Mexican President to Urge Obama for Medicare Reimbursement in Mexican Hospitals

by | Apr 23, 2010 | Headline News | 17 comments

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    In our latest attempt to form a more perfect (North American) Union, Mexican President Felipe Calderon has an idea that should do wonders for job creation in the United States:

    “Congress is not going to approve Medicare for Mexico until they’re very comfortable that the quality of medical care is there,” said Paul Crist, president of Americans for Medicare in Mexico. As a first step, he urged Mexico’s federal government to carry through with plans to accredit the country’s private hospitals by 2011.

    President Felipe Calderón is expected to urge President Barack Obama to consider the issue of Medicare reimbursement in Mexico when the two meet in Washington next month. But Jeffrey Davidow, president of the Institute of the Americas, was doubtful there will be imminent changes.

    U.S. health care reform is expected to expand the pool of workers with medical insurance, with 100,000 to 300,000 additional enrollees expected in San Diego and Imperial counties by 2014, said Frank Carrillo, chief executive of SIMNSA Health Plan, which sells group insurance plans to U.S. employers whose workers receive medical care in Mexico.

    “The system cannot handle it here, so they need to look at Mexico as a safety net,” Carrillo said, adding that many of the newly insured will be legal immigrants from Mexico who are comfortable with Mexican physicians.

    [source: San Diego Union-Tribune]

    We’re all for allowing Mexico to compete in the free market in similar fashion to Canadians coming to the USA to acquire medical care. If a US citizen, who is covered under Obamacare wants to seek health care in Mexico then they should be able to do so – with their own money. Canadians seeking health care in the US are not covered under CanadaGovCare, and the same should apply for Americans going to Mexico.

    Having the US government reimburse Mexican doctors, hospitals and government is ridiculous. For one, there are no quality controls in the care received as there are here in the US for those covered under GovCare programs. Secondly, there would be no way to prevent fraud in the system through the enforcement of US laws. In addition, thousands of American jobs would be lost in the process, as the US government essentially provides direct stimulus to the Mexican health care industry.

    Ideally, the majority of GovCare programs should be eliminated in the US and the system should be completely privatized, but since that seems unlikely, then let’s at least keep the system within the United States.

    Here’s a counter-proposal for Mr. Calderon:

    How about you reimburse the US Government for the medical care we provide for illegal Mexican immigrants in the United States? American citizens and legal residents would have lower medical costs and insurance bills if we didn’t have to cover the health care and schooling of illegal immigrants, who by the way, pay no income taxes because they work in the shadow employment market.

    According to the US Census Bureau’s official numbers, the US provided Mexico with $88 Million in foreign aid in 2007. We believe this official number to be skewed as the USAID organization makes it difficult to track exactly how much money we send abroad. Nonetheless, $88 Million is a lot of money. If the Mexican government refuses to close their borders, then the US should deduct all GovCare and GovSchooling costs for illegal Mexican immigrants from whatever foreign aid package is to be sent to Mexico for that year.

    Why should American citizens be required to not only send aid to Mexico, but also cover medical, schooling and other GovAssistance costs?

    To President Calderon we say, thanks but no thanks on GovCare reimbursement for Mexican doctors, but since we are on the subject of reimbursement, we’d be more than happy if the people of Mexico paid their fair share for those of their citizens who choose to seek free health care here in the USA on the backs of working Americans.


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      1. Ok, every patriot  (black, white, etc.) needs to read this book. After the first few pages I thought it was going to be white supremacist propaganda, but its not, at least so far, its an honest personal assessment of the possible coming racial civil wars in the United States.  There are valuable warnings for concerned blacks, whites, etc. The only “race” he has some prejudice against are the illegal mexicans.

        So far as I have read (just started last night, serendipitously)  he talks about the harbingers of the wars, the more of them you see, the closer we are getting.

        Page 49 will send chills down your spine  “If a minority and his leftist allies get full political power, you know we are very close…”  This was written in 1996

        Th epremise of this article (or something similar) is eerily predicted in his descriptions of the “signs” of the impending “Re-Conquista” of the southwest. 

        The book is “Civil War II” by Thomas W. Chittum

        Here is his blog:

        Here is the book:

      2. Forgot to add disclaimer:   I am ignoring the fact Chittum  is a “truther” because a lot of the things he “predicted” in the book have come true.   Also, his old thoughts on the “NWO” mirrored mine but have now changed, as have mine somewhat, not that anyone cares.

        My thoughts on the “truther” claims because I do not want to make enemies here; They give too much credit to a bunch  of bumbling buffoons to pull off something like that, if it was anything more than the few terrorists, my opinion is  it would have been a clusterfuck of immense proportions, but I will not say never, they may be proven right one day.  I do agree though that it is very possible those in the know ignored warnings or even let it happen.

      3. Sorry that wasn’t his blog, it was just an article he wrote.

      4. The link is dated allready .He talked about food riots in southern california which hasnt happened .We still have a few years to go .But its true if california goes-so does the rest  !  They still need to weaken the economy and get the unemployment numberes to around 35-45 %   and then pull the plug on the Market which is running on stimulus money right now (soon to run out) and then the gig is up .Expect more stimulus and more bailouts to keep things afloat for a longer because they can do that to adjust in there timeing. they will take all the money they can first and then let it implode !

        Its coming people as sure as my bowl movement happens every morning-Reminds me of Obama swirling around down their !

        I wouldnt want to live in the big cities because food supplies and water will your biggest problem . If not you will  have the option of going to camp fema for your nurishmnet and training if they dont kill you .  Life as we currently know it is going to change  and the only way is to survive it adn the rule of kill or be killed !
        Lock and load people  and stand up to be counted for the time draws near !

      5. Obama will be counting on the huge Mexican vote in 2012 to be re-elected.  

        Of course Obama will cede the western half of the United States to Mexico as a guarantee he gets their support.      

      6. Having had experience with hospitals in Mexico, I would pick medical care there over the USA in almost any case…because the people working there actually care, something conspicuously absent in every hospital I’ve been inside of in the USA.

      7. I agree with the concerns listed.
        Also, there is fraud in the current medicare billing schemes in the US (15% in CA and NY), not to mention the much higher costs that gov’t payouts encourage vs free markets.
        My concern is that if I need an expensive medical procedure, such as a heart bypass, I won’t be able to have it done in Mexico because the cost will be just as high there (paid for by US medicare) and the trip to Singapore or New Delhi is farther and more bothersome.
        After ten years of Obamacare, dying won’t seem like such a bad idea and end-of-life advocates will be out in force encouraging us to “check out”. TV commercials for suicide clinics will probably have Marcus Welby or Katie Couric types asking us “Haven’t you had enough? Do the responsible thing and come down and talk to the friendly folks at your local Sweet Dreams Euthanasia Parlor”.

      8. Good news people.

        Geithner: Bailouts may end up costing less than expected
        The government’s controversial financial bailouts of automakers, major banks and other industries could cost taxpayers $87 billion when all is said and done, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said Friday.
        That’s far less than expected; the price tag for the original bank-bailout legislation alone was $700 billion . However, many banks have since repaid their loans, with interest. The new bailout cost projections, if they bear out, could mitigate the public anger toward Washington that the bailouts generated.
        “The cost of stabilizing the financial system is likely to be significantly lower than previously expected,” Geithner said in a letter Friday to congressional leaders.

      9. more still….

        However, earnings on the Federal Reserve’s creative finance programs not only saved many banks from going under, but they’re also now projected to earn $115 billion more than they cost.
        A year ago, the Obama administration figured the total cost of all the recent bailouts could be more than $500 billion , or 3.5 percent of the gross domestic product.
        “We now expect that the direct costs of all our interventions will cost less than 1 percent of GDP,” Geithner wrote. “This means that the federal deficit and debt will be substantially lower than previously expected.”

      10. Comments…..Some people in Hollywood try to give an idea of post civil war 2, example post man with Kevin Costner , of course the book by David Brin is better than the movie, then you have The Road. Both movies had one thing in common, gangs and marauders ruled, and cannibalism was the main menu.

        Of  course it’s only movies but it gives you a good idea of what’s coming.

      11. Bruno…you guys are putting in overtime at the Ministry of Truth I see,  Do you have some  Ministry of Love guys there with you taking names?

        Sam…I just read further into this book (Civil War II)  last night, I have never read nor seen anything as scary nor eerily prophetic as this book, I couldn’t put it down.  ( I have seen/read most apocalyptic/war books/movies and read a majority of the “collapse” books. )

        I can’t watch Postman anymore, the bad guy is such a SOB he raises my blood pressure, I want to jump thru the screen and strangle him, I hate arrogance like he possesses, just like obummer).  The Road was a great book, it was one of those rare books that painted a visual image of the stories world in your mind with surreal clarity

        Of course not everything will happen in the ways or to the degrees Chittum suggests, he admits that, but for being written in 1996, and he gave a timeline of about 10-30 years for the worst and final phase (all out war )to happen, what we see transpiring now when looked at  from the perspective he puts forth, will scare the shit out of any sound thinking human being. 

        I am already highly prepared for bad times but this book has made me feel partially exposed again.

      12. Comments…..Gotta take the other side on this Mac.
        With medical costs in Mexico about 20-30% of our bloated system, why wouldn’t the medicare system want to accquire services for those elderly that choose to live in Mexico?  Seems to me that if Mexico will take care of our elderly, we should be grateful. 
        Loss of jobs?  Do you really think that our medical system will run out of elderly patients?  Hardly. 
        Mexico close the border?  We can’t seem to get it done so how can we expect them to do it?
        Immigrants pay to taxes?  Mac, surly you know you can’t swipe with that broad brush and be taken serious. 
        Lastly, how about the fact that we trade the old for the young…in the long run, who’s better off?  I think we are.

      13. Look for the food riots to manifest in LA in about 60 days. 524 402 925 TCA.

        Blood on the Border.

      14. Comments Willie W. what is the exact title of this book you’re reading and by whom, I’m going on a long trip and ran out of good books to read.

        Zuk. you seem like a smart well inform fellow but your timing is premature. A lot more economic blood letting still has to take place before we get food riots.

      15. Yes, Sam, I would agree ….  normally.  But what I am saying is that the dynamic is about to fundamentally change. Here is the trigger for people who like puzzels:

        524 402 925 TCA    🙂

      16. Sam

        Civil War II by Thomas Chittum, it is an unforgettable,  prophetically mind blowing  book.  Not many books that I recommend to all but this one is definitely one of those.  See my comments on the Marc Faber civil war article discussions.

      17. Oh, and funny thing, not five minutes after I commented about the evil leader of the post apocalyptic army in “The Postman” I turned on a movie “The Mothman Prophecies” and who was  in it?, that same actor!!  I have never seen him in anything else so I thought it very serendipitous.

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