Mattis: ‘We Maintain Military Options…Iran Can Never Acquire A Nuclear Weapon’

by | May 10, 2018 | Headline News | 40 comments

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    Secretary of Defense Jame Mattis said Wednesday that the United States military is ready to take action to stop the Iranian government from developing nuclear weapons. Mattis also stated that should diplomacy fail, the military is ready to use force.

    According to, Mattis made the comments as he was responding to questions from Senator Patty Murray, D-Washington, who said the risk of war had “dramatically increased” following President Donald Trump’s announcement Tuesday that the U.S. is withdrawing from the international agreement to rein in Iran’s nuclear programs.

    We maintain military options because of Iran’s bellicose statements and threats,” he said at a hearing of the Senate Defense Appropriations subcommittee, and “those plans remain operant.”  Mattis did say that diplomacy is his first choice, however, he added that the military plans are ready. “We are always updating those plans” for the military option. “It’s a constant. The plans are updated as rapidly as needed.”

    Senator Tom Udall, D-New Mexico, then questioned Mattis about whether or not president Donald Trump has the authority under existing laws and the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) to order a “unilateral attack” on Iran. “I’d prefer not talk about a hypothetical case like that,” Mattis said, but “everything that we are doing, and you can see it with Korea, we’re diplomatically led on this. We’re not talking about any default to war.”

    Mattis also said Trump’s announcement ended the US’s participation in the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action) and would lead to re-imposing economic sanctions that had been lifted under the agreement.

    The United States will reimpose a wide array of Iran-related sanctions after the expiry of 90- and 180-day wind-down periods, including sanctions aimed at Iran’s oil sector and transactions with its central bank, the U.S. Treasury said on Tuesday.

    Trump signed a presidential memorandum reinstating US sanctions against Tehran that were waived in the wake of the deal which was signed during the Obama administration. Although Iran seems angered, especially after viewing the above video, the country doesn’t appear to be overly concerned about the likeliness of additional sanctions. –SHTFPlan

    However, “we will continue to work alongside our allies and partners to ensure that Iran can never acquire a nuclear weapon, and will work with others to address the range of Iran’s malign influence” throughout the Mideast, he added.

    Mattis said Iran’s “malign activities” are evident in conflicts and terror attacks in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia. He also said the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad is “still in power today, still murdering his own people” with the backing of Iran.


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      1. Keep the 23rd in mind everyone

        • HR, why?
          Mad dog Mattis is up to something?

        • Home Run, what’s supposed to happen on the 23rd?

      2. The Five Blinding Myths About Iran

        March 9, 2017
        By Ted Snider

        Exclusive: President Trump lines up with the Washington Establishment on at least one point: that Iran is the chief source of terrorism. The only problem is it’s not true, just one of the “Iran myths,” Ted Snider explains.

        Myth One: Iran Is or Was Developing a Nuclear Bomb

        Myth Two: Iran is Not to be Trusted and is Violating the Nuclear Weapons Agreement

        Myth Three: Iran is a Destabilizing Force in the Middle East and is the World’s Leading State Sponsor of Terrorism

        Myth Four: Iran is Not Really an Enemy of the Islamic State and Al Qaeda

        Myth Five: Iran is Controlling and Arming the Houthis in Yemen

        • #4 is the only truthful statement. Iran is the main sponsor of these organizations.

          You can take the rest of you ignorant propaganda elsewhere.
          You might try Twitter… I hear they like nonsense.

          • Nailed it. 🙂

          • Stuart –

            You didn’t read #4 – for if you did, you would realize that the “heading” is very much misleading. At the end of the author’s writing’s on #4 – at the bottom the author reveals the overall message.

            Author’s Quote: “Contrary to Mattis’s false claim, Iran has historically and consistently been an enemy of Al Qaeda and the Islamic State.”

      3. The Jewish State wants the USA to take out IRAN for them.

        • They are perfectly capable of doing that themselves tomorrow.

          • Nailed it. Again. 🙂

          • But they would prefer that America does the dirty work. 🙁

          • Not that long ago – Israel and Lebanon went at it for awhile.

            Who won?

            Answer: nobody – it ended up in a stalemate.

            So … big bad powerful Israel could not overrun Lebanon … but you claim Israel could overrun Iran?

            Not very realistic at all – more like wishful thinking.

            • FTW that’s a load of crap. Israel could have over run Lebanon, the only thing that stopped them was the ROE’s that Israel placed on themselves. You see if you really want to win a war you KILL every man, woman, and child. Just like what the 8TH Airforce did in WW11. WE bombed complete city’s back to the stone age, and didn’t care how many men, woman, or children we killed, because that’s what it takes to win an all out war. The problem is, now a days we have to worry about what the UN will think of us, or what the talking heads on the TV will say. The funny part about this, i can guarantee you the enemy’s of Israel would have no problem killing every man woman and child in Israel to win, and they won’t give a shit what the rest of the world thinks about how they won the war!!!

              • Israel got BTFO by Hezbollah, got torn apart when they tried to invade Gaza. Israel couldn’t fight its way out of a wet paper bag.

          • Shut up you Zionist shill, Israel got BTFO by Hezbollah in 2006 you think they can take on Iran, lol. They wear diapers, literally wear diapers. The IDF constantly poops and pisses their pants when in combat. The IDF couldn’t take on the girl scouts and win

            • Well Blam i guess you’ll get to see first hand how tough the IDF is, when they are standing over piles of dead Hezbollah, and Iranian goat humpers.

      4. 23rd for what? Iran is nothing but a cancer of sand-flys and sand-apes, burn them entirely to the ground, make them a sheet of glass once and for all. They have been MURDERING and terrorizing our country and soldiers for what 40 years now and don’t even get me started on what took place back in 1979!! My God, enough is enough with this ancient cancer.

        • No CC, we shouldn’t turn Iran into glass. They are actually the only place in the Mid-East worth saving. Iran (Persia) is a beautiful place and the people are not sand niggers. They may be our enemies at present but only because of their domination by Muslim religious nut cases. That is who we need to eliminate.
          Save the Windex for the rest of the Middle East.

          • Iran has the 2nd largest J3wish population in the Middle East, right behind Israel. These people consider themselves Iranian citizens, though they continue their J3wish religion in peace.

            Unlike other countries in the ME – Iran respects each others religion, regardless if one is a Christian, J3w, or Muslim.

            • The first truthful post you have made with one correction:

              (Historically) “Iran respects each others religion”. Not today they don’t and that sir is the source of the problem.

              • Like NK, and the Soviet Union before it, Islam does not respect anything but a more powerful adversary willing to confront it’s aggression.

                If Iran were to begin a “second holocaust” against it’s Jewish Community. Israel would intervene; which is why the Jews in Iran worship peacefully; despite being the source of Israeli intelligence for the Mossad.

                Additionally, Islam is on board (for now) with the NWO Agenda to meld all Abrahamic faiths into a One World Religion. This is why the EU, the incubator for the NWO, is opening its borders to Muslims.

                Islam is on board with that to spread it’s filth to the West unopposed. 🙁

              • Stuart, that’s true. They’ve been persecuting other religions the whole time they’ve been in power.

      5. I’ve a simple man’s question. Mattis has since he enlisted been a ROTC officer entry into the Corps. I’ve learned he won a Bronze Star with Valor. For doing what? Having become active in ’72, what fight was he in? Or was he ever? Being a commander, ordering this or that is not the same as having a rifle in hand firing and being fired at. So, unless he actually earned the Bronze for combat – really fighting that is – he’s just one more ‘go on boys!!’ officer as far as I’m concerned. I may be wrong. So anyone who knows – tell me. I’m concerned he’s just a pompous little over-educated office/desk-jockey like all the rest of the upper echelons getting ready to send real men and boys off to die and never having had to face his own mortality on the battlefield.

        • “I’ve learned he won a Bronze Star with Valor. For doing what? Having become active in ’72,”

          Like McCain, he worked his way up in the ranks dressing up as a South Asian chick all doctored up in whoreish make-up. Strutting around town screaming … “sucky, sucky … $5 Dollar … me love you long time G.I. – me so horny”

          • FTW, why do I get the strong impression that Gen. Mattis would pull your head off and defecate in the hole?

            • Stuart –

              Why do I get the impression that you work in Tel Aviv as a paid Troll?


          He was a rifle platoon leader in Okinawa, but whether he actually fired a weapon at the enemy is not indicated. Probably not, or Vietnam and or other combat experience would be listed in his bio.

          That said, his mental acuity in tactics and military history appears to have been recognized by the brass about this time in his career and he was sent to schools by the upper echelon to develop his natural aptitudes.

          I was in Boot Camp with one of the three stock securities analysts for the First Nat’l Bank of Chicago (now defunct) who was drafted into the Corp. Eventually the Crotch will recognize your special skills and post you accordingly.

          After Boot Camp Robert Gross was assigned to pass out paychecks on Fridays. So Mattis must have exhibited some serious knowledge/ability to be fast tracked for Command. Patton defeated Rommel because he had read his book on tank warfare, changing the direction of WWII when Germany lost the oil fields.

          I want my leaders and military Commanders to have SUPERIOR knowledge and intelligence if I am going into combat. Don’t care whether they can shoot pinwheels at 500 yards with an m-14. 🙂

          • I hear you durangokid. I’ll still stand on my opinion that along with intelligence and education, I’d want a man who knew the risk of war first-hand. Otherwise, to them/him…. you, they, are just cannon-fodder. We are all supposedly equal. Nothing could be further from the truth in the military. I want to be considered just as ‘equal’ in terms of my life and any goddamned officer is in his mind. And, as we’ve been in a series of corporate wars since at least WW2, I’d be further damned if I want some ribbon-bedecked pompous a-hole telling me to go and die for a multi-national business while he lives in wealth and luxury. No. Hell no.

          • Testify1

        • Heartless,
          General Mattis received his Bronze Star medal with “V” device when he was a lieutenant colonel commanding a Marine battalion during the invasion of Kuwait in Desert Storm. I haven’t read his citation but personally I have no doubt that he earned it. A battalion commander is not sitting at a far-off desk; he is right in the middle of it. I was an Army lifer myself. Our unit entered Iraq and Kuwait from a different angle. There would have been plenty of opportunity for him to see direct combat up close and personal. After our deployment was over, we returned to our home base in Germany. I was directly involved the processing of all of the award recommendations in our brigade including the orders and citations. The Army is fairly generous when recognizing its Soldiers but when it came to valor awards, those were scrutinized. If anything, there were probably many who deserved a “V” device that didn’t get it rather than the other way around. Nobody I ever knew would ever want to wear a valor award that they didn’t rightly earn. The one thing I do know about the Marines is that have the reputation of being way tougher on awards and decorations than the Army. I’d be astonished if General Mattis got a ‘cheapie’.

          • Fritz, Durango — I’ll stand corrected. As I did not know, I am glad to hear that he does appreciate the value of every single one of the men under his command.

          • Fritz: Then there is the Navy. I had a hs friend who got an appointment to Annapolis because his father was a local democrat.

            During the summer he and other plebs were assigned to a ship and cruised 16 miles offshore of Vietnam (Int’l waters) for which he received a Vietnam Service Medal.

            WTF ???

            I have always thought that this was a perfect example of institutionalized “stolen valor” and cheapened my own service medal. 🙁

            • DK,

              Yeah, I hear you. You certainly are correct that some of our Congress critters have used their privilege to nominate a constituent to the service academies as something to barter with. It’s a damn shame when these prestigious appointments are made for political favors instead of going to the best qualified.

              You’re also spot-on about the VSM. The qualifying geographical boundaries were very broad. As you pointed out, there were a lot of folks who got theirs by way of sail-ins and flyovers. That is demeaning to those who served their tour in-country and especially to those out in the boonies. In a similar vein, there were a lot of dubious Air Medals and Combat Infantry Badges awarded during that era and those were galling to those who earned theirs the hard way. I was always told that the one day requirement for the VSM was to include those who literally got off the plane one day and went home wounded or worse the next. That makes sense and it’s unfortunate that other people will take advantage of any situation no matter what.

              Barring some unforeseen scandal, I think Mattis is one of Trump’s best picks. Personally, I’m glad that our Sec Def is named Mad Dog and not Fanny Pack.

              • When TRUMP asked me for my suggestions for cabinet positions, I told him I wanted ‘Fanny Pack” Mattis for Secretary of Defense. 🙂

      6. Thank You General
        To not allow an apocalyptic Country a nuke seems very reasonable.

        • Wow mods really need to clean this site of JIDF shills. Iran hasn’t waged war against anyone for 200 years.

      7. How stupid are people?

        Iran has already developed Nuclear bombs and tested them in North Korea (a country who had no need for nuclear bombs as they were protected by China).

        Iran was threaten by the US and made a deal with a backward people so that they could develop nukes and test them in North Korea.

      8. Iran already has nukes…..does that change the dynamics of the discussion.? It should, because the world is not what you think (or told) it is. Almost everything you hear on the lambstream media (including alternative media) is bullcrap.
        They said: “Saddam Hussein’ had WMDs. But he didn’t. “We will never allow NK to develop nuclear weapons”. But they did.
        “the banking system is sound”. But it wasn’t. “Trump has no chance of being POTUS”. But he is. Get it.
        They want WAR with Iran. Huge mistake.!!!!!!

      9. Want the world to live in peace? Nuke Israel=World Peace.

      10. Israel is the problem. Let them fight their own wars.

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