“Medicare For All” Is Nothing More Than A HUGE Handout To Big Pharma & The Cancer Industry

by | Nov 7, 2019 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    Democrats who tout the “Medicare for All” plan are supporting nothing more than a $53 trillion handout to Big Pharma and the cancer industry.  Americans are already sick and unhealthy.  Just wait until healthcare becomes “free.”

    The $52 trillion price tag for Medicare for All is almost double what the current national debt stands at. But Democrats insist it’ll “work” even though it’ll be little more than a handout to two destructive entities. “All 331 million Americans,” Elizabeth Warren contends (this number includes the tens of millions of illegal aliens that now live within our borders, it’s important to note) can be covered under “Warrencare” aka “Medicare for All” for about 65 percent of the entire global gross domestic product (GDP).

    Not only would Warrencare be “free,” but it would also supposedly return $11 trillion back to the American people

    This incredible miracle to be performed by Warren doesn’t stop there, apparently. On her campaign website, Warren further claims that her $52 trillion plan will somehow end up returning about $11 trillion back to the American people in the form of a “tax cut.”

    But as you’re likely already thinking, the numbers simply don’t add up, no matter how you try to contort them. Aside from having the Federal Reserve simply print these trillions of dollars on-demand out of thin air, there’s just no possible way to conjure up $52 trillion to pay for “free” health care, let alone to give $11 trillion back to Americans. -Natural News

    Warren plans to pay for this miracle by increasing taxes “on giant corporations and the richest 1% of Americans,” as well as “by cracking down on tax evasion and fraud.” Warren said: “… if you’re not in the top 1%, Wall Street, or a big corporation – congratulations, you don’t pay a penny more and you’re fully covered by #MedicareForAll,” Warren proudly tweeted about her little scheme.

    According to Fox News, however, Warren’s plan to raise payroll taxes on employers will, in fact, hit the middle class, despite Warren’s claim to the contrary. Increased payroll taxes on employers “can hit workers in the form of reduced wages,” Fox explains. Warren is also planning to increase the capital gains tax, which is already negatively impacting the middle class at its current rates.

    But anyone who knows anything about lobbying knows this is a huge gift to the cancer industry and Big Pharma, whose drug peddling is unmatched by any illegal black market dealer. With an endless supply of government money, the pharmaceutical industry will be able to do anything they’d like and push any drug they choose on the American public with the full backing of the “authorities.” If you think Americans are doped up now, just wait until Medicare for All becomes our nightmarish and reality.


    H/T [Natural News]


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      1. Medicare for all is just white noise to be ignored – it too will go away.

        Pay attention to what the left is trying to do – It is in the process of imploding and bringing down the whole Democratic party.
        Watch for civil disobedience when this is happening. Stay away and let them self destruct!!

      2. Anyone that thinks this is a good idea should go volunteer in a VA hospital to see what government run health care really looks like.

      3. I like this blog. I have no complaints. Orwell.

      4. Yes, it will be a bonanza for the grabbers. It was a medical/Pharmaceutical corporation welfare boost with “Obamacare.” When anything becomes mandatory, the price goes up. This latest scheme is more than mandatory: they don’t even have enough respect to say “you must,” they just do it.

        But, as the infomercials of all types say, “Wait, there’s more.” I have to wonder if people realize this turns over your medical records to the .gov to an even greater extent than they already are. A single payer system will put everything into one repository. Take an anti-depressant? (even temporarily, to counter the side effects of another medication – see/hear the list on any commercial) Well, then, “People on anti-depressants should not have guns.” We’ve heard that before, and for other medical issues regardless of relevance. Eventually, as many have said “Medicare Reform” will lead to death panels, just because of age and expense. Those definitions will tighten so the funding goes down the maw of the bureaucracy.

      5. Medicare for all is a government takeover of the healthcare industry that is right now 20% of the US economy.

        If they do this our republic is dead, and the Marxists know it.

        Keep healthcare privatized and out of the hands of unelected bureaucrats who will tell your doctor what to do, ration healthcare, exploit it to control you, expand the power and wealth of the deep state.

        Social security is the third rail of politics, it’s a cash cow for the deep state bureaucracy, who made it untouchable by politicians. We all know it’s broken but no politician can fix it…… Gee lets do the same with US healthcare, and create a monster that government can’t government just like SS.

      6. The present system is unaffordable and is essentially a giveaway to Insurance middlemen .Big Pharma and hospitals.Single payer is needed to replace this boondoggle

        • I’m sorry, if you think private insurers are gouging you now you ain’t seen nothing until you give healthcare as a monopoly to the federal government.

          Have you not ever read the real history of communism and what really happens in the end. Wow, just pol pot wow.

      7. I won’t sign up for medicare for all. A total non-starter. I’ll do without health coverage altogether and just take my chances.

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