McGrath On War With Russia: “They Have the Weapons, the Technology, the Will, and the Manpower”

by | Aug 4, 2014 | Headline News | 333 comments

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    Last week in the Hague a Dutch court with no jurisdiction over the matter ordered the Russian government to pay $50 billion to shareholders of a company called Yukos. The company was reportedly looted, evaded taxes and eventually declared bankruptcy because of certain Russian individuals.

    Frankly, the specifics surrounding the case aren’t really of much concern. What is of concern, however, is the response from one of Vladimir Putin’s closest advisers following the verdict.

    “There is a war coming in Europe,” he said. “Do you really think this matters?”

    It was a shocking statement from someone who is reportedly close friends with the President of Russia and one that shouldn’t be ignored because it signals Russia’s intentions in Europe. Granted, the statement wasn’t made in any official capacity, but given what’s happening in former Soviet satellite Ukraine, it should certainly be raising some eyebrows.

    However, the mainstream media seems to be completely dismissing this as a possibility. It must be because humanity is so much more civilized today than we were back in 1914 or 1938. Moreover, we’ve got hundreds of pages of international treaties and promises of peace, and those contracts are ironclad.

    But, as Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News notes in his analysis below, Neville Chamberlain had a peace treaty forged in September of 1938 with the Germans, promising that there would be no more conflicts in Europe. Josef Stalin had a similar contract signed by Adolf Hitler promising his country would never be invaded by the Nazis.

    Within a few years of these treaties being signed, however, tens of millions of people across Europe were dead.

    In the short segment below McGrath provides some insightful analysis on the situation in the Ukraine, how western media is influencing the narrative, and why we should be taking the warning from Putin’s adviser at face value.

    We are pushing the bear. We are pushing the limits. We are pushing Empire America to the point of no return.

    And, we are sitting here focusing on anything and everything other than the events going on in Europe right now. … Russia, right now, has a very much vested interest in stopping this advancement of Western Europe. …

    I don’t want to be an alarmist… I don’t want to try and scare anybody… but if you’re not paying attention to what’s going on in Ukraine… what’s going on behind the scenes… then you are missing the next big war that is coming to this planet.

    Let me assure you of one thing right now. Regardless of how bad the fighting gets between the United States and ISIS… or regardless how bad the fighting gets between Israel and Gaza… Nothing compares to the potential violence that can occur between the West and Russia.

    They have the weapons, they have the technology, they have the will, and they have the manpower to achieve something the likes of which we have never seen.

    This is serious business and the outcome will affect the lives of billions of people around the globe.

    Will history look back at 2014 just as we look back today at the events that took place in the world ahead of the Great Wars in 1914 or 1938?

    Make no mistake. The world is in shambles and we’re quickly running out of political solutions.

    It’s only a matter of time before the world’s super powers take it to the next level.


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      1. US start a war with Russia,what could possibly go wrong?!

        • So what DID obama mean when he told Russia he had more flexibility this term?

          I guess we’ll all know pretty soon.

          • You look at a fight between two people that are absolutely determined to win or just plain survive. The first person might pull out a pair of brass knuckles, the other a knife, the next a small caliber pistol, then whatever else more powerful than the other until their enemy goes down. This is human nature to use whatever is necessary to survive and/or win.

            The issue of containment between Russia and the west is the real problem. You look at the explosive power of a nuclear weapon. Even a fuel air bomb that has 100+ tons of TNT is absolutely nothing compared to what a 200 kiloton nuke can do. With 2000 times the power, the common 200 KT nuke based on the cube blast law can cover 12.5 times as much area. That is a lot of tanks and armored personnel carriers, or a fleet of ships.

            The temptation is always there to go nuclear and use a wepaon you know will work. It may start out as just a few kilotons air bursted over advancing armed forces, like so many movies have depicted. The second that nukes are used, the genie is out of the bottle, it is that much easier to use the much bigger weapons.

            The main whopping problem with a war between Russia and the U.S. is that Russia is superior when it comes to nuclear weapons and lacking somewhat in volume what is conventional forces. When you have a superiority in a certain weapon you tend to use it as you main force.

            It doesn’t take a full scale of nukes to destroy the U.S. either. A couple of EMP burst from a nuke specially fitted with the proper gamma rays would take care of almost everything electronic not safeguarded against such an attack. Not to say that the U.S. would not launch the nukes and Russia and then Russia would nuke the U.S. anyway.

            The worst possible course of action anyone can do with an animal, person, or nation is to box them in and make them so desperate that fighting with any and every means is the only course of action. There are ideas out there that this is all engineered with Russia and the U.S. This is possible, granted. What is more likely is the U.S. is depserate itself because of the petro dollar collapses using the U.S. dollar. Russia is desperate because it knows what a NATO Ukraine means. You have two nuclear powers desperate and in reality both in deep fear of the consequences of lack of action. That makes for doomsday that much closer.

            Talking nuclear is often classified as doom and gloom. In reality it is what is and can be. Putin has tested all sorts of nuclear forces. The U.S. talks nuclear cuts, yet there is a lot of money that still goes into the best delivery systems for nukes. Conventional war is convenience and neat. True war is fought with weapons that defeat your enemy. Coventional war cannot put down either side enough that they won’t at least launch some nuclear weapons. That is the problem and something that each of us can plan for or not. There will be nuclear war survivors, that is something to aim.

            • The world will be fortunate if there is someone left
              to write any history on events leading up to 2014.

              • With a collective 28 thousand first strike weapons, take a map of the Northern Hemisphere and I don’t care what size map, and make 28 thousand dots.

                • The war will not be between countries. I IS a war between the bankster globalists and the people of the world, wherever they may be situated.

                  It has already begun, with a biological attack in the form of the ebola virus, and will be continued against Americans and other unwitting victims with a “vaccine” that will kill more people than the virus itself.

                  To help you survive this war, I have written a short paper about making colloidal silver “in the wild”. You can get it free at the link below


                  I am stocking up on distilled water now by getting one or two gallons each time I go a store that sells it.

                  Be ready to survive the coming war. Just understand it is the banksters against you AND God, not a war between any two countries. The bankstesr do not now, and never have, respected any borders or Law.

                  • God’s Creation: It didn’t come up for me….sent me to yahoo “trying to help me find” what I was looking for…thanks in advance for the write up…


            • I guess the rest of us had better figure out how to stop the globalist elite banksters then, before they destroy our planet. This isn’t about any certain country, as it is about the assholes pulling the strings to get what they want, by putting us against each other.

              If we don’t WAKE UP soon — we’ll DIE IN OUR SLEEP.

            • Russia’s land based ICBM’s: 434 USA: 450.
              Russia’s SLBM: 112 US: 239
              Russia’s heavy bombers: 69 USA: 118 (Plus 10 aircraft carriers with 15-30 fighter bombers each).

              Russia’s fighting forces are mostly conscripted and average trained.

              USA fighting forces are volunteers and very well trained. (As are our allies in Germany, Britain, and other counties.)

              They fight us and it will be a blood bath for them and would destroy thier already feable economy.

              • Yeah that’s awesome man. They suck we don’t don’t. Stop attending those Sarah Palin rallies.

                • Did not say they suck… but it would be a bigger loss for them than us. My 21 years in the millitary has taoght me … don’t be in a hurry to go to war or hope for the same. War sucks.

              • @Manontheinside

                You forget you have a coward leading the nation. Putin will push the button and Barry will not. Russia will never allow the West to know what they have and your numbers of their forces/arms are just an estimate.

                • Either way we’re all just as dead, no matter who pushes their button first.

                  I just don’t know what to say to all of the people who are shitting out of their mouths lately, claiming we’re “weak” because we haven’t rushed over there to die for the globalists, yet.

                  They keep puking up words like “pussy”, “weak”, “scared” and “coward” because obama hasn’t sentenced our children to die in a war that doesn’t have to happen. OMG can these people be any more stupid?

                  Add to it, the fact that most of the shit-spewers are old, fat and disabled, so they WON’T be the ones waling into battle…The rest are just young, naive and have no fucking idea what they’ll be staring at if they get their wish.

                  I just don’t know what to say anymore, except fuck every one of you, who thinks we need to go to world war for a third time, and I hope you and yours are among the first to see what nuclear war is all about.

                  I feel sorry for you. I really do.

                • They are accual numbers form a combination of hundreds of sources. And because Barry is such an idiot…. if Putin backed him into a corner he WOULD PUSH THE BUTTON and then blame congress. (It would be mote point but he would blame some one else).

                  • It would be George Bush’s Fault…
                    Standing by in Montgomery a County Texas

                • Hmmm so the Russians will bomb everything except the golf courses, and DC to preserve Obama. If they hit DC or Obama on the Golf course someone else would be President and might order retaliation? I wonder if I can get a job as Obama’s caddie? That could be the safest job in the world!

              • @ Man on the Inside:

                You should conduct a seance and conjure up the spirits of Russia’s would-be Polish conquerors of 1612, the troops led by Charles XII of Sweden, Napoleon’s Grande Armee and last but not least the crack troops of the Wehrmacht (who were better men and soldiers than any of the so-called “greatest generation”). I’m sure your facile and “confident” predictions for an Amurikan victory (under the banner of its bisexual Marxist mulatto C-in-C) will give them all a big laugh.

                On another note, to what end will the supposedly “fearsome” power of Amurika be unleashed in a war against Russia? To punish Russia for rejecting the blessings of bankster debt economics, turd-world immigration, GMO frankenfood, faggot marriage and Amurikan mulatto culture? Will you celebrate the pipe dream of Amurikan “victory” against Russia with endless seizure-like “dance” performances by the frozen-chicken humping, church desecrating whores of “Pussy Riot?”

                What to do with the Faux-News loving, supposedly “right wing” Amurikan patriotards who are blind to the fact that diverse, LGBT Amurika, and not Russia, is the citadel of Marxist social engineering in the world today? Russia OTOH is the only force defending what is left of Western Culture (even though it has a distinct civilization in itself).

                • Well written. Right on point.

                • Russia defending Western Culture??

                  Are you kidding me you idiot??

                  Russia kills journalists that speak out against the government.

                  Imprisons rock/pop bands who speak out against Putin.

                  Bans websites critical of government.

                  How many on here have a gay relative or friend?

                  are they that atrocious you have personally cut off all contact and called for them to be exiled and shamed out of society and existence?

                  You fucking morons on this site with your vile anti American self loathing attitudes have destroyed this forum.

                  So many including myself have moved on because of you and the comment board and site hits have reflected this.

                  • Western culture? When I was a kid, some things were just evil. Now they are the norm… western culture. I can imagine if you live long enough Wolf359… maybe you will also indulge in a little newly legal pedo, or marry your dog and have relations. Maybe not, but you get the drift, right? Western culture as we know it today is like swimming in a cesspool.

                    Putin is no Saint, but then, even Saints had their faults. And defending the faith sometimes requires bloodshed. The problem with your democracy… IT SOON WASTES ITSELF… morally.

                  • Curtis,

                    I don’t get your drift. I asked specific questions YOU refused to reply to.

                    You responded to my specificity with euphemistic CRAP.

                    Agree to or refute my points or even ignore them all together.

                    You did nothing.

                  • “Russia kills journalists that speak out against the government.”

                    Seems to me that you watch too much fox news and take in every thing they say word for word.

                    No one kills more people than the USA and we in Europe would like it if the all went back home and stopped trying to tell us what we can and cannot do.

                    The USA talks about peace but then sends Israel more guns and money to kill people that have little more than sticks and stones to fight back.

                    By the last count the USA had started seven wars in the past 12 years and Russia has started none and I for one cannot wait for the USA to get whats comeing.

                    Russia will wipe the floor with the USA if push come to shove and a lot of people in Europe would side with Russia long before going along with the worlds bully boy.

              • Russia is still very much a backward society and definitively IS a 3rd world economy.

                They rely on one thing only: oil and gas sales.

                It is very much an all-your-eggs-in-one-basket economy.

                Their military is no match for ours.

                Our problem is Obama. He is a Communist traitor in bed with the Soviets since the time he returned to the U.S. from Indonesia. Not one word of what Obama says publicly about Russia can be believed. Every step he takes, every policy he announces, is designed to play into Putin’s hands because that’s how Obama was trained.

                There is no need whatsoever for us to get involved in a war with Putin. We have handled far, far worse than Putin. There is also no need for us to implement regime change in Russia — it’s collapsing again all on its own, and frankly, it doesn’t have anything that we really want. The oil they have is worth something, but it’s so unbearably cold where Exxon has to go to get to it that it’s a real debate as to whether or not it’s worth the trouble. They have timber, but there’s plenty of timber around for our needs elsewhere, including here at home.

                The point is, there are alternate ways (not involving open warfare) of dealing with a power hungry Putin bent on restoring the old Soviet empire. And at a far, far lower cost.

                Obama is pushing this because it satisfies the agenda he was given for destroying America. Nothing more. Nothing less.

                Question is, what do our military leaders have to say about this? Cuz, no matter what else happens, no matter whose fault it is, the guys with the guns always win.

                • Imbecilic comment when one considers the US has only ONE industry that keeps it from it’s deserved fate…….WAR.

                • Do you not agree that Obama is the puppet of the Oligarchs – is it possible to elect someone who is not a puppet?

              • Who can win such a war is irrelevant. Starting a needless war between nuclear superpowers is a good way to kill tens of millions of people, none of which win that war. A good leader, therefore, does everything he can to avoid such a war unless his goal is megadeath. Sorry, but I really don’t care whose flag flies above the graveyard I am buried in.

              • Man On The Inside: You are absolutely correct. Right now, the US AND Europe have a strategic and conventional advantage over Russia; and the PTB recognized 15 years ago that they had a “ten year window” to extend the New World Order as far and as fast as possible.

                A nuclear war is mutual suicide.

                A conventional war clearly favors the West in material, manpower, and non-nuclear arms. Another ten years and Russia would be our military equal. And so would China. Right now, both are regional powers in a conventional conflict.

                However, the NWO has seeded “top dog status” to China and made it an equal economic partner; avoiding war. Not long ago, the New York Times ran an article suggesting that the “natural” expansion of China was to Siberia, as I have long noted here at SHTF Plan.

                I have a Franklin that says the column was read and understood in both Moscow and Beijing. 🙂

            • We’ll hit Russia with a blast of air from Howard Stern’s ass. It worked on the 777.

            • BI you last sentence is the thought that might give rationale or justification of the use of nukes. To me using nukes is unthinkable. When someone thinks a nuclear attack is survivable . Or thinks a nuclear war is winnable . That kind of thinking makes it likely to happen. If those folks in mount weather think they can survive in that place. and we have a nuclear war. those who are left alive on the surface need to make shure they never emerge. The poisoned folks on the surface need to make those lavish paid for by the taxpayers bunkers into their toombs!

              • Did us use nuke weapons in iraq? I thought the tank blaster projectiles used nuke.
                Ever think some aliens are trying to get humans to unterraform by wiping out plants and other species. Odd what this mass extinction is doing as humans are doing it but it it to thier own detriment.

                • They did use depleted uranium ammunition ammunition. Lots of soldiers got sick.

                  • Some people asked incredulously if nukes would be used. Looks like USA used them in the last war. Smaller for sure; but nukes nonetheless. I guess it was a police action and not legally a “war”. Well, “War on Terror” whatever that means.

              • And in the end times, there will be wars and rumors of wars

                • Greek is not english. “rumor” could be like news, fame, hearing of, etc. Its not simply the word “rumor” as we know it. Its more like the world we have now where there is war news from multiple places.

                  • Blowed, great point. After reading your post I looked it up and here is the definition –

                    Greek word “akoe” –

                    1- the sense of hearing
                    2- the organ of hearing, the ear
                    3- the thing heard
                    a- instruction, namely oral, of preaching the gospel
                    b- hearsay, report or rumour

                    KJV Translation Count:
                    24 Total hearing 10, ears 4, fame 3, rumour 2, report 2, audience 1, misc 2

                    Apparently “rumour” and “report” are the most likely translations.

              • @ Old Guy. The aim is to survive as an individual after a nuclear war. We as individuals have absolutely nothing to do with the decesions made by those pushing the buttons. There will be nuclear war survivors as long as some characters don’t deploy a complete dommsday type of weapons such as salting these nukes. There will be safe zones for people all over the planet based on weather patterns tnat drop little or no fallout. There will be areas that won’t even know there has been a nuclear war. This is not to say that a nuclear war is winnable, it is only saying at the tiny individual level of you, me, and all the others reading this can at least have a chance of not being on the losing end of it completely.

            • It seems obvious to me that the opening of ballistic hostilities will be announced with multiple EMP bursts, probably just before the other party would expect them.

            • BI, congratulations on your latest article. I truly enjoyed it. On the current topic, I have always suspected a war between the US and Russia could still occur in my lifetime and I’m afraid it will if Obama and his masters have their way. During the Soviet era, we came to the brink of war twice with the Soviets; the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Yom Kippur War, but backed away each time at the last minute. I still hope we can avoid it this time. There is nothing to be gained by anyone in a nuclear war.

              • To the renegade braveheart – and others concerned –

                Jay Jay was over at Modern Survival Blog
                She seems to be as feisty and alive as ever!

                • Later, thanks for that update.

            • BI … While there may be some survivors after a nuclear exchange. What are they going to emerge from their shelters to? A land that is burnt to a crisp, containing so much radiation, that persists for centuries, as to be unsurvivable.

              Don’t forget that the initial exchange is just the start of the holocaust. Once all of the cooling stops at nuke plants everywhere and the cooling water for the spent fuel pools evaporates, round two begins. There are 100 or so of these ticking time bombs, mostly located east of the Mississippi in the US that will be spewing radioactive smoke and particles for years. The same will be true for the nuke plants located in other countries.

              Did I forget to mention that the initial exchange will also put so much smoke and earth into the atmosphere as to induce nuclear winter for, from some estimates I’ve seen, a minimum of 10 years and maybe as much as a generation? Of coarse no one really knows how long nuclear winter would last for sure because it only been simulated on computers. You know, the same computer models that they’ve used to predict global warming.

              Given that scenario, how many plants and animals do you think will survive to become a food source for your human nuclear war survivors? After the starving human remainder eat all of the available plant and animal food sources, where will the continued nutriant requirements come from when there’s nothing left to produce future generations of sustinence?

              The only winning move in this game of nuclear my dick is bigger than yours is not to play.

              • Go to

                Nagasaki and Hiroshima were rebuilt and did just fine. I have been to both cities and they are wonderfull. That being said Nuke War would set the planet back 50-100 years. Don’t hope for this….. war sucks. Be prepaired to fight and survive but it seems some folks are acualy hoping for the end. How sad….

              • It will be a limited nuke exchange while both powers will soon realize the insanity of it. Meanwhile, the little people will be so horrified, they will fall on their knees for a man of peace…

            • Are you Mr. Bemis from the twilight zone “Time enough at last”? Take a look at those surroundings he’s in. Figure out where to sleep, what to eat..or in his case ..where he can get another pair of glasses.
              Is this the kind of world…should it happen this way..that you would want to survive in!?

            • And unfortunately, its considered better to hit the other country with a nuke before they hit you (first strike).

              And according to the experts, each president carries a briefcase with him 24/7 which they can open and launch a nuclear bomb in a matter of seconds…

              Russia TRIED to avoid all this… but then comes the time to fight.

        • We wouldn’t be in this mess if the CIA hadn’t provoked and subverted the elected government in Ukraine at the behest of the EU bankers who were miffed that the Ukraine government didn’t see the need to become a debt slave to the EU.

          Granted, the Ukraine government was corrupt and draining the treasury to enrich themselves.As with the situation here in the US under Obama, elections have consequences. This situation wouldn’t exist if not for the constant, ineffectual meddling by the US government in the affairs of other nations.

          Now because of this meddling and the “sanctions” imposed by our government on Russia, Russia is forming an alliance with the other BRIC nation to bring down the dollar by conducting trade in either gold or their local currencies. The other thing that really astounds me is Obama’s prodding of the EU nations to join in the sanctions. He somehow conveniently forgets that the EU gets approximately 60% of the energy that powers their economies from … Russia. Energy that, in the form of Nat. gas, powers the bulk of their electricity generation, not to mention heats their homes and businesses.

          Who in their right mind would sanction a trading partner that has his hand on the gas valve that powers your economy?.Of coarse the stupid ass Liberals here say that the US could provide the EU with Nat. gas, conveniently forgetting that the infrastructure required to accomplish that DOESN’T EXIST here and wouldn’t for seven to ten years, IF WE STARTED TODAY. If this goes hot, it’s going to be a long COLD winter in the EU with no heat and no electricity. Modern life does not exist without electricity.

          Wars, throughout history have been about resources. The ability to win them depends on having the resources to fight and the military capability to win. There are NO ARMIES of any consequence in the EU when compared to Russia. Should war break out in the EU, and it stays conventional, it’ll look like a repeat of the blitzkrieg of 38-41. Russia will roll over those fuckers in the EU faster than you can say borscht.

          Here’s what I predict. Russia goes into Ukraine, taking the eastern third of the country creating a land bridge between it and Crimea. They’ll stop there unless provoked to go further by either the EU or the US which is not happening. There’s not stomach or capability for it in the EU and Obama is a pussy.

          As I stated above, elections have consequences. This is what happens when you elect an sociopathic, socialistic amateur, who has never had a real job, to run a country as complex as ours and to support the allies that he has thrown to the wolf..

          • Excellent breakdown. I will be quoting this in conversation.

            All the stupid Obomber voters didn’t see this dope starting WW3. Dumbass liberals vs. Dumbass fake conservative s.

            Ron Paul was the only choice for anyone that has read the Constitution.

            • E…man said….

              “All the stupid Obomber voters didn’t see this dope starting WW3”

              Wake up man! Odrama hasn’t started or finished anything.
              He is nothing more than a pawn with the gift of gab.

              He may hold an office that once carried with it, the most prestigious position in the world; but not in this century.

              TPTB/Illuminati/World banksters hold all the cards. They play them as God allows all this to unfold. They play them to bring about more wars to feed the machine.
              The machine of the industrialized war complex by which they make billions.

              WWIII can’t go full swing until it is time.

              what time you say?

              I will spell it out like this. In the old days before punch cards & time clocks there was a big boss man that called “quitting” time for employees.

              If you worked your way up to that position you got to say, “I am the man that gets to call when it is quitting time”.

              Well, there is the One that makes that call, the call for quitting and starting. The Big Boss Man is our Heavenly Father, and he will make that call for the final world war when He says it is time.

              The players/TPTB are seated and have the cards before them. They get to play a hand every now and then to keep things “stirred” up, and ramped up.

              The “true” initiators are the four angels held back by their Creator, that have fallen with their king, ole Lucifer. They have been helping to send strong evil spirits of delusion to these players as they get worked up to really stir things up.

              When thay are loosed by God, then the SHTF and not until.
              No men can set it off and definitely not one man like Odrama or Pukin.

              It will happen, and soon, but there is no backside regrouping or starting over with new leadership and revived constituional allegience. This will be where the final rubber meets the last stretch of pavement and all evil is gathered in and around the earth, and more precisely Jerusalem and the river Euphrates, for the final battle.

              Sorry, to all you “worldly” lovers out there. Your worldly shit has about had it’s run.

              This crap these isis muslim turban heads are spewing about hanging the flag of moose-achmed over the USA will never happen. God will not allow it because it is evil and most of the remnant of His true followers are here in America.
              Oh they will try via their Russian led army, but “ain’t happenin’ fools”. God will smash them like tiny bugs, when they make their march across Alaska.

              There is not 1 tenth of a thousandth chance that it will not happen as foretold. It might be next year, or in the next twenty years,but….

              There may be a skirmish by Russia somewhere before then, but nothing like the coalition of nations they will lead to try and take over America(house of Israel).

              • PWTW:

                You have been given “eyes to see and ears to hear”. What a gift at this time in our world.

                Would that your article “sparks” some to search for TRUTH.


              • It isn’t Obama starting WW3– He is just doing the bidding of the elite, just as bushie boy and his dad, Darth Vadar did when they were in the white house. Its Brezinski who is behind all this. (and other neoconservatives who rule our country).

              • To passinwiththewind says….You’re incorrect about America being(house of Israel) this makes you look like you think God is a liar…Israel is ISRAEL my man…you need to rethink/revamp you’re eschatology. Russia will not invade Alaska, they will clearly invade Israel, but, Gog and Magog is most likely Turkey anyway. I also suggest reading or getting the King James Version, ALL others are PERVERSIONS!!

                • Skymystic, I’ve studied Ezekiel 38 and 39 for a while now and it looks like Gog is indeed Russian.

                  Here’s Ezekiel 38:1, 2 –
                  1 And the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,
                  2 Son of man, set thy face against Gog, the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him

                  In verse 2, the word “chief” was actually “Rosh”, the root word for Russia.
                  Another translation says:
                  “Son of man, set your face against Gog, of the land of Magog, the prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal, and prophesy against him”

                  Although there is disagreement over the identities of Meshech and Tubal, most scholars agree that they are the former Soviet southern states.

              • This ain’t about some chtistian or muslum god – haven’t you figured out that stuff is total BS

            • I couldn’t agree more….Ron Paul was the only intelligent choice…..but the American public is so dumbed down, so largely stupid they can only rely on the ‘box’ to tell them what to think and do. The whole world will pay the price for this stupidity and gutlessness. Americans: TAKE BACK YOUR REPUBLIC….YOUR DEMOCRACY BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!

              • We follow democratic principles..but are in no way a Democracy…a corporation maybe, run by Globalist i.e. BOE. If we are to return to the freely associating states of the Republic of America…the old guards need to be removed and new guards adopted.

                The time is near at hand
                whether to determine if Americans are to be free men or slaves.

                George Washington

                Live Free or Die

              • Ron paul would have been taken out before even getting sworn in. Presidents are SELECTED not ELECTED. There is no choice just a dog and pony show to make you think you have a choice.

              • PsychoNemesis, How can the American people be SO hugely at fault when they ARE LIED TO PERPETUALLY BY EVERY FACTION of Gov’t and Media..and starting in Kindergarten man! The deceivers are at fault, not the sheep…they, if anything, are lazy by not gettin the other sides viewpoints…and Ron Paul has had ties with the Vatican come to find out, which just crushes his whole deal…He knows what needs fixed though in most parts….Voting has been rigged since before electronic voting anyhow

            • You can always vote for Ron Paul again. And there’s Rand, to keep the Paultard dream alive.

          • There’s only one thing more dangerous than a wishy-washy psychopath, and that’s a psychopath with the balls to continue on his wrong path, regardless of the carnage. I get sick of people saying obama has no balls — HE SHOULDN’T HAVE ANY BALLS, HE IS IN THE WRONG. Being in the wrong SHOULD give people a little humility. That’s where the common sense to stop before making things worse comes from.

            Nothing like a bunch of tough guys to push us even closer to total destruction with too much testosterone and a lot of fucking dick-stretching.

            Put ’em away guys, BEFORE you get us all killed…

            Damn people, get a clue.

            • ……….Add to that that Putin is a maniac with balls … not a great combination for these two leaders with the Nuke Triger.

              • Putin has the classic short-man’s syndrome. Between that, his buck teeth, and his general homeliness, he’s had a tough row to hoe. So, he’s continually overcompensating to prove his worth.

                Notice that of ALL the people in Russia whom he could have selected as his number two, he picked Medvedev — probably because Medvedev was the only one SHORTER than Putin who also had the basic qualifications to be on the world stage.

                Just as Obama picked Moochelle out of all the possible mates in Chicago because she would keep her mouth shut about him if she got enough money and a luxurious enough lifestyle.

              • Man on the inside, if Putin was a “maniac”, we’d all be sucking up a radiation cloud by now. Damn, man, use your own brain for once and stop buying into the globalist elite rhetoric.

                Russians don’t want to die of radiation poisoning any more than we do — and THEY HAVE A LOT MORE FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE WITH IT THAN WE DO.

                They learned lessons from Chernobyl that we can only imagine.

                Just remember, your “maniac” has averted two wars already, while our halfrican has gone full speed ahead, trying to goat us into a war, ANY WAR, he doesn’t seem to be picky at this point.

                YOU, need to really think about who the “maniac” really is. Here’s a hint: IT’S NOT THE MAN TRYING TO AVOID THE WAR…

                • Six Putin is a much more savy leader than our idiot but he would still not worry about picking a fight. Anonymous has it right … “Short mans Syndrom”. And don’t forget what his job was with the KGB before the job he has now.

          • You couldn’t be more wrong. USA’s wars are aboout “exporting democracy”.

            • You’ve got to be fucking kidding!!! Do you honestly think the USA is a democracy today?!?! Wake up you dumb shit!!! It’s people like you that are going to get all of us killed.

              • AMEN.

              • Yes it actually is, but wasn’t supposed to be. Democracy is mob rule by the majority. We were a constitutional republic, where all are created equal, but no more, our republic is gone, probably forever without massive bloodshed….

            • I think some folks missed your sarcasm.

            • Er…Hugh’s remark was sarcasm.

          • No, the liberals don’t say what you said… stop putting people in little boxes and labeling people! “Divide and conquer” is how TPTB have been able to destroy us… almost. THINK ABOUT IT!!

          • you have enough gas in alaska to power the USA

        • Your mother raised a very stupid person.

          • I think the world is running a little short to be worried about PC.

          • Econman says:
            Comment ID: 3197411
            August 4, 2014 at 11:55 pm Your mother raised a very stupid person.

            Sorry Econman, but not everyone loves Kunta Kinte!

          • Stupid fucks like Econman have ruined USA. Name a predominately black neighborhood, city, country, etc that is NOT a shithole.

            • Thing of it is, the likes of Jackson, Jackson-Lee, Sharpton, and the Shabazz clan, led/lead them to it. Ah well, a discussion for another day. Back to the program.

              • Oh the irony of Shirley Jackson-Lee’s last name!

            • It looks like we have 7 people (PC) that can’t read but can thumbs down for this article. Hugh asked for anyplace run by blacks that is not a shithole. He did not ask for a stupid opinion from a liberal or black that obviously has trouble reading! Name a place!

              • Ok. So I accepted the challenge and the premise appears to be true. I could only find one black leader that enjoyed a highly ranked administration in city, state or international arena. Of course, there are blacks with top reputations but none were in positions of government executive leadership. In fairness, my research was short and biased by my own ignorance of who the top black leaders are. Nonetheless, my research included: 2014 top 100 best places to live in America ( ), The Nation’s 10 Most popular governors (–and-why/2012/04/11/gIQA9dlzAT_blog.html) and a quick survey of African national leaders.

                The one top ranked city was Durham, NC (#4) whose mayor is black.

                I agree that PC behaviors are condescendingly confining and have damaged our ability to communicate honestly. However, some language still alienates despite its heartfelt intentions. Use of such language might suggest hatred of black people for their skin color. It may be that NS is just referring to the president’s own racist image and not disparaging all black people. Maybe it was not intended to be hateful to 13% of the American population.
                Nonetheless, the statement disagreed with one third of this blog’s posters. Considering that we, on this post, are much more of the same mind than different–as we are all drawn to a survival blog and responding to the same topic–it seems to me that incendiary language only attacks the survivalist community. Why chance dividing this community with comments that are received as offensive? Continue to have a vigorous debate but why distill our opinions to our basest and most vulgar of judgments?

                • Right on, Tango– either a person is gross or he is refined. Refined people don’t stoop to such gross, rank remarks. Only a small minded person resorts to such remarks.

              • Mensa???!!! What a misnomer! You ain’t no mensa, dummy! (Furthermore, your comments make no sense!)

          • Econman, you really crossed a line with that remark. How would you like for someone to insult YOUR mother?

        • people wanted change you got it


        • Putin Fully Rejects the NWO plan Scam. vs. The US Administration embraces it. Where do you stand on this?? As this is basically what this conflict is over. If you connect the dots, Putin has been expelling all Jews out of any meaningful Russian Government Positions. You see Putin does no play by the Rothchild’s rules allowing parasites in their government. Putin has witnessed what this infection has done to America, once a great country. Putin has no need to attack America as he will sit back with a bag of popcorn and watch America Implode from within. Ignorant hateful Americans that buy into the Hate of Russia are part of the Problem, to enrich the war profiteers. You have been duped by the NWO Rothchilds dream of world dominance, and they cannot take the world over all by themselves, as they need to enlist minions like Obama, Feinstein, Bloomberg, Levin, Schumer, Boxer, Polosi, Leiberman, McCain, Lindsey Graham, etc. To set up the big war show. The same NWO that wants to strip Americans of their Guns, as gun owners are the last hurdle they need to cross to take over America. Never Never Let them, take your guns, shoot every last bullet to defend your freedom and property from these cancerous parasites.

          • Absolutely WWTI. But I don’t think even Putin wants to see the U.S. destroyed from within. He can’t help us, for the same reason cops avoid interfering in domestic disputes: both combatants generally turn on the interventionist.

            We sit here and talk out of the side of our faces about how we wish all 535 and the rest of DC would disappear. We TALK about hanging them, shooting them and even worse for what they’ve done to our country, YET, if any country sent a missile that wiped out those same globalist elites, we’d be up in arms in a split second. We’d be gearing up for war, even though they may have just done us (and the world in general) a huge favor.

            I don’t believe most people want to do what would need to be done to fix this.

            We want to sit around and complain. We want to be pissed off and we like being indignant….but we truly don’t want done, what needs to be done to fix this.

            We’re mostly just lying to ourselves. That’s my .02.

            • Powerful post sixpack! Hits home for a lot of people, I bet.

          • Whowuddathunkit, I guess you and most have fallen into the Zionist papers lie out there…And to think the Rothschilds are Jewish is like saying Washington was a Hindu…Do you have any idea how long it’s been since that family has had any ties with Judaism?…Rothschilds are just an old white family from England that own half the worlds wealth, 500 trillion non-Jewish dollars….and Russia IS fk’n involved in the NWO because at it’s core the NWO is COMMUNIST! The ONLY country on this planet that has no ties to the NWO is IRAN IRAN IRAN…maybe this will open y’alls half open eyes a little more.

        • N-word. That is a whole new level of low. Please keep that type of language out of the forum. There’s a lot of good input in this forum. It’s cancelled out by one nasty use of language. Thumb me down if you like.

          • And by the way, if you thumb me down…KKK has a nice site you can go visit.

          • Thanks for stating my thoughts more precisely. It took me 270 words to say what you said in 43.

        • Hopefully, they will hit you first, nobraina.

      2. War is the only way out. This isn’t going to be like invading Iraq or taking down insurgents in Afghanistan.

        We’re looking at large-scale, widespread, global confrontation.

        We’re going to see it in our lifetimes.

        • You bet ya skippy

        • @ Anonymous

          Some of us know it is coming…and a lot of people are to the point…frustrated….stressed out…broke down…broke dicked (Don’t know what a female would be) and in general….sick n tired of being sick n tired !!! And are saying ” Lets just get this shit over with !!! ”

          But before it happens…I have an idea that just might work…or at least make a helluva lot of folks extremely happy..

          And of course we would have to put Eppe in charge of the opening act !!! Plus free popcorn !!!

          We do a ” Pay For View ” MMA Style fight between Yo Mamma Oshameless and Putin….Just the 2 of them in the ring ….NO LIMIT ROUNDS….That way Putin could just keep on kicking Obummer Ass for hours !!! Hell we could even throw O Moo Cow Michelle in there …Putin could handle both of them in short order.

          Then we bring in the rest of the 535 worthless POS and over a month or so period “Pay for View” every night………Then Putin Brings in ” FEDOR ” he just starts knocking this worthless POS out until he puts them all down !!! Of course he would be allowed to rest and hell we could have a Huge come back for Paula Dean…… ( I loved her) she could cook for fedor and Putin … Fedor could even take a nap when he felt like it !!! Hell I would pay to watch him sleep…Hell I paid to watch him put people ” To Sleep !!! “.

          So ….whatcha think gang….

          I think it would bring in trillions of dollars on “Pay for View “…..and people around the world would stand up and cheer !!! Hell just think of the Beer sales…I talking maybe a Bazillion Dollars here !!!

          Hell….for the first 10 people that can guess my Birthday I will pay for their “Pay for View !!! ” I will even give ya’ll a hint…It’s on New Years what date is that !!!

          So….lets put our heads together and see if we can’t make a few trillion off this bullshit for a change…Sorry Eppe ..You can’t be in charge of the money …

          Vote Now….I got a lot of phone calls to make !!!

          • PS….Charlie McGrath could be the Ring announcer…I have always liked Charlie…He has always seemed REAL !!!

            Thanks Charlie….


        • And look what is happening on the ground in the east Ukraine a.k.a Novorussya. The seperatists who wish to break from the c.i.a. / state dept backed NAZIS in the west, are engaged in hand to hand fighting on the ground against the (supposed) u.s. military advised Ukrainian army. The army are getting their arses kicked BIG TIME. A rag tag mob of ex Chechan war veterans, with mainly captured / liberated weapons are winning. Up till now the US has fought against lightly armed opponents in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc and been some what successfull. I don’t believe they will do very well against the Russian army who is not, as the MSM would have you believe, a broken down, low moral, drunken group with rusting equipment. The exact opposite is true and this will be ugly. The US will fight till Europe as we know it is again decimated. Perhaps this time the continental US will feel the heat of war on it’s doorstep. If that happens perhaps it might dampen their enthusiasm for war. One can only hope.

        • Point of fact:

          The “insurgents” are still in Iraq and Afghanistan. We left Iraq (Korea, Viet Nam, etc), and are leaving Afghanistan (now that we totally trashed it).

          • Hugh – Totally trashed it plus lost a lot of good men and women for no reason. What a joke this has all become. All for a worthless dollar.

            • Stopped oil production there. Mission accomplished.

              • Oil production in Afghanistan? Who knew? I thought their stock in trade was opium. Is “oil” a new nickname for horse?

            • If you believed in the Afghanistan War, and the Iraq war, wait till you see a war with Russia. It is the Wet dream of the Cold War wrinkled ass string pullers.

              • By the time it starts, we won’t have any brass to lead. FYI… A two star general was KIA in Afghanistan this morning. Should be hitting the news shortly.

              • The only war we need to be led, is the one on the war machine in DC. Then finish shutting the globalists down around the world.

                THEN we can rebuild.

                • Sixpack, the only way to stop this war machine besides the Creator is who ever can go back in time and save our Republic by making the South win the Civil War…our war machine is the Yankee Gov’t we got then. but bankers have been funding both sides of every war since the French Revolution…that way the bankers win no matter!


        • War isn’t the only way out, but it is profitable for bankers, the uncertainty helps cement worthless politicians in place at least at the beginning (and they are only concerned with the next election), grants funding to the pentagon, cia, dhs, nsa by reminding all the sheep how vulnerable we are to outside attacks.

          I would argue that Iraq and Afghanistan went exactly according to plan. More opium products are coming out of Afghan than ever before which helps fund the cia and their goals of destabilizing the middle east and the world. Our leaders set the ROE to make it as difficult as possible for soldiers to effectively fight thus prolonging it as long as possible all in the name of safety to non combatants.

          If we go to war with Russia, and I think we will give them no other alternative much like we did to Japan in WWII, only a small percentage of it will be fought conventionally. I think we will see it fought mostly A-symmetrically, with computer hackers attacking infrastructure like power grids, wall street, water treatment facilities and things alike. That will convince all the sheep in this country that we need bigger government to protect us from threats like this.
          I am not convinced that we can win a conventional war being fought on a foreign land against a formidable foe. It would be a logistical nightmare resupplying troops. Everyone we have fought in the last 50 years didn’t have an air force that was capable of disrupting supply supply lines. We simply waltzed in and declared a no fly zone. That won’t happen in this case.

          What I worry more about than war with Russia, is that it will play right in to the hands of our government for a more expanded gov’t that micro manages our daily activities even more so than now. More restrictive laws to make us more safe, more agency funding for our security, more pat-downs of grandma to relieve me of the stress of flying. It won’t bode well for the average american because it will mean less freedom and more wealth confiscation to fund all these.

          • Beautifully articulated, thanks.

          • I’ll tell y’all a little story from my years in the auto industry. A delegation from my company sat down in a conference room with the president of a Tier One supplier to GM/Ford. The meeting was to hash out a matter of his company owing us about a million dollars, which was six months overdue. Now we had the ability to stop his production cold, just by disabling the software in the equipment he had bought (and not paid for). So, just as the last person is seated, the guy pushed back his suitcoat, and twists himself around, and then puts a loaded Model 1911 on the table. “Damn”, says he, “that thing’s been digging into my side all morning”. Being the only gunny on our side, it didn’t bother me much, but you shoulda seen my boss blanch. Not to mention our VP of Sales.

            This is exactly what that Russian was doing with his remark.

            Russia can’t afford a war with the West. Their only significant source of foreign exchange is oil and gas sales. Bad business to kill of your best customers.

            What the Russians DO want to do is whack Qatar and Turkey for their roles in Syria, (which have been getting some tepid support from the Halfrican.) To that end, they may even become an ally and supporter of Israel. Don’t laugh – there have been stranger bedfellows in the last 200 years. They will also ally with the military in Egypt, which would just renew an old Cold War relationship. Russians have been fighting Islam continuously since the middle ages. Do I need to elaborate?

      3. WOW point taken!
        And absorbed.
        We do what we can and are able.
        Having Grandchildren – I do not wish for a confrontaion with Mother Russia.

      4. I have known for several years now that WW3 was coming soon, and that it would be against an alliance of Russia and China. So far everything seems to be playing out exactly as I’ve foreseen. I try to warn people, but they don’t want to hear it. Living in these times is surreal. Thie country is such a shit show from A to Z. We need a reset badly, but in the interest of prepping I’m hoping they can keep this train wreck on the road for a little while longer.

        • I know exactly what you mean, Nathan. I’ve been trying my level best to reach people and help them wake up to the evil that has hijacked our government for as far back as the Reagan-Bush Administrations, and all I get from them are whiny criticisms and complaints and accusations of: “Why are you always so negative?”

          Is there anyway to explain this stuff to people and do it in a ‘cheerful’ and ‘positive’, ‘happy-go-lucky’ fashion?

          I get so exasperated with the stubbornness and cognitive dissonance afflicted typical kwanzombie that I sometimes feel like I want to take a baseball bat and crack them alongside their empty skulls in order to snap them out of their zombie trance. All these brainless nitwits seem to care about is superficial and unimportant crap like Dancing with the Degenerate Stars or slobbering over their favorite black felons playing sports on their electronic brainwashing device.

          Oh, and one more thing that these IQ defective morons are passionate about. Smoking dope. Screaming for dope smoking to be legalized, so they can even further reduce their already dismal IQs.

          • “Oh, and one more thing that these IQ defective morons are passionate about. Smoking dope. Screaming for dope smoking to be legalized, so they can even further reduce their already dismal IQs.”

            I agreed with you completely up until this paragraph. Brother, I smoke cannabis every single day, and have been for years. I started smoking at the age of 24 and am almost 31 now. It was one of the best things I ever did. It has made me smarter, not dumber. That’s why TPTB want it to be illegal.

        • What we need is a war on War Mongers, and begin the War Crimes Trials, and put these monkeys in their cages and throw away the key.

      5. I think people miss only one thing. Yes a war with Russia would not be like Iraq. It would be much bigger and much costlier in terms of finance and people/soldiers. However, the US would still win that struggle, as long as it remained non-nuclear, fairly handily. The US still has AWESOME war fighting capability. So, it’s not all doom and gloom just because “it’s Russia!” That being said, I truly hope that never happens because it WOULD be so costly and probably almost everyone in this country would end up being affected or knowing someone who was.

        • Once the conflict Russia & China and the United States moves from proxy wars where, other smaller nation-states are used as pons moves to direct first-nation conflict, all bets are off.

          That is, the three countries Russia, China and the United States, all believe that their opponent will enter into a Nuclear first strike because all three countries believe that they will come out on top if they strike first with their Nuclear arsenal.

        • Reading your post reminds me of the term “acceptable losses”. Sorry, but I do not want to be an acceptable loss and will NOT support my government if it starts this war. I will NOT take up arms in support of such a war if drafted either. In the end though, none of that matters as the world’s three largest stockpiles of nuclear weapons would be deployed in such a conflict and the winner only gets to claim a radioactive, smouldering cinder of a planet in the end. It’s not about the USA vs it’s enemies anymore. It’s about the veneer of nationalism being used as a way to motivate average people to do the bidding of the large multinational corporations.

          • With Fukushima raging, it may not need to go nuclear war.

          • I hear Ukraine is drafting men up to 65. I’m 53. If you have to draft guys my age, you’ve already lost.

            • Not so fast……In general I agree with you. With today’s 150 lb. packs and other truck, you best have the stamina. But every once in a while comes along an eighty year old Samuel Whittemore… him up, read his story and you’ll shake your head in amazement.

              • Being born and raised in Boston in the ’40s and ’50s, I do know that story.

          • Neither me or my son’s will go fight in any war we can’t walk to!

            • Good for you.

        • …all that testosterone and NO BRAINS…

        • Horseshit. Russians can make do with practically nothing. Sure, a conventional war with Russia would go well for USA–until our hi-tech junk broke down. USA does have impressive military hardware– as long as it has unlimited resupply and tech support.

          • Russia/USSR began applying extensive research and development efforts towards anti-ship missile technology more than 40 years ago. These projects were highly successful, and this R&D continues to advance and excel in the present day. These missiles are quite large, and can carry either conventional or non-conventional warheads. In addition, these types of weapon systems are extremely fast (3 to 5 mach) and are programmed to use evasive maneuvers prior to target impact. This function serves to defeat virtually all known anti-missile defense systems used on Western combatant platforms. The overall weight of these missiles are also worth considering (10,000 lbs).

            I’m certainly no mathematician or physics expert, so perhaps someone here can help me determine the kinetic energy value delivered when 5 tons of steel and explosive power strike a US aircraft carrier amidships and slightly above the waterline.

            It’s also worth noting that Russia has been providing these weapon systems to many other Asian nations, including Iran, India, and China.

      6. This is about one thing and one thing only….Russia and few other countries are rejecting to be part of the organized international federal reserve system of the global ZOGs. ZOGs are satanic cults who’ll kill their own when it comes to control of the money supply system they are currently controlling. Obama is just a puppet like Bush’s, Clintons and many before up to JFK and we all know what happened to him.

        • Spot on Anon – They killed Kennedy because of the ties of silver to the dollar, thus silver certificates and pre-1964 silver coins. Well this did not play well in the Federal Reserve Bankerster Cartel scam.

          You see, America’s last great president JF Kennedy did not want America to be the slave of the Fed Reserve loan sharks, and created an Executive order EO-11110 to protect America. Well they killed Kennedy and soon after abandoned the dollar tied to the silver creating the Fiat money tied to the value of thin air instead. And loaning it to the Federal Government at high interest rates. Read your history folks and look up that Kennedy’s Executive Order EO-11110 issued June 4 1963. Connect the dots folks.

          • WWT…It really makes me hopeful when I read comments such as yours and many others who are seeing the real truth. Thank You.

          • Kennedy was not that great, the EO was about the only thing he did right. He gave us gov’t unions that will soon bankrupt the entire country.

      7. Does this mean we’ll fight in the shade?

      8. “Yes a war with Russia would not be like Iraq. It would be much bigger and much costlier in terms of finance and people/soldiers. However, the US would still win that struggle”


        “as long as it remained non-nuclear”

        What makes you think WW3 will be non-nuclear?

        “The US still has AWESOME war fighting capability.”

        So the propaganda tells you. But history tells us that victory does not necessarily go to the party which was most heavily armed at the beginning of the war. See WW1 and WW2 for two recent examples.

        Victory comes to the country which has the most unity of purpose, and resolve to win. America is a heavily divided country. This is one of many reasons why we WILL lose WW3.

        • Maybe. And yet, there’s nothing quite like a genuine, external, existential threat to unify a country. And the US, with all its faults, still has a vast stock of ingenuity, know-how and even industrial capacity should we choose to revitalize it.

          If the Russians or whoever started shooting and the Ds and Rs were still bickering over border security in the House, then yes, we’re pretty much FUBAR. But I think at the first election we’d also elect better, more serious leaders from all parties and start getting it together.

          If that is indeed how it played out, then the main trick would be to survive until the first election. Disturbing. Because if I, some internet armchair politician, can figure that out then the Russians and Chinese for sure have figured it out and if they decided to start something, election day would be the ideal time to pull a surprise, giving them at least two years of unsteady, unready US leadership to work with.

          I can guarantee that there is not a single national leader making important decisions in Russia or China that would state in public their concern over too many soldiers stationed at Guam (or wherever) causing the island to capsize. None of them say ANYTHING that Sheila Jackson Lee or Maxine Waters say routinely. None of them are suits with blow-dried hair like Kerry and none of them fly off to Vegas fundraisers while one of their diplomatic missions is under attack.

          Our country still has a lot going for it. Our leadership is not among our strong points, however.

          • Hey now Jaxx, be nice to good ole horse face. He has spent much of his wife’s ketchup money on that mug to look so pretty for the cameras.

          • “”” And the US, with all its faults, still has a vast stock of ingenuity, know-how and even industrial capacity should we choose to revitalize it.””””

            Of course, that could only happen in the interest of Americans was a real concern. Instead, the concern is destroying America and there is no choice being given.

            Remids me of the bankster Warbugh quote from the 50’s,

            “We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether it will be by consent or conquest”.

            The war will nothing short of “torture” for the people in a last ditch effort to gain consent before attempting conquest.

          • “And yet, there’s nothing quite like a genuine, external, existential threat to unify a country.”

            Good luck with that.

            ” And the US, with all its faults, still has a vast stock of ingenuity, know-how and even industrial capacity should we choose to revitalize it.”

            I’m one of the smartest people in this country…and I will NOT lift a finger to save this Empire. The chance to get me on board with your team was long ago, when I was a young dumb naive teenager who didn’t know the extent of how thoroughly corrupt this country is. At this point I have NO interest in helping to continue the status quo.

            “But I think at the first election we’d also elect better, more serious leaders from all parties and start getting it together.”

            If you don’t realize by now that voting doesn’t work, you’re way behind the game. What good is voting when the candidates have been pre-selected for their adherence to evil, and the voting machines are owned and operated by the very people you are trying to work against?

            “Our country still has a lot going for it.””

            Not enough.

            ” Our leadership is not among our strong points, however.”

            We have corrupt leadership because the populace is corrupt. I don’t want to hear any bullshit about how the U.S. public is so great but the government is a problem. The people have exactly the government they deserve. And they will meet the fate they deserve. It is written in stone.

        • What sort of insane, nonsensical world do you live in?!?! With WW3 NOBODY WINS…..EVERYBODY LOSES!!! CAN’T YOU GET THAT INTO YOUR THICK, COWBOY HEADS?!?!?! EVERYBODY LOSES!!!

          • Like it or not there are always a few winners. If not wars wouldn’t be fought at all. Look deeper than you are and you will find the winners.

            • Not always. If we cause a nuclear winter on this planet that destroys the soil and skies for generations, by our own stupidity, I DARE YOU to find a human or animal anywhere, who might be considered “a winner”.

              • I agree with you sixpack in the case of annihilation, we certainly won’t have any winners on two legs. But there will be animals that survive whether amphibious or underground rodents.
                I don’t believe that we will ever have anything like a full scale nuclear exchange. Lindsey Graham has already said that he believes that we could survive limited nuclear war and I think such a scenario could happen. But I think it more plausible to see large scale EMP exchanges. That way the population is eliminated mostly, but the treasures of the land is still available.
                For those who believe in the guidestones an emp type of thing would be exactly what they have been working towards. If this thing with Russia ends up causing market volatility watch banks like GS rake in record profits. Yep until our extinction every war will have winners.

                • You’re probably right. As long as there are people to exploit, the banksters will be the winners.

              • But Be Informed says there will be areas that won’t even know there HAS been a nuclear war! Maybe on the moon,lOL!

              • “Not always. If we cause a nuclear winter on this planet that destroys the soil and skies for generations, by our own stupidity, I DARE YOU to find a human or animal anywhere, who might be considered a winner.”

                Hi sixpack, nice to meet you. I am the winner you are looking for. I canrun an indoor garden and grow safe and uncontaminated food for my family all year, even if the sun is blotted out and temperatures drop 20+ degrees. And so could you, if you put your mind to it.

                Ever heard of a “biogas harvester”? If nuclear winter comes, there is going to be plenty of dead or dying organic material laying around to be gathered, piled up inside of a large container, and soaked with water before sealing off the top. Over the next few weeks, microorganisms will begin breaking this material down into humus, which you can use in your garden. The pile temperature will rise to 140+ degrees, and “biogas” will be released–a mixture of 60-70% methane, 30-40% CO2, and some trace gases like hydrogen sulfide.

                A large pile will continue generating heat and gas for 18+ months if built and managed correctly. Pipes can be run through the pile and water circulated to extract the heat, and the biogas can be harvested to be burned directly, or purified and used to run a gasoline or diesel engine.

                I have an old 6hp slow speed diesel engine that is dead simple and will run reliably for years with little maintenance, other than daily lubrication and the occasional oil change. It’s already a fuel efficient engine to begin with, and will run off a 85% biogas/15% diesel mix no problem. This is belted to a large 4-pole generator head to produce electricity.

                I have enough HID ballasts, lights, and fans to keep a sizeable garden growing indefinitely. I don’t have a large battery array yet, but after SHTF I predict used car batteries will be a dime a dozen, so I’ll keep those charged up and with my 2500W inverter can power many things even when the generator is off. There’s also solar panels too, in case the genset goes down for some reason.

                Bottom line is, I’m going to survive, period. And so will anyone else who seriously plans for it and believes it’s possible. A defeatist is his own worst enemy.

                • Even if you survive a world-wide holocaust, where nearly all of humanity and life in general has perished, would you still consider living on a dead planet a “win”?

                  I wouldn’t.

          • I believe it was Einstein who said something along the lines of this, “I do not know what weapons WW3 will be fought with, but WW4 will be fought with sticks and stones.”

          • “With WW3 NOBODY WINS…..EVERYBODY LOSES!!!”

            And your point is what, exactly? World War 3 won’t happen because it will personally inconvenience you? Pull your head out of the sand and look around. It’s happening. If you want to be a loser then that’s your choice. I am planning to be a winner.

      9. Sarcastic1….Did US win the war in Afghanistan even as you stated with AWESOME war fighting capability.? Have you meet any Vets missing arms and legs fighting over there? The main question should be why we are even talking about a potential war that may even lead to a thermo nuclear war? Check my comment above above about currency control. I love my country and I’ll fight for it if it is justified but I don’t want to see dead people to protect the tribal interest.

        • This entire ‘demonize Russia’ and ‘put Devil Horns on Vladimir Putin’ campaign is being driven by the same evil neo-con jews who were complicit in the 9-11 false flag attack on America.

          We are in this potential WW3, thermo-nuclear, global wide threat of complete destruction of life on this planet – because our nation has been hijacked by blood-thirsty, war mongering, mentally insane jewish psychopaths. You want to find a resolution to this existential threat to all humanity?

          Kick the jews out of the USA. Send every one of them to Israel and then pass a law that they can never come back, not even for a vacation.

          As Maurice Samuels once boasted: “Wars are a jews harvest”. And, remember – the jews #1 priority is the total extermination of White European people. That’s why the jews love to stir up wars that have White nations fighting each other. Get the stupid White gentiles to kill each other off.

          When will the White man wake the heck up to this scheme?

          • Mother Tucker,you are a stupid Jew hating cretin,The Jewish state of Israel is now fighting The barbarians who want to overrun America & the rest of the world.They are being attacked by the NWO bankers who own Washington.These Billionaire bankers put into the White House a Jew hating pervert.They are being attacked by the NWO owned EU,the NWO owned UN,the NWO mass Media.
            After all of this you have the nerve to blame the Jews for being the NWO?
            Tucker,you are rabid dog with an I.Q.of a retarded rat!

          • Is that the Mother Tucker who runs a broken-down convenience store and gas station on the east side of Zanesville, Ohio? Your crap gas nearly ruined my van’s fuel injection system, you goat-faced bastard.

      10. I am afraid it could easily go nuclear. Ive had a recurring vision of one possible future. everything is burnt. no organic matter just burnt rocks & Gravel. the metal things twisted & melted. not dark not light just twilight. I hope its a false vision.

        • U were obviously dreaming about the movie “The Road” with Viggo Mortensen.

          • Ive never seen that movie. Ive had this vision many times over the last twenty years, its not a dream. Its not when im sleeping. It occurs when I astrial project. When I was little I often would be floating above my body looking down at it lying on the bed. scary and then I would pop back in and wake up. Years later I happened upon someone who was drunk talking about the same experience. and a another person who was their who had done lots of hard time laughed and stated aw that nothing but astrial projection. lots of imprisoned guys do that. Its easy to do just keep staring at your own eyes in a mirror. I researched it and its a lot more common than You would believe. Mental institiouns are full of drugged up folks who really are seers ect. Indians do it in a vision quest. Or with Peyote etc.

            • I had a dream once that it was raining acid rain, it burnt me and ne1else to step outside. In my dream I was using baking soda to help relieve the pain of the burns. People were dieing, others just trapped in their homes. In fact I moved my family to the basement just incase Then men in uniforms came in, they were invading the US. Somehow I spoke to a soldier, a dieing invader. He kept saying he wanted to go home. I asked where they were fighting from. He said they were from all over the world, apparently, in my dream, the US went oil independent and pissed off the oil rich countries enough they bought an army. They were getting paid well to invade our country. Doesnt make much sense in retrospect but man it had me thinkin for awhile… just thought I’d share my dream too.

          • @ Econman

            Has anyone seen the ” Book Of Eli ” I am sure most have….I think you really have to watch it several times to get it….

            It was a pretty deep movie…on so many levels…

        • You’ve been tuggin’ on Granny’s vanilla extract way too much.

        • I had that dream too…but what I saw was the WH in ruins and Barry stepping through the rubble with his fingers interlaced over his head…

          • Talon:

            I would rather it was a rope around his neck….

      11. Yeah the “optics” of the current state of the world don’t look good. Having served in the USMC in the far east and having seen the message traffic dealing with China’s military (back in the 1980’s mind you), and combined with the fact that we haven’t outright “won a war” since 1945………

        We’ve got a lot of blowhards in this nation who are too emotionally invested in believing their own wind. As a nation, we need to get back to the basics of national strength…

        1. Conservative leaning folks in crucial positions of the government..
        2. Ramp up the defense budget…
        3. Get the fucking pipeline approved and built. Get our energy costs down to make manufacturing in the USA a practical proposition again…
        4. Raise taxes on the 1%’ers and cut entitlement spending until the budget is balanced and then pass a “balanced budget amendment” to the constitution…

        Really not brain surgery…YMMV…

        • Jonny…no offense intended.

          Your dreaming brother.

          • Lastman – Most of us are dreaming. Sometimes its all we have.

            • Where would it put us, we the people, if the US
              gets into WW3 and wins the damn thing?
              Nazi Germany winning WW2 comes to mind.

            • I know wrong…The problem with the world is the top handful of satan’s bastards and the 150 million plus Americans that don’t contribute one fucking thing to anyone else on the earth or the earth itself.

              Their day is coming and I believe we will see it.

              “don’t go down without one helluva fight” brother.

          • Honestly, how the Hell did the WWII generation raise this bunch of assholes? I guess they didn’t; their kids did. I used to scoff at the whole “welfare state” thing and “Commies in the colleges” arguement but, damn, it was all true. We are reaping the whirlwind of the lazy and poisonous seed we had sown back in the 60s-today. Bigger question: How the hell did WE escape that? All praise to God for the gift of wisdom and maturity and placing the right people in my path when I was a college student.

          • It is O.K. To dream. The imagination is unleashed when you dream and A very smart man once said that, ” imagination is the most powerful force in the world”.

        • Johnny V- Speaking like a true Sara Palin Conservative. Ya, you betcha!!! I can see Russia from my back deck.

      12. Obama is like a kid that finds a giant hornet’s nest in the woods and decided to swat at it with a stick. If the kid had just walked away, nothing would have happened. It’s not like the nest was a threat to him. But no. He had to hit it and now he’s in serious pain because the hornets fought back. Sure, he destroyed their home but in return he got far more pain than it was worth. Unfortunately, in our case it is we who will feel the wrath of the hornets from Obama swatting at Russia. He’ll be safely tucked away in a bunker somewhere while we fend for ourselves when the ICBMs start flying. In the end, the US military wins a war with Russia and China but at what cost? Is it really worth it to the average American to keep swatting at this hornet’s nest? I personally don’t care if we can win a military victory in such a war if I end up losing my way of life (or life itself) just so that a man in power can satisfy their own ambition. Sorry, but no president’s life or ambition is more important than my life or, for that matter, the life of any average person living in this country. Russia is not a threat to the average American so I fail to see any pressing reason why I should support war against it.

        • Why don’t we trade Obama & all US politicians for Snowden.
          Let the criminals in DC work off their pounds in Siberia.

          Then, we elect Ron Paul & get back to rebuilding the USA.

          • Because it’s not that simple. The issue is that the electorate will keep voting in the same sort of sociopaths we see now (unless you believe that elections are fixed by Diebold). Get rid of these idiots and the idiots will vote back in more of the same. Pretty soon we’ll have someone in the presidency that’s an ex-porn star and professional wrestler and our transition to idiocracy will be complete.

            • An ex-wrestler or a porn star would beat the fuck out of what we’ve got right now.

              • How true, porn stars get fu@#ed, politicians fu@$ us!!!

          • When will folks get it through their thick skulls. there hasn’t been isn’t now and likely never will be any viable political or ballot box solution. Not even electing the super human Ron Paul would do anything tangible.

            • Exactly. I love Dr. Paul, but he’s only one man. He would have to do a lot of unpopular things and likely would not win a second term even if he had gotten elected. Too many people want to look to government as their messiah as they think that someone else should be responsible for their basic needs and happiness. Plus, Congress makes the laws, not the president (no matter how many EO’s the last few presidents have used to try and rule by decree). A man of principle like Ron Paul would be unlikely to use them to get around Congress and thus would be quite limited in what he could do.

              • Dr. Paul (or anyone else for that matter) would get JFK’d as soon as he tried to end the fed, or the CIA/NSA. IT IS THAT SIMPLE. No one will be ALLOWED to fix this country from DC…NO ONE.

        • Obama may find that his reservation at the underground Shangra-La has been cancelled. No room at the inn.

        • It will probably come as a surprise to you and will be of little interest, but there happens to be other countries in this world other than the USA, Russia and China……who just happen to care what happens to this planet. You Americans are such stupid fucks!!! If there is WW3 there will be only one country to blame…..the good ol’ U S of A, the last great bastion of freedom….the light on the hill…..mankind’s last great hope….the exceptional people and all the other bullshit you like to tell yourselves. Greed destroys everything and you without doubt have become the greediest, most rapacious, dishonourable nation in all of history who will end up destroying the Earth. I have no time whatsoever for Islam but when they call America “The Great Satan” they’ve got it pretty much right. Bring down the monied interests that have enslaved you and are leading the world to nuclear disaster….before it is too late!!!

          • Psycho-Nemesis:

            You, of course, understand who is leading this once great country to the edge. AIPAC is running the show.

            • You know that I rarely agree with you Granny, but in this case I’m with you 100%.

              • WARNING _ WARNING Coach has had a brain fart. Confused AIPAC with AMCPAC. Shoulda known Granny wouldn’t be accusing her own handlers of controlling the government.

          • Who in the heck gave this idiot PsychoNem, all of these thumbs up. America is still the Greatest and most Free Country on Earth. And has done more to help the rest of the world in any crisis and has done more to spread Freedom around the world, than all other countries put together. Unbelieveable, have all you people been drinking your own cool-aid to long? Psycho just what bastion of Freedom do you come from, and what has your country done that it is so great, you probably enjoy Freedom due to living in the shadow of America’s might. Trekker Out. Freedom At All Cost!

            • USA, USA, USA!

      13. “Victory comes to the country which has the most unity of purpose, and resolve to win. America is a heavily divided country. This is one of many reasons why we WILL lose WW3.”

        Very true words. America has been raped, sodomized, extorted, cheated, sold, betrayed and soon to be beaten. It was a good run while it lasted, but alas, ALL good things MUST come to an end.

        This war *will not* be like other wars, this is the coming Agenda 21 war meant to severely de-populate the Earth down to 500 million or so people…total.

        Guess they will be living underground in all those DUMBS we keep hearing about, because the surface of this planet is going to be sterile.

        H.G. Wells ‘fiction’ The Time Machine involving the Morlocks and Eloi could very well come to pass.

        • I hope those DUMBS become their toombs.

          • “I hope those DUMBS become their tombs.” — I think we owe it to them, to see to it that it does.

      14. “The next level” is species-wide extinction. I used to think that was liberal hyperbole. Fukushima changed my mind.

        You politicians better really think this through a little better…

      15. Now is an opportune time to profit from the sale of funereal merchandise: coffins, candles, and crematories.

      16. Its all in place, and has been for sometime.
        Its all about the quick and the dead.
        Its all about who lives, and who dies.
        Its all about and is part of the matrix.
        Its all about who is ready, and who is not.
        Its all about reality.
        Its all about the blue pill or the red pill.
        Who has there head up there ass, and who does not.


        GOD!!!! are you going to step in ?
        Or watch on the sidelines ?
        Let me know………….? PLEASE !!!!

        One of your children

        • I think it’s safe to say that God will allow us to reap what we have sown.

      17. Many countries have the weapons, will, and manpower!

        In fact, the very title of this article depicts RESIGNATION, instead of calling for active dialogue!

        Why is that?

        Our president coasts and luxuriates instead of being interested in the hard work of dialogue.

        Or are Putin and Obama huffing and puffing to entertain and scare us until some middle eastern nation initiates a war?

        Who are their masters?

        – the Lone Ranger

        “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those, who, in times of great moral crisis maintain their neutrality.” – Dante, quoted by JFK

        • Dante, quoted by Arthur Schlesinger or one of the other speechwriters. JFK himself was too dumb to have known any classical literature. He only read detective and spy thriller fiction, especially the kind that got him up for another night with Norma Jean.


        1. Russia wants to reclaim the territories lost during the breakup of the Soviet Union…which was due to an economic collapse. They’ll help anyone who fits within the model. i.e. Ukrainian separatists.

        2. Russia wants a global currency, and they want the ruble to be part of the IMF’s SDR’s (special drawing right) default basket of currencies. Thus, they sabre rattle.

        Note, china too wants the Yuan to be part of the IMF SDR. They’re more passive though. They’ve managed to construct trading blocks that bypass the US Dollar.

        Both will be admitted to the IMF SDR’s default basket of currencies. Russia’s membership however, will be contingent upon no sabre rattling….of which they’ll gladly comply. This will occur in 2015.

        3. Russia wants a decrease in American global economic power. They will get it as the dollar loses favor.

        4. And finally, our government wants everyone to be mad at Russia because they provided a rebel force with weapons…and that rebel force used those weapons to kill 298 innocent civilians when they shot down the wrong plane.

        Yet, we too have done the same thing by providing a certain country with advanced weaponry that ironically, has been used in the killing of over 1000+ Palestinians.

        Mirror Mirror.

        • Exactly, although I am still not certain who shot down MH-17. If it was indeed the rebels, then why exactly did the Ukranian government seize the air traffic control tapes right after it happened and has, as of yet, refused to release them? No, I think there is a better chance it was done by the US backed government in Kiev as a false flag to bring in Western military support. The rebels and Russia had nothing to gain by shooting it down.

        • Congratulations! You managed to get most of that exactly backwards! You should be proud.

        • …and now, a word from the NWO…

        • Yeah Russia doesn’t.

          They just happen to want things that will collapse our economy in microseconds. So… we do.

          They will not shy away from obliging us like people always have for decades… that’s where the miscalculation is coming in on our part.

        • This idea of Chinese currency and Russian currency being used as a base for a recognized, strong, credible international currency is hilarious.

          Both are 3rd world countries.

          They remind me of a couple of loser kids in kindergarten — you know, the ones who came from poor homes and wore cheap clothes that weren’t necessarily clean, who didn’t always have the quarter for their carton of lunch milk and their lunch almost always consisted only of the cheap white sandwich bread with only a slice of cheese or one swipe of peanut butter on it. They started the first day of school without a new pencil case and always had a mean, aggressive attitude from day one. What they were really trying to do was to make themselves feel equal to the wealthier kids, compared to whom they felt profoundly inferior. What they lacked in resources they made up for in aggression against the other kids, just to prove they had something — anything — going for themselves.

          But when it got down to the brass tacks, they didn’t have the money for their class photo package, or for the class field trip, or for a better lunch, or for a cool show and tell to bring to class, or any of the other stuff that the better off kids’ parents could afford.

          Yet they still wanted desperately to be seen and accepted as equal to the better off kids. But they weren’t, and they never WOULD be equal. Their parents were divorced maybe, or their dad was a drinker, or their parents weren’t well educated and working at low paying jobs, or their parents had had more kids than they could responsibly afford, or their parents had simply abrogated their responsibilities as parents long ago.

          They were pitiable kids, to be sure. But the other kids, from wealthier homes, never accepted them as part of the wealthier kids’ play groups because they just couldn’t compete or compare at the level of the wealthier kids.

          And at the kindergarten level, arrogance was not a factor because it typically was not yet a learned behavior. The disadvantaged kids were just a fact of life.

          So it is with Russia and China’s desperation to have their currencies accepted by the wealthier countries. The time and opportunity to develop their nations to become 1st world nations has long since passed them by. They insisted on remaining medieval in their corruption, lack of infrastructure development, lack of social sophistication, etc. And so now here they are in an inter-connected world being increasingly left behind by the technology of the 1st world. (China has what they have only by virtue of either having it handed to them or by stealing it and copying it.) So they’re getting increasingly aggressive to make up for their innate inferiority, just like the disadvantaged kids in kindergarten.

          Just as you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, you also can’t make an international 1st world reserve currency out of 3rd world local currencies, regardless of how many side deals you cut with foolish neighbors.

          Sleep well.

      19. “They have the weapons, they have the technology, they have the will, and they have the manpower to achieve something the likes of which we have never seen.”

        The weapons? Certainly. The technology? Probably. The manpower? Remains to be seen. I really don’t know what Russian troop levels, depth of military ability of common citizens, etc. are so I’m unqualified to say. But the will. That’s the big one. It’s the Achilles heel of democracy and also of rich, spoiled societies. We are both, and Russia is arguably neither, or at least not nearly to the point we are.

        Do you really think that flowery rhetoric aside, Obama or anyone around him has the balls to make an actual bold, daring decision? The best he can point to is the raid to get Bin Laden. Please. That was the most slam-dunk of slam-dunk military decisions ever made by a national leader. Gee, should I take the huge political risk of going after the most hated man in my country? Gee, I dunno.

        But I honestly have a hard time seeing Russia project power much beyond their near abroad. They have the will and military capability most likely, but I don’t really get the feeling that they’re interested. They’ve seen the headaches the US has had to deal with as the world policeman, and they’ve probably judged that it would be good to just be content with controlling their own back yard.

        But on the other hand, they may get ideas about Europe. Let’s face it, Europe has pissed Russia off many times over the years, and Russia is probably tired of a bunch of whiny, effete French guys acting all morally superior. Plus, the Russian memory seems to be very long. They’re probably still pissed about Hitler, and probably even Napoleon and earlier enemies. And Europe has spent the last 70 years or so repudiating any military history and tradition and identity they had. They don’t even know how to defend themselves as a people anymore, beyond a competent but tiny group of militaries that honestly don’t stand a chance against a determined Russia without outside help.

        And there we come to it. You can be fairly certain that China would sit out any action in Europe, except maybe to take advantage of the distraction to go for Taiwan or something. Which leaves the US as the only one with the ability to make any kind of difference. Would Obama be willing to send A LOT of our guys over there to die in Europe? Again? This would not be a “cake walk” and anyone who says it would be should be instantly hospitalized for insanity. It would be bloody and ugly, and everyone knows it. THAT would be a REAL political risk for the leader of a democracy (something that is less of a worry for Putin).

        And my judgment is that Obama just does not have the stones for it, nor am I certain he should. If there’s a dust-up in Europe I’d just as soon sit it out, I think. But there is no way on this earth that Obama would ever make a real decision about which iron to use on the 3rd hole without his feet being REALLY put to the fire, much less a military/political one that could hurt his popularity. He’s a pussy and he’s been out of his depth since he stepped into the Oval Office, and Putin and most of the rest of the world leaders know it well by now if they didn’t know it the first time they met him in person.

        So it comes down to Putin really. Will he get that pissed? Will he judge it worth the trouble? We know he’s got the ego and the wiles to maybe do it. He’s shown himself to be unpredictable. He and a lot of other Russians are still pissed about the fall of the USSR. The damn fool could actually pull the trigger.

        Which is one of the reasons I keep a lot of food and stuff around. One reason among many.

        • I doubt Putin would start a war with the US. He’s a logical person who loves his country and has nothing to gain by destroying it. Obama does not love the US and therefore he would destroy it if it met his selfish purposes. My money is on Obama launching first.

          • I think everyone loves to BELIEVE Putin wants to “destroy the U.S.”, but I think that’s ignorance and mostly just BS from the morons who like to shout “USA, USA, USA”.

            If Russia wanted to destroy us, we would’ve had nukes in our laps A LONG TIME AGO. What? You think they need PERMISSION? They don’t. Russia does not want to destroy us, they just want US to get our fucking noses out of THEIR BUSINESS and leave other people alone.

            In fact, that’s what’s wrong with the rest of the world. We’ve sat back watching DWTS while the globalists used our country for their own ends. If we let them get us into this war, then maybe we deserve to die.

            • Most people who think themselves very informed on these issues are in fact quite ignorant. There is a history between Russia and Ukraine. Crimea was not historically part of Ukraine, it was part of Russia. However, it was made a part of Ukraine in 1956 back when both Russia and Ukraine were republics in the USSR. This was done when Khrushchev (a Ukranian) became the leader of the USSR in 1956 after the death of Stalin. Thus that part of Ukraine has a lot of ethnic Russians living in it. For a long time Russian was an official language of Ukraine. That all changed within the last year or so when it was decreed that Ukranian was to be the only language allowed for conducting government and private business, advertizing, etc. It would be like Canada telling their French minority that they would now be forced to use English. Naturally they are upset and see this as the beginning of ever more stringent laws designed to punish ethnic Russians. Thus, they rebelled.

              You also have to remember that Ukraine has always been in Russia’s sphere of influence. The US stepping in to this conflict is akin to Russia stepping in to a conflict in Canada if the above scenario was playing out. We wouldn’t like it and would tell Russia to butt out of our part of the world. Plus, the US has sought to destabilize most of Russia’s traditional allies in order to turn them to the US sphere of influence and get natural gas and oil pipelines built for our traditional allies in order to sell petroleum product to Europe, further marginalizing Russia. Right now, Russia has a near monopoly on oil and gas sales to Europe which it exploits for political purposes. It’s only natural for Putin to want to maintain that position. Sadly, little of the Russian perspective is given in the US media as all sense of balance has evaporated from what passes for journalism today.

              • Winston – Yes and one of the main reasons Russia invaded Crimea was to protect their assets. You see Russia has a 40 year contract to least the naval yards in Crimea where Russia has a base. So when Ukraine begin to fall, Russia just moved in there to protect their assets without firing one shot. You don’t see the MSM report this info. As it does not fit into their plans of another profitable war theater.

              • What’s brought this shit on is that the EU get’s most of it’s energy from Russia. Putin want’s to keep it that way. It’s making him very wealthy and powerful. Putin uses that economic power as a sledge hammer to threaten other countries. The crap in Libya and Syria are the results of the EU trying to circumvent Putin. Putin is doing all he can to thwart europe’s attempts.

                The oil whores that sold out their nations by setting up the system that has made the EU so dependent on Russia were europeans. They made the deals and lined their pocket. Their elected representatives approved the deals and lined their pocket. Now the citizens are living with the results. The way it’s been for the last 100 years is when europe get’s in over their head, the USA is somehow persuaded to get involved. The peacocks in DC are more than happy to strut around, feeding their ego will go a long way and the euros know this.

                WWI and WWII was not started by the USA it was started by euros and WWIII seems to be following the same path.

                • Totally disagree. Europeans are not starting WW3. The US is. The US, who overthrew a democratically elected government in Ukraine, pushing the EU for more sanctions on Russia, armed ISIS and other Jihadist groups.

                  The school yard bully cannot put to kids on a path to kids on a path to fight then say I had nothing to do with it it’s between you two.

                  Several comments here have stated we need to get right with God. For those who are not, I state the same. For those who are (and those soon to be), lets organize (Oops, there’s that Obama word) for the protection of our family and community for the s will htf soon enough.

                  • Would somebody please show me the evidence pointing to US involvement in last year’s revolt in Ukraine? Without linking sites with .ru domain names, or Alex Jones?

                    Ukrainians hate Russians with a passion we Americans cannot understand. Nothing like that had ever happened to us. Not even the War of Northern Aggression. Look up “holodomor” and you’ll see why. If we had a story like that in our recent history, and a corrupt regime (e.g. Obama, Barak H.) sold us out to the perpetrators of that story, I sure as Hell HOPE we’d revolt. And bless our God for giving our Founding Fathers the sense to enshrine the principles that animate the Second Amendment into our basic law.

            • Sixpack, it is SOOO good to hear someone on hear talking some sense at last. The USA needs to get the hell out of other nation’s business…..STOP MEDDLING!!! YOU HAVE STIRRED UP AN INCONCEIVABLE AMOUNT OF HATRED WITH YOUR STUPID, AMATEURISH MEDDLING IN OTHER PEOPLE’S AFFAIRS….

          • Okay, so one vote for Putin not starting anything big. Actually two…I don’t really think he would do anything big or overt. He seems to play a deeper game than that. As many have said, he plays chess while Obama plays checkers. And yeah, Obama would be more likely to do something that stupid, especially if he and his echo chamber get him talked into the idea that it would earn him some sort of historical importance.

            But as tyrannical as the presidency has become, I really don’t think he would be able to pull it off. He wouldn’t be driving any tanks or planes himself, you know. The military and other political leadership would have to buy into it. They let it slide for something like Libya, which while it was almost certainly illegal and would have some blowback, wasn’t really an earth-shattering military action. But Russia would be. There would have to be either a very good reason or a LOT of insanity to get us into a big dick contest with Russia. Or China, for that matter.

            • You also have to remember that Obama purged the Military of any high ranking officers who wouldn’t tow his line. Thus, I am not certain that the US military will do the right thing in the near future, if it has to make a choice. Refusal will have to fall to the average enlisted man refusing en masse, something that is unlikely to happen on a large enough scale to matter. I am talking about something akin to the Christmas truce during WWI and I don’t know that there will be a strong enough will to do so at the onset of hostilities.

        • Putin may want to reconstitute USSR, but unless they have proven resources, the “stan” countries aren’t invited.

          • For religious reasons, if nothing else. Russians are after all possessed of a Christian heritage.

      20. Why does Sarcastic1 get two thumbs down? Because he says the US still has an awesome military capability and that he hopes it does not come to a global war? I think Sarcastic1 seems reasonable. I don’t know the knowledge possessed by some on this string but I am certain that even with a hollowed out military that is tired from years of deployments, there is no earthly military that compares with the US capability. Maybe in the next twenty years when the Chinese complete more aircraft carriers, attack submarines or their space militarization they might attempt a match against the US and allies…maybe. They can’t even get Vietnam to back off drilling for oil in the ocean–they aren’t ready for prime time yet. No doubt the worst case scenario would be one where Russia and China believe they could try but for now, such a play would be much greater than their current capabilities.
        Having said that, I do believe that both countries are willing to intimidate and back up their threats with physical force. This may mean political brinkmanship or an escalating use of force. However, overt attacks on the homeland or perceived existential threats against our allies or our vital national interests will be met seriously by the US and her friends. We should not equate empire rebuilding in Georgia, the Ukraine and the Balkans with a delusional Russia attempting world conquest. Further, Chinese adventurism in the South China seas and elsewhere is not a preview of WWIII. Although anything could happen to spark a kinetic war, the most likely scenario is where some country gains an economic, political or military advantage and uses it to change the established rules for their benefit and at our expense. I seriously doubt a total kinetic war although the effects of economic and political war might feel just as severe.

        • Maybe those red thumbs are because it doesn’t matter how mighty your military is, if they are fighting the wrong side of a war. Just because we can, does not mean we should.

          • Reminds me of an old question…
            “What if there was a war and nobody came?”
            Wars are fought by the soldiers NOT the rulers. Tell them to F%$K OFF! Or just do as your told and get back to your regularly scheduled programming 🙂

            • Yeah, when that wave of 7th century religious fanatics carrying 21st century weapons arrives in your neighborhood, just tell ’em to F*rck Off. That’ll stop ’em. Let me know when it’s about to happen, so’s I can make a fresh batch of popcorn.

              • If that were the case then I am certain they would be met with much resistance. However, that is not what is being discussed here. The point of that quote is to question what would happen if soldiers on both sides refused to fight and kill each other. At that point, the governments of both of the armies in question would lose their legitimacy and power. It is in a sense what happened during the revolutions of 1991. The various government forces laid down their arms and refused to fight for the government anymore and thus the governments fell.

                • Thank you Winston, thats exactly the point 🙂

        • Russia does not want to rule the world…..that is your prostituted, controlled media propaganda talking. Apart from Afghanistan, Russia has not attacked any other nation whereas that wonderful democracy; that last, great bastion of freedom made up of the “truly exceptional people” has attacked more countries in the last 100 years than one can count!!! Russia just wants the USA to stop meddling and stirring up trouble, as does just about every other nation on Earth….even your caraven, vassal states like the U.K., Canada, Australia and Europe. A recent worldwide survey had 74% of respondents saying that they believed the U.S. posed the greatest threat to world peace. Your lying governments have squandered your nation’s credibility.

          • The CIA is the Biggest Shit Stirrer out there. Close them down and half the wars in the world will cease.

          • Um, until the collapse of the Soviet Union, I rather think they DID want rule the world. Has the name Communist Internationale been expunged from whatever PC tetbooks your were spoonfed in school?

            • Sorry for the typos. When I see claptrap like that in any context my outrage outruns my fingers.

          • Well, maybe not modern Russia, but you forget your history if all you can recall is Afghanistan. Perhaps the Winter war and Continuation war with Finland will jog your memory. Or, maybe it will take the invasion of Poland (in concert with Nazi Germany) to do so. Still not enough? Perhaps the Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia could tell you all about it. Then there are also the Crimean War and even the Russo-Japanese War to consider.

            Do I think Putin has his heart set on overt conquest? No, I don’t. It’s simply not in his best interest to do so. However, I do see him playing the political game to get what he wants, just as any other strong leader would do for his country. I don’t believe he wants a war with the US as there is nothing to gain from it, but he does want more influence in Ukraine as well as possession of Sevastopol, home to the Russian Black Sea fleet. That the Ukranian government started passing laws against Ethnic Russians only made it easier for him to achieve his goals. This doesn’t mean he seeks a conquest of Europe or the Americas. He’s smart enough to see that’s a losing game. Thus we need to leave him alone.

      21. step back for a minute and see the bigger picture

        see who’s behind the curtain really.

        whole nations are destroyed and forged by war.

        who really benefits from WW3???

        if Amerika/nato goes head to head with the Russia/brics

        who does that leave free to do as they please, what newly nuclear armed state will have a free pass to do as they please unhindered by outside Russian/brics influence??? who will still be intact??? to do as they will.


        take a guess???

        Are you willing to DIE, sacrifice yourself and your children YOUR NATION once free AMERICA so a illegal nation GREATER zio-nazi jew ISRAEHELL may expand it’s borders across the entire middle east???





        • Wow. Did you ghost write, Mein Kampf? This is a disturbing post with 18 thumbs up. I am surprised to see so much hatred for Jews or is this a sick joke? I am also surprised to learn that Israel could benefit so greatly from a world war.

          In my world view, I give a great deal of room for conspiracy theories and secret, elite power brokers to operate. I accept that powerful people that I do not know or understand are probably plotting to seize power or money under the banner of some national flag. However, such Jew bashing seems not only hateful but illogical.

          Israel lives on a knife’s edge. Although they possess a nuclear arsenal, a nuclear war would not only destroy the nation of Israel but also the heart of Zion. Israel has survived, to date, because they have not fought a world class military. Israel would not survive on the sideline in a war between west and east. The Middle East, even with Israel on the periphery, would be at the forefront of any global war. Israel would be drawn in and counted among the western nations.

          For the past several weeks, many in the blogosphere have condemned a perceived US provocation of Russia. Some are claiming that the US is whipping up international sentiment to start a war. I just don’t see it. If anything, the US is demonstrating its inability to impact Russian determination in that region. Putin has taken note and will push his advantage without starting WWIII.

          I am glad to see that some of the bloggers in this string recognize the regional nature of Russia’s imperial interests. It is really quite simple…since Catherine the Great they have wanted a warm water port. The Black Sea is the closest thing for now.

          • I would love to see Israel wiped off the map once and for all. Poetic justice. As that would also put the NWO on notice. Homey ain’t playing that game no more.

            • It’s never going to happen, Adolf.

              • Grafique:

                You identify other people with name calling.

                I find it amazing that you would use a communist tactic straight out of their manifesto. Christian? Hardly.

                • granny, you tell everybody that disagrees with you they’re going to hell. What in the name of Christ gives YOU the last word on ANYONES religious beliefs? It’s the nutcases of the world who are always proclaiming that THEY and THEY ALONE know what God wants.

            • WWTI, agreed. Israel needs to disappear. The brainwashing has gone on for too long. World peace demands it.

            • Ain’t gonna happen, WWTI. If the USA doesn’t support Israel, the Russians will. They have a common enemy, which is Islam.

          • “perceived US provocation of Russia” WTF would it take for people like you to see it? Do we have to lob missiles onto their front porch? Maybe shoot their dog and burn down the barn?

            What part of “$5 billion dollars US funding an illegal coup in Kiev”, don’t you understand?

            What part of the idea that Russia should have to smooth the way for an illegal coup to take over Ukraine, on their doorstep, isn’t absolutely ridiculous?

            What part of BRICS will challenge the free reign of the IMF, don’t you understand?

      22. You tube Men at Work’s song “It’s a mistake”. Seems highly appropriate, especially now.

      23. I see that this Dr. who contracted the EBOLA VIRUS is home in the U.S.

        Now pay attention folks pay attention now.

        They are going to give him a TOP SECRET DRUG to make him well.

        THERE IT IS.

        I feel now that a PANDEMIC is going to happen only the Elite and the Chosen few will get a vaccine.

        The rest to bad.


        Because this will be followed up by Riots or Terrorism TO BURN UP THE DEAD AND THE VIRUS ITSELF.

        The rest I will leave for you to fill in the blanks.

      24. So long as the Demographics of America could be returned to those of the 1940’s ok.

      25. Please do not think in terms of parth politics. Both parties in the US are bought and paid for (with your money) by internatoonal Jewry. To be exact “They say they are Jews but are not, but are a synagogue of Satan”. (Revelations 2:9 and 3:9). USA is the third great nation set up for destruction after Holy Russia and Germany (remember the article Judea declares war on Germany?)

        These years the US is perceived as a great aggressor of numerous declared and undeclared wars, none of them of any consequence to the security and interests of the US itself. It is being drained of resources in preparation of its fall. Introduction of legislation which is obviously against the interest and basic sense of justice of the American people is a case in point like the inflow of illegal aliens, forcing GMOs on the population etc.

        Recently the doctrine of nuclear response to foreign attack with nuclear weapons was changed to become a nuclear first strike doctrine. That means that the evil one will trigger a US nuclear attack on Russia or China after which the USA will become annihilated.

        Pretty pessimistic? Indeed, and what it will take to avoid this to happen is a clean break with the present owners of the USA the Zionists. Let it be clear that the USA has no shared values with the Zionist entity which shamelessly pursues genocide on the Palestinians committing war crimes and crimes against humanity every day.The Palestinians are the Amalekites of our time, but according to rabbi Rosen there will always be Amalekites, people who the Jews do not like and who therefore have to be annihilated. Therefore there is truth in saying “we are all Palestinians” because we are next in line. They hate us even more because we are Christians.

        If you are confused whom to believe in the Gaza “conflict” remember that lying is foundational to Israel (Mossad’s slogan is “by deception you shall make war”) and lying is even part of the theology of the Jews as expressed in their Kol Nidre annual declaration to God that they shall not be bound by their word.

        There is no way that this attitude can coexist with humanity. We need a clean break without which we shall become their slaves until the day of judgment which is bound to be soon.

        • I can’t think of a better reason to want Israhell wiped off the globe.

        • At what – fifty cents a word, your AIPAC handlers are gonna pay you enough for an extra gallon of Boone’s Farm and a pack of condoms for that load of used chicken scratch, eh wot?

      26. i think war is 100% certainty.

        largest military build up of hardware in world history over the last 15 years and longer…

        arid land and drought and floods.

        scarcity of resources in general.

        inability to let go of hatreds and outdated beliefs that lead to division.

        the only question i have these days is whether or not the men in control have enough arrogance to believe they could live through an extinction level event… my “belief” is that they will be able to do about 2 months underground before they realize underground tennis courts just arent the same and start plotting to kill one another.

        just dont fuck up the environment permanently… yes… i know your reading this analyst…

      27. There will be no war with Russia nor China..

        The only wars will be local and regional as we are witnessing now..utilizing proxy “fighters” to further destabilize targeted areas for the spoils(natural resources)..which both the U.S. and Russia are now involved with throughout Northern Africa and Eastern Europe..

        Let us all not forget history when the finance oligarchs (based primarily in England and US) were heavily vested in the Nazi war regime of manufacturing heavy weapons ..

        The only reason we eventually capitulated and entered into WW2 was Germany’s targeting of our commerce(shipping) in the North Atlantic..and the banks would not stand for any loss of revenue..God forbid!

        What better way to kick start the world’s economy coming out of a depression than whip up the frenzy of war,employ millions of previously unemployed citizens, and send even more to their eventual deaths…

        Then there’s the eventual nation rebuilding,infrastructure, and loans to all the now devastated quaint..

        We are heavily propagandized as are China and Russia equally..all a benefit to the central banks in the end game of events.

        We are already destroyed from within both financially and morally without a shot being fired..the only time another major war will unfold is when they’ve extracted every last penny from all of us worldwide.and we are no longer useful..or too costly to sustain..and that time IS coming soon!

        Til then..

        Enjoy the day..


      28. I might have to dig that bunker a few feet deeper……

        • Crystal Cave?…

      29. If America is ever going to be strengthened and reclaim its former status in the world, it will only come through increased support for Israel.
        The more we turn away from Israel, and the more we try to force Israel to give up land for “peace”, the more America declines.

        There are a lot of Israel-haters who comment on this site. Some of them claim to be Christians. The truth is, America is in decline because of them and people like them. It’s a spiritual problem.

        Do you want to see America regain its strength?
        Support Zionist Israel!

        • STFU!

          ISRAEL DID 9/11!


          • Puff, I mean Zen, that’s a great theory.

            Watch out for them Black Helicopters buzzing your house!

            • “OH I’M SO SCARED!”

              “I WANT MY MOMMY!”


              • No dice. She doesn’t want you back.

          • USS Liberty – Look up that Israeli Attack on an American ship.

            • Christians, in obedience to their King, forgive that terrible mistake.

        • Grafique….I am really sorry but I couldn’t stopped laughing reading your comment. I really don’t know if you even deserve an answer. However we really need to have a new agenda named Agenda named 22 and its goal to be put religious retards and fanatics in confinement. I hope you’ll enjoy your brother in arms from ISIS as your roommate. Be nice to them since they were formed by your other ZOG brothers and both of them are good at killing innocent kids and unarmed mean and women.

          • Glad you got a good laugh. I got a good laugh at your 4th-grade spelling and your 3rd-grade worldview.

            Your kindergarten spirituality, though, is not funny. It’s the #1 reason for America’s decline.

            • A Jewish Dilemma = A FREE HAM Sandwich.

            • I admit that I made typos…. I couldn’t type because I was laughing so hard reading your comment. Go back and enjoy reading the killing of new born babies at the hospitals by your Zionist brothers. And also remember to send them your contributions to hire more ISIS monsters to do more killing of the innocents.

            • @Grafigue,
              “Kindergarten spirituality” YOU of all people have no basis to judge ANYONE!

              Your CULT was made up out of thin air in the 1800’s, a fact that you and your buddy Barn cat will not address at all! Because there is NO truth is either of you!

              You two are both liars and hypocrites. If you were not, you would do some research and realize that Dispensational Theology is NOT Classic Christianity. No matter what you learned at Bubba’s Bible Church and Feed Store.

              So stop telling people that they are going to hell, when you yourself has no formal schooling in the Faith and no scriptural duty to do so. Instead you regurgitate garbage from Hal Lindsey books and radio/TV conmen Televangelists.

              • I have never told anyone they’re going to Hell (unless, like WWTI, they profess to not even believe in God).

                Here’s one you folks are really going to love – not only is Israel here to stay (last verse of the book of Amos), but Israel will come out of the Great Tribulation as the Head of the nations.
                The Temple will be rebuilt and Jesus will rule as King of Heaven and Earth from Jerusalem, the capital of the world.

                I’m going to get a kick out of watching you fall on your faces, asking Jesus for forgiveness for doubting his Word and hating his kindred.

                But don’t worry. He’s full of love and mercy.

                • OK, I’ll address your charge that I believe in a cult that began in the 1800s. Of course you’re referring to John Nelson Darby.
                  Augustinianism (your belief, AKA “replacement theology”) was the predominant doctrine up until Darby’s time.
                  While John Nelson Darby was laid up in the hospital with a broken leg, he had nothing more to do than read the Bible. He began to wonder about all the prophecies which stated that Israel would one day be restored to its land. Of course, at this time Israel had not yet come back from its dispersion.
                  Darby began preaching that Israel would soon return and become a nation again.
                  He was correct. In 1948 Israel was re-gathered from the nations and became the modern State of Israel.
                  My personal opinion is that God allowed the doctrine of replacement theology to continue as long as it did because the world was not yet approaching the end times. When the proper time arrived, God allowed Darby and others to begin preaching what the Bible actually said.

                  And now here’s an issue that you and the other Jew-haters on this site have never addressed – why don’t you believe what the Bible says? You claim to be a Christian. And yet all the prophecies in the Bible which state that Israel would one day be restored to its land are ignored by you. Why do you find it so difficult to believe that God has actually done what he promised he would do?

                  In my opinion, it’s much easier to believe that God has kept his Word, rather than follow some made-up doctrine which has no basis in the Bible at all.

                  • Just a little background on Darby.

                    He is noted in the theological world as the “father of dispensationalism” later made popular in the U.S. by Cyrus Scofields’ Scofields Reference Bible.

                    He is also credited with originating the “secret rapture”.

                    Dispensationalist beliefs about the fate of the Jews and the reestablishment of the kingdom of Israel put dispensationlists at the FOREFRONT OF CHRISTIAN ZIONISM.

                    Wake up from your slumber…..

                    The entire Christian zionist movement is based on the footnotes from the Scofield Bible.

                    TYhe Scofield Bible was financed by the House of Rothchild for the sole purpose of promoting the zionist agenda.

                    Go to wakeupfromyourslumber dot com for the rest of the history on Grafique’s Christian zionism belief.

                  • None of which has anything whatsoever to do with the prophecies in the Bible concerning Israel.

                    Tell me, POG, why don’t you believe that God is able to do what he said he would do?

                    And why don’t you believe the verse in Romans which says, “God has not cast away his people”?

          • Wow, this site is really turning into Fight Club! Where’s eppe to relieve the tension with a good joke?

            • After being interviewed by the school administration, the prospective teacher said:
              ‘Let me see if I’ve got this right.
              ‘You want me to go into that room with all those kids, correct their disruptive behavior, observe them for signs of abuse, monitor their dress habits, censor their T-shirt messages, and instill in them a love for learning.
              ‘You want me to check their backpacks for weapons, wage war on drugs and sexually transmitted diseases, and raise their sense of self esteem and personal pride.
              ‘You want me to teach them patriotism and good citizenship, sportsmanship and fair play, and how to register to vote, balance a checkbook, and apply for a job.
              ‘You want me to check their heads for lice, recognize signs of antisocial behavior, and make sure that they all pass the final exams.
              ‘You also want me to provide them with an equal education regardless of their handicaps, and communicate regularly with their parents in English, Spanish or any other language, by letter, telephone, newsletter, and report card.
              ‘You want me to do all this with a piece of chalk, a blackboard, a bulletin board, a few books, a big smile, and a starting salary that qualifies me for food stamps.
              ‘You want me to do all this and then you tell me. . . I CAN’T PRAY?

            • Navy Vet, sad but true about the Fight Club. Jesus Christ is LORD and GOD gave the land To Israel for all time. Trekker Out. Like It Or Not!

          • well, if we are going to put religious retards and fanatics away somewhere, then we HAVE to include pissinthewind and pissed on granny.

            • Anonymous:

              I think Jesus Christ will have the final say as to where any of us will be put and if anyone comes out on the wrong side of his judgement their soul will be blotted out FOREVER.

              Your statement smacks of Bolshevism; lets purge the country of Christians and truthtellers.

              Only you, anonymous, and a few of your ilk follow posters with cries of racist, hater, etc. Never any information of why a post might not be true.

              • Yes granny, you’re an EXPERT on never being able to prove any of your posts are true now can you? Every time you’re challenged to do so, you conveniently ” disappear” from the conversation. Copying and pasting nonsense from neo Nazi websites hardly constitutes proof, but I guess if your a true religious fanatic, proof is the last thing you need isn’t it?

                • Oh, now don’t let’s be rational here….POG won’t be aple to play for lack of any chips.

        • Israel is the parasite Cancer destroying its Host America. We need to cut off all funding these Terrorist Zionists and let them rot in their sandbox of hell.

          • WWTI, you claim to be an atheist. Is there even one reason why anyone should take spiritual advice from you?

            • Grafique:

              WWThunkit, regardless of his views on religion, has the real enemies of the world figured out to a tee. His only problem. as I see it, is he doesn’t understand that the Holy Bible, when speaking of God’s children Israel, is not speaking of those you so ardently defend.

              As a matter of fact Jesus Christ so aptly pointed them out for all of us to see “some say they are Judah, but are not but are the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN. (AIPAC and the rest of the Synagogue in DC, Zionists world wide, International bankers, Black Nobility, true World Wildlife Fund) it is all there.

              There is none so blind as those that choose to not see.

              You , Grafique, are being led by disinfo agents. Pity.

              If I didn’t understand who “true Israel” is, I would be just as furious as WWthunkit. I, also, would be thinking that the jews were the chosen (lie), and how could that possibly be when their Zionist relatives are destroying the world.

              • Jews are not destroying the world. If you find a verse in the Bible that says they are, let me know. I’ll be waiting.

                You keep clinging to that verse in the Bible about the “synagogue of Satan”. As I’ve pointed out before, you have it backwards. The synagogue of Satan refers to people who claim to be Jews, but are not.
                That perfectly describes you and the others who believe that the church has replaced Israel. You claim to be Jews, but you are not.

                Tell me, POG, why don’t you believe the prophecies in the Bible which state that God would return the Jews to Israel in the end times? Do you believe that God is so weak that he is so easily thwarted?

                Or is it that you’re just so full of hate that that’s the way you want it to be, regardless of what the Bible says.

                You keep believing whatever man-made doctrine you care to.

                I’ll keep believing the Bible.

                • Grafique:

                  As long as your nose is ass deep in the Scofield Bible you will never find the truth.

                  • I don’t use a Scofield Bible.

                    Also I notice that you are unable to answer my questions, even though I answered yours.

                • Grafique:

                  No one will ever accuse me of claiming to be a jew. Particularly one that believes in the Torah and Talmud.

                  Ever read their religious books?

                  If you have, please come back and tell me what portion of those books have anything to do with Christianity.

                  Peruse through their jewish information site jewishvirtuallibrary dot com; THEIR INFO SITE, check what is written by THEM about Christ and Christians. You might also check out their ‘noahide laws’ while you are at it. THOSE LAWS DO NOT BODE WELL FOR CHRISTIANS.

                  • No, I’ve never read the Talmud because I’m a Christian. I happen to believe the Jews are lost until they accept Christ as their Savior.

                    So what? They’re still God’s chosen people. They’re still under the promises of God. There are still many prophecies to be fulfilled concerning the Jews. The Bible still says,

                    And so all Israel shall be saved: as it is written, There shall come out of Sion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob:
                    For this is my covenant unto them, when I shall take away their sins.
                    Romans 11:26, 27

                    The Bible still promises blessings to those who bless Israel.

                    My question is, why can’t you believe what the Bible says? Why do you insist on subjugating God’s Word to a man-made doctrine? Can you answer that?

              • yeah granny, it’s always them joos isn’t it? Tell me, did you write ” Holy Bible” on a slip of paper and then tape it to the cover of Mein Kampf?

      30. A great article and a great site. The advice given on this site is indispensable for survival. If you’re interested in a summation of survival try reading Yankee Anti ZombieSurvival Manual from amazon, maybe free or for the cost of a bag of chips. TS will HTF. The products advertised here will help mitigate the coming disaster. But don’t worry too much about being nuked by the Russians. Your real enemy is in your own backyard. You voted them in and they reduced most of you to semi zombies already. Keeping you stupid keeps the money trickling upwards. Good luck.

      31. Many wars have been won by the smaller or so called weaker side. What matters is determination and the size of the fight in the man. Last time I checked America had more crazy mf than any other country that I know of. Bring it on, lets get er done already. We are the land of the brave. Let’s see what you got……

        • “We’ll put a boot up their ass, it’s the American Way!”.

          *Toby Keith

          • “Why, one Southerner could lick twenty Yankees easy”

      32. War with Russia Hmm, IMHO it will start out as a conventional one in Europe as always, but will soon escalate. Why because China will see the opportunity to expand and will join Russia (in an effort to reduce Russia’s and everyone else’s power). No inch of ground on the face of this earth will be neutral in this one. As soon as one side or the other sees that they are going to lose, that is when everything in all arsenals will start flying. How long will it last not years but months and the world as we know it will no longer exist. We live till we die no matter what, how and when no one knows, just prepare and live life. This is MHO sitting on the river bank.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

      33. “Ultimately, the nation which controls the largest energy resources will become dominant.”

        ————–Admiral Hyman Rickover——————–

        There will be no large ground war with huge masses of trucks, tanks and planes. Smaller local wars…maybe.

        Russia is one of the largest exporters of hydrocarbons on the planet. The U.S. IMPORTS around 6.5 million barrels of oil daily.

        In WWII, the US was the largest oil exporter on earth and had the spare capacity to fight a large ground war…no more. However, the Bear does. It will slowly crank the EU natgas valve to the right and use it’s oil and gas to defend itself and survive.

        It doesn’t matter who has the most men, guns and tanks anymore. It matters who has the most fuel to run them. Europe and the US do not.

        The wars will be fought with banker money and sanctions to try and starve out the “enemy” of the Anglo-Zionist Empire. The new weapon since 1971 is unlimited, unbacked, banker currency.

        • That follows with the theory of inflicting injuries rather than kills in war, injured combatants slow down an opponent much more than the dead. So to inflict huge damages or even lots of little ones causes more harm than just blowing shit up. IE loss of markets for products, increase in price of imports or complete lack of products needed, loss of jobs for people causing everything to slow, loss of financial backing,
          That is sort of a wild card thrown in there.
          Its interesting because the threats according to the DHS report are all groups or people who most likely wont tow the collectivist one world NWO line,
          Look at the separatist in all these other countries, Ukraine as a good example, in the US the equivalent i suppose would be Patriot Movement, in the islamic world its evolving as ISIS,
          Things will be interesting

      34. JUST get IT over with , no more duck and cover.

      35. War with China and Russia. What do most people know about war. They have no connection. You may see it on the T.V. but you don’ feel it. Like the recession or depression. Do you really connect. I mean a person tells you your going to get your ass beat, but you never had your ass beat, your in for a surprise.

        Lots of things can happen to us. War is just another domino to fall.

      36. I feel like I’m fix’n to die Rag 2014

        “Come on all you big strong men, Uncle Sam needs your help again,

        Obama thinks America is ready for some shoot’n, so he’s pick’n a fight with Mad Vlad Putin,

        So put down your books and pick up a gun-cause we’re going to have a whole lot of fun!

        For it’s 1-2-3- what are we fight’n for?..don’t ask me give a pee, next war is World War Three,

        And it’s 5-6-7- open up the pearly gates…there ain’t no time to wonder why….whoppeee we’re all going to die!

        *Original version by Country Joe MacDonald 1960’s

      37. Heard that tune somewhere before.

      38. Very interesting Russian perspective on what they believe is coming in September.
        I know it sucks reading subtitles but I found it pretty interesting that they know the CIA playbook.

      39. BI & Navy Vet have really good posts. I kinda stopped reading after theirs. So to any other good post after theirs, I tip my hat.

        Ron Paul may have been a good candidate, but he did not have the support to win the race. Unless you can get an independent or someone who’s not so connected at the hip to have a strong support base while running, you are really in a two party system. Even if they are a strong candidate, there’s no guarantee an election will not be stolen like Bush did in 2000.

        All the Obama haters. You have the wrong idea of what’s taking place. We would probably be in a worse situation if a republican had won. McCain is a war mongerer. We would have gone to war a lot sooner. Romney is a business man all about making more money for the rich. I’m pretty sure that does not include anyone voicing an opinion (and probably all who are reading) here. We are all doomed because we as a people living in these United States refuse to come together to help and defend each other.

        I for one cannot name one predominately African American city which is doing well. However, there was a time when there were lots of them. What happened to them? Jealous white people got together and literally destroyed them. So as a people, you have caused the destruction of a race in these lands and inadvertently caused your own destruction. If African Americans cannot build their own thriving communities then why not vote in someone who will give them what you so vehemently do not want them to work hard for. Think globally not locally. And on a global scale, you white people have doomed us all.

        You’re like a sailor who uses a shotgun on a ship to kill an undesirable. When you finally get the task done and look around, all you can see are holes in your nice ship. But instead of looking at your own actions, shooting the holes yourself, you blame the undesirable for being there in the first place. That’s just stupid.

        The bottom line is we are where we are. No matter who’s to blame. So what do we do about it. To that end, I give you a great example. ISIS. They are kicking butt and not taking any names. Why? Because the Sunni decided to put there differences aside and fight as a collective. Even amid all the disagreements and I’m sure there’s a lot of them. We as American people are destined to loose because we’ll never come together like that.

        So no, there are no African American regions doing well. The interesting thing is very soon, there will be no predominately white lead regions doing well either.

      40. I just highly recommend that everyone go to paul craig roberts website and read what all he has been writing…he has the experience, the credentials, and high moral standards…he has been trying to inform the american citizenry with facts! Have any of you read SB 2277? Do you know what the Wolfowiitz doctrine is? (probably spelled that name wrong)..Do you know the difference in “wars of aggression”..and “preemptive strike”…and what the Law of Nations and the U.S. Constitution says about, when and why a country should go to war? Do you know who started the trouble in the Ukraine?? Do you know who said that America has spent 5 billion dollars in Ukraine, for regime change? Do you know her name, her official position…who her husband is..Do you know what PNAC is? Do you know the money that american has sent and intends to send to this new government of Ukraine? Have you seen the analysis of the German air pilot, of the picture of the cockpit part of the Malaysian airliner, riddled with holes…the piece of wreckage imposed on a picture of an intact same type that you know it came from the cockpit….the recipient of those bullets did not live long…who would that be? the pilot. (infowars has this story; others have picked it up)Do you know the difference in what the damage will look like, when a fighter jet fires on another plane or a missle strikes another plane? Do you still believe that the planes that struck the two ll0 story towers, on 911, brought them down? Do you know the temperature that office fires attain, versus jet fuel, versus the temperature needed to melt steel, versus the temperature needed to “vaporize” steel? Do you know that some of the citizens in Ukraine are revolting against the government, now trying to conscipt their sons and husbands for military duty? They are saying we are not going to do it…(the women)and say that they do not want war…and even burn the “sign up papers the military recruiter has brought”… the video is available at several websites…it is at lewrockwells today, mentioned in the blog part…Well, if you want to get some answers, go to He sure is trying to wake the people up…he says, “do you want to die for Washington’s lies?” He has an article stating that the research from a professor in Missouri, shows that even if america is not hit by a nuclear missile, if any missiles get launched…it is the end of the world for all..(I think it said,if 1% of whatever the U.S. has or Russia…gets fired off) Paul Craig Roberts talks with people in Russia..people in the media…and he is advising Russia to go to the United Nations and present their case of what the U.S. is doing…at his website, look at the right sidebar…close to the top, you see an interview on C-span with Richard Gage, who heads up “Architects and Engineers for 911 truth” (dot org)..can’t people at least look and listen to this? You have to become informed on the scientific evidence that shows that controlled demolition brought the towers down and building 7… (that takes weeks if not months of work to do) there are many groups investigating this….pilots for 911 truth, etc. If you get to it will lead you to more videos..also, If you do not read any other article at paul criag roberts, scroll down on the right sidebar to “The World is doomed by Western Insouciance”…. we all do not agree on everything, but when push comes to shove… hopefully the american people will have the backbone of those Ukrainian mothers…standing up against war…remember, by major general smedley butler; “you can make more money out of peace than war”…so he said, “To Hell With War”… A 3rd world war? No one or thing will survive..the sun’s rays will be blocked for 3 years…nothing grows (source of our food) without the sun’s “shine”…(if I remember that correctly…you will find it in Dr. Roberts reference to the Missouri professors “study” that says this…NO WINNERS! (with nuclear war) Our soldiers are getting things figured out..if you listen to the C-span interview, where they have people call in with questions…an Iraq veteran calls in…he “gets it”…o.k. thank you mac for what all you do…the truth is painful to learn, but it must be known, so that we can come up with the solutions…and there are a lot of solutions, peaceful ones, to all these problems…

      41. “Sometimes you eat the Bear, sometimes the Bear eats you”- Old Mountain Man Saying

      42. Heads up.

        Six people in New York City being tested for Ebola.

        On Drudge. Wolf Blitzer commenting with Doctor.

        • Hedge says that there is one in Columbus OH as well being tested after returning from W. Africa.
          Watch, St. Louis, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, it will spread. I don’t know if it is sensationalism and overreaction or if it is the beginning of hunker down time.

      43. Looking forward to war with Russia and President Obama declaring martial law and staying in office for life. Huh, what? Oh, thank goodness, it was only a nightmare. Memo to self, no more Jack and pizza just before bedtime.

      44. Here is my 2 cents worth.
        If WW3 breaks out with Russia. Europe and US will have a slight upper hand using NATO.
        Where the problems comes in is China that just to name one. The Chinese would love to find a way to take over the US. They would start a war with Japan, Taiwan, and the rest of the area. N. Korea would start a war with the South.
        If someone knows about all the agreements Russian has made with the Muslims, this would be the time to let us know, or If the US has made agreements with them?
        The second problem is the Muslims and their caliphate. They can start something with Israel and Israel would have to use everything they have. Or they could just set back and watch the Super powers kick the crap out of each other and then roll in and take over.
        The third problem is. If nukes are used and we use almost all of them coming from both sides the plant would not be fit to live on. More than likely we would be in the stone age again starting all over again.
        Now for #4. This is not a problem. Cooler heads prevail and nothing happens. This is what I pray for!
        To sum it up. Make sure your family knows you love them and Most important get right with your God.

        • China is an interesting wildcard. They have set up trade agreements with russia and export a lot of junk to the US. I think they will sit quietly until they either can forsee a winner or until it becomes clear that they can expand in the pac rim.
          Another interesting theory I heard was that Jim Willie thinks that Germany will leave nato and join the brics. Wouldn’t that through a wrench in to everything? He thinks that is why we are spending so much time and energy spying on them.

          • Whatever destroys the IMF.

        • Sarge, I seriously doubt China will go for having its property nuked. They are buying up assets and land here all over the place. The 50 square mile chinese industrial area south of boise comes to mind as one let alone the buildings in manhattan. The new landlords want theyre stuff intact. Therefor I see economic warfare and cyberwar as more plausable..Or maybe a new plague to get rid of the current occupants…

          • I absolutely agree with you and I also think that detonation at ground level is out of the question for nuclear arms. It is counter productive because then nobody gets the minerals, usable land ect. As proof I would like to see fishing permit requests around Japan’s little meltdown problem.
            Now EMP? I think that is totally plausible.

            • G. and M.
              You make a really good point. It would be no use to anyone if there was a air burst or ground burst nukes.
              EMP would be the answer.
              On the other hand we have people running things that think, “If we can’t have it or keep it nobody can!”
              I just hope nothing happens!!!!

              • Im that guy. If I cant have it or keep it no body else can. If I have to leave my home I burn it when I leave. Rather than have the fruits of my labor robbed and redistributed ill just not produce beyond my own needs.

        • Calm down, Sarg.

          It ain’t gonna get that bad.

          You keep on doin’ what you’re doin’ and keep your local neighborhood safe and sound. You’re a breath of fresh air. Keep it that way.


      45. Don’t trust a Government (ISRAEL) who betrayed, betrays & ignores the right of its civilians living safely! Our government lost credibility and morals .. they are more concerned about the residents of GAZA and not to harm the Terrorist Enemy State than they are for our citizens…

        IDF, MOSAD were silence for the past 5 years & they knew all about the Tunnels but Netanyahu & his Cabinet bunch of Lefty Self Hating Jews did nothing to avoid the Tunnel & Rockets Issue! Our Anti G-d Anti Torah Zionist Government is the Cause of our Miseries in Israel .. they Allow and sponsor GAY PARADE’s in the Holy Land in JERUSALEM!!..

        They sacrifice the Lives of our Young Heores for Pointless War without destroying the Enemy… in this WAR “WE” LOST!

        We have to Admit that we lost since 63 Soldiers lost their lives for Politics… we could have finished the WAR with the Terrorist GAZA state in a day but they chose to endanger the life our Soldiers our young heroes by insane policy of don’t shoot unless you are shot at! watch for Terrorist Civilians in GAZA and that caused 63 innocent lives.. SHAME ON OUR GOVERNMENT for FAILING TO PROTECT ITS CITIZENS FROM THE DAILY TERROR ACTIVITY IN ISRAEL! WE NEED A RELIGIOUS GOVERNMENT…

        Now all the leftist in Tel Aviv can go back parading their low life secular lifestyle of being pork eaters, homos, and Shabbos violates, while the border towns and cities will continue to be shelled. The government can go back to what they enjoy, harassing observant Jews while Arabs who sit in the Kenneseth and Israeli Supreme Court laugh at these secular foolish Jinos Jewish in name only stooges. In 12 years, Chareidim will soon take over as we will become the majority.

        The Chareidim would not have lost even one soldier. If they would just cut the water electric fuel and food supply to the Gaza and watched them all die in a week. The stupid secular government worships democracy.

        All the Israeli government cares about is that the filthy gay SHAME parade in Israel in Jerusalem the Holy city, should take place august 18th. The poor idiots postponed it from august 7th due to the war. For this we need peace? To rebel against the sacred Torah???????

      46. “Corral the fifty wealthiest Jews and there will be no wars” Henry Ford…Seriously isn’t it way past time for the Rothschild’s to die so we finally get peace?

      47. youtube

        1 million fps controlling crowds


        Is this how it ends ??????????

      48. The American people are kept helpless through fear. Every tactic by TPTB is fear mongering. People’s rights, what a fucking joke. These god damn bastards won’t be happy until we are all dead. Fuck all of government and their enablers, the congressional military industrial murderous assholes, the Earth polluting, destroying and big time gouging oil psychopaths, the chemical death merchants who have poisoned the environment and foodstuffs, the fascist CIA, FBI, NDAA, DHS and the rest of the treasonous scum who protect the perpetrators of this insanity. Did I leave anybody out? They think they have every base covered. Where are the common people when they are needed most?

        • Testing out your hippie-brain-fried-mommy’s new vocabulary word list from the biker bar next door, are you?

      49. Here’s how the war with Russia will come about:

        Russia will lead a coalition of nations including Iran, Libya, Turkey and many others against Israel. They will invade from the north – probably the Golan Heights. As they approach Jerusalem, God himself will destroy the invaders. It will be such an overwhelming defeat, and so obviously done by God, that the surrounding nations will recognize Israel’s God for who he is.

        When you read this story in Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39, there is a verse (39:6) in which God states that he will send a fire on the continents. Many theologians believe that this refers to nuclear war.

        When you see this coalition of nations gathering to invade Israel, that will be the time to gather your loved ones close to you and head for whatever BOL you have.

        • Well grafique, the buybull was written by men NOT GOD. Edited to suit the rulers of the times, many parts thrown out, used as a means of controlling the population. Religion is the most basic form of government. There is no proof whatsoever jesus even existed. If he did exist he was a teacher that was one with the Christlike consiousness, had a wife and probably kids too. The current ptb may be using it as a playbook making things happen to give it credability. They know there is a God (the creator) but use theyre own version as a tool to help control the masses. The buybull is sprinkled with thruths to give it some reality but the reality of it is it is a man made book. The real word of God is born in all of us, we dont need a interpreter or preist or book to know it. Follow your man made edited, censored, rewritten, undocumented book I will follow the true word that I was born with…

          • Whoever first called you “Genius” was lying to you.

            • Well grafique obviously in comparison to you I AM a genius. Is that the best reply you have seriously? Can you refute anything I said? You sound like a typical mental midget that cannot come back with any proof or facts to defend yourself. When you have facts let me know 🙂

              • I have a better one, your a dick! You troll piece of shit.

                • YoMama, now theres an intelligent post! Instead of refuting me you call me a dick lol. yet another moron that has no critical thinking ability. I guess the truth hurts and you are too stupid to think of anything to say. Your replies confirm what an imbicile you are, keep them coming lol 🙂

                  • Genius….don’t bother with “yomama” and ” Grafique”‘s comments. When the truth prevails these folks will be in hiding and must be hunt down. The good news is all over the world the people are waking up to see the cancerous cells that have caused so much pain and misery on mankind.

                  • Hey Anonymous, who’s going to hunt me down? You, tough guy? First you’ll have to get that huge jelly-belly out from behind that keyboard.

              • Genius, all I can say is that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. I have no proof, because that’s the way God set it all up.

                The one and only way to prove it is to test it with faith. Are you willing to do that?

      50. “patriotism”
        the last refuge of a scoundrel

        Pro-Troop Charity Misleads Donors While Lining Political Consultants’ Pockets

        when someone starts waving the flag a little too much
        and starts flinging pieces of apple pie
        it’s a guarantee that someone is gonna get scammed

        • Yes, and the U.S. corp wants their piece.

      51. I remember 911 and the morning it happened, even after years of listening to Art Bell and a lot of other people on the radio, I would take it all with a grain of salt. Saying to myself, maybe it’s just to keep us entertained about different scenarios of what might happen. Then on that morning, I drank coffee at a small coffee shop where I would go to talk with some other way older guys who sat around and talked about everything pretty much. Well on this morning I remember it clearly when we were sitting their watching it on a TV set that the owner had in the diner. I remembered all the hosts that Art Bell had on his show and how some of them had spoken of terrorist activity and how our government was doing nothing to stop it, I remembered how they said that they had uncovered proof that terrorist were coming across the border and how we were sitting ducks and how badly these bad guys wanted us to hurt here in America. Then on that morning I stopped taking it all with a grain of salt. I realized that intermingled with the insane rants of insane people who would call into the radio show that some of the people that would call in actually had real information and what they were saying was real. Some of the shows would go off into other areas that I had no interest in and they weren’t particularly of any real danger to anyone, but within them all every once in a while a person would call in and make a prediction or say something and the information would be specific and dire in nature. Well it happened and I remembered what some so called nut case was saying. I no longer call anyone a nut case, I take all information in, and process it and act on it if I find it to be something that is a very real problem. The War between Russia and America will happen, so I have to get ready for it. I do not want another 911 moment where I am caught with my jaw dropped down to my chest and wondering why I didn’t listen to the so called nuts that would rant about terrorist and the government not doing anything about it. Now I know more and why they didn’t do anything about it, years later thanks to the internet and to so many people that are nice enough and good enough to let us know what is going down. Thank You Mr. Mcgrath and Mac Slavo!

      52. I think he forgot one, they also have the leadership.

      53. The PTB who are misruling the FUSA are out of touch with reality and clueless regarding history. Provoking the Bear to war is always a bad idea. The FUSA is an empire in decline. If the FUSA goes to war with Russia, the FUSA will lose. Zero doubt in my mind. There is no shortage of nations and other organizations that will take full advantage of the situation to set some old scores.

      54. As the Indian said to the Lone Ranger: “What do you mean, ‘We,’ White Man!”

        No, there is NO We, it is the Elite/ Feds that are pushing for war. The rest of us, Human Beings, are in fact, trying to stop the Elite/Feds. And there are a great many more of us, the Population, waking up to the machinations of the Feds.

      55. The potential loss of life from Russian nukes coming here (any countries actually, terrorist nukes, too) could be easily reduced by 90%, quick as the U.S. public was trained up in blast & fallout Civil Defense basics again.

        The Good News About Nuclear Destruction
        …to see for yourself.

        • What happened to all thous suitcase nukes that the former soviet union lost ??????????

          • you can bet the CIA didn’t lose them…

      56. “Will history look back at 2014 just as we look back today at the events that took place in the world ahead of the Great Wars in 1914 or 1938?”

        There’s two Russian analysis with two different evaluations. One is that the US is destined to be effectively balkanized, and there are elements at work to achieve that outcome under the guise of multiculturalism, which in fact is a feudal structure.
        The second analyzes that World War III would kick off somewhere around 2014 over unilateral and multi-polar world views. The main mechanism driving this catalyst is Globalization. Not to mention, globalization is a technological, manufacturing, production, and infrastructure transfer between Western powers like the US via post-Industrial to accelerate the development of the East. I agree with Brandon Smith of altmarket’s analysis here as it’s a false paradigm designed to develop supranationalism, and World War is a proven means next to pandemics to centralize control and pursue depopulation.

        • “War is a proven means next to pandemics to centralize control and pursue depopulation.”

          I guess that depends on who war is declared on. I vote for a bulls eye on the back of every globalist elite.

      57. Well America now has the ultimate doomsday weapon,its called Ebola!

      58. I am surprised that nobody has considered to eliminate the source of this trouble in the USA . We have war mangers in control put there by lobby groups that have plenty of money to buy off every official in government . A start to avoiding a repeat of this mess is if somebody or group took the initiative to eliminate the menbers of AIPAC and other pressure groups that seek to control the USA. I hope there will not be war , but there should be a campaign to eradicate from power your traitors with double passport , otherwise soon or later there will be a was that will destroy EARTH .

      59. The US will never go to war with Russia. Obama is a coward, and doesn’t care about civil liberties. When push comes to shove, he will bow down to Putin. I just hope the he doesn’t have a chance, and the first Russian attack is on the White House.

      60. antiNWO has it right. There was an article in the economist (admittedly a leftist rag), that documented and graphed sovereign defaults over the last 220 or so years. With only a few very debatable exceptions, governments have been inflating the money supply, going into DEEP debt, raising taxes, and regardless if the tax burden is willfully rejected by the citizenry or not, the debt and central government spending bankrupts the country. This isn’t new folks. We’ve seen it since Rome. Our particular government and central bank has created a masked system (of “tools” -QE,ZIRP,Bazooka,Purchase programs) to accelerate the process towards collapse in the greatest economy the world has ever known. That being the US in post industrial revolution and age of technology. Point? This “war” isn’t about Russia vs. US. It’s the same war that has raged for centuries. It’s a religion war. Inside that war, there is a sub-plot or minor war within the larger, and that is the Bankers destroying every country they “manage” with controlled interest rates, money supply and the “tools” mentioned above. It’s GOOD vs. EVIL. BIBLE vs. UNBELIEF, and Bankers/Gov vs. Citizenry. On the latter, the only way a common person wins that war is to convert fiat into tangible assets out of earned income. You must buy income producing real estate, buy a business, or any investment that moves with the tide of inflation…because there isn’t any stopping it, regardless of all the bitching and whining. The former war starts with YOU. Go to church, start serving, stop thinking about yourself for 5 minutes, and grow a pair. Spank your kids once every 2-3 years (if needed), and live below your means.

        Preaching? Yes. Live as winners. Don’t be part of the lazy, loser hand out crowd. SunDevils…OUT

      61. Ebola is bull.

        Swine flu, Bird flu, SARS, and the Muslim hiding in my back yard bushes ready to jump on me at night. All boogie men. Ebola is BULL CRAP. 200X more people will die in drunk driving accidents on any Sat. night.

        REAL outbreaks are things like small pox, Cholera, Polio, Yellow Fever…things like that.

        Don’t be scared!! Ever stop to think that all this horse crap is to get you to buy products of sponsors on these websites?

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