McGrath: “The Control Grid is Being Put Into Place to Handle What They Know Is Coming.”

by | Apr 6, 2012 | Charlie McGrath, Headline News | 312 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News offers an insightful and succint breakdown of what’s really going on behind the scenes of government and finance, and says that the people have had enough. The push-back has been growing for quite some time, starting first with Tea Party protests in 2009 and then with widespread Occupy protests in 2011.

    With the system already in the midst of collapse and slowly destabilizing, many have not yet realized what’s happening.

    Excerpted from Charlie McGrath (video follows excerpt):

    You’re going to see what’s happening in the rest of the world come to this country. It Is Inevitable. It Is Going To Happen.

    Do you think for one second Department of Homeland Security is ordering 450 [million] man shredder rounds so that they can sit back and plink at gofers on the weekend? Absolutely not.

    Do you think this one internet bill after another, this trying to clamp down on the sharing and free ideas on the internet because it’s not good for people? No. The control grid is being put into place to handle what they know is coming. They already know this is coming. A kinder gentler government is on its way out the door. Par tyranny is what’s on the menu.

    Two days ago we have an elderly pharmacist go before parliament [in Greece], put a gun to his head, and blow his head off. In his suicide note he writes “I would rather die than rummage through the garbage. This is sparking a new onslaught of riots inside of Greece.

    But it’s not going to stop with Greece. Just like the Greek debt deal did not fix the problem.

    The problem is people are being abused and thrown away like trash; they’re being treated like serfs. At some point they’re going to push back.

    So, isn’t it fortunate that we have all these pieces of legislation waiting in the wings? Isn’t it fortunate for the government that we have the security industrial complex squarely aiming 450 million forty caliber human shredder rounds at the people that might want to push back.

    An unbiased look at the evidence suggests that the financial, economic and political systems of the world are in the process of destabilizing, and the only thing world leaders have been able to do is extend the deadline for the inevitable breaking point.

    Despite throwing trillions of dollars and tens of thousands of pages of government regulations at the problem, nothing has been resolved.

    In fact, the American economy, our quality of life, our government’s respect for the rule of law, and our liberty as outlined by our founding documents are worse off today than at any time in our nation’s history. We are, by all accounts, in the midst of a massive paradigm shift that promises to fundamentally alter the American way of life – and not for the better.

    While the majority of Americans are oblivious to the warning signs around them, recent actions taken by our government and the governments of other industrialized nations suggest The Powers That Be know very well where we’re head. They are and have been taking steps for quite some time to prepare for what is coming next.

    When it hits the fan, and things go critical, the recent actions of our government demonstrate that it is only capable of responding in one way – through brute force and tyranny.

    Everything they have done in recent years with respect to liberty-restricting legislation, the militarization of our police forces and the expansion of the security industrial complex has been to prepare for the inevitable.

    They already know it’s coming. They’re getting ready for it. You might want to consider doing the same.

    Visit Wide Awake News for your daily dose of alternative media and tune in to Charlie’s daily Wide Awake Radio Show (7pm – 9pm CST) on the Rense Radio Network. If you liked the video above, follow Charlie McGrath’s Youtube channel for regular video news updates.


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      1. First again!!!!

        • Kevin it was so pleasant not seeing your first posts. I even spent some money at Readymaderesourse because I though the site started keeping you and others on topic. I was wrong. Hope I can Cancel My order. I will get my equipment somewhere else.
          Mac Please start a Forum for this Idiot.

          • And For ME. So we can keep these threads on topic. And keep the fun and banter away from the open fourms.

            • Oh come on…. Every party has a pooper and that’s you!

              Not everything has to be serious all the time.

              Here watch this and chill….


            • FB Page, you are a ray of sunshine, but Kevin’s been here a lot longer than you.

              When you write a two post rant about it, you simply increase the number of off-topic posts that you so abhor.

              Deal with it or take your cranky butt and GO AWAY. It’ll be no great loss because I’ve never seen you make an actual positive contribution to the conversation.

            • Acting different when I am not agreeing with you. One day you praise the nexts you mock.

            • All you haters here stop picking on leave my baby cakes @FACEBOOK PAGE alone!!! He’s twice the Women more than any of you hetero scumbags will every be!!! Don’t you worry @Facebook Page babycums… loverboy… your sweet lover boy is here too protect you My King Leonidas strong Studmuffin @facebook page from the obviously butch Brutes here! Muuuaaaah!


            • Humorless douchebag! Lighten up. If I can find “your” forum, I will make silly posts as often as possible until you have your anyurism.

            • Oh come on, I’ve only been first once.

              FB Page, what say we open this up to include not only first, but also second and third? Do ya think! Maybe even fourth and fifth!

              What’s a prepper to do for fun?

            • FBP- fun and banter plays
              a big part in the uniqueness
              of SHTFplan.
              I suggest you go through
              the archives and maybe then
              you’ll get a ‘feel’ for this
              forum. 🙂

            • As a moderator on another wesite, I believe Kevin’s first post is small potatoes by comparison and certainly not worth getting all bound up over. A bit of levity in this case is harmless.


            • any comments about the article? Damm

            • Southern Boy Yu are point on

            • Facebook Lover since the “TPTB” Let me out you are the type I look For Be Careful

            • Fr the record this site has turn to being a “PTB” Site I will still read the good info but fuck you if I bu a goddamn thing from any advertiser here I know my small company aint shit but I will use it to move people away,

            • im sorry but i disagree with a couple of my friends here. can we please stop acting like stupid little children here and discuss the important things instead of these assinine first shit and than the ensuing discussion about it?youre acting like dogs , children and sheeple.please cease and desist.

          • @Facebook Page = Penis Breath! Who the phuck died and made you “gawd king” of shtfplan you manipulative sour puss douche bag!

            Last I checked Mac n Tess Salvo ran this site… who the phuck are you???

            1st Amendment ring a bell??? Ya know it’s because of homo yale and harvard pricks just like you running the illegal hi-jacked by the imf nwo u.n. federal government that I gotta get out my war gear , arm up and suit up!

            Honestly who the phuck are you to even threaten any one of you canceling your order??? Your nuthin but a manipulative bwitch obviously!!! Go back to info-wars where you belong!!! Douche Bag!!!

            I suggest you change your attitude before the Real SHTF!!! Cause pricks with a narcissistic personality like yours … wont last 72 hours!

            Especially around me! I’ll bury you where you stand! Ya lil’ Prick!


            • Wow!

              Are you and Daisy the typical “visitors” of this forum? If so, maybe it’s time to give up on commenting on anything! It’s quite evident that you all think you own this site, can discredit by bullying and calling names, and act like complete immature wannabe thugs! If I didn’t know better, I would guess this to be a LIBERAL site with the childish and ridiculous behavior exhibited here!

              So, Mac at SHTF… is this the “typical” crap that goes on here? Are there certain forum old-timers that squelch others 1st Amendment rights? If so, I think you need a moderator. If not, I think you will always have your little fan base and lose anyone else that thinks as I (and evidently many others) do!

              I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’!!

            • I would love to have a true debate with you. I am a true prepper and I would be in the top 1% of the 1% that is prepared by any standards.
              I do believe in the 1st. But we are trying to inform here not scare them away like an ass like you do. We need to be using this area to teach and inform. Statement like you make people go away because they think we are insane. And you do seem to be an armchair prepper. The chance of you getting about to put anyone in the ground without using up your inhaler are nil. My group would see you at mile and from 3 different OPs lay you out.
              And find a sailor, because if you are going to use all those word. Learn how to use them right.

              And yes I am guilty of what I complain about.

            • We MUST be living the last days. I agree with Nina O.

            • Please, please I implore you all let’s be civil. We’re hear for a common goal, to be prepared and learn from each other. Let’s not go crazy over one post any more.

            • @Facebook Page … we’ll see junior … we’ll see.

            • The first amendment re: freedom of speech has no bearing on any public, non governmental forum. The Constitution states that the GOVERNMENT cannot curtail free speech.

              I do not agree with FaceBook but he/she does have the right to boycott whatever he/she wishes.

              he/she really got to you, huh?/
              be well and stay mellow (and on topic 🙂 )

            • Geez, Southern Boy ~ I’m not nearly as mean as IMF!!!

              And, for the record, I believe it was FB Page who was actually attempting the free speech squelching via a threat against an advertiser.

            • nina.. i respectfully disagree.

            • MIGHT as well hit the BUTTON! WEEEEEEEEEE!

            • ScoutMotto says:
              April 6, 2012 at 5:43 pm As a moderator on another wesite, I believe Kevin’s first post is small potatoes by comparison and certainly not worth getting all bound up over. A bit of levity in this case is harmless. I don’t know you scoutmotto, from Adam’s housecat; but you may be an alright person and fun to have a brew with. The fact is I hate moderators. I have had too many try and push their agenda and beliefs down my throat. Most are on some kind of cheap power trip and act as though they have more censorship rights than the FCC. Now, if you own the rights to any site, be it text or audio, then you have the right, personally, to call some one out and ask for descretion or silence if they get out of hand. I’ve seen three good Christian based sites go out because of moderators. Two had to close completely down and one of those had a minimum of 500 active members and a lot of those put $$ into the founders and the site. When a moderator calls me a liar and a fake without giving me a chance and says I’m gonna have to answer his questions in order to be allowed to post anymore, well this crosses the line. Not only with me but with others as well. There was so much uproar after I was banned by the moderator and the administrator’s wife that they didn’t last but four months before having to shutdown. This was the big site that had many members and had been growing since (I think) 2008. So please don’t get too power trippy with your site. This site is successful because of the format to hide comments that are considered offensive, not censor them or reprimand people.

            • THE IMF NWO etc: WOW, so this is what you’re like when you’re off your meds! Please tell this is so and that a few pills will make you right with the world again. Most adults use logic (facts) to refute the claims of others rather than infantile invectives spewing out of some potty mouth. Plese try and clean up your act, then perhaps you can add something useful to the conversation.

          • Mac already promised me a chat forum like 6 months ago.

            • it’s so coming! right now we are having some problems migrating to a new server due to some database mismatches, but as soon as that’s done (hopefully in the next week) we’ll have the processing capacity to handle just about anything we can throw at it.

              really sorry for the delay on this.

              thx all.


            • Mac, the collapse will be here before you get it rolling. Just joking, kinda. Thanks for this site. Good Friday to you.

            • Daisy Kiss my ass You agree when it please you but when you are are challenged you run. Stop with the hook up story with the old guys at SHIF. I will say it you are are old paper and the cage needs fresh stuff. So I can cover the rebuff ” Kiss my ass old shif Poster: Mike

            • Standing by over and OUT! LETS GET SOME!

          • Bravo!

            • Wn did they start a Day-Care on SHTF Just Asking?

          • Facebook sucks, hope you don’t. Why so dang touchy over Kevin? He can show his ass just like everyone else does from time to time. If you let something so trivial as that upset you then you are in for a rude awakening. Get real or get a life.

            • don’t-tread: Yup i am with
              ya on that. However, he broke
              his old record(how you say-oorah?)
              Go Kevin,its your birthday:)
              135 lashings for you.

              Don’t mind me, i’m just looking
              forward to my Rib-Eye Roast i
              got from the drunken butcher on
              the cheap. Happy Easter SHTFplanians’

        • Congratulations Kevin. You certainly do know how to fish!
          ‘Oh boy! I got another one!’ LOL

          • s’okay – I got his prize right here:


            On a more serious note, I’d like to pipe up on-topic and note that articles like this are why you want to live outside of the big city if you can possibly swing it. That way, if/when travel does get restricted, you’re already out of the reach of most of these systems.

            There is one positive side of this, though… if the gov’t does indeed start locking down travel and the like, it’ll keep the hordes locked up in town, at least for a little while.

            • Sorry brah, but I don’t plan to just flee. You cannot engage from a distance. They will just cut you up. I will travel inside, in full view. Cut and run if you want, but there will be plenty of others to fill in the space. Hide. Dig in. Pray. Or fight. You have to die sometime, right?

            • I’m an optimist. I believe Camp FEMA was built to house all of the freeloaders and the gummint is prepping to send ’em all to camp for about 7-11 years of tree planting and fresh air. I believe that those of us who work will finally be left alone by the parasites and finally able to have and enjoy the proceeds of our work.

        • Kevin Sucks!!!
          He has issues and he obviously checks this site by the minute so he can say something stupid. Thanks Kevin, how about trying to be last next time!

          • Jesus died today for Kevin and all of us.

            • Not at all to sound nit-picky Iowa, for I think we all know what you meant… but clarity is needed.

              You didn’t mean Jesus died “today”, right? Just asking, no offense or, like I said, nit-picking intended. I am just a stickler for correct Bible interpretation and things like that. I hope you (and the real nit-pickers on this site) understand.

              God bless…….

            • Not for me, hed didn’t. I’m with the Romans; let these crazys do as they wish

            • Paranoid,

              Yes friend, Jesus died for you too! He is The Way, The Truth and The Life. No one can come unto the Father but through Him (Jesus).

              You may not want to accept it, but He loves you still the same. Please don’t wait until it’s too late! For one day, we will all stand before the Lord, and we will either hear … “Depart from me, for I never knew you.”… or… “enter in, good and faithful servant.”. Please allow Him into your heart, while there’s still a chance.

              I know, I know, this is a forum for the storyline at hand. But I just had to plea for his soul. So, back to our regularly scheduled program…. 😀

            • Come on there is a topic but the moderator is more interested in the amazon hits

            • he did?my gosh.. and i thought he did a long time ago!and i could have shook his hand!

            • Forrest, Have you found Jesus?

            • I didn’t know I was supposed to be looking for him?!

            • I even put an “out” for you wannabe attackers here, and you still keep on keepin’ on! Wow! Shows the overall maturity on this blog!!

              Go ahead and mock eeder, Dan and Forrest. You will see Who has the last laugh in the end. I feel sorry for people like you. Of course all 3 of you must be in that 20 something age, and if you’re not… then you sure are acting like it!!

              Hey eeder… how about taking a bar of soap to that filthy and vulgar mouth of yours? There are those of us that really could care less for that kind of language, plus… maybe you should advance your vocabulary a bit. Maybe pick up a good book, the dictionary, or… God forbid… the Bible?!?!

              Unbelievable!!! 🙁

        • Really! Being pretty new here, I will say without fear, that this “I’m First” crap is getting REALLY annoying. Who cares who’s first anyway? Is that at all important? I’m not one to usually badger or preach a lot, but let me say this…
          “The first shall be last, and the last first.” And…
          “When I was a child, I spake as a child.”

          The time has come for foolishness to end! We all need to have a good time now and again, but c’mon folks… do you all really have to open each and every post that the good folks here at SHTF work on? Don’t you find it just a little demeaning and rude?

          Anyway… I step off the soap box (for now)….

          • I am on this site reading everything all day long, except for the weekend when it seems to kinda take time off, but I still read all of it. I own a little restaurant in NW Ga not far from some military base and I tal to the guys in uniform about a lot of things and they share a lot with me. Good food opens up people. I have a lot I would liket to share with you guys about what I have learned from the guys at the base but I dont because I am sure people will think I am full of bbq sauce. On the other hand, after saying what I just said, I do find it interesting how crazy upset people get with the whole “I’m first” thing! I remember when I once did “I’m first!” AND got “I’m second” and some d bag named “man without a name” ripped me a new one telling me that I am some guy that sits in front of his computer all day and does nothing with his life and blah, blah, blah. I prep, I read, I am ready for shtf fan AND I find the effect that “I am first” has on some people hil-frigging-larious!!!keep upi the good work both mr slavo and all you guys out there!!come eat at my place some time…..if you arent an “im first” hater.

            • No hate here Chef. If you read my post (which I guess you did since you read all of them), I like fun like the other guy… but… EVERY POST here has to start with that? Really? If so… then so be it. I just think there’s a time and place for all things. And if we’re all mature adults here, then when something is upsetting someone, isn’t it time to simply stop? I dunno… I’m from the old school. This “PC” world we live in and I just don’t get along very well! 🙁

            • hiya Chef! What’s on the menu?
              (Besides Kevin:))

            • Heck, Chev, I hate when someone makes that remark..’I have a lot I would liket to share with you guys about what I have learned from the guys at the base’…and then makes this one… ‘but I dont because’.

              We here are waiting.

          • @Southern Boy – “I’m First” crap is getting REALLY annoying. Who cares who’s first anyway?”

            You are Absolutely Right! That’s my point… I have nothing against Kevin or anyone else here. I like the like minded people. I’ve been reading and contributing to SHTF for almost 2 years and the folks here used to contribute with ideas and suggestions that were helpful and on topic. I’ve backed off because of all the nonsense and meaningless conversations that go on here.

            Hopefully someday soon SHTFPlan will work the way it was meant too. The way it use too! It seems to me that TSHTF right here on this site about 6 month ago.

            It’s good to have fun but it’s gotten out of control. C’mon People let’s help each other get through the real issues, ‘cause there’s not much time left!!!

        • kevin

          you are boss!

        • Kevin,

          Although I appreciate the jocularity of it; you really should be doing something useful, like prepping or even tending a garden or something, rather than sitting at your computer all day waiting for new articles so you can jump at them and post “first”.

          Take some time and go help your neighbor(s) with something they might need. Even cutting their grass for them or fixing something broken for them. Now “that’s” being first.

          • You hit the nail on the head Radioactive Rain! Good for you! Way to hit it out of the park!!

          • That was good Radio Rain,

            I felt like I was a kid watching those NBC commercials that ended in

            THE MORE YOU KNOW *************


          • no silver fox.. not all of us have… i worry about this shit every minute of every day.. you think i can sleep?

            • Why worry. If you have your preps in order and a plan for buggin’ in or buggin’ out, then WTF are you worrying over shit you have no control over. What little bit of time we have left should be for keeping your heart right and not freaking out over the BS in D.C. It’s too late to change anything on a national level. There are too many living with their heads up their ass or in the sand, to get along and get together on the rights that our US Costituition “granted” us. The majority was too complacent when they should have been standing UP and voicing their rights for Freedom from Tyrants. All we can do now is try and send the message and help people of like mind and spirit.

          • SilverFox: the way i see
            it is if every gun owner
            has a minimum of 750
            rounds,then its pretty
            much tit for tat.

            • Right on Asil, and we all have way more than 750.

            • You got that right SilverFox! One of my Patriot friends has over 133 times that amount! Just in 2009, we Americans purchased over 12 BILLION rounds of ammo! TPTB will have the fight of their life on their hands if they push us in a corner… that’s for sure!!

              MOLON LABE!

        • Jacka$$

        • Mac, I bet your proud of the new arrivals posting here huh… lmao

          On another note, bought time you gave Ruppert some credit by “saying his fucking name.”

          Nice work lately,,,,

          • And the fact

          • Hey! Another foul-mouthed idiot… just like me!!! LOL!!!!

            • you lying sack of shit poser .. go to hell you mother fucking faggot.

        • good job dude!

        • Off topic

          Gary Stein US Marine thrown out for saying he would not attack American citizens even if the president ordered him to.

          I hope he gets a medal.

          Take care

          • Hello

            • Goodbye

          • burt the brit… at this point i think the topic here has become extremely clouded… im not sure what the fucking topic say youre more on topic than the firsters.

            • Eeder

              Just seems that the subject of US service men firing on their own has come up many times.

              Let’s hope Stein encourages more honerable people like himself to make their voices heard.

              Take care

          • Wouldn’t it be more effective to arrest someone giving that order? Or just shoot them? It would after all be a treasonous order to attack the US people the same as attacking Congress in a coup.

        • ISP 3457694 nmj &894637 mJK i BE SEEING YOU

        • Daisy be carful you might loe your favor. I I have been loking

          • FB Page:

            You really have nothing better to do than threaten me? Give me a break – people like you are all talk. I’m really unconcerned with your threats.

            You are the one keeping things off topic – post after post of off-topic threats and ranting. I confirm that I do indeed, still disagree with you, but LET IT GO!!!! Why do you care?

            You really need to just walk away from this. You’re making a fool of yourself.

        • Facebook Lover you better do better then my prison buddy’s if not they will be looking for your family for compare.

        • Every waking moment

        • Keivin YOu are a w

        • An Obama classmate speaks out
          Yes, Wayne Allyn Root’s statement below has been “Correctly Attributed.”
          The link to is at the end of his statement.
          If Obama is re-elected in 2012, the US is finished.
          The following is in simple language that everyone can understand.
          Not the gibberish that our government keeps telling people.
          Please read this carefully and make sure you keep this message going.
          This needs to be emailed to everyone in the USA …

          By Wayne Allyn Root
          Barack Hussein Obama is no fool. He is not incompetent.
          To the contrary, he is brilliant. He knows exactly what he’s doing.
          He is purposely overwhelming the U.S. Economy to create systemic
          failure, economic crisis and social chaos – thereby destroying
          capitalism and our country from within.
          Barack Hussein Obama was my college classmate.

          ( Columbia University , class of ’83).
          He is a devout Muslim; do not be fooled. Look at
          his Czars…. Anti-business…anti-American.
          As Glenn Beck correctly predicted from day one, Barack Hussien Obama is following the plan of Cloward & Piven, two professors at Columbia University … They outlined a plan to socialize America by overwhelming the system with government spending and entitlement demands.
          Add up the clues below. Taken individually they’re alarming. Taken as a whole, it is a brilliant, Machiavellian game plan to turn the United States into a socialist/Marxist state with a permanent majority that desperately needs government for survival… And can be counted on to always vote for even bigger government.

          • Historically, Marxist/Communists have known that they key to revolution lies in the destruction of the middle class. If you study history, you will see that this has been their modus operendi in several countries, most notably Hungary after WWII. Soviet agents went forth to destroy the Pengo, Hungary’s currency at the time. Between 1946 and 1947, Hungary experienced the largest hyperinflation in history. By the end of it, the combined value of all of the Pengo in circulation was less than one US cent. Do not think that the reckless monetary policy in the US is being undertaken without full knowledge of where it leads. Where it leads is what Marx called “class awareness”, the knowledge that there are but two classes and if you are not in the elite bourgeois class then you are a worker or proletarian. Also recall that Marx’s idea for a true communist revolution required it to by a unanimous worker’s uprising around the globe that would shed the concept of nations. This was to allow for a world without need for a military so that production could be used instead for the needs of the workers. Now, think of what would happen in a dollar hyperinflation and you can see that this could be what is being attempted. I may be totally wrong and they might just be inept but when you start down the road of monetizing the budget (61% of all unfunded liabilities bought by the Fed with newly minted money this year) then you are on the path to the death of the currency. What better way to wipe out the middle class of the world and force them to see themselves as common workers than to destroy the one currency that is used for all international settlements? Ever wonder why so many of the elite are liberals? Maybe they are so that when they crash the whole thing they will still wind up at the top of the food chain.

            I recommend to everyone I get into these conversations with that they read Marx’s “Communist Manifesto”. It will make a lot of history clear to you and explain why the Soviets acted as they did (even though the Soviets were Bolsheviks and not pure Marxists). It will also help you to know what communism is when you see it. Just be careful as it is easy to get sucked into his arguments sometimes. Remember: being informed means reading from both sides so that you can get a fair picture of what you are against.

        • LMAO!!

        • This wasn’t me, I was up in the mountains practicing my survival skills(how to survive a hang-over, we got hammered.)

      2. Good for you, takes so little to. Ake you happy 🙂

      3. How long and how far can the can be kicked before it rolls off the cliff? I suppose it depends on how long we allow this to continue.

        • not much longer methinks. If we don’t have a trigger this could go on for a while but i think we all know the PTB want something to happen so they can crack down. Once that happens we’ll prolly be hearing stories about the exploits of ninao over the shortwave radio lol. God help/bless u all, really enjoy reading comments on here and thanks to mac for the great site.

        • One can’t help but wonder what the DHS has got up their sleeve. If you put together all the supplies over the last say 3 years or so ( don’t forget the 400,000 under water body bags), it makes you cringe trying to figure out their scheme and it’s timing. It definitely is not sending out a positive message, that’s for sure. Also all the weird FEMA messages about preparedness …. maybe they are expecting some kind of freak Mother Nature scenario. If that’s the case, then they would have to get ready for lawlessness hence martial law. Who knows, except them …..

          • I just hope to live long enough to become a problem for them.

            Maybe I can fill a few body bags of my own.

          • I am so confused in thinking what could happen or what THEY are planning. FEMA say prepare, then Obama makes order to take what you prepare for (whatever it is) then you have a gabillion rounds of ammo being used for “IT” happening ( are they really ready for an attack against an enemy or is the enemy us?) could everyone in congress and senate all be part of this evil plan to take over the world like the dude in Austin Powers? Is this something that will be felt mostly in the big cities or will the army etc local law enforcment be ready in small rural comminities? I mean you also have the state to deal with. Is there anyplace that will be left alone untouched by the gastopo? Will this disaster be of natural origin or brought in by our goverment. Will we relive the race riots of the 1960, are we on the brink of a nuke? Will theu kill us off with a disease. I just get my mind going on what is up with all of it and what to prep for. Only so much time and I do not think we have more than a year before we are knee deep in “it” (whatever :it: is) I never heard of the under water body bags but I think if the gov. is out to get us they will be not dragging us off in body bags, why waste the time and expense on us.. just a thought. Maybe it is an alien invasion like war of the worlds.. i hate thinking about it my mind spins all the time trying to leave no stone unterned in order to preotect my family

            • The body bags is what makes me think freak of nature accident (Madrid Fault-line possibly) or something along that line. Also, last year FEMA put out a video about preparedness with a family FLOATING in their house grabbing a duffle bag….WTF??? Maybe they aren’t sure about the Dec. 21, 2012 prophecies …. who knows except them. Something is a brewing, that’s for sure. Sounds like they are doing their own prepping to me.

            • Here’s the problem: You simply can’t prep for everything. The only way to prep for tyranny in your country is to get out of the country before it starts in earnest. Then again, where do you go? The US was the last bastion of personal liberty left in the world and now it is all but done for. The best you can do is figure out a way to keep a low profile and not be picked up on by the surveillance state. That means largely decoupling from anything electronic that can be traced to you. Get rid of your RFID pass for the toll booth. Pay everything in cash. Delete all of your social networking accounts and E-Mail addresses. Don’t watch controversial TV programs unless they are broadcast over the air. Don’t carry a cell phone or only carry a Tracphone that has it’s minutes paid for in cash via a card. Use the internet for controversial topics only in public wi-fi hot spots and only on a “sterile” computer (one that has not personally identifiable files on it’s hard drive and it’s web cam and mic physically disabled) and never use anything but cash to pay for items at that location AND make sure they do not have any security cameras in the building. Don’t drive on roads with traffic cameras. What I listed here is but a sample of what you would have to do to avoid giving data to a truly invasive state and is posted to demonstrate how absurd it would be to even try. Like it or not, if you have controversial views, they likely know who you are and are acquiring data on you.

              Prepping has it’s place in dealing with regional disasters. To deal with political ones, you have to get involved in the political process and support pro-liberty candidates. No amount of canned goods, water barrels, bunkers or small arms will defeat a monstrous police state with the kind of arsenal the US government possesses. The only thing that can defeat it is an honest election in which the people opt to vote for candidates that value liberty over power. Then again, as Josef Stalin once said, “It matters not how people vote in an election. All that matters is who counts the votes.” Looking at the irregularities in the Republican primary this year, I think we can see which direction we are headed…

              • Amen Winston Smith. But it is hard to break away from society without leaving a trail.

            • Where do you go?? Equador with me….They use dollars (for now) and they go 300 to 8000% farther than here in obamaville….Food WILL grow there( No chemtrails to poison the soil) Yes chemtrails, have you looked into the sky lately?? NOW looks like a good exit point for my family, Those who stay here to experience the “obozo plan” God help you all

            • 450 million rounds of 40 cal ammo isnt much. It will fit 1- 53 ft semi truck trailer.
              But assuming there are 50,000 DHS armed personel, that means there is about 9000 rounds per man.

        • I think if the harvard and yale folk were really smart and not assumed smart they could have us walking on the quick sand and even get us around it. Instead we are headed for the middle of the pool.

          Ever notice how the chinese government have helped their people by selling silver by the gram at all the banks while our PTB do all they can to discourage our populace from being prepared? Our commie club kids don’t like us very much but it don’t matter, they’re such sissies.

          • I think there are PM vending machines in China.

          • I wouldn’t declare the Chinese to be doing good for their people just yet. I think that thy are planning to gold and silver back the renmimbi sometime in the near future and at that point all of those PMs will be confiscated. This is just a ploy to get the maximum amount of PMs in country before they use their currency to replace the US dollar in international settlements. Obama is playing right into their hands too as he is using the SWIFT system (the system for settling international bank transactions, thus anyone who can’t use it, can’t conduct trade) as a means of trying to force other sovereign nations to enforce our foreign policy on Iran. Instead of complying though, it has caused these countries to start building their own settlement mechanisms outside the US dollar. Once this spreads to enough countries, they will drop the dollars they hold in their foreign exchange reserves and the value of it will plunge. Expect this within the next 5 years as the BRICS have already begun the process and set up a framework for a new bank to replace the BIS. A lot of countries are unhappy with the bully position the US occupies in geopolitics due to the hegemonic power of the US dollar, and they will be more than happy to screw us if they have the chance.

            • I expected this, as well, but I believe, at the most opportune moment, the US will open all its spigots and mines and get full production going and catch all the dollar dumpers flat footed.

        • Well, that’s the funny part. We know which direction the can is being kicked, we know that it is being kicked… we just don’t know where the cliff is.

          Sorta like kicking that can in the fog, no?

          All you can do is get up to speed on preparations, then sit back and wait for that one final kick where you *don’t* hear the can bounce off the ground.

        • az ready… no it depends where the cliff is!and how far we kick the can!

      4. Had enough, yet?

      5. The Gov. has always been prepped for the worst Think of all the great Nuclear hideaways these guys have, this is nothing compared to what they probably have stashed away. We have no idea!

        • When TSHTF, I propose we find their underground bunkers and plug up the vents…..Then pile a few tons of rocks and dirt over the exits.

          • Walt,
            That idea has been in some minds for a few years now. Many people have clear ideas about where these underground areas are.
            The NWO creeps this they are going to go into their underground lairs and wait. However, their “safety” won’t be so safe because they will be hunted and found. I think they know this, thus the preparations they have made mentioned above.

          • walt
            why wait ? lets just do that now to the ptb.

      6. Not good.
        My First Pass is that whatever they have planned will impact preparedness fols and/or gun owners as such people will be on their priority lists as possible “disruptors” or “hold-outs” to their Command and Control operations.

        • If it appears that 2nd Amendment types and those with food stashed away are a serious threat to their plans and there are too few cops to pacify cities full of desperate sheeple then the logical response is to eliminate both groups with the least cost to TPTB. Think a plausibly deniable scenario; an accidental release caused by a militia attack on a bioresearch facility and the resultant plague causes the deaths of millions including those swarming masses in the cities plus those pesky militia types holed-up in their rural redoubts. And the best thing about it is there is only a limited amount of vaccine and law enforcement/essential government personnel and their families get priority on vaccination. Don’t think it is plausible? From a cost benefit analysis this makes the most sense to solve two difficult problems.

          • That would be their best False Flag game move.. I concur.

          • I always pass on the ‘death of millions’ for whatever reason—what would TPTB seriously do with all those bodies??
            There aren’t enough landmovers and personell to dispose of those properly and what about fall-back?? How many of the unintended don’t get the memo and their entire family are wiped out?
            Nah, too uncontrolled.

            • They will burn them. Monstrous piles of bodies going up in smoke. The Nazis perfected the technique but it was nothing new. During the Black Death, criminals and the lowest classes of citizens were forced to haul the dead to vast piles where they were set alight. Same happened in modern times with the millions of livestock that were killed to prevent hoof and mouth disease in Europe. Incidentally, if nothing was done, the bodies would be completely disposed of by nature within a few years.

      7. Oh yeah. The paradigm is shifting. It is in the very process of tremendous change and we are right in the middle of it. Only thing we don’t know is when, where, what or how. Other than that, we got it all figured out. Somebody please post another George Carlin video so we can return to sanity!
        Seriously though. let’s keep a little perspective here. The PTB are squirming. THEY are freightened. Even THEY don’t know exactly what is coming. Oh, they have their plans, but the plans are not foolproof. And the PTB do NOT know the future and more than we do.
        WE are the ones in control of our destiny, not the elites. WE have the power to change things and to RESIST in whatever way we choose. THEY can only control us if we let them. Now is not the time for us to be looking for a depends diaper, but rather to be ready to strap on the holster and take the fight to THEM!
        The stunned, scared guy on the couch is THEM. WE are the 800 lb gorilla in the room. Let’s not forget that! (for some reason, writing that makes me hungry for bananas)

        • Smokie…Your post recharged my battery…bananas on the way.

        • Keep a watch out for key figures retiring this year, that could be a sign of things out of their control like the weather/earth quakes/ solar flares etc. … I heard James Cameron bought land in New Zealand so his kids can learn to live off the land or some crap like that.Seriously. Plus a couple of unknown Senators are retiring, Clinton claims she’s stepping down too. What better way for key leaders to take cover than to cause chaos in their country. That way they have a legit reason to step down without blowing their cover. Just a thought…

        • Right on.

        • if stepehen harper or barack obama or any of their agents of evil come to me… i will not wait to respond.

        • ya! bananas for all!

      8. I got news for you all, when the paychecks stop coming or they can’t even be used to buy a can of beans, how many of those law enforcement officers, federal agents, and military are going to show up to work? The ones who do still show up won’t last very long in such dwindled numbers. It’s not those guys with their worthless laws and laughable executive orders I’m worried about, it’s the unprepared zombie hordes that I am preparing to do battle with.

        • I post the quote below every so often as a reminder of the mindset we need to have.

          “How we burned in the prison camps later thinking: What would things have been like if every police operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive? If during periods of mass arrests people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever was at hand? The organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt.”
          — Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Nobel Prize winner and author of The Gulag Archipelago, who spent 11 years in Soviet concentration camps

          • thats an awesome quote walt!!! my only concern is how many people will actually step up when theshtf. A buddy of mine actually told me if TPTB came and wanting to disarm him he would oblige in order to fight another day. Crazy thinking that.

            • The difficulty is knowing when to pull the trigger. At one point, your friend’s logic is perfect. At another point, it becomes imperfect. (Thx Walt for the quote. Nice.) The people who can make that distinction are automatically on the front lines. There are always people in the front. On point. Follow your instincts.

        • I agree with you Beefcake. I don’t think they will show up for work either.

          That is why the U.S. has teamed up with the U.N. who will supply 1 Million foreign troops to invade our soil to do the job they want done.

          • I’m not sure the French are up to it.

        • You are forgetting that when the dollar craps itself, whatever new currency (money card) they come up with, they’ll be sure that law enforcement and DHS folks get ‘paid’ and also get food, etc. it’s easy to keep your army happy with you are the gov.

          • The .Gov will make it known that crime by police thugs will be overlooked

            • But they kind of already do this. *zing*

              But seriously, in some states the police act like they’re special and can’t even be video taped while committing a crime. Also, if 10 cops enter a house in a no-knock raid at the wrong address and the owner turns out to have murder walls and other kinds of man traps and kills them thinking it was a gang and had damn good reason to be afraid, well gee guess who gets charged with a crime pretty much 100% certainly. People need to pull their heads out of their ***es and realize that no-knock raids are immoral. If you can catch them with it in their home, you can catch them with it in their car or outside where it’s not so easy to dispose of several kilos of it!

        • yes beefcake.. most people and sheeple dont understand that we(sheeple) are our own worst enemy. we had these bastards pinned… but no one knows or cares anymore… this is a very sick society.. a VERY ILL world.

      9. How do you think most Americans will react to either a Obama reelection, or a disputed election filled with voter fraud?

        Obama is pushing America towards civil unrest. He’s not trying to get reelected.

        (see Yuri Besmenov) It’s the second to last step of a one party (Marxist) replacement of our current Republic.

        It will happen this year 2012: Prep for the worst, pray for the best.

        • There’s been several people who helped Hillary in the 2008 elections that claim Obama and his people intimidated them at the polls. Since Sheriff Joe started the investigation on Obummer, more people on Clinton’s side are speaking out now. I hope he keeps on with his findings on the prez.

          Speaking of which, there was a week-end anchor on FOX who was tweeting asking people for their OPINIONS about a report on a video that claimed back in 2008 during the elections, Bill Clinton knew Obama wasn’t from U.S. and was actually threatened. One man was killed and supposedly Chelsea Clintons life was threatened. All the anchor, Heather Childers, was doing was asking peoples OPINIONS about the topic, wanting to know what they thought about it. Well, Media Matters didn’t like it and next thing FAUX is stating that there was a “mistake” and cleared it up with Heather. I have lost ALL respect (what little they had) for FOX. They are nothing but a bunch of COWARDS!!! So much for reporting the news, the real news that is important to the people. Thank goodness for the internet and sites like this.

          • FOX….or as they are commonly referred to as “FAUX” news has been regurgitating the MSM crappola for some time now.

            Why do you think Beck and Judge Napolitano are gone?

            Look at how they have handled Ron Paul’s campaign.

            And Peter Schiff as well. Schiff used to be a regular commentator on FOX. When was the last time you saw him there?

            FOX is just like all the rest. They are simply the Neo-con News Network.

        • Almost every Marxist state has had a period of violence to cement “The Party” into power and kill off those opposed to it. Russia, China, Viet Nam, Cuba, ect.

          Obama, to succeed, MUST have civil unrest this year. This is no bullshit. He’s doing everything he can to increase fear and anger amoung us until someone, or some group “pops”.

          If he follows history, this is when He will send in the Tanks, crush the counter-revolution and end The United States as we know it.

          If I’m right, watch gun sales this Fall, watch for panic by those who hold the same views as us.

          • end the united states as you know it! what the hell kind of america did you know? its been changed permanantly a long long time ago.

      10. Pray

      11. I pray it never comes to this, but it is hard to argue that they are prepping in their own way. It is sad.

        • Norse, you are exactly right. Which makes me wonder WHAT they are prepping for. Mother Nature’s wrath maybe?? Or an economic melt down? I’m thinking something which they have no control over but have knowledge of something to come….

          • squirt

            I would guess there are several reasons for the government to prepare.

            No. 1 is to deal with a full economic breakdown. Even if it happens in Europe the US would go down later.

            No. 2. A larger natural disaster. If California was hit by a major earthquake or the Yellowstone National Park explodes due to an eruption, there is a lot of FEMA, law enforcers and other personnel needed. “Katherina” showed that disaster preparedness could work out better.

            No. 3 Would be a change of regime inside the US towards a more totalitarian system to avoid or minimize the damage of an economic collapse. This would beginn with a false flag attack in the US, preferably a nuclear attack on one or more US cities out of nowhere.

            No. 4 The war card might played. There is a chance that Iran and Israel start fighting. If they start fighting there is a good chance that the US gets involved. If the Chinese and the Russians think enough is enough the war might escalate.

            Another option is that the western powers start or provoke a world war facing a full scale collapse. This could become nuclear quicker then we think. I personally don`t like writing this, but looking at our elites, I am not so sure that they always have the best for humanity in mind.


            This is not only history but I think this is todays reality and how governments around the world work (except for the Swiss). What all of us have to keep in mind is that we will be alone, when it gets bad. If we are not members of the military, the administration, the police, the rescue services, doctors or certain specialists, we might not get any help in case a major disruption takes place. We will have to organize ourself, feed ourself and defend ourself. This is why I prep.

            • multiple choice… how about ALL the above. One can drive their self crazy trying to figure out what is going on. All we can do is be alert and watch/listen… and beware of Mother Nature. Last year they were staging emergency scenarios around the Madrid fault-line (Tenn./Ark.),so who knows…. that would be an extreme disaster unlike we’ve ever experienced. It would make Katrina look like a walk in the park. Shudder to think about it…

            • …and maybe there is a credible threat that the govt is keeping from the wraps on for fear of wide spread panic.

              I sort of like knowing that the govt is better prepared for troubles. I just hope they are not the “trouble.”

      12. why can’t you just ban those trolls that keep up with their”first” posts and the arguers that come with them? seems like this off topic stuff should be dealt with. i have enjoyed this blog for a year now and it’s a MUST-READ for me every day. just so you guys know…i was saying 4 YEARS ago that we would never make it to the election…whocouldaknowed this crap could string out for 4 years….i gotta believe this is the year. we HAVE to push the restart button soon. but also remember that this isn’t going to be the end…i THINK things will be VERY dicey in the short term, but in a while we will rebuild and be much better than before(think of the end of depression 1). it gives me a LITTLE comfort to think we will improve our lot when this all shakes out. while i admit nobody knows how bad it will get, i HOPE we come out better on the other end…..just wish we could have a little more certainty about the outcome.

        • Just wanna say, it depends on what your version of “better” is.

      13. There will be a time when the corp loses control of the situation. Our job is to make sure it never regains control.

      14. The US could not control Iraq, Afghanistan, not to mention Vietnam. You seriously think they could control 150 million angry, armed adult citizens – assuming collapse, with zero tax revenue, crushing government debt, and with a volunteer army that is highly likely not to go along with its plans?

        Not going to happen.

        • Very good point. My husband strongly believes that it will be hard as hell to take the citizens of the U.S. down without a fight. Unless, of course, they bring in foreign troops then we might have a problem. But still, like you said, I doubt they could control ALL of us, most being armed to the teeth. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come down to it. That is most definitely an unpleasant thought. But fight we will to protect us and what is ours!!!

          • I suspect that we’d be looking at “international peacekeepers” if it came down to major military action. I have two reasons for thinking this:

            1.) Intelhub recently published a quiz that was given to Marines at the base in 29 Palms, California. Several of the questions related to whether or not the Marine taking the test would feel comfortable taking orders from a UN troop leader and whether or not he/she would be willing to fight with soldiers from other nations.

            2.) There have been a lot of meetings recently between the leaders of Canada, the US and Mexico, leading to discussions of a “North American Union”. Canada and the US have already signed a treaty allowing cooperation of the two countries’ militaries in a case of “civil unrest”.

            In my opinion, the crackdown, when it comes, won’t just be American military vs American civilians. It’ll be much bigger than that.

            • Good I’d feel bad shooting at our guys; Blue hats on the other hand are fiar game

            • Exactly Daisy. Just as in post Katrina New Orleans when the Governor of Louisiana, Kathleen Blanco, called in law enforcement officers from every state to form a huge posse to restore order with an iron fist and to wantonly violate constitutional rights of the law abiding hurricane survivors and victims. Only the posse you’re describing would be MUCH, MUCH BIGGER. I won’t have any sympathy for any foreign soldiers on American soil engaging in hostilities toward Americans. I won’t lose a second of sleep, if you get my meaning.

            • Well I would not worry to Much about a NorthAmerican Union, Really..There Might Be one Canadian to worry about. the Sniper That Shot 1.2 Mile Shot..The Others DUH! they have had not had their Guns in so Long, They”ll be a Little Rusty, and as Far as the Ameigos down south, they can be Bought off! Besides we”ve already Kicked Mexico”s Ass Once..I Think the Modern Day Minute Man can take care of any Blue Helment as Well!
              Semper Fi

          • I’m somewhat optimistic after seeing how much our “allies” have helped in Iraq & Afghanistan.

          • Foreign troops invading the US? Where’d you get that many suckers willing to be slaughtered like dogs before they even land? There’s a reason no one wants anything to do with our sea borders and the land borders are even worse. Illegal immigrants are one thing but the concept of troops with vehicles and supplies somehow not finding themselves heat-bombed out of existence is insanely hard to imagine.

            Of course, that is assuming that it’s not an inside job which seems to be the theory we’re discussing. Still, even 50000 (estimated) traitors would be possible to stop if they’re going against millions. It would then be a matter of timing and possibly blackmail of some sort. Say, threatening nuclear retaliation against dissenters. But dead people can’t retaliate but once. That’s part of the reason the USA and USSR realized that MADD was the end result of any nuclear war between them.

        • The US army has been only marginally successful in disarming people in Iraq & Afghanistan.

          • Because they’re like Texans. Hehe, no way you’d disarm them, either and mostly for the same reasons – tradition!

      15. GET YOUR TOPOGRAPHICAL MAPS SQUARED AWAY: folks might want to gather their local area maps now, hwy , road , county and topographical maps. as well as the maps for their escape routes to their bug out location … get yourself over lapsing clear sheets and different color grease pencils for marking key targets or safe areas, safe routes of travel, hardened fallout shelters etc etc and a good weather proof map case.

        also you might want to mark down your local federal buildings and know which offices are where i.e. fbi nsa dhs cia state police barracks town halls armories forest service check points etc etc get a sheet with all there addressees and numbers and agents names.

        In a time of martial law , civil war , this information with a listing of local federal agents with their office and home addresses listed and mapped out might just protect your communities from being completely wiped out by zionist u.n. gestapo federal forces!

        You can sure bet they have your information and the gps coordinates to your homes front door!

        kinda makes sense you should have theirs??? don’t it???

        half a battle is won with just knowledge!!!

        good luck to you all!


        • … ooops ;0P pssszzt


          It’s an illegal privately run company and operates against the U.S. CONSTITUTION and honestly you as honest FREE AMERICAN citizens have the LEGAL RIGHT to make a real Citizens ARREST of any IRS EMPLOYEE for FRAUD CORRUPTION AND RACKETEERING FEDERAL LAW VIOLATIONS!!!

          Look it up … the 16th Amendment was never ratified! It’;s All one big scam on you the Once Free American Citizens!


          p.s. You might wanna mark down your corrupt governors, senator congress critters too, state and federal! ALL insider bribed Insider-Trading thieves in the senate and congress!!! Making money hand over fist off your children’s death in a foreign sand box illegal war’s!

          I know I am!!!

        • i dont need no god damned map nina.

      16. I thought that the law stated that a child born to an American citizen was an American citizen no matter where in the world they were born. Yes? And that would apply to either the mother or father. And no one has questioned the American citizenship of his mother.

        • If you are referring to the illegal in the white house, he isn’t an American citizen; that was given up–if he even had citizenship status here– when Lolo Soetoro adopted him; he became an Indonesian to attend schools there.
          Dual citizens may not be President of the United States.

        • You’re describing Dual Citizenship.

        • From what I understand, both parents should have dual citizenship, I could be wrong. But the problem is , once again I might be mistaken, Obama was born in another country and his father was a foreigner, leaving only his mother a U.S. citizen. Then there are the missing college transcripts of him being in our country on a foreign student pass and foreign aid, hence why he stayed with Bill Ayers while in college. Basically not a true American and he tries so hard to cover up any trails. Unfortunately the lame stream media refuses to report on any of it.

          Question — if he is EVER proven the phony we know him to be, can or will any of his decisions in office while being the prez. be nullified or what? Very curious as to what the out come might be on any executive orders he signed into law. Can they be undone?

          • ~~~if he is EVER proven the phony we know him to be, can or will any of his decisions in office while being the prez. be nullified or what~~~

            Squirt, exactly why Supreme Court won’t touch the issue and all CONgress have gone along when they knew he was illegitimate…
            What a mess.

        • The president has to be a natural born citizen. By the Founders definition and Supreme Court rulings, this means that BOTH parents must be US citizens. Ocommies’ father was not a US citizen. Therefore he is NOT a natural born US citizen and not legitimately or legally the president of our country. This also negates the legality of any of the executive orders or acts signed by him. He, and anyone of his supporters are domestic enemies of the Constitution. Funny how the website with the relevant Supreme Court rulings on this matter had those cases removed in the summer of ’08 and then restored in ’10.

          • Technically, that was interpreted to mean at the time of the document’s signing. So, George Washington was legally the President of the US, even though the US didn’t even exist before his birth. It’s one of those funny little loopholes that people thought of.

      17. No such thing as being too prepared for the carnage that lies ahead folks. Yesterday Egan-Jones downgraded the U.S. credit rating again to AA with a negative outlook. Their assessment of America’s fiscal future is one the most grim predictions I’ve read so far. At this point I don’t think Bernanke, Geithner, and friends give a flying hoot about the U.S. credit rating. They know it’s going to get A LOT WORSE before things stabilize. See article below.

        Egan-Jones Cuts US Credit Rating to ‘AA,’ Citing Debt

        | 05 Apr 2012 | 05:46 PM ET

        Rating firm Egan-Jones cuts its credit rating on the U.S. government to “AA” from “AA+” with a negative watch, citing a lack of progress in cutting the mounting federal debt.

        “When debt-to-GDP exceeds 100 percent, a country’s financial flexibility becomes increasingly strained,” Managing Director Sean Egan wrote in his report on the downgrade. “For the first time since World War II, U.S. debt exceeds 100 percent.”

        The U.S. dollar fell slightly against the yen after the news, which came at the start of Asia’s trading day.
        Egan said he sees no end in sight to the increasing deficit.

        “With an annual federal budget deficit in the area of $1.4 trillion, debt is likely to reach $16.7 trillion as of the end of 2012 while assuming GDP grows 2.5 percent, total GDP is likely to reach $15.7 trillion. Therefore, as of the end of 2012, debt-to-GDP is likely to be in the area of 106 percent.”

        Economic growth, meanwhile, has averaged 2 percent to 2.5 percent, with economic growth “at best stagnant, at worst negative” if adjusted for inflation, Egan wrote.
        Meanwhile, Congress has done little, according to Egan. The bipartisan “super committee” that sought spending cuts of $1.5 trillion over 10 years “was a failure,” he said. “Obviously, the current course is not enhancing credit quality. Without some structural changes soon, restoring credit quality will become increasingly difficult.”

        • Jan 30th 2012 100%

          Feb 21st 2012 101%

          Mar 5th 2012 102%

          Mar 18th 2012 103%

          Today 103.5%

          • It took the nation 200 years to reach the first trillion dollars of debt. Obama is doing that every 9-10 months. The invisible debt “brick wall” is approaching very quickly now, and I seriously doubt there is anything that can be done at this point to avoid the collision. The Progressives in both parties want to deliberately crash the system with reckless spending, well it looks like they’ll get their wish very soon. Cheers.

        • Part of the problem is the tax system, paradoxically. If you tax 10% of 1 million or 50% of 10 thousand, guess which gives you more money. Or 1% of 2 million. Or 100% of 0. There’s a balance that is being ignored. It’s also evil when compliance can cost more than the actual taxes for some people. They waste all that money that could have been used to finance something more useful than just someone doing make-work.

      18. I will simply repost what I said on Mac’s last article.

        “Gearing Up: DHS Purchases Bullet Resistant Checkpoint Booths Amid Large Scale Ammo Buildup”

        You are right Winston. My honest belief is TPTB are gearing up to protect their necks. The NDAA, HR 347, The EO that Barry put in to place, the DHS loading up on ammo, troops being trained in public control, FEMA camps being manned. Oh yeah they are getting ready to save their asses. They know that when the word actually gets out that the USA is broke, it’s game on. Just look at it like a monster Greece scenario. No more free cheese and this country will unfold a America that most if not all of us have never seen. My belief is that it will be before the end of the year. I hope not but it is not looking good at all, it is not if, it is when. Every one of us should prep hard and steady right up until the end. Good luck, and good prepping to all.

        • salvadordaly, great advice! 100% spot on correct. There is no effort on the part of Congress or the White House to cut spending to make a meaningful reduction in the debt or deficit. With government spending accounting for 17+% of the national Gross Domestic Product they know they cannot cut government spending without sending the economy into a hellish depressionary spiral. So the cowards in Congress have opted to print and spend to send us into an inflationary spiral. In this case, there is no lesser of two evils option on the table. There are only bad choices left on the table to choose from. Keep prepping folks and get yourselves some real money, gold and silver coins, we are going to need it.

      19. personally, I think this will end up under the title of ‘cold war relic’ when generations from now discover a secret bunker of ammo and food the government stashed away incase we sheeple turned on them.

        it’s the modern version of the civil defence force. excpet instead of fall out shelters and stashes of tiolet paper we got ammo, MRE’s, ect all just incase we go into riots.

        police states can never last, history has proven that and the last thing the crooks in office want is a police state that will turn the sheep against them. they merely want to take the money and run, that’s all.

        yes, our dollar will crash and I doubt the treasury has a replacment plan, there will be chaos related to that crash which will be in 10-15 years at the latest.

        but, with more and more people realizing it’s coming, seeing the government pass laws, the last thing we want is to give them an excuse to enforce it.

        so, the people will do like they did in the 60’s and make thier own plans, not rely on the government and when the dollar collapses, real money will tkae it’s place.

        if the government is making plans, then so should we.

        • rachel- dont forget that crash that you think is 10to 15 yrs away gives the government alot of time to pass more restrictive legislation and chip away at our liberties.
          i personally think a crash could be within 4 yrs based on the fact that other countries are turning away from the dollar as currency for trade.
          the longer we wait for a signal to go , the better prepared the .gov will be to slap you back down.

          the US has changed so much in the last 10 yrs that it does not even resemble pre 911 america.
          how much longer do we wait to fix this mess?
          and what will it take? sure wish i knew how to fix it.

        • Good post Rachel. If the NWO Globalists are ordering 30,000 drones for delivery by 2020, I suspect their target date is between 2016 and 2020.

          Patriots have two national elections to take OUR country back. WE can do it. Get involved locally, my peeps. Target seats for Congress.

          In the end there can be only one. Its US or them.

          • DK, you know I’m with you on most issues, however, do you really believe with all the moochers, leeches, parasites and just plain old dumb mother f..kers out there that WE can change the outcome? I totally agree that 90 million gun owners can make the changes without firing a shot, but getting them together as a voting block is near impossible. Also, at this point in time, and I never thought I would hear myself say this, the votes are very well rigged no matter who we target for seats in Congrab. I’m will celebrate 56 years on this planet this year and have been awake since I was 22. After 34 years of ranting, my folks finally woke up this past year, and they are intelligent people. I fear, no, I know the vast majority of the population are beyond sleep, they are comatose.

            • AZReady: I agree with everything you said, but yes, I REALLY believe WE can change the outcome. WE have no choice BUT to change the outcome.

              WE can’t change anything by doing nothing, or doing the same old things that WE have done in the past, using the old political structures that have been co-opted and corrupted by the NWO GB’s.

              The future, America’s future, requires that WE do something new. It demands that WE innovate, and change the parameters.

              It is easier to do than WE have been led to believe. Instead of spending $100 for more ammo, 90 million gun owners ought to join the Patriot Party or America First, etc; and donate that $100 to the CAUSE.

              $9 BILLION dollars could organize a 50 state Patriot based national party to challenge the status quo and put Patriots in office all across America.

              American patriots, untainted by Wall Street and K Street, could become Governors, Senators, and Congressmen, providing a new direction for the American people by restoring the America OUR Founding Fathers created.

              Worried about how $9 billion dollars would be spent after it is raised? Good!

              Get involved at the state level for these organizations, find worthy, qualified candidates (patriots), have them sign a CONTRACT specifying their adherence to the Party Platform (US Constitution); the end of the NAU; the reversal of Illegal Immigration; the repeal of every onerous law and Executive Order that smells of TREASON; and if they fail to honor that signed contract they are open to litigation for failure to perform.

              The practice of “promise them anything but give them nothing” to get elected will disappear very quickly.

              Once in power, Patriots could dismantle the FED, put the GB’s in jail, and file Sedition charges against those who have deliberately and demonstrably committed a TREASONOUS Act.

              There is no statute of limitations on TREASON and those who have been guilty will have to pay the price they owe to the Nation they have destroyed.

              Death to Traitors! 🙂

        • Am I so bad that I saw this happening in the 1990’s within ’50 years’ at that time? Or was it already that obvious?

      20. I’ve already posted one on-topic comment, and one a week is about all I’m good for, so….now, let’s let ‘er rip!

        I’m gonna have to buy a new hat. The old Resistol cowboy hat I’ve been wearing for 10 years is about shot. When I first got it, I thought it made me look kinda like that guy in the Marlboro commercials (except without the cigarette or the horse). But now, after a decade of wear and tear, being dropped and run over by the tractor a couple of times, and the incident with the malfunctioning manure spreader, it’s had it. The wife hasn’t allowed me to wear it in the house for months. So, it’s time for a new one. But I’m gonna hate to see this old one go. There’s lots of memories in this old hat. Like the one and only time I washed it. Actually, I just fell out of the boat while wearing it, but I didn’t mention that to the wife. She has enough on her mind already. What with my experiments in homemade rocket technology, attempts at cross-breeding the perfect guinnea/leghorn breed(how was I to know they meant guinnea HENS and not guinnea pigs?), strange odors following me in from the barn, and the occasional sound of a hissing fuse from somewhere inside the house, there’s no need to add to her stress.
        This hat has seen some incredible things over the years. I’ve worn it to six weddings, three funerals, a bar-mitzvah (they didn’t even have a real bar though, waste of time), two court hearings and a custody battle over a coon hound. Me and the hat were not directly involved in any of the aforementioned, except the custody battle, and we voted in favor of the guy with the rifle rack in his truck- it just seemed logical, especially since the other fellow was unarmed.
        But times change, and we move on. So I’ll toss this old hat and get a new one. But I’ll keep the memories. Besides, it’s probably time for me to reinvent myself again anyway. I wonder…do they make those cool looking army ranger berets in a size 7 and 3/4?

        • Hows about a Ralph’s Speed Shop ball cap, a chaw of Red Man and a PBR on the side?

        • SmokieOkie:

          Stetson sir, make the upgrade….it will cover your head in style when those pigs start flyin’…lol…

          On Topic: just another reason to prep and be commited to do what is right and necessary for you and your family’s free future.

          …be safe….stay the course….

          … be the ROCK, and not to roll….

          I’ll see you on the other side…B

          • I concur w/ BadAmerican! Get yourself a Stetson! You’d probably look good w/ a silverbelly, most folks w/ a silverbelly Stetson at least appear distinguished! I was lucky enough to recieve a wonderful short brimmed brown Stetson for xmass the year before last! It has been my most favorite xmass gift ever & got from my Step Father of all people!

      21. In the course of our travels the wife and I have been to countries where the police routinely carry machine guns. I get nervous being in places where cops carry machine guns.

        • If police using semi-auto handguns can fire over 50 rounds at an unarmed victim with a hit ratio well below 50%, as in the tragic case of Sean Bell in New York City in 2006, just think of the unbelievable damage they’ll cause with machine guns. The destruction and loss of life will be horrific and incomprehensible.

      22. We might just have another electoral cycle to get more progressives (not D/R, but both) out of office before this thing comes down hard. Romney at the helm will probably be much better than Obama. And if the Supreme Court rules Health Care Law to be unconstitutional (looking like they will), then there goes the excuse progressives have had in interfering in all manner of economic activity/inactivity since the 1930s. Means the regularatory regime comes down next. I’m very concerned about our nation’s future, but starting to get some hope things might work out for the children who become adults 10 years from now.

        • Neo,
          Thank you for illustrating the reason we,as a country, have lost our way. Ignorance!!

      23. Kev2, those aren’t cops anymore when they carry machine guns.

        • Cops carry them in their trunks.

        • Bill

          You hit it on the head; they’re a military force that is directed internally.

      24. I still find it amazing on how many people are simply clueless on what is happening all around them. They rely on MSM, or nothing at all. They are consumed by themselves and pay no attention to the world.

        There are just a handful of people I know who truly are “preparing” for the inevitable collapse of the world as we know it.

        We have the “left” and the “right” and the battle is in the middle. I know of no left-wingers who prep’. I only see conservatives doing what I am doing. Any of you lefties see the world crumbling and are preparing—?

        • You decide.

          I believe in a society where those less able to take care of themselves are given the means to get by. On the other hand I do not believe in giving anything to those capable but unwilling to help themselves.

          I believe in a structure where people can be successful in business. I do not believe business should grow while crushing and abusing people.

          I believe in having the freedom to make our own mistakes, even when those mistakes prove fatal. I do not believe others should be able to create and sell products which are known to be dangerous.

          I believe EVERYONE should have the opportunity to excel and grow through education. I do not believe those unable or unwilling to work at furthering their education be allowed to waste resources going to schools/colleges/universities for which they are wasting time, energy and resources.

          I believe we all have a duty to pay a fair share of taxes in order to fund the common needs of society. Defining what those common needs are should be decided by all, not a select few elite.

          I do not believe the average person chooses to be aware of what is going on around them, and if they are aware they choose to do nothing accepting the abuse. I do believe a small group of people are conspiring to manipulate the majority to their exclusive benefit.

          These are the reasons I am a prepper. The status quo is unsustainable. I do not consider myself to be on the right of the political spectrum. Does being left handed make me a lefty?

          • The parasite class should have no say in the amount of taxation levied upon those of us who are pulling the cart.

            • Jimmy Carter..let me tell a short story.
              The city which I no longer reside in Tennessee saw fit to raise the property taxes touild a new school–the percentage of blacks, non-property owners had grown to about 50%.
              The prop. owners raised lots of Hell and steered the committees to another option..saying in some select words, we will pay taxes all right, but so will the non-owners of property.
              Hence, the sales tax was raised.
              I don’t believe the city commissioners ever forgot that lesson.

            • Unfortunately, there are more “parasite’s” and those who believe in giving away “free stuff” than there are of us who believe getting something with no “skin-in-the-game” is destructive and immoral.

          • Perhaps I used an incorrect term in my description above. I would say that I know of no liberal (progressive, or whatever they want to call themselves)who believes, or understands the end is near on the world as we know it and they are preparing for it. What you describe above is, “responsible, self-reliant and more traditional.

        • Yes, I am (was) a leftist. I was at the Barry’s announcement in Springfield when he declared his nomination, I thought it was historical, I know now it was, but for the reasons mentioned on here (NDAA, etc.. Goldman’s Bitch). I always believed you go left or right to hell. Now, before you burn me at the stake please realize that I have become more libertarian as of late and would have been campaigning for Ron Paul if it would have made a difference. But now I am definetly a political atheist, and sware no allegiance to these criminals. When someone starts talking left or right, I just see them coming up with excuse after excuse of why their guys are ok or better. I just look at them and say I got sick of making excuses for Obama myself and declared my own political independence!

          Now I have dropped the left-right BS and realized that my country was gone. My founding fathers that I had admired and studied in History (my degree) and their revoltion had been hijacked and then rescued by General Jackson to yet again be hoodwinked by the Rothchilds in 1913.

          Anyway, if you would have told me five years ago at BO’s annoucement that I would have guns, 1,000’s of rounds, an acre garden, a safe full of Precious metals, bullet proof vest, gas mask and 2 year supply of canned food with rice and beans to the hilt, I would have told you to tell that fat fucker to stop smoking so much weed and that the world is not going to end! I used to make fun of my uncle in the country who freaked out on 9/11 and went out and brought a generator, (Viet Vet) I said he is just parnoid. Now he makes fun of me ;).

          So I guess I am saying that you can be left and still intelligent enough to see the BS of BOTH parties and start to think for yourself and your family. Once I became finicially intelligent about 3 years ago, I realized that no one can save this beast from destruction. This November we will have our choice of the Black guy for Goldman Sachs or the White guy for Goldman Sachs. Well at least we have a choice, Italy and Greece were apppointed their Goldman Bitches.

          It’s the United Banking Cartel versus us, not me versus you, for we are the many, and they are the few!

          Zedge Hero

          • The awakening process is just that, a process. It takes time for the propaganda mental conditioning to fracture, crack, and disintegrate to allow the mind to entertain a new paradigm, a new reality.

            Unfortunately no one can provide enough evidence to convince another person who is locked into Normalcy Bias to see reality and truth. This is a process that only an individual can undertake.

            In 2008 I was still a moderate democrat (today I’m a fiscal and social conservative independent) and made the decision to cross party lines to vote for McCain/Palin in a vote against Obama after listening to his vile speech in July 2008 in Colorado Springs discussing the need to form a Civilian National Security Force that would be just as strong and powerful as the military.

            As a Harvard Law professor, Obama is an accomplished word smith. That was no “brain fart” or slip of the tongue mis-speak. In the darkest recesses of his mind, Obama actually desires to see the equivalent of a Nazi style Gestapo here in the United States. Over 3 million people died in Europe trying to stop Hitler, and Obama wants to resurrect part of Hitler’s evil doctrine?!?!

            That alone would be enough for me to pick up a rifle to fight to defend the Constitution and the nation, I don’t care how old I am. Such a naked and wanton threat does not discriminate by age, gender, race, or politics.

            In any case, I’m watching very carefully now, and keeping a very close eye on where the country goes from here. Cheers.

          • You prove my point that I believe to be “liberal” and to be preparing is incongruent. It is one or the other and can’t be both.

            Welcome to your awakening. May enough people realize our peril before it is too late….

        • I think it’s more a case of grown-arsed adults not wanting to accept they have to take responsibility for their OWN actions.

          As a female you should have realised by 21 that no knght on a white charger is gonna come riding by to “save” you from yourself. Men need to grow the fuck up and stop being little boys playing “follow my leader” to their football team, corporation, or political party.

          The infantilisation of society just over my lifetime has been shocking – when are people gonna realise that 50 is NOT the “new” 15?

          Before we can hold the ptb to account for their actions too many of us need to reclaim our personal sense of accountability. Freedom involves TRUE personal responsibility, & carries a higher price than many are prepared to pay. It also means being prepared to give others the same gift.

          At a national level it means keeping our military & secret services out of other sovereign nations affairs and dealing with our own radioactive waste instead of dumping it on Somalia’s shores. It means going without beans and strawberries in December so that Kenya can grow subsistence rather than cash crops.

          At a personal level it means taking responsibility when a relationship fails and paying the child support without complaint so your flesh & blood doesn’t have to depend on state support to eat. It means saving during the good times so that you have a little set aside for periods of unemployment. It means trying harder to find work yourself instead of just sitting around ranting about immigrants. Starting your own business if noone will give you a job – the list goes on & on.

      25. The reason there won’t be a coherent rising up of the armed masses in America is because of their methodically designed SLOW MOTION breakdown of the once Great Republic. Slowly, ever so slowly, they move. Step by step. No hurry. Why hurry? The slower the better. Yes, there are many armed patriots. But is it a cohesive, coherent militia?

        Then there’s the masses, those who are too busy being busy doing absolutely nothing with their lives, strung out on every imaginable addiction available to the human body and mind. They wallow in the mud oblivious to the Game Plan created to suck the very life essence out of them. The Half Living are just as dangerous as those who control and manipulate them. Those who have some semblance of the Show, those that frequent blogs like this, are stuck in the middle; stuck in the convoluted quagmire of a world gone mad and thinking there is not a dam thing one can do about it. At least THAT is what THEY want us to believe.

        There are solutions but those will remain hidden from clear view until each of us is willing to consciously step up to the plate and fulfill our cosmic purpose, this time around. The greater forces (righteousness) at play here that are biding their time, waiting for certain things to fall into place. It looks bleak now, but it’s always darkest just before the Dawn. Personally, I wouldn’t want to miss this for anything.

        • 2 AE -well said

          • sorry EA – WELL SAID , i believe you are 100% crrect on that.the only way i see armed revolt is if the .gov forces its hand in a very big way. people will put up with alot , and believe it will all go away. and nobody on welfare wants to lose a free ride.
            and i wouldnt miss it either.

        • Spot on EA: ….Batter Up !!!!…

        • Roger that AE.

          Lock and load. Wait for signal.

          There will be a time. When it comes we need to be ready.

      26. ““…everyone but an idiot knows that the lower classes must be kept poor, or they will never be industrious.”

        —Arthur Young; 1771

        “One thing that the historical record makes obviously clear is that Adam Smith and his laissez-faire buddies were a bunch of closet-case statists, who needed brutal government policies to whip the English peasantry into a good capitalistic workforce willing to accept wage slavery.”

        so this is why they say history repeats itself ?

        • Just what the hell is freedom to you left-wing lunatics?

          Lets see, there’s the limited govt capitalistic notion of freedom. Here you’re free to learn and do as you want where you probably wont do as well some and will certainly will do better than others. It’s up to YOUR imagination and resourcefulness.

          And then there’s the left-wing moron’s notion of freedom.
          “Sit down and shut the f@$k up. You’ll do what you’re told when you’re told. BTW, here’s your ration card.”

          An even better example the historical record shows is capitalistic societies FAR AND AWAY exceed even the best example of your communist utopian lunatic version of freedom. But then you believe it’ll be different under your version of the wet dream. So THIS is why they say history repeats itself?

          • Have to admire the tenacity (or pity the stupidity) of the lefties. They stick to their beliefs despite the mountian of of evidence to the contrary.

          • nunya.. this is one of the best comments ive ever read here… thank you.i will just add one thing.. the neo con religious right version of freedom aint really appetiizing to me either!

          • Good post Nunya… I have mostly libertarian values. That being said, there will always be people who will want to lead and ones who would rather follow.The followers don’t especially care for true freedom.They would be lost without someone to guide them through their life.When someone no longer has to depend on their own wits to survive but puts that responsibility on someone else is when we get kings and serfs.

          • I agree Nunya, except we don’t have any capitalistic places left that I know of, do we? The West is one big fat Oligarchy of Socialism for the rich and indivdual capitalism for the rest of us! Social losses and private gains is Fascism. What’s the difference between the Chinese one party communist system and our one party corporate system? They both have central banks and planners that have no interest in its core people, correct?

            When you refer to anyone as left or right, they have already won. I was a lefty and hated you people, then I listened and learned that it’s not you I hate but them, the Banksters. And they know the only way they can keep the show going is for us to distract each other and most importanly hate each other, until we destroy each other. No more I say! For it us versus them, not me versus you!

            -The American Revolution was about the right and left coming together to overthrow the tyranical King. You had your guys in silk stalkings and we had our shit kicking farmers too, and together we overcame the most powerful empire on the planet. Think about it. It’s amazing what Americans can do when they put their BS aside and work together. The TPTB know this.

            Let’s stop thinking I am some single mom in the Ghetto living off welfare, and I will stop thinking that your some fat Rush Limbaugh guy who’s calling my sister a whore. Instead lets realize the Rothchilds have our mothers tied up out back and are in the process of raping them – and we need to rescue them by any means possible. Together!

            United we stand or divided we fall never rang so true.

            PS -I know that raping is a strong word, but I can’t think of anything else those SOB’s are doing to all of us right now. I’m not a big Jesus guy anymore, but I do understand why he reserved his anger for the money lenders only, they are some ruthless son’s of bitches.

            You might be a Bankster…….

            If you believe in socialism for you company, and not it’s workers, you might be a Bankster!

            If you lend uneducated people money knowing that they can’t pay it back, but you don’t care cause your bottom line goes up, then you might be a bankster!

            If you tell them that you care not who makes the laws, but who prints the money, you might be a bankster!

            If Jesus, yes Jesus, even thinks that your an asshole, you might be a bankster!

      27. Who will be manning those booths? GED carrying TSA flunkies? Won’t they have to come out of those booths to get your ‘papers’? Are those booths rated to stop a 50 BMG round?

      28. The reason there won’t be a coherent rising up of the armed masses in America is because of their methodically designed SLOW MOTION breakdown of the once Great Republic. Slowly, ever so slowly, they move. Step by step. No hurry. Why hurry? The slower the better. Yes, there are many armed patriots. But is it a cohesive, coherent militia?

        Then there’s the masses, those who are too busy being busy doing absolutely nothing with their lives, strung out on every imaginable addiction available to the human body and mind. They wallow in the mud oblivious to the Game Plan created to suck the very life essence out of them. The Half Living are just as dangerous as those who control and manipulate them. Those who have some semblance of the Show, those that frequent blogs like this, are stuck in the middle; stuck in the convoluted quagmire of a world gone mad and thinking there is not a dam thing one can do about it. At least THAT is what THEY want us to believe.

        There are solutions but those will remain hidden from clear view I believe until each of us is willing to consciously step up to the plate and fulfill our cosmic purpose, this time around. The greater forces (righteousness) at play here that are biding their time, waiting for certain things to fall into place so they can support those who are willing to take a swing. It looks bleak now, but it’s always darkest just before the Dawn.

        Personally, I can’t think of anything right no more satisfying than to participate in this “Transition”. I sense great things once the dust settles. It’s the Interim that’s somewhat nebulous, though.

        • Now I’ve never done that before, although the first one wasn’t quite how I wanted to finish it. Not sure how and why the duplication, sorry for the inconvenience of having to put up with my rambling, twice.

          • No problem EA, it was worth reading twice!

          • Incredible post, EA!!!

            And I agree with AZ Ready – well worth the read both times. 🙂

      29. You know what is happening with the ecomonies of the world right now is so similar to someone that has been allowed to continue to raise their credit limit each month. They almost live entirely on that credit and pay just enough of the interest, minimum payment accepted, to avoid getting hit with being overdrawn. The U.S. just keeps rasing the debt like there is no ceiling, but there is as well to everything.

        With any debt someone has to pay for it, and eventually those countries that are deemed as deadbeats will have to pay the piper. The first shot over the bow was the U.S. being downgraded with one out of the 3 credit ratings being dropped from AAA. It should not be surprising unless the run away debt is brought under control that there will be much more dropping of the U.S. credit rating.

        Probably before that happens the U.S. will have a big problem with the U.S. dollar being used to purchase oil from oil producers. Don’t think for a minute that the U.S. is not aware of the dire situations of the economy and the willingness of the U.S. to go to another war to ATTEMPT to stablize their own financial plight. Sometimes going to war works, but this time it could mean a third world war. Even if it doesn’t, financial upheavels mean disruptions in the food and other needs we all depend on. The financial problems that are monster like is yet another reason to get that stocking up of food and supplies into action now.

      30. I believe that our Governments situational awareness is far ahead of the average individual. Most think everything is A-Okay! And they will go about the daily business. All the regulations, Internet rules, executive orders and so on are being done for a reason. It’s not for your protection it’s for our governments protection from you the new terror threat.
        It’s my belief after looking at things like CRB index, Baltic Dry Index, Gold, Silver among others we are heading towards rapid inflation. Yes I hope I’m wrong but all signs point to inflation. Since 2009-10: Gas up roughly 90%, crude oil w 135%, corn 78% & so on. And people like Mike Maloney, Peter Schiff among others are saying were in for trouble in the near future. So do as our government is doing prepare for the worst and after that happens there maybe some hope. Because the next yr or two maybe hell in your neighborhood.

      31. Folks its time to get prepped….. ebay Item number: 110846136957 survival prepper seed bank $9.95 with free shipping 25 varieties..

      32. Travon Bitchez!

        • who’s trayvon???

          ohhhhhh that’s right he’s barry soetoro’s and rahm emmanuels secret gay love child gang banger drug dealer off spring who got shot for being black wearing a hoody in a hispanic neighborhood by a spic with a white man last name!!!

          AmeriKa Whatta Country!!!

          facebook pages gay lover

          • @ FBPGL,

            Well said homes, My compa registered as a white even though his was Latino on the last census as did I. This is so we can scoot under the radar study up on M.E.Ch.A. Gayvon was a set up, and the so call president fell for it because of his ignorance.

            Viva La Americanos!!!

        • It has come out that NBC edited the 911 tape to make Zimmerman look like a racist. Not at all surprising. Given past “reporting” by that crowd, I would venture a guess that the account of events portrayed in the LSM is completely opposit to what actually happened. Nothing new here.


        • why so the drones can see us?

      34. Calm down folks, our government is not buying ammo to use it on their citizens,They just happened to place an order and some reporter had nothing to write about so he made a big deal about it. this guy in drinking too much kool aid.try to think of a logical reason why our government would want to put us in FEMA camps or shoot us.we are the back bone of the country, we’re where our country gets their military, their funding,their labor force, everything comes from us. I believe in prepping for hard times and protection, but everytime some cracked pot make a movie I don’t believe in heading for the bomb shelter.

        • Got a bad case of normalcy bias there, don’t ya?

          • +100 Walt ….lololololol…

            hollow point 40 cal is not for target practice, they are shredder rounds meant for flesh and bone….

            ….Reload….from “their” cold dead fingers…

            @ The Survivor: you are either in, or in the way…

            from their cold dead fingers, don’t mind the maggots…

            • Correct. Cheaper, ball ammo for practice. Hollow points are not target ammunition.

              I tend to suspect DHS is preparing for a supply disruption, though, as much as anything. BTW, if you watch you can pick up law enforcement trade in .40 Glocks and Berettas at very reasonable prices.

            • So did they buy they new ammo with a shelf life?

        • LOL…

      35. I would personally leave any large city now while you still can. They will be the easiest to contain. Rural areas like here in East Tennessee and other places would be difficult to corner since you have so many back county roads, large tracks of forests, and folks are generally or have the ability to be more self-sufficient than their city counter-parts. We rednecks/hillbillies do not take kindly to being told what to do. Also, if you did place one of those bullet proof boxes it would get turned into swiss cheese or fire bombed. It will look like a stop sign. You might be safe from bullets so we you will get cooked instead. If they think they have problems now in Afganistan and Iraq with an insurgency, just wait till you attack the American people.

        • east tenn.. yes! being in a urban area is not really any kind of option.. for anyone. especially people on here.. dont look back… just leave! NOW!

      36. Jesus is coming soon.

      37. Long time reader…first time post, one of my first stops of the day (great job Mac). I have been involved for the past 22 years in Disaster Management and Emergency Planning & Preparedness and have been involved in Rescue / Response efforts to some of the largest man-made / natural disasters to hit this country as a private contractor to support Federal response efforts. About 60% of my family and friends are on board and have been prepping accordingly. The other 40%, I’m done talking to. Infact I’ve informed them that if your not going prepare then your part of the problem. I have met some decent folks at, DHS, FEMA, FPS, along my travels but also some real ass-hats. Now I’m also a vet (US Army) who took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies Foreign & Domestic, means more to me now them when I enlisted. Before I end up “Preaching to the Choir” here I’ll end with this; get to know your AO inside & out, develop good Sit-Rep and IAP, have a GOOD (Get Out Of Dodge)plan in place if possible. Always keep this in mind…from where you stand as an individual ALL Incidents begin local and end Local…plan accordingly from there. I pray for Peace every day and that some how God get’s us through these trying times.

        “If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”
        Samuel Adams

        • Welcome to the boards. Good info from someone in the know.

          • Thanks AZ

        • Shocking how many people acknowledge something bad is happening to USA, but make no effort at all to deal with it, or know of a prepper and that prepper’s stash is their backup plan.

      38. Hello SHTF Group;
        I read this site almost every day; and i have a serious question about silver. Long story short; i’ve got over 1600 ozs of silver. By rights; silver SHOULD be over $80.00 an ounce right now. Whats to keep Crimex from manipulating the price of silver into infinity? I know my question is a little off topic; but silver figures into my personal preps; and i was hoping someone on here could shed a little light on this. Thanks.

        • Because in the end a few % want Silver not paper. 40 years ago the Gov had about 3 Billion oz of silver now they have none. Read Harvey Organ; When it falls it will fall big

        • Dave: Invest in gold, speculate with silver, and hoard your lead. I have been preaching that advice here for two years.

          Some day the price of silver will be allowed to rise by supply and demand when other materials are created that replace silver in industry; not until then would be my guess.

          Until then silver is likely to be suppressed and manipulated down at every opportunity to support the electronics industry owned by the investment class, uber rich, and GB’s.

          Even so everyone should have some silver. If you are comfortable with the amount you have use your extra money for other preps.

        • dave…
          what do you mean “should siler be over 80 dollars and ounce”
          why should it? i mean markets are manipulated to an extent.. yes… if you dont believe that price than take it to a buyer and see what you can get.. i would be surprised if you get even close to 80. free markets are a good thing. a free market will tell you what the price of anything “SHOULD” be.

      39. The praetorian guard is gearing up for war against Americans. This is not new, although with greater speed due to the known economic collapse that’s coming. In my neck of the woods, we’ve been training and prepping since Waco. Waco was our second clue of how little regard the government and their praetorian guard have for human life. The first was Ruby Ridge. The government has hidden the truth of whats coming for the last 3-4 years from the unwashed masses. They know the outrage that will follow when the lies are exposed. So, they gear up to kill dissenters. Do they really feel they should go unpunished? Is power so addictive that the murder of hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, means nothing? What kind of government is that? It is one that, “after a long train of abuses,” needs to be abolished!

      40. Silver and lead bitchez!

      41. Actually, I’m glad to be the FIRST LAST! What the hell is the problem. Tempers are a sign of weakness. If you’re prepped there shouldn’t be a care in the world, let alone who posts a senseless FIRST. C’mon and lighten up. I’ve never…….. Very juvenile and ridiculously nit-picky!

        • lakeside
          SHUT THE FUCK UP!

      42. As I read through this article, I thought it was a Brackens Book (Enemies Foreign and Domestic). If only half of the things listed are tin-foiled, we are heading into uncharted territory of stomping the constitution and enhanced police state. Something wicked this way comes….


        China and Russia are going to team up and invade the US. China is no longer exporting rare earth minerals. Silver is the “war metal”. Runs electronics on things that go boom. I stock enough to sell back to Uncle Sam if he ever needs it to nuke the piss out of china.

        The fema camps will be used on Americans via the blue helmet UN troops.

        Ammo up folks.

        Obama is a socialist/communist that is aligning the collapse of the United States.
        Face facts folks. He is what he is. The last president of the United States.

        • Glad they’ll be wearing blue helmets. Makes targeting so much easier.

          • Red Coats 1776
            Blue Helmets 2012

        • China is not going to team up with Russia to invade the US. That is BS! Russia has all the raw materials and fresh water that China needs.

          After that China needs customers with dollars, not Rubles. Your observation would be clearer if you took your head out of your ass!

          Russia fears the invasion of Siberia by China and many in Mochba are calling for the transfer of the capital to the East.

          China is not exporting any rare earths? Thanks for the news flash! LMAO 🙂

          • I suspect the recent joint exercise by Russia and China was used by Russia to gather intelligence as to Chinese equipment, tactics, etc. The Russians have always been scared of the Chinese. Siberia is a tempting target, and can be attacked by China without the little problem of crossing an ocean without being blown to bits.

            As far as water, I remember hearing that lake Baikal in Siberia holds about 10% of the world’s fresh water. It is DEEP. Makes lake Superior look like a bathtub.

            • Jimmy: You are right about Russia. They are vulnerable to a Chinese attack. China bought a few of Russia’s best fighter planes, copied them, manufactured them in quantity, and installed home made electronics in them.

              When I wrote “home made” you should read electronics copied from American and Israeli sources.

              Lake Baikal actually holds 20 – 22% of all fresh water in the world. It is a mile deep and 400 miles long. 🙂

            • Jimmy: I think the SCO, Shanghai Cooperative Org is a case of “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”.

        • Probably not. I disagree completely.

          The Russians have not enough troops. If fighting starts, NATO could really strike back hard. Does it stay non nuclear, Russia would fight for her live to defend her borders. Remember, all Eastern Europe is in the NATO and except for the Bulgarians they all have more then one score to settle with the Russians, for 50 years of occupation and humiliation, not to forget all the crimes which happened when they were “liberated” by the Soviets. One Polish granny told me, that it was better being occupied by the Nazis then being liberated by the communist.

          Finland has a score to settle, the British always like a good fight. Denmark would fight and so would Norway and the Baltic states. The Netherlands too. Even the French could join in. That Sarkozy guy seems to be in the fighting mood. The only one staying neutral will be the Germans, which is a result of our own stupidity. In the South Georgia would distract the Russians and even Turkey might join in, as it is a NATO members.

          There would however be a slight chance that the Russians could win because the Italians are in the NATO. One solution would be to ban them from all military operations 🙂

          For the Chinese: How would they get over the pond? They would meet the Taiwanese, Canadian, Japanese, Australian and some other navies, plus the US Navy. Not a chance seeing Chinese troops in the US, except as POWs.


          Another thing is if the US starts a war of aggression. In this case there is a good chance that NATO and Asian partners wouldn`t join the US due to public pressure. This could easily result in that the US had to fight alone. But even then the Americans have enough naval power to fight off any attempt attacking the US directly. It would either end using the nuclear option or it would end as a sitting war with both sides agreeing for a truce. This truce would look like a draw. In reality the US would be on the loosing side and the next president (there would be one!!!), would be an isolationist.

          The rare material thing is less scary then you think. Within two years time Western countries will be able to obtain rare materials from the seabed. Thats what I work with, when I am not being busy doing projects with oil companies.

          On Obamas qualities, I am afraid that I have too agree with you, and I will never forgive our people that they gave him the Nobel Peace Price.

          • I doubt a conventional war would be feasible on the scale of WWII. If the US is attacked, look for cyber attacks, grid attacks and biowarfare.
            Countries are already trying to position their holdiings of commodities (food, water, metals) and manipulating their currencies.
            It doesn’t hurt to be prepared for physical warfare but these threats seem to be more likely to come from our own government and from violent protestors. If things go internatinal, I suspect the type of attack will be more subtle.

        • I also received an email from someone in my email loop who’s been sending me data generated from Wilcock. Here is the latest link sent to me.

          Are militaries around the world preparing for final take down of New World Order cabal?

          Whatever is brewing out there, it’s big, REALLY BIG!

          My advice to everyone here is to do what you need to do to lay low while the craziness festers up. Remain invisible. Stay out of sight, figuratively speaking. Don’t broadcast your position. Stay Grounded and Centered in the Self. When the time is right, your/our, purpose for being here, in this time and space, will become as clear as a mountain lake. Calmness is not what THEY want you to have. THEY want you to be UPSET, stressed out because that frequency will not let you SEE and EXPERIENCE the Solution. Stay rested in the up and coming months, weeks and days.

          • I read your link and was kinda impressed with the info.I have been reading up on Benjamin Fulford and the Dragon Family for some time.Not sure if what he claims is misinfo or not. I’m inclined to believe what he says is true since a court case was filed about what he claims pertaining to the Dragon Family gold.Let’s hope so.

      44. I think there is some missing information in this article. My understanding was 450 million rounds of 40 cal., and 450 million rounds of .223.

        Secondly if you want an idea of what is planned for disruptions in this country look here, heck sign up for the training to learn forst hand what is coming at us thanks to Van Jones, Soros, and others:

      45. Hit the doctor and the dentist. Plant a garden. Get in shape. DO SOMETHING before you run out of time…


        • Considering the size of CONUS, I think they are wasting their (our) money on checkpoints. Sounds like somebody’s freaking out big time.

        • As of last year no spec ops (in the Navy) were using 5.7 rounds in any numbers. Even tier one guys stick primarily to the NATO rounds (5.56 and 9mm). HK MP-7s have been used in CQC environments, but not by the vast majority of spec ops.

        • No such thing as bullet-proof. If they military could do that, they’d have stopped buying guns years ago. 😀

      47. Some of us actually work for a living…

      48. .40 CAL Hollow Point happens to be the standard issue duty round for all of CBP and ICE which includes thousands of uniformed and plain clothes officers, close to 20K Border Patrol Agents alone, and yes .40 Cal Hollow Point is used for target practice every quarter alone a BP Agent has to qualify with his sidearm(.40) and it is the same round he carries for duty (hollow point) literally thousands of rounds every three months by (20K?) Agents, plus extra rounds to replace those thousands used for quals and other training venues plus extra on hand for emergencies plus extra rounds for the Agent to practice on his own time. And that is just the Border Patrol now do the same process for all CBP Officers, ICE Special Agents ect.. The order for millions of rounds is not abnormal, in fact it is quite normal and those wont all get delivered at once it will be a steady stream.

        • exactly right, these ordered rounds, if even true are probably for target pratice for the next ten-fifteen yrs, but some people read into info what ever suits their purpose. if I felt the way some of the above feel about our country and government, I’d be on the first boat our of here, I’ve read above where the UN,Russia,China and our own government are coming for us, we don’t stand a chance, a lot of the above call the people,sheeple, but only sheep hang around to be slaughtered, leave now, don’t wait, if you have all the facts right.prepping and being prepared for natural disastors, hard times is one thing, but thinking that there is a person behind every bush with an AK waiting to shoot you is past being paranoid, you;re ready for the rubber room.

        • …also, remember, this 450M round order was over a 5 year period.

          Let than 1M rounds a year.

          However, the thing that struck me is that they were hollowpoints. They wouldn’t be using these on the range, would they?

          Maybe. It could be there has been a policy change and instead of using target ammo and duty ammo, they’re just going to use all the same for both. Reasonable I suppose.

          This 450M order has been hyped by patriot groups for several weeks. People like to cause a stir. It might be warranted but it might not be. Most people that stir the pot never want to believe it just might be stew instead of witch’s brew…

          • NR:yes, as someone pointed
            out,(cant remember),the five
            year contract may just keep
            prices stabalized-Imagine that…
            can anyone say ‘re-load’?

            ERIC- relax,i say,…Man,don’t
            be so fracked out about the dang
            ‘what if?’s,-PTSD sucks,I KNOW-
            I’m not a fucking Sage,but i can
            Gauran-fuckin-tee THEY are more
            Afraid of ‘fill-in-the-blank’,
            than you/me/we are, y’dig?

      49. To Dave Says,

        Try for your silver question. I visit that site daily, just like I visit this one.

      50. They say, we have over 100 million law abiding gun owners…so they better be prepared…they want a fight ,they just might get one…God Bless America

      51. Here’s the “insidious plot” ™.

        They get stories to leak. Or make them up.

        Everyone keeps saying “it will be before the end of the year”. Every year. Since like 1975.

        It WILL be before the end of the year, 2030, no doubt. It pretty much has to be.

        Until then, these stories are designed to burn you out on the concept and re-inforce normalcy bias. People become immune to giving a shit if someone’s always saying “the sky is falling”. And they know this.

        So, throw down some money on nuclear anti-personnel mines or whatever, and “let” the story “leak”.

        When it actually hits, there will be a bunch of easily controlled people with normalcy bias out the ass. They’ll be pissed off and they’ll have always known something was wrong but they’ll be under-prepared and put up a measely 5 minute fight.

        • the sky is not falling…

          “conspiracies” sites…
          and other such non sense
          from the media and feds.
          peddling doom and gloom
          end of days,
          solar flares,
          rogue asteroids
          rogue planets
          Russians and Chinese at the borders
          troop movements on rail cars
          etc etc
          are all capitalizing on one simple scenario..


          fear sells books,videos, lectures, and drives website traffic.

          fear enables TPTB further destruction of what few rights we have left.

          fear drives the sheep to the polls in rabid expectations of salvation from the previous regime..
          and without a glimmer of truth or facts to substantiate such claims..


          The mathematical probability of a sustained economic collapse is but a certainty..

          as it is already well under way .

          That is not a normalcy bias.

          That is fact.

          Greece Spain Portugal Italy etc etc are living proof of that..


        • The election of Obama. It triggered mine. Oh, I’ve been carrying for years. Just never openly and just never legally. Well, it depends on which law you read. The supreme law of the land or the petty politically motivated state and local laws.

          Its funny, gunshops everywhere spew nearly hatred for Obama, yet, he’s the best salesman they’ve ever had!!!

      52. Here’s a kick-ass quote:

        “Robert Heinlein, the great science fiction writer – and political philosopher – divided humanity into two basic categories: Authoritarians and anti-authoritarians. Which are you? You are not a Republican or a Democrat. Or a “liberal” or a “conservative.” You are either someone who wants to control other people, to compel them to behave and live as you believe they ought to – or you are someone who believes everyone else has the same right to live their life as you’d like to be free to live yours. That is, to be left in peace to make your own choices, according to your own judgment or simple personal preference – no matter how non-conforming or oddball others may consider those preferences – so long as you’re not causing someone else a demonstrable injury. Live – and let live.

        And leave others alone.

        It is pretty straightforward. You can very quickly and accurately cleave the authoritarian types from the anti-authoritarian types using this standard. And you might begin by using it to categorize yourself.” …

        – via, authoritarianism-starts-within

        • clark – that’s so true

          shame I can only give 1 thumbs up!!!!

        • Dark,

          I read stranger in a strange land 30 years ago. I found it AMAZING.

          It may actually got me out of my republican run in which I was born. Authoritarianistic government is a petri dish for corruption.

          …and I reject it.

          Authoritarian – Thumb me down.
          Ani-Authoritarian – Thumb me up.

      53. This place is turning into, I will head for greener and less infiltrated pastures. Goodbye Everybody.

      54. Unfortunately, it’s getting “other” people to leave us alone!!!

      55. My first post. Fellow brother and sisters. My notes on single vehicle planning prep. Hope they help ya. If an EMP Pulse is deployed, many if not all these modern push button start vehicles will be rendered useless. Besides they can probably do a backdoor shut down of your modern vehicle thru onstar. Get yourself an old 4×4 (gas engine) with the least possible electronics. Have a few spare ignition modules and coils wrapped in aluminum foil (which I think should act as a good faraday cage). A vehicle running diesel is good but for starters better to run a gasoline engine since there are plenty more gas vehicles to siphon gas from. Store up plenty of STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer to deal with the ethanol issue. If we dont recover within months after SHTF, start looking for a diesel vehicle to utilize bio-fuels, since STA-BIL treated gasoline will eventually go stale. Dont discuss your vehicle with others else it will be ripe for the taking when time comes.

        • Vacuum tubes even are vulnerable. Whoever said they aren’t hasn’t done enough research. Now, a mechanical timing system is a different matter. Remember when distributors were run off the cam? 😉 No tubes or semiconductors of any kind.

          Also, a lot of electronics have different issues depending on if they’re installed, operating, how they’re stored, and so on. A vacuum tube is nice because they won’t over-current until they get hot enough to melt or arc or something while in storage. That’s part of where the myth came from.

      56. Make no mistake, if you resist (with force) the actions of the totalitarians, they will cut off the electrity and gas supply for your town or neighborhood, until you comply. If that doesn’t work, they will crank it up a notch or two.

      57. A man is driving along a highway and sees a rabbit jump out across the middle of the road. He swerves to avoid hitting it, but unfortunately the rabbit jumps right in front of the car.

        The driver, a sensitive man as well as an animal lover, pulls over and gets out to see what has become of the rabbit. Much to his dismay, the rabbit is the Easter Bunny, and he is DEAD. The driver feels so awful that he begins to cry.

        A beautiful blonde woman driving down the highway
        sees the man crying on the side of the road and pulls over. She steps out of the car and asks the man what’s wrong. “I feel terrible,”he explains, “I accidentally hit the Easter Bunny with my car and KILLED HIM.”

        The blonde says, “Don’t worry.” She runs to her car and pulls out a spray can. She walks over to the limp, dead Easter Bunny, bends down, and sprays the contents onto him. The Easter Bunny jumps up, waves its paw at the two of them and hops off down the road. Ten feet away he stops, turns around and waves again, he hops down the road another 10 feet, turns and waves, hops another ten feet, turns and waves, and repeats this again and again and again and again, until he hops out of sight.

        The man is astonished. He runs over to the woman and demands, “What is in that can? What did you spray on the Easter Bunny?” The blonde turns the can around so that the man can read the label. It says..
        (Are you ready for this?)

        It says,
        “Hair Spray
        Restores life to dead hair,
        and adds permanent wave.”

        Happy Easter!!!

        Y’all Beware!

      58. “Just Bring IT”

      59. My county just became first in the amount of CPL permits issued in my state…feel lucky punks?

        Im also helping the gun MFG’s..I just added to my collection

      60. First we have this …

        Then, this….

        I listened to the first 7 videos(while working a jigsaw puzzle)..and if there was ever hope for our fallen nation, I pray to God, this is it.


        Thanks for posting this Walt; had read lots about this, but discounted it as truth.
        Now, back to # 8.

      61. I have a friend of mine who’s from Venezuela and he was telling me how Chavez did it, how he got control and kept it. He kept gas and alcohol cheap. Keep your population mobile and drunk. In the case of America, add in obese, drug addicted, and attached to the boobtube and you can effectively control anyone. The problem here is the cheapness is coming to an end and the gravy train is no longer economically viable.

      62. @FACE BOOK- Why don’t YOU post a comment sometime that has some relevance. I have NEVER seen one from you. It was probably YOU that hijacked my name. Still can’t get over my “blame the jews” comment perhaps. Perhaps I told you a racial truth, and you hate because of one of those comments I wrote struck a bullseye. Get over it, and GROW UP. Whatever the reason is *kevin yells* F^UCK OFF!!!! *kevin wispers* BUT have a nice Easter buddy!!

        @MAC- Is the new site going to be set up so people can register a username so its harder for people to impersonate someones avitar?

        @everyone- Happy Easter.

        • Good morning, Kev! You stirred up all that stuff yesterday and didn’t even stick around, dude! FB Page decided to run amok and threaten people.

          But hey, you were still first, Kev, and I think that you may have set a new thumbs down record! 😉 Happy Easter!

          • @daisy- actually that wasn’t me this time. I was up in the mountains playing. Some used my name. I would like to claim that record, but I cannot. I WILL get a redthumb record eventually. Enjoy your easter!!

            • hmmmm i smell a POSER! someone used my name too kev… wouldnt have been you … now would it?

          • Daisy, Kevin is correct. He didn’t post the “First again”, I did. I did this to prove a point. People on this site are tired of the stupidity of “first” posts. Didn’t know it would open up a hornets nest but so be it, point proved. I hope it shows everyone how childish this has become.

            @Kevin, sorry dude but you brought this upon yourself. Enough of the first crap please. And if you wish to claim the prize of most thumbs down, go for it. You would have posted “first” if I didn’t beat you to the punch.

            @Mac, I agree with Kevin. There needs to be a registration of user names as mine has been used before.

            @everyone else, gotcha all, and no, this isn’t my real name!

      63. Whats with all the bickering up in the comments hasn’t anyone learned that’s hat TPTB want everyone to do is to argue and fight over stupid stuff I’m a newbie here and hope that this is just a one off thing with all of you who seem to try and be better then the rest people I have seen thru the comments section Peace to everyone Much Love from Ohio..!!

        • How about, “Release our children, and we’ll let you live.”

          • Good luck keeping my 7 year old away from his Mama! Lil beastie has more than one trick up his sleeve and is just as capable of using box cutters, or a sling shot as any adult.

      64. I for one never planned on messing with the government when things go to shit…nor do I plan on giving the government a reason to want to mess with me. I just want to be a low-pro joe-blo getting-by while packing two suppressed five-sevens and a suppressed AR-15 with a Surefure 100-round mag and a slide-fire stock to boot….just in case I need it…

        My arms, ammo, edged weapons, tactical training, NVG’s, scopes and other preps are specfically to defend home, hearth, neighborhood and preps from those sheeple-turned-wolves when the food runs out, mutant-zombie-bikers, homicidal anti-white racists, opportunistic looters and murderers, all the prisoners they will release once they can’t feed ’em etc…. NOT to fight off drone-backed government forces wearing head-to-toe body armor and pouring out of Bradley fighting vehicles to either kill or permanently incarcerate me for offering resistance…..

        IMHO The gumby-mint is going to collapse its security apparatus around those things which will preserve America’s economic viability to those entities (notice I didn’t say nations) to whom our infrastructure and our land has already been pledged to since THEY already know that D.C. will never be able to pay them for what they’re owed…..the rest of us will be excess baggage which the sociopaths in the White House will gladly sit back and allow to self-exterminate. Heck..they might even GIVE us some of that ammo to thin ourselves out faster….

        Look for China to come in on the ground via UN auspices in order to occupy us until order is restored…then they will simply never leave.

        If any one group becomes too powerful to allow a smooth transition to the NWO… then they’ll send in the drones (piloted by mercs for plausable deniability) to wipe them out with a few airstrikes.

        If it’s going to be a citizen vs. government scenario then the USG will have to force me to choose by oppressing us even further, moving against us more agressively as-if the USC never even existed, or attacking citizen forces first….if this comes to pass…then I’m all-in with the Minutemen…

      65. If there is a collapse, it will resemble a third world nation more than Mad Max. What tends to happen is this: as economic forces or government power collapses, the elite and control system falls back in a tactical retreat. Think of the wagons making a circle to defend against the indians in the old west.

        Think of society and systems operating in many interlinked whirlpools, each with their own centres of gravity. As an example, there is the ghetto-pimp whirlpool in your local neighbourhood, with its own economic ecology and leaders and soldiers and slaves. Or take the educational industrial complex system, with its many self-contained economic ecologies linking scientists and researchers with funders and government.

        These systems carry on in a crisis but tend to fall back into tighter whirlpools. Just like in third world countries, where work is passed from friend to relative etc. and people live behind high walls and have next to nothing to do with the majority of the population, who are left to be destitute and to eek out a living.

        America will go this way and all the trends are already in place. People will become habituated to it after 20 years. It will be normal to pass through the Detroit shanty towns to get to the Renaissance Centre, or to fly over the Ex-Urban Manhattan Peoplescape cardboard shanty town district surrounding the island of Manhattan. There will be peace and civilisation far from these places. Private sector villages and cities will emerge but they will be membership-only places to live. There will be Boho-Ville: a place with warehouse lofts, cool 24-hour diners, loose sex mores, lots of indie bands and gigs, great fashion etc. Or Oracle-Ville: a sprawling tech campus with start-up incubators, suburban tract housing, and a minimum requirement of a PhD to live there. These places will thrive and will be protected by private sector security companies. The private sector security companies will be the only way somebody can advance from a shanty-town to a better way of life. They will expect extreme discipline and physical prowess and all security workers will be bio-tracked and chipped with a self-destrction brain budd if they go rogue. That’s the future!

        • You’ve been reading Snow Crash again, haven’t you?

      66. A possibly great thread idea ruined! Now we know how to keep a group from ever discussing the true topic and maybe accomplishing a thing or two. Bravo!!

      67. It’s too bad that so many of you were so easily sucked in to that nonsensical war started by Kevin. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Since you all started bickering mindlessly over THIS foolishness, it makes me think “How would these people fare in a REAL crisis?” Not very well, I’m afraid.
        I vote that we let Mac execute anyone he wants, since it IS his site. Just remember, Mac, we’re pals, right? Mac? uh- oh….

      68. What a shame, these egos.

      69. It should be assumed there are paid detractors ploughing the internet, whose sole purpose is to trash and obstruct constructive discussions. Total idiocy and infantilism is perfect guise to distract and frustrate intelligent blogs. They should be dismissed and ignored. When they’re around consider you’re onto something and they will ridicule.

        Moderator might consider deleting their nonsensical garbage.

      70. Excellent article! You can never emphasize how important it is to be prepared against tyrants too much.

      71. I am a Chicago police officer in the 007th district (englewood) for the last 7 years and we have not been preparing for any such revolutionary event. I would think that as one of the biggest law enforcement agencies in the country, we would have the heads up on a possible catastrophic event but, yeah, nothing. I call bullshit on this article.

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