Medical Centers Furlough Workers Amid “Pandemic”

by | Apr 21, 2020 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    If this was really the health crisis the mainstream media and governments want us to believe, we wouldn’t be witnessing layoffs and furloughs of healthcare workers.  Yet, we are being lied to and the authoritarians expect you to comply with their demands and stop providing a living for yourself.

    The entire system of lies the government is built on is crashing around the tyrants who issued “stay at home” orders and locked down entire populations of people. In fact, it is becoming so obvious that this is not about social distancing, but about control, that Detroit Medical Center has furloughed 500 workers during a “pandemic.”

    Chief Medical Executive officer Audrey Gregory said the move is being done to obey the commands of tyrants. Because of the stay-at-home orders and government restrictions on elective procedures, some hospital units will be temporarily closed or dramatically ramped down.  According to Fox 2 Detroit, the furlough is indefinite.

    “These actions do not impact direct bedside nursing care for COVID-19 and do not impact emergency or medically necessary care access for patients with other medical conditions. We remain appropriately staffed to provide our full support to treat patients in greater Detroit.”

    If we expect to beat this economic crash, we need to make sure we disobey and stop following the commands of government even to our detriment. We still have free will and it’s our choice what we comply with. The elitists will panic if people begin to revolt in masse by reopening the economy on their own.  For once, we will be in control and panicking them instead of the other way around.

    Michigan protests have erupted in the face of tyranny, such as shutting down entire segments of the economy.  Tyrannical Governor Gretchen Whitmer is not “backing down,” according to The New York Times. We need to remove her power ourselves by voluntarily going about her business in defiance of her orders.  Whitmer has power as long as people continue to follow her orders.  Once we rise up, disobey, and participate in civil disobedience, she won’t have the power to command people.

    They Don’t Want You To Know The Truth! It’s Time To End The Tyrannical Lockdown Ourselves

    We can end this lockdown ourselves. It’s time the government knowns they don’t own us. We own ourselves and we are no longer accepting their tyranny.


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      1. Owning ourselves is not enough! We also own our property as well as our civil liberties which they are also trying to steal from us, in addition to the ability to earn a livlihood!

        Until the psychopaths that have destroyed justice, liberty, the economy, and our civil liberties are behind bars or dead, it is unsafe for me to participate in this society. There are way too many psychopaths that are extreme predators in this society that are a threat to human life!

        If the choice is stravation, or joining the cannibals, which is the way that it now is in my world, I will choose starvation when I can no longer eat over joining the cannibals!

      2. The reason staff at hospitals are getting laid off is pretty simple. No one’s going to the hospital, unless they’re in really dire condition, because they fear catching Kung Flu and the touted hospitalization numbers for people with Kung Flu failed to materialize due to the quarantine. Hospitals have been and continue to be reservoirs of infection, be it Kung Flu or staphylococcus.

        • No, the real reason hospitals are furloughing staff is because they’re not generating money. No elective procedures and programs means no income coming in. Hospitals need to pay for staff just like any other business. With almost half of the patient population being uninsured that also means no revenue brought in. Do you think supplies, meals, tests, and procedures are free? Naturally hospitals have had to furlough people and close units that are not generating income for them. A unit designed for post total joint replacement cannot stay open when there are no elective procedures going on, this the staff of such said unit cannot sit there and continue to be paid if there are no patients in it. I know because I work in a hospital, trust me it’s not us dictating these policies it’s coming from the state governments who are following along with federal governments guidelines. Please don’t expound on something you have no idea about.

      3. In Washington state they have begun voluntary furlough programs with talks of layoffs that will affect emergency rooms and floor staff(as I am an ER nurse). They demanded loyalty as we worked without proper PPE during the crisis with no thoughts of our families and loved ones then discarde us as is convenient for them. My facility approved $500,000 a month on an outside security firm too screen visitors. Realise this as you walk in that this is your essential employee as your nurses are missing or absent to advocate for you.

      4. Son working at THE Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN) was notified today that 40% of his particular group would be furloughed for an indefinite period. Without elective procedures, rehab work, etc., there isn’t enough work to keep everyone employed. The money the Mayo is expected to lose this year is huge.

      5. Easier said than done, all the way around.

        If people start opening up where I live, I will gladly give them my patronage.

        I am planning to spend time with my family in another state, knowing it will be difficult to travel and I will be forced to “comply” with many things that are unconstitutional and screw with my civil rights.

        I will look them in the eye and say they are enforcing tyranny. Most won’t care but still good to let them know you are doing these things under protest.

        The only hell a believer will know is here on this earth.
        The only heaven a non-believer will know is here on this earth.

        We are on this earth for but a short time . . .

      6. Apparently the author doesn’t understand that an ICU nurse is trained to do a different job than a regular floor nurse that aids in elective surgical procedures and everyday patient care not related to critical care. It doesn’t mean the pandemic is a hoax. It means that un-needed labor gets laid off…same as in every industry.

        It’s like a blogger trying to do the job of a bricklayer.

        Why do you need everyone else to join you in rising up to defy the government shutdown? It’s not enforceable for the most part anyway…at least not here. Go ahead and have at it if you want. I doubt you’ll have much business anyway. Maybe you won’t get covid if you’re lucky.

      7. RN’s & other staff are furloughed because hospitals have closed down the departments that perform elective procedures.
        Believe it or not, RN’s & other staff, tend to be highly specialized, & an RN working in OB/GYN, will make a lousy nurse working on a neurosurgical unit.

        Hospitals are no longer doing day surgeries, endoscopies, colonoscopies, diabetic foot care, wound care, physical, speech & occupational therapy, & psychological/addiction counseling.
        Hence the layoffs.

      8. Corona Virus is a false flag used in instilling fear and cover-up of the World Corporate Government Bankruptcy and the impending Global Currency Reset. The Governments of the Breton Woods’ member countries are illegitimate corporations. (KH)
        Karen Hudes: Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF announced a transition to asset-backed currencies.

        Statement of Karen Hudes for the Development Committee on Behalf of the United States. 4/17/20

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