Medical Tyranny: Trump Pivots To Mandatory Vaccinations Under Operation “Warp Speed”

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Headline News | 36 comments

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    President Donald Trump now has a new goal: Operation Warp Speed.  That’s a partnership with “pharmaceutical companies and the military” in a rush to create a coronavirus vaccine that will be mandatory. He’s stepping into Bill Gates’ shoes.

    According to a report by Bloomberg, the Trump administration is organizing a Manhattan Project-style effort to drastically cut the time needed to develop a coronavirus vaccine, with the goal of making enough doses for most Americans by year’s end. Instead of eliminating the police state and tyranny, Trump is doing the opposite.  He’s now sided with Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci making him complicate in the removal of people’s basic human rights.

    Next in Coronavirus Tyranny: Forced Vaccinations and ‘Digital Certificates’

    It’s time to call a spade a spade, and a tyrant a tyrant.  Brian from the YouTube channel High Impact Flix detailed the problems with vaccine and how quickly Trump pivoted to help the biggest and most corrupt pharmaceutical companies in the world.

    I wanna ask you a question. Are you really against vaccines? Are you against government-subsidized, taxpayer-funded, pharmaceutical benefiting, Bill Gates supported, vaccines? Now let me ask you this question: are you for or against Donald Trump? Are you for or against Barack Obama? Do you suffer from cognitive dissonance? Are you trying to hold two mutually exclusive and diametrically opposed ideas or beliefs in your minds at the same time?”

    The mainstream media is now saying this is a good thing, Trump is doing the right thing, and their reporting of it should concern anyone who wants the freedom to decide what goes into their body. At 2:28 in the above video, there is a clip of Trump saying people “have to take the shot” and get the vaccination.

    “Wait ’til you see the name of the operation…I thought ‘no way. No. It can’t be this blatant.’ And if this is true, there’s no way people are still gonna be for Trump after this...Called Operation Warp Speed, the project will join pharmaceutical companies and with government agencies and THE MILITARY...they’re all in bed together, guys!

    We’ve known this! Now, they’re just putting it in our faces! ‘Look, see? Here’s that thing you can do about it! We’re gonna get the vaccine going! You’re gonna have to have vaccine certifications!'”

    Brian doesn’t mince words:

    “Are you really still for Master Trump? You know people were checked out. You guys who are for Trump now, you call people who were for Obama, the signing of the NDAA and the resigning of the Patriot Act under Obama, you said: ‘oh that’s that’s tyranny! This is a tyrant! He’s acting in a despotic manner!’ You were right. But then Trump comes along and does the same thing…just like Obama did. SILENCE!…Cuz everybody that supports Trump that was against Obama…are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites and that’s why our country and our world is goin’ down.

    Because people are not gonna stand fast on, and hold firm to the truth!

    What has the world come to?”

    This news isn’t going to sit well with some, but we have to be steadfast when it comes to our rights and our freedom.  We need to know what these people who declare themselves our rulers are planning to do to us. Trump is pushing the elitists’ agenda for ID2020. Do you still support Trump after this?


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      1. Please review the last time a President tried to vaccinate the entire U. S. Population in a similar sky-is-falling ignorant reaction. After 40,000,000 were vaccinated it had to be stopped because of the deaths and injuries from the vaccinations. 1976.

        • Get the Truth, download the video.

          Watch the Video, cut and paste and remove the space between http

          Go TO: ht tps://

          Watch the Video, going viral. download the video and post this to all your social media.

          ht tps://

          • Share these links with everyone you know

            Oh Boy, A must see video. A+ in reporting – PLAN-DEMIC Corona CARES BAIL OUT BILL first introduced a year earlier in Jan 2019

            Take a look at the video. This was all a set up in advance, to rob the treasury blind.

            ht tp://

            Like how did congress know in advance? This $2 to $6 Trillion dollar CARES (Corona) spending bill was first introduced by US Congress back in January of 2019, and went through a lot of committees. All set to go, a year in advance. We have been robbed by our Government Officials. Enjoying your staycation and the $1200 pittance. Many walked away with billions in this fleecing robbery.

            Kind of like how the DHS was created before 911. And immediately after 911 the DHS bill was passed. 911 was a false flag set up also.

            Take a look at the video. This was all a set up in advance, to rob the treasury blind.

            ht tp://

            While their one hand is waving “Stay at Home, social distancing and face masks to us”, The Treasury was looted.

            Its all a set up. Anybody listening?

      2. Medically, Just refuse to consent. Legally they cannot force you. Give them lead poison if they try.

      3. I cannot find anything in any video of Trump saying vaccines will be forced on people.

        Is there one somewhere?

        I see him ignoring the 12 to 18 month development and test times and pushing for a couple of months. But that’s hardly the same thing.


      4. This news isn’t going to sit well with some? That’s an understatement. I’m not a lab rat, you arrogant assholes, no one is sticking me with a syringe full of poison against my will !!!

        • Then you better keep your gun in a holster on your hip and know how to shoot better than the cops, otherwise you’ll either be kidnapped (by professional slavers, AKA “law enforcement”) and FORCE VACCINATED during inprocessing into jail/ prison, or they will just murder you in your own home with tactics and wetwork tools.

          Police are ORCS. They serve their ONE EYE masters.

      5. Hell, no. A vaccine forces someone to get a virus, and Gates messenger RNA vaccine will force the body to attack itself if the individual contracts the virus.

        What matters is the truth. The truth is that there was no reason for the corporations, media, WHO, medical mafia, digital mafia, unions, and government to over-react the way that they did to COVID19 which was obviously being used as I have pointed out numerous times as a fall guy, as excuse for bail-outs, hand-outs, and power grabs, including more loss of liberty!

        Why have a bio-weapon less lethal than it looks on paper? To terrorize! Why did the same old psychopaths deliberately implode the World Trade Towers, and have hollogram images of planes over missiles, but have the overwhelming majority of people that worked there absent from work that day? Optics! This is in absolutely no way to undermine the extremely severe crime of over 3,000 Americans whose lives were sacrificed by the evil psychopaths, in addition to all who died in the seven ensuing wars as a result of the 9/11 hoax, or the ensuing loss of liberty! 

        Those who are not blaming the the union chumps enlisted by the elite, in addition to the media, as well as the elites themselves have seriously supported the forces of evil and the forces of deception!

        People would be more likely to die in a car accident on their way to work, than by dying of contracting the coronavirus from working at their jobs! That is the math! The overwhelming majority of deaths have occured in the elderly in their eighties with at least 2 or 3 other pre-existing respiratory conditions! The other deaths have supposedly occured in the obese, who have a higher likelihood of dying from a heart attack or diabetes! That is the math!

        Now is the time to place the blame where it belongs! To sit silently and not be placing blame and demanding accountability is to accept terrorism, corruption, financial fraud, and the deliberate killing and slaughter of millions of people that will result if these psychopaths are not totally removed from society for the extreme terrorism and treason that they have colluded to engage in!

        This was orchestrated by economic hitmen! AKA digital mafia , banksters, enlisting the other groups mentioned to collude in treason with them, which is unforgivable! They did it on 9/11, and they did it with COVID19!

        Let the trials begin!

      6. Do you recall Nancy Pelosi saying after the 9/11 attacks that they feared that there was going to be a biological weapons attack next? Who might have given her that idea? Rockefeller?

      7. John Kiriakou, Brian Becker, Nicole Rousell, and Kevin Camp were talking about nuclear plant workers contracting the coronavirus and being vulnerable to contracting the coronavirus, which seems extremely weird, since their most serious health threat is that they are working for nuclear plants and exposed to deadly levels of radiation! Of course, I don’t want the workers to get sick, which is why I believe that robots should do their jobs in the first place!

      8. John Kiriakou, Brian Becker, Nicole Rousell, and Kevin Camp were talking about nuclear plant workers contracting the coronavirus and being vulnerable to contracting the coronavirus, which seems extremely weird, since their most serious health threat is that they are working for nuclear plants and exposed to deadly levels of radiation! Of course, I don’t want the workers to get sick, which is why I believe that robots should do their jobs in the first place! 

        If a robot can do a job that would be a serious health risk to a person, then I am in favor of it, but not for things that are traditionally considered low risk, but not for war, because it will definitely be abused by evil psychopaths! We keep going to war against people that have never attacked us and if robots would be used for war, there will be even more war.

      9. Uhhhhh, Orange man bad!

      10. You do NOT have to get the shot.


      11. Intelligence spreads disinfo. Defense radicalizes non-combatants. Patriots would have supported free agency, unlike the legislation passed in their name. There is an old joke that depts literally do the opposite of whatever they are named, speaking of warp speed.

        I have studiously lived within my means, but you can keep the relief crumbs coming, for many months to come.

        I hope that the Southern Baptist eschatology is correct, and we are long gone before the restrainer is loosened.

      12. Several secret shoppers respond to my online ads, to find me following every rule, to the iota.

        I look at their online profile. They are indiscreet.

        The last one pertains to COVID testing and (unmarriageable) womyn in science.

        Xer specialty pertains to the same exact descriptions given by “Health Ranger” and”RichieFromBoston”. (Don’t blame them for my bad manners. Just saying.)

        • (continues…)

          Within the first 10 days, fake, not-very-essential makewokers drove like Dukes of Hazzard to block off parkinglots, with their white work trucks, as I nonchalantly walked by office buildings. Good job, heroic, adrenalized doorstops.

          Within 2 weeks they just locked the gate. (Does it get a salary, too?)

          Newish SUV’s with paper license plates were parked at every intersection facing the main drag.

          At this point, they are profiling.

          The rules for the time being are easy to accommodate. But, I will not be injected with mystery substances, or receive a certificate or mark, or worship an image, or report on any likeminded.

      13. After 3.5 years, Sessions and Barr. Not a single inditement or trial of the seditious traitors running the last 3 administrations. Trump reauthorizes all the unconstitutional acts. Has a CFR member redo NAFTA and makes it worse. Stuffs his administration with CFR members with global government their prime directive. The border could be closed overnight with deployment of the Army but no just BS about a few miles of wall. No real slowdown in immigration as the country is flooded with non congruent people. Proxy wars for the jews continue, bankrupting us. The jews now want triple aid this year! They should ask the USS Liberty survivors. Really all the most destructive policies have been extended and now we are going to have forced vaccinations? How about Armed insurrection instead!

      14. I too have supported Trump since day one and even when he spoke out in support of 5G. But what has happened since the beginning of the year is just unforgivable. We all know how corrupt the NIH and Fauci is and so does Trump. In 2015 Trump was on the Michael Savage show and he and Savage talked about the corrupt NIH. Trump knows Birx, Redfield, Collins, Fauci, Gates, Tedros are all dirty. So it is time for us to face reality. We were played yet again. I have started researching the Independent candidates and it will be one of them I vote for. Really what difference does it make if we have an R or a D in the White House at this point. The fact that he has done nothing to drain the swamp is another reason not to have faith in this man. Traitors Hillary and Obama and their minions should be in prison but he has made absolutely no moves to make them accountable for their crimes. Then there is Comey and his crew. Nope this was the last straw for me.

      15. This article has me completely furious. If President Trump has sold us out to the big Pharma and the Gates and Fauci group I will sit out this election and I will do everything I can to let others know what is going on. This is such a horrible betrayal of our trust and faith in our president. I for one do not want to have any vaccines in my body and I believe I have a right to choose what I want or don’t want inserted in me. Where do my rights as a human being enter into this situation? This is not the America I grew up in for the past countless decades. We are on a scary downward slope.
        Thank you for letting me have my say.

        • I agree. I’m totally furious with Trump. He campaigned on setting up a commission on vaccine safety and now he’s going to force these experimental poisons on the entire population!?!?! I’m completely DONE with Trump. And, in the video below, RFK Jr. explains what happened with the vaccine safety commission. RFK Jr. met with Trump over Christmas when he was President-elect. Trump had RFK Jr. announce the commission. There was major blowback, and then Pfizer made a $1million donation to Trump’s inauguration party. Trump then appointed Pfizer lobbyist Alex Azar to HHS, and Pfizer lobbyist Gottleib to FDA, and once those two guys got in there, that ended talks about the vaccine safety commission. Listen at 1:48:00

          And in this next one at eginning at 01:19:22 in Part 2, Bobby Kennedy Jr. concludes his closing remarks with this:
          “Every part of our lives will be subject to control. This virus is about training us for submission, training us to do what we’re told. To not go to the beach unless we’re told, to not kiss our girlfriend without their permission. They’re turning us into production units and consuming entities. They are going to rob us not only of our democracy and our liberties, but our souls. They are going to inject us with the medicines they want and they’re going to charge us for the diseases they give us. They are going to control every part of our lives. What we are doing at Children’s Health Defense is using the last instruments of democracy we have left – the Courts – to fight them.”

          “We are in the last battle. We are in the apocalypse. We are fighting for the salvation of humanity. We all knew this was coming, though I never believed it would come in my lifetime. But here it is.”

          I’d highly recommend listening to that last one with RFK Jr. –he knows all about the dangers of these vaccines, and he’s aware of the agenda with the microchipping, Agenda ID2020, and cryptocurrency.

      16. What other alternative is there than Trump? Would a Democrat stand against mandatory vaccination? Would Biden or his soon to be drafted replacement do any better? The questions are rhetorical. I will not submit to forced vaccination, no matter who is “elected.”

        • The alternative is don’t vote! I don’t know why so many people can’t see that our vote hasn’t mattered for a very long time. Politicians are selected not elected, they just give us the illusion of having a choice. We must stop participating in their charade, they’ve made a mockery of what was once a great nation… now America is nothing more than a country of tax cattle (us), parasites, corrupt corporations, Zionist politicians, and a group of psycho elites with a NWO/depopulation agenda. If there is ANY hope for us in the future, we must stop playing their game immediately. Civil disobedience is a must, we have to make it clear that we DO NOT CONSENT!

      17. This is actually an easy answer that doesn’t change a thing.

        No, I am NOT for forced inoculations. But if EVERY CANDIDATE is on the same page with this, then when it comes to decision time it’s a wash. It IS medical tyranny. I DON’T support it. But it is also NOT a voting issue if EVERYONE on the ballot holds the same position on it. You don’t have an alternative. You CAN’T pick someone who stands against it. So you HAVE to make your choice based on other factors, and where the candidates DO differ. This is simple logic and is far from being a hypocrite. If you choose to vote, and you choose to do so in a manner that ACTUALLY has a potential impact on the election outcomes in your favor (which, right now, means voting for one of two parties) then you must make your decision based upon the cumulative oversteps and freedom encroachments by the people put forth by those parties. And right now, for better or worse, that means voting Trump even if I am vehemently against medical tyranny. Yes, he is doing a lot wrong, but it’s simple math. The democrats want to do a lot more wrong than he does. My vote goes to the person where fewer freedoms are impacted. It’s not hypocritical. It’s self preservation. Slow the descent into tyranny to buy time to turn this boat around. Because if the dems get in charge, they’ll push us overnight into a socialist hellhole and we’ll be at war in the streets. That’s NOT good.

        There’s nothing hypocritical about choosing the candidate that keeps you out of a shooting war on your own street, and gives you the best shot at some semblance of freedom for the longest period of time.

        Many people will fight if they have to. But war is not nice. Let’s not accelerate our descent into civil war.

      18. frightening. no way will i ever get a vaccine. never had a flu shot and i am 70 years old. i lived thru the hong kong flu that killed between one and four million people. this virus has been over rated and none of us know the truth about it. only that our freedoms are being taken away one day at a time and the drama continues. as far as face mask are concerned no one should have to wear them unless they feel the need. they only make you touch your face more than one should. bill gates is not our friend only in it for his personal gain to add to his wealth. so sad that trump if this is really true cannot see what is about to happen if he continues this path.

      19. You fucking morons this is from April 2019 regarding the measles.

        • FTA: “There are at least 70 different coronavirus vaccines in development by drugmakers and research groups, according to the World Health Organization. But drugmakers have not coordinated their efforts to the extent they could through the Warp Speed project, one of the people said.”

          Who’s the fucking moron?

      20. Fake Fucking News. You guys are as bad as CNN. Medical Tyranny: Trump Pivots To Mandatory Vaccinations Under Operation “Warp Speed” Mac Slavo. That article is from April 2019 regarding the Measles. Stop lying and misleading people you fucking scumbags.

        • You are correct. I have the video from May 19th in which Trump specifically says “The Coronavirus vaccine will be voluntary.” This article is outdated and he was saying that about the measles shot.


      22. It could just possibly be part of the stick up, demanding money for something that they have no intention of using, which WHO and the medical mafia has a history of doing. They had developed vaccines that the government purchased and did not use in the past. Since they can’t claim that they need to use money to fight terrorists in the Middle East any longer with any degree of credibility or support, this is the gimick being used as a money laundering front diverting trillions of dollars from the Pentagon to Wall Street as they had done with the seven wars since 9/11. 

        It is why the stock market must be shut down and outlawed in addition to cryptocurrencies which has evolved into nothing more than a low operating expense cassino and pyramid 
        scheme as a result of total deregulation and total 
        unaccountability bssically since 1992 and getting progressively worse each year, which nobody can deny any longer. These people not only working for Wall Street, but investors have become totally corrupt to the point of being willing to destroy the economy and country. I do not believe anyone who claims that investing in the stock market is a sound investment. It is a gigantic gamble and people should not be rewarded financially for losing money in it by honest tax payers that saw the writing on the wall and did not collude in the daisy chain, or pyramid scheme, or money laundering scheme, or what ever you want to call it, but it certainly cannot be called investing, particularly since companies like Snap Chat do not sell users data, do not charge users, do not advertise to users, so logically, their stock should not have a price higher than zero, and it really does not even meet any criteria to be listed as a publicly traded company, which is why blue sky laws were created, but Bill Clinton abolished them for tech start-ups and the God damn fucking psychopaths thought that it was more important to enrich themselves, than to protect civil liberties, the economy, and the country. 

        America is fucked up because too many greedy fucking pigs are willing to profiteer over the loss of civil liberties, the loss of justice, the loss of accountability, the loss of a functional economy, and the loss of a functional country. 

        This country is a hopless fucking pig-sty of moral and intellectual depravity!  

      23. Ditto the 5/1/2020 Anonymous. I look forward to looking more into how true this is & bringing it into the open. I know no one or organization that supports forced vaccinations.

      24. Later Trump came out and clarified , the vaccine is VOLUNTARY. very deceiptful article. Nope I will refuse it, there is too much doubt. Trump is our last peaceful hope and he has proven himself an ANTI GLOBALIST at each turn. Im with him 100% God Bless him

      25. Requesting information on whom can furnish compliance documents and will be willing to throw vaccine away. Or how to do that DIY. The immediate reaction to mandatory vaccinations will be black market compliance documents.

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