Military Rolls Tanks Onto St. Louis Streets…But Why?

by | Jun 23, 2012 | Headline News | 380 comments

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    I have to say that this event, which is being labeled a “training exercise”, makes very little sense to me.  U.S. Army troops all the way from Maryland running open exercises in armored personnel carriers on the busy streets of St. Louis?  I know Maryland is a small state, but is there really not enough room at Ft. Detrick to accommodate a tank column and some troops?  Are there not entire fake neighborhood and town complexes built with taxpayer dollars on military bases across the country meant to facilitate a realistic urban environment for troops to train in?  And why travel hundreds of miles to Missouri?  At the very least, this is a massive waste of funds.

    On the other hand, such an action on the part of the Department of Defense makes perfect sense if the goal is to acclimate citizens to the idea of seeing tanks and armed military acting in a policing capacity.  Just check out the two random idiots the local news affiliate picked to interview in St. Louis on the subject.  Both state that they think the exercise is a “great idea”, because having the military on the streets would help to “reduce crime”:

    I suspect that the news affiliate did not go out of its way to get any counter-opinions, even though they admitted to being contacted by those voicing concerns over martial law.

    Even so, it’s sad and simultaneously terrifying that there are plenty of mindless dupes out there who do not understand the dangers of the Army crossing the Rubicon and acting in a civil law enforcement capacity, never mind that they are completely ignorant of the fact that it violates the Posse Comitatus Act.  One of the interviewees even points out that in some countries they don’t use police at all; only military.  This is true.  We call those countries “tyrannies”…

    Add to the mix the reality that the DOD refuses to respond to any further inquiries by the press concerning details of the training, and you get yet another suspicious instance of behavior on the part of the establishment that seems preparatory for domestic action.  I believe that the high frequency at which these activity reports have been coming in over the past year is certainly cause for alarm…

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      1. We recently had military helicopters “training” for a catastrophe around our island. It did not make sense to me except to get us used to seeing military in the area.

        • i live in ne mississippi in a very isolated rural county-imagine having those helicopters and planes going overhead all the time for “training”. those helo and plane training exercises have my dog a nervous wreck-and the noise hurts her ears especially on days when the training means they are doing loopty loops all day long. of course at night, it shakes the whole house and puts us all into a panick.

          • I also live in NE Ms. Have you noticed there are more and more of them. I’ve noticed there are more also coming over in the night Sometime there are maybe a dozen. This is not normal at all.

            • Devils advocate might not be a popular prose here on shtf, but, consider this; if you are seeing tanks, they are most likely national guard since the US Army does not have a base in Missiissippi with tanks. If you are seeng an ncrease in activity could it be either a) they are conducting their two week annual training or b) predeployment operations? If it is B you might be compromisng their security by telling the bad guys “hey, they are getting ready to come over.”
              To be clear, I have no doubt that the current admin would use our troops against us, I also beleive that there exists several OPLANS for population control. However, this Mississippi military movement doesnt sound like posturing to me. No offense but what message are they trying to send rural Mississippi? I was an M1A2SEP tanker, there were few battlefield assets
              that scared me, infantry wasnt one let alone armed civilians.
              As for the assertion that we are out gunned, we are grossly out gunned, inferior technology, not at all trained and would be decimated by US forces EXCEPT we have the blessings of God. I know first hand what the might of the military can do, I am not at all scared.

            • A different theory to consider: perhaps they were transporting a “high value” VIP and his family and possessions? And further suppose that a large security contingent was required to move him across land as there are “terrorists” about that are tasked to do him in and no risks were to be taken?

              I know, it has holes, but the cockroaches are definitely scurrying now that we are getting closer to the “end times”. This may have been one of them scurrying from one hole to another.

            • The US military are un-educated idiots. The grunts could hit a chicken at 60 yards with a FA carbine. (there version of marks-men is a 15inch circle at 50 yards.) They’re stupidly trained and all the technology in the world doesn’t do them any good since their are so many ways around it. If they were so well trained they would be coming back from IRAN 5,000 a month in caskets. For any of you to believe its the suicide rate then you are brained washed by the media.

              1.) ballistics does NOT work, how come they need the gun to match the bullet. Proof I have a letter from a local police sheriff who wrote to congress asking them to drop the 30 billion a year cost for ballistics since it doesn’t work and California doesn’t use it.

              2.) The US military can be easily taken down by your sniping rifles until you grow you assault groups. Learn cover and concealment is your best friend.

              3.) Anyone on this forum who begs to differ is putting a scare tactic on you. Since I have a few military friends and also trained a few SEALS who didn’t come close to the training I have thanks to MagPul. SWat is a joke also…

              4.) Any chopper would have to fly low enough (above tree line) to hit shoot you because shooting from air is NOT easy at all. And still doesn’t gaurentee a hit even with a machine-gun. You will be able to shoot them down with ease. But to be smarter stay still in cover when they fly by.

              5.) NIR does not work during the day. This is why assault and attacks are done during the day light only. I have seen enough online videos, read, and seen NIR first hand. Thus propper makes NIR multi-cam camouflage at low cost. NIR does not work during the day “period.”

            • @Armedtotheteeth says: —what, you think “the bad guys” actually NEED someone to point out a TANK to them? Do you really think a TANK and a gaggle of suited up troops are subtle and invisible? Have you ever tried to SNEAK in a TANK? (other than in the movie kelly’s heroes) And so what, “the bad guys” know we’re training! It would be a pleasant miracle if that is all it took to keep our citizens free of terrorist activities, but it isn’t. It would be one thing if they were on their way to get some “bad guys”, but I’m afraid they wouldn’t be pulling up front in a TANK. Your devil isn’t a very good advocate.

          • yea key word……IMAGINE!!!!

        • I am thinking that the idea of martial law may be correct but in regard to the election and the probably of racially motivated violence occuring when the perceived “King of America” is dethroned.

          Military leaders are not planning a coop and there is no grand conspiracy. So please, if you are entertaining that idea, work towards more productive reasoning. Without military intervention, in my opinion, waves of youth will attempt to reassert their claim to the United States by torching their property to the ground and perpetuating rape and violence against themselves. Suburban vigilanties will likely catch wind of the lawlessness and retaliate by desemmate the most important part of our American society, the non-productive, uneducated culturally defunct urban demographic.

          • Crime prevention and law enforcement is the role of the local police departments, NOT the military! These exercises are for the purpose of implementing martial law and disarming the civilian public!

            • YOU people are hilarious ……here we go again with the martial law crap ….it always resurfaces every few years when people have fallen asleep a bit

          • BIGOT!

        • Quick joke;

          JOKE EVER!

          A puppet, a black guy, an illegal alien, a Muslim and a Communist walk into a bar.

          Bartender asks ….

          “What’ll it be, Mr. President?”

          • The Nightmare VIRUS DISEASE FALSE FLAG Scenario

            beware the nwo FEDGOV CDC DESIGNED bird pig flu h5n5 virus being released BY THE CIA SUMMER 2012 IN LONDON ENGLAND the new zion GLOBAL depopulation plan


          • @eppe
            u forgot gay guy…just say’n

            • obummer’s not gay.

        • This is what you get when a politician is appointed as the Secretary of Defense with no past experience.

      2. “having the military on the streets would help to reduce crime”…. having the military on the streets IS a crime…….

        • Practice the head shot for relief of the “problem”
          Just like a punk ass gang member, when 1 falls the rest run…..I expect to see alot of uniforms lying on the side of the roads…If each patriot takes just two traitors down….Problem solved….

          • The head shot might reduce their numbers and that might benefit the rest of us but you wouldn’t be around long enough to enjoy the benefits. The best fight is the one avoided. There are better ways to fight the war – then with a head shot.

            • Please elaborate. If there are better ways of fighting a war, our founding fathers would have thought of it. This Republic has produced some brilliant people and there is no evidence any of them came up with an alternative to picking up a gun, save capitulation.

            • SWIFT our founding fathers had an enemy that had a home to go to. That battle would be fought far different if enemy had been only neighbors – rather than think of how the founding fathers had to fight you might think of every step you can take politically to make sure no fight ever happens.

            • Swift, good thought, enjoyed it.
              Jim, when does a person stop talking(political ramble)and realize a confrontation will take place? If and when, God willing it doesn’t happen, tptb physically attack my loved ones, all talking stops. They can be stopped.

              Mac, are you alright? Hope you and your family are ok.
              Haven’t seen you responding much lately, to the posts.

            • Be careful giving the usurpers the title “THE POWERS THAT BE”. For the Christians, according to Paul in Romans 13, to give them such a title you give also authority and allegiance.

              Better to call them usurpers. Since the true “POWERS THAT BE” according to Oath of Offices is the Constitution, which acknowledges the People, who is given Power by the Declaration, which acknowledges the Creator as source.

              You are “The Powers That Be” (TPTB). Don’t give them Your Authority. Consider also that most of our Service Members will remember their Oath and will not follow illegal orders. You will know the difference.

              The Lord is Righteous.
              Standing by in Texas.

            • Good post “Standing by in Texas”. We must remember where our rights come from. I also agree with DRD5508, we must be on guard for when the talking has failed. Nothing has been solved by talking alone, it may have been postponed, but never solved. We were born from the fire and steel of a revolution. I’d prefer that the courts kick all the traitors out of the country, but I feel that most of the traitors are being controlled from the old countries. Read the words of Thomas Jefferson, pray for our country, but prepare for the worst.

            • A Denver Officer just shot yesterday “trying to break up something”, got shot on the head.

            • It’s called “Country Before Self” or something like that.
              In other words, FREEDOM is bigger than me.

            • @Jesus Christ Is Son Of God says:
              “Better to call them usurpers. Since the true “POWERS THAT BE” according to Oath of Offices is the Constitution, which acknowledges the People, who is given Power by the Declaration, which acknowledges the Creator as source.”

              Romans 13 and the entire Word of God, vertical governing authority.
              U.S. Constitution, horizontal governing authority.
              There is no conflict between the two; they are in harmony.

              Plus, being from Texas, I am sure you understand Fire Ants.
              We are the Fire Ants.
              Woe to the one that disturbs the mound.

          • The standing military in this country is .05% of the total population. 300 million guns in the country…one for nearly every person. Mass civil disobedience against a tyrannical government would stand against a military taking orders from the tyrants.

            • The military has a far more superior weapon system than civilians do. Think of what an anti-tank platoon would do to a neighborhood. Or a few fully equipped helicopters to say 500 civilians with guns. I do not feel we should consider attacking US troops; they have the choice to not comply with the presidents orders if it comes from high enough brass. Our military is made up of good people. Talk of fighting them is silly. Especially from me since the few guns that I had sank when my canoe turned over when I went hunting a few weeks ago.

            • That’s funny. It’s not 1860 any more. This just in, the government has planes, helicopters, tanks, and all kinds of other modern weapons. They also have spy satellites and surveillance drones of all kinds. Besides the kind of national communication and command structure that the US citizens wouldn’t have. After the collapse the US government could bring in Russian troops through the UN to confiscate guns. All they would have to do is order people to turn in their guns. Those who refused would be subject to air strikes and mass murder. Or they could let the Russian troops go in, separate the men from the women and children, kill the men, and do whatever they wanted with everyone else.

            • Just look at Afghanistan. They have prehistoric guns, and scrap metal vehicles, and they kicked the Russian’s butts, and are now kicking our butts. We will leave Afg. without winning. Imagine what would happen in America, with all our modern guns.

            • @Chef Nunzio says: as far as I’m concerned, any military person who would point their weaponry at U.S. civilians is fair game—as the good ones would stand down before that.

        • Baracalypse is 100% spot-on correct. Yesterday, it was militarized police equipped with unmanned surveillance drones, police helicopter gunships, and heavily armed police gunboats with their weapons trained inward instead of outward. Today, it’s actual military tanks and vehicles conducting highly dubious training operations in occupied residential communities. What will tomorrow bring? Freight cars running hourly scheduled service 24/7 to re-education labor camps? If folks aren’t concerned yet, they better get concerned, really bloody quickly.

        • That’s not necessarily true. The military was used to keep order in the south after the civil war. The local authorities couldn’t be trusted to keep blacks from being lynched. Eventually the military was removed and oppression of black people continued.

          The problem isn’t the military on the streets. The problem is that we can’t trust our government.

          • They “kept order” in a conquered region after a war which if it were fought today would claim 5 million lives. These “training exercises” are happening RIGHT NOW. Has there been a war already? When did we lose?

            No… this is nothing more than plain simple intimidation. A bully is a bully is a bully, whether he’s a crip or a blood, a nazi or a communist, a wall street bankster or a rogue government that wraps itself in OUR flag.

            We need to take our flag back. Are the people in those tanks real Americans? Who are they? Who are their friends? Their family? Have they no conscience? Is there no one who knows them, that can speak sense to them? Is their oath to the Constitution, or will they say that “orders are orders”?

            • It seems to be more about having a job now than anything, or small town kids looking for a way “out”. It is very sad to say the least though.

          • The real question is whether the soldiers would fire on their own people.

            • I expect there are similar scenarios going on all over the world right now. So consider this.
              Do you think you’re going to see American troops on the corner of your block?
              The American troops will be in Germany, and France and everywhere else they can be trusted to put a bullet in some foreign jerk they don’t know or care about so they can finish their tour and get home to their families.

              Meanwhile, in the NWO spirit of brotherly love you will be seeing a lot of NATO and U.N. “protection forces” from Germany and France etc showing up in your home town (after a market crash or false flag attack probably) because to those guys YOU are the foreign jerk they’ll put a bullet in without hesitation. After all… They just want to finish their tour and go home to their families…

              Urban pacification training may be done locally but that doesn’t mean the troops will be DEPLOYED locally.

              So one question remains.

              Sprechen sie Deutsche?

            • Honorable U.S. soldiers, Marines, and Airmen might not shoot at American civilians, but foreign soldiers, corrupt law enforcement officers, and paid contract mercenaries most certainly would…and they won’t be wearing black hats.

            • Cause and Effect: Why would the U.S Government declare martial law and deploy the military and police? In response to a national crisis such as an attack, large natural disaster, or pandemic. The response would be limited to the areas affected. The most likely scenario is the coming financial collapse caused by borrowing trillions of dollars that it can’t pay back=bankrupcy. The national bankrupcy would be followed by bank runs, riots at all retail outlets/stores when people realize that food, medicine, guns, and other hard goods are better than inflated cash. But by the time the government got to these million or so locations, most of the rioting would be over. This would be followed by general chaos caused by those who got too little too late. These folks would go looking for those ‘who got’. There are currently less than 3 million active duty and reserve personnel in all of the military (many still overseas) and less than 1 million law enforcement officers at all levels of government(federal, state, county, and city). Just how many of these would stand their posts knowing that their families are in danger? There would be little or no response from the police or fire departments. What’s worse, most hospitals would also likely be abandoned or so poorly staffed that only the worst cases may be seen, if at all. It’s YOYO Time folks (Your On Your Own). Got your preps in order?

            • YES! American troops WOULD FIRE ON CITIZENS!!! Its so easy…just label them socialist,commie or some other simple minded label and watch intelligent Americans turn into crazied unthinking robots. But they will say they were just following(believed labels the media and government used)orders!

          • BarnCat; they didn’t keep order. The lynching went on upto the early 20th century. The military at that time were sick of war and only wanted to go home.
            2nd, the military didn’t have the fire power now in the hands of our present military. Whatever happens will be a blood bath.
            The present military is constantly being trained for social unrest and being questioned concerning their allegance to the corp. Just look at what was being presented to the national guard ( I believe it was Wisconson). Good news: there are a large number of soldiers that understand what the gov’t is trying to do
            and they are rejecting it

        • These are Redcoats, not Oathkeepers.

          • I wonder what lie these military people were told?? They may think something entirely different than what we are suspecting. I have thought of this often and can only pray that our military will not execute innocent American citizens. If its a heinous, hater group like the black panthers, they would gladly fire upon innocent (white) people to carry out their agenda….

            • there are no more “black panthers”, and the military doesn’t/didn’t “hire” them anyway.

      3. the military was patrolling alot here a month ago. it seems to have slowed down for now. they are preparing for the civil unrest mostly . how they control it is the question.

      4. “I believe that the high frequency at which these activity reports have been coming in over the past year is certainly cause for alarm…”

        Alarm hell! Citizens need to be protesting. The Constitution belongs to the People, not to DoD, DHS or gov. People better start getting outraged over this.

        • Stop worrying. Mexico will control a fifth of the country in a few years. As a side benefit Sharia law also will be in effect. By then it will be too late to do anything about turning things around. America will die with merely a whimper despite all the tough talk. Pretty sad and it really pisses me off but we have been sold down the river by the elites of this country.

      5. Drivers ED. Seems like a long way to go for drivers ED. Maybe these vehicles are special and only stationed in MO and just the troops are from MD. Wait, then why havent we seem them before. Well they must need additional training on streets. Yes thats it. Additional training on the streets. Wait a minute. Why do they need additional training on the streets. Oh ya, the 3% of preppers are going to be detained. Come on guys. You all know the US is a police state. Why dose any of this surprise us. What really gets me is the sheeple want to come out and salute. I’m all for support the troops but not war and especially not martial law. Well kiss some more freedoms goodbye. But keep in mind the solider said these are not really dangours unless you drive into or come close to one.

        • I live in the St. Louis metro area….These tanks are running on the streets of the ghetto. Remeber, this is Obamatron territory, hence, the military feels it is safe going into areas that are ignorant of Constitutional Law. That’s why you see the Obamites coming out to salute the tanks. Oh, my what a sad, sad, day in Amerika.
          However, cititzens who are not in a coma, have complained very loudly. There are now hundreds, not dozens, of these vehicles coming up I-44 from Fort Leonard Wood causing traffic problems.St. Louis has one of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks located downtown……. Protocals foa financi

          • St. Louis has one of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks located downtown…boom! there it is!

      6. I live close to an army base. I have not seen them out on the streets here, yet. This is a small city so it may take longer. I have been trying to figure out if living so close is a good or bad thing. It is nice to have the military when they are truly needed. But we are not in “a state of emergancy” , again yet. I hope we have nothing to fear from them as we are law abidding citizens. But i have a feeling i am wrong.

        • JL-nothing to fear,LOOK in the mirror and say to your self these guys aren’t americans,there russians,and there not here to help us, there here to take control of the country when the order is given….I can tell americans all day long we got russians dressed in US army uniforms,yet when they speak english all the dumb asses think there americans,there NOT,russians,russians,DO ANY of you get it, you been sold out,conned,tricked,fooled,had bad,AMERICA is in extreme DANGER,wake up,wake up fools………….

          • Arizona,

            I want to know the truth. I have noticed a number of references to foreign soldiers in the US. I know there have been training programs for foreign military in the US since the late sixties. How have you determined that there are growing numbers of foreign troops in US uniforms positioned and remaining here?

      7. “Cause for alarm.”..?

        a test to observe the public’s reactions.


        the start of a normalcy bias .

        trial balloons for the upcoming riots in November..?

        anyone’s guess

        stay locked loaded and stacked


        • Don’t be too haste, perhaps our military will fight for us in the event Mr Obama losses election and angry “youths” take to the streets to even out the score against the “whitey”

          • They havent fought for us yet, what makes you think they’ll “wake up” anytime soon?

          • angy youths? Where? I can tell ya my oldest 20 something and friends are not hoping for the rerun of the last 3 years. all outta work etc. i can not seem to find these angry youths that want a repeat. i have a sibling in latter 20s with friends of varying ages they do not want a repeat wither. variuose races too. where are all these angry youths on “his” side please do tell.

      8. Come on, we all know why. You think this is for anything other than the American people? Fuck sake.

      9. Sigh……Ok, not much longer now. It’s the quicken that’s been a’comin. The only thing that can be anymore in-your-face is the launch itself. Got my TT vests all set, cleaned the reprs with some ewl slip, put a fresh edge on the Randall #1. Been through all the .556s and AKs, wiping, loading additional mags. Went through my SOC belt shingles and P-mags……Where the hell is easy street?

        • “Where the hell is easy street?”

          Wait bout 7 1/2 years and take a right.

          • LOL.

      10. Greetings to everyone. I have been reading posts on this site for months now and am very impressed with the invaluable knowledge some of you are sharing.The writing is clearly on the wall and most people either refuse to accept reality or don’t have the intellect to see what’s happening. A MONUMENTAL CRASH is taking place all over the world starting in europe as we have all been seeing. I don’t think the dollar is going to survive much longer due to the INSANE debt these worthless politicians and bankers have racked up in OUR names.I have the same problem most of you have….just about everyone I know has their head so far up their a** they are wearing their a**es as hats. I have tried and tried and tried to tell my family members and friends to prepare for the coming storm and they don’t. I try to tell them MITT ROMNEY is bought and paid for by GOLDMAN SACKS just like OBAMA is. I try to get them intrested in gold/silver….nothing.Store up a few bags of beans & rice? no sir. Prep up at all? indeed not. The good news is I am prepping for ALL of them.I know some of you will disagree with that…..but the way I see it I have no choice.I won’t let my little brother, his wife, and my neice and nephew starve to death….so i have lots of food stored up among other things i wont get into. I have gotten much good advice from a lot of you who post here and am greatfull for it all.

        Prepped up and standing by in TEXAS.

        • You are dead on.
          Do not take any notice if you get thumbs down, some try to make like your post is bad, just have a thick skin.

          • Thick skin = requirement for our future…..carry on.

        • The Republic of Texas will stand. Alone if necessary but we’ll have some house cleanin’ to do along the way.

          • i have Houston covered what area will you be leading the resistance

            • Third largest city in the US, and you have it covered? Right. Sure you do.

            • one mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist.

            • NE Atlanta

          • Viva La Mexico!

            • Fat Ted,
              There is no La before Mexico. At least get that right. Like the morons who always say problemo. No such palabra. It is problema.

            • @johnw-how you with pig latin?

          • casey-god bless the state of texas,you guys seem to be more awake then other states,colorado is so full of califorina rejects there sound asleep.EVERYONE,for your own good, read GEORGE WASHINGTONS vision in valley forge,then you will know whats really coming…….

            • @ Arizona

              Your dead on with your assesment, but there are alot of sleepers fully ready in Colorado. Your talking to one of many I know of right here.

          • So you have Strykers, heat seeking missles, thermal imaging, helicopters – Apaches and the like, grenades, rocket propelled grenades, missiles, armored-up Humvees, 20 cal, 50 cal and auto machine guns, land mines, M9 Bazookas, M60’s, M134’s, M4OA1’s, air support, and on and on and on???

            I don’t think so. You, and all of us, have guns up the ying-yang as well as enough ammo to choke a Chinese Army division. Yet, we are no match if it ever becomes a fight between the American citizenry and the US military.

            Sorry, but it’s simply the truth.

            • Please…

              Do you think Vietnam was demoralising for the infantry?
              Try shooting your fellow countrymen…

              There will be plenty of deserters and those left will be tied up keeping control in the major city centres.

              In fact, all the U.S. citizens need to do to win the war is convince the farmers of middle-america to stop growing food and it’s game over. Hell, they may not need to be convinced in the first place.

              Are they gonna ship all their gear back from the middle-east to pound joe-sixpack? OOPS, NO OIL FOR THE WAR MACHINE…

              Talk about throwing in the towel before the fight starts. Grow a pair and keep your chin up. You sound like a whining teenager.

            • @ Brian, sounds like you’re gonna give up and go to the FEMA camps, good luck to ya…….LOL

            • @Brian
              Well then, you should stay home.
              Just remember two things.
              Freedom is not free.
              Nobody lives forever.

            • well, the cure for the best night vision is a good, bright flashlight to the lens.

              Infra-red will not penetrate a certain amount of lead.

              They can’t shoot you if they don’t see you coming.

              All the weaponry in the world doesn’t matter if you can’t get to it.

              My dog’s bigger than your dog…even things up a bit—use your brain!

            • Fear… forget that there are a lot and I mean a lot of retired military,special forces,police you seem to underestimate the capabilities of the American people. I think if it comes to this situation arms will find there way to the American People.

        • badpuppydog,

          In my opinion you are a very good and loyal puppy dog.

        • Unbelievable…

          Obama is now “asking people getting married to forgo wedding gifts and donate to his campaign instead.”

          “He will also accept birthday and/or anniversary gifts too.”


          Link on Drudge Report

          • Sure hope he don’t catch the garter.

          • Before he is finished he will also be accepting 401Ks, IRAs, checking and savings accounts and anything else that is not nailed down willingly given or not. He has big plans if he is re elected.

        • “The good news is I am prepping for ALL of them.I know some of you will disagree with that…..but the way I see it I have no choice”

          I don’t disagree with you my brother. This is what I’m doing as well. This is what we all should do for our loved ones.

      11. Tanks on the street? Perfectly normal.

        If you’re in 1940s France

        • Why do the French have sunburnt palms?

          That’s what happens when you surrender.

          If not for the US, they would be speaking German.

          • Yes, but they wine well.

          • Would you like some brie with that whine?

            • If it wasn’t for the French we might still be part of great Britain, a fact that many have forgotten.

        • Great changes are coming.
          I can smell them in the air.

          – China. Tiananmen Square. 1989. Tanks in the streets. As a result, China is no longer as f***ed up as it was before.

          – USSR. Tbilisi. 1989. Tanks in the streets. Result: In 1991, Georgia separates from the Soviet Union and becomes and independent state.

          – USSR. Moscow. 1991. Tanks in the streets. Result: collapse of the Soviet Union. Russia becomes [kinda] democracy.

          – Russia. Moscow. 1993. Tanks in the streets. Result: russian political regime changes from a crippled democracy to oligarchy.

          – Romania. Bucharest. Tanks in the streets. Result: Romanian revolution succeeded.

          Here’s one more interesting result: Nicolae Ceaușescu and his bitch… erm… I mean: wife… were killed: executed by a firing squad.
          Not much trial or “defense lawyers”, – “On Christmas Day, 25 December, the two were tried in a brief show trial and sentenced to death by a military court”.
          It’s from Wikipedia.


          I am not a historian.
          I just know what’s in my memory.

          In 1991, my friend and I went to the center of Moscow to see “the shit”.
          It was… well, *scary* for me.
          But people were cheering, soldiers were friendly, and only 3 heroes (some say they were simply drunk idiots…) died.


          In 1993, when they declared curfew in Moscow, and I could not get to my dorm from my girlfriend’s dorm, I stayed for a night (our FIRST night) with the girl who later became my beloved wife.

          Now, we’ve been married for 18 years. We have 2 wonderful kids. We still love each other, maybe even more than we did back then.

          So, in a sense, I am grateful to those who tried to f*** me up in 1993.


          It gets interesting in the 21st century…


          – Tunisia. 2011. Tanks in the streets. Result: “President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali has fled the country after riots in the streets of Tunis”.

          – Egypt. 2011. Tanks in the streets. Result: Mubarak is soooo f***ed!..


          Do you notice anything?!..

          When THEY bring tanks into our streets, WE fuck them up.

          Sometimes, THEY do not survive what they started.


          I think we’re gonna be all right, after all…

          • Great observations. Don’t forget the Russian Army on the street corners of Mockba two by two with machine guns in ’93 …..

            Spent 16 days with a beautiful Russian girl from Baikal at the Aerostar. Room service was excellent! I can see why it is a five star hotel.

            Ya gotta love a good revolution! 🙂

            • Nice!! 2 thumbs up!!

              On a serious note-

              Since you have motel experience during revolutions,shtfplan posters have a mission for you during the one here.


              Stay 16 days at the holiday inn(in trimadad CO) with janet napolitano, and leak any phone conversations she has to shtfplan during the fight.

              We will provide ALL the necessary counseling and therapy needed, and all medical bills incured associated with the mission after the mission is completed(if you survive).

              This mission will be TOP SECRET, and the most dangerous thing you have done in your life, and you might have to take a couple for the team.

              We can find no one to stay with nancy polosi at motel 6 in san fransico, so you can except that mission if your hearts into that one.

              Vomit bags, and mouth wash WILL be provided. 🙂

            • Kevin: There is a limit on just how much this patriot will sacrifice for his country! 🙂

            • Don’t speak of wanting or welcoming revolution if you aren’t ready to eat rats. Not my words, can’t remember the source. I can testify ccorrectness of this statement as a Ruissian who lived through 90-s. It hadn’t come down to rats, but it was really close – I think jelly with a meat of killed stray dogs could supplant rats on the scale of horror of the situation. Longtime power blackouts. No jobs. And it was one of big cities. Care to imagine how it was in provinces? Now you understand why anyone who calls “down with Putin by force if necessary” get virtually no support here? Only bloggers have some and even most prominent of them have little above 7%. Noone wants THAT again and it’ll come if you tear down the functioning system however bad or good it is. Post-intervention Iraq or Libya is testament to it. Pure, unrestrained chaos with paper government above it all, just as helpless as any other person. However, I must admit a fleeting glance at US current economy is pointing to imminent collapse with only question of timing. But all I ask. DO NOT cheer the revolution (or collapse) ANYWHERE even if its imminent by all accounts. Just prepare.

          • You have mental problems. Mubarak was replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood, you think that is a good thing. Several other countries suffered the same fate. Change is not always a good thing despite your hero Obama saying so. I doubt very much if the military in the US is going to turn on the citizens. The worry is that those giving the orders will create incidents or lie as to what is going on.

            • Why do the muslim brotherhood have an english name?

              Why is it I see protester signs in other countries in english?

              why is alqueda our friends in libya, but our enemies in yemen, and syria?

              Didn’t they attack us?

              what does alqueda mean in arabic slang?

              These are the questions I ask, if you have answers I am all ears.

            • Mubarak was replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood is a good thing if that’s what THE COUNTRY WANTED. It is none of OUR damn business who they want to rule them.

          • Just a point to make here ……. They aren’t tanks!! They are lightly armoured vehicles. Little more that an improved Humvee. Butch toys for MP’s (Military Police) or who ever, doing light patrols or getting from A to B.
            Tanks are tracked vehicles, have tons of armour plates for protection and carry a very large main gun that looks like a big distinctive, sticky out thing, on the main turret that can traverse 360 degrees and as a singular unit can reap great distruction, at high speed.
            These things wondering around the streets are little more than top heavy toys with a bit a amour and bullet proof windows for protection. They are a little high off the ground to help protect from mines ect. Basically, they look a little scary to anyone with no idea, but really – a hotted up Kenworth truck with massively reinforced bull bars and a bit of welded up steel plate for protection would easily take out one of these pathetic toys. Hit it front on at 50 mile an hour and the Kenworth would flatten it!!
            Tanks!!! My ass!!

          • I like your post but must point out none of those countries armies are as effective as ours so lets hope our soldiers still love their country and it’s citizens :/

        • or Hitler’s Germany!

      12. The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 was a direct result of Abraham Lincoln meddling in local affairs in southern states during the period following the Civil War. Americans have always been leery of giving the federal government too much power, and using federal troops to handle civil disturbances is a flimsy legal argument. The exercise in St. Louis appears to be conditioning the sheeple population to a military presence as if to say, “do what we tell you because we have the big guns and you don’t”.

        Folks, there is no other explanation for this other than a precursor to martial law. Click on my name to read an excellent explanation of The Posse Comitatus Act from George Mason University’s History News Network.

        • Thanks Prepper…Unfortunately. the Act states “…under such circumstances expressly authorized by the Constitution”. These circumstances are “national emergencies”. The DC corp gov has had the states under executive order “national emergency” for decades. This is how they continue to try and steal your liberty without congressional oversight. In effect, Posse Comitatus has been suspended.

          • In times of severe crisis you can kiss the Constitution good by. Presidents do what they want and the courts let them. Lincoln suspended a Writ of Habeas Corpus and locked people up W/O charges or trial. FDR interned the Japanese Americans during WWII. By executive order FDR forced citizens to trade gold for paper and ever since they have been de-valuing the paper.

            It’s almost like being a child. “You better behave or Mommy and Daddy will put all of you on punishment”. “You want to cry?” “I’ll give you something to cry about”; Wack !

            The “They can’t do that” rings hollow when they have done “That” W/O interference. It’s just the way it is and anything else is revisionist history.

        • Lincoln was killed 5 days after Lee surrendered. He didn’t have much time to meddle in post-war southern states.

      13. Drivers ed for tanks on the streets and highways of St. Louis?
        What possible objection could there be to such a plausible excuse? Maybe not all of us buy into their BS.

      14. Over time an unrealistic fear of crime has been drummed into the people by the main stream media; “Oh, murders are so common, I’m frightened”. Yes murders are common in selected areas but for the most part extremely uncommon everywhere else. This irrational fear of crime has the citizens supporting increased police authority to keep them safe. Police in already safe areas now enforce Malum Prohibitum in excess because in reality they are truly not needed. Well John Q Citizen if this makes you feel safe then a Militarized Police and soon regular Military should give you a real warm and fuzzy feeling.

        Given time with the above trend and a declining economy the long forgotten 3rd Amendment may be the next one to be pushed aside for, “Our own safety and security”.

      15. This way none of the sheep will notice (care?) when martial law is declared.

      16. Welcome to the Country of Babylon, and the preparations for its destruction as the nation falls beyond Sodom and Gomorrah.

        Rev 13:10 If any man is for captivity, into captivity he goeth: if any man shall kill with the sword, with the sword must he be killed. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.

        • is that the biblical way of saying “you first”?

      17. Military personnel comment on this all the time on the web–urban environment training, in conjunction with coordination with local leos, if you want to call them that. Joe-six-pack-entitlement-moron loves a good equipment display, whether it be by road or rail. They’ll be laughing all the way to the FEMA camps as long as their i-thingy is charged.

        • Everybody loves a parade. Remember the huge military parades the USSR used to have?

          • Hitler loved his parades.

        • Sheeple will stampede into the buses if they are told each seat has a DVD player and Itoy charging port. They’ll need guards to keep people OUT of camp FEMA.

      18. What I want to know is….Were they driving in SAFE neighborhoods or in the drug/crack ridden neighborhoods?

        I don’t know the different neighborhoods in St Louis , so I would appreciate someone letting us know.

        • Brilliant question Mona!

        • If patrolling for crime they would have been in East St. Louis. Rugh part of town there.

        • Generally, St. Louis all together is high crime per capita. Murder rate and crime rate is extremely high for a city that’s really not that big. Heroin is an epidemic for TEENS there really not a well off city… Maybe I’m an idiot but I don’t understand why that matters… Last I checked the city of St. Louis had a policing force, if that’s not enough they have a State Policing unit. No tanks are needed in any streets whether its a good or bad neighborhood… Btw East St. Louis is in Illinois its not actually a part of St Louis or even in the same state. Just saying…

        • I thought patrolling rough neighborhoods is what our PARAMILITARY (STASI) POLICE do?!?

      19. Simply cut back on taxable income. No bucks no military.

        The reality is that as far in debt as it is, the US government would collapse within months of trying to “secure” the country. Any civil unrest of that level would send the bond vigilantes in, and the US would be Greece in weeks. With no money or worthless printed money, all of those vaunted government workers would simply go home (they would probably comprise most of the looters on the streets anyway).

        As things spiraled out of control, the government would lash around with various tyrannical decrees, but remember, they can’t even run public education. They odds of them succeeding at anything that big, without the support of the population is about zero.

        Besides, they won’t have enough manpower to secure the big urban areas if things really up.

        • Bingo; if anyone out there can name one program that the US Govt. has established and made it better, please let us all know. Every thing the govt. touches gets worse, and way more expensive that estimated. Maybe then the ones who can, will take over and make this the country what it once was…
          I know I could with out even trying.

        • We are way past this point, the government does not need your taxes. They can always print money and you get debt forever.
          Full slavery here and now.

        • USA will evolve into another post-USSR Russia, with much of the economy “under the table”. The government will expend a lot of resources trying to collect taxes, fees, etc.

          The US government has lots of neat toys, but the machine guzzles massive piles of fuel (cash) daily. It borrows just to pay the interest on it’s debt. Starve the beast.

          • Willy Wonka – best post on here!

          • those who know the actions of the now government owned time warner cable who put john regis in his place (Aldelphia cable) can see that wealth is only good if your on their side. Whatever chest poking they try ,race, religion,wealth , the criminals have lost all alibis. they may have created rumors of a zombie alpcolypse but the nightmare is going to be their heads.and they will be profiled ,so easy to pick out.

        • Our so called leaders are full of their own hubris and have gone unopposed for so long they think that we will tolerate anything. That is true when folks are fat dumb and happy. It won’t fly when they are out of work, starving and pissed off. I have hope that the sheep are finally waking up. We shall see.

      20. Well, this just moved my prepping schedule up. i thought i had until 2013, as the financial people I believe in say Europe can go another year before the SHTF there.

        But if the US is rolling tanks, then its possible whats going on in Greece hits the US sooner.

        For those of you thinking that the US dollar will be worthless, you may be right; but you’re still going to need them to buy anything when the US banks start denying you access to your money like they are doing now in Spain and Greece. You want to store money too and especially ones as most likely no one will make change for you as they wont have the money to do it.

        • Right on about moving the prepping schedule up. After reading the article, I immediately left to go to a gun show at the fairgrounds. Met some outstanding Americans and bought some “force multipliers”. From what people were saying, don’t run up the white flag yet!

        • I SAVE NO MONEY. Money is an illusion. While the world still believes it is real, I’m happily “broke” 6 out of 7 days of the week. I spend it as quickly as I can, never knowing THE DAY when the world will wake up. Til then I’ll keep STACKING real assets that I can use, as I know that you can’t eat gold, even with a gold tooth.

          THE MORE TIME I HAVE AFTER THE COLLAPSE, THE MORE TIME I HAVE TO GET MY SOUL RIGHT WITH JESUS CHRIST, as I believe I will need the next 7 1/2 years to be purified.

          • why 7 1/2 years, get right with Him NOW?? Only takes a minute in prayer, and the rest of your days be aware so as to “check yourself before you wreck yourself…again”

        • I have never recieved change or a reciept when paying a bribe.

      21. The excuse is ” Armored Vehicle Driving classes” in St. Louis? So does that mean for 150 yrs where the United States actually obeyed Posse Comitatus, our military tank commanders didn’t know how to drive them? Who is naive enough to believe this BS? Keep your powder dry because while we are prepping, the gov’t is prepping too.

      22. My Fellow Americans:

        Allow me to put it in plain.,simple english,…

        There is NO legitimate reason for ANY military units to be “training” in ANY US Civilian areas,.. bar none.

        The military ALREADY has a multitude of “training compunds” that easily fit any such training necessaties.

        The US fed gov’t is NOT an American gov’t.

        The US Fed Gov’t IS an “ENEMY FORCE IN OCCUPATION”,…disguised as an American organzation.

        The SOLE objective of this criminal gov’t is the COMPLETE subjugation and enslavement of the American peoples.

        There are no options left given the basic facts that this gov’t is to corrupted, distorted, dysfunctional and criminal in intent and design,… it is time to ABOLISH THE US FED GOV”T BEFORE THEY EXTERMINATE US.

        You can stick you head in the sand and pretend everything is Ok, but all that will buy you is just a little more time compared to those who WILL rasie up and fight to eliminate this criminal organization called the US Fed Gov’t and its owners, the IMF, The World, The BIS,.. and the largest criminals is human history,.. thge Rothchilds.

        In the end,.. you will still end up in a FEMA camp to receive your “vaccination”, which will kill you, your children, your family, neighbors and friends,.. by design.


        You can admitt we have be duped by our treasonous leaders, acknowledge it is time to organize, and it is time to abolish the perfidous filth called the US fed Gov’t, and to institute new guards to secure the blessing of liberty, freedom and the prosperity for ourselves, our children and our country.

        You WILL choose one of the above whether you declare it or not.

        It is time,.. the US Federal Gov’t is now placing US Military troops on American soil to Beta-test the American people’s refusal to allow it.

        Next comes the tightening of the Thumb Screws,… False-Flag Event(s), Martial Law, FEMA Camps,.. then the Mass-Graves.

        This has ALL been done before in a little town called,.. uhhhhmmmmm,.. Oh yeah,.. NAZI Germany.

        Have you dumb-ass Americans already forgotten those lessons?

        Those who forget history, are damned to repeat it.

        JD – US Marine – Fighting To Save What Is Left Of America,… what about you,.. what are you wiling to fight for?

        • Good post Tekroanin

        • Semper Fi
          Question is “Do we have a chance of winning”?
          I assume we can, but we the populace make that happen?

          • United, we have no chance of losing!

            • HOAH!
              Keep your brass dry and your action clean.
              Repeat for purpose!

              The only easy day was yesterday, lace em up folks this is going to be a long walk.

          • Hi Eppe,

            Your question,.. “Do we have a chance of winning?”

            Answer: HELL YEAH!!


            This tyrannical gov’t will NOT go quietly into that good night.

            Once the giant has awoken,… there will be no way to put the Genie-Of-Revolution back into the bottle, however,…now, as in the Revolutionary War, there will be blood on the streets, there will be destruction, there will be sorrow,.. there will be anguish, anger, hate and despair.

            Such is the price of Freedom and Liberty, such is the price to be paid for the laziness of our previous generation of Americans who allowed this government to become so treasonous and tyrannical to begin with.

            It is NOT the job of government to keep itself honest. ALL governments go from creation of revolution, to complete tyranny.

            It is the job of THE PEOPLE to keep a government small, honest and responsive to the needs of the people. In this regard, the Baby-Boomer generation has failed miserably, and we must now decide if we wish to submit to total tyranny, or do we stand resolve this conflict of “The People vs Tyranny”.

            Our moral and physical example were the Founding Fathers of this country.

            By any measure of military capability, Britain should have wiped the floor with the colonists. The Crown’s army was far larger, better equipped, better trained, better paid and better feed. By any rational evaluation, the American Patriots should have been beaten a 100 times over,.. but yet, we won,… why?

            Because Free Men, knowing there liberties truly are at stake fight with all the ardor and spirit that possible for a any living creature.

            The soldiers who fight for their overlords,.. fight in only as much to make it appear they are fighting, but in fact tend to not want to fight at all.

            This is why our treasonous Fed Gov’t has worked so secretively, as successfully, to convert the Main-Stream-Media into the American version of the “The Joseph Goebbels Ministry Of Propaganda”

            Our reprehensible and alien gov’t knows, if the mist of propaganda is EVER lifted from the eyes of the American peoples, there revolution will be almost INSTANEOUS!

            What of other examples?

            India,.. when Gandi simply got the Indian people to simple stop co-operating with their oppressors, the British,… the British were done.

            My favorite,.. the 300 Spartans. 300 Spartans plus a couple of thousand other Greeks mangaed to hold back over 30,000 Persians seeking to conquer them. Although those 300 hundred Spartans died because they were betrayed, the Nation of Sparta and of Greece did not fall, and they defeated what was the greatest superpower in human history at that time.

            Again, by any rational measure of military evaluation, both should have lost, but didn’t.

            We will NOT lose either!

            Although most Americans are still asleep,.. many are now waking up, and the one that are awake, and ready to fight number in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions,… we only need organize and communicate,.. and this exercise in tyranny is over.

            Get the word out to your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and all manner of Americans you can,… the time is upon us to awaken from our slumber,.. and rid this land of the monsters that seek to enslave us!,.. Americans!,.. in OUR OWN LAND!

            Take care my brother – JD – US Marine – Patriot Fighter – Fighting to save MY freedom,.. YOUR freedom,…. OUR Freedom and Country!

            • That was the response that I wanted to hear from someone else. I myself know a thousand ways to take any life, but could the best be without a war? As in the movie “WAR GAMES”, the computer said ” the best outcome was NOT to go to war”.
              I only pose the question to get us posters thinking. We know not what the future holds, but as for me and mine, we are ready…

            • Hear! ! Hear! Said like a true Patroit and 3 Percenter! I believe we can WIN and Will WIN . we out Number these Traitors 30 to 1…This shock and awe will not win the Day, we will take this Republic Back one Traitor at a Time, I am sick of People saying we don”t stand a Chance against This Golith of a Goverment!

            • I for one will not go quietly into that good night. To paraphrase a great patriot; ‘Give me Liberty, or give me death’ and may God be with us.

            • It said ” A strange game. The only winning move is to not play”.

            • An armed revolt will play right into their hands. It is what they will want to justify their actions. No telling who will actually be driving those tanks when the SHTF. They most likely will not be American troops.

          • Doesn’t matter. If I have a snowball’s chance in hell I’ll fight them.

          • eppe, “Do we have a chance of winning?”
            If you chose not to fight, you have already lost. I faced the flag, put my hand to God, and took an oath in 1974. That oath has no expiration date. I just never thought there was much chance in the “domestic” aspect.

            • Oh do not get me wrong, I will FIGHT, and not fairly by the “rules”.

        • Well JD, this old Jarhead wonders just how many of you in the younger generation will choose to uphold your oath to the Constitution rather than just follow orders. It will make all the difference when the trigger trips.
          Semper Fidelis. Semper Paratus. Sic Semper Tyrranis!

          • Hi Casey Jr,

            I’m an old Jarhead myself.

            My only responsibilities are to me, my family, &,… our country.

            My decision has already been made for me by our treasonous gov’t.

            I suspect that many of the current serving Marines will refuse to committ treason against their fellow Americans, but I am also sure there a few gun happy SOB’s in the Marines, but especially in the other services will be all to willing to shoot just because they were given a “weapons-free” go ahead.

            Semper Fi – JD

        • US Marines Stopping Tyranny:

          You are a good American.

          I’m an oath keeper too. However, I believe nothing WE Americans do now will stop God’s judgement on the whole world.


        • Well put Marine! I have been waiting for someone to speak the truth. I am not surprised it was a Marine! SEMPER FI !

        • great post, agree with you. there is no reason to have any armored vehicles in our cities! if its driver training they need them send to Iraq and afghanistan or perhaps some other country we have or are currently policing i think those countries owe us at least that much.

      23. The government is preparing for what can only be called a second civil war after the dollar collapses.

        Regarding the “Posse Comitatus Act” I found this on wikipedia:

        The Posse Comitatus Act is the United States federal law (18 U.S.C. § 1385, original at 20 Stat. 152) that was passed on June 18, 1878, after the end of Reconstruction. Its intent (in concert with the Insurrection Act of 1807) was to limit the powers of local governments and law enforcement agencies in using federal military personnel to enforce the laws of the land. Contrary to popular belief, the Act does not prohibit members of the Army from exercising state law enforcement, police, or peace officer powers that maintain “law and order”; it simply requires that any authority to do so must exist with the United States Constitution or Act of Congress. In this way, most use of the Army and the Air Force at the direction of the President does not offend the statute, even though it may be problematic for other reasons (politically).

      24. A man must make his own arrows. – Winnebago

        In my opinion, this is not to get us used to seeing the military vehicles, helicopters, planes, soldiers etc. on the american streets but practice on how they can get from point A to point B in the most expedient way possible. There is something that is going to occur and the powers that be, know it. They will either be the cause or the messenger. We must all prepare for the unknown by allowing common sense and self preservation be the rule of the day. We should also remember our humanity and how our actions in this life will forever affect ours and our children’s future. Even if you do not believe in God, you must realize that no bad deed goes without consequences, that is the way life balances the good and the bad. I wish everyone good luck and the instinct of a new born colt, within one hour he can stand, walk, run and play.

      25. Oh…..and as for the troops on the streets I hope the troops realize we are the MOST ARMED POPULATION ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH.

      26. This is what the Soviets did with their troops- send the troops out of their ethnic or cultural area to “police” others. Russians went to Soviet Georgia, Ukraininans went to Belarus. It’s easier to shot someone that is not your family or neighbor. BTW , armoured fighting vehocles and tanks are different in how they are used and attacked in an urban environment. Much like Iraq, they may start out with Hummers until they begin to take casualties, and reserve the armoured stuff for strongpoints, checkpoints and gov buildings/utilities.
        Look to the eastern eurpoean takeovers as a potential game plan with updates from our occupations in Iraq. Nothing to see here, move on……..

        • For the cost of a cellphone and an old artillery round, they have “NATO” troops driving around in million dollar trucks. How many MRAPS do they have again?

        • Jeff M I saw that in Cuba too. I visited in the mid-90s. There are a fair number of different races there, a lighter, more european-looking ruling class, various shades and origins of Latino ranging from “brown” to full-blooded Indian, then they have some black people, some are refugees in dirty camps by the water, and some, who I guess have been there a generation or two, are used as their on-the-street narcs or “secret police” to keep an eye on all who are not ruling class. You don’t run into members of the ruling class on the street, they come racing through FAST in European cars, honestly I think they *aim* for the proles. Joe Prole over there has an old bicycle, or if he’s lucky(?) one of those 1950s American cars you hear about. Getting back to the black “secret” police, dissent is most likely to arise among the various non-ruling-class Latinos who have, or have had passed down, memories of better times. The black narc guys look kinda like half-assed Secret Service agents and have a teeny badge – they’re pretty easy to spot a mile off, but their presence really puts a damper on things.

          Communist dictatorships *always* use groups against each other, whether racial, cultural, language-based, you name it. I think it’s in their basic rulebook. Draw what parallels between those tactics and things like “Affirmative Action” and race-based hiring, college admissions, college funding, house lending, and well, just about everything else in the US, you want.

          That being said, I’m not sure how well that would work with the US military. Our military has always been a great homogenizer, the kid from NYC, the kid from Louisiana, country boys and city slickers, have always gotten to know each other in the military. Hell it’s one of the great things about joining up. There is *some* racial division, black/white/latino, but I never saw it get very bad before something was done about it (generally finding the few troublemakers behind it and shipping ’em out) and that was in a peacetime army. Theoretically you could have black/latino soldiers used to suppress white towns, but there aren’t enough of *all* soldiers to do this duty, and even in the military, whites are the majority and surprisingly, whites are the majority in “combat arms” MOS’s.

          What I *could* see happening is, a sort of “Civilian Control Corps” being brought into being that’s not made up of military or even very many ex-military, but of angry wannabees from among the civilian ranks. Give ’em just enough training that they’re not too dangerous to themselves or their controllers, and let ’em loose on the populace. Whitey’s (or anyone who’s an actual producer) holding out, hoarding food and gasoline, get ’em. That sort of thing. If things got really bad, something like that could happen quite quickly. And anyone who signed onto such a Corps would deserve what they *will* get. Entitled FSA types against a bunch of ex-military, deer hunters, mechanics, producers, well, we’d get rid of a lot of useless eaters.

      27. The other side of the coin…they don’t want these guys in a familiar place. They know people in their own areas, and would be less likely to brutalize or kill them. Far away from home, there’s a better chance they will break that ‘mental barrier’ and open fire.

        • exactly!

        • That is a good point, they used to do this with the Roman Legions, ship them far from their place of origin. This way they don’t FORGET where their loyalty lies and who they are dependent upon for survival. This is also why the military likes to have 18 year olds, much easier to manipulate and control

          • I’m betting liberal New York Guard units would fire on their own PEOPLE. But its a differents story for Ron Paul States like Iowa.

        • @crystaljo: You are right period. Home town boys will not fight home town people. Got a friend who told me that his local guard unit is deploying to South Afica W T F. Then take the local boys out of town so they can’t defect to the people. This is nothing more than getting ducks in a row. Test this is only a Test to see what the sheeple will say. They think everbody will just neal down to the masters, BIG F-CK’N SURPRIZE is coming their way. It will be a fight that the world has never seen.

        • +1!

        • Satori – good catch.

          Old 1930s/2010’s saying: Don’t keep any money in a bank that you can’t afford to lose.

      28. Those weren’t tanks, they were Striker Armored vehicles. If memory serves, the air conditioning unit is toward the right rear, high. (Just something to remember on a hot, reallly hot, summers day and the driver doesn’t like you.) This is only June and I’ve personally seen some strange movements that have nothing to do with National Guard summer camp. Be vigilant. your life may well depend on it.

        • SWIFT and eveyone else

          SWIFT you are correct these are not tanks, but they are also not Strikers (they have 8 wheels), these are M1117 ASV (Armored Service Vehicals). They were originally produced for the Air Force for Military air port security. They were then shipped to Iraq for the Army to use for convoy security and rout security pourposes. You are correct about the air conditoning placement though, the engine is opposite side. they have a crew of 3 a driver left front, TC left front, and gunner center in the turret which is normaly armed with an M2 .50 cal. machine gun and a MK 19 40mm machine gun the M2 has something like 3000 rounds and the MK 19 has something like 1000 rounds. They also have an external M240b (7.62 nato) machinegun which the gunner can also control from inside but it only has a 200 round belt then has to be manualy reloaded from out side.

          Arazona Fred

          Your head shot idea wont work here, because when the soldiers are going into combat all hatches are closed. They also wouldn’t operate alone, shoot at one the other will definatly light you up. The armor is a composit steel and ceramic.

          These aren’t very good on off road they’re also quite top heavy. These would most likely be used in a support role with dismounted infantry that would have to be trucked in or flown in, also used for road blocks to coordin off an area.

          I have to say though the title of this artical is totaly missleading. i can’t for the life of me unferstand why they drove the vehicals half way accross the country for driver training or any kind of training. I do know of a transportation unit (HETTs) driveing into Canada for training but thats what they do this is just stupid.

      29. Wow. Another poorly authored article by Brandon Smith. Why does anyone publish his crap?

        Speculation, ad hominen and useless whining, always from this clown.

        Is this really the best that the alternative news can do? If so — we’re fucked.

        • Joe,

          In my opinion Brandon Smith is one of the key influential voices for liberty in alternative media today and is an incredibly talented writer. This is likely the reason why he is regularly published by some of the leading alternative media outlets in this country, garnering millions of readers monthly.

        • Joe,

          Speculation is what we have to work with right now, there is much to speculate about and none of the possible scenarios are good. The article is thoughtful and well written in my opinion. You should try less vulgarity when you wish to convey your thoughts, you may sound a bit more intelligent.

        • If you have nothing to contribute, just keep you thoughts to your self…………

      30. Seems strange to me to bring troops from Maryland when Ft. Leonard Wood is 3 hours away from St. Louis. People, we are being set up! The time is getting nearer.

        Keep your powder dry!

      31. There’s a swarm out there….

        And just last week, mind you mid-June 2012, DHS/FEMA at Mt. Weather in Berryville, Virginia just had their very first “evacuation” procedure, complete with gads of the whirly-birds, g-men, and TPTB with little notebooks analyzing it all. Cluster-fuck bought-n-paid-for by U.S. taxpayers.

        That’s right, those folks who bring preparedness to the forefront, those folks who authored “Are You Ready”, those folks who preach survivalism/preparedness/readiness are the ones we’re talking about. And they didn’t have a clue about how to evacuate the facility on 9-11-2001 they just turned people loose after a lockdown.

        Now, almost 11 full years later, they have an evacuation plan.

        Well, sorta. That’s only a plan for the top level. Area B the not-secret secret underground hideaway remains hush-hush.

      32. If you don’t have at least 3-5 thousand rounds put back GET IT NOW ( thats the least to have cause it will go fast ). I’ve got a gut feeling that it’s going to be more than the all the star break soon very soon. Big O is not going to give up the power, false flag is in the making. He wants to be known as the last pres., and the first emperor of the USSA. The marshal law will also bring in the North American Union. The SHTF is here, matter of a few months if not weeks. Thats just me
        Live Free or Die Free fighting to keep it Free!!

      33. I am just down I-70 from St. Louis. Gotta get to Sam’s and Walmart, Food and Bullets. Love my GSG-5

        • @Tang: Hey GSG-5’s are nice, but get a 5.56 or 7.62 you will be glad you did.

      34. If they really want to see a reduction in crime they need to stroll down Pennsylvania Avenue and make some arrests.

        PS…someone hacked my account, that wasn’t me, really.


          Ever wonder why God told the Israelites to kill everyone in a certain city, and their children?

          Don’t worry, I won’t tell my son that, God will when he finishes reading the Bible.

          • From what I have read, in the first five books, that the Israelites took on 36 different tribes of 1 million or more each, they were always outnumbered. Some tribes they even wiped out the animals. I keep a Bible on a shelf in the toilet room, and while doing my duty, I read 2-3 pages, mark the date, move on. I read the Bible twice last year alone. Give it a try, you might like it….

            • I’ve read God’s Word front to back, and then some. Yes I do like it. God Bless YOU “me”.

            • Me – Because the Israelites are a parasite race, kinda like the baddies in Independence Day, devour and move on … devour and move on … they’ve gone from city to city, civilization to civilization, devouring and leaving empty shells … so killing all within a city is just fun’n’games for them.

            • Iowa;
              I have always wondered out of all the humanity in this world over the eons of time, why did YHVH promise the offspring of Abram the deed title to all that property? If one reads the Bible with an objective mind, YHVH was a mean entity, then in the New Testament, he seems to be a nice guy? A lot of non believers question me on this, and the “TRUE” answer is hard to formulate. Inquiring minds need to know the TRUTH. If you read Revelation, Jesus coming back will rule as a dictator? I’m sure this will make many mad, but look at the facts (as we are told).

            • For he who feeds into the beast shall parish and die with the beast,only then will the poor become rich in prosperity again and go forth to re-seed the earth again for long days to be……………………………

      35. This is being done as a show of power, and its intent is to shut us the fuck up, completely scare tactics., im absolutly positive of it becoming time for the patriots to roll too?

        The Military has plenty of property to run “excercises” on..all over this country and many more..there is no need for this, other than to scare people into becoming compliant..I have said many times on here the WROL, and Military occupation of this country is on its way, better be ready

      36. Oh and BTW.. I think Ive seen this before..

        ala..1930 Germany

      37. “Let us not deceive ourselves, sir. These are the implements of war and subjugation; the last arguments to which kings resort. I ask, gentlemen, sir, what means this martial array, if its purpose be not to force us to submission? Can gentlemen assign any other possible motive for it? Has [our government] any enemy, in this quarter of the world, to call for all this accumulation of navies and armies? No, sir, she has none. They are meant for us; they can be meant for no other. They are sent over to bind and rivet upon us those chains which the [the government] have been so long forging…Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! … Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” — Patrick Henry

        • God Bless You.

          • And God Bles the person who thumbed a Blessing down!

        • No offense Kevin…boring.

          I hate fiction. I chose the red pill.

          • You missed the joke. THATS our leaders planning and executing the attack on the american people.

            The BULL is about to MOUNT the traitors!!

            I only wish all the german military vehicles driving around in circles was in that clip.

      38. Has anyone thought of this…

        In 1812, an earthquake did major damage to St. Louis. And with a little research, I found this…

        “In October 2009, a team composed of University of Illinois and Virginia Tech researchers headed by Amr S. Elnashai, funded by FEMA, considered a scenario where all three segments of the New Madrid fault ruptured simultaneously. The report found that there would be significant damage in the eight states studied – Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee – with the probability of additional damage in states farther from the NMSZ. Tennessee, Arkansas, and Missouri would be most severely impacted, and the cities of Memphis, Tennessee and St. Louis, Missouri would be severely damaged. The report estimated 86,000 casualties, including 3,500 fatalities; 715,000 damaged buildings; and 7.2 million people displaced, with 2 million of those seeking shelter, primarily due to the lack of utility services. Direct economic losses, according to the report, would be at least $300 billion.”

        So… would it not make sense that TPTB may just be preparing for the “emergency” they’re needing BEFORE the election with an “event” at the New Madrid fault line?

        Some here may believe that H.A.A.R.P. has that capability, and if it does, then this would all make sense.

        What needs to happen now is for all of us to be observant and see if these military “exercises” happen anywhere else close to the New Madrid area.

        Just a thought…

        • I read the same report on the statistics of the New Madrid fault. IF, TPTB are preparing for the emergency before the election; their choice of the Striker Armored Vehicles says quiet clearly what their intent is for survivors. The 105mm main gun does not dispense band-aids. Neither do the co-axial machine guns.

          • Maybe not all the survivors, but definitely those of us who are labeled as enemy combatants, domestic terrorists and the like. They will not want us to be out and about “making trouble” for them, if you catch my drift…

          • Pasted-

            Different Stryker Variants within the Military

            There are many variants of the Stryker. This is because the design has many interchangeable parts, thus allowing creation of different vehicle types. As with all vehicles there are a few main variants and for the Stryker these are the Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV) along with the Mobile Gun System.

            As you would expect the heavier of the two chassis is the MGS, which allows support for the 105mm M68A1 Rifled Cannon, or the lightweight gun versions, found on the M1 Abrams and M60 Patton tank.

            Also featuring with the M68A1E4 is a muzzle break, which is used to assist with the recoil, along with an autoloader, which is rare on U.S tanks guns.

            Interim – Stryker Configurations

            The Interim Armoured Vehicle – Stryker has the following configurations:
            •M1126 Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV)
            •M1127 Reconnaissance Vehicle (RV)
            •M1128 Mobile Gun System (MGS)
            •M1129 Mortar Carrier (MC) armed with 120 mm Mortar
            •M1130 Command Vehicle (CV)
            •M1131 Fire Support Vehicle (FSV)
            •M1132 Engineer Support Vehicle (ESV)
            •M1133 Medical Evacuation Vehicle (MEV)
            •M1134 Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) armed with TOW missile
            •M1135 Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicle (NBC RV

            Interim – Stryker’s Weapons and Fire Systems

            The Stryker primary weapon system can mount either a M2 .50 caliber machine gun or an MK19 40mm grenade launcher. The 40 mm grenade launcher is mounted in a protector m151 remote weapon station. The Stryker’s secondary weapon systems can consist of either .50-cal M2 MG or the M240 7.62mm MG.

            Stryker Armour

            The eight wheeled Stryker has 14.5mm armour protection and 152mm artillery Airburst protection, (which is upgradeable to Rocket propelled Grenade (RPG) protection with add-on armour). The 19-ton Stryker has the same engines as the family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) and can reach a speed of around 60mph and climbing, and a range of more than 300 miles on 53 gallons of fuel. The Stryker was produced by General Dynamics Combat Systems, and is currently in use by the U.S Army.

            Stryker Special Features

            The Stryker is significantly lighter and is much easier to transport than existing tanks and armoured vehicles. The Stryker has the ability to rapidly equip a strategically deployable (C-17/C-5) along with a deployable (C-130) bridge which allows rapid battle ready deployment in all combat environments.

            Military Stryker Deployments

            There have been many divisions that have adopted the Stryker technology. These include the 172nd Stryker brigade combat team from Fairbanks. The initial deployment at Alaska’s Fort Wainwright was carried out between August 2005 and Summer 2006. They were reassigned to Baghdad for an extended four months.

            The deployment of the Stryker Mobile Gun Systems took place in Iraq in May 2007. The 4th Brigade 2nd Infantry Division was the unit deployed as part of the surge.

            Stryker Combat Vehicle Specifications


            ICV: 16.47 t (18.12 sh tn) MGS: 18.77 t (20.65 sh tn)


            6.95 m (22.92ft)


            2.72 m (8.97 ft)


            2.64 m (8.72 ft)




            14.5 mm

            Primary armament

            M68A1E4 105 mm gun (MGS), M2 .50 caliber machine gun or MK19 40 mm grenade launcher mounted in a PROTECTOR M151 Remote Weapon Station (RWS) (ICV)

            Secondary armament

            .50-cal M2 MG and M240 7.62mm MG (MGS)


            Caterpillar 3126 diesel 260 kW (350 hp)


            ICV: 15.8 kW/t (19.3 hp/sh tn)


            8×8 wheeled

            Operational Range

            500 km (300 mi)


            100 km/h (62 mph)

            • Uh, Kevin,

              I was in the military and wouldn’t keep up on this stuff. Good job.

            • I have always asked my self-

              Self, are those engines still made in america?? (CAT has closed ALOT of plants here)

              These are things that make me say- hmmmm!!


            • All it takes is the internet and a lil bit of home made inginuity and you can build all sorts of stuff if you want to see a person and what his home built Tank can do look up the Granby Colorado incident.. one pissed person built his own one way death tank and took out most of the town.. any rural farmer with a machine shop a weilder and farm tractors.. Big rigs .. Buldozers. Fork lifts.. all can be modified.. and lets not forget what people can come up with for under the sink IEDS..
              were not stupid people. What was built by man can be unbuilt in seconds. hell there kids out there that have built nucular reactors in the dam basements.

        • Well, where do the drones and the rest of the boots on the ground fit in with the New Madrid scenario? And explain the military presencedrills in other states like Florida?

          • Well Zoltanne…

            It was only a thought, a theory, a possible scenario.

            But, I can see the Florida “exercises” being in preparation for a hurricane “event” as well. Hey, it’s not like this Administration to let “a crisis go to waste”, don’t ya know?

            As for the drones… that’s easy. Eyes in the sky, as well as those birds can fly 1000’s of ft in the air and we would never know what hit us, and the boots on the ground would have plausible deniability.

            • V, tanks aren’t the best equipment for the First Responders.

            • That’s right. I didn’t say they were, am I missing something?

              These military cats are not 1st Responders. Are they who you are referring to?

            • V, it went right over your head, didn’t it?

              First Response teams don’t bring in the tanks. Thinking that military “drills” would be part of an initial response team for your hypothetical scenario is really out-there. It’s that simple.

            • No sir Zoltanne, you are incorrect.

              In this day of DHS, FEMA and other alphabet-soup agencies, the Stryker and other MOBILE motorized up-armored vehicles are absolutely part of their first response teams.

              You have pointed out, though, that a REAL problem exists. That problem is that us “old-timers” have to see what is being done in the present, try to see the future, and only apply our past knowledge to what their modus operandi is TODAY!

              The St. Louis “exercise” is exactly what part, and only part, of their (TPTB) first response will be!

        • uhhh no, there is never any need for armored vehicles in our streets, period.

      39. I wish they would stop off at Anheuser-Busch In-Bev and remove the foreign ownership that has destroyed a once iconic American company.

        Either way, military exercises in a major U.S. city, c’mon, anyone who believes that they are there for exercises deserves to be among the first “removed for their own safety”

        Stay well stocked folks

      40. Lets remember who the enemy is.

        “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.”

        “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies…” -Thomas Jefferson

        The US army is not MY enemy, the crooks in charge are.

        • I agree with you kevin, yet I also agree with the Oath Keepers.

          They are correct in assessing that approx. 50% of the military today is comprised of 18-26 y/o youngsters who are the product of the gov’t schools. They have been bombarded with ideology that you and I would not, and can not, agree with. Unfortunately, they are the ones who will blindly follow unconstitutional orders without batting an eye. And it is they whom I fear the most. I dread the day if any of us ever have to choose between an American civilian Patriot, and a uniformed member of our military.

          God help us all if that ever comes to pass…

          • I do not fear them.

            I do not think most will fire on the american people.

            If they do, they will learn the lesson many armies have learned through out history, with an armed society.

            Example A-the british here
            Example B-everyone who has ever invaded afganistan
            Example C-french and us in vietnam
            Example d-romans in germany
            Example E-persions in greece

            and on, and on.

            A german general durring ww2 went over and asked the swiss-

            “What would you do if we invaded you with a million soldiers”?


            “We would all shoot twice”.

            The germans did not f^ck with the swiss during the war.

            It takes many men to support and field 1 man for combat, and all militaries are dominated by them numericaly.

            Look up what percentage of men who served in ww2 actually saw combat, you might be surprised.

            My dad “served”(he did not see combat)
            He says my grandfather is a veteren.(he saw combat)

            I respect ALL who served, are serving/and/or fight and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for this nation, and they have my prayers and respect.

            The leaders who have lied, and false flagged us through out our history, and sent them to fight for the dollars dominance and business interests?

            Thats another story.

            I do not support people who send others to war without going themselves, and those same people tend to protect the prosperity from going for some reason.

            • THEIR prosperity from going.

            • 10 thumbs up Kevin

      41. Red Dawn- real life..take 1

      42. Right now the Posse Comitatus Act means NOTHING to BO’s (obama) sense of law, nothing. Unfortunately, it would means nothing to romney either. In a deck of card obama (BO) is a 2 of spades and romney is a 3 of diamonds, in other words one is just a little better than the other. Ron Paul of course is one of the higher face cards, but not enough people know this.

        I am more curious why St. Louis? I know I keep harping on this, but the New Madrid Fault is there and remember about a month ago there was all sorts of activity with armed forces south of Illinios. There has been more activity on the Mid Atlantic Ridge that affects the New Madrid Fault system. This is a possible geo-physical explantion for it.

        St. Louis is the center of the country and this could be that some legitimate muslim terrorism is about to break out because of the mess in Syria, Iran, and most of the Middle East. Terrorism is often portrayed by the mass (false) media as something that requires all sorts of sophisticated planning to pull off, this is horse manure. A couple dozen islamic towel heads could LEGALLY purchase firearms and go into a crowd and cause utter chaos. Just look at what just one nut job can do, like that psycho at Virginia Tech did.

        Then of course there is always one the most popular with leaders of all countries, the famous false flagger. I do not put anything past BO or most so called leaders of the nations of the world. I truly want to know why St. Louis, that would explain a lot.

        • Armored vehicles? They’re not worried about Islamic anybody. They’re frightened that the economic / banking collapse in Southern Europe propagates here fueling a million angry people in mass mobs throughout the US. Very quickly they can take that frustration out on anyone.

          Fear that mob and the governmental response to it. Stay home; don’t be anywhere near any of it.

          Hungary 1956
          Czechoslovakia 1968
          Tiananmen Square 1989

          • @ Kevin2. The reason I brought up arabs launching some terror attack was because this would serve up as an excuse to issue in martial law. I also brought this up because BO and his boys are looking for ANYTHING to stop the election or to just begin the enslavement process. If and WHEN Israel hits Iran, the terrorist cells that have been so quiet will almost certainly attack all over the country IF the United States gets into the war.

            I am actually much more concerned that St. Louis was picked becauase it is a hub for so many junction points east, west, north, and south. Like SWIFT says, it is a choke point. Like what copperhead says below, the USGS is up to something in regards to the New Madrid Fault. We have to search and search for the truth that should be told to us in the firstplace. Honest the U.S. leaders are definitely NOT.

            I think everybody agrees with just how much disdain I have for this government not telling anybody anything, and how they try to fool anyone that seeks out the truth. You have to sleuth around and become a detective and speculate an awful lot to weed out the truth. The more people that look around and communicate their ideas, the closer we all get to what is REALLY going on. When a government hides so much and makes such an effort to hide what they are doing from their people, that government (US government) has hit the bottom of the barrel.

            • The Powers To Be will never tolerate President Obama to suspend the election. They control both candidates and need to maintain the illusion of self government to the masses. The same was said about GW Bush and the same holds true for the same reasons.

            • @ Kevin2. “The powers to be” could or could not hold BO from suspending the election all depending on what happens. It is true that an election was held in 1944 during WW2, but if Japanese forces and the Nazis had been actually in this country in battle I highly doubt that there would have been an election in 1944.

              Right now I am beginning to wonder about the earthquake issue as just about 8 hours ago there was another earthquake in the Sichuan-Yunnan area of China. It was ONLY a 5.5 but along the path that the San Andreas is following. Again if you take a tape measure and lay it as flat as possible on a globe and follow it northwest at a 45 degree angle you can see where the western sliver of california will be in the future. Along this path when there are earthquakes it indicates that pressure differences are occurring along this fracture line to the San Andreas. Much the same as a windshield cracks along a certain weak point.

              The planet is not that big and most if not all of the plates interact with each other and when one breaks it sends energy towards other sections of the planet. The New Madrid and the San Andreas are close enough to affect each other as so in 1812. This is why I wish I knew if similar military activity was going on in california because this would mean that someone in the government is preapring for martial law because of the Earth’s movements.

              Unlike a hurricane that has a small area of destruction of the low lying coastline with storm surge and usually within the left side of the eyewall with the wind desetruction, a hurricane does not destroy anything compared to what an earthquake can do. An earthquake can annihilate everything along the hypocenter, this is where the earthquake’s energy hit the surface. The epicenter is only where the earthquake started underground.

              A 8.0+ on the New Madrid would look like a hydrogen bomb went off in all the places that have no earthquake safety in their buildings in places like; St. Louis, Memphis, Nashville, Little Rock, southern Illinois Indiana, northern Mississippi, and western Kentucky. Unlike the San Andreas, the New Madrid is much older and more solid rock and the energy is magnified. Much the same as someone hitting asphalt with a heavy object as opposed to hitting a nice solid piece of granite rock, the New Madrid will reverberate a lot more so.

              Geologists in the government have had decades to forecast earthquakes and they have a pretty good idea when something is coming, there are signs just like before a volcanic eruption. They can’t be sure, but they can be reasonably confident. I just wonder if this incident in St. Louis has to do with the New Madrid. You don’t want to see St. Louis after the New Madrid breaks, it will look worse than Haiti. I wonder about anything going on in Memphis, Tennessee, or any other places in the New Madrid zone.

              Again Kevin2, you could be correct about the economic collapse, but other issues could be reason here. Maybe you or others could check into other activity in california and the adjacent areas around St. Louis, this could help explain what is going on.

            • Be informed

              If this is about preparing for some pending natural disaster it will be a first. They did so well post Katrina.

            • @ Keven2. They knew about Hurricane Katrina, and if anything they thought it would be even more powerful than when it hit. The pressure on this monster was that of a category 6 hurricane if the scale went that high. They just did not care about the area that was devastated. If the same storm was on the way to New York City, every available resource would have been used. If that storm at hit Port Fourchon where 20% of the foreign oil is received, every resource would have flooded in there. If Houston had scored a direct hit from Rita or Katrina, it would have been the government looking like the heroes in the night.

              All money and economic importance. New Orleans does have some oil pipelines and refineries, but nothing like Port Fourchon, and Houston. If the New Madrid goes off it could be in the tens of trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of dead. This makes Hurricane Katrina at 100-200 billion and about 2000 dead look like peanuts. The New Madrid shaking like in 1812 would easily surpass all the previous disaster costs for the past century put together. This is why I feel that whomever would put tremendous money and resources into the aftermath of such a catastrophe. Plus it would be a prime A excuse for martial law.

          • Just out of curiosity, have you ver read the book,”Bridge at Andau”? About Hungary in 1956?

            • SWIFT

              Never read it.

        • St. Louis is for all intents, a choke point. Both I-70 and I-44 cross the Mississippi there. There are other bridges to be sure, like at Hannibal Missouri(north) and Cape Girardeau (south), but the main artery across the Mississippi is St. Louis. In the first Civil War, Union generals knew they had to control St. Louis to divide the Confederacy in half. History repeating itself?

        • In march of this year U S G S put in steel rods to the bed rock along Il. route 1, these were placed every 1 mile. A quake on the new madrid is just around the corner. Hey I70- I44 are the main roads across the mississippi for miles in either direction. Cut the US in half and control made easier. Drones up and down the river to stop boat traffic. Things are looking like they are going to get intresting soon. But thats just me
          Live Free and watch out be safe

        • @Be informed: A centeral hub for Air- Land- Water. Air_ flying times to other locations. Land_ major north-south, East- West highways and the same for rail. Water_ natural barrier, and barge traffic. The ARCH for observaion(LOL). Just food for thought. Thats me.
          If good men do nothing evil will win
          Live Free

      43. Come on Comrade Voters…It was a training exercise.
        Just like public school…
        Nothing to see here…

        Up here on the Canadian border we routinely have the Border patrol pull over lucky car # 76…Your papers please…We want to search your car…What do you mean no?…Prepare to be here for a while. It is obvious you need some remedial training.

        All you have to do is comply, and its all over quickly.
        It’s all according to the plan, so get used to it!!!

        Sit Ubu, sit.

      44. This is not good,I saw a drone or uav over my house today.I dont know on this website were to tell them this information but I Live in cuyahoga ohio that is suburban so i think they are doing recon……very terrifing when i look up and see a goverment drone,PLEASE READ THIS or if you can send this to the head of this website

        • @colin: Fri 3 different air craft few over where I live and no sound at all. Would not known they were there if not seen( thx to the sun ). All with in 5 minutes of one other. I live not to for from you, but enough to say we are not in the same location. Oh 1 going NE, 1 E, 1 S. Agian a lot of air craft pass over head but you hear them, not these.

      45. As stated in the article the idea is to acclimate citizens, but what is not said is this is also done to acclimate Soldiers to the mindset that citizens are and can be considered the enemy.
        Just like training a soldier to shoot a human is done with human shaped targets, so now we should expect citizen targets as the next step.

      46. Bring that to Texas, unarmed apc’s on the street. it’s time for terget practice! like shooting fish in the barrel.

      47. I wonder what would happen if some Ballsy people pulled a Tienanmen Square on them and stood in front of the tanks until they came out for discussion.
        Might talk about Oath Keepers to the tank commanders.
        See how brain washed they are!

      48. they are training the troops on how to maneuver heavy military equipment on public streets so they will be ready to control the riots after the euro zone collapses.
        when the euro central bank goes down it will cause the collapse of the Derivatives market.
        this Crisis will Destroy The Entire Global Financial System.
        Estimates of the notional value of the worldwide derivatives market go from $600 trillion all the way up to $1.5 quadrillion.

        • bowlan

          Derivatives have been called the Economic Weapon Of Mass Destruction for good reason because it’s 12 to possibly 30 times the entire annual world economy.

          I would expect the government to nationalize the energy, utility, food and transportation industries immediately rationing everything related to them. You don’t deliver that message with a basket of flowers in your hand.

        • And Obama is hoping for two things: 1) that he’ll win the election, and 2) that the eurozone will not totally disintegrate until after his re-election afterwhich time he’ll have the latitude to do whatever he wants as he’s in his second term (as he’s already stated!)

      49. i’ve seen those damn things in raleigh and cary in the past month….God help us all

      50. Let me pose this…..

        9/11 scrambled jets, orders to shoot down anything in the sky, false flag or not, the pilots believed the perception of threat, being hostile terrorists in the cockpits of planes, with many high profile targets……if military personnel, believe the general population is a perceived threat, with orders to shoot to kill, under some type of mass medical vaccination, with orders for all to comply or die, arms will be confiscated, conply or die, all under the guise of domestic terrorism, biological terrorism or…you fill in thw blank, im sorry, i fully believe military personnel, out of fear of death, or court martial, will fire on both armed, and unarmed civilians. Just my opinion. Hope im wrong.

      51. This isn’t the first “training exercise” and if anyone recalls, there was a DHS informant who claimed that the Feds are preparing for Martial Law because of civil unrest.

        The financial collapse is well planned — it is controlled, and it is NOT a “training exercise”.

      52. All it will take is one ignorant redcoat to piss off a militia member and it will be THE SHOT HEARD AROUND THE WORLD.

        • I’ve been waiting on that one guy for a while. Many of us have. I do wonder though with the media coverage in this country, 24/7/365, if more than a few of us would recognize such an event. Cnn, Fox, cbs, nbc and the rest will have this guys whole life, every wart and wrinkle laid bare for all the world to see in 15 mins.

          Most will be convinced he is a terrorist blah blah blah, before the blood is dry in the street. Or, I may just be a pessimist.

      53. I took my oath to the Constitution in 1982. It meant alot to 17 year old kid. It still does to an old cav scout at 46. I am disgusted to see what has happened to my country for the past few years. I for one will not go quietly into that good night. I have prepped and saved and worked for years, hoping I may be wrong, but as we now see, the end is nigh. Now there is our own government, rampant with corruption “training” with Strykers in and American city? Christ almighty. The question remains as to who will now fire the first shot or will we be duped into complacency as the people of europe were 70 years ago and willingly led to their deaths. We have allowed this bullshit to go for for too long, people. Now who makes the first move ?

      54. That’s odd because they moved the MP Battalion’s out of Ft. Meade, Md. in the early 80″s, Does anyone know when they moved back? When I moved out of that area in 96 Ft. Meade was primarily NSA. Back in the 60’s that meant No Such Agency.

        I learned back in the 70’s that with governments and military its hard to tell who’s, who???????? I guess they have come a long way from the old Fury’s they use to drive.

        • Surprisingly, or should I say not the military while in the midst of drawing down and cutting is upping the number of MP’s. putting it another way our Gov is creating its own police force, anyone who’s ever been in the military know the MP corp is made up of kids who are trained to believe they hold power over all.

      55. I can tell you good people that the government is seeking your demise. The federal government and all too many state and local governments want a NEW PEOPLE, they don’t like the dwindling majority, i.e. Whites. They mean to see you gone and they will use the methods of the Bolsheviks to do so if necessary.
        THAT is why they attack the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

      56. Zombies, Commies, and Redcoats oh my!

        Can I go back to sleep now? I have children for Christ’s sake!

      57. Hey Mac,

        I believe an article about George Washington’s Prophecy is due.


        America is really fucked. A muslim socialist who can’t produce a birth certificate as president. He never even ran a lemonaid stand.

        A lezbo for our security.

        God taken out of the schools.

        Kids in the south west getting in trouble for displaying the flag.

        When I visited California….was like visiting a foreign country. Too many foreigners.

        Whites….time to stand your ground and stop being pussies.


        • Ah, shut up!

      59. The standing military in this country is one half of one percent of the total population. Now that DOES reflect “trained” personnel in weaponry, technology, and firearms. But of the total population of 300 million plus, in addition to the spirit of patriotism of at least 3 million preppers, and a total of 300 million guns (1/3 of which are sidearms, don’t know if that is significant or not), what are the odds of the regime prevailing if mass civil disobedience and an awakening were to happen? If I’m the bad guys in this scenario, I’m $hitting myself! Will there be a loss of life? Of course. From both sides. But I gotta hang my odds in favor of liberty minded patriots. If I lose my life in the process, so be it. At least I stood for something as I know I am a soul that will move on.

        • Good post. One thing I’d like to add into the equation: the veteran factor. Many veterans, after leaving the service, are being screwed over by the same government they served. Screwing someone over, generates a long memory. Not all, but perhaps a significant majority will fight when their families are threatened with tyranny. AND,,,, they know how to fight! Getting the right equipment into the right hands, after a fire fight, will be of paramount importance. After all, there is not one field in combat arms that they won’t know.

        • With you buddy

        • You got that right SterlingSilver!

          As I have often said, and agree with 100%…

          MOLON LABE!

      60. I did not know until a half hour ago that George Washington gave his Inuagaration Speech at the corner of GROUND ZERO.

        I hate Bush…and all his commie friends!


        • Amen. I thought I was the only one who thought Bush was a commie.


        … just accept the fact your puckin slaves .

        game over

        … it will go much easier on you and your young children .

        joooooo’s love em young .

        … if you ” fight ” they will kill , hurt you and your children will be molested .

        bow kneel grovel ameriKa .

        your now commie slaves of the nwo zionist commie jooooooooo’s .

        • Why are you trying to be a cheap imitation of ninao?

          You can actually entertain your self doing that?

          I can see the difference between plastic food and real food.

          • Its the split personality of eeder, i know you all have figured that out by now.

            • excuse me anon666 you pathetic piece of crap! wrong answer. what kind of troll are you? reveal yourself. is it AIPAC? the whitehouse? the knesset, or is it for a wealthy billionaire… do tell

            • No eeder, you pathetic asshole, I’m not. I am just sick and damned tired of seeing your hate and dumbassed comments on here! Even though I try to ignore them, no one can because you log on and comment more than anyone. You must like to hear your own rocks rattle in your head. Everything out of your pea brain, that has been fried from too many hard drugs, is AIPAC this, NeoCon that, Jew this, “F” you that. Grow up or shut up!!

            • anon666…. go to hell you piece of crap.i have been sick and tired of you for many many years. its over bud. youre done. just give up.

          • @kev ;0)

            thanks for covering my six , getting my back .

            • No problemo ninao.

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        • This guy seems to be an absolute Meth head. Burned up and burned out!

          • Been a while since I visited. Seems it will be a while longer. I was hoping the “children” had either grown up, or at least left to go to some Nazi-lovers group.

            This site has become a complete joke over the last year or so. Too many hate-mongers who create more problems than they solve.

            Those of you who think these idiots are cool, are just as ignorant.

          • But we LIKE NinaO. She’s just got to be the lift of every party. I’d take her a kids’ b-day party anytime. The kind where the kids are all out in the yard playing pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey and laughing themselves shitfaced, while the adults are grilling up burgers and telling raunchy jokes, *theoretically* out of the kids’ earshot, and getting shitfaced for real. I just dimly remember parties like that, I knew how all the Dads up and down our street looked shirtless and drunk. And pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, best game EVER when you’ve got a whole bunch of kids, the donkey drawing is on the fence, and we’re all wrasslin’ around on the grass and occasionally someone steps in some dog shit. Almost as good as 4th of July and the *real* fireworks you could get in the late 60s. Good times.

            So in the middle of this you’d have NinaO. She’d be working hard to outpace the men in beers, and babbling this and that about the joos and the illuminati, and to the kids it would all blend in with all the other unintelligible shit all the other adults were having such fun talking about. And since she’d be shitfaced, she’d be wobbling around with one dress strap falling down and the guys, inbetween ogling her, would be taking bets on whether or not she’ll fall in the pool.

            And we kids would be having the kind of BLAST kids don’t have any more, between eating gobs of cake that’s mostly frosting, guzzling root beer, trying to pin the tail on that damn donkey, wrassling, giving and getting Indian burns, the smells of dog shit, and beeer (ew) and booze (hm, smells nice) and laughing ourselves sore.

            TL:DR: NinaO gives me nostalgia.

            • If THAT is a woman, then she’s no lady. Not one any normal man would want to be around. What does that say for some of the guys here?

            • I am Da Real NinaO.

              I am a man, uh, I mean woman, hear me roar.
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              I am vulgar, crude, and a rambling fool,
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              If you think that SHTFPlan will accept any of you,
              think again AIPAC isralover because you’re screwed!

              I and eeder control this place,
              even though we know we’re a disgrace.

              You see my Nazi friends we have the control,
              we can beat up on anyone, especially trolls.

              No one can ban us because they’re all weak,
              and when it comes to wisdom, it is us they seek!

              So, leave me and my lil’ eeder alone,
              even though he may be a psychotic clone,

              Together we attack all the newbies who share,
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              Me and eeder, and a couple others on here,
              will show all of you that we’re the ones to fear!

              So go about your pathetic existence,
              as we struggle along to construct our next sentence.

              We will be here all the day long,
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              We have no lives and are simply insane,
              so sit back and watch us be a royal pain!

            • ^^^^ Fake ^^^^

            • Yeah it prolly is Daisy, but it is HILARIOUS!!!! Kudos to the poet.

            • Brian … you don’t get the Zen Of NinaO do you?

              Think lulz

            • Domestic Terrorist,

              NinaO’s, and I guess your type of “zen” is not for me and is definitely not of God. Sorry but your barking up the wrong tree there guy. If it is a “lulz” idea to be vulgar and despicable, disrupt what not is yours under criminal pretense, then why would anyone in their right mind be involved in it?

      62. It is interesting that I was mnetioning the Mid Atlantic Ridge today as it affects the New Madrid Fault, but it also affects the African plate which in turn affects the Pacific plate and sure enough: This was about a hour ago in the Kamchatka Peninsula and a 6.1. Why is this important? When you take a tape measure on a globe at the way the San Andreas is moving almost northwest about 45 degrees, and continue northward the curve takes it almost directly through this 6.1 earthquake, just like the 6.0 earthquake in Alaska 4 days ago. The San Andreas is having some direct movement contributing to it.

        These earthquakes are probably not large enough to leave a gap in which the San Andreas could lurch northwestward but something is definitely going on, this is no coincidence. The San Andreas and the last time the New Madrid Fault broke in 1812 both had large earthquakes. Faults and plates are connected and do affect each other when they drift.

        It would be incredible if the government actually knew that the San Andreas was going to break and trigger the New Madrid, or vice versa and OF COURSE didn’t tell anyone. What I want to know, if it is some geophysical event that is coming, is there any strange activity in california with troop movements. “Does anyone out there hear of anything in california”? If there was similar activity in california as St. Louis, then I would say there was going to be some serious shaking going on.

        • Kudos to “beinformed”!
          We have become so accustomed to the distortions and perspectives of map projections using horizontal latitudes and vertical longitudes that we miss significant clues in geophysical patterns. This is a huge help in better understanding the dynamics of major fault and plate interactions.

          • @ sonoftexas. Also kevin and copperhead. It is interesting that the Azores are getting active again, as just the last few hours there have been a couple of earthquakes there of 4.7. Not that large, but this means that there is some indication of a little bit of movement of the Mid Atlantic Ridge which affects the New madrid Fault, but also the African plate. There was also one about 6 hours ago in the South Sandwich Islands that was 4.9, and 20 miles south of the 60 degree south latitude line that usualkly means earthquakes are coming.

            They start getting larger and there should be some activity soon after. I still feel that it will take a fault north of the San Andreas to move out the way so the San Andreas can fill the space up. Or something big enough to push it loose from the south. The San Andreas is like a triple trailer truck rammed between a mountain and a hillside, it will take something to push it loose for it to break.

            The New Madrid Fault is an ancient fault part of when the continents were more mashed together, for it to break a couple of events probably need to happen. Pressure from the South American and Carribean plates, pressure from the southeast. Or a release from the Pacific plate via the Eurasian plate.

            An excellent comparison with plates are the ice flows of the Arctic and Antarctica regions, even a smaller scale is a local lake during the beginning of spring thaw. You can watch a fracture begin at one end of the lake and sometimes travel acroos to the other side. The planet is curved even at the tiny measures on a lake, so this comparison actually is not much unlike the plates floating around on the liquid rock. Heat versus cold, but the priciples are still the same, temperature differences causing movement.

            When you look at the plates on a deep three dimensional plane, you can see the dynamics that play in from so many different angles. Flat maps in a text book or on the internet never do justice for what is really happening below our feet.

        • Keep posting those earthquake updates, and your take on them, so we can be informed.(excuse the pun).

          Very interesting information.

          If a huge earthquake happens in the mid west, it will be the event that breaks america, kinda like chernobyl was to the usssr(and fukushima WILL be to japan)

        • Un grupo de científicos del Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) se ha topado con la advertencia más preocupante de todas: las alteraciones geológicas que se están produciendo en Azerbaiyán, donde se sitúan los pozos petrolíferos que surten a parte de Europa.


          An MIT study detected a disturbing geological deformation in the region supplying gas to Europe

          Scientists warn of the most dangerous earthquake

          How to predict an earthquake? For sure, none of the ways. But while the earth does not know when will tremble, sometimes hints. A group of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has met with the warning more worrisome of all: the geological changes that are taking place in Azerbaijan, where oil wells are located that supply much of Europe

      63. Obviously none of you people have ever served in the Military. You don’t get to pick where you train for God’s sake!

        • Brian, calm down. Nobody is slamming the trainees. The concern/talk is about TPTB that DID chose.

          • It’s quite likely the city of St. Louis WANTED them there, and campaigned to get ’em to train there. It brings tons of money into their town.

      64. The devil’s in the details folks. Those aren’t tanks. Those are ASV’s. Armored Security Vehicles. Although different than the Stryker, they have similarities, such as they’re wheeled and armored. The Army is doing away with tanks, and using vehicles like MRAP’s, ASV’s and Strykers to perform the functions of armor support.
        Something to note. These are thinner than tanks, which means they’re more maneuverable in urban terrain. Thus, their purpose is oriented toward martial law scenarios, more specifically MOUT oriented fighting. Wheeled armored weapons platforms serve this function very well. Also, typically when the National Guard is rolling down the street in their vehicles, the gunners are down (inside the vehicle) and there aren’t any weapons mounted. When you see the weapons mounted and the gunners manning them, shit’s about to go terribly wrong. The devil’s in the details. Chances are, this was a drive around the block for familiarization. However, it’s an MP unit, and they’re the ones who are tasked with relocation specialist duties.
        BTW, can’t spell wimp without MP.

      65. thanks for all the thumbs up everyone…i must have done ok with my first post :>)
        @ freedom….the san antonio area

      66. @ocumgache i think it’s wise to stay loyal to family and friends. :>) ( wagging tail )

      67. consider this: the temporary relocation of troops from one state to another is, to me, a tactic used to reduce the effect of and resistance to the use of force against fellow Americans.. a similar principle used to be employed in the Reserves when an enlisted person was commissioned – that person was purposefully reassigned to another Reserve Center to put him among strangers where it would be easier to exercise the newly bestowed authority… it’s as much re-conditioning of our military as it is trying to further numb the American People to what tptb are doing…

      68. Listen to yourselves, people. Just where did you get the idea that active military engaged in TRAINING exercises while pursuing the career of their own choosing are somehow ‘second class citizens’ or ‘non entities’ like interred American Japanese during WWII (yes the comparison is valid) — as in — they must be confined to some small military base or cordoned area while wearing their uniforms.

        Why?? Because the presence of troops here and there training reduces property values in your neighborhood, ha ha? Because you believe the mere presence of fatigue-clad people among us means some evil general out there is about to flip a little switch to make that training exercise go ‘live’?

        The erosion of Posse Comitatus is a REAL threat. Mere presence of troops drilling in urban settings is, of itself, NOT.

        This is just like the poor folks on the Internet who watch doppler radar weather scans and every time the devices reclalibrate or change modes weird patterns appear briefly, and these folks scream ‘HAARP’ and take it as evidence of some Dark Electromagnetic Conspiracy. It is a fantasy distraction. Good movie material is fun to visit but not appropriate to use in every day Reality.

        Troops today train in urban settings because it is likely they will be deployed into urban settings. That is just a sign of the times, not a clear sign of impending national marshal law.

        • using that logic, should they not train in Iraq, afghanistan, etc.

      69. Doesn’t matter where you train. Professionals train for the lot. FIBUA, (Fighting In Built Up Areas) Alpine, Close Country (jungle, bush, woodlands) Open Country. Mounted or dismounted and at different levels from Total war – Counter Insergency – Low Level Operations – Peace Keeping.

        You train to be flexible enough to operate in any area, regardless of weather, season or terrain and to use just about any weapon system.

        What has surprised me recently though is the increase in different Militaries from around the globe training together to be more compatible with each other. Plenty of armies use compatible vehicles and weapons platforms but what’s really surprising for me is the US Marines recently sent trainers down to Australia and New Zealand to train soldiers in the American way of operating in crowd control, using bean bag shotguns ect ect. Aussies and Kiwis have their own way of ‘working the crowds’ in riotous situations. Why the hell do they suddenly need to learn how the Marines do it??
        And, why the big media push to remind everyone that Australia and the US are still tight buddies that go everywhere together? And why, even though New Zealand still refuses to lift their No Nuclear stance on nuclear weapons and ships and power plants, why should the US suddenly declear New Zealand to be a “Defacto” Friend again after …..? 28 years? Of being out in the cold from the ANZUS Treaty? (Australia, New Zealand, US)

        As for all those Private Security Companies, who’ve worked in Iraq and Afghanistan since 9/11 I’m guessing there could be up to 200,000 – 500,000 guys and gals from several countries who’re all now in the DoDs data base and still available for new contracts ….. Anywhere in the world.

        Also with regards to the Stryker Units in the US. Stryker vehicles in ….
        Canada, are called Grizzlys
        Australia, AusLavs
        New Zealand, NZLAV III’s

        Sumpin is a up!! Nothing seems right anywhere.

        • Red Coat – lots of other countries’ militaries train in the US. The German air force does a lot of training in Arizona and California, because there’s clear weather so much of the time (unlike in Germany).

      70. In 2009, Dir. of Natl Intelligence Dennis Blair said (before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on the annual threat assessment to U.S. National Security):

        “The primary near-term security concern of the United States is the global economic crisis and its geopolitical implications.”

        Just looking at job loss alone:

        In 2008, 3.6 million jobs lost.
        In 2009, 4.7 million more jobs lost.
        Through November 2010, just 1 million jobs came back.

        “The underemployment rate—the total of unemployed workers who are actively looking for jobs, those with part-time work who would prefer full-time jobs, and those who need jobs but say they are too discouraged to search—increased from 8.8% in December 2007 to 13% in December 2008, reaching 17.4% in October 2009…As of November 2010 the underemployment rate stood at 17%.” (Source: Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Report, p.391)

        • The underemployment rate you are citing is understating the problem. Real people are being dropped from the counts when they have been unemployed too long. If you include those dropped from the work force over the last four years, the real unemployment rate is well over 20%.

          • sonoftexas – Agree. Up and down my street, there may be 3 out of 10 working-age males who have real jobs. The rest of us do informal work and have adapted to being happy on far less than we used to make.

          • sonoftexas, The way statistics are collected does not reflect voluntary unemployment (people like myself), nor do they reflect the body of potential workers (people like myself plus those who haven’t bothered yet, ie college students or grads). And contrary to individual observations such as that from Dom.Terrorist, unemployment isn’t calculated with such a tiny sampling — it’s a national calculation and several orgs use the same data to arrive at mostly the same result w/ the NFP data whether it be from ADP or BLS.

            The U6 figure is more realistic than the U3 data — this number has slightly improved since November 2010 (that’s why I ended at that point). In Nov. 2010, U6 was 16.9% and as of May 2012, the U6 is 14.8%.

            Comparative analysis has calculated the U3 and U6 data as it related to the Great Depression, so we can see the differences. During the Depression, those numbers were: U3 at 25.2% with U6 at 37.6% (at the worst point). We are nowhere near the Great Depression yet. But as the EU financial problems worsen (and they will), the global economy will continue to exhibit a downturn and then ____ will happen. (Guess the scenario)






        • Motion detection panels? Or solder panels? Here in Cali we have roadside things with a solar panel and a phone so if people break down they can call for help. A bit out of date now with cell phones but I bet they still get plenty of use.

          • SOLAR panels.

            Which may have solder in ’em lol

        • I have seen those in S. Utah. There is not many of them there.

          Locals told me the feds are looking to put cameras on I-15 to fight the drug trafficers.


          THATS what pisses me off, they are constantly saying they are going to start programs AFTER they have allready started.

      72. Really? Riots in the streets if Obama loses in November? Democrats don’t even support him anymore. Most of the youth in this country are disenfranchised, disengaged, and don’t care what happens in the next election. The only youths I’ve heard that have any political interest are Ron Paul supporters. They’re the ones that pay attention and see that our two party system is rigged and the puppet sitting in the White House doesn’t make any real policy decisions anyway.

        I don’t foresee any huge issues surrounding the elections. I do, however, see huge problems on the horizon if our idiot government doesn’t get their shit together by the first of the year and figure out some of our upcoming fiscal issues. You’ll see riots when people can’t afford to feed their kids, heat their homes, buy gas to drive to work. And as down on public aid as so many commenters here are, I can tell you firsthand-I work with the homeless and mentally ill-you will regret it if Medicaid and foodstamps and other social programs get cut too far. Your communities are full of these people who are only kept off the streets and out of your neighborhoods by those social programs. They’re not stalking kids in the park because they’re being held in afc and homes for the mentally ill and fed antipsychotics by the staff in these homes. Cut those funds and they’re out on the streets.

        • Not mine, but will share this analysis………….

          Why the fraud will lose:
          *Black voters. Obama has nowhere to go but down among this group; endorsement of gay marriage has alienated many black church-going Christians. He may get 88% of their vote instead of the 96% he got in 2008.
          *Hispanic voters. Obama has nowhere to go but down among this group. If Romney picks Rubio as his VP running-mate the GOP may pick up an extra 10% to 15% of Hispanic voters (plus lock down Florida).
          *Jewish voters. Obama has been weak in his support of Israel. Many Jewish voters and big donors are angry and disappointed. I predict Obama’s Jewish support drops from 78% in 2008 to the low 60’s.
          *Youth voters. Obama’s biggest and most enthusiastic believers from 4 years ago have graduated into a job market from hell. Young people are disillusioned, frightened, and broke. The enthusiasm is long gone. Turnout will be much lower among young voters, as will actual voting percentages.
          *Catholic voters. Obama won a majority of Catholics in 2008. Out of desperation to please women, Obama went to war with the Catholic Church over contraception. Now he is being sued by the Catholic Church. Majority lost.
          *Small Business owners. I know literally thousands of small business owners. At least 40% of them in my circle of friends, fans and supporters voted for Obama 4 years ago to “give someone different a chance.” Four years later, I can’t find one person in my circle of small business owner friends voting for Obama. Not one.
          *Blue collar working class whites. Do I need to say a thing? White working class voters are about as happy with Obama as Boston Red Sox fans feel about the New York Yankees.
          *Suburban moms. Obama’s economy frightens these moms. They are worried about putting food on the table. They fear for their children’s future.
          *Military Veterans. McCain won this group by 10 points. Romney is winning by 24 points. The more our military vets got to see of Obama, the more they disliked him. All this is not good news for Obama.

          • i agree jayjay, however there are those TICKS in the us living off our salaries are getting accustomed to getting everything for nothing, no not the politicians, the other ticks.

      73. All jobs are not equal and can’t be compared one for one with equal value. You loose a $25 / hr manufacturing job with benefits and it’s replacement cannot be an $8 / hr service job W/O benefits.

        A different word here and there in government reports changes the message without a direct lie.

        • You are ,of course, correct. But, I never knew the government to shy away from a Direct Lie when necessary. I am of the opinion that among politicians and their praetorian guard in Washington, there is not a thimble full of morality. Lying is an acceptable life style.

        • Doesn’t the government classify making hamburgers at fast food resteraunts under the catagory of munufacturing?

          They assemble a product out of parts.

          Buns instead of bolts, lettuce instead of steal, and potato chips put on the plate instead of computer chips put in a gizmo.

          Its kinda like leaving fuel and food out of the inflation report.

          They are lieing, but are they?

          • when someone asks you about something and you omit information that is deception by omission they can call it what they like but it’s just flat out lying. They used to count every man, woman and child of working age in the employment stats now they have qualifiers for every situation so they can project what ever they please.

            • Exactly. Kinda like what the presstitutes do.

              The psycho’s in charge tell themselves they are not lying because they are backed up by bull$hit government stats.

      74. I ask everyone to remember that the “winner” of a war is no one. Your best defense is never to be shot at. I’m not saying everyone should go hide in the hills because they will come for you there as well. It is very important to live to fight another day so don’t push a bad position and make it worse. Everyone needs to take the time to run through scenarios in the head and then run through them again. You need to have many scenarios “pre-programmed” so when it goes down you can make the best decision quickly and with confidence. If you have children with you you must not fire on an enemy as you will draw fire and risk your children…so the best decision there is to flee or hide. We can’t have individuals going postal on military either as you will only create a more difficult situation. If it comes down to it the women and children need to be hidden and groups will have to come together and work together. Does everyone have walkie talkies of some high quality? If we cannot communicate with each other we will be severely handicapped in any kind of organized resistance. Sorry this is so disorganized but i’m trying to get ideas out while they are still in my head. I’ve been thinking recently that many of these things need to be hashed out before things go down as there won’t be an internet to converse on should the SHTF. But as I’ll preach till my last breath is the mental preparation for the unpleasant is vital as you will not be clear headed and “need” to have yourself ready to act rationally without having to “think” as under stress most people do not think clearly

        • That spreading of democracy to Egypt and the ouster of that dictator Mubarak (once our most important ally in the mid east as W said) is working out really well…

          i’m sure the mainstream media will be all over this…

          All i can say to the intelligence agencies involved in the destabilization of this region is…job well done.

      75. Vehicle weighs “32,000 pounds” so is, therefore, dangerous because of its size & weight?
        C’mon, Sarge. I used to own a garbage company that ran trucks weighing that and more. They fitted in with traffic just fine.
        By the way, has anyone seen whether these vehicles have bumper numbers indicating their unit affiliation?

        • I’m unfamiliar with this speech. Do you have a date and place where it was given?

      76. Communist Montana

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        You’ve been BETRAYED MONTANA citizens by your own Traitor Sons zionist luvin’ NWO UN whores Max Baucus and his mini-me retard shadow John Tester the Molester .

        They are BOTH = FASCIST COMMIE Globalist Political WHORES !


      77. They look at this and all site’s like it. This is giving them something to think about how much of a problem their going to have. Let’s keep it up so they can worry some more. Be carefull of a RED DAWN thing in the works,( what is going on in Canada and Mexico? ). Nobody knows what lies ahead, but we all know it is not good for the Free Loving People in the good old U S A. We are truely the last free country on this the third rock from the sun. No matter what we have to go down period. The internet must be shut down and soon for them to start the real SH-T.
        LIVE FREE

      78. The first time I saw soldiers on the streets was over 20 years ago, they were carrying AKs and were Red Army troops… I thought how cool! I was a kid and didn’t know any better. The problem is most American’s are intellectually children!

        Years later after 9-11 when I started seeing American police “patrolling” with assault weapons and American soldiers in our airports I knew were are in trouble. Everybody loves a parade, but as an adult I have come to realize that the best part of a parade is that all the weapons are unloaded or carrying ceremonial blanks.

        They are trying to create a normalcy bias for having troops in the street–and we can’t let them!

      79. Why the F^Ck are we paying for, and building urban combat training centers in chille


        1- Las organizaciones abajo firmantes rechazamos categóricamente que en nuestro país, con autorización del gobierno de Sebastián Piñera, se haya instalado en el Fuerte Aguayo, en Concón, una base militar de los Estados Unidos.

        2- Este Centro de Entrenamiento “imita una zona urbana, con 8 modelos de edificios, fue construido con un aporte de casi 500 mil dólares proporcionados por el Comando Sur de las Fuerzas Armadas de los Estados Unidos” y es para “ejecutar operaciones de mantención de la paz o de estabilidad civil”, según indica la misma Embajada de Estados Unidos.

        3- Esta base militar de EEUU viola nuestra soberanía al permitir operar a fuerzas militares de otra nación en nuestro territorio.

        4- Este acuerdo insiste en la lógica que las Fuerzas Armadas deben intervenir en conflictos sociales o “estabilidad civil” lo que renueva la práctica de la Doctrina de la Seguridad Nacional que potencia la creencia que existe un “enemigo interno” que las Fuerzas Armadas deben combatir.

        5- Por tal razón rechazamos categóricamente este entrenamiento para los soldados de América Latina y de Chile. La democracia se defiende con democracia, con cooperación, y no con la punta de un fusil como insistentemente Estados Unidos promueve.

        6- Rechazamos este entrenamiento además porque Estados Unidos no tiene calidad moral para enseñar “operaciones de paz” cuando ha promovido golpes de estado, financiado operaciones de desestabilización a países hermanos, y promovido la guerra en el mundo. No olvidamos que el 2009 se utilizó la Base Soto Cano en Honduras, con personal militar de Estados Unidos, para concretar el golpe de estado al Presidente Manuel Zelaya.

        7- Estados Unidos es responsable del golpe de estado en Chile y del entrenamiento de los peores violadores de los derechos humanos de nuestro país los que fueron “educados” en la tristemente recordada Escuela de las Américas. No olvidamos, no perdonamos a los que financiaron, armaron, prepararon, a los asesinos de nuestro pueblo.

        8- Por todo lo anterior, exigimos a las autoridades el fin inmediato de esta base militar de Estados Unidos de nuestro territorio y el retiro de su personal ahora

        Look, I do NOT speak or write spanish.

        But I know enough to stumble through the first paragraph.

        My translator will not translate this, can anyone help me out.

        Do they want us there? I would say no.

        Celente is right. WE ARE los estados unidas

      80. Kevin: Here is the English translation;

        1 – The undersigned organizations strongly rejected in our country, with government permission from Sebastian Pinera, has been installed at Fort Aguayo, in Concon, a military base in the United States.
        2 – The Training Center “mimics an urban area, with 8 models of buildings, was built with a contribution of almost $ 500 000 provided by the Southern Command of the Armed Forces of the United States” and to “execute maintenance operations of peace or civil stability, “according to the same U.S. Embassy.
        3 – The U.S. military base violates our sovereignty by allowing military forces to operate other nation in our land.
        4 – This agreement emphasizes the logic that the armed forces should intervene in social conflicts or “civil stability” which renewed the practice of the National Security Doctrine that promotes the belief that there is an “internal enemy” that the military should fight.
        5 – For this reason we reject categorically the soldiers training for Latin America and Chile. Democracy defends democracy, cooperation, and not to the point of a gun as U.S. strongly promotes.
        6 – We reject this training also because America has no moral quality to teach “peace operations” when promoted coups, destabilization operations funded sister countries, and promoted the war in the world. Do not forget that in 2009 we used the Soto Cano base in Honduras, U.S. military personnel, to realize the coup President Manuel Zelaya.

        • Thanks DK. Sounds like they dont want us there!!

          I wonder, if we have an agreement to step in and help “them”(their government), I wonder if chillian troops will be here to help “us”?

      81. Kevin: 7&8

        7 – The United States is responsible for the coup in Chile and the training of the worst violators of human rights in our country who were “educated” in the notorious School of the Americas remembered. Do not forget, not forgive those who financed, armed, prepared, the murderers of our people.

        8 – For all these reasons, we urge the authorities an immediate end to this U.S. military base in our territory and the withdrawal of its staff now

        • Thanks again.

          Its amazing what stories you get when you search blogs in other languages.

          I got this one searching plata (silver)


        • Its funny, my translator would tranlate bull$hit articles but not this one.

      82. It is apparent to me based upon the preparations which they are making, that the US government is anticipating a global disaster of biblical proportions to occur in the foreseeable future.

        This global disaster is either associated with the blocked out area of Google Sky in deep space; or it is in anticipation of a Pole Shift, understanding that the PTB have been studying the magnetic anomalies and the shifting changes in the mass and gravity of the earth in various places for quite some time.

        Something wicked this way comes.

        • Got that right. SOMETHING is about to go down.

          about= 1 day to 2 years, who knows when.

          Disaters strike like a thief in the night, with a sucker punch, we wont see it comming.

        • durango kidd

          We’re on the same page with this “disaster” headed our way. What they formerly accomplish by stealth which took generations they’re now doing overtly for the sake of expediency. This calamity may be man made or natural, physical or economic but it damn sure is big and not too long into the future.

      83. You all might want to go over to YouTube and search for some videos using the keywords, ‘soldiers martial law confess’ etc.

        Seems the word is getting out. Maybe the brass will re-Americanize.

      84. K2: I do not believe the disaster will be man made except in Europe where the “financial crisis” must be exacerbated to the point that nations there willingly surrender their sovereignty to the EU.

        For this reason I believe that the UK will exit the EU and but remain in NATO.

        Germany may well exit the EU and EZ, as they are just too strong financially, and unwillingly to accept the burden of the cost of ECB bonds to the German economy.

        It also makes sense for the weakest among the EURO Zone; Spain, Italy, France and others to band together and issue ECB bonds to bailout their banks ala the Bernanke Doctrine; under a single, sovereign government.

        I believe the real global disaster which the US Gov is prepping for is either of the scenarios I mentioned above or both.

        Clearly OUR government is privy to scientific data and intel well beyond that which is generally available to the public, and is withholding that information to suppress panic.

        It is clearly anticipating major events within the USA and is training other governments to prepare for considerable, similar, public upheavals in their own countries.

        Therefore there must be a looming global threat to civilization itself, that is celestrial or terrestrial in nature that is about to present itself to US.

        Keep prepping.

        • durango kidd

          I’m placing my bets on an economic collapse being we’re partially there already. Way too much has been happening on the financial end for too long that is unprecedented. Maybe we do have a double case of bad luck with some space rock headed our way or something internal within the planet is about to bring hardship and misery but regardless something is coming. Our government is privy to scientific data and as are others. If I see Russia doing the same going around the globe grabbing everything in site I would buy the natural not financial man made explanation as being the most likely.

          • K2: Russia has its hands full keeping control of what it has, as it possess 1/7 of the world’s land mass, and that, virtually void of inhabitants; while filled with every imaginable natural resource.

            And lots of them.

        • durango kidd

          You think they have Army Tanks lined up to fight aliens or mitigate the effects of some kind of environmental catastrophe?

          I’ll go out on a limb and state that those armored vehicles are not there for our best interests.

          • K2: No, I do not believe that the government is lining up tanks to fight aliens or mitigate an environmental catastrophe.

            You cannot mitigate an Act of God. And the aliens only want the sex organs of cattle. You have nothing to worry about.

            I believe that the training is designed to prepare troops: reinforce their obedience to authority and condition them to quell the Zombies after the expected disaster hits.

            If you live in a major Metro area, it may well be for OUR best interests, like it or not. Not everything that DHS does is treasonous; just most of it.

            Many of the sick, lame, and aged do not have a BOB or BOL. In one of the scenarios that I mentioned above, they would be easy victims.

            No meltdown.

            No “financial collapse” will be orchestrated by the PTB. They have too much to lose. Military preparations are their attempt to maintain control of their system when the Changes occur.

            Why would you move to destroy your own system when it gives you wealth, power, and privilege?

            A double dip recession has happened before. It will likely happen again. In fact, count on it so the GB’s can remove O’bummer from office now that he has served his purpose for them.

            Keep prepping.

            • durango kidd

              “No “financial collapse” will be orchestrated by the PTB.”

              I agree with the above. While they put forth the global conditions that started this mess the outcome is spinning out of their control. Their actions are obviously reactive and events are controlling them.

              A massive drop in the standard of living is coming and with it social disorder. The tanks are the governmental response.

              I doubt if we’re so unfortunate to have some terrible natural disaster of similar magnitude happening at the same time however the government is quite willing to make such an excuse to justify the presence of these Army troops on the streets.

        • Germany joined the Euro with the intention of dominating it. I think you’re right, they’re finding the price too high.


        1 – The undersigned organizations strongly rejected in our country, with government permission from Sebastian Pinera, has been installed at Fort Aguayo, in Concon, a military base in the United States.

        2 – The Training Center “mimics an urban area, with 8 models of buildings, was built with a contribution of almost $ 500 000 provided by the Southern Command of the Armed Forces of the United States” and to “execute maintenance operations of peace or civil stability, “according to the same U.S. Embassy.

        3 – The U.S. military base violates our sovereignty by allowing military forces to operate other nation in our land.

        4 – This agreement emphasizes the logic that the armed forces should intervene in social conflicts or “civil stability” which renewed the practice of the National Security Doctrine that promotes the belief that there is an “internal enemy” that the military should fight.

        5 – For this reason we reject categorically the soldiers training for Latin America and Chile. Democracy defends democracy, cooperation, and not to the point of a gun as U.S. strongly promotes.

        6 – We reject this training also because America has no moral quality to teach “peace operations” when promoted coups, destabilization operations funded sister countries, and promoted the war in the world. Do not forget that in 2009 we used the Soto Cano base in Honduras, U.S. military personnel, to realize the coup President Manuel Zelaya.

        7 – The United States is responsible for the coup in Chile and the training of the worst violators of human rights in our country who were “educated” in the notorious School of the Americas remembered. Do not forget, not forgive those who financed, armed, prepared, the murderers of our people.

        8 – For all these reasons, we urge the authorities an immediate end to this U.S. military base in our territory and the withdrawal of its staff now

      86. You people are idiots. Go ahead, take up arms. In the end the precious rights you claim you are defending will vanish, along with many innocent lives and the Constitution you hold so dear will be nothing more than toilet paper. Check your history. Revolutions and insurections rarely end well for either side and never end as anticipated.

      87. It seems to me if we’re worried about the military taking over policing in this country, the best thing to do would be to start now doing what you can. It is much harder to shoot someone you have a connection with instead of just “them.”

        Get to know some members of the military and law enforcement in our community. Spend some time talking with a new recruit. Ask what they think freedom is, what they are trying to defend, what they would or wouldn’t do. Tell them straight out what you fear. It might surprise you how many 18 and 20 year olds know what is happening to this country and are willing to literally put their lives on the line to fight for us, not against us. There’s a reason the Oathkeepers and others like them are out there.

        I won’t be much good shooting at anyone, but maybe I can start a thought process in a few people before the **** goes down. It’s better than sitting on my butt wailing about what is coming until it’s one street over.

        Thank you all of you who are defending this country and the Constitution, not the power brokers.

      88. It’s ramping up all over the USA. From First Responders and other “volunteer” groups all the way to CIA. The majority have allowed themselves to be brainwashed for a paycheck or a “feather in their cap”. When SHTF there will be a sorting out of those that are willing to kill for their “Gov. Leaders”, and the rest will be drugged to do so. Zombie LE will be everywhere. When the masses rebel they will bring in the foreign troops to take up the slack. What a scenario. One I hope I never see.
        Just last week the LE had a massive sting operation set up in a rural area at the county lines between two towns with populations of each, at less than 40,000. We happened to be out late coming from an event in another state and drove into the world lit up like the Fourth of July by massive generators. There were Fire/Rescue,city,county,state and SBI LE set up everywhere on both sides of the four-lane. They had a mobile: drug testing lab,jail,finger printing/processing, and what looked like a bomb squad. We saw college age kids being tested/processed and who knows what else. There were cars and people being searched on both sides of the highway. We saw young girls with their heads in their heads and no doubt in shock. Young guys doing sobriety tests. All visible from the high intensity lights they had set up in the middle of the mountains, in the middle of the night at approximately 1:00 am on a Sunday morning. It appeared they were targeting college students from the nearby university. WTF; was our thoughts. The only event like this I had ever witnessed was when the DOT had a massive raid against truckers back in the 90’s. It took place near a large city and most of the public was allowed to pass right thru without being checked. Our driver’s license was checked and we were told to “drive safely and have a good evening”. Nothing was ever reported in the local news paper or radio.
        I think we witnessed an event that will be repeated many times as “practice runs”, in the days to come. Welcome to the New World Order. The only safe and free place to be is at home. One can only guess as to how long that will last.

        • state and city?

      89. Forgive me for posting this here:
        1. Using a large skillet brown and fry 5 pounds of ground beef(85/15). When thoroughly cooked, transfer the meant to a colander(a strainer works the best for me). rinse under HOT running water to remove the fat. Then clean the skillet with paper towels to remove excess fat from the first cooking.
        2. Place the washed meat back into the wiped skillet and fry again over medium/low heat, stiring often until you see no more steam. Make sure the meat has brown nicely.
        3.Place the twice cooked rocks into an oven roasting. pan. turn the oven to 200 degrees, stirring and turning occasionally as the meat continues to dry. One to Two hours should finish the job. Remove from the oven and check for dryness.
        4. While the rocks are cooling preheat canning jars at 250 dregees for around 10 mins, and simmer the lids in boiling water to sterilize(10 mins), while the jars are heating, then while still hot fill them with the rocks, place on the lids and rings and wait for them to seal with a pop this will take about 15 minutes.
        You now have hamburger that will last years, just rehydrated and use- 1 cup rocks to 2 cups water –
        again forgive me for this post here
        Live Free

        • @copperhead….thanx for that receipe for hamburger….I will be trying that today!

      90. kevin @ June 24, 2012 at 7:03 am
        Will you swear to remove ALL mirrors???

      91. OK troops movin into city. Expecting something to happen but what. either riots when the food stamps stop rolling? that theaory no way not befor election time. tanks are not rollin in this soon for that reason. banks shutting down because of bank holiday? that is my bet. in the cities everyone will be running the bank looting, riots etc. small town america not soo much and local enforcment can handle that easily. as far as us fighting military i keep saying we would not win. dhs ordered all those bullets for a reason. a lil fire in rural areas and cities are easy enough to remove population fast so think what a few tanks and fly overs could do. an ya wanna try to fight that with some guns. rambo syndrome. better own ground with no deed a shelter with 12 inches concrete and steel with 30 years of bruch growing over it ans ya might have a chance. you pay taxes on any land and have a deed they ll find ya. heat sensing equipment and who know what otger sci fi stuff they got, alot is skill preps and luck, so you feel lucky?and pray teel how we will know a true prepper to hook up with verses an informant? We need a secret handshake or code word? I mean reakky people are gonna be rattin out everyone for a grain of rice. Brother against brother,children agains parents etc. i am just sayin that we need to really wrap our brains around we can not do it alone and how to know who to trust? we need God to smite the evil doers that us what we need:)

        • Food stamps are not going away. They represent GDP to bolster the economy and the market; while pacifying the poor.

          Revolutions are started by hungry people who would otherwise die of starvation. When people lose it (food stamps) they have nothing to lose.

          Besides, food stamps are paid for by middle class taxes or added to the national debt. Grazers are also consumers and consumers buy the products that the GB’s finance.

          • Why? Ever been to East St.Louis?

            • Try Northern Arizona. EVERYONE (90+ per cent) is white, republican, and on Food Stamps.

              The Repubs actually ever get rid of Food Stamps and they’re gonna lose their base.

              Realistically speaking, the Food Stamp program is cheap per recipient, and has a greater multiplier effect than any other social program. In that way, I have no problem with it.

              In another way, though, this is no longer the Starving Seventies. Where in school you had THE fat kid. Calories were dear. Food is weirdly plentiful these days. In this way I’m against the problem, because I’d rather see our people willing to run the illegals out and take their jobs. (Illegals make more than actual citizens at the working-class level too, so it’d be a step up.)

      92. SORRY GUYS but bush junior signed an executive order..quashing posse comitatus,,,,there is only one more bible prophecy to be fulfilled…the UN will declare peace in the world,,and god will cause the government to turn against false religion, and it will cause chaos in this country..

      93. Since the “troops” are National Guard from Maryland, this bypasses the Posse Comitatus Act since the guard until “federalized” is considered a State force:

        I suppose that they are practicing in Missouri so those kind gentle progressives in Maryland don’t get upset. Above is a link as Northcom sees it. Just playing devils advocate here, but this has happened since the 1990’s nothing has taken place yet, that’s not saying that nothing will not happen, since certain POTUS BO executive directives have come into play along with other “laws.” My personal thought is, prepare, stay vigilant, have a way out of the cities. BTW, don’t be afraid to check out the site, these cats already know who you are. Remember, Grey is good.

      94. You’ve GOT to love the military! Don’t mind what General Eisenhower said.

        Why, without the military killing people on the other side of the planet how do you think you will be free to do the limited things (less and less) we are allowed to do?

      95. The economic disaster is all but inevitable. Also, I am aware of many, many possible natural disasters that are either due or past due. Any one of them could make Hurricane Katrina look like an unfortunate incident. The chances of any one of them happening may be discounted as unlikely by most scientist. The danger lies in how many possibilities are “pending” and the magnitude of each of them. Any one of them would assure the economic collapse as well as a chaotic and over the top government response.
        If a machine gun fires in your general direction the chances of one specific round hitting you may be slim, but the chances of at least one hitting you is pretty frightening.


        obammy “surrendered” his law license in 2008 because he lied on his bar application???


        His wife had to “surrender” hers in 1993 or stand trial for insurance fraud?


        • Nice president and first lady we can all be proud of, huh? NOT!

      97. And an important question to ask (that is if no one asked it yet…too many comments to read all of them),is HOW DO WE KNOW IF THESE ARE AMERICAN TROOPS and not the Russian Spetsnaz that have been here training?!?


      98. I was in st. louis this past weekend. I did not see any military vehicles etc, but i do not doubt they are there. It seems that something is really getting ready to happen, but who knows when. I think the military will just follow BO’s orders without any thinking of what they being ordered to do, just mindless massess following their orders.

        • just like when you go to work you follow your bosses orders so does that make you mindless. you can’t be thrown in jail if you don’t do what your boss tells you. i bet you don’t even have the balls to fight for the freedoms of people you don’t know like our troops have been doing

      99. I’m re-reading the book “One Second After”. It amazes me how unprepared (stupid) the main character was and how quickly his town collapsed after a EMP event. I’ve only recently seen “The Road” and if offers a very bleak view of nuclear aftermath.
        What if…(off the wall thought)…I’m pretty sure there were boots on the ground when the Haitian quake hit and after the wealthier ones got out, the troops main job was to guard the airport and food.(man made quake??) So, St Louis is on a fault line-there are boots on the ground. Maybe I should bubble wrap the good china..just saying…

        @Justin-some people are saying “stay vigilant” some people are using – P! – as a ‘secret sign’ When I mentioned to lil bird that I could magic marker it on my hand or T-shirt while shopping, she surprised me- “Doesn’t matter who you trust Ma, don’t tell anyone what we have, not even your BFF, she’ll be your judge and jury” Wow, she HAS been listening to me!!

      100. Steroid- Abusing Police Officer Richard Klementovich Holds Neighorhood Hostage

        Posted on 18 June 2012 by William Grigg

        I know you have heard me speak of our boys in blue on “roids”..well there are more of them than we realise..and probably a ton of our military on them too..
        drugged up cops beating the life out of people innocent or guilty, thats not thier job to judge and convict than beat to death.

        read the article very well.
        there needs to be laws and regulations in effect NOW on this shit..because its already out of hand
        those violating should not be “placed on admin. leave” or paid leave as they say..GONE from the force is what we the people need to start seeing and hearing

        • I am more suspicious of police, both local and state, than I have ever been in my life….how many will follow the White House lead instead of their own conscience when the orders from Obama’s America Politburo give them the authority to attack America’s patriots?

          I’m not ashamed to say it either….but I wonder how many of those full-uniformed Black Panther “souljas” are off-duty police and former/active military.

          Word to the wise…including all you “uncle Tom Negroes out there”….if it’s black then watch your back. The prison stats don’t lie.

      101. The posse commototus was suspended by congress early this year in the military budget approval. There is nothing stopping full military control.

      102. Whenever i hear people posting about the “Posse Comitatus Act” they dont understand the act itself.
        Contrary to popular belief, the Act does not prohibit members of the Army from exercising state law enforcement, police, or peace officer powers that maintain “law and order”.
        The PCA simply requires that any authority to do so must exist with the United States Constitution or Act of Congress. In this way, most use of the Army and the Air Force at the direction of the President does not offend the statute, even though it may be problematic for other reasons (politically).
        The statute only addresses the US Army and, since 1956, the US Air Force. It does not refer to, and thus does not restrict or apply to, the National Guard under state authority from acting in a law enforcement capacity within its home state or in an adjacent state if invited by that state’s governor (in its federal capacity, the National Guard forms part of the Army or Air Force of the United States). The Navy and Marine Corps are prohibited by a Department of Defense directive (self-regulation), but not by the Act itself

        • @Ghost

          The unit involved in the open training in St. Louis is ARMY, not National Guard, and Posse Comitatus applies to all the branches of the military which branched off from the army, including the marines, navy, and air force. This has been the legal precedent for most of our country’s history, though the DOD has broken it on occasion. I’m afraid it is you that does not understand the Act and its implications.

          Also, the only reason Posse Comitatus has not been applied to the National Guard is because they were SUPPOSED to be the organized version of the citizen’s militia. Unfortunately, they have now become just another tentacle of the DOD octopus.

          You can create rationalizations using half-baked legalese all day; it doesn’t change the fact that the Founding Fathers expressly forbade standing armies, especially standing armies acting in a martial law capacity on U.S. soil. Please learn your Constitution and Bill Of Rights.

      103. If the Military held a coup and killed off the political leaders who would you support?

        • Ron Paul

        • None of the above.

      104. do you people not realize the governments are preparing for a major world wide disaster in december. they have been slowly doing this for years. I’m not saying the world is going to end. this december marks a major astrological alighnment which in a worst case scenario could case major problems here on earth everything from major earthquakes to massive flooding in some parts of the world the options are endless or it could just be a really cool astrological event to witness

      105. If Obama loses….the blacks will go crazy….

        If Obama wins and is assinated….the blacks will go crazy…

        If Obama wins the blacks might go crazy…..but the fed-up whites probably will go crazy…

        If Obama wins a second term, HE will go crazy and finish his job of destroying America….

        My question for the military and police coordination exercises across the US is this:
        Are they preparing to occupy/enforce martial law against us as a part of a socilaist/marxist overethrow of the American way???

        Or are they just preparing to mitigate the damage that will be caused when one faction takes their anger at another faction out on the streets….after all, if America dissolves into chaos who in their right mind will want to park their assets here?

      106. Your choice; Die for Freedom, or live as a coward!

      107. Someone deleted my last comment. Stop the scare tactic dick head. The military are un trained bigots. For you idiots to believe this Moran above are stupider then you look. IF they were so trained they wouldn’t come back in 5,000 caskets a month. I’m a civilian and I’m training SEALS the MagPul way.

        • A 100,000 dead Iraqi would disagree. I would bet you after 2 days no food, 90 degrees temp, a 3mi run with a 40lb back pack, You meet with the average soldier, sailor, Marine and use the weapons of your choice. Your captain couch commando comments would be feed back to you in spades!

      108. I would not get all this hyper about the US military traveling on our civilian streets, in armored vehicles or otherwise. First, take a good look at St. Louis and its recent history. Is the level of street crime so high that the local law enforcement community has the need to call outside agencies for assistance? I don’t think so. Also, if and when the military would ever be mobilized to enforce Marshall Law in the USA, they would not come announced with reporters standing by. The military would surround the city, cut off all exits with road blocks and warn the civilian population to stay inside. There would be massive MP units deployed to enforce Marshall Law and there would be detention camps established. All this would happen during the middle of the night and choppers would be patrolling the air. The St. Louis airport had not been shut down, nor were flights diverted to other cities, I checked. So, what do we got here? Either a military exercise, poorly planned and poorly executed, or for those who love intrigue, possible the move of some valuable asset. I think when all was said and done, some poor Col. got his ass chewed. The US military does not need St. Louis as a practice range for its armored vehicles. Now a word to those who think our military is so poorly trained that the Afghans can kick our butts with their ancient weapons. Our soldiers have to fight by the Rules of Engagement they have been issued. The enemy does not. If the enemy can come and ambush you and you are not permitted to chase them beyond the national borders, or bomb them because of the potential for civilian death or injury, your hands are tied. Militarily, the enemy has no chance against us, but what is defeating us again are our politicians with their legal obstacles to fighting the war. Now to those who feel they are such tough guys, they can take on the US military. We are all entitled to our opinions, but rest assured, should there ever be a conflict on US soil involving US troops, the military is smart enough not to send in the National Guard. You would see some Ranger unit making the first moves like it happened in Panama and other built up areas and I can assure you, especially the voices who wrote about their sniper capabilities, you would not get many shots off before they would have planted you. Your knowledge of cover and concealment is not enough to evade their hunter-killer teams which not only work with infra red, but also with thermal imaging scopes. They would know exactly from where you fired you last shot and are just waiting for you to move and they will take out the entire grid where you are hiding. The terrorists in Iraq learned this lesson real fast. No, the wiser move is to stay out of the military’s way and try to comply with all reasonable demands they may make. If you find their demands to be unreasonable, you can always refuse. But starting a fight with the US military is a sure way how to die. Besides, you need to understand once you initiate open warfare with the military you are confirming their allegations about you, you are a terrorist. Injure or kill a US soldier and you will have the entire military out to hunt you down. Unless the majority of the civilian population is prepared to support you, chances are good, your neighbor will snitch you out to the military. Also, do not forget the US military does not operate in a vacuum. By the time they will announce anything about Marshall Law they will already know who is to be watched, who will most likely snitch and who needs to be interned. Remember when we invaded Iraq we called every member of Saddam’s Army above the rank of Capt. and afforded them to lay down their weapons and surrender. Most complied and are still alive today. Those who did not, well most of them did not survive our invasion. Never underestimate your opponent and never, ever let them know your intent. If you think that we are so close to an economic or political collapse you can rest assured the military is monitoring each site like this one and already knows who is who. Overall, our military is the smartest military in the world. Our military, I am sure has had many planning sessions with the IDF who are experts in urban warfare and Marshall Law. Yes, we have a few die-hard patriots in our midst, but they are tranquil compared to the Palestinians who have been fighting the Israelis for the past 50 yrs. Our left, as well as right wing radicals have no support from any major foreign power. Their knowledge comes from such publications as Soldier of Fortune and the Turner Diaries, hardly the type of publications which will teach them how to fight a protracted civil war.
        We all need to slow down a bit with our conspiracy notions and look at everything with more realistic eyes. In closing, those who think that the US will use foreign troops with whom to establish and enforce Marshall Law in the USA, I also reject this idea. The only foreign troops competent enough to undertake such a massive operation are NATO troops and no NATO country has enough troops to control the entire USA, so several countries would be needed to accomplish this goal, except, there is no NATO country prepared to send their troops to the USA for such a purpose. Look how difficult it is for the USA to convince any of the NATO partners to send troops to Afghanistan. What makes anyone think they will be more eager to send their troops to the USA for such an operation? Germany won’t, France won’t, England won’t. No there is not a country friendly enough with the USA which would send their troops to the USA to control US citizens.

        • OK Gunny, I gotta call you out like I was a few months ago. First, you must like the “Marshall Tucker Band”, as I do; since we both mispelled “Martial” Law. LOL. Secondly, I agree with you concerning our military, “Stay out of their way, or they will kill you.” I disagree with your point about Foreign Troops “not” being able to control US citizens. For example; Let a 200 million man force of Chinese,Russian and Muslim extremists come upon our major cities while the majority of our American military is deployed overseas, and then the rest of the country will pretty much go into lock-down mode. If that ain’t controlling US citizens then I don’t know what you would call it. Even though it is a highly unlikely scenario, it is still possible with the way our current administration is cutting our military budget and sending troops, including our National Guard, overseas. We should never send National Guard troops out of this country.

      109. WOW. okay, okay, okay. we get it, they are not TANKS. they are whatever. people please do not use the word tank, then maybe we could move on. i am more interested in every ones views, ideas and info. let us worry about armor and active duty troops patrolling the streets. as a retired nat’l guard i was activated for fl trucker strike, numerous hurricanes and other humanitarian aid, but never to patrol the streets for crime (?) time to wake up and get ready.

      110. East St Louis was rated #1 for violent crimes a couple years ago.
        Even highschool kids know that ANY city with a high number of blacks (in the US, Britain, the Bahamas, The Caribbean & all sub-Saharan countries) will always have high leveles of violence.
        When the SHTF, you will want these troops in the inner cities TO KEEP THEM THERE!
        Is that politically correct? No, but reality isn’t always pleasant.

      111. I just had my chest sawed open and my heart taken out and 4 veins put on from my legs, with no sleep , no food or water , and could not breath for 30 odd hours, I was praying every minute for air, and just another minute, But the day before that, I told the lord to do with me as he would and I hoped he would use me for his purpose if I lived. My point is my fellow Patriots is that there is much more important things than just living this life and going about your way, I Will NOT live in Tyranny and I will pray before each shot. Think beyond yourselves and you will truly be FREE…. God Bless and keep you all..

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