword back into its place; for all those who take up the sword shall perish by the sword. 53 “Or do you think that I cannot appeal to My Father, and He will at once put at My disposal more than twelve legions of angels?… Sorry Prepared pastor but I had to correct your post of He then says “for all who draw the sword will live by the sword” meaning those who walk in violence deserve to death. You should have said all that draw the sword shall DIE by the sword. Thanks

            • OPSEC

              What sorry ass troll could have possibly thumbs downed this posting. Sheese ! These were/are the words of the Bible. Get over your anger little person. Grow up !

      • Facebook Page

        Its thou shall not murder. Huge difference

      • Facebook Page

        You kill people that have murdered the Innocent.

      • old guy

        Quite often I kill varmits like coyotes, coon, opossum ect. because they kill my poultry. I see turtle man and billy the exterminator relocate the offending culprit. And the TV viewers believe in the mamby pamby bullshit.One thing my killing does is make shure that that one varmit don’t do any more bad deeds. I don’t do it to deter other varmits. Just make shure that the one offender don’t do that no more times. now those Billy guys kill honeybees. Me I smoke the bees. That smoke makes them eat honey. they gorge themselves and cant bend to sting you. I catch the queen and place her in a wooden hive along with brood comb. The other bees follow. I relocate the bees to my place.

        • Mountain Trekker

          I love Honey with my Possum! Trekker Out.

        • nevermind

          old guy, thanks for the lesson on beekeeping! I learned something! Do wasps respond the same way?

          • Wasp

            Nevermind, the answer to your question is No. We don’t eat honey and when you try and smoke us, we Sting and keep on Stinging. You hear this Big Brother.WASP

    51. GDawg

      Does “Pre-emptive Dispatch” sound better to yall. Reciprocate their actions in kind. The Great Pig Roast -2014. The fix is beyond the ballot box. Wait 100 yrs., it’ll just be 100 yrs worse. Semper Fi. III

    52. James H

      This post contains so much fail. All I can do it sit here and laugh at how stupid people can be. America voted, and President Obama won. Taxes are low and amazing health care is in the making. Where’s the problem, oh yeah, it’s the republicans, and their constant lies and borderline treason.

      • Ugly

        Thanks for your input. You can sleep now that you got that off your chest.

        • Unreconsructed Southron

          He’s sleep typing right now, Ugly.

      • Sigi

        I know of at least 3 people with cancer whose medical coverage is going away come January. Take your prog lies and go jump in a lake.

      • Boss Hog

        James H if your going to spout sarcastic remarks like that try the “s/” it lets the rest of us know your not suffering from too much koolade poisoning. Thanks swift recovery and well wishes from the Republic.

      • braveheart

        James H. is a perfect example of why no one should ever drink the government’s koolaid.

      • J. Roy

        James H;

        Please explain how Obamacare qualifies as “Amazing Healthcare”.

        Do you mean amazing as in “higher premiums and higher deductibles for coverage that is not needed?”

        This healthcare helps a very small minority of people and is actively destructive to nearly everyone else.

        You accuse the Republicans of lying. Well, there has been some of that. But how can you bring that up during this administration? The most transparent administration in US History, right?

        Obamacare was a lie, is a lie, and will be the death of the American middle class. It was passed in secrecy, without a single Republican vote and the website is constructed in such a way that the applicant cannot even see cost until all personal information is entered.

        Obamacare is a naked power grab, a bald wealth transfer from the middle class to the insurance companies and their stockholders.

        I don’t know you, but I hope you look into this a little more.

    53. Monkeydance

      I don’t think Obama has to worry. I have a feeling Obama has Been secretly playing golf in Hawaii for the last five years, and sends his stunt double to do the boring work of lying in public.

      • Unreconsructed Southron

        I saw ten of his stunt doubles down at the co-op today. They all had the same clothes on. A sack labeled ‘Black Cow Manure.’

    54. ArmedPatriot

      Talk is cheap and action is noted in history forever. Americans don’t seem to understand that once we go into this dark hole there’s no coming back. This guy was dumb posting this on FB. It’s easier to mobilize folks to stand up and do something then following some fool to their deaths. When I first became a prepper I wanted folks to act but I wasn’t willing to die as some loon… Makes me think why Alex Jones hasn’t gotten whacked yet. Rise up while I hang out here in the back. When this comes you’ll know where you stand but now is not the time.

    55. destiny

      Nov.26th hagmann and hagmann broadcast; we have run out of time

      you need to review Steve q. / ” v ” , pastor David langford

    56. James

      He has only spoke the truth. The people know what Obama has done. Obama is a Tyrant and has violated our laws and illegally works around the constitution. Obama is giving aid and comfort to terrorists which is Illegal. It doesn’t get any clearer than that!

      • yak

        spell out all your accusations in detail…as to the terrible things the president has done…… specific and accurate…..

        • Mountain Trekker

          Yak, get real. My computer don’t have that much ink! Trekker Out.

    57. wndrphl

      If I read the post correctly he is not threatening the president, he is simply giving lawful notice of his charge and basis of his claim. Guess it all depends on your perspective.

    58. clarissa mckone

      the president is culpable he has in fact abused the constitution and taken rights away from citizens via his executive orders. However the same can be said of president Bush. The evil has been in power for a long time, and all been elected, unless you worry about compromise at voter booth and vote fraud, as I do. I don’t believe he won the election, I believe fraud has always been and will continue. The president is culpable as in funding terrorists and other terroristic governments, but then so was Bush! The military should take him out, however he continues to remove the top brass, as they wont fire on citizens. Yet again he proves to be against freedom and for communistic ideas! He is in fact a domestic terrorist. Hes a fuck up on a grand scale, and hes just doing the work Bush did not get to do. All you party pussys need to wake up! Your revolt wont get far btw, sataalites will turn your cars off, while your going up there to take him out, so good fucking luck! This entire problem is so full of BS I cant even see to type anymore. To late fools, best dig in and hope for a military take over

    59. John W.

      This is one of the reasons why anyone who joins a militia is an idiot. Allow yourself to be dragged down by the actions or statements of fellow members. Easy enough to get in trouble on your own, now some fool will get them all arrested.

      • Cujo

        This is were discipline is in order, we must police our own and each other. People need to understand the Militia’s as their true intent, the backbone of the protection of the Constitution and B.O.R.

        Militia’s are not some radical group that the media and TPTB intends to portray them as. We all need to defend the true meaning and intent of the Militia.

        Militia’s in my opinion are the representation of the people because it is made up of the people, don’t idly stand by and say nothing as TPTB and the media defines Militia’s for something they are not.

        Police our own, keep it in line because whether you support or do not support Militia’s they are a representation of the people.

        Rant Off

      • nevermind

        Have you read “Enemies, Foreign and Domestic”? This is right out the book.

    60. Jon

      It’s clear that this “militia leader” and his phony group only exist online. There is no such thing as the Christian American Patriots Militia. I mean, just look at how absurd the name itself is. Something else is at work here.

      • Ugly

        It is 100% phony. If he has an organization, then I’d like to see many other of his postings on facebook–but this is probably the only one.

        Dudes, it is called divisions. It is purging. It is Nero starting the fire and saying the Christians did it so he can exterminate them with the approval of the left-wing citizens….

        • Cujo

          Agreed, Pres. Clinton had to do something so drastic in order to diminish the growth of the Constitutional right to have or be with a Militia…

          Then there was the Oklahoma Bombing.

      • Cameraman

        I smell Southern…….

        Poverty Lie Center!!!!

        Semper Fi

    61. Socrates

      A lot going on with this ‘story’ that smells like psyop.

      Firstly- How do we ‘know’ that the accused actually posted this so-called threat on Facebook? We don’t.
      Unless we saw him type it and hit enter…we simply have no real proof.

      Secondly- You all know WHO controls Facebook, et al? don’t you? It’s not the pimply faced kid I’ll say that. More like a certain 3 letter agency and their friends. The chances of THEM posting something on somebodies FB page is more likely! This way they can demonize and isolate a ‘group’ by targeting it’s ‘leader’. In any war you take out command and control as soon as possible. Sure looks like that’s what just happened to me.

      NOBODY is that outright STUPID as to post a blatant threat against a high ranking public person, nobody. This is why I still suspect false flag/psyop.

      YEs, sides are forming…and the clouds of war are growing more ominous every day. Try not to let it get you down, but don’t pretend it isn’t happening either…because it most certainly is.

    62. Ugly

      Time to read Clausewitz, the ‘Fogs of War’ again.

      Something tells me that a set of people are settling in the fog thus none of us can see….

    63. Eisenkreuz


    64. Ron Peterson

      I don’t see where he actually threatened anyone. He stated his opinion that he now has a legal right to shoot Obama. And he states his opinion that he will be surprised if Obama lasts very long. But I can’t find anywhere that he says he is going to kill anyone.

      • braveheart

        All the same still misinterprets the 2nd Amendment. there is nothing in that amendment that says one person can assassinate another.

    65. Be informed

      @ Kulafarmer. You know, what you say is something that drives so many to being so angry, not being left alone to live their lives in peace. The government, and I am talking not just the U.S. government but most if not all governments, don’t think we deserve to be left alone. Even if you live without ever causing any problems, you are guilty of something. Therefore the government(s) feel it is their right to punish you in someway. One of the worst punishments is denying someone their basic God given right to be free.

      There is also some sort of sick social hierarchy in which those at the top “have to” rule everyone below. Mavericks are to be rounded up and dealt with, even those on the borders of nothingness in distant wildernesses. Ever wonder why vagrancy is against the law? Yes, someone is breaking the law is they choose to not have a residency in many places throught the country. Freedom is something that is waning in this country and those awake can see it and why there is so much intense hate over it.

      Being smart and fighting this does not mean falling into the bad guy’s traps and having your rights taken away even more so by making threats like this. The first and foremost objective is to retain as much freedom and your self defense as possible before the nightmare happens of mega SHTF. Biting your tongue, which is hard as hell for me to do, is something that should be part of the basic survival motto. If it isn’t worth it, walk away or direct your irritation in a way that protects you absolutely first initially. This is not just with the government either, it is everyday life. Live to live the best chance as surviving mega SHTF by avoiding legal and other problems as much as possible. I think this makes the most sense don’t you?

      • Kulafarmer

        Thats why i am just a lowly vegetable farmer who doesnt stray too terribly far from home. KISS principal.

        • Chir

          At least until the agribusiness federal “Monsanto Branch” police show up at your farm with the EPA to ensure you are using GMO seed and the EPA can regulate the air you consume for carbon credits.

    66. Be informed

      @ Kulafarmer. Yes. Keep It Simply Stupid has been a really good approach. The worst thing that someone, especially the government, can do is goat you into a fight on their terms.

    67. Be informed

      @ Kulafarmer. This song by Phil Collins, “Take me Home” is definitely for you and so many others.

      Take Me Home”

      Take that look of worry
      I’m an ordinary man
      They don’t tell me nothing
      So I find out what I can
      There’s a fire that’s been burning
      Right outside my door
      I can’t see but I feel it
      And it helps to keep me warm
      So I, I don’t mind
      No I, I don’t mind

      Seems so long I’ve been waiting
      Still don’t know what for
      There’s no point escaping
      I don’t worry anymore
      I can’t come out to find you
      I don’t like to go outside
      They can’t turn off my feelings
      Like they’re turning off a light
      But I, I don’t mind
      No I, I don’t mind
      Oh I, I don’t mind
      No I, I don’t mind

      So take, take me home
      Cos I don’t remember
      Take, take me home
      Cos I don’t remember
      Take, take me home
      Cos I don’t remember
      Take, take me home, oh lord
      Cos I’ve been a prisoner all my life
      And I can say to you

      Take that look of worry, mine’s an ordinary life
      Working when it’s daylight
      And sleeping when it’s night
      I’ve got no far horizons
      I don’t wish upon a star
      They don’t think that I listen
      Oh but I know who they are
      And I, I don’t mind
      No I, I don’t mind
      Oh I, I don’t mind
      No I, I don’t mind

      So take, take me home
      Cos I don’t remember
      Take, take me home
      Cos I don’t remember
      Take, take me home
      Cos I don’t remember
      Take, take me home, oh lord
      Well I’ve been a prisoner all my life
      And I can say to you

      But I don’t remember
      Take, take me home…

    68. Joe

      “Christian American Patriots Militia”?? Sounds like something right along the lines of a Southern Poverty Law Center creation. I smell something fishy here.

      • OPSEC

        HMMMM. Mention of the SPLC. I think I smell a rat !

    69. Cartman

      If the writer of this puke doesn’t get arrested by the Secret Service, it will show that he’s an agent provocateur, deliberately stirring up sh*t to give the feds an excuse to start cracking heads.

      • Kulafarmer

        Even if he does get arrested,
        They will make a public spectacle of it, maybe he will even resist, put on a good show, they will publish pictures of guns and ammo and knives and all manner of patriotic parapenalia,
        Then they will all be high fives behind the wall and it will disappear like everything else,,
        The American public has ADD when it comes to this stuff if they even notice it at all,

      • James Woroble Jr

        Yep! You got it!

        Remember Hal Turner, rabid right-wing radio host from NJ? Incitement and direct threats TO THE MAX! Untouchable and never arrested while in the service of the FBI.

        Hal Turner

        • braveheart

          JW, I remember Turner. He even admitted to working for the FBI, but was still sold out anyway. Never volunteer to do anything for any government agency.

      • Mr. T

        Cartman my man you read my mind. This guy is here to paint all militias out to be a bunch of nuts and the enemies of this country. I smell a Fals Flag operation coming here. Combine this story with the story of the missing semi full of radioactive Cobalt 60 from Mexico and you have the False Flag operation of a “Rogue” militia group making a “Dirty” Bomb to attack….let’s say a city like Detroit, Michigan….and you’ve effectively played the wag the dog theory and taken everyone’s mind off the problems he’s either created or made worse….and now everyone hates militias and gun owners. Just sayin’ it’s gonna be something similar to that!

    70. Nam Marine

      These “people” will rat out their own Mothers !

    71. vesper

      Reverse Psy-op……intended to rile up the non-whites….that’s all….Uncle Sugar is get tired of waiting for CW2 to start so they must ‘help’ it along…

    72. Warchild

      Good news of the day: ,hope person in car ends up OK.I just wanted to share this as someone posted a day ago about cop charged in teens rape(Hang him if guilty).Citizens daily risk their lives to save others as do some cops,some citizens rape others as do some cops,just want to show botth sides.Trust me,as far from a cop as can be,would be happy to do away with ATF/DEA and many other 3 letter agencies.

    73. Chir

      This idiot has now given the all the 3 letter agency’s cart blanch to start investigating and preparing to round up anyone having a dissenting opinion to the Fed’s last 10 years of power grabbing. I suppose in another 10 years they will have the NTP. National Though Police. Can’t have an American having an independent non-politically correct thought. Heaven forbid… oops. I mean “non-denominational afterlife realm as outlined by federal mandate” forbid… 🙂

      • Warchild

        Not sure about you Chir,but the roundup is one of many things people preparing for,disaster can be natural or man made.

    74. JohnFornaro

      People should not say things like that. It is worse than yelling “fire” in a crowded theater.

      While I’m on the soapbox, Ann Barnhardt should review the commandment forbidding false witness. She has stated as facts, disturbing allegations without evidence.

      This is the part about the non-televised revolution which has me scared. I have to watch out for our government. I have to watch out for playahs in the “Knock-Out Game”. I have to watch out for fundamental Islamists and Christians. I have to watch out for extreme right wingers who care not for my speech.

      Where are the people speaking only from true principles?

    75. Be informed

      Same exact spot on the Mid Atlantic Ridge was hit this morning and on Nov.12 and 4 major earthquakes followed. In 1999 a 7.5 in Mexico and a 7.2 in Southern California desert occurred afterwards. Last year a 7.7 in the Sea of Okhotsk, a deep focus quake after same spot hit. 100% of the time when this pinpoint of a spot on the Mid Atlantic Ridge has a 4.5+ earthquake a major quake hits within 15 days, a few times more than one. Same areas at risk as mentioned before on comments 2849639 and 2854768, including the Afghanistan region. More shaking to come, almost certain by Dec.11.

    76. AnAngryJew

      Killing is wrong. Plain and simple.

      • OPSEC

        Protecting the lives of the defenseless, weak , oppressed, or yourself is a fundamental obligation of all men and women. Killing a terrorist who is actively engaged in an act of violence which could result in the death of others is not wrong. Killing someone who breaks into your house in the middle of the night is not wrong. Killing someone attempting to rape your wife, children or anybody is not wrong. You are entitled to your opinion even if it’s wrong. think it out before you try to sell it to others.

      • Facebook Page

        Murder is wrong. Killind is just a action. There is a difference and until you understand that you will continue to be wrong.

      • J. Roy


        But it sometimes the only way to protect yourself, your family or your property.

    77. Be informed

      The window of the New Moon for a possible attack on Iran or someone else from Israel opens today and lasts for the next 10 days until Dec.7. Hannukah starts today and lasts for about a week, so probably nothing to worry about until next week. The below article describes that Israel is up to something: “Israel and U.S. hold largest joint military exercise in history”,7340,L-4457770,00.html

    78. VRF

      I don’t think assassination is the right idea, that will just force more gun control on us all, it will give them just what they want to move forward on bringing on the revolution, don’t give it to them that easy.

      Just impeach the jackass and get a real American in there that understands governments responsibilities, and to follow our Constitutional Republic ways

      Neuter this bitch and lets get back to making this the Home of the Free and the Brave
      Oh and while they are at it Clean the House , senate and congress..give them all a test on the Republic and the Constitution if any of them fail any part of it..Gone for good

    79. Ancient Echoes

      Anyone who supports shooting ANYONE should be ashamed of themselves and their children taken away so more people will not be raised thinking this is ok. When people think that their way of seeing the world is the only correct way they can become dangerous.

      • Kulafarmer

        And that applies to ALL things, there are good and bad in everything,

    80. James Woroble Jr


      Tyranny is a systemic conglomerate of interests — primarily financial, but political, military and social as well. This is made up thousands of vested elitists and their paid flunkies (the proverbial and elusive ‘1%’). It is this group that installs the figureheads to both serve their interests and placate the masses.

      Understanding the basic premise of this dynamic, assassination of figureheads alone, implemented by those against the system, can never bring about change of an existing system. The system remains intact and there is a near infinite supply of replacement ‘meat puppets’ on the conveyor belt, willing to indulge their maniacal egos and obtain even greater wealth in the process.

      Assassination of leadership figureheads is ONLY EFFECTIVE AND BENEFICIAL WHEN IMPLEMENTED BY THE SYSTEM!!! Not to effect systemic change, but TO RETAIN SYSTEMIC WEALTH AND POWER!

      This will occur when, AND ONLY WHEN, the odd and miscalculated leadership choice becomes disillusioned enough to really believe that he is indeed a ‘leader’, with his own agenda, and utilizes his bestowed power — against the interests of the REAL POWER. With the system in place, it is at this juncture the removal of a sole individual is both effective and logical.

    81. Uzziel

      Shame… I hoping “Kerodin” (Christian Hyman) had finally tipped his hand too far.

    82. JC75

      Like most here I think this smells of a psyop. Every story, every event reported by the media or published on the net needs to be scrutinized, questioned no matter who or what the source is.

      For those who want to pin all our problems on Obama: where in the hell have you been the last 50+ years?! The rapid decline started with George “New World Order” HW Bush, but it truly started with the creation of the Federal Reserve whereby TPTB took ownership of this country. JFK may be the last true leader this country had. IMHO Obama & his Marxist crew were selected to push the decline into a freefall. Then, entering stage left, we’ll have Hillary Clinton or some other NWO stooge swooping in to “save the day”.

      The only hope we have is a complete takedown of the current system, & don’t listen to anyone who claims they can fix it by working inside the system. The cancer is TERMINAL, the rot is too embedded. Only if an overwhelming majority of citizens revolt will we have a chance at true freedom. Honestly, I’m not holding my breath.

    83. Brum

      Everest Wilhelmsen attended school in Tehran, Iran. Wilhelmsen is associated with dozens of the most public anti-Obama, anti-government online forums. His Facebook “friends” are a long list of the extreme loud mouthed (foolish) attention seeking anarchists functioning today. He smells like rotting bait chum spread on the waters to me. BEWARE! NSA creates and posts online fictitious anarchy, militia, and ultra-conservative groups as bait for the less astute among us. NSA also monitors internet traffic into militia, christian, anarchist, and patriot web sites. Every time you go online your personal computer sends all of your info (name, street address,and more)through your IP server to anyone monitoring the flow. Internet security is my work, please believe me, I’m warning you, we are watched 24/7. Remain in no less than Code Orange online at all times. And never, NEVER, stand up and tell your enemy your plans. Desecration is of the utmost importance from here on out. Brum

      • Jack Hammer

        Discretion, not desecration. LOL! Very different meanings!
        I agree we have to be careful which is why I post through a public Wi-Fi in N.J. and never the same one two times in a row.
        Hard times are coming….very hard times.

      • OPSEC

        Sir, you are correct. Discretion is the better part of Valor.

    84. VRF

      The Elite are preparing

      In a December 9, 2012 interview on The Common Sense Show, Jim Marrs discussed how approximately 400-500 top level bankers have left their positions and have gone into seclusion. rats are jumping off of the ship.

      All those dismissed or fired from the military

      1. Why is the Obama administration permitting and encouraging Russian and Chinese troops to participate in high sensitive drills with extreme national security implications such as Grid EX II and RIMPAC?

      2. Why is Obama purging the lion’s share of military leadership after they stood down on their orders to invade Syria and later engage in a detonation of a nuclear device in Charleston Harbor?

      3. Why would the heads of America’s nuclear arsenal be fired, one for merely using a counterfeit poker chip in a private game of poker, a few short weeks after Senator Lindsay Graham stated that if we did not attack Syria a nuclear bomb would go off in Charleston Harbor? This statement by Graham came less than 24 hours after a nuclear bomb was reported missing from West Texas.

      4. Isn’t the current military purge, as well as the firing of the two heads of our nuclear arsenal signaling that Obama is in command of a military that will not execute a false flag attack against the American people and subsequently impose martial law? Isn’t this why Obama has been forced to forge a bilateral agreement between FEMA and the Russian military? I have over a dozen more questions, but you get the idea.

      the reason that the NDAA was passed was to frighten federal would-be whistleblowers into silence. Eleven months after this revelation, the Ed Snowden case takes on a whole new meaning. And why were not hearing shit out of the mouths of those purged military individuals, were all about to be blind sided by our own government or should I say those that have usurped our government

      John Kerry’s signing of the UN Gun Ban Treaty should be a big red flag for every American

      Gun owners, they are coming after us, I feel we are one major False Flag away from a trial confiscation Confiscation is the primary short-term goal of the globalist forces which have hijacked our country. Americans, in large numbers, cannot be permitted to maintain private gun ownership. they have been trying very hard on this one..Never Surrender a dam thing…your going to need it

      • VRF


        also on the subject of goes right along with why they are conducting these drills, and why they are after the guns, they also have to make the militias look as bad as they can..because they are a threat to them

    85. Ugly

      I think it may be time that we ‘true’ Americans need to write a Second Declaration Of Independence. I think the Red Coats didn’t understand the first one.

      We declare our Indepence of the future Commies that our destroying our beloved United States of America. Thus, We The People have declared our Indepence on Central Bankers and the NWO. Good bye.

      Signed, the new John Hancock (Ugly)

    86. Khan

      Stating facts is not a threat. The Kenyan in Chief can destroy our lives all he wants but we can’t fight back -?

    87. jimbo

      Funny but no one in the government took the black panthers seriously when their video call for blacks to kill crackers and cracker babies and i find it funny that this is a so called christian militia. Anything for an excuse to target more christian groups. Come on Obama you can do better than this can’t you?

      • OPSEC

        jimbo: Good observation and comment. Call it like you see it.

    88. HangEmAllHangEmHigh

      “Under Federal law Wilhelmsen can be prosecuted for such threats against political leaders and may face up to ten years in prison.”

      Curiously, Federal Law nowadays is only invoked against CRITICS of the U.S. government and NEVER implemented against the massive Wall St financial fraudsters or war criminals or torturers or kidnappers that work for that selfsame government.

      AS for SHOOTING Barack Hussein Obankster, that is simply WRONG!

      He should be LYNCHED.

    89. HangEmAllHangEmHigh

      “Threatening the President of the United States is a class D felony under United States Code Title 18, Section 871.

      The offense is punishable by five to ten years in prison, a $250,000 maximum fine, a $100 special assessment, and 3 years of supervised release.”


      Barack Hussein Obankster, I SPIT IN YOUR DISGUSTING FACE!!!

      • OPSEC

        Is it possible for a ” War Crime” to be committed in the abscence of a declared war. A war legally declared by congress. Crimes against humanity, yes. War crimes ? Don’t know.

    90. VRF

      Its probably all bullshit and never happened..Better luck next time POS..ahh I mean POTUS

    91. phicrappazappa

      And now E. Wilhelmsen, quite naturally, Obama has the desire – as well as the drones – to kill you. And I’m pretty sure he granted himself the authority to do just that.

    92. anonamus person


    93. Sgt. Dale

      False Flag, False Flag, False Flag.
      Someone is just trying to start something, If he is he is taken out it will mean Martial Law, and a race riot. This will start a Civil war.
      This is what the TPTB wants to happen. Stay FROSTY every one and watch what is going on.
      The whole thing is about Obullshit care, QE for ever, and the rest of the crap that Obullshit has pulled. to bring down this Great Nation. Its what they want to take our eyes of the ball.
      The death of a President is no fun. I lived through JFK’s death. If something would happen to Obullshit it would just make him a martyr. No one like him needs to be killed even though his is a SKUNK!!!!
      Remember folks sleep with one eye open. Just just don’t know what kind of SHIT these clowns will pull.


      • braveheart

        Howdy, Sarge, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

    94. Kulafarmer

      Off topic
      Does anyone know anything about electronic weapons that can be directed at a person to disrupt their neurological system???

    95. Banzai

      That man is a idiot and has no idea what the meaning of Constitutional Militia is.. Still dont know the truth about Constitutional Militias and how they are our friends and not the enemies that the MSM paints them to be..

      Here is a little history and some facts on the 2nd Amendment and Constitutional Militias… for those that are not familiar with the constitution and US history.

      This is the best video i have seen explaining the The Second Amendment and the facts about it. Educate yourself , friends and family. Make this viral today. We might need it soon.

      Who is the Militia. You , Me, any citizen that will protect the constitution , their family and their community.

      is Dedicated to the Preservation of our Freedom, the Security of our Rights and the Restoration of our Constitution to its rightful place as the LAW of our great Republic.




      What is the Militia?
      As defined by our founding forefathers, the militia is defined as “the whole people”.
      It is every able-bodied citizen who is not disqualified by criminal conviction or mental
      …defect, except those few persons who hold public office, such as judges, legislators, et

      Concept of Militia
      The Citizen Militia IS:
      A deterrent, defensive force. A first response mechanism, to assist
      in times of disaster (i.e. hurricane, floods, etc). A chain of command, which we can use to offer leadership and assistance to our fellow citizens, community and families.
      A legacy passed from our forefathers to us; and from us to our posterity.
      A realization and practice of our God given Rights, Liberties, Duties and
      Responsibilities. An organization of, by and for the Constitution of the united States, and the people whom they serve.

      The Citizen Militia is NOT:
      An offensive force. A racist or subversive group. A private army subject to the dictates of any individual, corporation, or other private group.
      An organization formed for sustained combat operations (a ‘standing army’). To be used as a forum or launching point to any particular or religious

      Who Can Join ?
      Any citizen of The Republic who a legal residence in the state and has resided in the
      state for at least, the past 6 months, and is not otherwise disqualified from being a member of the ‘militia-at-large’. The Volunteer Militia exists by law under the Constitution. Amendment II
      “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

      Who Belongs To The Militia?
      Doctors Policemen Firemen Lawyers Sheriffs Deputies Pastors Teachers EMT’s
      Plumbers Salesmen Nurses Electricians Truckers Students Housewives Construction Workers Mill Workers Carpenters Mechanics And the list goes on.!!!

      To secure and practice all of our Rights and Liberties; To open ranks to all citizens who love Liberty without regard to one’s race, creed, religion or gender; and to deny participation to those who seek to harm the Republic, discredit us, or our goals;
      To be an effective deterrent to tyranny;
      To clearly state that we are committed to a posture of defense, and do not advocate the unlawful overthrow, targeting of or overthrow of our form of government by any person(s);
      To uphold the just and lawful statutes of the nation as stated in the US Constitution; To declare no enemies; yet be mindful of those who declare us to be enemies;
      To teach the correct, unvarnished history of our Republic and our State, the formation or our Constitution and Bill of Rights; To teach & promote participatory
      To promote the safe and responsible use of Arms for the protection of our families, our property, our American way of life and our republican form of government; To teach that our Liberties and Rights are not limited to those which are enumerated in the Bill of Rights; and are granted by our Creator.

      To assist duly elected, sworn and bonded public officials in time of emergency or in the defense of our God – given Rights, Liberties, and the Constitution(s).

      It is the goal of all Militia members to be prepared and never needed, as opposed to being needed and not prepared

      What Will You Do?
      I do not care what color your skin is. I do not care what God you worship. I do not care if you are rich or poor, city resident or country boy, male or female. If you are an American who loves his country and is willing to… fight for what you believe in, you are welcome to join me.
      There is an old saying that resistance to tyranny is the truest obedience to God. I am one who believes this. And because I do believe it I am prepared to pay any price, bear any burden to assure the survival of Freedom in the land that I love.
      What do you believe in, Americans? What do you stand for? What will you risk when this fight is forced upon us? What are you going to do?

      • Banzai

        We The People-In Full Support of Constitutional Ideals.

        Who We Are!
        We are simply… American. Our ancestry might be African, Bulgarian, Columbian, Danish, Ethiopian, French, German, Haitian, Irish, etc…. but yeah, American

        As Americans we believe in one simple, undeniable TRUTH. That TRUTH is that rights are bestowed on ALL people at the moment they are perceived as such.

        We Americans have a true and sincere love of the country our thinking, researching, struggling and truly honorable founding fathers envisioned and ultimately designed for us. We believe in the truths that they found during spirited and often heated discussions of the Philadelphia Convention of 1787. We believe and we love.

        As such, we do not view the multiple violations of these truths as minor infractions to be continuously tolerated or excused. We will no longer be fooled by the flash and flame of well spoken liars bent on the intoxicant of power.

        We pledge our lives to protect “We the People” whenever and wherever it is called for by natural law. We sternly caution those that have forgotten that we have agreed to be ruled only by consent and see themselves as our masters.

        Violence is contrary to natural law, except in survival and defense. We do not offer violence as a solution to anything and will not accept members that do! We train fervently only in order to survive the violence so often offered by others

    96. hooked on skeptical

      Wow….pretty extreme…how about arresgt and prosecute….due process would be a good thing.

      • Grey Dog

        Play stupid games on Facebook asking him when he gets of jail was it worth it .

    97. John_Allen

      Otyrant does have more power than most flunkies. But he is still only a flunkie for his masters, the power eliters who selected and funded him. As much as I disdain him,
      rule .308 is not the way to handle this. The libertarian NAP non-aggression policy applies to him as much as it applies to anyone.


      I JUST FARTED. It smelled like communism.

    99. Walt Kowalski

      Fortunately, there is nothing illegal about wishing that the Divine hand of Providence comes to our aid and smites this heathen traitor.

      The imprecatory prayer of Psalm 109 certainly seems in order here.

    100. Federalist45

      Please. Can you remove “Christian” from the name of your organization? Please?

      • Walt Kowalski

        I would not be surprised if that particular organization were part of a white supremacist/neo-nazi group. They really give militias a bad name.

        • braveheart

          Most likely an invention of the SPLC; smells like it.

    101. US MARINE

      It is so funny that if a common person that is a born US Citizen did any of the things that Obama has done they would be in prison. I would never threaten the president of our fine country, but he has committed treason against our constitution 1, freedom of speech 2 right to public gatherings, trying to take guns away from law abiding citizens and forcing us to buy a medical insurance that has a much higher cost and covers less and some have lost what they did have!! all Im saying is read the constitution close and see for yourself I personally feel so ashamed that I voted for Obama!, I believed his promises. So I feel I must apologize to the entire nation of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA for my unforgivable blunder. sad ex Marine

      • Mr. T

        Thanks for the apology, but the penance for your SIN is to go back out there and convert the rest of the friggin’ idiots who voted for him and still believe in him….and you need to do it now….before it’s too late!

    102. Henry Nicolle

      Our Authority to create, revise or remove “government” is fundamental to the security and general welfare of free men and women of a free society. Our representatives and public servants owe allegiance to us, not we to them. It is our right to command and control their conduct and it is their duty to obey. It is our continuing duty to preserve the power to command when government defies our authority to guide, limit and correct their conduct.

      Our Constitution preserves our inherent right to assemble, discuss and alter the institutions and offices of our servant government by granting NO POWER by the restrictions of the First Article of Amendment to our federal Constitution.

      Authority alone cannot assure the obedience of powerful and ambitious men and their institutions. We therefore wisely protected our use of armed force for our security and to preserve our control of government by the explicit denial of any power to control arms in the hands of the People by the Second Article in Amendment of the federal Constitution.

      There can be no VALID authority by government to prohibit speech which entertains the removal of domestic enemies by whatever means are necessary because such speech is an inherent element of public consideration and debate to alter, abolish or institute new self-governing processes. The second amendment provides a clear warning to those who would stifle self-government by making limiting frank and effective discussion for change to only impotent official political process and meaningless civil protest.

      The Declaration of Independence asserts the right of self government and the purpose for our governing institutions.

      The First Amendment denies any government power to stifle brutal discussion to remove government.

      The Second Amendment preserves the armed power to defend our debates to consider, plan and implement change or removal of government.

      Without these fundamental powers reserved exclusively to the people of the states, the term “self-governed”, regardless of the form claimed by representatives, cannot describe our society.

      All laws which restrict our open and contentious debate or that work to diminish or infringe upon our ability to bring violence necessary to assure debate free from government interference or in the final sense, to implement changes opposed by the government must be deemed and denounced as null and void from their inception.

    103. NC joe

      I am a militia leader. I now declare I have the authority to shoot anyone whom I deem deserving of death!

      See how easy it is? See the genie you idiots are letting out of the bottle? This attitude will turn the U.S. into third world country with constant tribal warfare just like, wait for it, Afghanistan! How free will you be then?

    104. GunnyG

      This clown is just disinformation and scumbaggery from the Obama Regime to incite citizenry and inflame the low IQ voters. This comes straight from Cass Sunstein who told Obama in a paper to use the internet to infest blogs, spread lies, etc. More likely, this idiot is an FBI plant who seeks to damage the militia’s standing in the USA, which is codified under Federal law.

      AVOID morons like this who seek to spread violence or incite illegal acts. THEY are plants.

    105. William

      When is Obama and the other despots in government going to get ten years or more for threatening the lives of American citizens? Being a government official does not give you the right to threaten your citizens anymore than the militia nitwit has the right to threaten the president on Facebook.

      So, I ask again, anyone in Congress want to impeach this president and give him the time he deserves in jail? I thought not!

    106. Dr. Naughty

      Didn’t even bother reading this ‘militia leader’s’ nonsense. Sounds like false flag set up and the blatant “Christian” in the title huh? Pure bunk and nonsense.

      Zero is a puppet, undocumented sodomite cur, self professed born in Kenya from his mouth of a million lies. A muzzie marxist stooge voted in by the masses, and under 4th generation guerilla warfare a public figure to be left alone in regards to the propaganda war. The post-SHTF/civil war and criminal trials are another matter. Heck, Sheriff Arpaio and cold case posse already have probable cause for Zero’s forged ‘birth document’ and now have found other interesting tidbits to be revealed.

      Sure there are domestic enemies and traitors at the helm. The rest of Congress, aides and enablers, the government stooges are fair game for the One Hundred Heads list ONLY WHEN there is a just war clause and not a moment before for moral standing.

      So Happy Thanksgiving kids and spend some dough on ammo deals this 3 day weekend.

      • Anonymous

        Facebook is a pig’s wet dream,think about it. Just surf Fb while eating doughnuts, no wonder they’re fat pig slobs. Dont use social media,encrypt your devices and catch the pigs using Bambuser or Qik video. Prep train and get your families ready for civil war.

    107. The MAD Jewess

      Let Obama live, we deserve the punishment.

      On the other hand, SHTF plan wants us to roll over and play dead over a facebook post.

    108. Brad

      Only a moron idiot would publicly declare he is going to shoot the President.

      What good would that do anyway? The entire presidency and government is just a front…

      You can take out the whole lot of them… and more puppets would be put in their place.

    109. Mr. T

      False Flag…..A missing semi full of radioactive Cobalt 60, a statement made by someone claiming to be from a Militia about shooting the President of the United States….They (as in the Govt.) are building their case against the populace owning guns….because “some of us” are just too dangerous to own them! You all better have your caches ready!

    110. Anonymous

      Well, by all means DO IT PUT HIM 6 FEET IN THE GROUND

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