Mass Exodus From Venezuela’s Socialist Violence And Starvation

by | Feb 13, 2018 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 64 comments

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    People are fleeing the socialism forced on them in Venezuela by the hundreds of thousands. Starving, and facing violence over crumbs of food, many have no choice but to flee the wasteland which used the authority of government to destroy the lives of its citizens.

    Thousands of Venezuelans are attempting to flee the socialist dystopia their nation has become. They are attempting to make it to Colombia. In a desperate bid to escape the hunger and soaring crime rate caused by the spiraling economic crisis, fueled by socialist policies, incredible pictures have surfaced showing the mass exodus of refugees crossing the Simon Bolivar international bridge trying to flee the ongoing political crisis threatening to engulf Venezuela.

    Colombia and its neighbor Brazil have both sent extra soldiers to patrol their porous borders with Venezuela after officially taking in more than half a million migrants over the last six months of 2017. The country is also tightening its border controls in a bid to stem the flow of starving people. The situation in Venezuela has reached SHTF levels.

    Truck drivers are subjected to horrific violence as looters target heavy goods vehicles carrying food in a desperate attempt to feed their families. The truckers are banned by the government from carrying guns to protect themselves, so have resorted to forming convoys to protect each other. They text each other warnings about potential trouble spots and keep moving as fast as possible.

    According to Reutersthere were 162 lootings across Venezuela in January, including 42 robberies of trucks. That is compared to just eight lootings, including one truck robbery, 12 months ago. Last month, eight people were killed in lootings alone. Venezuela has one of the world’s highest murder rates and the attacks are pushing up food and transport costs.

    The plunder is heaping more pain on battered businesses, raising questions about how much longer the starving Venezuelans can survive. The country, which is run by a full-blown socialist regime is suffering a fifth straight year of recession and the world’s highest inflation rate. –SHTFPlan

    Massive numbers of Venezuelans have been driven from their homes by the dire financial crisis spurred by the disease that is socialism. Many are struggling to feed themselves and their only hope may be an exodus to Colombia. “Colombia has never lived a situation like the one we are encountering today,” said Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos. On Thursday, Santos announced new measures that would make it much more difficult for Venezuelan migrants to cross into the country illegally or remain there without any official status.

    Colombia believes that there are currently around 600,000 Venezuelans illegally residing in the country. That number is expected to rise, as Venezuela continues to crumble.


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      1. Yet somehow Bernie and the other democrats think they can do it different

        • It is a question of degree. Certainly Northern Europe is far Socialist by US standards and the standard of living and personal freedom are high. Collapsing oil prices is the catalyst contributor to the economic downfall of Venezuela. Their far too socialistic economy is sufficiently not diversified beyond oil.

          • K2, here’s your answer from the other day..

            ht tps://

            • Terrific brain drain. Worked wonders for Hitlers Atom Bomb program.

              • Glad my physicians, who have nothing to do with NWO are here and not tossed out. They’re good.

                • Some are ok and ya they are clever, it’s the talmudists that I really hate. Nuttenyahoo wants the talmud to be the law of isrealhell….

          • K2,
            Europeans don’t have any concept of personal freedom.
            All my rights come from God. Europeans think
            your rights are granted to you by man.

            • People are fleeing the socialism forced on them in Venezuela
              “How did they force it on you, Gomez?”
              “By letting us vote!”

              • Exactly, sparky. Socialism wasn’t FORCED on them, they voted for it, welcomed and embraced it, even gave up their guns for it, then the free shit supply ran out, now they’re in the predicament that they allowed to happen to them, and are probably too stupid to realize what happened and why.

                They are just like the low IQ idiots here that supported Bernie Sanders. Can’t fix stupid.

            • They travel, eat well, have internet access, have a good roof over their heads, a solid pension, good medical care, go to the church they choose or not. Thats not too bad a life tossing in 6 weeks of vacation.

              • rellik

                Think you actually control your government? You don’t have freedom, you have an illusion.

                • K2,
                  I can’t control the government, that is true, but I also ignore it, and other than paying taxes I pretty much do and say as I damn well please. Europeans don’t have that kind of freedom.

                  • What do you do that someone in rural Norway doesn’t do? Rural is rural, city is city.

                    • K2,
                      This is a Public forum.

              • K2: Problem is the Euro folks are so dumbed down, live only for entertainment like most Americans, while their country is being invaded by third world trash whose only goal is to take down Europe and make it a caliphate. Euro males are gelded sissified cowards in pink lace, the Euro citizens are morons, unable to think critically or know their history, soon to be enslaved. Who the H would want to tour that “S hole” now?

                • Tell it like it is Laura Ann !!! 🙂

                • yes trash is being hauled to all of the ” white” you will get a little “diversity”shoved down your throat and ruin your culture.

                  • We’re at war. It’s a war on white people. When will everyone wake up and fight back?

                • Not all Europeans as the former Eastern Block, Poland, Czech Republic and others are fighting the globalist immigration system. They still have some spunk having broken free of USSR rule.

                  • K2 Lets hope these former eastern block countries keep up the resistance and watch their borders. (, Once Muslims take down the rest of Europe, they will have enough men to invade the rest unfortunately.

                    • Watch the old “Iron Curtain” be resurrected with the barbed wire reversed to keep people out. I can just see the want adds for guards. “Seeking former border guards preferably under 80 years of age”. Given several generations one time like people would be genetically different.

              • I have all you mentioned, plus I retired at age 55.
                I earned every bit of it. I’m constantly fighting with the government to keep what I have as they are trying to tax me to death and artificially inflate prices, in order to pay for Socialist crap to support people that didn’t do shit to earn what they have.

          • “It is a question of degree.”
            and the post-modern answer to that questions is always;
            “just a little bit more.”

          • “Their far too socialistic economy is sufficiently not diversified beyond oil.”

            And never can be because of its government’s socialistic policies.

            ANY amount of socialism is far too much socialism.

      2. Obviously not a panicked exodus.

        The photo shows everybody dutifully standing in line at the bridge.

        If is was a panic, they would all be running through the dry river bed in desperation.

        • They are too weak to run.

          • They waited too long Spit.

      3. BUILD THE WALL 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • k9.. my first thought as well. Just where the hell are those people to go? Can’t say the altruism and charity of their neighbors is all that great.

        • We don’t need a wall. What we need is to eliminate all the incentives they come here for. No freebies or special treatment. Make it miserable for them, they will stop coming. They need to fix their own country, just as we need to take action to fix ours.

          • Cracker… EXACTLY!

        • The US has over 900 types of military installations around the world. Why are we still in S. Korea, SK has twice the population and their economy is almost 40 times as large as NK, let them deal with their own problems. We should mind our own business and get out of all these countries, in most of those countries their people don’t want us there anyway. Yea, I know the idea is to maintain a forward projected position closer to particular theaters or regions. Why in the hell do we need like a permanent presence in Syria, let that region deal with their own problems. We got involved in Vietnam – that didn’t work out well, in Iraq – now it is a disaster, same now in Afghanistan and Libya. Didn’t fix anything, only made the Mil. Ind. Com. richer. Now we’re threatening Iran? Who is benefiting from all this? Even pres. DT said the US has spent almost 7 trillion dollars in military adventures in the Mid-East, almost to no avail.
          The US is correct in carrying out punitive action to punish our enemies. If necessary, it should be overwhelming, crushing, and quick, to stun them, to place a type of fear that is implanted in their memory for generations to come, and then leave. No occupation, no nation building, no coalition building, no rebuilding of infrastructure, no fighting other people’s wars. Just take our stuff and leave; later set up trade missions. American blood is too precious to squander, let other countries spill their own blood first. Same for the UN, the US gives billions upon countless billions and what do we get – very, very little. Besides, we have a 20+ trillion dollar debt and growing rapidly out of control; we simply, really, can no longer afford it. We cannot keep borrowing money to only give it away to no effect. Actually, as a nation, we are beyond insolvent.
          Yes, we absolutely need to protect our borders and sovereignty. But we should close a lot of the bases around the world and save hundreds of billions there. Bring home the equipment and personnel to serve and guard at our borders. Establish permanent infrastructure and facilities on the border, the money would be spent in our own country. We could now save the 23 billion dollars it would take to build The Wall. Much of the money spent on foreign bases and facilities is in reality a welfare program for their locals. WHO IS PROFITING FROM THE WAY IT CURRENTLY IS? WHO IS BENEFITING FROM ALL THIS ?

          • these still exist under agreements that were meant to protect an Alie after the war. the problem is they formed their national budget on the income produced from these bases. Agreed we need to remove many of these bases. some however do help in deploying Americans quickly when threats do occur Better we ask why are these threats still biting us in the ass. because we try to contain them. Why it is more profitable to many people who provide support that get out politicians elected. and I speak about both parties. We must stop this spending in other countries. We could be the richest nation in the world if we could stop it. I for one have asked many times about spending. I have had the honor of being ejected from the “public” meetings for asking these hard questions. My meager efforts is not sufficient to remove the corrupt who infect our system. If you have any Ideas I am willing to listen.

      4. Coming soon to a border near you …

        • Yea, they just waltz over the border now,,,,

          • Is dumping your starving population by the hundreds of thousands onto your neighbors an act of war?

            • YES!

        • Fritz: Yuuup, and our sorry politicians have sold us out, allowing all kinds of trash to cross over border for freebies and later bring their entire families incl cousins, 2d cousins and their kids, etc. while SS and medicare is going busted.

      5. Every one that has to leave to eat in a way helps the commies/ Venezuelan government . One less hungry mouth to feed and 1 less potential criminal or opponent. At least they get to leave,at least so far,Stalin and Mao and other commie bosses just let theirs starve or be killed. The wonders of commie utopia!! I just cant figure why the professors, elites, and democrats push so hard for us to become like Venezuela unless it is a planned effort to destroy us and western Europe of which they are being pretty successful from what we read on sites like this. KF

      6. Just hand out guns to everyone and tell them to go back home

        • Brazil can supply them with all the Taurus pistols they need.

          • Now there’s a great idea!

            • I wonder how the winter baseball season is in Venezuela?
              All the major leaguers that want to stay in shape or rehab used to play there in winter.
              what a sorry situation.

      7. In a tropical country like Venezuela, leaving people standing in line to cross will result in a lot of deaths. I’m sure there are not enough facilities to meet their needs. The Colombian officials are probably processing them slowly.


        It start in 3 weeks from today, and will be out leaking out all over the planet. Government preps for a reason. Like I said. I have reason why I don’t listen to bullshit from the state of the Union address. They talk shit, I yawn.

        You need to listen to this entire interview and get the nasty surprise in this interview.

        You all ain’t seeing shit yet. I told everyone on here that the environment is what I was told to watch. Wait till you hear what Trump is hiding from us, and who he met with. We need to stock on more food, more ammo, more supplies, more of everything possible to survive and I am not even sure how I am going to survive what’s coming. I told you all that they were beta testing that country, that no food would be going there, now THE SHTF and they are completely screwed.


        • Nope,not buying it HCKS.

        • Ya I do believe geoengineering has some hidden nasty suprise. Otherwise they wouldn’t spend bazillions of dollars on it. If I don’t have enough preps now (collected over the last 22 years) I guess I will be screwed 😮

        • Dave Hodges is a fear monger! NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING He has ever said has come true….

      9. The end result is always the same with socialism.

      10. Proof it is not just WASPS who like borders. In fact, every country in the world has borders and they enforce them. It is only the US and Europe who do not enforce their borders.

        These Venezuelans will be heading straight for the US, you can be sure of that.

        Venezuela was to be Naomi Klein’s monument: a petro-pineapple, No Logo paradise without free markets and stuffed with co-ops and free cash for the leaches in the slums. But, it is has not worked out that way. I wonder if Cuba will be giving them free p#ssy and sugar just as Venezuela once gave them free money and free gas?

        • believe it or not , many of them have gone to Peru and Colombia
          and some other SA regions

      11. Of course they had to leave, all of the animals in the zoo were eaten and nothing was left.

      12. What did they expect from a bus driver? Better than from a community organizer?

      13. living in a socialist state is like everything being run by the people in the Department of Motor Vehicles or airport security. No wonder they are fleeing the country!

      14. “fleeing the socialism forced on them in Venezuela”..ahh LIE!

        it was NOT forced on them
        most of them voted for it, they bought the bullshit hook line and sinker , and for a while they thought they lived in a utopia , until they ran out of other peoples money

        hell they used to brag about how cheap their gasoline and diesel fuels were

      15. Oil was only catalyst for their economic problems. The oil sales were used as a way to subsidize their economy, when oil was over $100 a barrel, things were great, but they were dependent on the subsidy for a high standard of living, and upon govt. for the subsidy. But that’s how socialism is a dysfunctional pseudo-life. Once it reaches this stage, the pogroms begin, and those who are left are not survivors, just sheep. Without the socialist give away, (subsidy of just about everything) the populace would have been more independent, and capable. The oil price drop would have been felt, but they would have survived it.

      16. Don’t forget that once socialism destroys the middle class, there aren’t enough people of means to finance an opposition to them. It’s why Lenin and Stalin and Mao found in necessary to murder so many people. Potential opposition to the socialist nightmare is strangled in it’s crib.

      17. Bullshit, we have 6 million colombians in Venezuela. Nobody is starvin

        • Ernesto, maybe not in your house…
          If no one is starving, why are they eating black stallions, flamingos, dogs and cats?
          Is that why no one is starving?

        • Ernesto, why not post your address, plenty of food, if no one shows I guess you were right

      18. But did they learn anything at all about socialism? Somehow the thought lingers that not one bit of knowledge was gained by any of them. Certainly there are those in our country learned nothing from it.

      19. right on crackerjack

      20. Qué lástima webs que publican sin investigar a fondo, fingiendo en apariencia, una equilibrada publicación. Ni siquiera saben. Son otro copia y pega.

      21. Venezuela is Bernie Sanders wet dream.

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