Marxist Wolves Circle the 2nd Amendment

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Headline News | 85 comments

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    There’s no need at this point to pull any punches, and the Marquis of Queensbury rules have already been tossed out the window. The wolves are circling to bring down the 2nd Amendment. Those wolves are the establishment. There are no political parties: the political parties are merely the illusion of choice. The government has been removed from the control of “We the People” for more than a century. The wolves are the Federal Government, the State Governments, the Local and Municipal Governments. The wolves are the Democrats, the Republicans, and the far-left parties (Communists, Greens, etc.).

    The wolves employ the coyotes: the youth, misguided and misled, who are interested in partying and doing the minimal to “get by” in life…an entitlement mindset. They know not that they will be “pruned” by the tree-trimmers…the ones who will rout these saplings out before they become aware…aware of the truth. The tree-trimmers are the ones who would chop down the tree of liberty…that selfsame tree that needs (in the words of Thomas Jefferson) to be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and the blood of tyrants.

    The youth are critical to the wolves from a voting perspective, because (as de Tocqueville wrote) they enable the wolves to attain victory through “the tyranny of the majority,” in which rights are trampled by using numbers to tip the balance and allow majority rule…no matter how mindless or uninformed. No matter that the mindless vote for one reason, while the wolves have another purpose in mind. Coyotes, the mindless, who will be enslaved and pruned when the right time arises.

    First the guns: they must have the guns.

    On Friday, Governor (in name only) Rick Scott of Florida signed a new, lovely law that is onerous to the Constitution and directly assaults the 2nd Amendment. This excerpt from the AP holds the basic parameters:

    …the law,…raises the minimum age to buy rifles from 18 to 21; extends a three-day waiting period for handgun purchases to include long guns; and bans bump stocks, which allow guns to mimic fully automatic fire.

    As can be seen, the law is onerous to the Constitution. There is nothing that needs to be explained about the wording in the 2nd Amendment “shall not be infringed upon,” regarding the right to keep and bear arms. Marbury vs. Madison established the fact that any law that is onerous to the Constitution is null and void, plain and simple.

    The problem is their “public safety” and “extraordinary circumstances,” that arm the wolves for slashing the throats of the deer in the name of the “public good.”

    Go ahead and take it to court. Go ahead. You’ll automatically open yourself up…come forth before the barbarian hordes. You’ll be identified, monitored, followed, and placed upon their list. You will be marginalized further. You’re already marginalized and outside of normative behavior if you’re a veteran, a patriot, a person who believes in God and freedom of worship, and anyone who is against the national sovereignty of the United States being removed in favor of global governance.

    The paradigm has shifted and is being shifted: the globalist initiative is replacing the Constitution for the new American existing social, political, and economic order.

    Go ahead and take it to court. The NRA is filing a suit to prevent it. Nevertheless, the wheels are in motion. You will be fighting against the State…a “creature” with unlimited resources, with the media in its pocket, with thousands of actors/victims and other “living stage props” to use to garner public sentiment against you.

    Read “The Running Man,” by Richard Bachman (a pen-name used by Stephen King…and read the book, as the movie is BS and was to sell, not to give the true concept of what the Running Man “contest” was about).

    Here’s an excerpt of that excellent work, spoken by the head of the Network, Dan Killian, to the hero/protagonist Ben Richards:

    “Your work record has been spotty and you’ve been fired…let’s see…a total of six times for such things as insubordination, insulting superiors, and abusive criticism of authority.”

    Richards shrugged.

    “In short you’re regarded as antiauthoritarian and antisocial.  You’re a deviate who has been intelligent enough to stay out of prison and serious trouble with the government, and you’re not hooked on anything.”

    Killian then goes on to tell Richards about the Running Man.

    “The program is one of the surest ways the Network has of getting rid of embryo troublemakers such as yourself, Mr. Richards.  We’ve been on for six years.  To date, we have no survivals.  To be brutally honest, we expect to have none.”

    “Then you’re running a crooked table,” Richards said flatly.

    Killian seemed more amused than horrified.

    “But we’re not.  You keep forgetting you’re an anachronism, Mr. Richards.  People won’t be…rooting for you to get away…They want to see you wiped out, and they’ll help if they can.”

    Our society is upon the cusp of a transformation to that one…a society where it is mandatory to have a free television (termed the “FreeVee) in every home…to provide a modern form of the Roman “Games” of the Flavian Amphitheater and the Circus Maximus…enrapturing and distracting the public. A society where drugs are legalized and encouraged. A society of a repressive police state, where a rigid class structure has been established. A society that consists of most of the populace as dumbed-down, dependent upon the government for subsistence. A society where government and the oligarchy openly pollute the skies, while they walk around with filters to protect against it…at taxpayer expense.

    A society of ghettos, of third-world living conditions, with heavily-guarded mansions and office buildings sporadically dotting the megalopolises. A society of economic decay and crony capitalism. A society that presents “freedom” and “patriotism” as binding ribbons in a theatrical manner to ensure conformity and social “groupthink” and actions of the herded. Rigidity of thought, of conformity, and the haves pursue thrills and personal gratification and the have-nots are too dulled, too herded, and too uneducated to enable a shift in the other direction.  A society where the guns are gone…have been gone for a while.

    First, they need to get the guns, and they’re doing it now…with incremental slowness, but the snowball is beginning to build up speed and mass: In the end, they’ll go door to door.

    On Friday night, 3/9/18, the largest Veterans’ home in the country had another shooting.  A 36-year-old former patient of the home went in and killed three psychological workers…whom the President came out on Saturday and praised glowingly as martyrs and heroines…tireless workers who strove for the benefit of veterans. I’m sure there’s more to the story than that…but there’s the narrative, awaiting the crafting of the wolves and their slime of the mainstream media.

    The bill is entitled the “Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Act,” after the school where the Cruz shooting occurred. The bill in Florida targets the youth…and now they have a pretext to come after the Veterans with this shooting.  Always for a reason of protecting the public.

    But who will protect us from them, from the government?  Well, we will: that is what the 2nd Amendment is for. The right to bear arms is our right…merely affirmed by the Constitution (and wisely so). As explained in the Declaration of Independence, when the “old guards” need to be changed…the guns are when they won’t bow out gracefully.

    Government is when the leaders derive just powers…just, mind you…from the consent of the governed. We haven’t had true stewardship for a long time in the United States…I don’t care about the semantics…it is the end state that matters. The current state that we are in. The government goes against the wishes of the people.

    The government always manages to drum up Republicans who will vote along with the Democrats to ram legislation down our throats.  In Illinois, gun confiscation is going to be finalized with a bill commanding those 18 to 20 years of age to turn in weapons that were legally purchased.  The article is entitled “Gun Confiscation Begins in Illinois,” dated 3/10/18, by Daniel J. Sobieski of American Thinker. Read it. Here are some of the key provisions for that “legislation” as mentioned in the article:

    The bill that will now head to the Illinois Senate, HB 1465,

    Makes it unlawful for any person within the State to knowingly deliver or sell, or cause to be delivered or sold, an assault weapon, assault weapon attachment, .50 caliber rifle, or .50 caliber cartridge to, any person under 21 years of age.

    Makes it unlawful for any person under 21 years of age to knowingly possess an assault weapon, assault weapon attachment, .50 caliber rifle, or .50 caliber cartridge 90 days after the effective date of the bill. Provides exemptions and penalties.

    Provides that it is unlawful for any person within the State to knowingly deliver or sell, or cause to be delivered or sold, a large capacity ammunition feeding device to a person under 21 years of age.

    Provides that it is unlawful for any person under 21 years of age to possess a large capacity ammunition feeding device within the State.

    Proving the line from the movie “The Patriot” with Mel Gibson is the truth of the matter: “An elected legislature can trample a man’s rights as easily as a king.”

    Let’s really think about all of this. The piece “The Running Man” mentioned above can clearly be viewed as a work of dystopian literature, and it’s easy for most people to see the tie-in to our society’s degradation on the slope toward the society in the book.

    How about we take it a step further? The main character in the book, Ben Richards, wanted to make the big dollars to help his sick daughter and enable her to recover. His back against the wall and hemmed in by a society that predetermined his entire existence, “The Running Man” was the only avenue for him.

    How about with these guys, such as the one in the VA home that killed those three women…and then shot himself?

    Everybody always comes out with the same theories…the “hidden Blackhawk helicopters backing up the shooter,” as in Vegas…always the 2nd and 3rd shooters on the grassy knoll. But what if the answer is a lot simpler than that?

    How about the shooter is approached from the government…beforehand…and goes on his rampage with the express (and agreed-upon) end being he (the shooter) blows his own brains out? In exchange, the government, per say, might set up a tax-free account for 5 or 10 million for his family…who are oblivious to the agreement. He frees his family from poverty, and there’s nobody around to question his “insane motives,” and the government has its tool to be able to advance a totalitarian agenda even further…complete with (as in the “Hunger Games”) a list of “the fallen,” now martyred…with cannon fire in the background and a “grieving nation.”

    How about that possibility? Because if anyone discounts the possibility, you better discount everything you have ever seen and/or read about that the government has done. They have the resources, the money, the ability. They have the planning skills to carry it out. They also will always be able to find someone to use in this capacity.

    We are at the cusp of a totalitarian takeover by the government in the guise of governance for the public good and using de facto law that is passed off as de jure. By the time it is challenged in the “legal eagle” manner, it will be too late. Those in power will not relinquish it, and more: they will subvert every right to ensure they are in power and not you. All authority does come from the barrel of a gun: they don’t carry firearms to protect you. They carry them to dominate you, and they can enslave you at a moment’s notice. The 2nd Amendment was to protect the citizens from an out of control government hell-bent on controlling your every action: a tyranny.

    Jefferson: “When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. I think they know their only chance is to create a guns or bullets for food situation?

        • I was deer hunting at 15. 30-30. Good swamp gun to punch through thick brush. We built wall wooden gun racks in 7th grade in wood shop class. This world is going crazy. So many freedoms being destroyed. I will stick around for collapse or WW3 though, give it hell.

            • Faggot with an “o”, Genius……… Yeah.

              • Actually Anon, I think Genius here was talking about the girls and not the boys. Although, it wouldn’t surprise me if Genius wasn’t a switch hitter.

                Genius must be very French. See, you got your faggots which is your boy faggots, and then you got your girl faggots — or your faggets. You know, like your rockers and your rockettes; your actors and your actresses; your twisted male and your twisted female.

                This is gender specificity taken to its next logical level. For people like Genius, this is like being a higher functioning sexist bigot — twice. [sarcasm]

                • o/~ “I’m a genius in france….”

      2. Look….here’s the bottom line…..

        We aren’t going to give up our guns.

        You got that you pissant liberals?

        You want a civil war?

        We’ll give you one you won’t believe.

        And none of you will be able to escape the consequences of trying to disarm us.

        As I heard it said. “It’s time to kick ass or chew gum. I’m all out of gum.”

        • meh…

          • meh…

            “edit” You’re a damn retard.

        • Anonymous5, AMEN to that! I’m all out of gum too but no shortage of ‘food’ for the ‘liberty tools’.

        • Actually that was a line from They Live with Roddy Roddy Piper. The correct line is- “I came to kick ass and chew bubble- and I’m ALL out of bubble gum”! THAT was a great movie- I highly recommend anyone that hasn’t seen it to see it.

          Next- so when is this big bad-ass JJ going to take up the banner and start fighting back against the tyrants in our govt? NEVER, that’s when.

          Last- They will never go door-to-door. They know what will happen if they do. They would never succeed. Our TRAINED military, or any military for that matter hasn’t been able to beat barbarian goat fuckers in Afghanistan since the dawn of time. They for damn sure wont be able to beat us on our own soil, and that’s to say even 50% of the military, police, etc actually follow those orders.

          I get what JJ is trying to say, but knock of the fucking fear porn and keep shit real for a change….. fuckin’ annoying drivel constantly from him. If its even a “he”.

          • Active and retired .mil read this blog as well. Politicians run wars now, not generals. We aren’t allowed to go out and win, it might offend someone.

            Although my unit cut deals with the local elders, don’t plant IEDs in the roads, we won’t trample your fields. We gave them an ounce of respect and didn’t get blown up. the USA was also pulling out of Afghanistan, so there is no point to fight with someone who is leaving anyway.

        • I think they’re prepared to wait….
          … not that long really, for the majority of us here….

      3. Under no circumstance will I give up any gun or accessory I own.

        NEVER let the imbecile left, the party of Kill all white men, disarm you.

        • Let’s shoot the damn wolves and watch them die.

          • Menzo, shoot the wolves or whatever shit comes to take your guns or anything else you have. Most any caliber will work.

            • If it moves, shoot it. Period.

            • hurry up america an clean up your yard then we can have peace.

          • Menzo: In all seriousness, I do believe the time for REAL ACTION is upon us my fellow Patriots. You can clearly see Gov’t, local, state, Federal are going to advance forward with “their” agenda and not the will of the people that elected these tyrant buffoons. Peaceful protest, sending letter, emails, phone calls – that garbage does Nothing guys. So, I truly believe the time has come, we have to either put up or shut up and I am not the type to shut up. I have been saying for a good 10+ years now, they obviously want guns gone done finished period and I for one, am not at all okay with that. Folks, we are an inch away from the King seizing I constitutionally protected firearms and if that happens, you can bet your ass we will NEVER see them again! Think about it folks…

            • CC you are exactly right.

              • Will never happen until someone fires the first shot. And even then, might take a few more. Wonder what would happen today if they pulled another Waco??? You saw what happened at Bundy’s Ranch. I think something like THAT would finally ignite the powder keg.

        • NunyaBusiness, AMEN to that one.

        • You’re right Nunya, all those here who worry about some ‘size’ comparison or some other tripe like “I don’t think bump-stocks are worthwhile…” miss the point. The incrementally applied losses to the overall 2nd Amendment protection is what is important. First one thing, then building on that success, the next thing. Just remember the kid who chewed some piece of bread into a pistol shape and “oh, the horror…. he needs psychiatric help!!!’. Wait and see. Don’t ever say to me, “no one needs a .50 cal or a full-auto or a damned …. torpedo, artillery piece….” – why not? Infringement is infringement. The 2nd is for us to be able to stop the government when it becomes out of control. Which…. isn’t it already?

        • I used to hear people in California saying that.

          But they seem to have faded away when faced with the reality of it, no longer even giving lip service to the idea.

      4. I’ve done some reading on the matter, and the Libs won’t do door-to-door confiscation.

        They have several options given that they already have a national database of gun owners.

        1) Turn off your utilities if you refuse to voluntarily turn in your registered firearms yourself.

        2) Freeze your bank assets if you refuse to voluntarily turn in your registered firearms yourself.

        3) Pick off gun owners a little bit at a time. Just gradually disarm people slowly. Not enough for Patriots to start a coordinated insurgency. Just a little at a time. Drip, drip, drip. Adds up over time.

        • That’s why I’ve stated over and over to people not to buy weapons or ammo at gun stores. Buy from individuals that ask no questions.

          • FS, well that aint gonna work to well with me. For one, they can’t shut off my utilities, I have an off grid place. For another they can’t freeze by bank account cause I use cash. And if I know they are trying this shit and pull me over they ain’t going home again….

        • They will use the IRS and the DMV….

          • And the USPS ever notice your bills opened just enough to see the bottom line?

      5. The wolves are the establishment? No, they ate JEWS. If you cannot correctly identify the problem you cannot solve it.

      6. Hitlers gun act of 1938, gave all German citizens the right to do anything they wanted? But nothing to non blood German citizens? Something that looks like the future?

      7. No. I know why they want the guns.

        While Bush and Darth Vadar were busy destroying our country and declaring climate change a “hoax”, the US Military was actively preparing for the upcoming chaos/ hell on earth that will result from Global Climate
        Change. (The Military always knew it was real!)

        It is going to be so chaotic that governments will fall…and so the plan is to take the guns so as to make us die quietly… no rebellion as global catastrophes wipe us out…

        In other words, they want to maintain control, keep milking the public as long as possible, and make sure we have no means to attack them when the stupid idiots finally wake up and realize that climate Change IS NOT a hoax and we all come for their heads– with ropes!!

        • Anon, most of the US military is overseas and won’t be here but I’ve always believed it will be combination of gangs, fed agencies, terrorist groups, and UN ‘peacekeepers’ who will be utilized, And the streets will be running red with blood…..THEIR blood!

          • Climate change? (snicker snicker snicker) 😀

        • “climate Change IS NOT a hoax” invalidates everything else you said.

          • Global warming is very real. (with the occasional hiatus)

            Indeed, Earth is not the only globe that’s warming.

            it’s “anthropogenic” global warming that’s not real.

            It’s the sun, stupid. Gonna get interesting.

      8. The Second Amendment in specific and the entire Bill Of Rights in general is protected by the courts in a Constitutional Republic. Unfortunately in its functional absence they have been surviving by their popularity within a Democracy known as “Tyranny Of The Masses”. A US Senator stating, “I support the Second Amendment” is analogous to saying, “I support Free Speech”. It doesn’t matter if you support it or not. It is above you. We continue to have this debate because the US Supreme Court has not upheld its responsibilities.

        The system is suppose to work like this:

        1. An unconstitutional law is passed an signed into law
        2. Someone is arrested an convicted for violating it.
        3. The case is appealed to the US Supreme Court
        4. The Supreme Court rules that the law is unconstitutional.
        5. The individual(s) walk free, the law is repealed.

        Now Rights are at best privileges and subject to a periodic “show of hands” for their continuance with State / Business media propaganda continuing to erode its support.

        • K2,
          you are missing something.
          once you are arrested for violation of an un-constitutional law
          you lose your guns and after 10 years or more of legal expense,
          you find you are right, but your guns were destroyed by the Cops so many on this site love.
          Face it we already have lost our rights. The best we can do is 4GW and be discreet. As long as we have Democrats we are a lost country.

          • Hawaii has a forfeiture clause, so you will never get anything back, most dont know that, its rare that anyone is able to recover firearms then when you re apply for your permit to aquire they deny you.

            • Nail,
              I know of that clause, but figured non-Hawaiians really would not care. We have really bad gun laws, all un-constitutional, but by the time you get through the courts it doesn’t matter. Democrats count on that.
              You can recover your guns if you know where the cops live.
              We know where they live.
              I never violate any Federal, state, or local laws.

              • Hence, they are gonna have to work for these ones, they better bring a bag for me cause i aint going anywhere vertical

                • 2 words….. JURY NULLIFICATION!

          • relik, Yes all of that, and they shoot your dog too cause they can. Even if they raid the wrong address.

            • They’d better be good because they have to shoot 5 dogs. Don’t ask why I have so many. But they are “doorbells”.
              It does give me more time.

          • rellik

            If your case goes before the US Supreme Court and the law is ruled unconstitutional, you are free and clear. You have no conviction. Yes you lost your property in the intern period but the law is stricken from the books not to be used on another. The point is moot however because the USSC isn’t doing their job.

        • Except there is the “Rinse and Repeat” cycle, keeping nothing decided forever. That is no way to live.

      9. Too many people with guns…too many people that will NEVER give up their guns. Revolution is in the air. And it is not a Marxist revolution that will prevail. They have over-played their hand. The revolutionaries are you and me. It started with the election of Trump. And it will end with every treasonous subversive Marxist inside and outside of government hunted down and executed. Mark my words…it’s coming.!!!!!

        • thats a lot of talk but no one actually ever does anything

      10. very true. The slow approach is the best. It might take them 20 years but they will get the Guns as the population dies off.

        • You really think we have 20 years at the rate we are going?
          Can’t even imagine what the mess will look like in 5 years?
          Assuming this fiefdom is still around in 5 years.

        • Gun laws when Millenials are fifty years old.
          Nothing more powerful than .17 Hornady Mag. Single shot only. Pink pistol grips.
          40 day waiting period with another background check after 40 days.
          Must notify police when you are en-route to a shooting range.
          Cannot possess more than 50 rounds at any given time.
          Minimum age for ownership will be raised to 25 years old.
          Must attend 10 hours of safety classes every year.
          The future sure looks bright.

      11. Kevin2, our rights come from God, NOT from any manmade government. So rights are at best ‘priveleges’? That is government’s interpretation of the concept. I follow what our Constitution says, not any tyrannical crap.

        • My point is that the intent was for the USSC to make all of this unnecessary. What individuals do they do.

        • The funny thing that going to happen if they try to gun grab. We will be taking their guns from them, after we destroy them, and their option is the wood chipper or swamp with Gators. Maybe both. Just aim the chipper into the swamp and let it rip.

        • The Deplorable Braveheart

          Thanks for the link.

          • Banning things doesn’t do shit. All kinds of things have been banned and yet they are still in abundance. Alcohol, Opiates, Marijuana, Moonshine, dope of every type, certain guns, etc. Ban away assholes, just gives me one more reason to dispatch with you…

            • “Banning things doesn’t do shit.”

              Yes it does. Think the UK government could in relatively short order face a significantly armed civilian population in rebellion?

              Separate the state ostensible goal from the true intent.

      12. The Bill of Rights does not give us rights. The rights are fundamental rights. The Bill of Rights are supposed to be restrictions on government actions against us. And the BOR is not a total or complete list of our rights. Regardless, freedom is nearly gone.

      13. Jeremiah Johnson, well said sir. Ooh-rah!

        • Good one JJ!!

      14. To Those on This Site,

        Nay, that we walk through the valley of death, we shall fear no evil. With thy rod (Tricked out AR10), and thy staff (50 cal BMG)…we will be the meanest M F ‘s in the valley and we will prevail!

        The word according to Wojo

        • WORD!

        • That’ll preach!

      15. They are not Marxist, The are Levyists. Carl Marx real name is Mordicia Moses Levy. The son of a Jewish rabia.

      16. what about anyone on ANY type of pysch medication. They are planning to take guns from those people too. Not everyone with a problem is a crazy shooter wanting to kill for no reason.

      17. did you know that Illinois is in process of passing a state law to confiscate legal guns from people 18-20? has passed the house is in the state senate. If you have friends in that state give them a heads up to “sell” their guns or have them taken.

      18. Anon5 said it for me. No one is taking my guns. I am not surrendering my guns. I don’t know any plainer way of saying it.

        • Yes, they are, taking your guns.

      19. No hope for Illinois. Save those than can and want to be saved.

      20. It is going to happen. Imagine what the deep state could do to keep this train on the track and charging towards the 2nd amendment. Just imagine. It doesn’t take much to figure what the next false flag will be, or where. At it will leave a congress more than willing to amend the constitution, and pull the 2nd amendment entirely. We haven’t even begun to realize what is going on. Vegas should have opened more eyes.

      21. Marxist? Sharkist. What a bunch of baloney. Why do these articles continue resorting to the kind of name-calling that always invokes tin-hat analogies?

        We know who is coming for the guns. We can use real names. We are grownups here.

        The NRA is suing the State of Florida. Just say the State of Florida is coming for our guns. It’s true.

        Some “underage” boys are suing Dick’s Sporting Goods for their new (and improved?) age limits for buying a gun. Since when was a company a government? Answer: In an oligarchy. In the United States. We have go to get rid of the corporations as people thing. Haven’t these corporations done enough damage already?

        The truth is that the U.S. Government is the biggest gun crazy out there. You can be 17 with parental permission or 18 to enlist, but have to be 21 to buy a gun. WTF?

        What sort of horse sh*t is that?

        The age of majority should be part of the Constitution. And it should be uniform.

        • “Since when was a company a government? Answer: In an oligarchy.”

          Actually, that’s the definition of fascism.

      22. All:

        People are talking tough that they ain’t going to take my gun! Well, I have to say yes they are. They are confiscating weapons now and I have not heard of one incident that a gun owner fought back against the police. That’s because it’s a team of them against one of you. All this tough keyboard commando talk is boring. All talk until there at you door!

        Let’s get real and try to have real diolouge and solve the problem instead of pouding about in a forum. We can solve this peacefully. Let’s start there.

        In Liberty!

      23. Let’s be honest.

        When a band of government thugs arrives at your front door, casually dressed in the latest militarized SWAT type gear, carrying real guns, and demand your little itsy bitsy one “gun” — and none of your buddies is around and you are alone — you will pee in your pants as you turnover your little itsy bitsy “gun.” Laughing at you, these goons will toss a roll of paper towels at you as they leave.

        This is a simple fact, already in practice.

      24. Florida’s shtick is separating snowbirds from all of their money. Four months of reigning supreme and eight months of enclosed air conditioning. New York south.

      25. Nothing really surprises me anymore. Anyone who REALLY wants to know whats going on should definitely check this out, its a pretty scary warning from a history and religion professor. Pretty damn eye opening:

      26. Mr Johnson And my fellow Americans read your American mission statement and study its Truth, The Declaration of Independence is a Prayer ,a list ,a guide ,a Fact worth living for and a rally point for a type of Human know as an AMERICAN .Our enemy is as old as time ,it is and always will be ,the Declaration calls it out and describes it’s purpose. We The PEOPLE MUST BE patient hold our Powder for the Enemy will ONLY present a Silhouette ,the HARD TARGETS WILL COME. No god no peace KNOW GOD KNOW PEACE . Practice Peace Prepare For WAR. The history of our Republic shows WeThe People are no better Friend no Worse Enemy. Understanding the Declaration is truly the only way to Identify what is worth killing other human being for .

      27. If they come for the guns there will be lots of blood spelt.

        If it be my blood my it Water The Tree Of Liberty!!! Give Me Liberty Or Give Death!!!! Just that simple.


      28. You are mad gun nutters.
        In Australia we banned dangerous guns.
        So safe in Aust.
        Make Aust Great… Always great, now we got rid of our guns.

        • You are pussy coward descendant of criminal in shit country.

      29. They are giving American patriots no choice.

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