Michigan College is “Arming” Students Against Mass Shooters…With Hockey Pucks

by | Nov 28, 2018 | Headline News | 68 comments

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    Would-be mass shooters beware: Faculty and students at Oakland University in Michigan are going to be ready to fight back, should you target their school.

    University police are reportedly training faculty at the college to fight gunmen in their classrooms with an unlikely weapon: hockey pucks.

    Who came up with this idea?

    Detroit Free Press explains:

    The idea of using the quirky self-defense tool grew out of a training session Police Chief Mark Gordon led in March for faculty members on what they should do if a gunman enters their classroom.

    A participant asked what people could bring to campus to be better prepared in case they need to fight back. The university has a no-weapons policy.

    Gordon’s advice? Be ready to throw something — anything — that could distract a shooter, even a hockey puck, as a last resort if fleeing or hiding aren’t an option.

    “It was just kind of a spur-of-the-moment idea that seemed to have some merit to it and it kind of caught on,” Gordon said.

    Gordon said he once got hit in the head with a puck, and the painful event spawned the idea that the hard disks could be used for self-defense.

    There isn’t any research to support the use of hockey pucks in an active shooter situation, Gordon admits. Still, they can serve as a defensive tool, like throwing a stapler, a laptop, “or anything that has weight” and could hurt and distract a shooter so he or she could be disarmed, he said:

    “Anything that you can throw that’s heavy and will cause damage, cause injury is the bottom line of what you’re trying to do. (A hockey puck) was just a thing that was suggested that could possibly work, especially when you have 20 or 30 people in a classroom and they all throw hockey pucks at the same time, it would be quite the distraction.”

    Faculty and students will be taught to flee first, if possible. If that isn’t an option, it is time to start flinging the pucks.

    The university’s faculty union, the American Association of University Professors, is organizing the training and has distributed hockey pucks to its members and to students, reports Click on Detroit.

    “We believe that once faculty have been trained in what to do in an active shooter situation, they will be able to share that information with students to provide a more secure learning environment,”says AAUP President Tom Discenna.

    Hockey pucks can be carried in briefcases or backpacks and are “not considered a weapon”. They will meet the goal of distracting the shooter, according to Gordon.

    In Michigan, open carry is legal (there is no law that prohibits it), and Concealed Pistol Licenses (CPLs) are relatively easy to obtain. However, state laws limit the premises on which a person may carry open or concealed. Michigan’s gun laws are confusing, and colleges can create their own rules. As for Oakland University, it appears students and faculty are left with hockey pucks for self-defense…for now.


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      1. Ohhhh yeah, that’s a GREAT fucking idea.
        Hockey Puck stands down an AR….
        My GOD are people really that SDUPID!!!!????

        • Well that’s pucked up!

          • LOL!

            • Well I hope those ritalin riddled, MK Ultra mind controlled mass shooters are good at skeet lol. The boys might as well throw their purses at them!

              • WTF good is a hockey puck against a bullet. It might stop a .22 but not something heavier. I could almost laugh at this shit but I won’t.

        • Have you ever been hit in face by hockey puck?
          Hurts like hell. 30-70 college kids throwing them would distract long enough for a few brave men to close distance and eliminate a threat. I could and would do that.

          Distract. Close distance. Drop threat.

          But these modern snow flakes, raised on social media, soy milk and kale?
          I don’t know if following sheep snowflakes could?
          What do you think?

          • A few brave men? There aren’t any in that faggot farm….

            • Maybe the bulldyke lessies? Few brave ruglickers and clambumpers? They’re probably stronger and braver than the average fag.

              • Infidel, I think your right! Some big assed bull dyke might get the shooter in a headlock and choke him with it’s armpit hair lol.

            • Genius, if there were any REAL men in there it would shock the shit out of me, LOL.

              • They should paint the hockey pukes PINK
                FOR SHOCK, AND AHH……

              • Wow. I am so glad I don’t have any kids and never will and I will also never set foot in any disgraceful, liberal puke college or university again either. Good luck to the poor sitting duck fools. Open season on your asses but wait, reach for your Hockey Puck…WTF honestly??

          • What do I think?
            Hockey pucks? Really? We knew college professors were stupid but this boggles the mind.

            I’ll have the 1911 thank you very much.

            • Stuart, I’ll stick with my 9mm and 12-ga. pump.

              • Shoot what you’re good with.

          • Yeah, 15 to 20 hockey pucks versus 15 to 20 well placed bullets by the shooter… Recipe for mass death. ONE wellplaced bullet in the suspects chest… Game over… I can see why morons jumped on board the stupid pucking idea. Karma and Mother Nature have such great sense of humor… And supported the evolution theories, that only the adaptable and situationally aware will survive. Pucking someone is a sure fire way to thin the useless stupid herd though.

          • That nonsense is a pipe-dream and put down the crack pipe you mentally challenged buffoon you…sad and pathetic.

        • NRP,
          Yes they are, they are known as Democrats,
          and they are the majority in the world.
          I’ve made my plans to deal with them.
          Have you?

          • Fertilizer???

        • Jesus. So they want to take away ALL of our guns but leave us with hockey pucks while Seconds are a matter of life and death and the Blue ISIS squad is only 5 MINUTES Away, what is there to be concerned over? WTF, God, we are all so, so screwed folks…just look at the mentality I tell you. And pay close attention to the newest form of gun SEIZURE: Red Flag so called Laws – yet another way to seize our legally purchased firearms. they just never stop with it.


        • All pucking around aside, I believe I know who will lose.

      3. because this is what the state thinks of your right to life

        pretty fcken clear isnt it?

        • Red Hawk, you have good point.
          Leftist NEED-WANT-DESIRE mass casualties so they have excuse to TAKE/STEAL your freedom, choices, money, guns.

          “The Leftist want to steal your money and take your guns and freedom.” That is the entire leftist ideology.
          – Steal your money
          – Give your money to a bum, because of his/her skin pigment.
          – Take away all of your choices and freedoms. Dictate your every action through laws, rules, made up bs.
          – Then take your guns so you have no ability to fight back.

          The Leftist want Canon Fodder.

      4. This is a start. For decades the “strategy” was to run, hide or submit. At least the thought of fight has entered the dialog.

        • K2,
          I get the impression you are a fighter.
          Like me you would attack. I was always
          taught to advance towards the threat.
          Panic will kill you. A sense of control
          may save your life.

          • Couldn’t have put it any better I would rather die fighting for what I believe is right then die on my knees begging to live a lie

      5. They might be better off with the hockey STICK. A major portion of college students aren’t 21 yet, so they’re screwed anyway.

      6. Bringing a Hockey Puck to a gunfight….Hmmmm…What could possibly go wrong?

      7. And if you read this article and understand their reasoning you’ll then understand just how stupid people can really be. Mind blowing for sure. I’m so glad that my children have not married and had children. I’ve told them many times, “do not have children on my account”. The hour has grown very long.

        • Yes indeed. You cannot make this up. This is what over educated, intellectual, liberal folks who have no clue about human nature and human history, think that this somehow is logical!!!!

          This is due to years of following the pied piper of propoganda, and the inability for these lunatics to think rationally and logically.

      8. So what if you’re on the swim team? Throw your speedo?

        • McGill; I’m not throwing my speedo….thats where I keep my wallet.

      9. !!!! PULL>>>>>>boom boom boom..

      10. Common sense isn’t common anymore

      11. Hockey pucks are kind of heavy, I wouldn’t want to get hit by one thrown at me. I have one that I paid $8 for in 1991 up in Pittsburgh at a game with Montreal. Nailing someone with a direct hit would do some damage.

        • Might even make them cry.

          • Might even make them want to shoot you

            • Oh wait, they will because they still have bullets… And you have but one puck… Seriously though, the mental. Midgets that put this pucking stupid notion together deserve a head shot with a puck. Likely the bullet wont miss once the pucked perp ducked and delivers a retaliation.

        • Aljamo, you just gave me an idea for the next time I have a confrontation with a libturd, LOL!

      12. deliberate dumbing down dot com

        Charlotte Iserbyt was interviewed on trad cat knight dot com Radio

        The Soviet Union and the USA worked together to create the textbooks our students read.

        Our kids are under attack by Communism.

        Maybe a few shooters are what they need to wake the puk up.


      13. ok you college students who are supposed to be adults.. we know you can’t throw but here are some hockey pucks to spastically throw at the bad guy..
        Do we get participation trophies? um no snowflake!

      14. If I was a bad guy and you Pucked me I would get more pissed and Puck you!!!


        • The last time I heard “puck you” I was in the PI. Those flips always mix up their F’s and P’s.

        • Sgt., ya that would make them the FIRST to get shot. “Pick me, pick me!” Stupid puckers!

          • Genius, I wonder what some 00 buck would do to one of those morons…..

        • Kinda like Phuket airlines.
          First time I saw that on a 747 I spit my coffee out. Unfortunately, I was with my mom. Coffee hot son? No mom…
          She said no, I wouldn’t fly with them either.
          I’ve got a great mom.

          • Ha ha ya, I saw a trucking company called fiasco enterprises!

          • Who ever heard of flight 5050? It’s always flight 102, flight 216. 5050? They’re telling you before you leave the gate – 50/50. Now go out there on runway 13 and give it your best shot.

            George Wallace

            • Too bad they’re using runway 31 at the moment. Kinda hard on the odds.

      15. It’s no coincidence that puck rhymes with Cuck.

      16. Simply pass out pin on buttons to everyone that reads –> [ No Guns Allowed ] problem solved!
        ( or maybe not )

      17. More mental illness coming from academia.

      18. surprised the academic cultural marxists aren’t using dildos instead.

      19. Pathetic, Majority of Americans have no fight in them. Wait until the Russians and Chinese get here….

        • Cant happen soon enough….

      20. That’s the kind of suggestion that gets people killed.
        The idea that law enforcement even made the statement shows how far law enforcement has fallen. Quality suggestion.
        As for all those who wander around campus with a puck in th it pocket…anyone? No?
        Didn’t think so…
        Here’s a better idea, create a ban that says no one is allowed to ever have a gun on school grounds! Then you’ll all be protected, equally and fairly. Government to the rescue!
        Oh wait…that doesn’t work, does it?
        Carry. Shoot back. Don’t wait for the cavalry. Be gone before they arrive.

        • This…!
          Brass-up after the dust settles and run like hell.

          • Negative. Load with gloves. Change barrel, ejector, etc.

      21. Meanwhile the Kentucky legislature is considering both students and teachers to have open and concealed carry of firearms.

        • Open carry is a “shoot me first” non-solution.

      22. And… what’s to prevent a potential active shooters from utilizing hockey equipment amidst the spree, such as full-face masks and pads?

      23. Open carry is perfectly fine in Kentucky even in some city buildings but restricted on school campuses. But now that might get lifted.

        Similarly edged weapons like hunting knives are a non-issue in Kentucky, although Indiana even allows them to be concealed.

        The point is that Kentuckians are far better off than many of you. It’s a start.

      24. The individuals recommending hocky pucks for self defense are corrupt and incompetent.

      25. You could “arm” the students with hockey pucks, or you could arm the students with “hockey pucks”.

      26. Bear Creek Armory has lowered the price of 24″ heavy barrel uppers in 224 Valkyrie caliber to about $220, with bolt & handle.

        That is pretty much a record for a quality AR15 upper. 224 Valkyrie is a new caliber created by Federal.

        With a good lower it works better than a hockey puck, unless you’re in California.

        If you’re in West Oakland where the cops have announced “they don’t do burglaries”, it’s a choice between nail guns, hockey pucks, and black market firearms.

      27. Therefore, hockey pucks are weapons and, as such, would be prohibited by the liberal powers-that-be. The liberal (or any) powers-that-be can therefore be said to be in league with (and therefore are) the people’s enemy.

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