Methane Driven Sea Floor Collapse? *Video*

by | Aug 3, 2010 | Headline News | 20 comments

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    An astute observer happened to be watching the live video footage of the BP rovers working on the oil leak. Reports says that an alarm went off, which was seen by the observer, at which point he/she hit the record button to capture this amazing video of the sea floor literally expanding from what seems to be a methane gas bubble, and subsequently collapsing down on top of itself.

    We do not have an official story on this as of yet. Perhaps BP was releasing pressure, but it looks as if a high pressure force came flying up through the sea floor, forcing the floor itself to rise and then suddenly collapse.

    UPDATE: Some reports around the web are suggesting that this is movement not of the sea-floor, but the rover/camera itself and is essentially an optical illusion.

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      1. This is about the biggest fake I’ve ever seen. One has to simply realize that the camera is mounted on the ROV and that the ROV can move up and down. If you look at the “hand” of the arm and keep things in perspective you’ll realize that this is nothing.

        Doomtards are just trying to make everyone things there is a problem when, at least in this case, there is not. I’m really sick of the sensationalizing and doom borrowing. Its getting kinda old. Sorry Mac, I have to give this one a thumbs down.

      2. Your opinion is most definitely valued NR. I had to add that update at the end of the post after I did a bit more research and watched the video a few times. I am also leaning towards the camera/rover arm moving and not the sea floor. I figured it’s one that I still had to post, as this one will likely make its way around the web and we might as well have an open discussion about it.

      3. I don’t see eveidence of a bulge and sea floor collapse.  Rather, it appears that the camera moved down, then up and changed its viewing angle.

      4. I have to admit, I was sucked in to, however, by nature, I refuse to accept something at face value. I must have watched the relevant parts 10 times, focusing on different parts and the sea floor rose and fell. The fact is, when the sea floor rises, the ROV is decending and vica-versa. Turn the sound off and turn on your brain. You’ll see it. I find narrators often try to mislead you, as in this case, and they just add sensationalism to this video. This is a teaching moment! Don’t listen to the narrator. He has his mind made up. Use your eyes and tune out Mr. Watchthis and just take it all in. You can tell whats going on. I admit, it looks odd but its because of how the ROV moves.

        Honestly, my son has a $40.00 toy that helped me with this. He’s got this little spy tank with a video monitor on it. You can drive it around using ONLY the video. Frankly, he and I fight over who gets to run it. I pull rank: I buy the batteries. Being the “grown up” has advantages.

        Anyway, when you’re driving it, you have to put yourself like you’re in the drivers seat. Its not real easy. But, when I watched this video I realized that the motion wierdness felt familiar.Then, I rmemebered the spy tank.

        Its not really a bulge and its not really a collapse. Without the narration, it just looks like the ROV is moving.

      5. Just wondering… Why were the pieces of equipment in the foreground not affected by the camera movement? Why the cloud of dust and debris if it was just camera movement?

      6. …red flag anytime a narrator is emphatically “telling” you what your own lying eyes should easily be able to discern by watching the video.  This is clearly ROV movement, not sea floor movement.

      7. @ Will Nitram: If you watch, it appears that when the arm on the left hits the ground, it begins to stir up the sea floor/mud. Almost immediately afterwards, it appear the whole assembly, or possibly the entire ROV tips upwards, then comes back down to the floor after the mud starts to dissipate. That’s my take.

      8. Hmmm, I wonder what happens when the thrusters from a maneuvering ROV stir up bottom silt?  It’s probably nothing at all like the silt stirred up in the video.  Maybe we could post some video of a rocket taking off, from a camera mounted on the rocket looking back at Earth, and declare that the Earth’s orbit is changing?

        When did they teach about perspective in school?  4th grade?  Really.

      9. This video is from ” Prophetic Seer”.   Although,  that mushroom cloud is neat.

      10. Yea, gotta agree.  It’s easier for me to see with the sound off too.  The camera/ROV is moving.  When it settles back down the plume of silt gets stirred up. 

      11. lame

      12. Probably a seismic wave after Michelle Obama’s fat ass hit the D.C. tarmac when the plane arrived from Maine vacation.

      13. This particular one is probably fake, I’d agree with Net Ranger on that one however if you do YouTube it there’s literally dozens if not hundreds of similar videos that look a lot more legit then this one. Some try to stir up their own BS as a ‘look at me and my website/youtube channel/newssight/whatever’ you gotta separate the legitimate ones from the ones trying to get attention, still a good post Mac if you click the threaded YouTube video it brings you to the section with tons more videos like this one listed that look a lot more real

      14. Yeah, I honestly thought it looked like the ROV was moving the first time. I watched it a second time and was satisfied without needing to watch it again.

      15. Haven’t we seen enough lies about this well?
        Matt Simmons is the primary spreader of this horseshit and it appears that he’s just a lonely old man who loves the attention from the media(which includes lots of pretty women)
        I have heard that “the sea floor will collapse and cause a 200 ft tsunami wiping out FL”(my home state)
        I have heard “it will release so much methane that it will kill all life on earth”
        I have heard “it will cause an earthquake to destroy all of TN,SC,LA”

      16. @ Dave – Mr. Simmons is having his 15 minutes, and is enjoying the power trip.  And we witch about our politicians abusing power.  Here’s showing that people without a strong sense of intellectual integrity are vulnerable, and you don’t have to be elected to something for it to affect you.

      17. OK.

        I really loved your site until this horse shit.
        Please get rid of this coffee shop scammer.
        This information severely degrades your site.
        The camera is mounted on the rov.  Further, watch the oil cloud in the background.  That’s your reference point.

      18. I feel like such a fool wacthing what that asshole posted,pure hype and nonsense.
        The ROV changed its elevation whcih mad gullible fools think that the sea floor was rising.
        How can you guys at SHTFPLAN post this shit?
        Your believability ranking just went down 20%(which isn’t easy) in my book for puting up this crap.

      19. Look lets get some things right. All this is about is NWO and its going to happen. Sites like this and I used to go to and read up. But now with all the damn google adds and wanting you to pay for shit its obvious they are just cashing in on your fears. The only thing you should fear is New World Order.

      20.  i dont think this is fake ive watched it af ew times and mesured the hights of what  is in frount it doesnt move that muchits not the camera moving its the sea floor ,look how far it sinks,even when faced with a truth people belive some thing,or something that they dont understand for me its real anyone one work for B.P by the way


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