“Mayday, Mayday, Mayday”: 13 Random Revelations from April, 2018

by | May 1, 2018 | Headline News | 33 comments

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    This article was originally published by Doug “Uncola” Lynn at TheTollOnline.com

    As we travel the stormy seas on the way to our forthcoming destination, thirteen revelations from April, 2018 are now randomly recorded by this mate as follows:

    1.) According to a April 22-24, 2018 Fox News poll of 1,014 randomly chosen registered voters nationwide:  Two-thirds said it is at least “somewhat important” that Mueller’s Russia investigation continues, and “56 percent think it’s likely the special council’s probe will find that Donald Trump committed criminal or impeachable offenses”.

    2.)  A recent Quinnipiac poll found that 70% of Democratic voters would like to see impeachment hearings begin if Democrats regain control of the House and Senate.

    3.) At a rally in Washington Township, Michigan on Saturday, April 28th, Trump claimed Republicans will retain the House and Senate in the 2018 midterm elections because of the economy:

    ‘Jobs are booming and confidence is soaring. All over the world, they’re talking about this success,’ the president crowed.

    Since Trump took office, the U.S. economy has added 2.7 million jobs — an average of 181,000 per month — while growth was fastest in counties that gave Trump the most votes, according to a Washington Post analysis of U.S. Labor Department data.

     4.) According to Kiplinger:  Interest rates will continue rising due to “government deficits and an expanding economy with slightly higher inflation”. This means, although the Fed raised rates only once during Obama’s presidency, they have raised rates five times so far since Trump’s election and with two more increases anticipated in June and December of 2018; plus three to four more hikes expected in 2019. If all those occur, then rates will be raised 10-11 times in the 38 months between Trump’s 2016 election win and the start of 2020.

    5.) At an engagement over the weekend attended by my family and friends –  I spoke with several Republican voters and NOT ONE had heard of the April 2018 criminal referrals by Congress to the Justice Department and FBI. In fact, when I informed them of the referrals which included James Comey, Hillary Clinton, Andrew McCabe, and others, most thought I was joking; while one politically conservative relative simply told me he was sick of Trump’s twittering.

    6.) On April 12, 2018 – James Mattis, the US Secretary of Defense, admitted there was no evidence of the recent chemical attack in Syria; and the lack of proof was also reported to have been confirmed by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) last week. It looks like Trump may have bombed Syria for nothing, but it’s okay because Americans don’t really care.

    7.) At Saturday’s debauched, even x-rated, White House Correspondents’ Association dinner –  hatred, misogyny, and hypocrisy were celebrated even though some CNN reporters in attendance later said it was uncomfortable, cringeworthy, and harsh. Of course, no one expressed outrage DURING comedian Michelle Wolf’s disastrously devious and disrespectful diatribe. Not even one heckler. Not one.

    8.) The Political Left is comprised of bona fide racists who, last week, called rap star, Kanye West, and conservative commenter, Candace Owens, “Uncle Tom, Coon, Uncle Ruckus, and other insults”. Moreover, it is now in vogue for comedians like Stephen Colbert to broadcast fried chicken and crazy negro jokes.

    9.) In April, the U.S. Department of Justice continued to cover-up the corruption of the same intelligence agencies that Senator Chuck Schumer once claimed had “six ways from Sunday” at “getting back” at Trump. The collusion of the intelligence agencies against a constitutionally elected president is now a matter of public record and the legal double standards have been exposed for all to see. It appears the Justice Department’s latest strategies are to stall, or comprehensively redact, the release of documents and to ignore deadlines imposed by Congress in the hopes of a Blue Wave this fall carrying, and burying, all of their dirt back into the swamp.

    10.) The unprecedented and disgraceful April 9, 2018 raid  of a lawyer currently representing the sitting President of the United States, proves that both the constitution, and attorney client privilege, are now dead in America. It is, perhaps, fitting the raid was the result of a referral from Robert Mueller’s likely illegal special counsel investigation.

    11.) Trump’s allies are drowning in legal fees, his pick to lead Veteran’s affairs was forced to withdraw from the nomination process, and his immigration policies remain overturned by federal judges.

    12.) The head coordinator for an illegal migrant caravan that is now attempting to invade the U.S. southern border, is originally from Mexico and remains a permanent resident of Minnesota. If the caravan was legitimately seeking political asylum, they would have remained safe within Mexico’s borders; yet they all kept marching north. That means any claims of asylum were always a farce and, although Attorney General Jeff Sessions has called the caravan “a deliberate attempt to undermine our laws and overwhelm our system”, none of its organizers here in America appear to be in any legal jeopardy at this time.

    13.) Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL) has recently stated that many of the Republicans who have announced their retirement from Congress in 2018, did so for fear of being assassinated by crazed, gun-toting leftists.

    Indeed. Transitions are markers to what will pass as our voyage traverses the ocean of time from history to revelations unknown. So stay awake, keep your eyes on the horizon, your hands steady at the helm, and, look for true north to guide some, but not all. Most importantly, keep your life preservers near and dear.

    Up and down, round and round it goes; how it ends, we just don’t know. Either the storm will pass or the ship will sink. All aboard and bottoms up. Anchors away.

    It’s May.


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      1. What is falsifiable, and who has skin in the game. I’ll save you countless hours of reading.









          • may allah give you gay relatives.

      2. Who wants to meet @ The North Bridge over Concord way? For we’ve already skedaddled from Lexington Green. Time to make a stand. If we don’t…….. it ain’t going to get any better. What is really needed is that 2nd shot heard ’round the world.

        • Heartless: I clearly hear what you’re saying, Though I want to make a few points to consider. The shot was heard at the sacrifice of patriots on the green. It was first heard by the local community that had decided to stand together against the standing army of the British (LEO/National Guard/army regulars).

          Todays news would be condemnation of angry white men with evil rifles that they should have been banned from using. Story at ten.

          Let us not throw away our chance because our frustrations with stupid people keep piling up.

          In the mean time start working with Two people you would trust with your life and fortune. Then each of you find Two more you would trust with your life. (read “the moon is a harsh mistress”).

      3. The significance of May 1st.

        Today is REMEMBERANCE DAY.

        Today we remember the hundreds of millions of lives
        stolen by Communism.


      4. Heartless, agreed. I forgot today was May Day, the big commie holiday. MAYDAY, MAYDAY, SAVE OUR ASSES FROM ALL THE LIBTURD/COMMIE BS.

      5. B from CA, I remember all the victims of communism 24/7/365, NOT just one day a year. Some of my wife’s family lost their lives to Fidel Castro’s butchers in Cuba in 1959.

      6. also, in april; the fed increased the amount of QE it is extracting(although, the amount doesn’t really get big until july(and the ECB is out in july also); should be a great time to short the market)

      7. In regard to #1, I have always felt that the fall back position for the Mueller investigation is Pres T’s business dealings.

        I believe that it is impossible to be in the Big Time real estate and construction business without abiding and abetting corruption.

        Trump has surely authorized a payoff here or there to appease the X Union on some Trump Tower in some Big City or greased up some City official to allow some project to move forward.

        I have no proof, but I just believe that’s the way the system works.

        They will get him on some of that where the Statute of Limitations hasn’t run out….


      8. if Trump is forced out of office can we persuade truckers to stop food deliveries to the large cities ?

      9. Grab yer popcorn and a soda and sit wayyyyy off to the side n watch the circus, cause thats what gubbermint has become, a freakin circus

      10. 56 percent think it’s likely the special council’s probe will find that Donald Trump committed criminal or impeachable offenses

        I agree, the special council will find an impeachable offense.

        I disagree that Trump committed an offense, but they will find one even if they have to make one up. Just like they made the fake dossier to get the original wire tap warrants.

        • JS, agreed. They’ll fabricate anything to in order to get Trump impeached.

      11. 70% of Democratic voters would like to see impeachment hearings begin

        They should learn a lesson from Bill Clinton’s impeachment. The Republicans lost heavily after that. The impeachment caused a number of people to switch parties. Maybe it will happen again.

      12. Trump claimed Republicans will retain the House and Senate in the 2018 midterm elections because of the economy

        meh…. The promise of free shit always wins.

      13. Interest rates will continue rising

        People don’t remember that in the late 1980s interest rates for homes was 12 to 14%. Right now they are about 5%.

        If you have a variable rate mortgage, then your screwed. Best refinance while you can.

      14. he was sick of Trump’s twittering.

        Trump bested the democrats at their own game. The democrats win elections with insult and mockery. Republicans don’t do that, so when Trump did that and continues to do that, that are shell shocked. They don’t know what to do.

        Watching the news is like watching a soap opera now.

      15. James Mattis, the US Secretary of Defense, admitted there was no evidence of the recent chemical

        Yes, the dead babies were obviously fake.

      16. Saturday’s debauched, even x-rated, White House Correspondents’ Association

        And they played right into Trumps hand. Trump did a great rally, Sanders made a great victim, and the democrats and fake news totally looked like the bad guy.

      17. Political Left is comprised of bona fide racists who

        I have spoken to a number of black people who firmly believe that blacks can not be racists, only whites can be racist.

        I watched the movie Black Panther last night. I was looking forward to seeing it because critics claimed how wonderful it was to see a movie with blacks as the main characters and not down trodden. But alas, no, whites were still portrayed as the evil slave masters oppressing the victimized blacks. Very disappointing.

        Typical black movie. The goal is to make black people hate white people when they leave the theater.

        • John, all the races have bigots among them including yours. It very tiredsome hearing you and others shrills keep saying the same negative things about black people. The points here is to make your opinions and positions known to others in this blog, no matter wrong they may be.

          Black Panther was not a “typical black movie”, since when Hollywood ever made any movie that showed people of color in a positive manner. Plus, none of the white actors roles in the movie were mistreated.

          I’m black and proud of my race, history and what we as a people had to deal with b.s. your people did to us for the last 400 years. You can either reach out to us in peace or keep going your own way. But in either case, we will survive.

          • Denzel Washington in The Magnificent Seven (2016)?

      18. U.S. Department of Justice continued to cover-up the corruption

        America at it’s finest.

      19. The unprecedented and disgraceful April 9, 2018 raid of a lawyer currently representing the sitting President of the United States

        They will get Trump in the end. The powers that be will not allow the swamp to be drained. Trump will go down.

      20. Trump’s allies are drowning in legal fees,

        That is the game plan. If you can’t take down Trump, then destroy everybody around Trump so that Trump becomes totally ineffective.

      21. head coordinator … is originally from Mexico and remains a permanent resident of Minnesota.

        At some point in time Americans will start to take the law into their own hands….

      22. Republicans announced their retirement from Congress for fear of being assassinated.

        Maybe if the DC gun laws wern’t so pussified they would be able to carry a gun and feel safe?

      23. You can tell that it is a slow day at work….. maybe I will switch over to Netflix…..

        • JS, you’re on a roll today. Good posts and I agree with all of them.

      24. I think the thing to watch for this year, is someone of weighty govt. responsibility to make some violent or unusual move to make whatever policy they want to work. Notice that our Corrupt FedGov is doing most of their criminal work by simply not following the law. Soft Power, but Power nonetheless. It’s the easiest way to do things you want, outside the law. Beware for when that strategy fails, and some alphabet agency is going to have to go with Hard Power (pro-active) and direct, out in the open criminal behavior. The sins of omission always precede this stage, as a way for govts. to prepare the ground. Not only are we being conned (with our own money no less) by our supposedly public servants, they are preparing the way for their total control of every one and every thing. A gun ban and extremely strict monetary controls would probably do it. How many of you can live on $100 a week, and I’m not talking to aware preppers and folks who are already off grid.

      25. The left will not remove Trump from office. He is more valuable to them as a 24/7 political target. He is worth nothing if he is out of office.

      26. Well…7 of those dead babies=== showed up at the EU court in the Hauge a few days ago to prove all the FAKE NEWS on the gas attack was just that FAKE!.

        So the Trumper spent 120 million dollars blowing up an empty building that also was proved devoid of ANY chemical weapons.

        How much of that WALL could have been built with that money, instead it went to Raytheon. ALSO more fake news tat all missiles hit their target, over 30 didn’t, and two which just fell out of the sky in the Syrian desert were handed over to the Russians as a boobee prize.

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