McGrath: “Somebody In Government Is Afraid Of What Is Coming” *Video*

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    While the average American may have been convinced that the economy is recovering and happy days are dead ahead, few are talking about the reality of what’s going on behind the scenes. They act as if the crisis of 2008 has long passed, and whatever was responsible for it has now been solved through massive trillion dollar bailout injections.

    Most fail to realize how serious of an issue we faced just five years ago, and even fewer understand how close we are to a collapse so incredibly horrific that it could change the very landscape of this country.

    For those paying attention to the warning signs, it should be clear that something isn’t right.

    Charlie McGrath, of Wide Awake News, weighs in and suggests that not only is the next stage of collapse rapidly approaching, but that our government is fully expecting it.

    It was sold to the people of this country that bailouts had to happen, because if they did’t happen we would see pandemonium in the streets.

    A recent biography by Gordon Brown, former Prime Minister of England, showed just how worried he was if the banks shut down – people couldn’t get their food, they couldn’t get their fuel, they couldn’t get their medicine… there would be literally anarchy in the streets.

    We know that never happened. We know that the people of the world were scared into that happening, yet we spent trillions of dollars to rescue these institutions, namely the ones who were not regulated in the first place who caused the problem, who are even larger [now] than they were before…

    So what happens when the next crisis hits? And it could be very, very soon.

    If you want to know where we’re going, listen to the words of the President – ‘We’re never going to have another taxpayer supported bailout.

    I beg to differ. The next bailout is going to come from the taxpayers. We’re not going to call it that. We’re going to call it a bail-in.

    All we have to do is look at the Financial Stability Board inside Europe to see what they did and to see the stage that’s been set for the next round of collapse… The people who have their money in the banks are going to be the ones that lose.

    This is the agenda going forward.

    The Associated Press confirmed in February that the Department of Homeland Security has an open purchase order for 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition. Armored vehicles have been seen flowing through the streets, drones flying through the air, the expansion of the security industrial complex.

    For what? For what?

    Somebody in government is afraid of what is coming.

    And you can’t believe the lies of this administration of the past or the agenda that’s been put forward to have us believe that this is all to protect us against terror.

    Somebody knows what is coming… Is it all just coincidence?

    (Watch at Youtube)

    We know the U.S. government security apparatus has been simulating economic collapse scenarios and the fallout that would follow, and this is why they are actively implementing a multi-billion dollar control grid all over this country.

    There can be no other explanation for the activities of the Department of Homeland Security, the military and governments on all levels – from local to federal.

    In fact, the US Treasury Department just released a report indicating that the nation’s debt crisis could lead to a collapse so catastrophic that it could last more than a generation. Whether that happens on October 17, 2013, or five years from now, it’s only a matter of time.

    We’re talking scenarios much more severe than the Great Depression.

    But this isn’t just happening in America. Switzerland recently engaged in war games that simulated an economic collapse scenario, as well as an invasion by bankrupted nations and millions of refugees. In 2011, the British government developed plans to evacuate their citizens from European countries in expectation of monetary and economic crisis.

    The exercises and drills may be compartmentalized so that most who are partaking in them don’t really know why, but there are those in the higher echelons of power that know very well what the end game is going to be.

    None of this is a coincidence.

    If you aren’t taking steps to prepare for a new paradigm – one plagued with destitution, riots, starvation and bloodshed – then you are going to be a victim of what’s coming.

    Gordon Brown is right. When the economic system breaks down or the dollar collapses food, fuel, and medicine will be nearly impossible to acquire. The experience of Greeks, who saw this first hand, is a perfect example.

    The only option for the government at that point will be to control the looting and violence that follows by declaring Martial Law and locking this country down.


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      1. They better be worried.

        • MOLON LABE

          • “””The only option for the government at that point will be to control the looting and violence that follows by declaring Martial Law and locking this country down.””

            Or it could just string up the banksters, repatriate their stolen fortunes, and return to constitutional money.

            Only problem is, that would benefit and strengthen the people and the government sure isn’t going to allow that happen.

              • They’re pissing on our heads
                and telling us it’s raining.

                • The outlaw; JOSEY WALES!

                  • Why are Americans totally oblivious to the fact that “their” Federal Reserve Bank is Jewish?


                    News today that Janet Yellen is to be the new chairwoman of Federal Reserve, replacing Ben Bernanke. Not surprising of course is that Yellen is Jewish, continuing a long tradition since the formation of the FRB.

                    Quite remarkable when you know only around 2.2% of the American population is Jewish.

                    So what makes Jews especially able to run the most important financial institution in the USA & the world? Is it because they do such a great job in controlling the economy, an economy which to all accounts is about to fall off a precipice? Or could it simply be that Jews tend to hire and /or promote other jews to important positions for the purpose of control.

                    What is clear is that the Federal Reserve has just since 2008 created 2.9 trillion dollars by a system called “Quantitative Easing”, the simple printing of new money.

                    $2,900,000,000,000 would clearly take care of all the USA’s internal problems, including decent health care, but instead it’s been given to banks, mostly jewish controlled, although the Federal Reserve itself is unable to explain where most of the money went.


                    So the question is, how long will Americans put up with this embezzlement and who will they blame, because at the end of the day they are the ones who will have to pay these huge debts.

                  • Why are Americans totally oblivious to the fact that “their” Federal Reserve Bank is Jewish?

                    link follows (or Google the title in bold)

                    News today that Janet Yellen is to be the new chairwoman of Federal Reserve, replacing Ben Bernanke. Not surprising of course is that Yellen is Jewish, continuing a long tradition since the formation of the FRB.

                    Quite remarkable when you know only around 2.2% of the American population is Jewish.

                    So what makes Jews especially able to run the most important financial institution in the USA & the world? Is it because they do such a great job in controlling the economy, an economy which to all accounts is about to fall off a precipice? Or could it simply be that Jews tend to hire and /or promote other jews to important positions for the purpose of control.

                    What is clear is that the Federal Reserve has just since 2008 created 2.9 trillion dollars by a system called “Quantitative Easing”, the simple printing of new money.

                    $2,900,000,000,000 would clearly take care of all the USA’s internal problems, including decent health care, but instead it’s been given to banks, mostly jewish controlled, although the Federal Reserve itself is unable to explain where most of the money went.

                    link follows (or Google the title in bold)

                    So the question is, how long will Americans put up with this embezzlement and who will they blame, because at the end of the day they are the ones who will have to pay these huge debts.

                  • @ theglimmerman
                    ..You are the one who would not make peace with the bluecoats”

                  • Really? Hitler was raised as a Roman Catholic – a majority of the Supreme Court is Roman Catholic. Maybe you should worry more about the global Catholic conspiracy…..

                  • Hitler was raised as a Catholic in childhood, but he rejected Catholicism, persecuted Catholics, and chose to become a pagan occultist.

                    We have no control over our birth circumstance, but thereafter we make free will choices for which we are culpable.

                    Prosecute the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.

                    Use your head for something more than putting your cap on backwards.

                  • Its not a conspiracy of Jews. Throughout history the Jewish people have been a highly successful people, and a highly motivated people intellectually. Not surprisingly this has resulted in them being more successful on average then other cultures. Because they have been persecuted for thousands of years, they have become, as a culture more resilient intellectually and psychologically leading to higher rates of success financially and actually in all fields of endeavor. Naturally this success rate is regarded as a threat by other more lazy cultures who do not value intellect and results in the current conspiracy theories.

            • I am going to shoot a question to everyone out there. What IF all this about the economic debacle is nothing but a major distraction to something else? I am not necessarily talking about geophysical either, though it could be. This could be a whole list of disasterous events that the government knows about and is not telling anyone. It could be a set of rogue asteroids for as far as we know ready for the Earth to rotate through. Something is coming, but it could be one of the strangest black swans any of us have ever seen.

              There is no better way to galvanize the public and masses with some event that scares the living sh#$ out everybody. What IF there is something unbelivable on the horizon and this whole governmental garbage is nothing but a charade.

              Practically everyone right now is concentrated on this government shutdown, even law enforcement is not totally focused on terrorism like they should be after this U.S. raid in Somalia and Libya. Just seems to much to me like all this about the economy has been scripted out. Remember after 9/11 Junior’s approval rating went up to 90%. BO’s could also get that high if the masses were utterly terrified and looking for leadership, even from a foul place like BO. Perfect time for BO to declare martial law when as little resistance as possible was at the time. After an economic collapse less people would be pro BO because it was much more expected and less shocking and terrifying that some type of mega surprise out of the blue.

              Call it just a hunch, but I think WHEN the next huge event in on the news and this site, it is going to be something different and maybe very surprising than an economic collapse. Again, this is just an inkling without any scientific anything behind it.

              • That is a possible scenario, BI, but even if the public had an inkling of something on the horizon I don’t foresee the majority of them doing anything about it. Hear about the gunman in CA that no one noticed because they were ‘occupied’ by their tech devices? That’s how mainstream America is right now – oblivious to the warning signs all around them because their attention is held by the Kardashians, the latest I-gadgets, and which starlet was given a shiner by her rapper boyfriend.

                • I wish Mac could print the article today,

                  that he Will be printing a year from now.

              • BI
                Whatever it is I am ready for it.

                Nano, Nano.

              • Time will tell. The ‘conspiracy’ is always steps ahead of us. And they always have something interesting up their sleeves.

                ‘Interesting times’ they are.

                • I’m glad I’m old and my kids won’t have any kids.

                  FUBO !

              • I read somewhere that the network, the probability of civil war in the U.S. is 20%, I believe it is wrong somewhere.
                A first shot at a peaceful march could lead to a 80% probability, the government is walking on eggshells, the military are dissatisfied, is a very dangerous time.

              • Do you really believe after several hundred years of financing wars that killed at the least 200 million that the power elite are out of the goodness of their heart attempting to prepare the world population for some catastrophic event?

                “Call it just a hunch, but I think WHEN the next huge event in on the news and this site, it is going to be something different and maybe very surprising than an economic collapse.”

                Sure……the very purpose of the event will be to shift the blame for the economy falling apart on something outside of their control (we were so close to a recovery… AND THIS HAPPENED). They will tell the frightened masses that government will mitigate the adverse effects fulfilling their responsibility to the citizens.

                • Government shut down to protect the debt ceiling, DOES NOT BY LAW, preclude the payment of existing American debt financing by the Treasury, who has the power to print money to make the payments. Such printing DOES NOT raise the debt ceiling.

                  Any denial of payments due to bondholders would be a DELIBERATE act of TREASON by the POTUS and openly demonstarte his desire to cripple the American economy and destroy the USA.

                  In that event, O’bummer should be indicted, arrested, tried, and hung for TREASON. Death to the NWO!!! 🙂

                  • Amen Dk, amen.

                    FDR Said; IF it happens in politics, be assured, it was meant to happen…

                  • FDR was the closest we had to a dictator his wife actually wanted him to declare himself.
                    and the power given FDR to intern certain groups i]has never been revoked although i have little belief in the fema camp theory just that the president does have the power
                    and J egar hoover was absolutely against it

              • @ be Informed.. First let me say I follow your earthquake predictions and the USGS sites, Space Weather sites, etc. I am impressed at your predictions and knowlege of the earth’s crust. You were/are good friends with JOG and have “science” in common. So…. why the fuck did it take you so long to come up with that “hunch” when JOG has been screaming it at us for 9 out of 10 of his last posts? Start fucking shoveling Dude.. signed your friend …

                • @ Gone under and everyone else. I can tell you from the crustal activity that something very large is coming from the earthquake angle. This is science and statistics at work. With something else, I am in the dark as everyone else is. It could be something that even the government knows nothing about. I have said this before, I don’t like the way the animals and insects have been behaving all spring and summer long. The birds are acting like they are in a panic state to get as much food as possible for one example. Could be a terrible winter, but the insects that normally start to seek shelter indoors have not yet done so.

                  Sometimes a “hunch” is something that might have observance that we just don’t make a connection with at first. Israel continues to complain bitterly that the U.S. has abandoned them and they have to go it alone to stop Iran. Israel is very spastic when it comes to attacks, as most of them are very unexpected. Israel attacks Iran and Hezbollah with Syria, it is WW3.

                  Another thing I have seen is the climate. Rapid City, South Dakota got almost 48 inches of snow this last week and Wyoming got absolutely hammered with snow. Most mega snow events have occurred in middle to late October rather than the first part of the month. Another oddity was the complete lack of hurricanes in the Gulf and Atlantic Oceans. This bubble of dry air and wind shear destroyed any storm development and the water was easily warm enough to form some huge storms.

                  Another issue is the fireballs we have been seeing. This shows a huge debris field the planet is rotating through. I have always thought that projected paths of rocks in space were much more changeable because of the gravity shifts from other bodies in space. It only takes one rogue rock to create a pinball type of effect with the other asteroids.

                  This hunch is just a feeling I got that we are due for a surprise, not a good one either. Again, it is just a feeling that may have nothing behind it. The one thing that does have a legitimate cause behind it is the out of whack “abnormalities” of everyday life. I bet if you look around with even a skeptical mind you can find much that is way out of place and that something is wrong and you can’t quite put your finger on it.

                  • You are right again. There is something amiss and it is there staring at us like Sasquatch or the Honey Island Monster and we cannot see it. I am so guilty of misplaced priorities but where to start. I appreciate the guy who begged for you to ‘start shoveling’ but where do we start with such a big unknown? There are so many dots to connect it is like looking at space with the Hubble telescope trying to find the source of everything. Watchmen, Watchmen, what of the night? What time is it? It sure is time to restudy all the ancient Biblical prophesies for their relevance to our existensional situation today. There is no human made compass out there, GPS or otherwise, that can provide adequate coordinates, and yet even nature is telling us something if we are but only willing to ‘read the signs of the times’. Thanks, BI and Mac, and all who post here. The right perspective is needed like when looking at some of those pictures that are hidden in a picture. This one appears to be multidimensional and is proving difficult to see clearly the outline of the shape of things to come. Hindsight will be twenty/twenty, hopefully not just from eternity. May God richly bless and safely keep each and everyone one of you as we carefully move forward, awake, alert, and oriented X 3.

                  • The New FERAL gov, buys a billion rounds of ammo…. things that make you go hmmmm….

                    If you’re not on a list by now, you should be ashamed.

                  • The comments about earthquakes are of interest to me, and have been for the last twenty years or so. Twenty years ago, the common wisdom was that better reporting made it seem like there were more quakes. Now, I’m not so sure.

                    What would be of interest to everybody, would be a map of the globe, with smaller to larger circles blinking on and off, showing the time, location and magnitude of quakes over a twenty or thirty year period.

                    A huge animated GIF, say.

                    Such a visual aid would help greatly in understanding the ebb and flow of quake activity, as well as offer a clean visual guide as to the rate of increase in dfrequency and magnitude that I think we’re seeing.

                    I have searched for such a GIF but haven’t yet found it. There must be such an animation in the servers at USGS, if it could be found and shared.

                    I have very good graphic and database skills and would spend some time in designing such an animation for general public use. Contact me thru FaceBook, using your name, if you wish to chat about this idea further.

                    As to the anecdotal observations of insect and animal activity, IDK. I think this depends on local weather more than anything else.

                    Virginia has experienced some of the most beautiful weather this year. It reminds me of childhood, when the seasons behaved as they “should”. True, we did have a very wet, cool summer, and that may turn into a cold winter. Remember, the Sun is the generator of our heat. Also, volcanos can throw up a lot of dust in a very short time. That equation is not as simple as human generated carbon dioxide.

                    Absolutely, we throw up a lot of carbon, and that effect, tho relatively small up till now, seems to be measureable, if only the scientists would report the data as it is, not as they would like it to be. Still, Mr. Sun is calling all of the shots regarding temperature.

                    We had the derecho storm in the summer of 1012, and a lot of trees were lopped off. This summer, the canopy seems to be actually denser, as so many trees have “doubled up” on leaf growth. What is clear to me is that carbon literally falls out of the sky. Sit around long enough, and my back yard will become a seam of coal three hundred feet deep. There is a lot of scientific falsehood in the carbon sequestration schemes. But I digress.

                    As to the asteroids. Could be we’ll get gob smacked. Just hope it’s a small one, and that it doesn’t hit the San Andreas fault, or another big fault, and get the whole planet shaken, not stirred.

                  • BI, What is up with all of the earthworm suicides this year. My driveway has been covered with thousands. Never seen this at my house in the past 7 years. Used to see a stray one here or there. Now I have to sweep them off. Prob just a wetter than normal year?

                  • Gonetoolong,
                    Good point on earthworm “suicides”. Here in Kansas I have seen masses of earthworms on the sidewalk. And other animals are not eating them. The worms just stay there and petrify. It is so weird. I have never seen this happen before anytime in my life. My sons asked me why this was going on and I had no explanation. Does anyone here have any idea about this?

                  • I told everyone about my dream and not a one has taken heed to it.About 4 years ago I had a dream about astriods hitting the earth and it was like I was there threw it all.I had all the five senses of taste,smell,touch,hear,and vision,I fucking saw what is coming in a dream and this was right after I saw an UfO.But I have been called a crazy fucker for it all………………………………………………

                  • The Watchman is trying to cry out, but few are willing to listen. Wood has written a book (DISCOVERY TO CATASTROPHE) that is a must read for anyone who wishes to see what is ahead from a biblical perspective. While a work of fiction with biblical support/evidence, he notes we are in for a terrible time in the not too distant future, and encourages people to awaken and prepare for the horrific events that await us.

                    His second and third book (not yet published), will lay out in much greater detail some of the scenarios that are soon to unfold.

                    Blessings, and read for your life.

                  • Maybe the big fella in Wyoming is waking up and about to spew hell on us in the uS

                  • where does haarp & chemtrails play into all this. I heard they were responsible for nearly all the really bad storms we’ve had in the last years.

              • I dunno – the Halfrican Dictator might think he’ll be appreciated if there’s a catastrophe, but judging by past performance, the Gummint response will be so incompetent and politicized that he’ll probably wind up the goat. Like Mussolini.

                • Half ARAB half white.

                  Almost no African, only a bit from his grandmammy.

              • Syria was a sideshow to allow obamacare to be ushered in. Now that obamacare is here and is the law of the land, Syria is out of the news. Syria was all over this board as the precursor to WWIII, it was the flavor of the week and now it’s not even mentioned, go figure. I have to agree that the games being played in congress has the possibility of being more than what’s on the surface but I don’t know what it is yet. It could just be that Bohner is trying to be more Cruz than Cruz in order to minimize Cruz and the rest of the nonconformist. It seems to be working and Obohner could be playing along, it is to his benefit to keep the status quo in the two party apparatus. The nonconformist rock the boat and the loss of control scares the power elite.

                With that said, I’ve said for a long time that the Great Debtpression will make the Great Depression look like the good old days and I firmly believe that. If it never happens then I’ll have loss nothing by having learned how to raise chickens, turkeys and goats, grow my own food, forage local wild food, having installed solar, make cheese, can things I never thought of before, make my own bread, make my own sandals from used tires, cook with a rocket stove, play a musical instrument and many other things that I’ve enjoyed learning and doing. Tonight I signed up for a blacksmith course with a local artist.

                • On a side note, tonight we made Chile and cornbread for dinner. The beans for the chile came from some pinto beans that I recently canned, they were perfect, the meat for the chile was chicken that I raise this past spring and summer, I ground it up in a hand crank meat grinder. the seasoning, for the shame of it was store bought, as was the cornbread mix but I have it in bulk. The chives garnish came from the herb box and the cheese that topped it was a ricotta cheese made from the whey from some recent cheese making. This homesteading thing can be very fulfilling.

                  • Rick, you are a stud…I been on a work bender out of town but got home last night. Have a couple days off and I am going to be stuffing my rootcellar and canning like a mo fo.

                    As to the homesteading comment…I love homesteading.

                    Were does everyone think the “Greatest Generation” came from.

                • You are a very interesting group of bloggers and gave me a lot to think about tonight. I still believe a college education is important even for a conservative person. I just want to add that many so called liberals will suddenly become conservatives when the stuff hits the fan. They will still annoy me.

              • BI,
                My firm belief is that we’ve been seeing a charade on a scale that we could hardly comprehend if we tried. I think that there has been a chess game of incredible proportion being played on a global scale. I believe that this government has direct knowledge of things that would scare the sh*! out of the average American, and because of this they believe that it is their right, or privilege to decide the ‘fate’ of everyone in this country, and even on a global scale. Governments all over the world have been preparing for years…for what? It’s only the ‘haves’ that get the privilege of “knowledge” about what is coming. However they have an incredible false sense of security. Their fault is that they believe their multimillion dollar bunkers and smug attitudes will save them from horror. We must not fear the plans of men…only the plans of God. If you survive what is coming or die a horrible death, it will only be because God willed it, and nothing else. We must be vigilant, continue to prepare in the name of our family, our future generations, the preservation of this great land and the ideas that were lain in the foundation of this country. Life, Liberty, the pursuit of happiness. However, when it comes to surviving what is likely coming, that is entirely up to God. It is likely that we WILL see some crazy black swan event that blows everyone’s minds, but just because you may have seen it coming and have had 50 years to prepare for it, doesn’t mean that you’re going to survive any longer than the guy who’s been prepping on the side for 3 years. Right place, wrong time is a real SOB…but nothing beats finding yourself on the dry land when everyone is drowning around you. Who knows, I may be the first to go, but maybe, just maybe, I will be privileged enough to see the look on the faces of these swine-“in-charge” when we finally pull them out of their holes and bring them to true justice, and restore this beautiful country to it’s former glory.

                Sua Sponte

                • Ender:

                  Thanks for a great post!

                • We have been warned in Scripture and by Our Blessed Mother at LaSalette, Fatima, and Akita.

                  • Wasn’t there some scary prophecy by the Blessed Virgin that caused one of the Popes to faint?

                  • The appearances by “Mary” are demonic. Some demon pretends to be Mary and a bunch of naive people believe it. Mary wasn’t the mother of God. She was the mother of Jesus’ earthly body. She never wrote scripture. She never performed miracles. Nowhere in the Bible does anybody say to honor her. The Catholic Church has turned her into a goddess with more power than Jesus Christ himself.

                  • There are indeed diabolical apparitions. Medjugorje is likely one of those.

                    LaSalette, Fatima, and Akita were carefully investigated and pronounced genuine.

                    While celebrating Mass Pope Leo XIII overhead a conversation between Jesus and Lucifer. During that he appeared to faint. Afterwards he wrote and promulgated the Prayers After Mass to be said after every Low Mass. The Vatican 2 and post-Vatican 2 “popes” have since changed the Mass, all the sacraments, and discontinued the Prayers After Mass.

                    It is likely that the changes have made for invalid sacraments— the prophesied “abomination of desolation,” “the sacrifice will fall.”

                  • Luke 1:43 “…the mother of my Lord…”

                    Luke 1:28 “Hail, full of grace…”

                    Luke 1:42 “Blessed art thou among women…”

                    Luke 1:48 “for behold from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed.”

                    Better to get your exegesis from Scripture than Jack Chick comic books.

                  • Catholics worship only God, the Holy Trinity.

                    Catholics honor Mary as the Angelic messenger from God and God’s Holy Word tell us. So much for the so-called ‘Bible Believers’ who disbelieve the Bible in order to disparage Mary.

                    Do you worship everybody that you honor? Catholics don’t. We honor Mary. We honor the Saints. We honor our fathers and mothers. We worship only God.

                    Jesus Christ is True God and True Man, ONE PERSON, two natures. The child that Mary delivered is one person, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, Messiah, God. The Blessed Virgin Mary is indeed the Blessed Mother of God.

                  • It is truly sad how many people are deeply invested in disparaging and denigrating the Blessed Mother of God.

                    Do you really think Jesus Christ wants you to treat His Mother so?

                • DITTO

              • Good Evening BI,

                Yes, it is late here as well…I am having some difficulty sleeping this eve, thus…

                There are a HOST of things that MIGHT be nascent at this point, but I assure you; the economic situation is simply beyond belief…extraordinary. In the three years that led up to our departure I took ip attempting to ascertain just WHAT was going on behind the scenes. To that end I located outlets for the Weekly and Bi-Monthly Federal Reserve reports as well, the various mandatory reportings required of ANY Finacial Institution that opoerates in thes country, specifically for JPM, GS, Citi, W-F, etc.

                In the passage of time I found that there existed systemic ‘discrepancy’s’ throughout those which could not be accounted for…at all. Understand please that the ‘flow of money’ from “A to B” IS roughly trackable (within limits) and for every major transfer thusly there is a system-wide change of the obvious balances involved, Yes?

                Just so, BUT, throughot the last three years the extent to which the ‘discrepancy’s’ manifested themselves grew at an ALARMING rate, until during the lsat several months it became my opinion that EVERYTHING being presented was so much ‘hog-wash’…the basic figures simply don’t come ANYWHERE near to ‘balancing’ whatsoever. This is pure, unadulterated LYING ar tgis point at the most basic level.

                Thus, my Friend came our final decision to MOVE; Whatever is coming will almnost certainly be a pure, perfect construct of MEN. There might well occur some other more ‘natural’ events which will serve to exacerbate matters significantly, but the bare case at hand is that WE have created what is about to befall us.
                More’s the pity…

                Please take my word for this: this IS a “Black Hole” with no BOTTOM, and on the day I concluded THAT was cemented the decision to leave. I do not beleive that the system – as it exists now – can make it much past the Christmass Holidays…be watchful through that time,

                On a completely seperate note NOAA 11864 continues to rotate into fuller view and it appears to be pasably sizeable (STAR is listing it (AT THIS TIME) as being 400 SM and assigning it a “BGD” classification…”Beta-Gamma-Delta” which means very complex internally. Based on these factors and as well that it id nearly always the case that initial estimates of size are notoriously difficlt to accurately assess, I beleive that this region merits further scrutiny through the next 5 days – minimum.

                Not unexpectedly, NOAA’s corresponding reporting for today IS DELAYED; Hmmmm, I WONDER WHY? Surely a lil ol ‘budget problem’ wouldn’t be the root cause here…Ya Think?!?!

                Well, that sums up what I have for this eve and so I will conclude here…but No, McGrath is NOT ‘wrong’, please be ‘watchful’ Y’All…I have already told you why me and mine need YOU and YOURS, that stands unaltered.

                Adios Friend


                • A long taaaaaakkkkke caaaaarrrrreee and thaaaaannnnk yooooouuuu! JOG. Sure hope it makes it to ya.

                  • Possible Repost…

                    Howdy PO’d!

                    Been a while Friend, has it not? I am VERY glad to see the words everyone puts here, it is my reasurance that you all are well….I WORRIED about Y’All these last few months! All is well here Brother…very well indeed, we have been much Blessed. A bit of news for everyone here; 7 days ago the last of “us” arrived here; our full complement stands now completed…I have few further worries therefor…and those are primatily my Friends which are left behind…many of those, here. ;( Stand Fast Brother…the New Dawn is NEAR to Hand…so soon!! Thank God, the waiting i almost over, for the End-Game is being played out now Right Before Our Very EYES methinks!

                    Howdy BI,

                    You are correct Friend; the Sun’s influence ‘pon this orb is simply, pre-eminent. Moment to moment, the total energy falling upon the face of the Earth from that exceeds 72 QUADRILLION watts of power. By virtue of comparison here, ALL that Humankind does in expending energy within the planetary envelope just barely exceeds 5 quadrillion watts (intantaneouly). All such can be validated through Wiki by the simple expediaent of looking up “Sol” or the “The sun” there.

                    We KNOW that there have been ‘extraordianry’ events in the past…and not neccesarily the FAR past either. Sometime around 721 AD there is deinitive evidence that a MASSIVE Gamma pulse passed across the Earth…we have yet to fully isolate WHAT the genitive source WAS…and no the timing of this was sucxh that it was NOT the ‘Guest Star’ of Chinese folklore which was the genesis of the ‘Crab Neulae’, but something else, as yet unknown. That said, almost without a doubt, that led to extraordinary Solar activity that may have coincided with one of the previouss indentified Solar minima (the Oort here I think).

                    Thank You for the ‘Warm Welcome back’ Friend…I missed you all – everyone here – more than I thought I could or would; ‘ti good to be among you again!! I VERY much missed our direct dialogue’s! Your efforts continue to bear good fruit; the METHOD is Validated..such is plain! 🙂 Therefore Friend ‘Congratulations on a job well-done’!!! 🙂

                    Tot the nmany other here who I habe not addresed directly as yet, please know this: ALL are REMEMBERED, NONE are FORGOTTEN! Tis a simple truth that my net access is much more limited than was the case previously, thus limiting my ability to bespeak the many here who I would gladly do so…be patient with me Friends…yet I AM wotking ‘pon that!

                    Well, I am returning to the sawmill for the day; we are running what will likely ne our last run of lumber for the year…it is becoming cold here lately seldom getting above 35 degree’s in the last week+…weahter which I LOVE, BTW. Sooo…till later all…and once again,

                    “Well-Met Friends”… Adios


                • @ JustOneGuy. I am so glad you have everyone’s back covered in regards to space and the Sun. 🙂 I have some background with Astronomy but nothing like you do. My assumptions with the Sun is basically just trying to compare it with other physical features that I know something about.

                  I don’t know if this has much bearing on predicting the Sun’s activity or that lack of it, but I feel that the climate changes in the past on the Earth might be a way of forecasting the next super X flare. What was the weather conditions on the planet before each large X flare, days, weeks, and months before. When we see weather patterns like this again, could be another solar eruption coming. The Sun influences the planet’s climate way more than anything else such as global warming due to carbon amounts. The Sun is what everyone should be more studying for new warming or cooling periods. I say this again, I am glad you are back from the outer world.

              • That is exactly what I have been thinking and I am being reassured that I am just getting emotional but it is something I feel in my bones. I can’t back it up with evidence other than things I am noticing. I will add that my early childhood was sufficiently traumatic and strange that I have a certain heightened awareness.
                I have noticed how a super wealthy group in my major west coast city are putting huge multi million dollar estates on market. These people could survive a depression like the 1930’s easily.It’s more the Warburgs and others leaving germany in the WW era. My take. Plus this all started to happen in the 2009 period. Pocket listings only.Just certain realtors. Now celebs that I are established or savy started doing the same.

                I will point out that in the 1990’s Bilderburg was discussing demand destruction.
                Dr. Strangelove also made that famous comment.

              • I think you are right BI. Everything else would appear to be a shadow covering some thing. Long have many of us on this board said that some thing is just not right.

                It would also appear that we can only prep for a generic system failure and hope for the best. Once again we are at the point of prepping for the worst and hoping for the best.


              • I think you are right about the ‘distraction.’ y’all hear about the ongoing final international talks happening right now in indonesia? It’s for something called the trans pacific partnership. What caught my eye about it is how obama is pushing for this hard, he wants congress to allow him to ‘fast track’ it without congressional approval or amendments (recall’ we have to pass it to see whats in it’ quote re: obamacare).we know o-vomit doesnt give a rats behind about america, so why is he pushing for this? supposedly, it’s NAFTA on steroids and also an end around the constitution, allowing some international body to govern us. wouldnt put it past the POS to pull this. mac, can you investigate for us? here’s one of many links on the subject:


              • Be informed. Myself I believe ya don’t gotta be a certified looney wearing a tin foil hat to know something is up with the planet. And It isn’t glowbull warming. and its not caused by man. and it cant be mitigated by man. Im of the opinion its an end of an age pole shift. I don’t believe its the event referred to in the bible. its not caused by sin. Its a cyclic event the would occur even if man had never walked the planet. Humans wont go extinct. Humans numbers will be greatly reduced.

                • ain’t nothing wrong with a tinfoil hat every now and then

                  • It just means you’ve always got something with you, to wrap yur taters in…

              • Practically everyone right now is concentrated on this government shutdown

                It would be more accurate to say that everyone is concentrated on the NFL, who got kicked off on dancing with the stars, who advanced on American Idol, and who the Kardashians are sleeping with this week. Bread and Circuses my friend.

                • Exactly!
                  Instead we all should be preparing ourselves for the biggest fight of our and our families lives. Time to take stock and research every technological and non-tech tools these bastards WILL USE AGAINST US. Learn where the weak points are and prepare to exploit them.
                  Lastly, kill your TV, unless it’s you’re computer monitor 🙂

              • BI,
                With the near closing of NASA and our end to human space flight on our own launch vehicles.
                Funding being reduced or curtailed to be almost non existent levels for pure research, you bring up a very puzzling scenario.

                That scenario would be highly conpartmentalized and classified known only to a few , it could be something so terrifying that creating a DISINFORMATION CRISIS would be the only option to conceal it and prepare the general population without giving away the true nature of the event.

                It does not make sense that DHS Supposely prepared with MRAPS and billions of rounds which I have yet to see at work (it’s kind of hard to hide that amount of munitions). And yet 90% of DHS is on furlough right now , my unit “infrastructure protection” and the base I am stationed at are completely closed only a skeleton crew remains. If it was going to SHTF you would think we would be on maximum alert not dispersed at our home locations? what about this outreach we have been performing with local PD’s , small unit light infantry tactics and citizen protection drills ( getting weapons and training into the hands of citizens, oops OPSEC) It’s nothing like the conspiracies have it, find out for yourself google CERT there are a lot of similar things being done. Why do you think the Civilian gun sales are going through the roof! It’s a good thing.
                I trust our people, I do not trust our Politician’s. Could it be if our command authority is taken out it would be citizens at the local level that will have to be prepared to keep the civil in civilization?

                As food for thought notice all of the TV shows lately The Walking Dead , Defiance, Falling Sky, Revolution and all of the Post Apocalypse fiction lately. ( which I am guilty of watching and reading) The prepping movement ( common sense movement), could it be we are being manipulated or at least the unprepared are being nudged into that direction?

                We can all feel it in the air Something is not right , something is coming only the good Lord knows what.


                RESIST NO MATTER WHAT


                Semper Fi 8541

                • “…And yet 90% of DHS is on furlough right now”

                  You’ve gotta remember NB, MOST OF US ARE NOT IN THE CLUB, and that includes govt workers and military. WE ARE NOT PART OF THE ELITE 1 PERCENT.

              • BI-

                You hit the nail on the head. I have been asking that very question for some time now, as things didn’t add up or make sense. If you were the TPTB, and knew something catastrophic was going to happen, what would you do?

                – Order as many heavy duty grave liners (or FEMA coffins) as possible in advance
                – Order and buy as much Ammo, food and other supplies as possible.
                -Pre-train and militarize local law enforcement as possible.
                -run up your national debt as high as you can, because money…doesn’t matter anymore.

                I truly believe we have something larger than life looming and the world will be forever changed. Whether this is man-made or nature…we will know pretty soon.

                deep thoughts indeed-

              • Good morning, Be Informed, and I believe your scenario is most likely to take place. We just won’t know what events until they take place. I’ve always suspected there would be a series of events taking place along with economic collapse. I still believe that will be how it happens. braveheart

                • Bh. Another profound statement. Series of events is beyond vague. What events are you predicting this time? Careful not to restate past comments about pending gloom and doom that did not happen. BH, the world will end and misery loves company. Couldn’t happen fast enough for the old loser man. Do you read shit before you press submit?

                  • He’s just drunk again ANONYMOUS !

              • Good afternoon BI,

                So riddle me this. How does the government have money to pay these park rangers to harass people but don’t have the money to keep the parks open? They have money to build more fences and baracades but can’t let people camp the pay money for the sites. It’s all BS and they know it.

                This proves to me that our military will do the same thing when they are asked to engage the US public. That one park range said it’s disquisting and hr didn’t like it; but he didn’t refuse to do it! People will do whatever it takes to keep getting their paychecks as long as its someone elses problem.

                FYI Martial law means nothing to me. NOMI

              • Obama will declare a catastrophe ,declare matial law and go forward with Agenda 21. game over!

              • Whatever the event is, I think TPTB will use it to try a gun grab. If they do, and they have one or two Waco, or Ruby Ridge type incidents, things could get sketchy.

              • Well, we know for certain that a HUGE comet is coming (comet ISON), and we know that NASA has discovered other large bodies heading this way recently, so I’m pretty sure something major will happen with one of these. ISON’S tail is eight times wider than the earth and has a massive amount of debris in it. You don’t really believe nothing at all will happen due to this thing, do you? FEMA and other government agencies know about this (actually it has been made known to the public by newscasters on MAINSTREAM news) so they are naturally preparing for their own safety. And of course they will need to declare martial law when the citizens (who have NOT prepared) are scared to death by the debris that enters earth’s atmosphere and devastates portions of the earth. “Men’s hearts failing them for fear” as the Bible says. So yes, there IS another explanation for what’s been going on behind the scenes. I advise Americans to heed the warning and do what they can to prepare for devastation, one way or another.

              • An asteroid is expected to cause a huge impact near Porto Rico, causing a tsunami to inundate the East Coast:

              • I have thought of this enough times to think it through. The government has organized the communist style takeover for far too long. There are too many programs from too many government agencies to believe this is all a diversion from something more nefarious. Why would they do that anyway? That would be more of a humane way to deal with mass panic from a government that really doesn’t give a shit about the little people in the first place.

                This is about a commie style takeover. The US will suffer an economic collapse and our civilization will be knocked down hard for it. And those who are the elite top players have already planned and prepped for this. They rise as the winners. It may be that the health/medical collapse will trigger the actual downfall and planned deaths will set it into the deep downward spiral. But make the bet that the elite will own more, control all, and society will be radically different. This is why the surge in protective gear, ammo, military police. The little people and working class are bound to rise up and protest even wage mini-wars. They’ll be stopped. With control of our health, punitive tax code, and food production, they have the majority of the citizens by the balls. All of this is inevitable and history proves we are due, economics proves we are overdue, and religiously we are long overdue. Think of all of those alphabet agencies that have their own agenda that aligns with the Obama and nwo agenda and you can clearly see this is the goal of globalism and a more communist style of governing.

                How many years before Hitler turned? How long has Obama been in office? Dont believe Obama and his crew are interested in polls anymore. Its no longer important. Obama has the ego of a true dictator and he has been molded into perfection to carry out the final steps forward. We are heading towards the climactic downward spiral fast now and whatever erupts will allow Obama to become the legislative tyrant he was crafted to be. There will be WROL because it will be militarized control with no Constitution. Count on it.

                The American melting pot is now the pressure pot and its ready to blow. They have turned up the heat to where the pressure is max’d out. It really doesnt matter what the catalyst is or will be. It’s inevitable that it will happen. Face yourself in the mirror. Define your principles. Know what your own red line is. Prepare accordingly.

            • Everything is fine,
              keep on carrying on
              The economy is recovering,
              the nation is strong

            • They need to repudiate the derivatives debt like Iceland did and put out warrants for the arrest of the Banksters and the Treasonous scum that signed us on to their crooked schemes and that would be the end of that. Also end the FED Reserve and hang em all. If we did that we would have at least 50 years of Freedom and prosperity that would set records.
              It would take the crooks that long to get the gumption up to do their evil again and then you hang a few more and things get better again.

              MOLON LABE!
              Sic semper evello mortem Tyrannis!

              • Don’t forget the elite families who own the fed.

            • if ya worry about the money worries that is a false flag go to the Russian and European news sites its not money there talking about its polar shift and comet issa and the asteroid’s that its mass are moving out of the regular orbit you know its time to find a cave when the congress and senate clear out and obbama takes off for another sudden vacation cause when they head out your gonna have about 12 house too get to a nice deep cave I got mine its 5 hours away and I can be safe and so will my family and friends in short don’t listen to obammas lacky and see what the press from the other countries are warning about

          • X 40,000,000 of us….

        • No way they win. No fucking way.

          “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

          There is nothing else to lose.

          • They might win, but they’re gonna pay dearly for it, and it’ll be even costlier to keep.

        • If and when it’s lights out for us it will be lights out for the global economy. This mega collapse won’t just affect the West. It will cause a financial contagion felt around the world. Fr the first time in history all the economies are interconnected and are using Fiat currency along with issuing govt bonds. Basically the entire globe is doing the same shit financially for everyone on the planet.

        • They dont have the ability to lock down the country.

          Just look at watertown when they had 10, 000 boots on the ground looking for 1 kid!

          If there was ever an uprising with millions of people they would have to use artillery and precision guided bombs against the populace and it would require every military and police agency member to take part with out abandoning post or switching sides.

          • After the boston smoke bomb HOAX the jew media made it LOOK like there were thousands of traitors “looking” for the “kid.” In reality, it was a few hundred PIG traitors in a typical jew media controlled set. It’s called a: psyop.

        • HEY MY PEEPS

          Just wanted to let you know that South Korea has banned importation of U.S. beef. The rest of Asia and Europe may also follow.

          This is due to use of BANNED growth hormone additive Zilpaterol!

          Thought you should know! HUGE NEWS.

        • Who writes this? Are they retarded? Gordon brown was the prime minister or britain. Not england. There’s a difference.

        • “They had better be worried” is not correct. This default threat is all a smoke screen to scare the public into ceding more control, power, and money to the puppet masters. They are not worried at all since they are writing the stories that we are reacting to

        • Need to stay vigilant though, especially after what happened to the EBT Food Stamp system over the weekend. I checked my online bank accounts this morning and when trying to logon I get the message, “Account information unavailable at this time” I’ve got 2 cash accounts and 2 credit accounts. Same message on all 4 Wells Fargo accounts. The same with a Capital One Credit account. Unable to access all the above Monday morning, early afternoon all is back to normal. Vary unusual during prime business hours. After the EBT shutdown it’s a little suspicious. Just sayin’

        • It is 0226 hours on 10/17/2013. No going back now, is there?

      2. No one can stop the bond bubble. They’ll print enough dollars until it loses so much value that the bond prices will have to go up no matter what, and then along with it, the interest on our debt (currently capped at 17 TRILLION)

        I am trying to get the rest of my extended family on board with prepping for a financial collapse but no one is listening, I saw this card game for preppers/survival folks, has anyone played it? I am thinking maybe it would be a good way to get them to wake the hell up.

        • The card game looks interesting, thanks for the link!

      3. Prep on folks
        Time is limited
        Get what you can
        While you can

      4. Remember what happened in Boston after the bombing? Are you going to tell me they came up with a plan to shutdown a major city overnight? I believe it was just an excuse to make a dry (live) run to see how well it would work.

        • Just because they got away with it in Boston, doesn’t mean they’ll get away with it elsewhere. We’re not all college trendies.

        • I may be wrong but I can’t see anybody trying to take on 317 million Americans.
          The failed countries they keeping yaping about only has a tenth of our numbers.
          They have different political systems, education levels, retired military, armed to the teeth and motivated.
          I don’t believe anyone in DC is suicidal enough to pissoff this many Americans all at once. Shit, they’d have to live in those DUMBs for 20 years. It’s likely they’d know it wouldn’t be healthy to show their faces out in the open air.
          Laying over one of the PIGGS nations is one thing. Laying over America, sounds like a costly and unhealthy proposition. Me thinks they lose!
          As a side note. When the catastrophe hits and the elite rushes into the DUMBs. (Deep underground military bases) It will be their decision to go in, it will be our decision when to let them out.

          • Whether they have calculated or miscalculated, they are Satanic and psychopathic enough to try.

            We don’t know for sure all the details how we get from here to there, but we do know exactly how it will all end.

            Keep your lamps trimmed and burning.

          • we need to seal them up inside. They got to hve aair intake. Find that and seal it up .those DUMBs need to be their tombs.

          • I agree with both you and sixpack. I don’t think all 317 million will resist but even if 1% resist thats 3 million armed and pissed off, most will be probably be vets. I hope it never happens though, because it will be real ugly. The war would last a long time and it will take generations for the nation (or whats left) to heal.

            That is what I prep for.

            • There are alot of non-vets who are tired of this shit also and when the only thing left is life itself.

              There will be absolutely no mercy shown for anyone that has taken from humanity and the earth.

              Know who they are in your community.

          • Precisely. No way there will take us on. Epic FAIL and 1,000,000 + DEAD traitors, if they even try + their families die with them as a fringe benefit of treason.

            1,000,000 ++ , as in ALL fed, state,local govvie scum, cops, corporate, banksters, including local, military doing the chem trail op, etc etc etc. If they are INSANE enough to try and take us, I hope to be a volunteer executioner, after I finish my scores of kills and the war ends.

      5. TICK TOCK TICK TOCK……time is running out..eventually we will see the end game play out.

      6. They have been practicing for several years now while we have been Sheepled.

        They have been practicing and preparing.

        We need to prepare now. Get ready financially, food, water, etc.

        Also, get ready when those folks try to end it all.

        Praise God for everything. That Day spoken long ago may be here. We were warned. Now is the time to be ready.

      7. All going as planned. Obama Muslim Brotherhood agent and central banker puppet has shutdown the government by design in order to blame the Tea Party and the conservatives for the fallout, but that is backfiring. They are simply following the agenda to demonize and attack us, we are considered domestic terrorists now. We the people are the enemy. The puppet in chief is blocking our vets, not funding our fallen soldiers, closing National Parks, not funding cancer trials, etc. Obama is getting desperate, his approval rating is down to 37% and will only get worse. I truly believe a economic crash is coming and a domestic crackdown and possibly a false flag. Treason has been committed more times than I can count and finally the American people see the games this scum plays. Be prepared and be alert.

      8. I have no issue stating these facts. I retired from the US Army in 2006, many of the men I trained are still active and in touch with me on a weekly bases, they believe as I believe, they pass on what I taught them to the young men they lead today as I lead them.

        The majority of the military will be with us as this mess moves forward, they will follow orders as long as those orders support the people, anything after that a break will occur and the right thing’s will be done in the name of the people.

        This government underestimates the people, it believes we are all willing to sacrifice our freedom for security, and as we know many are, but the right people are not and we stand as many, we stand as 3%ers who will not give away the freedom our for father fought to protect.

        I spent a life time molding boys into men, those I mentored know there duty, and they will not fail us.

        • Look at what just happened. Good men and women closed down our parks and guarded them. They knew it was not right. They even closed down publicly funded parks. When people are hungry and must feed their families, they will follow orders. Look at what happened with the Nazis. Neighbors turned each other in. Do you think I would turn in a liberal neighbor if I had to? You bet! The left wing is coming after us all.

          • Heck, I’d turn in a liberal even if I didn’t have to 🙂

          • At Dave. Good men and women wouldn’t of closed the park. A soldier has the right to refuse immoral orders.

          • Hitler had PLENTY of “good Germans” to do his killing and other dirty work

            rest assured the same situation will exist in this country

        • I will add this, my peer group although getting long in the tooth 45-50 are far more dangerous than the men we’ve trained, we are what I refer to as intransigent patriots, there exists no compromise to our principles, it is the veterans this administration fears, we are currently the obstacle along the path to their dystopia, I along with my brothers and many on sites like this will not budge on the principles and virtues we were raised upon, I for one would rather die than live in a world these traitors make.

          • Here, here. There are a lot of us and we will not give in without a fight. I joined the army for the sole purpose of serving my country, as my father did and his father before him. I’ve been out for a long time, but I still serve my country and will make whatever sacrifice is necessary to see that my children live in the America I have come to love. Molon Labe!

          • The administration fears all vets. If you think about how much talent that has “retired and put into storage”, they are a very serious threat. Most retired SFers I know are in their 60-80s. Don’t count them out. They have years more experience than the kids today. Expecting them to be grandpas and roll over would be to their undoing. It’ll be interesting to say the least.

            • Agreed! My deceased father was a Korean War Vet and at age 70 he was hauling sheets of plywood up a ladder and still rebuilding car engines…and roofing! Granted, couldn’t do it all day long nonstop, but could do it for 4 hour increments with breaks now and then, and he had Type II diabetes,congenital heart problems and high cholesterol-he just knew how to pace himself and when to rest.

              Some are still very much in good enough shape to fight if it comes down to it. And knowing my Dad, when the rubber hit the road (certain moral/ethical lines crossed) he absolutely would have done it. He was very much, you don’t use a gun unless you plan on killing the person your aiming it at…so if he picked up a gun, I would assume his intentions.

              If the vets in their 70’s/80’s start start picking up guns, uh, shits hitting the fan for sure.

        • Y99
          I too retired and agree with you. However I think that if the military is called out they will try not to become engaged with us. But if one of them is killed and it is blamed on us they will circle the wagons and all bets are off. They will do whatever it takes to prrotect their brothers and sisters. I hope I’m wrong but you know the way it is. You and I taught them loyalty and to look out for each other. To a fault.
          Peace brother/sister
          P.S. thanks for your service

          • ed,

            I fully understand your point, when TSHTF I believe the American landscape will change quickly, we’ll have to become tribal in many ways just to protect ourselves but we will all still be Americans.

            Much will depend on the orders they are given, if we apply the template of the current ROE and the way military units interact with local villages in places like Afghanistan then the opportunity is there for us as citizens to interact with them on the common ground of our heritage.

            The first thing I will throw at them will not be a bomb, bullet, or rock it will be a pocket Constitution. This is one little thing we can do to reinforce who we are and who they are.


      9. ***** H7N9 UPDATE*****

        don’t hear much about H7N9 anymore
        but it’s still out there

        A Scarier Bird Flu: CDC Chief Warns of Looming H7N9 Threat

        “H7N9 is lethal and spreads faster than any other identified strain of bird flu. It moves from animals to humans, but, unlike previous versions of bird flu, doesn’t make animals sick. As a result, infected flocks can’t be contained, and there’s no effective vaccine.”

        “The only thing protecting us from a global pandemic right now is the fact that it doesn’t yet spread from person to person,” Frieden told the National Press Club on Tuesday. Gulp.”

        • Anyone who is listening to the governments bullshit about the different “flu bugs”, vaccines, etc. need to go to Jon Rappaports site before getting carried away with nonsense.

          Rappaport will set you straight about the Center for Disease Control (CDC), vaccinations, drugs (Big Pharma), etc.

          He does not have to kowtow to advertisers as does the MSM so he is not afraid to tell you the truth. Go there before your next vaccine. He might just save your life.

        • The Viral Pandemic concern is a very real one and can move very quickly. Be sure to get vaccinated in the hopes that someone got it right this time. It is the only thing out there to protect against the flu epidemics that are surely coming. It is shocking how quickly the viruses can bring a grown man down. Unfortunately, we have no way to protect against all the flu viruses out there. H1N1 is still raising its ugly head and culling the herd. Don’t count on herd immunity either. H7N9 is terrifying. Wash hands frequently, avoid crowds when possible, stay away from people who are coughing. Hand sanitizers work.

          • @laeagle please do not buy into the lie that the flu vaccines are the “only” thing out there, and yes, we DO have things that work against the flu viruses. look into elderberry syrup and airborne brand supplements.find a good master herbalist in your area to advise you.

            @kymom “The Green Pharmacy” by James A. Duke and “Growing 101 Herbs That Heal” by Tammi Hartung. also “Backyard Medicine” by Julie and Matthew Seal. If these are too layman for you, let me know.

            • kimintn,

              Thank you!!!

          • laeagle:

            “Be sure to get vaccinated in HOPES that someone got it RIGHT THIS TIME”.

            If that statement isn’t enough to make someone have second thoughts about vaccinations; nothing will.

            My health is not based on hope that someone gets it right this time with their needles and the “batch that they are baking up this time”.

            I urge everyone on this site to look up some info on what some of the ingredients in these vaccinations are.

            Once again a real start on educating yourself is

            I assume when you see the drug commericials on tv that you pay attention to the side effects related to some of these drugs. Also the lawyers advertising for “clients” that have been injured from these “hope they got it right this time” drugs.

            The federal agency (FDA) overseeing the release of these drugs should be held accountable as well as “Big Pharma”.

            Read up on how much Big Pharma spends on lobbying our flipping politicians to keep their scam going.

            Money, money, money. That is what the whole drug, vaccination scheme is about now…..our health be damned!

            • As a physician, I have a lot of doubts about the current flu vaccine. It was not very effective at preventing the flu last year. Reports vary between 75% and 25% effective. Boosting your immune system naturally and good hygiene can be that effective.

              There was also a number of cases of narcolepsy traced back to the vaccine.

              It leaves me very skeptical about the benefits.

        • EVERYTHING The government run CDC says is a BIG F-ing LIE. Wake up! Bird flue BS = psyop to “take your [cancer causing] vaccines.”

          • Some info on the head of the CDC, DR. Thomas Frieden:

            Obama appointee:

            According to the National Journal he was the “brains” behind Mayor Michael Bloombergs most famed nanny-state initiatives.

            NY Times:

            “The CDC’s embrace of Frieden probably has to do with politics. The disease control center staff, like much of the public health world, is overwhelmingly democratic.”

            Another article:

            If you are searching for a powerful public official driven by UNBRIDLED ACTIVIST ZEALOTRY look no further than (at that time) the big apples health czar, Thomas Frieden.

            “If anyone dies of a preventable disease in NYC it is my fault.” What constitutes a preventable disease? Anything he disapproves of –eating fatty foods, smoking, insufficient breast feeding and using birth control that isn’t city approved.

            Traditionally public health has been confined to erradication of communicable diseases but Frieden has perhaps permanently expanded that parview to cover any potentially risky behavior even when an individual choice has no effect on the well being of others. This has led to,as the NY Post puts it “a nanny state on steroids”.

            Frieden has sparked the intrusive surveillance program for the cities 500,000 diabetics. Results from routine medical exams for all diabetics are auto forwarded to the Department of Health along with name, date of birth, and address permanently recorded in a registry open to city bureaucrats. Diabetics found with elevated glucose levels have their homes flooded with unwanted materials from the DOH, along with warning letters and their physicians are notified of the test results.

            In January 2007 he spawned a publicity bonanza when he announced that the DOH scientists had uncovered a “HIV SUPERVIRUS–a drug resistant strain of deadly disease that can lead to a full blown aids in less than 3 months. But his proclamation– and the mass hysteria–turned out to be premature. Upon further testing the strain did respond to treatment and was CONFINED TO A SINGLE PERSON!

            Considering the national embarassment brought on by NYC in early 2007 by a widely publicized video of rats scurrying around fast foods restaurants just a few days after a health inspection. You would think Frieden might have more pressing priorities than themed condoms and culinary witchhunts, but HE GOES WHERE THE HEADLINES ARE, AND MORE OFTEN THAN NOT THAT MEANS SHIRKING SOUND SCIENCE FOR THE SAKE OF A NEWS HOOK.

            My comment:

            When Frieden speaks at the CDC we need to consider his background. His appointment by Obama was certainly a calculated choice; he fits right into their “nanny-state, all controlling Obamacare, now doesn’t he?

      10. They locked out WW11 and Vietnam memorials and threatened arrest of veterans
        They shut down the national parks
        They shut down the oceans as federally owned
        They shut down clamming flats and seashores here in Massachusetts
        They shut down and forcibly locked down visitors at national parks and armed escorted them out of the area

        You don’t think for a moment they won’t shut us all down at some point?

        and all the above were over a 17% partial shutdown of govt..

        at least the vets had the balls to tell em to fuck off..

        just wait til the vets march and the truckers assault this weekend…

        perhaps we all should join em..

        oh wait..”their” ebt cards won’t reload til the 2nd of November..

        never mind..


      11. exchange

        In Portuguese “barter” is the exchange of one good for another without money.

        Bankers hate it, traders also seen that “profit” is out of the question in these personal exchanges.

        The thing is simple.

        • Any time I can cut a bankster out of the loop, I’m on it.

        • Gold is the currency of kings,
          Silver is the currency of the aristocracy
          Barter is the currency of peasants
          Debt is the currency of slaves

          • Since it seems that our assets are all being earmarked by the govt, I figure I’d just save them some time and drop them a line by posting a comment online (same thing, really)

            Dear .gov,

            I am writing to inform you that I have sold ALL of my gold. I even sold the gold leaf on my books. I sold my silver…I even got rid of my silver polish, just in case there was any silver in it.

            I donated my excess cans of corn to the local food bank and, well…I never…had any…weapons (just check your records on that). I don’t have a vehicle or a valid driver’s license either, so it’s been years since I updated my actual address, so allow me to give it to you now:

            1234 No Such St.
            Nowhere, USA.

            Thank you for your time.

      12. It’s Bank Run time.

      13. Yah, they know. They can’t not. One thing about this lot, they are evil, but not stupid.

      14. Ive been prepping for months now and sometimes start to feel iys not enough or others will always have more. I know times get hard but the more i read this crap the more i keep thinking im not prepared enough.
        Keep prepping. Also what do you guys think about generators? If people around see youre the only one with heat in the winter that wont be good! Im trying to find ways to keep my family warm wo the whole city knowing i was “prepared” ahead of time since i dont live in the country.

        • propane. install it now and fill the tank 500+ gal Tank up. Fire wood or pellet stove with 12vdc backup so it will run without grid power.

        • @nebraska,

          A word of caution, reading these site can lead you down a rabbit hole. You need to be strong mentally and have a reason for prepping other than reading doom sites. This site is SHTF, it’s gist is to paint SHTF scenarios and to discuss the what ifs. Take what you read with a grain of salt. There is some great information that gets posted here every now and then and that alone makes it worth reading.

          I come to this site because I like the uncensored free and open discussion. I’m not a prepper but I am into learning homesteading and homesteaders and preppers are kissing cousins.

          • That’s truer than you may realize…

          • So comments threatening imaginary people coming to your house to do you harm should be ignored? The entire site would shut down.

        • nebraska,

          I spent one winter in downstate IL. brrrrr. Thermal underwear, wool blankets, wood burning stoves.

          Generators eventually run out of fuel. Until then they announce to hungry and alert people, “I have something you don’t have. Raid me.”

          If what’s coming lasts long term my choice is to embrace the mid-eighteenth century rather than desperately cling to the present.

          Just my 3 cents, adjusted for inflation.

          • I’m with you, John Allen. I have no use for a generator. I’m prepared to live with and without electricity. I have already lived without electricity, without a refrigerator, spent a winter in a completely unheated farmhouse in Wisconsin (no woodstove, no fireplace either). At the last place I lived, there was a power outage and the power company called to ask if my service was back on…I didn’t even know it was off..I had to go find a lightswitch to flip on to answer them. I used only oil lamps and candles back then for light and didn’t have a television or computer back then. I’ve also heated water for baths, used a washboard for decades. I’ll admit electricity is a nice little luxury, but I can live without it, too.

        • As for generators, I have a generator ready sub panel wired into my main breaker panel. The sub panel has a 220 volt plug on it. When we lose power I fire up my generator and then plug it into the sub panel with a chord that runs from the generator to the panel. My generator is a 220 volt 5K noisy beast, there are some small whisper quiet generators available that will leave a small noise foot print. Honda generators come to mind.

          As for keeping warm in the city, can’t help you, I live in the country where most around here have wood stoves and seeing smoke coming out of the stove pipe is normal.

            • This idea will spread…all cancer does.

          • Agree, I have generators for only short bursts if needed. Say I want to heat water, cook quickly, light for a short period. This way your fuel lasts for months if used at 15-30 minute periods.

            • That is our plan for our generator. Use for short periods at a time. Make the fuel last as long as possible.

              Refill water containers, showers for the family. Charge batteries. Warm up house (if winter) Check internet if not destroyed by EMP.

              Any other good ideas for short term power boosts?

          • Yep. That’s exactly how we do it here. Put in a wood stove 3 years ago when my husband wasn’t yet on board— told him it would save on propane cost– well it did
            We are out in the country and you are right. It’s all normal.
            No one near me to hear the generator so not a problem till they come marching down the road but most likely they won’t make it this far. Got a lot of rednecks out here.

        • Running a generator as I write this. We are on our sixth day with power lines down. I will tell you that a generator is OK for a short period but is not a long term solution. It sucks a lot of gas.

          I’m in a low crime area, but still chained it to a post so it would be harder for it to walk away. As someone else posted, wood is a better solution for heat.

          BTW, I am hearing that diesel generators are much more efficient than gasoline. Also, having a generator when you need it is better than the alternative.

          It I had it to do over I would beef up my wood situation and buy a small generator to run necessary appliances for short periods of time. The smaller generator could be secured more easily when not in use and be more fuel efficient. My 2¢.

          • BTW, some items that have been invaluable are hats with LED’s built into the bill. They allow us to move around at night and have both hands free. Powered by four replaceable 2032 batteries that are good for about three days with heavy use. $20 at Cabelas. Get a couple.

          • @Obtuse, Look into natural gas generators. My has been installing them for people in eastern NC.

        • nebraska,
          If you are in Omaha, you might want to consider moving soon. Maybe over the state line to Council Bluffs. Omaha is pretty hairy these days, and the shit ain’t even hit the fan yet.

          • @mark.. yup omaha here

      15. Its going to be an interesting weekend. I wonder if anyone in the lamestream is going to cover it. What if they forceably remove the trucks and round up the bikers and vets? Then what?

        I dont understand why the military hasn’t stepped in yet? I dont know why this admin has been allowed to get away with the anti-constitutional tyranny so far. Im out of answers at this point, I really dont understand how a man or woman in uniform could even think they should prevent a vet from visiting a war memorial, to me its just dissgraceful, detestible and they do not deserve the privilage of the office they hold.

        How much more will America take before she snaps?

        • Me to. I would say “fuck you” to my boss if told to go keep out a WWII vet from his own damn open air memorial. I will start looking for a new job. Doesn’t anybody have any damn spine or priciple anymore?

        • Don’t mean to show any disrespect but if they (cops and feds) decide to forceably remove the truckers, bikers and vets, nothing will happen other than the truckers, bikers and vets getting forceably removed. Nothing will happen afterwards except all the truckers, bikers and vets will complain about how they were unlawfully forceably removed. There will be no large crowds of truckers, bikers and vets overwhelming the cops and feds to shut THEM down, and there will be no loyal sheriff’s coming to their rescue, they will all simply be forceably removed. Ohh… a few might get tazed, beaten or arrested in the process but other than that?… Na da… nothing else will happen and the cops and feds will become more emboldened and will strut around gloating and waving their guns and fat ass in everybody’s face like they always do and the truckers, bikers, vets and all the sheeple will continue on as usual. just saying.

        • @Boss Hog, Personally, I don’t think the military should step in. That should be for “we the people” to do.

          When will people say enough is enough, and what will be the catalyst? Who knows? In Turkey it was something as minor as a public park and some trees that their gov wanted to pave over and put a shopping center on.

      16. “Grow or die”. Thats Amerika,your borders hold you back,thats why all the warmongering. Mark my words,its just a matter of time and civil war will send Amerikans running north and running south. Dont know about Mexico but up here Canada were gunned up to the teeth. I suggest you guys go south,as y’all be much safer than comin here,ya hear!

        • A Dirty geek..Your words show your ignorance. And most of us have more guns on the coffee table than you have locked up in your safe.

          • “coffee table” LOL – 4 damn sure. I got one to admire on mine.

        • Really? The day a Canadian has more firepower than your average Red State Southerner, is the day I’ll take the Eagle off my shoulder….never.

        • Who the fuck wants to live in mamby-pamby land Canada? I simply want to stay on my soil and rid it of liberal ideology. Simple ehh?

          • 100 + thumbs up!

          • Now, Now children; don’t you see when you fight among yourselves over stupid things such as “my gun is bigger than your gun,” you play right into the elite’s hands and prove their point on why they have the right to wipe you all off the face of their planet.

            Please learn tolerance and love for fellow man. That is what the time is short for.

        • Who wants to live in Communist Canada? Daisy had her own reasons for leaving there and coming back to the States.

          • Did you know that there is an APB ot for you BH…? You’ve managed to miss 4 (AA) meetings within the past few weeks. I suggest you get the move on buddy

        • Screw Canada.

        • After we clean up this country we’ll come up and lend you a hand and take care of your problems. My grandfather came from here to Canada and fought in the army for you guys and by god I’ll follow in his foot steps!

          • Before we can rebuild America there will be several things that must be carried out to insure that errors of the past cannot occur:

            #1. All welfare, EBT, Section 8 Housing, SNAP, AFDC, WIC…..rolls should be purged of people who are in need due to laziness,obesity, alcohol or drug addiction, or the number of bastard ghetto children they have shat into the world. Social programs should be for those who do to age, disease or injury cannot help themselves.

            #2. All illegal aliens should be deported and warned that should they be found in America again they will face execution.

            #3. America’s Southern borders must be land mined to greatly reduce any temptation to sneak into America. Said Border should have signs in Spanish and English advising same.

            #4. People who work and stay out of trouble should be
            championed, not criminals and moochers.

            #5. Anyone in Prison serving multi life sentences should be terminated. Why should taxpayers be burdened to support worthless scum?

            #6. All foreign aid programs to be eliminated, period!

            #7. Laws should be in place that English is the official language of America and no advertisements, TV or Radio shows, billboards… can be in any other language but ENGLISH.

            #8. Third world immigration to the USA to be eliminated.

            #9. Corporations that moved jobs out of America cannot sell their products here.

            #10. New factories producing any and everything should be
            constructed and operate using materials only from the USA.

            #11. CEO’s who have raped America people, ( think Oil companies, Pharmaceutical companies, Banks, Insurance companies..), should be charged with economic treason against the America people.

            Any others you care to add…….

      17. False flag alien “attack” – would be “new”…and we have the technology and the ET’s to set it all up. What better way to galvanize terror into a NWO?

      18. US FDIC and the Bank of England joint paper, 10 December 2012,

        Resolving Globally Active Systemically Important Financial Institutions.

        gives banks etc the authority to do here what they did in Cyprus.

        You are not a depositor. You are an unsecured creditor. The bank owns your deposit from the moment you make it. When their $700 T derivatives bubble bursts they will “make themselves whole” by stealing from you.

        This has been all over the alternative media since at least April. James Wesley, Rawles wrote an article about derivatives in 2006. Michael Snyder has written several about what is about to happen.

        Resolving is bankster euphemism for stealing from you.

        You have been warned for six months. If your wealth is still where it can be stolen you deserve what you get.

      19. Every time evil has risen to its glory so, have the people to reclaim theirs. Evil does not go unpunished nor does it go free.

      20. PREPARE! It’s time to take stock of what you have and then buy more…now, while you still can. We cannot sustain the path we are on…financially or morally. Will something happen next week? Your guess is as good as mine, but I agree completely with the statement “something is not right”. I fear one day I will wake up and everything will be different. Just like that….no power, martial law, military on the streets. Obama will do anything to get his way… He is the text-book school yard bully and when he doesn’t get what he wants, or what he feels he is truly entitled to, he will take us all down with him. Screw all of them. They are only looking out for themselves. Prepare your family. Buy as much as you can afford. Join a small group of like-minded American’s. Good luck and god bless!

      21. When there is going to be around 10 exersizes going on from now until Nov. 11th. Which one will be the trigger point that starts the Civil war, or economic collapse? Will the Trucker dimistration this week cause a rippel effect to start the crash? God bless tghe Truckers!!!
        Watch out for a false flag. These clowns in power will try any thing!
        Keep preparing, and your powder dry.
        “Aim Samll, Miss Small”
        May God watch over you and yours.

        • May God watch over you and yours too Sgt. Dale.
          Molon Labe
          Anon out. 🙂

      22. A military declares martial law when the civilian government is destroyed, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to function. Anything else is not really martial law. Obama may be the figurehead commander in chief, but he doesn’t have the political clout to take over a city, let alone a whole nation. Obama would be arrested or fragged in a heartbeat.

        From Wikipedia: Martial law is the imposition of military rule by military authorities over designated regions on an emergency basis. Martial law is usually imposed on a temporary basis when the civilian government or civilian authorities fail to function effectively (e.g., maintain order and security, or provide essential services), when there are extensive riots and protests, or when the disobedience of the law becomes widespread. Fundamentally it is a requirement put on civilian government when they fail to function correctly.

      23. Wake-up moron! Martial Law will only incite this Country to violence. Exactly what the Muslim Sodomite in the White House wants!

        • Then let HIM catch the first grenade.

      24. at the risk of being “preachy”, what is happening in our world has been predicted plainly in the Scriptures… this is not the forum for a dissertation on eschatology nor is it my personal platform(I have a blog for that)… but from my perspective we’re living in unprecedented times with all that is going wrong all around us – worldwide… the key ingredient in all this isn’t the “what” will cause the meltdown(I have my own ideas on that), but rather the timing of it all… God’s Word has several intriguing instances of events that took place based on timing and on occasion the timing was altered by the actions of either one or a few… I believe America to be in such a situation today… this existence as we know it is on a timetable of sorts – it’s acceleration or deceleration can indeed be effected… the question is: WILL it be and by whom…

        in the mean time, i’ll continue to pray for the best while prepping for the worst..

        NB – for the scorners of all things religious: save your breath, your lack of spiritual understanding disqualifies you from any debate on this topic;

        for the religiously high-minded: you have no idea where I stand theologically so to try to undermine my statement here is to be beating the air with a stick…

        • For About the last 2000 years. many bible scholars and bible thumpers & religious looneys have sincerely believed that they where indeed living in the end times predicted in the bible. many also believed that only those who adhered to the same religious superstition as them where going to be raptured or go to heaven. So far they have all been wrong. That don’t make then bad folks just incorrect. Now for anyone who states you cant debate their opinion. We still have the first admendment .

          • “scholar” and “thumpers” were and are more modern day pharisee in most cases. just because some people who didnt actually follow the bible(following thier own interpretations instead of what God actually says, twisting intent and leaving things out or adding things) doesnt mean the bible itself is wrong. just the people who make predictions or interpretations that dont actually follow what the bible really says/means. when truly reading and studyign the bible there are no superstitions at all. traditions of men are truly vain and have no actual purpose when compared to God’s actual word. we can discuss and reason but the debate of God is over already and Jesus won already. pre-trib rapture stuff is all made up as well. sure it says we will all be gathered and caught up in twinkling of eye but also its at the last trumpet or 7th trumpet. what happens in 6th trumpet or 5th, 4th, ect? what happens in 6th vial/bowel or 6th seal? 666= 6th trumpet, 6th seal and 6th vial; when the world worships the phony saviour.

          • Saint Peter addressed the issue you wrote about (why hasn’t the end come?); see below.
            Not all Christians even hold to premillenial eschatology, or believe in a rapture, or a single, historical Tribulation before the end.
            It’s pointless to try to predict dates and times; St. Peter simply points out that the old heavens will melt and there will be a new creation. Take it literally or figuratively, or both. The Saint just tells us to stop worrying about the end of the world and to live holy lives.

            3 Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,

            4 And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.

            5 For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water:

            6 Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished:

            7 But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.

            8 But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

            9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

            10 But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.

            11 Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness,

          • Right. Because it hasn’t happened before it can’t happen now. Read your Bible. Jesus warned us to be ready for his return.

        • I believe that God will soon use evil men to punish an evil country. America has the blood of 55 million unborn children on her. America has become a country that hates God, mocks Jesus, hates Christians, and hates Christianity. Even much of the church is filled with godless people who are biblically illiterate and living in immorality. God has blessed America more than any other country in the last 2,000 years. You can expect that the destruction in America will be worse than anyplace else. With a coming civil war, martial law, dollar collapse and economic collapse I expect 90% of Americans to die within a year of the coming economic collapse.

          • “And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.”

          • And what would be better, the 55 million children all on EBT cards for you to support? You must take care of all those you bring into the world, not just criticize them for existing to please your consciousness.

            • Silly.

        • I believe in a pre-trib Rapture. I believe that the coming economic collapse will lead to the one world government prophesied in Revelation. I believe the Rapture will happen some time after the collapse but before the world leader is revealed. We have a year’s supply of food and water. I hope that’s enough.

          • I agree with you 100% Barn Cat. Spot on!

            • Listen to Dr. David Jeremiah on pre trib rapture. He describes it best in my opinion.

          • It doesn’t matter what you believe. What matters is what the Bible actually says. Pre-tribulation rapture is not biblical. Read the entire Bible cover to cover and study it carefully. I have.

          • I used to believe in a Pre-Trib rapture until I read the following verses…

            “Concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered to him, we ask you brothers and sisters, not to become easily unsettled or alarmed by the teaching allegedly from us–whether by a prophecy or by word of mouth or by letter–asserting that the day of the Lord has already come. DON’T LET ANYONE DECEIVE YOU IN ANY WAY, FOR THAT DAY [the day Jesus comes and we are gathered to him] WILL NOT COME UNTIL THE REBELLION OCCURS AND THE MAN OF LAWLESSNESS IS REVEALED, the man doomed to destruction. He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God.” 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4

            Jesus said there would be many signs that would precede His return and that we need to be alert, watchful, and “endure to the end.” Why would He say that if the rapture was silent and like a thief in the night? His return will be a very loud event and everyone on earth will see Him. He will only appear as a thief in the night to those who are NOT READY…

            “Now, brothers and sisters, about times and dates we do not need to write you, for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. While people are saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman and they will not escape. BUT YOU, BROTHERS AND SISTERS, ARE NOT IN DARKNESS SO THAT THIS DAY SHOULD SURPRISE YOU LIKE A THIEF. You are all children of the light and children of the day. We do not belong to the night or to the darkness. So then, let us not be like others who are asleep, but let us be awake and sober….” 1 Thess. 5:1-6

            I believe we ALL need to be ready for the tough times to come as the world falls apart at the seams and then is brought together under a one world government…which is already in process.

      25. Always something to sell you to help with the work ending lol

      26. It isn’t just the banks. It’s the Federal Reserve and central banks around the world all destroying their currencies at the same time. There will come a time when a hundred dollar bill won’t buy a gallon of gas. In Weimar Germany in the 1920s they went from 4 marks to the dollar to a billion marks to the dollar in about 2 years.

        • It cost six billion marks to mail a postcard, here it was one cent.

          • I have some of those billion plus mark stamps from Germany and Austria.

      27. Do not fear.
        Be not afraid.
        Do not worry.
        I say, regardless of what evils this evil administration
        and its supporters bring on: Fear only him who can not only kill the Body, but also kill your soul and it is not BO or any one on planet earth that can do that.
        Their end will be worst.
        All of these evil and unjust actions are being recorded in Heaven. Although many would love to see justice handed out now, it will be at the right time and there will be only one first appearance, one hearing, one judgment rendered
        and no appeal.

        • Sorry “heaven” does not exist or keep records. H-bars do though.

      28. Here is my little take. One thing for me; is a food and/or water shortage. There is a whole lot more to the Japan reactor thing that’s not being told. The West coast supplies a lot of our food, a lot, and don’t forget fish. The radiation levels are increasing, with that the Government keeps raising the amount allowed to be safe; WHY? Because telling the truth and shutting down the food supply, we all know what would happen then TOTAL PANIC! That would lead to money collapse worldwide. Also again who controls the OIL and GAS controls the world. But again, this Japan thing worries me a lot, because you hear very little about it, and to me that’s when things are bad. Just my thoughts.

        • It’s not 1% as bad as the fear mongers say.

            • I stopped buying tuna and salmon….

          • Barn cat:

            Show me the 1% info, please…..

            • Barn cat:

              I ask you to show us where you came up with your 1% figure on the Fukushima meltdown. No where can I find any information that says it is just a pesky little problem that fear mongers have blown out of proportion. If anything; most articles warn that things are much more severe than we have been led to believe by the MSM.

              As usual, no answer.

              Do you just throw a comment against the wall and hope it sticks with someone?

              I love facts. Step up to the plate and show us some facts when you make your comments; that way we have some way of verifying what you are posting.

      29. Engagement of Martial Law.

        The enactment of Martial Law brings on visions of going to death camps. Warnings of such an action deserve solid consideration by those who wish to live. For the President or Military to proclaim Martial Law, will remove all doubt from our minds of what we all have discussed in this forum. Those who have prepared, do not have to go into the streets to loot, riot and protest because of bank closures, food shortages or restrictions of movement. We move on to other matters while other face arrest and interment. Oh yes, house to house searches my happen but there will be time to negotiate these intrusions. We must use the time wisely what others waste. By doing this, it will reduce the fear.

        • Right on sling shot ,
          Better to be prepared, keep a low profile and take action when you see it coming.
          Fear is the great paralyzer. No one knows what the future holds . We live in interesting times.

          Those who have the resilience , mental fortitude, and determination will survive.
          Endure, adapt, improvise




          Semper Fi 8541

      30. Review: The Five Stages of Collapse by Dmitry Orlov


        “By far the most disturbing portrait is that of an African tribe called the Ik. Orlov uses their experience to show how humans can endure even after they’ve been stripped of the very virtues that are assumed to be prerequisites for humanity, such as love and compassion. The Ik were driven off their native land in Uganda 55 years ago when it became a game reserve. The only land left to them was desolate mountainside that was difficult to farm, and the result was chronic famine. Survival didn’t mean merely putting one’s own needs above those of others, it meant making oneself a ruthless adversary of everyone else in sight. The Ik were shockingly cruel to one another, and no bonds—not even those between mother and child—were sacred. The anthropologist who first studied the Ik, Colin Turnbull, seemed traumatized by the experience. His book about it, The Mountain People, was deemed by one reviewer to be “a terrifying book, a quick but well-illuminated look under the sewercovers of the human psyche.”*

        Orlov views the story of the Ik as a cautionary tale, one that forces us to “confront the uncomfortable notion that survival at all costs may be a fate worse than death.”

        The Mountain People by Turnbill

        “In The Mountain People, Colin M. Turnbull describes the dehumanization of an African tribe that in less than three generations has deteriorated from a group of prosperous and daring hunters to scattered bands of hostile people whose only goal is individual survival. Walled into their compounds, living in fear of each neighbor, they have created a society that frighteningly mirrors the cold and lonely selfishness of our own. Not since Oscar Lewis’ La Vida has there been so remorseless a description of the social collapse and decay of people.”

        collapse ain’t gonna be pretty

      31. So, waste ’em all: collaborators and Twenty-First Century Hessians both – repatriate remains in garbage bags, if and when necessary.

        Problem solved.

      32. old guy.

        The religious superstition is that we evolved from worm-castings to apes to humans.

        The religious superstition is that the Universe created itself from nothing. That energy also created itself from nothing. And formed atoms into DNA all by itself with time. That comets came to earth and created us.

        Go ahead and believe.

        I trust in the Lord, the Creator of all things.

        Becareful when you are out in the sun. A photon may mutate you and change your DNA into a fish. We must watch our DNA.


        PS. The End is Near.

        • Ugly,
          I always hate it when I mutate into a catfish, but it must have happened because my wife calls me “catfish” sometimes. 😉

        • Ok. For me Ill just try to do as jesus stated in the sermon on the mount. Ill not make predictions. Ill not tell folks im correct and you cant debate the fact.

          • old guy.

            Predictions are what hurts. I have heard about our financial collapse since the 1990s. People have said the collapse would happen just about any year.

            Nobody knows that Day. But we do know we are living in the times.

            Yes, if we followed the Sermon on Mount we would have a pretty safe and forgiving world. But we don’t, therefore here we are.

            Good luck with your future.

      33. When people take to the streets.

        Protest the oppression of government.
        Social unrest from trial cases.
        Lack of help from government
        Disruption of free food or money.
        Loss of employment.

        From where you stand, is there anything in your town that is worth saving? Radio station, Hardware or grocery store. Water and sanitation dept., airport. Or you can’t save them from riots.

      34. I watched the video. It was a commercial to sell gold.
        “Whip ’em into a frenzy, then make the offer.”

      35. I just want to thank all of everyone here. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a comments section with people being respectful, civil, and having intelligent things to say. There my be hope yet!

        God bless

      36. This is serious. Maudy is observant. Maudy suspects “hanky panky”. See. Maudy knows. The feds ain’t got nothin’ on Maudy.

      37. Thanks Mac,
        – Today ( 10/10/13 ) my mainstream cable company posted an article
        about the Fed warning of major consequences concerning the debt ceiling.
        On 10/04/13 SHTF PLAN posted that info with references to Yahoo and the
        Huff Post of 10/03/13
        — I now look here first to see if the world just ended.
        — Would’nt want to be a week late for the end of the world party !!!!!
        Miss Dee Dee

      38. I am what most folks commenting on this site would call a “liberal”. I am a strong supporter of Obama. I believe he is a good man, fighting to do what is right. I am also a “prepper” and have no doubt that the end of BAU is approaching rapidly. I come here to get perspective, to read your interesting (and sometimes loony) comments. One thing I can tell you. The liberal/conservative divide in America is a creation of the super-wealthy rapists who seek to divide and conquer. My father is a minister and a die-hard Tea Party believer. I work with very conservative people, Republican supporters. If we discuss politics, all hell breaks lose. If we just talk about anything else but politics, we find that we like each other, have lots in common and we get along just fine. A day is coming when the liberal/conservative divide will fade and we’ll all be in the same boat together, ideologically and pragmatically. BTW, between me and my very “liberal” brother, we have about 30 weapons, everything from .50 cal to .22 long rifle, and thousands and thousands of rounds. We’re stacked up with provisions. We’re ready. Point is, when TSHTF, that will be the time that you can lay off your liberal and Obama hating, and just focus on the true villians in our world, and that would be the financial elite who through their lies and greed and deceptions have brought us all to ruin and perverted the very meaning of what it means to be human. Soon, we’ll ALL be on the same side again. Sometimes, I guess it takes disaster to bring out the best in humans, to force them back to what is real. We live in such a fake and fucked up world. I don’t know about you, but I find myself longing for a return to “the old ways”, where everybody had to work hard and be part of community to survive. Most of all, I find myself longing for an END to the fucking polluting and devestating rape of this wonderful planet we live on, that God has given us. In the future, humans will return to harmony with planet earth, whether we want to or not. I hope and plan one being a good friend, a solid contributor, a fierce fighter and a valuable asset to my former “liberal” and/or “conservative” comrades. Thanks for reading.

        • You are a mass of contradictions.

          If you are really a liberal, then stop being a hypocrite and get rid of your guns and conform to what your hero Obama and the other leftists believe you should be.

          If you believe that it is acceptable for one person to live at the expense of another, then we have NOTHING in common and you are no better than the other looters.

          While this is definitely NOT about being a Republican or Democrat, it IS definitely about being free or a slave. While the Republicans are taking us down the same road toward enslavement…..the Democrats are greasing the skids.

          The reason you can get along with “conservatives” is because you avoid talking about values and anything of substance. In today’s world, values and politics have become inextricably linked. I “get along” with liberals too…as long as I keep my beliefs to myself. But assure you that no liberal/leftist/collectivist will be sharing anything with me when TSHTF. Because of their mindset and values, they will be a risk to me, and I will avoid them like the plague. To be fair….I will avoid conservatives as well if they have been afflicted with the normalcy bias that is endemic to the population as a whole.

          You sound young. I mean that not as an insult, but as an observation. Your mind has been likely programmed with years of public school education….which has done nothing but put you in a state of confusion. Normally I would say that time and experience would serve to straighten out your thinking, but time is not a luxury that you, or any of the rest of us for that matter, can afford right now.

          The first thing I would suggest is that you begin to try to “unlearn” most of the indoctrination that you have received and start to re-educate yourself. But you’ll never accomplish that if you listen to the MSM and pop-culture.

          • Walt,
            I quit getting along with them…
            I hate their feelings based ideology, I let them know it.
            I let them know you cannot run a society based on feelings and coveting… that envy and coveting, whether personal or ideological, is a sin for a reason.
            As we are all seeing now, the results of the False Prophet of Coveting. Everybody is hiding from the looters, going Galt and otherwise positioning themselves to survive a storm.

            Every time you allow the forces of animal passions to take over, everything goes Tango Uniform. That is why they are called The Beast…

            • That “coveting” thing is very important.

              Our whole welfare state is built upon it….and especially the tax system.

              I think one of the most interesting….and most disobeyed of the 10 commandments is, “You shall not covet”.

              If you think about it….it is the foundational principle of liberalism. The idea that it is perfectly ok to take the possessions of one person in order to give them to another person that the state deems more deserving.

              And I hear them say all the time that the Jesus taught that it was ok to do that. That is a lie.

              I always challenge them to show me anywhere in the Bible where it says that it’s ok to TAKE the property of one person in order to give it to another. And I’ve never had ANYONE who has been able to do it. If person wants to GIVE their property to another…that’s fine. I’ve got no argument with that. It’s even ok to encourage someone to do that. But what’s NOT ok is to take someone’s property without their willing consent and then give it to another. That’s theft, pure and simple. And theft is no less theft if it’s the government doing it.

              As to your point that you no longer get along with them….I must confess that my circle of friends is growing smaller for that very same reason. I just don’t have patience for it anymore.

              • there are two forms of welfare in this country

                one takes tax money and gives it to others in the form
                of food stamps,WIC AFDC etc

                the other
                takes tax money and gives it to those to wealthy
                in the form of over priced defense contracts for example
                or government no bid contracts
                yeah remember all of those awarded in Iraq ???

                I just love how people SCREAM about programs for the poor
                but say nothing of programs for the rich

                WTF ???

                Military Waste and Fraud Continue In the Middle of the Government Shutdown


                and remember when Donald Rumsfeld was Sec of Defense?

                he finally admitted that the Pentagon couldn’t account for over two TRILLION dollars of defense dept spending ???

                now thats one hell of a welfare check
                I don’t care who you are !!!!

              • Walt,
                Off the top of my head,
                Acts 2:44, 4:32

                This is speaking about all things “held in common”. There may be others about the Lord and disciples who did hold the purse in common. But, this is rationalizing coveting, and is the basis of my thesis; MYSTERY doctrines of the Churches, is the Name of the MOTHER of Harlots, that rides the Beast whose name is Babylon. Christians don’t know, or care it seems, that the book of Revelations was one of two Gnostic works allowed to remain in the Canon… It actually condemns the ‘future’ church, which was not around when it was penned.

                It is a mystery that promotes the ideologies, that a man should work or he does not eat, yet, all things to be held in common? This is just one example of how divided doctrines manifested in the Mystery Doctrine, confuse and divide people. Justifying sin in society, by ‘doctrines of devils’. Martin Luther said; “Sin boldly yet trust in Christ more boldly.” Was he justifying his own sin, the lust for a nun? Does this philosophy, not taught by the Lord, become a dividing doctrine? Methinks so. This is one reason why I believe the Lord’s prophecy was fulfilled in the Bible written by the Romans… that, He “did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” Since He always talked in parables, symbols and allegories, who then, wielded the Sword of Division? I state categorically, that it was the AntiChrist church of Rome. Anti, in the respect I describe, the mixing of doctrines that confuse and divide. The Protest-ants, those who protested the Church, took on their book, and thus, became the Daughters of the Mother of Harlots…

                The Bible is a wonderful book, but people will not accept, that Jude was right; “evil crept in unawares”, and darkness was mixed with the simple Light. The conflicted Doctrines of jew, Babylon, Paul and very little of Jesus, mixed together in confusion. People don’t know, most of what the Lord taught ‘privately’, was burned and declared; Heretic. Enoch as well, a man taken up, yet his works declared forbidden? Rich and powerful men, took over the Church from the very beginning.

                This is why the people are divided and in desolation, because of preacher men who can interpret, give it a pretty word, like ‘exegesis’, and confound and confuse, for their own profit while keeping the sheep in ‘submission to Godly Authority’. (Not all of them of course, but there are few Chuck Baldwin’s, all too many are lukewarm hypocrites.) People are thus attracted to faiths or churches they ‘like’, what makes them feel good, not, what is Truth. What we need is a Black Robe Regiment, like in revolutionary times, what the British were more scared of than the actual patriots themselves…. those who would stir the people to rebellion.

                Mystery is confusion, in the things of family vs the individual. Ideology is imposition of mystery family upon the individual with the power of government, the Beast power.

                This is why I left the hypocrites, on a life long Vision Quest, and became a Gnostic, of the New Revelation, the revealed knowledge of God, that conquers the Mystery. So that the prophecy will be fulfilled in a way that preachers, like the pharisees of old, could not see with their eyes.

                My latest experiment, to link special and general relativity, may be bearing fruit. If success is achieved, which is looking good so far, then the Aether of GR, and the Time of Space time, will be integrated, and the Unified Field of God, a proven matter.

                Those who wish to call me names, like ‘New Ager’, are trapped in their own illusions, not knowing the difference between mysteries. New Age metaphysics was an attempt to get around these self righteous assholes, but is full of their own mystery of occult bs because they had nothing to draw upon except ancient mysteries… The New Revelation, is the oldest thing become new again, a modern and scientific reinterpretation of the ancient Gnosis taught ‘privately’ by Jesus Himself. We praise the God of Creation that He allowed it to be found again, in the sands, after so much time.

                If He hadn’t intended it, it would never have been. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, anchored in the Grail of Enoch, proven in the language of nature-the math of Einstein, validated by experiments, is the New Revelation. The Knowledge that conquers the Mystery, mind over emotions. This is a spiritual evolution, because the Great Falling Away from the Church, has been happening for some time, as science and the Left steal the children away from God by the power of ‘knowledge over superstition’. Thus, would God Himself, give a counter weight to this trend?

                The tree proves that we are all the Son’s of God, not merely mortal souls, but body, animal soul, and spirit, connected to all things as One. The Beast is the Left, the Animal, negative dark emotions, envy, coveting, things that overcome the mind, conscience and consciousness that come from God through the spirit connection.

                The church, made this tree of life, the powers of the Elohim that created the DNA, into something evil. They turned many things good, into evil, and evil into good. Thus they are ‘anti’ Christ, and the rest of the laity and protestants, are victims of Rome. When the final experiment is accomplished, the Aether of General Relativity will be proven irrefutably, and thus, the Knowledge of God and the “Imp of darkness, will be raised from the bottomless pit”, the Revealing, a Revelation of the Knowledge of God, that conquers the Mystery of God, will be accomplished, and the Age of the Churches, will be done. The Temple of God, is in your mind, you are the Lost Ten tribes, the Ten horns of the Shofars of the Leaders, Ten toes divided in iron and clay of mind vs emotions, Ten virgins ignorant and smart.

                The Revelation is the Revenge of the Heretics, upon Rome. He who provides the golden oil in the Pipes of the Tree.

                And The Mystery is done, yet, only for those who have ‘eyes that see’.

                • Alice in wonderland would not have been dark matter. Nellie Olsen couldn’t have scared the heck out of a witch’s pacifist lackey more than I think you may be wrong.

          • Walt, I get what you’re saying. Politics is a mass of contradictions. I’m not “young”. I voted for Nixon once, Reagan twice, Bush the first one time — the first time. Then Ralph Reed and and the hypocritical and greed-infested fruitcake religious right took over the Republican Party and I was forced to leave. I’m a Vietnam Vet, a believer in this country. I don’t hate gays, but I don’t necessarily like them that much either. Abortion stinks, but it is as old as humanity just like gays, and unlike the religious right, I’m not going to spend my time trying to force people through law to do what I *think* is the moral thing to do. I hate welfare and despise the fact that so many people are on it — just like you — but I recognize the fact that some people have just never ever been given a fair break and they’ve been beaten down and crapped on their whole life just like their parents before them and their parents before them. I’d rather give those people opportunity and if they don’t take it and work then let them starve to death, but we can’t even give them opportunity. They’ve become the bilge of our society, but I’m okay with spending a little money to keep them alive, hoping they’ll find the will and opportunity to provide for themselves, as so many eventually do. Unlike you, I want to give them at least a shot at an okay life. We’ll disagree on who is the most contradicted. Your religious/right-wing fanaticism is what helps you cope. When TSHTF, if you only hang out with equally fantatic types, then you’ll do just fine I suppose. I’ll be avoiding your personality type too, but as in the past so many times, if circumstances force me to have to work and/or deal with you, I’ll find a way and you’ll end up respecting my resolve and MY moral values, I guarantee you.

            • Well..since you are not young, it’s obvious that life experience had taught you nothing about reality. Because you continue to live in the dream-world of the political left.

              You have no objective standard by which you determine what is right or wrong….you simply go with the flow.

              Abandonment of objective standards of right and wrong, and acceptance of moral relativism is one of the major reasons we are in the mess we are in. Because when it becomes acceptable to confiscate the property of one person in order to give it to another that is considered more deserving (which is EXACTLY what the welfare state does), or when the termination of human life for the sake of convenience is not only tolerated, but championed…then we have truly descended into a moral sewer.

              Your argument that, “unlike you, I want to give them at least a shot at an okay life”…is a straw man construct….and another typical liberal tactic. In your view, my belief that wealth redistribution is a moral evil, equals depriving others of opportunity. I guess in your book, forcible confiscation of the property of one person in order to give it to another is perfectly fine. Like Obama…you want to “spread the wealth”….even if it means stealing from someone else. Because admit it for what it is….it’s theft. And passing a law making it legal, makes it no less so.

              Like most leftists, your “tolerance” for differing views does not extend to those who hold traditional or conservative values, as evidenced by your last statement. Small wonder that political discussions with you (by your own admission), end up in a “all hell breaks loose” situation. I won’t bother to comment on it otherwise but guys like you don’t scare me. But I will say this….there is no group more fanatical in this country today than the radical left. And the descent into tyranny which we are witnessing today, is all the evidence needed for those who have eyes to see.

            • Johnny Russell,
              So The Middle is the place to be?
              Walt(below) is right and wrong, but so are you. We are a mass of conflicts, but, these ‘conflicts’ are by Design.
              Walt is right in the sense of moral absolutes, and you are right in the sense of charity of heart, but, together, when held as an ideology, they can never succeed.

              This goes along with my thesis of Mystery, which is founded in the statue with the Head of Gold. That, he who has the gold, makes the rules… the concept of short money controlled by bankers, controls the world. They do this by Division and Mystery, that we are at each other’s throats, both, with ‘logical’ arguments and heart felt righteousness, shows the essence of the Iron vs Clay division, the mind vs the heart…

              The idea of the ‘Tragedy of the Commons’, and that it must be imposed by the barrel of a gun, because the Individual will destroy it if left to his own devices of greed, is an old old argument. As long as things are the way they are, it will continue in perpetuity. Is this the reason for the idea, that there must be a New Way?

              Those of us who loved the republic, and fought for it(since I am an old Vietnam vet as well) have as much right to speak as those who spit on us when we came home. But, after 40 years of watching this Kabuki theater I have come to the conclusion, that our system is broken. It is not either ‘ideology’, the Left leg or Right leg of that same statue, or the ten toes divided, but the Head of Gold.

              We cannot continue to fight over things of mind and heart, for there will be what there has always been, the building of civilization, and the tearing it down. The mind builds up, and the heart tears down. Envy always comes when the system shows its true colors, that the system itself serves the interests of the Ten Horns, the Shofars of the Leaders, the bankers and royals who set themselves above us because they are richer than Midas.

              Having had money, it gives a power to the man, a pride that comes in the soul, that causes you to think you are better than most. You can order people around, and those people, who also love money, and want to be like you, do your bidding. Thus, the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. What would life be like, if money were not centrally controlled? If money were not ‘short’?

              Because it is this central idea, the competition for funds, the battle for money, the grabbing and taking, the thieving and conniving, the false arguments and rationalizations, that is all caused, by the false ‘shortage’ of money. People will do anything, anything, to get MOAR. Left, right, makes no difference, because their ‘moral compass’ shifts in the breeze of the flow of money. This is a well known phenomenon, called the Red Queen problem… the Treadmill of Inflation causes people to run faster and faster to keep up. When the Treadmill turns to deflation, people will do anything to get what is unavailable… the rich get richer and the poor get poorer is not just a saying, but our reality.

              What would happen, if all the bankers were shot? If we took the Lord’s lesson of the Money changers in the Temple literally? And eliminated all central authorities? First, it can’t happen now, but, later? Instead of ‘kings to rule over us’, what if, we just went back to what God said to begin with? Private law and councils of tribes, with money coming from the people’s labor and productivity, directly. No need of central banks.

              This is what Lincoln did, when he had to fight a war, and the banks wanted to stiff him with high interest rates. He said F* you, and printed ‘Green backs’. Money, is a Game, a poker chip in the Game of Life. It represents you, your power and your productive or consumptive behavior in the Game. It is time to realize, that this is the source of all the evil in the world. That causes us to go at each other with righteous indignation. Both sides ‘knowing’ they are right.

              In Walt’s defense, he is right, we cannot have a world without moral absolutes, period. In your defense, you have lived in a system of ‘the middle’ being the lesser of two evils, and is ‘compassionate’. Ok. I get that. However, have you considered that you are a victim of the Hegelian Dialectic(Thesis, antithesis, synthesis)? It is the process of compromise, that the head of gold divides the people, so that the end result of BOTH ideologies(fealty to The State, or to The People) is;

              A few people end up owning everything, and being in charge.

              This is the message to the People, the Head of Gold, must be brought down by the Knowledge in the Rocks. The Tree that reveals that the ideologies of GREED, and ENVY, work against you by dividing you.

              And the time will come, a time of darkness and madness, that you now see beginning, a time of Jacobs Trouble will be a time of Justice. Let yourselves not allow the Phoenix to arise from the ashes, the head of gold, let the statue fall to the Temple of God, in your minds that gives Truth. That without families of things held in common and individuals working to provide it, understand, without both, there is no joy upon the Earth, only strife and competition for the bankers money.

              America, your cup of Karma is full to overflowing. You will pay the Piper when the black horseman falls, the dross will be burned, and your daily bread for a days wage will be your reward. You think you are a Queen, that cannot be harmed, yet Babylon falls in one hour. Let those who have eyes to see, see all things, that we may pound our swords into plowshares, and not learn war, anymore.

              • It sure is good that the same roman catholic vatican piper claims has messed up the bible totally, has at the same time Kept Only the parts of the bible Piper likes to use or quote fully Intact eh. The old ancient popes etc must have known folks like piper will need to retain “certain” parts of that bible to distort into their own personal interpretations, yet mess up all other relevant bible verses that explain or verify what things really mean. IE Ten shofers, ten horns etc etc…Every single verse piper twists and spins like a top, also has a biblical Proper definition or explaination.

                Indeed them old bible popes somehow Knew way in advance exactly what “parts” to leave as written for Pipers use eh. While all the rest can be discarded as messed up by rome. Like where them ten clay and iron toes speak of Race mixed marriages during various nations wars and peace attempts in Danials days 2500 yrs ago.

                Just switch that to a difference of emotions etc. And ignore what it really says it means.

                Why bother to use ANY bible parts at all if Rome and early catholics messed it up so badly?

                Just more new ager gnostics mambo jambo again is all it is piper. Gods in rocks, insects, plants, dirt, animals, and humans are a vast mix of all that.

                Then with enough new ager mambo jambo spin spew…All shall become their Own “Little” gods. Same as that BIG God only smaller sized gods aka little gods.

                Hope a verse says someone will make Little smaller size Ten shofer horns for them little gods to Blow on.

                When one Hates Gods words, they can Reinvent the bible to suit themself eh. Why retain any of it if thats the case.

        • how can you support Obama AND long for a return to the old ways where everyone has to work hard? That doesn’t make any sense….Obama is ABOUT expanding the welfare roles…other than that I agree with you….

          • I miss Archie Bunker….

            ‘Those Were The Days’

          • Like I said…he’s a mass of contradictions. And evidence of someone who has adopted a value system without thinking it through. He wants a similar end without realizing that the means to the end will never get him there.

            You can’t have a society where people take care of themselves..and have “old ways” (i.e. values), and get there by using the means and values of the collectivist/looters. They are polar opposites.

        • What you liberals fail to realize is that when the SHTF you will get it on YOU too! I find it hard to respect your opinions since you are oblivious to who and what Obama really is and what he is doing to our country.

        • Johnny Russell
          Good-Day to you and I hope you don’t run out
          of soap bubbles to blow into the wind. I wish
          I could pass out flowers to the National Guard
          as I did during the great Peace Movement of the
          Veitnam protest era. But life has changed for all.
          If you did not read the SHTF PLAN article of 10/07/13
          I suggest you take a look at the ” Confused Democrat”.
          Granted that article is more related to Health Care
          than today’s theme but in a way it can be similar to
          anything our goverment handles ( Both elected Parties)
          I get confused about things just like you and everyone at
          times. I always have to check my grammar notes to check
          if it is ” i or e before or after c “. — I do not
          get confused if a presidential canidate tells me he is
          going to come after my guns and redistribute my prepping
          supplies to his voting consistuancy. I am not confused about the fact you and your brother will be treated just as harshly as the camouflaged militia men of upstate Mich. when they come for your .50 cal and your .22 rifle.
          — You will be able to scream til your heart’s content inside the FEMA camp.
          ” BUT I VOTED FOR YOU ”

          Best of luck to you and your loved ones.
          — Miss Dee Dee

        • If what you say is true about the weapons, you should hate Obama like the rest of us

        • @ Johnny Russel,

          Sorry, but you can’t have it both ways. YOU voted for him. You are part of the problem. It’s too late to even say, “oops, made a mistake” because one, you haven’t even said that and two, it’s too late! You and the other lib’s are responsible! Y’all are going to drag us all down with you. I am sick of it! you want this man in power, but you don’t seem to agree with his decisions… You can’t even admit what a failure he has been or the horrible mistake you have made by supporting him. IF you truly stood behind this regime, you wouldn’t be prepping. Admit it- you messed up.

        • @Johnny,

          Go back to DC and walk your dog BO.

      39. Johnny Russell-

        you are an obama supporter-YOU ARE ON THE “LIST”.

        FUCK YOU.

      40. You hot damn ‘merikans all started this! Y’all beware and keep your stupid gobernmint in check. What we have here is a bunch of little bitches ranting and raving about Obomba and how your gobernmint suck. As George Carlin said,’Politicians dont just pop out of nowhere,they are citizens’. All ya guys do is bitch and complain. Give me solutions and take some action.
        Here ya go,go git yerself edjumicated,its official…

        Have a nice day! 🙂 Dont fergit ta stay away from Canada,were balls deep in guns n ammo 😉

      41. They need a false flag really really bad

        keep your heads up

        been chatter about another 9-11 type incident..

        dry runs on airlines..etc..

      42. 6 weeks, Check. What will they do now…

      43. Johnny Russell.

        It is all about the Money. Who Has It and How can WE take it From YOU! I want the old days back. Decent jobs and pay. Help others but not support them. Low crime and some street justice.

        NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Too many bleeding hearts and pet projects that do nothing but waste time and money. People do not have the stomach to do what needs to be done and so suffer on!

      44. My Take: 1960-1990 Gov builds bunkers for cold war. 1990- present. Nasa sees something very wrong coming, gov builds underground cities and tunnels conecting privious built bunkers. 2000- present. gov sees need for population control/behavior, puts in place exec orders and plans for martial law to control upcoming catastrophic event survivors. Deficit spending for building/prepping means nothing as all whole world governments are doing it to prep. Gov needs reason to apply Martial law before the big event, some excuses may be civil unrest, economy collapse, super quake disaster etc. Gov stocks up the underground (d.u.m.b.s.) bunkers/cities with food, water, billions of bullets and MRAPS before Martial law and the coming event. Nasa and space/usgs sites are shut down and do not provide vital info. Amateur astronomers cannot see details/trajectories or thier blogs are deleted. This is done to prevent mass panic and civil unrest…. I am probably wrong, but it would make a good movie or book!

        • They kind of already did the movie….”Deep Impact”…

          The beginning dealt with the cover-up of the incoming comet..and the code name for it was “Ele” (i.e. Extinction Level Event)

          The movie “Armageddon” gets more airtime and is more widely known, but I’ve always thought that “Deep Impact” was a better movie and more accurately depicted the way that the government would behave….by covering up and attempting to provide for the survival of the elites, as opposed to informing people and allowing them to take care of themselves. But in “Deep Impact” they provided some form of lottery where the “less essential” people might have a chance. I don’t think the real elites have any compunction for similar benevolence.

          And of course, in “Deep Impact”, the heroes save the day by blowing up the comet. Again….that’s a pipe dream. Even if we had the technology to do such a thing, the odds of it being successful would be infinitely small.

          I’ve wondered myself if all of the recent political scandal and more recently, the impasse with Obamacare and the Debt Ceiling might be some attempt to divert the public’s attention away from some catastrophic natural event that they know is coming…and can do nothing about.

          I’m reminded of the conversation in the movie “Men In Black”….

          Kay: We do not discharge our weapons in view of the public!

          Jay: Man, we ain’t got time for this cover-up bullshit! I don’t know whether or not you’ve forgotten, but there’s an Arquillian Battle Cruiser that’s about to…

          Kay: There’s always an Arquillian Battle Cruiser, or a Corillian Death Ray, or an intergalactic plague that is about to wipe out all life on this miserable little planet, and the only way these people can get on with their happy lives is that they DO NOT KNOW ABOUT IT!

        • @gone under & Walt….I think that you are both right on the money with your suppositions and I think that most people “feel” it within themselves, but they can’t define what that feeling is or what it points to! I mean, how many different indicators do we need to see? They’re trying to make sure that we can’t see anything that might be coming in space towards us.
          Dr James McCanney said that when ISON passed my Mars, that there was an electrical interaction, which would prove his “electric comet” theory and also during ISON’s passage that Mars developed a “coma”! I’m not sure what that means for earth when ISON comes rolling along…and the fact that there are accompanying asteroids or objects traveling with ISON. It has already been documented that far more than normal amounts of asteroids have been hitting earth, granted they’ve been small, but why so many all of a sudden??? What else is headed this way that we haven’t been told about?
          All of the DUMB’s that have been built and all of the massive preparations that have gone into them….wth are they preparing for?

          • Most preppers dont want to hear that because they are not quite sure how to prep. When they do find out that it requires money or a whole lot of work if you dont have money, they change the subject back to the economy, ww3, martial law etc. People must realize prepping is a crap shoot, you may never get to use them or you may lose them. Question: If you believe there are underground bunkers and small cities built by governments across the WORLD, (thats the key hint)what were they built for? Not martial law as we are the only nation that might end up with it. WW3, TPTB surely dont want to destroy THIER planet. Plague, maybe. Why Underground, why not fortresses above ground unless something is coming in from above. OK back to the manipulated economy.

            • It is possible that they could have built DUMB’s for a plague or possibly an incredibly substantial solar flare. I think that just maybe something is coming in from above that they know about and that will produce a very unpleasant environment for those of us left on the surface….

              One thing for sure, something else is going on here and not just what the fools running the show are telling us…way too many signs of other things that keep on nagging me!

              I also think that the “Watcher” who used to post here, knew what it was or had a fairly good suspicion of what’s coming in….but we’ll see, won’t we!

              • I lean toward astroid, CME or Solar flare, then polar shift. Earthquakes and polar shift might result in underground coffins for them. They have all our taxes to research this with the world’s best scientists. Thats why I try to get BI and others to look into some kind of underground shelter. Even a modifing a small basement with plywood, 4×6 beams and a double layer of sandbags would provide approx PF100 protection. Otherwise, you have to go out in the backyard and dig. Lastly, a culvert under a road with the ends blocked off with sandbags or even layers of plywood, which can be done fairly quick if you keep the matierials on hand, would be better than out in the open or in your home.

      45. Key creditor China begins acting to hedge against US default
        Published time: October 10, 2013 12:15

        Hong Kong has sent the first sign from Asia that the region is creating extra financial buffers against a possible default in the US. China said some US short – term Treasury bonds appear to be more risky to hold as collateral than previously thought.
        The clock is ticking for the US to make a decision on its spending bill and the massive $16.7trln debt. The country’s key foreign lender China has shifted from words to actions and said it has taken two steps to reflect the increased difficulty of valuing certain short-term US Treasuries, the Financial Times reports.
        One of the steps includes a so-called “haircut”, or a discount, on the value of US Treasuries held as collateral against futures trades.
        The interest rate for bonds held with maturity of less than one year would be raised to 3 percent from 1 percent.
        “Participants should make necessary funding arrangements to cover any shortfall to their margin requirements resulting from the increase in the US Treasuries haircut,” HKEx said.
        One of the concerns is whether the US Treasuries may be easily replaced or supplemented in case their value slump in case of a default.
        Experts say,however, Treasuries make up a relatively low share of the collateral used in Hong Kong and Asia more broadly.
        The move comes after the Asia Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association (Asifma) warned of the possible “chaos” that a default announcement made by the US Treasury before the Asian market opening on October 17 may cause.
        “It has the potential to cause chaos and people may dump Treasuries because they won’t know whether they can exist the next day. They [Treasury] need to make that call early and not late,” said Mark Austen, chief executive of Asifma.
        The Japan Securities Clearing Corporation (JSCC), the clearing house in Japan, said it was getting ready for “anything that might happen”.
        Discounting the collateral by some of the members of clearing houses is a part of the bodies’ routine that allows them to take into account price fluctuations and the fact that some bonds are less secure than others.

      46. what the hell is going on with mother nature?

        I have a granny smith apple tree with blooms on October!..

        Im also in a cold climate state, we have already seen 46 degree night time temps and 58 to 62 degree day time temps

        ok so its OT, just struck me strange, never seen this before, anyone else?

        maybe there is some natural phenomenon going on that is going to upset the apple cart that they know about and we don’t..?
        hell I don’t know but this is weird

        • In Texas my pear tree had blooms 2 weeks ago, but it has been hot here with nights just starting to cool off. Weird and the neighbors stopped to look at it.

        • Almost all my plants are putting on new growth and/or coming up from the roots as though it were spring. We are having weather similiar to VRF…so they should be going into hibernation.

          • Ive got bantam hens with new baby chicks. ive seen deer fawns with spots. The seasons seen to be blending. Im gonna blame it on the pole shift.

      47. DOW is UP

        They are making a deal.

      48. Oh and another thing that’s bugging the hell out of me and I keep hearing it from Oblaimies mouth and other politicians..the word “Democracy”

        this will hurt our democracy..this is that this is bla bla bla democracy

        hello when is someone going to wake these fuckers up and tell them this is NOT a dam Democracy!

        this is NOT A DEMOCRACY!!! It is a representative REPUBLIC!, there is a HUGE difference!

        I want someone to call him short on it the next time Obama or any politician uses the word democracy referencing our government

        no wonder they have fucked it up so bad, they don’t even know what kind of government they are supposed to be running!

      49. “representative republic” ???

        personally speaking

        I’m going with a corrupt corporate oligarchy

        at any rate

        it damn sure ain’t no democracy !!!

        • yeah so true

          well it was supposed to be a Republic..see they cant even get that right..bunch a screw ups I swear

          theres no way you can be the president if you don’t even know what that job is..let alone put a radical Muzzie Islamist in charge of a Christian nation with freedoms and a constitution ..


          time to turn the tables yet people?

      50. Benjamin Franklin (1706–90)
        “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”

        “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

        well I guess we know how that turned out !

        Thomas Jefferson 3rd President (1801-1809)

        Periodic revolution, “at least once every 20 years,” was “a medicine necessary for the sound health of government.”

        boy are we overdue !!!

        • Big Time

          we all been sleeping at the switch eh?

      51. The Tree of Liberty is thirsting to be watered with the blood of tyrants!

      52. The way America has been ran from 1998 to 2013, and into 2014.

        We all owe Richard Nixon an apology.

        Maybe his only crime was that we never got to hear what the Dems were saying at Watergate. Can we please hear those tapes.

        Does the ‘freedom-of-information act’ allow this to happen?

      53. Everybody knows the elite are using the money to build and finance space craft to take the elite to a new planet……………….the rest of us will be left on planet earth…. the jokes on you……

        • why wait, send them now!

        • good, I hope the time gets doubled for bad behavior..28 years aint enough IMO

          • Back in detroit yrs ago, I did monthly work on Kwammee’s Mothers house. She was/is? US Rep dem Kilpatrik.

            That asshole even as a 5yr old kid was rasied by his us rep bitch mom loony african kommie lib to hate whites and act like a typical snooty racist monky.

            Kwamee always poked fun at me and my crew and made racial anti whitey remarks every time we went to work at his crib. When ignoring him faild to quiet him down, I just always told him to Fuck Off as I aint got time to waste on no stupid ape monky negroes like him.

            I ended up losing his mother as a customer for our company I worked at. I got fed up with her constant remnders that She is a US Rep and that makes Her a VIP!!

            One day I just got too fed up and told her bascially that she was a legend in her own mind, and was NOT any VIP due to stupid dem negroe detroit voters electing her sorry afrcian monky ass!….Next day my boss told me the news!

            I lost the job for us…So what. No other workers would venture into her shit hole of detroit besides me.

            Kwamee grew into the same type self important monky as his us rep mommy was. Typical asshole african ingrates.

            And they learned from Me that not all whiteys are going to keep allowing their sorry monky ass to diss us as a white man. They knew and Know they are low life african savages. Just every so often they Need a guy like me to Remind them of it is all. And boy did I remind them both of it!…ps her crib paid the same monthly fee as when originally contracted 20 yrs prior to me going there! So no real loss anyways. All the company lost was one huge egotistical monky bitch demacrat.

            28 yrs prison! Maybe Kwamee will meet a few Arayns in there eh!…They will set his ass straight right quick.

      54. I regularly lurk here. Love the site. I don’t get why more people aren’t alarmed by all this. I’m a student and they have signs all over campus about the big shakeout on October 17, 2013. Ugh no thanks. I think I’ll stay my black a** at home that day. Anyone know the best route out of CA? Lol.

      55. Read the Book “2008 God’s Final Witness”! This will explain what is coming to this Nation and the rest of the world very very soon…

      56. Pretty scary scenario.
        Seems unlikely, but we can always hope something happens to the thugs screwing us.

      57. what is current status of Greece I have not seen any news in a while

        • 55% youth unemployment in Greece.

      58. everyone remember. no matter what happens, no matter how it happens, remember the desired result—control. There are a million ways “they” can do this, and it’s anyone’s guess how they will take us there. But control is the end game. So rest assured, when something happens, and it won’t be by chance, that the end goal is control—always was, always will be.
        Just look at the evidence so far. Years and years of more and more laws to remove personal freedoms, one by one, day by day. This being done with the cooperation of BOTH parties, so spare me the political crapolla. This control is being done with the full knowledge and consent of both parties.
        Just get ready for what’s coming. You know it’s almost here, so don’t be surprised by any thing that happens. It’s all planned. Have a great day all.

      59. God is getting ready to judge the USA, by allowing those that have rejected Him to have their sinful way on earth…but Jesus is going to take the Christians out of this world first. Even if you don’t believe that, at least give your life and heart to Jesus while there is time – just in case I am right. Jesus saves. Repent and look up for your salvation is nigh. Accept the free gift of eternal life.

      60. Our product line of Emergency Survival Gear and disaster preparedness products are the perfect solution to providing that level of preparedness which could actually save lives in the event of a disaster or emergency.

        Guardian Prepper Survival Gear is a wholesale distributor of Disaster Preparedness Kits, Hurricane Survival Kits, First Aid Supplies, Disaster Relief Kits, Survival Kits, Long Term Food Storage, Prepper supplies & More!

      61. @be informed
        Yes, you are on the right track. This is nothing short of “political football”. Designed to distract and divide the masses. I continue to be amazed by the total lack of any understanding of the monetary system by most of the people that I know. Thereare a handfull who “get it”.
        The Fed creates money with debt attached. (interest) The Treasury could, and has the power, to create coinage and real money (that is backed by pm’s). They could create this money, pay off all of the debt, and then end the Federal Reserve. As long as you create money that is in debt to begin with, you will have a nation that is in debt. This could be solved very easily. We need to elect officials with the balls to do just that.

      62. Gordon Brown is like the kid who built a model house out of match sticks and then tells you, “ya know, if you, like light a match, then the whole thing will burn down.”

        He spent his entire time in government creating the global financial crisis, he then lied about it when things started to go wrong, he then used criminal methods to suppress the truth, and then when the shtf, he handed over the most money in the country’s history to banks and the wealthy. In short, he is a scumbag.

        There would not have been a risk of social breakdown if he had done his job in the first place, the fat, lying, Scottish sack of sh#t.

      63. We’ve been down this road before. The 1889 book “The Great Red Dragon: Foreign Money Power in the United States” details how the sociopaths (like we have now) set up things financially for what we now know are the two World Wars. The book “Snakes in Suits” define the word sociopath as one with no conscience nor empathy. Every time these not-so-elite get the better of the 99%, bad things happen. We never seem to learn. (By the way, a link to a free copy of the 1889 book is provided on my website. Scanned and provided by the University of California. Cool, huh.)

      64. The problem with the planning for economic collapse by politicians is they caused this economic collapse to happen. After decades of poor leadership, poor stewardship, greed and lying to the citizens, they are planning to shoot their own citizens. Not to protect society but to protect themselves and their wealthy friends. They want to turn this crisis they created into an opportunity to turn the tables on Democracy and establish a return to a feudal society where they are the lords and 90% of population subsist in sod huts barely surviving on nuts and berries completely at their mercy. You really think that after lying to and ignoring the voters for decades they suddenly care about their citizens?

      65. McGrath has been predicting doom for so long, that he has become a poor choice of prognosticator. What’s his track record for picking time frames?

      66. Hitler was doing well ,killing and burning well the so called Jews,and you stopped him,now pay the price…from the beginning the jews are controlling everything ,wake up and smell the s…

      67. Jesus like the other saviors of every age, did not need to preach that much to have left a fair and helpful record. His soul consciousness would still have done the sorting magic alone. Ours is the first age to totally deny the positive delicacy of women much less likely to hold up to the competitive independent source of a blindly blistering unknowable barrage of attacks, as only worthy, naturally, to ordinary obligations. The music of one of their love alone could unsew all the foolishness on this blog, and as a livable collectivism takes shape, they would choose from the beginning poor troubled friends like they might be, playfully, before delicacy implodes to a dependence, – horrors, or an age old normal recognition? – are you cross-eyed? – with a surprisingly more comfortable floor of human decency and democracy, for the plethora of all self-generating networks with innocent equality of renewing rational or not redemption of a holy planet as forgiven, fun, and free as the sea. A planet of garbage couldn’t be less comfortable than people’s own concept of having mastered responsible advancement. It’s just plain rude not to talk to a feminine person as a friend for real, like they’re some kind of above comprehension snob. Absolutely give up everything that you think would be unbecoming of a holier person to not be denied, from being willing to be persecuted to craziness in unchosen situations of isolation, to any power not as cold as you waiting for a 2,000 year old reputations return. Don’t dwell on your own mastering what’s not right for you in the event of a savior. I know you don’t mean to cross modern lines, either.

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