Max Keiser: Wallstreet Scandals are Getting Larger, More Obvious

by | Jul 25, 2009 | Headline News, Max Keiser

Max Keiser, on The Edge, July 24, 2009, discusses Goldman Sachs, HFT (High Frequency Trading) and front running markets. (Video below)

If you haven’t been following the HFT news in recent days, here are some great articles to get you up to speed:

HFT and Goldman Sachs Boiling Point (Zero Hedge)

High Frequency Trading – My View (Karl Denninger)

Schumer Asks SEC to Ban Flash Orders Used by High-Speed Traders (Bloomberg)

Essentially, the whole system is rigged by black box computer programs. If you are looking for short-term gains in the stock markets, be careful, because the deck is stacked against you. Though, at SHTF Plan, we strongly believe that natural forces will eventually win out and long-term financial and economic trends cannot be overcome by manipulating stocks.

Max Keiser on Goldman Sachs, HFT and Black Boxes


Max Keiser’s The Edge Part 2 with Michael Hudson on Program Trading

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