Men From “Syria Or Afghanistan” Arrested In German New Year’s Eve Sex Attacks

by | Jan 2, 2018 | Headline News | 28 comments

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge


    German police report 10 arrests have been made for sexual assault
    following New Year’s Eve celebrations

    Over a dozen arrests were made for New Year’s Eve sex attacks in Germany as women were groped in Berlin and Cologne by “predominantly young men from Syria or Afghanistan,” despite “safety areas” set up to curb sexual offenses. Meanwhile, thugs in France torched nearly 1,000 cars and brutally kicked a French policewoman in the head as other thugs filmed the attack and uploaded it to the internet.

    The two officers arrived at the scene of an out of control party in Champigny in the south-east Paris suburb of Champigny-sur-Marne, a 12 minute drive from the “no-go zone” in Noisy-le-Grand.

    After they were attacked, the thugs ran into a nearby housing complex after destroying the patrol car – which was turned upside down. One source told the Daily Mail, “The captain had tried to defend the pair using a tear gas canister, but was badly beaten up,” adding “At one stage he produced his service weapon, but did not get a shot off. The female officer has been written off work for at least a week, while the captain will be off for at least 10 days.”


    Flipped over police car, Champigny-sur-Marne (Daily Mail)


    Thugs assault policewoman, Champigny-sur-Marne (Daily Mail)

    The incident sparked outrage across France – prompting president Emmanuel Macron to decree that the culprits would be brought to justice, stating “Those guilty of the cowardly and criminal lynching of police doing their duty on the night of December 31st will be found and punished,” adding “Force will support the law. Honour to the police and full support to all the agents attacked in such a low level fashion.”

    In Berlin, at least 13 cases of sexual assault were reported on New Year’s Eve despite a widely touted “safety area” set up by the German Red Cross at the Brandenburg Gate – intended to protect women trying to ring in the new year without getting felt up or raped.

    A tweet made by the Berlin police reads (translated): “At events to #Welcome2018 in #Berlin so far unfortunately occasional sexual assaults were reported. We do not tolerate such acts. Suspects were arrested.”

    Thomas Neuendorf, of Berlin police, told Ruptly that the victims were “groped between their legs and on their buttocks,” adding that the perpetrators were “predominantly young men from Syria or Afghanistan.”

    Meanwhile in Cologne, Germany, nine women reported being inappropriately touched during New Year’s Eve celebrations, according to Police – who added that three suspects had been identified and arrested. 


    German police frisk a man in front of the Central Station in Cologne (Image: EPA)

    In Hamburg, “a very small number” of sexual assaults were reported, while Munich police have yet to report in. “Experience shows that such a thing [sexual assault] often emerges only one or two days later,” said a spokesman for the Munich police.

    In 2015, Germany suffered the worst string of New Years Eve attacks in modern history, with over 1,500 criminal cases reported – including one in which “heavily intoxicated” men of “Arab or North African” origin were accused of attacking local women in the Cologne city center.

    Automobiles in France didn’t escape the torch this year either, despite the deployment of 90,000 security forces. 945 cars were set on fire in Paris despite some 99,000 soldiers and police officers patrolling the country after two years of high-profile New Year’s Eve attacks.

    According to the French interior ministry, most of the cars were either “totally destroyed” or “more lightly affected,” a 17% rise over last year’s car torchings according to The TelegraphThe custom is said to have began in Strasbourg, France in the 1990’s, in the city’s high-immigrant districts – which quickly caught on across the country.

    French police arrested 454 people overnight, 301 of which were taken into custody. The French interior ministry had originally released the much lower figure of 650 cars torched, claiming “once again this year, the overall number of vehicles burned demonstrates that, however intolerable, the phenomenon is contained.”

    The far-Right Front National, however, denounced what it called the government’s “extremely hazy security record”.

    “The new interior minister Bruno Le Roux…(initially) didn’t communicate the number of vehicles burned and considers that the number of cars directly set on fire to be ‘contained’ while even this constitutes a significant rise” the FN said in a statement.

    Torched cars, sexual assaults, and thugs beating up the police: just part of life in Europe’s new normal. Just don’t thank Angela Merkel’s “open door” policies for the outcome: you may be branded a extremist who gets their talking points from the KGB, and promptly sequestered.


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      1. Buck up Europe, its only going to get worse. Time to select some new leadership.

        • You don’t see the islamic savages doing that shit here in mass due to there would be a mass of dead muslim trash on the deck afterwards.

          • Message to all liberals: When you are getting raped by the trash you support giving sanctuary to, then just suck it up, lay back, and enjoy it. And don’t ask for help.






      2. Did any one of the perps bear a resemblance to the 42nd president of the United States?

        • All of them.

      3. The time to burn the Tares has come? Cowboy up. Smell the coffee. No friends no your duty. Weather you like it or not?

      4. For all that’s holy France and German (Europe as a [w]hole) – get those Muzzie boys some goats or sheep to ravage. Just wrap the critters up in some black tent canvas with a bit of leg showing and let those ragheads have at them. For the bigger “peaceful” immigrants; maybe, a camel or two as well.

      5. “…occasional sexual assaults were reported. We do not tolerate such acts.”

        The women were jailed for indecent dress no doubt.

      6. J-i-V is right, this is something that will only get worse. No matter how heinous the offenses committed by the immigrants it is considered nothing compared to being insensitive, which to the Europeans is the absolute worst crime. and more than offsets any crime committed by Muslims, requiring all these sex, assault, and murder crimes to be merely minimized or even forgiven. The Europeans, despite their claim of being far more sophisticated than the Americans, only invite even more and more of the same by their acquiescence. The Muslims have stated over and over again loud and clear they are not there to integrate, not there to assimilate, but to take over, and to eventually destroy European race, culture, and religion. Europe is feminized, weak and confused; incapable of any action that can stop the destruction of their societies.
        In almost every European country women are the majority voters, yet they keep voting for and putting into power candidates and parties who support the policy of allowing almost unchecked and unvetted immigration flooding Europe, then complain about the the murders and sex offenses committed by immigrants. And, oddly enough, label the native citizen “racists” for those problems. Previously, before mass immigration, in Norway and Sweden for example, rape was basically non-existent, now rape is occurring on a mass scale, and practically non-prosecuted, the leaders rather lash out at the nonexistent racist and anti-Muslim sentiment.
        Europe is philosophically and morally confused, in the past one hundred years they have fought fratricidal wars, tried nazism, tried socialism and communism, and dictatorships. They have thrown away their religious foundations, and now are discarding their culture. I saw a video of German feminists promoting Sharia, tell me they aren’t confused, or not filled with self hatred. Another video can be seen with a female member of the German parliament stating a desire for the destruction of the German gene pool. A few years ago a movement was initiated to give mammals human rights-again confusion. Since their birth rates are far below replacement, they are gradually dying out while Muslims procreate vast millions of babies every year, at the expense of the European taxpayer. They will get what they deserve. See Stefan Molyneux’ extremely intelligent and compelling YouTube videos about the feminization of societies and cultures, and its consequences.

      7. This is the result of political correctness run amok. The upper management is afraid of their own shadow and fail to support their police officers. The officers hesitate to use lethal force on the goons doing the raping and the result is dead officers. Self preservation is a strong instinct and the result is officers reduce their exposure to danger. You can verify this repeated story in Baltimore, Chicago, etc. The left doesn’t understand CAUSE & EFFECT.

      8. We must learn to tolerat the third world amongst us. Or burn the Tares ? Take your pick?

      9. Aren’t brown people wonderful?

      10. Smell the coffee. And get use to it. The Tares must burn . Like it or not.

      11. Totally horrifying. I can’t imagine how women will fare well in this type of environment.

        I had hoped to see some of Europe in retirement but that dream may be gone. As a single, it would be foolhardy to make a foray into many areas of interest over there. So why go.

      12. I here though so cute and innocent Untill you get a home invasion. Then its extermination time? The time has come?

      13. kinda hard to feel sorry for Germany when they invite them in, give them welfare and protect them above their own citizens. A prominent German politician is now facing criminal charges for the below:

        “What the hell is happening in this country? Why is an official police site tweeting in Arabic? Do you think it is to appease the barbaric, gang-raping hordes of Muslim men?” wrote Beatrix von Storch, the deputy leader of the AfD’s parliamentary group.

        The tweet was later deleted after Twitter froze von Storch’s account and informed her she had violated hate speech rules. Her account was shut down for 12 hours. The Cologne police said on Monday that they had filed a criminal complaint against von Storch for hate speech.

      14. And until someone, many someones there develop the balls to start putting these thugs out of existence, it will continue to get worse. If the locals don’t want a caliphate, they better start rounding up these heathens and send them back the way they came. Yesterday.

      15. They do what they can get away with. I live part of the year in Saudi Arabia and there are a lot more Syrians and Afghans here working than in France. They do not behave like this and they know if they tried,they would end up in a dungeon or worse. When was the last time anyone attacked cops or burned cars in Moscow?? Stupid French public blew their chance for a return to normal society when they failed to elect Marine Le Pen.

      16. Only when they line em up on the edge of a deep pit and press the muzzle up to the base of their head and pull the trigger will it ease up or come to a halt. But it’ll never happen.

      17. They are only doing what they believe, have been taught to do allegedly from The Koran and from stupid Imans, in that non-Muslims are infidels and they are superior and the right to take advantage in any way.
        Case in Point, about 10 years ago, two Muslims in New Jersey murdered an Egyptian Coptic Christian and robbed him and took his car and was driving it. Not sure if he cut his feet and hands off, but when the police arrested them, they actually believed they had done no wrong under sharia law. Did they get a surprise.

        To simplify—heard the term “white Privilege” which does not exists, well new term, Muslim Privilege which seems to exist and is accepted in Europe but not here.

      18. Why don’t the women just shoot the bastards? Oh, that’s right…

        Foolish me. I guess I’ve been in Montana too long.

      19. Whatever is being reported is far less than what actually is happening. The respective governments are doing all they can do to play it down. Muslims look at non-Muslims as “fair game”.

      20. I see females wearing yoga pants at less than 0F. These muzzies might actually prevent vaginal frostbite and hypothermia. The western female deserves eastern males. Match made in hell

      21. They do it because they can mostly get away with it. Most Western women are weak in mind and body and do not know how to defend themselves. That’s why we have all these women coming forward decades later complaining because some guy tried to pick them up in a bar or flashed their dick at work. A strong woman would either tell the guy where to go, or defend themselves against the gropers using Krav Maga.

        We don’t need weaker Mussie men, we need stronger Western women; women who can fight, take down a big black man with a couple well applied blows, know how to use that flat nose and big lips against them, etc.

        We need women with morals who do not go out and get trashed and pour themselves into an Uber driven by a horny Muslim dude.

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