Midterm Elections & A Paradigm Shift (Return) to the Left

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    After the President was elected and inaugurated, I wrote several articles specifically stating that if he didn’t accomplish significant changes by the Midterm Congressional elections, he would not be reelected. We are seeing this on its way to fruition with the Alabama race to fill the seat of Jeff Sessions. The Democrat Doug Jones has won it, and the Republican-held majority in the Senate now shrinks by one seat.

    Not that it really matters. Susan Collins was one of the three Republicans quashing the attempt to remove the provision making Obamacare mandatory. Olympia Snow was the Republican Senator from Maine that allowed Obamacare to come up on the Senate Floor in the first place. Roberts (the “conservative”) the Supreme Court justice enabled Obamacare to be kept as a law.

    The parties are merely an illusion of a two-party system. All of them are Statists, elitists, and Marxist-Progressives determined to completely rend the Constitution and enslave all of the citizen-serfs while they assume the positions of “uncrowned” nobility. Will they remove the mandatory clause from Obamacare, or repeal the entire law? No.

    In a pig’s eye will any of these imperial statists remove a law that has every American citizen by the throat…a law the lawmakers exempted themselves from, “stamped” with “King” Obama’s approval with the Supreme Court solidifying it.

    In reality, the establishment obtained exactly what it wanted, as I reported before the election, and shortly thereafter: A President who is derailed at every effort and made to appear as a “loser.” Such will make Congress Democrat-controlled again and the President a one-termer. This is happening, before our very eyes.

    The United States is one step above being a third-world country, almost ready to take the plunge into the pool of totalitarianism. Go ahead: try to leave the country without a passport if you owe any money…more than you make in a year. Go ahead: try and maintain any semblance of privacy when everything you do on the computer, every purchase you make, and every place you travel is monitored, recorded, and saved for…. for what?

    Saved for the inevitable day when the country morphs into full-blown tyranny and every citizen is monitored and tracked 24 hours a day by the State. 

    No need for a “mark of the beast!” Such would be counterproductive: it would be recognized and fought against. No need for that! No need: Almost everyone carries around their little chittering cell phones – personal tracking devices – all tied into the computer…and the CCTV cameras…and the fusion centers and police departments. Do you want to provide Google/Yahoo/Bing with your password, in case you forget? Can’t give your mobile cell phone number now? We’ll hit you with the term “Thanks, I’ll secure my account later.”

    That is the option you have…a “choice” that forces you to indemnify…to make a pledge to do it later, and thanking them for doing it to boot!

    CDs and DVDs are on their way out the door, and you’ll subscribe to music, subscribe to the movies the way you subscribe to Word and Windows, not owning the disc anymore. The way you subscribe to phone time. The manner in which you subscribe to e-newspapers and Kindle.

    Hooked into everything and owning nothing…and all your habits, purchases, and proclivities continuously monitored: the perfect consumer, with all your paycheck accounted for via direct deposit…and always one paycheck away from disaster and ruin.

    The “joke” of an election that changes the identity of the person in office, and nothing more. The Paradigm shift back toward the right was permitted because they knew they couldn’t get away with stealing the election for Hillary Clinton…there would have been a revolution.

    The establishment gave conservatives their “champion” for now, and everyone on the conservative side of the house is taking a breather…when only the round ended, not the fight. Yes, it is just a pause as the left sets up for the next presidential election. You can bet it will be a shift back to the left this time…with the same demographics for the supporters as the two Obama elections.

    The deliberate collapse of the country is being orchestrated from within. After 8 years of Obama weakening the defenses, we are goading nations into war and still pursuing a policy of imperial expansion. Van Jones: Top down, bottom up, domestically while we back North Korea, China, and Russia economically, diplomatically, and militarily.

    Ben Franklin was once asked by a woman what form of government the founding fathers had created. “A Republic, madam, if you can keep it,” was his response. We lost it. We lost that Republic a long time ago, and the Alabama Senate victory for the Democrats is just the beginning. With a disapproval rating of more than 60%, it would stand to reason the President can rely on one tool to pull his ratings up and give him another term. That trump card (no pun intended) is war, and we are just a hair’s breadth away from it. The primary objective is not the welfare of the American people. The primary objective of an incumbent is reelection, at any and all costs…especially when those costs can be placed on us.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.


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      1. that election was stolen by miscreants

      2. And of course the cat-loving, lurking vet only gives us complaints, no solutions. Revolutions don’t start with whiners but those who take action. Until the elites are brought down several pegs we will be thralls to them.

        The election of Trump was allowed by the elites. They just sneered and said “it will be easier to shatter their middle class worlds if we smash the presidency to pieces before their very eyes.” The problem is the voters are more enamored of Netflix and NASCAR than real life.

        Revolutionaries – the patriots who want to save this battered union, from itself as much as anything else – need to stop blogging and start to ACT.

        • So say we all !!

        • we never left the left. we just freed the slaves to fend for themselves on welfare.

        • You state ACT. Ok just what are we supposed to do? Forget voting. There isn’t anyone to lead a revolt. What you need to do quit being a Denialist. Face the Fact The USA is a nation in decline. The Republic will never be restored. Jeffersons tree will die of thirst. And it aint politics, it aint race, it isn’t the left versus the right. Its too many parasite takers and too few producing makers. That situation is never long term sustainable. There is only one ACT that is viable and reasonable. Learn the Know How to be Self Reliant. prepare for the collapse of everything , Government, Power Grid, Rule of law ect. It will be a stone age existence for a few years.

      3. “The election of Trump was allowed by the elites.”

        Not true.

        The elite did everything they could to PREVENT him from winning and continue their resistance to this day, where 90% of all news coverage about TRUMP is negative.

        TRUMP won the white vote that previously elected Obama. He also won a larger share of hispanics, blacks, and women than did Romney. That is why he won, in spite of massive, organized resistance by the Deep State, Media, and global leaders: and all of their dirty tricks.

        This same voting base is now even MORE excited about his Presidency than they were about his candidacy; but you would never know that by following LSM.

        The exposure of the Deep State crimes against the Nation next year, will solidify his power. Rino Paul Ryan sees the handwriting on the wall and is retiring, paving the way for TRUMP control of Congress.

        I told this community last year that it would take TRUMP a year to consolidate power, and that Crimes by the NWO would be revealed the following year to coincide with the elections of 2018.

        Yeah it’s in the Archives. 🙂

        • DK

          Trumps political survival is up in the air. TPTB are not done, they have no rules, no constraints.

          Regarding Trumps voting base I 100% agree. The driving issue was the loss of US manufacturing. I seen hard core UAW members that looked at Republicans as the devil himself that not just willingly but excitedly supported Trump. It took two decades for them to see that their savior, Bill Clinton betrayed them with NAFTA / China Free Trade. Secondary the US is getting a tad war torn having difficulty seeing much of US foreign policy / military use as being necessary.

          • “Trumps political survival is up in the air.”

            Yes according to the LSM which tries to undermine his very existence. But there is much going on behind the scenes that regular guys like you and I are not privvy too.

            Consider the TRUMP Administration’s bombing of CIA narco factories in Afghanistan and the recent raid on CIA HQ by a detachment of Marines to seize documents.

            Follow that up with the recent confession and backtracking by some Deep State Administrators; which is just an attempt to save their asses from treason charges.

            2018 is going to be a GREAT year. It’s a Jubilee Year too !!! 🙂

        • Good Article! Direct deposit, no way around it unless you get paid under the table like the illegals do. The best you can do is have your direct deposit made to a checking account in one of the Mega Banks and the day it goes in write a check to “cash” and take some cash and deposit the rest in a local bank checking account. No cure all but it breaks the chain. Trekker Out

      4. This article should be titled “1001 ways you are fucked.”

      5. Midterm Elections & A Paradigm Shift (Return) to the Left, and REVOLUTION!!!


      6. There will not be any REVOLUTION!!! There simply are not enough that are ready willing and able. There is no cohesive leader group or cause to garner enough support to be the least bit effective. The Sgt is a Taking Parasite. He produces nothing. His wages are robbed from the taxpayers. If he is so great why doesn’t he quit sucking from the public teat. and go to work for someone who must derive a profit from his labor. He is one of those Pension parasites who have drove the State if Illinoise to the Poor House. But you don’t see him leaving his Taking Parasite job? Beware of any government employee who advocates revolution.

        • I dunno know, Old Guy. I might beg to disagree a little.

          Hubby is retired fireman. Yes, he is pensioned.

          Yes, he worked hard for 36yrs with Metro.
          Yes, he went out each shift into the danger zone.
          Yes, he went out and picked up folks who had fallen outta bed for the hundredth time.
          Yes, he picked up body parts off of railroad tracks, cleaned up smeared motorcyclists off the interstate, stood by crack houses while the police made it safe for him to go in and give CPR, pealed people out of crashed airplanes, etc…
          Yes, he went to schools, boy & girl scout meets and such to educate the children in fire safety and show them what an aerial ladder truck can do to save them on the 4th floor apt where they live.
          Yes, he did much more… traffic wrecks, stand by at local H.S. football games, even cooking for the firehalls he was in…

          He did it all with little cash in the paycheck but the promise of good medical benefits and a pension.

          We’ve finally scene that benefit after 34 yrs.

          Tax payers need to pay for the services they get, or they would be the parasites and you’d be complaining about them.

          I dunno Old Guy. Kinda think people like hubby and Sgt. Dale paid their dues to the city they worked for in long stressful days and nights.

          Pensions are really back pay for the few yrs they have left top side planet earth. Cause the tax payers wouldn’t really pay them for the work they were doing on the city’s time clock.

          Like public school teachers, it’s a thankless job–

          until you need ’em.

          • The thing is If whatever you do for money does not take and use the natural resources of this planet to build grow or make a tangible necessary product that adds to the GDP. If your not a vital link in that chain of production you are indeed a taking parasite. I happen to be a vollenteer fireman. I do that service as a way of giving back. In this township we have a elected Constable. And he serves without pay and is also a vollentier Fireman to boot. I don’t want any compensation. I know its not politically correct to Lamblast firemen and police. But they are still Taking Parasites. Now you may think they are necessary parasites. However if Folks are self reliant and build their homes out of steel and cement not even the California fires would effect them. the hard fact is the Taxpayers are tapped out. They can no longer be Robbed (taxed) enough to pay the parasites cushy Pensions. So the Government;s both federal-State and local make up the difference by incurring debt. Like I stated this lopsided situation of too many takers and too few makers is not long term sustainable. Payback/ your full of it if the job is so low pay why not quit and go to work for someone in the public sector who must derive a profit from their labor? Too many Parasites are killing the host.

            • Metro is not a township but a very large mass of population.

              It is not feasible that the population build out of steel and take care of their own fire and police needs.

              Just not happening in the real world.

              Hubby and Sgt. Dale met a need and they need to be paid for the service they provide.

              • And your blind if you cannot see that what we now have isn’t working. Look at Calif all those wood homes are piles of ashes. And its feasible to build out of concrete and steel. We own one house that was built in the 1940,s. it has walls 18 inches thick. built from rocks and cement. It has a metal roof to boot. There was this old couple Helen and Scott Nearing. in their seventies they picked up rocks and built their home and outbuildings in upstate New York. The mother earth news had articles about them. Out west they build with adobie bricks made from mud and straw. very little wood. out west even the rail road quit using wooden ties. They use concrete ties. I bet the fire station and police station is built of concrete and steel. Most schools are. the WPA built most everything from concrete and steel. What the reason is that folks are lazy. Too lazy to perform manual labor. Being a cop,fireman or government employee is taking the easy way out. most cops are fat donut eaters they couldn’t do any hard work anyhow..

                • I doubt hubby would be considered fat and lazy.

                  Along with being a fireman, he has been a stage hand for over 30yrs. Unloading concert equipment from semi’s, building convention sets. The easy one is working the spotlight at Grand Ol Opry.

                  You are dreaming if you think the public is gonna build to your standards. So they don’t need a fireman?? FD does way more than put out fires, ya know.

              • Pensions are really back pay for the few yrs they have left top side planet earth. Cause the tax payers wouldn’t really pay them for the work they were doing on the city’s time clock.

                Like public school teachers, it’s a thankless job– Ok ive asked why if its such a thankless job? Why don’t you quit and go to work in the private sector at a vocation where your employer must derive a profit from your labor. since you are reluctant to answer that question. I will vouce my opinion why you don’t quit that thankless job. The main reason is you actually have no real skills that a private sector employer could utilize to derive a profit. simply you Parasites cannot make it in the real world. your very existence depends on you sucking from the public teat. Well that cow is dying from too many parasites.

            • You people are just crazy to think the way you do!!

              Use your imagination–

              A country with uneducated children, no police, no FD, no public water works, no civil servants, no parks maintained, no road/bridge maintenance…

              Surely you folks don’t think the public is ever going to take up the slack in any meaningful/volunteer way?!?!?!?


              There’s your SHTF w/o a plan.

              Truly TEOTWAWKI

              If you think that way–you’d best not avail yourselves of any services these people provide.

              • Use your own garden hose to put your house fire out.

                Let the apartment dwellers jump into your loving arms.

                Drive around the pot holes and don’t complain.

                Buy your own jaws of life for your car wreck.

                But your own ladder/tower trucks for your apartment dwellers.

                Buy and stock your own ambulances.

                You go out and provide CPR for all those that need it.

                You get up at 2am and put big Judy back in bed, again.

                You shut down the crack houses.

                You, perhaps get my drift??

                And don’t any of you dare call on these services for your or your family’s needs–provide it ALL for yourself.

                And be sure to grow that thick skin as you decide who is lucky enough today to receive any volunteer “help” from you.

                • Actually I do have a Jaws of life. I bought it at a state surplus auction.Im a unpaid member of the vollintier fire dept. Bought my own turnouts and actually have saved a house. I was first on the scene and put the fire out before the fire truck go there. It was flue fire. and I tore down the flue and used my personal large fire extinguisher to put out the fire. Many of the neighbors are unpaid first responders. one neighbor is a elected unpaid constable. I will not enable big judy. She needs to lose weight or sell her place and go into assisted living. I live in the Heart of KKK country Boone county is where the national headquarters is located. less than 1/2 of one percent is a race other than white. We don’t tolerate crack dealers. any one who rents to no goods only makes that mistake one time. When you enable folks you attract more who need enabling. The population in my county is 28 persons per square mile and shrinking every year. Don’t come here we don’t want you here.

              • I pay road tax on my property taxes. and pay license fees and pay tax on fuel. So I think I will use the roads. We have no children in school but still pay a hefty school tax. I rather like toll roads and toll bridges ect. I detest the word free. nothing is free someone will have to pay for it. The fact is This lopsided situation of too many relatively higher paid and higher benefited parasite takers and too few low paid and low benifited producing makers is not sustainable. In fact the government has already ran out of other peoples money to spend. They now fund the parasite with debt. Just how long do you think the debt fueled economy can continue. Every day the government grows and the gap between the private sector productive and the parasite takers widens.

          • Public School teachers. The public schools are the very worst. Public schools are the biggest failure of all. M They pay football coaches and administrators hundreds of thousands of dollars. And the Teachers try and brainwash the students to believe the liberal agends. Black students caused the cirruclun to be dumbed down. Because those porch monkeys are good at sports. Its necessary to kiss their butt’s to have a winning team. Its turned into our Nxxxxr’s can beat your Nxxxxr’s.Again if teaching is so bad. Why not Quit and become a producer.

            • think about what you just said.

              children need an education and every parent is not going to homeschool or pay for private.

              I should not want to live in a country where children have no opportunity for an education.

              even a liberal education is better than nothing.

              The world you ascribe to can no longer exist in this modern era.

              Needed services need to be paid for.

              If you want to educate your own, police your own, put out your own fires, and provide your own CPR, go ahead. More power to ya.

              But that just isn’t feasible in the big cities of life.

              • I hate to burst your bubble but A liberal public education is almost worthless. Back in the 60,s a High School diploma was worth more than a college degree is today. Folks with college degrees are as common a tree leaves. A skilled tradesman who is fit and can actually do a job without supervision is as rare as hens teeth. And they have plenty of work. The Mennonites are a great example. They home school the basics. Then they learn a trade. Around here they charge $45 dollars per hour for carpentery , mechanic , Anything you need done and want it done properly you go to the Mennonites. They have a slaughter house. do custom harvesting. Just about anything. and they don’t draw welfare. Once you get the basics of reading writing and math you can learn more on your own. Home Schooling is very viable. You do it on the internet. More often than not home schooled children score higher on college entrance exams than the public school students do. I really think we are on the Cusp of a SHTF WROL meltdown. and those who are Parasites or those who depend of them will be the first to perish. The self reliant who have Know How will fair much better. And lastly even if your taking Parasite vocation is a necessary one. The fact is the Taxpayers cannot no longer afford the Luxury of enabling you. The government is spending more than it takes in. Its impossible to borrow your way to prosperity. All government spending is a tax. The borrowed money is a tax on the future producers. There is a quote. The very worst thing to happen to a society is for a majority of the people to believe that they don’t need to produce. They wrongly believe that someone else will produce for them. Then the Productive people start thinking Why produce when Im punished for being successful by unfair regulation and taxes. So they in turn quit producing and join the ranks of the taking parasites. We are now at that point of no return.

            • Since the purpose of the so-called public schools was/is destruction and enslavement, they are the biggest success of all.

              They were socialist monopolies from the start- I cannot believe that Real Americans [White Males with IQs over 112] would ever support this evil. . .

          • Grandee: GMAFB !!! Arizona is notorious for low salaries and wages. It always has been, yet beginning teachers working 9 months of the year START at $40k.

            Twenty years ago I was dating a schoolteacher who was making $55k a year; for nine months of the year not including with a month off for Christmas and Easter. Firefighters make good money too for the hours they put in: Captains make over $100k … in Arizona.

            Public employees ANYWHERE in America have nothing to complain about when it comes to salaries, wages, bonuses and pensions.

            If you want to get rich you have to take RISKS !!! Most public employees take absolutely little or NO RISK for a gravy job and benefits. 🙂

            • That’s the point ive been trying to make. These public employees as a rule have it much better than the private sector workers. yet they complain and cry about it being a thankless job. And try and demonize the taxpayers for not paying their Fair Share. When they themselves pay nothing. A government funded parasite employee pays no taxes. because whatever pay they receive must first be taxed away (robbed) from some current or future private sector producing maker. So whatever taxes they do pay is merely a recycling of tax dollars. Its like they get a dollar free and pay a ten cent handling fee. No parasite so far has explained to me why if their government job is so crappy and thankless. Why don’t you quit and go to work for someone who must derive a profit from your labor. Now I have named it to you parasite takers. Every single time from now on whenever you look into a mirror you cant shake the thought that you are a parasite.. And being a cop or fireman doesn’t automatically make you a HERO. and Arkansas like Ariz has low wages. yet the government employees are the highest paid by a large margin.

      7. “CDs and DVDs are on their way out the door, and you’ll subscribe to music, subscribe to the movies the way you subscribe to Word and Windows, not owning the disc anymore. The way you subscribe to phone time. The manner in which you subscribe to e-newspapers and Kindle.”

        I don’t do any of those things.

        I have copies of all the recordings worth anything that have been made since the beginning of commercial recording in the 1880s. I have copies of all the TV shows and movies I want, so I don’t ever have to buy another one. There are thousands on Youtube, and you can download most of them to your own computer (Video DownloadHelper plugin for Firefox).

        I don’t “subscribe” to software. I have my own copies, open source freeware as much as possible.

        I don’t subscribe to e-newspapers. If I can’t read if for free somewhere, I don’t read it. I also don’t buy electronic books. I have countless e-books that I have downloaded for free, and I have thousands of real non-fiction books on every subject and many fiction books.

        If I find anything good on the internet, I download it to my own computer so I’ll always have it. The most important content gets printed out and bound.

        In other words, I don’t buy or rent any content now and don’t see buying or renting any in the future. I have a lifetime supply.

      8. People continue to vote for one of the two fixed beforehand candidates. That makes no sense at all.

      9. I wonder whether the “Jones” plantation was an intentional wordplay, by Larken Rose.

        “A Republic, madam, if you can keep it,” was Franklin’s response.

        Not a direct democracy. In other words, uncrowned nobility.

        In all of the rights enumerated (that means counted, not granted) there is some twist or niggle, allowing for the discretion of the fed gov aka the republic.

        That is supposed to be an abstract thought or legal fiction, an example of specious reasoning. Yet, the concept of a Republican invokes that republic, aka fed gov, with godlike authority.

        I first heard of the liberty tree in highschool, and simply could not get past the feeling that it was dialectical, like our class warfare narratives. The balance of powers is akin to the Delphi Method of consensus building; nothing in nature nor a manmade artifice can go in separate directions, and split the difference. Try to walk that way, or ride in a train that does that. It’s not true. Can you cook on a frying pan, which is at war with itself, or use a hammer that way.

      10. Back in the early 1970,s where I used to like in NE Ark. there was a old state trooper retired. A new young trooper was assigned to the area, He rented a nice home out the the county. And began writing tickets . he gave kids tickets for driving tractors without drivers licence. gave tikets for a taillight not working. and the speed limit went fron 65 to 55mph. and he would write a ticket for speeding 56 mph. Real ass hole. So when he went to church when he returned there was a can of gas and a book of matches on the front porch. And he really was mad and became worse than before. So one day when he was gone. that rented house his truck and boat where shot with hundreds of bullet holes. He moved to South Arkansas 300 miles away. The fact you can only Police and Tax a people to the amount that they will allow you to do so. At some point it becomes not tolerateable.

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