Mass Roundups: “Men, Women and Children Will Be Taken From Their Homes”

by | Dec 21, 2013 | Headline News | 719 comments

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      1. ah baloney.

        • This is a rerun. I saw this a few days ago on another site so I’ll give the same response here:

          DHS can no more expand their activities to the entire country at once than bank robbers can expand their activities to an entire city. What they did in Boston simply not scalable to the entire U.S. at once especially rural areas that have hundred if not thousands of exits. Here, for example, they would not only have to cover hundreds of paved roads, but unimproved roads, rail trail, and several rivers to lock down a city of 30,000. Even if they could do it with a paltry 300 workers (100 per shift), extrapolated out DHS would need over 3 Million boots on the ground to accomplish this nationally all at once.

          Now I’m not naive enough to think martial law could never happen in America, but the first stage would have to be gun confiscation. Even with better arms, 100 troops are not going to last long against 100 times as many trained hunters accustomed to hitting deer with a 30-06 from a mountain top.

          Gun confiscation could then be followed by act of institutional terrorism against high profile constitutionalists to scare the majority into submission and with no way to defend themselves it would work.

          Phase three would be to go in and clean up the remainders with the help of their fellow Americans who caved in during the last phase. As I wrote in my essay for this site, The Boots on the Ground WTSHTF Could Be Your Neighbors, See Something – Say Something will become an incentive program to take the hold outs out of the equation.

          ~The End

          • WE are living at the end of this current age and the beginning of a new world order.

              • “This is my rifle. There are many others like it, but this one is mine. My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my rifle is useless. Without my rifle, I am useless. I must fire my rifle true. I must shoot straighter than my enemy, who is trying to kill me. I must shoot him before he shoots me. I will. Before God I swear this creed: my rifle and myself are defenders of my country, we are the masters of our enemy, we are the saviors of my life. So be it, until there is no enemy, but peace. Amen.”

                • YMWW, AMEN to your comments. Anyone who comes to braveheart’s home with bad intentions does so at their own peril. MOLON LABE braveheart

                  • @braveheart

                    Can you guess who gave me the thumbs down?

                  • Yo Mama: If you are thinking its me you would be wrong. I rarely give a thumbs down, even to you, and certainly wouldn’t give a thumbs down for a rifleman’s creed.

                    As a Marine my rifle was my friend and I never went anywhere without it: although when on a major base I had to insert a red block in the magazine well. Today, I do not carry any of my rifles, but I do carry …. concealed.

                    WE are in the Last Days. Forewarned is well armed! 🙂

                  • “…does so at their own peril.”

                    One word: drone

                • Sorry about the thumbs down, was meant to be a thumbs up.

                • YMWW,
                  I cant understand why anyone would thumb that down!
                  That was something our DI used to make us say in basic back in 82, thats old school,
                  Many have said those same words, many more will learn them and live them

                • Sorry, you’re getting audited but the good news is that we are here to help you. Get on the bus….

                  • sure, right after I pull my piece out and blow your head off.

                • “Think of the children”

                  These barstewards are sophisticated – they’ll come for them first. I’d be interested to see how many kids of dissidents have already been taken from their school (you won’t even know it’s happening till it’s too late!) on trumped up CPS BS already.

                  I posted a few articles back about the UK fracking protesters being threatened via the kids already.

                  The important boys in the military have already been taken out. Significant scientists have been suiciding/having heart attacks for years now.

                  The homeless from some US cities are already being taken to camps.

                  The pilot of the Cypriot bail-in is complete. Ditto Guantanemo (I didn’t see a revolution or any fair trials there did you?). The DNA database and gene therapy research is it’s advanced stages, as is the viral dispersal drone as is the desensitisation of the citizenry (inc the young and idealistic through all those computer games)through indoctrination and propaganda.

                  The farm collectivisation (agri-corp instead of comrade co-op this time) is well underway. Free travel is restricted.

                  The legislation for a police state was passed without a whimper of complaint.

                  Trouble is even the smartest are so indoctrinated by Hollywood that even though we are TOLD exactly what they are going to do in advance we allow it. Reality doesn’t match fiction you see, it’s far more insiduous and deadly and noone gets to play Sylvester Stallone or Bruce Willis except in their fantasies.

                  When will people WAKE UP. SHTF is already well underway & has been for sometime. The refusal to accept this until the devil is sitting on your couch means the elite laugh at us when they should be quaking in their boots.

                • Peace & Amen yourmotherwaswrong.

              • Face it folks, these bastards can do whatever they want to the American citizen because NO ONE STOPS THEM, sheep to the slaughter. The regime has stomped on the constitution and the heart and soul of this country, they have free reign.

                • It does seem that way, SOAS…very discouraging times! However, this is GOD’S world, no matter what TPTB may think. All will be ok in the end… just don’t give them your guns… hide some!

                  • One of my favorite writers, Derrick Jensen, said that it always seemed in the best interest of the Jews to just go along with the Nazis. When they told them to wear a star on their clothes, or get on the train, they had the choice of obeying or being shot. And so, they went along, because it seemed they had little choice. They HOPED the Nazis were not lying, they hoped they would not be killed. Even when they went into the gas chambers, it seemed in their best interest to obey because they were threatened of being shot if they didn’t!

                    When you know mother f*!*&^@s are dishonest as hell, have lied to you constantly, have taken your jobs and thrown you to the dogs, it seems at some point you just stop obeying and point your rifles… at least we are armed.

                  • ATF came to my house in Iowa in May, 2011 and took all 22 of my weapons and over thousand rounds 7.62×39 rounds and other munitions while I was at work and terrorized my 18 year old daughter and handed my kid a one page search warrant. Local sheriff deputy says no warrant on record. We are also out of 10s of thousands in life, 401k and roth ira money from my womans death from diabetes. Also missing is over and yes 1000000 in prime Iowa farmland. The theft and scam warrants are coming from corrupt courts and corrupt law enforcement.

                • The moment that we let the trash in Washington DC vote to take our weapons and we acquiesce, we are doomed to camps and death. Never let them disarm you (us). If they come for your gun it is better to die fighting in your home than to be arrested. Perhaps you will be able to take a few with you. The more resistance they get the less apt they are to enforce these anti-constitutional edicts. Resistance is contagious. Others will form resistance groups. Of course it would be better to be proactive. Have a plan that makes sure you don’t fight them from your home like a trapped animal but attack them at a place of your choosing. Unite with others you trust and make the government miserable.

            • Call out the instigators
              Because there’s something in the air
              We’ve got to get together sooner or later
              Because the revolution’s here, and you know it’s right
              And you know that it’s right

              We have got to get it together
              We have got to get it together now

              Lock up the streets and houses
              Because there’s something in the air
              We’ve got to get together sooner or later
              Because the revolution’s here, and you know it’s right
              And you know that it’s right

              We have got to get it together
              We have got to get it together now

              Hand out the arms and ammo
              We’re going to blast our way through here
              We’ve got to get together sooner or later
              Because the revolution’s here, and you know it’s right
              And you know that it’s right

              We have got to get it together
              We have got to get it together

              • Personally, I think they could do it if they are careful and take their time. Not unlike the Progressive takeover of the states we see today. If you look at history it takes atrocities for people to join in the fight against oppressors. The vast majority of people dont want to fight. They just want to be left alone. Humans are in general, survivors. Very adaptable at doing what is necessary to survive. The vast majority may support the patriots but wont do anything about it due to fear. Some will support the patriots with logistics but will do little to stop the murder. It usually ends up in the hands of the few that will do something but they have no power either until the atrocities happen. If they never happen then the Progressives will win.

                • Oklahoma, Waco, Ruby Ridge. That should be enough atrocities for anyone- but, how quickly man forgets.

            • The NWO is taking over as we speak. You think this 40 Mil credit and debit card being hacked at Target was a coincidence? JP Morgan is now limiting card holders for cash withdrawls to only $100 now, as this was a pretty good aka: false flag, destroying our ability to have access to our money. I suggest take all your money out of the banks now, and buy up long term food, guns and ammo. The Clock is ticking patriots.. The world as we know it is ending..

              • Interesting perspective. I’ve had to do ALL of my shopping yesterday and today. I’ve cut back by more than 2/3. All of the stores were near empty. No busier than ordinary day. I fear it will be upon us soon. I got a Xmas bonus at work. Most of it will go to more preps., getting the exhaust replaced on my truck, and a plane ticket to check on dad. He’s adjusting very well, btw, and went to spend the week with his sister today and bagged a nice doe this afternoon while hunting with my cousin. I’ve not seen him so happy in a long time. God is truly watching over him.

            • The Federal Reserve is NOT part of the United States Government, it IS a legally chartered, for profit corporation. Note: The Constitution Explicitly states that our Congress and NOT a private for profit corporation (Federal Reserve) should issue currency. Wait until the 1% Trillionaires who are stockholders in the Fed crash the dollar and then shortly after crank up hyperinflation. They will be the only ones with enough cash reserves and hard assets to survive.

              The FEW will control the masses.

              • Not sure if I should thumbs up or down!

                I think you’re right, and it all stinks.

                I hope they choke on their money. I’ll be eating beef jerky.

            • But, historically, tyrannies do not last long.

          • Y’all trying to lower your “NSA threat matrix score?”

          • I haven’t posted in a while but I felt this urgent of getting out.

            Just a little background. My line of work sometimes brings me into spheres of the government and military and such not only myself but my company gets vetted and cleared to work in these areas.

            The facility I just finished up was a secured facility hidden in plain sight. A security team was assigned to follow and essentially babysit us throughout the duration of the project. They were armed at all times. only a concealed .45.

            Over the course of the job one security agent I befriended. Turns out he is from close to where I live and knows a few people I know who have been in the military.

            He warned me the purge of military personal by the white house is 100% geared towards relieving officers who swear allegiance to the constitution and not BO’ orders and who will wage war against American citizens.

            His words not mine.

            We have all heard and read the stories about this and it has always been alarming for me BUT hearing this from a trusted source made my stomach turn. Typing this even makes me ill.

            I don’t even know what else to say or do. For me its about as real as it can get now. I didn’t want to go to work after hearing this. I am sure this is being data based and may come back to haunt me or my family.

            All I can say is it is coming, be prepared.

            • Thank You Wolf359!

     ease, you’re only confirming the obvious!

              • Agreed. When the time comes, I hope most of us will follow in the footsteps of our forefathers, and not cower. Risking our lives today was no different than them risking their lives back then.

                Please use this time to grow a pair of balls if you don’t have one.

                • So when The Marshall Law Lockdown was Established in Boston chasing 2 suspected terrorists, did you grab your rifle and go meet the Rogue Soldier forces pulling Innocent Boston citizens out of their homes and searching them with no warrant? Or was it just fascinating video via CNN as you sat comfortably on your couch?? You see, most viewers were confused with the media propaganda, as well as the morons cheering USA USA USA as these people rights were being violated. This is how it unrolls, just like what Hitler did with Propaganda, as one neighborhood at a time, creating falseflags to steal freedoms, so when will you take action prior to them knocking on your door at 3AM. Where is your Red line? Enough is enough?

                  • JD probably didnt, and I am guessing, neither did you.

                    Everyone has an individual red line.

                  • Alexander Solzhenitsyn said that this happened back in the 1920′s under Stalin. He said that if the people were armed and if just one or two of the Secret Police died every time they came for someone…the practice would have stopped fairly quickly.
                    The answer to the question of “How to stop them from rounding us up?”: Kill as many as you can when they come for YOU!!!

                  • Not to mention many of us watched it to learn basic strategies. Learn their ways and actions in order to better prepare how you can defend against it. If you know your enemy better than you know thyself than in a 100 battles you can not be beaten.

                • All it will take is the “first trigger pull” aimed at foreign or domestic troops who are rounding up US citizens. After that, the “fight is on”. I am sick at heart to say, it will be a long and bloody conflict. However, the US citizen will win this conflict. The corrupt men who started this “conflict of death” will be rounded up and severely punished–un to death. May GOD show us the way

                  • A long bloody conflict ? Well I guess three days is a long time if you are ADD. Cause after that people will spend most if not all of their time in search of food/water.

                    For the numerous dribbles who yammer on about they can’t take our wee town . Er yes they can , lets see how many of you are left after utilities are shut off all winter long, spring mop up will be a cake walk.

            • wolf, I usually mention “don’t go down without one helluva fight” at the end of my posts.

              You brother are in the fight of our lives…we humbly appreciate you passing that first hand info on. Here is one for you…I spoke to a man the other day who is a friend of a long time friend. He has a long-time friend who retired from the secret service…early. Why? Because he was no longer permitted to carry a firearm when on any detail. Why? Because he was white. No shit.

              I will refrain from commenting further on this because we all know what is going on.

              God bless you and your family…many of us will be sending honest prayers your way.

              • If I may add to the gossip, I personally know a man that is a fairly high up military officer and just as lastmanstanding said, I will refrain from reveiling everything. Sometime we have to worry more for someone else that we might place in danger other than ourselves. I’ll call this person TZ. To make a long story short, TZ told a close friend of mine that BO will definitly declare marshal law before his term is up. Sometime I really wonder what TZ is doing here in the boonies, since he is still active duty, and you never see him in uniform. He says he’s here because he hates big cities, but I don’t quite understand how a person can be active duty military and never be in uniform or near a military base. He travels often, not sure how. Trekker Out

                • Tarzan?

                  • No, Tango Zebra or Tonto Zorro.

                • Mt.Trek: Possibly he is delta?

                  • TTC, I don’t think so, he really doesn’t seem that physical, looks like more of a desk type guy. He is somewhat odd. If you didn’t know, you would never figure him to be military. Trekker Out.

                  • Intel geeks get to travel a lot and wind up in odd places, kinda like bellybutton lint.

                • I met a guy at the range the other day whose brother was relieved of duty, given an early retirement, was told not to talk to anyone about anything unless he wanted to end up behind bars and without benefits, his wife is battling cancer and his daughter is a quadraplegic and is under his medical. Never thought i would ever see this crap

                • Well to add more, hypothetically speaking, what would it mean if a team WAS helo’d into
                  b en gh azi. I never saw this in the news. Not once. Everything I saw said that no team was close enough to respond. Did I miss something in the news?

                  • Depends on the team, observation is a mission too.

                • I know a guy that used to have his job. He was special forces/state department. Lived in the boonies and did much of nothing for weeks than boom he would vanish for a couple of months.

                  • If you check records and carefully watch, more and more people are disappearing these days.

            • Wolf,
              Things are in the works to prevent this .


              Good things come to those that wait .


              • More than they know brother…more than they know.

            • @Wolf359

              I have a question for you.

              Do you think this country would be different if Republicans controlled the White House, and both houses of Congress?

              • Yo mama: Yes, things would be different. The Retards support Big Business and a little lower taxation because they want you to have a little more disposable income to buy their products, goods, and services produced by their assets offshore and make them richer so that their kids can buy more $50K hand bags.

                On the other hand, the Demturds promote higher taxes so they can confiscate that “little more disposable income” and skim a sizable percentage off the top through Big and Bigger Government before they re-allocate a very small portion of it to the poor to demonstrate their “generosity”.

                The difference is that more people would be working under the Retards by now and funneling their disposable income to the Uber Rich; while under the Demturds homelessness has never been higher; food stamps have never been greater, and real unemployment hasn’t been this numerous, for this long, since the 30’s.

                Pick your poison. 🙂

                • The durango kidd says:

                  “Pick your poison.”

                  And yet you support “Central Banking.”


                  Central Banking, and the Fascist USG has DESTROYED this country DK.

                  Go south of Bell Road to gain some prospective.

              • No. The Republican leadership is on the same side as the Democratic leadership. Leadership of both sides hates the Tea Party. Romney wasn’t much different than Obama.

                • Barn Cat: Political leadership in DC is managed by the NWO so yes you are correct, but philosophically, my analogy is correct for the party faithful.

                  Engage your employees ….. 🙂

                  • The durango kidd says:

                    “Political leadership in DC is managed by the NWO.”</b<

                    Ya, and supported by a Central Bank!

                    End The Fed!!

              • Yo Momma,

                Depends on if the Constutionalist/Libertarians have succeeded in overthrowing the Vichy establishment gop.

                What you prescribe (anarchy) I will have no part in and anyone who tries to shove that down my throat while usurping the Constitution will meet the same end as the commie progressives.

            • Thank you Wolf!

            • You know what happened at Wolf 359, right?

              Hopefully US citizens fare better than those poor Starfleet suckers… measley 5 minute fight… LOL

            • Wolf359



              If over 190 top level officers have been purged..then why has not one (or more) spoken out at all ?

              Were they silenced quietly as SJC Roberts was ?

              Is there more to this than meets the eye?


              Are we just chasing ghosts?

              Even Investors Business Daily questions the [purge)..and they are not even close to a conspiracy based premise..


              • Possee,

                Great point. That’s why I prefaced my post about hearing rumors of this purge.

                It was another thing hearing it from active military. This guy is career army. If I thought it was nothing of great importance I would have just let it roll off me.

                You’re right about not hearing more first hand accounts. I’m sure they have great databases and threat matrix scores where they got something on everybody.

            • Stop worrying about being “Data based”…they already know who you are. Just make it count when they come for you. Make it as painful for them as they make it for you. This is a Stalinist purge and You are scheduled for termination. Wrap your mind around that, suck it up and get mad!!!
              The longer you survive will piss off BO and make God Proud.
              When we get to the FEMA CAMPS we’ll party , Brother!

          • Prepared Pastor: Well said, the numbers just don’t support any sizable action. It took over 1,000 federal, state, and local cops to go door-to-door in tiny Watertown Mass. and they still couldn’t find one badly wounded kid.

            • The entire metro Boston area was ‘ordered’ to “shelter in place”…everyone “complied!”

              The door to door was only in a small area of Watertown yet everyone “complied”..

              So if over a million plus citizens will”comply” to a directive of shelter in place over one lone gunman,,imagine if there were a supposed threat of a larger scale in a larger area….

              There would be no armed resistance in the likes of New England metro areas..Massachusetts has only 4% LTC /FID holders statewide..approximately 250k in a population of 6,650,000..

              Imagine if only licensed citizens were targeted town by town..after a contrived “threat” was issued..everyone complies ..door to door only at targeted licensed households..

              That being said,it would require massive “compliant”local state and federal law enforcement to carry this out..and the logistics do not add up..

              Then again,given the recent arming of all federal agencies of late.and all the other scandals too numerous to mention..
              .anything is possible these days..


              • I will not comply. I typically refrain from comments that might be called bluster. I make no claims as to whether I will fight to the death, or simply wet my pants when a SWAT stack busts in my front door.

                However, I will say that whatever I would be willing to do to defend my own rights to life, liberty, and property, I will also do to defend my neighbor’s rights. And, if necessary, will do so even BEFORE my neighbor acts in defense of his own rights.

                I have read comments on other sites to the effect that some people intend to take an every-man-for-himself attitude. Other comments blame citizens whose rights have been trampled for “living in N.Y.” or “living in Massachusetts” or N.J, etc.. And others which deride people for “not fighting back”.

                I think that the every-man-for-himself plan leads to every man being put in the gulag or in the ground … one by one.

                If my neighbor has no gun, I’ll take one up on his behalf. If my neighbor won’t resist unconstitutional police action against him, I’ll resist it for him. And when the SWAT stack files into my neighbor’s home, they’d better be watching their six.

                • It would be an honor to be your neighbor. Powerful, moving and important words.

              • possee: Unlike “Cowardtown” in the state of “Pussychusetts” which is full of liberal pansies who are afraid of their own shadows, southern and southwestern states are a whole lot different and not so compliant. Florida for example, where I live, has over 1.1 million CCW, more than Texas which is larger in both size and population. That means that 1 out of 20 Floridians you meet is carrying a concealed weapon. In fact 1 in 4 Floridians is armed which means there are nearly 5 million folks with some sort of firearm. I finally joined a private gun club because the public rangers are so busy here that you often have wait to get a slot. I got to Tennessee to visit folks and we go shooting and their rangers are always hopping too. My favorite line from the movie “The Shooter” is when Wahlberg says, “Welcome to Tennessee, the patron state of shootin’ stuff”. The south and the southwest are a hornets nests and TPTB know it and there’s nothing they can do about it without starting a war.

                • They already know this. Known it for a long time. This is why food is so cheap. Why small farms are gone. Why local growers are demonized and shut down. Only mega corps reliant on the system are allowed to operate.

                  They will simply shut down the oil supply to problem areas, shut down the movement of materials and food. Anyone in a problem area, will be starved to death. By the time the few growers can expand production to even support their own neighborhood their neighbors would have either become refugee’s and given up everything to the government elites to ensure their basic survival, or have showed up at your door, stealing and raping and murdering you just to survive themselves. Doing the elites jobs for them.

                  Unless people in those problems areas are ramping up their production ability, unifying with others and gathering up ‘fighters’ with promissory support of food in exchange for unified defense then there is no hope for those whom think shooting good at 600+ meters is anything worthwhile.

                  In sort, if you can feed your family with your garden, double your effort for a return to feed three others. Set aside seeds for your neighbors, set aside tools for your neighbors. Then get your neighbors on the ball with you, and have them do the same. If ten families in the neighborhood can do this, there may be 100 families whom can get going almost immediately on surviving together and growing out exponentially. IF this doesn’t happen, starvation is the only thing awaiting us.

                  >Unless Americans roll over like they always do, then the powers that be can just roll thru and take up individuals like they are already doing and they will have no problems.

                  • Imagine the labor pool if millions are detained in camps and forced to produce goods….Then I suspect the powers that be would be very happy to have forced employees whose labor would be on par with third world slave workers. Just to think America would be competetive again in industry as so much almost free labor would be available for corporate and government needs.
                    SCARY HUH?

                  • Can they turn off the power, comms and fuel & withdraw medical care to problem areas? If so even “last man standing towns” will fall if it is enacted during winter (or during bug season in the tropical zones).

                    I know in the UK they know how to lock down the worst urban & rural hotspots. It’s why I moved out of the city as I know when it comes bugging out won’t be an option (or did you miss the fully loaded warship on the Thames and the missiles on the roof of residential buildings during the Olympics?).

              • @Posse…You are right on the money regarding what I consider one of the most detestable states in the country. “MassholeLand” is the home of the Kennedy’s and the bastion of liberalism. These morons threw out Scott Brown, a military vet from his senate seat and put in that Harvard educated liberal skank, Elizabeth Warren. In the race, the Boston media completely ignored the fact that her (hired by O’Bummer) “Consumer Credit Reform Act” raised everybody credit card rates from fixed single digits to double digit variables costing the US consumer billions in finance costs. Right after it happened, I knew a guy who was driving to FL and was terrified about the trip because he had MA license plates. That these morons roll over for unconstitutional searches of their properties is of no surprise. Three quarters of the state was deemed a “over-populated” and a major SHTF “blue” danger zone in a recent SHTF article on US areas that are very susceptible to urban chaos and disintegration.

                • Well I live here in the belly of the beast…

                  It ain’t pretty at all..

                  My son and I went out yesterday to buy my wife a new printer for her Birthday..went to the local “american mecca”..the mall..We were in and out in 5 minutes..

                  Watching all the ‘cattle’ ..overweight,lining up to the gmo infused fast food joints,90% glued to their cell phones,glaringly desperate to finish their consumerism..I was disgusted..

                  This comment by another at another site sums it all up perfectly..

                  “Americans don’t care about anything other than television and shopping. They don’t care if they have to get strip searched every time they go the airport. They don’t care if the local police are pyschopaths gone beserk hunting down imaginary enemies. They don’t care if their government is spying on them. In fact the vast majority applaud these actions. My countrymen make me puke. They disgust me and I am reaching the point where I loathe and despise contemporary America.”


                  • I’m with u

              • How did they broadcast the shelter in place order?
                In my mind thats the cue to stash, and then run for the trees with vehicle, bug out supplies, stash that stuff, recon, and lay low to see what goes down.

            • and they were warned about these 2 wacko muslims and did nothing who vetted the russian info and why were they not fired

              • They are working for the man. Gov/Corp employees do not get fired. They are promoted, retired, or die in a plane crash.

                • Fuddy never became an old Fuddy Duddy.

          • Good call.

            The logistics just aren’t there for *everyone*. They could keep the largest urban centers locked-down, but that’s about it. If anything, such an action would do the rest of us a favor (by keeping the hordes at bay for at least awhile).

            I mean, even on a big scale, I can look at Portland, OR. It has a river running through it large enough to accommodate ocean-going ships (and w/o the drawbridges up, those ships can almost reach downtown.) Taking the bridges and major highways could block the majority of folks in town (and effectively split it in half), but keeping the 3 million residents of the greater metro area locked-down would take at least 3,000 well-armed troops – just to hold the roads. Tooth-to-tail ratio means you have to add at least 5x that number.

            If you get airborne assets and additional troops involved to lock the whole thing down (e.g. helicopters to keep secondary roads and suchlike from being used), you need to add at least the Army equivalent of a fighter wing (about 72 flying units, plus spares), and at least an additional 15,000 troops to cover the roads.

            In case you haven’t kept count, that comes to around 30-45,000 units, just for Portland. Now you get to worry about how you intend to hold the smaller/secondary towns (Salem, Bend, Eugene), which will need around 40,000 troops (including tooth and tail) or so to cover all of them. After that, you have tertiary towns (e.g. Ontario, Grants Pass, Ashland, Pendleton, Astoria, etc.) Oh, and you also have to keep your supply lines open. All said and done, let’s call it around 90,000 troops to keep all big towns and major highways under governmental control.

            Mind you, that not only wipes out all Nat’l Guardsmen in Oregon (around 18,000 bodies), but pulls in a lot of active military personnel to fill in the rest. Note that Oregon overall has a very, very low population density. If you removed the Portland Metro area, you’d remove 3/4 of the state’s population. Now imagine what it would take to keep, oh I dunno… Southern California in check?

            • I’ve argued a lot about the logistics of a full-scale lockdown of the US in terms of personnel, using Afghanistan’s Kandahar Province as an example. And while I am no expert, the logistics of “only” 40000 or so NATO troops with gear in that area are staggering. Just for straight drinking water, assuming an average consumption of 4 litres per man per day, that would be to the tune of 320,000 water bottles A DAY, which translates to 13,334 cases, or just short of 93 PALLETS or water. For a day. For the drinking needs of only 40,000 or so troops. Nevermind the civilians in KAF and the FOBs and PBs who also drink the water.

              Now, let’s just say they want to achieve the same troop to population ratio we had in Kandahar Province, about 40,000 troops for 1.2 million people and there are 360 million people in the US ( for ease of math), that would mean 12 MILLION troops. That is simply impossible to muster, house, feed and support.

              I’ve said it before. All that will be under effective Martial Law and White House control will be scattered “Green Zones” like DC, NYC, L.A. and maybe a few other major strategic locations like major harbours, rail junctions and the like along with whatever chunks of Interstate just so happen to have a patrol or a drone nearby. Anything more is logistically impossible.

              • Good post, Canadian Vet.

              • Exactly CV. People that buy into this baloney simply haven’t run the numbers on personnel and support.
                Will there be some ‘enemies’ of the State picked up ? Probably….why let a good crisis go to waste.

                But mass scale roundups ? Baloney.

                “Bubba” is going to be our worst problem.

                The un-prepped guy that lives down the road with an old rusty 30-30 and a half a box of shells left from a deer hunting foray 10 years ago. Despite your “opsec”, he sees your garden, he sees your solar panels, he knows you keep chickens….AND he is too self centered to cut off the cable TV and cell phone bills, or part with his toys ( Jet ski, latest “ride” ) and actually PREP…. but he also is smart ( or desperate ) enough to coming hunting food when he and his family run can’t hit the drive thru anymore.

                And you have to sleep sometime.

                So rather than worry about a bunch of govt weenies who can’t find their asses with both hands, worry about BUBBA.

                • Probably need to think about both.
                  Bubba is a threat, but the govt can mess with all aspects of this modern life with the push of a button.
                  Seize accts., cut communications, supply, fuel, trans, etc.

                  • Bubba is a tool of the elite to help thin our numbers.

                • TnAndy

                  They are simply doing what any good military planner does when evaluating the enemy. You give the enemy in your mind every conceivable power possible. Give him every benefit of the doubt and also lower the expectation of your own forces down to almost nothing.

                  From there you work your way up, and make plans and goals based off of what may be achievable.

                  When soldiers train, they use shitty lasers with shitty hit ratios and over gear them hard. They put them up against others whom are overwhelmingly better prepared and setup and rested. This is done so your forces are not getting cocky. You must always see your enemy as stronger as it is, so you do not expose oneself thinking you are better than him and work yourself into his benefit.

                • Then shoot him before he can threaten yours if you are so sure .

              • Canadian Vet

                The one Amendment pretty much untouched has been the 3rd (Quartering Of Troops). TPTB didn’t by-pass it because of respect. They never needed to address it. This may just be changing in the future. Pose on it; why not? They been pooping on the rest of them with the 1st, 2nd 4th, 5th, 6th, and 10th being used as toilet paper.

                One day in the not too distant future selected people may be required to feed and shelter a soldier.

                • I can’t see that happening, too dangerous for the troops so quartered. And if the families don’t have enough food for themselves, no way they will be able to feed extra uniformed mouths.

                  • Its not a problem forcing a family in a rural or suburban area to “share” their bounty from their garden and provide a roof over a soldiers head. They damn sure wouldn’t be the first army to drawl their substance from the indigenous population.

                    Dangerous for the troops? Hell dangerous for the family hosting them. Let something happen to the soldier their fault or not and watch the NAZI come out punishing everyone in that home and everyone they ever cared about. Lock your lady folk up too.

              • Good post CV. People forget that in the Iraq war 2003-2011 the American army only controlled 10 sq miles of territory known as the green zone.And that is after eight years of war. Outside of that zone was known as (No man’s land). And that is with an Army, a Navy an an Air Force and all the modern tech in the world. I don’t think so.

                • Iraqis are clan and family oriented. They also do not snitch each other off and they actually fight back not to mention their homes are not of flimsy stick construction but of substantial concrete. Americans will be selling out their neighbors and even their own families after two days of no internet, TV, malls and food. Sadly never has a more useless spoiled population ever existed. We cannot even get concerned enough to resist the ongoing invasion of the country by both legal and illegal immigrants and invaders. A country now being ruled by someone not even eligible to be president. Joke of a nation.

                  • This – how many families are destroyed today over inheritance disputes? Grandpa dies and the grand kids set out to destroy each other aided by their parents rather than accept the contents of the will and unite in grief.

                    Persian families grieve together and climb life’s obstacles and mountains together. They then extend this altruistic behavioural trait to people they consider friends and neighbours. When disaster strikes they find themselves refugees in strange lands the old habit of hospitality in the desert extends to that first potwashing job in a new land that together with sheer hard work often means the smartest grandchild becomes a doctor who then is in a position to aid his less gifted cousins.

                    I’ve experienced this sort of kindness being a source of strength myself in the help I’ve received raising a disabled kid alone. It’s not the WASP communities that have acted as a mentor for my boy or reached out to him while asking for NOTHING in return. They may not all be Christian but I’ve seen for myself how Jesus’s lesson of love being the strongest weapon of all can sometimes prevail.

                    p.s not all Iraqi’s I’ve met exhibit this nobility, like dogs you stay away from the mad ones ; )

              • @ Canadian Vet

                They don’t need 12 million troops when the zombies will be used to turn in the Patriots. We will be demonized and they will do the NWO’s bidding at the promise of free WiFi.

              • Sounds like the scenario in Rawles books,

                I want to know how they will comunicate their directives to the population, radio? Loudspeakers? Flyers?
                How many people will bug out and dig in out in remote areas, then recon and lay low in between patrols?

              • When we fought our first revolution we fought the strongest nation in the world at the time. They had many troops in the country and they were reinforced by professional soldiers from Germany we called the Hessians. We were fighting these armies and their allied Indian tribes. These tribes were killing Americans who lived out in the boonies away from towns. We had no more than 10% of the population actively helping in the revolution at any time. The rest were “silent” supporters and a few were Tories.
                If we fight another revolution in these days (and we probably will sooner than later);we are facing the same things. King Obama (or whomever it will be) has a large standing army and he has help from militarized police departments, some clandestine-Russian troops and UN troops (their modern day ‘Hessians”). The government will use latino-gangs and black gangsters to harass and kill us (their modern versions of Indians). We will get about 10 to 20% of the population to actively help us.
                With all that against Washington in the 1770’s he won. With God’s help…he won. Just like Washington’s army….we, in the 2000’s will win also.

            • Odd Questioner,
              You make some good points. Our US UAs (Urban Areas, for census purposes) range from about 18.3 million to 50,000 persons. Using your estimate of 90,000 units for a Portland-sized UA, each soldier would be responsible for 20 citizens.

              There are 497 Urban Areas in the US (not “Metropolitan Areas”, but Urban Areas):

              I put them in a spreadsheet, and the average size of a UA is 449,300. That’s not a very useful fact in itself but, roughly, the government would be looking at 497 times a half-million-person-sized bucket. If I was a government logistics guy and they told me I was project manager for controlling only these Urban Areas, I’d retire immediately and head for the hills.

              Looked at another way, the over 223 million citizens in those 497 UAs would require 11,165,105 soldiers to control them, if I use your 90,000 soldier/UA ratio.

              Now, if we have 320 million people in the US, and TPTB actually muster 11 million soldiers to control the urban areas, that leaves 97 million rural people OUTSIDE any urban area. How could they possibly control that nearly 1/3 of the US population who live in rural areas, even WITH their 11 million soldiers?

              I don’t trust the government, but they can’t even build a web site or kick Iraq’s ass, for God’s sake. How could they ever hope to control the entire American population with military force?

            • Nah, Oregon would be easy. Here’s how I’d do it if I only had a few thousand soldiers.

              1. Secure Portland airport and turn it into my ‘Green Zone’ (2 Battalions, logistics and a couple artillery batteries)
              2. Lock down the rail and road bridges across the Columbia and suspend all road and rail supplies of everything, but mainly food and fuel.
              3. Lock down power, sewage, water supply and bulk fuel outlets….. And turn off them ants and facilities.
              4. Plonk a Battalion plus in Redding and one in Astoria.
              There done!!
              Once food, fuel and water run out and access denied for resupply, people will either live, die or become compliant. Doesn’t matter that you don’t lock down the whole State. Without the basic for say a month it’s over. And if they riot anywhere near the ‘Green Zone’ then thats where your artillery come into play
              You seriously don’t need 90,000 to Contol everyone, just the access to everything they need

              • Congratulations! You just created a black marketeer’s biggest wet dream.

                Leaving aside that PDX ain’t the only airport in town, or that there are multiple bridges that cross the Columbia River (let’s just say more than you think)? Astoria is 80 miles downriver with few roads leading to it (Hwy 30, and that’s it), so stationing troops there won’t support your PDX troops very well, if at all.

                Cut off the basics? Good luck with that. There are literally thousands of discrete roads with which literal semi-trucks can travel in and out of the area unchallenged.

                I will give you one thing, though – the area is chock-full of left-leaning Obama-worshippers. 😉

              • You say this as though none of the gubberment people could possibly be bribed or turned.

                • And also an assumption that all the govt people will be on board,,,
                  If 1/4 are no shows and link up with other like minded folks, a huge blow can be dealt to the gov mission, anything not captured could be sabotaged, including their supply lines,,
                  Two can play their game,

                • I assure you that many of the govt. people have as little use for the govt. as many on this site. many are just as pissed off as the rest of the prols.

            • All of you bring up a good point about the numbers game…but there is a possibility that the “govt” would recruit citizens who are hungry and needy. A hungry, desperate soul who was unwilling to see the warning signs before hand would fall for the false flag and will do almost anything to save their own skin. And if that person has kids, then they will march to the drummers of a militia force against their own neighbors if it means 3 squares for their family. That’s what I’m betting.

              • Now this is a good point – the area is packed to the rafters with folks who worship the ground Obama and Company walk on.

            • I’m thinking of what may happen if these martial law bozos try to take over the Bario of LA. Or Koreatown.
              Probably would not be pretty.

              • Koreantown learned a lot about protecting themselves during the LA riots i do not think they will give in too easy again
                while the gang bangers in the bario have a lot of illegal guns they are too doped up to shoot straight but they will give them a problem

              • Pffft “take over” is so… 1944…

                There are plenty of areas you can take over. For everything else… there’s Captain Tripps.

                Don’t leave home without it!

            • So what happens when a fly by shooting of the handful of huge transformers happens . And you get no replacements ?

              Hint , about 300 sorties tops would knock out just about every huge transformer in the country . The big ones we no longer make and have an 18 + month build out time.

          • There is no way the US can be fully occupied and pacified, not without millions of troops. Look at Afghanistan’s Kanadahar Province.

            I was there back in ’08 and there were something along the lines of 40K NATO troops in this area only about 21,000 square miles in size with a population of about 1.2 millions. And there was nowhere safe beyond about a hundred meters from the outer perimeters of our strongest locations like KAF, Masum Ghar or Wilson. I can’t speak for a lot of the other major patrol bases or FOBs, I wasn’t there but I can’t imagine things being much different.

            But even then, we were still receiving a lot of indirect fire from so-called “safe” and “cleared” areas and even major routes regularly patrolled, cleared and under overhead observation were still laced with IEDs.

            And that was all from a relatively small number of largely illiterate half-savages only a few steps removed from the Middle-Ages who could defeat some of the most advanced military technology and training available with sheer cunning, inventiveness, knowledge of the ground, guts and the ability to observe and learn from us. By the way, don’t get me wrong, I respect the Afghan insurgency as an enemy based on their skills and abilities but I have no love for them; I have been on the Tarmac watching better men than me get loaded in the back of a Herc too damned often.

            Now, imagine what equally intelligent but better-equipped, educated Americans could do, especially when you understand the language your “occupiers” speak, look like them and can pass off as one of them with as little as a trip to an Army Surplus store.

            Odds are, there will be “safer” Green Zones in places like NYC, D.C., L.A. and a few other major cities but the countryside and most roads? They will belong to a resistance. There are simply too many people (with or without training but the inclination to resist), too many guns and too much real estate to lock it all down. Obama will only really control a small fraction of the US, mostly in major cities. In fact, he will be more like the Mayor of D.C. than POTUS, just like I have heard Hamid Karzai referred to as the Mayor of Kabul instead of the President of Afghanistan.

            • I agree that the logistics of a full scale occupation is impossible, esp for gov lackeys who will screw up repeatedly in m executing any orders. Some of us have surely reconned the what, where and when of their home turf. I say let them try, better bring alot of bodybags for the inept non-warrior class Obamas Nazis…

            • Excellent post Canada! You’ve given me a glimmer of hope. I’ve thought along the same lines, but to hear someone else voice it makes the difference. My belief is when the criminal in chief makes his move, after all the edicts and scandals already, a large percentage will have had enough & begin to form up. Wether they’re aware of it or not. Que the Battle Hymn!
              Standing ready in Daytona

            • Please understand that I mean no disrespect nor am I attempting to incite anyone. I think the idea that we could be occupied to be highly unlikely for all the already stated reasons. The far more likely answer will be that the false flag will cause our sheeple neighbors to both turn themselves in and then turn in their neighbors. It is far more likely that “extremist right wingers” cause the next FF. White people, of course. Seemingly normal, suburbanites. Gun owners, obviously. Unthinking, sheeple neighbors will turn on each other and do all the dirty work for them. Any of our honorable vets from the Sand Box will confirm that many citizens used the US Army to settle vendettas and old conflicts with enemies, causing unfortunate situations for very innocent folks.

              Re-read Yuri’s post. Get to know your neighbors well. OPSEC isn’t important, its everything.

            • Another good post, Canadian Vet. I’ve heard it said that the American people are among the most long-suffering, patient, tolerant, and compassionate, but they are ferocious fighters when roused. If our people ever were required to commit to fighting an Afghanistan-style asymmetrical war, it would only require a few million fighters to wear down “the mightiest military the world has ever known” to a nubbin.

            • RE: Afghanistan…Interesting how opium production has skyrocketed ever since the US moved troops into the country. Given the current administration, the CIA is probably using the money from the sale to heroin producers for covert operations against its own citizenry.

              • HD74Man says:

                “Given the current administration, the CIA is probably using the money from the sale to heroin producers for covert operations against its own citizenry.”

                Do you not understand the concept of the “false left/right paradigm?”

                There is NO fundamental difference between a Democrat and a Republican! They’re ALL scumbags!!

                Of course the Empire/FASCISTS are encouraging poppy production in Afghanistan!

                It’s all about MONEY and CONTROL.

                Got a joint in your car when the cops/thugs pull you over… you go to jail.

                The USG/Banksters supporting poppy production in Afghanistan… well thats just business.

                Move along. Nothing to see there.

                USA… USA… USA…

                • @yourmother…Still see a big difference between Ron Paul (who the media ignored profusely in the Republican nomination run ’cause he had the balls to call a spade a spade aka “END THE FED” and to let those stupid enough to build on the seacoast to pay for their own property casualty insurance w/o federal government subsidies) and D-RAT trash like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Dianne Feinstein.

                  • HD74

                    Do you see much of a difference between the Republicans that were actually supported by their party and the Democrats? The true shortest list ever written would be the real differences between Obama and McCain or Obama and Romney.

                    Forget the Presidency, its hopeless. Both horses are bought in the two horse race.

                  • Do you still vote?

                    Are you caught up in the scam of the “false left/right paridigm?


                    In Washington DC, there is NO difference between an “R” and a “D.”

                    Can you grasp that?

                    It comes down to this.

                    It’s us against them!!!

                    Can you grasp that???

            • No quarter,

            • Advanced nations with a very high standard of living and a population which has no way of feeding itself and dependent of high tech infrastructure for support is the easiest to control. Countries like Iraq where most are used to getting by on very little and where most stick together are the most difficult. The US of fifty years ago would have been a tough nut to crack. The America of today will surrender without a whimper, hell half the nation hates itself and the country. I hope to never have to find out who is right on this but I am pretty sure I am..

          • Kentucky has 120 counties.
            Even with bare minimum of 50 for each county, that is 6000 DHS/National Guard/Russian/Foreign soldiers.
            Pfffttt!! 😉

          • You are missing one huge point: foreign troops will be aiding in the elimination of resistance.

            • Not sure if that would really help them. I’d be more worried about fighting fellow Americans, at least emotionally. Fighting off 3rd worlders would be easier because there is a clear dividing line. They may feel the same way about us, but it definitely damage their local support and actually help catalyze undecideds into the opposition.

              Or in other words,”Get off my lawn!”

            • They will also be laying on the ground bleeding next to the other assholes.

            • You mean the French, or the U.N? Yea, they’re brutally effective.

          • @ Prepared Pastor

            Most people wrongfully assume gun confiscation has to come first. All that would be needed is a crisis that shuts down the food supply and people without food storage would walk right into the FEMA camps.

            • Food takes too long. Shut off the water and you get near instant compliance.

              • Just Shut off Cable TV and these Jerry Springer Couch Potato Cockroaches will be Rioting in the Shopping Malls. lol

              • Shut off the water? it’s rained 2 inches here in the last 24 hors.

              • Just imagine being stuck in Phoenix, Vegas or Tucson in the middle of Summer with no water or power. Half the population will be dead in a week. Same goes for Lost Angeles and other cities.



              • Dumb idea. A starving population is a desperate one, and unless you have a 1:5 ratio of soldier to angry mob, you’re gonna lose.

                • Keep them out of the way. Let nature take its course. These supplies are for the one they want to live. Not to house the worthless.

                  Why would they care.

                  • FEMA camps are NOT intended for long-term residents.

                • Most of the German troops guarding the Jews and others waiting to be taken to the camps did not even have loaded weapons. You obviously have no knowle3dge of how easily people can be controlled.

                • Where do you get your concepts from? Fairy tales where the good guys always win? A mob has zero chance against trained troops who have no problem going full auto shoot to kill. Getting out the vote for some people like Cruz will avoid this mess. Instead of just posting here send money and help to candidates that will help recover the concept of a lawful nation which Obama has made a joke of.

          • Good post Prepared pastor. Got to look at the sheer numbers to see how its weighted. Theyre trying to overwhelm us w/ laws and regulations that restrict everything while they go straight for Christians. Theyre desperate now w/ obamacare failing and we see the big mistakes day after day. The only ways I see them going after the whole population is through more economic collapse, false flags as triggers, and martial law.

          • Your scenario sounds much more realistic.

          • Keep telling yourself that they cannot do it. It will be so easy after it is over everyone will be wondering what happened. They only have to make an example of a few “troublemakers”to get the rest to fall in line. What are you going to do when they grab an entire schools student body and make getting them back dependent on turning over all weapons and any preps owned by their families? We also all saw how easy they pulled it off in Boston using one bombing incident as the. As long as the populace thinks they are helping to catch some bad guys they will fall in line. The ways they will do this are endless and there is nothing we can do as we elected the morons who voted this crap in. Who is really going to shoot it out with trained troops who have armor backup when it will result in their families being killed?

            • “What are you going to do when they grab an entire schools student body and make getting them back dependent on turning over all weapons and any preps owned by their families? ”

              1) you assume everyone has kids in school

              2) you assume everyone would turn in everything

              3) you assume word would not get out quickly, galvanizing the population everywhere else

              4) you assume that soldiers and policemen would blindly do such a thing

              Too many moving parts in your scenario, boyo.

              • How many of us would meekly pay ransom to savages who have kidnapped their kids? Try something like this, and our “allies” the Pakistanis will look like saints.

              • My observation is that the present population of the US will do anything to stay comfortable and avoid any trouble plus the normalcy bias will make it almost impossible for people to accept that their govt that has always given them goodies now intends to harm or even kill them. Ask yourself what percentage of the population has ever been in the military let alone seen combat. How many have ever experienced any hard times at all with no food for days and no heat or other comfort items we all take for granted. A comfortable advanced country is far easier to subdue than one where the conditions are primitive which is what the US was up until the 1950s.

          • I’ll offer my British view on this, for what it’s worth, and once again I’ll refer to our old Cold War era UK government “War Book”, now declassified.

            The British government, along with other NATO governments in Europe, were (and still are) consumed with the necessity of ensuring their continuity during the final transition to WW3 and in the months immediately after a nuclear exchange took place.

            Plans were in place to enact all manner of draconian measures, including – and this is the bit relevant to this subject – rounding up of dissidents and anyone deemed a potential, never mind existential, threat to the government. As one historian described it, the UK government would transform itsef into a “take no chances state” during the hyper sensitive transition to WW3. Dissidents and potential enemies of the state were thus to be rounded up and placed in prison camps on the Isle of Man.

            Fast forward 30 years to today and what you see in the USA is the same kind of thinking in the NDAA legislation and the militarisation of the police, which are two critical steps in preparing for a coming layered operation against the American people. Or rather, against an element of the American people, specfically, those who understand and support the US Constitution.

            At present, the USG is stepping up all aspects of its readiness to take out the dissidents. You are seeing a war of sorts on gun onwership (why? because the very internal demographic the USG fears during the WW3 buildup and after the nukes fly also happens to be passionate advocates of gun onwership). You are also witnessing an escalation in joint operations between the police and military across the USA, so that when the time comes, it all works as much like clockwork as possible. And if you look at NDAA again, you will note that it is designed with the US military in mind as a rounder-up of anyone deemed an enemy of the state, anywhere on earth! This means the USG envisages the need to arrest and indefinitely intern (or liquidate) without charge, trial or jury anyone they decide is a threat to America. By which they mean, a threat to the continuity of government during the buildup to WW3 and in the early months after it starts.

            One of the UK government’s great worries was that an alternative source of power might emerge in the country after WW3 started. Now, if a largely disarmed population could be seen as such a threat to continuity of government, how much more so do you think a heavily armed public is viewed as such a threat in the USA?

            For the sake of balance, I should point out that I don’t believe there can possibly be a general round-up of the entire population for processing in camps. Rather, I believe a layered approach will take place, based on priorities.

            The following scenario outlines how I think it might play:

            Around the time when TPTB are about ready to bunker down for WW3, the US will undergo an attack on its civilian telecommunications infrastructure, i.e., web, telephone, cell phone networks and it will be presented to the public as a national emergency caused by cyber attack and saboteurs within the country. The internal element of it will justify a lockdown of the transport infrastructure, curfews, the mobilisation of FEMA and it will get the troops and police on the streets, all on a tide of national indignation against the “internal enemies of America”.

            During this time, TV and radio will still function so that propaganda can be spread and the sheeple kept from mass panic for a few days – a good time to do this would be a holiday period, when people are not at work and have extra food in their homes anyway. Meanwhile, with no functional civilian internet to allow alerts to be spread, the roundup can begin. The masses will think the goons in jackboots are hunting down “the terrorists” but in reality, they’ll be going after:

            1. High profile dissidents famous across the nation, including contrarian politicians, bloggers, authors, clergymen, patriot leaders, veterans. Fake conservatives like Glenn Back will NOT be included; rather, they will be on air, doing their work.

            2. Next they’ll go for the guys on a state or regional level, guys who could be construed as opinion-makers.

            3. Beyond that, it’s on a more localised basis and increasingly selective, i.e., an outspoken local politician at county level.

            4. Last of all, some potential threats will be lifted, e.g. some nationals of Russia or China, their US spouses, etc. By this stage, they have to be very selective as (a) there are so many to go after and (b) time is short before the nukes fly.

            When the web comes back on, TPTB will have used the lockdown to enact last minute logistics moves and be ready to pull the hatches on their bunkers.

            • Jay in UK,

              Land mass in the UK is a small fraction of the US….and even 6 small counties in Northern Ireland have caused you guys a lot of problems over the years.

              Gun owners in the US far outnumber those in the UK. ( Saw an article yesterday that stated Florida ALONE was on tap for a MILLION pre-Christmas sales of firearms this year )

              The only mass roundups in modern history have involved mostly unarmed folks. I simply do not think you can use other country examples and translate that to the US.

              Best estimates I’ve seen say 45% of US households own at least one firearm… it 150 million armed folks.

              US Army (about 600k) and Marines (about 200k) total under a million active troops. Throw in another 500k of national guard and call it 1.3 million….many of which are support personnel that haven’t fired a weapon since basic training.

              That puts it back down to ‘maybe’ 500k of actual grunts, AND assumes that when roll is called, they actually show up to fire on their own folks. My guess that number will range from near zero to a few hundred thousand tops.

              Now you’re down to ‘maybe’ few hundred thousand, often disorganized ( cause a lot of officer/non-coms ARE going to remember their OATH )and under supported troops.

              I just don’t buy they are going to be able to take on 150 million gun owners…..even if you knock out 90% of those owners as ones that will never, ever fire a shot ( and I think that is wildly optimistic when it comes down to losing your freedom or family ), that still leaves a hard core armed population 20-30 times the number of armed troops.

              The numbers simply don’t work.

              What the numbers (of firearms owners) DO SAY is there will be a heck of a lot of internal bloodshed over resources (food, water, fuel, etc)…..the Bubba Factor. We see it now when a storm hits, and something like gasoline becomes scarce….fights break out at gas stations. Do that nation wide, add in a week to a month, and you won’t believe the how the bodies will stack up.

              IF I were ‘TPTB’, my plan would be to use a small core of trusted individuals to cut off resources…..power probably being the easiest to knock out, (under a false flag event) and all the rest of the dominoes that depend on power (water, food) would fall into place over the course of a short period.

              Give it 6 months (especially over a winter), the population would be seriously depleted, THEN send in the troops you’ve been keeping well supplied to mop up in the form of “I’m from the govt and I’m here to help you”.

              If the US is taken, THAT is how it will most likely be done….IMHO.

              • TnAndy, perhaps you misread my post?

                I am saying that if the UK government sees its essentially disarmed population as a threat, how much more so does the USA see its heavily armed population?

                I agree, there is no way they can disarm everyone in any kind of meaningful way. Instead there will be a gradual push against gun ownership up until WW3 is ready to go, and then it becomes about locking the country down, limiting movement, secretly rounding up potential leaders of any resistance, and then waging a propaganda campaign designed to get as many patriot types on-side as possible for the war againt “the external threat to America”.

                If you read my post again, you’ll see I am against the theory of a massive, indiscriminate roundup. It has to be limited, fast and directed against the most valuable targets, i.e., “movers, shakers, opinion-makers”…

                Oh, and I know all about Northern Ireland – I lived there from my birth in the 1970s right up until a year ago! It’s my part of the UK.

            • Jay in UK,
              I understand that you are writing about “continuity of government” planning that includes pacification of nascent centers of power which could contend with the government during an “R-Hour”. I haven’t read the War Book itself, but I’ve read essays about it.

              The British war plan would have been implemented in case a Soviet threat escalated to the brink of a nuclear event. It was a reaction against a hypothetical threat to Britain.

              Your model of USG readiness posits extremely aggressive preparation in the absence of any likely external threat. Implicit in your argument, it seems, is that comprehensive subversion of the Republic has been carried out to set the stage for a _deliberate initiation_ of WW3.

              You write, “This means the USG envisages the need to arrest and indefinitely intern (or liquidate) without charge, trial or jury anyone they decide is a threat to America. By which they mean, a threat to the continuity of government during the buildup to WW3 and in the early months after it starts.”

              Never mind the problems inherent in pacifying the US populace by military force. I would be interested to read such sources as you would bring regarding a master plan to start World War III.

          • I would like to agree with your assessment but I can’t completely. I agree the DHS & U.S. military could not lock down the U.S. but….add the million or more police and sheriff deputies to the pot and now we are looking at several million enforcers. Then ad the U.N. to this as well as the Russian and even Chinese troops that ObaMao will bring in and it’s a done deal. I would venture to guess that about 40% of American “troops” would not shoot other Americans unless fired upon first but….all those U.N. and foreign troops would love to kill, rape, pillage and burn our homes and cities to the ground. ObaMao is salivating at the thought of completely destroying the U.S. and killing millions of Americans.

            It’s coming…no doubt in my mind. Prepare to fight, prepare to die, prepare to win, prepare to survive.

            • @Jack Hammer…RE: It’s coming…no doubt in my mind. Prepare to fight, prepare to die, prepare to win, prepare to survive.

              Your comment pretty much sums it all up. O’BummerCare will be the final nail in the coffin for this country. While I believe the US populace is gunned up to the max, I do feel sorry for those living in the Plains States with no tree cover. Back in the days of Robin Hood, all the land barons in England deforested the landscape. Subsequently, Sherwood Forest served as the refuge for the band of “Merry Men outlaws”. Correspondlingly, up here in Maine, we have the “Great North Woods” in which to disappear into. It would take virtually legions to attempt to maintain any semblance of control and order up here. Currently, there’s around 1200 state policeme vs. 10,000 in the 1st Maine Militia alone. Ain’t even gonna be a contest.

            • If they plan on using foreign troops then one of the first things they will do is disarm the American troops and recall them to base and keep them confined there. Problem solved. I recently noticed an enclosure on NAVSTA San Diego which looks like an outside holding area for prisoners. It may just be storage but it is recent and looks more like a place to confine people. It is visible from the 5 and I will tale a better look next time I go by. Then again maybe I am a paranoid.

          • I’ve always said the time to fight back is not when they come for your guns, but when they come for your neighbors guns

          • Hmm… All the government has to do is stop the food supply coming in either by HAARP (natural disaster), stop putting $$ on the 50 million EBT users, or physically stop the food from coming to market….say 30 days! what do you think will happen? What if they were to stop the 150 million from getting their daily dose of pharmaceutical drugs as well? Its not like this scenario has never happened before thru out the world….Russia, China, African nations etc…. people will be rioting then killing each other off…only then will the BEAST government step in as the savior…..

            this is why Obama has been pushing as many people on the EBT system and the Big Pharma companies have been pushing everyone on Anti depressants etc… CONTROL!

            Drones will take out those out side the cities very easily….

            why do I say this….because everything that is happening today would not have happened 30yrs ago….but we are now desensitized, drugged and dumbed down, and slaves to material stuff, etc…

            • It would take merely shutting down the I-5,15,40, state route 99 and I-80 to pretty much paralyze California. The ocean on one side with the Sierras on the other and Mexico to the South pretty much seals the place in.

          • Your mention of institutional terrorism (But this time against constitutionists and patriots instead of elementary kids and marathon runners) to scare the majority into submission won’t work. After an attempted and failed gun confiscation program? Ha! At that point it would trigger a type of game. If it were a video game I’m thinking an appropriate name would “If It Belongs To The State, It Should Either Be On Fire Or Be Riddled With Bullets”

          • Alexander Solzhenitsyn said that this happened back in the 1920’s under Stalin. He said that if the people were armed and if just one or two of the Secret Police died every time they came for someone…the practice would have stopped fairly quickly. The answer to the question of “How to stop them from rounding us up?”: kill as many as you can when they come for you.

          • It can be done, but in increments. You take out the biggest threat first while using propaganda to make them very, very bad. this allows the public to dismiss this human and couch in fear for a while longer. Slowly you remove more and more. It matters not that some hunters can shoot from mountain tops with many avenues of escape. Electronics can quickly locate where shots are fired from allowing the NAZIS to muster their forces in small areas. Most people will absolutely not help their neighbors being taken down by Brown Shirts. Most all will cower and crawl to safety. You have to be trained how to react and practice it in order to have a chance of any success. You have not killed and will hesitate. The Blue line is militarized and is used to pulling the trigger without thought, without remorse, without regret and some actually like to bully other humans. There is no humanity in a Cordon and Search operation, you just pray they will not kill you or rape your women this time. You will crawl, you will beg, you will cry without proper training and mental preparation. Americans have become soft, lazy and immoral people. Of 80 million gun owners not even ONE (1) million will show up to defend the country from this MARXIST Tyranny. May GoD help you because you mostly aren’t doing anything yourselves…but talk.

            • Standoff Guy,

              Finally someone who gets reality not some Rambo fantasy. Shooting paper targets and dreaming fantasies like the kid in Christmas is not real life. I just hope we can get a better govt. elected and avoid all this. Long shot I know with the scumbags that are in and gravitate to office but it is our only real hope.

          • Pastor you may be right….however I don’t think you have a grasp of what is coming at us. If we are to survive this unholy destruction o our country we must go to the Lord Jesus for aid. You can’t honestly think that a couple ought sixes and a bunch -o 22’s and a 30-30 are gonna make much difference. I served in the military myself I won’t say where or when but I can say with the current tech and the lack o common sense in this country I could go through most of his country with 5 divisions. The key is to be off any tech including quartz watches and weapons are only effective when one has ammo and or the components to make ammo. THAT SAID they will have to burn the stump and sift the ashes to find any sign of me and mine. Sun Tzu’s art of war chapter one page one. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE YOUR OPPONENT. TRUST JESUS AND GOD BLESS

          • Really, do your research, look up “manned and unmanned prisons across America. Look up “staffed and partially staffed holding cells (prisons) facilities across America. Do you not think the minds and powers that be have not considered that? What were the thousands of Chineese troops brought to Colorado for just weeks ago?
            What are other countries tying in and brining in mass troops to our US of A? There would no doubt be an uproar, but they will have taken our guns, or tried. They will have blackmailed and baited fear in our hearts with our children. These things will come, the question is when!

        • Im with you, pure baloney!

          • Agree. Oscar Meyer Brand…

          • Hey Kula

            The ass hole in chief is coming your way. Can you please take good care of him for us all?


            • Im hopeing a flyboy from Hickam AFB goes rogue with a raptor and smokes them xmas eve

              • Maybe you could introduce Shish Kabama
                as a new Island delicacy, Kula.
                Prick on a stick…..

                • LMFAO!!! kula.

                  • The durango kidd says:

                    “Americans must take their government back now or be steam rolled by the NWO.”

                    And yet you support Central Banking!

                    Central Banking IS the NWO!!!

                  • Yo Mama; There is “central banking” and then there is the FED. While the FED is central banking; central banking need not be the FED. This is your error.

                    Of course you probably think that a townhouse and a condominium are the same thing too.

                    Kill the FED. Death to the New World Order. 🙂

                  • gunner, I meant…..well BOTH of you….hee hee
                    i’d rather put my DICK in a blender full of jalapenos than shake the HAND of that prick.

                  • “Yo Mama; There is “central banking” and then there is the FED. While the FED is central banking; central banking need not be the FED. This is your error.”

                    OMG!!! So the FED is “central banking” but yet it’s not.

                    And this is my error?


                    You can’t make this shit up folks.

                    DK has it down!


                    “Write drunk… edit sober.” ~ Hemingway

              • Not total baloney. The documents are in place. Agenda 21 IS the program. Those are the facts. What will be the execution?

                Why do you think I encourage y’all to ENGAGE your employees NOW, and repeat myself until you are sick of hearing it? Americans must take their government back now or be steam rolled by the NWO. This is not fantasy. This is reality; one rule, regulation, or strip search at a time.

                And yes, while DHS couldn’t scale up across the country at once, FEMA could declare a national disaster for a specific reason; whether real or imagined, and the government could lock down NYC for example and “pacify” it zip code by zip code and the rest of the country would sit by and say, “Good riddance to bad rubbish”.

                Rinse and repeat for Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Nashville, Baltimore, etc. Resistance from outside would be labeled “unpatriotic”, “revolutionaries”, “anarchists”, “malcontents” and “terrorists”. Like a many tentacled octopus, this virus could spread state by state.

                By the time armed resistance was organized enough to make a difference, the bulk of the country could be under control of a Rogue Administration and Patriots would be considered “ideologues”.

                Guerrilla war would be the response, but technology and a massive fleet of armed drones and killer robots would favor the Coup unless the Military generated a counter – coup.

                When is this likely, if ever? In the not too distant future as technology continues to improve, drone fleets are manufactured, and the Earth Changes predicted by the Bible occur.

                Earth Changes are coming. Earth Changes are real. Note that Nappy’s letter to her replacement recognized that geological events are coming. She was privy to scientific knowledge WE do not have.

                Life is plastic. So is politics. Put your stamp on them both, NOW. We have to power to shape and change OUR destiny. Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote.

                The Republic is ours if WE are determined to keep it. 🙂

                • Don’t believe in Earth Changes? There has been an incredibly MASSIVE spike in the gravity of the Caribbean, Central America, and the northern portion of South America.

                  This gravity anomaly is likely caused by a HUGE pluton rising slowly from the Earth’s core. Think lava lamp on a global scale. This could have a significant impact upon OUR magnetosphere and a re-distribution of the weight of the Earth.

                  Change is what happens when you are not paying attention. Focus. 🙂

                  • Dk,

                    Your statement that plutons affect “gravity” absolutely fascinates me. Would you mind giving a brief synopsis of your reasoning from a physics perspective.

                    I’m not being sarcastic, just truly inquisitive.

                  • CS: The relationship between mass and gravity is well documented in geophysics, do some reading at say, 🙂

                  • Whoa!!!

                    Hold up there a bit, Dk, per your statement:
                    …”a redistribution” of (the) weight of the Earth!!!


                    Dude, I gather you’re talking about a loss of mass/density on par with a celestial body losing its rotational equilibrium/centrifugal balance, due to a loss of counter-balancing mass…of said masses 3D(& axis) center-line???

                    ..or a massive addition of off center-line/equatorial mass.

                    Soooo, which is it?


                    ..irregardless of addition/subtraction, what are the probable vectors of unbalanced centripetal wobbling/oscillation..affecting not only our orbital path..but the planet’s axial spin/rotation as well?


                    Gimme a link and the math, DK!

                    ..that’s something I’d really like to look at!!!!!!!!!!


                    To all & FYI:

                    Plutons generally refer to granitoid rock formations/densities inherent to cooling magma deposits.

                  • Ooops…sorry ’bout last night’s posted questions DK!
                    Funny how one can comprehend things more clearly, sans too much good bourbon.

                    ..heck, I cannot understand my own wasted gibberish this a.m.

                    (moan), my head hurts!

                  • I attempted to search for research articles supporting this claim, DK. I couldn’t find any..maybe I’m looking for the wrong thing. Would you mind linking in your source(s)? I am very interesting in reading this article. Thanks.

                  • @DK,

                    Oh God, instead of that incessant Subliminal New World Order diatribe you constantly subject us to, for a minute there, I thought you had something interesting to say.

                    Your hypothesis that Plutons affect “gravity” could have been used as a concept that supports the existence of the Ether.

                    Instead, you demonstrated that you have no basic understanding of physics. You see DK, the mass of the pluton does not change relative to the mass of the cooling magma that forms the Pluton. All Matter Is Preserved! This is high school physics.

                    What does change in the formation of the pluton, is density.

                    Now, If you treat gravity as a compressive wave, instead of an attractive wave, you can postulate that gravity waves emmanating from an azimuth of 90 degress down to the caribbean (from space) and gravity waves emmanating from an azimuth of -90 degrees (up from the interior of the earth) to the caribbean sum to form a gravitational constant at the caribbean.

                    The existence of the pluton then could theoretically refract the gravity waves emmanating from the interior of the earth thereby causing a positive delta when the waves emmanating from different directions are summed together at the caribbean.

                    This hypothesized delta might just support the observed gravitiational anomaly in the Caribbean!

                    This is huge DK as one could extrapolate that gravity could be construed as a compressive wave as opposed to an attractive wave.

                    And this of course, could lend itself to that old familiar theory of the “Ether”.

                    You’re a Genious DK!….even if you don’t understand that the mass of a pluton doesn’t change from the mass of the cooling magma that forms it (except for the neglible mass of escaping gases).

                  • Hunter: Whoa? The weight of the Earth has shifted and has been re-distributed many times over the eons. Continents have shifted, divided, re-arranged themselves and re-assembled themselves, again, again, and again. That’s common knowledge and should not come as a surprise to you.

                    While all the elements necessary for these Changes may not be known, WE certainly understand that these Changes have occurred in geologic time and that MASSIVE plutons are moving about deep within the Earth and under its crust.

                    Sometimes these plutons “surface” creating giant ore bodies, for example. Using your jargon, it would equate to a massive realignment of “off center-line/equatorial mass”. 🙂

                  • You’re wrong, God is still in control.

                • +1 there D.K. I’m thinking of how the British rounded up the Boers in South Africa.

                • I’m sick of hearing your “engage” crap because it’s a bunch of BS.

                  You talk about “engaging” out of one side of your mouth, while on the other you sing the praises of Janet Napolitano, who has acted as one of the foremost agents in the acceleration of tyranny in this country.

                  • Seeing how it seems every seat in Congress and the Senate and the big chair in the White House seem to be on auction to th highest bidder, I would agree with you but there are still those who just can’t be bought just yet.

                    Napolitano is actually only the most visible face of the truly big problem: the unelected heads of departments and the high-level so-called public servants who are loyal only to the political masters who gave the these high-profile positions.

                  • Walt: Nappy was a GREAT Governor for Arizona. She was strongly opposed to Illegal Immigration while she was here. I am sure she carried that viewpoint to DC. Unfortunately it was not the viewpoint of POTUS.

                    I don’t agree with you about her being a “foremost agent of tyranny”. As a dept head she was obliged to follow the O’Bummer/Holder program or exit.

                    She left.

                    Knowing her as I do based upon her activities here, (but not knowing her personally myself), I suspect she was a quiet advocate for Constitutional processes.

                    I can tell you (from my sources) that her “See Something, Say Something” program was her response to valid intelligence presented to her from private sources.

                    That surprisingly DHS did not possess, and that she deemed the information so valuable, that she hoped by asking the public to submit any information that they might have in their possession, she might verify the information submitted to her, through a second source. Just like any good reporter would.

                    So it was not a secret police request to spy upon your neighbor as Alt Media would like you to believe. Sometimes government officials DO act upon OUR best interests; although there is considerable justification to look at their activities with a jaundiced eye. My sources are good and they tell me that Nappy is a Patriot; even if she is a gay/liberal Patriot.

                    WE use to call such people the “loyal opposition” in America. It is possible to have dissenting views, Walt, and still believe that the US Constitution is the best vehicle for self determination and self realization.

                    Engage!!! 🙂

                • DuKidd

                  You have been in the liquor cabinet again, I can tell by your incoherent ramblings.

                  • James II; Thanks for the laugh! I gave you a thumbs up! 🙂

                  • DK, I usually follow your posts with great interest and you really know how to carry on a good conversation. But I have to respectfully disagree with you about Janet Napolitano and DHS. I have to agree with whoever said she was doing her part to bring about tyranny. DHS was created, NOT to serve the American people, BUT TO BE AN INSTRUMENT OF TERROR AND OPPRESSION AGAINST THE PEOPLE! STOP AND THINK, WHY WERE FORMER SOVIET KGB OFFICIALS ALONG WITH MARKUS WOLFE, HEAD OF THE OLD EAST GERMAN STASI, BROUGHT IN TO SET UP DHS? WHY WERE COMMUNIST THUGS BROUGHT IN TO SET UP A US GOVERNMENT AGENCY? DID WE NOT HAVE ANYONE OF OUR OWN WHO COULD DO IT? IT’S SIMPLE. DHS WAS DESIGNED TO BE USED AGAINST US, PERIOD! DK, please wake up and smell the coffee. No one in the beltway cares about the people’s interest. braveheart

                  • Man Durango!
                    If ever a comment exsisted that proved without a doubt one was a shill, I’d be hard pressed to find it! Your blatant, declared man love for the napster (napolitano) is vulgar to say the least, but to try to throw in some physics to back up your self admitted crush on that bulldagger is quite simply nauseating:-)

                  • Braveheart: DHS was created to bring all sources of intelligence under one roof as the various departments (CIA, DIA, FBI etc) tended to keep their data in house and closely guarded from one another.

                    DHS was designed to assemble all of the intelligence in one place, to be overseen by a cabinet level civilian, in the hope that various pieces of a threat to national security uncovered by one agency might be confirmed by a piece of information uncovered by another.

                    In a world where an ICBM with a 100 megaton warhead can reach the USA in a matter of minutes, DHS may be a necessary evil that must be watched very carefully, and “manned” by a person of exceptional integrity.

                    I think Nappy was a good choice. I love Nappy! 🙂

                  • “DHS may be a necessary evil”

                    Spoken like a true Fascist.

                  • The durango kidd is a troll.

                    He is Establishment!

                    Read his posts!!!

                    He claims to be a patriot, but yet he supports the socialist concept of “Central Banking.”


                    The durando kidd is a Fascist.

                    He would kill you, or jail you, if you oppose government money (The FED).

                    Tell me I’m wrong DK…

                    Tell me it’s ok to “opt out” of your/the governments money scam!!!

                  • Yo Mama: Central banking is a business concept to facilitate commerce and it is necessary for a sophisticated, national or global, commercial system.

                    It is not necessary for garage sale economics.

                    While the Socialists and Marxists and NWO Elite want to use central banking as an instrument of control, it is primarily a useful system to facilitate commerce and provide the necessary services to a sophisticated economy.

                    The FED is a Middle Man who is not necessary to conduct the mechanisms of central banking and has been inserted between the people and their money to facilitate control of the world to the benefit of a few at the expense of the many.

                    You have still not articulated your plan to replace the mechanisms and services of the FED with a “marketplace” solution.

                    Thus, while the FED is central banking, central banking need not be the FED. They are apples and oranges, much like a townhouse and a condo.

                    A condominium is a legal form of ownership while a town house describes an architectural building style. Words have meaning and the words you use should accurately describe your thoughts. If The FED and Socialism are congruent in your mind then your mind is grossly muddled.

                    If you believe that the FED is all about Socialism you have no grasp of the concept of Socialism whatsoever. You would be well served to first consult a dictionary. 🙂

                  • The durango kidd says:

                    “If you believe that the FED is all about Socialism you have no grasp of the concept of Socialism whatsoever. You would be well served to first consult a dictionary.”

                    Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto.

                    #5. Centralization of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly.

                    We call this the Federal Reserve which is a credit/debt system nationally organized by the Federal Reserve act of 1913. All local banks are members of the Fed system, and are regulated by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

                    One of the planks of Communism is a “Central Bank.”


                    And yet you say I “have no grasp of the concept of Socialism whatsoever.”

                    Right, jackass!

                  • I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy!

                • Kid if they want to isolate NYC and Bomb it I’ll help them. The Eastern cites where they might do this are hotbeds of liberal stupidity anyway so if they put them in FEMA camps it’s a gain

                  • Paranoid: My point EXACTLY! “First they came for the Jews and I said nothing …” 🙂

                  • They have only needed these libs “for their vote”.

                    Now that votes don’t matter, their useful/lessness does matter…they won’t produce for the cause so they will be sacrificed. Sacrificed is as kind as I can be.

                    Look at the history of collectivism/communism…it never ends well for 10′ of millions of people. Those that support the beast in hopes of getting to the top “get it” first.

                • Yeah so every person in the Military is going to go along with this ? Yeah right.

                  • See Dave Hodges article this morning at thecommonsenseshow.

                    More compelling evidence for the open-minded.

                  • Walt: God has given mankind Free Will and the power (within his prescribed limits)to dominate and shape OUR world into the the world that WE want through economics, politics, education, science, and art; based upon OUR ideal. In America, that ideal is personal liberty, self determination, and self realization

                    Its OUR choice to build the world WE want based upon that ideal. That is why life is plastic. That is why WE are required to put OUR stamp upon it. To do nothing is to ignore OUR birthright as children of God, and OUR heritage as Americans.

                    Politics is the responsibility of FREE men and women. If WE will not engage OUR employees to demand OUR ideal, then WE deserve what WE get. And that is why WE are, where WE are at, in this country.

                    Engage your employees or be enslaved by them, one rule, regulation, or strip search at a time. 🙂

                  • LMS

                    The appeaser feeds the tiger in hopes of being eaten last–Winston Churchill

                    I would add that the appeaser gets eaten, nonetheless

                • The durango kidd says:

                  “Life is plastic. So is politics.”

                  So why do you say… “Engage.”


                  Why do you encourage voting in a controlled, manipulated system?

                  Why DK?

                  Oh… I know why!

                  • DK, I think you totally missed my point in #2885002. WHY WERE SOME KNOWN COMMUNIST THUGS FROM RUSSIA AND THE FORMER EAST GERMANY, PEOPLE WHO WERE KNOWN TO HAVE BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS, HIRED BY THE US GOVERNMENT TO SET UP A US GOVERNMENT AGENCY? We have set up numerous federal agencies in the past without any foreign help. Why was it different with the Dept. of Homeland Security? And, no, I don’t accept an “American Gestapo” being a necessary evil. We have numerous evils now that are unnecessary. DK, I’m sorry, nothing personal against you, but we have to agree to disagree on this one. even if DHS is totally incompetent, I don’t trust them any further than I could throw them. MOLON LABE braveheart

                  • YMWW, I know we’ve had a few differences on here in the past. I’m offering you an apology for those differences. You were right and I was wrong about DK. We also agree that the system is hopeless and has to fall. I believe we need to clean house and start over again from scratch. I don’t see any other way. DK lives in a fantasy world concerning the system. It’s not even worth saving. braveheart

                  • DK’s true colors are finally starting to show.

                    Give a guy enough rope and eventually, he’ll hang himself with it.

                    Now you folks understand why I am so critical of his posts. I’ve seen through this guy for the establishment hack that he is.

                    At BEST he is a neo-con of the Karl Rove/William Krystol/Dick Cheney variety.

                    Don’t be swayed by his rhetoric. It’s just bovine scat with a shine on it.

                  • Walt: take a look in the mirror. You have grown up to be a crotchety, grumpy old man.

                    I hope my true colors are showing: I promise that they are red, white, and blue. I believe in America. I do not believe in the New World Order who has stolen OUR economy and shipped the opportunity that was once American to another nation to make obscene profits exploiting cheap labor and manipulated currencies under the euphemism of FREE TRADE.

                    Therefore I cannot be compared to Cheney, Krystol, and Rove who promote and extol these policies. Nice try! 🙂

                  • “Life is plastic. So is politics”

                    In other words, Everything is relevant, there are no absolutes.

                    It’s one of the reasons we are in the mess we are in.

                    Because for many (like Durango Kid, pragmatism is the only absolute. The end justifies the means.

                    It’s the same philosophy that tries to convince us that the Constitution is a “living document”.

                    DK says I’m old and crotchety.

                    One of the positive aspects of advancing years is that you don’t get fooled by the snake-oil salesmen that try to pass themselves off as sophisticated and smart. And you don’t have to consume the bovine scat to recognize it for what it is…..and reject it.

                    DK is just another member of the corp…..a cog in the wheel….part of the very system that is destroying us.

                    Don’t be deceived by his nonsense.

                  • @braveheart

                    I don’t know what the durango kidds’ trip is, but he certainly isn’t one of us!

                    He’s a Fascist.

                    Anyone supporting the existence of a private banking cartel working in league with the State, IS a FASCIST.


                  • Yo Mama: I support a central bank to facilitate commerce in a sophisticated financial environment. I do not support private control of OUR banking system by the Gangster Banksters.

                    Central banking ought to be a government function with direct oversight by the people. After all, its OUR money the FED is using.

                    Please do not misrepresent my position if you want to have an honest debate. 🙂

                  • Braveheart: I have no idea who set up DHS anymore than I know who wrote NDAA, the Patriot Act, or O’bummer Care.

                    I do know that these pieces of legislation are unconstitutional, ought to be scrapped, and the initiators imprisoned. It is precisely why I say that Americans must engage their employees.

                    CIA has been a rogue organization within the federal government since its inception; and has been running drugs into the inner cities for decades; either creating or contributing to the problems there, and OUR cities are a mess.

                    Civilian control and oversight of the CIA, DIA, and others is a good idea and the most important function of DHS. Someone must collect and analyze all of the intel in one place.

                    Obviously I am no fan of the TSA, but some monitoring of OUR airports is also necessary. The morons and buffoons hired by TSA are not the answer.

                    Bottom line, if Americans will not organize and demand their constitutional rights, then every office and agency of Federal and State will be used to corral US.

                    Engage! 🙂

        • I agree that it’s baloney. DHS or whoever does not have the numbers to do this and also there will be mass defections from any force that takes on the American people.

          • All government employees are ABOVE REPROACH. Pure as the driven snow. Pillars of decency. Ethical bedrock,.

            Excuse me, I lost my mind there, just for a moment.

          • One block or neighborhood at a time. Slower but it can be done with twenty people. Roadblocks that randomly remove people whose names show up on registered weapon data bases. The computer age has made control of people so much easier as there is no hiding in the background noise. It would be far better to clean house in the Senate and House and avoid this trauma.

        • No kidding. This scenario is absolutely not going to happen.

          If, for some reason, the Gov’t began doing this, it would last about 2 days before they had a problem they were unable to handle.

          • all this talk about this control can not be done at the point of a gun because it would take too many troops is nonsense. All they have to do is turn off the water and electric and block the food trucks coming in and in three days most of the people would be trying to buy a seat on the bus to the camp.

            • I hope your right tbone…precious metals nationwide will be saved for the finale.

            • Really,so some grunt who is going to force the water plant offline and screw his relatives will just go along with this ? Yeah right

          • First and foremost I agree with you guys. Mass round up is impossible. But everyone of you thinks through a “good person” filter. Let me explain. They don’t need to round up whole cities and go door to door. It’s called a massive false flag event. For example….EMP over the country so that it wipes out our power. After one year 90% of the population is dead. The left over 30 million maybe will be peppers and a mix of lucky people. That’s when they drone strike and bring in outside forces to control. You have to put yourself in there shoes and try and think like them. Let us fight ourselves killing each other off for food and water or fill in the blank…..then they take us out.

            • I’d argue that the 90% of the 10% left would in general be the ones most able to do _anything_ it takes to survive including preying on the other survivors. Those that are only held in check now by laws and fear of breaking those laws. The ones who’s preparations consist of ‘stacking it high and deep’.

              Read the reports of those that have survived regional and country level collapses in the last few decades and what life was like. And of their loss of humanity and morals and any sense of right and wrong when it came down to surviving or dying. What they did to feed and protect their children and the gangs they were victims of in trying to do so.

              One way to survive a collapse is through hard work, growing your own food, raising your own animals, being self sufficient. Very very hard work, I speak from experience.

              Another way to survive a collapse is easy. Get a gun and have the ability to put post in notch and put dot in the back of survivor hoeing his garden.

              Given current the majority of American culture in these are ‘wonderful modern times’ which route do you think most people are going to go?

              Yes we can all aim to be the most expensive target we can be. But we’re outnumbered 97 to 1.

              You don’t get to make one mistaken when you’re outnumbered 97 to 1. One mistake and you lose. They on the other hand, they get to make 96 mistakes and and you still lose.

              Don’t assume anything you’re doing now is a guarentee you’re set. That your remote location or skills at raising food or punching holes in things is going to make you one of the lottrery winners. All that does is buy you a few more tickets.

              But then, that’s a few more tickets than most, so don’t despair. But also don’t relax. Keep planning, preparing, training, cross training, increasing your networks.

          • Smokey,
            They rammed a health care bill through which promises to withhold healthcare from the elderly and very sick with not a peep from the populace. They seated a president who we still do not know who he really is and you think they will have a hard time getting people to do whatever they are told? Pretty dense are you not?

        • At some point they will try to round up what they consider to be people who are against them. WHO and how many of them there will be is what the true question is? just like how many citizens will be able to band together to stop is another question. it is so easy to make claims and predictions, the HARD part is what REALLY will happen.
          may we all band together to throw the scum out and bring our great country back on its feet!!!

        • I agree with you TnAndy, this has become a religion to many and it’s about selling fear and product. The politicians try and scare us to believe we have to give up out rights to catch the terrorist and this group tells us the government is going to knock down our doors, take our children, and put us in labor camps. It’s not going to happen. To live in constant fear is no way to live. None of us none when our last day on earth is. Read your Bible, love your family, and help others. If any of this crap happens to come about, you are not going to stop it but I would not lose any sleep over it.

        • You Know….. I’m a Patriot…. I think Dave needs to lighten up. We’re NOT being herded into concentration camps. We’re NOT being executed next to slit trenches.
          Take a freakin’ breath!

          • Daves also wrong that hitlers ideas came from usa vs indians….No….Where hitler Did learn ideas from are the very same kommies that first Built aushwitz camp. That would be russian and polish bolshevik jewish kommies. They are who built and First Used aushwitz to round up white christians into and exterminate them. That was about 20-25 years before nazis came to power in germany.

            It never ceases to amaze how most every writer is still so fearfull of mentioning these actual factual Truths that today are so easy to find and Verify.

            Then due to Fear of mentioning that it WAS Kommies, and that it Was and Still Is Jewish-Kommies or Jewdeo-communisim, they instead continue the same worn out terms like all the Other writers keep repeating Falsly.

            Although I Must admit this is the very first time I ever read that hitlers ideas came from what was done with/to american Indians!!….A New concept indeed! Yet still a falsehood same as the many others we keep hearing of.

            I will say it Again…IT’S the COMMIES! and it was Always the Commies and its Still the Kommies…

            In Fact “IF” there never were any jewdeo kommie bolsheviks doing a takeover of Russia in 1918…Then there Never would have been russian and polish jewish bolsheviks flooding into Germany.

            And if no jewish bolshevik russian and polish kommies flooded into germany in the 1920’s era…

            Then there Never would have been ANY reasons or Causes for any Nazi party nor a hitler to arise to power as a Solution, to thwart and fight Against communisim’s attempted takeover of eventually ALL of europe.

            The jewdeo commies did russia First mainly due to Thats where aprox 8 million jews lived…AND because of its mass size, and tons of oil and resources.

            Germany was targeted 2nd for takeover due to its vast numbers of very smart inventors, and overall whiteman ingenuity etc and manufactureing abilities similar to usa’s.

            Because “IF” Jewdeo commie bolshevisim could have conquered Both Russia And Germany…Then they could overtake the entire rest of Europe like a simple piece of Cake…Once jewdeo commies had a combined russian land mass and resources, Plus Germanys manufatureing ability and its whiteman inventions abilities etc…The entire rest of europe would have fallen like a ton of Bricks quickly.

            Then they would be able to move against usa and our side of the worlds nations….

            So all in all its real good that germany arose(Like america needs to today) to Halt and Fight off jewdeo communist bolshevisim….Europe should Thank germany!

            But that won’t occure untill they as well as most usa folks trash their usual MSM-Hollywood versions of Past History events such as WWI and WWII.

            Too bad we still see today so many folks clinging to their false histories as taught in public schools and by jewish run hollywood, whom has a vested intrest in continueing such blatent false history or nonsense such as “Hitler learned his ideas from usa’s Indians treatment”!!!…Again all together folks…

            “It’s The Jewdeo Commie Bolsheviks Stupid”! and always will be untill somebody in some nation Finally halts kommies for good.(zionists=commie jewish same as bolshevik talmudics/kommie=zionists=talmudics=bolsheviks)

            Most folks has zero problems believing communisim is evil and bad and wrong…But they seem to have Huge troubles admitting that Yes it is and was a jewish invention, perpetrated BY, and to benift, jews.

            Thats akin to folks agreeing in africa there existed caniballisim…BUT…The same folks refuse to ever admit that Yes them african canibals were Blacks or negroes!

            It Is what it Is/was, and Thats jewish communisim period.

            HERES PROOF: NSA Head Recieves His Daily Orders From Jewish sources…

            February 8, 2009, speaking at the at 45th Munich Conference on Security Policy at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof, National Security Advisor Major General James Jones, told those in attendance: “As the most recent National Security Advisor of the United States, I take my daily orders from Dr. Kissinger, filtered down through General Brent Scowcroft and Sandy Berger, who is also here. We have a chain of command in the National Security Council that exists today.”..NOTE: Kissinger and Berger(sandy da burgler stole 9/11 doc’s and Burned them per klinton ordered it) Both Kissenger and Berger are jewish in extremely high offical levels.

            Still in Doubt of it?

            July, 2009, in a speech at the opening of the new CFR headquarters in Washington D.C., just across the street from the State Department, Hillary acknowledged the fact hat she is a CFR puppet when she admitted that from then on, “I won’t need that far to go to be told how we should be doing and what we should think about the future.”

            CHECK out How Many of the aprox 4000-CFR members are jewish….Do not be shocked to find a likley 75+% are.

            And ALL CFR membership come from MSM-newspapers, TV-Hollywood-Fed Govnt galore- and as Just admited to by Both Hillery aka head of usa state dept a Cabinet apointed official just below usa Prez…And by a Former NSA-Head Apointed Offical..They Both get Their daily Marching orders from Heads of CFR! Mainly Jewish heads.

            Do You Get it Yet?

            • Them Guys…. I enjoy your posts. You come accross as truthful and informative on historical events concerning fakes and reality. I read the other side, but your delivery makes better sense to me.

              • You know, that’s what all his sycophants say. Same wording in fact. That is why I call you “the sock puppet brigade,” because you sound like the same guy trying to give himself kudos. Maybe I am wrong and you’re just a bunch of brainwashed evil sheeple. Either way, you are pathetic.

                • Aljamo: Thanks! and Ignore SIGI as I several times Posted proof-DNA-John Hopkins Inst and Hebrew Univ bio dna labs Evidence that 98% of them jews sigi ‘worships” are really KHAZRAS!!…Esuas Edomites! Mixed with HUNNS! aka Barbarians!,,,,Plus I also posted actual biblical verses that state new covenant replaced old covenant and that christians are who gets the promiced abrahamic Blessings!

                  So since I posted Proof solid espeically that DNA proof jews=Khazars….Sigi has gone balistic trying to convince himself to keep believing his falshoods as taught prior by his phony pastors….Yes its tough to admit when they been wrong all that time eh. Sigi is as yet unable to admit it so like others he instead does Personal attacks at me!…Typical Lib alinsky tactics…Oh and alinsky also was a tribal khazar fake jew…A TRUE Kommie jew though!

                  Ironic how folks like sigi make demands for proof etc…Untill its given to them!….Then they go hide behind a jew shadow rather than reesarch that proof they demanded.

            • The cold war never really ended. They just changed tactics. looks like they are working. I used to laugh at Michael Reagan every time he claimed his dad had won the cold war. He merely won one stage of it. The war is still going and some of the most dedicated commies are right here in River City ensconced in high places in govt.,media and the schools. This has a long way to go and being as most Americans are dumb as hammers things do not look good for us.

        • Be careful. If you click on some of the links in this article, a website named will try to put a cookie on your computer.

          • Download the Tor Bundle and install it. Use a VPN tunnel terminating in a neutral country. Use a secure e-mail service. Take reasonable precautions.

            Read Pamela Jones’ swan-song letter to Groklaw users at:


            • Or, delete your cookies

              • ccleaner…every other page…

        • I call bullshit. Not baloney.

        • ah baloney indeed, sir! I shan’t agree with you but I defend your right to baloney.

      2. Bring IT!

        • Iv’e been trying to tell people this for years (since the ndaa was rolled out). Typical resposes looking at me like I had 2 heads or just changing the subject. About all I can think of to do is secure your house as much as possible. Have driveway alerts posted at all entrances to your property. Strategically place furniture (bookcases, dressers, etc.) to protect you in a firefight. Have at least one exit from inside to a safe room or attic hideout. Know your area and ALL possible escape routes. Have some mylar space blankets with 1 side glued to fabric that is close in color to your local terrain to hide your signature from IR or flir detection. Use smoke to mask your getaway if need be. Use time delayed fireworks (cigarette with hole in the side and fuse inserted) to redirect attention. Dig out a small shelter with a camoflauged lid away from your property to hide in temporarily. Hide in culvert pipes or under bridges. Install a video camera in front and back of your property with the monitor next to your bed so you can see whats going on if one of the driveway alerts goes off. Put bars across all doors to make kicking them in very difficult. Make a tunnel under your house with a hidden door to the inside. Use one of these to make them shit theyre pants.. 🙂

          • Genius,
            if this is going to go down be alert keep a light weight Go Bag Prepacked. E and E out to a hidden Rally point . not being there when they come is your best chance. one thing in our favor this will not go down un noticed there will be A LOT of noise giving adequite warning.
            Everthing that Genius is correct .
            1. Slow them down / distract Obstacles smoke etc.
            2. Always have Multiple Escape Routes for Emergency High Speed Eggress.
            3. prepare a hidden Hide for temporary concealment , Spider Hole, Dug out Etc away from BIL

            The last post I discussed the possibility of a High Mobility Bugout Bag.
            Your Bug out bag is a temporary life support for a limited time under Extreme circumstances.
            You can not realistically carry enough for completed self suffiency in the woods for an unlimited time.

            A. The basics for life support , Water , Shelter , Food.
            B. mobility and concealment.
            C. Personal protection , MINIMUM LARGE CALIBER RELIABLE HANDGUN ( .357 to .45)
            ( you can pick up a 9mm later with the above tools ) Carbine Style Rifle , M4 / M1A CQB
            With a rifle you do not have the concealability if you try to later blend in after the action you will most likely have to find a way to catch it safely storing it rolled up in your sleeping bag may not work , this is where folding stocks have an advantage.
            D. Smaller 3 day packs do not attract as much attention as a full size molle ruck on your back.
            Think modular.

            I use multiple packs ranging from a small Maxpedition Falcon II to a Eberlstock Terminator pack (winter heavy dooms daypack) each can be configured for season and AO compatibility.
            Each individuals pack will be different based on AO and climatic differences . i.e. Kula’s pack will be vastly different than say someone who lives in Montana or Idaho for obvious reasons.

            my AO is an eastern hardwood forest / sandy pine barrens with adequite fresh water ( any vets here trained at Fort Dix? You know the area) water is not a problem a filter can mitigate carry extra water at 8# gallon)

            each of my packs have all items in separate modular stuff sacks and dry bags that can be moved from bag to bag with ease and are clearly identified. these are used in conjunction with a molle FLV or plate carrier ( Infidel Body Armor III plates) For my tier one fighting load.

            Pack Setups:
            Maxpedition Vulture 2 with 2 flashbang holders , small radio pouch , 9×6 tactile pocket for thermal poncho ( Max Velocity’s web site for further info) (2) 5×12 nalgene bottle holders each side, ( 2 ) m1a mag pouches on tactile pocket , Kifaru regulator stuff sack ( Heavy Duty for full MSS system) Concealment hand gun holster.
            This is my light weight winter bag. load out weight w/ food gear 32.5 to 36.2 lbs

            Maxpedition Xantha Pack with 9×6 tactile pocket , Triad combat admin pouch, F. I.G.H.T. PFAK,
            Kifaru regulator stuff sack ( MSS intermediate bag with bivy) . . Various grim lock / carabiners for securing GHILLE suit. Spring fall load out bag. 28 to 35 lbs depending on ammunition load.

            Maxpedition Falcon II with medium tactile pocket , small tactile pocket , anemone pocket , (2) single sheaths , (2) 5″ flashlight sheaths (2) 4″x10″ bottle holders, Snug Pack Jungle bag (UK manufactured Version) kifaru Woobie with small regulator stuff sack. concealment handgun holster. Summer , Escape and Evade Bag 20 to 29 lbs depending on ammunition load.

            Elberstock Terminator , standard load out no addition acessories except long gun sheath set up as a long duration 14 day load out not really considered a light weight pack . But fits close to the body and is acceptable for mobility . 45 to 50 lbs depending on food / ammo load.

            Weight is kept down by only taking used and necessary items , NO SNIVEL GEAR , warm sleep gear is a must in winter do not skip here this is necessary to remain functional and alert.
            I use mostly item that have multiple uses and try to obtain as many items as I can find / afford in titanium for weigth reduction. A heavy pack will require more calories of food to haul and will slow you down something you do not need.

            PART 2 will include what goes into each pack to achieve a lightweight load out.
            As per requests I plan to continue to post useful information that can be directly applied for immediate use to this forum take what information provided for discussion in reverent SHTF plan blogs to further your survivabilty .

            remember you are the resistance.




            Semper Fi 8541

            • Oh no my par 2 post got nuked Mack see if you can find it it took me 2 hours to write it had all the weights and systems used for above with discriptions it will take hours to redo!
              Semper Fi 8541

              • Part 2 suggested contents for a light weight go bag for Evasion and Escape.

                As described in part one the ability to move rapidly is determined by the weight you must carry into the field. I am an advocate of light weight systems that do not deter mobility and allow rapid emergency Eggress. The advantages of a lighter pack are many less calories expended healing the minimum amount of gear to lower visibility profile. In part 2 I will describe what works for me with each pack system and the weight of each element .

                modular systems are the most efficent alowing items to be grouped by use and can be easily transferred as required by season into other packs. A short description of items follows.

                I general use 3 light weight packs , by only using the items that have multiple uses in the field
                And keeping weight down by extensive use of titanium gear you can be suprised at the final outcome. The best hard use and feature rich small packs that I have found are produced by Maxpedition.

                General Core System

                Katadyne micro filter 8 oz Falcon 2 E&E bag
                katadyne pocket filter 20 oz Xantha , Vulture 2 Pack , Eberlstock terminator pack
                Vargo titanium water bottle (2) 4.6 oz / 9.2 oz total all bags
                Snow peak large pot titanium nested in water bottles 3.5 oz all bags
                Snow peak it cup 450 nested in bottles 1.9 oz all bags
                Micro pure tablets
                Steri pen 2.3 oz with solar charger 7.7 oz

                Snug pack jungle hammock 1.75 lbs Falcon 2 bag
                Snugpack allweather shelter tarp with titanium tent pins 2.1 lbs Falcon 2 bag
                Snug pack jungle bag UK Manufactured Version 32 degree rating 1.8 lbs with silnyl bivi Falcon 2 bag
                kifaru Woobie 1.4 lbs interchangeable with jungle bag 40 degree rating Falcon 2 / Xantha
                Hennessy hammock expedition assy. 3lbs 2 oz Xantha / vulture 2 packs
                Super shelter insulation for Hennessy hammock 1 lb Xantha / vulture 2 pack.

                MSS 4 piece system -40 degree sleeping bag in Kifaru Large Regulator stuff sack 11 lbs Vulture 2 / Eberlstock terminator
                MSS intermediate bag 10 degree with Goretex bivy in Kifaru regulator med stuf sack 8 lbs Xantha pack
                kifaru paratarp with annex and para stove 10 lbs Eberlstock terminator / vulture 2 packs

                Light weight freeze dried I.e. mountain house etc, millennium bars 4 day 3000 calories 10 lb maximum
                Alternate : Lipton side dishes , quick rice , Mylar packed spam , tuna , etc, cliff bars 10 # max.
                Average 2 lbs of food per day only pack caloric high density foods . Remember the weight to calorie ratio source light weight hiking web sites for further information.

                MODULAR ITEMS
                Survival kits
                Escape and evade tactical survival kit EETMS by survival metrics Xantha , Vulture 2 , Eberlstock terminator
                EESE pocket survival kit 12.8 oz falcon 2 pack
                EESE Azula mini E&E kit with addition nano ferrocerium rod and NATO button compass
                All packs or in BDU pocket 4 oz

                Fire kits all bags
                NATO matches in water proof match case
                Vargo titanium wood stove 4.1 oz
                Esbit pocket stove with 6 fuel tablets covert water boiling no smoke 6.5 oz
                Fire piston titanium 1.0 oz

                PFAK blow out kit standard 3.0 oz with cat tourniquet. Additional items in E&E survival kit

                My falcon 2 bag is my EDC /get home bag and default E&E bag because I live in a unfriendly Firearm state for general use as a get home bag handguns are replaced with edged weaponss in the concealment slot on the bag with either a EK ps-4 knife 8.6 oz or a EESE-4 8 oz. handguns are replaced and removed daily when not transporting to work. Ammunition is stored in MTM case gard ammo wallets in my case .357 and .22 these are very versatile for organizing.
                You AO and your selections of self defense items are your personal choice and are highly selective per individual.

                Optional :
                Other items are the radio I selected Yaesu VX-8DR for commo 8 oz with batteries
                Goal zero guide 10 adventure kit solar charger 2 lb
                PVS 14 gen 3 litton pinnacle tube 14 oz
                Water proof battery storage holders
                Photon Micro lights the real ones not Chicom knock offs.
                thermal Poncho ( see Max Velocities web site for further information)

                Other bags are kept in ready to go conditions according to season where possible fleece , socks or other clothing items are stored in dry bags and small water proof stuff sacks .

                Tip ACU cammo that the army is replacing can be found as a bargain just remember to get the real us issue that is IR compliant . It works well in a pine forest and sand environment.
                All items packs etc are to be used in conjunction with a FLV vest and or Plate carrier by Infidel body armor level 3 plates

                feel free to use this information to your advantage to enhance your survivabilty.
                Please discuss in the appropriate forums to further the knowledge required to survive the coming festivities .

                Be remembered by not being a victim of a uniquely American Shoah. Defy TPTB by living.

                remember you are the resistance .

                RESIST NO MATTER WHAT

                III %

                Semper Fi 8541

                Part 3 will continue on what to do with the items described In an emphasis on objective operational TTP’S.
                After spending my morning and afternoon first draft of this crashed and I lost it had to retype it .,
                If I do not post before Christmas every one here have a Very Joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year.

                • Great stuff, NB! I have a Vulture 2 myself that I lug in and out of work every day – if only I could keep the contents from reproducing like rabbits – it just keeps getting heavier and heavier. Every time I go through it I wonder “what the heck made me put THAT in here?” Better open her up and re-evaluate everything again. . . .

                • Great list and glad you are also conscious about weight. Hiked a few hundred miles this summer for fun and also test out my systems.

                  Check out the Sawyer Mini water filter. 2 oz. Rated for 100,000 gallons. The older larger model got backpacking magazine product of the year last year. This is the updated smaller one that just came out. I’ve used it and love it. Lighter and more compact than the Katadyne micro filter 8 oz. I’ve bought several for friends this Christmas. Only $20 on Amazon and sometimes they have lightening sales where its $15 each. Must have for everyones kit / bug out bag.

              • Night Breaker,
                When you write a “masterpiece”, save it to a text file first. Then copy and paste it into the comment window.

            • I like the Eberlstock pacs, have a J1 and a Blue widow, also the sip on duffles for them, both in hide open western slope, matches my camo, can put a LOT of stuff in these packs, too much for me to carry for sure, my REPR will fit in the scabbard but not with the mag, usually slide my 930 in the scabbard and sling the REPR, still comfortable with about 35-40# and can still move pretty well, can go heavier but,,,,
              Real nice for hunting, i usually debone and pack out just meat, Axis deer and pigs or ocasionally goats, all are smaller game animals so easy to pack,, meat bags with quarters and loins fit nice in the center section of both the J1 and the Blue widow.

              • Kulafarmer, +1 on the Ebererlstock scabbards. Got one for the 20 in. upper REPR with Molle and a smaller one for the 16 in. upper depending on which one is on deck.

                • How do you like the 16″ upper? Accuracy compared to the 20?
                  For the price of just the upper i almost want to just get a complete rifle with the 16,

            • Thanks Nightbreaker and Nimrod, Great detailed expansion on escape and evasion! Got a backhoe I can borrow? 🙂

              • No genius you have to do it the old fashion way by hand consider it good excercise!
                Just find a good location dig a little at a time make sure it is on the high ground and in a good drainage area . Place you dirt on a tarp for removal from the area .
                Do not get to attached to your bolt hole it is only to be used Temporarly .
                In part 3 I will go into possible scenario’s of E and E .
                Until then Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR


                Semper Fi 8541

          • Put in an auto sprinkler system controlled manually with gas and diesel mixture and light em up.

            • I like your thinking .02 🙂 I just thought of something, If they use dogs to track you just leave some jerkey salted with nasties (sodium chlorate, etc.) along the path. Bye bye fido lol.

              • Gasp!!

          • Oh look kids, human candles–purdy.

        • This government couldn’t find their own ASS with both hands! Oh, they might TRY this but it will end very badly for them

      3. Do as they will. I know that many on their side will die, very many.

        It’s your life–make it count!

        • OV-

          ..and if I may add, sir!

          To all:

          –YOU ARE, WHAT YOU DO, WHEN IT COUNTS!!!!!!!!!!

        • Old Vet, I’m with you. let them come to my place for whatever reason and we’ll see who is standing when the smoke clears. MOLON LABE braveheart

        • Old Vet, it could not have been put more simply or with more impact…thank you.

          All this asinine talk of moving, having your friends hide you (so they get killed for helping you), dreaming of Norway etc…give me a freakin’ break.

          Make your mind up NOW that your life is not going to slip away from you in a camp that psychotic monsters set up to control all of human life. If you’re going to die, don’t die from dysentery or starvation. Die after taking out one/ten/one hundred of them, whatever God grants you to do.


          • CHARGE!!

      4. The Architect of Destruction

        By Maureen Scott
        Barack Obama appears to be a tormented man filled with resentment, anger, and disdain for anyone of an opinion or view other than his. He acts in the most hateful, spiteful, malevolent, vindictive ways in order to manipulate and maintain power and control over others. Perhaps, because, as a child, he grew up harboring an abiding bitterness toward the U.S. that was instilled in him by his family and mentors…it seems to have never left him.

        It is not the color of his skin that is a problem in America .

        Rather it is the blackness that fills his soul and the hollowness in his heart where there should be abiding pride and love for this country.

        Think: Have we ever heard Obama speak lovingly of the U.S. or its people, with deep appreciation and genuine respect for our history, our customs, our sufferings and our blessings? Has he ever revealed that, like most patriotic Americans, he gets “goose bumps” when a band plays “The Star Spangled Banner,” or sheds a tear when he hears a beautiful rendition of ” America the Beautiful?” Does his heart burst with pride when millions of American flags wave on a National holiday – or someone plays “taps” on a trumpet? Has he ever shared the admiration of the military, as we as lovers of those who keep us free, feel when soldiers march by? It is doubtful because Obama did not grow up sharing our experiences or our values. He did not sit at the knee of a Grandfather or Uncle who showed us his medals and told us about the bravery of his fellow troops as they tramped through foreign lands to keep us free. He didn’t have grandparents who told stories of suffering and then coming to America, penniless, and the opportunities they had for building a business and life for their children.

        Away from this country as a young child, Obama didn’t delight in being part of America and its greatness. He wasn’t singing our patriotic songs in kindergarten, or standing on the roadside for a holiday parade and eating a hot dog, or lighting sparklers around a campfire on July 4th as fireworks exploded over head, or placing flags on the grave sites of fallen and beloved American heroes.

        Rather he was separated from all of these experiences and doesn’t really understand us and what it means to be an American. He is void of the basic emotions that most feel regarding this country and insensitive to the instinctive pride we have in our national heritage. His opinions were formed by those who either envied us or wanted him to devalue the United States and the traditions and patriotism that unites us.

        He has never given a speech that is filled with calm, reassuring, complimentary, heartfelt statements about all the people in the U.S. Or one that inspires us to be better and grateful and proud that in a short time our country became a leader, and a protector of many. Quite the contrary, his speeches always degenerate into mocking, ridiculing tirades as he faults our achievements as well as any critics or opposition for the sake of a laugh, or to bolster his ego. He uses his Office to threaten and create fear while demeaning and degrading any American who opposes his policies and actions. A secure leader, who has noble self-esteem and not false confidence, refrains from showing such dread of critics and displaying a cocky, haughty attitude.

        Mostly, his time seems to be spent causing dissension, unrest, and anxiety among the people of America, rather than uniting us (even though he was presented to us as the “Great Uniter”). He creates chaos for the sake of keeping people separated, envious, aggrieved and ready to argue. Under his leadership Americans have been kept on edge, rather than in a state of comfort and security. He incites people to be aggressive toward, and disrespectful of, those of differing opinions. And through such behavior, Obama has lowered the standards for self-control and mature restraint to the level of street-fighting gangs, when he should be raising the bar for people to strive toward becoming more considerate, tolerant, self-disciplined, self-sustaining, and self-assured.

        Not a day goes by that he is not attempting to defy our laws, remove our rights, over-ride established procedures, install controversial appointees, enact divisive mandates, and assert a dictatorial form of power.

        • Never has there been a leader of this great land who used such tactics to harm and hurt the people and this country.

        • Never have we had a President who spoke with a caustic, evil tongue against the citizenry rather than present himself as a soothing, calming and trustworthy force.

        • Never, in this country, have we experienced how much stress one man can cause a nation of people – on a daily basis!

        Obama has promoted the degeneration of peace, civility, and quality of cooperation between us. He thrives on tearing us down, rather than building us up. He is the Architect of the decline of America , and the epitome of a Demagogue.

        © Maureen Scott

        • Cutting back during these tough economic times…

          Apparently Barack Obama was not talking about himself when he told the American people the following…

          “If you’re a family trying to cut back, you might skip going out to dinner, or you might put off a vacation.”
          Barack Obama

          The Obama family and their dog left Washington yesterday for their $4 million 17-day holiday vacation in Hawaii.

          • Are you checking on Nuclear problem Of the ocean around Hawaii. It might not be such a great place for anyone.

          • It cost a lot more that 4 million for them to go to Hawaii! Air Force 1 cost about $300,000 an hour to fly. That’s at least a 7 hour flight from dc one way.
            Air Force 2 also will make the trip in case Air Force 1 breaks down then the president can keep his schedule.
            2 C-17’s will also fly out the presidents cars and ambulance.
            Many secret service agents will fly to Hawaii on commercial airlines and stay in hotels and collect per diem. The per diem rate in Hawaii is around $100 a day just for food and $200 a day for hotel.
            The secret service agents will be paid a bunch of overtime because they will work 12 hour shifts.
            The US government may also pay the overtime that the local police work to support the presidents protection.
            The cost of his trip is probably closer to 15 to 20 million!

        • And think about this; he was elected TWICE for president, even as one Pennsylvania precinct in Philly had nineteen thousand votes for 0bama and NONE for Romney. No voting mistakes,if you can believe that. That tells something about the electorate. If you have a job with the government that entails action against the constitution, you should thread lightly.

          • I was dumb founded by how he won in pa, but theres a lot of Union jobs here and they were all told to vote for the black guy, just like good sheep. I’ve lost a lot of friends over it. Their all brainwashed.

            • I was equally dumbfounded over how he “won” in Ohio. I live here. In 2008 there were plenty of O signs all over. In 2012 you saw almost none, and a lot of Romney signs where the O signs had been in 2008.

            • I said 5 years ago, we are not ready for a black or woman president.
              Lets see how the sheep do this time around.
              Then again the electoral college is legitimate, right? Lmao

            • Hey PA Farmer!
              I’m in SWPA, and I can tell you this place is just filled with, what I like to call “disengenous white liberals” and many voted for this tool simply because they were guilted into it. Very sad situation to lose friends over it, but if that’s all it took to lose their frienship! Than it most likely wasn’t true friendship to begin with….just sayin:-)

          • “It is enough to say there was an election. Those who cast the ballots decide nothing. Those who count the ballots decide everything.”- Joseph Stalin

            • Worth remembering by those that still tout electioneering.

          • Well Mitt did say he would get them off welfare and into the workforce so maybe all the crack addicts in Philly did vote in unison.

          • Soros owned voting machines and great programming.

          • if you think Obama’s an IDIOT, just wait ’til you see the people that VOTED FOR HIM!

          • that’s what the dem pole watchers were doing while the rep pole watchers were locked out and had to get a judges order and the sheriff involved to get entrance to poles.
            the 08 had armed black panthers outside the poles
            neither incident was investigated by the justice dept but states requiring id to vote were taken to court

        • @Me, great piece by Maureen Scott. What needs to be brought into open where all can see is WHY all the media outlets are so desperate to cover up his lies, apologize for him every time he shits on the chess board, sell his bullshit as being ” good for all “, and continue to gleefully aid and abet his wanton destruction of America. I wouldn’t want to be chrissy the tingle leg Matthews when all of this comes to a head for resolution.

          • It’s cause they were all promised a seat in the bunker when the big rock comes 🙂

            The random sampling of DNA at ck points…tags for possible future collection.

            At least one seed bank in the arctic…ummm

            Don’t forget the classification of space rocks and such…

            They cover up all the lies because they know it’s all theater anyway…

          • JB:
            me posted a great one, though some on this board thumbs down anytime they see names that they have disagreed with in the past. Just like Phil Robertson, we all have the freedom of speech (atleast for a while) and Scott was telling the truth as Phil was. As for the comment about the chessboard, here is a “quote” from Putin on our great leader…

            Putin Quote

            This has a ring of truth… Just consider it a “funny”

            Vladimir Putin allegedly said off the record:

            “Negotiating with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon.
            The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, shits on the board and
            then struts around like it won the game.”

            • Truth is that’s where I got it eppe. Regarding Mr. Robertson, he handled the situation as it NEEDS to be handled. He made his apology and that’s all he’s going to say. He’s sticking to his principles and not going to go on a disastrous Paula Dean crying jag apology tour. It’s too bad for her that she didn’t realize that once the network and advertisers decided to turn tail and run, there was NO getting them to change their minds. She simply succeeded in humiliating herself multiple times to no avail, except for the satisfaction she gave to the libtards for continually demeaning herself

              I’m sensing a turning point being reached here finally, where average citizens have more than their share of political correctness. Look at Rush Limbaugh as an example. Whatever you think of the guy personally, like or hate him, when he says something that starts a libtard fire, he never backs down or apologizes for it. The most recent example as pointing out the new libtard poster girl Sandra Fluke as a cheap floozie who wants the public to foot the cost of her birth control pills. The left once again thought they had him on the ropes, advertisers were bailing on his show and he would finally be put off the air. Well, so much for that dream and Air America. After 2 weeks, { longer than the attention span of 99% of Americans} new advertisers joined the show and he came back bigger then ever. What the people want and need right now are people with a set of balls who’ll stand up to minority groups and the media with the truth and hold their ground regardless of how loud the liberal hissy fits become.

        • 1000 thumbs up!

        • What a piece! While it is properly critical of the actions of this individual, you presented the subject matter from an outsiders point of view, which lends great credence to these acts. I wish I could give you a hundred thumbs up, this is without a doubt the most eloquently written epistle regarding the policies, behaviors, and cost of the state of total corruption which we are now witnessing. I pray that this does not to turn out to prophetic, but I wouldn’t bet against it.

        • Dave Hodges might consider Maureen Dowd an evil fascist for speaking about patriotic songs and patriotic feelings when watching the Star-Spangled Banner being unfurled.

          Oh, wait. It’s okay when Americans do it. And as long as they also praise and obey Israel, of course.

          • Al Queda troll.

        • This thing was installed to divide so the PTB can conquer, a design to disguise their true intentions. But so would have Romney. Look at the “conservative” Paul Ryan, a traitor to limited government, John McShame a traitor to disabled veterans like himself.

          DC is a den of vipers and traitors, sell out whores who could care less about you or your family. You are a useless oxygen theif, taking resources better used elsewhere.

          I hope the military and vets see that the sights are fixed upon them. The PTB know who threaten them the most, they are the “domestic” enemy, the real enemy to fight. They are taking the offensive…

          People must awaken to the falacy of the left and right in american politics. There is only one way, their way. Voting will change nothing, nothing at all. We know what it will take to bring back the Republic and it sure isn’t the ballot box.

          The die is cast, there is something hidden yet felt by many of us here. It is evil and without mercy. Dark days lie in front of us, we will be tested, in mind, body and spirit.

          • yeah sheepdawwg, it won’t be the ballotbox, it will be the BULLETBOX!…………….BTW.if evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?”
            ― Milton Berle

          • Sheepdog:

            Thanks for your post. Shtf posters are great about asking question and searching for answers……

            I am going to start my post with a quote from the most VILE female in America; and sad to say, I believe the next POTUS; if the buffoon in there now does not declare martial law to stay on his golden throne:


            That the constitution is being shredded….why, for what reason, and by whom?

            That the Supreme Court Judges in our land are upholding laws that are destroying our nation….why, for what reason, and whose agenda are they following?

            That a President of the United States could be elected and know one knows who he even is….how could this happen….why, for what reason and by whom?

            That in Hollywood nearly everyone changes their name. Why do they do that? What are they trying to hide? Are they supporting a different agenda than you? If so, why and by whom?

            Digging deep into prior administrations in DC there seem to be very few Smith and Jones’s. Why is that? Who runs America’s agenda? By whom and why?

            Why do we even have websites like SHTF in a supposed free America? Why do we fear? By whom and for what reason?

            You see, since the beginning of time there has been a struggle between good and evil. By whom and why? What is the end game of the evil that is permeating America and the world? By whom and why?

            We are now threatened with political correctness. The least politically correct person ever to walk the face of this earth was Jesus Christ. He was so outspoken about the “by whom and why” that his opposition feared his truth so much they crucified him. By whom and why?

            I believe the year 2014 to be the year we are going to have to face up to the answers to these questions. And the flippant “TPTB” answer that we throw around so easily at SHTF will no longer suffice for the truth.

            • POG,

              I would say the enemy is anyone telling me how to live my life. As Jefferson said in so many words, as long as it doesn’t pick my pocket or break my my leg, I don’t care. Apparently not only do sticks and stones break bones in amurica but words do too. Who knew?

              We are a land of busy bodies, people who stick their noses where they don’t belong. The busiest bodies are in “government” enforcing their belief system at the point of a gun. Taking my hard earned income to use against me and my family is by definition tyranny.

              I don’t care if it’s a demoncat or republicrat, they have all become enemies of Liberty. They run from the light of truth when shown upon them. Time to water the tree of Liberty. It is going to be a damn bath!

            • Great post POG.

              One more question:-

              WHY does nobody even bother to ask these questions?

              p.s His Momma’s heritage is VERY interesting. Dig a little, and go beyond her low morals iykwim to play a game of follow the money down her family tree. (Because the US is freaking obsessed with race, everyone focuses on Obama’s “biological father’s” Kenyan side, yet to be fair that family has been pretty open and honest about who and what they are. Personally I think that’s been done as a deliberate red herring to fend off truth seekers).

        • What sack of shit would give this a thumbs down. There is nothing untrue about this. You have issues .

          • Maureen Scott nailed it.

        • ME: Great post! Hobammy is the End result of what happens when you take one tribe member female and she switches to become a Coal Burner!..Results in one highly tribally marxist trained Mulatoboy…I wonder if due to his mother he too has automatic “Rights to return” to state of israel.

        • I just read, a few minutes ago, that POTUS “enrolled” in Obamacare……WHAT A FUCKING JOKE! He already gets the best doctors on the planet, pays no medical costs and he’s pretending to be one of us? He has nothing in common with most of us………Fed up with this BS!!!! I will not enroll!!!

        • Nailed it. Wonder who the doofus crowd is that gave the thumbs down.

      5. I pray this NEVER happens. Just the THOUGHT of anyone taking our children or grandchildren is horrible.

        • Well while your prayin, lock and load. I’ll always believe if enough numbers, say, just 3% respond fast without hesitation, and consider you’ll probly eventually be a casualty, we can deal a death blow to the american government tyranny. Be advised most local LEOs who do participate will loose uniforms and cruisers inorder mix amongst the populace. Start watching for LEO p.o.v’s. Some of them are sporting little stickers bout the size of standard business card. All black or dark blue with a lighter blue horizontal line across middle. Semper Fi. III

          • GDawg, I’ll be locked and loaded with all of my ‘ventilation team’ ready. If they come for me, they better be bringing body bags for themselves, have their insurance paid up, hug their families one last time, etc. cause I’m not going anywhere I don’t want to go. MOLON LABE braveheart

        • Those are FIGHTIN’ words…

      6. Obama is just following orders and nothing more, why post all that drivel?

      7. There is a forth way, fight once you made up your mind you will win there isn’t that many. Got you all scared.

      8. History proves it could happen like this, factor in new technology and spying methods the efficiency will make the KGB look like clowns.

        I believe TPTB will continue to whittle us down, as they’ve done for the last 100 years. The question is can they maintain control and will we the people continue to stand silent as our freedoms are ripped from us?

        • As far as the younger generations are concerned—you can’t miss what you never had…

        • Older history listed in Isaiah 9:16 says those who guide this people mislead them, and those who are guided are led astray.

          This is listed under the Lord’s anger against Israel when they turned away from God.

          I think you could say that we have turned away from God just as Israel did before they were destroyed.

          • I’m on book Joshua..starting at Genesis a few weeks ago.
            Heck, were the Israelites ‘intellectually challenged’??
            How many times did they need the laws stated??
            Gosh–God was a patient fellow.

        • Some on this site see this scenario as BS, yet they do this without knowing their own status on some obscure government list.

          Less than 1% of us have the background and ability to lead in an event like this, and 1% of 320 million is not outside the normal 3 to 1 odds our government works within.

          They will start with the people most threating, and use fear as they work their way down the line. People can disappear within a neighborhood on trumped up charges and no one will blink an eye, yet some on here believe it can’t happen?

          It comes down to “they took the Gypsies and I did nothing because I’m not a Gypsy” and so on down the line.

          The most dangerous to the progressive end state will be taken first and the media will insure the truth is a ripple on the pond of those who would care. You who believe it not possible will be blindsided because you believe our government incapable of evil.

      9. Taking my wife and son from me will only inspire me to do one thing, and once I start, I’ll never stop.

        • Amen to that my friend!!!would make my aim more true than ever,

        • Amen to that. Take away the fuel that drives me on this earth and I will become a horrible, horrible person to be dealt with.

          In the end only God is my freedom grantor/denier; I’ll let my chips fall with him, not some JBT making $20 an hour.

          While I find this article a bit far fetched we still have to prepare. Know who your first responders are, get to know them – those relationships, or at least the knowledge, will come in handy the day they burn the Constitution to its final pile of ashes.

          • MinnTim, welcome aboard, and I’m with you. The Almighty is the only one I humble myself to and never to any human. MOLON LABE braveheart

        • They won’t take them from you they will take you from them.

      10. The longer the people take to unite, the more time the usurpers have to cover all angles of citizen resistance. I suppose I have been on their “terrorist” bad guy list for 40 years, because I have spoken against the traitors that long. The all encompassing spying and limiting free speech should piss off any awake American.

      11. So cell phone metadata IS being used to track peoples movements and associations to other people.

        • They are im sure awful disappointed with my metadata,
          I dont really go anywhere, call anyone other than my family, only texts are family or orders, and my browsing is pretty much just random bullshit, guns, news, porn (hey i aint dead) and too many one click purchases on Amazon!
          Only controversial stuff is my visits to places like this, but based on my other travels a snore and non issue!

          • Hey maybe is the new confessional.
            Youve been absolved.

            • Gregorian Monk chants would have a nice touch.

              • Okay. Called Greg. Hell get his nephews monkey.

          • Kula,
            I resemble that remark LOL,

            Semper Fi 8541

        • Oh, absolutely. They have software that looks at everybody near you on the street or on a public conveyance. They search for cellphones that stay in close proximity over time, and assume that those are your confederates. So if I happen to get on a bus with some terrorist, and coincidentally get off at the same stop, I’m now a terrorist, too.

          Why my phone is very old, has no GPS, and stays turned off unless I absolutely need it. If I’m in my car, it’s even in a Faraday cage.

          Sure I’m paranoid, but am I paranoid enough?

          • Nope!

            You’re being smart!

          • Old Coach

            What did your Great Uncle Charlie get up to?

            These barstewards work intergenerationally & internationally.

        • Great. Don’t own a cellphone…..what is their plan B ?

      12. I don’t think they want us alive , too much work , too much chance for uprising , too many to manage . Mass kill off would probably be more of the order of the day.
        They would probably provoke a civil war on purpose to do their dirty work for them , that way it would appear to not lay blood directly in their hands.
        Plus , who would want to deal with hundreds to hundreds of thousand children with all different needs , and the sheer numbers of people rounded up like that can be a huge logistic nightmare , as we well know .. They just don’t have the intellect to do much except sit on their hands and be greedy .. You know who ” they” are

        • I agree. Mass round-ups and mass incarcerations leave too much room for blow-back/payback.

          They have been all too clear about their goals: depopulation, enslavement, damnation.

          In view of their goals, mass killing followed by enslavement using their accumulated “preps” seems most probable.

          Other scenarios possible? Of course.

        • They don’t want to kill us; we are the 21st Century Eloi.

          • Ahhhh….!

            H.G. Wells….the time machine!

        • Yes, Horst Wessel also knew who “they” were…

          • Yes he did!

            ..unfortunately, he paid the ultimate price!

      13. Let us hope this does not happen. It could happen in the future. I have read articles that people have had dreams that they should leave America because of a Civil war. Then leave, I say. In the country you move to, who will be your friend? who will help you, who knows you? I am not going to run like some dog with his tail between his/her legs.

        I have also read a recent article that The National Football league (NFL) has rendered its approval to have its stadiums to be used as temporary holding areas for DHS.I don’t give the NFL,NBA and whosoever a dime.

        Still, if they do get me(and you) at 0300 in the morning, will not let them steal my spirit, have determined that in my heart: Still have the will to live,adjust to situation. Because, they might could kill my body, but they can’t kill my soul…There is a higher power that can do that…

        Some of you will say, I will resist, then you will die more likely. It is not that you are not able, they will have the advantage in surprise, numbers, firepower and you will be sleepy and not at your best. Think about it, live to fight another day….

        Those of you who do have children and may experience this,
        God help you………

        That is my opinion…..

        Merry Christmas

        • waiting and watching, surrender is not an option for me or even in my vocabulary. if my home is raided in the middle of the night, someone will die trying to take me. I may lose my life in the process, but nobody is taking me alive to any stinking FEMA camp. I won’t surrender to evil. Every man dies, but not every man truly lives. MOLON LABE braveheart

          • Braveheart. Not speaking about surrender. Speaking about a certain situation that will exist. What I was trying to say was, and I should have said it this way. If there is a gun in your face at 0300 in the morning, and you cannot get yours,they have you.

            God bless

            Merry Christmas…..

            • watching and waiting, that would be true, if they can get to me fast enough. My .40 is right on my bedside locked and loaded every night. I’ve always been something of a light sleeper. When I hear a door and/or window being forced open, I already know what it is, and I’m up with .40 in one hand and 1000-lumen LED flashlight in the other hand. They won’t get close enough to have their weapons in my face. MOLON LABE braveheart

        • ***Some of you will say, I will resist, then you will die more likely***
          Oh, the alternative?
          Die in a FEMA/concentration camp anyhow after they have spent your energy and used you for their evil purposes??
          Go out your way–at least you can stand proud before our Creator.

      14. I want some of whatever you been smokin’ right before bedtime!

      15. I call bullshit on this article, better put on the waders, its getting a little deep.

        • I bet they try it anyway. It seems to be the M,O, of phsycopaths.

      16. My FAL and it’s buddies disagree with being taken by ZOG’s henchmen. Like it has been said before, bring it.

      17. Pay cash for prepaid cell phones and change them regularly.

        • Maybe I”m more eighteenth century than many of you. Or maybe I’m more socially isolated.

          Being a retired puke with only scattered family, I used my ancient cell phone ten minutes a year. So six months ago I cancelled the service (F you, Verizon).

          It is not only turned off. That makes no difference to them. I took the battery out.
          It’s just an inert lump of plastic and a few circuits.

          NSA, can you shove my cell phone up your a%% yourself or do you need my help?

      18. They now have so many tool to use against us they dont know whitch to pick frist, like a kid in a candy store.
        I Imagine they just write them on piece’s of paper an put em in a hat have somebody walking by pull one out and thats the one they’ll use.

      19. Well I come from an area of the country that produced ‘The Over Mountain Men’ ,the ones who traveled down to King’s Mountain and whipped the British there ! We are very independent people , slow to trust , slow to make friends but will give you th shirt off our backs when learn to trust you . Just the thought of these Goon’s rolling though our country side would piss us off to no end !! I doubt they would make it to their destination if they came our way ! And this is not a Threat ! Oops , I guess that lil rant just upped my ‘NSA Threat Matrix’ Score !!….Keep an Overwatch !….mm

        • I am a gay, pacifist, vegetarian, transgender, egalitarian, trapped in a straight mans body, the garden only has flowers in it, no need for the NSA to stop here.

          • And Pajama Boy is actually The Hulk.

          • Careful there 1stworlder or they may make you suck every one of them.

          • I’ve got that beat, I love whales and vote a straight Liberal ticket.

        • mm 6-1, I don’t even care what my score is. I have ‘Bertha’ and the rest of my ‘ventilation team’ to protect me. MOLON LABE braveheart

        • Also from your area. Only one real “redcoat” at King’s Mountain. The rest were Yankee dogs from New England! We whipped them the first time but they came back in 1860. As I see it we are 1 and 1. Seems like we are due for a tie breaker!

      20. There is no way that this will happen in real life.
        All the LEO’s and military people I know would not round up people like this is shown in this article, unles they have a fire fight in the area or a nuclear or chemical hazard and the were trying to save lifes.
        Do I think they broke the 4th amendment after the Boston bombing. YES, HELL YES. but to round people up and take them from there homes it won’t happen.
        And if they they tried with foreign troops, it would fail and the street would be RED with There Blood, and the heads would roll of those how would ever try this.

        • Your so-called freindly LEO`s are part of the problem. They prey on us now, what makes you think they won`t turn on you foloowing Naziesque orders. Anyone wearing a badge is part of the oppression and not to be trusted, they’re also the enemy.

          • JC:
            You have no Frigging clue as to what you are saying. Just another Stupid TROLL!!!!!!
            With the way you think. You are just dumb enough to go after a LEO when the SHTF. I hope you made peace with your Maker.
            I look at it this way. Just another stupid Troll not waisting air.

        • Northern Reb, welcome aboard, and I’m with you. MOLON LABE braveheart

        • Boston suprised me as such a high % of the population there are of Irish heritage.

          UK based observation, but I would have expected more resistance. WTF is in the drinking water?

      21. Ladies & Gentlemen-

        There is but one way only, to combat this mil-spec type sweep/operation…and that is to shoot & KILL / seriously wound any & all uniformed participants of whatever agency is employed in such an illegal/un-CONSTITUTIONAL endeavor!

        If, this is the scenario you’re confronted with, you HAVE NO CHOICE…as surrender is NOT a VIABLE OPTION!

        …because surrender in this case, is comparable to surrendering to Satan’s demand that you deny GOD/CHRIST/the HOLY SPIRIT….and the gifts received from them! the original Bill of Rights affirms that, they are GOD GIVEN RIGHTS…

        …not privileges bequeathed by government!!!


        ..and in case you have yet to connect the dots, here’s the binding ties:

        If you believe, the CONSTITUTION and the original B.O.R, as written upon parchment & validated by our founding fathers in a sworn oath to GOD -(see Declaration of Independence)-, was inspired by divine guidance…

        ..then YOU are obligated to violently resist its subjugation/sacrifice upon the alter of an ungodly/godless COMMUNIST / MARXIST / NWO agenda!

        There is NO OTHER WAY OUT!!!!!!!!!!


        Never forget:

        We outnumber them by orders of magnitude…and every one of them we eliminate means..there will be fewer wicked assailants available for the next (real) American to confront!!!


        When it comes to dealing with Mr. Hodges neighborhood sweep scenario…

        ….pray for a TARGET RICH ENVIRONMENT and a TRUE AIM!

        Stout hearts to all of us.

        ..and GOD Bless!

        • I watch the videos and see the pictures from the martial law action in Boston, and I think about how casually they went about it. They just knew that nobody was going to resist them.

          When they try the gun confiscation or arrest of dissidents, it’s going to be a different story. I look at the guy in that MRAP and I’m thinking….he’s a dead guy. Same goes for the ones stacked in front of the houses.

          No battle plan survives initial contact with the enemy.

          If they try this crap, there’s going to be a high casualty rate amongst the goon squads. In addition, I think you can anticipate reprisals against their families as well.

          I’ve said this before, but they don’t understand what a big steaming stinky pile they are stepping in.

          • Agreed Walt!

            ..but I think the ‘stinking pile’ they’ll step onto, will be more akin to, the vicious jaws of a bear-trap…as opposed to something that offends their nostrils!

            ..and yes, due to their self-assured hubris…they’ll never connect-the-dots.

            ..nice analysis, btw!

            + 1000 to you!

      22. The only solution is for each of us, regardless of our situation, must answer one simple question; “Am I willing to be taken without any attempt at resistance?”

      23. Why is the jackass cop pointing a rifle at the camera ?

        • Because thats the mentality of a pig, they’re the enemy in my eyes.

          • LC:
            When you are getying the shit kick out of you call a Gang Banger or a thug. (oh thats right they are already there kicking the shit out of you.) Don’t call a LEO (pig). See how far you get.
            We are trained to point a weapon at a subject until we see that they are not armed. You see we are just men and women, and want to go home to our loved ones after our shift is over.
            The Cook County Dept. that was shot and killed in Shitcago on Fri. trying to protect his daughter from two thugs robbing her. He didn’t have his weapon on him and now he is DEAD. May God rest his Soul!!!
            You should know what you are talking about before you put somehting on this site. Even thou you have the right to put anything you want. Even though you don’t have any clue to what you are saying!

            • That is to read JC not LC.

              • Howdy, Sarge. I noticed the new troll. Give him fire and brimstone. MOLON LABE braveheart

                • Braveheart:
                  YES SIR!!!!!

        • Him???

          ..he’s a TARGET…of course!

        • Its not right, but it is called Threat Matrix. You point something at a cop and until they figure out what it is they will point a weapon back at you. It is the way they are trained. We would like to go home to our loved ones after our shift is over.

      24. Utter BS… Ain’t gonna happen

      25. Maudys’ threat matrix score must be pretty low. She can’t run or jump. She’s legally blind after about 8 beers. She can’t hear anything. Juke box is too loud. She once did the splits but that was on ice last year. Maudys’ no threat to the man.

        • Maudy Fricket

          My Threat Index is lower with the discovery of a new drink. One bottle of Stewart’s Orange and Cream soda and two ounces of “Ancient Age” We call it, AGENT ORANGE.
          Bad to the bone!

      26. IF it comes to rounding us up. Pass on the word to your skeptical neighbors and family, the worst possible outcome.

        That if they round you up. You’re as good as dead. Let the sheeple think the worst possible so they resist the most.

        Maybe the man of the house will stand up at the thought of losing his family forever.

      27. If this scenario ever does happen you had better be resolved to fight your way out or die trying. I wouldn’t like to dwell on the care you’d receive from the tender loving mercies one could expect at the hands of some indoctrinated O-bot,” Just following orders. “

      28. “Hitler did this in many of the death camps in which the inmates performed slave labor while they were being systematically starved to death.”

        Um, no. The communists and Jews/communists put in concentration camps for the duration of the war had more calories per day to eat than German soldiers fighting on the Eastern front. And the Gestapo didn’t “show up at 3 AM”, they showed up during daytime to arrest the communist filth who had been starting riots, attacking and beating shop owners, and vandalized and looted stores. The arrests of the communist criminals ended the communist plan to take over Germany and start murdering millions of Germans, the way they had done in the Soviet Union. The Gestapo was far, far smaller than the KGB, with only about a dozen members in a city the size of Frankfurt, and relied entirely on tips from the public, who finally had a government that would put the communist criminals in jail so the public could be free from their violence. (And the police in the Third Reich, by the way, did not carry guns, or even truncheons. Hitler considered it demeaning to the public if the police were armed. Doesn’t fit your picture of the evil fascists, does it?)

        Of course you won’t mention any of this, Dave Hodges. First of all because you are ignorant of this and many other facts, and second because you have to constantly scream “Hitler!” to show that you are not a “racist”. That way you hope to avoid the media attacking you, which would possibly lead to left-wing extremists attacking you, isn’t that right?

        • Thank you Tenet!

          ..’tis a good thing to publish historical truth.

          ..again, thanks!

          • It would be a good thing if he knew any history. He doesn’t.

            God in Heaven, why dost thou allow this kind of human debris to consume oxygen?

            • Old Coach: You have posted the same tired replies to every truthfull post like Tenets at Least a 100+ times already. Same as the others like you does…Yet NOT one single time have you or any other naysayers EVER YET posted any valid counter infos that refute what was posted.

              So as for Me I say Old Fool/coach Stuff your spew and name calling Up your Khazar Snout!

              How anyone can consider themself wide awake on issues, and Yet still maintain total 100% belief in the massive number of typical MSM/Hollywood versions of WWII or WWI or Russian jewdeo-communist revolt, Falsehoods is a total Absurdity that borders on insanity.

              • Unlike you, I’m old enough to have known people who were actually there, including two (one of whom is still alive) who were in a death camp. I have read maybe a hundred-fifty first-person accounts by soldiers, sailors and airmen. Some written before the war was even over. I own and have read perhaps two dozen highly detailed accounts of WW2 by academic historians whose work would have been torn to shreds by people who knew the facts first-hand if what they wrote were false. I even have a modest collection of ephemera, (newspapers and magazines for those of you in Rio Linda), from the WW2 period. They all tell a pretty consistent story, and it ain’t the one are telling. To believe the claptrap you and others keep posting, one would have to believe that ALL OF THESE sources, written by HUNDREDS of different people who did not even know each other, are somehow a pack of lies coordinated by some hazy conspiracy of Jews, or maybe aliens from Pluto. That just doesn’t pass the smell test.

                • Them Guys DOES smell…… Like sulfur.

        • History is written by the victors. That means the real truth is never told.

          • Amen sir!

          • Old Guy:
            I have found that there is his side, and then the is the other guys side, and then there is the TRUTH.

        • Did you just float on over from stormfront or national vanguard? On your river of b.s..

          • Yet another Troll that follows certain posts like a lost puppyDog. Then always writes snide remarks or name calling designed to Stiffle Real truth. Yet same as Old Foolboy coach they never ever provide any valid counter infos…Just the same typical worn out lib kommie name callings.

            Just another ziotroll…Stuff yer spew Up yer Khazar SNOUT!

            These types FEAR to actually go Read any Books or Links we provide that verifies what We post…They have a depth of absolute abject FEAR of Facts and TRUTHS!

            Because as Khazars They have a vested intrest in keeping those old WWII Lies and Hollywood jewish spin movies full of BS-Lies and Propaganda alive. In their Tribeal quest to finalize the jewdeo communizing of America, so to make their zio-bolshevik jewdeo kommie tribes NWO a reality.

            Well Khazarboy This Aint Russia 1918! Get Used to it!

            • What’s the matter, Them Guys, you don’t like being called out for your bigotry? Tough shit. The kind of hate you feel and disseminate is as old as time. I’ve seen your kind many times over the years and I long ago realized that it is a fool’s errand to counter intellectually any of your cribbed anti jewish material. It’s always the same old agitprop in an endless loop of ranting inanities based on the world’s oldest hate. Nothing will wake you up but a backhand from The Lord.

            • u mad?

        • Tenet… I had family that died in the concentration camps, and I can assure you that they were not treated well. Maybe you are not familiar with what happened at the camps. I strongly encourage you stop making up history. Hitler and Mengele punched their tickets for hell compliments of their actions to humanity. Maybe you should get your facts checked.

          • kynase:

            Them Guys, Tenet, and their like-minded cohorts are not interested in facts. Their only goal is to spread anti jewish propaganda, incite hate in others through revisionist history, and spew vile lies. It’s a type of psychological sickness. Their hate eventually infects their soul and their minds. They do the bidding of Lucifer.

      29. Take anyone of my family! I WILL UNLEASH ALL THE TRAINING THAT THEY GAVE ME. You think the attack on the camp in the movie RED DAWN was massive, that will look like a spring day with nothing but the sun shining. I will find out how and where they live, So if anyone that reads this is on the other side. YOU WERE MADE A PROMISE!
        I just might send you a Christmas or a Birthday card. (HO-HO)

        Some folks might think this is a dumb article. If you do that is OK. Here are some facts. 2 million round of ammo, Heavy vehicles, 7,000 M4A1 AR’s. NSA listening to our phone calls, spying on us through our Computers, T.V. How about FEMA camps, Buying 100,000 + MRE’s, How about the Q.E’s forever? Just to name a few.

        Look at Boston, New Orleans. The thing they did there.
        What I’m saying is there is always a chance that TPTB could and would try to pull this off.


        • That’s B as in Billion rounds of ammo.

          They certainly appear to be creating the apparatus for a police state.

          • Sierra:
            You are right, that should have been a “B”.
            Thanks for catching that.

            • Good evening, Sgt. Dale, and I’m with you all the way. Let them come to my place for ANY reason and it won’t end well for them at all. MOLON LABE braveheart

        • Well said !

        • Sgt Dale, I agree with just about everything you say,except the govt. has TWO BILLION rounds. More to take.

          • Sgt., J.V.
            I do not think they would get to use many of those rounds on us, the might get to target practice, but really use them on us, NOPE!!
            There are to many groups of good old boy’s that would surely get there squirrel guns ( AR’S, AK’S, MIA’S, FN’S H+K’S MINI’S, ECT.) out and send them pack with ther tails between there leggs crying like little sissies.
            Then we could pick up some nice new weapons and ammo off the ground.

          • Had a long talk with an old guy from Kahului who was 16 during ww2 over here, he said you could barter with some of the military guys to get anything you wanted or needed, my guess is there will be insiders willing to forget where stuff went this time around too, anything from tires to radio equipment to guns and bulletts were traded.

          • JIM:
            Save me some! Dose anyone know were they are storing this ammo?

            • Sgt. Dale: A very close friend showed me a 500 round case of Federal sub-sonic 9mm that he bought at a gun show (2012) in Louisville, KY. Address on the case for shipping; George Rogers Clark Memorial, Vincennes, IN. I have no idea how it got to a gun show. So my guess is if it’s a FED building (SS, USDA, PARK etc.) or whatever it’s got some stored there. So as you know it’s all over the place.

              • Old Vet
                Thanks for the INFO.

        • Dang it all Sarge…there you go gittin your “score” raised again….now I gotta come up with a real good rant full of expletives and juicy threats against the man… just to catch up with you…. 😉

          • REB.
            The old Sgt.does have that gift.!:-)
            If they tried that with my group and harm anyone or tried to take my childern or grand childern, I would play, Wyatt Earp.
            Remember what he did to the Cowboys after the killed and crippled his brothers.
            You see I’m one of those good old boys. I dont look for trouble but when it comes I’m ready, willing and able to meet it head on. I’m a country boy, I will survive!!! with HELP form the BIG GUY IN THE SKY.

            • 🙂

        • To old for that method, Will just take a nap in the long grass with my 25-06. Might be my last one. Don’t understand why anyone needs more than 3-5 rds.

      30. Do you really think that ALL of the members of the military and police force will stand behind the government when they see their family members, children, and friends being carted off to a detention center? I seriously doubt it. There are also organizations that swear that they will not follow the orders of government officials that conflict with the Constitution and their own morals. So, give it your best shot government officials.

        • Yall–I can’t shoot a thing.
          I have a .32 I couldn’t even hit a cardboard box at 12 feet.
          I have a youth 20 gauge I am not good with.
          I really suck at guns. I had to sell the unused Ruger Air Magnum .22 Rifle cause I couldn’t cock it.
          But, just know I WILL be the one serving you pinto beans with cornbread and iced tea. 🙂
          I have a huge cook pot.

          • ..and safe-houses staffed by the likes of you madam…will be a key resource to…



            May GOD protect you/yours & other brave/fierce females, when the time comes!

          • JJ,get some buck/slugs for shotgun,point in right direction and fire!Sure,a 12 would be nicer but a 20 will be helpful!

            • Thanks for the encouragement guys and ladies–I’m just gonna stick with what I know.
              And it’s damn good white beans, fried pork chops, and gravy with biscuits.
              You’re welcome any time.

              • Like Hunter said…we are going to need people like you…you are important to the fight…hope theres a lot like you… 🙂

        • James:
          As a LEO, I Damn good and well where I’m going to be! Screw the Police Dept.

      31. Most have it wrong when thinking someone/DHS/local law enforcement commanded by a few Feds/ or anyone else for that matter Is going to “pick them up”. Everyone should read the book of war, cause someone at the top has. Every play is being made by a play book; we are only seeing what they need us to see. If anyone says the know what is going to happen is wrong. Plans are made off presumption until the opponent has responded, many times if influenced into a certain move, the opponent can begin to predict or even “hold the carrot” or bait the opponent into making a move. In the case of Americans, we actually think we are making decisions or deciding for ourselves?! That is really the funniest part about the whole thing. Back to the book of war- start with a mind games then separate;as in divide and conquer. Then remove resources or cut off supplies, and then your opponent will actually come to you defeated, desperate, and hungry. We have all heard about 4 days without food and man will kill for it, well man will also give up everything for food, or “the carrot”!
        The labor camps will be filled with people willing to stay, be feed, and work for food. A sweep of the city’s will be performed long after everyone has left, just like Katrina and Boston. The country side will be filled with country folk and family defending food and crops at all costs. Just like the 30-06 comment but something worse. In Michigan on opening day for rifle, there is estimated to be over 2 million hunters, that’s based off registered public land hunters. That’s 2 million amateur snipers with high power rifle cartridges that kill 400lb bucks in one shot. Then add bow, shotgun slug hunters, and duck hunters hitting 50 yard moving targets. So add every asshole with a handgun plus the gangsters, felons and others without registered guns and the actual battle will be between ourselves. The country life will not be safe, city life will be “road warrior”, and the camps will be filled and protected by people weak and or too smart to stay out and fend for themselves. Not good choices? If they can hold the metros, presumably, then outliers will be casted out and somewhat of a normal life will continue with GMO food and fed controlled supply lines from city to city, this plan would be COG, or continuity or government. A tight metro living type as in agenda21.
        All the plans are there just not fully implemented because it’s impossible to get to implementation without reaction. So for now it’s “step by step” until next time…..

        • Agreed!

          The regime, cannot win a “sniper’s war”…

          -(see Stalingrad for details)-

          • Hunter:
            That is why I have 3 sniper rifles and working on #4/

            • Sgt Dale what is a good snipers weapon that doesnt cost the earth? What is the best 223 7.62…..? Thanks as always, glad your on our side!

              • .308 for a caliber, but that is really a minor part of a good sniper rifle. The most important part is the sniper.

                If I had a good sniper rifle it would be bolt action .308, .243, .270, or 7 mag. If I put a scope on any of those rifle’s it would have Leupold printed on the side. Next the actions would be polished and the triggers would be about 2.5-3 lbs with no creep or travel. Then I would take it to the range and work up a load that would group less than 1 moa at 100 yrds. Next I would make sure I can put 5 rounds on a pie plate at 350 yards and a dinner plate at 500.

                • Shootist:
                  Great advice!!!

              • Slick one:

                The very same question has come up several times from a few friends of mine that know I am into long range shooting, I practice ALOT. Meaning at least once per week, all weather conditions.

                I really like Savage rifles. I have had the best luck with them as far as out of the box accuracy. Some of their stocks suck. So be prepared to swap it out. Barrel changes are simple. With just a barrel nut wrench and some type of vise (made my own barrel vise), and some go/no go gauges, you can swap them out in minutes. You can change calibers, as long as your bolt head is compatible. Or get all three standard bolt heads and you can have 204/223 bolt head, 308, 30-06, 243,etc bolt head, and the magnum size bolt head 300 win mag, 338 WM, 7mm rem mag, etc. You will also need the bottom metal to change some calibers.

                Also check out the very affordable remington 700 SPS varmint line of rifles. Heavy barreled tack drivers, cost just over $500 or so for some models. They can easily be converted to detachable magazines if you wanted to. Their stocks are kinda crappy too.

                I believe any rifle will do, if you will do. Practice, practice, practice. Get some good optics. Buy once, cry once. You can’t hit what you can’t see. You can easily spend 2-3 times the money on a good scope than you did on your rifle. Avoid the bargain scopes if you can.

                I would recommend against using .223 for a dedicated ultra long range rifle. If you go this route, get a fast twist barrel 1-7 twist or 1-8 twist minimum. Shoot 69 grain plus bullets, I like the 75-77 grainers personally. The lighter standard 55 grainers are just too prone to alot of wind drift at ranges over 400 yards. I would recommend sticking with any caliber 6.5mm and up, to take advantage of the improves ballistics of heavier, high ballistic coefficient bullets.

                I just started using Vortex scopes recently. I have had good luck with them so far. Definitely not tried and true, but so far so good. They are affordable too. I prefer 30mm scope tubes, but 1 inchers work fine, just not as much reticle adjustment. Learn to use a mil dot or mil rad reticle. They are good at determining distances when you know how to calculate them.

                Learn to reload if you don’t already. It will save alot of money, especially when you are talking long range precision loads. I have not found any factory loads that will outshoot my handloads. Stock up on all components when you can. Hoard them if you have the room. It will cost quite a bit to get started, but will pay for itself if you shoot alot.

                Did I mention practice? Know your equipment in all conditions. Don’t just shoot on clear, calm sunny warm days. 1000 yard shots with 20 mph crosswinds will humble a fair weather shooter every time.

                Just my .02. Good luck.

                • BB:
                  Very good advice. You know your stuff.
                  You are right PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!!

              • Slick:
                308 by far. lots of reason not enough time to go into it but 308.
                Savage right now is the lowest price for the better gun.
                I like 700 Remington myself. With a sniper type scope. A good scope is a Nikon Bullet Drop Compensator. 3X9X40 or 4X12X50 is what works best for me.

                I built three using Mauser Large Ring with a Rhineland Arms Inc. Barrel. I put a Nikon 3X9X40 BDC scope. at 100 yards, I shot under 1/2 inch groups. Using 165 Gr Bt. Sp. Hornady. I use Milt. brass 43Gr. of WW 748. WW Lg. rifle primer. Load at you own risk. When I load for hunting I use 45 Gr. loads. Same bullet. You need to find works best for you. I do have some match ammo and I shot the same wit them.
                Go to Gun Broker and see what you can to about the rifle.
                Also don’t rule out the AR platform, or the M1A. On the Tac. Team I use a M1A for my Sniper Rifle. Many reasons, too many to go over here.
                Hope this helps.

                AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

                • .308 use Federal 210M primers. Ream the Flash holes in the brass. Weigh and sort the brass… I could continue, but as Sgt. says practice with what you have and it will become your go to rifle.

              • The best one is the one you are good with…lots of good ones out there…find the one youre good with…2cents

            • Sarge-

              Awesome! You have 3 sniper grade weapons?…am jealous, of course!

              I have but one “purpose made/mfgrd” LDO rifle/scope combo.
              She’s a .308 & enjoys 168 hpbt-m/175 smks (all hand loads, btw).

              Would like to try a .338L, but my area of operations is not that suited for +1000-1500meter work.

              The key to accuracy/consistency is finding the weapon’s “sweet-spot”, per a given projectiles weight/ogive/powder type etc.
              ..and it goes w/o saying, every powder charge weighs exactly the same.

              But once you get her dialed in, it becomes a case of:

              ..if you miss, its likely your fault!


              BBstacker’s (see post below) advice is SPOT ON THE MONEY!!!!

              ..especially per 30mm tubes/mil-dot reticules & practicing long distance w/ a cross wind.

              • Hunter:
                You are right. once she is dialed in with a load she is ready to rock and roll.

                The load I use can be used on Man or Beast.

                With a new rifle make sure you do a proper break-in of the barrel. 1 shot Clean do 5 times, 3 shots clean do this 3 times, 5 shots clean do this 2 times. This how I broke in all of my sniper rifles.

                Now for the 338 Lapua. “Don’t”!! Too DAMN costly!!!!!! Kicks like a Mule.

                I would go with a 300 Win Mag you can use the same slugs that you are using in the 308. This rifle will give you up to 1000 yards +. Shooting 1000 yards will take a lot of practice. This will cost you around $1,000.00 to $2,000.00 a year to shot to get good at that range.

                I don’t; even attempt to shot that far. Many reasons, One is cost, two is no where to practice at, three it could gives up you location to soon (Zombies/Leaches would turn tail and run. If I get my rifle dirty on them I want to take at least 10 of them). four were I live there wouldn’t be a shot that far away. And more.

                I do have a Remington 700 300 Win Mag. I shot a cow elk in the head with it at 305 yards. I have it on tape. I didn’t want to waist meat. I load it with Nosler Combine Tect. or Nosler Partion 180 Gr. with WW 780 Supreme,
                H 4350, Retumbo. All three give me great accuracy. My
                #1 powder for the 300 Mag is the 780 Supreme. But I like the H4350 because I can load it in my 308, 30-06, 35 Whelen also with heavier bullets.

                Maybe Santa could bring you one for Christmas???
                Merry Christmas to you and yours and all the great folks on the site!!!

                AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

                • I used to have a Remington .300 win mag with a 26″ fluted barrel that would shoot 1/2 moa, but it was just to heavy. The weight of the gun countered the recoil nicely, but needed a vehicle mount or be classified as a crew serviced weapon. As you say unless you reload feeding the high powered magnums can get very $$$$$.

                  .308 win will handle any N. American game out to 500 yards. Easy to find ammo, easy to reload, easy to manage recoil.

                  Yesterday, I scored 2500 rounds of .308 in a trade. Some of it was reloads that I will end up pulling apart and re-using the components. Just another reason that “IF” I had battle rifle’s they would be a AR10 and a M14.

                • All of you guys are right on the money. 300 Win Mag is my favorite long range, “relatively cheap” poor mans lapua. My pet loads for this particular Savage consist of Reloader 22 and either 190 grain Sierra Matchkings or 208 Grain Hornady A-max’s. 1000 yards is no problem if I do my part. I’ve tried it at 1550 yards a few times, but at that range the bullet transitions to subsonic and weird things start happening.

                  Sgt. Dale you bring up a good point about being able to find a local range where you can actually shoot at long distances. I took for granted my location when I gave the advice about practicing. This is definitely a logistical problem I didn’t think about. I live out in flatland and have property owners around me (no neighbors) that don’t mind me shooting across their property. I trade some labor (wheat harvest, watering cattle, etc) for the privilege of putting up dirt berms as a bullet stop on my neighbors property. It is convenient to have ability to shoot almost a mile from my shop door. I only have ranges out to 300 yards on my personal property.

                  The M1A is a fine rifle. I have one scoped match 22 inch version and the 18 inch scout version. The 18 inch is what I practice my open sight shooting with. Awesome weapons.

                  Merry Christmas guys/gals. Glad to see so many like minded folks on this site.

        • nomad. excellent post. thanks.

      32. I started reading a new book today, published in 1990, and he made a reference to a robotic machine-gun he had seen at a top-secret US Marine base in Hawaii…..23 years ago!

        The weapons that our government has available to unleash upon us are simply beyond description. I myself am a former Marine. As much as I believe in fighting for our country and constitution, I realize it’s suicidal to try.

        That being said, maybe suicide is what is needed. Many of us reading these blogs are in our 50’s and 60’s, and most have led a good life. Most of us were hard working, honest, and we cared about other people and our country.

        What is there to look forward to in the next 30 years? Holocaust? Nuclear winter? Har-Megiddo? I say, let us go ahead, those of us who have seen the better days, let us go ahead and find something evil, and kill it. Once we start the ball rolling, maybe those behind us will begin to stand up to the fight. Just like the guy on the bus who was getting robbed, and fought back….after a few moments, another guy jumped in , then, yet later, a woman from the back of the bus engaged.

        SOMEBODY has got to take that first step. Why not us?

        • There isnt shit to look forward to

        • Max Hardwood.

          A couple of points in the time we have to prepare.
          Are we waiting for others to awake and prepare?
          Are we waiting to take the HIGH ROAD to have PUBLIC Opinion on our side when hostilities break out?

      33. Things will go boom,that is for sure,big box store and $100 folks!I will definitely die,just depends on how many I take.You will see the copters/troops move in if anything large scale,rig your home booby traps ect. and get ready unless you are in the hills,can get a few shots off and fade away ect.You get taken to a camp you are as good as dead,might as well die fighting,sucks I/we even have to think this way beyond say writing a book/script.You don’t own/want to own firearms,@ least get yourself a karambit,a very nasty/small curved knife easily hidden that even a average person can cause a lot of damage with,with armored folks go for face/groin ect.,yeah,you will be shot but hurt one badly and force their hand,the more violence,the more resistance.You see your neighborhood raided hell get a pot of boiling cooking oil,fuck one assholes face up for life before you go.Something like this is to happen all communication net/cells/phones ect. will be down,even in the worst of storms my phone(cell) still works,that is a good early warning,make your home a pain to easy travel thru,every second might buy you time to inflict some final damage,damn,this shit pisses me off!

      34. People have said this could never happen here…I have neighbors from Cuba and former East Germany that will tell you different and they see it coming here. I trust their judgement and will be aware. Caution is the word…hope it doesn’t happen.

        • Oh, it could happen, i dont think it will be successful, and i dont think it will end well for those who try,,

        • I have a good friend who survived the re education camps and escaped Vietnam as a boat person. Over ten years ago he was getting concerned, now he is scared about how things are going. Told me it reminds him of what he escaped. No place left to run. Only positive is it looks like Obama is going to start getting some heavy hits soon. I so want Obamacare to progress. That is the only hope of breaking the spell he has on the media and the stupid people of which there are so many. Then again if the Stupid Party goes true to form they will bail him out.

      35. If TPTB were so inclined to round up masses of citizens the literal, “Cat would be out of the bag”. The pretenses of a Republic/ Democracy would be cast aside even for those that choose to not see reality. In that event the opposition would increase necessitating even greater roundups requiring more forces to accomplish it. This is a costly and inefficient method of control.

        The reality is one overfly with an aircraft spreading a virus or bacteria in an area that needs “sterilization” would accomplish their goals with plausible deniability. Quarantine and relocation would come de-facto. A manipulated media would report it as being positive thereby placating the masses elsewhere. Anyone reporting a contrary report would be viewed reproachfully. Quite interestingly the politically acceptable would survive to a far greater degree. Remember who controls the medical care at that point. Coincidence.

        I see the door to door use of force being one that drawls the high technology opponent into a street fight negating a lot of their advantages. A wise use of force is to make an enemy fight your war not drag you down into theirs. The Viet Cong showed the advantages of the latter.

        They are slick; very very slick.

        • These “Powers that Be” that you speak of are so stupid that they can’t do anything right. Just look at the mess they have made of everything in Washington. I doubt very seriously that they will be able to MAKE all of the Military and Police do their bidding. They couldn’t command a kool aid stand. Obuttma has fired all of the competent military generals. I believe they would fail miserably just as they have with every other thing they come up with. I believe most military personnel would sit it out or turn on the government and uphold the law. There aren’t enough POLICE to control squat.

          • James II

            You don’t understand their goals. They want no opposition to their globalist intentions. Hence a military purge. From “Free Trade” to the demise of significant regulations on the Financial Industry they’re getting their way virtually 100%. They conned the body politic into financing and fighting their wars.

            Its “We The People” are who is stupid like the scene in the cult classic movie Animal House where Otter says to Flounder, “Face it, you fucked up, you trusted us”.

        • Kevin,

          Suddenly, for two hours only, the public water supply that stopped working once “the troubles” started, starts working again.

          A more or less dehydrated and desperate population rejoices. And fills every available container. City water … oh joy.

          One small problem … it is laced with microbes or chemicals or both. Everyone who drinks it soon sickens and dies.

          Tyrant doesn’t have to fire a shot.

          THAT is why you want your own water and food.

          Remember the smallpox-laced blankets the colonials gave to the American Indians?
          They didn’t have the technology to deal with it. Wiped out many times more Indians than ballistics did.

          Millions of people have firearms skill. Only the government has the technology to do biochem warfare.

          • John-Allen

            You get it.

          • So what person on the bottom of the ladder will knowingly kill millions of people,I call BS.

            • The one that wants to move up it.

            • Nightshift,
              Study some history. There is never a shortage of psychopaths that will kill with much enjoyment. You must be ten years old to make a comment like you did. I repeat study some history from ancient times to the present.

      36. I told the family that they all go together and buy me a pallet of ammo for Christmas!
        (you know; 357.45,9,06,308,5.56,380,7.62×39,5.45×39,etc.)

        • Uh Vet,could you add some .300 and send my way?I am a little low and fund challenged!Actually,a friend has just got the loading die for that so hopefully can get some nice rounds going at a reasonable price.

          • Vet War:
            I would like some 7.62×25 for my PPS43
            and some 6.8mm for my three rifles.
            I would be happy with 2000Rds for both.
            If I get gift card I know where they are going to be used for.

            • Dear Santa: I’ve been a good boy
              So for Christmas (I DO SAY CHRISTMAS)I would like:
              500 hundred 7.62×39’s
              500 hundred 7.62×51’s
              500 hundred 5.56×45’s
              500 hundred 45 acp’s
              500 hundred 357mags
              500 hundred 9mm’s
              500 hundred 22lr’s
              500 hundred 45lc’s
              If you have trouble finding them you can contact DHS for some of the order, I’m sure they would gladdy give Santa some. HO,HO,HO!!!
              P.S. Most of the people on this site have been good also. So please fill there wish list. Merry Christmas

              • PSS. Santa, I promise to share them with my group

            • Sgt. Dale: Love my PPS43 and the 7.62×25 in general. Got some CZ52’s too.

      37. Obama’s speech about cutting back is a “do as I say, not as I do” speech. This is just one more reason why the end of our america, as we know it, is way past Humpty Dumpty putting it back together again. Just keep learning how to survive and getting all your preps together not just the food and drink part of it as there are many more sides to the prepping thing. I just found out a few days ago the kersoene is almost impossible to find at a gas station in our area it is being sold at Home Depot for 46.95 for 5 gallons, finially ran into a guy who put me on to a ESSO Station who has it for $4.10 a gallon which is bad enough but doable sorta of, we use it in our Aladdin lamps for reading and sewing they put out way more light then a regular oil lamp on way less fuel.

        • Stations the way to go,if none nearby also try local home heating outfits,many carry kerosene and willing to fill say a few cans,a gallon of kerosene provides a boatload of nice light that with lantern is also readable by or other tasks needing a fair amount of light.

          • Diesel fuel will work just like kerosene in a pinch,
            With any of that stuff be aware of carbon monoxide.

            • I t will also work as a home heating oil(expenvie) in a pinch,is there anything diesel won’t do?!

            • True, but diesel smells horrible when it burns in an open flame. Worth having around in SHTF though. I keep my farm tank full. Diesel doesn’t go bad like gasoline does.

        • Kerosene at a local convenience store here is $5.00 a gallon. It has been at that price for the last two years or more. It never goes down a single penny because the store is one of the few locations in town with a kerosene pump.

          • Deisel fuel is just a punctured fuel tank away and free,
            Hey, if things are unglued alls fair when it comes to scavenging,

          • That’s INSANE !! Kerosene is a by-product of making gasoline !! Why would the price be so high for that !?? Unless it’s just another way our Dear Leaders use to let th Riff-Raff die off !! The same with gasoline, it has oxygenate additives to shorten it’s shelf life ! Now WHY in th WORLD would they DO THAT !?? HMmmmm….I can think of a few reasons !! But I’m sure they’re doing it for our own good !!……..crickets……mm

            • Taxes. You had to ask?

            • It’s all just part of crude oil. US uses lots of gasoline, Europe uses lots of kerosene/diesel. We ship K to them they ship gas to us. They add the Ox materials to reduce smog, works fairly well. Quit hyperventilating about stuff you know nothing about. Gas mostly goes bad because the light ends boil off. The Ox stuff also tends to attract water. Go set in a dark room and relax.

              • Most kerosene is used by airplanes and turbines(Navy ships). Not much is left over as it is a niche market. So it costs more.

        • I have a few LED flashlights from Tractor Supply that require 3 AAA batteries–they last forever.
          Now, I have a huge box of AA and AAA batteries, and an electric battery charger.
          I have ordered a solar battery charger I love the electric one so much.
          So, with each battery recharged an average of 16 times, that’s a lot of light.
          These little charms will light a huge room; enough to cook and read by.
          Oh, a magnet to adhere to fridge or stove or car/truck; a hook for hanging so hands free!!

          The one on the right–on sale for $1.50!!

          • Get the Goal Zero guide 10 plus the extra AA battery pack and a couple extra AAA inserts for it,
            Works real well. If you use good light discipline your batteries will last a long time, i have a few of these things and recharge everything from the batteries for my Reconyx game camera to my head lamps,, is also light enough to stuff in a pack, can strap it to the pack so it will charge on the move, be nice if it had an anti glare coating to help with being covert but nothing is perfect

          • For those little flashlights, a single 17500 Lithium Ion cell is just about a drop-in replacement. Lasts far longer than AAA cells, can’t leak, and will not lose enough charge to matter for years. I gleaned several dozen by stripping battery packs used on the old “brick” cellphones in the early ’90s, but you can get new ones online for about 5 bucks each. A charger can be had from almost any online store that caters to the RC car and airplane types, about $15-$20 for a single-cell-only model.

            You have to wrap about 16″ of masking tape around a 17500 cell to make it a decent fit in those flashlights.

            The 17500 code means 17mm diameter, 50mm long, BTW.

        • Alladins also put out quite a bit of heat. Not so great in summer, but a real help in winter. We have many Amish in our area who use kerosene and so far, there hasn’t been any shortage. It is expensive, though. I worry about our Amish neighbors. Am sure they will be the first to go unless they can get to our house before it hits.

          • Vicky, not quite sure what you mean about the Amish being the first to go. When I lived in Missouri there were Amish all around where I lived. and from what I know and have seen they will be some of the last to go. I hear alot of people on here talking about getting to the point of being self sufficient, well that is a way of life for the Amish. They have been doing it for generations. They won’t even know when the Schumer Hits The Fan, other than they won’t be able to use the neighbors phone or get a ride to town in his pickup. Trekker Out. No Slam, Just Fact!

            • Confirm that. Also live with a lot of Amish and Mennonites nearby.

      38. A message to anyone sides with a Dictator.

        I have no doubt that should I be captured. You. Working for the Dictatorship. Will not have any honor, integrity, or morals. And will probably torture me.

        I promise you. That should we have a civil war. I will do my utmost best to out torture you. A traitor to (what used to be) one of the free-est countries in the world. A land where the government let you live and got out of the way.

        Be it known. Under the Thugacracy. You can be gotten rid of at a moments notice if they suspect you of ANYTHING. And they won’t give it a second thought.

        It will be on your head if you stay and fight for them, should we have a takeover. You can always leave when the time is appropriate. Unless they have a gun to your head, or electronic monitoring collar. And then you’re just a slave.

        Think about it.

        • Here’s proof of how bad a Thugocracy can be.

          First, the uncle was killed. Then they went after his family.

          “North Korean authorities reportedly have arrested several hundred relatives of the recently deposed uncle of the nation’s supreme leader, Kim Jong-un.” Google it.

          God bless America and the Rule of Law we used to have.

      39. Comment ID: 2884712
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        December 21, 2013 at 6:16 pm 🙁

      40. Hell,set up near main entrance of home like the colorado theater shooter did,he had his place wired to go boom,not sure if it really would have worked or not.I am not saying wire your house to go boom,just have say some wire,a few gas cans(empty)/perhaps a car battery together in sight,will cause hesitation/might even get em to back up a bit,still you bought your self a few moments of time at least.My guess is a few with street gas/propane will actually break their lines and sit with a lighter if they see their neighborhood getting raided/ransacked

        • Warchild

          I like the way you think. This is a great plan!

          • If enough of us resist from the get go. I think their attempt to take over will falter.

            • People cannot even be bothered to get out and vote. You think they are going get fired up and fight? Too funny.

              • Fighting works, voting doesn’t.

                Your boyfriends are finished, deal with it.

      41. There are only three ways that you can avoid being taken: (1) Be so remotely located that nobody would bother to look for you. However, you would have to be in place when the roundups started because the exits routes would be closed when the roundups begin; (2) Have friends hide you out. Yet, your friends and acquaintances are already known to the NSA; and, (3) Emigrate to a foreign country.
        -Wrong; (4) Remember that when the law does not constrain them it does not protect them. If you are going anyway, take them with you. There is no scenario where the uniforms dis-arm or round up people that you can trust them to be working in your behalf.

        • Remember that when the law does not constrain them it does not protect them. If you are going anyway, take them with you. There is no scenario where the uniforms dis-arm or round up people that you can trust them to be working in your behalf.

          They have to sleep sometime.

      42. I can’t speak for every region in the country….especially the East and West coasts with their higher concentrations of liberals, millionaires, corporate headquarters, government institutions, and proportionate draconian gun laws and generalized disdain for the rugged individual who solves their own problems and makes their own decisions (no coincidence there…)

        But here in my part Texas, once any video, news flash, rumor etc. of this shit happening gets out it will be game-on.

        The DHS, federal police, local quisling law enforcement etc. will not be able to find enough personnel to replace the ones who get killed and wounded attempting to do this stuff…nor the ones who walk off the job for fear of being killed or wounded or having their families targeted.

        No matter how much taxpayer-funded body armor you wear, you can still take a fatal wound. No matter how thick the armor on your MRAP or BOBCAT is…the vehicle will still burn or flip if broadsided by a semi truck….

        If the federal goons really want to try to do this to the American people…many will die and the illusion of America we all hold onto will never the same again.

        But in the end, they will fail.

        Look for Mexico’s well-equipped 250,000 man military to invade Texas at the request of the Rothschild-owned Federal government in D.C. should Texas give Obama or his successor the middle finger.

        • Truthfully,

          I don’t think the beaners care to open the can of serious..WHUP-ASS when it comes to Texas!

          Santa-Anna was the 1st to learn the hard way, his descendants surely aren’t that stupid!?!

      43. All I have to say is,

        ‘Go listen to (and read the words of) “MacGregor’s Gathering”.’

        That sentiment is still alive and well in the hearts of many a ‘hielander.’

      44. A well armed people are still difficult to round up without a vicous fight. In a place like england, off to the concentration camps no problem, they are not even allowed to have knives. This government MUST realize that tyo pull something off like in East Germany, Cuba, or the many other examples they HAVE to have some other plan. Here are the two scenarioes involving conventional martial law enforcement.

        Use government troops that fire on fellow Americans. That has not worked too well in other countries, much less here.

        Plan 2, \a bad one destined to fail, use foreign troops, in other words un troops. That would really reach a resistance of fever pitch. It is very easy to shoot a foreign invader of your country, and un troops are nothing but worthless mercenaries that most Americans would gladly open their heads for them.

        Now for the WORST case scenario that I fear, biological attack. Maybe not to kill people, but make them so weak that they can’t put up a fight. Morbidity is sometimes better than anything, especially if you want future slaves. These SOB’s could spray major populated centers with God knows what and flatten the population. The blame it on foreign terrorists and be so “gracious” to offer the cure in nice little FEMA centers. Then state to avoid cross contamination insist that people remain at these centers. Sound like science fiction? Sounds like something that someone evil would do. False sickness and then offer the cure, for nothing other than the reason that they are “trying help’. Never put past the insidous plans of those that want control, they likely have many whoppers out there that not even Stephen King has thought of.

        • B.I.-

          Prudence dictates, the enemy will likely employ your WORST case scenario, sooner or later.

          ..after all, their combat capability is ultimately governed by their accountant’s mantra of…

          …cost effectiveness!


          Thus, in the end, we need not seek to overwhelmingly slaughter the enemy, in order to achieve victory.

          ..we need only to make it too “EXPENSIVE” for them to win!!!


          -(the “grunts” here, will understand)-

          • @ Hunter. That is what bothers me the most about cost effectiveness with the government, GERMS ARE CHEAP and can be manufactured in bulk.

            • Agreed!

              +1 dude!

            • And the bankster-owned government has REPEATEDLY used biologicals against US citizens without any significant blowback…. same for chemical agents and nukes…. not even one slapped hand, much less a noose.

      45. All I see is a lot of nothing going on. To be an effective fighting force you need a Platoon. That is 16 to 44 men depending on mission. I do not think any of you even have a squad with any training or expertise. A squad is 9 to 10 men.

        Some may say this article is B.S.
        Most of us will be on our own and the Cavalry is not coming to our rescue.
        That is No B.S.

        • Sling,some can train depending on region,many parts of country no place to train regularly for folks,even then the full weight brought down on citizens a drone ect. with all the tech will bring down individuals/groups.Many scenarios do see as a final act of defiance and just lay low and get one or two traitors before killed.A friend in the military who is now out said would need a minimum of 6 months constant training to get someone battle ready,that said passes along knowledge/information to friends/family and works with em,said anything better then nothing.As I have always envisioned a future after a disaster either man made or natural and my part in it have said before,would take in orphans(2&4 legged)and help em to the best of my ability,perhaps the comet striking me directly might be a better alternative!

          • Warchild

            I have done the Pick 7 deal and have put that on the back burner. Have to wait till the action starts for anyone to be interested. Time Lost will piss me off.

            • I will say any training can be helpful.A good recent example was hunting a few days back,left my gear pack ect. as was just checking some tracks in the snow,decided to try a low crawl in the snow back to gear as never had done it in snow before,a different world for sure!I also found that despite my attempts at layering/gearing for snow got a lot of snow inside layers,really need to work on a outer shell as if I got say hurt in woods though always leave word where I am hunting and when I should be back if I got injured and tried/needed say to crawl out my get weather bitten and ,well….just die out there.So,time to look into this as I live in a region where snow can be a 4 month outdoor companion,but,I learned something without it being too hard a lesson,consider that a small win.

              • Warchild.

                I perform/build different things that I have learned from here and other sites. I’m Sixty! The 20/30/40 year olds should be learning what I am learning.

                I am telling you WarChild, that I am about ready to stay put when it goes down and wait and see how many in my bunch makes it past 30 days. To clear out the Bullshitters.

                • Do you have some land/folks to train with,if so,kick em in the ass and find out who is willing to try and who not,better you know now if possible.My markmans ship also needs work,sure,ok on say a range but moving/hustling/bustling,really considering setting up a airsoft range in my area to practice that basically without wasting a lot of ammo,get some basics down then may try the real deal

                  • Practice is not “wasting” ammo.

              • Warchild-

                Per myself…I’d categorize that, as a ‘mid-term exam.’

                ..thumbs up!

                Kudos to you, sir!

                • Well,will not have passed till I get that outershell worked out.One thing that really is hard for me is trying to roll with some pack gear out of a prone position before I get up and hustling.I will not at moment try this even with a unloaded rifle,really think will practice that with say a broom handle(out of site of others!).As I have said,a friend with combat military experience helps when he is around,but working together say a cohesive combat group a tough thing to do,especially if you don’t like any skill practice on a regular basis,eh,will just keep trying.

                  • Warchild-

                    Thumbs up, bro’.

                    You certainly possess ‘the heart’…& that’s more than 1/2 the equation.

        • @ slingshot. I would hope that fellow Americans would not fire on each other and there would be massive dissension within the ranks of the armed forces. You have this, and you will have way more than a Platoon of well trained soldiers and more in the Battalion or Brigade size willing to join against a tyrannical government. I would hope that something like over in Libya would happen here where many joined the freedom fighters from the armed forces. IF un troops were used, you would automatically have well trained soldiers fighting against this Sh$%.

          This is why I think that the government has some off the wall plan that is not just strongarm the population into compliance. Something like a ricoshet off a curved side of a building type of off the wall plan. That is what should worry everyone, something that few or any had ever planned for. What do you think about this?

          • BI.

            I would not put anything past the government with what it will do to us. I think that it will come in waves and quickly. There is too much in the News. Stock Markets. The National Debt. Flu virus. Three different types? Shut the news/net down. Close the banks. Shut down transportation. Seal off the cities.
            Each new event will hinge or feed the next one till all is paralyzed. When Obama addresses the Nation on an emergency note, “It’s Time To Make The Donuts”.

            • I will be setting alternate spot in woods way before that speech comes out(nothing he lies about of interest to me!),have a few choosen spots with at moment basic debris shelters,but very low key and easy to get to if home not at least for moment a good place to be.As I have said before,the net/phones ect. down something whether man made or natural has gone wrong,time to fly.

        • One good man, with one rifle, he knows how to shoot is the most cost effective fighting force ever assembled. We are never going to assault anything. Why should we? No need for groups of people.

          • Paranoid — couldn’t agree more.

            One shot, one kill. Hit and run tactics.

          • Charles ‘Chuck’ Mawhinney

            103 Confirmed Kills

            Was an avid hunter as a kid and joined the Marines in 1967. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps during Vietnam and holds the record for number of confirmed kills for Marine snipers, exceeding that of legendary Marine sniper Carlos Hathcock. In just 16 months he killed 103 enemies and another 216 kills were listed as probable’s by the military, only because it was too risky at the time to search the bodies for documents. When he left the Marines he told no-one of his of his role during the conflict and only a few fellow Marines knew of his assignments. It was nearly 20 years before somebody wrote a book detailing his amazing skills as a sniper. Mawhinney came out of anonymity because of this and became a lecturer in sniper schools. He was once quoted saying “it was the ultimate hunting trip: a man hunting another man who was hunting me. Don’t talk to me about hunting lions or elephants; they don’t fight back with rifles and scopes. I just loved it. I ate it up.”

            A routinely deadly shot from distances between 300 – 800 yards, Mawhinney had confirmed kills of over 1000 yards, making him one of the greatest snipers of the Vietnam war.

      46. all that is necessary is to defeat the enforcers. there are not enough enforcers to do squat.

        • Why just the enforcers and not the brain that directed them to enforce?

        • Why just the enforcers and not the brain that directed them to enforce?

      47. I don’t see a single thing in that article that is 1.)technically unfeasible, 2.)does not have precedents.

        It won’t happen until there is open rebellion, but if things go to civil war while the Grid and Internet are still up and running, they can do all of it, and probably will. The implications are obvious.

        • I personally refuse to check out facebook or any other of those types of sites,they sold out to the nsa ect.I find it funny my spell check wants me to capitalize facebook!

          • Facebook was NSA by its second round of funding.

        • Nothing against getting together with like minded folks,just do not trust/care for the site hosting.

          • I am thinking some kind of “sign or symbol” so we all know each other? say a blue ribbon around right bicep or something?

      48. Off topic…

        US sailors assisting with Fukushima clean up, now crippled by cancer


          • Once again no personal comment. You might as well be posting to your Facebook page.

            • Breaking news this just in name changed to NSA Book

            • Hey, dipshit, she’s just providing the source for some interesting information. If you want to follow up on it, fine. If not, then stfu.

        • Yep,been out a few days now,if true really sucks.What is also bad is Japanese govt. passed some new laws that mean folks in the know who talk about the plant and it’s problems can be charged under national security laws ect.,this bad event unfortunately just keeps getting worse and worse,and that is just what we know!

      49. I will go down shooting if i see troops on my street, i don’t care what the governments reason is.

        Keep your powder dry.


      50. Dang…SOMEBODY’S paranoid! Lol…

      51. HERE’S MY NEXT PREP…

        I’m planning a divorce.

        The next lady will be rather hot, ten years younger than my current fat ass wife
        and won’t be a TV zombie.

        Marriage…such a tap.

        So many little time.

        One day you wake up and you realize you’ve lived your entire life for others.

        NO MORE!

        SHTF Marriage time!! I’m so looking forward to it.

        • Might cost you more than you are willing to pay…

          • Probably worth it.

        • Cheaper to rent than own just like boats and airplanes.

      52. 1.) they wont make a move till they confiscate all the 100 of millions of guns in ZOG AmeriKa . ~ Molon Labia

        2.) it takes 8 ZOG Gestapo Stormtroopers to Control 1 AmeriCan FreeMan Patriot during Martial Law lock-down in a occupied state .

        3.) only 3% of Freedom Luvin Red White and Blue Blooded AmeriCans have to resist … and they will , to put a stop to it .

        either way …

        sooner or later

        we’re just gonna have to kill em’

        probly best

        if it was sooner …

        Predator or Prey of the NWO ZOG , the choice is yours .

        • Molon labe (Greek: μολὼν λαβέ molṑn labé; Ancient Greek: [molɔːn labé]; Modern Greek: [moˈlon laˈve]), lit. “come and take”, is a classical expression of defiance reportedly spoken by King Leonidas I in response to the Persian army’s demand that the Spartans surrender their weapons at the Battle of Thermopylae. It is an exemplary use of a laconic phrase.

          • I like the ‘come and TAKE them’ translation.
            Totally different thought process there, no??

        • Major…major episode of…LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Nina, GOD BLESS YOU, pal!!!!

          ..I promise you, I’ll do my dead-level best to utter/shout…

          ..”Molon Labia or I LOVE PUSSY” as I shoot the enemy!!!


          Hells bells…if I miss…

          ..maybe, they’ll die laughing!


          Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

 was a gimme, imo!

          • ***see anatomy per “labia”..vs..Greek reference of Labe’

            • @Hunter … Respect .

              ;0) i misspelled it on purpose , it’s a @shtfplan

              in-the-know clubhouse insider joke with myself and

              another who reads / trolls @shtfplan daily . we know of

              a guy who got

              ‘MOLON LABIA”

              tattooed in BOLD BLACK LETTERS down his entire arm to

              show everyone his Fearless Free American Patriotism .

              LOL ;0) it’s kinda ballsy and stupid at the same time .

              as he has made himself a prime target by the ZOG DHS

              Gestapo for LIFE . LOL ;0)

              ‘MOLON LABIA’

              N.O. ;0p pssszzt

          • Translation Molon labia… “read my lips”

            What kind of bourbon was used in the translation?

            • why Sir , you insult me ;0p

              i only buy the best …

              Jim Beam Devil’s Cut Bourbon Whiskey 6 YO


              • You too! I was refer to Hunter…further on up the page he was apologizing for his previous evenings bourbon babble…I missed your comment above and duly note that you get copyright…the tattoo guy…more stupid than ballsy.

                No insult meant from me brother…a couple good bracers as necessary are so meaningful in dealing with today’s zog bs.

                • @lastmanstanding … RESPECT !

                  just playin Sir ;0)

                  Have a Great Safe Holidays and New Year !

                  N.O. ;0p

                  • You as well.

                    lms…standing fast under the big sky.

                    “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

            • Makers Mark! Smooth indeed!

              • copy…one of my shtf preps. (that is not intended for barter)

                Merry Christmas brother.

                • LMS (standing warrior)-

                  And to you, sir!

      53. Oh,Happy Winter Solstice all!We each day from now on will have a little more light,ok,not a lot daily but as I say,the smalls add up!

      54. I see the following scenario at a high level occurring:

        1. False flags
        2. Mass riots
        3. Power grid/internet down
        4. Martial law
        5. Foreign troops/DHS deployment

        With just in time distribution shut down, communication and power down, and ammo in limited supply, all their nefarious plans have a real chance.

        Just my two cents.

      55. After 10 years in the military and seeing the “exercises” we performed for medical readiness weekends, triage platforms, and decon training I have 2 words for how things like this would go…”CLUSTER FUCK”

      56. PLEASE read Hodge’s next article at wherein:

        – he explains the NEXT False Flag will be an earthquake/weather event, he thinks along the New Madrid Fault line

        – and then foreign troops WILL be used to round up people but they will be killed at stadiums and fema death camps;

        and much more…

        Interestingly, a few weeks ago, Jesus warned John Leary of a huge catastrophic event that will kill many, many people.

        Know thy enemy. If you read Hodge’s latest article, all the dots will be connected for you. First comes the major false flag/catastrophic event. Next come the soldiers to round everyone up, while under the guise of rescuing, and then they will be killed.

        Do you really think it will be as simple or as easy as them coming for you? First they will disable you through a cataclysmic event.

        – The Lone Ranger

      57. They already know who I am and where I am. [Aside to you who post here under a pseudonym … they know who and where you are too. So why sneak around?]

        It takes no courage for several dozen heavily armored and armed thugs to kick in a residential door and brutalize people. You are no different than, no better than, the

        Video reference: the Katyn Forest Massacre. Also the Holodomore … the food denial genocide that killed millions of Ukrainians. Millions of UNARMED people. Did they live any longer, or die any easier, for not fighting? Do you think you will?

        My decision is made. When they kick my door in I”m opening fire. I will kill as many of them as I can before I die.

        Mr. Author, you counsel us to run and hide? Hide in a mine shaft in Idaho? Hide out in a remote village in some other country?

        What happened to your balls? There are worse things than dying … slavery is one of them.

        If i am to be denied dying in my sleep in old age I will die in a pile of spent brass and bloodied edged weapons before I will be slaughtered like vermin in a camp.

        “The authorities will do this….” “their pieces of paper require that …. ”

        F them. In the gravest extreme, they have no more authority over you than you, in your propaganda induced terror, grant them.

        Once you’ve made up your mind that you will kill and die before you will be their slave what is there to fear?

        If there were a “warrior” among them they would not have to send 50 vermin to take down one man.

        • Good Post and just for an FYI for folks…After 1/2 century of every MSM blameing Germans and nazis for that Katyn Forest Mass murder spree….Finally truth Prevalied about 10 yrs ago when released KGB/soviet documents formerly hidden from public view, revealed that Katyn Forest was the Dirty work of Russian soviet Jewish kommie murderers who killed about 26,000 innocents and the creme of the crop of Top Polish police and others.

          Get it Folks? NOT nazi germans did it…But Rather Jewish Kommies did it!…And Thats undeniable documented proof solid anyone can eaisily research.

          Just one More former jewish lie exposed like so Many others were prior…God promiced in bible that all done or said in secret thats evils IS going to be revealed…Then…Be Shouted from the ROOFTOPS!

          We Resident Truthtellers here Are doing the Lords work in that “Shouting from Roof Tops” part via the internet!

          • Soviet Russian Communists had about 1% of their population as Jews, but as usual, why would you want to tell the truth when it’s so much easier to spew out your revisionist “facts”?

            • Rabbi Smuck-oft.

              1% of Soviet commies were j-ws? ROTFLMAO!!!

              ..if you suck 1/2 as good as you lie, I’ll bet you’re a ‘Mohel’ in great demand!

              • Hunter

                Thought I smelled sulfur. Why don’t you go back to hell where you came from? Lucifer needs you to suck his dick again.

                • Rabbi oft-

                  Tsk…tsk, Rabbi!

                  What’s the matter? Was my ‘Mohel’ guess a bit too close to home?

                  Instead, of slinging insults…how about we have a debate as to why you ‘synagogue of satan’ types & your ancestors have been “PROSECUTED” (not persecuted), throughout history?

                  I’ll document everything with MAIN STREAM sources, nothing from the NSDAP erab(to protect your tender sensibilities, of course).
                  Nor will I reference Stormhouse…or whatever the site was.

                  In fact, I’ll start the debate via suggesting you & any who’re interested in the TRUTH, to reference the speech given in 1961…by an honorable jew Benjamin H. Friedman, before a packed (& shocked) audience of gentiles the Congressional room of the

                  • …Willard Hotel in Washington D.C.
                    Ole’ Ben deserves the respect of everyone, irregardless of their belief system.

                    See youtube for the audio-tape.


                    ..the text link is in “QUARANTINE”…for who knows how long?!?

                    So, be sure to check back often & enjoy the educational experience, therein!


                    By the way, MERRY CHRISTMAS to you & yours, Rabbi-oft!

                  • This is for Hun(turd), Them (antisemitic) Guys, and Pissed (on himself) Grandma:

                    My first reaction to the lot of you is: Die in a hole.

                    My second, more reasoned reaction is: I have nothing but pity for you folk. I will pray for the redemption of your souls. May The Lord have mercy on you.

              • WTF are You talking about Old FOOL?…I have never stated anything BUT that jews always ever comprized aprox 1-2.5 % of total polulation no matter which nation Hosted jews.

                Thats PRECICELY why they are such a threat!…When 2% of total POP like in america Today exist, are so able to infiltrate and control every major apperatus of what we generally call “Society” and “Government” and “Financials/Banks etc”….And the Main Jew-Tool control of ALL MSM in EVERY form IE: Newspapers-Magazines-TV shows-TV News-Cable TV-HOLLYWOOD-etc etc…As well as jews invented Frankfurt school of cultural communisim to use it as a weapon of PC against the prevailing White male majority which “Was” also whom formerly controled and ruled america AFTER the whitemen Discovered-Planned-Built-Paied for-The greatest civilized nation to yet exist.

                TOO Bad the founders that signed the us const refused to take Ben Franklins sound advice and place a cosnt Clause in it to forever Forbid any jews from obtaining citizenship…Because as franklin warned them, once allowed citizenship…Hoards of them shall come here, then gradually gain control of first Banks, then newspapers aka msm and finally gain seats in political official capasities…AND THEN in 200 yrs from now(1789?) American decendants Yet to be born shall CURSE you men in your graves for refuseing to do this as a precaution from what can Only be called asiatics of the absolute Worst sort of nation Wreckers ever known to exist worldwide as so Many other nations troubles has attested to so far.

                SINCE: aprox 2nd century up to Today 2013 at least 109 Nations has Booted Out the jews…For a grand total of “Bootings” of aprox 245 times!

                Yet Never have jews comprized more then 1-2 % of the nations total POP…

                Their Talmudic Judaisim IS Christianitys worst ever enemys bar none. History proves this in spades.

                NO other group or race has ever mass murdered nor kill so many christians and especially White christians other then jews has…And NO other century better proves that than the 20th Century when russian Jews that held ALL but about 13 Top Inner circle Kommie head positions out of a total of aprox 503 persons at very Top control IN Russia 1918…2% total russian POP…Yet jews made up about 490 out of 503 top spot ruler positions…Murdered and Caused the mass exterminations of at least 200 Million Gentile whites and christians across eastern europe.

                Karl Marx-Lennin-Trotsky-Kangavitch etc etc etc ET AL…ALL JEWISH! ALL Mass Murderers! all Detested and despised white christians…Not alot has changed since. Todays usa proves this also in spades.

                YOU cannot deny factually these issues so you instead use another jews system “Sol Alinsky” kommie jew tactics of attack the messenger, attack the truth tellers, Change subject, Project YOUR proven Guilt at Your opponents….And when ALL that Fails….Cry “VICTIMS”!!

                OyVEY! Us poor jews is always the worlds biggest Victims! Just see Hollywood jew made movies for Proof we is such huge victims.

                Do A Google search for Eli Da Weazel interview with some media reporter guy….Where Eli Weazel admits He LIES! in his Many Books on the HOLYHOAX…

                Eli says(paraphraseing here) “Well even though what I wrote in my book never happened…In MY MIND Its true that it did happen! so I do still believe it occured and…You should Too”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                Research Yutube video: showing a supposed “jew camp survivor women” when the interviewer asks women…”How is it remotely Possible that You escaped aushwitz camp fron nazis, when Your Birth Date was aprox 10 Years AFTER WWII ENDED?”

                Jew bitch Liars answer: “Us jews is special type people…We was BORN with Memory Genes like dna genes FROM Other jews that really Were in a nazi camp!”

                Yep ask most any jew and they will agree jews is so special!…That even when Lying its Okay cause Talmud teaches jews to lie to goyim gentiles and the self chozens self worshippers eats that shit up! then spews it all over the place.

                Either yes jews are always 100% total innocents and all gentiles in every nation are evil mean nazis?

                OR Maybe its them jews doing stuff to Cause every fuckin nation and all other peoples to desire jews get Booted once the nation is bankrupted and ruined…Ironic how once booted Out most every such nation Regains prosperity, good Moral code etc etc…

                Not for nothing did Jesus Say “You are OF Your father the devil(satan) in JOHN 8:44 eh…OR how Imposter jews were really synagouge of SATAN eh in REV 2:9 and 3:9…

                So Stuff that right Up your shnooz you phony Khazar imposters.

                PS as JQP has stated: Your name calls of nazi, antisemites, racists etc has LOST its MOJO effect…Folks ARE wakeing Up and Fast!

                • As I’ve stated elsewhere, it is a fool’s errand to respond in an intellectual way to your selective, out of context quotes, your disinformation campaign, your revisionist history, your assigning historical blame to an entire group for the actions of a few, your conspiracy theories, your constant agitprop…. Need I go on? I could rebut with ease nearly everything you post here, but what really would be the point? Yours is a sick and twisted soul. You allowed Lucifer into your heart where he slowly, over time corrupted it with your full consent. Only The Lord can save you now.

                  • Old Fool Too:

                    “I could refute with ease nearly everything you post here”…….

                    Who do you think is swallowing THAT LIE? You would if you could, but you cant.

                    On down the posts you will see a poster use the words Ad hominem. Those two words describe you and several other of your ilk.

                    Ad hominem:

                    Also known as argumentimad hominem (Latin) literally “argument against the person or attacking the messenger, it involves replying to an argument or assertion by attacking the person presenting the argument or assertion rather than the argument itself. It is usually a FALLACY.

                    You, old fool too, are an ad hominem……

          • Them Guys, the Germans dug up the Katyn graves and filmed it. They told the world the Russians did it and there was plenty of evidence, including captured Russians who admitted to it.

            Even Reader’s Digest said it was the Russians back in 1966.

            Only the left blamed the Nazis for this one, and it didn’t work in 1943, and hasn’t since. The Russian archives merely confirmed what was already common knowledge.

            Peddle your conspiracy somewhere else.

            • “The left”—another one of those deceits like “neo-con,” “Russian” mafia, Young “Turks,” “International” banker, “Wall Street” financier, “H✡llyw✡✡d” pornographer, all names designed to conceal the guilty synagogue of Satan.

              • I am guessing you are a Catholic. I knew many Catholics growing up, most were good people, but some belonged to a particular sect of Catholic who preached the Gospel of Jew hating. I am guessing that you grew up in just such a parish, your Church of the Poisoned Mind.

                • Perhaps you need a reminder about GOD’s opinion on the matter. Feel free to take up your disagreement with HIM at HIS Judgment Seat.

                  accused by Moses John 5:45-47
                  adversaries to all men I Thessalonians 2:14
                  agents of the devil John 8:44
                  blind Matthew 23:26
                  blind guides Matthew 23:16, 17, 19, 24
                  children of Hell Matthew 23:15
                  children of the devil John 8:44
                  crucifiers Matthew 23:34
                  dangerous leaven Matthew 16:6-12; Mark 8:15; Luke 12:1
                  defectors Matthew 15:6; Mark 7:9, 13; John 5:45, 46, 47
                  deicides I Thessalonians 2:14-15
                  dogs Matthew 7:6; Apocalypse 22:16
                  foolish Matthew 23:17
                  full of dead men’s bones Matthew 23:27
                  haters of God John 15:24,25
                  hypocrites Matthew 6:2, 5; 15:7; 22:18; 23:13, 14, 15, 23, 25, 27, 28, 29; Mark 7:6; Luke 13:15
                  idolaters Apocalypse 22:16
                  iniquitous Matthew 23:28
                  killers of the just Matthew 23:35
                  killers of the prophets Matthew 23:37; I Thessalonians 2:14-15
                  liars John 8:44, 55; Apocalypse 3:9, 22:16
                  murderers Matthew 23:31; Apocalypse 22:15
                  offspring of vipers Luke 3:7
                  purveyors of fables Titus 1:13-14
                  serpents Matthew 23:33
                  sorcerers Apocalypse 22:16
                  swine Matthew 7:6
                  synagogue of Satan Apocalypse 2:9, 3:9
                  unchaste Apocalypse 22:16
                  unclean Matthew 23:25
                  vipers Matthew 3:7; 12:34; 23:33
                  void the commandments of God for the traditions of men Mark 7:8-9
                  whited sepulchers Matthew 23:27

                  axe laid to the root Matthew 3:10
                  cast into the fire Matthew 3:10; 7:19; Luke 3:9
                  condemned Mark 16:16
                  cut down Matthew 3:10
                  in vain do they worship me Matthew 15:9; Mark 7:7
                  judgment of Hell Matthew 23:33
                  shall be broken Matthew 21:44
                  shall be ground into powder Matthew 21:44
                  the kingdom of God shall be taken from you Matthew 21:43
                  woe Matthew 23:13, 14, 15, 16, 23, 25, 27; Luke 11:42, 46, 47, 52
                  wrath Matthew 3:7; Luke 3:7; 21:23; St. Paul in I Thessalonians 2:16
                  your house shall be left desolate Matthew 23:38
                  you do not enter the kingdom of Heaven Matthew 23:13

                  • Dear John Q. Pubic : Go to hell.

                    But wait, you already have reserved seating there.

                    John Q. Pubic, doing the work that Lucifer just doesn’t have time for.

                  • Rabbi-oft.

                    Why don’t you refute the ‘documented’ truths, others present to you with reference links…instead of frothing vindictive spittle upon this forum thread?

           really makes you appear childish & ignorant to some audience members here.
                    The purpose of ‘debate’ centers/pivots upon the truth/factual evidence and their associated circumstances.

                    Your desperate efforts to avoid exposing your lame/weak position, by verbally denigrating those who disagree…serves only to CONVICT YOU…as one, whom ignorance and stupidity…is considered a VIRTUE!


                    One day, in this life or the next…you will learn the truth.

           the meantime and again…~MERRY CHRISTMAS~

                  • To Hun (turd):

                    Do you really think I care what you think? I am not on trial here; the Jewish people are not on trial here. You have the falsehoods and conspiracy theories that you believe in, and then there is the truth. You are a stranger to the truth. So be it. Internet forums are not exactly debate arenas. He said, she said, they said, he said again. Quote, quote, cribbing material from random websites. Comments awaiting moderation.

                    Critical thinking is a higher form of intelligence. Some people are not mentally equipped for it; i.e. , you and your cohorts in hate. Considering you feel the need to post more vitriol against me, it would seem that YOU are the desperate party here, not me. And yes, one day we will all learn the truth. I, for one, am quite comfortable with my beliefs, and know that I am right with The Lord. Seriously, Hunter, don’t you have something better to do on Christmas Eve?

            • Smokey: better RE check your Dates. Katyn Massacre was NOT officially outted untill 1991 or later AFTER soviet union fell and kgb files were opened and over a Million prior secret papers etc got released publically due to mass protestations from many nations peoples and orgs demanding release of secret files in KGB posession.

              You cant possibly believe as early as 1960’s when still russia was soveit and run by kommie jews theyd ever allow germans to “Dig up GRaves” that Prove that YES It was JEWS who did them Katyn forest mass murders!!

              I realize you belong to the jews firsters who think jews can do no wrong and reject ALL contrary evidence and proofs…But Come on!…Soviet jews let germans dig up evidence OF Jew mass murderers crime?!!

              RECHECK Dates..Soviet secrec files remained closed to all public untill AFTER breakup of russian soviet ussr…1991 or Later!

              As to you said “only the LEFT” blamed nazis?…And just who in Your mind is the Left MSM.Hollywood etc everywheres worldwide if not Jewsih owned, run and Staffed by mostly jews…Ever gander at a TV aka Talmudvision set?…Check FOX or CNN lately?

              Aprox 90+% of most every if not every fox show daily 24/7 has 90% jews on the tv set…weather the particular show has 4-5-6 folks at the table…Every show has 1 maybe sometimes 2 gentiles…Rest=jews…

              So Yeah its leftist that spew lies and blamed nazis…Left that is 90+ % Jews with a massive Vested intrest to LIE! Talmud teaches them to Lie! nothing new there eh smokey…

              • Wow, Them Guys, Lucifer really has you by the balls. What is it like for you to live your life in service to Lucifer? Inquiring minds want to know.

                • In the days before the internet, it took serious dedication, leg work, and library time to nail down the truth.

                  Now, even the laziest of men can learn the truth within minutes without leaving their easy chairs.

                  Carefully cultivated lies dispelled in nanoseconds of searching—the rabbis HATE that because all they have left is name-calling and even the name-calling is losing its mojo.

                  • The usual b.s. from anti Semitic sources. I know, really, WHAT did you anti Semites DO before the internet, before you had so many easily accessible sources for your lying disinformation campaign? News flash, genius, half the web is misinformation. Why don’t you take your lying, intellectually lazy self down to a real bookstore and buy some real history books. But you won’t, because you are quite satisfied with the talking points from your master Lucifer.

                  • I have spent LOTS of time in the Judaica section of several university and theological libraries.

                    The millennia of accumulated BOOK evidence is joined with PHOTOGRAPHIC and VIDEO evidence and the RABBIS’ OWN WORDS on the internet, much of it reported in the ISRAELI press. Are you going to tell us that the Israeli press is run by Nazis and that the rabbis are anti-Semites?

                    Your desperate name-calling is just one of many signs that the synagogue’s farrago of hateful Master Race lies is collapsing.

              • TG, you’re making stuff up. The Germans invaded Russia in 1941, and took the eastern half of Poland that the Russians shared with the Germans in 1939. Remember that? With me so far? It remained in German hands through most of 1944.

                The Germans disinterred the Katyn site in 1943, hoping to get Allied aid to the Russians stopped or reduced, by revealing the war crime. It didn’t work, but no one was fooled when the Russians claimed they didn’t do it, the Germans had to be lying. The Left maintained for 50 years it was the Germans, not the Communists.

                Reader’s Digest did in fact, produce an article about it in 1966. I read it at that time. The only true dispute about the Katyn massacre is the number of dead, estimates range from 18,000 up to 40,000, with the actual number probably between 21,000 and 25,000. The Soviet archives are not complete and precise numbers cannot be tallied.

                When the Soviet archives were opened, the Katyn killings were confirmed as a Soviet war crime. Not revealed, that was known since 1943, but confirmed from their own records of the event. If you want to say “officially outed in 1991” as being proof the killings were a secret in the 50 years since they occurred, you can go ahead and be a fool.

                Go peddle your crap somewhere else, no one is buying your bullshit.

                  • ALERT! ALERT! ALERT!

                    TRAINED SEAL ALERT! (the animal kind, not the soldier kind)

                    Arp, arp, arp, arp, arp, arp, arp, arp! (sound of trained seals barking in unison)

                    Trained seals will now engage in their 1 Minute of Hate per order of the Ministry of Truth
                    (see above)

                    Mad props on spreading all that hate, I was just thinking that the world was needing some more hate, especially at Christmas. Good thing you Jew haters got that locked down.

                    So yeah, high flippers all, and a round of fish for everyone!

                    DISCLAIMER: No trained seals were harmed during this exercise. Any resemblance to real events is not coincidental. Please do not try this at home. You may now return to your regular scheduled broadcast.

                  • [yawn]

        • You have explained it clearly and concisely. The bub a boo is the normalcy bias that will prevent people from believing that their govt. actually means them harm. That will be the biggest obstacle to resisting. The Obamacare disaster will help wake many to the reality that their govt. could care less about them.

      58. Logistically, under ‘normal’ circumstances, TPTB will not have the manpower, assets or force multipliers to contain the whole country at once. Which is exactly why they will not contain it all at once. Everyone keeps thinking scenarios that play out in sequence and that those outcomes will be easily determined. Not so fast.

        TPTB know that they are greatly outnumbered and that guerilla warfare is serious business. They also know how to tip the scales in their favor. Same way they do in every ‘liberated’ er… invaded country to date.

        1. Knock out communications. The NDAA (and other acts) ‘give’ the government the authority (cough) to seize, control and terminate all forms of communication, including radio, TV, internet and cell phone traffic. This has already been tested in Libya, Syria and some other hot spots where they didn’t want the public talking to one another and organizing. If you think they won’t do such a thing…then you are already dead mentally. Of COURSE they will. You can bet on it…but you won’t need to.

        2. Knock out power. By throwing the public into the dark, the confusion and chaos not only open the door to martial law implementation, but also make it easier to use the sheep to round up everyone they want. If you have backup power and lights DO NOT show them that you do. Keep your head down, stay out of view and do not advertise that you are prepared for anything…that makes you the instant enemy and a bona fide target. Anyone who has not purchased black/white poly panda plastic yet, you need to get some, stat! You can staple this up (dark side facing out of course) and tape and secure it to your windows and doors. This effectively blocks any light from escaping, and also maximizes the amount of reflected light you have indoors…which won’t be much.

        3. Spread fear and project authority. With the sheep and herds panicking, the TPTB will use all available resources, technologies and tricks to keep people running and afraid. Fear is a very powerful weapon and they know how to magnify it to their advantage. What the TPTB fear most however, is people who are not afraid. People who have nothing to lose, or who are not afraid to die, are the things THEY fear most. Remember that.

        4. Use overwhelming force and technologies. You can bet that every sick, twisted and evil creation of our hell spawn government will appear on the streets and in the air. With martial declared and invocation of the myriad executive orders the constitution will be nullified once and for all. This means weapons like the Area Denial microwave crowd control weapon will be in use. Luckily, many of these so-called ‘high tech’ weapons can be defeated, simply and easily. The cities will become the ‘sniper allies’ of so many wars gone by. Why do you think they want your guns first? They KNOW that city warfare is deadly and very difficult. Guess how long it takes to search and clear 25 story office buildings? A lot longer than they would like.

        5. Divide and Conquer. Oldest trick in the book really. They will block and cutoff exit highways, bridges, railways and other high speed means out or around them. They will also separate families to instill fear, dismay and confusion. All those blocking or guarding key bridges, highways and others are all sitting ducks.. They have that post and they are supposed to guard it. Makes them rather easy to find… and target.

        6.Exert control. By controlling the power, water and other key daily requirements of life, TPTB will hope to keep the sheep suppressed and not knowing which way is up. People with power, communications and preps however…are not sheep- they are sheepdogs.

        This is but a short list of what to expect when you least expect it. Don’t make It easy for them. Fight till your last breath.

        • 1. Get radios. Buy scanners and ham rigs to cover all frequencies. If you transmit, it would be good to have a mobile rig and transmit from various locations away from your base. I would not get a license, but would learn everything necessary to pass the tests and then hang out with a licensed ham to see operations first hand. Antennas are very important. Get good ones and check the internet for good ways to hide them.

      59. They’re Predicting a 710% Rise in Prices Here

        The next big boom in commodities might not be copper, gold, or even oil.
        It could be a more obscure market. Natural gas liquids, or NGLs.
        I discussed last week how European chemical makers are scrambling to secure supplies of cheap natgas liquids like ethane. Supplies that have been unlocked from America’s booming shale gas production.
        Last week we saw evidence that the NGLs craze isn’t limited to European buyers.
        Asia also wants to get in on the action.
        At least according to investment bankers DBS Markets. Who released a report predicting a massive rise in demand for shipments of American NGLs eastward across the Pacific.
        DBS believes the widening of the Panama Canal will be a major driver for increased U.S. shipments of NGLs to Asia. Starting in 2015, when this project is planned to be completed.
        So great will be demand, that DBS expects freight rates for very large gas carriers (the vessel of choice for NGLs shipments) to explode. To as high as $300,000 per day. A full 710% higher than the current $37,000 day rate.
        Read more:

      60. This is for all the knuckle heads ….your right they can’t take the whole country on at once but they sure can do it in baby steps ….one town or one city at a time and to prove my point …..this is exactly what they are doing with gun confiscations and what are YOU doing about it so don’t say it’s impossible….. they have all the time in the world

        • @Rich99

          As stated above- they cannot lock down the whole country at once…and they know it. The problem with them trying to lock down select areas selectively is that word *will* spread like wildfire. There are enough ham operators and others with CB UHF/VHF radios that *will* spread the word, regardless.

          For those who think that all communications will be stopped instantly are dreaming. A hand held 4-5 watt shortwave radio can be had right now for about $40 dollars on Amazon and when you attach that to a 30ft dipole (very thin wire antenna) your little radio message can and will go across the country easily. Once they try to take the first few towns or cities, the word instantly travels and it’s game on. The other towns will be ready for them. Bring it.

          • Oh really Socrates ……quiet gun confiscation has been happening for a long time now ….namely the vets ……and WHAT has been done about it ….nothing , so stop your STUPID wild fire theory

            • Stupid theory? Hmmm. Here’s a ‘new’ Google search word for you- ‘Ad Hominem’. It’s when a person attacks the messenger since they cannot refute the message.

              As far as your ‘wildfire’ radio rebuttal, you stand corrected. According to the 2012 ARRL figures they were over 738,497 amateur radio operators just in the U.S. alone.
              The number of ham radio operators is growing, imagine that! You can search for the ARRL stats online if you want, you might learn something.

              Let’s also look at some hard facts from the U.S. Census Bureau, shall we? allegedly, veterans have had guns ‘confiscated’ for reasons of?______ The Census Bureau report from 2012 states the following “facts” on veterans

              U.S. Veterans
              21.2 million

              Number of living veterans in 2012 who served during the Vietnam era and both Gulf War eras and no other period. Other living veterans in 2012 who served during three wars:
              •The number who served during World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam era, 50,004, was not statistically different than the number who served during the Vietnam era and both Gulf War eras.

              Living veterans in 2012 who served during two wars and no other period:
              •933,315 served during both Gulf War eras.
              •307,376 served during both Gulf War (August 1990 to August 2001) and Vietnam era.
              •209,183 served during both the Korean War and the Vietnam era.
              •113,269 served during both World War II and the Korean War.


              Out of those vast numbers, maybe you can tell us exactly how many veterans have had ‘guns’ confiscated? By all counts, it is probably less than one hundred…period. Out of 21.2 million veterans (and assuming a large number are gun owners) that is hardly a trend. It is no doubt that several scumbags are using the Baker Act of 1971 as the guise to ‘attempt’ this cowardly confiscation. Several are being challenged in courts from what I saw. Not several hundred or even thousand, either.

              Please present us all with some real facts sometime if you want to seriously challenge others points of view here. If you don’t that only makes you appear as either a government boot-licker or a troll. Surely you can do better than that?

              • What does any of those stats have to do with roundups and Americans sitting around WHILE it’s happening like lemmings ??? Look what’s happening around you and what’s being done to stop it …….your right word IS spreading like wildfire BUT what’s the REACTION ???? NOTHING and that is my point !!
                Look what they did in Boston and what was the end result ….the lemmings went back home and did NOTHING !!!!

      61. Socrates.

        Good post.

      62. It makes sense to have an economic collapse before martial law. Most people would go to FEMA camps voluntarily because they’re promised food, water, and electricity.

        Locking down the country would be easier than it sounds. The government can go after high profile dissidents. Make sure they shoot the wife or one of the kids then charge the guy with murder because the death happened while he was resisting. When that becomes a pattern a lot of people will stand down.

        They can use drone strikes where necessary or even carpet bomb areas of resistance. These are the same people who want Agenda 21 and the genocide that goes with it. They won’t play by the same rules the US military is forced to play by.

        To keep it simple, if they’re willing to be brutal enough they can stamp out any and all resistance.

        • @BC. you said “Locking down the country would be easier than it sounds. The government can go after high profile dissidents. Make sure they shoot the wife or one of the kids then charge the guy with murder because the death happened while he was resisting.(they are ALREADY doing THIS) When that becomes a pattern a lot of people will stand down.”
          I think there might just be a bunch of people that STAND UP! there’s a LOT of people just waiting for the “right time”…they shoot one of us, it will make how many enemies? …one, ten, a thousand? after a few of your scenarios, the people catch on what’s happening.

      63. Fuck ’em

        ….did I just say that out loud….

        …………………..just sayin…………..

        …more determined……..BA.

      64. Just remember…Germany waited too long!!
        We now see why they didn’t do anything…
        They couldn’t!
        We can…but will we?!

      65. This article is such raw, crude fear-mongering that it’s almost laughable. Can’t the website come up with better reading for its visitors?

        This stuff was so bad it wasn’t even entertaining, and it certainly does not merit over 260 comments and counting…

        • then vote with yer feet anon…take a long walk on a short pier

      66. On Dec.24, 2004 at mid day there began a swarm of earthquakes on the S.W. Indian Ridge at 46.4 S and 96.0 E, and 36 hours later Indonesia had a 9.1 earthquake. About 2 hours ago the same exact spot within about 1-2 miles started. This is a point in which always after this area gets active there is a major earthquake within 15 days.

        Right now the present day precursors are now 4 days overdue, been 19 days. Yet these outer plate boudaries continue to back fed energy to an area that is ready to break. This area today back in 2004 got active with swarms at the same time of year, around Christmas. Anghle of Sun the same, and the Moon was near the apogee. The Sun and especially the Moon play a part in the balance and imbalance of the plates the same as the tides.

        These area the areas to watch for a large to huge earthquake, one or more of the following:

        Nothern Australian plate, far west Indonesia to India and China, includes Buram (Mynamar). Especially New Guinea to the Soloman Islands and Loyalty Islands and Fiji. Samoa to Kermadec Islands and North Island New Zealand.

        Eastern Philippines plate, Mariana Islands-Guam, and Central and Southern Japan

        Northern Pacific plate, Bering Sea to S.W. Alaksa, especially the Fox and Rat Islands and east Gulf Of Alaska.

        Cascadia fault and California remain hot. Southern California and Baja California even more so.

        Only far south Mexico to north Panama.

        Far east Caribbean plate, Lesser Antilles and Venezuela

        Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, west Bolivia and north Chile.

        Long shots: east Turkey to west Iran, Italy, Hawaii.

        There are no other areas in which this energy is coming from and be released along these plate boundaries the past 19 days.

        The problem with these delays is many times in the past this is because something much larger is building. It is most alarming to see the exact spot on the Indian Ridge swarming like 9 years ago before the 9.1 hit. Of course there was a 8.1 in the Macquarie Islands 3 days before the 9.1. Still it shows the Australian plate is in flux and trying to move.

        • BI…no mention in your post about the New Madrid as mentioned in Dave Hodges article this morning.

          Any comment regarding his correlation?

          Just ripping thru material and hoping for the best.

          Thanks for sharing all your research…lms

          • @ lastmanstanding. Until one of the other areas connected to the New Madrid shows activity, it is not that likely the New Madrid will go off. The New Madrid is an ancient plate boundary, but now is in the near middle of the North American plate. There should be other signs of pressure building elsewhere to indicate the New Madrid is getting ready. The Mid Atlantic Ridge is a big one, large earthquakes between 14 and 20 degrees north. The eastern to north eastern area of the Caribbean plate, West Indies to Venezuela is another. So is the central portion of the San Andreas Fault. The Cocos plate in Central America is sort of because it affects the Caribbean plate. These are focus points to look for before the New Madrid goes.

            When you look at today’s earthquake it is directly south on a flat map of the 9.1 that broke, but on a three dimensional map it is southwest slightly. When you look at the movement of the Australian plate it is north to northnorthwest in the south and shifts in the center parts to more of a northeast direction. When you see this activity on the Australian plate’s southern border with the Antarctic plate it usually means that the northern section that runs from west India to the Samoa Island chain is getting ready to have a big earthquake. I have been looking at the plate and I am very suspecious that this one seems to be more concentrated on the north to south planes rather than the west to east boundaries. This would be eastern India/China to Java and From the Soloman Islands down to Fiji/Kermadec Islands. The other plate boundary earthquakes point more to this north/south axis than west/east. The whole northern Australian plate is still very dangerous though.

            • Thanks BI. God Bless you and yours this Christmas season.

              Things aren’t looking to good for next year…one day at a time all…one day at a time.

      67. I firmly believe we have the patriots to win this attack on our republic but what scares me the most is that we are not organized. I wish all patriotic americans would join local and national patriotic groups so that if and when this type of thing goes down we are more or less united as a more formidable force. I also think that the local organizations should reach out to the national ones and vice a versa for there is strength in numbers. If we stay as separate patriots we will be easy to beat im afraid. Just my opinion because where i live although a 2nd amendment friendly area the people seem to have no clue what is going down and i am under no illusions that if this happens where i live i have no chance at all by myself. I just believe in united we stand divided we fall. God bless you all!:)

        • Ordinary, patriotic, well-meaning American families have been, I believe, turned off by the sampling of “Patriot” members they either come across or hear about.

          Typically, “Patriot” members are minimally educated, employed in non-secure jobs, not respectful of traditional famiy or religious values, tyrannical toward nonmembers, somewhat feeding off of each other, secretive to a degree that gives others discomfort, and many have quite goofy ideas of what the country should look like if they succeed in their political goals.

          Simply put, they have an image problem.

          There is no reason why someone can’t be patriotic without being a “Patriot.” And “Patriots” should not presume that a patriotic neighbor or acquaintance is potentially interested in becoming a “Patriot.” The “Patriots” need to live and let live.

          We are as patriotic as they come, but we have no use for the “Patriots.”

          • If you do not see that our constitution is under attack then i would say you are either not patriotic at all or totally naive at best.

        • The problem is a lack of secure communications. The NSA will know what everyone is doing. They can take out the leaders before it gets off the ground.

          • Many of the “leaders” will be on the NSA payroll. Trust me on that.

      68. There have been a number of M-class solar flares this morning.

        M 2.0 – 3:20 AM
        M 1.2 – 3:40 AM
        M 1.6 – 9:47 AM
        M 3.4 – 10:32 AM

        All times eastern.

        My inbox was full of notifications this morning.

      69. Police depts. all over are passively recording license plate numbers as you pass by. This info is sent to Fusion Centers and then given to DHS. NSA is recording all electronic communications. Each individual is given a threat matrix score. Then the NSA creates an algorithm for each of us (by computor). At the time of the Feds pleasure they will activate stop orders on whomever they please. If you suspect a stop order has been placed on you, avoid all places you have ever been and anyone you have ever contacted. Ditch your phone and all electronics, tollway passes, your car, etc. This is Skynet. The Feds are operating 20 years beyond our technology. Good luck to all of you.

        • Perhaps true Maude, but I don’t care. I am an honest person and I have nothing to fear if they are also. If not, well, all any of us have to do is take one of them with us as we go down. Not going to live in fear, or hide where they cannot find me. Or eat worms and grubs. They come for me on my own ground, we will see what we will see,

          • Think “French Resistence”, but techno. No fear. Controled rage. Can you imagine being right behind those that think they are raiding the place where they thought you were. The possibilities are endless.

      70. Off topic:

        I learned a lesson that’s was best learned now. The past few years I’ve been storing my potato harvest by placing them in onions sacks and hanging them in a shed. Recently we had a hard freeze that lasted about a week. All my potatoes are a loss. They froze and now that they are thawed they are mushy and spoiled. If times were hard it could have put us at risk of starvation. With the next harvest, they will be stored differently.

        • Also know onions will cause potatoes to rot VERY quickly. A gas the onions gives off kills the Pot.

        • potatos need to be stored cool and dry . under the house in boxes of straw works for me . keep a little air moving at all times and always make sure you keep back some for seed

        • I’m not sure about everyone else, but last October, Gene brought me a bushel of sweet potatoes. I stored them in one layer, in cardboard boxes, in a closed closet with no lighting and no heat.
          They were good till August.
          This year’s stock is in the same closet, stored the same way.
          With a dehydrator, no question they will last a long time dried and sealed in mason jars.

      71. i read the document and there is nothing in the order to inter population make people slaves it is a reiteration of a 1939 operation that was used during ww2 assessing resourses
        of the country at a whole giving direction to which cabinet position is in charge of what. this was done in ww 1 and to a larger degree in ww 2 and the korean conflict.
        war production was needed food production was needed and most was used to support the 12 million men and women in uniform it does not give any authority for forced labor it specifies loans of money and equipment and the authority to hire for the emergency .
        the lack of history is appalling partly the schools fault and just the lazyness of the people not to read history
        talk to your grandparents and older neighbors what was necessary during war.
        the oly conscription although this act does not authorize would selective service in time of war but even then people will be paid not slaves
        i do not trust this adm but the facts are facts and the soldiers swear to the constitution not a loyalty oath to a man. one bad part the authority roosevelt had to inter the Japanese Americans is a power all presidents still have. and The Posse Comitatus Act is still in effect

      72. I dont agree that it would take massive numbers of troops to lock down major American cities.

        Maybe a platoon of Marines for even the biggest cities.

        1 st step the FCC issues an order for all communications to stop. Cell phones, cable and ISP’s all operate with their blessing. All of them are issued an order that there has been a major “event” and everyone must return home, and that all of the highways are closed until further notice. They broadcast this message over and over for a few hours.

        2nd step All utilities are to be shut off. Gas water electricity and sewage services are gone.

        Almost all major cities have a “loop” or beltway interstate around them. All roads must pass over or under this highway on their way out of the city. Station a few troops at each on ramp with a barricade indicating that the road is closed. Maybe a few sandbags for added effect.

        After a few days without instant news and communications that we have become accustomed to, the psychological impact alone would be enough to drive the masses towards any kind of news.

        Now you have them corralled and pretty much ready to do whatever you demand. Come on down, and get this shot to keep you and your family safe. We have to give you a quick exam, men in this line, and women and children in this line.

        If you used the pandemic card, then the rest of the country would be glad to have them locked down.

        Get yourself a ham radio and learn how to use it now.
        its the original world wide web.

        You never know what this crazy world will throw at you but at least you can have some information. Ham radios are world wide, and are pretty much impossible to detect if they are used in the receive mode only most of the time.

        So while you are stacking the buckets of beans and rice do something for your mental health as well.

        • Clyde: I respectfully disagree. I have been in units that have done this and it takes a lot more man power than one would realize. Each checkpoint has to be manned with enough firepower to resist an attack, that means crew served weapons or light armor. They have to man those checkpoints 24/7. Now look at the easiest cities to lock down (places with natural barriers like oceans or mountains) and look at how many 2 lane hwy exits there also are. Even small cities would mean BN level numbers with additional support units,(cooks, mechanics, ect). Their goal would be to contain the 98% and worry about rounding up the others at a later date but this would still mean massive manpower.
          Next, the absolute last thing a unit would want to do is cut utilities. What their goal is: is to keep people comfortable and compliant. Once services are shut down people will flee the city out of fear and necessity. But keep the power flowing and the cable tv on and the military can do what they need to without causing panic. This way they also can control the news feeds.

      73. Its gonna be one hell of a new years party with everybody here! Lol. 😀

        • Yep!

          In the meantime…

          A very blessed & Merry Christmas to everyone!!

          • Fake Christian.

        • Simple chat forums are above

      74. First to yourmotherwaswrong sorry for the thumbs down went to hit the up and slid to the right to far. The gun owning American populous is better armed than most nations militaries. That being said some will fold, but once the shooting starts TPTB will have a war on their hands that the world has never seen. The problem they have is with all their other nation takeovers the citizens were not armed especially to the extent that we are. Keep your powder dry and stay frosty!

      75. Tucker says:
        Comment ID: 2885172
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        December 22, 2013 at 5:04 am

        Hate is an emotion that is natural, and without it – I seriously doubt that the various species of mankind could have survived over the last couple thousands of years of human evolution.

        Stripping someone of their right and ability to ‘hate’ would be equivalent to stripping a turtle of his protective shell and then tossing the turtle out into a field where he would then be vulnerable and defenseless against predators who might like to eat him.

        For anyone who is dubious of my contention, simply ask yourself who currently has the most power and control over the world? Which specific ethnic group? I think everyone knows the answer to this question. And, I seriously doubt that anyone could cite any other ethnic group on this planet who ‘hates’ with as much passion and fervor as does this one particular group of nation wrecking, nation plundering, blood thirsty, war mongering, mass murdering creatures.

        So, I think it should be pretty obvious to all but the terminally naive that this tribe must have figured out the formula that results in the highest degree of success, right? For their tribe, I mean. I will grant anyone the point that the emotion of ‘hate’ cannot always be a healthy emotion to base all of one’s decisions on and that one must be disciplined enough to keep their hate emotion under control and not let it consume them to the point where it becomes harmful to their continued survival.

        But, realistically, it is okay to ‘hate’ one’s enemies and it is a natural and healthy emotion because it helps provide the necessary motivation that one has to have in order to fight and defeat an enemy.

        Personally, nothing makes me sicker to my stomach than to run across these nauseating, wimpy, spineless, castrated, gutless, vomit provoking, turn-the-other-cheek Christian idiots who believe that the highest honor in life is to bend over and grab their ankles and passively let their mortal enemies to ass rape them and then, once their rectums have been torn to shreds, stand up and plant a big sloppy kiss on the lips of their tormentors.

        By the way. The reason the world’s #1 most successful and powerful group of ‘hate specialists’ devote so much of their time and energy trying to demonize and, if they can, criminalize ‘hate’ – is because they want to have a monopoly on this very powerful and highly efffective emotion. Notice how all these complaints and laws that are passed about ‘hate
        speech’ never seem to apply to their tribe, despite the fact that they use their control of the mainstream media to spew endless and copious quantities of ‘hate’ for White European descended Americans and to deliberately incite non-white on white violence by cranking out movies like ‘Roots’, ‘Machete’, ‘Inglorious Basterds’, ‘Django Unchained’, ‘The Butler’, and this latest one about ’12 years as a Slave’.

        Does anyone think this is an innocent coincidence?

      76. May I ask old fool a question?

        David Duke is not a perfect individual, and neither are you or I or most other people. But, Duke’s mission in life is to fight to defend the perfectly legitimate, ethnic specific interests of White European people. Duke correctly states that all ethnic groups should have an equal right to defend their interests and that all non-white groups have organizations and spokesmen that work towards that objective.

        So, blacks can have Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Chrissy ‘Mr. Tingle’ Matthews, Obongo and Eric Holder and a endless array of other advocates and this is not only accepted but to be commended. The jews have have the ADL and SPLC and the Israeli Lobby and the World jewish Congress and hundreds more organizations which advance their ethnic specific interests. The illegal alien invading mestizos from south of our border can have La Raza and a host of other Hispanic ethnic lobby groups and these are also accepted and commended.

        But, old fool wants to heap slime and disrespect upon David Duke for doing the same thing for White European people?

        Does old fool thinks that Whites and only Whites are not entitled to have spokesmen or organizations that are pro-White in orientation?

        Perhaps old fool shares the kind of DNA that gives him a free ticket to one specific nation in the Middle East?

        • You already asked elsewhere and I already responded. David Duke is a known neo Nazi. The conversation pretty much ends there. Only the weak-willed or feeble-minded are taken in by his bigoted agitprop. Which one are you?

          • Old fool too:

            Only a member of the tribe or a moron refutes real history. Which one are you?

            • Pissed (on himself) Grandma:

              When I see real history related by you and your cohorts, I’ll let you know.

            • So you are admitting that you are a moron or a member of the “tribe?” then? You insist on trying to refute real history with practically every post, POG.

        • Tucker, I don’t know about David Duke, but I do agree with all of your points concerning white people. I too am sick to death of white people being demonized by the MSM, all of these other groups having bad intentions toward us, etc. I don’t see anything wrong with standing up for white people. old fool posts under the perfect name. don’t know his real age, but he’s definitely a fool if he thinks it’s alright for white people to be destroyed. MOLON LABE braveheart

          • Braveheart this is what is happening in our universities:

            Articles from Washington Times 9/4/02 and Harvard Magazine.

            Harvard Professor Argues for Abolishing the White Race

            Noel Ignatiev, founder of a journal called Race Traitor and a fellow at Harvard’s W.E.B. Dubois Institute, a leading Black Studies department argues in the current issue of Harvard Magazine that “abolishing the white race is SO DESIREABLE THAT SOME MAY FIND IT HARD TO BELIEVE THAT ANYONE OTHER THAN COMMITTED WHITE SUPREMICISTS WOULD OPPOSE IT.”

            The universities public affairs office had no comment.

            “Suppose any other magazine in America ran a headline ‘Abolish the Black Race’, what do you suppose the reaction would be?” Another quote from the same David Horowit “That at Harvard it is merely standard cirriculum to criticise the white race.”

            Mr. Ignatievs’ parents are Jews that immigrated from Russia. He is a one time steel worker and Marxist activist. His website ‘Race Traitor’ motto: Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity. Race Traitors aim was to chronicle and analyze the making..remaking..and unmaking of whiteness.

            He joined the communist party in 1958 then left to form the Provisional Organization of Communists to Reconstitute the Marxist Lennist Party. Involved with Students for a Democratic Society. Earned a masters degree at Harvard and joined their faculty.

            Harvard Magazine
            Washington Times


            Imagine if you will that we had Skinhead KKK members as professors at our prestigious universities. How can these admitted communists hold these positions and what tripe are they teaching your children.

          • Braveheart

            Please do not assume that you know my thoughts on white people. It is not alright to demonize white people or to destroy them/us. By the same token, it’s not okay to demonize or destroy Jewish people, but demonization occurs in the comments section, multiply times every day on this site.

            There isn’t anything wrong, on its face, of having a representative for a particular group or viewpoint. But my point to Tucker was that David Duke, being a known neo nazi, is probably not the best choice. Out of all the whites in the country , David Duke is the best choice? Really?

            I’m a fan of Patrick J. Buchanan myself. He’s been a defender of white people and Western Civilization for many years. Check him out.

          • Actually, I am not a dedicated fan of Duke and find considerable room where he deserves criticism. But, I have the highest amount of respect for the contributions and the personal sacrifices he has made and admire him for having the courage to not only fight for the perfectly legitimate ethnic interests of White people – but, because he has the guts to expose our #1 enemy.

            He has been particularly effective at exposing the hypocrisy of that enemy when it comes to the issue of immigration policies, contrasting their anti-white position here in America and their pro-their own tribe over in Israel.

        • Whites have allowed it to happen. How do minorities of two percent and thirteen percent run over the majority? By using white guilt and unlike whites who spend most of their efforts posting to each other on sites like this which does nothing, they on the other hand send money to politicians who then do what they are bribed to do. When the day arrives that we use the same tactic, mainly spending money to win we will. How many who post here have ever sent a contribution to any candidate? Probably less than two percent. Get used to being screwed.

      77. What do you think would happen to all the baby boomers being so old and wise?


        The following is a chart to indicate the physical symptoms of hypo-
        thermia. It is provided to assist in showing the various stages of
        hypothermia that are readily apparent. It has no copyright and is to
        be used and distributed as you see fit. I hope that it will help in
        the recognition and prevention and treatment of hypothermia.

        The chart is broken down into approximate body temperature and the
        symptoms that develop at those temps. The temps are in degrees f. If
        you have any questions regarding hypothermia, please leave me a mes-
        sage or e-mail note.

        98.6-95.0Intense shivering, ability to perform complex tasks
        is impaired, fatigue, poor coordination, immobile and
        fumbling hands.

        95.0-91.4Violent shivering, difficulty speaking,
        sluggish in
        thinking, amnesia starts to appear, starts to lose
        contact with environment, stumbling gait, feeling of
        deep cold and numbness.

        91.4-87.8Shivering decreases, in it’s place is muscle rigidity,
        erratic movement, thinking is not clear, victim can’t
        still stand, hallucinations, loses contact with the

        87.8-85.2Rigid muscles, no shivering, very irrational, starts
        into a stupor, pulse and respiration slow, pupils
        start to dilate, skin is turning bluish, drowsiness.

        Does not respond to words that are spoken, pulse is
        very erratic, reflexes do not function, victim will
        be only semi-conscious, heart starts atrial fib.

        BELOW 78.8
        Heart and respiratory failure, ventricular fib,
        probable brain and lung hemorrhage, apparent death.

        Victims have been saved with core temps as low as 75.0f. The best
        chances of recovery are from early diagnosis and treatment. Even
        though there may not be a pulse or breathing, the victim can be saved.
        Many times the cold will cause a reaction in the nervous system that
        can help the victim. The most important thing to remember is that it
        won’t go away!!! The problem must be treated and treated quickly.
        This goes for others as well as for yourself. You should always be
        aware of what is happening to you as well as your partners. Be pre-
        pared to treat it before you cannot help yourself.

        Acute problems looming for major U.S. cities
        BOB UNRUH
        People considering a move to a new city or region frequently check the job prospects, quality of the schools, crime rates, property values and possibly the shopping or entertainment venues.
        Soon, maybe, they’ll have to ask whether there’s enough water.
        That’s according to a new report from listing 10 major U.S. cities facing acute water shortages in the future. Drastic measures will be needed to keep supplies available to millions of Americans, the report said, costing trillions of dollars.
        After all, the human body, which is 65 percent water, can only survive three days without more water, scientists say.


      80. Companion Plantings and Pesticide recipes

        To keep aphids and other pests off: Finely chop
        1 onion
        2 medium cloves of garlic

        Put ingredients into a blender with 2 cups of water and blend on
        high. Strain out pulp. Pour liquid into spray bottle. Spray a fine
        mist on rose bushes, making sure to coat both tops and bottoms of


        Use an aluminum foil mulch around the base of plants such as
        tomatoes. The reflection confuses the insects and drives them away.

        Combine 1/2 cup buttermilk, 4 cups wheat flour and 5 gallons water.
        Suffocates spider mites and other mites.

        Apply rubbing alcohol to insect clusters with cotton swab. Wash with
        insecticidal soap and rinse. Isolate infected plant if possible.

        Sprinkle flour on developing cabbage heads. The flour swells up
        inside the worms and bursts their intestines.

        Sprinkle salt directly onto slug. They shrivel up and die.
        Place shallow bowl of beer on the ground near slug trails and leave
        overnight. Copper wire? Coil a piece of wire around the base of your
        plants to give slugs a shocking experience. They won’t come back.

        To help protect flowers, vegetables and shrubs from insects attacks.

        Recipe 1:

        1/2 cup dead insects
        2 cups water

        When insects infest flowers, vegetables or shrubs, identify and
        gather the pests. Collect at least 1/2 cupful. Place in an old
        blender with the water. Blend on high, and then strain out the pulp
        using a cheesecloth or fine sieve. Dilute at a rate of 1/4 cup to 1
        cup of water. Pour liquid into a spray bottle and apply to plants.
        Will keep up to a year, stored in a tightly sealed container.

        Recipe 2:

        3 hot green peppers (canned or fresh)
        2 or 3 cloves garlic
        3/4 tsp liquid soap
        3 cups raw water

        Puree the peppers and garlic cloves in a blender. Pour into a spray
        bottle and add the liquid soap and water. Let stand 24 hours. Strain
        out pulp and spray onto infested plants, making sure to coat both
        tops and bottoms of leaves.

        CAUTION: Always test any new insecticide on a few small leaves before
        starting a full-scale application.


        Basil: Plant with tomatoes to improve growth and flavor. Plant with
        asparagus to increase vigor. Plant near compost pile to keep insects
        away. Plant around doors and windows to keep insects away. DO NOT
        plant with Rue.

        Bay Leaf: A fresh bay leaf in storage containers of beans or grains
        will deter weevils and moths.

        Borage: Plant with tomatoes, squash, and strawberries to deter horn
        worms and black flea beetles. Also attracts honeybees. Plant as close
        as possible to compost pile; adds potassium, calcium, and other
        minerals when decomposing.

        Caraway: Good for loosening compacted soil.

        Catnip: Deters flea beetles.

        Chamomile: Improves flavor of cabbage and onions. Also promotes
        growth in nearby plants.

        Chervil: Improves growth and flavor of radishes.

        Dill: Improves growth and health of cabbages. DO NOT plant with
        carrots or tomatoes.

        Fennel: DO NOT plant in garden for any reason. Plant separately,
        plant coriander with it to prevent seeds from setting. Attracts bees.

        Garlic: Plant with roses, raspberries, and lettuce to repel aphids
        and Japanese beetles. Also repels blight from potatoes and tomatoes,
        flea beetles from potatoes, red spiders from tomatoes, and green
        lopers from cabbage. DO NOT plant near peas.

        Horseradish: Plant near potatoes to repel potato bugs. Also at the
        base of fruit trees to fight fruit rot.

        Hyssop: Plant with grapevines to increase grape yield. DO NOT plant
        with radishes.

        Lovage: Plant with any plant; improves health of all vegetables.

        Marjoram: Plant with any plant; improves flavor and health.

        Mint: Plant with tomatoes and cabbage to improve health. Also repels
        cabbageworm; black flea beetles from radishes; hornworm from
        tomatoes; ants from almost everything.

        Parsley: Plant with roses to repel rose beetles; Mix with carrot
        seeds to repel carrot flies; Attracts bees second year if allowed to

        Rosemary: Plant with cabbage, beans, and carrots to improve overall

        Sage: Repels cabbageworm, and white cabbage butterfly. Also repels
        carrot flies. DO NOT plant near cucumbers.

        Southernwood: Plant near cabbage to repel cabbagemoths; also dried
        leaves repel ants.

        Savory: Plant with beans and onions to improve flavor; repels cabbage
        moths, hornworms, and black flea beetles.

        Tansy: Plant with blackberries, grapes, raspberries, and roses;
        repels cane borers. Also repels flying insects, Japanese beetles,
        striped cucumber beetles, squash bugs, cabbageworms, cabbage
        butterfly, and ants.

        Thyme: Deters cabbage butterfly and cabbageworms.

        Valerian: Plant anywhere in the garden to attract earthworms.

        Yarrow: Plant with any other herb to increase the oils in that herb.
        Also good with any vegetable.

        Sugar Ant Hotel

        a.. 1 cup borax
        b.. 1 cup sugar water
        c.. 4 shallow glass jars with screw tops (small jar of marinated
        artichoke heart jars are ideal)
        d.. 4 loose wads of toilet paper

        In a bowl, mix the borax and sugar. Place a loose wad of toilet paper
        into each of four different screw-top jars. Pour a quarter of the
        sugar and borax mixture into each of the four jars, over the toilet
        paper. Fill each jar with water to one inch of the top. Screw the
        lids on the jars, and with a hammer and nail, make four to eight
        holes in the lid. Place the jars in areas where you have ants (but
        keep away from pets and children).

        Helpful Hints:
        This ant trap will catch the workers but not the queen. A more
        comprehensive solution is to blend 1/4 cup of confectioner’s sugar
        and one tablespoon of borax and sprinkle it in ant traffic areas.
        There is not enough borax with this method to kill the worker ants
        immediately, so they take it back to the nest, ultimately eradicating
        it. (If the worker ants do die at the powder, cut back on the borax.)

        Caution: Keep borax products away from pets and other animals.

        Diatomaceous Earth is the hard shells of sea creatures. These shells
        have sharp edges and tend to tear an insect up from the inside out.
        Diatomaceous Earth is not harmful to humans or other large animals
        because they cannot do enough damage in our mostly liquid bodies to
        harm us.

        When Diatomaceous Earth is sprinkled on the ground, on an ant mount,
        or mixed with grains, legumes, etc., it slices and dices the insects
        that walk through it. Many farmers deliberately mix Diatomaceous
        Earth with animal feed to kill internal parasites in farm animals.
        The Diatomaceous Earth in the animal feces even kills the fly maggots
        that invariably appear in the patties.

        Diatomaceous Earth comes in at least two grades: Horticultural Grade
        and Food Grade. It’s important to use only Food Grade Diatomaceous
        Earth if you’re using it to store grains.

        If you want to use it on plants, don’t get any on the flowers. It’ll
        slice up the few honeybees we have left. And I don’t recommend
        incorporating mass quantities into the soil. Earthworms are good
        things: Diatomaceous Earth is also effective against fleas, but
        again, take care not to let your pet breathe it.

        OSHA Says: Diatomaceous Earth: A soft siliceous solid composed of
        skeletons of small prehistoric aquatic plants. Contains primarily
        silica. Silica: Group 3, not classifiable as to its carcinogenicity
        to humans (Amorphous Silica)

        • Aphids:
          Simple/easy/natural/cheap killer for aphids–works for tomato plants and petunias.
          1 teaspoon dishwashing liquid in 1 quart of water. Spray leaves and stalks liberally. If not gone in 24 hours, repeat.
          Guaranteed to work.

          Another use for D.E.–rid ants with no mess:
          Spray Diatomaceous Earth powder form on the area with ants(hint–use salt shaker)–they will literally run away from it. Dead?? Just vacuum.

          Thanks; great tips, Old Vet.

          • Aphids:
            Simple/easy/natural/cheap killer for aphids–works for tomato plants and petunias.
            1 teaspoon dishwashing liquid in 1 quart of water. Spray leaves and stalks liberally. If not gone in 24 hours, repeat.
            Guaranteed to work.

            Another use for D.E.–rid ants with no mess:
            Spray Diatomaceous Earth powder form on the area with ants(hint–use salt shaker)–they will literally run away from it. Dead?? Just vacuum.

            Thanks; great tips, Old Vet.

            • DE kills fleas too!

          • Many a thumbs up Old Vet!

            Thanks much for the block of instruction.

            • ZYCLON-B Works real Swell to Kill LICE! just wanted to add that FYI. Lice cause TYPHUS, which was rampant all across europe in both WWI and WWII…Zyclon B did wonders killing Lice and lice eggs to Halt spread of typhus.

              Just dont hold your breath awaiting a movie from Hollywood telling You that Truth! All hollywood promotes is…OYVEY!!! Its dat GASsssssssssssss! again!

              Kin ya do me a fava..Ya not gonna chage me is ya! OyVey!

              If I had one dollar for every time some jew customer of mine at my former job asked me to do a favor and then complained when I asked did they first want a Price?

              And then like clockwork everytime their asnwer is “You gonna Charge me for dat”?!!!…No you stupid bitch we always work free so we can’t eat or pay bills!

              PS These are the wealthiest jew women in america! Multi million dollar homes and paychecks yet whine like only jews whine when you tell them you must charge a fee to do xtra labor etc!

              PSS: Whats them jew womens favorite sex position?

              On her hands and knees Faceing MACYS!!!

        • excellent post,,,
          Merry Christmas!

        • Old Vet,

          Great post! Thank you!

        • No offense, Old Vet, but since that was a cut-and-paste from somewhere, maybe you could have just posted the link?

          • Old Coach: Just an E-mail I received (no link) and I thought maybe it could help someone out. Sorry.

            • Fair enough. I figured it was a link you found somewhere.
              It was all good info.

      81. I wanna check out my score. Is that like free Fuck all of you NSA ass suckers. A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL FELLOW PATRIOTS ! ! ! ENJOY & GOD BLESS

        • +1
          Merry Christmas to you SOIA

          big middle finger to NSA and DHS

      82. Meanwhile….

        Just in…

        December 22, 2013

        Michael Morell, the former acting director of the CIA and a member of President Obama’s task force on surveillance, said in an interview on Sunday that a controversial telephone data-collection program conducted by the National Security Agency should be expanded to include emails. He also said the program, far from being unnecessary, could prevent the next 9/11.

        Section 215 of the Patriot Act,…..”has the ability to stop the next 9/11 and if you added emails in there it would make it even more effective. Had it been in place in 2000 and 2001, I think that probably 9/11 would not have happened.”

        As NinaO’S Mom would say…


        enjoy the day


        • 20 years ago I read that the NSA had Operation Carnivore and Operation Echelon. One collected all phone calls the other collected all computor communications. The Feds are still lying about the extent of their abilities.

      83. ,…..”has the ability to stop the next 9/11 and if you added emails in there it would make it even more effective. Had it been in place in 2000 and 2001, I think that probably 9/11 would not have happened.”

        ha, ha, ha–ha, I’m still laughing! 😉

        • jayjay

          Got a chuckle or 2 myself…unfortunately most, and many here, still believe the “official” story to this day..


      84. *****H7N9 UPDATE*****

        Chicken Sales Plummet in China, Hong Kong After Bird Flu Returns

        “The last time China’s birdflu epidemic dominated the ether, and internet, was in April, when news of numerous casualties led many to believe that the epidemic was on the verge of breaching all local containment measures. And then, suddenly, all media coverage of China’s H7N9 story disappeared as if by Department of Truth (and propaganda) magic. Naturally, the quick popular response was to assume that all was again well since the government no longer made it a notable topic – just like the Japanese government did with Fukushima. However, as in the case of Fukushima, it turns out all may not have been well. As Japan’s NHK reports, H7N9 bird flu strain is once again spreading in southern China, claiming the 148th victim of the vicious flu virus. Or perhaps instead of “once again” it was simply “constantly.”

        and in the US
        H1N1 continuing to spread
        especially in Texas
        some are saying it is a variant of the H1N1 that was prevalent
        in 2009
        and that this “new,improved” version is much more virulent
        this years flu vaccine is supposed to protect against H1N1
        and this is a big BUT

        this latest virus has not yet been sequenced
        so although the flu shot may protect against the 2009 version
        there is a good chance it may be ineffective against the 2013 version

        my advice is if you are showing signs of a flu infection
        get to the doctor sooner rather than later
        this new flu is already killing people
        its causing a secondary pneumonia
        followed by ARDS and organ failure
        its nothing to be playing around with

        • The Chinese could can the chicken and ship it to the U.S.
          Even without flu concerns, their record of food safety standards is poor.

          Earlier this year, “Agriculture Department officials approved certain Chinese plants for processing.”

          “Processed poultry products do NOT require country-of-origin labeling.”

          “In the near future, American consumers may begin eating processed poultry products from China, and then possibly poultry raised in China, without knowing it or being able to make informed choices in the marketplace.”

          Politico dot com

          • Well, heck, why not?
            We here in America with states and states full of apple orchards can’t seem to process our own apple juice—we have it travel 6000 miles from China to give it that aged flavor!!! 🙁

            • AND, you know what really ticks me off??
              The origin isn’t available on the label where it’s readable, oh no—you must search for the damned thing stamped in black in the most inconspicuous place on that plastic!!! 🙁

              • No wonder I don’t buy Giorio’s–$1.50 a can!!! 🙂

            • JayJay, unbelievable and I know perxactly what you mean. And I may sound alittle like the old Eisenkraut in this comment, when I say I don’t care what happens to stupid people when they buy foodstuff from China. We almost don’t have a choice in many things that we buy because almost everything is made in China, but knowing there track record it is utter stupidity to buy a food product from China. Sad part is peolpe buy this tainted apple juice and give it to their children, which is sad. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

              • Well, I had cases of mandarin oranges until I learned of their fertilizing processes.
                I still have cases of mushrooms–try finding those not grown in China, but apple juice? I found some from Indonesia.
                We don’t know because the law is…if not printed otherwise, grown in USA. IF grown in another country, MUST say so—So, they hide the damn ‘made in China’ or a ‘product of China’ to where you think it is USA, till you spot that print so intentionally hidden in BLACK type on the side…after drinking half!!

                • I’m on the opposite side of the country from you; most of the foreign apple juice I find is from South America. However, when one can swing it the spendy local stuff is THE best.

                • JayJay, I don’t know what kind of mushrooms your talking about. But I buy canned mushrooms, pieces&stems at WalMart all the time that are a product of USA. Giorgio brand. But I do know what your talking about on the place of product being hard to find. I almost bought one of those big bottles of apple juice, before I noticed that product of China stamped on the bottle in small blck letters. Trekker Out.

                  • thanks–I don’t shop Chinamart, IGA/Aldi’s mostly, but I will check out that brand.
                    I buy cases, so one stop at chinamart will not kill me! 😉

          • I am done buying chicken at the store,,,
            Have an order in for 100 day old rhode island red chicks in the first shipping from a hatchery,, and might get a few dozen red rangers a few weeks later, dont really trust the food production now, too much crap,, going to grow corn and feed the flock sweet corn and kale and maybe a few suplements and they will be free ranged in my fallow fields.

            • That’s the spirit…People have a choice…they don’t have to eat foreign food but most folks will buy the cheapest thing they can find to save a nickel and get a few more bites even if those bites are killing them…(Kula,you spoke I believe once about how people would haggle with you at a farmers market over a nickel…(which often was the profit margin)…some purposely wont buy till the end of the day then try to get you to give the food to them…I fed it to the hogs first…that’s why I quit trying to sell to the public…one of the reasons I cut back on producing…sure some guys will make money but for me asking a fair price isn’t an invitation to haggle…that’s beside the point I guess…until people are willing to demand good clean food from American small farmers and back it up by supporting them then chinky/corporate crap that’s called food will continue to be the norm…this govicorp is/has sold Americas farmers/consumers down the river and the consumer thinks its for their good…I don’t buy food from outside besides a few bananas or olives that we really cant get around here otherwise…with USDA/FDA involved in our food supply the American mass food supply is bad enough with out going else where asking for problems…not saying all outside food is risky…some places in Europe and such have pretty good standards but many don’t,and the govicorp interferes with the good stuff getting into our hands…just don’t settle for china(cheap) grown trying to save a nickel…otherwise they’ll keep shipping us this crap… 2cents

              • Reb…and Kula–the first thanks when I say ‘grace’ at any meal is for the farmers.

                • JayJay,Hunter…thank you!

              • Reb-

                Your post is the absolute truth!

                ..the wife used to have a small road-side veggie/fruit/pecans/free range eggs stand, curtsey of our small organic-farming endeavors…and ‘YES’ it was always the city-slickers in their new cars/new SUV’s, that wanted to haggle!

                After 2 years of such, she abandoned the stand & now sells only to neighbors & a few other country folk in the area, from the farm itself.

              • Thanks for your post,
                It blows my mind the way people expect something for nothing,, also a reason why i cut my production as well. Lots of the local stores buy direct from the farmers, good for everybody,
                What pisses me off is the wholesalers who talk down prices paid to producers so they (the wholesaler) can make a profit off the growers produce, middleman!

                • Ya those middlemen tend to suck all the cream off top and all the marrow out of your efforts and we find we paid the buyer to take our food off our hands,nutso!…folks could do better if they just went direct to the farmers and stopped comparing our good clean crops with the cheapest crap on the market and then demanding we beat their low price and wed make a living.

                  JayJay…ya crazy world we live in eh?…no chinky crap mushrooms or other fine cusine for this REB either… 🙂 Kula/JayJay and all of you have a blessed CHRIST-mas!

                  • And to you, Reb!

              • I think I have been doing just that. Buying the cheapest mushrooms on the shelf.
                When you grab a few cases, cause I use mushrooms in lots of dishes(just had them on my omelette :-)) generally take the cheapest and I have cases stacked before I realized China uses human manure for their fertilizer–look it up, I read they do!!
                But, now am I gonna give $1.50 a can for Giorgio’s or do without?/
                Cause this girl AIN”T buying China mushrooms if she can help it!
                Now, I wonder if they are pooping on their mandarin orange trees??
                Cause I stopped buying them too.

            • Good move with the Reds. We had great luck with them as layers but have always sold them off. We have Barred Rock now and the wife doesn’t really like them much. We are planning on raisng another batch of laying Reds this year.

              Once I saw that we are going to be fed unregulated Chinese crap I decided I was going to build a chicken tractor and raise meat hens this year as well.

              We also plant a non-GMO corn field for feed and they can “free range” in a large area outside their coop. The eggs have been great and I expect the meat in the freezer will be just as good.

              (Not to mention safe to eat.)

        • Call me crazy, but get elderberries, black currants, or the syrups of either of them and keep them on hand for the flu season. They are anti-viral and if used diligently at the first sign of sickness, they really do beat it back wonderfully. Mix up a hot cup of Ribena and go to the doctor per Satori’s post above.

        • Call me crazy, but get elderberries, black currants, or the syrups of either of them and keep them on hand for the flu season. They are anti-viral and if used diligently at the first sign of sickness, they really do beat it back wonderfully. Mix up a hot cup of Ribena and go to the doctor per Satori’s post above.

          • Wow- double post, how did that happen? Apologies one and all.

      85. Why is it so few people,such as here, also, NOT talking about purchasing land OUTSIDE of North America, in particular the U.S.?

        Parts of Canada ( Northern) have their own “grid” and not part of the main grid, are great for Hunting and Fishing for FOOD providing you prepare for the Winter which can be vicious and snowy. This link has Wilderness land and by the way, the government does not bother people living totally off the grid,, in Canada,local or otherwise : but if you are MORE adventurous and want to be completely off any kind of “grid” and thus unlikely to be affected by an EMP storm try PARAGUAY,South America:

        I put my money where my muth is and I have land in Canada,PARAGUAY,South America and Africa…JUST in case !!! I am not taking any chances

        • I am planning on buying in Australia soon; right after I scrape together my coins to make that property tax payment…yeah, right! 😉
          Many of us here live from week to week, so flashing your wealth isn’t nice and shows bad financial etiquette.
          Signed: Dear Flabby

          • What is your REAL problem JayJay?

            For your information I purchased my properties ( except the one in Africa) in 1980 when they were very cheap and everybody, obviously,people like you, thought I was crazy.

            I have been in a small business most of my life.I am 74 now and via Sacrifice( I don’t smoke, drink or socialize ,other than holiday celebrations)and working 7 days per week,10 hours per day, I was able to purchase those properties.

            You and your envy, arrogance, and especially IGNORANCE sound to me like one of the reasons America is in trouble.

            Time to learn about life and have respect for others who sacrificed and worked hard to get somewhere…AND, by the way I am STILL NOT WEALTHY.

            • free spirit you may not be wealthy ? However there are the commie entitlement social engineering folks. they actually believe you have more than your fair share! They want to punish your success and redistribute a portion of it to the failed parasites.

          • +1
            Not to mention ALL forms of refuge have a price!

            • I am not the best at reading between the lines so could you clarify in a straight forward manner,please, as I don’t really understand your meaning


              • Why when i can legally own almost any type if firearm right here at home in hawaii be thinking about buying property in Aus,, where every gun i own would be illegal, not to mention immigrating to Aus is not only difficult, but also expensive,,, so yea, its different there, but even if i could afford it, the cost is more than i would be willing to pay, im kinda partial to my “assault rifles” over here they are excellent for long range goat hunting, can usually plug 2 or 3 of them before they even figure out whats going on.

                • Ok now I understand.You were talking about JayJAy’s comment about Australia

                  Thanks for the claification

        • With respect…myself(I suspect others) I cant see allowing them to make me leave and I have no illusions that other places are/will be any better than they are right here,tyrants are plentiful everywhere…I could be wrong but Im not planning on running somewhere else where things may well go to hell after I get there… then Im not only in the same/worse mess but Im now a refugee in a strange place where no one thinks the way I do and perhaps has a different language/culture…Id be obliged to adjust to that culture(not to mention the cost of going)…just cant see it…not saying its/youre wrong its just not in my vein of thinking,personally… not willing to take that chance myself…no, Ill stay right here and make my stand…I wish you good luck with your choice,hope it works for you… 🙂

          • “REB” , It is a good thing the Europeans, who fought tyranny for 100’a of years, didn’t think your way.
            They finally realized the only hope for Freedom was “running” ( your word) to the North American continent and building the Greatest,Freest country ever.

            NOW may be the time for North Americans to leave and do what the Europeans DID( past tense), in North America

            It is only a matter of recognizing, that Tyranny is now RULING in North America.

            THAT is my informed opinion

      86. @ Everyone. Did any of you have a problem with connecting with the site this morning? All other web sites I had no problem with connecting to, but no dice with SHTFplan for the past couple of hours. Just wondering if someone in the government was messing around and preventing me and others from getting here or not.

        • No problems here

        • yes,same here.earlier.. BI..
          But we are but mere players in the grand scheme of things..

          Worry not…


        • BI: Not this site but all of the Russian sites where down, along with a few other sites that I go to.

      87. The ultimate way to protect your family from such an event would be to have a secret off grid bunker. The ideal bunker would provide you enough storage for an extended period of time while enabling you to live an off the grid lifestyle. The key element to keeping your family safe is the ability to keep it a secret from EVERYONE. Such a bunker can be found here: . They work totally in house so you do not have to be concerned with local contractors knowing the whereabouts of your bunker. These bunkers are very advanced and can be built with secret escape tunnels, video surveillance, blast doors, NBC air filtration system and many other safety and security features. They are the ultimate tool to ensure your family’s safety.

      88. As for me, “give me Liberty, or give me death” !
        But keep in mind, I will NOT go out easily.
        I am a combat Marine !

        • Merry Christmas to you and yours and also a happy new year! I hope anyway….

        • Nam Marine, You know how this story goes. Well we had to go in and try to protect him from himself, seems he was having mental problems. Must have been having flashbacks from Nam, we had to use overwhelming force for his own good and for his wife, but unfortunetly once inside we found out he had taken his wife’s life and killed himself. Now the media talks to all the neighbors, and they all say, well we never expected this, he seemed like such a normal guy maybe just alittle grouchy at times and somewhat anti-government but other than that it is just a sad situation. And another Freedom Fighter bites the dust. And the big game goes on. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem,para bellum!

      89. Just had a 5.5 about 500 miles north of the Virgin Islands. This is on the outer parameters of the bermuda Triangle and in the Sargasso Sea. This is a point of no recorded earthquakes around here over 4.5. This could mean the Caribbean plate is getting ready to unleash itself, and sending tension to areas outside the Caribbean plate boundaries. The Caribbean plate is a little bit smaller than the Japanese section of the 9.0 earthquake. This would affect the Atlantic coast areas. This is something that needs watching because as previous comments, the Caribbean plate is sending out energy for the past 3 weeks into some of these precursor earthquake locations.

        • Hows all those quakes in the continental US this morning,,,

          • Huh? I see just ONE for today on IRIS…..

        • Merry Christmas to you and yours BI,
          And hope it is a happy new year for you as well.

      90. Regardless if you think this could happen or not what happened in Boston should be an eye opener. That was a drill sports fans. There was no need to lock down a city to find one person. Also he was able to “get away” from the police….how convenient…. so they could lock down the city. What amazed me was the level of compliance. Ask yourself did people fear the terrorist or did they fear the armed shock troops? If you live in a big city if (when?) there is a financial collapse what happened in Boston will be happening there. It will be sold as preventing rioting/looting…. still you will be stuck at home. For how long? Who knows?

      91. An open invitation to my countrymen to do battle, together:

        There are those sons of the Republic, those men of the Green Beret who are ready to stand with their countrymen, who love our nation
        Stand and face the death, taking it if need be
        For what do we have if not this country
        Birthed in fire, bathed in blood, borne of battle
        Let the battle be joined; let it be joined now
        Before those who know and can are too old and no longer can

        Anytime at all, I await any who would follow
        Tell me
        And I’ll lead it

        We will have years of warfare before us
        We will war as our family ages and passes by from our lives: for this is the sacrifice that is required to purge our land of the tyrants who have it now

        So who is ready? To paraphrase Journey

        “Anytime that you want me to; anytime that you need me to”

        Give me 100 men and we can begin it.
        Just 100 men who will be willing to follow orders, and then follow me as I do it, leading the way

        Just give me that, and I’ll lead you
        And we’ll turn the 100 to a thousand, and we’ll bring it to a million

        I’ll die, I’m sure of it: but not before we have started this, the purge of the communists from this, our land
        Let the blood of my enemies soak my head and hands
        For G-d has made me to war, and to stand for righteousness

        I’m ready to give at least ten years to battle, to unremitting combat, to turn away from all I own and all I love, everything I have

        To lead anyone who will follow and help me to fight

        Anytime at all, anytime at all

        Who’s with me?

        Snake Plisskin
        MAJ, U.S. Army Special Forces (Abn), Ret

      92. Stop and think:

        We learn from history, that we learn nothing from history!

        Merry Christmas

      93. Going to be out of state tomorrow and Christmas Day.

        So to ALL of you here at shtfplan…

        Have a wonderful Christmas..

        Hug your family and friends..keep them close.

        BTW..I received today 2 beautiful original water colors from Greece..

        Artist… my Christmas is complete!

        He is ok..sends his blessings.


      94. I want to wish all the readers here a very Merry Christmas and a survivable 2014. My husband just got out the hospital and my son in law is in the hospital in another city, so things are not looking too bright at the moment, but there are always miracles at Christmas time.

        • Your story and other’s like it make us realize how blessed we are to have our health.
          Have the best one you can under the circumstances.
          God bless.

          • Why in the world would someone give you a thumbs down?

        • Prayers for healing for your family members…blessings to you and Merry Christmas!

      95. I read many articles, and, frankly, this is nothing but fear mongering. Mass roundups? Really? In America? Oh, pleeeeeez let it happen soon while I still have my eyesight to watch the government forces get pounded into the ground by “Unknown Domestic Terrorists”!

        There will be a lot of whispered “Watch this…” followed by a long BOOMS! echoed from the hillsides.

        They unconstitutionally destroyed the lives of thousands of Americans of Japanese decent during World Lie II and they’ll probably try it with World Lie III but don’t bet on it being nearly as easy. Americans have seen what these crooked bastards have done in the past. They won’t get away with it in the future.

        We know what happens when only military and police have guns. They made a movie about it. It was titled “Schindler’s List”. Molon Labe isn’t even close. Americans remember. Americans know.

        No, this article will never happen.

        Oh, and as far as martial law, they can’t call martial law. They’d have to call it martial martial law. Read your history. We’re still under a state of emergency. Why do you think The Kenyan can spew forth executive orders like a monkey on a diet of figs?

        • ….since about 1933 if I recall…under a state of emergency.

      96. This is one of the cleverest
        E-mails I’ve received in a while.
        Someone out there
        Must be “deadly” at Scrabble.
        Wait till you see the last one!
        It’s going to be hard to top because
        It fits to a “T”

        When you rearrange the letters:

        When you rearrange the letters:

        When you rearrange the letters:
        A ROPE ENDS IT

        THE EYES:
        When you rearrange the letters:
        THEY SEE

        GEORGE BUSH:
        When you rearrange the letters:
        HE BUGS GORE

        When you rearrange the letters:

        When you rearrange the letters:
        DIRTY ROOM

        When you rearrange the letters:

        When you rearrange the letters:
        IS NO AMITY

        When you rearrange the letters:

        When you rearrange the letters:
        ALAS! NO MORE Z ‘S

        When you rearrange the letters:
        I’M A DOT IN PLACE

        When you rearrange the letters:

        When you rearrange the letters:

        When you rearrange the letters:

        AND FINALLY….

        When you rearrange the letters:
        “An Arab Backed Imposter”
        Bet your friends haven’t seen this one!

      97. WtF!!! ;0p

        The ZOG Department of Homoland ObummerCare has gone too far this time me thinks … time to migrate to Russia .

        ‘Get ObummerCare Enrolled Christmas Carol with the Fairy Tinkle Toe Boys singing along!’

        ;0p pssszzt

        see attachment below …

      98. What does Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong have in common? They all gained tyrannical power by murdering dissidents. Yet they weren’t really dissidents, they were fellow countrymen murdered and betrayed by their own countrymen serving in the military.

        Don’t think it could happen here? When everything on the Internet is redirected to a government webpage and all News Media, whether it is Satellite, Local Broadcast or Radio, has been interrupted by an Emergency Government Broadcast telling you to remain at home and indoors. It doesn’t take a lot of resources to control a population.

        Regardless of what happens here, the greatest threat facing American’s today isn’t the Government. Not counting the Judgement of God coming upon the world for global Apostasy and Heresy, it would be man made disasters starting with Fukashima at the top of the list, followed by Monsanto’s genetically altered plants and organisms, and finally, weaponized viral research coupled with the overuse and saturation of antibiotics in both humans and animals.

        No matter how you slice it, the world is facing an extinction event. Whatever anyone thinks they’re fighting for, there will soon be nothing to claim victory over. With the Oceans being poisened with radioactive cesium and the food chain being comprimized by out of control global gentic experiments and virulent strains of diseases mysteriously popping up all over the globe, it’s safe to say that the Earth is a Lost and Dying World. We’re starting to see the death throes even as we speak; Violent and Extreme Weather; Psunomies which were until recently theorical Once in a Lifetime Event, are now common place companions in world disasters; a Major uptick in Volcanic eruptions and Ring of Fire activity; Earthquakes everywhere and in uncommon places.

        It’s a time to step back and reflect, to enjoy family and friends, exhalt, glorify and magnify God. There are things beyond our control and like Noah, God saved Him and His house at the stroke of midnight, so is He faithful to keep those that reverence Him.

        “If in this life only do we have hope then we are of all men most miserable.”

        • You’re full of it. Take your left-wing propaganda and move to Cuba.

      99. For me one of the best mindset’s for every PATRIOT: Man, Women, and Child is this:


      100. If I may say, I Love MY Lord, Jesus Christ, and just a little over 24 hours from now many will celebrate a day that is set aside in rememberance of his birth. Some have not excepted him as their Savior which is totally up to each individual to decide. The sad part is that a few, have HiJacked this site to argue about whether they love the Jewish people or hate them, and then some time we argue about which of us are true Christians and which are cults. I know these verses are written to Christians but I think we can all take a lesson from them. Ephesians 4:31&32 “Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you,with all malice: and be ye kind one to another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you. So lets all have a Merry Christmas, and let this site get back to what it’s suppose to be. Trekker Out.

        • Mountain Trekker,

          Galatians 3:28

          There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.


      101. Obama grew up in place devoid of “white privilege”.
        Picture anyplace in the USA having a beat a “racial slur here” day. Yet in hawai they have a beat a haole day and no one says a word.

        False Flag ? My guess is a bio weapon that kills by blood type. RH + people are the mod numerous , you figure it out.

      102. The Toronto District School Board in Canada already practices some of these Martial law components on Canadian citizens.

        We all know about the rise of teacher-student scandals on the media, and most parents are aware that the school curriculum is partial to blame..but Canadians are banned from speaking out against the criminal cronies who work in the Canadian public schools.

        There are hotbeds of scandals from Martingrove Collegiate, Silverthorn Collegiate, Etobicoke Collegiate and the Ministry of Education in Ontario, and the public school cronies abuse their power by enforcing surveillance on the internet and targeting bloggers who criticize the ungodly policies of the TDSB, etc.

        It can be safe to say that martial law is applicable to Canadian political culture and freedoms for Canadians are being eroded to protect the corrupt government class and their cronies in the corporate realms.

      103. I’m Oglala Lakota. I grew up on Pine Ridge and Rosebud reservation. Our reservation is split into 9 different districts, but at one time our land ran all the way to Canada. I know history that has never been taught in a book by my elders, and their elders before them. History is written by the winners. The truth is buried. I come from the poorest reservation in this country. Where most housing projects have not been updated since the 1970’s. The unemployment rate on the reservation is at 80%. The lifespan of a Native man if you are lucky is 55 years old. On Pine Ridge, there are no jobs except for the Prairie Winds Casino which employs about 300 people and one Subway sandwich shop. The casino has proven to be a failure for bringing in revenue for the people, because of where it is situated on the land, and because no one has money to go to it. You cannot even get your car fixed on the reservation, because there are no garages and mechanics to do so. You cannot even go get an ice cream cone, no chains will bring their stores there. The land is destitute and rife with abject poverty and it is getting worse. Why am I telling all of you this?

        Look around you and see that the government is doing to you what they did to us. Moving your jobs away, forcing you into socialized health care like what Indians have, and pushing you into being poor and sick. Keeping you poor and sick is way to control you and ensure depopulation. The country in a way, is being turned into one big reservation.

        If you want to know what the medicaid will be like for obamacare, ask me what it’s like to be on Indian health services. It’s the worst bottom of the barrel care you will receive.

        I moved away from my reservation years ago, now I live on the Salish reservation where there is more hope for the people here. At least there are some jobs here, but the people still struggle. I see the entirety of America being turned into a big reservation.

        • I know you are correct. Russell Means stated what you just wrote several years ago to Alex Jones during an interview. Russell Means said that the “White man is the new Indian” and warned the White’s to prepare for what is coming. That interview and several others Mr. Means did are on YouTube and are insightful and today, necessary. People of all colors, races, etc. had better prepare and pray for salvation. Thank you for your post sir (or Mam?) and enlightening us non natives to the plights of the Native Americans. I’m truly saddened by what the corrupt federal (and state) governments have done to Native Americans and are now doing to the rest of the people in the U.S. God bless you.

      104. Alot of tough talk here, but when they come for you they (remember they are cowards) will come in numbers and armed and protected to the teeth. People will be picked off. In addition, don’t expect your neighbour to back you up; they will be thoroughly intimidated and likely to “sweet-talk-the-bully” and thus turn on you. The media will beatify the “police” and demonize the good; this is there biggest weapon. how do good people like us deal with this senario ?

        • Guerrilla Warfare.

      105. I’m thinking of these things myself. I look at the pictures of Boston during shelter in place, tanks on the street, guys all over going house to house with guns. How do you fight that? I don’t care how many guns a person has, how do you fight that? You can’t.

        I was watching an episode of doomsday preppers where a guy spent thousands putting a bullet proof room/lookout on top of his house. In one swipe that would be gone with a missile or bomb dropped off a drone or helicopter.

        These are the things that make me worry for my family. We’re rural, but does that even matter?


        • I-25 Never fear, Some guy’s like chains, but I like trains, no prison’s holden me. We’ll steal us one and make a break for it. I know how to start em and I know how to run em. Put er in 8 and let the Big Dog eat. Trekker Out. HiBall!

      107. If you folks think that the author is blowing smoke on this subject, Google the term “MAIN CORE” and start reading all the hits you’re going to get.

      108. Come then, you will not take me alive. You will lose many if you try. My life and death are in the Good Lord’s hands and I will become a warrior for God. I will fight with every fiber of my being because this will be a war for souls. Mine is not for sale for it is God’s property and no one on earth will take that from me.


      110. This is my first post. I find this site very interesting.
        I live in upstate New York (horseheads) and have been prepping for about a year. A little off topic but I think the next year is going to be very interesting. My prediction: The stock market is going to crash, gold and silver are going way up, Republicans will take over the Senate, Obamacare will be repealed ( Obama will refuse sig. but will be overruled by 2/3 of Congress) Anyway, we can hope.

      111. After the first couple of hours the word will be out on their activities. It will utterly be ambush city for any uniformed or otherwise identifiable so called authorities and they will be driven back to their stations and their homes where they will be quashed once and for all.

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