Mike Berry Blasts Obama: ‘People Like Him Run Third World Countries, Not America’

by | Aug 21, 2010 | Headline News | 43 comments

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    Houston talk radio host Michael Berry tells us how he really feels about President Obama:

    (Video below)

    He grants 26 seconds to the Governor because that’s how fast he could get past him, because he didn’t want to hear what he had to say.

    He doesn’t care about you or this state or the crime here. He doesn’t care about Rick Salter that was shot in the face by an illegal alien serving a warrant. He doesn’t care about Rodney Johnson the HPD officer shot in the back five times by a repeat offender illegal alien. He doesn’t care about your neighborhoods and your stolen cars. He doesn’t care about the crime rate here and the increase in drunk driving, and the jobs that are lost, and the hospitals that are overcrowding, and the schools that are overcrowding, the 60,000 anchor babies per year.

    He doesn’t give a crap about you.

    Keep voting for him. Keep paying for him. Keep rooting for him. Every one of you. I dare you.

    At some point this will be a third world nation, because that’s how this guy governs.

    People like him run third world countries, not America.

    I’m ashamed and embarrassed he got to be our President.

    Listen to Michael Berry Blast the President:

    We’re avid fans of Michael Berry’s show, as it’s often the only thing worth listening to down here in Houston (unless we feel like some Classic Country, at which time we flip the channel to 97.1FM). We missed this particular rant on live radio, but tip our hat to Patriot One for sending this clip over to us.

    Visit Michael Berry’s Home Page at KTRH 740AM Houston…


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      1. While  I agree with everything this fellow says , it implies all our countries problems happened in the last 18 months. How about some a little broader truth.

      2. I agree.   I cannot believe in my wildest dreams that we elected this man president.  America is done folks.  

        When the populace is told by the President that these times call for sacrifice, yet this President has had as much as six vacations, not to mention the dating and golfing excursions.  I don’t begrudge the President or his family vacations, but these are not good times.  I’d expect the leader of this country to lead and set an example.  After all, actions do speak louder then words.  A whistle stop in the Gulf versus lavish Spain and Vineyards again and other related trips, just does not set right.  I don’t care what race or religion you are.  It is not savvy or right.  

        The President wasn’t clueless when he decided he wanted this job. How about a stay a few times at Camp David?  The tax payers are already paying to provide a safe enclave for him and his family that doesn’t cost what these off site luxuray locations do.

        We have men and women in our armed forces in harms way, with many not coming home or not in one piece and the Commander in Chief is acting as if we are not at war under his command on several fronts while he recreates and bonds with his family.  What about our fighting members and their family needs? 

        They have to deal with mandatory double and triple tours, do they not have a need for access for quality bonding too?  There seems to be a let them eat cake mentality and for that reason, the President’s actions do remind me of third world dictatorships whose lavish life styles use the country’s coffers – while the tax burdened people are struggling to support their habits.

        Since we the people are hurting and it is obvious the President et al are not feeling our pain, we need to continue to let them know that perception and actions carry a lot of weight this November. ( The amount of money they pay into these junkets are pennies on the dollar and a drop in the bucket of what these excursions really cost the tax payer and I am damn tired of the postings they are paying their way – not in a pigs a$$ – please do some fricking research.  And it is shameless to compare what others did in good times versus where we are now given a recession/depression.)  Times and conditions have changed.

        To cut off “you’re a racist”  I am a woman of color and for Obama to be President required a large number of the majority population to believe his message and vote for him, which they did.  Didn’t he have a 80% favorable rating starting out?   That doesn’t sound like a bunch of haters or racist to me.  It’s about this President saying one thing, doing something completely opposite and hiding his foot print on who he is.  His decisions and actions alone (not skin color), is why I am rethinking my vote and losing confidence in his administration.  His message was hope and change – he needs to deliver.

      4. He was selected to be President to oversee the end of this country. It’s ironic that of all the black men that could have been put into office it was this creature that is the one.

        But it wouldn’t have mattered if the current President was a Eskimo, a Puerto Rican or a Asian. What is going to happen is going to happen regardless. The slap in the face for all Americans, especially black Americans, is this creatures’ presence when the wheels come off.
        Another big joke for the PTB.

        Vote anyway you want in the next selection. It won’t matter a damn to you anyway. It’s over.

      5. Comments….. What do you mean by “we”?  I didn’t vote for the mutt.  I knew what he was made of, but it was the younger generation who thought they were going to get something for nothing.  I remind my niece everyday (she voted for Obumma), that she may never retire, nor will her children ever see retirement. They will have to work their whole life to pay off this tremendous debt that we have.  She’s paying the piper right now.  She lost her house, her husband lost his job, and they don’t have a pot to pee in or a boot to pour it out with.   I do not feel sorry for her.  I reminded her that voting has consequences.  No hope and a pocket full of change.

        BTW Mike Berry’s rant was okay, nothing new really.  Rush has been talking like that ever since Obumma got elected.  Rush’s audience is much bigger than Mike Berry’s, but nevertheless, it was a good rant.

      6. Don’t believe anything coming from the Zionist owned media!!!

      7. Yep..Obama is just the latest iteration of our puppet presidents.

        Years ago I was septic of the conspiratorists who thought JFK was killed by (essentially us),   that 9/11 was planned as a false flag operation with certain parties in the US gov involved, that Fed heads, presidents and congess  were simply mis-guided in their beliefs and not following orders from their patrons…. (the private individual owners of the Fed). Scary thought ….the frigging CENTRAL BANK of the United States is owned by a select few of (foreign —my god…are they foreign? We don’t even know that) individuals that are not in any way audited.

        People, fellow Americans, THINK… who “owns” the 13 regional banks that compose the US Fed. Especially… who are the controlling members( i.e. owners) of the all powerful New York FED?

        STOP …. stop your reading and consider…..the US Fed has the power to create money with the click of a mouse. The US Fed is unaudited. The US Fed is in a position to help certain parties (such as those who OWN IT) be virture of leaking information about their actions or even having their policies favor their owners holdings. The U.S. Fed is the center of the financial universe and it is NOT audited! Why not… because the powers that be don’t want it to, they continuisosly prevent it…and most importantly..my fellow Americans …You are TOO CLUELESS AND EVEN STUPID TO DEMAND IT!

        Yet, all the while the American sheeple watch their telli,videos, tweet,facebook etc  and otherwise get fatter and more removed from reality by the day.

        Obama is a nobody. A faceless stooge of those who procured his election. Obama is oh so replaceable by the Powers That Be.

        I see it as a waste of time to focus on him. Like that buffoon dubya before him, like helicopter ben (who is smart.. so don’t discount him), greenspan, turbo timmy or sleepy larry….. these are the fronts for the true powers that have the wherewithall to pull the strings. Those folks prefer to keep out of view.

        As things get worse, as events push us to a one world monetary fiat system… think  CUI bono…WHO BENEFITS?

        Idenify them and you have the culprits.

      8. Obama blows. 

      9. Thoughts & opinions ??   As plausible as this is, can this person really have such a ‘Super crystal ball” that elevates him above & beyond all others?  

        The War To Subjugate The Masses
        By Anthony Tomei (For Immediate Release)
        8-17-10 © 2010 FutureDataBank.com

        PHOENIX (FutureDataBank.com)- Why World War 3?  The answer is simple if you are paying attention. It is to control a new economic system independent of the U.S. dollar and laws. In progress and almost done. The global chess game is all about restructuring western civilization by getting the people to request an end to the madness (in this case, World War 3.)
        The start of World War 3 will be a preemptive strike on Iran which will encompass a larger war. So this will all take place in a very short time and in a co-ordinated manner, but it is in progress.
        All the talk and chatter you hear in the media about China being the second largest economy in the world is but a mere smoke screen. It is Israel who will usurp all nations and quickly become the next ruling state of the world. The new form of international currency at the time Israel takes the lead on the global chess board will be an electronic cashless monetary system. Look for more companies and more monetary services to start promoting a cashless society that is entirely internet based through electronic transactions, payments etc. Current examples…
        read the article about PayPal making cash obselete here
        I have warned about this in previous forecasts and now the PR campaign to get the public in line with the preplanned effort to hoist a global cashless society has now begun.
        No matter what you hear in the news in the coming days and weeks about the middle east, Lebanon, or Iran just remember it is all about the expansion of Israel. Oil prices will skyrocket to over $250 per barrel and life in the United States as we know it will become very painful as the dollar will most assuredly collapse which will in turn destroy the American economy. The coming war in the middle east will not be limited but will spread everywhere.
        Watch as the controllers pit everyone, every group, and the major monotheistic religions against each other. This is already happening on several fronts. It is an attempt to create religious tension and hatred as seen in other countries in the past like Sarajevo Boznia Herzegovina. Beware of the elite’s schemes!
        It will only serve to create an environment of division, and hate so the controllers can use it as an excuse to put into place brand new Orwellian structures of control and tyranny. Also, be careful as many talking heads have appeared blithering about a second American revolution. DO NOT buy into it! IT IS A TRAP!
        Those that are stoking the flames of anger and dissent are only doing so in hopes that the masses start killing each other so the controllers can continue unabated in their plans and build on the ashes of those that bought into the lies of revolution.
        War is in earnest, the media are beating the drums now even more vigorously, and the columnists are writing their justifications for it to cull the public in accepting another war once again as we move closer to the edge of the abyss. There is most definitely a power elite agenda to diminish the world’s population. The elite want a world of a billion or 500 million.

        The “wealth” effect of 500 million is not equivalent to the wealth effect of 5 billion. Additionally, 500 million are easier to control than 5 billion and would constitute less of a threat to the established order. This tells us that the elite understands full well that more wealth past a certain point is meaningless and that more control is therefore more important than more wealth.

        At the very top, the elite families (it would seem) seek CONTROL over every aspect of society. That is the reason for the emphasis on dominant social themes and the aspiration to (global) mind control. Wealth is a BYPRODUCT of the larger elite strategy.

        The elite seek wealth. But it is the control that makes wealth possible. Thus, a World War to justify expansion of territory, reduce the population, and setup a global hegemony complete with an international electronic monetary system.
        … and the next ruling state of the world: Israel.
        Anthony Tomei
        Media Contact
        [email protected]


      10. Sorry guys I gotta agree to disagree with you on this one, Obama does care about me…because of his heroism and great leadership the possiblity of a second great depression is avoided because of his American Recovery and Reinvestment act and he’s also miraculously taken care of the BP oil spill by getting 75% of the oil to magically evaporate from the waters and he’s taken such good care of the people in the Gulf already affected by this disaster

        Thank God we have a president that can handle all this and still have the time to play golf with every visitor thats high up on the White House list and wants to play with the president. You’ll people should be kissing the ground, no the water that he walks on. How could you be so ignorant and hateful? You must all be racist, he’s clearly the best president America’s ever seen

        If you can’t tell I’m being sarcastic and hate this President, see him as the most dangerous figure in all of political America’s history please check yourselves into a local detox as soon as possible for drug addiction is really battering your common sense. Obama fucked America, he will continue to fuck America until there is no America left to fuck. The longer he’s in office the closer we come to that day where America is no longer existent.

      11. @Kyle2012 ” Obama fucked America, he will continue to fuck America until there is no America left to fuck.”
        🙂 Brilliant.

      12. ALL I’LL SAY IS THIS ” JOBLESS RECOVERY”, this is what everyone in government and media have been talking about since day one and has our recovery improved… NOT A $@#$#@$ bit! 
        I have no background in economics but I do know that it is OBVIOUSLY IMPOSSIBLE to have a jobless recovery from day 1…. PEOPLE ARE JUST STUPID IN GENERAL TO BUY THE SHIT FROM DAY 1 let alone the other 100 signs that he’s doing a bad job outthere… IF U THINK ABOUT IT FOR ONE MINUTE IT IS OBVIOUS THAT A JOBLESS RECOVERY IS IMPOSSIBLE…. I JUST CAN’T BELIEVE THAT OPRAH FULLY ENDORSED THE GUY OR NO ONE WITH SIGNIFICANT POWER/INFLUENCE IS STANDING UP TO HIM (very easy to do if u leave the US and leverage the power of the INTERNET u can pull some string quite easily) WHEN THINGS HAVE JUST GOTTEN WORSE UNTIL THIS POINT, THE POINT OF NO RETURN!!!

      13. The stupidity and naieveity of you people is stunning… i mean the general sheeple population must have nuts and boxes of iron. You just keep doing  and saying the same stupid things and like an insane person, keep doing these things thinking it will change for the better.  obama is an idiot, bush is an idiot , rush is an idiot, oprah is an idiot and all of you , with very few exceptions, are idiots. You will now seek to `get`obama , thinking he is the root of all your problems. you will vote for some republican goof thinking hes a saviour, or youll vote for obama again for the smae reasons… all the while your overlords  (the derothschilds)are lauging all the way to the bank…. wait a minute they own the bank.. all the banks .. in the whole world. including all central banks. when you dumbass fools wake up and stand up for what is yours , is when you will see some real change… im not going to hold my braeth for this…. but just keep the faith and think that sarah palin or laura bush or whomever is foolish enough to take on this disaster will make things one iota better….. cripes , you people would be funny if you werent so harmful to yourselves and the rest of us… stupid f”//$ing fools.

      14. Well, ‘grey road’…..that was the most informative piece of work Ive ever seen in my life!!

        Geez, I wished we all here could be as ‘smart’ as you and know every solution to every problem the world endures, like you! You are just oh-so intelligent.

        You can hickey my famunda, oh intelligent one.

        BTW, do you wear pink shirts to ‘show’ everyone around you just how secure in your sexuality you are….you big ole rough and tough man?

        You said…..”The stupidity and naieveity of you people is stunning…”

        Well, enlighten us with your einstein intellect. Afterall, we’re all fucking fools, stupid, naive, idiots…and boxes of nuts and bolts and iron, or whatever the fuck you said.

        So, show us the way, Mosabi King of the Rainbow.

      15. @ grey road

        OK you have my attention now.  YOU people!  Are you going to let us know how you vote and/or handle all of this?  Give us some insight will you…..

        Comments…..@ Goldenfoxx, the “we” I’m referencing is not about the voting – it’s the “we” the citizens and I’m not of the younger generation, just had a senior moment wanting to hope.  Sorry! Obama wasn’t my first choice.  Anyone else tired of having to vote for the lesser of two evils?  Always said the party system is a snake with two heads and it sucks to just keep throwing a vote away.  Ya gotta admit, Obama is a great snake oil salesman (as she shakes her head in disgust) . 

        eagleclaw, there is something to your post.  I’ve been prepping for over twenty years, ringing the bell to warn folks of what is here.  It’s time now to keep one’s head down and be in a position to watch the backs of like minded folks.  We are going to need each other as these times escalate and prevail. 

        Kyle2012 -  LOL – I got it right away – he he! 

        @ Scar  “Vote anyway you want in the next selection. It won’t matter a damn to you anyway. It’s over.”

        No disagreement – being long in the tooth, voting and polling are my way of symbolically saying – Up There’s!”  Can only hope the elite feel shamed reading and hearing the majority of the citizens think they are lower then pond scum and their actions despicable and dastardly.  Remember when they tried to cram the amnesty bill through as a done deal and the Shrub said see you at the signing?  I can only hope we (the citizens) can pull the same off when OB tries to do the same with his version.

        Jules and grey road, hear your frustration.  I’ve made my position on the voting party system known – a two headed snake.  Without getting physical, voting, polling and posting are the only means at hand now to at least slow down the inevitable.  The odds may be against us in winning the battle, but give us some credit as we have won some skirmishes.  Votes and polls are like mini grenades, requiring the elite to duck when they go off.  I for one am going to continue to lob them, hoping for more time and preps.

        Lastly, there are sheeple out there, but I believe the elite along with others underestimate the preparedness and readiness of some American people and their will to survive.  I planned and prepped to be one of them along with other like minded folks. 

      17. Where do I start?….

        America….the America we all knew and loved, IS GONE!!!

        It’s Over! we have ” Screwed the Pooch” so to speak…

        There is Nothing! barring Civil War/Revaluation that will bring it back!!!…and either or both of these will require vast sacrifices
        and deaths…how many of you are ready to “lay your life on the line” or the lives of your loved ones, to get back to the good ole days????

        “Vote them out” Don’t waste your time.

        Humans are Greedy, Lazy, ME!..ME!..ME!, I!..I!..I! Animals and we “show our true colors” all day, every day.

        We hate the word NO…”Don’t you dare tell me not to do that”…I’ll do it, just to show you that I can!!!….

        The only thing humans understand is force!…look around you, Look at the crimes committed in the world…if “NO” worked then there would be no crime….does it work?, NO…that’s why you have guns, cops, armies and such to “Enforce” the rules and laws!

        Greed, It’s in us all…Look at how humans behave…all we want is more, more, more for less, less, less… ever wonder why things have to be “On Sale” to attract buyers??…it’s to give them a sence of getting something for free!

        I don’t profess to know the answers, but I do know that setting around “Discussing” things, ain’t getting it done!!!
        I’ve got a sinking feeling that it’s too late to “Save America”.

        As I see it you/I/we have 3 choices:
        1. sit around and do nothing  “hoping” things will work    themselves out…become “Sheeple” ourselves, so to speak.

        2. Prep for the comming times, you got a 50/50 chance things will work out the best for you…gonna have a hard time fending off the hordes of MZB’s ( Mutant Zombie Bikers ) that will kill you for your stuff…remember they vastly out number you!!!

        3. Rise up and fight NOW!…The clock is ticking!!!

        Out of the 3, which do you think has the “best” chance???

        Sorry to be so gloomy but this is the way it is!!!

        Good Luck, which ever path you choose, you’re gonna need it!

        Roger Mack

      18. you have no choice but to vote for a zionist banker trollop whether it’s a democrat or republican.



      19. Comments…..Lady Hawk:  We had no choice really voting for the President.  Obumma or McPain – no choice.  I live in California and we have the same situation for Governor – vote for dog $hit or cat $hit?  Would things have been different with McCain?  No because we would still have both houses of Democrats voting the same way.  McCain voted for the bailouts, so no difference there. This situation we are in will have to run its course.  In the meantime, people will suffer and they will NEVER recover.  That’s the plan, make people dependent on the government and they will vote that way.  People like their free cocoapuffs. But we are going the way of Rome and there’s no stopping it know.  Gird your loins, stay prepared–food, guns, ammo.  Hunker down.

      20. Comments…..Roger Mack:  I vote for this one:

        2. Prep for the comming times, you got a 50/50 chance things will work out the best for you…gonna have a hard time fending off the hordes of MZB’s ( Mutant Zombie Bikers ) that will kill you for your stuff…remember they vastly out number you!!!

        LOL! That depends on where you live, most cocoapuffer zombies are so lazy, that they wouldn’t walk down to the corner to see two cockroaches fighting.  Besides, as long as they have their Oprah on, all is well.  Where I live, they would need a car, biking up this mountain would do them in.

      21. At almost age 62; I have voted in no less than 8 Presidential Elections.

        I have long waited for the election day morning where I finally throw the covers off the bed and hop out after having spent a sleepless night worrying and agonizing over which candidate to vote for. Soon I will have to make a choice and vote for one of two really outstanding candidates, honest, intelligent, and with the obvious best interests of our Beloved Country in their respective hearts. The only problem with this train of thought is that this isn’t ever going to happen in my lifetime.

        Anyone who is foolish enough to think that there is any difference between the democrats and the republicans is seriously kidding themselves. Our two political parties are but opposite sides of the same coin; controlled by the same masters.

        Continue to prepare quietly while maintaining the lowest profile possible boys & girls! Remember; it’s the nail that sticks up that get’s hit in the head with a hammer!!! God Bless and good luck to all.

      22. The USA was already meeting the UN’s own “third-world/banana republic” definition well before BO/BS came on the scene.  No doubt he has made things worse, but our ‘prosperity’, decency, etc, were purely illusory well before 2009.  Now, we are just beginning to see the reality that has we have hidden from ourselves.  The MAIN problem is not “out there” — it looks us in the mirror each and every morning.  Godspeed 🙂

      23. Comments…..gray road is right to a certain extent.  We are stupid if we believe in the power of the president.

        For example:  What President in their right mind would pick Bidden (Pie dung)  for their running mate?  Only a President and Vice President that have no power.  This team is a deversion as far as I am concern.

        A deversion for what?  Well, if you have all the money that you want, what more do you want?  POWER!  These Elite are in this battle for the POWER.

        The only way that we as Americans can take the POWER away from them is to take the power of their money away from them. 

        Our economic world is crashing down around us.  We are hanging on tightly to our money, home, jobs, family and all the material items that we hold dear.

        I’m here to tell you that we will loose it all.  ALL!

        When that happens then we have to learn to live without money.  We learn to become more self-sufficient  and become responsible for our own survival.

        We need to gather as families and purchase propertys that will support gardens, animal life and wood lots.  Or you will have to have a skill in high demand to support yourself/family.

        Then we have to make sure that the Elite know that the $ is not longer needed to survive.  We will not value money to give them power over America.

        We will value gold, but bartering is just as valuable.  Don’t put money as the most important trade item in your life.  We need to exterminate money.

        Once the Elite see that we will not value money.  But that we will value our familys, our friends and our community.  That we value our skills to provide for our community.  That we can do this with bartering our skills and helping our community continue on successfully without the Elite and their money.

        If we can live without what the Elite have to offer, their value over us dissappears.

        Many civilizations lived successfully without money.  Their communitys flourished. 

        It may sound way out in left field, but money is the root of American Evil.

      24. The government in America is the same as it always was since it’s infiltration of non patriot leaders. Barock O Chimp is to be nothing more than a role model to try and make the black race feel better. Slavery has been over for many years but most still think whitey is holding them down. Now they will see it aint whitey.

      25. Listen to Walton and Johnson in the morning at Houston’s 93.7FM. 

        They trash Obama and his following of libtard D.C. traitors Monday through Friday.   

        The 3rd world bastard occupying the White House deserves every minute of it.

      26. Comments….. I think more and more people are realizing that the whole 2 party system is controlled by one group of people. No matter who you vote for, the end results are the same. Both parties have had their chances to take a stab at really fixing things, and both parties just spent more. 
             With all the legislation that has passed in the last year or so, it is becoming painfully obvious to a lot of people that our representatives don’t really represent “us”.
              Obama is just a puppet like the rest of them, he’s just a little more up the totem pole. The sad thing is that voting some people out of office is too little tooo late. Stupid voters still think thier guy is “ok”. One of my favorite sayings is,”if you do the same behavior over and over, why would you ever expect any different end results?” people don’t seem to get it.
             Things are so bad now, that a war will be the only answer to distract people from who is to really to blame. It amazes me how Obuma can come out everyday and lie to people, and they still eat his lies up. I would love to be there when it all falls apart, and those sheep finally realize how stupid they were.
            Bad times ahead, and we won’t have to wait long before it all goes to crap.

      27. It will be a war alright Greaseman.  The 2nd American civil war.   Obama is the pied piper leading his fairy liberals right into the gunsights of  Constitutional patriots.  Patriots nationwide now know full well who the traitors are among them by their workplace/ neighborhood comments and by the bumper stickers on their cars.    Obama has set up his own followers to be slaughtered.   If the shooting starts the government in D.C. won’t be able to do a damn thing to stop it.  Just remember how impotent D.C was after Katrina and take the scale of this disaster to the national level.    In my opinion this is why Obama is pulling troops out of Iraq, to protect his sorry ass, and those like him.  He knows full well what is coming.

      28. “Chains we can believe in”.

        @Nico, thanks I thought it was a great line too but unfortunately it’s not even really a joke!! Ever since Obama took presidency America’s been like a freight train going strait to hell not making any stops and picking up speed everyday

        Lady Hawk ty too and I agree with you and eagleclaw to some extent. I agree it may be time to kinda sit back and get ready and band with the ones closest to you however far too many are still asleep that shouldn’t be. I’m still going to try waking them up before it’s too late (though we’re definitely running out of time quickly things are going to explode at any given minute) It’s why worldwidewakeupNOW is here, we’ve got a long way to go and not nearly enough time to do it

        @Greyroad what exactly is the problem with the people here? For the most part the people here actually have a decent head are their shoulders and are far more aware and smarter then the real sheeple that haven’t the slightest clue what’s going on in the real world and what’s about to spark…no need to hate on the people here, however I do feel your frustration with the real sleeping sheeple crowd

        @Eamon you’re absolutely right, barry soeto/barack hussein obama sure as hell didn’t start this 3rd world trend, however he is swiftly finishing the job…he’s nothing more than the proverbial nail in the coffin

        Greaserman, it’s a two headed one party system and yes more and more people are catching on to the puppet show game that is American politics. The Presidents and law makers don’t work for we the people, they work for the Powers That Be and the PTB control EVERYTHING that goes on in the world…to quote Roger Waters ‘they pick horses for courses they’re the market forces’, they literally control it all decide who lives and who dies until they get the population down to about the 500 million level (a lot easier of a number to manage then the current 6.5+ billion)

        and @Paul Revere I agree with absolutely everything that you said, spot on brother! Keep in mind though there are a LOT less Obama followers now then there were in the beginning, his actual number of supporters is waning and grows smaller everyday hell I myself was once a passionate follower and believer in the ‘ hope and change’ Obama was going to deliver, right up until he got inaugurated and quickly exposed himself as the phony that he is

        It’s amazing I’ve never seen support for one president drop such an extreme amount so fast, his approval ratings even now are a fraction of what they were when he was on the campaign trail on that same token though I’ve never seen someone be exposed as an absolute fraud and fake as quickly as Obummer has. I feel like a complete dumbass for ever thinking he would be good for America, atleast I caught on fast and got his real number down literally not even a month into his presidency

      30. Major chaos coming this fall/winter. Get ready. We will start to experience things never thought imaginable in the U.S.

      31. These responses, especially those of franky and billy, show why nothing will ever change. Heres how id vote since you ask you flocking fool. vote out the incumbant and do this every single time they come up for re election. this is the only way of using your vote in a productive way…and franky , you dumbass, inbred, drooling stooge… just so you know , when i said nuts and boxes of iron… i mean for you a box.. in other words you have a pussy and no nuts.and it isnt made of iron. this is typical for sheeple and dumbass flockers like you. when i tell you the whole thruth which youd be albe to see if you opened your flocking eyes and confronted reality, you become angry and defensive… whats your answer genius.? palin for pres? rush for pres? you fool , and youre talking about intellect. you are one dumbass dork. live in you wallow you dumby.. you deserve it. dont come on here and complain when things get worse under palin

      32. The people who do deserve your wrath aand have controlled everything that has happened in the world now for at least 100 years are living in europe now and most of them have the last name derothschild. but dont worry. thye know how bad things are in europe and are buying up land by proxy in colorado so that when dc and virginia and europe get flooded out, they will set up their palaces and ruling houses, around the denver co area… theyve been running the federal reserve from europe but now will come here and run you directly. the derothschilds, the illuminati, most royalty worldwide. they own all of us… tahnkfully the chinese have different ideas, and hate them more than we do. thats as good as it gets folks… vote for whomever you like. it doesnt matter anyway. i guess it distracts you from the more terrible things on the horizon.all of this will not matter if we get the floods in 2012…. this will seem like nothing more than a distant , unimportant memory. Truly , we have gotten what we all deserve. it is only a surprise that god did not strike down on us much sooner… and you people call yourselves preppers!? hah…thats funny… just so you know i wont be voting for any of y0ur crap as i am in canada…. go ahead you commies..  call me a commie… thats funny coming from a communist fascist state like yours… save it franky boy…. i have my preparations made and im sure it is far more extesive than any of yours. also i will be far safer up here…. i actually feel sorry for you silly yanks( and rebs) you have been fed so many lies for so long , you dont know what to believe… other than the whole world is communist except you.. right? hahahahahahaha… while georgy and billy and barry and ronny and all of these fools have been spoon feeding you lie after lie… alot of the world has actually left you in their dust…. cocky yanks….. do you really believe god blessed america most? go back to sleep and catch another episode of american idol… swig another beer, take another oxycontin, than turn to fox or cnn and listen to more drivel……and dont come across the norhtern border… we dont have any room or money or food here for you. RIP yall…. with a bit of help from god, maybe i will survive up here.

      33. Further more anyone that tries to say that if you just vote for the other guy this time, things will be better…. you should nto listen to anyone who says this. As they are probaly working for the illuminati, to keep things at status quo… keep the money(your money) flowing to all of the good congressmen you have voted in…. these pigs know that only keeping things at staus quo, will keep the gravy coming… they dont want major change…. chnage is bad for politicians…. than they lose…. why not get rid of all of these clowns? now theres a thought.agian , i am not holding my breath… just so you know… when i vote up here… i vote for a different one everytime…. to me keep these guys on a revolving door…. thats the power we do have.

      34. Comments…..Anyone else speechless???

      35. apparantly not lady hawk. i think ive about summed it up. not a whole lot else to say.im a realist, a truth seeker, a libertarian. im not going to try to surgar coat the obvious in any way. I hope shtfplan does not become a shill site for the republican party… or the dems for that matter. But im sure there are other websites where we speak about truth and prepping.prepping for the natural and economic disaster that lies ahead. May god have mercy on us all.

      36. Comments…..I just wonder how long ..if ever..it’s going to take until we stop electing puppets. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think Americans were this stupid. How wrong I was.

      37. Comments…..  There are plenty sheeple to go around, but i think part of the problem is the success of mass media in brain washing people.  Everything they say is so predictable, and their suceess at keeping people distracted is phenominal.  I quit watching anything but local news, but once in a while, check the big boys.   it’s still the same old drivel. They make the public think there are actually two sides to a story.   There is only one side to the story, the elite PTB side.  The elites continue to be successful in making people think their votes matter. The 2 party system has a lock on everything.   If any candidate were to ever mount a real successfull run at the presidency, he’d never live to see it through.
            I do agree with some who have said that the real party is getting ready to happen very soon.   Get locked and loaded people, whatever happens will happen fast.   When the trouble starts, the PTB will close the banks, and put everything on lockdown.  Many willl be shocked that things are not what they were told on the nightly news.  Others will be surprised it took this long to fall apart.  Either way, we’re all screwed to some degree, but those idiot sheeple who believe everything the government tells them deserves what happens to them.

      38. People and busy and stressed and they tend to believe what works best for their lives. They don’t want to work at the details to sort it out and they would prefer  to be given a magic pill to fix the problem rather than doing the work that is needed. THAT is how Obama got elected. The majority of people just heard what they wanted to hear and very few asked “Why is this man not saying anything specific or concrete? Why did he stay in Rev Wrights church of hate America if he did not believe in what was being said? What specifically does he stand for and what specifically will he do for this nation? What is his history so far?

        This has been like watching a slow motion car wreck. You see it comming and you can’t stop it! Can’t get the majority of comfort loving Americans to stop listening and think. This man has been smoke and mirrors from the start so it is not surprising that we have this mess. It IS what he came to do. He came to make it worse, to bring the US down. They know that a One World government won’t include the US unless the circumstances are changed radically. So the last several presidents have been quietly changing the laws that protect this nation. 
        But the powers that be must feel they no longer have to be careful about what they do. They must feel we are so far gone there is no going back no matter what the people do.  But we the people do have a few aces left, we know how to pull togeather if we have to, we know how to set our differences aside for the common good ( and they WILL try to divide us to distract us) and we know how to pray, fast and sacrifice.  The bible says cities and nations were saved by these methods.  They powers that be think this is stupid. So let them think that till it slaps them in their evil faces!!

      39. Comments…..Grey road is an angry individual.  I think he needs counseling rather than come on here & just berate everyone.  I think everyone on here knows who is in charge & what there doing to us.  I would rather die defending myself in America than hide my tail between my legs in canada, eh!

      40. Grey Road is referring to the system of central banking enacted 100 years ago.  Think a little deeper about the financial system we have.  Why did we bail out investment banks and mega-banks and insurance companies?  Because they control the supply of money.  When they go under, money supply shrinks and economy goes to Hell in a handbasket.  The problem is that there is nothing to back up all the money in existance and it helps the Federal government gain control because they can so easily manipulate the price of everything.  By manipulating the price, they can create stealth taxes that rob you of your money.  Check out danielamerman.com to read more about how this works.  It helps put government and Wall Street on steroids.

        Check out Debt as Money on youtube.com ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVkFb26u9g8 ) for an excellent primer on this gold standard vs. fractional reserve banking system.

        About the only one in Congress talking about this issue is Ron Paul.  He in general is regarded as a kook, but ultimately I think he is right about changing the fractional reserve banking system and the fiat currency system back to a gold reserve standard.  Grey Road would do better to catch us flies with honey rather than vinegar.

      41. WOW…are these comments jokes? the only person that made a comment that made any sense and is true was Zack…get it together , people act as if we ever had an honest president..those days were done after roosevelt and kennedy. the people need to take back our country back bottom line and stop whinning…..

      42. You guys are correct. Let’s get Bush back in office. I personally liked it when gas was 5 dollars a gallon. How can I get Obama out and Bush back in.

      43. This has been like watching a slow motion car wreck.

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