Media Ratings Fall: MSM Blames Trump For Hate Against Trump No Longer Selling

by | Jun 26, 2019 | Headline News | 17 comments

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    The mainstream media’s ratings have fallen and instead of learning their lessons, they have decided to blame president Donald Trump.  Because the “orange man bad” rhetoric is not as profitable as it has been, they’ve doubled down by making it Trump’s fault.

    The term Trump bump has been used since the 2016 election to describe the rise in subscriptions and ratings for media outlets that have made it their mission to obsess about the White House’s current resident, generating an ever-escalating spiral of outrage, clicks, and revenue, according to a report by RTThis is obviously the news the mainstream media is desperately trying to cover up, along with the Russiagate hoax.

    At some point in the past year, the “hate Trump” rhetoric has begun to fail after the media continued to beat a dead horse and now, several news executives are now talking about a Trump slump,” according to Axios. Digital demand for Trump-related content (number of article views compared to the number of articles written) has dropped 29% between the first 6 months of the Trump presidency and the most recent 6 months, according to data from traffic analytics company

    Evidence that Trump’s social media star power was also beginning to wear off surfaced last month when Axios reported that the president’s tweets were receiving less than half the engagement that they got when he first took office. Propaganda is losing its pull.

    The New York Times, for example, has boasted that their subscriptions soared after Trump criticized them as fake news. Yet their chief operating officer Meredith Kopit Levien admitted to Axios in March that this boom was pretty much over by mid-2018. But according to RT, Axios claims this is actually Trump’s fault: The shock factor of his presidency has worn off, so the surprise announcements and staff departures aren’t as attention-grabbing as they once were. The president’s tweets are getting “less than half the engagement now than when he first took office, they note.

    But interest in politics is down across the board and perhaps that has something to do with censorship.  There are few dissenting anymore and it appears people have tired of hearing how awful Trump is from mainstream media sources. The Trump bump that supported the news industry through difficult economic times is not sustainable, and media companies that were once reliant on politics coverage to get through tough times are going to have to pivot, the Beltway-insider publication warns.

    Rather than showing some awareness of this, cable news channels like CNN and MSNBC continue with their same old Trump coverage, while online news outlets that turned into woke clickbait mills.Instead of improving their services and media coverage to a more unbiased stance, they prefer to clamor for different opinions to be deplatformed and censored rather than make the effort to report on the facts without the emotional propaganda.


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      1. Smug b@stards have learned nothing from 2016. Hoping for another YouTube cry fest when Pocahontas, Spartacus, or Sniffy Joe lose to Orange Man Bad in 2020 ???

        • Grunty, the dems are a real circus for now.

        • Ill bet DJT wins,
          I also bet he is still the POTUS in 2026 when the violence from 2020 dies down.
          Those pesky continuity of government laws etc,,,,,
          The libs will freak if it even looks like he is going to win.
          For myself, i dont really care for DJT, but he IS the biggest middle finger possible to the globalist, the libtards, and to the corrupt appointed establishment alphabit agencies!
          Go Trump in 2020!

      2. Since when did the MSM ever have any credibility? Last time I checked they never had it. And the CIA has always been part of the MSM. As the late CIA Director William Casey once said, “We will know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the public believes is proven to be a lie.” Part of the quote may not be exact words but it’s close enough.

      3. Being popular doesn’t make something right or wrong.

        But, they deliberately side against anything popular or customary, no matter what. Green lawns, single family homes, cows, American food, machismo, the car and airplane.

        Like AJ or not, Barabbas was an apt analogy.

        I think, conservative fascists could be burning books and could be shutting down businesses, but wherever you see vandalism for the sake of vandalism, how typically is it conservative? It’s low grade, domestic terrorism, intended as an act of war against the normals and wholesome — not an academical difference of opinion.

        • Clown, it’s typically leftists, minorities, immigrants, etc. who do things like vandalism or burning books. Conservatives don’t do such things.

          • Yup,,,
            Conservatives are generally just that, conservative, so you wont generally see them yelling and screaming and being a basic pain in the ass.
            Libtards on the other hand, ive had some come completely unhinged over DJT, guns, environment,,,,,
            I hate em

            • Nail, thanks for the backup. Clown sounds like he/she may be a libturd. At least his/her moniker sounds right.

              • TDR;

                Does CW remind you of anyone?
                Remember Beaumont 2.0?
                Not saying they’re the same person, but it’s uncanny how similar they post.

                • Anonymous, you may be right. No difference in how they post.

      4. This is a two edged sword sort of comment.
        If you do not acknowledge the existence of something,
        it doesn’t exist. I don’t do MSM, they don’t exist to me.
        On the other hand If you don’t communicate, you can
        never find a common ground, if one even exists.
        All you have left as options, is the last man standing.
        That is what I prepare for.

        • Yep,,,
          Last man standing,
          You can bet it will be tested come november of next year,
          If DJT wins, it will be bedlam
          If some idiot dem wins, the country will further go to shit.
          I will be surprised if we get past Nov 2020 without some sort of major blowup. I do not for the life of me see how the libtards can possibly keep bullshitting people about the border. Some die hard sheep libtards sure, but i have a hard time believing that the bulk of the American people are on board with the crap going on at the border.
          Vote em out, all of congress, vote em all out!

      5. It isn’t the President who runs the show, it’s the President’s advisors.

        Not Roosevelt, it was Morgenthau. Never heard of Morgenthau? Research “The Morgenthau plan”.


      6. Conservatives wave the flas;libtards burn them!

      7. It’s flag not flas! Sorry

      8. Most thinking folks Know what the MSM is – an arm of the DNC and the one world globalist.
        They are truly the enemy of the people along with Social Media and Hollywood.

        I say a prayer every night that the go out of business.
        They are lying low life scum

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