Military Seizes Control Of Water Supplies As Venezuelan Infrastructure Collapses

by | Jun 29, 2018 | Headline News | 49 comments

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

    If there’s one group that has benefited from Venezuela’s economic collapse, it’s the country’s military, which has been handed control over much of the country’s remaining industry as the collapse has intensified. Venezuela’s army, about 160,000 strong, controls the mineral-rich Arco Minero del Orinoco, and some of its top officers are also serving as executives of Venezuela’s state-run oil company.

    And as the collapse of social services has caused water supplies to dwindle, the military has recently hijacked what spigots remain, transforming access to water into a luxury that most Venezuelans can’t afford. Many of the pipes and reservoirs have fallen into disarray – or seen their supplies drastically diminished – the military is stepping in to take charge of the “equitable distribution” of what little remains. As part of the government’s socialist policy program, the cost of water is supposed to be subsidized – at least in theory. But with the state-owned water utility, known as Hidrocapital, has effectively abdicated its responsibilities, the military is increasingly stepping in, commandeering trucks and vans used by private individuals who have tried to step in and service parts of the capital, according to a Bloomberg report.

    Venezuela’s military has come to oversee the desperate and lucrative water trade as reservoirs empty, broken pipes flood neighborhoods and overwhelmed personnel walk out. Seven major access points in the capital of 5.5 million people are now run by soldiers or police, who also took total control of all public and private water trucks. Unofficially, soldiers direct where drivers deliver — and make them give away the goods at favored addresses.

    Rigoberto Sanchez, who runs a water tanker that ferries water from the El Paraiso water-filling station in Caracas to an array of customers in the city, says his No. 1 business hazard is being intercepted by the military.

    Those who want more must pay. Private tankers like Sanchez had been filling up and reselling water for many times its worth. Then, military personnel were deployed to the capital’s water points in May in an emergency supply plan.

    The El Paraiso station is blocks from El Guaire, a filthy river carrying sewer water that the late President Hugo Chavez pledged to clean enough for a swim back in 2005. Even before the sun heats the muddy waters, the scent is putrid. It is untreated. Unpotable and drinking water must come from elsewhere.

    Depending on driving distance from the water point, Sanchez charges about 18 million bolivars to fill an average residential building’s tank. For bigger jobs he can charge up to 50 million. While that’s just $17 at black-market exchange rates, compares that to a month’s minimum wage of about $1.

    Recently, Sanchez has a new expense: Military officers have begun commandeering trucks, according to a dozen water providers in Caracas. Drivers are forced to go wherever officers tell them without the expectation of pay. Sometimes they’re led to government buildings, others to military residences or private homes. In other cases, soldiers simply block access to springs and wells. At a filling station near a large park in Eastern Caracas, a lock had been placed on the water lever.


    “They hijack our trucks, just like that,” said Sanchez, leaning on a rusty railing. “Once that happens, you’re in their hands, you have to drive the truck wherever they want you to.”

    President Nicolas Maduro last month appointed Evelyn Vasquez, a Hidrocapital official, as the head of a new water ministry. But Norberto Bausson, who ran the utility back in the 1990s, said that “institutional incompetence” is risking a “disaster” should Venezuela have a exceptionally dry year. Already, the utility sometimes cuts service int he capital for as long as two days at a stretch.


    People in Caracas, who on average only have access to water for 30 minutes every morning and night, frequently rush home from work and social gatherings to shower or collect water, racing against the clock before supplies are once again shut off. And while the situation in Caracas is dire, circumstances are even worse for poor Venezuelans living in the more remote provinces. To wit, a report from charity Caritas recently revealed that only 27% of poor Venezuelans have continuous access to safe drinking water. 65% have access for three days a week or less, while in the state of Miranda, not a single poor family has access for more than three days a week.


    These shortages have made gathering the day’s supply of water a tedious part of the morning routine for many families.

    When water makes a rare appearance at Odalys Duque’s two-bedroom home, it’s usually at dawn and wakes her with a rattle at the bottom of a plastic drum. She then has to rush to align buckets, bins and pots in hopes of gathering every drop for her husband and two small children.

    In mid June they’d had none for three weeks. Instead, they survived on what was left in a roof tank and what her husband could carry in paint buckets strapped on his shoulders from a well at the bottom of the sprawling hillside slum of Petare.

    “It’s an ugly situation that keeps getting uglier,” said Duque, 32. “The little one cries when I pour the bucket of cold water on him, but at least we still get something. My family that lives higher up the mountain hasn’t had water in months.”


    The situation governs much of Duque’s life. For drinking water, she waits for particles to settle at the bottom of plastic buckets and then pours the surface water into a pot where she boils it at least half an hour. For laundry, she’ll wash several loads of clothes and linens in the same dirty water.

    Elderly people and children from neighborhoods even higher up the mountain knock on her door asking for water. “I always give them something, even if it’s just a glass,” she said.

    The lack of access to clean water, as horrifying as it sounds in Latin America’s socialist paradise, is perhaps even more galling because of the $500 million in loans the country has received over the past decade from the Latin American Development Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank to upgrade its water-treatment infrastructure. Unfortunately for the people of Venezuela, none of it appears to have helped.

    While water shortages threaten the population with malnutrition and other diseases as people are forced to drink unclean or non-potable water just to survive, Bloomberg recently pointed out another shocking development: The cost of a single cup of coffee in Caracas has eclipsed one million bolivars (equal to about 29 US cents) That’s about one-third of the average monthly wage in the country, which has slipped to roughly $1 thanks to the government’s frantic money printing.



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      1. I’m really getting tired of reading about Venezuela. They did it to themselves.

        • I agree: and why are most of the women so fat? How do they do that if there is a food crisis? If they lost the weight and took up some excercise, they could use their tanned good looks to make a buck or two.

          For years they sat on their butts eating greasy arapas and reading No Logo and other left-wing drivel. The government stole the oil wealth and used it to buy friends in other countries. They never invested in upgrading the infrastructure and they let the city degenerate into the hands of gangs.

          Socialism of this variety infantilises human beings until they become like children, whiny, lacking initiative and discipline.

          A woman with pride keeps her butt tight, works out, is proud of her p@ssy, keeps it clean, dresses well. You can tell right away a woman’s breeding from how she carries herself. Whenever I go to ‘poor’ neighborhoods, the women are always all fat, badly dressed, lazy, and then wonder why they can’t keep a man or get a good job. Like, HELLO!

          • The women are fat because females have a genetic disposition to put on weight in more types of circumstances than men do. During primitive times and in primitive societies fat women are sometimes highly prized. They put on weight when food is plentiful, and therefore have more sustenance during months when food is scarce. A woman with a large pelvis region has less trouble giving birth, and this can be important in a primitive society, where difficult births tend to be less successful. Also, many primitive societies have not come under the influence of glamour fashions, the professional advocates of which have for a long time promoted the idea of skinny women, thus changing your preference. But actually, if you are adequately equipped, when you’re “Making love” to a woman, it really almost doesn’t matter what her shape is, unless you require that she be easily manageable physically, a factor which is itself not essential. And if you’re a wild man, like many of us really are in fact, you really don’t care very much that a fat woman is not likely to live as long as a less fat one, because, being wild, you’re not terribly interested in having only one woman anyway.

          • Frank Thoughts:

            Do you have any love for women? You sound like a guy with a Hollywood Metrosexual superficial resentment. I would not want you near any woman in my area.

            There are two women pictured above. Both are older women. The one walking who has a full head of grey hair looks to be in pretty good shape for a woman in her fifties or sixties. The woman who is seated looks to be less healthy. Her stomach may be slightly distended (swollen) from mal-nutrition.

            Latin women seem to be naturally and genetically more fleshy than say Asians. It is a personal preference. Some men prefer a fleshy type more than other men. You keep pushing your own preferences (which frankly seem gay and 3ewy to me).

            Sorry for being so frank, but I’m sick of the demeaning attitude you have.

            I am a bit of a fitness fanatic. I thoroughly believe in eating well and getting plenty of exercise. In fact we have an indoor gym in our home. And I have a child who works with celebrities and wealthy clients as a professional medical expert and fitness instructor.

            I know some beautiful women. They wouldn’t give a shallow fool with nothing but drivel about p@ssy and how much p@ssy will be for sale in SHTF more than a moment of contempt before giving him zero, zilch, nada, nothing.


          • use their tanned good looks to make a buck or two.

            In my opinion, getting some pussy would not be a high priority in a SHTF.

            Men still have wives and girlfriends prior to SHTF and after SHTF.

            If you want to see some tanned good looks make money, how about selling some tacos or burritos on the side of the road.

        • These folks are sheeple but this was done to them by evil people at the top and they surely don’t deserve the blame for this disaster. The same thing is slowly happening to us and years from now we the people will be blamed for the fall of the USA.

          • They do deserve to be blamed. They are socialists that expect the government to supply everything.

            This is what happens.

            • I bet the average joe there doesn’t know what a socialist is. I see a bunch of farmers and such slaving away and being robbed by the pricks at the top. I don’t see average people as the cause, they are an effect.

              • There is a reason they call themselves Chavismo.

                It is just like when Nazi Germany collapse. Suddenly there were no Nazis to be found in Germany. They were all just victims too.

        • I’m not. It reminds me of the love that the National Socialists aka Democrats in this country have for me. Keeps me motivated keep shinning a light on their Satan worship.

        • Another BS propaganda article. What destroyed Venezuela is planned depressed Oil prices by Saudi Arabia to destroy all of their competitions, from their own OPEC partner Venezuela to the Wand Tar Pits of South Dakota. So did communism also destroy S Dakota’s Oil Market and economy? Wake up sheep you are being duped again with propaganda.

          Besides depressed oil prices, MASSIVE US FINAINCIAL SANCTIONS IN COORDINATIONS with all their partners attacked Venezuela’s economy in a Nation Destroying campaign. Heck Communism is all that is left to try and save this country from the Globalists attack. Russia has stepped in again like in Syria to help this country try to stay on their feet from the Globalists attack.

          As an example, If you had your personal bank account cut off and all your assets seized, is it Communism that destroyed you???, or the bank and sanctions that cut off your methods to transact commerce destroy you? Wake up sheep. We are continually lies to in these propaganda articles.

          Notice not one mention of crippling US Sanctions mentioned at all in this article.

          Seek the truth folks the Globalist can’t stand it.

          BTW/ This is what needs to be written in an article and published on SHTF if you got the balls.

          Article: Why Did George Bush Buy Nearly 300,000 acres in Paraguay? Published Aug 24, 2015

          The real reason George W. Bush bought land in Paraguay
          The real reason Jody thinks Bush 43 and family snapped up nearly 300,000 acres in those semiarid, sparsely populated wastes of Paraguay?


          That’s right, blue gold. Bush bought the rights to a veritable ocean of fresh, clear-as-glass, Grade A water.

          His land rests atop one of the largest freshwater aquifers in the world: Acuifero Guarani, by name.

          According to Jody, “Acuifero Guarani covers roughly 460,000 square miles under parts of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina. It is estimated to contain about 8,900 cubic miles of water.”

          If you can’t quite imagine 8,900 miles of water, picture a pool nearly three times the size of California. That should give you a decent idea.

          A fair amount when you consider that 98% of this planet’s water is salt water.

          Of the other 2%, almost 87% of it is trapped within glaciers, hence inaccessible. Jody’s “trusty calculator” informs him that only 0.25% of the water on this cosmic ball is fresh (underground, or in rivers and lakes). Just a drop in the figurative bucket…

          “Wouldn’t you love to know what high-level intelligence the Bush family has been privy to over the years that would make them go out and buy hundreds of thousands of acres of water rights in a remote South American country?”

          How cheeky of Jody to raise such an impertinent question. But perhaps W knows something we plebeians don’t? Think of all the secret intelligence crossing that fancy English oak desk in the Oval Office.

          And do pause for a moment to consider the investing opportunities this could potentially provide. We mention only in passing that his old man happened to be the head of the CIA at one point…

          You needn’t own a tinfoil hat to raise an eyebrow here.

          Jody came across a piece of 2008 research from Credit Suisse estimating that two-thirds of the world’s population is likely to live under “water-stressed” conditions by 2025. Quite a lot of people, that, and 2025 isn’t exactly the distant future.

          You know about the historic drought conditions afflicting California and much of the Western U.S. But Brazil and other parts of South America are also in serious drought. And guess, dear reader, who happens to own a lot of neighborhood water rights? (Out of respect for your intelligence, we won’t answer that one.)

          Makes us scratch our head just a bit, though. Does Bush know something none of us knows?

          [Ed. note: Water will become an increasingly valuable commodity in the years ahead, Bush or no Bush. And Jody’s found a great way to make money from it.

          He advises buying a diversified, low-cost ETF to ride this macro trend. His favorite?

          The Guggenheim S&P Global Water ETF (NYSE:CGW)].
          Our very own Jim Rickards has been pounding this drum for some time now.

          Jim’s noted that “Extreme drought conditions everywhere from Beijing to Bakersfield, and the resulting loss of crops and economic growth, are forcing politicians to come up with better solutions. New risk-management tools are emerging to finance multibillion-dollar projects.”

          And like Jody, Jim sees liquid gold in them thar hills: “The entire water sector is poised for explosive growth.” Jim’s also got his eye on suitable investment opportunities in this space. To learn more about that, and a whole lot more, click here. SEE ITS ALL ABOUT WALL STREET AND PROFITS, NOT REALITY.

          ***You see these Deep Globalists, snap up the assets, like the water supply IN COUNTRIES, then create the conditions within the country to capitalize on the crisis to make massive profits. George Soros made his fortune and living destroying nations and their economies for profit. There is nothing honorable about this scam.

          How about seek the truth, Globalists cant stand the truth can they? How about print the truth for a change SHTF Plan.

          • Maybe SHTFPlan here can grow some balls and call out the Nation destroyers and their motives. You know, do some real research and statistics, into how many countries have been destroyed by crippling US Financial Sanctions, to then follow up with a US Military Invasion to then fully over throw the president and Government to then install their own favorable shill dictator to then rape, fleece and steal the Country’s assets all on the cheap for Wall Street Profits. For starters, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Syria is in play in a nation destroying campaign along with Venezuela, but Russia is not letting that happen at least in Syria, their back door neighbor. And BTW/ the CIA killed Hugo Chaves with Food Poisoning.

            Search these articles for the truth.

            The Murder of Chávez. The CIA and DEA Cover Their Tracks

            Am I 100% certain that the CIA killed Hugo Chavez? Absolutely not.

            It could have been non-governmental assassins working for the bankers.
            But any way you slice it, the masters of the US empire are undoubtedly responsible for giving Chavez and other Latin American leaders cancer. How do we know that? Just examine the Empire’s track record.

            Fidel Castro’s bodyguard, Fabian Escalante, estimates that the CIA attempted to kill the Cuban president an astonishing 638 times. The CIA’s methods included exploding cigars, biological warfare agents painted on Castro’s diving suit, deadly pills, toxic bacteria in coffee, an exploding speaker’s podium, snipers, poison-wielding female friends, and explosive underwater sea shells.

            The CIA’s assassination attempts against Castro were like a Tom and Jerry cartoon, with the CIA as the murderously inept cat, and the Cuban president as a clever and very lucky mouse. Some might even argue that Castro’s survival, in the face of 638 assassination attempts by the world’s greatest power, is evidence that El Presidente’s communist atheism was incorrect, and that God, or at least a guardian angel, must have been watching over “Infidel Castro” all along.

            Theology aside, the CIA’s endless attempts on Castro’s life provide ample evidence that US authorities will stop at nothing in their efforts to murder their Latin American enemies.

            John Perkins, in his bestselling book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, supplies more evidence that the bankers that own the US government routinely murder heads of state, using private assassins as well as CIA killers.
            ht tp://

        • The premise of this article is misleading and a LIE. The Deep State’s Globalist attack on Venezuela, destroyed their econconmy, mostly Saudi Arabia, their other OPEC partner who dumped oil on the market to depress oil prices, which also killed the Sand pits of South Dakota.. US Financial crippling sanctions and the CIA murdered Chavez by food poisoning. This is all by design by the Globalist to kill their competition. Thank Exxon and BP. This false nararive that Communism caused this is total BS. But these article propagandist keep on tellung the same propaganda lies and stupid sheep keep on believing it. Not one mention of crippling US financial sanctions mentioned in this article, is there?

          Here is a clue. The same Commie globalist want the entite world to be their slaves by controlling all these assets like the water supply. GW Bush is heavily invested in S. America’s water supply. Connect the dots folks. This is the same blue print for the USA. Just a matter of time. This is how they destroy nations. With Sanctions Chaos. How about write a truthful article how crippled US sanctions destroys countries.

      2. Why do you think military officers get to be officers in the first place? Because they are morally good or socially responsible? No. It’s because they are highly skilled at serving their own interests, and in many military situations it just happens that doing what is perceived as being in one’s own best interest, and doing what one’s superior officer thinks is in his best interest, are often complimentary to each other. Exceptions exist, but they do not tend to be promoted so much. This is one more reason why good men often choose not to be involved in the military. Of course defending one’s country is different. Good men do defend their country, etc. But generally, as I see it, especially when defending one’s country is not the bases of military action, good men do not become military officers to do good for anyone but themselves, and among many officers this is understood as being an understandable and totally acceptable motive for having a military career.

        • What a total load of crap! It’s clear you’ve never served, in the military your a member of a team, the military has no place for individuals. Those individuals who joined the military just to serve their own interest, don’t last long.

          • what a laugh – you most certainly weren’t around for Vietnam – when the South fell the generals jetted to the US for their new career as Holiday Inn chain owners ….

            • Your right, i missed the all draft army of Vietnam were most of the American troop’s were stoned out of their mind, and never wanted to be in the military in the first place. I served in the all volunteer army, were the troop’s that served, wanted to be there.

        • Yes ITIT, a soldier fights not for himself or his country, he fights for his government’s supremacy and the brotherhood.

          I agree with Bill Buffert retired career Army officer, “The only just war is one fought on your soil to defend your own soil.” Good men do not fight these perpetual unjust wars on foreign soil.

      3. There are no good governments. Only victims. Same here. We are on the way to collapse, also.

        • All yada yada yada aside. I’m the 1970s Henry Kissiger said (I’m paraphrasing”) If you want real power and control, energy and money come second to controlling food and water.

      4. Also, that newspaper in Maryland that was attacked, had been threatened several times, recently. Yet they took no precautions to protect themselves. This is the mindset of socialists that expect the government to provide protection. The police did not arrive in 60 seconds like the media reported. They may have arrived 60 seconds after the dispatcher gave out the call. And the dispatcher didn’t give out the call until after the shooting began and someone made it to a phone and called the dispatcher. So it is likely that the police showed up at least 4 or 5 minutes after the incident began. When seconds counts, the police are minutes away. Arm yourselves.

        • him…that simply is not true…they kept the door locked….made sure the had an emergency exit out the back…and they posted in several locations that there were no firearms or weapons of any kind allowed in the building!!!

      5. Iran this is what happens to you when you screw with the USA.
        Venezuela!!!!! Watch and learn Iran.

        • What a ignorant comment Sgt Pig. You mean this is what happens when countries refuse to be the Globalist’s slaves, so they destroy the nation with economic sanctions. Get your ignorant head out of your ass Sgt moron. You people have such shallow IQ’s, typical fatass TV propaganda loving sucker brains.

          Karma will eat you alive piggy.

        • Said the mighty military which hasn’t won a war in 73 years.

      6. Ok Libtards. This what you get when you are Socialist. You how well this it works. So well move to Venezuela. PLEASE

        • Here are some facts ignorant piggy for you to read.

          US Sanctions on Venezuela: ‘Attempt to Destroy the Economy’ November 10, 2017

          Venezuela’s recession is making it difficult for the country to meet its debt payments, but US sanctions are making a difficult task almost impossible explains CEPR’s Mark Weisbrot

          SHARMINI PERIES: It’s The Real News Network. I’m Sharmini Peries coming to you from Baltimore. Due to late debt payments, credit agencies downgraded Venezuela’s debt last week. Meanwhile, the finance minister of Russia announced it is providing Venezuela with $3 billion in new credit so it can make the outstanding debt payments in time and not fall into default. Part of Venezuela’s credit crunch is traceable to U.S. financial sanctions, which make it practically impossible for Venezuela to restructure its outstanding debt because U.S. investors are now prohibited from trading in Venezuelan bonds.

          Joining me now to explore this a little further and what it means for Venezuela is Mark Weisbrot. Mark is the co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research and is the author of Failed: What Experts Got Wrong About the Global Economy. Thanks for joining us, Mark.

          MARK WEISBROT: Thanks, Sharmini.

          SHARMINI PERIES: Mark, in order to properly understand this, we need some background on what is happening with Venezuela. Why is it in so much debt, how did it get there, and why is it having such a hard time making its interest payments?

          MARK WEISBROT: The economy’s been in decline now for four years. The collapse of oil prices, of course, in 2014 contributed quite a bit to that. Oil prices have rebounded some since then, but their imports, for example, are down about an estimated 79% since 2012. All economies are dependent on imports just for domestic production, and Venezuela is even more than a lot of other economies, so that’s keeping them from recovering. Their inflation is running right now at an annual rate of probably around 1,000%, if you look at the last few months. You have a crisis that has been going on for quite a while now.

          It’s an inflation-depreciation spiral. This inflation goes up. You have a depreciation of the currency in the black market, and then that feeds back into inflation. You have a very deep recession, and you have this collapse of imports. All of these things combine to make it very difficult for the government to stop the economic decline.

          SHARMINI PERIES: Mark, just how indebted is Venezuela at the moment? Compare that to countries in Latin America and perhaps some notable ones in Europe, for example Greece and Spain, who seem to be in a bit of trouble now.

          MARK WEISBROT: The numbers in terms of debt to GDP or interest payments as a percent of GDP don’t really apply here. You’re talking about a severe balance of payments crisis where they’re just barely coming up with the money each time. [inaudible 00:03:33] goes higher each month, they’re barely coming up with the interest payments or the principal that’s due. For example, they had a big principal, over $1 billion, on a PDVSA bond on Thursday. There’s no grace period for that. They seem to have made that payment, although it hasn’t gone through.

          This is where the Trump sanctions are really devastating. It is a financial embargo. If not for those sanctions, Venezuela could restructure its debt and push some of these payments off into the future. Then, they would be able to do much better. In fact, the government has proposed a meeting with bondholders. They’ve invited them to discuss restructuring for November 13th, but the Trump administration reacted today with a threat against any bondholders who might attend that meeting or negotiate because they say it would violate the sanctions that the United States has placed against Venezuelan officials, in particular two of the ones that are leading the negotiations.

          Of course, any kind of restructuring would be extremely difficult if not impossible under the sanctions because the U.S. sanctions prevent any U.S. nationals or financial institutions from participating in new credits to the Venezuelan government. If you restructure the debt, what you do is you trade the current bonds for new ones. Therefore, they’re trying to prevent … Their sanctions are actually aimed to prevent the restructuring. It really is an attempt to destroy the economy. There’s no other accurate way to describe the sanctions that the U.S. has, and of course it increases the suffering there, because it makes it more difficult to get food and medicines, but it also makes it hard for them to come out of this situation. It’s an attempt to topple the government by further destroying the economy and preventing its recovery.

          I should say that in spite of all the grim statistics that I have already cited, there are some signs that their balance of payments crisis could be easing, if not for the sanctions. For example, you mentioned the credit from Russia, but also, if you look at their exports for the first eight months of this year, those are up 28% over last year. That’s important, because that will give them, that has given them a little bit more money not just to pay off debt but also for essential imports like food. There is evidence the situation is getting better, and I think that was one of the factors that led to Venezuela, the government party, winning 18 out of 23 governorships in this recent election.

          Again, the people who want these sanctions, and this includes European authorities now who are joining in, they’re really promoting a strategy of violence. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration at all to say that. In other words, they don’t want an electoral or they’re not waiting for an electoral or any kind of negotiated solution, even though the vast majority of the country, 69% of the country in the latest poll, said that they want the government and the opposition to sit down and talk again. The Trump administration and its allies, which include right-wing governments in Latin America and also the European Union, they’re pushing for a destruction of the economy. The only way that works is the way you saw prior to these recent elections. That is, people are in the streets. There’s violent demonstrations. You try and topple the government by creating chaos and violence. That’s the strategy the Trump and Rubio administration, I should include Rubio because it’s really more him than Trump that’s designing this strategy, that’s what they’re pushing for with this financial embargo.

          The Rest of the Article if you LOW IQ ignoramuses want the truth of why Venezuela is being destroyed. ht tps://

      7. Isn’t Socialism Great !
        Europe is next – Socialism is still great

        The USA was saved by one of of the usa’s greatet Presidents – TRUMP
        American lovers need to go to the polls in November to continue to keep America free and safe.

        • We are not safe yet

          • Exactly, not saved yet. The liberals are only getting worse.

      8. This is definitely what happened, where you live, before it became a town.

      9. I was talking to a lady friend in New Hampshire when hurricane Sandy was clobbering the North East, and she said they had no water and was going down to the highway where a National Guard helo was giving bottled water to folks. I asked her, “is it raining” she say yeah in buckets, then I said, “why don’t you get some buckets and catch some rain water…she says ” is it safe to drink?” As long as you don’t catch it off the roof, free falling from the sky is a blessing from the rain gods…DUH!

        • Learned helplessness. Glad someone’s got gumption.

      10. Harvard:

        Ya, pretty simple. Thanks for reminding me. I need to go get some buckets. Empty, they stack nicely and take little space. I have to pick up a couple of those gizmos that work like a toilet seat when attached to a bucket. There are so many asses around, they’re going to make me rich come SHTF.

        Btw, we just got new gutters installed on the roof where they broke. We had water pouring down the side of the house. Now that they are fixed, it will be easy to catch rain water. It comes down in buckets here, too. And, there are a number of lakes, ponds, and a seriously major river a few miles from here, which is what sold me on this property.


        • You can also slice a pool noodle down the center and make a quick and dirty bucket toilet seat. You get a couple per pool noodle.

      11. Hawaii island is a third world sh ithole that is part of America, many people cannot get government water, so they live on catchment of water from their roofs( most houses have metal roofs). My storage capacity is 34,000 gallons.
        I made an elaborate system of tankage, plumbing, pumps, filters, and UV sterilizers. I have all the household water I need. It wasn’t cheap but I control it.
        Admittedly it is very wet where I live(in excess of 70 inches per year average).
        When I lived in WA state I had a well, a year round creek, and over 100 inches of precipitation per year. I used catchment water for watering animals and washing cars. I was not on government water there either.
        My point is location, location location. Get out of the city, and get independent of as many government provided services as you can.
        From my reading if you lived in Caracas, Venezeula and had a house the size of mine with catchment you could harvest 22,000 gallons per year* and if you lived like me a wasteful, American with all the fancy appliances a family of four would use under 10,000 gallons per year(this is based on my measured consumption over a 5 year period, I don’t bother to measure consumption any more).
        * ht tp://

      12. rellik, it IS nice to have all the water you can use and then some, huh?
        Last year I counted unofficially 89″ of rain in our area, BEFORE the hurricane, which added 36″ for a total of 125″ for 2017. So far this year is about ave
        We don’t get the downpours you see in Central America, where it rains non-stop for days. Ours are shorter duration and great for farming.
        If municipal water system goes down, we could make it on rainfall alone. One less thing to stress over.

      13. Have Nestle send down some water from what they ripoff from US aquifers all over the states for pennies on the 100 gallons and sell for many hundred times that. Or the Bush family who bought thousands of acres down there in South America, perhaps Argentina, above an aquifer. The Bushes, the Clintons, the Obamas all above the law. Scumbaggery run rampant with so much dirty money it would be hard to spend it in any normal persons lifetime.

        • Well aljamo, there is an economic school of thought that is called Free Markets. It’s central tenant is that fulfilling some need, want or desire people have is financially rewarding. It is one of the founding principals of America and has been responsible for lifting the standard of living of millions of people.

          South America (and particularly Argentina) need and welcome foreign investment of badly needed capital precisely because they cannot grasp the Free Market concept.

          Believing someone becomes a “scumbag” for meeting people’s desires and making money off of it is economic ignorance and the exact sort of envy that produces Venezuelas. Of course Argentina has proved many times in recent decades they cannot learn this lesson. Pity.

          • Unregulated “Free Markets” also fuel monopolistic control as the robber barrens actions showed. Most of life is a balance. Northern Europe, inherently capitalist with significant socialism functions very well. By and large the indigenous people don’t “game the system”. Conversely attempting similar in other cultures closer to the equator is a ticket to bankruptcy.

      14. Socialism is so cool!

      15. Socialism is so cool!!!

      16. While on the water subject. Hydrophobia. Rabies. In the movie , Old Yeller, The lazy guy with the little girl ,told the story of the man who chained himself to a tree after being bitten. Whitin days he started snapping and snarling and attacking. Could a weaponised rabies be the zombie come true?

      17. Power that is unchecked and unregulated, leads to wanton abuse. If it can happen in Venezuela, it can happen here in a collapse. You can almost count on it. People in power have families of their own and will abuse their power to provide for themselves and their families.


        AS WE APPROACH THE SHTF EVENT HORIZON. I HAVE TO COMMENT. Let me make this clear. My comments are not to offend the women on this site. Skip my post. You men preppers, you assholes on this site, I want to talk to you.

        And Franks post brings back stomock sickening nightmares, when I started dating in my younger years. 80% of the women you see around you daily are nasty slobs, and this is literal in every aspect. its just a fact of life, and women are the same in every country.

        Now that my woman is at the grocery store and I can post, I have a few comments. Its seems that a few women on here might find Frank at little offensive. I cannot tell you guys on here how many times I have met women back in the past, got all excited only to find out that she is one stinking filthy person, and I don’t have to give details, just thinking about the topic makes me want to throw up. Or they look good with clothes on, only to take it off, with a massive C-section scar, and stretch marks, with the oh, I have 3 kids, thinking I am supposedly just get it up and take the plunge, only to see me get pissed up, get my clothes on and tell them fuck off. One woman I met a night club when I was 31, picked up the bitch, went back to her place, only to see a wedding picture of her and her husband. What is this is asked, oh he cheated on me, and went off with another woman. Oh really, I just turned and walked the hell out, called my friend and told him, the p…..y will not be any good, another man just confirmed that, i am heading home. I think I am about to vomit now.

        MEN DO NOT LEAVE WOMEN WITH GOOD QUALITIES, MOVE OUT, ABANDON THEM, AND HOOK UP WIHT ANOTHER WOMAN UNLESS SOMETHING ANOUT THE OTHER WOMAN IS BETTER THAN THE CURRENT. FACT. Men cannot explain to a woman what the problem, but he tells his friends and immediately the guys know exactly when he bailed, its in the details. So stop the Frank bashing on this site. Frank is right.

        Women do not know what repulse men, they think that we are so desperate that we are lucky to get them, yea right, try a post SHTF collapse with only 5,000 women on the surface, then the fat stinking ones will get chased, not in this time era, pre SHTF. They get king shit me, and they are filthy. WE DO NOT LIKE STRETCH MARKS AND WE DO NOT LIKE C-SECTIONS. They market themselves to you, then give you shit for product. This is why I waited until I could meet the fine ass classy lady, the ones the dress hot, carry themselves well for some reason, the goods are always better and the food quality is much better. These are smart women, usually gold diggers, but you get what you need if they like you. Lucky me.


        When It comes to women and hygiene. Woman do not know how men think. I cannot get into any details about Franks comment, other than the fact that all that was said of women is true. No woman stands a rats ass chance in hell of dating me, living with me, etc on less she is healthy, carries her self well, and is classy. Some women get it, and carry themselves well. The majority of women do not care, and they will not get to keep men, and they have gotten their stinking sorry asses kicked to the curve, and its their own fault, “yes literally thinking you know what”. Nasty women repulse men and has gotten dumped by men like me. One bad incident, its over. And guys while we on this sick topic, watch out for the nasty ones that like to nasty up your restroom and toilet. I would never sleep with a women anymore when I got smart unless I saw her place, and her restroom. That can tell you alot. I do not tolerate nasty slobby, shitty women. I work out, am in top physical condition, and I look it, with muscles, and all, and I damn well expect women to keep herself up to par, and she does that’s why she is living with me in my house, had she been one of the types Frank mentioned, I would have kicked her ass straight to the curve form the first stomach sickening incident. Women don’t know why men screw them, and never return for a second time, dump their ass, and they felt that they got used, and that he used you. If you were any good, that would not have happened. Men always come back for more when its good, this is a fact of life 100% about this sickening topic.

        I can see the attacks on my post, about HCKS is a liar, a nut job, that everything he just said is bullshit, and that that’s not the way thing work. Jim In Va, let it rip, Rellik and others. I know you guys are going to challenge this post.

        How the hell do you guys think I found my girlfriend, just barely 2 months off the road from my 3 1/2 years of smelling stink myself on the streets of Houston, In my mind it was the end of the world, so I approached her and told her :” you lucky I am even talking to you? who the fuck are you, she asked. HCKS, and I am king shit, so I figured I would talk you. She laughed and thought I was funny. You know the rest. I test drove the car a few week later, the performance was good, the interior was a great Lay-out. Go test drive a brand new singray vette, and then jump into a beat up stinking piece of shit Toyota from the hood, and see if you like the Vette. So I got the car, and it was low maintenance, just the type of vehicle that all men need.

        You be the judge:

        Fat sloppy women. What the studlier guys like me avoid.


        Looks like shit, smells like shit, is 100% pure shit.



      19. Listen to these guys smugly trash Venezuelans as socialists. The Republican’s NDAA destroyed their Bill of Rights. With the stroke of a pen they went from citizens to subjects. That was 7-1/2 years ago. What did these guys do? Yea, Jack…

      20. Geeeeeee Sounds like a great system of government, Let’s try it here.

      21. “When socialism comes to the Sahara, there will even be a shortage of sand.”
        – old Polish proverb under Jaruzelski and the communists

      22. Just wanted to say, as a socialist, that the reason we don’t do doomsday prepping is because our plan is to just simply get together and steal all your guy’s shit. You see, socialists work together. You are all vunerable loners, with limited ammunition. We know all your doomsday fortresses are made of sawdust and glue, and Molotov cocktails practically make themselves. You can keep your dehydrated beans, we plan to feast on your flesh. Sweet dreams… xxxx

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