Massive Car Bomb Kills Journalist Who Exposed Panama Papers Elite: “A Political Murder Took Place Today”

by | Oct 17, 2017 | Headline News | 22 comments

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge


    Car-Bomb Kills “One-Woman WikiLeaks” Who Led The Panama Papers Revelations

    Meet Daphne Caruana Galizia, the journalist who led the Panama Papers investigation into corruption in Malta.

    A blogger whose posts often attracted more readers than the combined circulation of the country’s newspapers, Caruana Galizia was recently described by Politico as a “one-woman WikiLeaks”.

    To John Dalli, a former European commissioner whom she helped bring down in a tobacco lobbying scandal, Galizia is “a terrorist.”

    To opposition MPs, she’s a political force of nature, one who fortunately has her guns aimed at the other side of the aisle.

    “She single-handedly brought the government to the verge of collapse,” says one MP. “The lady has balls,” says another.

    Galizia’s mantra was simple: blog relentlessly about the “cronyism that is accepted as something normal here. I can’t bear to see people like that rewarded.”

    Her blogs were a thorn in the side of both the establishment and underworld figures that hold sway in Europe’s smallest member state.

    Well, sadly, all that is over now, as Galizia was killed today when her car, a Peugeot 108, was destroyed by a powerful explosive device which blew the car into several pieces and threw the debris into a nearby field.

    As The Guardian reports, her most recent revelations pointed the finger at Malta’s prime minister, Joseph Muscat, and two of his closest aides, connecting offshore companies linked to the three men with the sale of Maltese passports and payments from the government of Azerbaijan.

    No group or individual has come forward to claim responsibility for the attack.

    Malta’s president, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, called for calm.

    “In these moments, when the country is shocked by such a vicious attack, I call on everyone to measure their words, to not pass judgment and to show solidarity,” she said.

    “Everyone knows Ms Caruana Galizia was a harsh critic of mine,” Muscat at a hastily convened press conference, “both politically and personally, but nobody can justify this barbaric act in any way”.

    The Nationalist party leader, Adrian Delia – himself the subject of negative stories by Caruana Galizia – claimed the killing was linked to her reporting.

    “A political murder took place today,” Delia said in a statement.

    “What happened today is not an ordinary killing. It is a consequence of the total collapse of the rule of law which has been going on for the past four years.”

    Responding to news of the attack, the German MEP Sven Giegold, a leading figure in the parliament’s Panama Papers inquiry, said he was “shocked and saddened”.

    “It is too early to know the cause of the explosion but we expect to see a thorough investigation,” said Giegold.

    “Such incidents bring to mind Putin’s Russia, not the European Union. There can be absolutely no tolerance for violence against the press and violations of the freedom of expression in the European Union.

    It does make one wonder just what is happening in Europe, as Greece’s former finance minister tweeted…

    Interestingly, Muscat announced in parliament that FBI officers were on their way to Malta to assist with the investigation, following his request for outside help from the US government.

    Caruana Galizia was 53 and leaves a husband and three sons.


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      1. Kind of what the Clintons have been doing over the years here in the US.

        • Obama arrested and took out journalists. He looked the other way when racist black cop killers assasinated police officers. The US runs rendition and torture facilities across the planet and even on US soil.

          Gross violations of human rights have been happening since 9/11. The better question to ask is this: who benefits? Judging by the ever-growing population of Muslims in the West, it is pretty clear the way is being made for their invasion.

          This poor journalist probably just connected the dots.

          • evil is winning; W.Europe has already committed suicide by letting all of these “poor refs” into W.Europe

          • FT, the most notorious of Obama’s assassinations was Andrew Breitbart. Only a few days before he was taken out Breitbart said he had a video so damaging to Obama that it could destroy him. After Breitbart’s murder nothing else was said about the video.

            • And dont forget about that independent movie director/producer that was making a movie about marshal law in America under obummer and what the country would look like….

              I wonder when there will be “rogue elements” that start taking out politicians?

              You guys ever seen any of the “Rampage” movies? Really great Indie flicks!

        • Ckintons? How about Bush’s, how about the whole f….ing CIA trained Mossad.

      2. Wow. She unfortunately pissed off the wrong person and it cost her dearly. R.I.P.
        The world is a very, very dangerous place.

        • We need more journalists like that lady, especially here.

      3. The common person is murdered. An elite person is assassinated. When the common person assassinates an elite it is called redemption. All my questions were answered with the revelation of FBI involvement. People who call four nail gun shots and two gunshots to the the back of ones head suicide shouldn’t be allowed to investigate crime. Where is Campos? Freedom only rings when truth stings.

        • Or freedom only rings when a rifle sings? I dunno, its got a nice ring!

      4. This story is fake. Look at the car!
        It’s a pic of a what might have been a car 50 years ago, sitting in the middle of a field and it maybe, at one time, caught on fire at some point. But it wasn’t yesterday.
        And if, indeed, agent Daphne parked her car in the middle of a field on a regular basis (God would only know why at this point) and it did indeed blow up there, then why are all the nice, pretty looking weeds growing in front of it not burned to a crispy, ashlike, substance?
        Am I supposed to believe that the explosive force was so great that the car blew into the air, over some rooftops and just landed in a field on the edge of town?
        I haven’t figured out what the two guys in white suits are doing, wandering around, staring at the ground. Looking for arrowheads, maybe? Petosky stones? I have no idea and I’m pretty sure they don’t either. Cut and pasted in, probably.
        It’s like they’re not even trying to lie convincingly on this one.
        Agent Daphne has successfully moved on to her next assignment and this is how she was extracted. By announcing her fake death.

        • Good observations – the only truth in the whole article was probably “Caruana Galizia was 53 and leaves a husband and three sons.” Must be the ‘change’ hit her and she up and took off with Ramon the gardener or something.

        • That is not a 50 year old car but a brand new Peugeot 108. It exploded and caught fire while driving down a rural road and the car’s momentum sent it through a low rubble wall into the field. The blast left a 6ft crater and the driver’s body (in 5 pieces) scattered all over the place.

          The two guys in white suits are members of the Malta Police Forensics Team who were ordered by the government to not touch anything until foreign experts arrive to help with the investigation.

        • Have you ever been around bare surface metal after it sustained an explosion or fire? FYI: The fire and explosion most likely burned off or chipped off every bit of paint on the vehicle. Most would also know that rust starts immediately with the normal moisture in the air.

      5. “To John Dalli, a former European commissioner whom she helped bring down in a tobacco lobbying scandal, Galizia is “a terrorist.”

        Orwell would be proud- usurping language itself to mean the opposite of its dictionary definition. But it appears she DID strike terror into the hearts of the corrupt and evil, so perhaps she was a “terrorist?”

      6. “It is a consequence of the total collapse of the rule of law which has been going on for the past four years.”

        And when the people figure this out .. all hell is gonna break loose and it will be their asses on the line

        why do you think they want our guns so dam bad…. its really hard to make an armed populous load themselves into a railroad box car

      7. Telling the truth is a revolutionary act. The more truth put out there the greater the threat of authoritarian reprisal.

      8. ““She single-handedly brought the government to the verge of collapse,”

        So I guess she apparently didn’t monetize her stuff well enough or she was stupid enough to do this and didn’t think she’d need a MASSIVE security detail. I’m sorry for her though.

      9. The criminal elites murdering the peasants. Rise up and resist.

      10. That Muskrat did it by way of FBI. I got a Conibear that will snap the old weasel’s privates and make him fess up.

      11. tc,Heartless,the article states that pieces of the vehicle were thrown into a nearby field. Maybe that’s why the ground is not singed or burnt. Read the damn article than comment.

      12. Chalk another one up for the Clintons. They were exposed by her Panama expose and she ended up just like two dozen others who have crossed the Clintons over the past 40 years. I mean, who here even has two stories let alone one involving a high profile newspaper type headline involving “murder” that you have a close connection. This has been the case for the Clintons for over 4 decades; when will someone finally convict these overt criminals for what they are; a cancer on the American landscape. After almost 60 years I have now lost faith in the American “system”; it no longer exists. What the Founding Fathers originally built has finally been dismantled by the Liberals; as was predicted would ultimately happen by the FF’s. They did all they could to protect us from what’s finally taken our great country down. It’s a very sad day for Americans. For all you Liberal ass know it alls; you got what you wanted and you can have it. Problem is; you’ll have no way to pay for it because we will soon refuse to pay for all your entitlements. You’ll bitch about it later when it all comes crashing down and look for the type of people who have the wear with all to fix such things (US, Constitutionists who care nothing but taking care of our own and being left alone) but guess what; F^3k you!!!!! You wanted it; you fix it.

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