McGrath: “If You Think the Crisis of 2008 is Over, Then You’re Falling Right Into the Game Plan”

by | Sep 25, 2013 | Headline News | 412 comments

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    The game is rigged, the pain is coming, and we’re all about to become victims of greed and government once again.

    Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News explains why:

    If you think the crisis of 2008 is over, then you’re falling right into the game plan of The Powers That Be.

    Washington D.C., the Federal Reserve, any business analyst that can get in front of a camera… wants you to believe that any coming crisis financially is not related to 2008. It’s going to be a new event altogether. And they’re going to blame it on you… the American people.

    If you believe that then you have been duped.

    The crisis of 2008 never ended. It got far, far worse. We haven’t fixed any of the problems. We’ve made them more systemic. We’ve made them more powerful and more in control of this economy.

    Out of the top 25 companies that were heavy into sub-prime mortgages… the leaders and CEO’s of these corporations, to a man and woman, are back in the lending business.

    They’re back in the game… You would think some of these guys would be in prison; they’re not. They’re back working at this exact same thing that tanked this country in 2008.

    As Charlie notes, these exact same people, the ones who engineered the sub-prime debacle that wiped out the wealth of millions of Americans, are now doing exactly what they were doing before. They’re lending money to unqualified borrowers to the tune of tens of billions of dollars because they say they, “want to help.”

    But, as before, they are luring American borrowers into taking on interest-only loans that will lead to more foreclosures and defaults as soon as the payments on the those mortgages reset.

    This isn’t about helping Americans. This is about money, plain and simple.

    Will we never learn?

    The honest answer: no.

    There is only one way this is going to end and it’s going to be horrific for 99% of us.

    McGrath continues…

    Before you think I am just sounding bitter because these wealthy people [bank leaders] managed to hold on to their money while so many people in this nation saw their standard of living fall, saw their number one investment tank, and saw their future basically be throw into the air in the form of sovereign debt, I’m not.

    I’m telling you all this because it’s going to happen again. 

    A story came out just yesterday showing that the Federal Reserve, this institution that bent over backwards to save the aforementioned individuals and institutions that they work for, now holds more debt… than was ever created in this nation from George Washington through Bill Clinton… $3.4 trillion they now own.

    You might think that’s great. You stick them with the bill and walk away.

    But that’s not the way it’s going to work.

    With this holding of debt they also hold the power over this economy.

    Our leaders must understand that this private institution, that is not federal and that has no reserves, is running roughshod over this economy and they’re serving their financial special interest masters on Wall Street because that’s what they’re made up of.

    And at the end of the day when this comes crashing down they will be the ones holding all the power.

    We need to realize this because this crisis is not over. A far worse crisis is yet to come.

    We live in a nation of people who will not step out of their perceived reality, and they are going to pay the price for their ignorance.

    In a previous commentary Charlie McGrath warned about the disaster that will soon come our way.

    We’re talking about the potential for an absolute credit freeze that will make the situation in New York spread across this country almost overnight.

    Ask yourself this question: Are you prepared to take care of yourself?

    If you cannot answer that question with the affirmative it is time to stop just listening to alternative media and thinking of it as entertainment, but taking the advice seriously and considering if you have a plan to take care of yourself and loved ones if the situation arises.

    Because if you look around this world, if you look at the mainstream media, they’re forewarning you about what’s coming.

    There is a disaster coming. Get ready for it. Make sure you are mentally and physically prepared for what is coming.

    From Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News

    When the credit markets froze in 2008, then Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson warned members of Congress that if something wasn’t done there would be tanks on the streets of America.

    Some would laugh at that notion. But this is no conjecture.

    Guess what folks… this next go ’round there will be no bail out, no saving the system, and no relief coming.

    What’s coming is what the U.S. government has been simulating for the last half decade: A total collapse of our financial system, civil unrest, and the very real possibility of a lock-down of the United States of America in its entirety.


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      1. And so he asks “Do you love me?”

        And she says “No, but that’s a real nice ski mask!”

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          The weather for most cities in the world, including 2 weeks in advance.

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          Timers you can use.


          Internation dailing codes.

          All sorts of calculators for figuring out the number of days between two days, the shortest distance between two points in the world, in other words you can see the missile pathway of ICBM’s fired off from any location and the distance, as you can see the actual path on a map it would take.

          A map that shows the world that is dark and light at the present time.

          Other tigbits that might be fun like seeing how old you are in days, minutes and seconds.

          • We were the greatest on earth,
            but a little short on foresight.

            • “””And at the end of the day when this comes crashing down they will be the ones holding all the power.”””

              Only if they get the guns first. They will be holding all of the paper wealth, which will be meaningless. They may hold all the right papers for today’s legal system, but there will be no enforcers.

              There will be homes and land for the taking by the well armed willing to defend it.

              There will be a window of opportunity to repatriate much of what the banksters have stolen. The cost will be only that you are willing to shoot anyone trying to claim Unlawful possession.

              Let them have their paper, let the people take back the land that is rightfully theirs, whether the banks have built a house on it for them or not.

              That will be the real war. Do the people have what it takes to “steal” everything bank, or will they just let the thieves keep it.

              When the paper becomes worthless, the banksters become powerless. At least temporarily.

              • This “When the paper becomes worthless, the banksters become powerless,” is the reality that I have been trying to convey for the past couple years.

                TPTB and all of their scheming will, in the end, amount to nothing. Once those hell-bound folks sip the last drop or another catastrophe happens that shuts off the jugular to the gimmethats and what’s-yours-is-mine folks there will be some kind of declaration like, “You’re over extended. We can’t trust you anymore. We’re taking your house, car, whatever back.” It is going to be a joyful and, yes, painful, time as that’s when tptb get their asses handed to them. The response on our part is simply, “Ah, no. Now get off MY property which my wife and I have suffered severely under your once powerful thumb to keep roof over head and food on the table, or I will simply have to plant you where you stand.”
                You see, it is an illusion of power they have while the system still has the appearance of being above water… it will sink, collapse, dissolve and then the exact thing these monkeys have planned will happen but the end game will not be what they expected. dj

                • I think your analysis is absolutely correct, and an apt argument for why TPTB will never allow a complete financial collapse. Why would they, and run the risk of, as you so eloquently say, “get their asses handed to them”.

                  I think their plan entails doing whatever it takes to BREAK US, NOT THEIR FINANCIAL SYSTEM.

                  Without leverage, they lose. They’ve got to keep everyone hoping for salvation and a return to “normalcy”…once all hope is gone, so is their hold on us, and they know it.

                  I think they’ll keep killing us with a thousand cuts—bleeding us until we finally succumb to death (which they’ll make us pay for too).

                  It’s up to us to decide when we’ve lost enough blood, to start fighting for our lives again.

              • I’m just guessing, but it appears that because there are a lot of thumbs down that some readers may have believed I was saying to go throw families out and take their home by force and run them off their land. Who in their right mind would have a problem with liberating a house from the criminal banksters that stole it?

                By homes and land for the taking, I am referring to the millions of “bank owned” foreclosures that are currently sitting empty and rotting, and the large expanses of unworked land.

                Each Man has a right to the land he needs and can work, and no more than that. The banks have no right to anything.

                If your thumbs down was a result of you belief that fraud and thievery gains real property rights, you are merely an idiot and don’t need to read any other post I make.

                • I did not thumbs up or down your comment but once property rights (bank or otherwise) become open season then there is real Anarchy (by its definition). It may happen but if it were to happen then the US has already fallen beyond its core values. Banks do not force idiots to sign their lives over to them. They however screwed everyone by accepting the said idiots mortgage application. Homes had predatory lending but everything in life is predatory to the stupid. We are prey to looking good, buying shit at the checkout etc. The people are just as stupid as the banksters we hate.

                  • What banksters have gained, they have looted by usury, fractional reserve banking, and similar swindling. NOBODY has a “right” to loot stolen by fraud or force.

                  • If you look up the word, anarchy, you’ll see it has many different meanings.
                    I think the word you’re looking for here is, chaos.

                  • No I meant Anarchy. An Anarchist society has no property rights. As far as a gun fight, then it would be chaos.

                  • “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”. If the predators can get away with this again that means the American people have learned nothing and that would be sad indeed. I for one have learned loads as well as all who visit this site. That is why I keep coming back to be with those who pay attention.

                  • And all of ’em are commies. Great system the commies evolved ain’t it. Statement, not question.

                  • “”” Banks do not force idiots to sign their lives over to them.”””

                    YES THEY DO. And they did it by stealing the government through monetary fraud and depriving the people of a free (unregulated) economy to live and work in.

                    Anarchy does not imply no property rights. A Monarchy is a government by a King. Anarchy is NO GOVERNMENT at all. You seem to think that is a bad thing.

                    That is what people strive for every day. The right to live their lives unimpeded by outsiders. They don’t want the government in their business. The corp would like all to believe it is needed to prevent chaos and property crime, but in reality it is what causes them.

                    For example, I don’t steal. Not because there is a government, but because it is wrong and a violation of Gods Laws. I don’t murder for the same reason.

                    The corp pretends to be for protection against crime, but it is really only protection for criminals.

                    Anarchy is freedom. It means that you protect yourself and your own property, and accept the risk and likely death if you violate others who must do the same thing.

                    Government restricts freedom, and if given enough time totally destroys it.

                    If everyone knew they had to take care of themselves, and they all had guns and shot the criminals that violated their property rights, crime would disappear as the criminals would die and those who would be criminals would think twice about it knowing the penalty is more than a slap on the wrist by the corp that must hide it’s larger crimes and give the appearance it is needed.

                    You are well entrenched in the system to the point that you can no longer see past it. You accept the problems it creates a normal, and that would only get worse if there were no government at all.

                    That’s the myth they sell, and most are like you and buy it. The closer the world comes to Anarchy (rule by the people), the closer it gets to freedom and God.

                    To me, that’s not a bad thing at all.

                • If a home is bought on credit it isnt really yours. Until the very last payment is made your nothing more than a glorified renter. Nobody had a gun to their head forcing them to sign the mortgage. many thought they where middle class when all they where was deeper in debt than should have been humanly possible. They only lost the gamble that they could eventually pay for their too big a debt. No man has a right to anything other than the god given right outlines in the counstitioun & Bill of rights. you are guaranteed the pursuit of happiness . Just the pursuit nothing more. No man has a right to anything that he did work and pay for. What gods creation is advocating is wrong. The bankers lenders may be wrong also. However two wrongs never make a right. Money good,s ect. any ill gotten gain will cost you double in the end. If you don’t possess a deed free and clear title paid for it don’t belong to you. Squatting in someone elses property doesn’t make it yours. you mention a condemming Fraud & thievery And some how justify it when you advocate it? Your the idiot.

                  • @old guy

                    While I agree with the general theme of your comment, I would like to point out that NO ONE truly owns any property in the USA. Even if you owe no money and hold a clear title to said property, you are still nothing but a renter. Try not paying the property tax each year and see how long you you will continue to own your free and clear property. MY analogy of owning property in this country goes like this. I pay X-amount of money for the privilege of being able to use said property while I am alive on this planet. And with this privilege, I have a responsibility to leave the property in better condition than what I received it for the next person.

                  • Ghostrighter, I’m not certain, but I’ve read that some people Do own their land, it’s called anecdotal title.

                  • You are always a glorified renter, even when the loans are paid off. No one owns their property if they have to pay property tax to another entity. Don’t pay your mortgage, your property gets repossessed by the bank. Pay off your mortgage and stop paying your property taxes, your home is repossessed and sold at auction by the county. In our current system, NO ONE can ever own their property 100%! Unless you have allodial title, (and almost no one does), you do not ever own your land and the home that is placed upon it. This is the system we have allowed to control the masses for centuries!

                  • Yes you are correct. My wife who is cherokee & creek is always telling me You don’t own that land. Even though you bought & paid for it. If its your land why must you pay the county rent(property Taxes) every year and they get to decide how much the rent will be. She believes that the forced removal of the five civilized tribes via the trail of tears would never happened if they where paying property taxes. She has refused to have her name placed on the deeds to our land. I myself have bought tax forfeited land. Ive also sold land on credit and charged interest. I sold with contract for deed and carried the note. When the buyers defaulted I took the land back. Now that don’t make me a predatory lender or evil bankster. It made the buyer who defaulted a deadbeat who didn’t for whatever reason keep his word. The same with the tax land I purchased Im not evil for buying it. The person who didn’t pay his taxes was a deadbeat.They where a loser! The county property taxes are used for the schools, county library, road dept, sherriff ect. If not for the road tax the road to the land would not exist. A certain amount of government is necessary parasite. And the only way to fund it is taxes. If the local elected officials are fiscally responsible the citizens receive a good return of benefit for their tax dollars. Ok now to get back to the debate with Gods Creation,s assertion that its ok to squat in and lay claim to so called bank foreclosures that are sitting & rotting. What about the land I took back and its sitting there unused. Its not abandoned I still pay the taxes and it has a no trespassing sign on it. So what if its overgrown & run down? How does that make it fair game for someone who has ought naught to do with it? Yep I dare Gods Creation or some other squatting thief to move in fix up the place and plant a garden ect. Ill never let you stay the 7 years required to gain title by adverse possession. Ill wait a few months have you arrested take the crop and everything you invested in leiu of rent. and get a restraining order against you. If it is SHTF and legal recourse isn’t viable. Ill just burn the improvments and destroy everything. Maybe even give your thieving ass a gift of lead. Those who haven’t their own land are not welcome to just willy nilly migrate and commandeer property as they see fit. There at present is no abandoned land it all belongs (on paper) to someone be it the banks, individuals, or the government agency in charge.

              • Gods Creation: I agree except for One small detail.

                You say we need “STEAL” it Back from Them.

                I recomend a word change from Steal TO “REPOSESS” as the lands etc are rightfully Owned BY actual american citizen folks. Without Us folks all the entire usa would be is Land. We are who make it a Nation etc. We already Own america so we will Reposess what They Stole From us all.

                I otherwise fully agree on all you wrote.

                • You can only legally repossess what actually (on Paper) belongs to you. Other wise its theft. Steal is the correct term. No way can theft be justified. Folks like you and Gods Creation are the reason why If SHTF and Im forced to leave my place ill burn everything when I leave. Its all paid for and We haven’t a penny,s insurance so Im free to do with it as I please.

                  • Comment ID: 2350781

                    September 26, 2013 at 5:31 am

                    You are always a glorified renter, even when the loans are paid off. No one owns their property if they have to pay property tax to another entity. Don’t pay your mortgage, your property gets repossessed by the bank. Pay off your mortgage and stop paying your property taxes, your home is repossessed and sold at auction by the county. In our current system, NO ONE can ever own their property 100%! Unless you have allodial title, (and almost no one does), you do not ever own your land and the home that is placed upon it. This is the system we have allowed to control the masses for centuries!———————————————————————
                    Your correct in theory. When tax on the land isn’t paid & land returns to the government it called forfeiture. Not repossession.. It is esceat that means title is conveyed by some alternate means other than a deed. You can only repossess something that your the creditor of. When your debitor fail,s to fulfill his financial or contractual obligation the creditor repossess the item. Under the current law Those who never held legal title to real property have no right to that land . If it was never conveyed to them by a properly recorded legal deed they have no claim rights or interest in said lands. That’s why the native americans lost their land. They never applied for or received proper title or land grants from a governing agency. The native americans when asked who owns this land. replied no one owns the land its the earth mother. no one can own the mother. So they stubbornly stuck to their religious superstition and failed (refused) to gain legal title & deed to the lands. Right or wrong good or bad. When you live in a society with a government & laws. You must abide with the legal requirements set forth in the statutes. We cant repossess something that was never on paper legally ours. For a individual enstranged citizen To do so other wise is theft pure & simple. I hate a thief. Im of the opinion no theft is justifiable. We citizens could concieveably write a petition and gather enough signatures to have a measure placed on the ballot that would abolish the real estate taxes in our respective states. If that was successful. The government would have to raise the fees on vehicle license, traffic tickets, severance tax, ect. ect. to make up the difference. There would be no net gain but it would abolish a regressive tax. I would support such a measure.

                  • Its time to start over. The land should be divided and never sold. It belongs to the Creator and these are His instructions, we are only stewards.

                • I’m sorry but saying that any of us have a right to this land just makes me laugh. I am not Indian-Not even a fraction but we stole this property from Native people and annihilated their entire way of life! Now a few centuries later claim our “right” to this land! Puke! If you take out a loan on a piece of property pay the damn payment. If not take your ass and rent an apartment somewhere. No one has a right to own a piece of property let alone one that has been improved with a home that they had no part in building.

                  • Indiana I agree that we took the land from the native americans and mostly by force. However who did they take it from. The plains Indians where relative newcomers to the west. they took the land from the ManDans cliff dwellers and other groups. We took by force Texas from the Mexicans. It was just those Mexicans & Indians fault for being on our land before we got here. the fact is life isn’t fair. life isn’t just. We are all created equal but that where it ends. Some are weak and others strong. some are unbeliveably good and others are horribly bad. The best we can hope is that most are decient. pay your debts. and if you want something buy it yourself. There is no such thing as free. There is no such thing as something for nothing.

                  • We DO have rights to the land. It does not and did not belong to the Indians. It belongs to God.

                    What we don’t have a right to is more land than we need to live off of.

                  • I worked and paid for my land. As long as I Obey the rules set forth on paper I have a right to what is deeded to me. Those same rules set forth on paper that require me to pay property tax ect. also protect me from squatters & thieves and give everyone legal recourse to address any infringement to their unfettered enjoyment and ownership of the Land. I own my land because I worked & paid for it. Granted Im not at present using some of it. That fact don’t give others any right to it.

                • I put the “steal” in parenthesis for a reason… Repatriate may be a better word.

                • “””Ghostrighter, I’m not certain, but I’ve read that some people Do own their land, it’s called anecdotal title.”””

                  Clark, it is called Allodial Title, and mainly means that the possessor of the Land also holds the Land Patent, which is the highest claim on any land and can not be broken by ANY LAW. They are enforceable even in the criminal courts of today.

                  Up until the first bankster depression, Land Patents were transferred upon sale of the land, which was paid for in gold. When the banksters tried to foreclose on many of their victims, they were unable to do so because the landowners had the patent.

                  Thus, they began training their “lawyers” in Real Estate, purchased in fictional money, which does not involve the land and true title can not transfer with FRNs anyway, thus the patent transfer was left in the dust. The result is that the Real Estate being foreclosed is not being taken from the patent holder, the ACTUAL LAND OWNER, who would be protected from such theft if they had transferred the patent.

                  Don’t mislead people if you don’t have a clue. Do the research and understand what you are saying. Calling it anecdotal title gives your comment little credibility, even though it is basically correct.

                  • Gods creation says.We DO have rights to the land. It does not and did not belong to the Indians. It belongs to God.

                    What we don’t have a right to is more land than we need to live off of.
                    ———————————————————————- Ok so just how much land do we need? clarify how much land is more then your fair share? Lets expand on your contention that we don’t have a right to more than we need. Does it apply to other things? How about you don’t have a right to a larger home than we need to live in. Or a right to more food than needed to live? So now prepping is more than we need. How about a vehicle perhaps we don’t have a right to more car then we need. How about children & pets or guns ect. Your contention about having or not having a right to more than we need when applied to physical things is a slippery slope. Then it will soon be applied to other things (guns) such a freedoms like the second and first ect. Just who in your opinion is the person who has the authority to decide just exactly how much land we each need to live off of? About 250,000 Indians thought all of the land west of the Mississippi River was theirs. the federal Government Decided that they had more than they actually needed to live off of so they where rounded up and herded on the reseverations. Myself If im the one who decides just exactly how much land each person needs to live on. When it comes to thieving folks who want that wich they did not earn by the sweat of their brow folks you ill make them the model. Ill give you a 3X8 plot just enough room for you to lay down and to bury you in. lol. The Hard fact is we only have the god given rights outlined in the counstition. The framers equated money land goods ect with Happiness. They mentioned the pursuit of Happiness not the Happiness itself just the Pursuit . That pursuit is unfettered Your free to aquire as much Land, As many children, As big a house, as large of TiTs or as much of any thangible physical item as your heart desires as long as you obtain it legally and within the premeter,s on the societ in wich you live. Im disheartened that anybody agrees with you. Your position erodes every single freedom that the Patriots fought for in the revolutionary war.

              • @Gods Creation, I think TPTB will try to call in the gold too. They will not have much luck this time around. They will have to take it by force, and like people on this and other boards have said, they have to get the guns first. People are going to be really pissed off, so taking guns from them will be a rather sketchy proposition. It will take just one Waco or Ruby Ridge type disaster to really harden people against Wash DC. God Bless.

            • We were the greatest show on earth and now all that’s left are the clowns. They all reside in washington.

              • Wrong

                listening to Kudlow tonight drove me to a glass
                of Kentucky’s finest.
                The damn fool is prattling on about everything
                but what is relevant to the preservation of this
                once great nation.
                The RINO republicans as usual are caving in to
                the disco democrats and not even a mention of
                scHillary and sKerry signing our gun rights over
                to the UN.
                They’re all in bed together and the only difference
                between them is who sleeps on the right side and
                who’s on the left.
                Sho… I shay fug em and feed em to the pigs…Hic!

          • Thanks, BI,

            Great site with handy tools.

          • If anybody had any doubts about John McCain, they were pretty much confirmed today..
            Arizona needs to get rid of this piece of shit.

          • “the little Satan, and the U.S. the big Satan.”

            Couldn’t be because they are acting like that.

            Yahweh says judgement starts at his house first, America has all the churches, who just happen to be in complete disobedience by joining the 100 year war of terror to help the rogue nation of Israel, who is also in complete disobedience, still.

        • I got fired today. I don’t blame the economy, just my country stubborn self. Noone is going to tell me to shut up, don’t talk back, you are not special…

          You can take this job and shove it.


          I feel lucky Somehow. Love yall!

          • I’m sorry to hear yours news that you were fired. Sounds like you are focused.

            • I was the best. I made more revenue than any Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp Credit Advisor did. I was tired of selling an illusion. But I loved raping Corporations like they rape us. My only regret is that I never sold a bank. They know its a ponzi scheme. My legacy is I never went after a small business.

              I feel blessed.

              • Want to tell em its a scam…888-881-9222

          • I’m sorry to hear of your plight. Blame is not a good thing althought there is enough to go around. Put your trust in God, He will see you through when everyone and everything else lets you down. I’ll be praying for you.

          • Hey man – sorry to hear about you getting fired even though it sounds like you’re better off, if you wanna make some money and make a difference message me ~ Some Guy on the Internet

            [email protected]

          • Good luck Iowa…
            Methinks you’ll need it…
            along with all the rest of us…

          • sorry to hear that, hope you get another one soon.

          • Bummer, hopefully your peps are gona help Carrie you till something comes up. And I Guarantee ya it’ll be a better job. Good Luck..

          • @Iowa –
            I highly recommend self-employment.

            • I just want a log cabin in the woods with enough space for a few acres of my heirloom seeds and I’ll be satisfied.

              • Whats stopping you? Liquidate whatever you assets you have . Make a down payment on some wooded land. buy a crosscut and axe ect. and get with it.

              • best of luck to you Iowa

                getting fired may be the best thing that could happen

                a job like that
                given enough time
                will steal your soul

          • Sorry to hear it Iowa. Good luck.

            Just got my 2 weeks notice today from my state job. Luckily I’ve taken a lot of peoples advice from this site (Mac, braveheart and others, PROPS!) and am now debt free. I will be pulling down approx $550 a week on unemployment to sit on my kiester and prep for a year, by the same gov. entity that laid me off. There’s some irony for you! I’d rather be working, but they made the game, and the rules…

            Get out of debt people!

            • Legion7, sorry to hear of your situation, but congratulations on becoming debt-free. At least now you can concentrate on prepping more than you would’ve been able to otherwise. Best wishes. braveheart

              • Thanks Bravehart, I remain the optomist (and smarta$$)…

          • God’s blessing upon you, Iowa.

          • Iowa, sorry to hear about your situation, but I do understand the sentiment. I don’t let anyone treat me like a child or 2nd-class citizen either. Never trusted anyone with that mentality. Best wishes to you. braveheart

          • May God’s blessings be upon you. You can’t lose with an attitude like that. That God is always in control no matter the circumstance. Always remember that this life is temporary; true happiness and joy will be attained when we go to meet Jesus. Always keep your honour; don’t let some person on a power trip demean you. Lord knows I’ve been let go due to standing up to superiors. I guess I get it from my old man. Or maybe because I’m only 23. Can’t decide

            Romans 13:4 KJV

          • Iowa–I’m praying the Lord will open another door (or window) for you. 😉

            His plans aren’t always revealed in our time.

          • For you, there has never been a better time to leave the corp. Give yourself a few days to get over it, then see what you can do to make money on your own.

            Teach yourself what you need to know to make money on your own so you will never be subject to such humiliation again.

            Free thinking men have no place in the corp. Your chains have been broken. Now you must choose whether or not you want to put them back on.

          • One door closes another will open!
            This is what SHTF is all about and our personal challenges

          • Iowa,

            I am sorry to hear this. Sending prayers & blessings to you and your family.

            Have you given any thought to being self employed?

            I have some family members that couldn’t find jobs and are now cutting, loading and delivering wood. Due to the forecast of a very cold winter, MANY people have been ordering LOTS of firewood.

            Take care!
            KY Mom

            • I’ve always wanted to be a farmer like my grandpa and a teacher like my Lord…

              • If you can afford it, then that is what you should become. Wealth is only good to be used to get yourself a better life. I’m a farmer, don’t make my living as one; but I make a good enough living that I can spend a hell of a lot of time farming. If you can Iowa.. do it. You won’t regret it, I think. One life, One Lord, One chance. Do it well, not many get to actually choose; you are blessed.

          • I was diagnosed with Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia today,but the sun will come up tomorrow. Whatever your problem is just deal with it and all will be as it should. As they say in the rooms, “one day at a time.”
            Good luck with the job search and remember it could be worse.

            • Sorry to here that, Tom…will be praying for you and for complete healing!!

            • I had to look it up, though the name makes it clear that it has to do with the blood. I hope you have a good prognosis and will pray for you too!

            • Oh, I’m so sorry to hear you were diagnosed with cancer today. Way worse than losing a job. From what I read on the internet it is incurable, but that you can have many years in remission, not sure if that is accurate. Have you thought about going to the cancer clinic/well being center that Lindsey Williams recommends? It’s in Mexico, just across the border in San Diego. Supposedly, they work wonders there using techniques and medicine developed by a physician from Greece. Our loving government won’t allow these wonders of modern medicine to be seen here because there’s too much money being made for the drug companies from cancer. Lindsey Williams gives this medical center rave reviews. In fact, he recovered from an illness there himself and he’s included their contact info in his last two DVD’s, which you can watch for free on Youtube. Check out “Healing the Elite Way”. Maybe you already know about this. Good luck with whatever you choose to do!

            • @Tom

              God Bless You and Your Family. We Love You.

          • I walked away from a job once when they told us we were a dime a dozen…told em to get another dozen to replace me…wont be treated like that…I get where youre coming from…hope your plans work well!

          • I immediately prayed for you as I do whenever I read of events in people’s lives that are difficult. May God be with you.

            • Iowa- I’m 3 months unemployed. If you are willing/able to take just anything you can be working in no time. If you want to work in a field you like or in which you have experience and education, or if you can’t do heavy lifting/standing all day long like me, it can take some time. May God open doors for you and put you somewhere good!

          • Iowa,

            I’m very sorry to hear about your job. Know that God is watching and taking names. There’s another job out there somewhere with your name on it at a company that values your talents and abilities. Perhaps not in the same field, but it’s out there. Chin up. Best of luck to you Iowa.

          • Iowa. Why didn’t you quit if you are sooo in control of your life. Now we have to support your yapping self. First in line for snap and unemployment. If I hire someone to paint my house and they show up with a ACLU sticker on their car, I fire them. That is my choice.

        • I love Ted Cruz

      2. I eagerly await the collapse. I have a very large ax to grind and I aims to grind it! 🙂

        • Me also.

          • The next crash will be much worse. Many families are just hanging on now. Workers are seeing their hours cut, most of the ‘jobs created’ are part time, costs for food, gas and other supplies continue to go UP, etc.

            Due to Obamacare, health insurance premiums are set to spike. The full implementation of Obamacare may be the domino that crashes the economy.

            Obamacare Premiums: Tennessee men face 290% increase, women 197%

            Remember this…
            March 15, 2010 – Obama speech in Strongsville, Ohio.
            OBAMA: How many people are getting’ insurance through their jobs right now? Raise your hands? A’right. Well, a lot of those folks, your employer, it’s estimated,
            would see PREMIUMS FALL by as much as 3,000%, which means they could give you a RAISE!

            The truth is…
            ObamaCare: Individual plans to cost 80% MORE starting 2014

            Some tried to warn us…
            Obamacare Sticker Shock; Expect Insurance Premiums to Soar; Aetna CEO Says Some Rates Will Double

            “Although President Obama repeatedly claimed that health-insurance premiums for a family would be $2,500 lower by the end of his first term, they are actually about $3,000 higher—a spread of about $5,500 per family.”

            “Health insurance premiums may as much as DOUBLE for some small businesses and individual buyers in the U.S. when the Affordable Care Act’s major provisions start in 2014…”

            When radio host Paul W. Smith asked liberal Congressman John Dingell (D-MI) why it will take the government until 2014 to fully set up the ObamaCare system,
            Dingell said this: “It takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together to CONTROL THE PEOPLE.”

            Source: News Talk WJR Radio with Paul W. Smith – 3/23/2010

            • Obamacare TRIPLES Kentucky families insurance.
              Premiums rise from $333 to $965 per month.

              Breitbart dot com

              • Kicking Kentucky in the ass is like a bee stinging a bull in the butt. No good can come from it.

              • Bless you KY Mom for all of your work.

                Y’all Beware! Verification is her norm!

              • I’d give your comment a Thumbs Up, KY Mom.
                But somehow, that don’t seem appropriate.
                Thanks for providing the info, and the links to back it up.

              • Seems if neocon repubs were smart they would not try to defund obammycare which will not occure since as prez he will Veto it anyways. Repubs would be Proven as right all along by simply allowing obammycare to Proceed and once healthcare costs sky rocket so much even stupid dem libs will see how correct repubs were to oppose it.

                This proves all the Rand paul and Cruz fillibuster speechs are nonsence and They know it is. They are Pandering to tea party types to appear as great hopefulls to run for Prez next time in 2016.

                Fact that Rubio, the cuban greeseball boy wonder total Failure, tea partys elected also joined in those speechs shows it is Pandering. And once agin most repubs and tea party voter types will be FOOLED once again.

                10 minits research reveals that Rubio And Ted Cruz Both are NOT Natural Born americans hence neither are eligable to be the Prez. If they were Honest patriots, both would Admit it.

                Rubio was Born in Cuba to Both parents as cuban citizens and came to usa at age 12 yrs(?) old. Thats NOT natural born.

                Cruz has a father born in Cuba,Mother in Canada or usa cant recall now which, and cruz Became a citizen of usa .

                Laws and the us const bases natural born Birthrights upon the Fathers place of brith citizenship when child is born.

                Thats in Laws of the Nations, and is what the usa founders bases it all on. They called it natures laws by Natures God. A childs birthrights follows the father not mother. Cruz told hannity hes eligable to be Prez due to his mothers usa citizenship when he was born in Canada!

                Them Three Cruz-Rubio-Paul(rand) are swindlering tea party and repub voters same as their string pullers located at Telaviv where they went to Bang their foreheads against that wailers wall of fraud!

            • Mine went from just under $500 a month in 2008, to just under $1100 a month today. It’s not good insurance, purely catastrophic. It’s going to get much worse long before it get’s even a little iddy bit better..

              Elections have consequences. Real ones.

              • I’m on BlueCross/BlueShield at $215.00 per month. If mine takes a big jump, I’ll cancel it. I won’t sacrifice anything to have health insurance.

            • He’s such a liar!!! UGH!!

              • Oops….sorry! I meant Obama is a liar! Every time he opens his mouth…another lie!!

                • I knew who ya meant 😉

                  • 😀

            • KY Mom,

              Great job and great information! Thank you!

              As Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels once said,

              >>“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”<<

              Obamacare is a page right out of Joseph Goebbels playbook, and the worse part of this stinking train wreck (pardon the language) is that people still think Obamacare has something to do with health care! Health care is an emotional lightening rod issue nefariously designed to trigger a visceral and emotional response. Who can argue with improving health care? Right?

              It has nothing to do with health care and everything to do with giving the government a new tax revenue stream to keep the socialism lie afloat a little longer. Well, it's not working and people are seeing this steaming pile of dung for what it really is, people trying to vote themselves a bigger chunk of other people's money.

              It is Constitutionally dishonest, offensive, and repugnant in every metric that can be measured.

              Thanks KY Mom.

          • Hello BI,
            — Thank you for the Yahoo site
            It led me to an article ” What the hell is wrong wit Maryland ”
            — I could only shake my head until I started to feel dizzy ”
            Miss DeeDee

        • While I am NOT eagerly awaiting the collapse. I am in a very ugly mood, have some old scores to settle and will not forgive and forget. Karma meet bitch.

          • The only bad thing is that we will never get our hands on the people that we need to punish. They will be surrounded by security

            • So you apply the rule of war…
              Superior firepower and numbers.
              The South, should invade the north this time.
              Payback for Sherman.

              • Only thing is, the people we need to get are NOT in Washington. They are to cowardly to make public appearances or seek votes.

                • Politics is a rich man’s game. So the people you think should be out there might not have the resources to do so. Also, if they do not play nice with the Powers That Be they will. Evermb elected for any number of reasons or they will be forcibly retired to a pine box soon after.

                  And never forget they might have no interest in running at the Federal level.

                • Seriously on target!

              • PM, be careful with a statement like that. I, REB, and Unreconstructed Southron could get some ideas from it.

                • Who me?…Im innocent I tell ya…Ive been framed… 😉 ya…okay… I got me some ideas for sure but its way beyond a North VS South thing…paybacks for sure though! 🙂

            • Jim…there are people in your community who embrace, support and directly collect taxpayers funds in the form of grants, funding, entitlements, fake 501 3c’s, etc.

              They live large at our expense and are fucking you and I every day.

              They are easy to spot…start looking.

          • I don’t suppose it has occurred to you that others may have an ax to grind towards you. Living in your self-absorbed world, it probably has not. As I have stated before, you so-called preppers are nothing more than a bunch of murderous psychopaths looking for an excuse to murder anyone whom you consider an undesirable, not realizing others have the same opinion of you.

            • Ncjoe, I for one consider all of your drivel, in general, all of your trolling to be undesirable, so go F#$% yourself and go away!

            • NC troll, I am sure that NOBODY on this site WANTS to kill anybody. If you mind your own business and do things in your own best interest that harm no one else, you will be safe. If you keep posting for the real psychopaths for a paycheck, you may not end up so lucky.

            • Joe, labeling people the way you do the the first step towards hatred and violence.

              Calm down and get your emotions under control.

            • Troll, you know nothing. I wish the morons that are running our country into the ground could be displaced quietly. Their egos and addiction to power and greed wont allow them to step down quietly. I wish I could live my life out quietly on my little homestead and watch my grandchildren grow up and enjoy the soon to be downward side of fifty. Unlike you, I choose to live my life on my feet. You obviously like the position you seem to employ, licking the feet of your masters.

            • Eat Shit & die Joe

            • I don’t really count as a prepper, but I take exception to your accusation: I pray to God I never have to use deadly force to defend my life and can’t see any other circumstance where I might cause another’s death by force. Very, very few of those who is bracing for impact fit your ugly stereotype.

              • *are* sorry- changed a noun and forgot to change the verb of being.

        • I for one am tired of living this “dual” lifestyle. I know without a doubt that this America as we know it is going to come crashing down. I do not welcome this. I know it needs to happen. I am not akin to so many armchair commandos who think this will be like some video game. Trust me, it won’t be. It will be horrific. That being said, let’s do this…..

          • I am worry about my mother generation who are over 80. The shock and loss of saving will kill them. No, my mother will not believe that government would do this.
            I know for many your asking them to face a fact that is almost to hard to for her to believe. I have try to just get her to keep cash on hand but she fear break-in.
            She has build up a food and pet food. But take money out of saving and pay off all her bills is something she say she will pay off monthly as long as she lives. Money is safe in the bank. An implosion is something she will not believe. I am only happy that she kept the sliver dollars her father left her.

        • Check out those machetes made by Gerber…they are about 20″ long and on the back of the blade it is a saw! comes with a full sheath and I have seen them from $18-$25 bucks…We each carry one within reach in our vehicles and i have at least a half dozen spares.

          For those days when an axe might be to much for the job.

          • Check these out on Amazon
            Condor Tool and Knife 20″ Golok Machete **Includes Leather Sheath**
            Got one, real nice feel, not good for chopping wood but clearing and other stuff

          • lastmanstanding, you chose the right brand. I collect a few knives, etc. myself and have a number of Gerber products. I’ve got one of the old Gerber Mark I military-issue field knives that still keeps a good, sharp edge. Can’t go wrong with a Gerber.

            • Can’t go wrong with a Gerber, eh?

              I had a folding one break in my pocket. I only noticed it when the blade was poking through my jeans.

              I never roughhoused it, never abused it. In fact, I did very little with it so it would always be sharp.

              I sense a motto there, just can’t put my finger on it at the moment.

          • I keep several US issue 18″Ontario Knife made machetes handy and have one very sharp one with my “possibles” bag…along with my old razor sharp tomahawk… 😉

            • I have a “special” Ontario that is stashed in my “bag of last resort”

              “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

      3. God help us all when it happens. And it will happen, because math is an exact science!

        It is mathematically impossible to continue on the same course this country has been on without collapsing!

        The information is available, but people aren’t interested in it.

        • Excellent…”exponential growth” comes to mind.

        • Then, you simply change the math…
          Like Lincoln did…

          • All Lincoln really did was cut off the banksters by issuing US Notes when they had started a war to put the country in extreme debt.

            That’s what pissed them off, and that’s why he was killed and blamed in history for much of the atrocity of the so-called Civil War.

            What you know about history is made up to shield the banksters and their crimes. Believe none of it.

            • Absolutely.

              • Thats the Exact info I posted a link to to read an entire book free online. It totally outlined the Facts surrounding Lincoln and the zionist banksters in cahoots and as working agents of the rothschild family who are the main leadership of the aprox 300 inner circle who really Rule the world for the last 300 yrs or so now.

                They are The sons of satan Jesus spoke and warned us of.

                Ironic that when one posts a direct link to factual info as I did, it recieves so many down thumbs. Must be Many folks/fools that read here who cannot handle truth, even when its proven factually by more documentation than the averqage person can ever read in Two lifetimes.

                For the select “Few” who desire truth and facts on the usa civil war events and the vast Role played by zionist jewish banksters and their gentile enabler traitors, that Link is in a couple article back. I can Re post links if nedded by anyone here…Just ask me to.

                • One More event of the us civil war nobody was ever taught in school history text books. Was the fact that the same zionist jewish banksters that created the civil war in desireing to Fund BOTH side’s as per the normal “MO” done by them. Also engineered 5 thats FIVE European nations to assemble soldiers and ships at Mexico.

                  Rothschild banksters and their enabler agents in usa and europe, tried to get brits-french-and 3 more euro nations armys to wait for the proper timeing and then Pounce against the NORTH side union armys in a total defeat.

                  Then to annex the us southern states into a new nation comprised of south american and mexico as a huge cotton growing enterpirse mainly. And return the Vast lands france sold usa(lousianna Purchace) to Napolean and france, then annex the remaining “Northern” states to Canada. All two parts to be owned and run by Two of the Rothschilds Sons.

                  Lincoln and Russias Czar Foiled their evil plans big time. And thats why still Today the Same bunch of zionist jew banksters keep trying to Foment mass civl and racial war in america. They are RED Kommies and Always use civil wars or revolutions as a means to gain total control of nations, as they did in Russia 1918 after the usa civil war. Once in full control they resort to every Talmudic evil and teaching of Them being a “Master Race” god wants to own the entire world and kill off and enslave the rest for gentile Goyims everywheres.

                  Lie Steal and Murder untill entire world and all it contails of value is owned By Their evil Tribe.

                  Too bad most people today refuse to believe what Jesus Christ and John the apostle warned of eh. If enough folks will simply read and believe it, once awoke we the gentiles would be undefeatable. Unfortunatly today most folks rather ignore or Bless these evil bastard sons of the devil Satan.

                  Being Passive and Meek they will inherit the Earth! Yes indeed such idiotic fools meekness and blessings of the sons of satan will Earn them exactly One, Six foot X Two Foot plot of the Earth as their inheiritence!(A Grave!)

                  The Russian Czar(King) got wind of it and instead of joining those 5 euro nations designes to split usa into two halves and therefore destroy usa unity on track to become the greatest nation ever etc. The Russian Czar sent His massive Naval fleet ships to BOTH coast of NY and coast of Kalifornia!

                  The russian Czar gave his admirals orders to stop Any euro nations navys or armys assembled in mexico already from crossing into usa. The Czar also told his admiral officers to Obey all and any orders directly given by Prez lincoln and be at his disposal to assist in any way needed.

                  That along with the vast roles played by greedy swindler zionist jew banksters are facts we never were told of nor taught in our schools nor by hollywood movies nor by americas MSM’s. Of course once one comprehends that those same zionist jew banksters and members of their “Tribe” are who Owns and Controls most every school text book publishing companies, and the MSM’s as well as owns all of Hollywood it becomes evident why we were not taught nor told of such true events or reasons for them.

                  But! That LINK I posted to that Book online sure does reveal it all! Thank God for Truth writer historians who also despise those evil zionist control freeks, and do all possible to Out their evil deeds with factual Truth books eh!

      4. I remember someone saying a few years ago that after this POTUS is done with us, we will look back at 2008 as the ‘Good Ol Days’….

        • Ugly

          This is what happens when unlimited power
          is put in the hands of limited intelligence.

          Remember what happened when Mickey Mouse got
          hold of the sorcerers wand in Fantasia?

          • Nice

      5. I really think that some catastrophic disaster could be what throws everything over the edge. I still say the Pacific Northwest is in bad danger, along with even more so the San Andreas. There is still energy signatures coming from these areas. Japan is also in the crosshairs and Toyko being destroyed by a similiar size quake like back 90 years ago would send massive shockwaves throught the financial world. Then there is the terrorist element, flase flag or real. The tettering reminds me of a boxer that has been pummeled for 10 rounds or so.

        Mac, that was pretty good earthquake forecast wasn’t it in Peru 7.0? You could see a tremendous amount of tension building on the Nazca plate. Those earthquakes this morning on the Pacific Rise fairly showed what was going to happen. Other areas mentioned are still in danger until Oct.11. Might just be a mega quake that tips the financial world over like a top.

        • @ BI-
          What are some good sources of Information for current Earthquake info (besides yourself, LOL)?? websites that are close to real time maybe????
          Thank you

          • @ SugarHoneyIcetea. Here are some sites you can find earthquake information on, I use them all:





            The USGS you will have tell what time period that you want to use. Either 1 day, 7 days, or 30 days. And the magnitude of the quakes. Either all, 2.5+, or 4.5+. I use 2.5+ and for 7 days, and too many clutters up the map, and too few doesn’t show enough of what is going on. I do switch back sometimes. The far right bar on the top to the right of the USGS logo has the options, map, and list that you have to move the clicker under. Leave it to the government to let out something that shows what each one is, blank until you move the clicker over it. What can we expect from an inept government.

            • note to self – don’t play pool with BI; he’ll prob run the table with his eye for combos!

          • @S.H.I.T.
            I like to watch Suspisious0bservers on YouTube. He gives all his links below every video. Plus he has a couple that teach you what to look for when on those sites.


        • Hey BI I read something yesterday about the Yellowstone Caldera starting to stir and it is believed it is coming back to life. Sort of interesting cause she’s a big one.

      6. Federal Reserve=Mushroom Farmer. Mushrooms=sheeples. They try to keep you in the dark and feed you bullshit, just like mushroom farming….wake up folks!!!!

      7. This all goes back before the financial crisis of 2008. This started with Bush and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. that was what started the economic downturn. In my home city, I see growing numbers of homeless people, young people either walking or riding buses because they can’t afford cars, more people at the supermarkets with EBT cards than ever before, etc. There’s even a few people in my company living in their cars now. What Wall St. and the government have been doing to our country just burns me to no end. The Fed keeping those printing presses going 24/7/365 can keep this house of cards standing up for only so long. Eventually, the bottom will fall out of this economy and it will be horrific for all of those who have not prepped. For us preppers, life will become more difficult, but we will survive BECAUSE WE PREP. It’s high time for the nation to take a dose of Pepto Bismol and clean itself out properly. We just can’t keep going on like this. the 2nd American Revolution can’t come soon enough. braveheart

        • bravehart.

          Actually the blame goes more like a 4×400 meter relay race.

          Leg one: was ran by Nixon when we got the dollar off the gold standard and placed it on the oil standard–petro-dollar. This wasn’t bad, actually it was brilliant. But later it was used for endless borrowing and printing. You see, you can do an inventory on gold, but not oil.

          Leg two: was ran by brother bubba. His admin had the NAFTA and other stuff, such as the dot coms. He also had the allegde rumors of secret deals with China that had alleged rumors of military secrets and land type of stuff. When bubba got the baton, we had a marginal lead; but bubba increased it after he had handed off to leg #3.

          Leg three: was ran by Bush the younger. Under his watch came 911, but was probably planned during bubba’s final year (who knows the real story?), and a big economic down-wind. But not big enough. Then came two very costly wars. Then came the Housing crisis of 2006 which the dems helped very much. Then the banking crisis of 2008, followed by a bail-out. Bush the younger gave us a lead with his annual $250B deficits, but he was about to hand-off to the anchor leg, the fastest of them all.

          Leg four: is being ran by the current POTUS. He is faster than Jesse Owens and has a stride that even Usain Bolt would blush at. His finishing kick of $1.5T annually and plus all the endless printings makes all the other runners look pale. The USA fans are going wild and chanting USA, USA, USA….He is rounding the corner and sees the finish. The finish says 2015 because he knows his time is short.

          But in all. It is our fault. We are the sheep happily jumping off the cliff and accepting it whether we voted for it or not.

          • An assumption correction.

            When I stated that 911 was under the bubba, I meant the planning was. It was documented that the ‘pilots’ were training for this somewhere between 1995-1999. Whoever really had the 911 plan was doing this before Bush took office.

            People forget the first attempt at the WTC was in 1993, but it failed (per se).

          • Bill Clinton is the one who really got things going. We were teetering on the edge and that bastard pushed us over

          • Ugly, sorry, I forgot about the other items. I stand corrected.

          • To Braveheart and Ugly,
            — I knew I came to the right place. You taught me a lesson in both athletic field and track along with a brief history lesson of Presidential Economics
            — Thank You both —
            Miss DeeDee

            • Miss DeeDee, you are most welcome. Anytime I can help you with something, it’ll be my pleasure. braveheart

        • Preppers are no more likely to survive than anyone else. But, go ahead, and drink your kool aid.

          • ncjoe, I and the other preppers can and will outlast any trolls in this world, so F345 you!

          • NC joe

            “Preppers are no more likely to survive than anyone else. But, go ahead, and drink your kool aid.”

            That is an insane statement which is divorced from fact. The prepared regarding any issue are always better off.

            • NC Joe’s statement ” Preppers are no more likely to survive than anyone else …… ” is like telling someone not to look both ways before crossing the street because you will get run over anyways.
              —- Miss DeeDee —-

              • Way to go, Miss DeeDee. I see you learn fast about our trolls. You’re going to be just fine. braveheart

            • Kevin, NC Joe has his head up his butt sideways he’ll get the message someday when it’s way to late. Trolls like him are like the playground bully make a lot of noise and very little sense.

        • Brave buddy. In previous comments, you mentioned the fact you don’t know squat about economics. Why do you keep flapping your pie hole? Your point is simplistic, just like you. You have been prepping for 40 plus years and the collapse has not happened.
          On a different note, I love the democrat video saying Bush is fear mongering. So quoting a democrat is OK if it suits you morons. Isn’t he a member of the same party you all hate? That’s OK, as long as a short clip ( edited) makes your point. Now that’s integrity.

          • “You have been prepping for 40 plus years and the collapse has not happened.”
            If you had been an aware human being who was living in the real world 40 years ago you would realize that what we have now IS the collapse of what we had then and preparing for the consequences has helped quite a few of us weather the situation much better than the willfully oblivious. Doing so now will also help in the future. Direct observation of reality refutes your ignorant statements. Please do yourself and the rest of us a favor and get out of the basement more often. You might actually grow up, with enough experience. (And no, TV and video games do not count as reality.)

        • I like to say “a little chlorine in the gene pool” myself. I’m a research biologist, and every population reaches a threshold sooner or later, humans are no different. Mother nature is a serial killer. If we don’t reduce our population by our own idiocy, mother nature will, sooner or later. As George Carlin says ”
          Look at the average voter,… now remember that HALF the population is DUMBER than tbat!”

          • Yep. Challenges make you morons mad. Why is that? I know, you have invested money, become outcasts, and wasted your time. You must defend your ideas due to not being able to admit you wasted your life, relationships, respect , and money. Makes you panic when thinking about the collapse not coming. Brave is still talking economics. Don’t listen to him or you will end up just like him.

      8. @ VRF. I want to know if your family is okay in Peru. That 7.0 was 29 miles away from the city of Acari. If any of them lived here that close to a 7.0 could result in building collapses. Let us all know if they are okay.

        • Thanks for thinking of us BI, at this point im going to say all is fine, well at least for my extended family down there.
          My wife and I haven’t heard anything bad yet.

          being that most of the family is either in Lima, Cusco, or Arequipa , Im thinking they were unaffected..still not good for those that live in that area so our hearts go out to them, hope it didn’t take any lives.

          I’ll be checking in with the wifey tonight and see if shes heard anything ..again thanks for the heads up

      9. Remember keep stocking up on food, water, meds and ammo. SHTF is coming and no toilet paper big enough is going to wipe up this mess..

        • the govt keeps stocking, so should we. kinda OT but important. re: med shortages foxnews has a story about usps in 5 cities getting enough doxycycline for them and their families (1500 workers) so if there is a biological attack the mail carriers can go to a warehouse to pick up the antidote and distribute it within 48 hours. there has been a huge doxy shortage for both animals and humans. now we know why. and doxy, like tetracycline, becomes very poisonous very quickly once it reaches expiration date, so is not safe for long term storage. does this mean doxy cost will continue to skyrocket as hhs replenishes stockpiles, or does it mean they suspect attack is due in the very short term?

          link at fox to follow.

      10. You know what if we have a hard winter what if the crops fail what if between the floods the tornados, earthquakes, heat waves and general devastation we do crash? or start world war three or the EMP Okay is that to extreme? I don’t thing so Put away some silver, all the ammo you can and get your family to the country while you can, as fast as you can. Yes you’ll need NBC supplies and three to seven years worth of food and survival gear.

        • A sack of flour, can of baking powder, canned bacon (freezing won’t hurt it), powdered milk for making gravy, a bottle of multiple vitamins, salt and ammo in multiple stashes.
          Carry your bolt action deer rifle with you at all times.
          The rest is gravy.
          Semper Fi

      11. If we don’t figure out a way to network; we will lose this country 4-sure. We all maybe well prepared but don’t kid yourself; they will easily snuff out the few pockets of resistance. We need a leader and a way to meet in the regions we live. Below are a few words from William Wallace to inspire:

        1. William Wallace’s Speech against British tyranny-
        I am William Wallace. And I see a whole army of my countrymen, here in defiance of tyranny! You have come to fight as free men. And free man you are! What will you do without freedom? Will you fight?” “Two thousand against ten?” – the veteran shouted. “No! We will run – and live!
        Yes! Wallace shouted back. Fight and you may die. Run and you will live, at least awhile. And dying in your bed many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance, to come back here as young men and tell our enemies that they may take our lives but they will never take our freedom!

        • Amen. Where do we begin and whom can we trust. I’m in Missouri “patron state of shootin stuff” along with Kentucky.

          Any suggestions?

          • Me too. Middle south east very south ; get Mac to give you my email addy, maybe we could help each other in the future.

        • It’s a lot harder to wipe out a decentralized resistance than you’d think, even if its chain of command is really muddy.

          And for networking, low-tech is your friend. Phone calls from third locations to an intermediary “switchboard” type person who would run the message by hand, letters in the clear or using one-time pads or a book code (these are practically impossible to crack in a timely fashion, even with all of Fort Meade’s computing power, unless you know what book is being used) and face to face meetings in busy and loud public places like a large Malik’s food court around lunchtime.

          Authentication sentences are obviously a must, too but keep it simple, keep it short and try not to look out of place so leave the 5.11 pants and the combat boots, even the hiking shoes. at home and throw on some jeans and sneakers.

          • Book codes are probably simpler for most small groups. If you’re in a group, you will need to ensure the other groups you communicate with are all reading from the same page, so to speak.

            Spend some time at the Goodwill, pick up a dozen copies of the same book, like some 600-page opus by Stephen King or Dan Brown, and box ’em up for later. If you don’t get copies now, choose a book that is common enough to get later. And you will need another two different titles to use as security, when you feel your code is compromised or just getting used by a large enough circle to break things down a bit.

            Don’t use a Webster’s Dictionary for your book code, they can be cracked in minutes, that’s the one book not to use. Also, don’t use a book that will stand out as unusual when someone sees it. Some sharp pencil is going to say ‘Funny, we’ve been looking at over 300 persons of interest, and you know, 4 of them had a 1959 copy of ‘Salt Water Fish of the Arctic’ on their desks. I wonder if they’re using it for coding.’

            • The Bible gets used a lot in mystery /serial killer fiction, so that would probably be a good one to skip as well… for coding that is.

            • Maybe the hardest to spot might be book code within a personal, handwritten letter. ANY LETTER could be THE ONE…or maybe none of them. The best thing is, they won’t be able put 2+2 together after finding the same book in several homes, and then go round up the rest of the book club.

              If I was gonna use a book as a key, I’d use an average dictionary.

              • Don’t go for a dictionary. Too obvious. But a widespread novel, on the other hand, would be harder to track. Say, as Smokey suggested, something like Stephen King’s The Stand or, if you are really devious, the 7 books in the Dark Tower saga.

                But whatever you do, make sure they are the same edition or there will be people sending out and receiving gibberish.

          • Good points about the One Time Pad, Canadian Vet. Use random numbers for the private key and destroy immediately after use. Develope your own numbered public key for use by your carefully selected group. Five man fire teams are about right, three forward and two in reserve.

            If the private, random numbers key is kept absolutely secure by the two parties, the encoded message can not be decoded except by the two holders of the of the private key.

            Don’t use books, etc., other than as a numbered public key. One might, for example, assign the number (the number used only once) 34452 to a book listing the title, edition, publisher, page number and line number.

            A numbered public book containing words listed alphabetically; and phrases, sentences, and paragraphs is quite useful, but unavailable unless one makes one’s own. It might contain several hundred, or even several thousand entries. For example the number 28901 might be assigned to: 28901-Do you have any large rifle primers? One must then understand the proper math to encode and decode the message.
            Semper Fi

            • A dedicated book with all your codes in it isn’t the best idea, security-wise. Yes, if such a message is intercepted it is impossible to,decode but should the Powers That Be raid your home and find your code book, you and your cell just gave them a way into your communications. It would be the equivalent of the Allies capturing the Enigma machine.

              That is why a book code based on widely available books other than the Bible or a dictionary would be, in my opinion, a better solution. And should multiple houses be raided, if every member has a collection of books in which your code source could be hidden in plain sight then you haven’t sacrificed anything even if they have all your books, which you can replace easily enough. That and it would be a lot easier to commit that kind of algorithm to memory instead of drawing up a new one every time.

        • I’ve said before that when it happens, once I’m sure that my family and property are secure, I’m going to head to the Sheriff’s office. They’re the ones who will be trying to keep a lid on looting and rioting, and they’re going to need plenty of help. I expect that most solid citizens who show up at the Courthouse with a gun will be deputized on the spot and sent out to keep order at WalMart, Kroger, Home Depot, etc.
          That’s the first step to being organized. A Sheriff is known by his community and is one of the locals. I hope to look to my Sheriff for an organized plan for community defense. Afterward, when some measure of calm has been restored, much will depend on what your local National Guard and Reserve units intend. Will they follow orders from DC and turn against their neighbors, or will they join with their friends and families, and use their military weaponry for good? Later, if the Sheriff then starts doing things you don’t like (like kissing up to the Feds), you can always retreat to your neighborhood and try for Plan B.
          I live outside Atlanta. I expect that after 2 – 3 days of chaos, we’ll see a massive wave of hundreds of thousands of starving people coming to take what little we have. The only way they’ll be turned back is with organization and willing obedience to the local authorities. If the Sheriff has any sense, he’ll try to close his county to outsiders who want your food.

          • silversax, I have family north of you in the mountains. have arrangement to go to a cousin’s BOL when the time comes.

            • clark, it’s all in the viewpoint. I choose to see them as “peace officers”.
              I don’t know where you live, and what your sheriff is like, but in my county, he’s a good man with a good ‘community ethic’. I support him and his department. They do a good job.
              By the way, why would you say that most solid citizens are deluded? Apparently you feel that everyone with a different opinion than yours is “deluded”.
              Too bad. You’ll be among the first to go. Post-collapse, the survivors will be those who can adapt. You’re “brittle” – incapable of bending. Prepping is much more than stockpiling food and ammo. It’s mostly about teamwork.

        • And oh, by the way – how ’bout them Dolphins!

          • @silversax
            south of Atlanta here.

            • I’m on the west side, north of Douglasville.

      12. He is right the pain is over!
        They infected (DODE FRANK)our right hand and it got infected and caused a lot of pain. They cut it off and gave us a lot of pain pills (QE) and we don’t feel anything.
        Now they have infected our left hand, and the same thing will happen to it.
        Now they have use where they want us. DEPENDENT on the government.
        When the CRASH comes I will be ready. I pray that you are.

        • Howdy, Sgt. Dale. you probably didn’t catch it, but I had 2 questions for you on comment #2323955 on the ‘world citizen’ article. I would really appreciate your input. braveheart

          • Hey brave, are you going to send invitations about your upcoming marriage with Sgt.Dale?

            • f#$% you, troll!

            • I’m honored to call him a friend. We think alike. That doesn’t mean we wont agree on some things. It just means we will express our opinions. and go on. maybe if you had some thing to say we would listen, and not just cut downs for other bloggers. By the way get an name and I would be happy to talk with you. You might find we agree on some things.

          • No I didn’t What are the questions?
            I will do my best to answer them.

            • Book Code. Anyone?


              As long as you keep it simple, no algorithm will decipher it. Omit all unnecessary words. Without knowing that “2337990” is a comment ID number, this cannot be decoded. Something to think about. This could also be transmitted via SW using Morse code.

              • Answer:

                In comment 2337990, line 13, second and third words = plan b

                line 5, ninth word = walmart

                line 14, third and fourth words = outside Atlanta

                = Plan B st Walmart outside Atlanta.

                You’d need a copy of the letter (coment) to get the message.

          • Braveheart:
            I found it and did my best to answer you ?s on 2323955

      13. It’s coming. As a police officer you should see the gear the government is giving us. It’s far better than anything I saw or used during my 8 years in the army. Prepare now folks. And get as far as you can away from urban areas. Based on the number or armored portable road block stations we received its obvious to us that controlling the roads is goal #1. My group is making preparations currently to move our wives and children out of the city. Chicago is gonna explode, it’s a matter of time. Get out while you can.
        God bless

        • I am not going to hide in the woods. I am going to fight for my God, Country and Constitution.

          • I’m going to hide in the woods with my family and others in our remote holler. I don’t have a score to settle, but I do have children to raise. We’ll have enough to do defending our mountain without fighting in the name of a God who tells us in Romans 13 to submit to governing authorities. My country is no longer worth fighting for and I took no oath to defend the Constitution.

            Obedience is better than sacrifice. – 1 Samuel 15:22

            • Be careful what you read in the Bible. There is some truth mixed with fiction. Just saying.

            • Preach, I studied up on Romans 13. When the apostles were told not to preach they did so anyways. If the government said you will have only 2 children and you must abort any after that will you comply? If the government told you to renounce Jesus Christ would you? I believe romans 13 is taken out of context by many. I am not trying to insult you but you may want to study up on it a little more.

              • Those are extreme examples and of course I wouldn’t do anything contrary to the Word, but the Constitution is not the Word of God but a construct of man. If tomorrow guns became illegal a Christ-follower would no longer have them in their home. Posers who follow only when they agree would forsake their God for their guns and burn for it.

                • Yike! We’ll just have to agree to disagree.

                • What happens if the Bible becomes illegal. Will you throw that away too?

                  • It is better to obey God rather than man. The only time a Christian can display civil disobediance is if the law goes against the command of God. If the Bible were to become illegal, I would have what is hidden in my heart as well as the Book itself.

                • Didn’t Jesus say to his disciples, in the garden, shortly before his betrayal, “sell your shirt to buy a sword?” Just sayin…

                • I suppose you would bow down to a golden idol if Obama told you to, rather than disobey as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego did in the Book of Daniel.

                  We are to disobey authority if it is contrary to the Bible’s teachings. Courts have ruled that unconstitutional laws do not have to be obeyed because they are not in effect. Those two things cover a large part of what the federal government tries to make us do.

                  If disobeying the ruler was forbidden in all cases, we couldn’t even vote against him. That’s ridiculous on the face of it.

                  • What the preacher is Really saying is “As Long as I got Mine…SCREW everybody Else”! Only hes trying to use False anology of Romans ch 13 as “Cover” he can “Hide” behind.

                    So far most every biblical thing this “pastor” has posted at this site has been wrong/false teachings on most every issue he has posted anything bible related of.

                    Even when JQP and I have posted actual quotes-info-facts-Links-Proofs and the proper true meanings of various biblical verses this pastor rejects it all, always.

                    Sounds to me like he went to the Pastor John hagee and pat Robertson’s seminary school of preacherizim with a heavy bent of pro zio pro jew teachings. Along with such a warped view of Romans 13!

                    One can but wonder how many poor christian souls have been infected by such falsehoods as he posts here if they relied upon his teachings eh.

                • Pastor, you have committed the sin of false piety and self-righteous preaching. With all respect, you need to reflect on your hubris and eliminate personal idolatry.

                • But Prepared Pastor, the Constitution is the Law of this land. If so-called government authorities abrogate it, they are criminals, not legitimate governing authorities.

              • king krazy, AMEN to your comments. Romans 13 is THE most misinterpreted scripture in the entire Bible. just like you, I’m not following what MAN says. I’ll follow only what God says. Also I humble myself only to God and never to any human being.

            • Are we to “submit to governing authorities” even when those same authoritities are requiring from to break God’s Laws and do that which is sinful? I don’t think so.
              Or when we stand before our Creator on Judgement Day, He will give us a pass on that which was sinful and evil with a “but I was only following orders” plea?

              • Didn’t work out so well for many German’s after WWII that tried the “following orders” defense.

                Personally, I will try to follow God’s Law to the best of my ability. It will get very interesting if they try to make me violate God’s Law or take the freedoms bestowed upon all of us by God.

              • Of course not, but posers who forsake God for their guns will burn for it.

                • PP, I know you mean the best in the world, but you totally misunderstand Romans 13 and I don’t know what else in the Bible. I don’t know where you attended bible college or seminary, but it sounds like you’ve been brainwashed with that false version of the Bible that too many ministers are teaching people nowadays. the concept of self-defense is biblical. will verify what I’m saying. Jesus commanded his disciples to arm themselves with swords and that if they couldn’t afford one, to sell their garments in order to obtain one. If you GIVE UP your weapons, you are forsaking God. You won’t burn for following what the Bible said to do.

                  • Here’s one of my favorite short videos by Pastor Steven Anderson on Romans 13. I think he nails it pretty well.


                    I posted it above, but should’ve posted it here.

              • The “governing authorities” all made an oath to uphold the Constitution. They are in violation of their oaths and acting lawlessly. The Constitution is still the law of the land and is the authority. Put another way, we are a nation of laws, not of men. I’d rather take the chance that God is ok with that reasoning than to find myself bowing down to the man of lawlessness(2 Thes.2).

                • If you listen to most pastors today who teach so wrongly on Romans 13, they also “verify” it by stateing “Gods in Control, and he is who sets up at appoints govnt’s in nations etc”

                  But then why did God create every Human with 100% FREE will? Humans has free will to VOTE, yet God if he decides he wants a different prez to occupy whitehouse then God will Ignore the will of human voters and stick a different man into that position?

                  Then WHY did He give us free will in first place? See How utterally stupid their teachings are when you “Think” of what they so falsely Teach.

                  A True Man of God pastor will Reject IRS 501c taxfree crap, and teach the facts and truth be it about Politics-Racial issues-Jewish issues-Zionists issues etc etc.

                  Today it is Far easier to teach platitudes of “Feel Goodizims” and “Prosperity” and “Bless jews cause jews gets a free pass and back door key into heaven, no matter what evils jews perpetrate on gentiles their talmud teaches them to do and be” (all who reject Christ Are an antichrist type that Includes jews who reject Jesus which is 99+% of them do so. There are Zero exceptions for jews or any others for true salvation)

                  That type preachings keeps pastors In Line with IRS and jew bankster zios rules and phony laws. Many pastors fills their wallets very swell too doing so.

                  The new testement is chock full of events and times where Real Christian folk defied govnt- defied jews or zionists pharisee rabbis-and rejected all laws or demands to go against Gods true words.

                  Thats why so many preachers are so stuck in Old testement writeings. It assists in false teachings prevelant today.

            • Prepared Pastor, I understand it’s your own decision to do as you will for yourself and your family, but I think you need to restudy Romans 13. We submit to governing authorities ONLY WHEN THEY FOLLOW THE CRITERIA GOD SET FOR RULERS TO FOLLOW. When the manmade governments of this world refuse to follow the Word of God, then we have no obligation to follow them. We don’t have any duty to submit to evil, to anyone with bad intentions for us. In fact, the Bible commands us to stand against evil. that is what I’ll be doing when the time comes. best wishes . braveheart

              • VERY WELL SAID, braveheart

              • Excellent BH!

            • Well, if that is the case … Then the United States, one Nation Under GOD should have never happened…

              • No, the bastardized version 2.0 never should have happened.

            • Prepared Pastor, I’ve given this alot of thought, and who or what is my Governing Authority? I personal, have taken an oath to defend the Constitution. So the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are my Governing Authority. So next to Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible, on this earth the Constitution and the Bill of Right are what I adhere to. So I’ll not bow to Obama or any other king or politican. Trekker Out. Talk The Talk, Walk The Walk!

              • If you read Romans 13 you will find that God decides who your governing authority is by putting them into power. Should you one day become a follower of Jesus Christ, your attitude will change. You will be a new creation.

                I never expected one comment to get this much attention. I had no idea how much idolatry exited in the gun culture. The Bible hasn’t changed since it was written and Romans 13 is crystal clear.

                • Prepared Pastor, Romans 13 makes it clear that rulers are to follow biblical principles, i.e, God’s commandments in HOW they govern the people. God’s Word NEVER gave rulers any permission to act like Caesar. braveheart

                  • Yet Caesar/Nero was the very one in power at the time this was written. Jesus did not die for a government. He died for YOU. Governments are to govern, Christians are to follow Christ. A Believer has his citizenship in Heaven. Jesus is the first and formost authority we follow. Christians willingly died for their faith under Nero and rulers that followed. Christ’s Church was built up on the blood of martyers that died under God’s chosen governing authorities. Christian’s have not faced this sort of thing in this country. But it is coming.

                • Yes but if follow the Law s of our country we Are the government. Those in authority are indeed We The People, not some corrupt politician. How easy you say you would follow one law, gun control but not if other laws were made that violated your so called ethics as in abortion. What makes one immoral law better or worse? Nothing, for all saved men know that any sin big or small will get you into hell, so if we have a force abortion law and you violated it, would you not then burn in hell?

                  • No

                • Pastor,

                  Do you vote?


                  • He probably doesn’t, because voting against the incumbent would be acting against authority.

                  • Lets all just agree that we hope JESUS returns before the final act begins and confiscation begins.

                • As I walk through the valley of death, I fear no man, for Samuel Colt is by my side, and my aim is true. May your God help you when you are in need. The time to trust God has passed. Believe in yourself first.

                  • BELIEVE IN YOURSELF ALSO.

                • If the bible hasn’t changed since it was written, who the heck changed “thou shalt not MURDER” in the Hebraic, to “thou shalt not KILL ” in the King James version…

            • Pastor, as a Christian, I’ve always understood that my preps were not for myself only, but for my neighbors as well. If my neighbor, who has three small children, shows up at my door, begging a can of Spam, there’s no way I could turn him down. I know that God’s able to make my supplies last as long as He wants them to last – like the widow’s barrel of oil which never ran dry. And if He chooses otherwise, I can live with that too.
              I know that my answer’s not for everyone, but Christians should think about how God wants to use them.
              We’re not our own; we’ve been bought with a price.

              • We each have to balance generosity with the commandment to provide for our own families. It is not as cut and dry as our responsibility of submission to whatever authority God places above us when they are not contrary to the few things He reserves for himself.

                People ask me about laws that might be passed requiring abortion after two kids, but they are already guilty if there is an abortion clinic in their neighborhood and they are not protesting it for to know what is right and not do it is sin.

                I’m going to quit for the night on your encouraging note and ask any who disagrees with me to read Romans Chapter 13 with an open mind and without the proof texting out there. God does not care whether I have 501-c(3) recognition and those who grumble that my losing it is unfair have not read what real martyrs endured. Nero was dipping Christians in tar and setting them on fire as streetlights when Romans was written and yet Paul told them to submit.

                • I don’t think so.

                  How about we all submit so that our children and grandchildren will go to hell because there won’t be anyone left alive to tell them how to avoid it?

                • Dear, Prepared Pastor.

                  I’ve heard it said that a Christian should not discount what another person says unless and until they’ve heard both sides of an issue.
                  Please consider reading these to gain perspective:

                  Hitler’s Favorite Bible Verse –

                  Romans 13 and Obeying the Government

                  By Laurence M. Vance


                  Romans Chapter 13

                  By Chuck Baldwin


                  Rights, Liberties, and Romans 13

                  By Paul Green


                • We the people were to rule this nation; that is the was it was designed. Those who are in Washington are usurpers in violation of the very oath they made to God.

                  Since you say God chose them, you are saying that God chose liars and lawbreakers, murderers and thieves to set aside laws drawn up by ethical men who sought Him in prayer. How do you square that with other scripture which says that God does not author sin?

                  Would you also say that the colonists should not have rebelled against the King of England? How can you not say that?

                  Romans 13 was about living lawful lives, not about complete submission to a godless authority. The early church didn’t obey the Roman law when it commanded that abandoned babies left on the outskirts of town be left there and not rescued; they didn’t obey Roman law with regard to runaway slaves who they took in and hid. Because of this disobedience people knew they were something better than the Roman government. Their light shone in the darkness because they didn’t let the darkness overcome it.

                  • GOD may not have directly choose the evil leaders we see. They are a direct result of a morally and spirtually bankrupt society. When mankind disobey’s GOD, he removes his protection from them and leaves them open to the will of evil. We all have free will and man has chosen to turn his back on GOD. If JESUS returned today, I figure only 1-2% of America would actually be taken up into the clouds with him.

                  • What ever happened to “Judge not least thee be judged?”

                    Why not keep trying, like the elites are. to make this thing work. This society is what we have and it has not fallen yet! Why not all work together to keep it alive. That is were our efforts would be better served, instead of haggling over the meaning of a few verses in a book that was meant to bring Peace to the world.

                • He told them to submit to the authorities punishing evil. He did not tell them to submit to evil.

            • @ Prepared Pastor

              I assume you mean well, but not once has your biblical exegesis been correct. You are a salient example of a fundamental error of Protestantism, the risible idea that every man is his own pope. Look at what that diabolical idea has wrought—over 32,000 Protestant sects with mutually exclusive doctrines, opposing “truths,” nonsense that serves Lucifer, not God.

              We owe submission to authorities who themselves submit to God.

              • John Q. Public, well said.

                • Beware, the Leven(sin/evil) of Pharise Jewish Rabbis. Especially those pharise rabbi who Teach as Professors at most modern Seminaries, that pump out vast multitudes of Baptist and protestant wolves.(wolves in sheeps clothes teaching Falsehoods galore).(the Catholic priest students have the same only its, Inhouse, especially since 1965-vatican II(vaticanjew) was done)

                  Who then go on to recieve 501C IRS “approvals” to only preach what the fed govnt decides is..PC correct, multicultic devirsity, faggot marriages, and above ALL.

                  Brainwash student pastors to disregard all of Christs warnings about antichrist jews, and instead, teach “bless the jews”(which is nowheres spoken in the bible at all).

                  Never Ever mention ANY biblical verses such as Rev. 2:9 and John 8:44 which expose and teach Truth regarding such evils taught by Pharisee Jewish rabbis at todays seminarian schools.(Talmudic Judaisim= the sinfull Leven Jesus spoke of, aka talmudic judiac teachings of Man and Mans traditions, that totally twist Gods words 180 degrees and approve of All God condemned as sinfull, while also condemening All that God says Is Good and commands folks to Do).

                  Anyone who doubts this is true and facts? Try watching Proofs galore 24/7/365 of 1/2 Dozen cable or satlite TV “Preacher” tv shows. Then consider while tv shows represent a small minority of the huge number of preachermen today(300,000 in usa alone).

                  The truth is that while just the highly sucessfull who swindle multitudes of Million of Dollars per year, are seen on tv preachermen shows, you can bet that a Vast majority of the lesser sucessfull pastors are attending weekly forums to Learn from those big moneymen pastors how to Build Their puny small churches into Giants earning many millions per year also.

                  We are very lucky in todays usa if even a dozen or so pastors reject 501C taxfree rules of pc etc and actually Teach truth and teach 100% of it. Anybody today who has attended such churches Knows this to be fact.

            • Prep pastor: Read Heb. 11:34. The gelding 501c3 church leaders are cowards, man pleasing hirelings, and refuse to expose and speak out against gov corruption. No real patriot would give up their guns that will protect their family. News with Views has a new Chuck Baldwin post, you need to read it. You are obviously shackled to the IRS 501c3 agenda which is kow towing to political correctness even if it is unconstitutional. PC pastors and people are the enemy.

          • King
            I’m going to hide in the and fight like they did in 1776. I don’t have the fire power to take on a TANK. Stay safe my friend. FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!

            • I forgot the word “woods”.

            • I like your thinking. My thought is to wait them out. It may take a year or two. Can’t see the “Better Than Us” crowd hauling their own water, cooking, cleaning, and change oil, but what I can see is the old geezers from the “Better Than Us” crowd in the old geezer home trying to find someone willing to change their diaper.

              Tanks tend to need bridges, fuel, and ammo. Deny them any one of the three and there capabilities become limited.

              • Tanks tend to need bridges, fuel, and ammo…………..

                And drivers that have to go potty at some point. 😉

                • And sleep…

              • But what about drones?

          • KK, he says his group is making plans to move wives and children out of the city (Chicago) and you accuse him of hiding in the woods?

            I’m sure your death will be full of glory when a bunch of Latin Kings or Disciples kill you and rape your loved ones. The constitution will thank you. (nope)

          • I think I will simulate Mel Gibson in the Patriot. Hit and run. I cant fight a tank or a large group of soldiers

            • @ Jim (another Jim) Mel also said in the Patriot,
              “Dear God, make me fast and accurate.” When he was running in the woods getting ready to ambush the redcoats after they killed his son. I always liked that line.

              • Emily:
                Take it from a range officer. “AIM SMALL MISS SMALL WORKS FOR ME! I also like the quote you like.

                • @ Sgt. Dale ~ Hey, I like that quote a lot!
                  My father is a retired army reserve Col.
                  I grew up with the saying, “Ready on the Right,
                  Ready on the Left, Ready on the Firing Line.”
                  He would say that when we were in the car,
                  waiting to make a left or right hand turn.
                  I also shot some 45 pistols, and some M-16’s when I
                  was growing up.
                  He is still alike and kicking, and I wish I
                  had at least 1/4 of his wisdom.

                  • “alive and kicking,” and I meant I liked your quote
                    “Aim small, miss small.”

                • Just saw Enemy in the Gate a few weeks ago. The sniper was trained by his grandpa to aim for a wolf’s eye to deliver a kill shot to the brain(and keep the pelt intact). Now that’s a small aim!

            • Shoot n scoot 200m+ shots from concealment are your friend

            • I’m gonna melt down my plastic army men…

          • If your god is so powerful, why does he need your puny self to fight for him?

            • ncjoe, enjoy that government check you get for trolling while you can. It will get cut off a lot sooner than you think.

              • I don’t think this forum is the place for that kind of talk. Oh,Wait. You meant the check?

            • Your just full of compliments today,
              Have a snickers bud

            • Hey Joe, He is your God also, you will find that out one of these days

        • I Freedom:
          I you haven’t found somewhere to go. I have a group that I started just to your south and west. Just off of 80. I’m also a Cop and the guard ground hear is load with all sorts of equipment. When I said guard ground now you know where I’m at. Mile Post “97”. Always looking for some good folks with many skills.
          If I get an order to violate the Constitution I’m making one call and starting my call chain along with my radio chain. My God bless, and watch over you and yours.

          • @The Sarge

            If you’re an LEO, I’m Ranger Rick with the 82nd.

            Oh, BTW… F**k LEOs’

            LEOs’ today are nothing more than a Praetorian Guard
            (household troops for the government) with a dual function… armed tax collectors.

            Protect and Serve is a JOKE.

            The only thing they “Protect and Serve,” is the government.

            • @mother – I’m sure that’s true in some instances, but not in my experience. My son was a Police Officer and I did a ridealong with him. He protected and served. The police are the Good Guys.

              • Silver sax….you have to say that rather than to admit your son was a scumbag.

            • mother

              You. Now there’s a JOKE you close minded, blanket tosser.


            • I will have you know that I served one agency for 20 years and retired, and now working for my second agency for over 7 years.
              All LEO’s are not the same. If you met me you would find out that I’m very patriotic. I say if you cut me I will bleed RED WHITE & BLUE.
              You are right. Protect and serve is a joke. I can’t do anything for you until someone does some thing to you. In short you have to be robbed before I can arrest the robber.
              As far as some of things the LEO’s are doing just PISSES ME OFF. The violations of the 2/4/5/10/ just pulls my chain, and I always will say something, but the TPTB just say do worry about, and I tell them I won’t do it. They won’t fire me because I know too much, and Yes I’m their range officer and without me they couldn’t carry their weapons.
              If I leave I can’t stand in their way, I can’t let the groups around the area know if and when the FEDs are going to close thing down or implement Marshall Law.
              I also can’t talk to the younger guy tell them what they are doing might be WRONG and explain to them why!!
              My friend, believe what you want. You have that right.
              But I’m a Cop!!!

              • Sgt Dale:

                Most LEOs I know are pretty patriotic. What most people don’t realize are the jerks and some of the terrible crimes that LEOs have to deal with everyday. I’m sure the ‘bad’ side of human can wear on anybody.

                My neighbor is a retired LEO and a very nice guy.

                When that ‘day’ comes we are going to need all the help from all LEOs, military patriots, and so forth.

                Hopefully, that ‘day’ does not happen. But I am a dreamer too.

              • Well, Dale, I’m in southern Ky. parts, as close to Tennessee as you can get, and if you and your family EVAH need a stop over, this’ll be it!
                Just moved 35 cases of toilet paper to the attic so I could get buckets of rice, powdered sugar, brown sugar, and baking soda off the floor in that room into the closet.
                No bed, but if you’re like me, you’ve slept on a floor before and didn’t complain.
                We’ll leave the light on for ya.


                • JayJay….if things go the way we hope, we might just be “neighbors”! My son is looking at 5 acres on a mountain top, about 65 miles north of Knoxville…the property has a small, roughed in cabin that needs some work, but we can take care of that!
                  My son is only 23 but has a pretty decent job, so he wants to buy it 🙂
                  He had a talk with his dad today…remember, my husband recently decided prepping is a waste of time?
                  Anyway, he showed his dad pics of the property and told him how bad he thinks it’s going to get…and my husband listened….so we’re going to look at the property next week….only accessible by 4 wheel drive…now that’s MY kinda place, lol!

                  • We call that area No Mans Land, with good reason. Great BO location,,,:)

                • JayJay
                  Thanks you for the offer. If I get to your area I hope I can find you, It is nice to know that there are Good people like you out there to offer some one like me a place to go.
                  If by some chance you have to leave Gods Country and come to Illinois near Rt80 I have a big farm house. I will have to let you know that it will be full of people from the Group I’m with, But YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME.
                  May God watch over you and yours.

              • Sgt. Dale, Iraqi freedom 814 mp and other patriotic policemen,

                I appreciate that you are there and know you have a difficult job. Stay strong and stay true to your conscience.

                Take care! May God bless and guide you!
                KY Mom

                • KY Mom.
                  Thank you!!! We need all the prays we can get.

        • Freedom,do you believe they mean to keep folks in the cities regardless of circumstances there.On a side note,how many in the police dept.s do you think would do such things on a percentage basis,half/most/few?How far from major cities would you say is wise to get folks @ least a bit out of harms way?

          • I would bet less than half, and maybe less, some of them are gung ho, most that i know, will be taking care of family if things are really unwinding.
            Better to hunker down and wait out the initial waves,

          • Warchild:
            I can’t answer for Freedom, but what I know is that at least 1/2 will follow orders. There is a problem. If they do follow orders they are putting their families in harms way. They might not get them out in time, or they do get them out, and some one finds out that they did. The bad guys just might go after the remaining family members that they didn’t get out.

            • Sgt. Dale,
              I heard they might put LEO family members in FEMA camps ahead of giving the orders in order to ensure they will be obeyed. Anything to that?

        • @Iraqi freedom 814 mp: If you obviously see what is coming as a “cop”, why would you remain in this profession?

          I understand the necessity of “making a living” and supporting a family. However, by your own observations, YOU are about to be between the proverbial rock-n-a hard spot with respect to “choices” you will be required to very soon make.

          There is no “middle of the road” position in the coming reality. What side will you choose as a priority?

          • Yental
            If Iraqi Freedom doesn’t answer your questions. I will give you my answer as a LEO, & Patriot.
            We get the training that the bad guys get. We get the weapons that the bad guys get, and how to use them.
            When the SHTF All the training and equipment we have will be used to help the other Patriots out there fighting for this Republic. Which I hope never happens!
            The most important thing is that there are LOE’s out there standing up to TPTB and tell them that you are violating the Constitution!!!
            I also believe we do it because we what to help our fellow Americans.
            It’s not about the pay. Stop and think how much a life is worth. What we get paid is nothing compared to the price of a life. We put our life on the line every day, and we might have to take a life to protect someone or our self. and we have to live with that.
            God Bless all my brother LEO’s

            • Okay, after that post, I might scavenge a bed or two for your family.

              We’ll keep the light on for ya.

              • And if he doesn’t have room, we have a couple relatives that would welcome you w/ open arms…

            • SGT SCUMBAG— you mean help the citizens like the scumbag cocksucker COPS did after Katrina?

              If you ARE a cop, go fuck yourself. I hope one day YOU get THAT kind of help………….. BRUTHA.

          • Lots of people claim to be “cops.”

            I recall reading in the DSM-IV, it has something to do with “Small Penis Disorder.”

            “If the subject isn’t/can’t be a real man, they simply pretend they are or they attenpt to gain “stature” by joining “law enforsement”[sic].

            “With heavy steroid use, and regular beatdowns of innocent citizens, the “Small Penis Disorder” may be arrested” (no pun intended).

            “See your ObamaCare doctor for futher info.”

            • YMWW-lots of people claim to be decent human beings, but don’t worry, you’ll never be accused of that. You’re first and foremost a TROLL-now go collect your paycheck from Barry!

            • From your posting I suspect there was a somewhat personal reason you were reading about that subject.

        • IRAQI FREEDOM 814 ,
          It’s not just the cities some small town police departments are also recieving armored HMVEE’s
          And advanced weaponry ( m24’s m-4’s real m-4 ‘s )body armor and OPSCORE Helmets.
          It’s going to get ugly, where I work we had to qualify with the AR-15 (M-4) sidearm ( SIG p229) and shotgun ( Mossberg pump) by September 28 all of our vacation leave has been suspended till December and they are really keeping us rank in file in the dark.
          Those portable road blocks are they the type on hydraulics that can be raised?
          Looks like things could get rather exciting soon.
          Good luck to you, keep you family safe , remain vigilant and do the right thing when this all goes down.


          Semper Fi 8541

        • Iraqi freedom 814 mp;
          Long term reader here, first time poster; My future son-in-law is a 8+year Iraqi vet as well. Your posting today has made my maternal insticts stir; as I am a Grandmother and live in Illinois. Some ways from Chicago. I Have been 1/2 time prepping since 2008, I say 1/2 because I just cant get my head around the fact that this will happen to the USA. Yet I fell something is coming, what is coming? Grandma

      14. Yea you can smell it, taste it, feel it and you can even see it IF you look. But soon it will come knocking on your door, are you ready?
        Tick Tock, Tick Tock

      15. Yes, we face change that only ewes can believe in.

        No offence to female sheep

      16. EVIL SUCKS!!! :O There that sums it all up. 😀

      17. The Crisis won’t be over until…

        …The King of Kings rules with his Rod of Iron.

        • Amen, my brother! Not long now!

        • Let the Kingdom come!

      18. Like I have been saying for about 2 years now and that is the financial system will not collapse and besides is the last thing to worry about , just look at your political landscape as that is far more threatening ……we could only be LUCKY if it were an economic collapse we had to deal with !

        • Call me a pessimist- I gave Rich a TU because it is just possible that TPTB will keep QE and other “stimulus” running long enough to keep us from an economic crash before an EMP or WWII takes us out.

        • I don’t know if you’re a Christian, Rich99, but the Bible speaks very specifically about economic collapse in the end days. This is in addition to war, socialism, plague, etc. Jesus himself said it in Matthew chapter 24.

      19. They’re deliberately destroying the economy in order to bring about a crisis large enough to bring in a one world government. And yes, they’re stealing as much money as they can along the way. Like former Democratic governor and Goldman Sachs CEO John Corzine who stole over a billion dollars from segregated customer accounts. He blamed accounting errors. He was never criminally charged. As someone once said, they should be referred to as “Too Big To Jail.”

        • BC ,
          He also stole public money ( for his re-election that he lost) when he was our illustrious senator then our governer.
          TPTB tend to protect their own. Their all criminals.

          Semper Fi 8541

      20. I shall not hide in the woods since I live on the plains, anyway, and trees are few and far between. My group and I will stand and fight. I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.
        My mother in a nursing home has angels hovering over her, and I pray they take her home before the SHTF.

        • May God watch over you and your mother.
          If you want to fight that way go ahead because its going to take all kinds of fighting to win this thing, if it comes to that . I pray that it doesn’t.
          May God watch over your mother.
          My father is in the same boat.

        • brinksmom, I always say, there are things worse than death. She’s in my prayers and that makes two from this forum.

          • Thank you Sgt Dale and JayJay.
            I am afraid to conemplate what will happen to what is left of the Greatest Generation who are sick and completely dependant on others for their care.
            That is why I hope God takes her before it gets worse. May He watch over your dad too, Sgt. Dale.

            • THANKS YOU! SIR.

      21. None of the issues that led up to the new depression have been acknowledged by the government, much less solved.

        The worst problems have become even worse over time, rather than better.

      22. When in danger, when in doubt.
        Run in circles, scream and shout.

        For the first couple of minutes. ;0)

      23. I don’t comment a lot on here, but I come to this site faithfully everyday,,, I just wanted to share a conversation with my mom I had yesterday while visiting her, my mom whom worked up in Washington for two terms and left after that, said that she was very very worried there was going to be a great cleansing coming soon,,,,, this really nailed it for me, my mom always laughed at my conspiracies,,,, now she’s got me down right worried,,,, she like me now believes nothing from either the dems or republicans, and she was a serious democrat,,,,, I asked if she stores food away,,,, she said no,,,,, for what’s coming, she said she prefers not to live through it…,,,,,,If you knew my mom, this would of scared you as it did me last nite,,,, my mom is never wrong or worried, now she is,,,,,, this is going to get bad and down right scary, we are in a very very bad place,,,,,,,

        • @LouLou,

          That’s definitely a thought provoking comment you’ve made. Will you elaborate any details regarding your mom’s insights on forthcoming events?

        • out of curiosity, did she provide some sort of time scale? 6 mths, 1 year, 5+ years, etc….just curious. Thanks.

        • loulou, any details on what’s coming down the pike?


        • LOU LOU……….. well if your MOTHER said it, it MUST be true.

          You heard it here on the INTERNET first, folks!

      24. Sgt Dale
        It sounds like our group is located fairly close to you. 2 exits east. And it’s very possible you may work with a cop or two in our group. It’s a relief to know there are more good people in our area.
        If you have an iwin. Look up the large department to your east that starts with J. Shoot a message to the name on the list that is the same as the greatest professional wrestler of all time.
        Best wishes

        • I would but the chief watches iwin like a hawk, we had a guy abuse it. If you get to Rt170 and Rt6 look me up. I’m just an Officer now (working part time) not a Sgt.. I retired as a Sgt. so I grabbed the handle. If I’m not working have them call me and I will contact you.
          God Bless!!!

          • Oh…now he’s not a Sargeant, and can’t access iwin cause they “watch it” cause it was abused?

            Your a SGT DICKHEAD wannabe.

      25. Kerry signed the arms treaty.

        • wow…what a surprise.

          It was a given.

      26. Kerry signed the treaty regardless of how anyone felt about it. McAuliffe in Va, running for governor is calling for “Colorado style gun control. The dems can’t help but tell us what they are going to do. Smells like civil war/secession. Too many things happening at once!

        • You people need to learn your civics. A treaty must be ratified by the senate before it can take effect. It does not matter who signed it. If your god himself signed, it would not have the force of law until it is ratified by the senate.

          • Granted its symbolic however I’m unaware of any administration in history signing a treaty that wasn’t ratified.

          • ncjoe, you f#$%in moron, we know our civics. At least in theory, that’s how it’s supposed to work. I wouldn’t put it past monkeyboy to come up with an EO banning private gunownership and just bypassing the Senate altogether. if he does that and asks the UN for “assistance” in going after our guns, IT WILL BE GAME ON! Let them come try it. MOLON LABE WOLVERINES braveheart

            • You are right, that in theory thats how its supposed to work. They are not going by theory anymore.

          • Obama does what he wants. The law doesn’t matter.

          • LMAO! A democrat telling people to learn their civics. A funnier thing I have not heard.

          • NC Joe;
            Yes the Senate must ratify. Guess who is backing BO to the hilt and who sent Kerry to sign. Do we for one moment think that they will not back him now? The American people must be disarmed to bring in the NWO they are dedicated to just like the Germans did when they created their dictatorship under Hitler. I do not see much difference in the two so I believe that the treaty will be ratified by the democratic majority. They have nothing to loose as elections will cease when it all comes down and they face no re-elections. Just what will they be afraid of – a disarmed citizenry?

          • NC Joe:
            You are right. The Senate has to ratify the treaty. The ? comes are there enough Senators with enough BALLS not to ratify the treaty? Or will they just give in.
            If they do that it will start the next CIVIL WAR!!!!

          • You’re an idiot. No nation signs a treaty as a symbolic gesture. The president can and will begin implementation by E.O. just as soon as he can, same as he is doing with the Kyoto Accords.

        • Let them make the attempt at confiscation and we’ll just see how it works out.

      27. woooooof woooooooof!!!! hhhaaaaaaa haaaaaaa!!!! lalallalalalalalal!!!1

        Anyone who agrees with me, thumbs me up!!!

      28. i get that the big companies would just go back and do the same thing, they’ll get a slap on the wrist again and the only ones it will hurt is low level employees they lay off.

        the part i dont get is all the people that saw it play out right in front of them and 5 years later, they are back getting adjustable rate loans, car loans with even longer terms and maxed out the credit cards; i would think some of them would learn.

        for instance, by year end, i should be debt free with the exception of the mortgage, cut my living expenses to less than 20% of my income, have a big stash of cash and metals lying around the house and a pile of cash so big; i could go 20 years without a job.

        seriously, obamacare is coming, the middle east is a mess and everyone knows obama can be rolled by any head of state bigger than costa rica; how people think everything is going to get better is beyond my rationalization.

        • Obamacare…? I thought it was Obamacide…..

      29. Along with prepping for disaster either man made or natural,not giving up our rights and means to defend ourselves,and a endless list of other things also think about what in a new world you can provide as a good or service that will be needed.I want to also think about what if I survive a debacle I can do to help the mighty phoenix that is our country arise from the ashes of it’s self immolation.Prepping long term is also thinking what do I have to offer and what skills can I pick up that will be helpful to others whether necessity or just recreational(still comes to mind!).Live for today,prep for tomorrow.

      30. And me, I’m sitting here drinking a cold 12 ounce, long neck porkchop.

      31. Always been a fan of Charley McGrath. Hat tip to you sir you are a patriot.

        Now… back to figuring out where to put the poo and the bodies when the rest of the lights go out.

        melon labia… or something.

        • dude, I am lmfao!!!

          melon labia??? melon lips!!!

          molon labe…”don’t go down without one helluva fight”

      32. I already feel like there’s a ton of food in my basement. I’m feeling like it’s time to get more shelves.

      33. Prepared Preacher:

        I’m glad you are NOT my preacher. Your attitude sucks along with your bible interpretations.

        • As if you’ve ever walked into a church. I think a couple places in the Bible it says if you didn’t hate him Jesus would be disappointed. He has given wise council on this site for a couple years and as usual his understanding is spot on. Many here will disagree with him, but at least their smart enough to understand what he is saying is Biblical.

          It is clear from your posts that you’re not very well educated and I would be surprised if employed at all you’re not wearing a smock.

          You can’t fix stupid without stupid’s permission.

          • GovernmentGuy:

            I am educated to the level that I would never admit to being a “GovernmentGuy”. That alone defines who and what you are; and what you stand for without me having to post another word.

            • The fact that you are stupid enough to think that I actually work for the government is what defines who you are. I originally picked this name as a joke, but now I’m stuck with it if I don’t want moderation because it is linked to the email address.

              I tried to explain this concept to you after you posted that you were confused, but you weren’t even smart enough to recognize the truth when you read it in black and white.

              • “is what defines who you are”

                Don’t forget, that dimwit puts herself in with that virulent racist nutbag ‘Them Guys’

                Indeed, by their fruits you will know them.

            • @POG

              Why in the world trolls like you are allowed on this site, I don’t know. All you do is sound off on Christians and don’t know enough to even make an intelligent answer.

              Instead of using your satanic barbs on us, read the Bible so the next time you won’t sound like the fool that you are.

              It’s me again. I’m baaaaack!!!!


          • Thanks for defending me, but it is not necessary. We are known by our fruits and it is clear upon whom the wrath of God still rests. Let us pray in agreement that she will have supernatural intervention drawing her to repentance.

            I was a warrior once, but after 25 years of trying finally have children and they are my focus temporarily. Pastors rarely get to the front lines anyway since so much emotional trauma must be addressed. Perhaps one day I will be part of an underground resistance facilitating the missions of younger warriors, but I pray it never gets that bad.

          • Pissed off Granny,

            Matthew 7:1-5 ESV

            “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.

            • Swinging Star: You Mis interpreted that shall not judge verse. The very final sentence is what its about.

              First Teach yourself truth THEN remove from others eye.

              Its telling You to learn how to Discern from truth and falsehoods. Then you can Reprove and rebuke false teachers or wrong doers.

              Discern is not the same as judgeing a persons Soul.

              Reprove means to Correct falsehoods taught, and rebuke means Reject falsehoods and tell others why its wrong.

              Thats NOT Judgemental its a entire different thing Christ also taught.

              Perhaps that bible version you quote from has far too many changes in it to be accurate eh.

        • Granny, King K, and others commenting: Prep. pastor needs to glean on Chuck Baldwin and Dave Daubenmire articles on Rom 13 and info on gelding 501c3 muzzled and shackled gov controlled church controlled ministers that are about 99% of all preachers/priests today!! No one says it like these two men. Yes, they have their own web sites and I’ve been blessed from their wisdom. They are not gov. church geldings either.

          • Laura M., you’re spot on about Chuck Baldwin. I go to his site and Pastor Butch Paugh’s website Neither one of those pastors have 501c3 status and refuse to have it. they both tell it like it really is. braveheart

            • Unprepared pastor:

              I think you skipped parts of seminary. But that’s ok. A diversity of opinions are good. That is why JoeinNC is important because there are millions others that think and feel just like him.

              You have made good points. Just not Romans 13 (my opinion)….

              I have been wrong many times before though.

              Also, to preppers, cannot remember who recommended it but I did buy the solar DLight 300. I’ll let you know what I think when it arrives and I have tried it once or twice. Thanks for the link.

              • Fortunately, “Romans 13” was NOT misinterpreted by our Founding Fathers. Otherwise, we would be singing “God save the Queen” led by the likes of Pierce Morgan!

                And yes, YOU would already be disarmed!

              • Prep Pastor : you need to read Matt: 7:13 -23. Most all preachers/ church folks who agree w/ your pol correct views will be cast into Hell as man pleasers/ wolves…. by their fruits you will know them and yes, I knew past phony patriots from yrs back, they cannot be trusted either.

            • PP, are they apostate because they reject 501c3 status and won’t let govt. regulate what they can talk about?

        • @Granny, one answer does not fit all, especially when the SHTF. You’ve never walked a mile in Pastor’s shoes.

          • @SilverSax
            4 year prepper says:
            There is always a negative response when someone mentions the Bible yet she does not even know the proper spelling to show Jesus the honor He deserves. It is obvious she does not read or study Gods word.
            She needs our prayers.

            4 year prepper

        • @Pissed off Granny

          I’ll bet the preacher knows that there is only ONE Revelation instead of “REVELATIONS” as you are so fond of saying. Yours don’t smell so good either.
          Study up on “You shall not judge others because I will judge ye also” People have different interpretations. That is why we have so many denominations. Jesus meant for us to be one body.

          Guess who!

        • @SilverSax

          You tell her!!! Granny seems to have a hang up about the Bible. I have a feeling she is an atheist! Don’t even know the word Bible should always be spelled with a capital “B”.

          Guess who!!! Again!!!

        • 4 year prepper says

          From all the negative responses I have heard you say when something about the Bible (Yes! BIBLE with a capital “B) as in “Revelation” not Revelations as you are so fond of saying. I am wondering what you have against Christians.
          If I were you I would stop posting and read the B-I-B-L-E and show yourself approved instead of opening your mouth and sowing seeds of discord. You will read that Jesus cautions us about judging others.
          I have read the Bible enough to know if the pastor is teaching scripture. Jesus says “Study and show thyself approved.”
          There are different interpretations of the Bible. That is why we have different denominations.
          I don’t seem to recognize which denomination you might be.
          From the other responses to your ill post, I don’t think you will get any Kudo’s.

          4 year prepper

        • @POG, Fortunately, “Romans 13″ was NOT misinterpreted by our Founding Fathers. Otherwise, we would be singing “God save the Queen” led by the likes of Pierce Morgan!

          And yes, YOU would already be disarmed!

      34. It IS coming like a freight train; rolling down the tracks. And there’s NOT a damn thing anyone; in or out of government can do. People IN the top tier of government KNOW it. The American people; a vast majority; not so much. I could be wrong; but I estimate we’ve got about 1.5 – 2 years TOPS. During the coming tribulation; I hope im standing on the right in the sight of God; along with others; and he forgives and forgets past sin. Amen.

      35. September 25, 2013

        “The Department of State has issued this Worldwide Caution to update information on the continuing threat of terrorist actions and violence against U.S. citizens and interests throughout the world.

        U.S. citizens are reminded to maintain a high level of vigilance and to take appropriate steps to increase their security awareness.”

        “Extremists may elect to use conventional or non-conventional weapons, and target both official and private interests. Examples of such targets include high-profile sporting events, residential areas, business offices, hotels, clubs, restaurants, places of worship, schools, public areas, shopping malls, and other tourist destinations both in the United States and abroad where U.S. citizens gather in large numbers, including during holidays.”

        travel dot state dot gov
        (Direct link below)

        • Just don’t increase your security awareness to expect to be allowed to carry a concealed weapon anywhere in Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, or similar large cities, where such attacks are likely.

          • smokey

            Concealed carry is allowed in Mass/Boston…only 4% of us statewide have been issued Class A large Capacity Concealed.,,the other 6 % have f.i.d or hunting licenses.

            Majority of the state is paranoid of any weapon or violence and are ardent ob(1)kanobe supporters and statists/progressive/big government/liberal types..

            we keep a low profile for obvious reasons…

            especially opsec..


            • I stand corrected as to Boston.

              Here, we pay $100 with the CCW application and fingerprints, and have a background check and issued license in 30 days or less. 3-year renewal is the same.

        • Keep a gun nearby at all times at this point. You never know when it could come in handy to get your ass out of immediate danger.

        • well well well KYMom..

          seems they are readying another false one on us all..

          Given that we are heavily vested in the last episode where dozens were slaughtered in the African Westgate Mall..

          it just figures..

          doesn;t it?


      36. We assume that preppers will stand a better chance of surviving. However, when the SHTF we do not know how we will respond. Some of the gung-ho preppers will cave in when things collapse around them, while the folks who are currently brainless zombies will spring to action and stand unfazed in the face of danger and death. They will also be resourceful and manage to get food and water and probably help some of the preppers who lost everything. We just do not know how we will react in a specific situation.

        • AnneMarie.

          What you say is true. That is why ‘prepping’ should be a way of life and not a way of doing stuff because of fear.

          Calamity may hit just you with medical issues that wiped out your savings. Or maybe even lost your home due to medical issues.

          You need to look at prepping as an investment. Thus questions like how much to put into savings and what does a person need to purchase for needs at home. You need both. So invest wisely with ‘commonsense’ and not from fear.

          As you said, ‘nobody knows what will happen’….That is true. But that should not be an excuse for not trying your best. Good luck.

      37. Ky mom,
        What time did this email come in? The Dept. I work in usually recieves warnings like this when things have the potential to get bad. It’s no,secret on this site that I work for DHS ( infrastructure protection for a secure facility) . The format of your post looks like it was issued by DOT. There really has been a lot of strange goings on lately, we are being kept in the dark and there has been an awful lot of misinformation spreading about lately . There are many of us that do not trust the current regime and I think TPTB do not realize the lack of support they face.
        When the time comes the regime is in for a rude awakening.


        Semper Fi 8541

        • shorty after 5pm

        • shortly after 5pm

        • Night breaker,

          just to clarify – I received the email from lds, not any gov’t group.

          Last year I ordered the preparedness manual from lds and since then have received warning emails.

      38. I once went swimming (wading) for 21.5 hrs without a bathroom break. Need a kick in the rear? You could have had a V8.

        How many miles Okie without a bathroom break…

      39. @ incognito. The Yellowstone caldera gets all stirred up everytime the area around Atka, Alaska has some activity. A couple of weeks ago this point in Alaska had a 6.1 quake and some volcanic movement. The two points from here to Yellowstone are connected. Watch for activity for about 51 north by 174 west, give you take a coule of degrees. This gets Yellowstone up and about.

        Up above NC JOKER is at it again talking about how ALL of us are murderous psychopaths looking for an excuse to murder anyone. Looking forward to lawlessness so we can hurt and kill innocent others. This is perhaps the most absurd bit of rubbish NC Joker has ever commented about. The people just want to protect their families and what they had. The people here don’t just want to go people shooting after the SHTF in huge fashion. The people here have extreme good morality and would not hold the Constiution so dear if they were even close to what the Joker from NC says about ALL of us.

        OK, now let’s have a flashback on a couple of NC Joker’s comments, one of many dozens that the ranting was bizarre.

        Joker said that we all don’t deserve to live and that Joker will enjoy it when someone does us all in. Joker also went on to talk about all the firearms Joker has. How many people on this site actually have wished that EVERYONE die? What makes a psycho? Someone whom wants to protect their family and themselves and what they have worked and sacrificed much for. Or someone whom goes around talking about and wishing that a large number of people will die. I think any law enforcement expert knows full well whom is the danger and ready to go snap, crackle, and then pop.

        • Copy that.

          While I’m here following up I’ll chime in. While cringe at the thought of the senseless loss of life and spend my efforts improving the quality of and maybe even saving the lives of those I can with my chosen careers my family will naturally always come first. Threaten me, my wife, one of my children, my dog or any of the souls under my wings and I will without restraint and very capably invoke my legal right to defend myself and my home.

      40. okay, completely off topic, but just a bit of a laugh I had today at the lack of understanding of cultures….

        We were using a new type of mesh in a surgery today. The PA asked “what is this made of?” turns out it is made of porcine small intestine. So I asked the company rep, on a serious note “what options do we have if a patient is muslim? I mean, they object to pork?” The rep’s response……”Oh, we have letters from rabbi’s. Its Kosher, so it’s okay.” I just couldn’t even dignify that with a response.

      41. Fine, don’t print the comment I submitted, I don’t have don’t have to come to this website again. Bye, y’all.

        • Goodbye

      42. just picked this up on FB.

        http://premierehiphop dot com/2013/09/25/lynn-massachusetts-cops-kill-an-unarmed-dominican-iraq-war-veteran-in-his-own-home/


        New link since FB shut down the trucker’s site.

        • FB is really get it ridiculous these days! I’ll beat ya the Kill Zimmerman page is still up and running though!!

          • Time to take away Zuckerberg’s power. Everyone who wants to quit FB should to do it the weekend of the strike.

      44. I’m ready. I hardly felt anything on that last downturn. Let’s see what they can dish out this time around.

      45. This is all just a typical cycle.
        Go read the 4th turing book.

        The fall of rome.
        Our turn now.

        The poor become well off…then their kids get lazy and things fall apart.
        Then the poor great grandchildren need to build a life for themselves.

        rinse repeat.

        My own folks.. inherited money bought RVs, boats and travel.
        No planning for their grand children.

        See how things go.

        Personally we hide all our wealth as the boomers will tax it away.

      46. @ Kingcrazy, Hedge, kinase……I’ve just emailed my mom to ask her more about this, to be honest I was in shock as my husband was / is..The conversation had been stopped/ changed because my son had walked into the room and she didn’t want to scare him, I did though tell her that we would come and get her and my dad ( they live in Austin) and bring them to our house in the country, she said ” why do you think living in the country would be better?”,,, I explained everything we have done/prepared for etc……my mom just shook her head and said ” things are different now then back during ww2…no where will be safe, no where., and were not talking a few months scene here …..I do know though she started to talk about the sleeper cells that are embedded in our country, that are waiting to get the word,…As soon as I hear from her I will let you know,, like I said she terrified me and rattled my husband who doesn’t unravel easy.,.I haven’t been sleeping good since tuesday nite…..Honestly through this site , I’ve prepped for my family for a good eight to 10 months supply of food etc, now I’m seriously beginning to wonder if I want to endure what’s coming our way,,,,, my mom scared the sh##t out of me, her eyes, her facial expressions etc……If she doesn’t want to live during this time, do I or we ?????

        • Make sure Dad tells her to get in the car when it’s time.

          The worst that can happen is your family is united in a calamity.

        • LouLou.

          The fact that your mom is a dem explains why she is a Johnny-come-lately. We know calamity is coming. The signs have been here since 911. That ‘day’ will be here soon enough. Thus, all you can do is be ready as best as can.

          I think your mom has finally discovered some of the stuff that has been floating around since 911. But I am glad she is finally seeing what could be a terrible road ahead.

          Good Luck.

        • loulou, thanks for the info. Please stay in touch with the forum. You input is very much appreciated. 🙂

          • loulou, after reading your post and applying some deductive reasoning I conclude that a terror attack that would frighten your Mom like that must involve some type of dirty nukes. If it is nuke attacks, they are survivable if you aren’t near ground zero. You can get Iosat iodine tablets for 8 bucks a pack on ebay. Make sure you get enough Iosat packs for every family member. Make sure you know the dosage.
            “”Use only as directed by State or local public health authorities in the event of a radiation emergency. Adults and children 1 year of age or older: 1 tablet once a day. Crush for small children. Babies under 1 year of age: 1/2 tablet once a day. Crush first. Take for 10 days unless directed otherwise by state or local public health authorities.””

            You may want some gas masks too. Your posts really spooked me. 🙁

        • LOU LOU…I call BULLSHIT on EVERYTHING you are saying.

          First- if it was true… a Mother PROTECTS her children. If “Nowhere is safe” and this isn’t like “WW2” and your preps wont help…

          what good did she do you by telling you you are going to die?

          Your full of shit.

        • Are the sleeper cells Moslems?

      47. Oh and I did tell her about Being Informed ‘s earthquakes predictions,, she said you will only hear the warning sound from that person ( BI) and a few others, you will never ever hear a warning from the higher up, they will never let that cat out of the bag, due to the mass exit/ hysteria it would cause,,, they know it will happen, watch it happen and deal with the aftermath instead…..

      48. Ok, time for some good ‘ol fashioned Heel talk –

        On and on and on this site goes, throwing up story after story of “collapse indicators” that are meant to spur preppers into action of one form or another. So-and-so said this or that, the Fed made some move, the President du jour made an inflammatory comment.

        For fuck’s sake people, it all comes down to this –

        1) Be prepped. If you aren’t, GET prepped.
        2) Be ready. Any time, any hour, when you least expect.

        Quit circling the carcass of the Incorporated Empire of ‘Murica. Check the hell out of this decayed and broken society. You want to really deal a mortal blow to the machine? STOP FEEDING IT. STOP WATCHING ITS EVERY MOVE. DIS-CON-NECT!

        Republican Elected? Democrat? – Couldn’t care less, didn’t even know there was an election.

        Fed enacted QE12? Breaking news from Chair? – Couldn’t care less, don’t watch TV anymore anyway.

        Entire cast of Dancing with the Twats incinerated? Couldn’t care less, whoop-dee-fuck.

        Take care for yourself, your loved ones, and those you have decided to provide for.

        May the strong survive, the weak perish.

        -Heel out

        • ***Republican Elected? Democrat? – Couldn’t care less, didn’t even know there was an election.
          Fed enacted QE12? Breaking news from Chair? – Couldn’t care less, don’t watch TV anymore anyway.
          Entire cast of Dancing with the Twats incinerated? Couldn’t care less, whoop-dee-fuck***

          Exactly–I read here and other sites just to know how close ‘it’ is. It’s coming…but only when ‘they’ think they can win. DO NOT let anyone have your guns.
          You consent, and others will follow.
          Resist, and others will follow.

          NSA..can ya hear me now?? 😉

      49. “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

        “I sincerely believe that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies, and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity under the name of funding is but swindling futurity on a large scale.” –Thomas Jefferson to John Taylor, 1816.

        My personal favorite founding father, who not only had much to say about banks but many other issues as well. If only men of his caliber were around today. Alas.

        • Yes Jefferson was a crafty talented individual. He wrote the document. He put something in for everyone involved. those framers argued and some even hated each other. Jefferson was quiet and didn’t argue and it was his document that was accepted. He knew its weaknesses and faults. He was not without his faults. When he became president he exploited that knowledge. But it did him no good he died deep in debt. If we would all get out of debt. save up and pay cash. We could starve the beast. the private banks would fail and hard work & thrift would almost always succeed. Ive found being debt free is worth the hardship of doing without. I had too much stuff anyhow.

      50. “What’s coming is what the U.S. government has been simulating for the last half decade: A total collapse of our financial system, civil unrest, and the very real possibility of a lock-down of the United States of America in its entirety.”

        It will also expose the US for what it has become completely to some of out staunches allies, and it’s also when those disenfranchised with US leadership without the support of the foundation aka populace will likely rise up. The US simply cannot do both compel the populace and compel its so-called allies support as well.

      51. @smokey,,, actually it will be my mom getting my dad in the car, he’s suffering from alzheimers,,,, and she’s haven’t been a democrat for quite some time, she is neither, she says the dems and rep are a completly d7fferent breed than 30 something yrs ago, she’s always had her eyes opened, that’s why she got out after 9 11,….she and the others that had brains, rational thinking saw the radicals coming in, that’s why her running for a senator seat went out the door, she wanted out,,, All I’m saying is she knows something , from someone, somewhere for her to say what she said, she’s never ever said anything like this, she doesn’t get rattled, when she was in the embassy many years back in Russia when they got attacked, they went into the shelter underground and waited for help, thankfully help came for them, but as she says you know the risks for the jobs you take,and deal with it……something is really bothering her to talk to all her kids, one by one,,, my brother has also now decided he will not want to go through this cleansing and hopes he too will be taken out fast…………I’m just sharing on this site what I’m being told by someone ( my mom) who probably knows, sees more than us, on a level were not on

      52. Well I heard from my mom..,,, don’t know what to say, my husband and I are just seating here,,,, I’m not proud to say I’m right now very scared,,, my mom in a nutshell is saying ww3, massive financial meltdown, cival war, dictatorship, not in that order,, doesn’t matter what order it comes, one will offset the other, like a dominio effect…she from what she wrote says the time period doesn’t matter, enjoy your life,,,, no one can stop what’s coming…..knowing my mom and her wording means its around the corner, usually she will tell me stop worring so, its years away,,,,,,, now she’s not saying,,,,,,,,, I’m thinking less than a year??? ….. my mother is not telling me her thoughts on the timeline because she knows damn well I would be counting the days, I’ve just emailed her again saying I need to know what she knows, cause I have a child to think about,,,,,, she’s not answering me, her only reply is I chose not to answer your question due to I know what’s coming, I chose to stop worring about something you have no control over,,,….

        • LOU LOU……….. first, learn how to spell. A Senator daughter should spell better.

          Second… Now she is not answering your emails, after scaring the shit out of you..

          yeah….sounds like a Mother to me.

          Your FULL OF SHIT.

          • I don’t think even the morons here believe Lou. Wow Lou you are a dumbass.

          • No one knows anything for shure. For the last couple of thousand years there have been false propets and bible thumpers who sincerely believed that they where indeed living in the end times referenced in the bible. Many also believed that only those who thought and shared the same religious superstition as them where going be raptured or make it to heaven. So far they have all been wrong. That don’t make then bad or evil people just incorrect. Shure thing are bad and for all appearences the puzzle parts fit perfectly. however I bet bck when the bubonic plague was rampant it appeared just as bad. We are having an end of an age climatic pole shift. Its happened before and it was devastating to all life on the earth. However it wasn’t a complete extinction. Humans and other life did survive even though their numbers where greatly reduced. This time around I like to think wont be any different. But Like I stated No Human knows for shure.

      53. @Kingcrazy, just saw ur post on iodine,,, Thankyou…….thankfully I stocked up on them and kelp/ seaweed last year, and all the OTC I could and still stocking….worried though on good antiobotics,,, docs don’t give those out

        • Fish/animal antibiotics are the same for humans. You can order over the net.

        • The world is ending like SOON and your mother told you all this shit is crazy… throw it away.

          Dont you trust your mom?

          YOUR FULL OF SHIT, and with every post you show it more.

      54. @loulou,

        Well, the answers she’s given may not be encouraging to hear but we want to hear what she has to say, so there it is. Thank you loulou for telling us what you could, it is definitely appreciated.

      55. “The following rules were published in 1792 by Philip Freneau on behalf of Thomas Jefferson. They represent the means to replace our Republic with a monarchy. Or in our case today, a dictatorship without Liberty.”

        Thomas Jefferson had this work done so that we’d know what to look out for. Funny how this work is almost unknown, but it is scary how close this is to our reality today.

        “6. But the grand nostrum will be a public debt, provided enough of it can be got and it be medicated with the proper ingredients. If by good fortune a debt be ready at hand, the most is to be made of it. Stretch it and swell it to the utmost the items will bear. Allow as many extra claims as decency will permit. Assume all the debts of your neighbors – in a word, get as much debt as can be raked and scraped together, and when you have got all you can, “advertise” for more, and have the debt made as big as possible. This object being accomplished, the next will be to make it as perpetual as possible; and the next to that, to get it into as few hands as possible. The more effectually to bring this about, modify the debt, complicate it, divide it, subdivide it, subtract it, postpone it, let there be one-third of two-thirds, and two-thirds of one-third, and two-thirds of two-thirds; let there be 3 percents, and 4 percents, and 6 percents, and present 6 percents, and future 6 percents. To be brief, let the whole be such a mystery that a few only can understand it; and let all possible opportunities and informations fall in the way of these few to cinch their advantages over the many.”

        • and yet Jefferson himself failed to heed his own wisdom. He became deep in debt. He sold his library to the government and got enough to pay off. Then turned around and got into finiancial troubles again. When he died he owed money.

      56. A little off topic, maybe, but just fyi… my daughter’s best friend is in the air force, stationed in England right now. 01Oct13 he is being deployed to Qatar. He works on the jets’ fuel tanks, and also refuels them. Just sayin…

      57. What everyone must realize is nothing is what it seems, and History repeats.

      58. @Rich98……you are such a sad soul, or should I say a sad payed troll..Have you no respect for yourself than to pick a job to work for our goverment to read everyone’s postings on sites daily and be negative and try to switch someone s knowledge to the side of our goverment of lies, decit etc? On whom you get payed for,,, can’t you find another way to make an income, where you can atleast have some respect or dignity for yourself,, and maybe think for your self? What a sad, pathetic human being you are

        • loulou, don’t pay any attention to name callers. The rest of us welcome your input.

          I do have more questions if you don’t mind.

      59. @King crazy,,,,, if I can answer I will….

        • After thinking about it I won’t ask any more questions. OPSEC 😉 It must be bad if your Mom has given up hope. Take care of your family. 🙂

      60. @kingcrazy do you have an email address ?

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