Media Starts Blaming Humans For Bird Flu Transmission

by | Jun 23, 2024 | Headline News | 0 comments

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    People and the vehicles they operate are the “likely” cause of Michigan’s bird flu transmission. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, bird flu has impacted 25 dairy herds and nearly seven million birds in the state since January.

    “We don’t know how more widespread it is,” said Arnold Monto, emeritus professor of epidemiology and global public health at the University of Michigan and co-director of the Michigan Center for Respiratory Virus Research and Response. But then, Monto revealed what we all know: PCR tests are being used to jack up the number of cases, just like they did with COVID, to illicit a panic in the masses.

    “I think one of the reasons why we think we have so much in Michigan is that we’re testing more than most other states.”

    Email Proof The PCR Tests Have Always Been A Scam

    Accuracy in testing doesn’t promote the narrative that will be shoved down the slave class’s throats. And, to add to ever-increasing fear-mongering over the bird flu, officials have started to warn that the virus is likely spreading through a variety of pathways, including people and vehicles, according to a report by WDET, a Detroit Public Radio affiliate (which is state-controlled and funded propaganda for the ruling class).

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports at least 45 people have been tested for bird flu, and 550 people have been surveyed for symptoms across the United States. “Based on the epidemiological findings, the majority of links between affected dairy premises, and between dairy and poultry premises, are indirect from shared people, vehicles, and equipment,” stated the USDA report.

    The report also found most affected dairy sites use shared vehicles to transport livestock without cleaning before use and that many dairy farms have frequent visitors that could also contribute to transmission spread. “They think the transmission may be handling or equipment going from udder-to-udder and not the way flu is traditionally transmitted through respiratory,” said Monto. “But we are not sure because there are some cattle that have had respiratory symptoms.”

    Rulers “Warn” Bird Flu Pandemic Risk Is “High”

    The risk to humans is now rising, as the media ramps up the fear campaign.


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