Military Drills: Is the Army Preparing for a Martial Law Scenario in the United States? (Latest Photos)

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    Editor’s Note: The military is actively preparing to deploy in the United States of America if called on to do so. We can be fairly certain that the military drills described below are for domestic implementation and not for controlling civil disobedience and riots in far-off lands like Iraq or Afghanistan. The plans and training have been in place for years. As defined by the National Defense Authorization Act, the United States homeland is now a battlefield, which means the military will have jurisdiction in any situation that is deemed an event of national significance. Once activated, the entire country will fall under the control of the Commander In Chief and operate under emergency legislation that includes but is not limited to detainment and imprisonment of suspects without due  process for indefinite periods of time, elimination of the right to assemble and protest freely, seizure of resources that include food, farm equipment, and skilled individuals for the purpose of conscription labor. The laws have been passed, the military has been trained, the ammo has been ordered. Make no mistake, the US government is ready to act swiftly and with impunity.

    Reprinted with permission from The Intel Hub.

    For years the alternative media has warned about the US military possibly being used against the American people in a time of economic collapse or any sort of martial law scenario.

    Drills such as Vigilant Guard 2010 have brought widespread attention to the fact that portions of our own military are training to take on crowds of American citizens demanding food and Constitutional rights in a time of crisis.

    Now, a new release by the website Public Intelligence, once again confirms that as recently as February and March of 2012, US troops at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington were conducting training scenarios for a civil disturbance domestic quick reaction force.

    A series of photos of the drills shows US troops with crowd control riot shields on the opposite side of actors portraying what can only be described as American citizens.

    “The following photos are from March and February of this year and were taken at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington.  The first four photos from March depict riot control training for a “domestic quick reaction force” that would aid in civil disturbances.

    The second set of photos from February depict the 67th Military Police Company that typically mans the area’s Regional Correctional Facility attempting to quell riots among “restless prison inmates” that have created a disturbance, wrote Public Intelligence in a blog post that accompanied the photos.

    Soldiers assigned to 3rd Squadron, 38th Cavalry Regiment, 201st Battlefield Surveillance Brigade, prepare to control a riot during training, March 13, at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash. The unit is conducting civil disturbance training in preparation as a domestic quick reaction force.

    Soldiers assigned to 3rd Squadron, 38th Cavalry Regiment, 201st Battlefield Surveillance Brigade, conduct riot training March 13 at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash. The unit is conducting civil disturbance training in preparation as a domestic quick reaction force.

    Soldiers assigned to 3rd Squadron, 38th Cavalry Regiment, 201st Battlefield Surveillance Brigade, hold their line in efforts to control a riot during training, March 13, at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash. The unit is conducting civil disturbance training in preparation as a domestic quick reaction force.

    In the second series of photos, the 67th Military Brigade is seen taking part in what was described as a prison inmate riot. (FEMA Camps inmates?)

    Soldiers with the 67th Military Police Company grab hold of a soldier playing the role of a restless prison inmate who has been injured on Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash., Feb. 16 while practicing riot control drills during a culmination exercise that concluded a week of training for the soldiers. 

    In a post on the U.S. Army’s 5th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment’s Facebook page the drill was somewhat explained:

    JOINT BASE LEWIS-McCHORD, WASH. – The Soldiers in a closed formation bang their batons in cadence against their shields as an angry mob approaches.

    “When I initially picked up my shield, the thought of the movie 300 was the first thing that came to mind,” said Spc. Kyle Wilhelmi.

    Teams of Soldiers assigned to 3rd Squadron, 38th Cavalry Regiment, 201st Battlefield Surveillance Brigade conducted civil disturbance training here March 13. The Soldiers, though not quite Spartans, are effectively training to hold their line and successfully control crowds if called upon for a civil disturbance

    Soldiers with shields, batons and rifles pushed through and maintained a dominant stance against a mob of about 40 civilians. The riot escalated as the crowd began throwing snowballs, slurred profanity and made offensive gestures at the Soldiers. The more forceful members of the mob charged the Soldiers but were easily pushed back, as many often fell to the icy surface.

    Consider this:

    The Department of Homeland Security, the USDA, and the FBI have ALL purchased or are set to purchase over 750 million rounds of .40 caliber hollow point ammo while at the same time portions of the US Army are directly training for crowd control within the United States.

    You can view all the photos through Public Intelligence Here.


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      1. My guess is about 9 months ago (which is what it takes for our bureaucrats to plan anything) they thought OWS would be “all that” right now and it’d be time to roll out the troops….FAIL

        • Actually, they were hoping that it would be all that and violence would erupt.

          Now the cat is out of the bag as to who is training, which means in about “9 months” the trigger will be pulled to FORCE violence from the people.

          Lets see, Feb plus 9 = November Election…

          The corp keeps pushing with its unenforceable laws designed to scare the People. It NEEDS a VIOLENT revolt from the People to justify the impending atrocities.

          These laws and preparations are nothing to fear. They, and the news of them, is meant to instill fear in you.

          Let them control riots in the street. I, nor anybody with a brain, will be anywhere near one. The corp lacks the resources to attack individuals with any effectiveness. Any successful attacks will be used as propaganda to scare even more people into submission.

          There is nothing to fear when what you fear is nothing. A corp is a fiction, a nothing. It’s enforcement arm is made up of American people, who hopefully will return to humanity before doing any damage to what they are supposed to protect.

          • If the current regime is bent on conquest, THEY will get impatient. THEY will be the ones to pull the pin.
            Then their actions, coupled with their long train of abuses and usurpations that seemingly appear to be pursuing invariably toward the same object to reduce free men to be under the boot heel of absolute despotism, will become obvious even to those who sleep, and will no longer be a matter of conjecture.

            If an agency, for example, begins to assault Americans with some of their newly requisitioned 450 million, 40 cal. flesh shredders…now that would be a tip-off even to the most skeptical, and would infuriate to action, those citizens now sitting on the fence.

            Those leading this push toward Marxism know, that of the 1,000,000 or so Constitutionally sworn LEO’s, not even a third would be willing to violate their neighbors and fellow citizens for a paycheck. They also know that for each LEO that would violate his/her Oath to the Constitution and come against their neighbors for said paycheck, there are multitudes of citizens who would be willing to stand in the gap and shut that down for free-dom.

            There are more in this nation who would sacrifice their own lives for posterity’s freedom than there are of those who are willing to die trying to take it away. The well publicized fact that gun and ammunition sales are off the charts, is a real indicator that, WE THE PEOPLE smell a rat. In recent days I have read comments written even by liberals, who say they are buying guns and ammunition.

            Run the numbers. Do some accounting. If the violators of the Constitution commanded Americans, “Surrender! You are surrounded!” Can they cover that much real estate? No! Are they able to wrap their arms around such a number of even the new gun owners? No! And what about the hard corps, old-timers, who are right now at this moment, like spirited racehorses with muscles twitching in the starting gates? For an illegitimate regime to come against that, would be ambitious at best and fool-hearty at its worst.

            For all concerned, we all hope that none of this ever happens. And we pray for better days when we can get back to work and get on with life as it is meant to be lived.

          • After pondering for so many years, why all the madness? I have come to one conclusion. The world has gone absolutely mad! I have been reading with great interest KILL SHOT, and These Remote Viewers are from our military. They remote viewed a CME hitting the planet in 2012, 2013. Remember the movies 2012 and Knowing? Remember, the Illuminati has a code that they have to disclose what they are about to do beforehand. Is that why every Country around the world is going bankrupt and doesn’t care? Is that why the US keeps printing monopoly money? The Russians have built bunkers for their citizens. The Chinese are expanding their subway system (underground) for all of their citizens. We in the USA keep hearing stories about strange unexplained noises at night (bunkers being built for the elite?) They have sealed the world “doomsday seedbank”. Do you get the feeling they know something we don’t know?

            • Get a grip. Just a simple power grab and a drastic population reduction.

            • Personally I am thinking radiation from Fukushima will come into play and have a tremendous impact soon. Media blackout has kept it from being a common discussion topiq, but the effects are already showing up in children in Tokyo sooner than it should be. When #4 goes, God help us all.

          • ….I dont think the people theyre gonna come up agaist in a real confrontation are gonna be “actors” throwing snowballs….like you say the smart people wont be rioting anyhow and what they throw will be from a distance and moving at high velocity….

          • We need to give them that war to win this domestic war and any military that participates in Martial Law will be shot down.

        • I still think its plan for a bigger economic failure in the future.

          • I totally agree. They are planning for the economic collapse and are hoping to be able to contain it.

            I actually think there will be more advanced techniques and tools used in quelling the storm. I plan to post on that shortly on my site.

        • “IS the Army Preparing…?” This should have never been phrased as a question….ever. They’re already prepared. They’re already in place. These are just rehearsals, not preparations.

          Which also means we, the people, are doing the same. We will never be bullied; not by an individual, state, army, or government.

          As the William Wallace character stated to the English garrison, “Go back to England, and tell them there, that Scotland’s daughters and sons are yours no more. Tell them Scotland is Free…… burn it.” Now, we must live by this HERE. Light your way.

          Gold Leader standing by.

        • Provisions of Obamacare details how the military is to be used against the public who refuse the dictates of this oppressive law. Don’t take my word, read it yourself. Text available at several sources, including Congressional Record, Library of Congress and several websites. My guess that this will take place when the Supreme Court rules on the constitutionality of Obamacare; regardless of the ruling, this Administration will declare martial law and suspend the election, as martial law allows.

          • I tend to agree. However, I also think that several things are being brought to a head at roughly the same time. I tend to believe that the Obama administration is working behind the scenes to ramp up racial tensions because of what happened in Sanford, FL. Then there is Occupy, which is another group looking to escalate things in the next few months. Follow that with a spike in oil prices due to what we are doing in Iran and a crash of the US Dollar due to excess debt and the end of the dollar as the sole medium of exchange in international transactions all hitting at once and you have a witch’s brew of chaos that will provide the impetus for martial law. Occupy, the Tea Party, the Black Panthers, the KKK, and all of these other protest/violent reactionary groups are what Vladimir Lenin called “useful idiots”. In the end, they will be sacrificed in order for Obama to consolidate power for himself. This is a vast chess game being played out before our eyes, and not all of the moves are obvious. Racial tensions will be the impetus for taking away any military-style weapons from the common man, and the violence that breaks out shortly after that will be the impetus for martial law. After all, as you can no longer protect yourself, the government now has to do it for you.

            Then again, I have lots of theories and I war game them from time to time to see what makes the most sense. I don’t claim to know what will happen but I can as sure as anyone try to figure it out.

          • Virginia has a House Bill 1160 that is expected to become law in two weeks stating that they WILL NOT PARTICIPATE in unlawful detentions of U.S. citizens under NDAA and that the states workers and resources are NOT available to the pres. They are exercising the 10th Amendment, and AZ, RI, MD, OK, TN, WA are all considering similar laws.

            We are still the United STATES of America!!! This administration highly underestimates us, and they are worried.


        • You could be right…

          Look how quick a crowd that wins/loses a game, whether it be basketball, hockey, etc. can go from passive to rioting breaking windows, torching cars, turning on one another, so in that respect, I can see why they would need to role play and practice.

          That being said tho, I still don’t trust the gov. and they sure have been doing a lot of “prepping” on their part for something. Crowd control for sure but why and for what… that is the million dollar question.

          • you know i see Army backhoe”s being built every day in Clayton,NC at the “CAT” plant!!!!
            how do you explain that ??

            • Clayton huh? Likely CAT has a contract to provide them for the gov’t. JoCo life 😉

          • LOL. Your demise…

            • I know you hi jacked my comments-LOSER! Do you feel special? How can you change a comment on a website? Guess I will check with my attorney.

        • I haven’t seen a formation this defensive since the Battle of Teutoburg Forest, when the Germans decimated three Roman Legions to a man.

          Having trained for riot control my self and watched 400,000 civilians panic when the wind shifted the tear gas, I can promise you that 400,000 people running at those troops would overwhelm them and their weapons in a matter of seconds.

          In a major riot today, in DC or NYC, the FEDs will use nerve gas delivered by drones to immobilize the inner city residents faster than you can say “South Philadelphia”.

          The troops will just be needed to stack the bodies like cord wood in a cattle car to transfer them to the nearest FEMA Camp.

          Engage your managers or be enslaved by them.

            • There you go. That is not the Bat Plane swooping low over Gotham, but the next generation drone.

          • My answer to the drones, is full choke..

      2. Fart!

      3. I have many family members who have served in the military.

        But, when I read this it just gives me a sick feeling in my stomach.

        • Yes Mom, it is sickening. And the story and photos were very interesting but what I’m really interested in seeing and reading about are the 1 Million U.N. troops that will invade our country when our military refuses to fire upon their fellow American Citizens.

          God damn the souls of all the subhuman’s that are planning all of this.

          • GaryStein deserves a medal not demotion and discharge. Hopefully that many will take the same stance they will not be able to fire them all.

            Take care

          • SilverFox: Yeah, and most of those pansies from europe, if and whan they do come, will look nice on some trophy walls. Even if only the most hard-core of our gun owners along with a sizeable number of police and military join us, the U.N. incursion will end up giving us even more guns and equipment to use once we take it from them. Crunching the numbers, I can’t believe anyone would actually be foolish enough to consider this as an option. But I could be wrong.

          • Right, just like Waco and Ruby Ridge

            • Pretty Good Ed: Yeah, and those clowns at Waco and Ruby Ridge thought they were Davie Crockett at the Alamo. Only a fool with a martyr complex would allow himself to be boxed in by superior forces. I believe that most of our own people (Military and LEOs) would defend this nation and its people against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

        • Pray for wisdom and strength for our soldiers and officers!

          They could, very likely, be forced to make a decision whether or not to obey direct orders that are un-Constitutional and detrimental to our Republic.

          • You look at the revolutions that occurred in Libya, Egypt and what is going on in Syria. Fighting happened when military members abandoned their leadership and took up with the people. Our leadership in America knows this can happen to them….watch for the blue helmets.

            • Blue helmets is what I’m hoping for.

              I do not relish the thought of having to engage our own people.

              On the other hand….foreigners…..I’d do it in a New York minute. And sleep peacefully at night.

              They have no idea what kind of stinky pile they are stepping into.

          • All of our nation’s local police forces already enforce unconstitutional law all day every day when they uphold and enforce any gun laws!

        • I am a Veteran, and have friends who are active duty as well as Vets too. They ALL say the same… and it’s unnerving!

          They tell me that the “old military is no more!”. Meaning, there isn’t a 100% camaraderie amongst the troops, airman, soldiers, etc anymore. We have to remember, the military of today, as usual, is made up of 18-26 year old youngsters. And… these same “kids” are the same ones who went through the indoctrination of our Socialist Screwal (School) System, and have been convinced that America is bad, Capitalism is bad, and that we need to be brought down one way or another! Now, they bring these ideologies into the military with them!!!

          You’ve heard it said that we ain’t got nothing to worry about, that our military will have our backs. Well, I’m here to tell you (either be aware or dismiss this), that I have been told by MANY, MANY trustworthy Patriots that when the SHTF, there will be only about 50% of the military who will actually “be on our side”. But first, they must go home, get their families secure and get bugged out. (How long will that take? In this time we will BE ON OUR OWN!). Then, the other 50% will be on the side of the Obumbler and his evil ilk!! They will take orders like the brainwashed robots they are!

          It’s not going to be pretty when this all comes down, whenever that is… this year, next year, 2 years, 5 years… whenever! God help us all, and please folks… don’t dismiss what I’ve said here!

          • OK I’m not from any kind of military background. However I do see all the chips falling into place for the implementation of martial law on both sides of the pond.

            I have some questions for those with military experience as I try and figure this out.

            1. What % of those kids cos have been to public school & therefore do not yet have the life experience to have shaken of the ptb dumbing down & indoctrination of the education system? (I think the average frontline soldier is probably only aged 21 at most? My ex was very young when he became a sniper in E.Europe).

            2. In Ireland UK troops were used against the general public and in E.Europe the same was done. Sadly I’m sure the UK military has been sufficiently indoctrinated to be used on the UK mainland from the few I’ve met personally. What makes the US different?

            3. Will there be any availability of troops from Europe, given that the Euro is collapsing? I anticipate more significant civil disorder across Europe as the Economic disintigration continues. It leaves me wondering just where these “foreign” troops will come from?

            4. Will they play the race card? Wondering cos there seems to be a real concerted effort to incite racial tensions at the moment. i.e send white military units into black areas of the US and the other way round. Would this be the easiest way to overcome any resistance from military personnel to fire upon US citizens?

            Thanks in advance for trying to answer my queries. I know what I’d like your answers to be, but wishing doesn’t make summat true iykwim.

            • lonelonmum,

              All good questions. However, I think I already answered Question #1 above… didn’t I? All except for… a vast majority of today’s military is from the Public Screwal System. That is the norm anyway. A vast majority of kids go to public schools, so it is just logical as well that most who enlist are from the PUBIC system.

              #2: In this day and age in which we live now? Nothing!

              #3: OK… today, there are CHICOM (Chinese) soldiers in TX, and other states, we have Canadian troops here, there are Russian troops here, we have UN troops co-training with our troops, and other foreign troops all over this land. (**Folks, help me out with the list, I know it’s incomplete).
              So… you’re answer is… they’re already here, plus they would easily make it here in no time.

              #4: I don’t think that will be a scenario. The 50%, or so, of the ones taking the orders of the EVIL DOERS won’t care what color you are, or what color they are. They will be concerned in completing the SPEC OP (special operation).

              I hope that helps. It’s not a rosy picture, I realize. The truth is……… it’s NOT going to be a rose garden, that’s for sure!!!

            • That is an interesting thought, I hadn’t thought about the military using the race card. I think it will make it easier for both sides to shoot eachother.

              I can see all the pieces falling together, or the puzzle falling apart, this is going to hell really fast .

              I’ve been trying to show my friends and family but they keep seeing “our government is set up so that can never happen they’re just trying to protect us.” I need help breaking through their indoctrination. They don’t realize how much our rights have been eroded. Anybody got ideas?

            • Jasoncookies,

              You’re not going to like what I have to say… but… it’s the truth!

              I have been where you’re at now. Unfortunately, what you have to do is:

              #1: Reach those you can reach
              #2: Teach them, let them teach you
              #3: GET PREPPED!!! NOW!!!
              #4: Here’s the kicker…. kinda like the Bible says, “Shake your feet of the dust.” IOW, walk away! Do not waste your time on those who will not listen. You don’t have the time (nor the energy it takes to try, and try and try to reach them!).

              You see, I have family and friends (as well as acquaintances) who just won’t get it! They think like those folks you wrote about. Plus, they believe that we Preppers are just conspiracy theorists. Now, from a faith standpoint, I understand those who say, “I’m not worried, faith eliminates all fear.”. However, what they don’t get is… I’m NOT talking about being fearful. I’m entirely talking about being prepared, ready and willing to protect you, yourself and others. As well as understanding that people are inherently evil, and boy do we have some EVIL folks in power today!

              Hope that helps…..

            • They learned about shifting various units around from the old Soviet Union. Ukrainians gaurded Moscovites, Siberians gaurded Ukrainians, etc. Yes they will absolutly do they same across the Western Block.

              Here in the US, they have had plenty of time to sort out the respondents of the “29 Palms Survey”, and shifted those loyal to them accordingly. It is unlikely they will stand up US Mil on a race-basis. Otherwise, the “race-card” is a rather blase MO of thiers. More likey, they will confine to barracks members of all inits they suspect may not follow orders.

              They will likely use every weapon they have against us, when they make thier play. So many of our countrymen, and women, have turned against this country, and will follow the orders of murderers. It would not surprise me in the least, that if they do not get thier way, they will use biologogical, chemical, and even nuclear weapons on us all.

              We US Military veterans far outnumber them, and they may take a lot of us down. But, they will pay.

            • JustMe,

              How are some of you all getting “Approved” so fast? I posted a comment 17 minutes, and one 2 minutes before you. Yet, I am still “Awaiting Moderation”!!!


            • Well, it’s exactly ONE HOUR & THIRTY MINUTES since I ‘tried’ to post these comments. Still I am “Awaiting Moderation”!!!

              C’mon, someone tell me what the secret is…….


            • I give up! I hope something in my comments helps those who asked questions. If not, sorry.

              Good night……

            • Obama is not popular in the military. Strangely George Bush was. Clinton also was not well thought of. The worry is staged events where the troops are told lies as to what is going on.

            • Southern Boy ~

              Sometimes the moderation queue takes longer than other times. If you have been posting here for a long time usually your posts go through automatically. Give it a few more days of contributing and I’m sure your stuff will post immediately.

            • Thanks Daisy! I will do….


            • @lonelomum, Ok this is my personal exoeriemce. My oldest is 20 her friends are between 20-18, they are a mix of military and non all think the gov is corrupt ( please note that my oldest has ALOT of friends BIG CIRCLE of them) my brother is 28 his friends range from 23 up to 30 some military some not, he has toured the world in a band and saw ALOT in other countries, the concencus with his peeps is the do not like our gov, both US friends ans ones abroad. VERY close friend in ,ilitary higher up and in his 50 what he knows of feloow troops (he served in Iraq) military would not turn on people, although I personally believe they would follow ordrs initially ( maybe) then realize what they were doing. Check out youtube for marine in New York shouting at police for “riot controll” Most army nave etc love their country and the people. This is my humble opinion. Please not I am in a very heavy populated place of people serving and know many servoce people and families. My fear is at a local level where these little people are gullible enough to follow Federal orders just submit…that is my fear, Police HATE people we are the enemy to them, they are trained to look at all of us like criminals. I so not think credit is given to the 20 somethings that may be due as I have a houseful of them and thier parents told them not to trust the goverment but they speak of it among themselves more than openly, it is like a secret society. They have the internet etc and read ALOT of underground news….at least my child’s friends do and we are in a very VERY RURAL area verses city more up tp the minute kinda people. Just my observations..

          • I have acquaintances in the current military and, sad to say, I have no respect for them. They are twenty somethings mostly concerned about drugs and their next high. They parade around in uniform and get automatic respect, then they get high, run around on their wives and neglect their kids. I expect they would do what ever they were ordered to do without any insight.
            I know some older military and veterans that understand what is ahead and I have some faith in them, just not the younsters.

      4. It’s normal for Guard troops to do this type of training because it’s their job to deal with this kind of thing but when Active Duty troops start doing this kind of training then someone has a plan to use them for something.

      5. Nothing to see here…. /sarc

        Seriously, I thought about sending this article on to family and friends, but they really don’t want to hear it, muchless think about it. At most they’ll dismiss it as nothing and then tell me I’m an idiot. Again.

        • Forward it anyway, and at least you did your part to get the word out. For some sheep their realization they are in the slaughterhouse is the time the butcher stuns them just before carrying them off to the blades.

        • Do it anyway. I do. Of course, I put this at the bottom, every time: (boy does it piss my mother off!)

          Friends and relatives, I love you all. But if you’re ignoring me now you should know that I will be doing the same, by necessity, when you realize it’s too late. You still have time and I still have plans you can adapt. For now.

          • Tym, I convey the same message…..evrytime.
            Now I am the black sheep in the family. they have been forewarned.

        • Yeah, go ahead and send it like Beefcake said… curiosity will have them read it (hopefully) and even though they may think it silly, it will be in their in their sub-conscience so IF something were to happen or signs of impending danger to come, maybe they’ll remember what you sent them and be on guard and awake….

      6. I’m not so concerned by this training as I am how it will be applied towards the population of The U.S.

        #1 Demoralize, replace American values with marxist ones. Take over political parties and Media. (done)

        #2 Destabilization, currently taking place in the form of race baiting, pending economic confusion, high gas/food prices, increased unemployment. Sowing fear and increasing anger. Start cycle of violence.

        #3. Normalization: This is when these tactics will be employed, round up the Rebels,send in the Tanks and APC’s, replace Republic with “State Capitalism”.

        All Hail Obudda, Lord of America!

        • Auntie Commie, seems to me you’re pushing marxism = violence = state capitalism. I’m asking, have you ever seriously studied Marx and Lenin? Marxism is exactly the opposite of what you preach: abolition of capitalism and its stronger form, the state capitalism. Capital is wage work transformed, and obviously marxism wants abolition of wage work and capital. Stalin, a state-capitalist, killed more marxists than anyone else. Also, since the capitalistic production system periodically enters in deep economic crisis due to overproduction and fall of profit rate, capitalists start violence against their own workers to regain profit margins and start wars against foreign capitalists to enlarge their world market quotas. Marxism wants abolition of capitalism, and so end any more violence. You’re a victim of capitalists’ ideology, aiming to instill anti-commmunism in the masses in order to prevent workers leninist organization to prepare for revolution.

        • @Auntie Commie-

          You are touting the words of a washed up, screwball, KGB agent and they are 25 year old words at that. Get fucking original huh?
          Quoting Yuri? Please. He is a fucking KGB ASSHOLE!

      7. Remember the so-called John Warner Defense Act (2006 I believe)?? It gutted the long established Posse Comitatus Act which prohibited using the military for domestic police operations. More straws on the camel’s back. Nothing happens by accident. You can bet this is being put in place for the very reason we suspect. When the Fed finally succeeds in crashing the US and global economy the mundanes will rise up to meet such as these. Sadly, the majority of mil and LEO will obey orders instead of honoring their oaths to support and defend the Constitution. We had best face that fact and to prepare accordingly.

        • Let’s hope that they will have more sense than to shoot and kill small groups or families that pose no threat, as most of us will be.

          In reality, those who get killed by the beast will merely being paying the price for being supported by it. If you are more interested in rioting and trying to get corp food than you are in catching a fish so you can eat, you are really a BIG part of the problem.

          If you are on benefits now because you qualify, take them for as long as you can. Just be ready to go on without them when they are no longer there.

          It is killing itself and if you are a part of it it will kill you too. Not just financially, but physically if you are crazy enough to get in it’s way.

          • When this comes, full-force, you will not be able to get out of it’s way…

        • Abouthadit: I was both,(Mil and LEO,) and you’re right, there are a lot that would follow orders blindly. But there are a lot more that wouldn’t. They are just as sick and tired of our country being run into the ground that they would side with the citizens of this country rather than the ruling elite. May we never have to find out because it will be ugly.

          • So where do YOU stand? Answer carefully!

        • I wonder how many more chess pieces have to be put in place before it’s “check mate” for us? How much time have we got before it’s GAME OVER?

          Executive Orders up-dated and refined? CHECK…

          Economy near collapse? CHECK….

          Ammo/weapons in stock? working on CHECK….

          Extra supply of food/supplies? CHECK…

          Shelter for the elite? CHECK…

          So, how many more moves have they got left before their plan is unveiled…..

        • Sheeple in Nazi Germany said “our soldiers won’t obey those orders, we don’t have to worry, those camps are just rumors. We really don’ need guns, our police will protect us and hunting is so barbaric”

          Quick facts
          1 Nazi Germany had thousands on welfare and food stamps
          2 9/11 and the reichstag fire were very similar in effect and consequence
          3 Hitler loved animals, animal rights in Germany would make peta proud
          4 crime did drop in Nazi Germany
          5 in Nazi Germany God was taken out of public schools

          Just something to think about. I know something like that could never happen here (SARCASM)

          • The Marxists who trun the show only took what they wanted from the Nazi experience. Make no mistake, we are headed into a very Marxist nightmare, that make Joseph Stalin proud.

          • To this day home schooling is still illegal in Germany as it never got taken off the books after the Nazi’s implemented it. Germans (esp those with extreme religous beliefs or sen kids) still emigrate from time to time cos of this carzy rule – just saying.

      8. ” The riot escalated as the crowd began throwing snowballs, slurred profanity and made offensive gestures at the Soldiers”

        Thank God that’s all they have to worry about, for a minute there I thought they might be up against bottles filled with gasoline and styrofoam or AK-47s and ARs.

        • I promise I won’t ever throw a snowball at a bunch of guys in riot gear. Unless maybe I can figure out how to launch one at say 2800fps…

          • Does riot gear work against bullets ?

            • No, only their rifle plates in their vest will stopa rifle round. All other body areas are open season.

            • body armor works against handgun and some intermediate rifle rounds(depends on armor level and body area coverage) and buckshot. slugs and full powered rifle(.308,.270,7.62 anything,30-06,30-30,etc) rounds will assure 100% penetration everywhere except in the chest/gut area where armor is strongest. hitting someone in armor in the chest area will at least slow them down by knocking the wind out of them, bruising them, or rupturing muscle/organs/tendons/break bones(depends on the bullet used). when aiming at someone with armor, aim for arms, legs, head. might not be imediatly fatal, but if you rupture a major blood vessel they are dead within 3-30 minutes without treatment. Someone with 50+ pounds of gear vs someone with some distance and a rifle with no gear other than a couple of mags will have disadvantages.

            • Only fools will attempt a frontal assault.

          • Reminds me of the time one of my idiot friends hit a cop with a snowball. The cop did not know whether to laugh or kick ass. We did even worse to a horse cop one time. He should have smacked us around but did not. Back then cops still had a sense of humor.

      9. Despite what you may think, or what you have been taught. The primary goal of any government is self perpetuation.
        Those at the top will commit any atrocity necessary to keep the status quo. If you think, for even a moment that your govt is there to protect you… you are doomed. rely upon yourself and God. you will never be let down.

        • Great is His Faithfulness

        • Well, if you are going to rely on “God” to get you through whatever the gov’t sends down the pike…you might as well bend over and kiss your ass good-bye. Because you can look around the entire planet and see what a good job he/she is doing with ALL those folks being murdered not only by their own gov’t, but by the good ol’ US of A also. IF he doesn’t give a hairy, rat’s ass about some poor kid in Iraq getting maimed by our bombs, what exactly makes you so special…get real.

          • “”Because you can look around the entire planet and see what a good job he/she is doing with ALL those folks being murdered not only by their own gov’t, but by the good ol’ US of A also. IF he doesn’t give a hairy, rat’s ass about some poor kid in Iraq getting maimed by our bombs, what exactly makes you so special”

            Really Dude?

            God gives you the power and will to do right in Natural Law, or His Law. God, however one defines Him, does not and can not control the actions of a Man. When evil reigns in the hearts of the masses, the problem is the focus of Mans energies, not Gods.

            God offers the opportunity to join the positive energy of the universe, to be a part of something much larger than yourself that will shine perpetually on all that is good.

            Many have chosen darkness over the light, but they can not extinguish your light. You can choose to follow the darkness and be a part of the negative energy of the universe, or you can be a part of the positive energy of the universe by honoring the Creator and His Laws.

            If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice…

            • Why so angery? How has God let you down my brother? I’m sorry if I offended you.

              John Knoxx, a hero of mine, and a great Scotish Preacher used to preach with a broadsword in the pulpit with him. Not all Christians are wimps. example is Sgt. Alvin York of WWI fame.

              Christians make good fighters, as long as they are standing up for what is right, like Liberty and Freedom.

              As for your other questions, don’t ask me, ask God to explain, it’s His plan and His world. God Bless.

            • Keep chanting that while they beat you and lock you up. I’m sure it’ll help.

            • ~GC~

              You are correct!

              Its called the (divine)doctrine of “FREE WILL”…..

      10. The mobs in Texas will not confront military formations with sticks and stones. The Texans will not stage a new battle at the Alamo however, once it is understood that the military has decided to support illegal, non-constitutional aggression against the citizens, the Texas mob will hide in plain sight, behind individual trees and rocks, and will take out as many as possible before death. It has all happened before….And the time for choosing sides is quickly approaching.

        (From The Texas State historical Foundation)

        Santa Anna sent a courier to demand that the Alamo surrender. Travis replied with a cannonball. There could be no mistaking such a concise response. Centralist artillerymen set about knocking down the walls. Once the heavy pounding reduced the walls, the garrison would have to surrender in the face of overwhelming odds.

        Bottled up inside the fort, the Texans had only one hope-that reinforcements would break the siege.

        As commander, Travis wrote his letter addressed to the “people of Texas & all Americans in the world,” in which he recounted that the fort had “sustained a continual Bombardment and cannonade for 24 hours.” He pledged that he would “never surrender or retreat” and swore “Victory or Death.”

        That was only 2.5 generations ago!!!!

        • My mama was from Texas…I live in Texas…and I plan to die in Texas…if whatever replaces our PTB decide to forcibly attack the people of Texas to force some kind of centralized, Marxist NWO doctrine I won’t live long to see it B/C I will gladly die for liberty than live under NWO-sanctioned oppression.

          Now I’m off to the range to zero my two AR-15’s at the 100 yd line…I’ve got a Suarez International AR-15 rifle fighting class this weekend.

          Long live Liberty, Long live the ideals of the U.S. Constitution as applied to ALL races….

          • You are currently being invaded by Mexicans. Why should the PTB believe that you would try to stop them when you can’t stop the Mexicans?

            Oh, you left it up to the fed to do it?

            It is about protecting what you have, and apparently the state of Texas can not protect itself.

            I am not putting down on Texas. It’s every state. Each state needs to take back the responsibility for protecting itself. That is why a well regulated militia was/is needed and protected by the 2nd Amendment.

            • Meh, I’ll answer that. Some invasion. I’m about as threatened by Mexicans as the invading grackles we have around DFW. The only territory they seem to “conquer” is the most rundown part of town, aka, the only place they can afford. Frankly, they can have it.

              If all we had to worry about in TX was Mexicans, I’d probably not even be reading this. For cryin’ out loud. Get a grip.

            • CG please read your Constitution again. WE created our gov’t and assigned IT the responsibility to defend our boarders. What good is ONE state defending it’s boareds if all the others don’t. Same results anyway.

            • Cimi,

              We DID NOT create what is passing itself off as government. It will not protect you or your borders.

              If you are waiting for the corp to follow the Constitution, good luck with that.

              If you hired someone to build a fence around your yard, and they did not, wouldn’t you build the fence yourself, and use the money the contractor would have been paid?

              Same with the corp. It doesn’t do it’s job, so the People forming the states must stand up and do it.

        • Yo Texas, you’re not alone. The states to the East of you are behind you too. Probably Ark./Ok. also…. what’s that they say? The South will rise again?! There are tons of people down here along with Texas that will have no problem defending what’s ours.

          Down with the government if they try to mess with us….

        • And don’t forget the Gonzalez Flag….

          A single star, a canon and the words, “Come and take it.”

          TPTB have no idea just what kind of stinky pile they are stepping into.

        • Bit longer than that, almost two hundred years. I doubt if the Texans are up to it any more. Besides half of them are now illegals.

          • No John, us Texans will die for what is ours. Especially our guns!!

          • Don’t they keep reelecting Sheila Jackass Pee?

        • When it starts will youTexans accept some help from an Upstate New Yorker? We’re conservative, God-fearing patriots north of the Mohawk River.

          • I expect there’ll be enough Texicans when the need arises…

          • Sure! Y’all come on down now so you won’t be too late…

      11. Is there any question about just what and why “our” government is buying all this stuff? Patrick Henry said it best: “These are the implements of war and subjugation; the last arguments to which kings resort. I ask gentlemen, sir, what means this martial array, if its purpose be not to force us to submission? Can gentlemen assign any other possible motive for it?”

        • Patrick Henry?….hmmm didn’t he also say something about Liberty or Death?

          Helped start a Revolution as I recall.

      12. Glad I didn’t reinlist in the Guard. Being in service to your country while waking up isn’t easy.

        Ron Paul 2012

        • Ron who?

          • I hate commies.

            • Communism has never come to power in a country that was not disrupted by war or corruption, or both.
              -John F. Kennedy

          • Hey Iowa, Rick Santorum is out, that leaves your guy and Plastic Mitt, you got something to be happy about!

            • ~AC~

              Most of your posts are “Bulls-eyes”….but, why the hatred for RON PAUL? What has he done to piss you off?????

              I & many others are curious…as regards to your insight/opinion!

              …enlighten/educate us………!!!

        • Probably should have. I have few illusions about who’s gonna win this one. All chest beating aside, someone in this picture has a prayer. and a whole lot of other someones (about 300,000,000 of them)… do not.

      13. The millitary will do as they are told. They always have and always will. But the politicians will tell them only what they want them to hear. They will say there are terrorists behind those walls. They will say there are bombs in those cars. search them all. If people resist than they have something to hide.
        Why do you think it is that the modern armies want 18 year olds? Because they will do as they are told and take great gusto in it. They will only lament on it when they become older and wiser and will generally drink themselves into oblivion and death with the knowlege of what they did is wrong.

        • yup dont forget contract armies..remember Blackwater and how they delt with people in Katrinas wake..?

          there will be armies working for food and money, you can bet their ass they will follow what ever will pay their bills.

          On a thread before this there was asked if they would fire on us..if you think the answer is anything other than yes..yer as good as dead.

          • Of course they will fire on us.
            And about the army you talk of. We call it the FSA. Free shit army. They are always around willing to do what ever it takes to get their stuff.

        • If you look, you will see that they are doing an R.I.F. (reduction in force) of O-3’s and O-4’s in all services, esp Air Force. We also have friends of higher ranks that have been forced to retire with only 45 days notice.

          Can’t have any of our generation who remember what America was like 25 years ago have any position of authority in the ranks now, can we???

      14. I have always said that I am preparing for the violent transition to a third-world country. These troops will be implemented when those in the inner city can no longer stumble down to the Quickie-Mart and swipe their entitlement card for food.

        Lay low and don’t make the big mistake when allies become enemies. Prepare to defend your own position while they are stressing their moral and resources.

      15. Aim for the knees and feet.

        1) no armor on knees and feet

        2) knee and foot injuries immobilizes aggressors

        3) well placed shots to knees and feet reduces charges from attempted murder to assault with a deadly weapon

        • Even if an opponent is wearing body armor, being shot with a large caliber centerfire rifle (.308, 30 06, 7.62×54, magnums, etc) will likely take them out of the fight if it doesn’t kill them.

          I don’t believe the face shields offer much protection against any centerfire rifle rounds either, so head shots still work too. 🙂

          • I would aim for the groin.

            • ouch… don’t mess with the kidd!

            • Hahaha! That makes me smile.

          • If head shots work for Zombies, it’ll work on my enemy. Besides, I hate in movies how they shoot them once in the leg or where ever, and I’ll be damned if the boogie man gets up and kills them any way.

            Off with the head… just to be on the safe side.

            • Ever see a shot to the lower intestine just above the groin with a .223? I promise you the victim will have his hands full, literally, and he is not getting up.

              Its messy.

        • I’m no expert but it might depend on what you’re tote’n. 12ga knees and feet, Pistol knees and feet, AR-AK-FN-M1A, or H&K, THE HEAD.

          • …50-140 Sharps….ANYWHERE on their body 🙂

        • KICK EM’ ;0) IN DA’ DiNG DoNG! “CRUNCH da’ NUTS!” ;0p pssszzt da’ nwo!


        • yeah but its the head that does the talking…talking is bad , because thats where lies come from.
          knees and feet can be fixed, than the problem isnt gone.

          2 to the head one to the heart..if you arnt trained to be that accurate..train harder

        • Head shots also do very well.. Just ask the snipers picking off the civilians!

        • Also if you only wound them, it takes two other soldiers to treat or remove the injured from the field, stretching fewer soldiers over a broader area.

          • My gut feeling is, they will be left will be every man for himself at that point

          • Everyday a whole bunch of CH-53 helos fly over my house. The Ospry has now taken the place of the CH-46 helos that were common until a couple of months ago, throw in the odd F-18s and I don’t think anyone around here would have much chance if the Marines go against us.

          • It’s also demoralizing to carry your buddy as he bleeds out.

        • I’m thinking that if it comes down to actually shooting at these guys, the possibility of future criminal charges will be the least of our worries.

          Personally….I think I’d aim for the crotch.

      16. Sorry to burst their bubble, but if the military rolls into town, I’m not going to be standing in front of them with rocks and bottles. Those folks will be the ones ignorant enough to have gone voluntarily to the camps for water and food, only to find out that they weren’t going to be allowed to go home. Military troops coming to town will be the best signal we’re likely to get that it’s time to roll.

        • Drove down a side street in our small town about a month ago & noticed a weird looking vehicle the size of a school bus sitting in a gas station parking lot (station has been closed for several years). The words “Department of Homeland Security” in big letters on side facing street. Went to city building & asked about it – was told it had been there “for a long time.” WRONG! Hubby and/or I drive that street at least once a week and neither of us noticed it before. Anyone else seen one of these behemoths? What’s going on?

          • I have not noticed that particular vehicle BUT I am in a small toen in NC and we now have a moble emergency medical unit it is the size of those large tour buses. Why does a town of of SMALL population need this thing anyway, I can not remember but it was quickly after the arrival of this “bus” things that we now have a wonderful FEMA operations center in the samll connubity next to my town (the county seat) we are in a hurricane prone area but this struck me as odd and scared the bajeesuss outta me..And not far form a base ALOT of traffic hangin low the last couple weeks…ALL BEWARE and get ready

      17. Are you guys fuckin serious…..these drills have been going on for a very long time and they cold be as simple as training for a power outage for any extended period of time or a natural disaster or a RODNEY KING like situation…..not everything is DOOM related people
        That’s why your community are referred to as TINFOIL HAT people.

        • @ rish, That’s why you are known as a man with no testicles.

        • go away

        • Co-intel pro much?

        • Rich 99,

          Perhaps a total collapse will not happen within a day, however, how could you look around you and not see the deck of cards starting to fall. Abandoned neighborhoods, schools in shambles, hungry homeless familys in all states and desperate human beings on the verge of insanity. Anyone who wanted to face reality, would know that this is happening now and getting worse everyday. TPTB are preparing for the inevitable. This situation will not get better, only progress at a faster rate with each passing day. Tin foil hats are for the ones that think this will pass and all will be well. We are on a downward spiral with no end in sight. You can not deny what is in front of your face, unless you are blind and deaf. The air is getting stagnant with desperation and fear of the unknown. The whole world is on fire and ready to explode. This is real, not a drill.

          • Ohcumgache,

            Very well said! I understand the frustration of people like Rich99. We have heard much of this for some time now. Only now, only now everything is almost in place for events to unfold.

        • Actually, that WAS a bad time, the Rodney King riots. Also I have seen on the news how people will riot over Michael Jordan sneakers. Don’t quite understand that mentality but that is just the scenario the gov. is training for. It truly doesn’t take much any more to spark a riot these days and it doesn’t take but a second for it to spin out of control destroying property and injuring people.

          Maybe the gov. is innocent in their training and gathering of their preps ….. NOT!!!

        • I love the tin foil hat comments… Means these jerks are asleep and lets me buy more silver and gold. Mine doubled in value. ha

          • yea so in a mad Max situation that gold is gonna help u how?

          • To be honest I think that buying gold is a waste of time. If the SHTF and sheeple lost faith in the USD, than toilet paper or eggs make better barter items than gold. With the money you spend on gold you could buy gardening supplies, chickens, guns, MREs, or a hell of a lot of ammo. I personally think stocking up on gold is a waste of recources. But I could be wrong

            • Gold will pay your passage out of dodge. A large amount of wealth can be sewn into clothing to get you across continents if needed.

              There may come a situation where you just need to get the F$$%%k out FAST. Unaccompanied children are often put on planes to Europe from trouble spots Africa in this manner to save their lives. It’s the last resort of desperate parents & an option I’d take rather than see my child caught up in carnage or worse.

            • Gold, like other commodities will always be recgnized as a value and as seen in numerous other countries during time of economic meltdowns and various disaters it maintains a barter value….some one will make a trade, it is human nature. I do however, agree that there will be a far greater demand for trade goods such as medicines, spices, soap, razor blades, lighters, fishing tackle, rope, etc., but gold and silver should also be in your bag. The reason is that if a hyperinflationary event takes place prior to the full collapse it will be the recognized value of gold and silver that replaces the governments worthless toilet paper money.

        • I happen to think my tinfoil hat is sexy

          • Jason

            Being a little more restrained (oppressed) here in the UK I tend to wear my hat only when at home as getting carted off in the middle of the monthly shop at Tesco would screw up my day completely.

            Take care

          • My kids laugh and say my whole house is covered in tin foil! (Wait, does that make it a faraday cage?)

        • How’s that Kool-aid you’re drinking?

      18. I think there could be a stand down from the miltary if ordered to violate the constitution they are sworn to defend. There are already rumours of high ranking military that are prepared to arrest politicians that order the “takeover” of this country.

        “Mr President, you are under arrest. Hands against the wall, sir.”

        • manich,
          I know Allen West is retired, but DANG that would be SWEET footage! West cuffing O for treason.

        • See, THATs what I’m thinking! The Courts and The Millitary .I have been hearing about that too! Could be just rumors but I can see the Fed. Judges ordering the millitary to deal with The White House and Congress. It reminds me of the Clinton years.

          • The judiciary has been complicit in allowing us to get where we’re at, I wouldn’t expect much help from the judges.

        • I’d love to be a fly on the wall if that happened. That would be SWEET!! 2/3rds of the politicians would have to be arrested along with the prez., not to mention his cronies.

        • I would’nt bet on that one…

      19. The governmental response bothers me far less then whatever is coming that will motivate vast numbers of ordinary Americans into civil disorder. It has to be huge to interrupt sports and entertainment. Maybe the straw that breaks the camels back is the interruption of sports and entertainment

        • AKA ~ Rome’s Bread & Circus!

          When Rome was in decline, the beginning of the end was the removal of free bread and gladiator games. The people revolted and it ushered in the Roman Empire’s Death Knell.

        • There was an article today WRT cable TV going to $200/month. Now, that could disrupt the sports and entertainment, when majorities can no longer afford the pricey packages. If power costs continue to escalate, as well, then even using the Net will be curtailed, unless folks are set up with battery power or other off-grid sources.

          I am the first to admit I have no idea what will happen or when, but I tend to think it will happen first in cities and suburbs. Which is my personal reason for avoiding both places.

          Everyone I know has been waiting for the shoe to drop for a few years, now. These troop drills are not very impressive, when you factor in hundreds of bored rifle owners setting up on other than direct trajectories against these blocks of shield-bearers. They remind me of Redcoats. Are we just not seeing that they have protected flanks? Air support? Crowd suppression chemical/sound/heat weapons?

          Things that make you go “hmmmmmmmmmmm”.

      20. I cannot see active duty soldiers firing on fellow Americans even if ordered to do so. Even a lowly private is inclined to question orders and demand the “why” of an order if it appears suspect. Aside from that, many officers are not pro-Obama and might countermand orders from other officers who are; especially if the order was to fire on unarmed Americans, or even to confiscate weapons from those who have committed no crime.

        In my opinion, the same does not apply to law enforcement, because it is their primary duty to enforce the will of elected officials on their fellow Americans which they do on a daily basis. Cops already have an “us-vs-them” mentality and many of them do not necessarily believe in universal application of constitutional principles when it interferes in their ability to do their job. A cop, left to his own devices, would use unconstitutional surveillance methods, support disarmament of the populace, support eliminating 5th Amendment protections, and eliminate presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Is it any wonder then that DHS would be buying 750 million rounds of ammo when their primary mission is security within the US?

        I forsee the military as being backup to the DHS and law enforcement on all levels. The military has contingencies for everything, and it is no surprise that someone has recognized the potential need for controlling unruly crowds during a collapse. They will probably be called upon to clear rural territory and hold it during an insurrection. Door to door confiscations by the military is highly unlikely in my opinion because their loyalty will be suspect if they are in a position to fraternize with the enemy. Our oppressors will not wear green, they will wear blue.

        • “Is it any wonder then that DHS would be buying 750 million rounds of ammo when their primary mission is security within the US?” Additionally, these are not “target practice” rounds. These are .40 caliber handgun rounds (up close and personal) and among the nastiest hollow point ammunition available…with respect to producing a fatal wound channel, regardless of point of impact. Even if this “pistol round” finds additional use in a “carbine” delivery system…it is STILL for close quarter house cleaning.

          Make no mistake, this “type” of ammunition is not used for practice on paper targets. Much cheaper FMJ, wadcutters, etc. would be purchased for “target practice”. These “rounds” have but ONE PURPOSE!

          • @YENTAL— you are wrong They train with what they USE for one thing, and for another, you think anyone is going to fight an “insurrection” with a 40 handgun?
            Some of you people are real fucking stupid.

      21. we all know what they’re up to…we all know what they’re going to do…the only thing we don’t know is who their domestic target is going to be….

        There are two carriers in the Persian Gulf right now…the U.S. and Iran are attempting to delay inevitable hostilities again while the clock ticks away at the oil-based global economy…

        I think that WTSHTF we’re going to see these domestic forces deployed to round up muslims by the bushel-load (along with anybody else who poses a 5th-column threat).

        Anything else will spell the destruction of America as a vital economic entity since the citizenry will fight TPTB and destroy their private property, machinery and personal records before they will surrender them to the marxists free-and-clear.

        Since D.C. really only cares about preserving America for commerce to prop-up the illusion of being able to pay off our debt….we the citizens have the upper hand in that we can refuse to pay our taxes…we can destroy anything of value to the centrists way faster than they can round us up….and we can shoot back in numbers far greater than our military and police can put into the field.

        I really hope it doesn’t come to this…I really hope that this multi-billion dollar Orwellian DHS apparatus
        is to round-up and kick-out immigrants from whomever we will soon be going to war with….but we’ll just have to see.

        Meanwhile I filed an extension on my taxes since I think I’m gonna owe this year.

        • Funny that you should post this as my spouse and I just this past Easter weekend decided that we’ll “burn it all down” before we “give it away”.

          • Thats a great idea Auntie. I think I’ll rig something up in case someone tries to take my preps.

        • An extension to file is not an extension to pay. You will owe interest and penalties.

        • I’d believe that if it were Uncle Ronnie in the white house; am thinking that since the current pres is polar opposite, so will be the round up.

          • I see one huge WACO until the sheep get the message. Then the camps.

        • I would’nt bet on that one either…

      22. The Army has been conducting drills on BLM land in eastern Oregon. Flying in unmarked Chinook helicopters. Is this the training for taking over farms?

        • Lots of that going on here daily, too. Lots of night flights. Sometimes so low the windows rattle. I used to say that the birds training was the sound of freedom; now am not so sure.

        • @ Gary—– yeah, and the troops they are using for these exercises come from Rawles famous AMERICA REDOUBT! The safest place to be. His is another money making MORON.
          Those states also have the highest suicide rates in the USA.
          Have fun out there…

      23. You can All bet – when it happens it’s gonna be Mind Blowing SHOCK AND AWE!!! They Have to Top 9/11 Bldg 7, with multiple zionist fed fbi false-flag civilian targets across the country involving banking money market collapse, weaponized biological disease and terrorist nukes… too justify to All the sheeple their complete and utter enslavement via debt… so they have no choice but to turn to their own abusive Zionist fascist banker run gestapo globalist government for survival… and salvation!

        The PTB “THE ZIONIST BANKER MAN” has come too Far Now to Turn Back! As every day Passes more and More once Free Americans are Waking Up!

        Seeing the IMF NWO CFR UN Global Carbon Credit TAX DEBT SLAVERY for the Deceitful LIE IT IS!

        REVOLUTION is a Comin’ … Which Side will YOU CHOOSE???


      24. I can see the military training for riots, just don;t see riots breaking out–that are not CIA to begin with. LOL.

        Also, police do not use hollow points bullets, only FMJ from what I’ve been told. So, knowing HP are more for civilians, I would gather the big orders are for the purpose of creating a shortage in the civilian populations.

        • They use hollow points. FMJ’s go through people and hit civilians. HP’s expand and slow down after going through the target. They are more effective than FMJ’s.

        • You are mistaken. The police ONLY use JHP ammo. This is in order to prevent overpenetration that is more likely to occur with FMJ. In fact, they train with the same ammo they are issued for duty use. In other words, their duty ammo is also their training ammo. The vast majority of that ammo will be expended at the range.

          • Are you a LEO? Seems like you have no clue. Practice ammo maybe FMJ but not carry ammo. FMJ over penetrates because it doesn’t slow down and if it doesn’t hit a vital organ the attacker is essentially pierced… Google it you might learn something.

        • Rachel, you’re an idiot! If you don’t know what in the hell you are talking about, just STFU !

          • Ouch. If she was referring to the military she would be right. Remember? I do. .556 FMJ and .45 ball. Probably 9mm now, I suppose. We are getting old. You are correct that law enforcement uses JHP in it’s pistols.

            Regardless, the feds are buying a shitload of law enforcement (not military) ammo. The fact that we speculate about the reasons is a reflection of the level of trust we have in our benevolent central government.

        • @rachel-twit!

        • I’m not sure what kind of ammo they used in the Katrina shooting, but the 4 officers got any where from 38 to 64 years in prison for shooting unarmed civilians coming across the bridge. The homicide detective in charge that covered up the story got 6 yrs.

          There will always be rogue cops/military people of power that won’t hesitate to shoot especially if you’re of color. Actually, in a case of SHTF, we will all be targets if the all clear is given to maintain order at any cost. Just don’t give up your arms if possible.

        • rachel, law enforcement officers almost exclusively use hollow point ammunition for it’s stopping power and as other commenter’s mentioned, over-penetration is greatly reduced. Many police officers (I can’t say all), both federal and local, are strictly limited to very specific brands, types, weights, and calibers of duty ammunition they are allowed to load in their duty weapons. Any deviation from the authorized duty ammunition as specified in their standard operating procedures can put an officers’ prosecutorial immunity in serious jeopardy during in trial.

        • Rachel: Don’t you believe it. Police departments now are using the hollow point bullets. They are not buying them to create a shortage, they are to be used on ” domestic terrorists” by the
          PTB’s government agencies. If you actually believe what you said, you are one of the ones who needs to wake up!

      25. It’s all about the food! That’s right. For years now the US has oversold our crop production to the rest of the world. Population keeps growing in size while the world crop production keeps shrinking. I believe the government is preparing for the food riot that will eventually find it’s way home. I hope I’m wrong but still I’m stacking as many MRE’s as I am silver rounds.

        • I just returned from the slaughter house with 50 more lbs. of ground beef.–before it goes to $4 a lb.

        • M Peters, Your comment is probably closer to the root cause of all out civil war, that has been cleverly devised by TPTB for many years. Food! When it becomes scarce; by whatever means and by the many avenues, it will cause people to panic. After already being agitated and aggravated by the crap being stirred up because of the racial tension, most people will blame the others that are of a different race,creed, or religion. Since our POS Prez signed away the majority of our wheat crops for the next three years, to China, we are one drought,one fuel shortage, or one stage away from everything culminating into such a scenario. When a person, used to having more food than they can eat, sees the pantry empty and their little ones crying from hunger, they become emotional. There is a “trigger” that is tied to the spinal cord directly from the stomach. When the stomach becomes empty, the trigger gets pulled and a message goes off in the brain…. FOOD! Need Food! Work for Food. If there is no way to work for Food, then comes depression and anxiety. Next comes anger and urgency! Time to Beg, Borrow, or Steal. Depending upon a persons common sense and character as to which way that person goes first. If there is no way to get food by either of these three methods, desperation sets in. A desperate person is a scary thing to encounter. Like a strung out, enraged, crack or meth addict, without any kind of logical thinking about them, they will lash out and kill anyone in their path to get a fix. Some would take their own life first, but most would go ballistic on just about everyone. Prepare accordingly and “Katy bar the doors!”

      26. I don’t believe for a minute that servicemen would refuse to obey orders.Why do they take young 18, 19 and 20 year olds? Not only are they the best physical specimens, but their young minds can be molded by the PTB. The military is, at least in today’s world, only there to do the corp bidding.I don’t believe an 18 or 19 year old has any idea that what he is doing may be wrong. They are brainwashed into the idea that they are defending freedom, when in many cases today they are only empire building for the money masters. They are, in fact, agents of the DC corp. And this also applies to the State Police, the National Guard, any alphabet agency….even your local dog catcher.There are supposed to be limits on our Federal government. Lets hope the real government of our Republic will soon be restored.

        • Those 18 and 19 year olds are led by crusty old senior NCOs like me who will most certainly refuse to obey unconstitutional orders. At least I would if I stuck around that long. When things get that bad, I will obey my sacred oath to the Constitution by doing what my Southern ancestors serving in the US Army did in 1861…

      27. Once again…Silver and lead bitchez !!

      28. Spartan’s! Lay down your arms!

        Persians! Come and take them!

      29. If anyone thinks that they won’t shoot to kill Americans, I suggest you look back on the murder of Kent State students by the National Guard in 1970.

      30. Alaming at best. Just picked up another 100 round box of winchester .45 FMJ at lunch… now all I need is something to fire them since I don’t own firearms. Pray for us all.

      31. A colonel told me once that the US government will not allow the nation to goto anarchy. It will use any and all force to subdue the people. If you think Syria is bad wait till it hits the fan here. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

        • You are forgetting that it is the govt. instigating the anarchy. Peace and order are not useful for the game plan.

      32. *Alarming,

      33. Just an opinion:

        Possibly the reason this is all going on is the fact that the United States is the biggest consumer of goods in the world per person. We just consume larger quantities of materials, gas, oil food and etc… ( China is up there too..)

        So the Powers That Be might be looking at reducing our population or our lifestyles in the U.S. …, so in return they are gearing up to take on the American public to reach their End Game.

        The Socialist probably want to even out the goods to all countries of the world.

        I like my American way of life and don’t subscribe to the Socialist ideas.

        Keep on prepping and good luck !! 🙂

        • Have you been reading John Holdren, Eagledove?

          • Zoltanne:

            No I haven’t. Is this something worth reading? I will look him up and check it out. Thanks.


              This is what you might be suggesting.


            • Sorry — I’m unable to follow that link (and the site’s searching ability is pretty bad).

              Holdren is the Science Czar with some unusual beliefs, stuff that TPTB approve of. I’m sure by now you know a little more about him. 🙂

      34. I am an LEO and would never…repeat never fire upon anyone who was not first trying to kill me. If a breakdown occurs and martial law ensues, civilian police will be rendered useless. The national guard would then take over. I swore an oath to defend the constitution and protect and serve my community. I did not swear an oath to a dictatorship or military rule. We serve and live in these same communities. What makes you think we want to enslave our neighbors? I am just as concerned as the next guy about our government being too big for its own good. Like I said, I along with every other police officer derive our authority from the constitution, not from martial law. I would be the first one to line up and protest the constitution being suspended…Also to the poster who said that police do not carry hollow point ammunition, sorry but we do.

        • You are a true American hero.

          • CJ: Evangelize. Take that message to your peers!

        • CJ, Thank God for decent Police Officers like you who understand their oath to the Constitution!
          SEMPER FI !

        • I sincerely hope that you are in the majority, CJ.

          • Hi Daisy

            Just about to turn in…got part one of moms inquest tomorrow. It is going to be difficult facing those that i accused of her manslaughter…particularly them having admitted it but the case not going ahead due to a technicality.

            British justice

            Take care

            • ~Chuck~

              Agreed! The success or failure of martial law hinges upon those ranging in rank from E-5 to E-8!!!

            • ~Burt~

              Best of luck to you!

            • Thank you Gunsmith

              This is probably my last shot at getting the bastards(legally) have a good day

            • Good luck Burt! If nothing else, keep in mind how much you made the bastards sweat for a year and a half – there’s some small satisfaction in holding the knowledge over their heads that YOU KNOW WHAT THEY DID!!!

              Hang in there!

        • If I carry a gun will the Po-po shoot at me first? Seem like this will be a major concern. A LEO can’t leave an open carry guy alone how the hell are they going to leave a citizen alone. Your sadly mistaken friend. LEO’s will kill anyone “armed” because they will be a threat. All I have to say is that the LEO better be a better shot when firing first. They won’t get another try after a warning shot. I’ll defend myself as well.

        • CJ, its good to see there are still Americans in the LEA’s, I commend you, but your statement of “Like I said, I along with every other police officer derive our authority from the constitution, not from martial law. I would be the first one to line up and protest the constitution being suspended” Police officers follow orders from their “higher ups” yes, yes they do. And if your statement is true, then why arent you protesting?? Why? The constitution is far beyond suspended, its shot, bleeding out, convulsing before your eyes, you have a few minutes to save it, we all know what we need to do… But most wont when the time comes, just as you havent “protested”. FYI, we all know protesting produces no tangible results in the long run.

          • @ polisPeter….. he is running his fuckin mouth is all. He is drawing his paycheck and they own his ass. THATS why he isn’t ALREADY complaining….he doesn’t want to be relived of his golden parachute.

        • “I am an LEO and would never…repeat never fire upon anyone who was not first trying to kill me.”
          Bullshit! You would kill someone in hancuffs, laying in the street!

          If it’s wearing blue and it’s mouth is moving, it’s LYYYING!

      35. Even if they do not want to do it. If they see their buddy next to them going down under an onslaught of protesters they will fight when backed into a corner. Practicing with 40 protesters? What if it is 500, 1000, 10,000? And what about the people planted in the protesters to start it? All it would take is a single shot and all hell will break loose.

        What is strange about the ammo purchases, 40 caliber is used for handguns and is not very effective in a fight. If I’m coming to a gun fight I would be bringing in bigger more accurate weapons. I don’t know if they are trying to corner a market or trying to scare people. It’s not the caliber I’m going to buy for protection.

        • Colt makes a .40 upper for the M4.

        • protection is about shot placement.Stopping a threat is about shot placement.if you dont have that down pat, no caliber will work
          also if the gov. is buying a ton of would be wise to own one..especially when your ammo runs out.. you can ” borrow” will be laying all over the place

          40 does the job..and thats fine if you dont like it..more for me

          • VRF (Or anybody) how tough is it to convert a Glock 19 (9mm) to .40? Barrel, recoil spring and mags right?

            • Personally, I wouldnt bother..nothing wrong with the 9mm
              big point is if your comfortable with it, and have a good ability to group with it under stress.
              (im not a big fan of glocks but they are good pistols, so I dont know the inns and outs of any conversions, i wouldnt do it even if it were an option)
              I would just go out and buy a 40 if thats what you want, or since you have a nice 9, go get a 45 or even a .44mag

            • @commmie— there is no conversion from 9 to 40.
              You can do 10mm with 40 and 357 sig conversions but no 9 to 40.

        • What’s so puzzling about the caliber? Google is your friend: do a little research and you will see that the CBP (by far the biggest LE agency under DHS) uses the H&K P2000 chambered in .40 S&W. They’re anticipating a war, alright, but it’s coming from the south (read: Mexico) and the CBP is on the front lines of that war every day.

          Get worried when they start buying large amounts of 7.62mm and .50 cal linked ammo, not ammo for their service pistols.

          • Pssst….Google is NOT your friend! Try “Startpage”- carry on!

        • Buy the gun. The ammo will be free.

          • If the ammo is free and readily available, so will the gun…

            • Point well taken, but you have to start somewhere.

        • You don’t need to buy. 40 S&W. You can get it from the feds that come after my guns

      36. I think our renegade government understands that they don’t have the support of a significant portion of the population. They surely understand the developing financial disaster they and their banker friends have created with the fraudulent, predatory, unstable, unsustainable, debt based, “out of thin air” monetary system operated under the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

        They certainly understand the redistribution of wealth from the many to the few that countless bought and paid for laws have caused. Why would corporations and other special interest spend so much money to fund venal politicians and to lobby them if they did not expect it to give them a payday that free market competition would not give them?

        If politicians don’t see that we serfs are restless, then they are asleep. The changes in the laws like the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, the NDAA Assassinate Citizens Act, etc. and the training of the military to use force against citizens as described in this article, are all indicators that they intend use force to stay in power as our society crumbles around them.

        At least the army in the USSR refused to fire on their citizens when ordered to do so as the government collapsed in bankruptcy back in the 1990’s. I am not sure what will happen here as economic conditions continue to disintegrate, but I think all freedom loving people should be prepared to act as conditions dictate and as their consciences guide them.

        I see that gun sales are again picking up steam and that supply of certain ammo is again becoming short. I take this as an indicator that the public is aware of something out of the ordinary.

      37. As a member of the US Army, I have sworn under oath to protect the United States Constitution against all enemies, foreign AND domestic. That means that if my fellow soldiers begin denying the Constitutional rights of American citizens, it is my sworn duty to fight against them. I hope many other soldiers will read my words and understand them.

        • you are one of my heroes

        • That’s good to know…. hopefully you’ll never be put in a position to find out about your comrades. Peace to you and stay safe.

        • We’ll see about that. Hope you remember this if it becomes necessary.

      38. Lets say a prayer for Our Nation.

        God help us…

        • Some on this site seem to think that the breakdown of our system will be fun. I for one never want to find out as nothing good will come of this.

          • Fully agree!

      39. Lets assume that the government tries to implement this scheme. What happens – tax revenue collapses and access to sovereign credit would disappear in days. Given 15 trillion in near term debt obligations, the market would consume the US government in weeks, and almost the entire world economy would collapse.

        This is the government after all. They are the same folks who caused the economic collapse in 2008, spent trillions on failed stimulus, spent billions on green projects only to destroy the entire US solar market, spent trillions failing to beat poorly armed insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan, and generally bungle everything. It means they are highly likely to try it, but very unlikely to succeed.

        • They spend somewhere close to 1.5 trillion every year now, that we don’t have, they can surely keep their finances going for a couple years to crush the “terrorists” within our very borders. Access to easy cash will not stop them.

      40. It won’t US Troops, opening fire on US Citizens, it will be Canadian troops, there has already been a troop swap agreement signed and put into place, Google it……the training for US troops is for a Canadian deployment, and visa-versa.

        • ~GaR~

          Perhaps you will see Canadian troops deployed in the ConUS, but they will not be tasked w/ disarming the American general public!!!

          Reason,…lack of manpower! Canada doesn’t possess sufficient troop levels/numbers to undertake disarming their own nation(w/ its small population…compared to the US)…let alone ours!!!!

          If anything…Canadian troops will be pressed into a “mission critical” support (REMF)role….thereby, freeing up US personnel levels for operational deployment, in the field!!!

        • Then we’ll be shooting at hosers, knuckleheads and Newfies.

          Fine. Bring it.

        • Canada doesn’t have the fucking manpower to contain RHODE ISLAND!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA….Canada…. good one!

      41. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

        Whether the intentional provocation leads to a serious conflict because of our own economic collapse or it’s the landing of the NWO, we must stand steadfast with our convictions, our principles. We cannot waiver, nor shrink in fear. We The People outnumber those serving Evil.

      42. To everyone who puts your heads in the sand, you better wake up, these drill are designed to handle the mass panicks after they go after and arrest the prepping community first.

        To preppers this is are sign we need to be more careful in what we do, this is the mass that will go door to door and load onto buses or use up 750 million rounds of ammo. The peices are coming together more and more. Watch them go faster and faster as the summer approaches

      43. Having served all over the country over 24yrs, I can say JBLM is the last full up Army post located in a completely Liberal AO. I live 12 miles from JBLM and it doesn’t seem a stretch to believe the start to full on socialism/tyranny would begin in an area where the majority would be more willing to except affronts to the Constitution.

      44. These troops better remember the oath they took!
        To defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, that
        includes the Government!

      45. One warm and sunny spring day young women were placing daisies in the muzzles of rifles. They were talking to these National Guards as friends and fellow Americans it seemed we were as one, basically pissed off with Nixon and the war.

        What we did not pay attention to was a whole new group of people that were on our campus, inciting others to push back and start throwing stones and rocks. After teargas and rifles fired there were “Four Dead in Ohio.”

        I and thousands of others back then were protesting. The instigators did their job and quickly left. What a bitch and cluster f^*K. On May 5th 1970, the campus was what I referred to as locked down. State troopers, local police, sheriff departments, National Guard and Campus Police were everywhere and on every corner. This is the only experience in confronting such a large force I ever had.

        Today, you will find me no where near such a group of local, state or fed forces.
        If and when the time comes, I will pick my fight and at the longer distances I prefer!
        Stay concealed as best as possible at all times.
        Watch out for others you have never seen before.
        Become familiar with the vehicles your neighbors drive and clothing they wear.
        Avoid any confrontations.
        If you can’t bug out, bug in and stay out of sight.
        Plan on at least three exit strategies and people you can trust.
        Be careful and God Bless!

        Maybe it won’t all come to this but . . . proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance.

        Y’all Beware!

        • Those loyal peaceful people who were guned down in Ohio had already burned down one campus building that day and were heading for another. They were rioting. They then recieved a lawful order to stand down and did not, lets not forget the whole history of the event shall we.

          I’m not defending the National Guard, but those were not innocent kids either, o.k. Frankly, if I had been there, I would have done the same…maybe worse.

          • Interestingly enough, when the
            N.Guard were called in during L.A.
            Riots,they were Not issued ammo
            for their weapons,Meanwhile,there
            Were plenty of ‘drive by’ sorts
            with plenty O’ammo.
            There IS a moral to the story,
            but i’m not sayin’…

          • I wouldn’t have done the same A C. I would have turned and walked away. No innocent blood on my hands. It’s trigger happy fools that get shit like the incident in FL(Zimmerman/Martin) started. Meet a threat with like kind, but don’t play God with peoples lives. To do so, puts a person in a class of a barbarian and a murderer.

        • Y’all

          You are slowly turning into my mentor.

          Thank you

          Take care

        • Oh, and you are an asshole too.

          • Auntie

            In case you are talking to me….STFU

        • Those inciters are now in the White House on the Obama team. Ayers, Dohrn for starters. Last years terrorists are now in the inner circle and all those guys killed in Nam are still dead killed for nothing. Is this a great country or what. Makes me sick. You and your protester friends were dupes. Too bad the guard did not nail more of you pricks.

      46. Well come Feb. of next year when the FED’s nationlaize evryones 401-K accounts you bet theres goona be blood in the streets.LOLNot that I advocated anything like that mind you! Oh yea! Somethings going down

      47. PEOPLE, do the math. How many Veterans do you think are armed and completely pissed off at this Anti-American Government? I would NOT want to be them!

      48. now I know why my sons and nephew were home on furlough, they weren’t here to visit, they were making sure they could take us out when the time came.

        • these headlines are getting sillier everyday

      49. I consider myself a rational prepper. That means everything that typically goes along with prepping, food, water, skills, defense, etc. What fascinates me on this blog is the number of comments by people that simply think they are going to open fire on the military should they roll in to town. I get it. I get the “from my cold dead hand” mentality. But do any of you actually – and I mean honestly – think that you can fight an organized, resourced, and powerful force as the US Military with your AR? Yeah, I’ll have my AR in my hand as I’m bugging out quietly to fight another day.

        Do you folks realize the completely awesome destructive firepower they have at their disposal? This isn’t some action survival fiction. The force they use is not surgical, it’s overkill. Riot Police are for quelling unrest. The military is for ending any notion of it’s existence.

        Do you think for a second that you and your family holding up on a farm or subdivision is going to stop them from depositing a TOW missile through your front door if you choose to threaten them?

        I’m not trying to downplay anyone’s patriotism, courage, or skill, I’m just being realistic. When the military rolls up in force, be somewhere else.

        • Where are you going to go to? When will it be the time for action? Where will be the place for standing?

          • Short of a preplanned bug out location, I don’t think anyone can say for certain where. I do know that the time for action is not when my single AR is put up against a detachment of the army rolling down my block. The action I’m taking is “get to the bug out place” and then plan from there. The place for standing is when you have the best odds of achieving your goal. The Art of War tells us that you should never fight a war you can’t win. We may be waiting quite a while to find a place and time to stand.

        • Arkaden, I was thinking along the same lines.

        • In reality it will be more like ruby Ridge than Red Dawn :/

        • “They tell us, sir, that we are weak; unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be the next week, or the next year? Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a British guard shall be stationed in every house? Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot? Sir, we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power. The millions of people, armed in the holy cause of liberty, and in such a country as that which we possess, are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us. Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone. There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations, and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us. The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave. Besides, sir, we have no election. If we were base enough to desire it, it is now too late to retire from the contest. There is no retreat but in submission and slavery! Our chains are forged!

          …Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

          Patrick Henry March 23, 1775

          • I totally understand this quote. But my counterpoint would be that those were much different times. You’re not dealing with redcoats with muzzle loaders and the occasional cannon that is manually reloaded anymore. You’re talking about a force capable of vaporizing a city if it really wanted to while it stands back and watches from a safe distance. You’re also talking about a population that has lost its survival skills, and most are asleep to the fact that there’s even a problem.

            In 1776 civilians and military used most of the same firearms so it was about numbers. Today it’s about technology and tactics.

            I’m all for Patrick Henry’s motives but I’m sorry, our world has changed, and it’s going to take a lot more than speeches and quotes to avert what is coming. Dare I say we’d need help from an outside source again?

            • Arkaden, you completely missed the point. And the wisdom.

              I do hope you are able to grapple with the “fear factor” — it really is critical to survival.

            • @Zoltanne – with all due respect, I got the point. It’s truly inspiring. I also agree with the sentiment that what good is a life worth living if it’s not free? However the point I was trying to make was that this “wisdom” as great as it was is spoken to a deaf ear in today’s culture. Picture, if you will, Patrick Henry in today’s society making a speech like that in downtown Philadelphia, in Franklin Park. Even better, let’s say his Youtube video goes viral. It reaches millions of views but nothing ever comes of it. Why?

              It’s the “I’m behind you so long as I can watch from my couch and change the channel if I need to” mentality. In 1776 a much larger percent of the population was not that type of person. Our values have changed. You may argue about the Occupy movement “doing something”. How much have they done for all the exposure they got? And now that they’re old news, you seldom hear about them. Point is that we’ve changed so much that the old rules about how to initiate change do not apply. Everyone agrees there’s something wrong, but everyone also disagrees about the last draw that propels them to say “no more”.

              Addressing your statement about fear… It’s not fear when a smart man knows when to retreat to survive. There’s a difference between standing your ground with an advantage and standing your ground because you think you’re going to be a martyr.

        • you are right on, people talk sh….t but when push comes to shove just saying!

      50. Why all the shock and awe? The american people were a thousand percent attacking Iraq, destroying the people, their culture, their infrastructure, their way of life, their future. Why should it be such a big deal now when it’s coming to america? You get what you give! Take a nice strong hit of democracy by gun barrel. It won’t be so bad. Hell, I’ll bet you’ll still be able to brag that america is the biggest and the badest on the planet.

      51. The issue of martial law is when it is started, it is like a boulder rolling down a very long hill side, it is difficult to stop. Those in power love martial law because they are not held accountable for very much. After all anything they do can be viewed later as an act to protect national security. When there is true martial law, people disappear never to be seen again. Those in power can keep their power because during martial law things run way too orderly, like Nazi Germany during the 1930’s. People that are conformists anyway really like this and will support martial law.

        Those that have minds can of course see what martial law means, a police state. You lose practically everything. Those that enjoy speaking their minds and coming up with innovated new ideas and see problems better put tape over their mouths and forget about writing anything that does not totally give the highest praise to the state. Welcome to North Korea.

        Everyone on this site has a brain and knows what it is like under martial law, but to those that someone knows that has some sort of misguided notion that martial law is not that bad they need to talk to someone from a true police state. There are individuals all over the world that have escaped police states from Nazi Germany to USSR satellite to modern day hells like North Korea, Syria, Iran, and many African regimes. Ask these people how totally grateful they are to have escaped and how much they truly appreciate freedom.

        Old, old saying; you never know how much something means to you until you lose it. People never want to lose what freedoms they still have left to martial law. Look at how Hitler came to power, he was elected and through a police state and a military set of a police state he grew to Fuhrer. Martial means military, and taking away military law and rule and getting back to the way things were is exceedingly difficult because the military has the absolute best weapons imaginable. Doesn’t mean it can’t be done, it is just very difficult.

        There are a whole slew of disasters and events that can precipitate martial law and as preppers people are beginning to see these events begin to blossom out, not yet come to fruition, but much closer. There is something that everyone should know about martial law that few people think about.

        Rather than go into homes and forcefully take over neighborhoods, the state can wait out most people until they become so hungry from lack of food that they are willing to do anything. Like give up all your firearms for a ration card, mark of the beast, to be able to get food, supplies, and other needs from your “friend” the government. Yes, people will do this. This is one reason is so essential to have an ample supply of food, water, and other supplies so even the thought of giving up your self defense never comes to mind.

        Yeah, compliance and obedience without strongarming practially anyone, just starve them out and they will come running and be more than willing to give you their freedoms with a smile on their faces. The government might not even bother those that don’t conform because they have prepared and have that chose to not conform. When you have 90%+ of the people herded up and obeying you have don’t have to bother with the other 10%. At least those 10% will still have freedom to choose how they live their lives.

      52. As Mark Koernke says, people wearing government uniforms are like Mooses in hunting season, and there aren’t enough Mooses to go around.

      53. I will let the other side cast the first stone, then it’s on.

      54. Ummmmm ;0) … A little Help here please … kinda a important harmless question???

        “Can Some One please assist me with a silly question!”

        “I’ve read and then re-read the 2nd Amendment of THE once FREE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CONSTITUTION!”

        “This might sound kinda Lone Patriot FreeMan Wolfish!”

        please feel free to call the zionist gestapo cia traitors illegal puppet prez barry soetoro and his dhs attack bulldawg janet napolitano on me…

        “But ummmmmm … When Exactly do we Get to Start Killing these Globalist U.N. Fascist AIPAC SPLC Mafia Illegal UN-Constitutional Law passing Corrupt Traitorous Insider Trading Mutha-Phookers selling off “OUR once Free AmeriKa” in the U.S. SUPREME COURT , Congress , the Senate , the White House and in every State Governors Office around These Once Proud Free UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

        … just curious??? It’s says we’ve a Right to Bare Arms! Form State Militia’s! But nuthin’ on When do we Start Arresting and Shooting these Traitorous Mutha-Phookers!

        … just looking for a point of reference , Thank You!


        p.s. please Comrades have a nice GLOBALIST ZIONIST FASCIST carbon credit tax DEBT SLAVE kinda Day! ;0(

        • Yes, Nina, you have a right to “bare” arms. Just slather a lil’ sunblock on there so you don’t get a burn.

          • @pooby ;0) lol …nice… thanks for the chuckles.

            • ;0P pssszzt “BEAR ARMS!”

              There are two principle versions of the Second Amendment: one version was passed by Congress, while the other is found in the copies distributed to each individual state and later ratified by them

              As passed by the Congress:A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and BEAR bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

              As ratified by the States: A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and BEAR bear arms shall not be infringed.

      55. Am I the only one seeing the irony here?

        The point of this article is to show how paranoid and scared of us our government is? Or is it to show how paranoid and scared we should be of our government?

        The point of this site seems to be that it is inevitable that the “S” with hit the “F”, and therefore we should prepare by stocking up on weapons and other implements of survival.

        Our government is doing the same.

        • Yes, Pooby! And if one sorts through the diversions and news-chaff, one can find the seeds being planted in our society. All of the diversions are part of the strategy — it is intentional and predictable.

      56. Are we reaching totalitarianism?

        • Almost there just be patient, buy ammo, and keep prepping

      57. Folks, Im currently here in Afghanistan and I need to let the general population know something, as some on this have pointed out. Our troops are NOT what they used to be. I personally have seen, and its been hard to comes to terms with. These kids, this new generation of american soldier (army being the worst) is NOT what us old timers were. They are into their video games and assortment of other entertainment media. Most could CARE LESS about either the news or have ANY IDEA of what our country USED to stand for. Its hard to accept, but this is the new reality. Once the feds got their d**** into the public school system, they’ve erroded and destroyed the basis of what it meant to be an American (any surprise there?) Its intentional, this at first slow move towards Marxism, and now a tidal wave. I was SHOCKED out of my mind when TWO of my coworkers, actually opened their mouths and said “Capitalism isnt working”, strongly supported by nearby standing soldiers (we’re talking inner city Army folks here) What Im trying to say is, dont have too much faith in the bulk of our military, some will, I know, stand up for what is right, I’d say, maybe 10% from what I’ve seen, but the rest are COGS, mindless, unthinking, STUPID cogs. Who cant tell the difference between a lawful order and a turd. Thats the new reality, thats what “Public Education” has yielded. Be Warned. That said, there are a hell of alot of us old timers, and my collection of .308 and .338 lapua trumps these silly 5.56 varmit rounds these children are carrying, and there are ALOT of us old timers who are just too ornry to bend over for these kids. Make no mistake, this could eventually turn into a bloody disaster, I fear its coming, but we’re long due arnt we? God bless and keep our faithful America, long live the words of Jefferson.

        • Great post Trenches,
          I unfortunately know your assessment is correct; I myself just retired 6yrs ago and have worked in and around the US army since.

          Then and now I worked to educate the kids that seemed willing to understand the logic individual liberty as opposed to collective slavery.

        • In the Trenches – we’ve heard likewise from a friend who returned last year from his third (yes, THIRD) tour of duty in Iraq. He’s an MP in his late 40s – one of the “old guard” – with a wife and three grown children. Said that on this last tour, a nearby supply shed was used as a love nest all night EVERY night by rotating guys and gals, all 20-somethings. Told us it made him sick to his stomach, esp. knowing that several of the regulars he knew to have sweethearts or spouses back home.

          • @ WVFOLKS….. this is why there should be NO CHICKS in the Military. Too many fucking distractions as it is already. The guys want to fuck? Let em fuck EACH other.

            • I believe there to be a couple of exceptions. There were nurses and WACs serving in WWII & Korea. A friend of my aunt’s went to nursing school in 1941 and then joined the Army – as a NURSE. She and many others like her helped many, many GIs who were sick or wounded. They had separate quarters, of course, and were treated respectfully by the GIs. I may get flack for this, but I don’t believe women should be allowed to serve in the infantry. Neither does hubby. How can a man fight alongside a woman in the trenches without his protective instinct taking over? An instinct which could get them BOTH killed? Call me a dinosaur or over-the-hill if you like, but I feel there are some jobs, by nature, not suitable for women.

      58. @Auntie Commie,
        I mentioned the group of people that came to campus. It was the evening before the shooting that an ROTC building was burnt down. I shall not waste your time concerning deceit and politics; I believe you’re smart enough to realize that they are one in the same. Past history included. As far as your pomposity for vulgarity I’m sure you’ve never confused the two.

        Y’all Beware! Get some more TP. You do flow freely!!

      59. In regards to my knowledge, that shit aint happenin on Ft Sam Houston (San Antonio TX).

      60. First, you never want to place yourself among the crowd confronting the police or military directly and if you suddenly find yourself in a riot situation you must get out of it as soon as possible! Let the angry mobs be the breakwater against such forces as the military and police, safety is in knowing how to avert such situations, avoiding possible detention or worse. Besides, individual resistence is far more effective against the tactics of martial law and government crack-downs, it will be necessary to keep as low profile as possible during such periods. While many will be emotional and join up with various groups to combat the forces of martial law, the ideal position will be one where you maintain as much privacy as possible about yourself and your actions of resistence.

      61. i used to work up at Ft. Riley and around 2006 they had a whold mock city built with school houses drs offices residential houses and a church….not a mosque or temple but a church. that was an obvious mock AMERICAN city. i was a painter and was painting the place and got an up close and personal look at the whole facility…there were speakers throughout the whold complex in every building that played screams gunfire and anything else they wanted, they told everyone it was to train the soldiers on how to take a city in Iraq or Afghanistan but i dont think so at all, it was obviously an AMERICAN city. and keep in mind that this place has been in continuious use since at least 2005. living right next to Ft. Riley i can get a good idea of when we are going to war, the activity around the base picks up dramatically, and for the last 6months or so the skys around here have been full of helicopters during the day and the tanks are booming all night long, there are trains full of humvees tanks trucks and armored vehicles of all kind being shipped out of the base, the headline on the FT. Riley newspaper a few weeks ago was “We Are Ready” in reference to an upcoming deployment of 900 senior officers and training officers to Afghanastan to be followed no doubt by thousands more “boots on the ground” war is upon us folks beware!!!!

      62. Mac,
        I believe you’ve been snookered by a third rate website. It’s happened a time otwo to you and you’ve had the integrity to pull the article. Don’t feel bad, it happens. Last summer this same website whipped up the hysteria that American troops were being deployed around the US to prepare for some sort of turmoil. The reality was the military convoys were units going to and from their annual 2 week summer training cycle. This riot control training has been talked about for probably ten years. It’s training, not the plan to quell the turmoil that is just around the corner. People the likes of those on Intelhub have been saying this for close to ten years. Sadly, lacking in analysis capabilities, they demonstrate their lack of intel(ligence).

      63. If the framework they are building is for an economic collapse, why all the underground cities?

        Just consider for a moment that the “economic collapse is a smoke and mirrors act, and that the catastrophic event is something else? Something which leaves us up topside while “they” hide below. All I ask is that you look at all the available/potential impacts and not just at an economic collapse as the finality to our initial demise.

        If you think about it, the military are disposable as is your next door neighbor, so they’ll be left topside. Something big is coming our way and it isn’t just financial. Magnetic field shift, falling rocks, Fukushima etc. IMHO

      64. There could be a looming martial law situation coming and has nothing to do with anything political, it has to do with the planet. Just about 4 hours ago there was two earthquakes 8.6 and 8.2 and while this may seem like no big deal it could be huge. The 8.6 only triggered a 3 foot tsunami because the movement was not vertical but horizontal, a strike slip fault. Vertical earthquakes tend to not push at other faults because it just the energy from the earthquake that hits other faults. Horizontal earthquakes tend to ram themselves into other plates like a truck hitting another truck.

        The amount of energy released in an earthquake is how much of a fault actually moves. Deep thrust earthquakes are so big because you have some horizontal movement but on top of this much vertical movement. The more miles of movement the bigger the quake. Normally strike slip faults do not have enough miles of breaking to produce anything over a 8.2 or 8.3 in magnitude. To have a strike slip that is 8.6 is tremendous, it is a 9.5 in the strike slip sense. This massive movement has put much additional pressure on much of the Pacific Ring Of Fire. It was like a huge truck hitting a building at high speed, lots of kinetic energy on top of pushing force against faults that are already on the brink of snapping.

        The 9.1 Indonesian earthquake was thought by many to have been triggered by a similar type of fault snapping in Australia a few weeks before that was only a 8.1. The San Andreas, especially the southern section is way overdue. The Cascadia fault zone also is ready. The New Madrid fault zone seems to be more connected with the Mid Atlantic Ridge and the Caribbean faults. If California experiences a mega quake like they should sooner than later, 35 million people affected could certainly trigger martial law, at least out there.

        People need to be on alert for more possible earthquakes as something this huge with this much horizontal movement can trigger something huge. Even a 7.5 earthquake is enough to ring the planet like a gong. A 8.6 has the energy of about a 350 foot asteroid hitting the planet, but this energy is not really the concern here, it is the enormous amount of horizontal movement against the parameters of the other fault boundaries that is the issue.

        Just another warning that people need to prepare and get ready for some bad times coming, manmade and geophysical.

      65. BI: I have been suggesting that here for two years. It will be the Earth Changes that trigger the “collapse”, not political hi-jinks or financial stress.

        Man made problems can be addressed by man. Acts of God …. well they are Acts of God and those acts that are coming will be bigger and more dramatic than many can deal with.

        Jesus is Lord.

        • @ durango kidd:

          Check this out: 7.0 earthquake in Mexico only 14 hours from the 8.6. Coincidence, perhaps, probably not. I have taken so many geologist classes in college and I use to argue about that very large earthquakes cause earthquakes in other parts of the world because of the energy released, but also because plates collide with each other and cause more pressure on each other. I was laughed at of course.

          Look at all the 8.5+ earthquakes that have occurred since 2000, there is an increase. It could just be some cycle but there is more. As you can see I posted this “before” the Mexico earthquake. I know that when you have this much horizontal movement you have to have pressure on other weak points, sometimes thousands of miles away.

          You can just imagine what an entire west coast earthquake would do, from California to Washington and maybe beyond. They would declare martial law faster than you could say police state. This earthquake is a harbinger of things to come. Someone along the Pacific Rim is going to get nailed, maybe the Indian Ocean also. I have thought after the Japanese earthquake that the area from the Kuril Islands to about northern Mexico to primed big time. The energy seems to be focusing into this area.

          • Are you a licensed geologist or metallurgist?

            • @ durango kidd.

              Just like what I said last night, Northern Mexico is hit with large earthquake this morning: 6.9 in Gulf of California.

              Geology was my minor in college but I have for countless years tried to figure out to predict earthquakes. Right now I have stickers all over my globe of every earthquake over 4.5 that has stuck since the new year. It is a theory of mine that earthquakes before they strike have foreshocks AWAY from the main earthquake. Much like the way if someone breaks a stick in half the quivering is focused away from the point of it snapping. Wood and rock are not much different as they all have tension points.

              For the past 2-3 months the energy seems to be focused into this arc between the Kuril Islands and Oregon, but now northern Mexico as this mass of stress seems to be migrating south. I call it my quiver theory that earthquakes can be forecasted from stress build ups away from the main break. The larger the future earthquake, the further the foreshocks can be away it.

              When I say this massive 8.6 horizontal earthquake and a 8.2 aftershock, I knew that the world is in deep trouble for some mega earthquakes later. Massive disasters like a statewide Californian earthquake and maybe include the Cascadia fault in Washington and Oregon and you have martial law in this country, at least in the western half of it. In 1812 there was a huge earthquake in California but no one had really populated it yet. Also in 1812 the New Madrid fault broke. So you can see where other earthquakes can trigger problems in other areas.

              It should also be noted after earthquakes in California that there is increased activity in the Yellowstone supervolcano. Could a series of earthquakes trigger a supervolcano? YES. It only takes an earthquake large enough to cause a fissure to open up and let all that pressure and magma up from the caldera.

              This 8.6 earthquake is not even in the news, yet it is enormous because it affects the entire plate system in the Pacific and Indian Ocean regions. All I can say is look out. This government would launch us into martial law so quickly if something big happens it would make shock people. People should really be getting ready NOW and prepping big time. Also the possibility of terrorism looms because of the Israel and Iran war rapidly approaching.

          • Check SHTF Earth Changes at SHTF America. A link is located on this page to the upper left.

      66. I think a combination of things such as an earthquake, economic collapse, a false flag, etc, might spark Martial Law. I think Martial Law will happen suddenly in the middle of the night. I think tanks and troops with dogs will waken households up at four 0’clock in the morning, and drag the people out to place them in trucks to be taken to nearby train cars that are enroute to the FEMA camps. Most of the people will be in shock, and will just do as they are told, but the ones who are awake and have been preparing will escape before the troops enter into their homes to their bug-out locations. And they will remain in hiding for a long time. Now, this scenario can easily happen in small rural towns of two hundred people or less that are besides railroad tracks. And there are a lot of these small rural towns in America. It will only take a few hours of going house to house to destroy a town by removing the inhabitants of these small rural towns. I saw a large military vehicle and a large military police van and a paddy wagon a few weeks ago. These vehicles, with the paddy wagon left on the side of the street, pulled into the middle of the highway and blocked traffic to the east and to the west. It became a practice drill checkpoint. I just escaped it as the vehicles were positioning at an oblique angle in the middle of the highway. I, at the time, wondered if Martial Law just started. This event woke me up to show me even though I have food, and water storage, that I am not prepared to escape at four o’clock in the morning right before my house is invaded by those who intend to harm me. Now, I must prepare for such an event, because I think it is very likely to happen, and I do not want to be killed in a FEMA camp. I am not letting anyone take me away. I am going to win in this battle. I am going to survive.

        • @a few weeks ago:

          When martial law was instituted in Milwaukee, WI in 1968, it was at 4 am, as you say. It was only in selected neighborhoods (the ones that might resist large groups of *equal housing* marchers). There was no roundup. They simply established a perimeter and set up checkpoints. Residents were confined to the neighborhood for a couple of days. APVs w/armed men inside and a nervous 19-year-old manning the machine gun circled the block every 20 minutes or so. After two days, men were allowed to leave to go to work. ID has required to get out and back in. Small groups of women with young children were allowed to walk to a nearby market after presenting ID. Residents were warned to exit their homes slowly with empty hands and arms out to their sides.

          That was all, that time. Oh, and the marchers were allowed to march.

          • Interesting! If it happens that way here, I will be able to stay in the house, and not leave. I have a hiding place to go to in the event there is a house invasion. Even if there is just a house check to see who is at home, I think I will hide out anyhow, because the less information they have the better for me in the case the situation worsens, which means I might remain undetected throughout the entire scenario.

            Having served in the Marine Corps, we were trained at basic by being awakened in the middle of the night, that is, sleep deprivation, was a method of training us to conform. Since the Marine Corps uses sleep deprivation, why would not the military use it towards the civilian population in order to control it, and make the people of it, easier to handle in the case a FEMA camp becomes the rendevous point for them?

            I think it might work out differently now than what happened in ’68 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Back then, we were not facing a global economic collapse, nor the implementation of a one world order system. Nor did we have the Verichip threat upon us as we do today. I think though that what happened in Milwaukee in ’68 might be how it could be in many places until they start the extermination process. I can see people having to leave their homes for ordinary duties slowly with empty hands and arms out to the side.

            In my case, in my area, in the view of what I witnessed a few weeks ago, and the fact that a hardly used rail line down the road has been busy lately, so much so, that I have been hearing train whistles even more than twice a day, which sound I have only heard about three times in the last ten years, as if the rusty rails that pass by all the small towns where I live are being trained to be of use. Also, our city siren (small city of less than 163 people) which sounds off twice a day to tell time, to alert the farmers out in the fields, and which are used to alert the volunteer fire dept if needed in the case of a fire, has been going off at all odd times, even in the middle of the night. Will the military use our city’s siren to wake us up in the middle of the night? I think so. Of course, I am speculating here, but I think I have just cause to speculate in the view what I witnessed a few weeks ago.

        • FEWWEEKSAGO—-

          Man you must stay awake at night dreaming this shit up.

      67. US forces will open fire on Americans I have no doubt. Every conflict since WW2 has been unconstitutional and the boys being young had no idea they were acting illegally.

        There will be no UN troops fighting or stationed in the US. If and when the US collapses most of the rest of the worlds governments will be fighting to maintain the power in there own countries without the ability or desire to send there forces to what would be a meat grinder in the US.

        I would imagine it would be drones, the air force and special forces that will be at the forefront or killing US citizens. US insurgents will be killed from afar. Sending a hellfire missile through the front door seems to be less morally challenging than walking through the front door and double tapping all the men women and children. Distant allows the miltary to ignore moral questions as they don’t need to see the consequences of their actions.

        Stay well below the radar, because if you are located and identified as a potential threat to the regime death will come from above with no warning.

      68. Did you ever consider this: they may use NATO troops

        • Which NATO country would be able and willing to deploy their troops in the CONUS?

      69. Just a shout out to those who chastise these “youngsters” and “kids” who are only worried about getting high in their uniform, and could care less about the American People. And that the older Veterans knew the real deal.

        We are the same “youngsters” and “kids” who took Baghdad, Fallujah, and captured the Sunni Triangle. We took the Helmand Province, and the Korengal Valley.

        Those were some mighty ignorant comments. You all should be ashamed.


        The “Young” Marines, Soldiers, Airmen, and Sailors of our Armed Service.

        • My only question is…..”Are you going to think of your fellow Americans in the same way you think of the Iraqis and Afghanis? Will you go house to house in this country and try to disarm us the way you did them?”

          I mean no disrespect. But I think this is a reasonable question that you guys who are in the military need to think about.

          • Short answer? “Against all enemies foreign, and domestic.”

            If my command deems you my enemy, then yes. Especially if you take up arms against me.

            My job is to follow orders, not to question them. That’s how we win battles and wars. If the military was full of “free-thinkers”, how many men would “go charge that hill” or “clear those houses full of the Mujahedeen.


            Again, this thought process might frighten you, but it’s the same process that’s brought us all our freedom.

            • Well there we go folks if BarryO designates you as a domestic threat TommyGuns38 will come pay you a visit.

              No surprise that a bunch of ragheads in Afghanistan can’t be defeated by this type of drone.

            • You are either a defender of Liberty or your commands illegal orders…cant have it both ways sonny….and yes our country and its freedoms were indeed bought with the blood and sacrifice of “freethinkers” not mindless retards whos job it is to blindly follow orders….seen your kind before too many times…beat em every time….youll fare no better…

            • Bold words from two Armchair Generals. I didn’t come here to pick a fight and call names, I’m above that. I came here to tell you the truth.

              You seem to be incapable of processing that. Carry on. Good luck “sticking it to the man”.

              P.s. Read a history book.

            • ~TommyGuns38~

              Thanks for the heads-up! Honestly!!!

              You’re really not saying anything, that some here recognize & accept as a foregone conclusion. We know the drill!!!


              -(quote)-…Again, this thought process might frighten you, but it’s the same process that’s brought us all our freedom….-(unquote)-

              Gee…ya think???

              …using your logic, I assume you & your buddies were….fighting for “OUR FREEDOM” in those far off 3rd world locations, because the local peasants were a “CLEAR & PRESENT DANGER” to me & my fellow countrymen…yeah, right!

              …in referencing your above quote/statement…I would add, that by such blind adherence to your Commander-in-Chief’s corrupt dogma………your type will unwittingly be the means, by which INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY… ultimately extinguished in America!!!

              Wake-up soldier, this is not a drill!!!!


              Do what ya gotta do, TG-38. I’ll do the same!
              The only thing I ask is….if you or your buddies get the drop on me….make my death a painless one!

              If I get the drop on you…y’all have my solemn word….you won’t feel a thing!!!

            • @Tommyguns38—- YOU are a fucking PUSSY.

            • Gunsmith,

              I won’t be knocking, I’m out now, for all I know they will be coming for me as well. So be it!

              No, I was not protecting any “American” Freedoms. Sad, but true, and I’ve always admitted that since I’ve been home. I battled insurgents in flip-flops, 8,000 miles away from home, for a reason I have yet secure in my own mind.

              There are many folks who don’t think American Service members won’t fire upon American Citizens, and I just wanted to get the point across that they will. I know them mind-set and I know how the training extends.

              My experience might have been different being in the Marines, we are a breed in our own, and I know my Marines would follow insane orders to a “T”. I’ve seen it overseas, and absolutely know they’d do it here.

              It is a mind game that you can’t explain. In our minds, mission accomplishment is #1, and discipline is the instant willingness and obedience to all orders, respect for authority, self-reliance and teamwork.

              That’s what we live by.

              Oh, and Citizen Kane, Shhhhhhhh, adults are talking, go play with your Legos.

            • ~TommyGuns 38~

              Appreciate your honesty! Like I said earlier…there are some here at this site…who know the drill, inside & out!

              It will happen….you know it….& so do I!!!
              Still, I can’t help but hope that, there are some “old school gunney’s” still in the corp!

              Glad to hear you’re no longer active.


              ***~citizen kane~***

              —You sir,….know not….of what you speak! The man was/is merely conveying a profound truth! Accept it & plan accordingly!!!

      70. @Auntie Commie,

        April 10, 2012 at 4:16 pm
        Those loyal peaceful people who were guned down in Ohio had already burned down one campus building that day and were heading for another. They were rioting. They then recieved a lawful order to stand down and did not, lets not forget the whole history of the event shall we.
        I’m not defending the National Guard, but those were not innocent kids either, o.k. Frankly, if I had been there, I would have done the same…maybe worse.
        Hot debate. What do you think? 8 5

        I just wonder how it feels to falsely accuse four deceased students of something they did not do. There were 8 others that preferred to put their thumbs up your ass. Hey butt breath of the four students that were killed, how many were rioting?

        You really need to research what transpires in life before you open your mouth and insert . . . So, to keep things on a milder note GO PISS UP A ROPE and that is just for your spelling errors.

        Y’all Beware! I am willing to defend with my life the pursuit of my families’ happiness.

      71. So — just wondrun.

        Are those shields bullet proof?

        I’m just say’n….

      72. Love the ‘Roman’ turtle pose. Ever notice that most military helmets resemble those of the “Third Reich” solders? Ever wonder why there is a five pointed star on both US and Russian aircraft, as well as others? Ever wonder why the crest of the US ‘guberment’ resembles that of the “Third Reich”?

        Just questions which came out of observation.

        “Who’s your daddy?”

      73. Our government is doing truly horrifying stuff these days.. Did you know the police is obtaining tons of military hardware every year also? If you don’t believe that martial law is coming to this country, check out; all the proof is there. All I can say is GET PREPARED!

      74. Um……this whole thing kinda scares me.If citizens dont ban together we wont last very long.Of course if the military’s majority turns against us,we are up shit creek without a paddle,in a barb wire boat.I cant remember where I read it anymore but there’s a story out there that say 44% of the Marines (USMC) disapprove of our government’s way of handleing thing.

      75. Wow, someone has their tinfoil hat on too tight. The “proof” is ONE MP company doing required annual training for its Correctional division. Just like Correction officers have to do.

        These are MP’s. Their job is to run a prison. Prisons have had riots in the past. Gosh, could it be that common sense planning would be that MP’s train how to handle these situations? No, you’re right, must be part of a vast conspiracy to murder millions of US citizens.

        The real proof is the ranting in the last paragraph: “The Department of Homeland Security, the USDA, and the FBI have ALL purchased or are set to purchase over 750 million rounds of .40 caliber hollow point ammo while at the same time portions of the US Army are directly training for crowd control within the United States.”

        SEE!!! They are going to kill you! The Army will use these .40 cal evil hollow points to gun you down! Forget that the Army uses 9mm’s. Forget that .40 cal is the standard round for a vast majority of police departments and “hollow points” are used to prevent over penetration and get better take down. Forget that this whole article accuses US Military Service members of being willing to break the very oath they made to support and defend the US Constitution.

        That is the most un-american thing I see here. These guys saying US Soldiers would violate the Constitution. The ranters in the reply section should consider joining the military so they can be there to say “NO” if such a thing happened. Oh, wait, that would require them to serve others.

      76. I was an NBC instructor for the US ARMY. Don’t worry about the 40 cal. rounds. When the corp starts loosing to many combatants/marshal law officers, you can bet your bottom dollar that chemical weapons, if not Biological ones will be used. Most prepping people will have have no defense against this. Thing’s are going to be very ugly, and why not ? the Corp doe’s not give a dam about us any way.

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