Michigan Man Told To “Give Up Some Of Your Constitutional Rights” In Exchange For Adopting Grandson

by | Jul 19, 2017 | Headline News | 89 comments

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    Anyone with half a brain can read the Second Amendment, and clearly articulate its intent. It’s not a complicated law. It’s not buried in high-brow legalese that is indecipherable to the average person. Once you understand the original meaning of the words when they were written, and the wider context of the Bill of Rights, its meaning is obvious. The Second Amendment protects an individuals right to own and use firearms, which is a meaning that has been upheld by the Supreme Court.

    So it’s always somewhat surprising to learn that there are so many states with laws that disregard the Second Amendment. It’s baffling that it’s taken so long to strike down these unconstitutional rules.

    In Michigan for instance, there is a law that effectively prevents adults from exercising their Second Amendment rights if they want to foster a child. A resident of the state recently filed a lawsuit against the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, because they wouldn’t allow him to foster his own grandchild, unless he submitted to their anti-gun demands.

    Caseworkers from MDHHS and a county judge told William Johnson of Ontonagon, Mich., that he had to choose between his Second Amendment rights and fostering his grandson, according to a complaint filed with the United States District Court for the Western District of Michigan. The 54-year-old Johnson is a retired, disabled Marine with a Michigan Concealed Pistol License. He and his wife were asked by the state of Michigan to foster their grandson. According to Johnson’s suit, however, the issues began as soon as he arrived at MDHHS to pick up the child.

    Johnson said he was searched for a firearm and, although he was not carrying a gun, officials demanded to see his concealed carry license. He was then told he would need to give MDHHS the serial numbers of all of his firearms, including rifles and shotguns, and register them with the agency. After questioning why he would have to register his firearms in order to foster his grandson, Johnson said he was told by one caseworker, “if you want to care for your grandson you will have to give up some of your constitutional rights.” When he objected, he was told there would not be a “power struggle” and MDHHS “would just take his grandson and place him in a foster home” if he didn’t comply with their requests.

    Two weeks later, during a hearing on placement of the child, Johnson said a Gogebic County Court judge similarly told him, “if you want to care for your grandson you will have to give up some of your constitutional rights.”

    Can you believe that? How is it possible that in a supposedly free country, a judge can tell someone who hasn’t committed a crime to give up their constitutional rights, just so they can take care of their own grandchildren? How does a government official actually say that with a straight face?

    But more to the point, how exactly does Michigan prevent foster parents from exercising their right to bear arms? It turns out that by law, they have to register their firearms with the state, and store them unloaded in locked safe, separated from ammunition. They can keep firearms, but they sure can’t bear them. Hopefully this lawsuit will put an an end to this blatant disregard for the civil rights of law abiding citizens in Michigan.


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      1. Ya know, there would be a lot less of this shit if people had the nards to go vigilante on these thugs. Where is Charles Bronson when you need him? People are stupid to believe there is actually ANY justice in this system. Justice needs to be dealt out by the people not their masters…

        • genius, It doesn’t take a genius to realize the folly of your words, sir.
          Where your notion of the people standing up for their rights IS valid, Your idea of apparently murdering those in public service to obtain that end is, well..less than genius.
          And your comment on justice regarding who and how it should be dealt is simply appalling.

          • Spoken like a true statist coward. The founders would be appalled.

            • In case you don’t know what that means (here’s the Webster’s definition)

              Definition of statist

              an advocate of statism

              In other words, someone who believes in state control (someone who needs a state mommy) think for yourself much?

              • Genius, statists are mindless robots. They are the exact opposites of people like us. The statists need to go.

              • This is all part of the Liberal Commie NWO Agenda 21/30, Disarm the populace using bogus laws and policies. FL’s current Agriculture Sec, Adam Putnam, is running for GOV next election, and told his GOP populace supporters to lock and load, and is pushing for full open carry in public. Think about the politics when choosing a state you are going to settle down in.

                If I was this Guy in the article, I would, pick up his Grandson and move to a different State. Head the warning those people still living in bankrupt Michigan. They are next to Bankrupt IL. IL is worse. Rustbelt!!

            • There are situations when killing scum is in order. Also, there are instances when just lying to these scum will suffice with no fuss and no muss. But…CCP is a sham and put this man in their cross hairs to begin with.

              • Hence return the favor.

              • And who will be the first to kill the scum and spend the rest of his life in prison, say good-bye to your grandkids and loved ones forever.
                “Lying to these scum will suffice with no fuss and no muss.” … UNTIL some retard libtard rats on you or the “system” invades your privacy with “welfare checks”, etc.

                • If you lie to them that’s another law you will break, in contempt, and they will find some way to put you in Jail. I would just refuse to answer any questions. Breaking up family is what the Government likes to do, because they can keep more dependents in the system to justify their jobs. Its all a scam.

                  In my area of FL, they have this Law, you cannot put a shed on a vacant property unless there is a residential house on it. Like I bought this land, about 5 acres, and took me a year to see what was below the jungle vine growth, to even know where to build a house and see what I had, and do my own survey. I had to have a portable shed to keep my working tools in, or they would be ruined by rain or get stolen. Its all about harassment and collecting fees. Be nice, know the rules and play the game. Because prick neighbors will rat on you, and if you can keep all people off your property as much as possible, all the better. So the more remote in the boonies you are, all the better. And if you can keep all your buildings out of all sight from any road, all the better too. OPSEC. Most of the people ratting on you to the Code Dept, are your own two-faced rat turd neighbors that wave “Hi and Bye” at you.

                  • no truer words have been spoken get outta city’s now I just moved from a big city in Arkansas to very and I do mean very remote location in SW Colorado pulled kids outta school and started home schooling what’s crazy now days is how people are using CPS,DHS and the likes to get back at people or as a weapon against someone who has pissed them off (think family member)

                • Well, for some things it is worth the risk. There’s a many scum buried here and there never to be found.

                • Actually, I suspect that once that spark s lit, it will become a bonfire…

              • Menzo, it sounds like some govt. officials may start having ‘accidents’.

          • You have clearly never had a state sponsored rectal exam. The state has zero rights to a child when parental or grand parents rights are involved. The fact that the grand parents even had to ask to “foster” their own flesh and blood is absolutely horrendous. I have to agree with Genius anyone standing in the way of uniting a family should be shot.

          • Vocal-Puppet of the State: Wow, you have the nerve to select a name like “Patriot” – are you kidding. I agree with Genius. There is no justice, unless you are super rich and or “connected”. The Gov’t is so out of touch with the citizens. Gov’t is supposed to exist for the people, not against them at every corner friend. You are no patriot, but definitely a puppet pawn of the state.

            • Wow! Not-so-smart vocalpatriot has no idea why the second amendment was written. If this man would find a way to resist, the state would murder him evenually, but vocalpatriot thinks its wrong to enforce your rights with force. But, its OK for the state to make it a trade either your right as a parent or your right as an American. It will only take a few willing to give up all to fix this *COMPLETELY*. Genius is right. Were his scenario to play out more often, they’d first try to take the guns (they’re trying to anyway).

              The fact is, these dictatorial regimes know they can only break the law so much before they get the bullet. They dance on the line and they clearly know where that line is. I say that moving the line is not a bad thing.

              Poor, poor sheeple.

              Yes, its a last resort.

              Murder is the unjustified killing. Theft is the unauthorized assumption of possession.

              The State of Michigan is attempting to steal his rights. How does one defend that when the state is CLEARLY breaking the law?

              I think the 2A stands right in the middle of that.

          • The solution is to quietly dispose of these little NAZI’s. I suggest burial at sea with some nearby sharks. And then say nothing.

            Eventually these anti-Constitution people will realize they will be disappeared if they push their agenda.

            • Also known as the three S’s.
              Shoot. Shovel. Shutup.

            • The Great Lakes which surround Michigan are considered to be inland seas. Even with Lake Erie as the shallowest, the lakes have many a shipwreck and other stuff hidden within their deeps.

              Don’t really need sharks either. There are plenty of fairly large fish that swim those waters such as muskelunge and sturgeon.

          • It happened in Lexington, Mass, in 1775 for similar reasons and in Athens, TN in 1946. When “public servants” become bureaucrats doing the outrageous bidding of political potentates who seek to violate unalienable rights, it may well be necessity again.

            • …and there it is: The words of wisdom.

              Not to be taken lightly.

          • No one says ya got to kill any body. give them a taste of their own medicine. Put them in a cage for a year, beat ’em, starve ’em, deny all their human rights, then see if their minds change after that year.

            Common sense: Crime= physical harm to a person, a person’s property or theft of ones property. If there are none of the above, it isn’t a crime. Pigs have NO BUSINESS forcing their power hungry wills on ANYBODY. America was a happy nation when men were men, there were no taxes, you owned your property, you had a family, gold and silver were MONEY, fags and feminists didn’t run anything and there was only common sense, not political correctness. Name calling didn’t hurt any one and people minded there own business and were always ready to help those in need, without being “FORCED” to do so.

            So tell me there, mr. vocalpatriot, should humanity continue going thru this “goverment crap”, just like it’s been for the past 6000 years? Should all mankind continue be enslaved to tyrants? Should mankind just continue to “talk” things out with power hungry pigs and “officials” that want nothing more than to control every aspect of it’s existance? Why should people be bound by other people? If you have goverment, you can NOT have liberty. Noah Webster said it best in 1828 in his dictionary.

            Liberty: the power of acting as one sees fit, without ANY restrainnt or control, except for the laws of God.It is a state of exemption from the control of others, and from positive laws and the institutions of social life. This liberty is abridged by the establishment of government

            True government is self-government, You reap what you sow and there is no way around it. Do the wrong thing and you WILL pay the price. Man should take care of himself and those that can’t take care of themselves. We didn’t have cops in the US until 1838 , when the first “pig patrol” came into existance in Michigan. Cops are nothing more than revenue collectors for teh state. They rob,beat,maim,rape and kill with impunity. That is wrong in every single way. Cripps and Bloods do these things, they are caged and or killed for their CRIMES, The piggies are not? Why. AmeriKans are SO dumbed down.

            Here are a couple of excellent sayings for you to ponder.

            There’s a time for piece and a time for war….Solomon 942 B.C.

            The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure,” Thomas Jefferson November 13, 1787.

            When men fail to be men, liberty ceases and tyrants reign…..

          • Oh, and mr. voalpatriot, please tell us how to “stand up for your rights” is done? In a normal society, people would talk things out, but when you talk for over 200 years, do ya just keep talking? That’s the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over and over and expecting different results………

          • Vocal you are full of it if you think anyother way would work… tell ya what why dont you vote em out
            BWHAHAHAHAHA…. wake up

          • I guess Vocal means your gonna discuss this with them… that will get things changed…

          • Wow, you are a useful government tool! I’ll bet you like it when they (the government) fucks you.

        • This guys mistake was to tell the truth.

          He should have lied and said he renounced guns and became a registered democrat.

          They probably would have given him a couple of extra kids to boot.

        • guess they never heard of USC1983 where they can be sued civilly and charged criminally for knowingly violating someone’s rights under color of authority.

        • I understand your frustration, but it’s hard to adopt a child when you’re under investigation for murdering government officials.

          • Self-defense of self and loved ones. Not murder. They ask for this.

            • If these people come to someone’s property and they are not let in the home they call the police.

        • Justice is just that: “Just us”. One rule for the Govt agents, another for the rest of us.

        • because the statists have positioned themselves to take advantage of exactly that by saying “see, we TOLD you gun owners aren’t fit parents, this guy went on a shooting spree just because we asked for his serial numbers and storage requirements, no one was taking his guns etc etc etc”

          Big question is how do we reverse this bullshit without being painted as the bad guy?

          • You can’t. The fake news mill will paint you as the bad guy regardless. I roll my pants up and wear boots. Ignore the lies and the mischaracterizations. They are nothing if you don’t listen to it. The problem is, America does. They’ve been trained by the Nazi-process schools from day care through college. Why do you think they love to make the middle class weaker? So the women can’t train their kids. The younger you get them, the better. Now, most of our kids grow up socialist. Only a few, like me, that are too smart to swallow their lies. I was choking and gagging on them when I was 12. (I’m almost 56 now.)

            Real Americans won’t paint you as the bad guy. The bleached out PsuedoAmericans and the SelloutAmericans will. They’re not really part of America anyway. They’re all citizens of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and not actually Americans. (There REALLY IS a difference. A little study will open your eyes.)

      2. There should be no “authority” in government with any rights over the parents or grandparents.

        The reason these brazen bastards use children as pawns in their “power struggle” is because not enough good citizens blow the brains out of these arrogant scum.


        • 10-4 on that B!

        • The reason the grandparents make the Child Welfare people give them the children is so they can get a check to go along with it.

          I knew a black woman in my town that was court appointed to care for her 8 grand children. She got $1100 a month from the state for each grand child she had to take care of.

          This was an intentional scam because she sent her simpleton daughter out to get pregnant by unknown, unidentifiable men then she got custody of the kid.

          Very common scam nowadays.

          • 1100 month to take care of a nagger? No thanks!

            • Hahaha yeah, NO thanks, unless I could keep in chained in the basement and beat it on the regular? Just like their biological parents do anyways to them…

              • $1100 should go toward preps.

          • Sounds like one nasty mud puddle of a gene pool going on there.

            The 8 offspring will likely end up as feral kids on the street who will grow up in gangs, prison and dead. Any survivors will just multiply the problem if you catch my drift.

            Holy mother that’s over a $105,000 for granny, who likely also gets other subsidies.

            • PTPO, that’s definitely a freeloader.

          • JS, that’s a very common black scam these days.

            • And grandma named all the children Leroy, I asked her if they all came at one time when she called them. She said naw I calls dem by dey last name.

          • Umm the state asked them to take the kid

          • “The reason the grandparents make the Child Welfare people give them the children is so they can get a check to go along with it.”

            what a bunch of horseshit. I have 3 grandsons and would gladly adopt them all if their parents could no longer care for them for one reason or another, no questions (or checks…) asked. Most grandparents are the same.

        • B, AMEN to that one.

      3. Well, upon reading the article, they weren’t really asking him to give up his constitutional rights. They demanded that his long guns be registered. He could still bear those arms if he fostered his grandson. BUT….if long guns are not required to be registered, then why the requirement to have them registered as a condition of fostering? Is a registered gun any less dangerous than a non registered gun? I suspect, he’s going to win this lawsuit. And instead of the state of Michigan paying the settlement, the District Court Judge should end up paying….along with impeachment.!!!!!

        • What are the chances of that?

        • “Well, upon reading the article, they weren’t really asking him to give up his constitutional rights”

          Read it again. It was said, twice, straight from cpe and the judge.

          gradual infringement on ones rights is still infringement. Go read some history. The Weimar republics well meaning gun control and registration measures and were they went are a great start.

      4. It is much worse than just your 2nd admendment rights that you have to give up.

        My wife an I went to a seminar put on by our local Child Protective Services. The seminar was about fostering and adopting children.

        When they got to the household “requirements” that is when I left.

        Requirement #2 on the list was that your house could not have a fireplace. If you house currently had a fireplace then it would have to be removed.

        I told my wife that if they had bullshit requirements like that then there was truly no need for foster or adoptive parents.

        • Wow, again the Gov’t has failed/is failing us all miserably. All they do is tax us to death and then tell us on the regular what we can and cannot do, what we can buy, what to do with kids, and on and on. It is such complete horse manure. Is this China, Russia or the almighty great USA?

          • CC, agreed. I never follow what any govt. officials say anyway.

          • I’ve been a foster parent and this how it currently works: 1. Remove firearms from home; 2. Honestly answer question about firearms in the home; 3. Pass the home inspection; 4. Return firearms to home. It shouldn’t be this way, but the time for this fight is not while his own grandchild is in a loveless foster home. Why should we pay him to foster his own grandchild anyway? My state has the highest rate of grandparents raising their grandchildren and the vast majority do it without the foster parent fee. There is no free lunch. Don’t expect a government handout without government control.

      5. From personal experience:
        Judges are corrupt
        Judges don’t know the law
        Judges don’t CARE what the law is when you prove it to them
        Judges Make up laws whenever/however they see fit
        It’s virtually impossible to get a corrupt/incompetent judge removed. (I’ve never heard of it happening.)

        Foster care is corrupt
        Foster care is full of women that think all men are criminals
        Foster care doesn’t follow their own rules, but expect you to
        Foster care treats *QUALITY* foster parents *WORSE* than they treat Bio parents whose acts should bear the death penalty
        A quote from The director of Child placement at the county foster agency: “I don’t even let my husband bathe HIS own grandchildren.”
        *Many* of the foster care “rules” are completely illegal.
        The laws for foster agencies in my state have this at the end of them (Paraphrased) “The foster agency can interpret the laws how they see fit, changing their interpretation on a case by case basis.” They can choose to break the laws that govern them… LEGALLY.
        And the *really* sad part… it used to be *WORSE*. It was so bad, the state ran agency was *shut down* by the Feds and private agencies were required to take over.

        • John McCain is a jerk – I never liked him one bit. And yes I am a proud Republican.

          • CC, I saw that about McCain having brain cancer. Sounds like his days are numbered.

            • Atleast theres hope…. pos glad to see him suffer

      6. A lot of jurisdictions,especially in Democratic ones they use that stick to deter firearms ownership or make people jump so many hoops they give them up. Look what they do to vets that may have PTSD or people who take certain meds. I’m sure there are other examples that people here could bring to the table but the people in charge are looking for any means necessary to take awy guns.

        • The Gov’t wants guns gone period – it is that simple. Once they take the guns, it is really over at that point. This country has become so disappointing.

      7. Where is the ACLU when you need them? Why they’re defending a homosexual illegal immigrant who was let go from his position as a councilor at a Christian summer camp.

        • The ACLU is still tying to figure out which bathroom to use!

        • ACLU is too bust helping the terrorist killer scum trash ball up in Canada count his $8 MILLION the disgusting, commie Gov’t of Canada gave him, I mean can you really believe that garbage? That savage deserves to be opened up from his groin all the way up!

          • CC, I’m sure the good people in Canada are disgusted having to give up $8,000,000 of their tax money to a sandnigger.

            • Oh your damn right were pissed the fuck off fortunately the wives if the two soldier’s killed are filing a civil suit against him and truedope he won’t get a dime any funds recieved by him will go directly to the wives as compensation.
              This animal I read today in the Edmonton Herald is living in a single apartment in Edmonton lol they practically gave his address out won’t be long before this all goes quiet. Our liberal and NDP governments are all on their way out within 2 years Alberta onterio and our federal government will all go right wing (PC) progressive conservative (Republican)
              On the up side we tried to so quickly to change our country to liberal it gave everyone such a bad taste 55%of our country disapproves. We will be stronger in the end although heavily in debt
              My province went from being in the black to 33.4 BILLOIN in debt in just 2 years you wanna see a communist regime there you have it it will be decades before we pay this down but mark my words we will pay it off it’ll be men back to work women back to the kitchens and fags back to the closets

      8. It’s all funny till someone get’s hurt….. then it’s HILARIOUS! 😀

      9. I’ve seen how these child welfare and court appointed child welfare workers conduct themselves. They spew bullshit. And most of these idiots call themselves social workers. As a social worker, I am very offended at how the grandfather was treated. I would suggest to get a good lawyer and start adoption as soon as possible. As long as someone is dealing with foster care the system is in your business. CPS is a racket. And CPS can kiss my ass.

        • Majority of these Gov’t agencies are filled with fat nasty lazy black she-boom gorilla apes!! Let’s start with that one and wonder why it is such a mess.

          • The agencies around me are filled with white fat, nasty, men-hating women. They lie with such ease it’s startling. They have NO MORALS. They do not follow their own rules, at all, ever. It’s like they go out of their way to break them every chance they get.

            Think about it… could a normal, caring person actually see children that have been so horribly abused they must be taken, day in and day out… and still be sane? NO. Only real scumbags last very long as “social workers”. Anyone else is mentally/emotionally destroyed rapidly.

            I was a foster parent for two years, luckily I only got “neglected” kids, and not ones that were horrifically abused. I don’t think my heart could take knowing and not doing something about it.

      10. They can only get losers to adopt so they need to disarm foster parent. What does this say about our state child welfare agency’s ability to find suitable foster parents.

      11. That guy will be very rich one day, after his lawyers take 35%.

      12. If you are black the VA will hire you, if you are a foreigner the VA will hire you as a doctor.

        • That’s ok. I have never had an issue with the VA care I have recieved. The VA of 20 years ago was very bad. Are there bad VA hospitals today? Probably, but I have never experienced one. Anyone who has had to be admitted into a private hospital knows that they can be far worse than any VA today.

      13. Any proof of any of this actually taking place?

        Transcripts of the court hearing would be nice…not just someone’s recollection of someone saying “you’re gonna have to give up some constitutional rights”.

        Both the person working at the fostering program AND the judge used the same phrasing? Think of the coincidence!

        And he was met with a pat-down for weapons when he arrived at an interview? Like that happens?

        Sorry, just not enough evidence and a whole lot of rhetoric. I’ll go see if I can find any links to the actual story…

      14. Stand corrected. Here is the case file that was presented. Even worse for them, the judge mouthed the words “we know we are violating several constitutionals rights…”, or at least that is what is written in the document.


        Second Amendment Foundation is providing legal support for the family. There is another couple listed in the complaint as well who had already fostered children and are afraid of losing them should they exercise their God-given right to self protection.

        • USC1983 where they can be sued civilly and charged criminally for knowingly violating someone’s rights under color of authority.

          I hope they sue the Judge to the point all he has is his robe to wear .. for life in jail

          • They are not violating anyone’s rights.
            They are requesting that the grandfather voluntarily surrender his rights.
            Large difference.

            • No, it seems more like they are requiring that he surrender his constitutional right to bear arms in order to continue with fostering their own grandson.

              Whenever the government steps into a citizen’s life, the guarantee is that it will drag on for years and cost far more than the citizen can afford.

              That’s how governments remain ‘infallible’. It’s also why they get displaced every now and then.

            • Stuart – if I said to you, if you wanna eat you have to give up your guns… see no ones forcing you to give up your guns are they? Same with this mans grand kids…

        • Pretzel,
          My question is why do you doubt bullshit like this goes on? CPS is about funding and numbers. One of their favorite tricks is the endangerment charge. They aren’t in the business to educate parents who made a misstep and give them opportunities to correct their mistakes. They are about charging people with some form of neglect or abuse regardless.

      15. Aljamo, that’s sad but true. The VA has more foreign doctors than anyone else around and the foreign doctors are useless mofos. Isn’t affirmative action wonderful? [SARCASM]

      16. A Michigan man was asked to give up some of his constitutional rights, and he replied, but I don’t have any left to give you sir. They’ve all been taken already!

      17. Him, I would’ve told that POS my rights come from God and cannot be tampered with by any manmade govt. Not negotiable.

        • DP,
          Anyone dealing with these situations on any level better have a lawyer. They know many low income people can’t afford it and they run over the parents. If anyone confronts these people they end up making the person look questionable by writing and spinning untruths in their documentation. That moronic comment the worker made about not letting it turn into a power struggle absolutely shows the mentality of these people.

      18. these people were ASKED to foster these kids

        and were going to have their rights knowingly violated by a court of law .. that right there is a major violation of our rights

        and should be prosecuted , and that Judge knowingly violating these rights should be disbarred , and thrown in prison

        USC1983 where they can be sued civilly and charged criminally for knowingly violating someone’s rights under color of authority.

        get on it, and No ones taking anyone’s guns ..piss off ,, that Judge is gone!

      19. Shoot the judge… plain and simple

      20. This is to Mutt – who is probably long gone, now. You have some interesting comments, however they lose all weight, when you de-humanise gays and women.

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