Massive Dirty Bomb Exercise Set For June: “We Are Clearly Seeing An Undeniable Buildup To A So Far Unknown Event”

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    Editor’s Note: Add another military exercise to the broader Jade Helm operation be held this summer. According to a report originally published by Alex Thomas at Intellihub, at least 1,000 National Guard troops will be working with local police and  utility workers to simulate a dirty bomb attack on U.S. soil. Is this drill connected to other military exercises on U.S. soil that aim to prepare America for a large-scale event that officials within the government may be privy to? Or is this just part of the new normal; just another preparedness drill looking out for the interests of American citizens?


    Operation Northern Exposure: Over 1,000 troops to take part in Michigan dirty bomb exercise
    By Alex Thomas

    A massive simulated dirty bomb attack exercise is set to take place at the end of June in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

    Operation Northern Exposure will include over 1,000 Michigan National Guard soldiers and will be the first time in history that local authorities have worked with the National Guard.

    According to, the drill will use a city landfill as the site for the simulated dirty bomb attack and a middle school for the “decontamination center.”

    “The public may notice more military vehicles in the area, as well as helicopters bringing crews to and from the sites, but the general public won’t be impacted. Local officials said traffic in the area won’t be affected.”

    Hoping to quell any public fears, Kent County Emergency Management Director Lieutenant Jack Stewart told WoodTV that, “It’s all off the beaten path. There are no public highways involved other than transportation to the site and away from the site.”

    “They are even taking utility workers and getting them involved in what they are calling a dirty bomb scenario, or a nuclear radiation type of scenario,” reported Dahboo777 in a recent YouTube report on the training.

    This massive dirty bomb exercise is yet another military/local law enforcement drill announced in the lead up to Jade Helm.

    In the last two months we have seen literally over a dozen military drills either take place or be announced. This is happening at the same time as a huge amount of seemingly random (but possibly connected) military movements are being documented throughout the country.

    A breakdown of reporting going back the last two months conclusively proves this.

    Military drills and troop movements

    On March 13th, Intellihub founder Shepard Ambellas detailed photos and documentation of nearly 40 U.S. Army soldiers, wielding training rifles and dressed in full combat gear, participating in an urban warfare style training drill just outside the Texarkana Regional Airport perimeter.


    Fast forwarding into the middle of April, a report out of Big Springs, Texas revealed that a train full of military equipment and over a dozen helicopters had arrived in the town ahead of Jade Helm 2015.

    Photographs taken in Corona, California a few days later added to the Jade Helm speculation after they showed a MRAP full of what looked to be U.S. Marines driving down the 1-15 freeway. “In broad daylight with not a care in the world”

    Photo Credit: Evangelist Anita Fuentes/YouTube

    On April 24th a shocking report on Intellihub News detailed armed troops seen confronting angry protesters in a “professional news package”of riot control training released by the military

    “A massive buildup, a lot of movement and its undeniable at this point,” read the headline on April 25th after a convoy was seen in Oroville, California that stretched as far as the eye could see.

    Moving into May, photographs taken in Indiana showed a massive military convoy heading down the freeway. The photos, taken by a concerned citizen, show the convoy heading west on I-70 for reasons unknown.

    Two days later, video footage, this time out of Texarkana, Arkansas, highlighted a convoy of Humvees driving down the highway as well as a trainload of military vehicles that was seen shortly after.

    In mid May, Intellihub reporter Alex Thomas published a detailed report that confirmed that the military was indeed training to take on the American people, this time in the form of domestic house to house raids.

    Literally the next day a new report, also by Alex Thomas, proved that Marines were actually practicing for the internment of American citizens.



    On May 18th, a train full of hundreds of military Humvees was spotted, further revealing the increased military buildup across the country leading into Jade Helm 2015. The train was heading towards Cleveland for unknown reasons although a possible connection to planned upcoming protests had been mentioned.

    This past week a massive military war game simulation called Raider Focus was announced. The war game will include the largest military convoy seen on the roads of Colorado since World War II.

    On may 23th, Intellihub News reported on pictures sent to ANP that show a 1/4 mile long military train convoy near the Colorado Wyoming border.

    Finally, a report published this week detailed a stunning propaganda move by the military involving a New Jersey school and the worship of the military on the streets of America. “As parents, teachers, and students looked on with joy, Marines from the Special-Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force landed helicopters on the baseball diamond of a New Jersey school.”

    We are clearly seeing an undeniable buildup to a so far unknown event.

    Many believe it may be to initiate martial law this summer but most likely the training and military movements are ramping up across the country because the powers that be know a collapse is imminent and are rushing to be ready to control the population when it finally happens.

    Alex Thomas is a reporter who has worked in the alternative media for over three years. His work has been featured on numerous news outlets including Infowars and RT. Alex is an exclusive weapon of Intellihub.

    Read more articles by this author here.


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      1. America the Beautiful
        Words by Katharine Lee Bates,
        Melody by Samuel Ward

        O beautiful for spacious skies,
        For amber waves of grain,
        For purple mountain majesties
        Above the fruited plain!
        America! America!
        God shed his grace on thee
        And crown thy good with brotherhood
        From sea to shining sea!

        O beautiful for pilgrim feet
        Whose stern impassioned stress
        A thoroughfare of freedom beat
        Across the wilderness!
        America! America!
        God mend thine every flaw,
        Confirm thy soul in self-control,
        Thy liberty in law!

        O beautiful for heroes proved
        In liberating strife.
        Who more than self their country loved
        And mercy more than life!
        America! America!
        May God thy gold refine
        Till all success be nobleness
        And every gain divine!

        O beautiful for patriot dream
        That sees beyond the years
        Thine alabaster cities gleam
        Undimmed by human tears!
        America! America!
        God shed his grace on thee
        And crown thy good with brotherhood
        From sea to shining sea!

        O beautiful for halcyon skies,
        For amber waves of grain,
        For purple mountain majesties
        Above the enameled plain!
        America! America!
        God shed his grace on thee
        Till souls wax fair as earth and air
        And music-hearted sea!

        O beautiful for pilgrims feet,
        Whose stem impassioned stress
        A thoroughfare for freedom beat
        Across the wilderness!
        America! America!
        God shed his grace on thee
        Till paths be wrought through
        wilds of thought
        By pilgrim foot and knee!

        O beautiful for glory-tale
        Of liberating strife
        When once and twice,
        for man’s avail
        Men lavished precious life!
        America! America!
        God shed his grace on thee
        Till selfish gain no longer stain
        The banner of the free!

        O beautiful for patriot dream
        That sees beyond the years
        Thine alabaster cities gleam
        Undimmed by human tears!
        America! America!
        God shed his grace on thee
        Till nobler men keep once again
        Thy whiter jubilee!

        • HT, unfortunately there’s no good reason for any of us to sing that particular song. God has already been given plenty of reasons to condemn and destroy this nation.

          • BH: I respectfully disagree. Our God is a good and loving God, and I trust that He will see us through these terrible times. If he wouldn’t, then none of us would even be here on this board, and others, helping each other to prepare, and defend, and hopefully survive long enough to be able to sing that song again with delightful abandon.

            I will indeed sing that song, because I believe in what this country is. It is us, you, and me, and our families, and the good people here and throughout this great nation. WE are America, not the fed, or the UN, or the liberal haters. They’re just schmucks. It is brave and honorable people like you, and me, and 200 million more who still believe we can be the people that our dogs thinks we are.

            I hope never to lose that faith, and I hope you can regain it.

            • Thanks for that! Actually had mixed emotions reading all the verses……stay strong “Thor”, Loki.

            • HT, I understand where you’re coming from as far as the people are concerned and I still hope we can save it. But you can’t deny that in some ways we’re undergoing God’s judgment right now. The scripture in II Corinthians 7:14 spells out what needs to happen to save this land. I believe a supreme miracle is needed to save this land. I want to see this land saved, just like you and everyone else here, but we have to look at this realistically. If things don’t turn around 180 degrees, this nation is finished. We can ask God for certain things all we want, but it’s still His decision to make.

              • Braveheart and Hammers Thor

                It is my belief that the nation will undergo judgement. We have been warned from the beginning and I think it will happen. I believe this nation will never be the same after this. I also know that the good lord has watched after me through out my life. I believe he will continue to do so. That does not mean that I will never have horrible or troubling times. It does mean that we will be blessed either hear or in the next life. Honestly this country was formed by the good lord. Something will come out the other side of all of this. We must try to make it the best country we can. A free country based on christian values.

                • LOL, at ur age(s) u still believe in imaginary friends…. Poor u…. Religion, prison of mind, enjoy it….

                  • You know what pathetic? An insecure prick such as yourself who has nothing better to do than to mock and ridicule people’s heartfelt beliefs.

                    The judgment is coming for your ilk too, even and especially if you don’t see it.

                  • You know what’s pathetic? An insecure prick such as yourself who has nothing better to do than to mock and ridicule people’s heartfelt beliefs.

                    The judgment is coming for your ilk too, even and especially if you don’t see it.

                  • Nucking futjob

              • I think you meant to use 2 Chronicles 7:14
                “if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

                A further look would be in Amos 4:1“Hear this word, you cows of Bashan, who are on the mountain of Samaria,
                who oppress the poor, who crush the needy,
                who say to your husbands, ‘Bring, that we may drink!’

                Now why would the Almighty be addressing cows? Samaria can be likened to our own Capital Hill as was Samaria to the Northern Tribes of Israel, and “Cows of Bashan” would be a reference to the women of Bashan which is an easy place to live.

                All this is aimed at these United States of America. “Therefore O Israel this is what I will do, prepare to meet you God.”

            • God will see those who rely on His natural Providence through these terrible times (Luke 12:15-32) He will not aid and abet those devil-mongers who rely on Man’s faithless Evish, Cainish, civilized economy and politic (Genesis 4:1, 5, 8, 16-17) referred to in the Bible as “Babylon”, the classic expression of civilization.

              “And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies. And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”… (Revelation 18:2-4)

              Let’s not be those “unclean and hateful birds” in that “cage” of civilization–which includes those dreaming of “resuming” the “Republic” so often cited by “Patriots” as the goal of their supposed resistance to the powers-that-be (which, to their way of thinking, are only the Democrats, especially black Obama). The Republican way of doing things, with their “frack-quaking” (Matthew 25:7, Mark 13:8, Luke 21:11), “Grand Oil Party” and other Big Business (those “merchants of the earth” that “are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies”), is just as apocalyptic as that of the Democrats. God’s natural Providential way is sufficient. (Genesis 1:29-31)

            • You never read the old testament, did you?
              the book of Jeremiah would give you great examples of how god feels about nations he has repeatedly warned…

          • I agree Braveheart. The nation that song describes simply no longer exists.

            Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. – Galatians 6:7

      2. Bring it on bitches

        • I just wish we could extend to others what
          we know beyond scratching each others back
          in the comfort of what we know to be true.

          If we can’t bring others into the fold I
          fear that all may be lost. Is it our lot
          in life to know the truth and not be able
          to convey it to others?

          I pray we are not destined to live in hope
          and die in despair.

          • That’s the dilemma. We have a Christian duty to inform others, to do our very best to help those that do not know, or do not believe, or who may know and also believe but are infirm and unable to help themselves. When we try, as carefully as possible, we are disregarded, called tin foil hat conspiracy nuts, ignored, and placed on terrorist watch lists.

            It really sucks.

            Nevertheless, we must still do what we know to be right. Survive and defend ourselves and our families, and expose and destroy the enemy. By whatever means.

            We have to know, without being wrong even once, who the enemy is. That not only means not trusting the evildoers, but also not mistrusting potential allies.

            Is the fed an evildoer, or an ally? That one is pretty easy.

            How about our military? Hmmm?

            Law enforcement? Really? Law enforcement does not necessarily trust us, but they likely trust the fed less. Probably an ally, but the burden of proof will be on them (as it is supposed tro be anyway).

            How about your neighbors? Do you really know them? Will they be in the fox hole with you, or will they be identifying your location to the enemy in exchange for one more day of life?

            There is no question (at least in my mind) that we are in danger of a serious series of terrorist attacks, and quite possibly war. I also have no question about who is responsible for letting these maggots into our country to begin with. Therefore it is simple logic to determine that TPTB need and actually promote these risks to our nation in order to solidify their tyrannical control. Occam’s razor… The explanation that makes the fewest assumptions is generally the correct one.

            Why Jade Helm now? Why dirty bomb exercises now? Are we to believe that this is standard operating procedure? That’s one hell of an assumption, since we did not know about anything like this last year, or the year before. It’s tyranny, folks. It’s control through fear.

            The good news is that TPTB are actually losing control of the narrative. Sites like this one, and others, are actually considerable venues for discussion that bring the truth to the light of day. Some of this stuff is wild speculation, but it brings up possibilities that many of us previously may not have considered. The truth is out there, and we are dangerously close to it. Expect the hate and vitriol to escalate. The devil hates being exposed, and for that very reason we must continue to expose him and blast him and his servants into the light.

            It will most assuredly increase our chances for survival.

            God Bless you all.

            • WOW!!! Could not have said it better and could not agree more. You by chance in Texas?

              • Thanks Texasprepper. No, not in Texas, but the next best thing… Western NC. Same values, just 20 or 30 degrees cooler in the summer… 😉

                • Good work, Hammer’s Thor.

                  It’s nice to know we are not alone when speaking the truth.
                  Evidently you are located in and around my old stomping grounds.
                  My old trucking buddy, oic, is from your area. God’s country.

                  Well, it’s all God’s country. He just lets us live here and we are supposed to be good steward’s of the land. That is part of the problem with the folks that work in and for big brother, they think they own it, and all the people that reside in it.

                  They are badly mistaken. They own nothing, nor anyone. Very soon that will all be clear. God will not be mocked. His wrath will eventually boil over and His jealously will cause the lovers of themselves and their evil agendas to bring his judgments down hard upon them. Their superiors can’t save them. They will be all alone in their chastisement and day of judgment. All their evil deeds against God’s children will be vindicated.

                  God bless you and yours. Hope you have a peaceful journey.

            • Could all this be a move to flush us all out, and allow the nsa to gather data on who and where the so called enemy (“us”) is?

              • with rand paul filibustering the patriot act tonight trying to buy a few days, I’m looking for them to pull some sh*t just so they can point their fingers at him and say….Look see….he’s unqualified to be president, this is why we need to watch constantly and rule over you….Oh yah, and go to war in Iraq and Syria…..

                Gimme a friggin break!!!

              • Certainly they’re using it for that, cdub.

              • In other words,a false flag? That was m first thought. A whole lot of big Gov. takeover could result from it.

            • Excuse me, what is TPTB? I am unfamiliar with that.

              • Franie. TPTB = “The Powers That Be”

              • “the powers that be”

              • The Powers That Be

              • TPTB stands for The Powers That Be.

            • “And Lot went out, and spake unto his sons in law, which married his daughters, and said, Up, get you out of this place; for the LORD will destroy this city. But he seemed as one that mocked unto his sons in law.” And when the morning arose, then the angels hastened Lot, saying, Arise, take thy wife, and thy two daughters, which are here; lest thou be consumed in the iniquity of the city.” “And it came to pass, when they had brought them forth abroad, that he said, Escape for thy life; look not behind thee, neither stay thou in all the plain; escape to the mountain, lest thou be consumed.” (Genesis 19:14,15,17)

              “Then the LORD rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven; And he overthrew those cities, and all the plain, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and that which grew upon the ground. But his wife looked back from behind him, and she became a pillar of salt.” (Genesis 19:24-26)

              Clearly, many will have even those of their own household with whom to contend, when SHTF! It will be like those who loved the soft life of Egypt instead of the rougher, but liberating necessity to flee. There will be dark and bitter times indeed!

          • Outwest

            I will not die in despair no matter what. This place is not my real home. In fact this place is the only hell I will ever know.
            I will do my best to help all and try to ensure that what comes out the other side of this is good. If I fail then I will go to my real home.

        • They’ve been bringing it on, one at a time. Much (if not all) of it has been in the “swallowable” form of “reasonable”-sounding raids on homes, and other supposed killings or abductions (“arrests”) of “criminals” (dissidents?) by cops or other government operatives.

      3. Seen this today: 8 Apache Helicopters just landed at Traverse City Michigan International Airport.Someone went to the observation area and spoke with a vet that said ISIS listed publicly Camp Grayling as a location they will hang their flag. It is our largest military base East of the Mississippi River. Keep your eyes open Northern Michigan! This is our Country.

        • I live in Traverse. The report I heard was that they landed to refuel. ISIS in northern Michigan. I doubt it but I’ll fight the fuckers. Maybe they’ll bring up all the ragheads from Detoilet.

          • ISIS……………………….. ooooooooh……..booooogy…….wooooogy……..oooooogy……….hurdy gurdy man


          • Ya. Don’t know why they would give two cents about camp grayling. I would think they have bigger fish they THINK (lol) they could get to.

        • My fear is that all this ISIS stuff will be used against us.
          Also racism, fear of the military, and fear of the police. I believe we are being conditioned for that. All it will take is someone dressed up as a police officer to fire on the public. Someone dressed in uniform period to fire on the public. The government could have supposed citizens fire on the military or police. They could claim that several small groups of ISIS fired on the police or military. Then katie bar the door. The military thinks they are right. The police think they are right. We think we are right. It all goes to hell with us all thinking we are right.
          A lady that posted about a rag tag military unit in a parade caused me to think about that. We are sitting on a powder keg that could explode so easy.
          Think about this for a minute.

          • Typically doomb Americans, they believe ISIS exists for real, lol, u deserve ur fate….

            • Learn to spell, fuckwit.

            • America and ISIS are controlled by the same organisation……The CIA.
              They are 2 sides of the same coin now.
              Sad that a nation once so proud has been reduced to this…..causing terrorism to fight terrorism.
              They deserve their fate and many around the globe will not shed a tear when America, rotten to the core, finally collapses.
              May the good people and families over there find strength in the coming dark, dark days.

      4. I will not go quietly.


      5. Man made or natural/economic/political what have you,tis why folks prep.At this point really do not care WHEN disaster inevitably hits and martial law ect. declared,just readying my self mentally and store wise as much as possible.No matter what happens short of nukes/planet killing comet ect. the results and chaos will be the same.Really is time for more prep articles/links ect.So today will mention Hogwartsschoolofmedicine,good site for post disaster emergency first aid when a 911 call will no longer be of help.I would also say good info for out in the boonies camping ect. and someone has a bad injury.Warchild cannot stop/change why tough times are coming,Warchild can only prepare himself to best of ability to help himself and others when things go bad

        • nothing comes up under the keyword you mentioned

      6. Remember that TPTB always show us what is to happen in the near future then wait a while and then they pull it off.
        I pray that it doesn’t happen but learn what you can and prepare accordingly.

        • Sgt Dale,
          yes they always show there hand, to bad there are not enough of us to CALL there BLUFF, BEFORE it happens!! gonna be a long summer and i am already tired of there BS! not looking forward to it, but i say let the bastards begin there games! and we will finish them!

          • Apache54, I’m right there with you.

        • Leftists and governments always find it impossible to resist rubbing things in your face. Sadly, a large portion of the American people demand to exercise their god given right to be oblivious zombies.

          • Leftist, peptists… what the hell does “party” have to do with it? the republipukes want to extend the Patriot Act! There is only ONE PARTY and is composed of the leftists and right wingers– together.

            THAT is how they have been able to pull the wool over our eyes- because of ignorance- people believing in republicans vs the democrats. In reality, it is the one per centers vs the rest of us!! Wake up, girl!! They are all corrupt as hell! Stop dividing us!

            • You’re correct, Anonymous!

      7. ht tp://

        They got jokes!!!!!

      8. I remember as a child in the 60,s going to my grandparents house, seeing miltary convoys all the time. I am by no means making excuses for all these sightings, but I just wonder if maybe the powers that be may have knowledge of something they suspect may happen, which in my opinion will, and they are preparing for such happenings. DON’T GET ME WRONG, I too am suspiciocious of the govt. But just wondering.

        • Remember When, One of America’s Greatest Songs about the Memories of a family is just the opposite of the evil that has happened in this great country when Govt excercises have taken place starting with 9/11.

          We must remember these acts as we prepare for Jade Helm!!
          Since JH will be the largest excercise, we must prepare for it to be the largest negative effect on our naive and unsuspecting citizens!! Fear has been used to manipulate poeple and it will be used again!!

          Inform family and friends, encourage them to prep. Practice being aware of your surroundings espicially if you are local law enforcement. Have a plan with options if things go bad. It’ll help if the choas starts!!

      9. They might be rehearsing to defend an attack on our soil. Maybe they know something we don’t.

        • The people in charge of all this military movement may not even know. Only the top few will know. I really believe they have been causing anger against those in uniform to make this easy. It will be easy to start this conflict because of all the anger.
          I hope and pray that cool heads prevail on all sides except for those sob’s calling the shots.

      10. Do not become fixated on the date, or date change, with Jade Helm. A preemptive strike, against patriots, is inevitable. Constantly monitor/know your surroundings. If something looks suspicious, it is. Develop and practice a non-pattern recon of your neighborhood, farm, retreat.

      11. America, the land of the free and home of the brave.

        America as “we the Christian people”, are still free.
        and, we are still brave.

        Our homeland is barely hanging on by a silver thread.
        Fortunately, for us, God has a hold of that thread.
        Not Satan, for satan has a hold of the majority of people’s thoughts. He runs rampant through the halls of Washington DC, and the halls of everyday peoples homes, our educational systems, and even our state and local governments.

        The blind people are allowing a squelching out of God’s laws and words, and replacing with a demonic system that controls peoples lives from cradle to grave.

        What we are witnessing in America, and around the world, is the Great Apostasy…the falling away. It is here, and it is one of the two major signs just before the return of the King.

        One more king must come first. His system is in place and it has taken control of every nation, peoples, and tongues. Liberalism is the conduit for his demonic forces to thrive, as it has.

        The writing is on the wall, and can be felt in every nook and cranny of this earth. Even the animals have an uneasiness about them. Nature groans under the strain of toxins in every element of life. Our bodies stress under the toxic air and water we consume. Our Heavenly Father is saddened that His people have allowed this to happen, even though He told us it would, unless we (the majority) had a change of heart and mind.

        Satan is jumping up and down in Paradise, where he is held by Michael and his army of Archangels. Along with Satan is his army of 7000 Fallen Angels that are screaming to be loosed.
        Soon the battle in Heaven will take place, that results in Satan and his army to be released and returned to earth for their final “hour of temptation”. The stage is almost set, and with every earthquake,every volcano,every anti-christian comment, every demonic worshiping book and movie, and sadly, every installment of a sodomite lifestyle by pc citizens and politicians/judges; that time clock ticks closer to twelve.

        The liberals and the demonically controlled leaders have the network in place for that return. Sadly, to the deceived church members that are looking for a return of their messiah first, to “snatch” them away before that hour of temptation begins, it isn’t happening that way. Everyone must endure the tribulation period. Some will be supernaturally protected if they keep the faith. Some think they will be gone before that hour. It is fast approaching. In fact we are in the first phase of those birthing pains of a new birth, a new earth, and a new beginning. That new beginning will be even better than what the pilgrims first experienced as they set foot on the New World called America, their God given land.

        In the concept of eternity, from the first settlers arriving until today, the time has only been like the blinking of an eye. Times were good for some and great for others. Misery and heartache for some, and others a lifetime of backbreaking work to support their families and give their children more than they began with.

        Fortunately, we are experiencing the best and worst of times.
        Some technology makes our life easier and simpler without all the stress and hard manual labor. But some of that technology has been the workings of evil men, and it is now causing more heartache and stress. We are not as free as we once were, but by faith we will endure the short periods of stress and heartache to make it through, until the King arrives that no man can over-rule. No court of judges, nor any demonic forces in place today; for by His word, they all will fade away from the earth forever.

        So, my friends and enemies, do not frown and stress through these perilous times ahead. Rejoice, because He that was risen, is soon returning to set the “cleansing” in motion.

        We will prevail as long as we find it in our hearts to stand for righteousness and freedom.


        • Sorry passin,

          But,this was too good for me to not share at this important time.
          Thanks for sharing.

        • The great apostasy is led by the radical homosexual Brownshirts, who are destroying the right of conscience. I only wonder when their book burnings and politically correct witch hunts start.
          Oh wait, they already HAVE started: That baker in CO. that was sent to a re-education camp, the judicial/financial Kristallnacht of Baronelle Sturtzman in WA or that couple that ran Sweet Cakes by Melissa in OR., or Elaine Huegenin in NM who was told by the NM Supreme Court that her very right of citizenship in the state was predicated on her cow-towing to radical gays, or poor Memories Pizza that was repeatedly threatened by H8TE filled radical leftists.

          Am I overstating the case? Well-known gay activist Dan Savage – tapped by Disney to assist with a 2015 production as he is a recognized spokesman for the gay community, and his H8TEful comments, including his daydreams about “f—king the s—t out of” former Sen. Rick Santorum and suggesting that another politician he opposed should be “dragged behind a pickup truck until there’s nothing left but the rope.”
          And one from the book-burning, Nazi Brownshirt gay sturm trooper types: “Who’s going to Walkerton, IN to burn down #memoriespizza w me?”
          Lesbian advocate Paula Ettelbrick proclaimed that, “transforming the very fabric of society… [and] radically reordering society’s view of reality” is the goal of the homosexual movement.
          Extra credit: Gay supporter Floyd Corkins’ attack on Family Research Inst, where he was going to kill as many as he could and then stuff ChikFilA sandwiches in their dead mouths, or that gay supporter who tried to burn down Sarah Palin’s church – WITH people in it. Or you could have been at that meeting that I was personally at, of parents of elementary school kids, whose meeting was VIOLENTLY crashed by radical gays, and then utterly LIED about in the media the next day as the crashers somehow being the victims (go figure!) Or you can just leave it at the modern Kristalnacht attempts at destroying the businesses of florists, bakers, photogs, etc. who happen to be free, independent thinkers. Not agreeing with the radical gay Nazis is VERBOTEN!!

          • oicu812 & TEST. Thank the Lord for these two Godly witnesses.

        • Oicu812, damn good post.

          • passin did a good piece, I just posted it.

            He sends me things sometimes.

        • Amen Brother. Godspeed to all of us.

        • Thank you for posting this reminder about where we really stand–with God. I get down in the mouth sometimes because I have few people to chat with regarding these times. Coming here to read posts from others that believe similarly is very helpful.

      12. Oh for cryin’ out loud. Let’m play GI Joe. Ain’t nothin’ but a dog and pony show. You’ll know its for real when you wake up one morning, get up scratchin’ your ass and adjusting your package, and they key the mike announcing for you and family that the deuce-and-a-half taxi is hear to take you to some knew digs for your own safety.

        • meant “here”-not- “hear” (for you school marms).

          • PO,though nice to be on top of your vocabulary,hear just may be right!You will here a lot of activity if what you picture comes about,including gunfire.

        • Nope I got something for them.

        • PO’d P, if they come for me, I have something they don’t want.

          • Right. Because you think a bunch of Boy Scouts will be coming after you. Believe me, when it pops, they absolutely have no doubt they will have to deal with people like you. And they are not only prepared for it, but trained for it. Hell, it’s the business they are in.

            What do you got? A porch sniper diploma?

            • The little puke speaks again. I guess math is a weak point for you. Let me help you out asshole. At 50 miles out of GR there are 7800 square miles for them to guess where I am. They have 1 person for every 7 square miles.
              Only a little puke like you thinks they have the numbers.

              We hold the high ground and ranges are known. We are not where they think we are. Do the math dumbass. It will be a blood bath for anyone coming here. They graduate 350 snipers a year and most wouldn’t shoot a patriot. Do the math asshole. We outnumber them by 1000:1.

              Do the math you stupid little troll fudge packer.Or better yet, get your mommie to help you.


            • Curtis, I’ll only say that they need to think very long and very carefully before they go do anything. I know they won’t be Boy Scouts but I do have some tricks up my sleeve. I’ll just leave it at that.

            • Curtis don’t you realize many of us are combat vets?

              • Or would rather die then be taken by the scum

            • If you’re so convinced we’re going to lose, then why don’t you go ahead and check yourself into the FEMA camp and shut the fuck up? I doubt they have internet access there, so at least we won’t have to hear you run your yap any longer with your defeatist bullshit. Good thing our Founders were much better MEN than you…..pussy.

      13. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. They will be rounding up brothers that they fought with. Side by side in Iraq and Assganistan. Not sure how that’s going to work out.

        It’s a revolving door of who’s part of the gang. One month you’re in. Next month your out and part of the “To be rounded up.”

        The real enemy is the leaders of these bureaucracies and the politicians.

        • @ Sierra Dave

          This may help you see what the plan is, in case you haven’t read about it already….

          ht tp://

          • Here is some more info…

            Steve Quayle Alert
            Steve I have confirmation from a Ft. Hood (Killeen TX) source regarding certain army personnel being trained for martial law lock down and house to house raids. I have a friend who works in Killeen Texas in a business that many soldiers go to. I have gotten my friend up to speed on the current situation and he has been asking some of the soldiers if they know about JADE HELM 15. Over 80% of the soldiers have no clue about JADE HELM 15. Recently one of the soldiers told my friend he was aware of JADE HELM 15 and had received training connected with it. The soldier talked about going to people’s homes looking for gun owners and food hoarders. My friend asked him who they considered to be a food hoarder. The soldier replied it was anyone who had more than 7 days worth of food on hand would be labeled a food hoarder. Guns and excess food would be confiscated. The soldier also said no more than 8 people would be allowed to live in any 1 home.

            It appears Special Forces Operators are posing as Reliant Electricity sales people. I read where they were operating in a Texas town and one person called the County Sheriff’s Office about suspicious people. He was told they were for the government and to worry about them. The Sheriff’s office also told him he should not have run them off with a shotgun since they work for the government I told my friend at the local gun store about Reliant Electric cover and them being in groups of three. My friend told me there was a group of 3 of them in the gun store a few days back dressed exactly as I described them. Dark blue shorts and light gray pin stripped golf shirts. When they show up they have no paperwork but want to do an electrical audit to see if you are wasting energy and see if they could save you money on your electric bill. A great way to get you to take them all through your home and out buildings.

            With Jesus for Life, Tony

            May 28, 2015

            • I’m aware of the Georgia Guidestones. Problem is, America is only 5% of the worlds population. To get to that 500,000 million mark. Huge amounts of people will need to die in Africa, China, India, and Europe.

              Russia, China, India, and the BRICs ARE creating their own financial system. It’s plausible that they are preparing for the end of America. But me thinks they will get hurt also.

              I DO firmly believe that our government is compromised by traitors and sell outs. Who don’t care about America and what happens afterwards.

              Sadly, troops will follow orders. Not seeing the big picture. And that in the end, they and their families will be expendable.

        • Maybe these vile leftists ought to remember what happened to Lavrentiy Beria, the feared leader of the predecessor to the KGB. Suffice to say, once he fell out of favour, he was shot in short order (they stuffed a rag in his mouth to stop his whining before he was shot).

          These people doing these types of things will not only stand in judgment before the Lord – and as risk of a literal Hell, whether they believe it or not – they will also live with the remorse of people like Woodrow Wilson, who as the end stated “I have betrayed my country,” or – as another example – the mid-range Nazi leaders who spent the rest of their lives, assuming they survived the war, never being able to sleep without the cries of those they murdered ringing in their ears.

          • You know, TEST, that is where it all comes together, bedtime.

            I have no problem laying down and sleeping, at least until my sleep apnea, or pain issues wake me. I don’t worry about what I have said and done in the past. My slate is wiped clean with Holy blood.

            The reality of what has been and what is to come, doesn’t keep me awake at night wondering when my chastisement is coming. My life and my soul is in bigger and better hands than my own. Nothing the thugs and murderers of this world can do to change that.

            When we are in the grace and protection of the Creator of the Universe, TPTB are like little ants to just pass over. God can pinch them out of existence at any time. They think they are casting terror and fear, but what they are doing is digging their own graves.

        • I’m gonna tell my brother. He’s never seen a train wreck like this.

          I keep tellin’ him he’s welcome in my group, but he’s gotta bring his own bacon, beans and bullets.

          He only spent 8 years in the Corps dodging gooks and he’s older’n I am and not too shifty.

          I hope he brings along his black tips and the good stuff.

          Semper Fi

        • Every public employee of any kind will find themselves hunted. It will look like an old monster movie: some of their persuers carrying lights, some with weapons, and a few desperately trying to hold back the dogs.

          • You’re going to hunt down mailmen and kindergarten teachers?

      14. I think whatever the event will be is already known, keeping us wondering if its gonna be this or its gonna be that is an effective psy op in itself, whatever it is they are not building shelters for us citizens, Whatever it its they are very concerned about keeping us controlled and i dont think they plan on all that many survivors, i wont speculate on what the event maybe but preparing for any one of them increases your survival chances for all of them.

        Unfortunately, my take on things is the minor political awakening of the past few years has shaken the PTB and they know they are out manned and out gunned and realize people are not far from calling their bluff, as we back them further into a corner they realize the only chance they have of pulling it off is by going big, and i mean BIG…. They know if they fail, they will die a grusome death and therefore have nothing to loose. A few hundred million
        Lives mean nothing to these sick freaks.

        I myself dont fucus on any one event, i like to think and talk about all of them, but when it does happen it may be a combination of events, or none of the above, but whatever it is once it gets rolling and there is no turning back, and the coming event whatever it is may be the deciding moment of the future of the entire species..


      15. Did it ever occur to any of you that as our enemies acquire more and different weapons we, (as in our military) must train to meet these threats? Is everything that happens in this country part of some big conspiracy theory? where do you people come up with this shit.

        • You belong over at msnbc.

        • The phrase conspiracy theory as an inverted politically correct double speak, and does not serve its inteded purpose on folks here, most of us left the PC nonsense behind us.

          Conspiracy is an agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime at some time in the future.

          Theory is a contemplative and rational type of abstract or generalizing thinking, or the results of such thinking.


        • Also. Please explain,,

          North Korea has the cabability now to reach U.S. interests withbnukes. how Does training in Texas help defend against that,

          The CIAs Isis is capturing Iraq, how does training in Utah help with that.

          Ummm Ukraine conflict, how does training in Colorado help with that.

          Russian and Chi Com threat, ohh yea infiltrating a community in texas. Thats how we train for that…

          Lol your arguement defeats itself.


          • Where would you prefer they trained?Look, I am very much aware of attacks on our freedoms and I do not trust the government,especially obama, but at the same time, I do not believe that EVERY move they make is part of a grander plan to initiate Martial law. We need to have some discernment as to what is really a threat and what is not. Otherwise we look like a bunch of “chicken littles” running around and it is no wonder many do not pay attention to what is being said. Above there are a number of posts by individuals that state most of these drills and maneuvers have been going on for decades. If there was an attack by our enemies, I’m willing to bet there are those that would blame the military for not being prepared or trained to meet that threat. again, some discernment must be used to identify a true threat vs a paranoia view of the government.

            • Agreed

            • If there is a physical attack on the US it won’t be the military that pushes back that foreign enemy. But the folks here are just musing outside the box. Nothing wrong with keeping one eye on the other hand.

            • Mastering the human domain…….. how’s that apply to the previous threats laid out?

            • ” I do not trust the government,especially obama, but at the same time, I do not believe that EVERY move they make is part of a grander plan to initiate Martial law. ”

              Better start paying closer attention.

          • Honestly, I don’t believe it is a training exercise at all.

            I believe a man made catastrophic event will be part of the planned “exercise”. Maybe something bigger than Northridge earthquake in 94? I don’t know why I feel this, other than the fact that, according to some reports, nearly 20% of all military personnel are already trained for such exercises.

            Time will tell, but a flag up for me is the deployment of such a massive force, for such a long term training event.

            Just my gut feeling, the drought situation in Southern Cali. has something to do with this. And the sudden two day, ten foot drop in Lake Mead that coincidentally happened the day after the earthquake there. Which, btw was explained as just a measuring equipment glitch. that happened to “glitch” for two consecutive days. BTW, Vegas/Sin City, gets their water from Mead, and what feeds most of Cali, has to flow through Lake Mead/Hoover Dam.

            Just some observations that seem a might queer.

            • I strongly agree with you “o”. The scope of the exercise is so much bigger than any other previous exercise and the area it is to cover has certainly been affected by the drought. I was out by Lake Mead last year and was taken away by how low the water level was then. It is worrisome for sure.

      16. If you are concerned about this, or some kind of nuclear attack, Doctors for Disaster Preparedness, run by Dr. Jane Orient, out of Tucson, AZ., has a simple to use device called a NukeAlert; there are also Radstickers that show total dosage by turning shades of gray.

        Personally, from what I have read, while a dirty bomb would contaminate an area, and not exactly make my day, as far as I am concerned the biggest threat to the population would be the conventional explosion. There is also something you can make at home called a Kearny Fallout Meter that is the poor man’s (oh gee… I’m so sorry.. poor *person’s*) NukeAlert (which is not expensive anyway). But in any event, DO download the FREE Nuclear War Survival Skills – a classic in the field. One site that has it is (you can also get potassium iodide from them)

        All of this stuff is free or very cheap, except for the Nuke Alert, which isnt expensive either.

      17. did you guys know that the earth is indeed flat?

        • The earth is not flat. I can see mountains all around me. You must be from Florida.

      18. Fact is, per that radical gay issue, if it’s not radical gays engaging in a legal version of the Nazi Kristallnacht against Christian bakers, florists and photogs in Oregon, Indiana, Colorado and NM, then they just may attack FRI in DC with the intent of murdering the staff and smearing their faces with ChikFilA sandwiches, or burning down Sarah Palin’s church with people in it. I have personally been in a meeting in Ottawa, ON., that was violently crashed by VIOLENT radical gays – then explicitly LIED about the next day on the two major TV networks to make it look like the gays were the victims. Yes… an outright lie.

        How long is it before the radical gay Brownshirts start burning books? A month? Three months? There were already calls to burn down Memories Pizza in Indiana (hey! No hate crime THERE, of course!) More H8TE from the real haters, radical gays:

        1. Religious colleges may be in danger of losing tax-exempt status –
        2. Justice who loves gay marriage may force it on those who don’t
        3. Professor punished student who refused anti-Christian assignment
        4. Mikey Weinstein wants Air Force General court-martialed for sharing faith

        Fact is, there is more suicide where gays are most approved of, like SF, Amsterdam. Fact is, the AVERAGE homosexual marriage, as shown in the famous study by Maria Xiridou (you can google it if you want to corroborate) shows the average gay “marriage” has EIGHT outside partners per YEAR (try that in your marriage!). As the gay radicals Madsen and Kirk wrote, the real goal was to redefine marriage to become something totally and utterly different – part of the results which you see in dissolution of the family in places like, e.g., Baltimore recently.

      19. I’ll hold with what I said days ago look NORTH. Michigan, Northern Indiana, or Northern Ohio. Now a NUKE DRILL in Michigan, it is North folks. Chicago will profit big time soon. Things are about to get very interesting in the coming days. Be ready for the opening act to the last play the America people will be in, as we know America now. SOON MY FRIENDS, VERY SOON!!!!

      20. Time to make the doughnuts.

      21. You Alex Jone’s followers are blowing this way out of reality. Those are nothing but LAV-25’s. They are not MRAP’s. Major difference between the two. Stop with the crying wolf bullshit every the military is out and about off of their military installations.

        You are all part of the problem, not the solution with your lies and really stretched out truth. This is really getting very old with your crap and lies. Enough. You are acting and doing the very same thing that Department of Homeland Security does with their claim of increased chatter and raising the threat level and nothing happens except to make all of you paranoid sheep to stop taking your meds.

        • You are calling people liars yet nobody has misrepresented any facts, from what i can tell its all clearly represented as speculation. Did we hit a nerve.

        • Doc, you sound like you belong at

        • Right Doc Badger…

          Those are LAV-25’s. I noticed that as well.

          • True, but most people dont know the difference. If it has tracks its a tank,
            If it has wheels its an MRAP..i myself would be more intimidaed by a group of
            LAVs rolling down my street than a group of MRAPs. Mraps are a defensive vehile,
            To get from A to B without being blown up, the LAVs are attack vehicles and much more capable on an actual battlefield.

        • Curtis just rolled over and woke him up. They are somewhat confused and logged on here by mistake. Obviously paid trolls. It will be great fun watching them scramble when the SHTF.

          Targets of opportunity will abound.Looking forward to it.


          • Gone Camping, curtis should go over to Huffington That’s the last MSM site I was banned from before I started coming here back in 2012. curtis would fit right in at huffpost.

      22. Doc Badger.

        Please state the Problem you mentioned.

      23. I think you are right about this one, Doc. I don’t see this as anything other than a normal drill about a real threat, at least narrowly speaking

      24. And over on the left, in the ad section, is “Meet Muslim Singles”
        Just great. Who set up that brilliant ad? What, meet Muslim singles at their next nefarious evil deeds meeting?

        • Test: you must be using a different VPN than I am. The ad on my screen is for Russian singles…

          Uh, Mac, think you might be able to filter some of that out?

          • Don’t mess with the Russian babes!!

          • Ewwwww… See you’ve still got that stick shoved up your butt.

      25. Better stock up on anti-radiation thyroid pills!

      26. I seen som humvees on trucks they have the gun turret and fresh tan paint with armored doors who knows what they are up to.

      27. Well don’t see many military choppers near GR very much but in the ladt week have seen 5 flying low over the trees.,, first day my son says dad I hear a helicopter…so out we go to chevk it out if the boys had the side doors open I could have tossed a football they were so low….

        • The Barrett with AP rounds should take the air out from under low flying choppers.
          E-Bay has some radar reflective netting up right now to foil Rivet Joint ($300). 5 choppers for the 78oo square miles in the 50 mile radius around GR means they will be very ineffective without good targeting info. I’m REAL sure they have no GPS cords on my “Camp Sites”.

          Maybe they’ll send Curtis out to scout for them…I can only hope.

      28. Maybe no one noticed the global dirty bomb that went off in March 2011. You know the one. The one they should have responded to but didn’t. The one that really threatens us.
        300 tons of molten radioactive lava spewing directly into the Pacific ocean. The dirty bomb the real terrorists delivered to us. Everything and anything else is a diversion tactic to hide this. We waste precious time saving what little remains uncontaminated. This will pre- empt everything, forever. You just don’t realize it yet.
        ht tp://

        • And the General Electric brass who made these decisions enjoy a well funded retirement. We suffer their lack of integrity. They were rewarded for it. A lesson the banking industry learned very well. “Look they radiated the Earth and got away with it. We can ban cash, the idiots won’t do anything to us”.

      29. Babylon (Amerika) is fallen, is fallen…

        • Most truly so, Myrlinn.

      30. You guys do not get it. Yobama has seen the light and is only sending troops to seal the southern border. Now don’t ya’ll feel much better.

        • If only it was true… Amigo.

        • Oh yea, after there has been a stand down order for border patrol on nearly fifty miles along New Mexico border, just eleven miles from the Juarez Airport.

          And wonder why Los Cruxes is a hotbed of drug activity, not to even mention El Paso.

          And, reports keep coming that ISIS has an encampment in Chihuahua, Mexico.


        • …Seal the border to keep you in???? Wait ’til it gets to where you want out. Your “sealed border” won’t allow you to get out or go anywhere else (if, of course, you comply with all the current social institutions).

      31. I don’t follow Alex jones. I have watched him and take what I want from it. He comes off as a nut job when he starts ranting. He should just stick to reporting. Imagine this guy was a preacher ranting and banging the pulpit. If you really want to believe tptb has your best interest at heart go right ahead but everything I’ve seen them do makes me feel otherwise. I feel the US is a failed state and they are not nessasarily trying to destroy us but they surely not too concerned about citizens. When was the last time our leadership made a decision that made sense.

        • Im with ya there ass hat, i listen to his show some.. It has good info buti would rather listen to his reporters reports than his over acting ranting, im still not convinced that he is not controlled opposition..

        • yessum, I understand where you’re coming from Mr Hat. Take care friend.

      32. I stopped reading a few months ago because life got busy and I was tired of reading doom and gloom…I come back and this is the first story I read…We are taking info from Dahboo777 now? Yeah I’m done.

      33. Statistically, you have more chance of being killed or seriously harmed by a black youth than any North Korean. The truth is more American are killed every year by other Americans than by any foreigners.

        I would be more concerned about restive black ghettos than what is happening in Pyongyang. And Korean women are hot so I really do not want to go to war with them.

      34. Today we saw fresh guns rolling through Kansas City. Right on our major highway. Saw things going north and south at 2 different times. Clearly some stuff is being moved. I’ve seen more military gear being moved around here in the last 3 months than in the last 10 years. Do the math. This is what passed us…

      35. Been news junkie for thirty years, tptb always give us an enemy to fear and hate. If not foreign then it’s republican vs dem or black vs white etc etc. There is only good vs bad , you well be judged by your works. Repent

      36. Possibility some of senate does nothing out of fear?…..

      37. The powers-that-be will be the ones who get their “ISIS” Daesh or just their own military to set off any “dirty” or other ordnance as their “excuse” for crackdowns by them or, for their “invitation” or “acceptance of the ‘humanitarian’ ‘offer'” of likely Communist Chinese-enforced martial law against the people.

      38. This is how the powers-that-be and their mainstream big institutional media can amass forces against the people– in plain view– and have it portrayed as a mere “exercise”…. The people can have already resisted. That can be why the government’s troops are being amassed–to quell the resistance.

        The mainstream media aren’t going to report the truth about any losses incurred by the powers-that-be at the hands of resistors. Resistors would have to operate in the dark, and engage their enemy as they find them, not relying on media, or any other reports.

      39. Trains cannot run on rails that are no longer straight or connected. The Military Leaders can give few orders with cross hairs darkening their commands. We must not discount Millions of Hunters and former Military among our neighbors. It is time for the quiet conversations of planning and sharing of information to ramp up. I bet there are many out there with knowledge of weak points and how to disable the war machines. In Vietnam, Mountainyard natives were shooting down Chinook Helicopters with wooden cross bows and arrows. They knew the weak spots. A military that wars against fellow Citizens will become the Enemy and Stand Alone – and be Broken.

      40. Around June 20th, there is going to be a full scale Point of Dispensing exercise in Columbus, OH. Interesting …

      41. We tried to get people to care about themselves, their country, their families for 43 years.
        We finally created Justice Caps – – so that every person can be an “Army of One.”
        Our technology blinds NSA video surveillance and turns their multi-billion dollars software into junk.
        All for $ 15.00

      42. I live in the Eastern part of Ohio about 2 hours south of Cleveland and have a train track that runs through my town. Lately I have seen quite a few trains hauling empty livestock trailers west and saw one train hauling the empty livestock trailers east. Not saying this has to do with all this but…..

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