Michigan Proposes Bill to Require Official Visits to Parents Homeschooling Their Children

by | Apr 30, 2015 | Headline News | 91 comments

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    why-homeschoolThe busybodies in Michigan have proposed a new bill directed at children who are homeschooled, which will require two annual home inspections and official state registration.

    Stephanie Chang, a Michigan State Representative, is worried that homeschool parents will abuse their children while no one is watching. Apparently, the state wants to be the sole authority on child abuse; including indoctrination, a daily statist pledge for 5-year-olds, and the distribution of criminal records to teens who decide to smoke a plant.

    Like dogs and sex offenders, the state wants children registered. As a result, thousands of decent and caring homeschool parents may soon be forced to allow an inspection of their family or be in violation of the law.

    The tragedy the state is pointing to in order to push this bill is a 2012 case in which two homeschooled children were tortured, killed, and then left in a freezer by their mother. As tragic as this is, using it to create a new law to infringe on the privacy and sovereignty of 48,000 homeschooled children in Michigan is wrong.

    Obviously, that mother was crazy and deranged.I would argue that it is clearly not the norm for homeschool parents who have consciously chosen to have a larger role in raising their children to then go on and torture them.

    This proposed law is another knee-jerk and reckless response to a horrible event. Trying to prevent it from happening again by restricting the rights of all parents who homeschool is simply wrong. How many children are abused by their parents while attending taxpayer-funded schools? How many children are sexually abused by teachers at school? What about the babies who are abused or killed by their parents before they were old enough to attend school? Should all families be subject to visits by social workers regardless of where they go to school?

    This misguided ideology of ever increasing state intervention into our lives “for our own good” will prove endless if we allow it. It’s like the never-ending war on terror; once you go down that road, it’s very difficult to reverse course and it becomes an excuse for all sorts of injustices. First, minorities and the weak will be targeted, which in this particular case is the homeschool kids.

    The real kicker to this whole saga is that inspections wouldn’t have even helped stop this particular tragedy. For example, the mother had already been investigated by the state for child abuse in 2002 and 2005. The state’s response was to refer her to counseling. Disaster was not averted despite her already being on the state’s radar.

    Like restrictions on gun ownership, the logic in this newly proposed law is lacking. If passed, law-abiding homeschool parents will unnecessarily register their kids and open the door for annual inspections, while the abusive parents won’t. The twisted parents who torture their children have no ethics to begin with. They’ll simply avoid the law, move districts, fail to report, avoid the police, not answer the door for inspections, and do everything they can to remain under the radar.

    The mother in this story no doubt has psychological problems, but so do these politicians who think they can endlessly intrude on our lives, forcing punishment upon decent, law-abiding people based on actions of crazy criminals.

    Daniel Ameduri is the founder of the Newsletter Future Money Trends, where he has produced some of the most watched videos on the internet about liberty, inflation, gold, silver, and what he refers to as ‘personal finance for doomers.’ His first fictional video, “The Day the Dollar Died,” has been watched by over 2.5 million people.

    For more information about Daniel Ameduri you can visit the author’s bio at Liberty Blitzkrieg, where he regularly contributes as The Dissident Dad.


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      1. If they would come to my house. I would tell them to get a warrant. Or I would let them in only to one room.
        Then I would play there game. Act like I agree with them and would work with them. Then I would get as much info from them and then turn it over to people like Quayle, Jones, Hodge, Drudge. (hope I spelled the guys names right).

        • I will not comply. Ever.

          • The compliance thing is just another excuse for these fuckers to exert control.
            Here they want to make mandatory inspections of a property in order to get an agricultural tax rate, even if its zoned or dedicated ag, same with the food safety modernization act, they want to be able to random inspect your property and farm and audit your records,
            I say fuckem!
            Life could be so nice if the freakin government would mind their own fuckin business, but noooo
            I say keep pushing fuckers
            What goes around comes around

            • “these politicians who think they can endlessly intrude on our lives, forcing punishment upon decent, law-abiding people based on actions of crazy criminals.”

              I think that just said it all.

              • The punishers will be punished.

                • they want more and more control,i cannot believe how many STUPID IGNORANT people reside in America and cannot see anything wrong, I guess they will wake up when there food and banks are gone and they are starving!

                  • I thought that this was an appropriate quote from C S Lewis

                    Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth. This very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be “cured” against one’s will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals.

                • Genius, Papa Braveheart has nice hot lead for the punishers.

          • Good idea on this issue, I assure you. ‘Cause yeah with the sh*t I’ve seen regarding kids and the court system? Just trust me, you’d be better off moving to Zimbabwe if it came to that (no joke).

            • The HSLDA (Homeschool Legal Defense Association) is very effective in fighting these attacks on parental rights. Any Michigan homeschoolers here should notify HSLDA dot org about this attack AND JOIN.

              All homeschoolers should belong to HSLDA, even if only to take advantage of their pre-paid legal plan.

              • Excellent post. Exactly my point about this site being a way to share ***information***. With posts like this, we will carry the day. Nice work, JQP

        • I am glad they care about the children. All of the homeschoolers i know are drug addicts. They are just too lazy to get the children to school and back. Plus often the poor kids are neglected and dont get all their required vaccines.

          • Hi, Now you have met several homeschoolers who are not lazy, druggie, neglectful, anti-vaxer parents.

            Some areas have a lot of those kinds of drones destroying their own babies. I count the ssri bigpharma medicines as drugs no matter how legal or well-advertised and those “users”, mostly mid-age females who mostly public school, are also very spaced out dopes who feel superior to other dopes with other (un)coping crutches. Just like a martini drunk feels so superior to a beer drunk or wino… especially if it is a $50 martini instead of a $10 one.

            I homeschool with help from an online school so real teachers can help the parents do a good job for their children. I like the confidence of having someone to help me and they organize the lessons very well. Homework is turned in over the computer. A classroom full of other students is distracting to some students. The accountability to pay attention and focused on the task goes up because when I ask a question he is the only student (no “hiding” in the back row quietly daydreaming here).

            They do not come to my house (not MI), but about once a week we are in contact by phone or email. There is a round of professionally monitored tests at the start of the year and at the end of the year to check the student’s progress.

            I think it is a wonderful idea to offer parents the opportunity and structure to bridge between crowded “brat barns” public school and an entirely parent monitored parent provided homeschool (which is awesome if you can do it well all by yourself; I wouldn’t know how to accomplish that all by myself, but our online school is working out well for us and it can for others too).

          • 1911, you are full of porcine excrement.

        • Problem is they have a judge on speed dial and call and get the warrant standing there with their police muscle,how do I know because that’s just what I did.As soon as I mentioned them needing a warrant,the CPS Brown shirt was on the phone…no more talk,to late to do anything,and took our child with threat of arrest by muscle…one week because of a false report till we had court return him…with not so much as an apology from the state kidnappers. Michigan is a battle ground between freedom loving patriots and progressive militant statists.

          • This will continue and grow more widespread till some kind of accountability is brought to those who are responsible.

            Those responsible for these abuses, from the (usually) anonymous false reporter to the social workers and police and Judges, count on immunity to protect them from their actions.

            This needs to be changed, anonymous reports should not be allowed in the first place and when a report turns out to be deliberately false it should be civilly prosecutable as a first step.

      2. Sarge, my response to them would be [sound of a shell being racked in my shotgun]. If you REALLY love your kids, get them out of the ‘government training centers’ like Alex Jones used to call the schools.

        • choot ’em!

          • or should we “shute” ’em? hee hee heeeeee!

            • Just dont poop chute em!

              • with a rusty chainsaw? why NOT?

        • You do that and that is the end of your family, you end up dead or in prison and your children are wards of the State in foster homes going to public school.

          There are better responses, consider them first.

      3. Hmmm.. How about those “inspectors” get a warrant before showing up?

      4. in Kalifornia they ALREADY have to much power! one friggin’ bruise, and yer in DEEP doodoo with THESE sons-o-bitches!

        • Yet another reason why this place sucks immensely.

          Ever notice that all the bullcrap legislation and regulations start off in Commieland here, as well?

          • i wonder why we don’t refer to them as communists? that’s what they ARE, you know….why don’t we call a spade a spade in this country any more? maybe if some of you got a backbone, america(ns), maaaybe, just maaaybe, we could right this ship and turn things around….the nanny state…if there IS a nanny state, why hasn’t she been FIRED for incompetence, and THEFT, long ago?

            • and remember, it takes a village to mind yer own damned BIZZNUSS!

      5. My last one graduates home school in a couple weeks. Passed all state tests 2 years ago and now just has to have x amount of hours to graduate. Guarantee that she has a better education than most. The nanny state can kiss my ass. I decide what’s right for my child. Had a problem many years ago in NV schools, told them I was taking her out of school forever. They said I couldn’t,
        I said when it comes to my kids there is God and me.
        I have 3 well educated children now. 1 will a Bachelors, one with associates and the last one wants to go on as well. Take that bitches!

        • Good for you; Citizen.

        • Kudos to you Citizen!! Great job! Home schooling is a hard job and the people of Michigan better fight this! This is a very large intrusion into thier lives! Once they ( the state) get into your home, the trouble will start! Jmho!

          • MommaD, those social workers can have ‘accidents’ just like anyone else.

            • Little Johnny came home from school one day.
              Mother: Hi Johnny, how was school?
              Johnny: It was good mom.
              Mother: What did you do?
              Johnny: I got laid.
              Mother: Oh my god! You just wait till your father hears this!
              Father comes home and mother tells him what Johnny said. Father takes Johnny to his room.
              Father: Johnny your mom told me what you did today. Just between you and me I’m proud of you. Just don’t tell mom about this.
              Johnny: ok dad.
              The next day Johnny comes home from school and his mom asks what he did and he says oh math and reading. She was ok with that and Johnny went to his room. A while later his dad came home and went to Johnny’s room.
              Father: Hey Johnny how was school? Did you get laid again?
              Johnny: No dad, my ass is still too sore 😛

        • Excellent post. Thanks

          • Your welcome 🙂

        • I am sure HSLDA will be all over this. Make sure you keep paying your dues!

          The thing is, there are a lot of homeschoolers. We have a voice, a big and loud one.

          I will not comply with any of it. I simply will not and I am not alone.

          With two homeschool graduates under our belt and four more in the works, I have seen so many changes in the laws and the homeschool community at large. We no longer ‘hide’ as many parents did in the 60’s and 70’s.

          Certainly, it isn’t always easy;)

          Most people know at least one homeschool family and have positive things to say about them. We have not taken an easy road but we are sure that it is the right road.

          Anyhow, I look forward to helping my children homeschool my grandchildren one day. So far, my only son in law is a homeschool graduate too so I am really looking forward to teaching all these kiddos after the collapse and we are rebuilding, Lord willing!

        • Citizen, kudos to you for homeschooling your kids. I’m sure they’ll go a long way in life. Congratulations.

          • You have 2 boys both in 2nd grade. One white and one black.
            Why is the black kids dick so much bigger?
            Because he’s 18 years old 😛

            • Whats long and hard on a black man?
              2nd grade.

              • Articles about blacks rioting= black jokes
                People talking about gay stuff= gay jokes.
                Articles about school= school jokes 🙂

                • Genius, I fell out of my chair with those. Eppe, you have some competition now.

        • Citizen, you have obviously done a wonderful job educating your children. I am quite sure you are an intelligent, self disciplined person. Unfortunately, not everyone in this society of ours is like that. Surely you realize that there is an element of the population that does not always “do right” by their children in many areas. How would you suggest those children be protected from parents who “pretend” to home school their children and literally do nothing with them educationally and use home schooling as a means to hide their children and how they are being treated from the rest of the world. I have a cousin who home schooled all 6 of her children and all 6 are amazing successful individuals. Two of her boys are now doctors. so please do not misunderstand, home schooling can and is a wonderful way to educate your children. But……we just recently have a young man who is 14 enroll in our school as a 7th grader. His mother had home school him until this point. The poor kid can barely read, and has the Math skills of a third grader. Who was watching out for that child? The only reason she finally brought him to us was because he bombed required state testing and she was forced to. If a parent is doing a great job with education their children, then what’s to fear?

          • Just me,
            my wife and I don’t take all the credit. The one with the bachelors degree is a teacher and she helped a lot with math as anything above algebra kicks my butt.

            There is no excuse to not be able to homeschool your kids, there are way too many resources available to parents. You get to learn stuff you missed in school too!

            What’s to fear? There are always going to be bad parents, Look at Baltimore for a recent example of lack of parenting. But when is the state butting into our lives enough? Testing for homeschooled kids is ok in my book, identifies places to work harder. But with todays internet the only excuse is you are lazy. Then get a online school to help.

            Our kids will pick up the pieces when this country explodes, teach them well and let them lead the way.

          • Who’s looking out for the public schooled kids? It seems a much larger percent are illiterate. Baltimore is being overrun by the product of public schools. Our prisons are overloaded with the product of public education. Where was the oversight on those children?

      6. I would tell them to get a warrant. But this is about sending thugs to search your home and imtimidate you. They will find something wrong. They will get a court order and force you kids to public school. My suggestion is to move.

        • Mike
          My suggestion is to move.
          We can’t keep running. You have to use there rule and regulation against them. Be wise as a fox!

          • Yep, Sgt. As Reagan said, the US is the last hope of the world for freedom. We can’t keep running, as now there is no place left to run. We truly and literally in as dark of days as we were before the Battle of Midway, or in England/Canada, the Battle of Britain.

            This battle is not with guns; rather, the whole battle is with education and information dissemination, but requires *courage* and educating oneself. On our side is the truth, and the complete and utter idiocy of the left’s arguments, that invariably crumble when even a whiff of truth is allowed (faux global warming and its BIG GREEN MONEY, anyone?) I go to Yahoo to find out what the fascist left wants the hoi polloi to believe, then come to sites like this to actually learn something. CNSnews.com is also good, as is Joe Miller’s (Miller was almost a US senator from Alaska, and is a trained lawyer) site at http://joemiller.us

            Get informed. Communicate with others. Take reasonable risks. Show the COURAGE our forebears did. Get involved. Post, write the editor. We shall fight in the newspapers, we shall fight on the blogs, we will fight the leftist fascists on the evening news, we shall NEVER give up. Apologies to Winston Churchill.

            And we will NOT surrender to the anti-1st Amendment, book-burning radical gay Brownshirts, either.

            To be honest

            • TEST. AMEN. If the brownshirts come for me, those brown shirts will have some red mixed into them.

          • Suffering under the delusion that their rules are applied fairly, even handedly, and without prejudice?

            I see.

            Well. Got some bad news for you. You can pull that off maybe half the time now but it’s getting harder and harder. It’s pretty obvious where this is going.

        • These colors don’t run

      7. What these so called supposed ” Educators “;( and I personally use that word like most people use the words ” Child Molester ” or ” Pervert “) TRULY are scared to death of is some kids growing up who are NOT Dumbed Down; who HAVE Critical Thinking Skills; who KNOW the difference and discrepancy between Right and Wrong; Good and Bad. Besides; in EVERY standardized test; Home Schooled Kids are FAR AND AWAY SUPERIOR to your basic average American Indoctrination Centers. CAN’T have THAT; now can we?

        • Dave, spot on. I use the word ‘educator’ only reluctantly and tongue-in-cheek. ‘Brainwashers’ sounds more appropriate to me.

      8. Some advice for home schooner’s:

        Be sure to have your home wired with well disguised audio and video recordings that will make an exact and indisputable record of anything transpiring if you are paid a visit by authorities.

        Best idea is have it automatically uploaded to the cloud or some other secure storage that cannot be found and tampered with.

        Video has caught much more government abuse and lying that would otherwise be unchallengeable than anything else, protect yourself with it.

      9. No wonder. Chang is a Democrat. Too many Laws. Too many Politicians. Too many Lawyers. Too many Do Gooders. Need a civil war and most of the crap will go away.

        • One could only hope,,,

          • Although a Civil War has no set rules and the outcome can vary greatly. I would want it to stop the insanity. The stupidity. The arrogance that permeates this country. To bring back responsibility for “ALL” our actions.
            I believe that from out of Chaos comes Order. I hope there will at the end, be people who will set our country back on the Right Set of Tracks. Either you do it right or you become like the rest of the world.

      10. What these supposed ” Educators ” are scared of more than anything are truly educated kids who are NOT Dumbed Down; who HAVE Critical Thinking Skills; who KNOW the difference and discrepancy between Right and Wrong; Good and Bad. Besides; in EVERY Standardized Test; Home Schooled Kids are FAR AND AWAY SUPERIOR to the kids who attend your basic; average American Indoctrination Centers. Can’t have THAT now; can we?

      11. SHTFPLAN: WHY did you DELETE my last 2 comments?

        • Dave your comments went throught automated moderation system.

          One of them has been filter for length ( land patent post). Feel free to resubmit that but please use a short excerpt and a link rather than pasting the full page. This way it’s easier to keep the comment area manageable for readers.



          • O.K.; Mac

      12. I moved from my home State of Michigan 14 years ago, and while there is much that I miss from that beautiful place, this article is a great reminder of why I was so willing to leave.

        My twins have been home shocked for he past 2 years, and if any social worker dares to step on my porch they will wish my 106 lb Rhodesian Ridgeback gets to them before I do. While we have decided to let our kids go to public high school next year, that is our choice to make not the State’s!

        On a side note for Citizen- I am in Nevada as well and we are fortunate to have a powerful presence in Carson City lobbying for parental rights and home schooling, but the idiot politicians cannot and should not be trusted.

        When it comes to education as in most things, “follow the money.” The federal and State govt wants kids in public schools because they get paid in excess of $9,000 per child. Most of that money goes to “Administrative expenses.” (71%) Those”expenses” don’t pay for books, buildings, or even the Teacher’s salaries, but they do include over $92,000,000 given to the democratic party by the National Education Association. To be sure, public education is all about the children.

        • Wasn’t sure if this got posted … that’s what I get for trying to post from my ipad.

      13. Wolverine,

        At first your comment seemed ridiculous, but then it made sense to me.

        I do believe that those things happens and it’s horrible to imagine!

      14. So tell us, who owns our kids: The state, or the parents? Or will you lie and dissemble so all the “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” clueless KoolAide drinkers will still vote for you lefties?

      15. In related news today, from the 5 Minute Forecast. (These same types want to control your kids, incidentally.)

        Craig Patty.

        Mr. Patty owns a small trucking company in Texas. He had two trucks to his name in 2011… when the Drug Enforcement Administration got the not-so-bright idea to use one of them in a sting against the Zetas — one of Mexico’s most violent drug cartels.

        The operation was a cluster from the get-go. The DEA convinced one of Patty’s drivers to become an informant. He then hauled a cargo of marijuana from the Rio Grande Valley to Houston… where DEA agents supposedly would sweep in and arrest Zeta members.

        But the Zetas caught onto the scheme. As the driver approached his destination, Zetas in SUVs converged on the truck… and got into a firefight with plainclothes cops that were supposed to be protecting the truck. The driver was killed and the truck was shot up.

        (Friendly-fire bonus points: A Houston cop shot and wounded a Harris County Sheriff’s deputy.)
        What’s the easiest way to terrify a 65-year-old man?

        If he’s one of the three out of four retirement-aged Americans who say they’ve got less than $30,000 set aside for retirement… just show him how much more he’ll need to get by.

        Or do something nice and tell him to click here — for a simple three-step way that could help him lock in endless retirement “paychecks” for life.
        Mr. Patty — who had no clue the scheme was going down until it was so badly botched — sued the DEA.

        He sought just compensation: Not only was his truck riddled with bullet holes, but it was out of service for months while the DEA held it for evidence. To say nothing of how he and his family might become future targets of the Zetas.

        More importantly, “Patty had said from the start his main goal was to shed light on the case and have the facts be known publicly,” reports the Houston Chronicle.

        On Monday, a federal judge in Houston told Mr. Patty to go pound sand: The feds owe him nothing.

        The newspaper says the ruling will spare the government a “potentially embarrassing trial.” Which is the point, right?

        Oh, yeah — Patty can’t collect insurance money, either. The truck was used in the commission of a crime, dontcha know.

        Nor does the outrage end there. Let’s connect a few more dots…
        • In an unrelated federal case filed in 2011, court documents revealed the feds worked hand in hand with Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel for more than a decade to take down Sinaloa’s rivals — like the Zetas
        • Recall that the banking giant HSBC laundered money on behalf of Sinaloa. HSBC’s punishment? A civil fine of $1.9 billion — about five weeks of profit
        • HSBC’s sweetheart settlement was arranged in late 2012 by U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch — who is now the U.S. attorney general.
        We’re not sure what to conclude from Mr. Patty’s story… other than he’d have been much better off working on Wall Street or in government or in central banking than in trucking.

      16. You know what, I’m going with a big, emphatic f*ck you to the State on this one.



        Having been in their public schools, I’ll believe they give a sh*t about the children… just about never. Thank you.

        Plank in your own eye and all that jazz. The size of the Titanic actually.

        • What they DO care about, it appears, is making big money for the mfrs of Ritalin and Zoloft/SSRI – the latter which, BTW, is the primary culprit behind all this horrible school shootings.

          Not that the fascist, leftist, lamestream media would ever tell you any of this…

      17. Why are these people still alive?

      18. Stephanie Chang, a Michigan State Representative, is worried that homeschool parents will abuse their children while no one is watching.

        Is she an idiot? Anyone see what her beloved socialist state is doing to kids? When I was a kids, the main concerns were chewing gum, running down stairs and talking in class. Now it is shootings, 12 year olds being pregnant, and female teachers stalking HS boys for sex.

        You vile, disgusting, evil, hypocritical, ignorant leftists must be reeeeeeaaallly proud of yourselves and what you created, aren’t you!

      19. “I will not comply” t-shirts @ http://www.rmgo.org $10-$12 with free shipping. These guys are in Colorado and they are protesting the anti-gun crap the state govt is imposing. Just go to the website and check out the t-shirt, for the money it’s not bad.

      20. This is union spite. Payback for losing their closed shop law in MI, and losing the lawsuit over having the state collect union dues from family members who are care-givers to elderly and disabled people.

      21. In many of these schools, 50% or more of the high school students can’t read and they want to waste resources to harass parents that care about their children. Why are people putting up with this sh$$ ????

      22. The police state continues to move in closer.

      23. It is time for the remaining handful of whites to leave the Michigan Liberal paradise and relocate to an area where people believe in working for a living, and self sufficiency.

      24. Hey, Stephanie! Haven’t you vile leftists ALREADY done enough destruction to DETROIT??? Now you want to extend it state wide, and into the homes?

        Leftists utterly, utterly disgust me. Not to mention their ignorance is beyond the ability to comprehend.

        I say we all chip in and buy her a one way ticket to North Korea. Wait, scratch that. Detroit already IS North Korea, tho the economy in NK is slightly better, I will admit, than Detroit.

        Where is Gov. Snyder on this? Same place Gov. Pence went when the gay Brownshirts started their sophomoric antics?

      25. I homeschool mine
        And don’t care what “law” they pass
        You come thru my door uninvited your gonna meet God and my gun simultaneously

        I don’t even give a shit if you have a warrant because it’s based on false ground
        So it will be viewed as a home invasion and they will be responsible for the outcome , even if I never breathe again

        My home my rules
        My child my rules
        I’ve seen the community and I don’t want it teaching or raising my child
        Bring everything you got because your going to need it
        My responsibility is to protect my family from any threat , foreign or domestic
        They will be viewd as enemy combatants and terrorists
        Their acts are and premise for these acts are not justified , but mine will be
        There will be no one home but me
        Try me brother

        • EOTS, my sentiments exactly. I couldn’t have said it any better. MOLON LABE

      26. I didn’t father any children. I knew from an early age that I would never subject a child to live this Earthly experience out, it was clear then that evil was in full control and thank God I passed on the opportunity. In retrospect it was and is hands down the best decision I ever made.

      27. Long time reader of this site, 1st time to comment. Both my kids are homeschoolers and have never set foot in the propaganda dispensary known as “Public school”. I thank God for the ability to be able to do that financially. It has been a sacrifice in that way and difficult in other ways but it has all been worth it. My daughter graduated early and is now attending college, something I was never able to do. My son is also on track to finish early and actually will be taking some college courses before he finishes with high school. During the years we homeschooled them we have lived in 2 different states, NJ and Pa. Surprisingly, being the veritable police state that it is, NJ was actually the easier of the 2 when it came to homeschooling. No reporting requirements whatsoever. We move to Pa. and they wanted to do an anal exam (figuratively speaking). They tried to tell us “you can’t do that” and when we fought them on it they tried to tell us that they would have the final say in the curriculum. WRONG!!! Believe one thing….If you are considering homeschooling your kids, ABSOLUTELY join the HSLDA. We’ve been members the whole time and they really are life savers! They are knowledgeable and know what they are talking about when they give you advice! Be smart and follow it to the tee also. We had a situation with this smart ass assistant superintendent, who had arrogantly demanded things of us and then said “It’s the law”. Well we consulted with HSLDA and they found out what the law ACTUALLY was. All we had to do was provide a snippet of each category in our curriculum to inform them only. They had no authority to approve or disapprove. So that’s EXACTLY what we did. We went back with the package and said “Here ya go Bitch! This is what we’re teaching our kids whether you like it or not….and THAT is the law!!”

        For tooooo long we have empowered these bureaucratic asswipes by accepting whatever they say when they attempt to act under color of law and push us into subservience. 2 words that should NEVER be allowed to go together, “career” and “politician”. They get so comfortable being there year after year and begin to think they are something they are not; our overlords. They are OUR servants but they have become corrupt at ALL levels.

        I heard something one time about Sparta and I’m not sure if it’s true but i think it’s worth adopting something similar. I heard their king’s were elected and served a term of 1 year, after which they were immediately put on trial and were considered guilty unless they could prove they did good things for the country while they served as king. I think it might not be a bad idea to have a gallows in front of EVERY gov’t building. A breech of the public trust would be followed by a last walk and a short drop.

        • 3%R, welcome aboard. You’re in the right place.

        • bravo!

      28. Bureaucrats…..”Civil Servant” Why do they have a problem with the word “Servant”?

        • But they are serving you. A big fat SHIT SANDWICH!

      29. Just think about where this country will be in 20 years ?what kind of life or lack there of we’re leaving to our kids grand kids etc… They treat us like we’re ignorant and need them to tell us how to live our lives every friggin I mean fucking minute of our lives. These people need to get a life and leave us the f alone can I get an amen?

        • Fed up, I hear you. The authoritative liberals believe that your children don’t belong to you, but the collective whole. They don’t think you alone should make choices or decisions for your kids because parents are not capable. Brace yourself, this country is heading into the worst time of it’s history. We’ll come out on the other side somehow.

      30. When is enough enough? These evil turd eaters need to live there own lives and but out of everybody else’s lives! We’ve managed to raise decent moral hardworking people for generations before we can do it again without there nanny hands helping!

      31. What? Send my kid to the public school so they can learn how to cross dress and become gender fluid? So a lesbian or homosexual man can stand inside of my child’s classroom and teach about what it means to be gay? So the PE teacher can teach my child how to have gay sex and give oral? So my kid can be bullied and/or killed at the school? So the teacher who happens to be a pedophile sexually molest my child? So my child can eat something that resembles dog crap at lunch time?

        The schools today are VERY different than what it was when I went in the 70’s.

        • How is your child going to know how to work with and/or conduct business with and get along with society if you don’t know the types of people that are in society (such as gays, etc.) No person can be so self sufficient, and the government owns everything and you have to use government money, so your children may not actually thrive very well. They will be shocked when they have to interact with society. You might home school, but I guarantee the street your child walks along to get to his food source is government owned. To deny his need for some public education is only going to harm him and make him unprepared for “real life and the real world.” If you plan on locking your child in his room forever, that is one thing, but if your child wants to live anywhere besides your house, they better be prepared!!

          • You were joking, right?? Lmao!


        • Those scumbags do not write bills “to improve” our lives. They do them to make money on them once passed. I bet that’s the reason. I mean if they wanted to really improve our lives, they’d f ing do their job and they don’t. Everybody knows that. These slim balls are there for themselves. Just look around you, everything is falling apart in this country.

      33. Thank God, the best decision I have made is to not have any kids. Could never trust them to such world.

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