Martin Armstrong Warns: “This Will ONLY End In Bloodshed… Biggest Spike In Civil Unrest In American History”

by | Feb 13, 2017 | Headline News | 164 comments

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    The rage among the left continues to build and it is being supported in earnest by mainstream personalities in Hollywood and the music industry.

    According to cyclical analyst Martin Armstrong, things are only going to get worse as protests spread and soon turn to large-scale riots.

    Via Armstrong Economics:

    All of this is building to violence. Then the police will respond and then the outcries will be see – Trump is running a police state. This will only tear the country apart. Many of these protesters are not old enough to even vote. Their teachers allow them to cut class to protest against Trump. When asked what they are protesting about, they do not even understand the issues.

    This is like a rumor mill. By the time it gets to the 5th person, it is nothing like what was said. You have black students in high school repeating Trump said all blacks are ignorant. Others saying Iraq is not a terrorist nation because they never heard of that. Still others said people should come in and not even be checked. This is the mindset that is sweeping the nation and it is really scary. This is part of the cycle of civil unrest and indeed it looks like the computer is going to be right once again. This will be the BIGGEST spike in civil unrest in American history, It is already the biggest with regard to trying to block and overthrow the Trump Administration and Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schummer are all encouraging this violence.  Nancy Pelosi says she cannot work with Trump at all and she is the head of the Democrats.

    This will ONLY end in bloodshed.

    Armstrong’s economic confidence model has been highly accurate for over thirty years, having predicted, among other things, the Savings and Loan crash of the late 1980’s to the very day, the collapse of Japanese stocks, and the destruction of the Russian economy.

    Several years ago Armstrong’s political forecasts specifically noted that periods of civil unrest were coming.

    We’re here.

    Get prepared for what’s coming because it’s about to get crazy.


    Fearful Politicians Now Prepping In Case “Public Turns Violent Against Them”

    Civil War Is Coming to the U.S.: “Left WILL Resort To Large Scale Violence… To Stop Fascism”

    5 Signs We’re Living in an Orwellian Police State (Now More Than Ever)

    Lawmakers Seek Measures to Protect Citizens from Protester Violence, Intimidation


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      1. “This will ONLY end in bloodshed.”
        Given that most the blood will be Democrat
        blood, that won’t be all that bad.

        • Agreed. These douchebags are so tough in the masks, destroying inanimate objects. Just wait till they meet an armed militia ready to take them down.

          • @ DMONIC I agree with you except my community has no militia formed yet. They won’t form up untill some in our neighborhood die.So the first chore is to survive the beginning. The men that are my peers are old Ky, tobacco farmers. Nearly to a man we were in one service or another during the Nam. Once this starts those that don’t have the stomach for it need to step aside. War is ugly business. No prisoners.

            • —-and civil war is even worse

              • I agree. War is hell but civil war is an even worse form of hell.


                I hope M.A. is wrong.

            • These protests like Milo are fishy as hell. Same for the “Women’s March,” the snowflakes, the airport protests about the immigration halt. Got Dem Party/Soros fingerprints all over them – fake protests.

              I was on the other side during Vietnam, protesting it. Great big protests, tens and hundreds of thousands. End the War, US Out of Vietnam. Government never did anything to meet peaceful citizen’s democratic expression of our will. Millions died.

              So many protests, a few organizers, a couple of dozen to 50 or 60 people. Only doing it because we thought it was right. No coverage, “not news” to the corpse media.

              The intent is to set people among each other and instigate violence. Don’t fall for any of it.

              • Two points to put it all into a realistic perspective. First everything you mentioned is created and purchased by extremist like SOROS and others within the democratic maniacs of NWO elites. The vast majority of what we are seeing is a very small group paid to cause chaos and violence. They are paid to incite the local fools via social media and get them to show, then the partisans escalate to breaking shit, setting fires and hopefully serious confrontations. So far they have not had much success in any serious violence and there is a reason for that. The numbskulls that show up to these created and orchestrated events are just little pussies who talk crap and not really willing to do much more than break a window or maybe set a limousine on fire ? They cannot even answer what they are protesting about except in the vaguest of terms that they have been spoon fed by of course, PRAVDA/MSM, the democrat propaganda machine.

                This brings us to the second leg of this insanity, PRAVDA/MSM and the BHO hold overs within the gov agencies are on a full frontal assault to do anything to undermine DT and crew. Evidenced by Flynn’s resignation and many other events where leaks have occurred from within. All of these events are orchestrated and all intended to create as much negative and undermine as much as possible on as many fronts as possible. As always, PRAVDA/MSM proves to be the clear real power source of the left control freaks. They lost the election and they are out to get revenge and undermine as much as possible on every possible front even if they must be created. Here is the proof it is all bullshit and a war being waged

          • if they come to me they’ll definitely be staring down the business end of my weapon.

          • Birdseed. These people are out in midwinter getting arrested for whatever BS cause they think their belief system supports, but we are sitting in our sofas watching it on television and drinking a beer.

            These people are stupid, yes, but sincere, and willing to take risks for their causes.

            There’s not going to be any ‘armed militias’ taking them down. They are sneak attackers, blindsiding sucker punchers, and you’re going to have to mix up with them and take them out one by one, like some Japanese soldier in his bunker.

            • I can’t wait.

          • I’m so sick of all this talk and no action. The time has come to fish or cut bait. If they want a war – bring it.

            If not just shut the hell up !

            • 00 buckshot would take out both of those scum in the picture above.

            • Patience Grasshopper. Patience.

              • in time the milk becomes grass

                • And the honey becomes mead.

            • Yep and it doesn’t matter who is in office, America is in the biggest police state in it’s history. Cops are nothing but power hungry psychopaths. They need to be eliminated period. The US got by just fine before the first piggies reared their ugly goon heads in 1838.

              Only IRRESPONSIBLE people want cops or any goverment for that mater. Think about that for a while……………

          • I am ready

          • These libs grew up with everyone getting trophies for participation. Keeping score would just hurt their feelings. They can only prevail if they are un-opposed.

            Get some!

        • Really?
          As of TODAY… That has NOT BEEN THE CASE WHATSOEVER..
          Meanwhile… You are typing away at your “safe” keyboard while THEY are rioting in FREEZING WEATHER NATIONWIDE.
          You are DISMISSED,
          E-7 Ret.

          • well said, gunny…ive been to rallies for 2nd amendment, immigration, and other issues, and we get lots of horns honking support…….actual PEOPLE showing up at a rally????not more than 20….in a city of over 150,000……PATHETIC…..why do you think i prep? 90% of americans are just plain stupid. they won’t get off their asses, or even lift a FINGER to save america…..i SEE it….you can cut the apathy with a knife. why, you can’t even say anything in the checkout line at the store, without the people looking at you down their noses like you’re crazy. no, america IS doomed.

            • Most preppers,2nd amendment folk, ect, like to stay silent and invisible.

              • Most of us work to support and raise a family and have spouses to keep happy. I’ll let the LEOs handle it until they can’t or wont or until the first attempt to assassinate one of our (true) leaders happens, then I’ll step in. Gunny is right though, it can’t be a stand-up fight on our end, “do unto others then split” I think is the phrase. Someone, maybe on another sight, mentions something about being active by doing recon (a kind of prep) knowing who your local bad actors are and where they meet. Oath Keepers has done this and gone a step further and infiltrated these groups.

                • Some what agree. From time to time when I venture out into the public, WalMart, the movies or for a bite to eat, I will wear a part of my VietNam garb displaying my unit ensigna or logo such as a hat or jacket. I find making eye contact with folks is almost impossible. Folks will look up, then quickly look down or away. The only folks that will at times look you in the eye and even greet you are the much older folks. Now I am almost 70 myself at 230 pounds and six feet tall and my wife says it is because I looks threating to the others. Great ! I had had a few discussions with a few. They were the real dummies. Or should I say stupid. Point being, you can tell by the folks you meet and in your neighborhood, where they stand, by the way they accept you. I know who I can count on around here and who to watch out of the corner of my eye. After all, that was part of my job in Nam and also later on as a law enforcement officer. Still though, I trust no one totally !!

                  • @ Recon.. Semper Fi brother, I wish you were my neighbor.
                    All I have is LIBRATS and TWINKS in the BURBS of Seattle.

                    I consider EVERY NEIGHBOR and COP MY ENEMY and already plan to burn them ALL DOWN in their sleep WHEN the SHTF…
                    Then proceed a minimum of 30 blocks from my home and “work my way back”!

                    Carry On,
                    USMC E-7 Ret.

                    • GunnyHiway 1960

                      Flare gun would work fine. Less weight to carry than gas. Polish HK type pistol. 26.5mm military illumination shells. Has some range and burn power.

              • I don’t need you or anyone else’s dismissal idiot! Get out there and show us what your made of big boy! Be a martyr for a bunch of idiots. No one is doing this shit near me and until they do I WILL sit on the couch and keep stockpiling. Let us know how your personal war works out.

                • @ “Genius”… Pffff. — And getting older, slower, dumber and fatter every day..
                  How is that working out for ya in Hicksville, USA where the “sheriff” is your cousin or brother in law?

                  Most of US live in the BURBS with THOUSANDS of LIBRATS, FAGS, DYKES and TWINKS SURROUNDING US and COPS that are PUBLIC ENEMY #1.
                  You are dismissed,

            • Small turn out is due to a fact that most people who support the right,are working for a living. The left has more because of the “entitlement”crowd,&paid to protest groups.They don`t have jobs.

            • @ BCODOOM,
              Thank you sir, I have nothing to lose, I am 58, divorced, my beautiful daughter died at 20 from GARDASIL induced cervical cancer, and my older son can fend for himself, well trained etc..
              If these “keyboard warriors” do not have a PLAN that includes AMBUSHING THESE ANIMALS at least 30 blocks from their HOMES, they are doomed.
              I live in the suburbs of Seattle, we used to have the most SOVEREIGN GUN LAWS IN THE NATION… NO LONGER thanks to the HOARDS OF LIBRATS, FAGS, DYKES and TWINKS!

              SHTF will be just like the HOARDS of ZOMBIES on The Walking Dead!

              These librat TRAITORS are already willing to take a bean bag from a cop shotgun in the nuts, and still advance in the hope they can crush some “Trump Supporter” in the head with a brick or bat!
              (All while FREEZING IN MID WINTER!)
              Even with my B.A.R. and 1500 rounds, I do not feel safe whatsoever.. neither should you.

              These LIBRATS remind me of the Viet Cong, Mujaheddin, or worse.. Albanian partisans!

              Good Luck for you and yours,
              USMC E-7 Ret.

            • Butt crack, About 5 years ago I started making this comment.
              “Many Americans have grown fat, dumb, lazy, spoiled , apathetic and cowardly” at first many tried to shout me down and called me all kinds of names. What some still do not recognize is that I was giving them the simple truth and a wake up call and reality check ! Not because I was deliberately trying to give anybody in particular shit or be a smart ass. But because I saw it all and identified long before anybody else and felt it was very important to point out. It is all simply the truth of our current society and certainly not just liberals. This is exactly why I train continuously and train others to overcome their own bad thinking/acting so they can heal themselves and get on with the task at hand to truly be prepared for any events that may occur. The simple truth is that it all starts with our mindset and yes that can be taught just as shooting or fitness and health can be taught and easily acquired.

              The only thing that has changed is the direct threat has morphed from the last president and his crew and control mechanisms to the current criminals trying to undermine any and everything ! It is the same people with new extremism.

              Ponder what just happened to Strickland in Portland. This was a clear message to all, that you are not allowed to protect yourself in Portland. And for many that will mean Oregon in general. It is also completely interconnected to the events of the Bundy’s and Hammonds. We are still very much at war with these control freaks. For me that is much more than enough reason to be fully trained out and informed legally and politically at all times. In all of it let common sense and self honesty prevail. Your mindset and clarity is what will always save your ass in every event and matter. I teach it all via personal consultations and some live classes. How to achieve self discipline and personal honesty and solve the old issues that have held you back from healing yourself to your fullest potential.

          • Some of us have to work to pay for their snap/ebt cards and free phones.

          • I wonder if Mac could re-post this guy’s article.


            Like Gunny said – The Left is ready for a fight, and already starting it. Most on the right are being too dismissive, and bragging about how easily they could beat the libs in a fight. It is past time to take this sh*t seriously, and prepare for some real violence. Read Mountainguerrilla’s article linked above for a reality check.

            • +Rorinon – when my father died his firearms were stolen along with the rest the house, meth heads and drug rings – all over the region like some big crime cabal, new age, revamped it looks like, don’t trust nobody, ever.
              this has happened all over the place this side the Mississippi (West) from Canada to Mexico – somebody’s got something planned for certain… y’all should check your bags and gear ASAP, make sure it is 100% ready to GO! I’m a gumshoe, keep my ears to the ground and eyes on people and environment, there’s something brewing for certain – not too sure what, or where, lots of guns being stolen, seems to be drug world affiliated and supplied. most these people have no history of the issues, never studied or paid attention, makes ’em dangerous. watch your neck of the woods. : )

            • Mountain G makes some very good points. Everything I have been saying as well for 5 years and more about bluster and too much talk and very little action to be really ready and capable. But nothing new at all. He is quite right, the left is better organized and could escalate. But I do not see that at this point as well. But that is why I mention often not to discount your opponents capabilities ever, always assume the worse so you can prevail. Other wise you can easily be caught off guard. We will have some warning when and if they escalate. So far I have not seen it, but I am always observing. We do have a DOJ now that can and will diffuse some of their actions. One indicator now present is the nearly 300 hundred protestors arrested at the New York protest where they broke windows, destroyed lots of property and torched the limo. Most have been charged with serious felonies. We shall see what kind of affect this has on future events. I believe most of their front line cadre were stopped and arrested right there. Time will tell how that pans out. I think we will see much harsher reaction legally towards these fools and that will also be a very big deterrent. Most are simply mindless fools and have proven they are not really warriors, just protestors and weak ones at that. I think some here are vastly over reacting to them as a true threat at least as it stands right now. During the election run up they were in much larger numbers and much bolder to try and harm people because they knew BHO and crew would not harm them. Think about that part and how it is playing out. We do have a new sheriff and it is a good thing.

          • Hey Gunny – I just saw your comment in the article I linked.

            Great minds think alike, and all that.

            • Thank you sir, I have nothing to lose, I am 58, divorced, my beautiful daughter died at 20 from GARDASIL induced cervical cancer, and my older son can fend for himself, well trained etc..
              If these “keyboard warriors” do not have a PLAN that includes AMBUSHING THESE ANIMALS at least 30 blocks from their HOMES, they are doomed.
              I live in the suburbs of Seattle, we used to have the most SOVEREIGN GUN LAWS IN THE NATION… NO LONGER thanks to the HOARDS OF LIBRATS and ANARCHISTS!

              SHTF will be just like the HOARDS of ZOMBIES on The Walking Dead!

              These librat TRAITORS are already willing to take a bean bag from a cop shotgun in the nuts, and still advance in the hope they can crush some “Trump Supporter” in the head with a brick or bat!
              (All while FREEZING IN MID WINTER!)
              Even with my B.A.R. and 1500 rounds, I do not feel safe whatsoever.. neither should you.

              These LIBRATS remind me of the Viet Cong, Mujaheddin, or worse.. Albanian partisans!

              Good Luck for you and yours,
              USMC E-7 Ret.

          • This is just harassment fire so far, they aren’t inside the wire yet… you know what happens then Gunny;) lock&load keep her clean, stock up on ammo and lube…. that is all.
            AO1 USN ret. out………………..

        • I know I must never underestimate the opposition but, I keep having this vision of a Berkeley student with a puppy in one hand, a “Save the Whales” T-Shirt, and an anti Trump poster, crying “It’s not fair: Coming to get me. As I hide in my cammo gear 200 yds away with my 25-06. Ya I know to watch my 6 and be careful but it’s tough to not laugh.

          • Why 200 yds? You have to let them get close enough to read the T Shirt.

            • Well what Trump reportedly said about the Blacks is basically true. Everyone get ready for the Fandango.

              • Well now all of a sudden the system doesn’t recognize my IP address and I’ve been put in “time out”. Didn’t even use the “B” word.

            • Want to know why there are so many BOGUS Laws on the Books?

              Its all about the Money, Raising Revenue, Prisons, Government Contracts, and Bribery.

              Cops And Lawmakers Exposed In Massive $800M Private Prison Bribery Conspiracy

              By: The Free Thought Project JACKSON, Miss. (CN) — Mississippi sued 10 people and 15 corporations this week to recoup more than $800 million in state money lost in a seven-year prison bribery scandal.

              Defendants in the 11 lawsuits included former Mississippi Department of Corrections Commissioner Chris Epps, and former Republican state House Member Cecil McCrory, the key figures in the conspiracy. They and four other people pleaded guilty to their involvement in the conspiracy.

              Attorney General Jim Hood says in the lawsuits that multiple corporations, including prominent private prison contractors, paid millions of dollars in bogus “consulting fees” to people who used the money to pay bribes and kickbacks to Epps.

              Epps then steered approximately $800 million in public contracts to those private prison contractors.

              “The state of Mississippi has been defrauded through a pattern of bribery, kickbacks, misrepresentations, fraud, concealment, money laundering and other wrongful conduct,” Hood said in a statement. “These individuals and corporations that benefited by stealing from taxpayers must not only pay the state’s losses, but state law requires that they must also forfeit and return the entire amount of the contracts paid by the state.”

              The state seeks forfeiture of all the money received by the people and corporations, and punitive damages “to punish these conspirators,” the attorney general said.


            • That’s why they invented scopes

              • And good people willing to use them!

          • “This will ONLY end in bloodshed.”

            That’s the bad news. The good news is that a lawfully elected POTUS is in the Oval Office, he is a Patriot who will judiciously apply the US Constitution, and the FEMA camps built by the commies to house Patriots will now house the LEFT.

            Those who are convicted of violent felonies will not be allowed to vote in the next election even if they are out of the slammer by then; which is not likely.

            Ah, the beauty of it all almost takes your breath away, doesn’t it ??? 🙂

            • Oh so civil asset forfieture (trump approved) without trial is constitutional? What are you smokin’ DK?

              • Genius check your facts —civil forfeiture has existed since the RICO statute.Trump had nothing to do with it Just more “fake news”

                • I know that, but trump vocally supports it. Doesn’t matter when it was enacted what matters is it is still supported. Check YOUR facts!

                  • @ Genius.. Yes, TRUMP and Sessions are real big on RIPPING OFF THE SUBJECTS with their “CIVIL ASSET FORFEITURE SCAM”
                    And will continue to do so with IMPUNITY!
                    That is just ONE REASON why Politicians, Cops and Librats are PUBLIC ENEMY #1. IMO…
                    Carry On,

              • I don’t agree with Civil Forfeiture as written and enforced. I don’t agree with TRUMP’S acceptance of it.

                He may not be aware of the abuses of this law on the common man and I believe that he would not sanction it if he really understood how that law has been abused by various authorities.

                Criminals SHOULD be deprived of their ill gotten gains; after CONVICTION. Just another topic that Patriots must move forward while a Patriot occupies the Oval Office.

                Start a petition at, take it viral and get Alt Media to support it. Life is plastic. Put your stamp on it !!! 🙂

            • I hope you’re right, DK…

              But, “Civil War 2”, by Thomas Chittum, is a rather timely read, right now. He is very close with his predictions, so far. Free read on PDF.

              Also, if you have’nt checked out Selco’s SHTF School, it is worth every penny.

              And, get a Solo Stove…

              • I appreciate Selco’s experience, but I have been thinking about SHTF for more than 50 years and I am ready as anyone can be.

                As for the stove, I have no need for it, but could adapt something like it if necessary, as I have years of real experience in the bush and could survive there out of necessity.

                While I have a few basic iron cooking utensils, (including gold molds and a mini smelter) most of my cooking gadgets are electric.

                Personally, I have decided that SOLAR and RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES are the only way to go and I have encouraged folks here to do the same. You will need light and power to survive for any LENGTH of time. Less than that could be too stressful for the modern human.

                I have moved aggressively in this direction and I can take my power production, storage, power tools, and supplies with me wherever I go, with a redundant system at my bol tucked away in an older, Class A Motor Home.

                Personally I plan to bug in as I truly believe we need to be there to get there. But if relocation is necessary, and possible, I can hitch my Ford 150 4×4 to my Bug out trailer (5,000 lb capacity) filled to the gills, and beat feet.

                With respect to a BOL I don’t believe that anyone should believe that they can get farther than a tank of gas, and should plan accordingly. In my case, a half a tank is my plan; and I never let my gauge drop below half. Of course I would stop to fill up at the opportunity before I leave and when I arrive if it is an option. 🙂

                • BTW, Instead of spending $135 for the stove at WalMart, spend that $135 for a pair of waterproof snow boots. Get MUKLUKS they are the best !!!

                  And no, I don’t own any stock in the company. Nor do I expect to spend too much time in the snow and cold, but one never knows. 🙂

                • I got a couple lawn lights and took off the stems and use them as lights themselves or to recharge batteries, little bit bulky but works if ya got nothing. 🙂

                  • Yes, I used them 20 years ago to light my mining shack after charging all day. A little light, a little warmth, a little power can go a long way. 🙂

        • On the present trajectory, by summer, these “protests” will involve shooting on a regular basis. They have already proclaimed “Its OK to punch a Nazi”. Of course, THEY will determine who is a Nazi.

        • Rellik,
          I hope so toooooo. Been waiting a long time and am very, very prepared to act in self defense if these maggots.
          Shout out to sgt dave and braveheart. Keep the fight alive!

      2. Yeah, but the police will have to take the brunt of it. Tough time to be a cop that has to use his gun too, sooooo many DA’s looking to make a name for themselves on the backs of cops.

        You see, regular working folk won’t be out in the streets protesting, we have bills and jobs and responsibility’s, we don’t have time to go whine in the streets for days on end and then go home to mom’s basement.

        Cue the ‘Soro’s’ connection crowd in 3…..2…..1…. Now!

        • Really, those DAs had better be having second thoughts about going after cops or anyone else who defend themselves against criminals. There’s a new AG who will start supporting cops again. I hope he dismantles the damn Civil Rights Division at DOJ which has been responsible for the LACK of police response all the riots involving Black Criminal Lives Matter ever since the Michael Brown incident. It’s time for the gloves to come off.

      3. “Their teachers allow them to cut class to protest against Trump. When asked what they are protesting about, they do not even understand the issues.”

        Only issue they understand is: “Hey man, we all got a free pass to skip school.”

        That is the only thing going through their head … and possibly what mischief they can get into.

        • And don’t you know a lot of the (male) Anti-War protesters back in the ’60s attended said protests to meet….Women.


      4. Trumps Administration needs to on top of this. When blood finally flows and it will they need to have tracked these paid protestor anarchists for months. This includes tracking every protest with facial recognition software. Then when the blood flows arrest everyone they can find that has been to multiple protests and that one. It will be one of the few defenses that they have when the “babies” blood flows.

      5. The unrest will only occur in big cities anyway – most people ‘in the know’ have already left and those that remain there are the ones that can’t leave (work, family or no money) so the worst won’t affect the majority. Also the criminal element won’t leave as they’ll stay where the most money is for them to take.

        Best thing to do (if you haven’t already) is to keep storing preps and move gradually money out of the system, keeping some in cash and most in valuables like jewellery and/antiques.

        • A majority of Americans live in cities now.

      6. Yes it appears we are headed for civil war or ethnic cleansing. And those who are causing it haven’t a clue. They don’t have any justifiable cause. They don’t have any moral code to live by. All they know is blame someone else. All they want to do is tear someone else down. They are pig headed and unreasonable. So what is the best way to deal with them? My take is the rule of law. Break the law and you are held accountable. No if,s ands or buts. And Trump needs to start with the Klintons and their corhorts. If the government and law enforcement don’t step up. Eventually we will have vigilantie justice. Now Im hoping for HICKs Nibiru to appear . That would be preferable.

        • We need ethnic cleansing as we are becoming a minority in our own country.

          The browner future isn’t good.

          • USA will be Bosnia on steroids.

            • Driving through the city, blackened ghetto is all you see
              Direct result of permitting the niggers to run free
              They destroy their own community and shoot each other down
              Abandoned homes are torched to ashes
              Inner Zulu tribal clashes

              Browntown burning down
              Cities getting sacked, it’s coming down

              Browntown burning down
              Negro in flames rolling on the ground

              No longer welcome in our cities ’cause you’ll get beat
              Extreme White racial violence!
              Is what the darkies can expect to meet
              Driving through the city, blackened ghetto is all you see
              Direct result of permitting the niggers to run free

              Browntown burning down
              Cities getting sacked, it’s coming down

              Browntown burning down
              Negro in flames rolling on the ground

              • There’s that real genius!

                A brand of “Genius” akin to really low info stupidity.

      7. Keep reading this site daily. Watchin news, watchin internet.
        I keep Giving Clicks to the long noses.

        Site keeps saying that its happening….but nothing is happening. For years now…Its gonna collapse…runs around with hands up shouting its happening its happening.

        Nothing is happening

        keep clicking the link.

        chaching chaching

        Civil unrest aint happening…nothing is happening.

      8. I find this prediction to be very, very good news.


        Because it confirms and reinforces the wisdom that has motivated me to invest a little extra money to stockpile extra ammunition on almost every pay day, ever since the Clinton Administration.

        “As Liberals Dig Their Own Grave”

        I highly recommend this article to all regular visitors of this website.

        • Tucker,what a great post,only problem was seeing Trump in a Nazi uniform.Didn’t understand the meaning of that.Have a sister that is a university prof.during younger days in school she was protesting the Viet Nam war while I was fighting in it and seeing friends die.I didn’t speak to her for many years,even now I only talked with her because of our parents deaths,she is still a flaming commie and I can’t stand her.

          • The neo-cons are itching to start another war because they know that the US military’s combat force is approximately 72% comprised of White males. And, remember – Obongo and Panetta decided to remove the restriction on allowing women to be placed into combat units.

            These wars help our #1 (((enemy))) put White men and now White women into dangerous combat situations where they can get killed off, or horribly maimed for life, or get dusted with Depleted Uranium residue – which will be a guarantee of visit by some form of fatal cancer at some point in the future.

            Never lose track of the fact that this (((enemy)) is obsessed with genociding our race of humans. They have many different arrows in their quiver that are used to help them accomplish this objective. Embroiling the US military into endless wars that help kill off White men and now, White women – prevents those White humans from reproducing and producing new generations of White children.

            I take it you’re unfamiliar with the writings of Maurice Samuels? In his book ‘You Gentiles’, Samuels was pretty direct in his declarations.

            I am sad to have to tell you this – because, I too, am a Viet Nam era veteran (USN, never stepped foot in a rice paddy in Nam, thankfully) – but Vietnam was just one more unnecessary, totally bullshit war that the jews lied our nation into in order to kill off White military men.

            Maurice Samuels stated: Wars are a jews harvest, for in them, we can kill off the best of the Gentiles.

            His words, not mine. But, I sure as hell read those words and understood what the hell they meant and what their negative implications were for the White European race.

            • Maurice Samuel

      9. In 1930’s Germany what the Nazis could not accomplish through elections they accomplished by calling their opponents Communists and attacking, burning, breaking and rioting. Today in America what the Communists and Liberals can not accomplish through elections they are attempting through calling their opponents Nazis and attacking, burning, breaking and rioting. The end results will not be the same in America.

      10. The college profs and teachers will be far from the battle they promote like Sitting Bull was far from the Custer battle when it was fought. They promote war and blood but are no where in sight when it happens. Sitting Bull said it was his magic that won the Custer battle but still he was miles away hidden in the hills when it happened.

      11. Looking at the picture these two turds should get a 22LR in the ASS. This will put a stop to them throwing fire bombs!!!

        I think there should be a law that when you have protest announced that are going to be in your area that you have the RIGHT TO DEFEND YOUR HOMES AND BUSNESSES. Meaning you have the right to shoot any piece of shit that comes to your house or business and give him/her a dirt nap. You have to mark off an area very close to your house and business and document the area as a KILL ZONE if crossed. This is the only way to stop this BULL SHIT!!!

        Protesting is one thing Anarchy and Rioting is another.
        We know its going to come to blood shed so don’t screw around with these mopes. DO UNTO THEM BEFORE THEY DO UNTO YOU!!!!

        If you live in the big Cities or have to go to them, Carry enough equipment with you to survive if attacked. Make it big, make it loud, make it nasty. 12GA with #1 and 00 buck being rotated. (for me I’m also taking my M4 pistol with me wit extra mags). Handgun (I’m a 45 fan) I would use a 9mm or a 22Lr H.P.. with a large mag capacity. 2 reasons. #1 Lots of bullets gong down range #2 less recoil so you can stay on target. Each round will take the bad guy/gal out of the fight.

        If this comes to a CIVIL war it will be the Right vs. Left. The Right should win this because they the Left Murder their Babies. Our Babies will rise up and fight.


        • #4 Buck shot is also another good self defense load.

          I prefer Sub 2000 gen 2 in 9mm with 33rd Glock mag. Small recoil and larger hole. 6 extra 33rd mags and a Glock 19 round out the kit.

      12. I will probably repeat this later on but shall put it on record at this time.

        To the parents who have Adult Children.

        During this time of political unrest and depending on which flavor you enjoy. I believe it is time to make sure your adult children are fully aware of the consequences that may befall them during their protests.
        I am sure that those who wish to only peacefully protest, which is their right to do so, could be mortally injured, either accidentally or intentionally.
        Explained to them that as the stakes get higher the chances of injury increase. Identification of agent provocateurs could become difficult as one who is covering his face from the effects of tear gas can be no different than those who are destroying property.
        I should also add that once the protest turns violent, those that stay to support the others by enticing others to do damage, will be considered combatants.
        At this point in time we should thank God that the injuries have been minor. But! The other side has NOT Entered the Political Protest Arena. Think about that.
        If you are willing to let them protest and perform acts of crime in the future, then you must be willing to retrieve your child’s body from the morgue.

        • Anon:

          What foolishness makes you assume injuries are minor. When you are beaten unconscious, life long accumulative damage to the brain results in cognitive decline, and senility as one ages. Personality changes also occur. And by the way, you don’t need to be unconscious for your brain to be injured.


          • B from CA.

            I stand partially corrected on that point. Your still alive. The injury numbers are very low and riots are not completely nationwide in every city.

            Now I will tell you if I enter this arena where Life and Property is not respected by these Libtards.

            I’m gonna fuck them up! No minor about it. It will be major. Brain injury will be the last thing to worry about.

            • You can’t injure what they don’t have lol.

              • Genius


        • Well said.

      13. I read there has already been blood shed, just not reported by the MSM. As I recall, a group of thugs attacked a Trumper. The Trumper pulled out his pistola and shot one of them. The rest scattered. Could be the story is just that a story. I have not been able to verify.

      14. And the South should have won the Civil War. In the movie “Gone With the Wind”, Rhett Butler tells the Southern gentlemen that they shouldn’t be itching for war so much because they most likely won’t win it. That’s because of their lack of a manufacturing base to built the weaponry that they would need to win it. They hated him for that insight and wanted to kill him. (I know, it was only a movie) The thing is today that I believe that the leftists couldn’t win a hot war either against the right either (and we would need the appropriate uniforms to figure that out), but I also believe that when the time comes that’s deemed appropriate, When the calls come for the war to stop, that the government will come down on the side of the leftists, just to keep the control that it already has.

        • YR, the right is armed is the left isn’t. IF the feds come down on the side of the left, all bets are off. We’re taking this country back. The feds would be better off just staying out of it.

        • You forget foreign support, you can guarantee that other governments will supply them the munitions

      15. Sooner or later these paid losers are gonna run up on some non-Police people who will defend their lives and property from this destruction. That’s went SHTF for the protesters.

        And, of course, the crucifixions will begin shortly after that for the people who dare to protect their own.


        • BB in GA, anyone who tries to crucify me for self-defense will just get themselves killed.

      16. The ignorance of this readership is astounding.
        While all you “keyboard warriors” are sitting on you fat rear-ends and doing NOTHING, these animals are rioting, destroying, maiming at will and with umpunity almost nation wide..
        They are organized, angry, well-funded and almost single minded(like an ant colony) in their “mission”.
        They will watch their best friend get a bean bag to the balls and still keep advancing in the hope they can smash a brick on some cops head, or the nearest “Trump supporter”..

        I REFUSE to TAKE THEM LIGHTLY.. These liberal maggots make the “protests of the 60’s” look like a mother’s day parade..
        Carry On,
        E-7 Ret.

        • Gunny HiWay 1960

          The reason why so many of those bastards are still alive is because they have not come to my AO.

          What resistance have they met? Got Hunting AMMO? 165 gr. core lock will blow their chests wide open.

          I’ll let the authorities handle the crap that happens in the city.

        • Gunney you need a rest. Come to Wyo. Any where out of the liberal zone. These people aren’t doing anything, they cannot even live outside their padded fish tank. I’d put a Wyo 9th grade girls gym class up against them anytime; they’ed get their butts shot off.

          • Hi Paranoid..
            That is exactly what I am talking about.
            We are “law abiding”… THEY ARE NOT.
            “WE” are waiting for “law enforcement” to ENFORCE THE LAW.. While these librat sedidionists are rioting all along the WEST COAST.
            Anyone “inside” of the 2 coasts are INSULATED… But I live in Seattle, Wa (used to be the “old west” with sovereign gun laws but “NO MORE”..)

            The west coast is a communist extension of the old Soviet Union and the fags, dykes, anarchists and Twinks soil this land like cow shit in a pasture.

            Yeah, I have my B.A.R. and plenty of 30.06 to feed it.. But when 1000 of these mongrels roll up your street, even a BAR is a peashooter..
            Like I said, they will watch their best friend take one in the forehead and keep advancing…
            They remind me way too much of the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan, or the VIET CONG.

            Well, Best Regards for you and yours,
            USMC E-7 Ret.

        • Chill out gunny…
          Nobodies taking them lightly.
          But if we go out in the streets and start busting heads, then we become what they are accusing us of being; Nazi brownshirts… think about it.

          Their time will come, once they think they, the true brownshits have gotten enough confidence to take it past the police and run into The Posse’s that will become deputized. I have it on good authority, that the local sheriffs dept has already been talking to ‘good folks’ about this… once properly deputized, there will be hell to pay in the mop up. But, first, we need names, then we kick ass.

          • I live around the Monterey Bay.

            No riots, demonstrations, or race baiting in a target rich libtard enclave.

            Just got back from San Antonio, Texas… action going on.

            It is all organized kabuki theater, with disorganized results.


            IF…and I stress IF the action makes it to the end of my street, that is when I will crank up the meat grinder. Until then, I will continue OPSEC, situational awareness, and OODA evaluation.

            Don’t start none, won’t be none.


            P.S. >>>>>> sup’ Piper <<<<<<<

            • Pffff…. By the time they “roll up your street”, there will be way too many to stop…
              Just like the HOARDS on “The Walking Dead”.

              I plan to AMBUSH THEM a minimum of 15 BLOCKS AWAY and keep moving and SHOOTING till they turn back, or I am overrun…
              Just like in Afghanistan…

              I suggest you follow MY OPSEC, It may save your family.

              • @gunny:


                My street is over a mile long…uphill both ways. Elevation is a game changer. Hoards like easy targets, such as downhill suburban types. Hoards are like water. Pedal bikers in their lycra shorts and streamlined hats don’t make the climb and they usually have more starch than the average snowflake agitator.

                Windage and elevation: the rest is just math.

                I won’t need to put on my party hat until the Koreans and the Samoans down the way take to the streets in their skirts and long knives.

                Best to you and yours….BA.

                >>>>>Respect :p <<<<<<<

          • @ Piper…
            I wish I believed that any “Law Enforcement” is on “our” side.
            They seem more interested in standing around for an entire 8 hour shift (LIKE THEY DID IN BERKLEY or the U of W ” MILO Protests”) than actually “enforcing the law” by any stretch of the definition…

            Candidly… Most “Blue shirts” are as much the enemy as the librats.. Ever heard of CIVIL ASSET FORFEITURE?
            Ever hear of ONE COP that said.. NOT ON MY WATCH/ NOT AGAINST US CITIZENS? —- Neither have I.
            And my point exactly.

            Carry On,

        • The feds have sponsored the left for decades- there is no such thing as an independent left.

          The basic war should be understood as (((“bankers”))) vs. all humanity and especially vs. Whites.


          There is but (((one enemy)))- the self-chosen.

      17. Obama playing a key figure in the escalating tensions. Look into Organizing For Action, heavily funded by none other than george soros. There is a link on new obama website to OFA.
        From New York Post:
        “When former President Barack Obama said he was “heartened” by anti-Trump protests, he was sending a message of approval to his troops. Troops? Yes, Obama has an army of agitators — numbering more than 30,000 — who will fight his Republican successor at every turn of his historic presidency. And Obama will command them from a bunker less than two miles from the White House.

        In what’s shaping up to be a highly unusual post-presidency, Obama isn’t just staying behind in Washington. He’s working behind the scenes to set up what will effectively be a shadow government to not only protect his threatened legacy, but to sabotage the incoming administration and its popular “America First” agenda.

        He’s doing it through a network of leftist nonprofits led by Organizing for Action. Normally you’d expect an organization set up to support a politician and his agenda to close up shop after that candidate leaves office, but not Obama’s OFA. Rather, it’s gearing up for battle, with a growing war chest and more than 250 offices across the country.”

        • Is Soros still alive:

          The only reason nobody put out a hit on the old man is because he is so old he is bound to be dead of natural causes very soon. Besides, it is never just one man. This is the work of the “chews”, globalists, leftists, demons, whatever you call them guys.


          • some just dont have that kind of patience .. why wait til the fucker keels over .. suffering is his sentence.. time someone starts his suffering

          • “Is Soros still alive:”

            I heard through the grapevine that Soros has been thriving on intravenous embalming fluids. This is why old shit stains as him Kissinger, George Bush Sr. etc. are still somewhat conscious. ツ

            • son Alex is the one to watch. This guy is pure evil.

        • The shoeshine boy and his 30,000-scum army doesn’t stand a chance against even 1% of all gun owners in this country. It’s high time the shoeshine boy was ‘neutralized’.

      18. Off Topic:

        Oreville Dam may break. Evacuation is no longer voluntary. Last night a sixty minute warning was given to several counties that they must evacuate within sixty minutes. Of course this has resulted in gridlock on the highway. Who could have predicted that. Check out the photos. They are very dramatic. There has been water being coming down a spillway for a week. Taking down trees along the side of the hill, and eroding the sediment.

        __now, back to your regularly programmed show !!
        __ I wonder how many people have water in their car !!!!!

        __ This is why you prep.


        • oh, and that lake is a MAJOR water supply for the liberals in los angeles…..wonder what happens when the water runs out…………..maybe there IS A GOD afterall….

          • Yeah well don’t worry, if that don’t get us all the radioactive tuna will.

      19. The civil war will come….and when it reaches its Zenith, the militias and biker gangs will meet the ‘protestors’ head on, while the cops and national guard “look the other way”. Their commi-asses are going to find out about life, the hard way. Guns not needed. Just real men with baseball bats and chains. Can’t wait to hear all the red diaper doper babies in the streets crying for their mothers as they squeal in agony from broken femurs, ribs, and skulls.!!!!

        • @J – WHAT “MILITIAS”??
          You mean in Michigan or the Ozarks?
          Sorry SIR.. The RIOTS and “WAR” is taking place on BOTH COASTS, PRIMARILY the WEST COAST..
          No “Militias” out here in Washington State that I am aware of and I have lived here for 57 years.
          If the “war” comes, it will be SINGULAR “conservatives” against HOARDS of LIBRATS, BLACKS, MESSICANS and MUZZIES…
          Just like The WALKING DEAD.
          Good Luck with that.
          Carry On,

      20. Looks like the culmination of the Communist-organized and directed civil rights movement, whose objective has always been to bring down the U.S., may be near.

      21. I am definitely a one man army. Hey what do you guys think about the up coming Cali exit because of that dam. I heard that they are hauling ass like crazy running from the area. The un prepped idiots really have it coming.




          Please give us Federal disaster relief money it’s really really an emergency pleeeease? My tummy hurts…

          • “My tummy hurts…”

            You heard him SHTFplanners – Donate Now to UNICEF – as a bonus, you will receive a UNICEF blanket, and if you act within the first 10 minutes you’ll receive a second blanket for free, just pay for postage and handling separately.

            Hurry … supplies are limited … and only offered for a limited time.

            Act now!

            Call 1-800-GET-BENT

            • Are these a bunch of those magic blankets that give you smallpox?


              • Well yea … of course they are.

                “Nothing says I love you more, than a heavy dose of Smallpox”

                [Endorsed & fully approved by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation]

      22. If you read about Martin Armstrong…he is a “self taught” economist who was imprisoned for several years on civil contempt and conspiracy to commit fraud charges. So I would put what HE says in the “grain of salt” category.
        That being said – “GunnyHyway” makes a great point. Use hot loads and kick ass

        • @Archangel,
          Thanks, but you seem to be the only one on this forum that sees the reality of the situation unfolding before our eyes.
          I call that “Normalcy Bias” and it has been the death of MILLIONS throughout history.
          IE: The Jews in Germany who had WW1 medals yet still could not fathom what the national mood and direction was at that time. or.. the Christians of TODAY in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and elsewhere throughout the middle east..
          Best regards,

      23. My free, and worth every penny, advice is not to get your Macho up. That is EXACTLY what they want. The main point of terrorism from Communist radical groups is to cause an “over reaction” by the government which they can use to justify their cause and attract more cannon fodder to it.
        Thus there is NO chance they are going to run riot in the suburbs much less rural America.
        They will get Useful Idiots all psyched up and get in the front lines where they can be arrested while the Soros paid agitators and others are several lines behind hidden by masks. Their goal is to try and force the police to use force to put down the riot which they will catch on video and then release the edited version.

        The BEST response is for the police is to follow the example in Chicago, just stop getting involved and let them burn the campuses etc.

        No harm done.

        Indeed, if they burn down the entire college / University the main result will be less Communist indoctrination.

      24. The American liberals are only good for revolting against the right, like barking little house dogs as long as they can follow Soros’ window breakers and sleep in a warm bed at night. If it continues to get worse there will come a day they will have to personally look into the meat grinder. They will soil their pants and run and hide in one of their safe places and things will calm down shortly after. We adults can then get back to fixing some things in America.

      25. Where’s Obama and HRC speaking out for unity? Fake propaganda always came out of their mouths for the sake of winning. I question why local governments are not allowing their police to come down hard on these paid criminals. Yes, sooner or later there is going to be blood shed. I guarantee the cops are gung-ho and want to come down hard on these Soros paid idiots. If this was taking place in the town where I live, the police force here would do whatever it would take to restore law and order. It would be answered immediately with force. This type of BS is not tolerated here. When it escalates into all out civil war there will be alot of blood shed. The cops and military will side with the right(conservatives) to defeat these puppets of the NWO. When SHTF these globalist POS better have left the country already because when found they will be executed as the traitorist scumbags they are. Then we can start over strictly enforcing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

      26. Maybe we are armchair warriors. However we aint stupid enough to go looking for trouble. Many folks are very fond of telling others what they ought to do. Vegitarians are one such group. They state vegitarians on average live 9 years longer than meat eaters. Nine long horrible worthless Bacon less years. I will do as I want and wish others cant persuade me to do stupid things.

        • Yeah screw that !

          9 years without Bacon?
          just fuggen shoot me

        • Old Guy –

          I don’t believe any of us here are “armchair warriors”.

          Simply put as you said: “none of us are going out to look for trouble.”

          If trouble comes looking for us … then we will do the appropriate thing and defend ourselves – that is just common sense, not some kind of a armchair warrior.

          It’s called being smart – being incognito – and not being a damn hero.

          GunnyHiway 1960 can play in the streets if he likes, and face the full retarded nation of liberals if he likes.

          None of us here want any part of it.

          … and if for some odd reason these poor brave souls want to venture out into the sticks for some action … well then … action they will get.

          I have one simple rule that I live by.

          #1 Don’t fuck with me, and I won’t fuck with you

          It doesn’t get much simpler than that!

          • FTW

            Arm Chair Warriors.

            You can tell who has been around the block or two. Older guys sometimes get worked up but that is because of all the stupidity going on in the country.

            One thing for sure is that the older guys have a plan and they are getting their stuff together. We have been exchanging ideas on all subjects. Younger guys need the electronics to live. Older guys use hand tools and muscle power to get the job done. We think it through also. Most of us know what body pain is from a days work.
            To include the Ladies here which bring much wisdom even though the guys may not want to hear it at times.

            Example. I never thought I would be growing vegetables.

            I give the Farmer a BIG THUMBS Up for what he does in life. We are too use to pulling food off the shelves in the supermarket.

          • @FTW…I never said ONE thing like what YOU just posted..
            “Play in the Streets”?? — F U.
            I said.. It will come to YOU regardless where you live.
            You maggot.. Can you actually READ?

            I could care less about any of you trolls..
            The USA is DEAD ON ARRIVAL anyway.. just waiting for the burial detail.
            You are dismissed,

            • GunnyHiWay1960

              “I said.. It will come to YOU regardless where you live.”

              That’s O.K. with me. I await their arrival.

        • Old Guy, vegetarians are full of shit. I’ve been a meateater all my life and I’ll be a meateater for the rest of it. I’m the same way about bacon. GIVE ME BACON OR GIVE ME DEATH!

          • – My observations of Vegetarians –

            Pal & pasty skin color
            lack of muscle definition
            slow/sluggish mobility – excessive tiredness

            Seems to me these kinds of people do not take the necessary nutritional supplements that their bodies desperately needs.

            A Vegetarian lifestyle is not a healthier lifestyle, without replenishing the body of what it really needs.

            These people look like they just graduated from the University of Aushwitz Nutritional Facility.

      27. These people said they would leave the USA if Trump won…sooo, they are now illegal aliens..deport them…

      28. This does not need to happen it rests on a false premise, and assumes too many things. The false premise is that because this has happened before it must happen again. This may be true if you don’t learn history Hegel says we are forced to repeat it…but this is an old play book dog eared and trotted out too many times last century for todays age to fall for it. The false assumption is that Trump will fall into a fascist police state trap…I don’t believe this either….As the Ching says for the fifth line of 3rd hexagram Difficulty at the beginning Murphy’s version But I say unto you that you resist not evil….[Matthew 5:39].You overcome evil with good. When you resist or fight something in your mind, you magnify it and set the law of reversed action into operation. In other words you get the opposite of what you pray for when you fret, fuss and fume and get angry.. Quite and still your mind and contemplate that all things come to pass in divine law and order.

        • I’m pretty sure in “old times” people weren’t that stupid either.

          It’s just that shit was just that bad.

          It looked like the less bad option.

      29. Stopping riots is a state and municipal issue. Thats LEO, State Police and the National Guard. Its very difficult to claim its President Trump crushing civil “liberties”. These disturbances remind me of the goal of the North Vietnamese had for he TET Offensive of 1968 where a civil uprising would occur in the wake of the attack. The only Vietnamese the NVA/VC dealt with are those that agreed with them as they generally killed those who didn’t. The radical left, who socialize with the radical left, marries or otherwise breeds with the radical left, shares bathrooms with the radical left (regardless of gender) has a vision that only they can see. The majority of America couldn’t care less about refugees from countries that they don’t trust and can’t accurately find on a map. The US public wants good jobs with a future. The US public is not clamoring for war with Russia. These civil disturbances are funded and lack true grassroots support, its not going to reach any critical mass.

        • I agree with your assessment. I too believe it has no grass-root support. As usual people PO-ed destroying their own habitat. Cities & Universities are where they dwell. I don’t see them coming up to NW Montana perpetrating these crimes. If they want to destroy their sh*t I don’t care. Come up here and try to destroy our sh*t, Every action has consequences.

          • Angel

            “As usual people PO-ed destroying their own habitat.”

            The MSM is trying to present this as having support with poll upon poll “confirming” the unpopularity of President Trump while I talk to Union guys that previously never voted for a Republican in their life. These guys are trying to find a spot on the wall for his photograph next to FDR, JFK and Jesus.

          • <— down in BIL, keep an eye out for junkies and get eyes on 'em, many bands of addicts, etc. thieving down here and in region, they love their guns it seems and whatever else they can get their hands on, huge rings co-operating. Just keep an eye out and keep aware.

      30. One caveat. Unless there is a Revolutionary War Boston Massacre or 1970 Kent State to shape public opinion. What President Tump says about its aftermath will have a huge impact.

        “A wise man walks with his head bowed low”.

        • Kevin2 says:
          “A wise man walks with his head bowed low”.

          And his eyes wide open.

      31. Is weaponized snowflakes an oxymoron?
        OH, wait… no, just a simple moron.


        They are now ginning up ‘The Knights of Socialism’…
        Methinks, they will run head on into; The Crusaders.

        The Knights of the Last Trump… has a good ring to it…

        • PM, you were asking me about what time I come onto the site every day several threads back. I get on when I can. What’s on your mind?

      32. Me thinks its time for a little ethnic cleansing on the streets of America. This is exactly why we need to keep abortions and free birth control. It keeps these morons from multiplying.

      33. I have to travel to one of those hell hole cities so I just finished loading my Ruger with IHBW and my backup with SWC. Thinking I better pack some backup ammo and my boot gun. If I am attacked at least I can take some of the SOB’s with me. Civil war has already started, we just are not fighting back.

      34. There is a popular show on TV. this toothless idiot in Kentucky. called Turtleman. He goes around catching varmits that are causing problems. then Yielding to the touchy feely political correct agenda he relocate,s them so they can cause problem for some body else. That’s the mentality that many are brainwashed with. Me any varmit I trap I make certain they never bother anything again. You cant allow varmits to proliferate they will always cause problems no matter where you relocate them.

        • Hmmm maybe I could put some meth in a bear trap lol.

        • Many years ago, I had a job working at night in an office full of women. One night there was a mouse, and somebody had trapped it under a box lid. They wanted me, the only guy present, to get rid of the mouse. So I moved the box around until the mouse’s tail was sticking out. I grabbed his tail, picked him up, and he went catatonic. I then took him outdoors.

          When I got back, the women asked me what I had done with the mouse. I told them that I had slam-dunked him on the curb and bashed his brains out. They were upset that I had killed the mouse. I told them that he knew how to get in the building and would just come back in if I hadn’t killed him.

      35. They will burn themselves out! Top brass will apply pressure the closer to the next election we come.

        Regular folks are angry and hate democrats anyway but the longer this goes on no democrat will survive next election.

        TPTB realize they will have to work within the system.

        Beside Spring Break is coming up these kids will be on vacay.

      36. To the individuals who believe a civil war would be easy and over quickly against the so called “libtards”. Many of the ones protesting stood shoulder to shoulder with me when we retook Basra, Iraq. Many stood with me when we took Mosul. They have received the same training and suffered the same hardships that millions of other military personnel have gone through. Never disregard or underestimate the ones on the other side of the field from you. That is the quickest way into a pine box.

        • Yes, especially when you are attacking them on their own turf.

          • For no good reason.

            • And then tell them to get out of your country while refusing to get out of theirs.

        • ChickenHawk

          Have to agree with you. Does it matter if you prepped to the Max or Trained to the Max. All it takes is one well placed bullet and it is all over for you.

          You buys your ticket and takes your chances.

          Luck of the draw. Murphy’s Law. Dumb Luck.

      37. The more the Left speaks, the dumber they seem to be. They call Trump a dictator who is trying to stop free speech. Then they try to shut down anyone who says anything they don’t like. The concept that they should be protected from someone saying something that might offend them is ludicrous. No one has that right!

      38. You guys are all losing your minds. I agree, America is over! But once you enter these battles, you only preform as the powers have directed. Think! Be like the Chameleon. Did we learn nothing from our friends the Vietnamese.

      39. Let’s hope and pray Armstrong is wrong. He’s a smart man, but despite a good track record, he has missed more than one prediction in the past.

        Put at the turn of the millennium, who could have foreseen 9/11, the 2008 bust, the election of Trump? What will the next 15 years hold? Certainly, a lot of surprises!

      40. Far too many are able to see the writing on the wall that all this violence is planned and executed by the criminal cabal that rules behind the scenes for years. They are so afraid that their game will end that they are willing to sacrifice the entire nation to cover their astronomical crimes against an entire country. It’s all going to happen soon and Trump isn’t going to fix ANYTHING!

      41. There gonna do anything and everything they can to destroy trump and his administration then there coming for the rest of us so get ready !

      42. The country must be protected and preserved. If ten million people are lost, well.

      43. We fight with non-violence, wit, facts, humor, winsomeness and persistence. And we WILL win. Truth is, their ideas SUCK, and are anti-human, and cannot win.

      44. Gunny Hiway 1960 First I’d like to say I’m sorry for your loss, can not imagine losing one of my sons. Also would like to say you and your son should maybe think about moving. I live in Oklahoma, and know where a Muslim training camp is located. Just sitting back and waiting. Also one of my sons ex marine, once a marine always a marine.

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