McGrath: ‘Austerity Will Hit America Like An Eight Pound Sledgehammer’

by | Oct 27, 2010 | Charlie McGrath, Headline News | 57 comments

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    Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News warns that things are going to change after the election – for the worse. While the movement across America to stop an out of control Congress in its tracks will likely lead to Republican victories and control of at least the House, the idea that this will somehow change the economic outlook for the better is conjecture. While our regular readers already understand we’re in a depression, most Americans have no clue of the severity of the problem. According to McGrath, they will know very very soon.

    Look at what’s going on around the world. We have riots in Greece, riots in France, we have massive job cuts in England [which are] probably going to lead to social unrest there. It is our time to have austerity flung upon us. That’s what this election is going to be used for.

    A week from now when Republicans control the house, maybe the Senate, it really doesn’t matter. Everything’s going to come to a grinding halt. Every talk of extending unemployment benefits is going to come to a grinding halt and austerity is going to be implemented on the American people. Like it or not, it’s coming.

    This is the plan. We’re going to know that we are in a great depression, very very soon.

    There’s going to be a lot of people in your life, maybe even yourself, who are facing these difficult, tough decisions when it comes to how to make ends meet…

    …The fact is, economic hard times [are] coming your way – like it or not. You have to change your mindset. You have to wrap your head around the fact that it might be your only option to strategically default on your house. It might be your only option to go ahead and file bankruptcy.

    When austerity becomes vogue in this country, it’s going to hit like an eight pound sledgehammer and a lot of people are not going to be able to take it.

    …They would have no problem whatsoever walking away from you and letting you wither and die on the vine. You can not have a heart for these people. You need to have a heart for your family. You need to make strategic decisions that benefit yourself and your family. The crime of shifting their debt on to you is complete. It’s time for you to look out for you and your own.

    A lot of personal economic decisions in the very near future will be made out of desperation. Congress, be it democrat or republican, cannot stop the coming wave. Whether we print more money a la Paul Krugman and Keynesian economics, or cut spending through austerity measures, the shit is about to hit the fan.

    Watch Charlie McGrath:


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      1. Dont let wall street mask the reality of main street. We are approaching what I believe will be one of the worst winters in American history.  Make sure you are prepared with some water/food storage as well as some cash/coins/gold/silver on hand. Everyone should also maintain a firearm as when things start to get really bad here people will resort to desperate measures and you need to be able to protect your family.

        God bless everyone

      2. You can just feel it heating up.  The signs are all over the place.  Gold is down 17.50 today.  I’m in.

      3. RED’s only comment is this.
        It will not hit you like an 8 pound sledge.
        It will hit you like a 22 yard rock hauler fully loaded driven by a methed up former high school football star !

        Better be ready.


      4. America is trashed….after the phony staged elections, inflation will rev up.  Get out of debt,  stock up and hunker down.  Get extra blue  jeans, socks and underwear too, price of cotton has doubled from bad weather world wide.  The first 2-3 weeks (if there is a collapse) will be the most dangerous.

      5. the united states needs a vigorous immediate austerity plan after the next elections to break out of this minor economic slowdown caused by chinese spys and currency manipulators.

        our banking system lead by federal reserve monetary expert bernanke as well as his friends rubin, geithner and summers has been very effective in blunting most of the fiduciary damage -but much more needs to be done after the tea party victories in the next election.                                                            

        the greatly needed austerity plan which will be introduced by leaders mcconnell and boehner must include much higher taxes on individuals including a 20% across the board value added tax on all purchases including food. this move, as well as an increased fifty cent per gallon federal taxes on gasoline, will enable the government to get tax revenues  from all those unemployed free-loaders who don’t currently pay taxes.

        in addition, we also need another round of deregulation to further invigorate and modernize our banking system. this will effectively make make our banking system more competitive on the world stage. the repeal of glass-steagall  was simply not enough. in addition, several of the remaining anti-trust acts also need to be trashed so our banks and large corporations can get more productive and bring more prosperity to all of us. if any challanges  arise with the austerity plan by pesky legislators i’m sure our new supreme court will be enormously helpful in legally defeating any and all challanges.

        the upcoming TARP II or QE II cash infusions are much needed to enrich the american banking and corporate ledgers so these  behemoths of modern industry can cancel some of their toxic accounts and get moving forward again. i look forward to the prospect of these plans contributing several more trillion dollars into the arteries of american industry.

        we also need to pass some of the NAFTA-like trade acts with south american, african and indonesian countries so higher quality and more affordable goods can be brought into america so our citizens can save more of their hard earned money.

        last, but certainly not least, is the problem with the destabilization throughout pakistan. now that we have won the war in iraq and enabled iraq to have it’s own independent government we seriously need to consider invading pakistan and bringing stability to this part of the world just like we have in afghanistan. we certainly have enough private contractors skilled in modern combat techniques to do the job with fewer questions being asked by do-gooders and spys about their advanced combat tecniques…

      6. Mushroom,  we do appreciate your comments.  But, for Christ’s sake, your head is in your ass.  You are so wrong from Bernanke to free trade.  Fucking free trade has sent a large percentage of our manufacturing jobs to Mexico.  We need to tariff your cheap ass goods and manufacture and buy American.  Mexico, China and India bypass 90% of our health, work safety and environmental  codes, so they should have their goods priced comparitively to ours via a tariff.  Our wealth as a country suffers every time you buy a foreign good via our huge trade deficit.  NAFTA has shafted us, Bernanke and Geither are shafting us, and you want more cheap foreign made shit to buy with our falling paper fiat money?  Obama and company have shown us ZERO business sense and would run a lemonade stand into the ground within a week…


      7. Each of us has his/her opinion its welcome and respected. But nobody can deny plain facts.
        What i see here in Europe is the whole system collapsing. Greece is finished. The same applies to Ireland and Portugal. French people are out in the streets. U.K. announced even thougher austerity measures. The Germans are not willing to hold the structure. If it goes down, the Germans will leave first.
        I’m not talking for the former soviet republics; people are hungry there. Spain faces unemployment rate up to 22%. Italy has problems too, with this idiot Berluskoni.
        With globalization when one market goes down many others will follow.
        My opinion is that you guys must close your borders, throw out all illegals, and start producing again. Food, clothes, machinery, energy, or whatever. Don’t even look behind what’s happening to the rest of the world.
        Shut down the hatches and wait for the storm to pass.


      8. @ laura m.

        Telling people to get more clothes is very smart, but don’t stop with just the socks athletes foot powder and cream is nice to have also and extra shoes.

        Can’t do much walking or running with bad feet.

      9. Can someone please give me advice on whats best to do in my situation?  I’m 22, a college senior living by myself as a renter, engaged to a man who is a hard worker but is the farthest thing from rich imaginable.  For me what is smarter to do- pay off my credit card debts, which would wipe out my savings and make monthly bills difficult to pay?  Or should I keep paying my debts like I normally do (at least 4x the minimum payment) and spend my paychecks on food and ammunition for my gun and water?  I just don’t know…I’m so afraid to be by myself and make the wrong choice with no one to help me besides my equally broke fiancee.

      10. Look we all knew we were being robbed. It was obvious to most that about 75percent of the population are sheep and they will go along to try and get along no matter what. When that stops working they will blame you because you did not go along. And so they will form the excuse to rob you of what you have. And they will. It is already happening.
        Illegal immigrants who have joined gangs are going to make you remember why we have borders. And why enforcing our laws was of paramount importance.
        Every day another person you know will become unemployed, hungry and or homeless. No one will have the means to help anyone else except those who will not anyway.
        If you let it be known you have a stash, you will either be raided by the police under anti-hoarding laws or your neighbors. Either way it will not be pretty.
        As society becomes more violent the police will no longer patrol in the usual way, instead they will be trying to beat the other thieves to your stash.
        Enjoy it, after all there is no one to blame but the fat, lazy, dumb, so entitled Americans.
        Do not come here looking for anything, it will be painful for moment and over forever.

      11. Wrong!  Market going higher.  Economic hard times hit a long time ago.  We hit a temporary bottom.  Listen to John Paulson and what he said recently.  Houses going higher, market going higher, everything going back up.  They will reinflate this bubble again.  Just be prepared to jump off at some point in the future (year or two or three)…

      12. Excellent article & video Mac!!
        Your big picture perspective is needed for American’s today!
        If you would like to see how intertwined all these issues & concerns are, your might check out my novel at: “The Epiphany Deception”
        I think you might agree with how deep it goes and how dangerous events are becoming. Most people don’t see how the “dots” all connect. This is what I have done in The Epiphany Deception. Keep up the super work!!

      13. If you were to travel across the country and get a feel for what is going on you would get a jolt of economic reality. The truth is that in the future you will work twice as hard to get half as much; that is a factor of 4. When the austerity measures are slowly instituted, every one except the very rich will feel the effects, it will be somewhat like going back in time about 50 years. I could be wrong, but I am a gambler and bet on the future and so far it has paid off for me. No one can predict the future accurately but we can see it through a foggy haze.

        The wave has not yet hit Saratoga like the rest of the country, but the tremors have been felt there. Drive around California, Florida, the heartland; or the cities of Detroit, Portland and a few others and you will get a feel of what is coming. The folks with their masters degrees will be fighting for jobs at McDonald’s. I hope that I am wrong, but if I am wrong then I did not place my bet accordingly. After all I am from Saratoga, NY where the racetrack is located and we are all born gamblers there, it’s that some bet the horses and some bet on future trends.  Patrick Faiola

      14. Marie, not sure how to answer this, but these are my priorities.

        Water filtration equipment
        Weapons and ammo

        As for debt, close the cards and roll them over to fixed rate loans. At least if inflation hits, they cant raise your interest rate – card rates are pegged to the bank discount rates plus a huge profit. Fixed rate loans will at least keep your remaining debt manageable. Once you have the basics; water, food defense – then go back to paying down the debt as much as possible.

        That is the plan my wife and I are following. Also – dont be ashamed to move in with family; we have 2 mid 20-30 sons back living with us bc they got laid off – more bodies means more people to share the expenses.

        Good luck! And Pray – the Lord always provides for His children.

      15. Comments…..there are no accidents..the future is always in control.there is nothing to fear.

      16. Marie….depends on if you think we are heading for inflation or default on our debt into deflation.  I don’t think our government would ever default on our debt so to me, that means we are heading toward inflating our way out of it.  If we have inflation, it is best to keep paying debts as normal or less (the minimum amount necessary) and buy tangible items, gold, silver, bullets, sugar, flour, rice, and alcohol (for both medical and bartering purposes.)  however, as a renter most likely in a city location, I wouldn’t stockpile more than 6 months of anything and only things that you will definitely use up and rotate out.  If things ever went truly bad, you may not be able to stay in a city area or you may want to relocate out to the country with family.  I would hope things will never get that bad but one can never be sure of anything in this life.  I’m sure Hurricane Katrina people never thought things could get as bad for themselves there as it did. 

      17. Marie-
        Will need more information to prepare a response.  How much debt?  How much income?  Source of income?  Course study/Major?  Geographic location of college?  Geographic location of home you were raised? 
        Noticed you mentioned “living by myself”…bravo!  For starters, resist any “advice” suggesting that you & your fiancee should consolidate your living arrangement and move in together prior to marriage.
        You’re 22 and engaged.  How long have you known Mr. Right?  Time-table for wedding ceremony?
        You’ve come to this anonymous forum for advice…Forgive me for asking, but do and your fiancee see eye to eye on what you believe is in store for our country?  It might just be the translation, but you mentioned you are “afraid of being alone,” is he not on board with you? 
        The more you can share, the more helpful I/we can be.

      18. OSK,  spoken like a true patriot that has paid his dues. 

      19. Marie –
        Take whatever spare fiat monies you have and go to this site: and buy Silver Eagles!  DO IT … you also need to stock up on some food, have a warm place to live and access to water.  The world will not come to a end but it could for awhile get ugly.  Your Silver Eagles will ensure you do not get wipped out by hyperinflation which is coming.  Screw the credit cards the banks are cheating people with 75% interest in some cases, “let them eat cake”.  Most will disappear after SHTF on a daily basis as people begin to realize how they have been ripped off by these crooks.  Remember, paper money (fiat) is going to just become worthless very soon and will buy nothing.  Also waiting until everyone else is rushing to SAM’s are COSCO will be your undoing.  Start getting your Silver Eagles NOW and also buy soups, tuna, pasta, beans, batteries and LED lanterns.

        I have no reason to give you bad advise, everyone should be doing this as of last year!

        Good Luck………….

        • I’m tired of all the promotion for apmex. Their prices are high. Goto and get gold and silver at a fair price.

          I’d never go back to Apmex after they ripped me off before I decided to look around for some better prices.

      20. I’m actually in a town of 55000, not a city, and most of the surrounding area is rural.  I have about 3500 in credit card debt, and my only income is excess aid from school that pays the rent and about 400 a month in part time work (my fiancee makes about 23000 before taxes).  I’m a senior going for a psychology major, but I want to attend occupational therapy school next year.  I live in the south right now, a 40 minute drive from the house where I grew up but do not get along with my dad.  My fiancee feels the same as I do, but he does not have any money to buy preps.  We plan to marry in June, and hope to move to the Pacific northwest for my education.  We have also been together 2 1/2 years, and he is knowledgable in guns, gardening, hunting, and fishing.  I’ll give any other info you need and would love any advice I can get

      21. I’m actually in a town of 55000, not a city, and most of the surrounding area is rural.  I have about 3500 in credit card debt, and my only income is excess aid from school that pays the rent and about 400 a month in part time work (my fiancee makes about 23000 before taxes).  I’m a senior going for a psychology major, but I want to attend occupational therapy school next year.  I live in the south right now, a 40 minute drive from the house where I grew up but do not get along with my dad.  My fiancee feels the same as I do, but he does not have any money to buy preps.  We plan to marry in June, and hope to move to the Pacific northwest for my education.  We have also been together 2 1/2 years, and he is knowledgable in guns, gardening, hunting, and fishing.  I’ll give any other info you need and would love any advice I can get

      22. Marie….I must say ‘Brian’ has put forward good advice to start you off.  ‘YourDaddy’  is very wise in not offering ‘one size fits all’ advice.   Tristan has added good persective for you to consider.  
              So what do I have to add?  To add to these writers I say;  Don’t go it alone, but do not feel you should rush into marriage   
              I would say at this time you need to ensure you have the necessary supplies  to support yourself for three to six months.   This may cause you to only pay the minimum on your c.c.
              A  ‘get out of dodge bag’  with essentials is a necessatity.  Please consider purchasing a quantity of pre-65 U.S. coins
             Family, yours or his, and like minded  responsible persons which you can connect with are the most important.
              Lastly,  I have grandchildren your age and shared the same advice with them to use as they see fit.  Be Well Marie.  M.M.

      23. Marie,

        You borrowed credit from a private corporation, not money.  It is all a fraud.

        Default.  Do not send them another penny.  Use the money and maybe even the remaining credit available to get yourself as ready as you can be.

        Dollars spent o that are far more productive than those spent on supporting and assisting in the continuation of a massive fraud.

        Why save your credit rating in a system that is collapsing?  It will be useless in the end.  Sorry, but I feel the same way about your school.  An occupational therapist will no be much good once people lose their occupations.

        God will guide you if you free your mind from the fictional world of TV and government.  If you are more concerned with Ceaser than Him, not so good.  He gave you everything you need to take care of yourself in the way that best suits you, even it doesn’t suit anyone else.

      24. Marie, my advice is to keep paying down the debt but make sure you have enough money for stocking up.  I prefer sugar, coffee, water, canned food–whatever you can store for 6 months or more without it going bad.   I also have been buying second-hand gold (when I find it) and a lot of silver jewelry at the flea markets.  You can use it for barter or sell it for cash.  I also have two semi-automatic rifles (.22 cal  because I can’t handle anything heavier) for protection.  Dogs are good too.

        Most people have a closet full of clothes so don’t spend any more money unless it’s in a thrift shop.  Get good boots (no heels) and sneakers.  Keep extra cash and coins  hidden in the house.  Get extra medical supplies.  You can even grow veggies in pots and learn how to preserve and can them.

        This country is already in a depression.  I don’t expect Congress to do what is necessary to solve our problems.  We really do need immediate public works projects to provide jobs, but the Dems are too timid and the Repubs won’t let it happen anyway.  I don’t think we’ll implode right way but just keep going down the tubes.   So being prepared makes sense.

      25. Mac,

        Excellent article/comments and video. is part of my SHTF Plan! In fact, you probably see me archive your site every few days. Wanna keep all these good articles on a media where I can access it if Mother Internet goes bell up.

        But, alas, it is time for the three gun speech. How many of you DON’T have access to firearms? If you don’t, you should. You don’t have to be gung-ho and a Mr./Mrs. Militia to need it.

      26. Mac,

        Excellent article/comments and video. is part of my SHTF Plan! In fact, you probably see me archive your site every few days. Wanna keep all these good articles on a media where I can access it if Mother Internet goes belly up.

        But, alas, it is time for the three gun speech. How many of you don’t have access to firearms? If you don’t, you should. You don’t have to be gung-ho and a Mr./Mrs. Militia to need it or to use it.

        There are three guns that you need:

        A Shotgun.
        A Pistol.
        A 22 Rifle.

        There is so much variance between arms, but, I will recommend a cheap set. Please, have at least the shotgun. Without firearms, during a full collapse, you are defenseless:

        New England Firearms break action (or equivalent) shotgun, 12ga. for less than $200.00 and 100 rounds of #6 hunting loads for about another $30.

        Hi-Point C9 autoloading pistol (or equivalent), 500 rounds of ammo. Gun will cost you about $175.00 and ammo about $150.00.

        New England Firearms SS1 break action 22 rifle and 1000 rounds of ammo. Gun costs about $150.00, ammo costs about $40.00.

        $200 NEF Break Action 12ga shotgun
        $030 12Ga. #6 hunting loads
        $175 Hi-Point C9 9mm Autoloading Handgun
        $150 5 boxes of Winchester white box 9mm FMJ (100rnd)
        $170 NEF Break Action SS1 22LR =
        $040 2 boxes of Remington 555 bulk pack 22LR

        If thats too much for you, choose just the shotgun and ammo or, alternately, just the pistol and ammo. If you do buy this stuff, find a friend that will show you how to use it or them. When the SHTF security will be the very first big problem if you have anything at all to eat. I’m not trying to turn you into a cold blooded killer, but, if you and your family need security, guns are a primary option. There are other options. Baseball bats, corn knives/machetes and pitchforks, but, they really don’t match a shotgun. Avoidance is your best friend, however, the shotgun or that pistol (or even the lowly 22 rifle) might be your second best friend. Think of your family. Think of survival.

      27. to GodsCreation,

        Thank you for the advice to stock up, because I think I should, but do you even know what an occupational therapist is?  Because from your answer, you have no clue, so you shouldn’t criticize.  Occupational therapists work with mental disabled people, the elderly, people who become injured or disabled, children with developmental delays, health problems, and birth injuries that affect their development-pretty much anyone can benefit.  It has nothing to do with jobs, industry or occupation, it is in the healthcare field…..and all the health care related training I have had will surely be invaluable if things collapse like everyone here is saying.

      28. Marie:  If you are bold, do what needs to be done NOW to feel prepped.  We think you have very little time.  If you are more conservative, pay the min.  If you are living in the past, pay off your cc.  Take care of yourself if your boyfriend is not supporting your future needs.  Pick your fate!

      29. Obama is a constitutional lawyer ( meaning he studdied it very well) and he has stated that he has studdied the Great Depression and how the government responded to it. If he studdied that depression then he knows that historians and economists  have shown that it was the government who prolonged this depression by their bailouts and government works projects of the 1930’s.
        If they had let the economy settle itself it would have taken 12-24 months say the experts but because the government got involved in a big way, it took 10 years.

      30. Hi Marie,

        I have a child now 10 classed by the state as mentally retarded, although I disagree.  He can read a little and I think he will be able to function as a free man so long as somebody else can handle his money transactions. 

        I know what they do, and have done it with them.  But who is going to be able to pay for such a service when they can’t eat?  The government?  It will be too busy trying to find an excuse to kill them.  At least that is the fear for my son.  I am glad his real name is not known by them.

        Your skill in dealing with traumatic injuries will be of use for sure.  But an occupational therapist is generally a government social worker, or employed by a company funded by the government.

        I just don’t put a lot of stock in the government caring about those you would be able to help by taking on more schooling and debt.  You will end up a lot poorer and trained to take care of those the government will want to leave behind.

        People like myself with not “normal” children will be left on our own to deal with these societal “problems”.  But don’t worry about my son.  I am already conditioning his 5 year old brother to take over his care if needed when I am gone.

        I know whatever you do will be the right thing for you.  But depending on jobs that exist today and may be gone tomorrow is a recipe for disaster.  Contrary to popular belief, not everything in the medical field will survive the SHTF event.

      31. c,

        Obama wouldn’t know the Constitution if it bit him in the arse.  As a lifelong government flunkie his field of study has been getting around it.  It appears he learned it well.

      32. What’s the true life span of a case of Spam & a 5 gal bucket of bean/rice @ 75 degrees * X?  Answer:  Look at the bottom of the can & add priceless!

      33. Tom,

        Setting down here in the larder and pulled a can off and looked at it. Purchased the spam in Jan. of 2010. The can reads:

        BEST BY 11/01/11 PL
        EST .199N 07:54

        Of course I have 12 cans of the stuff. Some purchased in Jan, some purchased in May, some in October. I wonder, really, how long it would keep. “BEST BY” doesn’t mean “EDIBLE”. My basement larder has an extremely stable temperature. No heating or airconditioning ducts to change the temp. It stays between 50 and 70 all year long, migrating from one temperature to the other seasonally. I’ve been told that in an environment like that you can easily double and possibly quadruple the shelf life of canned goods. Any thoughts?

      34. marie…ignore the creation, he/she consistently  gives stupid advice as if he is THE expert on everything doom.  He is almost as bad as  mushroom head.
        Listen to Netranger, Paul Revere, MAC,yourdaddy,mardochee, willie wonka, and the rest of the level headed (a relative term here) regulars for advice. No offense to you good citizens I didn’t mention, you know who you are.

      35. Hi Marie!   I will throw in my two cents if you don’t mind. I haven’t done too badly for myself.

        Cash is KING. Keep the cash you have, so you are liquid. I doubt that you have a lot of cash, so the cash you have will be necessary to meet expenses. If you need to borrow a little bit and can qualify I say “Go for it!”.  Any dollars you have to repay will be worth less over time anyway. But by borrowing while you are young for school, gives you the opportunity to leverage your education into a meaningful career, while you pay back your loans with depreciating dollars. If the world economy collapses so what? Then 70% of Americans are bankrupt anyway.  And you would be one of many millions. Bad credit? Everyone would have bad credit.

        Maybe buy a little  silver bullion. Buy bullion that can be bought pre-formatted or indented for division. Buy some physical silver and keep it close. Try Blanchard for precious metals, or Johnson  Mathey.

        A pyschology major may not be a bad idea, as you can see from some of the comments here, counseling might be a good idea. lol  Also, counseling is primarily paid for by government in some fashion, and government only needs to keep printing dollars to pay you. When you look for a job, look for a government job. They will be the last to go.

        It will be a collapse by a thousands cuts, with inflation, not a crash. Those displaced will believe it a crash, and many of the commenters here have been displaced. Misery loves company. 80% of the populations is still working at this point.

        I would recommend that you reconsider relocation to the Northwest. Not a good place to be. In the Earth Changes that are coming, the West Coast is not the place to be, so why develop a life there, that MUST change for one so young?  

        Go to Phoenix Arizona. OT’s do well there. There is a strong medical demand for that specialty there and wealthy people with good insurance to pay for it. There is also a strong VA hospital system there that may also use your skills.  Check it out. Good luck.

      36. At the very least, get a good knife for self-defense.

        I’ve read elsewhere that Germany may merge with Russia. That might change some things up a bit.

        The solutions to the economic & security problems can probably best be solved in the same manner in some ways as the original Americans lived and worked. They didn’t even have a word for unemployment. And they sure as heck didn’t need closed borders, high tariffs, and other protectionist measures that failed many countries all the time.

        Human nature hasn’t changed since then, the dangers were just as great, yet they prevailed.

        Another example to draw from for survival is from the old American West, contrary to propaganda, the source of danger was from goberment, not wild eyed pistol packin outlaws. There was such a thing as Cattlemen’s  Associations to protect people and assets, forming similar groups today would help.

        Don’t believe me? Read this:

        The Culture of Violence in the American West: Myth versus Reality

      37. Thanks for all this advice, it seems like I’m doing the right thing, just need to stock up on more stuff! Durango Kidd, what are the earth changes that are coming you are talking about?  I just wasn’t sure…I’ll go ahead and say, I’m looking at schools in Idaho, South Dakota, Colorado, east Tennessee and North Carolina…any of those seem like a smart, safe place for a young couple?

      38. Marie!

        I guess its my turn. As far as jobs go, remember this: There will always be jobs for people with these attributes:


        There will ALWAYS be a demand for these kinds of jobs. They may not pay well but they will pay. Look at your field. Find the most disgusting, difficult or dirty facet of your profession and dive in! When you surface, they’ll hire you. Find that niche that no one else wants. Then, once you master that stuff, the rest will be easy.

        I must agree, however, with some statements made by Gods Creation, in that I believe the current health system, when times get really tough, there may be less emphasis on care for “not normal” people. They’ll probably be more likely to send them hom ewith a “just deal with it” prescription. I suspect many types of treatments will simply not be funded and seen as unnecessary. If thats all that you’ve been trained for, you’ll be unemployed and unemployable to some extent.

        The easy occupational health stuff, the cushy, marshmallow positions won’t exist (all professions have positions like this). If you’ve trained mainly for those type of positions, you may well find yourself wanting. Managers and administrators will be there but they’ll be actually working too instead of simply pushing papers. This is true with all professions. 

        I’m an IT guy. I’ve made my living by doing what everyone else gives up on. I’m the, “It can’t be fixed? Right. Gimme that…” kind of guy. Unless there is a complete collapse, I’ll be working someplace. Fortunately, I’m a tax feeder. I work for a school corp that is in a unique position. Instead of hiring a bunch of poorly paid, poorly performing IT people, this school corp has a very few, hardworking, highly skilled, well paid tech people. In the end they save gobs of money because they only have to pay benefits for 9 people and we seldom contract out for stuff because we have internal expertise to handle nearly everything.

        I mention this to illustrate what has been successful for my company and myself. But, I have to be frank, there is much fat in the school corps. It mainly exists in slothful departments that treat their employees badly. They claim they treat them bad and pay them poorly because they don’t work hard and are poor employees. Which came first? The chicken or the egg?

        All in all, everyone will have to earn their money instead of, like in the past, just show up to collect it. Of course I never did that. You can’t have an associates degree and steal jobs from people with masters degrees and expect to sit around and do nothing!

        Lots of ancillary information for you to digest. I do agree with several comments by DK, too. Stay away from the Pacific coast and the northwest. For some reason, I feel bad vibes coming from that area.

      39. NR:  I’ve had Spam that’s over 5 yr. old & couldn’t tell the dif.  Google it, you would not believe!  Best By, so you will buy more…… I guess.  I’m just finishing up vacuumed meat from 08 in freezer that stays @ 0 F.  Still great!  I’ve canned butter that’s over 5 & still taste great!  Buy prem salted butter to home can.  Keeps longer, just like Spam.  Keep your food dry & cool on pallets.  Write with perm marker if you have high moisture & paper labels.  You will be able to burn the pallets.  The Italians use to grab the pallets to make pizza until the firm started getting plastic ones in Naples.

      40. Marie: For an understanding of the coming Earth Changes you can START with SHTF America: Teotwawki Page. These will occur, are occuring in YOUR lifetime. How long it takes to play out is anyones guess, but if you live a normal lifespan I am certain you will see them. There is a link up and to the left.

        I personally believe that anywhere east of the Mississippi River is a danger zone. Just too many people in too small a space for me. I prefer the mountains for many reasons. Fuel, game, water, minerals. Shelter will be the primary concern.

        The major earthquakes in Indonesia are just a precursor to those that are coming to the West Coast.

        Boise Idaho is interesting, as is Southwest Colorado. There a good college in Durango. Anywhere you relocate to will have out of state tuition the first year. Take a job, go part-time, establish residency, and then attend full time.

        South Dakota may be covered in water. According to Cayce, there will be a large inland sea in the upper midwest. And there is just about every Spring. In the end, you must go within and discover where you are supposed to be. Good Luck

      41. Why “go” anywhere??
        Get an online degree and save the m-o-n-e-y and avoid the debt.

        Stay where you know the local people, can network and have a feel for things.

      42. She is already planning to go somewhere.

      43. Marie, the link for SHTF America is up and to the right. (That’s my other left! lol)

      44. Mushroom… once again, BRAVO!!! Your skills at satire are improving daily. Forgive me if I insult you, but I detect a hint of Stephen Colbert in your rhetoric now. You should see my collection of 10$ bills… it’s glorious!!! Nothing can touch me now!

        See you on the other side of the fantasy recession my good man.


      45. I am not from US and I never been there.I do work in EU.I think it is clear that mid class will be gone soon both in the US and EU via tax rise and etc.The think is that why people in the US and EU must get more money salarey then people in asia can do the job better and faster and they cost less what is the point to pay more and also pay for insurance.The EU and US workes become not cheap work foce they have to take pay cut and then maybe they can fit into the job marekt.
        As for credit both the bank and the people been in that proccess.People ask for money and they knew what they have to pay beack.It is normal if you borrow you must make sure that you can  pay beack to the lending persone.Also the lending perosne must make sure that you can pay beack and take something from you agenst the money that you borrow.So if you borrow you knew what you been getting into so you have to pay beack and it is normal.If you can not service your morgage any more move to frends place or be homeless.however banks did mistake also then they start been csino banks and etc but now both have to pay beack.
        It is normal proccess what is go on now,work force there ask for too much money and borrow to much so they have to have worse living standarts cose they been living beyond they means.

      46. You never really own your house unless you built one on your own, out in the sticks, with no grid hook up.  Expect taxes to double or more with worthless Fed IOU Fiat Digit Ponzi Bills!  More like a large steam roller suspended from a crane that is about to be dropped.  8 lb sledge hammer on the little toe, would you like the other one smashed?

      47. NetRanger,

        What exactly do you do? I’m very curious…

      48. I just found this site. I like it so far. I agree about the guns and 6 months worth of supplies.
        I am from the NW and I read some comments here about it. I have lived here for 38 years, born and raised. But I have decided to move to New Hampshire to be part of the Free State Project. You can google it. But yes I agree with NetRanger, there are bad vibes coming out of here and I still haven’t put my finger on it.
        I am surrounded by a lot of federal workers and military. I am trying to wake people up but all they want is their paycheck (tax $) and miller lite. And to be left alone to watch tv. Looking at the world stage I get nervous being surrounded by Bangor and the Shipyard. We very well could that earthquake that’s been on order for sometime now. But either way I hope I can get out of here soon enough!

      49. Mark, uprooting yourself (and your family, if you have one) from a lifetime of social connections and roots to move across the country and participate in a “movement” which will go nowhere is a huge fail. You are needed where you are. No one benefits from cutting themselves off from a community who knows them.

      50. Marie-
        Sorry for the late response… Been one of those weeks.

        Thank you for sharing more detailed information, and while it allows me a little more perspective, I still don’t “know” you, so please accept this advice with the limited background pretext with which it is offered.

        First, reconcile with your Father.  I have no idea what he did, or you did, of what y’all did in response to the other.  I’m sure their are genuinely hurt feelings, and I don’t want to suggest you can just sweep it all under a rug, but all it takes for reconciliation is for one side to concede (even if that concession feels unjustified).  All you need to do is go back to your Dad, look him in the eye with a soft countenance and say, “Daddy, I know we’ve been on bad terms for awhile, but I just want you to know I love you, and I’m sorry for everything I’ve done to cause that.  I want to work on rebuilding our relationship, and hope you want to do the same.  Can you forgive me?”
        If after reading this, your blood is boiling, please take a step back, catch your breath, and hang in there with me…
        If you can pull this off, you will instantly destroy any/all walls that have been put up between you.  My guess is he will instantly comply, and return the same modicum of contrition back to you.  Many people believe that when you are wronged, (and I’m not naive enough to think that you weren’t) that you should remain angry and let that fester until the other party comes crawling back begging for your forgiveness.  Unfortunately, doing so takes the BIGGEST backbone you can imagine, and typically that day never comes, and the cycle of anger & resentment continues to grow & fester…Then, years later, no one even knows what the cause of the separation was, but things have gotten “so complicated” that neither side sees the point in trying to work it out.

        Please trust me on this one.  Jesus taught us that granting forgiveness is not a gift you give to someone else, but a gift you give to yourself!  Also, whether you were wronged or not is not justification for withholding forgiveness, in fact it is the pretext for offering it.

        I know you are seeking “prepper-related” advice, but to me, the advice I’ve just given you is far more important than paying off debt, or purchasing a weapon (to Netranger, Durango, Tom, Johnny, Mac & many others your advice is SOLID and worthy and should be acted upon, I just think estrangement from your Father goes to the top of Marie’s list).

        Second- postpone your wedding to Mr. Right.  I was glad to learn you’ve dated him for 2.5 years, as so often I see kids jumping into this 50 year commitment WAY to quickly.  I met Mrs Right when I was 25 and after 3 years married at 28.  Knowing that I was going to VOW my life to her for the rest of mine, I wanted as much time & maturity to make sure 5 decades from now, I wouldn’t waver.  I’m now 40 with 4 kids and couldn’t be happier.  Point being, what is another 2 years for a decision that will last you 55?  Additionally, your still a student, and your fiance is working a min wage job.  I’m not suggesting money is the end-all, be-all foundation for a marriage, but it doesn’t hurt to be a little more settled in this regard.  You are still in school, and intend to continue your education for at least another 2 years.  Will Mr. Right be able to provide for both of you while your income is postponed another 2 years?  Also, you shared that YOU intend to move where your schooling takes you implying that he’ll just go wherever you do.  Please don’t think I’m masogonistic, but the fact that the only “bread-winner” will drop everything to follow you as you chase your education, tells me he is not career oriented (yet) at these tender, formative years.  He seems to be approaching that issue as a college “road trip.”

        Again, if I’ve stepped over the line, please accept my apology.  I can only infer from what I’ve read, so likely I’ve missed reality by a few angstroms.  But please know, this is the same advice I’d give my own daughter if in the same situation.

        You mentioned schools in East Tennessee & North Carolina.  You wouldn’t perhaps be attending Davidson College North of Charlotte?  If so, I’m pretty sure many on this forum will advise that is a solid geography for the pending crisis on the horizon.

        Regarding your debt, keep paying the minimums until your income circumstances change.

        Hope this was helpful.  If not, feel free to straighten me out where I missed the mark, and I’ll try again.

      51. I believe the key to all of our survival in the coming social turmoil will be to network with like-minded individuals NOW!  Don’t wait.  Talk about it and start planning.  We have various individuals prepping, i.e. we have food, enough for many people, another has  been purchasing guns and ammo, another, fuel, etc.  All of us have been purchasing silver that is not traced by the US Gov so we can pay our property taxes.   Stay where you are, don’t create more debt, keep paying minimums because like the other poster said, credit ratings will be a thing of the past and won’t matter one-iota.

      52. one more thing… Credit ratings are there to put you in debt.  Stay out of debt!

      53. dvs, thanks you for the words. And that’s the first time I got the fail on the internet. But I would have to disagree.
        The movement is already going somehwere. Free stater’s have already been elected into office and there are many running as we speak or type. The infiltration of libertarian ideas has already begun, and besides NH is already pretty libertarian.
        I will benefit from this move. I don’t have a family unit to call my own presently. Though I do have friends etc. I am 38. I will benefit. In Bremerton the federal presence is huge. How nice it will be to wake up in NH and know I am surrounded by people who actually generate revenue and not feed off the taxpayers. I could go on and on but my decision is non-negotiable. Thanks though.
        Mark, uprooting yourself (and your family, if you have one) from a lifetime of social connections and roots to move across the country and participate in a “movement” which will go nowhere is a huge fail. You are needed where you are. No one benefits from cutting themselves off from a community who knows them.

      54. @NetRanger – I always enjoy reading your level headed replies.  But you keep recommending a break action .22 rifle.  My Ruger 10/22 was a whopping $186 (without taxes) and handles 25 round magazines.  Which makes it a good weapon to keep peoples head’s down when you happen to fail at sneaking.  I got the synthetic stock to keep weight down also.  I’ve now purchased 12x 25 round magazines and I have a few 5 round magazines for legally hunting (though honestly I got an inexpensive .308 for that).

        My 10/22 with iron sights can pick off spent shotgun shells at 15 yards consistently also.  So its quite accurate.  I got a squirrel the other day in the head as it was running by, (a rat with a fluffy tail) which was as much luck as it was skills I will openly admit haha.

        Just saying, a semi-auto .22 is better then a break action, imo, any day.  It’s a poor mans (or womans) AR15 😉

      55. Hi Charley, good presentation, but I take issue with letting people off when taking loans they couldn’t afford. We have to be responsible for our actions. All our actions. If we blame someon else, we are no better than sheep.


      1. Doomsday Fear Mongers Get It Right Again: "The Credit Card is Maxed Out. It's Over. It's Over." - [...] Unlike the federal government, states don’t have the ability to issue debt and print as much money as is…

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