Merck Asks FDA For Emergency Approval Of New COVID Drug Despite Safety Concerns

by | Oct 11, 2021 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

    Despite warnings from scientists that its new COVID drug could have seriously harmful side effects like causing cancers and birth defects, Merck officially submitted the drug, Molnupiravir, to the FDA for approval. If it’s approved, it would be the first antiviral pill to treat the virus.

    According to the NYT, the drug would revolutionize COVID treatment since it would be able to relatively inexpensively treat many more high-risk patients sick with COVID, especially those that haven’t been vaccinated (the drug was only tested on patients who hadn’t been vaccinated). Still, the drug will be a cash cow for Merck, since Merck is planning to charge customers 40x the cost to make the drug.

    Despite the price, countries are lining up for deals with Merck even before the drug has been approved. Merck has struck deals with the US government, as well as South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and others.

    The $700 course of the pill is meant to be taken at home as four capsules twice a day for five days, constituting a total of 40 pills. Per the trial data released by Merck – which was greeted with fawning from doctors and scientists – it halved hospitalizations and deaths (though the trial was cut short by a supervisory board who claimed the data was so positive it would be unethical to withhold the drug from the placebo group). The approval could come within weeks, per the NYT.

    As many as 10MM Americans would be eligible for the drug if approved, but the supply will likely be slim initially; the US has ordered 1.7MM courses already.

    Fortunately, other companies are nearly ready to release data from their own antiviral pill trials. An antiviral pill being developed by Pfizer and one from Atea Pharmaceuticals teamed up with Roche will report study results in the next months.

    The FDA has many decisions to make beyond just approving the drug, or not. It must decide whether pregnant women – and any other at-risk groups – will be eligible. Initially, Merck is seeking authorization for its pill to be given only to high-risk adults, including people with any of the following characteristics: over 60, have obesity, diabetes or heart disease.


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      1. It wouldn’t surprise me if vaccination cultists were forgotten in the next several news cycles. (Cycles reminds me of the washing machine.)

        And, the discussion segues into carbon cultism.

      2. I understand, correct me if I’m wrong, that this was originally developed for horses to treat some kind of South American horse disease.

        But at least it’s been tested in humans and it’s not Ivermectin which is only intended for horses since you’re not a horse.

        • WRONG AGAIN. Ivermectin was initially approved like in the 90’s for human use. Why don’t you do research before you troll your comments. Then it was considered for use in animals also. DUHHhhhhhh!

      3. It would NOT be the first antiviral drug to treat Covid and that is a LIE. Anything these big pharma drug makers put out is only to kill the population. See, cancer and miscarriage is the result from this drug and who knows what else.

        See the fools line up to get their poison that hasn’t been properly tested.

        Ivermectin clears up most cases in hours if caught early and does not kill the victim. Regeneron, steriod inhalants for COPD, hydroxychloriquin, all work in combination besides vitamins.

        Don’t let the what the MSM says kill you.

      4. What’s in it? You take it.

        • It has what spews out of your mouth. Cheet …

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