Michelle Obama’s School Lunches In Pictures: “Is That Photo Taken From Death Row?”

by | Apr 8, 2014 | Headline News | 322 comments

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    One of the purported successes of Michelle Obama’s tenure as First Lady of the United States has been to help Americans get fit and eat right.

    She’s launched a wide array of initiatives targeting Americans receiving government nutritional benefits, as well as school lunch programs across the nation. Nowhere have the First Lady’s efforts been more visible than in the cafeteria’s of America’s schools.

    Within days of Obama’s new USDA regulations taking hold parents and schoolchildren launched complaints surrounding the rationing of meals, a move that left kids hungry and school districts frustrated with all of the additional paperwork and program expenses. The USDA subsequently upped the rations to assuage frustration.

    But according to America’s kids Michelle Obama has been “out to lunch” when it comes to satisfying hunger. It’s so bad, in fact, that black markets for food have popped up in schools and kids are taking to their social media pages to share their outrage.

    Do you want to see what Michelle Obama considers eating right? Check out these pictures and comments – sourced directly from government run cafeterias around the country.

    As you see what passes for health food these days keep in mind that school’s are increasingly restricting children from bringing their own lunches from home, often citing nutritional requirements as the reason.

    An appetizing ham and cheese tortilla wrap:

    Chili cheese dog with a side of veggies:

    Can I get another scoop of brown with a sprinkle of yellow? Oh, and don’t forget my biscuit!

    Seconds anyone?

    Students weigh in:



    When mom joined her daughter for lunch, here’s the wonderful meal prepared by the caring cafeteria staff:


    On the flip side, here is what Michelle Obama’s children enjoy for lunch at the Sidwell Friends school attended by her daughters Sasha and Malia. In this particular case the school was paying a tribute to Pearl Harbor Day and the kids feasted on Asian Mushroom Soup, Oriental Noodle Salad, Teriyaki Marinated Chicken Strips, Garlic Roasted Edamame, Vegetable Fried Rice and Fortune Cookies for dessert:

    sidwell friends - lunch

    And of course, how can we talk about healthy eating, school lunches, and Michelle Obama without mentioning the White House organic vegetable garden? The First Lady shows of her green thumb in the picture below. It turns out, however, that because of her busy schedule she didn’t actually grow any of her food. The White House gardeners did, and they did a heck of a job.


    Straight from America’s organic gardens to school lunch tables coast to coast.


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      1. Mooshell is the C word.

        • WRONG
          She is lower than the “C” word!!!!!
          Can you tell I don’t like her or the Trader and chief.

          • C’mon people, instead of talking about Moolchele, focus on the real problem!

            Central Banking!!!

            Fiat money enables the current paradigm to continue!

            Revoke Central Bank (Fed) privilege, and you strike the root of the problem.

            It’s that simple.

            Just imagine what YOU could do if you controlled the currency of a country, or the world for that matter!

            “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” ~ Mayer Amschel Rothschild.”

            And then there is this rebuke:

            “The central bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the principles and form of our constitution. I am an enemy to all banks discounting bills or notes for anything but coin. If the American people allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. ” ~ Thomas Jefferson.”

            We are at the cusp of Jefferson’s point: “their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

            The Obama’s are a distraction. Focus please.

            • MO, man originally?. S(he) sure looks like a guy in drag. IF s(he) is a woman this crap explains a lot. ONLY the worst harpy can go around and deprive children of healthy lunches. Like Kulafarmer says, that b#$%^ has some real shark teeth. That is IF MO is a she. The jury is still out about that one.

              • She means well. I promise.

                • You must remember WE decide what’s good for YOU. Not for US. The servants should not get to much food or meat, it makes them uppity. There be any uppity people here?

                  • But guess what? They were re-elected???

                    How did we come to all this? Sad man, really sad. If the Govt has a time tunnel, please send me back to the past.

                  • Presidents are chosen not elected…. Did you see at the game last night George W and Clinton sharing a seat together?

                    If I was the president to follow our turd in chief, he wouldn’t sit next to me because I would let him know how I feel….. nah I’ll leave it at that. You can’t be chummy with someone that doesn’t share your same beliefs.

                  • Paranoid, I’m an uppity white male and damned proud of it. Hooray for uppity white people.

                  • IC, I bet neither one had sex with each other either. I’d rather sit outside in the stadium parking lot listening to the game on the radio before I’d sit next to either one of these sons-o-bitches.

                  • I’m not sure why everyone is so upset. When you’re trying to provision the most over-priced, MIC sourced, ‘friends of Barry’ military machine to drone 16 year-olds in far-away lands they have no business defending, you have to make some sacrifices.

                    It just so happens the sacrifice is America’s children.

                    I will close with my usual cheerful advice: ROLL THE FUCKING GUILLOTINES.

                  • i would rather wake up in a sleeping bag with bawny fwank NAKED than be seen in public with mooshell, the barakalypse COW!

                • So did Hitler,

                  • OFF topic but I blame this on jealousy for why things wont change. Here my out here. I see it this way. Take a bunch of kids in a average school district and 1/3 parents are rich, 1/3 are middleclass and 1/3 poorer kids but going to same school but different races. The rich kids are one race but the poor kids look to the government for help and don’t want that help to go away. The poor parents of that race are going to be jealous of the rich parents and want to stick to the “lunch program or any programs the government tells them to do because its free or they get assistance in aid each month so they will take sides with the government and not come together as a community with the rich parents to seek out the schools together! But since there are parents that dont want anything to do with the poor parents or the rich parents they will stay divided and never come together to try and change things and there is the division and more division and things get worse and dont work together to confront the schools. Then you have hatred and party goes with dems and one goes with GOP and each just tries to avoid each other or their kids, but never come together. Thats how I see a lot of the parents because of that racial division. Make sense or am I wrong. I think Im on the right path here. Sorry could of kept shorter but not a good writer. I write how I speak.

                  • LMAO! And Democrats are the first to criticize Sheriff Joe’s servings to prisoners at his Gulag!!! 🙂

                  • the durango kidd says:

                    “LMAO! And Democrats are the first to criticize Sheriff Joe’s servings to prisoners at his Gulag!”

                    Hey DK, the “kids” don’t eat green bologna, two pieces of bread and an orange twice a day!!

                    That’s what Sheriff Joe feeds the prisoners in his brown bag gulag!!!

                    The “kids” eat much better DK!!!

              • @ BI

                This is not about the white house sock puppet and his wife.

                It’s about the future of this country.

                The Obama’s are distraction!

                The Obama’s control the actions of the USG about as much as I do.

                • YEP , The Obamas are only pushing programs they are told to push.
                  Indoctrinate the kids to accept government food rationing.
                  YA better believe you are lookin at the UN Agenda 21 square in the face here.
                  Its all about indoctrination, changing the way people think and what they will accept.

                  Go back and read the comments on the story of the rancher in Nevada.
                  That is about Agenda 21 , how many commenters even mentioned the obvious violation of the fist amendment?
                  We are starting to accept that the 1st will be violated and thats what indoctrination is.

                  This lunch program BS is just that , and another distraction.

                  • News from Greece – there is HOPE after shtf


                    Greeks are recreating their own economy by cutting out the big corporations completely from their commercial transactions. Do read it, as it shows how ordinary people are dropping the old left/right “isms” of the past in favour of simple pragmatism.

                    ‘Even after six straight years of recession, he said, “people need to wash clothes, do their dishes and go to the bathroom.”‘

                    We see so much doom and gloom here, yet ordinary folk are finding ways of surviving and thriving even in places as grim as Detroit and Greece. Fear porn is used by the MSM to keep us all under control as if we ALL break our mental chains the elite LOSE.

                • I must agree with your thoughts on Obama being a sock puppet. When he was first running for office and appeared on TV, I had a vision of him as a puppet with someone’s hand up his back telling him what to do and say. When the news came out that his TelePromp was misplaced and he couldn’t do the his speech, I laughed. He also moves very unusual, fast forward one of his speeches and see for your self. He’s like a robot. I heard Obama do a
                  Speech when he was a freshman senator and his speaking style was very normal unlike today’s style. He was trained to speak with a southern pastor style of cadence. Shall we say a Manchurian Candidate

                  • Somebody help me, PLEASE. Looking at the picture of MO(o), does this mean she’s back to being a field hand instead of a house ?????

                • Their just getting this generation used to the portions they’ll be getting in the fema camps.

                • Wake up people. There are no conspiracies.

                  • No, I guess they stopped being “conspiracies” when they broke into the mainstream.

                    We no longer have to guess—now we know.

                • @ yourmotherwaswrong. You have to admit it though MO is ALMOST as ugly as that orgress fiensteinless.

                  You want to see the future of the U.S. as they continue to F with Russia.


                  That ghoul frankenkerry continues to provoke Putin and Russia with gibberish that has nothing to back it up with. Russia and China are thinking winning a nuclear war is becoming more and more likely as BO and the other puppet masters continue to cut back on defense, NUCLEAR DEFENSE especially. Feed a computer virus into enough U.S. military systems that paralyzes the nuke launches or some other jamming system and the U.S. doesn’t have much punch to it. Can’t happen? Those will be famous last words. It is all about NOT staying out of other people’s business that will get this country nuked one day.

                  • Especially since we get our computer components from…wait for it…CHINA! They could, (and just might be) build their viruses right into the processors they sell to us!

                    Makes you feel all confident about all of that tech the DoD has been purchasing, huh?

              • BI, good evening, and I don’t think I want to know what MO really is.

                • I still whole-heartedly believe that moochelle is a man…a surgically altered, with all of the medical enhancements man, but a man just the same.

                  • I still whole-heartedly believe that moochelle is a man…a surgically altered, with all of the medical enhancements man, but a man just the same.

                    I believe they are a same-sex couple and their “kids” are adopted at best and THAT is why obummer is so on top of making gay privilege into law.

                    I really do believe this, I’m not being facetious.

              • Michelle doesn’t have anything to do with the food program. There’s a whole department for that. They just put her face on it. Maybe they’re gradually getting Americans ready for fewer food choices. Like the frog in the boiling water, if it happens little by little we won’t riot.

              • It is a transexual. Read elswhere on Rense, and you will see.

            • 100 amens to your post yourmotherwaswrong. I don’t see the current situation as a joke rather the puppets at work for the tribe. Tribe switches puppets to distract and sadly many gets distracted easily. I like you and many awaken ones on this site are not looking at the birds rather we are focus on the flight patterns. Hillary or Bush for 2016 is another switch…..let’s see if the people will vote for either one with their mouth wide open.

              • The HNIC is exactly that–a puppet for the (self) Chosen Ones!

                • This White Man’s Posting from another website forum sums up pretty well eh….

                  I have been asked several times over the past few months why I am so negative toward Negroes, mestizos, and Jews. Why I seem to hate them so much; why I am such a vehement racist and strident anti-Semite.

                  The best short answer might be, “Well, I don’t know that ‘hate’ has all that much to do with it – it’s more a matter of having a great deal of respect for nature (including genetics and evolution); caring very deeply about the well-being and future of my own people; and reverence for the truth.”

                  Anyway, I thought it might be appropriate if I briefly outlined the main reasons for my thinking the way I do about these matters – these issues that to me at least are such crucially all-important, life-and-death factors affecting the survival of the White race and Western Civilization. There are many more, but these are the “biggies.”


                  (1) From the standpoint of genetics, stage of species evolutionary development, protection and preservation of White DNA, and the ultimate survival of our race; Negroes are a distinct and less developed (less evolved) subspecies of humankind. Genetically, they just are not “us.” I want my great grandchildren and their progeny to be genetically White; I don’t want them to be part Negro, to carry Negro DNA. Plus – by mixing with them (and with other non-White races), we Whites are destined to be slowly but surely exterminated. In that event we will eventually disappear from the face of the earth. I don’t think that’s a good thing, and I don’t think we should let that happen.

                  (2) Negroes are not only a different subspecies, they are (overall, on average, and individually more often than not) less intelligent (lower IQ); have less developed (less “civilized”) behavioral traits; and are less able to participate and function successfully in our White Euro-centric society. That being the case, we do our own race a huge disservice by allowing them to completely integrate in, and freely share, our society because they always have and always will have the effect, on balance, of dragging it down and to some significant extent ruining it for our people. Another way of putting it might be – just look at societies which are exclusively Negro (or even just predominantly Negro), such as much of Detroit, Camden New Jersey, Haiti, and the African countries; and it will be immediately obvious that they cannot create or even sustain our kind of society (government, legal system, beauty and order, quality of life, scientific and artistic achievement, etc.). I think it is clear that it does us White people no good to allow our society to be, or to become, even just a “little bit” more like theirs.

                  [Sure, there are a lot of good (and smart, talented, and civilly refined) black people. But there are far more mentally and behaviorally lesser-developed individuals. And overall – on average – they are decidedly inferior to Whites with regard to such things as IQ, behavioral traits, criminal tendencies, social morality, functional abilities in jobs that require average and especially above-average intelligence, etc.]

                  (3) In view of the above, it is unnatural, unfair, and just plain intolerable that the White race should be so heavily burdened with the black presence in our society (the “albatross factor”). We need to be free to be what we can be – to enjoy the fruits of the societies only we can create, and to continue unimpeded on our own natural evolutionary course, our developmental pathway to becoming even more and better than we are now.

                  (4) The huge monetary costs to America’s White citizens for such things as Negro welfare, food stamps, education, health care, criminal control (policing, courts, and incarceration) is just not right, fair, natural, necessary, or tolerable. This is money that could (and should) be used to improve the lot of our people; to advance and make better our White society.

                  (5) I have to admit that I am particularly resentful of all the undeserved and unwarranted favoritism showered upon the Negroes by our government via such things as “affirmative action” hiring and racial-preferences in school admissions etc.

                  (6) Our White children’s educations suffer greatly whenever and wherever there are substantial numbers of blacks in the public schools. Their instruction is impeded and “dumbed down” by the disruptions of the Negro students and due to so much time and so many resources being spent on what is really a futile effort to educate the comparatively uneducable Negro children. Their educations are also diminished by all the “politically correct” inaccuracies and outright lies that are taught in classrooms and printed in many textbooks. And worse, our White children are frequently assaulted physically and sexually in their schools by predatory blacks.

                  (7) We White citizens have long suffered from being terrorized and brutalized by black-on-White crime resulting from the Negroes’ criminal proclivities and lack of control – by the vastly disproportionate rates of assault, rape, murder etc. perpetrated on our people. All the physical pain, mental anguish, and death, plus the monetary costs of this outrageous situation; add up to the “secret, dirty war” being waged against Whites in America every day, year after year after year.

                  (8) The cultural distortion and destruction caused by the Negro presence in our society (as promoted and exaggerated and artificially glorified by the Jews – see below) has gotten completely out of hand. Watching TV (both the shows and the commercials), taking in a movie, and looking at advertisements in newspapers and magazines, naïve Whites are given the (false) impressions that we must always include blacks in our social activities and business associations; that Negroes are the smartest and most virtuous and least criminally inclined members of any group; and that Negroes are just naturally the leaders and supervisors of the less talented Whites. Particularly disturbing is the way this unnatural, “negrified” culture – including such things as their so-called “music,” manner of dress, street language and supposed “coolness” — is so constantly hammered into the heads of our impressionable White children; so relentlessly marketed to them.


                  (1) All the Negro issues above, to variously greater or lesser degree.

                  (2) Their immigration invasion, both quasi-legal and illegal; together with their high birth rate and their openly (and with open hostility) advocating the “reconquista” of large portions of our country; are overwhelming us. If unchecked, that horrible situation, coupled with increasing miscegenation with Negroes, will turn America into a brown nation in just a few decades. Think Mexico- and Brazil-North, or Portugal- or Egypt-West.

                  (3) Their taking over lower-tier jobs that once provided gainful entry-level employment for our young people and our less educated and less skilled adults as well has had a serious and negative impact on many communities. In the process, they lower wages and cause substantial White unemployment.

                  (4) The social welfare costs of pandering to the mestizo invaders – such things as general welfare hand-outs, food stamps, medical care, law enforcement and incarceration – are already bankrupting many communities, even entire states such as California.

                  (5) By pandering to the mestizos, even the illegals, we are allowing them to corrupt, pervert, contaminate, and even displace our English language over large parts of the country (in schools, government offices, and entire cities). (This is glaringly obvious in the case of the mestizos, but also applies to the Negroes, with their guttural, negrified English and so-called “ebonics.”)

                  (6) Due largely to the above language factor but also as a result of their south-of-the-border cultural heritage and their poor scholastic abilities (their comparative uneducability, like the Negroes but perhaps to a somewhat lesser extent); the mestizos also detract significantly from our White children’s educations and cost us White taxpayers a great deal of money.

                  CONTINUED NEXT POSTING….

                  • White Man’s Posting from another Forum: Continued…


                    [The Jews are such a terrible, malicious, and anti-White tribe of people that even though it will be difficult, I will have to try my best to limit the following listing to a reasonable number of major issues.]

                    (1) The Jews exert hugely excessive influence over our governance via their disproportionate representation in Congress and among the executive branch’s advisory and administrative appointments and on the Supreme Court. And due also to their many aggressive lobbying organizations, their huge level of campaign contributions, and their control of the press (which enables them to influence voters in favor of or against specific issues and candidates). And all these influences are bolstered by the generous use of their slanderous “anti-Semite” smear and blackmail ploy and their “what’s good for Jews” strategy of unified and coordinated action.

                    (2) They are able to shape public opinion with regard to essentially all things that matter via their hugely disproportionate ownership and other control of the press (newspapers, magazine and book publishing), television and radio networks, motion picture studios, other entertainment media, and the music industry (recording and distribution). By exercising all the directed-purpose power this gives them, the Jews are substantially in control of pop culture and social thinking in America. They have used all that power to distort, even to destroy, our White-European culture and values; for example by pushing negrified culture and the over-representation of Negroes on us Whites and by peddling countless other perversions of healthy social and family values.

                    (3) The Jews have worked incessantly through the 20th century (and now into the 21st), very successfully, to get America (and the other White, European nations) into wars that they otherwise might have avoided; including in particular World War II and most recently the wars for Israel in the Middle East (just look into the malevolent influence the Jewish “neoconservatives” had on our waging war on the Iraqis during the Bush administration).

                    (4) The Jews were the primary instigators and the proximate cause of the rise of communism early in the 20th Century, which event was devastating to all the hundreds of millions of people directly affected. It cost the U.S. decades of military concern and struggle and billions of dollars, and led directly and indirectly to the death of tens of millions of our people (primarily our White European cousins but arguably also many thousands of our very own soldiers in wars that would never have happened if it was not for Jew-inspired communism).

                    (5) For more than a hundred years the Jews in America have worked diligently, aggressively, and successfully to weaken (and ultimately destroy) White, Euro-centric America through such things as:
                    Promotion of slavery and working in the forefront of slave trading and shipping in colonial America.
                    Changing our immigration laws, especially in 1965, which has led to a massive influx of non-Whites.
                    Pushing for Negro “civil rights,” integration, race-mixing, and glorification of the fallacies of “diversity” and multi-culturalism (and all that in stark contrast to their ethnic cleansing, apartheid, policies in their own “Jewish state” Israel).
                    Pushing the radical feminist agenda that has done so much to damage the traditional, natural, and healthy relationship between White American men and women.
                    Promoting and purveying homosexuality, pornography, and the premature sexualization of our children in our society.
                    Working to instill massive “White guilt” in our people via such things as “holocaust” indoctrination and guilt for historical slavery.

                    (6) The Jews have shamelessly brainwashed our people, and especially our schoolchildren, with their “holocaust” myth – essentially a hoax and an extortion racket designed to:
                    Extort billions of dollars from Germany, Switzerland, and other countries.
                    Create sympathy to justify and enable the creation and continued existence of Israel.
                    Instill guilt among the German people, and by extension, all the world’s White people.
                    Deflect the world’s attention from their horrendous maltreatment of the Palestinians and other non-Jews in Israel and surrounding areas.
                    Maintain a high level of sympathy for their being uniquely persecuted through the years (as they see it) and for their self-declared status as the “chosen” people.

                    (7) Disproportionate Jewish control of banking and the financial and brokerage industries (“high finance”) in America, coupled with their heavy involvement if not dominance of international finance and banking, has been significantly responsible for such things as: the transgressions of the Federal Reserve, recessions and depressions and the resulting loss of wealth and property by White Americans (and huge gains by the Jewish financial class), devastating perpetrations of illicit financial schemes and fraud of all kinds, massive government debt, and crippling inflation.

                    (8) …and, a myriad of other things those people have done to the everlasting detriment of White Americans down through the years and ongoing to this day – such things as: relentlessly committing espionage at the highest levels and involving the most serious national security matters, attacks such as that on the U.S.S. Liberty back in 1967, blatantly promoting miscegenation (especially of White women with black males), striving through nepotism and networking to achieve over-representation if not outright domination in academia and the legal-justice system (as lawyers and judges), and even their probable involvement if not outright responsibility for the horrendous “9-11” attack.

                    [Oh, yes, there are some honorable people – some truth-tellers and resisters – amongst the Jews, and some very capable scientists and medical people. But in my opinion they are far outnumbered by the “complicit and culpable” Jews who have done and continue to do so much damage to Western Civilization and White people in Europe and America and other White countries as set out above.]

                    [I recognize that many of my complaints about the Jews stem from their successes, which result not only from their tribal dedication but also from their intelligence, academic achievement, and good work ethic. Those traits would be admirable in other circumstances. While you have to have some admiration and respect for an adversary who, through his abilities and efforts, is on the verge of triumphing over you, defeating you, and conquering you; that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t resent what he is doing to you and fight back to the best of your ability. After all, these aren’t just a bunch of African savages throwing spears at us. Sad as it may be, and to the huge detriment of and lethal danger to our people, the complicit and culpable Jews have time and again chosen to be our adversaries – our enemies – to use their mental capabilities, talents, and resources to disrupt and destroy the White societies they have penetrated.]

                    The point I have tried to make is that – taken all together – the above listings comprise a testament to the impending destruction of our White culture, our “Western Civilization,” and ultimately our continued existence as a people. And those dire circumstances are not just some distant “possibility.” With the Jew-devised and Jew-pushed social and political dispossession of Whites, the consequent ascendancy of non-Whites (historically especially the Negroes but in recent years most devastatingly the invasion of our nation by the mestizo hordes), and that explosive growth of the mestizo segment of the population; all coupled with our one-man-one-vote democracy and the prevalent envious, jealous animosity and even open hostility instilled in the coloreds against White people – we Whites will soon be absolutely dispossessed and then economically enslaved and increasingly maltreated by government and the colored hordes both legally and physically. Within three or four generations our great grandchildren and those who follow will likely find themselves working their entire lives to support a nation of non-Whites (if they are even allowed to do that – if they are not literally running and hiding for their lives). It’s not a very pretty picture, is it? It’s not really the way you would want things to turn out for your people, is it?

                  • LMAO! Bigots say the darnedest things…..

                    …..but at least you’re honest

                    Your whole rant is a pipe dream, so get over it. Blacks arent being shipped to Africa, and Whites arent going back to Europe. I believe in good and evil, to hell with what race you belong to. You would have everyone believe that the majority of blacks are thugs and uneducated. Did you hear all of this and get all of these stats from the media that you conveniently dismiss unless it fits your agenda?

                    When good people of all races work together this is where progress begins (here in the United States). However, your racist views would do anything in your power to prevent that. So does that make you a good person and all of the races you blasted bad?

                    Hmmmmm, let’s let this one stew……..

                  • My people immigrated from Italy. You can’t leave us out. Looking forward to your views regarding Italians in general and Italian Americans in specific with their weighted asset verses liability to the USA.

                  • What should bother people is that there is some truth in themGuy’s missives. The “Affirmative Action” problem does NOT create equality, but non-white privilege.

                    I defy anyone to start up a “united caucasian college fund” and see what happens.

                    Or maybe a “national association for the advancement of white people” group.

                    How long could you have a “heterosexual only” men’s club?

                    While the jew problems are quite a bit deeper, we created our “minority” problems by allowing ANY group of people to be separated out as somehow different from the rest.

                    People are people…all of us. Until we get that right, we are going to live like this—divided, resentful and hateful, forever.

            • Focus??? Are you the focus police now? You usually have some decent things to say. Now you want us to Focus?

              • What the hell is the FLOTUS doing setting

                policy of any kind anyway?

                Her name wasn’t on the ballot.

                Just because she stands behind

                her man doesn’t … er… I mean …oops

                • I wonder if she is eating this crap on Air Force One while en route to China. 🙂

                  • If Sheboon visits Your kids school…be sure to give your kid a nice red apple for teacher, and a huge yellow Banana for that Sheboony “Guest” visit!

                    The meere sight of that yellow banana is certain to drive sheboony Crazy with a Lust to grab it and chomp on it like theres no tomorrow. Monky food for the 300LB Gorilla in kids classroom!

                    ps: it just me? Or would sheboony make a Much Better Pairing with Al Sharpton as her mate? Check sharptons side view profile, then compare to sheboonys look from most Any profile angles….What a match no?

            • YMWW, good evening, and I am focused on the real issues.

              • The real issues for KF
                Should i go with the Manners stock or third eye tac chassis for my 300
                Do i take my AR15s to the range or the .308w
                How much corn should i plant
                Do i want kale salad or ceasar salad
                How low should i go with the gears in my JK
                Do i want to put Alcoa rims on my truck or those other alloys
                Should i buy my friends Savage BA in 338LM
                Who is John Galt

                • dont buy the .338 laupa from your friend. its a impulsive buy and really not practical. I have one and its real expensive to shoot. Just my opinion, not saying to not buy it its just you can get a hell of a lot more fun for the money with that .308 or something cheaper. You would only shoot it a few times and its fun to shoot but, like a .22 they are cheap to shoot and you can shoot it all day for 20 bucks. I laupa round is like 5 bucks a shot. reloading comes to about 1.25 a shot I got the savage with a nightforce scope, there is 4 grand plus 20 boxes of hornady at 70 bucks at least a box 1,400 there 5,400 dollars. I have a 2012 jk as well. Gears if you plan to put bigger tires than 35’s or 35’s maybe and going to take offroading a lot. Or if you want lower gears for whatever you do with it or like lower grers. if your planning on selling it then there is potential wasted money. But I want to put a 2 inch lift with 33’s or 35’s on mine. Decisions huh! It’s hard isn’t it. I think we all have the same wants too. I sometimes want to sell mine and sometimes I don’t. I have only put 34 rounds thru it so far. I hear ya brother.

                  • @Clint
                    Ive got 33″ BFG KM2s on it, 4″ lift, has the 6 speed, way too high with the stock gears cant even use 5th or 6th gear, 1st isnt as low as i like either so figure some 6.33? Not sure what they are, was just going 4.56/1 with detroits like my CJ but the cepec dealer said better to go taller if i want to crawl, speed limits over here are all mostly 45 or below anyway so would rather have the torque anyway,
                    I have just been throwing the 338 idea around in my head,,, like the idea but nowhere to really shoot a beast like that, sorta a waste, i have a custom 300WM coming so thats plenty really, hard to find brass, just picked up 5 boxes of new Hornady brass, so that should get me going, was trying to get Norma but its nowhere to be found.

                • @ Kula,
                  Be John Galt.

                  • Im tryin, the man is tryin to keep me in line though, going to go all Ragnor on these jerks if they keep it up,
                    The modern day pirate!

            • This is why i would like to see a major war, these control freak assholes like the rothchilds etc wont be imune, people think they will but they die in bombings just like you n me

              • I would like to see a top 20 list of the elites names and their addresses!!!!!!!!!!!!! If we had that we could make some changes and do some serious damage if you get my drift. And we need to verify that what they are doing is actually what they are intending to happen to us. If we had that, then it would be game on with no looking back with no care in the world to neutralize these assholes. We are not slaves and we will someday cut the head of the snake and the whole chain of command will be altered.

                • Honestly i have a hard time believing that the damage is from a few elites who are not in our government,
                  I tend towards the opinion that far more damage has been done by inept and greedy politicians, just look that the utter crap that resides in DC!
                  To these people its just a game, id like to see them all go into their bunker and the damn thin falls in on them,
                  The most damaging thing ive seen in my lifetime is all this free trade crap.
                  If our manufacturing base hadnt been sold out from under us by these politicians we wouldnt be in the mess were in now.
                  I dont care if its protectionist, your damn right i want to protect my livlihood and those of my kids and friends!
                  Anyway,,, watch all the red thumbs

                  • No I have to agree with that as well. I find it hard to believe that we have no control. Its different races in politics (not say bad like jews looking out for their interests etc) who have been greedy and sold us out. I believe there are big people outside the US that tell the US or hint what to do, but overall its our politicians making the decisions that we have to follow. A deal is cut by a big person in another country and then our politicians act on it and make it happen and then we feel the effects. The problem is they have done so many shady deals and have hurt us in so many ways, they are running out of options and have to make real choices with budgest, funding, resources etc because they have fucked it up so bad and put us trillions in the hole and so many of the cities around us are broke that now they have to figure out what to do more and more with each move that they make. I’m glad they have to deal with it now otherwise the whole system will collapse much faster than they anticipated it would. Just liked rigged gas prices and the market, we are broke and they will have to stop the greed or we are done. Its just a matter of when with these cock suckers.

                • kulufarmer, this is to your response to your gears, got it. I have a 6 speed manual 2012 jk. Im going to put 33’s on mine i believe when I get a bit of extra money. This is my 5th jeep. Had a 1998, 2000 2008 rubi and a mailtruck all green with real skinny wheels back in 1992. Have picks lol. and my 2012 sport that I will put a locker later and gears, its a softop. want to put the reseviour shocks from bilstein or fox doesnt matter and black rims. color is white. Cheers too my friend.

                  • I love the JK,,, way more plush than my last CJ7 had an 86 that i stripped to the rails and rebuilt with all aftermaket gear, was sweet, have also had a 76 and an old 58willys with a 350 chevy and 4sp muncie in it, that thing was dangerous, had those old wrangler RTs on it think they were 33-13x15s or something like that, was back when there werent a lot of different tires available

                    The JK i have is a soft top, is kinda leaky but just cover it up when im not using it or park it in the packing shed, hey its a jeep so its gonna get wet, want to Rhino line the whole tub, just not a priority, i do wish it had a regular distributor on it so if theres an EMP or something i can bare bones it and make it run,

                    Anywho, have a good one and stay frosty

                  • KULA , ’76 CJ5 w/ 289 ford 🙂

              • “Like to see a major war”?

                I have to re-evaluate why I come to this board.

              • “rothchilds etc wont be imune, people think they will but they die in bombings just like you n me”

                …especially if people have been practicing to improve their aim…

            • Yo N.O. (momma)-

              ..at this stage (very late in the game), per focusing?

              Please reference…validating your mil-dot zero!

              ^^^ thumbs to ya, Nina!

            • You are so right, yourmotherwaswrong!!!!!

          • “The police aren’t arming themselves; they’re being armed– a give-away. This came with the Patriot Act– totally, patently Un-Constitutional…As I read the Patriot Act, I thought, “Oh, Holy Jesus! this is the Federal govt. taking over every police department in the country– and all that money! Tons of money started flowing in to local police agencys, but the deal was, every police department had to use a uniform computer system that the CIA and FBI could get into.

            It used to be if I ran a Sheriff department, the FBI couldn’t get into my computer. But now, with this software technology, the U.S. Gov’t. can not only get into law enforcement agencies’ computers, they can shut them down! Radio frequencies were synchronized, standardization of weapons… was done with the intent to turn American Police Departments into a defacto army… same equipment, same radio frequencies, for the purpose of command and control. So, that’s pretty much been accomplished.

            So that, as we reach the point where we are now, where everything is falling apart, no county sheriff anywhere is going to turn down armored vehicles, but there are strings that come with all that. So we see DHS buying 1.3 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition– handgun ammunition– that’s to shoot Americans! Its a fact the U.S. government has declared the American people to be the enemy. NDAA– Americans can get jailed, anywhere in the world, without trial, and held indefinitely.”
            — Mike Ruppert, former LA police officer

            • Anonymous: Great post!!!1

            • What you state is sad but true. Brace yourselves and watch “both hands” in the event of a false flag.

              • Also we say this over and over, watch what you say, people are snitches!! I bet all of us had said things and it has bitten us more than once! Women or men will do this if they can see you suffer because they are jealous of others period!! 2. Clutter your entryways to slow intruders down bigtime if you can and have multiple exit areas. Have cash in a bag with backup weapons in case you have to leave all your stuff due to a reason and can’t come back ever. 3. If you can buy ar-500 steel plates. They are heavy but will stop a lot of bullets. Can get online for under 150 bucks. Carrier to hold less than 150 for 5.11 or even blackhawk. I would cover your quads too with those if you move with the weight, wont be for everybody. Police are going to have a 308 outside or a 300 winmag and 12 gauge shotgun with ar-15’s inside at you most of the time. 4. Always carry a good blade in case you need it. Don’t ever be afraid to use it. Personally I would jab it right thru the front of someone neck and pull to the side if I have to. 5. Practice raising your guns unloading while watching tv or in the house on a set target over and over and again for memory. believe me that will help you get your guns on target quicker. And what I have said so far yes we will disagree. I’m just trying to spark interest and creativity within you, NOT telling you to do this.

                If a full collpase happens, imagine if a fire got lose in a neighborhood and then catches the house next to it on fire, you would have the whole neighborhood in smoke and flames in a massive fireball. If a whole collapse happens the FD will not be able to attend to all the problems going on. It would get bad. So make sure you have some of your preps secure from a possible fire if that would happen. last Please if you see Holder please replaster his nose the right way, He annoys the crap out of all of us. Hard as you can or donkeypunch that cocksucker too if that’s what he asks for. He should be arrested and jailed for a long long time for what he has done. He is not our father and he sure does not represent me or you. he’s a crook and so is his cocksucker brother. We are letting 2 gay people tell us what to do!!!

          • Its a man baby! Yeh! Mooshell is a dude

          • BRAVEHEART:
            I noticed that all so. Were I come from, we call that a Missouri A$$. As big as a good Missouri Mules. Old thunder thighs has no room to talk. I would like to tell her feed her own Da$% kids and leave the rest of us alone. What an elite know it all SNOB.
            When I was in school back also in the 60’s and very early 70’s. We got a good meal and if you were in sports or on the marching band you could get extras for a $1.00.
            If I remember right I think your luch card cost $2.50 to 3.00 dollars a week in grade school and $4 to $5 in High School. extra milk was 5 cents for a 1/2 pint in grade school and 10 cents when I was in High School.
            Boy has times changed.
            I think my sons ate for about $10 to $12 a week plus extras, both were in sports. And boy could they eat. We use to go through a full 1200lbs steer every 9 months or so. They would drink 1 1/2 gallons of milk aday. we would have to fix 2 cans of veggies, 2 baked potatoes a piece plus fruit a some type of desert for supper.
            They were little fellows in high school The oldest was
            6’4″ 225 lbs the yongest was 6’1″ 210lbs.
            Boy am I glad they are married and have kids of there own to feed!;-)
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB.

            • NR, my school lunches were $1.00 in my senior year. I had a good appetite and never gained an ounce until I hit 30. My wife was killed by that POS Haitian before we could have kids. I used to want both a boy and a girl, but it’s too late for braveheart to play “da-da” now at age 57. Looking back on it all now, ironically, it’s hard to believe public schools used to do some things in a sensible manner.

          • Sarge-

            Agreed sir…the (bull-moose WOOKIE) is a TRANNY(never doubt)!!!!

            ..and by extension, her “husband/other half” is an “AC(alternating current player)”…who likes to…PITCH and CATCH.


          • Like to see her eat that shit!

          • That man holding the veggies is freakin’ scary!
            But seriously, that’s one f$%#%d up dude.
            What the hell is going on in this country?
            I see it, but I just can’t believe it.
            What happened to us?

            (headshake, sigh, more headshake)

          • Your comments are beyond disgustingly ugly and deserving of repeated water-boarding in Guantanamo Bay. My sister-in-law works for the State Dept so consider yourself reported.

            • Your a little idiot,,
              Go ahead and send your fucking government thugs, nobody gives a shit.

              • I think he was joking.

          • I say we grab her by the neck and make her eat the nasty ass broccoli and the nasty ass tortilla with a slab of cheese and bologna. The chilldrun are getting a lesson in what big government can do to you.

        • Is it just me or does Michelle Obama look like a vampire?

          • I wonder if she is proud of her country yet?

            • If she likes her cuntry she can keep it,
              No really, please keep it

            • Nope she still hates us

              Remember she told us that Barack will NEVER let you go back to your old ways he WILL require us all to change

        • To be a liberal, one must first master hypocrisy.

          • ….and the colored girls sing…..do da doot……

        • She’s a HE anyways..she’s america’s first (drag) queen

        • Why are there American’s that are still fooled by this turd POTUS and his evil ways……?

        • An ape 50 pounds overweight wants to control my kid’s food intake?

        • American Clown says it all

      2. Im so sick of hearing about these stupid freakin idiots occupying the whitehouse,
        They can ALL GO TO HELL

        • The Obama’s = The 21st Century “Jefferson’s. It’s just their way at getting back at whitey.

          “And we’re moving on up, to the East side. We finally a piece of the Pie”.

          • Here’s a contrast for ya: Laura Bush’s championship while in the White House was helping children to learn to read vs Moochelle Obama’s championship while in the White House is co-opting the USDA into destroying the nutritional value of school lunches as an aid in the dumbing down of America’s public schoolchildren.

            Progressives ya just gotta love’em.

            • The bushes want the same for us and our kids…they just served the shit in a different manner.

              Don’t be distracted brother.

              • These politicians are all the same,
                FULL O SHIT

                • “You are what you eat”

            • Here’s Republipukes’ contributions– THE PATRIOT ACT– Please read above– about the police selling us all out..

              Republipukes– gotta just throw up at the thought of them!

            • Navy Vet, I HATE progressives because of what they’re trying to do to our country. give it time, we’ll be at war with them soon enough.

          • George Jefferson would rip obama a new one!George built up a business by working hard and opening one after another dry cleaning shops,he did it on his own!He would fucking hate obama!

        • Heaven forbid the government spend a little money on kids lunches. This all boils down to not wanting to spend any money where it needs to go instead of wasting it on pet projects. There is no way I could just eat that and function when I was in school. I had athletics for 2 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon. I guess this is the new ratitioning. Pretty much eat this you lowly serfs.

          • Heaven forbid my kid cant take there own damn lunch to school without Moochells food Nazi’s takin it away.

            It aint the governments job to feed my kid , period .

          • You mean “Let them eat cake!”? 🙂

            • from the looks of it, they’d be lucky to get cake…

      3. Let the BITRCH eat her own slop and don’t tell me what my kids are going to eat. Micelle EAT SHIT!

        • Faith of the fallen, Hammerhead, and Sgt. Dale, AMEN to your comments. The bitch looks like she needs to skip some meals.

        • If I had kids, I would SO be homeschooling them right now!

      4. Un-friggin believable. While she’s eating watermelon and chicken on our dime. What a socialist ________ (fill in the blank)

        • C

        • CUNT

          • What does that acronym stand for? Sounds familiar but cant remember

            • C ant
              U nderstand
              N ormal
              T hinking

        • Clown? 🙂

          • I was thinking more like nincompoop! But clown works,

            • All the above plus ELITE SNOB, but I can’t find a c in that discription.
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      5. WOW! How disgusting those pics are! I could not identify some of that “food”. When I went to elementary school, the women who prepared the food were Mothers/Grandmothers of some of the children and they made everything from scratch….just like at home. All for 35 cents per lunch.

        • It was only 25 cents when I was in school. I remember seeing the lunchroom ladies making ravioli from scratch. And the whole milk was so cold that it had ice crystals in it sometimes. In high school we had two lunch periods. If you were in second lunch period, you could go back for seconds if it was something they couldn’t use later in soup. In the ninth grade, a friend and I finished off half a pan of rolls. There were 35 rolls, and we split the last one. Some people would go off to McDonald’s or elsewhere for lunch and show off that they had money, but most of the smartest people went to the cafeteria. It was easier, cost less, and we could play cards after we ate.

          • Archivist, you bring back some memories for me. the lowest I remember it being was 15 cents. Most days Mom made lunch for me to bring but on Fridays they would have homemade spaghetti, fried chicken, and rolls, and I used to beg her for 15 cents to have the school lunch on those days. And, man oh man, those lunchroom ladies could cook just as good as my Mom, not better, but just as good. I don’t recall any bad school lunches back in the 60s and 70s.

            • “In the day” being later 1960s school lunch was far better than brown bagged as I did my first 4 grades in a Catholic school that didn’t have such facilities. Public grammar school 5-8 was at that time far better in every respect as it was also funded with taxes from the industry in town with Mobil, DuPont and Hercules. It was also for lack of a better word demographically advantageous. The school had money, the parents had money and things were very Maybury RFD like.

              High School in the neighboring town was like Camden in many respects.

        • They have to be members of the union now. Remember the purple tee-shirts?


      6. “In this particular case the school was paying a tribute to Pearl Harbor Day and the kids feasted on Asian Mushroom Soup, Oriental Noodle Salad, Teriyaki Marinated Chicken Strips, Garlic Roasted Edamame, Vegetable Fried Rice and Fortune Cookies for dessert:”

        They do a tribute to Pearl Harbor and they eat FUCKING Jap food???? WTF!!!!!!!

        • Thank you for that post!! That was also the 1st thing I noticed when I saw that. Let’s remember the day that will live on in infamy by gorging ourselves on the enemy’s cuisine; the japanese empire killed 2402 Americans, wounded another 1282 more but thier terriyaki chicken rocks!

          • G19TMBRWLF, I lost a relative at Pearl Harbor, another one fighting them in the Phillipines, then another fighting on Okinawa. Nothing about the Japs appeals to me.

            • Sorry to hear that, my grandpa was part of the filipino resistance in WW2. Guess its interestingto think 3 generations of warfighting runs in the family. I’m done with OIF, and after realizing the sacrifices many service members made compared to politicians and their friends. The quote ‘War is another means of politics with old men talking and young men dying” is what led me to prepping and eventually here.

        • Wrong, I understand your sentiment. I’ve never had any Jap food and refuse to touch any to this day. I’ve had relatives who suffered at the hands of Japs in WW2 and to this day I HATE JAPS.

          • Dude, your missing out on some good grinds,
            Tempura shrimp, teriyaki beef, Sushi!!!!
            Damn,, now im drooling

          • RB; What do you call a Jap on a highwire?

            A nip in the air….

            Not PC, but who cares???

            • It WAS PC- “Perfectly Correct”.

        • Yeah, I was wondering that, too. I guess you can figure which side these Lib. clowns were rooting for!

        • wrong, it’s amazing how many people missed that slam.

      7. I am so glad I don’t have children for her to feed. I would insist on giving my kids actual GOOD food (which would probably cause problems at the school), not this swill.

        • Most schools now forbid food from home. These people are psychos. lazy ass parents let them do it.

          • Not this lazy ass .
            I get up in their face .
            My kids now eat what we send with them.
            After my attendance to numerous school board meetings , they have somehow come to the conclusion that food from home is OK with them.
            AMAZING how the self important “board members” shrivel away at the thought of being challenged in a logical debate in public .

            • Hammerhead, you go, brother. If I had kids, I would do the same.

              • the renegade braveheart: No kids, well that’s lucky for them. It’s not too late to get yourself ‘clipped’ old boy, we wouldn’t want any slip-ups.

                • Higgins, you bloody limey progressive, go f#$% yourself!

          • Growing up on the wrong side of tracks, if I were those kids, I’d find me a hollow notebook, it would be my lunch box.

            I don’t know why individual state’s aren’t rejecting this and their money. Probably because of the high welfare load in the schools.

            So the kids suffer, again. Smaller portions, less calories, junk food lacking nutrients/oils. Triple-whammy.

            I bet they use margarine too, nothing but lard. And 1% milk, water. Very little nutrients. 1/2 kiwi fruit? Really?

            And then you look at the feast the Obama kids had, they probably eat like that everyday. And then they are paying homage to the Pearl Harbor bombing w/a special lunch?

            • Growing kids need full fat milk in order for their brains to develop as they should. 1% milk is depriving them of much needed nutrients.

              My son’s consultant neurologist used to remind me almost every visit to ensure he was getting his healthy “brain fats” & the fat soluble vitamins that a growing child needs for healthy brain development. I considered that advice no different to my Grandparent’s dosing my Mum with a spoonful of cod liver oil every day during WW2.

              My lad is and always will be ASD, but he’s not retarded intellectually (thank God) due to my taking this sensible old school advice. Whole uncontaminated natural foods + lots of fresh air and exercise has always equaled a healthy child.

              What child can concentrate properly in afternoon lessons on the meals served in those pictures? Poor little sprites brains will be running on fumes with no energy at all. The awful thing is, that for some of the poorest, this will be their main meal of the day.

      8. Don’t forget to click on some of these kids names and see the other “tweets” from their friends.

        Pretty funny. Even the kids know she’s a fucking idiot.

        • Wrong, if the kids realize there’s something wrong with the wench, there maybe some hope for them after all.

      9. I am going to show my teenage girls this, I keep explaining to them how well off they are NOT being in public schools. One understands, the other not so much, but homeschooling has it’s benefits…
        At least they have good lunches at home, even if sometimes it is just pb&j sandwiches and chicken noodle soup….

        • Eppe, you’re making me hungry just mentioning pb&j sandwiches; a true classic. Save the chicken noodle soup for flu.

        • God’s Grace

          There once was a man named George Thomas, preacher in a small Texas town. One Sunday morning he came to the Church building carrying a rusty, bent, old bird cage, and set it by the pulpit. Eyebrows were raised and, as if in response, the Preacher began to speak. . . .

          “I was walking through town yesterday when I saw a young boy coming toward me swinging this bird cage. On the bottom of the cage were three little wild birds, shivering with cold and fright.

          I stopped the lad and asked, “What do you have there, son?”

          “Just some old birds,” came the reply.

          “What are you going to do with them?” I asked.

          “Take ’em home and have fun with ’em,” he answered. “I’m gonna tease ’em and pull out their feathers to make ’em fight. I’m gonna have a real good time.”

          “But you’ll get tired of those birds sooner or later. What will you do then?”

          “Oh, I got some cats,” said the little boy. “They like birds. I’ll take ’em to them.”

          The preacher was silent for a moment. “How much do you want for those birds, son?”

          “Huh?? !!! Why, you don’t want them birds, mister.They’re just plain old field birds. They don’t sing. They ain’t even pretty!”

          “How much?” the preacher asked again.

          The boy sized up the preacher as if he were crazy and said, “$10?”

          The preacher reached in his pocket and took out a ten dollar bill. He placed it in the boy’s hand. In a flash, the boy was gone. The preacher picked up the cage and gently carried it to the end of the alley where there was a tree and a grassy spot. Setting the cage down, he opened the door, and by softly tapping the bars persuaded the birds out, setting them free. Well, that explained the empty bird cage on the pulpit, and then the preacher began to tell this story:

          One day Satan and Jesus were having a conversation. Satan had just come from the Garden of Eden, and he was gloating and boasting. “Yes, sir, I just caught a world full of people down there. Set me a trap, used bait I knew they couldn’t resist. Got ’em all!”

          “What are you going to do with them?” Jesus asked.

          Satan replied, “Oh, I’m gonna have fun! I’m gonna teach them how to marry and divorce each other, how to hate and abuse each other, how to drink and smoke and curse. I’m gonna teach them how to invent guns and bombs and kill each other. I’m really gonna have fun!”

          “And what will you do when you are done with them?”

          Jesus asked.. “Oh, I’ll kill ’em,” Satan glared proudly.

          “How much do you want for them?” Jesus asked.

          “Oh, you don’t want those people. They ain’t no good. Why, you’ll take them and they’ll just hate you. They’ll spit on you, curse you and kill you. You don’t want those people!!”

          “How much? He asked again.

          Satan looked at Jesus and sneered, “All your blood, tears and your life.”

          Jesus said, “DONE!” Then He paid the price.

          The preacher picked up the cage and walked from the pulpit.

          I pray, for everyone who sends this on, whether to their entire address book or just a few, that God will bless them in a special way.

          And for those that just deleted it……… And I KNOW there will be…… ?


          I thank God everyday for my blessed life. I’m not rich, don’t live in a mansion and don’t have the nicest of material things, but, I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, food on my table, a family that loves me and lifelong friends to get me through. I’d say I have a lot to be thankful for.

          • Eppe, that story just brought a few tears to my eyes. I’ll save it for some other people I know who could use it.

            • yeah, crying about everything is your strong suit in this world hillbilly boy. Get yourself a time machine and go back to 1965. Childhood is the only refuge for losers like you.

              • Maybe so Joe, but it is even sadder that YOUR only refuge is in your own hatred and insults. It really must suck to be you.

          • Eppe; +1

      10. If you can possibly find a way to STOP sending your children to public school, do it. A grandparent, aunt, sister, neighbor, someone you TRUST can home school your child through a myriad of virtual school programs that offer curriculum through K12, Calvert and many other EXCELLENT sources. Michelle Obama’s children don’t eat the same mandated school lunches your children are forced to eat? That should tell you something right there. Worried your child won’t get enough social interaction? Worry more about the QUALITY of social interaction your child receives. Virtual schools offer plenty of extra curricular clubs, activities and field trips that are enjoyable and educational. QUALITY of education MATTERS.

        • Here in the UK, most areas have a fairly lively homeschool group you can join that meet up for socialisation and pool resources for exam centre hire, educational trips and the like. They are also valuable pits of info for finding fellow prep minded families & resources. If you are worried about your ability to homeschool – don’t be scared to go meet someone who is doing it already and ask questions!

          You don’t even have to enroll them full time in the virtual schools – you can pick and choose a mixture of live online school courses, correspondence courses, free internet resources and curricula + library and text book purchases to produce an educational programme that matches YOUR standards, ethics and values and not some NWO brainwasher.

          I tutor my child myself in some subjects, and the rest of the time he’s enrolled with a superb online school so I can work from home. It’s working really well for us. (My lad has ASD and is only 9 so this balance of 50/50 online and face to face is about right). My son prefers it as time is either spent “working” or “playing with friends”.

          He also has more time to pursue special interests in enough depth to actually gain some mastery of the topic at hand. I’m also finding much many more opportunities to provide him with the much needed “life skills” training so lacking in today’s youngsters. (Stuff like cooking from scratch, helping with DIY etc). You do find yourself wondering so much time is wasted in a typical school day!

          One thing I have noticed – stroppy teenage angst seems to be far less of a problem amongst homeschooled children than those that attend school. That horrid “attitude” towards adults and younger kids seems to be completely missing. There is also no bullying of peers when they do meet up – again a significant difference from schooled children. They seem to have far better “job ready” social skills iykwim.

        • You have sensible people running the lunch programs in Prague. Here we have brain-dead morons doing it.

          If you support reducing school lunches here, you’re a reptilian ogre of some type. From the photographs of the lunches in the article, we’re trying to do the kids a favor.

        • Frantisek, welcome aboard. I don’t know what that meal is supposed to be but it does look filling.

        • That looks DELICIOUS!
          Best wishes to the Czech Republic from Maui!

        • Frantisek:
          Welcome aboard whats for supper. That looked good.
          Please feel free to spend some time with us.
          Once again WELCOME.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N.REB

      11. Just had to stir up the natives, didn’t ya Mac… 🙂

        • Toga, Toga, Toga.

        • Jerrytbg, that is Mac’s job to get us natives stirred up and he sure as hell knows how to do it.

      12. I look at the pictures and think:

        Now SHE’S the Master, shovelin the shit to us poor white motherfuckers, and the fucking Black Bitch is laughing.

        Fucking cocksucker she is.

        • HTJ, for once, we agree on something. One look at that lardass bitch and she needs to skip some meals herself. She ain’t got a leg to stand on as far as I’m concerned.

          • We agree on more than you may think

            Yes, the fat Black feminist bitch can go a month on her fucking body fat. Fucking chimpanzee that she is.

      13. Does anyone realize that school lunches are a product of the local governments. So if you are criticizing the nutritional value of the meal it is because of how poorly LOCAL government officials have implemented things.

        Remember, we do not live in a non-engaged society. If you want better lunches in your schools, raise taxes to buy better food. It is not the FEDERAL GOVERNMENTS FAULT, it is your neighbors fault for not doing their job in the local government that runs the schools.

        It is common in the US to blame all others except where the responsibility lies. IN this case the Local Government that runs the schools.

        FYI, one of these pictures is from a southern school, from a state that does not fund education adequately. Blame yourselves for not having a local government that has enough money to buy proper food.

        But Hey, those in the upper 1% need their tax break. Now you see at whose expense that tax break comes. Wake up, and next time someone says the rich need a tax break to help get the economy moving, remember where the cuts come from: Your kids lunch.

        America is suffering from a collective ID-10T error.

        • George Kaplan
          Those kids who receive free lunches or reduced fee lunches are on the taxpayers dime. School districts get Federal funds, not local funds for that. WTF is wrong w/ you?

        • George Kaplan….which Government are you referring to? AIPAC owned one or the Government for the people and by the people which hasn’t being in place since the last one who tried it got shot in the head in his car with his wife next to him. Such garbage for our kids is the produce of the AIPAC owned Government.

        • George Kaplan, what do you use for a brain, a fried egg?

        • We will send the bill to your house!!

      14. The corners are being cut everywhere to mask the effects on inflation. A one pound box of pasta has morphed in reverse to a 12 ounce size. Gradualism is the key with deception being the goal. Ostensible excuses like “eating right” fit like a glove.

        • They cut the fed subsidies for the school lunch programs because they needed to spend morefor feeding ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and on prenatal care for 60 year old men on obummercare

          • Think those wars to promote the globalist agenda were cost free? They dwarf the cost of illegal immigration on the welfare system.

            • …and they’re trying to maneuver us into another war, as we speak…think what the kids’ lunches will look like while we pay for that…

              • I thought I’d just report on something IMPORTANT…

                Apparently, Mr. Bundy is fearing that he may have to die over this standoff with the BLM. This is undeclared martial law there in Nevada.

                Where are those oathkeepers when we need them? They need NUMBERS out there to keep another WACO from happening.

      15. Doesn’t look like anyone is asking so I’ll say it; what the hell is wrong with her face?

        • The chopped down an entire ancient rainforest to make ugly sticks used in the making of THAT beast! eeeeeviiiiilllll!

        • Well, it’s kinda in the middle, or maybe to the sides—oh, I know, it’s everything between the hairline and the chin…

      16. remember, this is just the beginning; obamacare has yet to go all in yet. its quite possible that once that is all in, you are being told what to eat right along with your kids.

        forget socialism, we’re going north korea. do as we say and do not complain or you will be dealt with.

        • Not me, im done being told what to do, next prick who starts bossing me around or mandating shit gets wacked

      17. What are we all complaining about? They are all future Democratic party voters which will stab each other in the back to get to the top of the Food Chain.


      18. The Kids are paying their dues so when they graduate they can go on food stamps and buy lobster.


      19. What no Dirt cookies? (Mud mixed with salad oil)

        Main staple in Haiti.


      20. Have any Grey Poupon?

          • Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

            Now I KNOW this thread IS purpose….

            • On…

          • That reminds me of pulling up to the house on the tractor at lunch time and the wife handed me a ham sandwich.
            Being a smartass , I said : But, do you have grey poupon?
            My responce ?
            no , i’m regular , thanks.

            • UHH ………HER responce.

          • Mac, could both of those guys been banksters?

      21. As bad as it was, I’m glad I went to school in the 70s-80s before the damned socialist liberal asshats completely took over the country.

        • I was in 60s and 70s. You could tell who the liberal teachers were, they carefully chose their words and kept quiet about pushing their belief systems onto teenagers. All it would take is one PO’d parent and they would be teaching in some very rural elementary school.

          Not any more.

          • Me too, 60s & 70s,
            The liberal teachers in our schools were the ones that looked like hippies!

          • To show you how times have changed my senior year in the mid seventies I had a contempory Issues class. A large suburban high school our liberal teacher invited a young college lesbian (by the way both the teacher and lesbo were Jewish, I know shocking, eh)to our bi-weekly round table discussions. She was there to promote gay and lesbian dorms for the U. of Missouri, and wanted to preach to us on being “inclusive.” Most of the students, including myself, were incredulous and laughed her out of the class. Fast forward to today and she would be considered enlightened and cool and any laughter would be met with certain punishment.

            • “bi-weekly”???

      22. I had to pack lunch when I went to school. I was glad to get my first after school job so I could buy school lunch. They were tasty back then. Now they look like crap.

        No wonder these kids grow up believing that Russia is some fat assed talk radio host and Moscow lives in the barn…they didn’t have enough energy to pay attention in geology class. lol

        • You didn’t either, it was geography class you were in, not geology.

          • sigh…you’re way too sharp for me, Smokey.

            • Not so sharp….

              Take a geology class if you get a chance, lots of good stuff to learn.

              • “Geology is not about pounding rocks—it’s knowing which rocks to pound”. HS Geology Teacher, 1976

      23. do as the queen says….not as she does! sauce for the goose is not sauce for the gander…anymore.

      24. The irony of this, if you checked ahead of time, brought a bag lunch of exactly the same food with you as was being served, they wouldn’t let you eat it for low nutrition reasons.

        • Joe weve heard of home made lunches being taken away from kids and substituted w/ a govt lunch. Happened in more than one state too. And they then have the nerve to charge parents for that pos lunch too.

          Theres a Revolution in the air.

          • Our local public high school mysteriously rang up more items than the student had on his/her tray, with the result that more money was deducted from the student’s prepaid lunch account than the student actually used.

            When brought to the attention of the cafeteria manager, they acted like it had never happened before.

            However, on at least one occasion, there were at least two different students at the same table who coincidentally noticed that more items had been deducted by the cashier than they had on their tray.

          • 99% get the school lunch for free

            • Remind us next month when it’s time to buy lunch tickets for our kids that it’s free.

            • ohio county, ky all school lunches are free and are much better than those depicted smh this is madness

        • BI

          Wow I never saw that before. Looks like a planet of the apes character. Now how am I suppose to keep my dinner down?

        • BI, I just saw it and saved the picture to my computer. I’ll print out some copies for use at the range.

          • @ braveheart. 🙂

      25. From Queen Michelle, let’em eat crap, I’ll eat cake on one of my vacations.

      26. “How the White House Kitchen Garden Inspires Families,
        Schools and Communities.” Michelle Obama.

        Inspire hell! We all don’t have, “World Class Chef’s” cooking our meals.

      27. Notice a trend with this administration when it comes to Double standards

        Our kids eat, err uh, crap while they eat like a Hawaiian king.

        We get Obama care while they get to choose their own doctors

        • The hell you say. ‘Bout the only thing that bitch could do for me is fetch me a cold glass of sweet tea. Then I’d kick her in the ass for being slow about it.

          • PO’d Patriot, I would get my own tea. I’m not DESPERATE.

        • Even the canned goods in my pantry will beat those so-called school lunches any day of the week.

          • Fried Spam, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich. Ummmmmmmm

        • Thats right Confederate. That black fucking bitch needs to be shown her place.

      28. This is par for the course with Communists…they live like kings and queens while the masses starve, shiver, sweat, and struggle to survive.

        Wake up you people who voted for Obama!!! You are nothing to the Obamas and their handlers. You are ignorant, gullible peons being used by them to enrich themselves and their cronies. And you are what? Feasting on that free cell phone and still living in crappy Section 8 housing listening to your neighbors scrap and fight at all hours, watching your kids fail in school, and now — listening to your kids gripe about not getting enough to eat from the free school lunch Obama throws at them.

        Were you at the very expensive Chicago restaurant last week when Obama dined with 25 donors during a fundraising event? Were you on the plane to China for the sightseeing tour with Michelle and the girls? Were you on the beach in Hawaii with them during any of their Christmas vacations? Were you in the club house having a cocktail when Obama was on the links during any of his multitude of golf games? Have you been invited to any of the multitude of White House parties and dinners featuring some of your most favorite big name entertainers?

        No, you haven’t, have you? What have you gotten again? That free cell phone?


        What it will take to open the eyes of the Obama worshippers, it’s hard to tell.

      29. Michele Obama was Michael Lavaughn Robinson before he became a she. This is a sick game that these people are playing. We are paying these people our tax dollars for this freak show.

        • Huh?

          Got some sourcing for this?

          • a.disquscdn.com/uploads/mediaembed/images/939/9579/original.jpg

            Photo may be doctored, but does seem to show a “package.”

      30. I pack my kids lunch, I am unable to home school. My mom packed my lunch when I was growing up, school food was gross. Once in a while if there was something we liked we would eat there. My son says that a salad costs $2.45, regular lunch is the same price.

        • JL:
          Don’t you just love those federal and state guide lines on food prices for school lunches.
          GGGGGrrrrrrrr. What a bunch of fools that run this government now. The governmentiIt is no longer. For the People by the People It is against the people by governing elite.
          TIME FOR A CHANGE!!!!!!!! Not obammas kind of change!!!!
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      31. It is a known fact that when kids do not have proper food they do not do as well in school. The obummers are doing all they can to hurt the US. And a lot of people still think they are the greatest thing sence sliced bread. Have a neighbor who think they are great and ol moosshell is a beautiful woman. If they were pissing down his back and said it was raining he would belive them. Way too many still have their head stuck where the sun does not shine. You can,t fix stupid!!

      32. When I was in junior high and high school in the 60’s, me and 4 other brothers and sisters never had lunch. Yeah, we were poor and not fed very good, skinny as rails. My mother made us pack a lunch, usually made from potted meat or apple butter. Just a smear between two slices of bread. We did’nt like it and on the way to the bus stop we would fling the bags into a wooded tract along the way. Did’nt even think about littering then. They did’nt have free lunches for the poor then. On another note, these congress critters want another raise, apparently 174 grand is’nt enough to afford their expences. I say cut their pay because they have’nt earned what they are making now.

        • Aljamo, their current pay DOES NOT INCLUDE WHAT THEY GET UNDER THE TABLE FROM WHICHEVER SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS THEY’RE IN BED WITH. Every time they meet with a lobbyist, money is changing hands. they never suffer financially.

      33. The parents are too blame. The parents get on the free lunch program. Then they buy the hormone inplanted commercially grown meat. commercially grown Chickens Cows pigs are all fed growth and maturity enhancers that make them mature quickly and get fat. the parents buy that meat and feed it to the children. the children mature too soon. 10& 12 year olds going through puberty. Even the little boys need to wear a bra. and the parents the little children develop large breast and a pot gut. develope the gut and become obese also. and TV makes it appear to be OK (Shows like Honey Boo Boo? and those parents are dying young too many 40 and fifty year olds dying from obesity related problems. Im 63 healthy and lean. I grow all my own meat and most of my produce. Ate deer sandwich at noon and am having rabbit tonite.

      34. We have to starve our kids, or we’re racist. 😛

        Can we just start *popping* these corn-picking f***ers, already?

      35. Well the way I see it, those will be a gourmet meals when the Obammas get done ruining this country.
        W.T.H. is wrong with those fools.
        It is not up to them to deside what your kids can or can not eat if you are footing the bill.
        Now on the other hand if you are zombie mope and you are living off the government, this might be just what we need to thin the herd of mooches.
        They just might (in my dreams) start feeding their own kids (what a dreamer I am!:-(.)
        If the federal government would get the he!! out of the way and let the local schools run themselves thing would be a lot better for the kids, parents, teachers and support staff and administrators.
        There are so many mandates that are unfunded put on the schools by state and federal governments that it suprizes me that they can keep running.
        If they were ran by the elected broard from there districs and ran by them it would be for the good because they would have to run the schools well or answer to there constituents. Sometimes that can be a hard thing to do. been there and done that for 6 years.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • Thin the herd! What we have is a nation overstocked with tele tubbies. The unhealthy food and sedentary lifestyle has created a growing population of fat & obese taking parasites. I wont lament that they will die at a early age from health problems. too many parasite takers and too few producing makers is not sustainable.

          • You’re talking about THE PARENTS. The KIDS haven’t done anything wrong to deserve being treated like this. They are not “sitting their lazy asses on the govt dole”…their PARENTS are. This isn’t the kids’ fault.

            The kids don’t deserve this, even if the parents do.

      36. This reminds of a movie with Eddie Murphy but being replaced by Michele Obama in front of her white house singing a motivational song by showing her daughters lunch plates to the majority of the kids specially in rural America:

        You are on the welfare you can’t have the same lunch. la la la la la la
        What a sick world and sick country we are facing.

      37. Relinquish your rights and freedoms to our superior wisdom! –

      38. I think this is just another bull shit story

        the whole reason for the changes in guidelines is that school lunches have generally been crap for as long as I can remember

        School lunches get healthy makeover from USDA and First Lady

        if the school system doesn’t follow the guidelines
        then that is on them
        and apparently a lot are doing so

        those pictures are either fakes
        or examples of schools not doing their job

        childhood obesity
        and adult obesity is an absolute EPIDEMIC in this country
        want proof???

        just visit the local Walmart

        obesity leads to high blood pressure,heart attacks and diabetes
        I would say that for every ten patients I deal with
        at least 4 are diabetic
        and often as many as 7 or 8 are

        a big majority of young people can’t qualify for the military
        overweight and out of shape


        something has to be done

        parents HAVE to enforce healthy eating
        with the schools following up
        they are miserably failing in this

        your kids pay the price

        I know people love to bash “Mochelle”
        so have at it

        and when yer overweight humpty dumpty comes home from school
        run him to McDonalds !!!

        God forbid that little fatty should have to eat a salad once in awhile

        • I don’t know what kind of school you went to, but mine always had good lunches. The head of the lunchroom staff was a nutritionist, and she made sure that every meal was balanced.

          No child is getting fat from just their school lunch. When I was in school, we had recess in the morning where we ran around and generally went wild. After lunch, we would spend the rest of that time outside. Then we would have recess again in the afternoon. That was unstructured also, until JFK brought in exercises.

          If a child is obese today, it’s generally because the parents let them have anything they want from the grocery store and restaurants. Kids probably get only 10% to 15% of their calories from school lunch.

          There have always been standards for school lunches, and they vary with current fashions in food. For example, pizza has been available in schools for a number of years. I never saw a pizza (except on TV) until I went to college. We had scratch-made ravioli when I was in school. I bet there’s not one school in the country that has it now.

          And why not bash Michelle? She’s a hypocrite. She tells the country’s youth they can only have limited rations while her own daughters can have twice as much.

        • Not all schools have crappy lunches.

          When we moved here, my kids did not want to bring homemade bag lunches anymore. One day I went to school and had lunch with my daughter. The cooks were mothers or grandmothers of the kids in the school. They did a great job! The menu was not fancy, but the food was fresh, wholesome and tasty. The macaroni and cheese they made was delicious. They rounded out the meal with fresh carrots sticks, an apple and milk.

          I believe the reason so many children are overweight is the lifestyle changes. The diet of most children today includes lots of fast food, GMO food, processed foods, and soda. Also, most kids don’t get enough exercise.

          My Mother cooked all our food. We ate lots of fresh produce from (my grandparents and local) farms. We drank water or milk. We only had soda at birthday parties.

          When I was growing up, when we got home from school, we went outside to play and ride our bikes. There was no computer and we did not watch a lot of TV (on the one channel we got).

          Today, many kids come home and spend HOURS in front of the TV and/or computer. At a time when children need MORE exercise, many schools are CUTTING recess and gym class. I have read that some elementary schools have cut recess time and that kids today have less gym classes than years ago. When I was in In high school, we had gym class EVERY day. Now, some high schools require students complete only one year of gym class.

          • I don’t think the problem has been or is with the lunches. It has to do with vending machines.

            I didn’t even know what a vending machine was until high school. But recently vending machines are in all schools, with nothing but junk and candy.

            I believe the new rules are meant to address the vending issue. But I could be wrong.


            • Then they need to put the food back on their plates, and take the damn vending machines out of there!

              I guess that makes too much sense for obamanites…

      39. thedailysheeple.com/suspicious-pentagon-blocks-all-leave-to-diego-garcia_042014

        RedFlagNews is reporting that as of April 4, leave travel TO Diego Garcia, the US military and intelligence base, is not authorized. –

        • Jay Jay:
          shut down for one of three reasons.
          1. There is a 777 there that is not there (get my drift?)
          2. Things are heating up with China more than we have been told.
          3. Things are about to get hot in the Middle East.
          There might be more but those are my top three.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • maybe all three?

      40. I wish I had pictures of the cinnamon rolls we used to buy. They were awesome in taste & delicious. That was about 45 years ago, though. I would love to see her kids eat that shit!! I hope things change for my now 7 mo. old grandson. Although I fear SHITF scenario will occur for him.

      41. Sorry, that was supposed to say taste & size.

      42. So when I was in high school(late 70’s early 80’S)for 75 cents we got a soy burger,crappy fries and a milk.We would chow that down and head off to the smoking area.I saw this article and was very upset,my son who is a junior in high school and is going to the same one I went to came home,I asked him what they had for lunch choices and he told me Panda express,Subway and several other choices,doesn’t sound too bad.BTW I live in the SF east bay area.

      43. It’s been said she’s a he? Mooch definitely eats like a dude! Google her eating – it’s a riot!! Typical elitist attitude.


      45. How about all you guys/gals stop your bitching and get off your lazy butts and DO SOMETHING?!?!?

        Oh that’s right, as long as it doesn’t effect you……

        • Affect…

      46. Sorry to say, I feel people who are not prepared will eventually kill each other for a crappy lunch like that. sigh…

      47. Hey all….
        well had my physical today.

        Dr. says ” I have to ask you some questions. they are about safety>”


        Dr. “are you safe at home? Do you fear domestic violence?”

        Me..”nope” (but i’m thinking, well I did tell my husband on his proposal till death do us part one way or another…no divorce in our future)

        Dr. “do you wear a seat belt”


        Dr. “Do you have firearms in the house?”

        Me…”Oh, GOD NO!”

        MMMM HMMMM If I had ’em I freakin’ wouldn’t tell ya. Too damn bad my boat flipped in the river and they both fell to the bottom.

        • I cant wait till some dummy asks me that,
          Ill let them know exactly how i feel about it.

          • Well, he asked me about not getting the flu shot ( I didn’t get it at the office) I told him I had it. He’s like “really?” I said yeah. Damn hospital doesn’t give me a choice. He says ” well it’s the right decision” I told him that wasn’t the point. The point was my freedom of choice was taken away about something that is only 60% effective if they get the right strain on a gamble. Freaking liberal morons here in CT.

            • I feel for you folks in CT
              We have no choice, cant even buy weapons without registering them but you folks are being screwed,,
              Honestly is one of the only reasons why im thinking about moving, not that ill ever be able to,
              But damn, what the hell is wrong with these politicians!
              Im just waiting it all out, our whole state is a constitution free zone if you look at the map, so when the s starts flyin ill be heading for the trees if its some kinda clampdown,,,

              • whats your state? dont have to say city or can hit without saying it.

                • Maui

              • Well get out of here soon as we can. Youngest graduates next year. Just gotta find a job in my profession elsewhere.

      48. School lunches back in the late 1960s were pretty good; certainly large enough. Then again everyone I knew had a father that had a good job at Mobil, Texaco, DuPont, Hercules, Monsanto, BF Goodrich, Shell, Ford or Chrysler.

        “Those were the days my friend we thought they’ed never end”.

        • You think Monsanto whos GMO food gives rats cancer and is banned all over the world is a good company?

          You are so naive….

          • They paid 1st class wages as all of those company’s did. We were all better for them being here.

            In 1970 the world was on the brink of starvation. Monsanto lead the forefront at producing gain that gave multiple crops per year. Everything gives rats cancer if you give them enough of it. Faced with starvation now or a small increase in possible cancer decades down the road I say, “Pass me the bun with a hot dog”.

            • things have changed since then, K2

      49. My 16-year-old is sick of their crappy lunches, too, and he says “no” to taking lunch because “you’ll get beat up.” How Mrs Obama thinks schools can pay administrators $200,000, and still afford to fix actual healthy food, AND buy all the GMO crap they are required to buy thanks to the forced contracts through USDA, is beyond me. I asked a very nice middle school lunch coordinator about doing the Farm-to-school program and she said it was too difficult because of the requirements through USDA. Yup, more corn syrup and soy garbage for our children.

        • Whats your 16 year old SONS name, Nancy?

          Won’t take lunch cause he’ll get beat up?

          Maybe he needs a fucking beating to man the fuck up.

          This country is producing pussified boys.

          Maybe YOU are your sons problem. Ever think of that?

          Send his ass with bagge dlunch and let him deal with it.

          Beat up. Please.

          Slap some tits on the kid and call him Nancy.

          • judging by your post, i am guessing you went to school back in the days where boxing teams were fairly common in schools? (1920s)

            i too, am concerned about the wussification & pussification of boys by schools, but your solution is not wise to our current era.

            thanks to ‘zero tolerance’, her son would likely be in serious trouble fighting to protect himself. at age sixteen, just like with us adults, self-defense can mean criminal charges.

            ‘diversity’ means her son shares classroom space with others who have radically different attitudes about things like personal status, property, race, criminality… many of his classmates have family members who have been thru prison or still are there.

            gangs have a presence in most schools. by middle school at the latest. it’s quite likely that you are suggesting that she send her son to face off on a beatdown by anywhere from three to thirty bloods/crips/ms13/norenos/surenos/latin kings/et al…

            more than just question of numbers. gangbangers don’t fight fair so, really, it’s not worth to face getting knifed for a bagged peanut butter & jelly sandwich.

            government schools have security, metal detectors, lockdowns, and are generally modeled after minimum-security prisons for a reason…

            • MARKF- people who think like you are part of the reason the Country and the MEN in it are so fucked up.

              In one post you say he can’t fight, cause the pwecious wittle boy will get into twouble….. no no….

              Then in another you tell her to teach him martial arts so he won’t get his precious little ass kicked ALL his life.

              Your sense of logic is so convoluted.

              I propose you change your name to Marlene, and be sure ( as I am sure you are) to tow the line and don’t do anything completely crazy like defending yourself or your values.

              Values. I think you have none.

          • for your son:

            Teenage Liberation Handbook: How to quit school to get yourself a real life & education

            by Grace Llewellyn

            ISBN 0-9629591-7-0

            and get him into a haipkido, tae kwan do, capoeira or other martial arts class. considering what else gets talked about on this site, he might need such far later than his school years.

            • Yes MARKF, QUIT school. Run away form any problems. Good life advice. Just QUIT if you can’t take lunch without getting “beat up”…..

              The fact that he said “Beat up” shows his immaturity.

              Like i would have ever gone home and told my parents I would get beat up for anything. We just did what we had to do and dealt with it without crying to mommy and daddy.

          • “Slap some tits on him and call him Nancy” LMFAO! Where’s he hidin’ his pink prom dress?

          • HTJ

            How about putting those terrorists in school that beat kids up in jail showing them respect for the law?

            Think someone like Bill Gates as a kid could defend himself effectively from a big strong kid with the IQ of a walnut?

            School is a place to learn not to get into a cave man hierarchy. The 40% blacks I went to school with operated under that system. For many little changed in their adult life.

            • Yeah, well Kevin, I’m willing to bet Bill Gates took his lunch to school.

              You guys are HELPING to pussify the youth. I can’t believe it.

              Taking your lunch to school is not “getting into caveman hierarchy”

              Kevin, your new delta tau kai name is…….. KAREN!

              • I was on the receiving end of gangs shaking down kids for their lunch money. At 5’2″ and 115 pound freshman wearing thick glasses your kinda out matched when the “leader” is a 17 year old HS freshman dumb as a rock that the school ignores. Your kid is in their care. They therefore have a responsibility for their safety.

                Bringing you lunch or not is not the point.

                Laugh all you want as many of those thugs spent time in prison. I retired reasonably well off. Sticks and stones can break my bones but you can’t insult me unless I let you.

      50. What the hell happened to pizza Friday and dessert of Bud”n”Nutter cones!?Guess lunch is now at the mooches school!

      51. The wookie woman do tell us how to eat. Now can you be proud of your country? Wait where do wookies come from?

      52. Seriously,I will personally hand wash the truck and wax it that runs that bitch over,she does not care for the children of this country.She did,she would be going across country by train/bus,working with folks /planning gardens/reading to children ect.I am not saying former first ladies have done this but if she really wanted to set a example,well,get the fuck off of the taxpayer supplied vacations and get your fat ass in gear and set a true example,(good luck with that!).

        • I’ll pay for the gas…

          • I’ll buy you the truck

      53. Her children eat well. Screw yours!
        Time for the pitchforks!

      54. When I was in high school at noon we jumped in my 55 chevy and drove to a secluded spot off the campus, maybe ate a sandwich drank a beer and smoked a joint. Man those where the days. and I carried a pocket knife and always had some kind of gun in my vehicle. and gas was 19 cents per gallon.

        • OLD GUY:
          Gas at 19 cents a gallon? Old Guy you ain’t that old I remember that, and the gas stations would have gas wars and gas prices would go to 15 cents a gallon. That was about when I was 13.!;-)
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • Yes I could buy gas at the red bird station in 1966 for 19 cents. once during a gas war it was 17 cents.

            • Holy shit you guys are old! just kiddin, cheapest gas I remember when I started driving was 70 cents.

      55. Damn OG,just dated yourself,where were you when Kennedy was shot?(Kidding ,I think).I used to before license drive along with others dirtbike to school,parked behind yes,smoking lounge.My senior year had a lifted Chevy truck built to hills with a shotgun behind bench seat,at time no big deal,now,literally a fed offense I guess!

      56. US missile cruiser Donald Cook heading for Black Sea – media

        USS Donald Cook, a missile cruiser, is due to begin a “tour of duty” in the Black Sea water area within the next few days, Bulgarian mass media said Tuesday, according tot Itar-Tass. Sources at the Bulgarian Defense Ministry said that US naval forces and their allies will have war games at sea. Also, the Donald Cook will whole call into a number of ports along coast, including some ports in Bulgaria. In addition to this, some 175 US marines will be deployed at the Romanian coast.
        Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_04_08/US-missile-cruiser-Donald-Cook-heading-for-Black-Sea-Bulgarian-media-7648/

      57. My kid is still in elementary school. I noticed he was starving when he came home from school. No big deal, I thought he was growing. Until I saw the school menu.

        I started packing his lunch and he now comes home and is fine until dinner.

      58. when my son first started kindergarten, we sent him with a brown bag lunch . had good stuff in it like pb&j, applesauce, cookie pack, and juice. he came home that day and told us the lady took his lunch, threw it in the garbage, and gave him the school lunch instead. my wife and i then got a letter from the teacher that we did not have to send bag lunches because a “healthy lunch” would be provided. funny, i seem to recall the lunch we provided looked alot better then the slop i hear my kids say they ate at school today. tell me, if you are “limmiting” the bad food from obese kids, where does that leave my skinny kids. not to mention all the bad propaganda they are teaching my kids. had to get on my daughter about the necessity of eating her protiens and grains. she would not eat them becuse the teacher had told her how bad they were and would “make her fat”. are these gifts from heaven still “mine”? i want to pull them out of school, but that would make me ” a bad parent” wouldn’t it………

        • Dead; No. It does not make you a “bad parent”, just a smart parent…
          One of the best things we ever did was homeschool our kids. Out of 8 hours at public schools, they are only truly taught for 4 hours. The rest is BS. My 2 girls get ‘schooling’ for 4 hours a day, then they get to research what they want to do in life for 2-4 hours a day. It scares me to see how smart they are at 16 and 14, but I know we did the right thing. Both of them know what they want to do in life already and are going in that direction. I wish I could have had the same option, back in the 70’s that was unheard of. I often compare them to kids in the neighborhood, like night and day… Plus you do not have the ‘keeping up with the Jones’s syndrome’.
          They get to do things with other homeschooled kids, so they are not socially lacking in any way. Give it some thought, if you can do it, do it, it will make all the difference in the world….

          • I think home schooling is the way to go- good on you. The kids turn out smarter and more adaptable to the world than Government conditioned kids. I look back at my schooling days and I wonder why even now they dont teach kids the real requirements to deal with finance and topics they go beyond math and english etc. My view here is they want indentured slaves that dont get ahead of themselves ( and hence become free ) sad but true

        • Cure
          stop sending your kid to a public center for Indoctrination

          My kid gets fantastic lunches

          At Home!

      59. DEAT MEAT:
        In the first place I would tell them that I will feed my childern what I want them to eat. if they say you can’t I would get a doctor to write out a ored for you to take to school that said they will eat what is sent for some reason or another.
        AND HELL NO!!!! that doesn’t make you a bad parent if you pull them out of that school. This country needs more parents like you.
        Good Luck, Give them HE!!.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      60. when ya get through being all hot and bothered about Mochelle
        and her salads

        here’s something to really worry about

        16 Signs That Most Americans Are NOT PREPARED For The Coming Economic Collapse


        look at some of these stats

        Americans aren’t prepared for much of anything

        “44 percent don’t have first-aid kits
        48 percent lack emergency supplies
        53 percent do not have a minimum three-day supply of nonperishable food and water at home
        55 percent believe local authorities will come to their rescue if disaster strikes
        52 percent have not designated a family meeting place if they are separated during an emergency
        42 percent do not know the phone numbers of all of their immediate family members
        21 percent don’t know if their workplace has an emergency preparedness plan
        37 percent do not have a list of the drugs they are taking
        52 percent do not have copies of health insurance documents”

        some time ago I was talking to some people at work
        and I asked them what they had in their kitchens food wise

        typical answers of what they have right now in the frig
        a bottle of diet Coke
        some salad mix
        and a couple containers of yogurt

        guess what
        a black swan shows up
        and yer in panic mode day one

      61. @renegade braveheart… I don’t understand the dislike of progressiveness. It means progress, not stuck in old technology to maximize and ensure profits for the few, but to develop known technological advancements to benefit the earth and all of mankind. If we don’t have progressives, then we are stagnating.

        • Aljamo, I was referring to liberals because that is the name they prefer to be called by. that is how they see themselves.

        • Bring on the massive solar storm, point it right at DC!

          Then we can all sit around the campfire and hear how our mammy used to pick cotton for the massa.

      62. Dumb and dumber (Obama and wife)

      63. Fuhrer decree from the Wookie:
        Next week, milk will be replaced with Brawndo, the thirst mutilator.
        It’s got electrolytes.
        Now with added fluoride!
        Drink up children and be sure to eat your pea.

      64. A long read, but good advice….

        What Three Decades In and Around Wall Street
        Has Taught Me about Investing
        You’ve heard the old saying, if I only knew then what I know now? How true that really is. When I think of how I was promoted to head of investment strategy in 1987 with less than three years experience, I wonder how I managed. I spent most of my energies buying and selling stocks and foolishly believing I could continuously predict what the stock market would do, and I spent little time on learning and appreciating how money really works. It was not until I met Frank Congilose in 1998 that I was shown the real truth about money and that traditional financial planning, a process 98 percent of all investors employ (and one which is steered by “professional advisors”), is a horribly flawed process.
        Back in the 80s, most professionals used a simple legal pad to show clients how to set up their “financial plans.” Nowadays, firms use fancy computer applications with all sorts of interactive charts and graphs. But in the end, whether on a legal pad or high-tech computer model, all of these “plans” do the same thing: They guess.
        First, they seek a dollar number the client believes (or is shown) he or she will need to live happily ever after. This is the first absolute guess. Once that is agreed upon, the professional advisor picks a product or products—most involve stocks, mutual funds, etc. —and, based on past performance, projects similar returns for the future in order to reach that magical happily-ever-after figure. This is the second raw guess—a total shot in the dark as to how high or low future returns will be.
        What’s wrong with this very unscientific method? Four economic factors have a major impact on any financial plan, and unless you have a crystal ball you’re simply guessing where they’ll be at any given time. They are:
        • Interest rates
        • Tax rates
        • Inflation rates
        • Rates of return
        I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I can’t accurately predict the course of all four of these and neither can anyone else except Almighty God. Therefore, despite the average plan having hypothetical assumptions of these four factors, one or more of them will not be accurately assumed. One could get lucky as some did in the 1990s when everything was doing well, but do you want to depend on good fortune to keep your fortune? This is simply a well-established guessing game with all the bells and whistles. Make no mistake about it: traditional financial planning is a guessing game—a high-stakes round of hangman, charades, or 20 questions.
        I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to leave my family’s security to chance. That’s why I was so awestruck by the process Frank Congilose introduced to me; one that employs the two most important money facts:
        • Lost Opportunity Cost
        • Velocity of Money
        Let me explain: If you had $20 and lost it, how much did you lose? Twenty dollars, right? Wrong. You lost the $20 plus whatever that 20 bucks could have earned if you had it. That is a Lost Opportunity Cost (LOC). Just about everyone and every business has LOCs. The key to financial success is identifying the LOCs and putting them back on the right side of the ledger—your side!
        If you were to identify about $20 a week (a few cups of latte, perhaps?) you could save, that would add up to $1000 a year in savings. But it’s so much more when you take into consideration the LOCs. By saving that $1000 per year, over 25 years you would save $25,000 plus the lost earnings on that money of over $18,000 (that’s at the modest interest rate of only 4 percent) for a total LOC of over $43,000. At 5 percent interest, the number increases to over $50,000. That $50K becomes part of your cash flow.
        Cash flow, in case you didn’t know, is nothing more than the money that comes in and the money that goes out. If you spend more than you make you have a negative cash flow. If make more than you spend (leaving some extra) you have a positive cash flow. Obviously, increasing the positive cash flow allows you to save more and accumulate more wealth.
        No one knows more about money and cash flow than banks. They don’t produce anything yet they are able to turn one dollar into two or three or more. Here’s how it works: you deposit a dollar in the bank. The bank pays you interest on that dollar. The bank then lends your dollar out to someone else at a higher rate. How much higher depends on what type of loan the borrower takes. Not only is the rate they charge higher than they paid you, but they get to lend your dollar out two or three times on average. During the time your dollar is deposited in the bank, it may be loaned out for a car loan, personal loan, home equity loan, mortgage, or credit card. Each time the bank loans out your dollar they make money by way of charging the borrower more interest than they are paying you.
        This is called the Velocity of Money, the average rate at which money is exchanged from one transaction to another. Velocity is the frequency with which a unit of money is spent over a specific time period. The bank has taken full advantage of the velocity of money and effectively made a dollar do the work of two or three or more. What I learned to do through the services of Frank and his associates is help people understand and take advantage of the velocity of money in their own finances just like banks do.
        Another way to appreciate velocity of money is to take a penny and double it once a day. On day one you double a penny and end up with two cents. On day two you double your two cents and have four. On day three you double your four cents and have eight…and so on. How long before you have over a million dollars? It may shock you, but it’s only 27 days. That’s right: a penny doubled each day for 27 days is worth $1,342,177.20.
        Without any out-of-pocket expenses or substantial risk, you can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your worth over a lifetime by simply capturing LOCs and employing velocity of money strategies which in turn increase cash flow. The sooner you learn that the key to successful finances is cash flow (saving your money instead of trying to gamble on an asset’s appreciation in price to increase net worth), the better off you will be.
        I have found that there are four basic ways most people approach money matters. In which group do you fall?
        1. The “No Planning” Approach
        This is the person with absolutely no plan. Nothing. Nada. Wing and a prayer. Their entire plan is to worry about it tomorrow. Obviously, this is the worst-case scenario.
        2. The “Occasional Planning” Approach
        This is the person who intermittently thinks about money matters and might put forth a half-hearted attempt at a plan, especially right after New Year’s, but soon the day-to-day grind of life takes over and they end up doing what the no planning group does; worry about it starting tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes.
        3. The “Needs Planning” Approach
        This is the person who plans for specific events like college or a child’s wedding but does not have an overall, integrated financial plan. They at times actually progress on a specific goal only to find out they have let other important goals fall by the wayside and then try to catch up with some “Hail Mary” schemes.
        4. The True “Financial Planning” Approach
        The infrequent person who seriously plans for the things life throws at us. Not just retirement, mind you, but life. Buying a home, taking vacations, saving for college and retirement, and a nest egg for those things that just crop up.
        Even among those who do plan, there are speed bumps along the way. In my three decades on Wall Street, I have seen many of the same mistakes time and time again. Here, I have assembled my list of Top Ten Biggest Investment Mistakes.
        Peter Grandich’s Top Ten Biggest Investment Mistakes:
        10. “Hot Potato” buying – Buying the popular stocks of the day or the latest get-rich-quick scheme. Unless you have a crooked rabbit, the turtle always wins this race in investing.
        9. Believing publications – You see it all the time. Some magazine headline that reads “Ten sure fire ways to riches,” or “Ten stocks to beat the market,” etc., all for the low, low price of a few bucks for that issue. While there are some really useful publications, magazines like Money who depend mostly on financial institutions for advertisement are, in my opinion, always tilted to the cup being half full and are not truly objective.
        8. Failing to consider spouse’s views – Guilty as charged. Through my first making of millions then losing a good portion of it, my wife’s only regret was I didn’t take into account her desires and wishes. Family financial planning must be a team effort.
        7. Believing money is evil – Yes, the love of money is evil, but money itself is not. It’s a necessity but not to the point where we literally lose our eternal life with the true owner of it. Some people are afraid of it and what owning a hefty sum of it may do to them. As stated earlier, if you truly come to understand you’re only a steward with it, you are likely to do much good with it.
        6. Not fully understanding what you’re doing – The less you know, the more people who live off the less knowledgeable can thrive. God knew how important matters of money would be and dedicated a good portion of His life’s manual (the Bible) to it. Shouldn’t you make a similar effort?
        5. Inability to judge worthiness of risk – Here’s a news flash; if it’s too good to be true, it’s too good to be true. If the banks are paying you 1 percent and someone says you can make 10 percent, you better know that there’s a certain degree of risk that comes with the potential. Many times the anguish of a loss far outweighs the dollar amount, and it lasts longer and impacts other areas of your life.
        4. Trusting financial institutions – Despites decades of deceit and fraud throughout the financial industry, most people still place a large degree of blind trust in the financial institutions and the personnel with whom they deal. Any financial adviser worth his or her weight should have a well-documented and long track record of success or at least have numerous references. Wouldn’t you be glad to give a reference if your adviser did well for you? Run, don’t walk, from those who can’t provide them.
        3. “Hope” is not an investment Strategy – When it comes to faith, hope is very good, but in investing it can be a killer. If I only had a dollar for every time I heard an investor say they’re “hoping” their stock goes back up so they can get their money back. Look, if you’re hoping the price will rise yet not willing to buy more at the reduced price, who do you expect to do so and pay up to the price you originally paid? Just hoping for these changes without sound fundamental reasons to back up that hope is a license for disaster.
        2. No written financial strategy at all – Similar to the “No Planning” approach. Like anything else at which you want to succeed, you must write it down. In the landmark book The Magic of Thinking Big, author David J. Schwartz tells us to write down our goals—all of them. Financial goals are no different. Writing your plan down not only keeps you on track but acts as a benchmark as you achieve your financial goals. One of the first things to do is to take a 30-day account of every dime you spend—and I mean everything. Almost always, people are surprised how much they spend and on what. They soon realize they can either do without some things or spend less on them.
        And the number one biggest investment mistake is…….
        1. Procrastination – Without a doubt, putting off dealing with matters of finance is the single biggest investment mistake. Whether it’s by accident or on purpose, delaying dealing with finances can only hurt most.
        Perhaps we can all take some advice from one of the richest men ever to walk this earth. No, not Donald Trump or Warren Buffet, but King Solomon. He was one of the Bible’s best investors. King Solomon has a fantastic track record based on three basic biblical principles:
        Principle #1 – Diversification
        Divide your portion to seven, or even to eight, for you do not know what misfortune may occur on the earth. – Ecclesiastes 11:2
        King Solomon knew that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. This is especially true for those people who put all of their 401(k) savings into their company’s stock.
        Principle #2 – Good Counsel
        Without consultation, plans are frustrated, but with many counselors they succeed. – Proverbs 15:22
        There’s no one person who can give universal counsel. Not only do you need to develop a support team, but you need to find a diverse group of a few individuals because one team member is not always aware of what another is doing and having someone quarterback all the different team players is important.
        Principle #3 – Ethical Investing
        The conclusion, when all has been heard, is” fear God and keep His commandments. – Ecclesiastes 12:13
        Not only should we be honest in our investments but make sure where we place our monies to be Godly. That’s different for every individual, but might include avoiding investing in businesses involved in alcohol, weapons, tobacco, or companies with questionable human rights practices.
        “Learn as if you were going to live forever.
        Live as if you were going to die tomorrow.”
        – Mahatma Gandhi
        Remember this: on Wall Street there are bulls, bears, and pigs. The bulls and bears each have their day, but the pigs always end up at the slaughterhouse.

        • Some good advice here and universal financial truths. My Number One rule is not to trust any institution or anyone working in financial services. Some are good people but that is not what I am interested in: they all work, prima facia, for themselves. I, on the other hand, work for me.

          Anyone I know who has trusted the financial services industry has been burned. I have lost count of the friends who were lured into mutual funds and RRSPs etc. who then saw them get pumped for fees and dragged into the gutter every time the market crashed.

          Do your own financial planning and take all the decisions yourself. If you make a mistake, then the burn feeling is personal and you learn – burn, then learn – that’s how humans get wisdom. Financial matters need wisdom built over time.

          I feel sad for Americans because in my experience they are the most naive and arrogant about the market and what it will do for them. The next bunch of muppets is the British.

          These two groups of people endlessly get pumped and dumped, and just walk right back up to the counter and dump whatever pennies they have left for another go at being pumped and dumped. It is a gambling addiction but financial matters should not be left to a gambling addiction.

          Instead, look for timeless and universal approaches to wealth accumulation that are proven to work. Develop good habits that are also time-proven. And always view the government and the banks as scam artists out to screw you.

      65. You know… when banksters have stolen everything and are proceeding to starve and poison the rest of us, what else could you expect?

        Has anyone seen the video by forensic experts regarding Michelle Obama actually being a MAN… all the proportions and still having the male genitalia?

        Also… someone finally made a video about the Clintons’ and their drug-running/money laundering empire:

        • To Suzanne
          I just watched the first video and at 16:30 or so, someone got a photo of Mooch in a dress and he/she/it is wearing a cup. Michelle Obama is Michael. WTF!

      66. Look America, you got a problem? Just bomb them! and then take action to bomb them again, all under ‘International law’ of course. OK so just Bomb them, am I clear here? Oh by the way prior to smashing them with your bombs , make sure you arm and support radical extremists that you told everyone originally that were terrorists attacking you. If you are confused just ask Michelle ( not her husband as he is a confused actor )

      67. one thing we have left out in discussing school lunches
        is the DREADED “Lunch Room Lady”

        remember her in elementary school ???

        they were always named Hazel or Gladys (I believe that was a legal requirement back then ! )
        and remember that hair net ?
        and the scowl PERMANENTLY etched on their faces ???

        I still have nightmares to this day !

        ours used to circulate around the lunch room
        like a killer satellite orbiting its victims
        just waiting for the perfect time to strike

        you ate your vegetables
        or else were threatened with a slow painful death
        you didn’t dare go put your tray up with anything left on it

        and God forbid if she saw you stuffing peas or cole slaw
        into your pockets (yes we did this a LOT )
        because she would make you pull it all out and eat it

        my elementary school experience was many decades ago
        and the lunch room lady was at least a hundred years old then
        but my lunch room lady is still alive to this day

        I recently saw her on an episode of The Walking Dead
        she was eating her way through a chain link fence !

        • I remember the “Lunch Room Lady”. She caught me spooning my nasty Tapioca Pudding into my milk carton to hide it. Made me eat that crap anyway. To this day whenever I see that crap I think of that old lady. Snot Pudding

      68. School lunches have always sucked and I wouldn’t just blame the Wookie-in-Chief for it.

        Make your child a healthy lunch to take to school. And fight to make sure they can eat things like peanut butter and that it is not banned because of ‘allergies’.

        Government programmes always go for the cheapest contract bid and thus the food will always suck. Here in the UK the most vile swill gets served in any government-funded canteens and cafeterias (hospitals, courts, etc.). Scary food. I have yet to meet a British person who can actually cook and doesn’t cut corners on food. Most tend to eat something called ‘ready meals’: microwavable, high sodium, slurry food (sometimes horse meat) that is cooking for dummies. A diet like this makes you look puffy and your physical features in time turn you into a gnarled, gnome appearance.

        The UK is bad enough with the class system but this ‘diet’ eugenics leads to the wealthier people looking handsome or pretty, with all their natural hair, and the lower classes being puffy, bald and ugly.

      69. If this doesn’t show you that the Obamas hate America nothing will.

        And yes, the death panels are REAL….

      70. Frank – what you got against us Brits?

        I’m beginning to think all the decent Brits swerve across the road when they see you coming! No ready meals in this house, nor in the homes of most of my family, friends or relatives. I’m still using the recipes my Granny did and often swap with friends.

        You take food from home into your relatives or friends if they are in hospital, noone ever convalesced properly on dry GMO corned beef sandwiches, with not even margarine to stick them together!

        Our class system is awful and the current policy of moving the middle and working classes back into the servile positions we held pre WW1 is not a good one. I will let you have that much.

      71. Worst than that. My kid went to the local public for 2 months. Parents were welcomed to sit in class and lunchroom. What I saw was kids getting ONE thing for lunch. E.g. some bread and marinara sauce. Or a sandwhich. Food pyramid? NOT ANY MORE. I studied that about 1/2 of all public school students get free or reduced lunch… but, like everything else, its a scam. NO vegetables. In fact, the little kids could not even see the food displays so had no idea what was being offered. I have no idea how they picked. The kids were already treated like prisoners and constantly told they were bad and had to walk laps at recess instead of playing (the whole class, almost every day). What goes on while parents are out busting their butts for the man is close to, if not, abuse. The “food service” is no exception. Ironically, one principal claims food service is the #1 loss area in schools. Hilarious, given the junk they serve. They simply don’t know how to run a business, and don’t care about the kids either.

      72. This nasty bitch Moochell Hussein and her Tyrant of a spouse are using school lunches to prepare these students for the meals the Regime will feed them in the FEMA DHS camps while they spend millions on their numerous vacations. Anyone who thinks she or her closeted Gay husband will even allow an election in 2016 and voluntarily give up power is living in a dream world.

      73. As a wise man once said, “If you control oil, you control nations; if you control food, you control the people.”

      74. What troubles me is the people are losing the battle to label GMO’s in their food. These sinister forces are working (paying off) the lawmakers to outlaw labeling. Only a few nation’s allow GMO’s to poison and pollute their food, the u.s. being the big one. We are their guinea pigs. The American people’s attempt to stop the frankensteining of our food has been squashed by big corporate money to the political whores in D.C., while the majority of food in the grocery stores is GMO tainted. We can’t allow the genetic tampering of our life giving and sustaining sustenance by corrupt corporations. These are the same criminals who gave us DDT, agent orange and many other poisons too numerous to list. If the people will not stop this evil agenda in our foods, then don’t look for any actual pushback for any of the problems waged by the elite against common sense and the people’s rights.

        • video has been removed…

      75. It reminds me of the Democrat gun-ban crowd. They have armed guards around their mansions, but they don’t think we should have access to firearms.

        To see all of the photos of those sad…sad lunches…and then seeing what Moochelle the Sasquatch’s kids eat for lunch at their school! LOL! Too rich for words…

        The HILARITY comes from the fact that, even now…at this stage of the game, the Obama’s aren’t at all embarrassed by things like this! Because they DESERVE to have better!

        • Th only thing they “deserve” is a little bees wax on the slipknot…

      76. Moochell is getting the children prepared to be the first wide spread-‘hungry generation’ in the history of the country by serving them slop in their school lunches. She knows Obama’s policies will starve us in the future

      77. I am so glad I dont have kids…I shudder to think what kind of life they would have, Miss the good ol days but I moved out of LA and to the sticks. Pretty much on my own for food, water and solar. Going to watch the world burn I guess…

        • i am still living with your ghost
          lonely and dreaming of the west coast
          i dont want to be your down time
          i dont want to be your stupid game
          with my big black boots and an old suitcase
          i do belive ill find myself a new place
          i dont want to be tha bad guy
          i dont want to do your sleepwalk dance anymore
          i just want to see some palm trees
          i will try to shake away this disease

          we can live beside the ocean
          linger far behind
          swim out past the breaker
          watch the world die x2

          i am still dreaming of your face
          hungry and hollow from the pain you took away
          i dont want to be your good time
          i dont want to be your fallback crutch anymore
          walk right up you brand new day
          your same horizon in my own wearedway
          i dont want to be tha bad guy
          i dont want to do your sleepwalk dance anymore
          i just want to feel some downside
          i just want to find some place to be alone

          we can live beside the ocean
          linger far behind
          swim out past the breaker
          watch the world die x4

          yeah, watch the world die
          yeah, yeah watch the world die
          wooah, yeah, watch the world die
          yeah watch the world die

      78. How come the School Children are not served the same foods served Michael Obama?

      79. if you look closely at the photograph of Michelle Obama, you might notice that THAT IS A TRANSVESTITE MAN IN THE PHOTOGRAPH (yeah, she is actually a HE). his name is Micheal. and Obama is a…. (you fill in the rest…)

      80. Why is that our children are eating less than murderers and rapists in prison? From shows I have seen on tv, they are given three course meals compared to our young adults of tomorrow. Something needs to be done, starting with us everyday people who cook and clean for our selves, and stop looking up to people who are served on silver platters for answers when then they have none, they just pass judgment.

      81. Yeah let’s believe what a bunch of high school students say on social media..they usually tell the straight truth and never are seeking attention.

        They would never eat half their lunch and post some hateful message to be funny. Or skip the fruit, salad and vegetable options to make it appear as if their lunch is awful.

        Grow up

      82. if you roll her face in dough you could make gorilla cookies for desert. Not on her diet plan but still a good photo op!

      83. I can only presume that the culinary regime isn’t being implemented correctly, the food in the photographs can’t possibly be considered healthy or nourishing, especially for growing children..

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