Mask Propaganda Intensifies: It’s “NOT Your Right To NOT Wear A Mask”

by | Jul 30, 2020 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    This is nothing new, but for some strange reason, the political puppets need you all to wear a mask. Jim Murren, the head of Nevada’s coronavirus task force says it is “not your right to not wear a mask.”

    This lacks logic on all fronts. It’s still difficult to figure out why they are so desperate to get as many people as possible in face masks unless this isn’t about logic at all, but control. Murren, who heads the Nevada COVID-19 Response, Relief, and Recovery Task Force, made the comments at the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance’s Las Vegas Perspective event on Tuesday.

    It surprising that people aren’t just returning to their lives and ignoring these tyrants. Just how much enslavement will it take to get Americans to wake up? The masks are not for your good, and they never were. Just listen to Fauci say it:

    Mask propaganda and the third wave are the newest brainwashing ideals being pushed by mainstream media. But what if it’s more sinister than we could imagine?

    Are Face Masks & COVID Rituals Occultist Symbols For Submission?

    We should all be aware by now that this is a spiritual battle for your mind. Look around.  You’re surrounded by propaganda, and if you can’t remove your cognitive biases for just a moment to realize it, you are going to have a hard time in the upcoming months. Be aware, but prepare.

    This is all by design, and once you realize the government is nothing more than theater to distract you from what the Federal Reserve is doing, you will be able to see how to prepare and be ready for what’s coming. Never succumb to fear,  but you need to know what’s happening.  You need to open your eyes ad be aware of the global take over so you can prepare to the best of your ability. These psychopaths feed on fear, so instead of being afraid, learn, grown, become self-reliant, and store food and water. 

    Greg Mannarino: It’s Critical To Understand That The Goal Is “Full Control By The Federal Reserve”

    It’s All Been Planned: Prepare For The Great Reset

    None of this is ending anytime soon because there are not enough people who see the truth. Once people wake up to what’s happening, we can begin to work together to create a better world without this master-slave relationship we all have with the current ruling class puppets doing the bidding of the Federal Reserve.


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      1. The system of sustainable dysfunctionalism and sustaintable corruption in America is imploding on itself. America will never be great again until the corruption ends. The bureaucracy is for the purpose of sustaining the dysfunctionalism and the corruption. All disputes with any agency are to be reported the higher authority within each agency. Reporting to any other agency only results in the run around. When the legal system is corrupt, which it is, there is no resolution to the dysfunctionalism or the corruption.

        Andrea Iravani

      2. No ‘law’, legislation, rule, regulation, or code in the United States, contains any Nouns, therefore, those pushing these types of ‘orders, can be prosecuted under their very own ‘laws’, using the False Claims Act – gotcha by the balls!

      3. It’s TPTB flexing their muscles, saying “Do what I tell you!” Seems to me people are stocking up, shelves are empty…. Or TPTB are controlling the availability of product.

      4. This virus does make some people ill, and unfortunately to some it is fatal. However, as a percentage of the affected population, it is not anything as bad as influenza or pneumonia or tuberculosis. Yet there is no willful destruction of economies for those, no lockdowns, no curbing of personal rights.
        The official hypocrisy and lies are especially telling. Trump rallies spread the virus, rioting and protesting apparently do not. Only native born citizens spread the virus in Europe, but the hordes of immigrants flooding in don’t. Throughout the English-speaking world, some minority communities demand exception from wearing masks or social distancing, thats okay, but everyone else will be charged with a crime. There are lists of absurd examples all over the world.
        I don’t know anyone who contracted this virus, and no one I know, knows anyone who contracted it. I personally don’t wear masks, nor social distance. I shake hands with other people, and go about my business as I alone see fit. I did not allow any lockdown to affect my life in the slightest degree. No one seems to mind. I see many many others doing the same as me – good for them. By the way, there will be no vaccine for me.
        I believe it’s not my business what others choose to do. I’m not going to get caught up into the debate about the efficacy of wearing masks and other “measures”. Suffice it to say MY BODY MY CHOICE!

      5. h ttps://
        “COVID 19 virus particle size is 125 nanometers (0.125 microns)…”

        h ttp://
        “The scanner confirmed the expected starting average pore diameter at 50 microns (50 uM.).”


        ^^^ You don’t have the right, not to do math. ^^^

        The purpose of politics, fake news narratives, and other dialectics, like organized sports, is a harmless outlet for warlike or criminal energies.

        In Region IX, temps will top 115F, today.

        An animal dropped dead, while I was still making rounds with the water.

        Some of you will expect the water truce from the Jungle Book.

        Others of you will play the opportunist, lying in wait, to catch an unmasked person, and, usually, to prey upon that person.

      6. Whoever says I can’t refuse to wear a mask can go f#$% themselves! They’re getting out of hand with this whole virus affair.

      7. What about the American Disabilities Act? People with breathing problems are able to not wear masks. You can’t even ask them what problem they have under that law. Lawsuits will overwhelm the courts on this.

      8. I don’t want exhaled, coughed or sneezed (or any other type) body fluid on me. With diabetes, heart disease, overweight and above 60 co-morbidities the fatality rate is 20%. You have every right not to wear a mask, but it doesn’t mean that it’s the right thing to do.

      9. The mandatory mask argument is tied to the mandatory vaccine argument, if they can’t force us to wear a mask they can’t force us to take a vaccine or take a microchip to prove we have taken a vaccine… Then, they will have a mechanism to carry out future eugenics programs…

      10. A number of weeks ago I thought up a reasen for this, which is along the lines of…if most people (or as many as you can get) wear a mask then they are less (so the ptb think) likely to get the virus, which means that these people will have no natural defense built up, and therefore will be more willing/eager to take the vaccine; of couse those who contact and survive will be less likely, as they will realise that they have now a natural immunity and dont dont need the vaccine.

      11. “We should all be aware by now that this is a spiritual battle for your mind.”

        Spiritual powers fell mountains, break the pillars of the Earth, and crash the firmaments. Until you can literally see the process of cosmic upheaval, taking place, before your physical eyes, plz, ftlog, let’s forget about battles. I would like to get rid of this popular figure speech, in which there is a struggle for minds. Who says the cosmos is Marxian class warfare.

        “For not the hearers of the law are just before God, but the doers of the law shall be justified.”
        — Rom 2:13

        “But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.”
        — Jas 1:22

        We don’t physically need to be dirty, hungry, in pain, in boredom, or in ignorance, nowadays. At present, everyone capable of documenting themselves can legally play the system, at least to the point of meeting our bodily needs. (You made it. You’re ok. Otherwise, you will not be here, to read this post.)

        The master-slave relationship, though, is a psychological need of the 99%. Freethinkers, gauge your lessers, according to their usefulness and convenience. Make all those type B’s proud to fulfill some assigned purpose, that they can never give themselves. You’re one or the other. Lead, follow, get out of the way. Pick just one. And, this would all sort itself out, in a quick minute.

        Procrastinators and fence riders, either this post is written just for you, or I should be talking around you, unfriending and unpersonning you. Find something, or find someone. Problem solved.

      12. maks of the beast!/ mark of the beast!
        don’t wear these damned things even if it means your job and or health as with me.
        I was kicked out of a hospital because even though I wore the damned thing I was down under my nose most of the time and the Dr. began having a tizzy fit so I left. I need cancer treatments and now can’t do them because of this damned Dr.
        SO yes no more a hypocrite for up until Thursday that was the only place I wore those damned things, but now no more!
        These things show who your alliegence to man and not God.
        Don’t wear them!

      13. It’s “NOT Your Right To NOT Wear A Mask”
        BS! if it’s not!

      14. The one thing that’s pretty hard to lie about is math. It’s absolute. So here’s some math that will absolutely clarify things for you.
        The cost of masks:
        Pre-Covid:. <1cent
        Post-Covid: 80 cents
        Now multiply that by 350million citizens x 365 days a year

        Yes folks that's ONE TRILLION dollars of pure profit if they can get every citizen to don a new mask every day for a year. Do you think there might be a small profit motive behind the ridiculous mask propaganda? Do you think someone somewhere might be willing to stretch the truth a little for that kind of money? Doctors get paid well. And by well I'm talking maybe $200k per year. But by comparison to a TRILLION dollars they are the same welfare queens as you and me. You don't think they'd sell out their credibility or even the credibility of their entire profession to add 1 or 2 or 3 zeroes to that annual income? Because at 80cents per mask, there's more than enough to go around. No greater conspiracy theory is required. What fantastic lies would you tell for a share in a trillion dollars? Probably just about anything. Especially if you were an empty shell of a person to begin with, a la Tony Fauci.

        Who controls the masks? I assisted an aid agency attempting to procure masks at the very outset of this scamdemic. We had full access to $20million in cash in the bank to get anything we could. We got exactly zero masks. Zero ventilators. Zero sterilizers. Zero everything. By the time this hit the news everything was already controlled and allocated among a small few. Our 20 million was chump change compared to what the big players in this drama were holding. Everything is a rich man's trick. By wearing a mask you're voluntarily giving some impossibly rich, shadowy figures a trillion dollars for the privilege of wearing a paper burqa. And showing the world how virtuous and totally not-gullible you are. One trillion dollars and the last shred of your humanity and dignity. And we're giving it away proudly.
        Yeah guys, we're fucked…

      15. I was out driving rural in Western WA yesterday and was blown away by the volumes of people and cars at outdoor access sites. Hundreds by rivers and trails, and last night when nature called I heard in the distance youthful parties and gatherings.
        Jay Inslee is an evil man, mark my words, he knows his edicts are being ignored yet he keeps doubling down saying, ’embrace these restrictions so you can be free’. I’ve been a business owner here for 35 years and that wicked man can kiss my ass, he is destroying the State.
        Republicans won the Governorship here with Dino Rossi until the illegal 3rd count, so folks, Republicans can win it again. When I heard Inslee announce last week that a large trove of Coved data had just emerged I was reminded of how these vermin found those votes against Rossi in the trunk of a car. They count until they win. It has to stop.

      16. Demonrat govt. TYRANTS (Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, Maxine, and on & on) supporting Chaos TYRANTS [snowflake Antifa & Black Lives (only) Matter] cause the overwhelming majority of the problems. Yes, the Federal Reserve was an ill-conceived enterprise by a Demonrat Progressive President Wilson & his pals on Jeckyl Island.

        Who has the greatest chance of preventing the USA from going the way of powers like Rome, the Weimar Republic, Zimbabwe, and others? Folks better review history because all major conflicts end up causing HELL-on-EARTH for those residing in the conflict zone.

        • A good historical study of the finances of Wilson and the congressional members that passed the Federal Reserve Act might show a spike around this legislation.

          I don’t think Wilson was anything but a paid, threatened or blackmailed patsy in getting this “law” passed.

      17. I read all these articles and the author gives the warnings. However they never give any useful viable solution? How about something tangible we could do that would actually work?

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