Martial Red Zone In America: Heavily Armed Security Teams To Patrol Chicago, Feds Prepare for Mass Detentions, Evacuation Planning Underway

by | Apr 30, 2012 | Headline News | 387 comments

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    If Transportation Security pat downs at public venues, thousands of drones over the skies of America, and the National Security Agency’s new Echelon-like listening center in Utah weren’t enough to convince you that we’re living in a police state, then perhaps the latest news out of Chicago will change your mind.

    As world leaders prepare to meet in the windy city for their annual NATO summit, U.S. federal officials are working feverishly to implement a security net so broad that it encompasses the entirety of Cook County, Illinois. While international summits are traditionally met with a larger police presence and preparations for the possibility of protests or rioting, what’s taking place on American soil in anticipation of the May 20 meeting in downtown Chicago can be interpreted in only one way – the implementation of regionalized martial law.

    Last week Red Cross officials reported that the City of Chicago, Department of Homeland Security and the Secret Service had instructed them to prepare for a mass evacuation of the city in the event of an emergency during the NATO summit. The Red Cross was to prepare to shelter and feed residents in the event of such an evacuation.

    On the heels of that announcement, more details have emerged and they suggest the Federal security apparatus has completely lost  its marbles.

    Via Off Grid Survival

    The Illinois Department of Transportation is testing an emergency plan to shut off access into and out of downtown Chicago. The plan uses a network of highway security gates that are designed to shut down all traffic coming in and out of Chicago in the event of a terrorist attack.

    The Illinois DOT is warning truckers that it’s best to avoid the city during the NATO Summit in Chicago May 20-21.  There will be a number of driving restrictions and rolling street closures, and the Illinois DOT is testing highway barricades that will block access to all major highways in and out of Chicago.

    These barricades, which started being installed on Chicago highways back in 2005, are deigned to restrict or cut off access to roads during an emergency like a bioterrorism attack.

    …The Illinois DOT’s testing of these highway entrance ramp gates has many worried about the chaos that NATO may bring to Downtown Chicago. There is already talk about widespread city wide evacuations, rioting, terrorist attacks and even large scale detention centers and arrests.

    Detention Centers

    It’s been reported by the local media, that Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart is devising a strategy to deal with large-scale mass arrests during the NATO Summit meeting. In fact, the Chicago Sun Times is reporting that the once abandoned Joliet State Prison may be reopened as a mass detention center for NATO.

    Joliet prison is about 40 miles from Chicago and can hold about 1,300 prisoners. The Sheriff is also reportedly looking at building tents in the yard at Cook County Jail.

    Militarized Red Zone

    Starting May 1st, a full three weeks before the NATO Summit, the Federal Government will be setting up a Militarized Red Zone in the streets of Downtown Chicago.

    In a Chicago Sun Time Article:

    The head of Chicago’s NATO Host Committee said Thursday she was blindsided by the federal government’s decision to create a militarized “Red Zone” in the Loop to protect federal buildings in the run-up to the May 20-21 summit at McCormick Place.

    The news of federal agents on the streets of Chicago isn’t sitting well with many. From last months urban warfare drills, to residents being warned of possible citywide evacuations, the city of Chicago is starting to look like a city that may already be under martial law.

    Via Off Grid Survival

    City planning officials with the Chicago NATO host committee have been reportedly kept in the dark about Federal security plans and Federal agencies like the aptly named Secret Service refuse to release any details:

    …according to a CBS 2 report, the Secret Service has refused to even acknowledge the issue and “Chicago officials say the plan didn’t come from them.

    …Despite the fact that the plan for evacuating citizens has stoked paranoia and confusion amongst residents, information about the procedure has seemingly been placed on lockdown.

    Source: Infowars

    What we do know is that the Red Cross and local government are preparing for mass evacuations of thousands of residents in case of a “national security event”, barricades are being set up to control traffic in and out of the city, city highways and streets are being completely shut down to restrict any non-official access, mass detention centers are being prepared to hold hundreds of detainees, and heavily armed security teams will be deployed weeks ahead of the summit to acclimate residents to the militarization of their city.

    There also are reports that a heavily armed security team will start making a very public appearance around federal buildings in the Loop this week. Officials with the Chicago NATO host committee were completely in the dark. They had no reports of any such plans.

    Source: CBS2 Chicago

    Either national intelligence agencies in the United States have gotten wind of an attack to take place in Chicago in May, or they are overtly creating a manufactured crisis to instill in Americans that absolute power over our homes, lives and daily activities lies in the hands of our benevolent, all-seeing government.

    Looking back at Executive Orders and Congressional Legislation over the past decade one can surmise that what’s happening in Chicago is not some half-baked training exercise. Rather, this is what life in America is destined to look like in the future. The National Defense Authorization Act, combined with elements of the Patriot Act, Presidential decrees outlining domestic military response plans, and the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act give the government the power to:

    • Restrict the ability of the people to peaceably assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances, in essence completely abridging the right to free speech
    • Identify and label any activities that threaten to undermine the State as ‘terrorist’ in nature
    • Detain said terrorists indefinitely without charge or trial
    • Deploy armed military personnel in a policing capacity on the streets of America
    • Log, aggregate, red flag and act on any intelligence acquired through emails, phone calls, text messages or social networks

    For those who bury their heads in the sand and want to pretend like national security centered legislation is meant to protect us from ‘terrorists’ and not to restrict the freedoms of average Americans, look around.

    The control grid is being put into place, it’s happening right here and now, and it’s no longer covert. The powers that be are showing us exactly what the plan is and they’ll implement it city-by-city, town-by-town, one American at a time – until every single one of us is living in a state of fear and compliance.

    Resources: Off Grid Survival, Infowars


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      1. wonder if that train load of Red Cross vehicles i saw over the weekend, were being shipped to this location?

        • they had the IFRC , red crecent on the side..not the red +

          • Maybe some of the vehicles were shipped early…so they would be in place for tomorrows activities.

            Occupy Wall Street have planned “Global Protests” for tomorrow. Chicago is one of the “focused” cities in the US.

            Their plans include “direct action and civil disobedience.”

            (There is a link to this on Drudge Report.)

            • im not sure if the rail I watched would run out that way or was a mostly south/north rail, but I guess it could have went west of me after going south enough.

            • Rahm Emanuel:
              (current mayor of Chicago)

              “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”


          • VRF, TPTB are planning their mass arrests/detention in a state that doesn’t allow concealed handgun licences and are robbing the citizens the 2nd amendment right. I believe this should be a warning to other states that don’t honor the 2nd amendment. Appears traveling to these states should be off our travel plans. I’ll stay prepping in Texas.

        • @ VRF. You start to see Red Cross vechicles within 100 miles of the major faults in this country, “LOOK OUT!” The government knows when earthquake faults are ready to go. They have the most precise measuring devices that the public doesn’t hear about. Before a fault is ready to snap there is a compression factor of rock that satellites can pick up. They know. The likely chain of events would happen probably first the Cascadia fault snaps releases the jammed up plate that is preventing the San Andreas from breaking and it goes. Then like 1812 when a portion of the San Andreas goes the New madrid fault goes.

          Looking at the location of these Red Cross trucks is key here. First look at what the geology of the area where they are concentrated, then look at major events occurring in the future. If none of these show anything, look at the probability of the possible target for someone to attack; geographic importance. Then start to look at the weird. ALWAYS WHEN THERE IS MOVEMENT OF EMERGENCY VECHICLES INTO ANY AREA MEANS SOMEONE IS DEFINTIELYT EXPECTING SOMETHING HORRIFIC TO HAPPEN. Again, someone knows something. Finding that something is the difficult part, but not impossible.

          • I would say it was at lest a mile or 2 of train cars hauling like a hummer type vehicle with a large ambulance type “box” on the chassis..(typical red cross ambulance) Id say at least a few hundred or more vehicles.. I was on Business and in an area north of Toldeo Ohio..
            they were coming down a section of track that runs out of Michigan into Toledo.
            Its hard to say where they could be going, as they were still on the train cars..they coud have been going to Florida, out west, out east etc..from that location there are many switching yards to take that train any direction on the map

            • Before the second Iraq war we had military equpiment running on trains night and day heading east. Toledo is a major hub, junction point, but there are other routes. I was looking at a map and it would seem that they would be shipping anything from Michigan to the west they would not use Toledo as it would be kind of back tracking. It would seem they would be going south or east. South would say New Madrid fault is giving someone concern. East would say a port or New York could be in the crosshairs. Maybe even someone is expecting something down in the deep south.

              The New Madrid fault breaking alone without any western plate influence would be activity in the Mid Atlantic Ridge. There has been much activity on this Ridge, but south of the equator which would be showing stress on South America and Africa, but not so much the North American plate.

              The deep south there is always Florida and there has been a big build up on the Caribbean fault zone since Haiti was nailed. This area is very capabale of producing a very large tsunami that would swamp Florida. This is one of those longshot scenarioes though.

              Something to consider also is that the National Weather Service is expecting some severe tornado activity in May all over south of the Toledo area and his could be a reason for all the emergency vechicles being shipped there. It has been the warmest winter and spring in decades and a lot of warm moisture is building in the Gulf along with some trapped cold air still in the Arctic. Maybe they see extreme storms coming in the next couple of weeks. Hurricanes would be at least a couple of months away.

              I know people see terrorism or a false flagger, but call it a bit of intution, I think it has to do with the Midwest region, around Missouri, southern Illinois, Tennessee, and Oklahoma region. This is just a wild guess though.

              Maybe other people out there have seen these train cars further on their destination can chime in and let us all know the direction in which this was travelling. Wherever the final spot is, they are expecting something terrible to happen. Doesn’t mean it will happen, but also doesn’t mean that it won’t. Again, there is a plan here, of course hidden as usual from the people that pay for these emergency vechicles from their taxes. 🙁

          • Not to mention HARRP!!!!

            • There’s evidently some here that haven’t the info or facts on the H.A.R.R.P. Me thinks you might wanna dig into it just a bit before thumbing me down!! The ultra low, and high, radio waves have been proven to disrupt many a thing, including the earth’s crust! Check it out before poo-pooing something.

            • idk i could be wrong but is’nt it H.A.A.R.P.?
              High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program or somethin?

              • So that aint got nothin to do with old folks? 🙂

            • Not to mention the fact that there is a treaty on HAARP and weather modification technology between countries that restrains anyone from using it as a weapon of war. That right there tells you it exhists, and not just cloud seeding crap, it exhists with the ability to destroy at will, hence a weapon of war. Extinction protocal shows a good amount of weather related events around the world. I dont know if its haarp or natural, but lets get this straight for all, THE WORLD IS FALLING APART! intentionally or otherwise. Get your preps done everyone, time is short, the NWO is here to stay, choose a side…NOW!

          • Be informed

            No disrespect meant but if the public doesn’t hear about these devices how do you know about them ?

            My understanding is that the slower p-waves need to be at a considerable distance away I order to allow an alert for the faster moving, ground deforming s-waves. Even at a few hundred miles distant just a few seconds of notice can be given. The USGS are trying to see the pattern in the ore-quake pressure build ups in faults that may indicate a slip is about to occur and I have read the research on the harmonic changes per-quake which looks more promising and may be of use in giving warnings in the future.

            I am very interested in this and would appreciate any info you can give me.

            Thanks in advance, take care

            • Ore? Per? Pre

              Pre-quake. My nails are getting to long for all this typing lol

            • Much of what the USGS is doing will NEVER get to the public. There is something called true science and the showman science that is used for the funding of these projects. Politically warning people of an area such as Los Angeles or San Francisco of an impending mega quake is suicide, it won’t happen. Yes the government will let people die, hundreds of thousands or millions to save an all out panic for the rest of the country. Just look at how earthquakes are downgraded in size as not to alarm the public. I saw an Oregon earthquake downgraded from a 5.9 to a 5.3. this was pure horsesh^&. The amount of energy between a 5.9 and 5.3 is huge, no instrument could ever make that much of an initial error. I have read seismic charts in school and this was a total insult to my intelligence. ALL POLITICAL BS that has become the government.

              Stress build-up does indicate a possible break, but not always. Rock has a tendacy to sometimes expand and contract without relaeasing the built up energy. Much of this has to do with harmonic changes. I once to watch the harmonic changes on the southern california earthquake monitor for hours trying to figure it out below the surface. This is a possible warning for future earthquakes but there is a much more accurate means of detection.

              Satellites measure the most minute movement of stress points down to the millimeter and can detect stress build ups on a much larger scale. This works especially on faults that are larger and above ground. However they also can show movement and stress on even blind thrust faults. Much the same as lasers give extremely precise measurements in construction and even home projects. These satellites are owned by your friend and mine, the government and access to these is restricted. Usually on the grounds that they are military in nature. There is no way the public has anyway of obtaining this information for the above political reasons. Ask Stan Deyo how his predictions using naval sea information was abruptly discontinued. He was getting quite close to forecasting what they don’t want others to know.

              I know much about geology and the planet because of my schooling in them and because I have searched much to find the truth. I know many people on the west coast and it would be nice to forewarn them of an upcoming quake that could do them in. If they act, this is their choice. I have found all sorts of patterns that occur before earthquakes and have been charting earthquakes for sometime now.

              There is much stress built up from the Kuril Islands to the northern Mexico area as you can seee this from previous earthquakes. I have marked every earthquake of 4.5 or more on a standard globe, for a more three dimensional look, and there are stress points all over the places showing where future stress points are building. Much like past weather patters to predict weather, earthquakes also have past patterns. I have a theory about earthquakes that the main point of breakage actually transmits foreshocks to away from this point of breaking. Much like someone takes a stick and breaks it there are points of movement throughout the stick away from the point of break. Rock is no different as foreshocks are away from the hypocenter of the earthquake also. I call it a quiver theory. The larger the earthquake is the further away these foreshocks will be.

              That 8.6 strike slip was the largest ever recorded and the nanosecond I saw this I knew lots of earthquakes around the world were coming, as I warned about this in previous posts BEFORE the earthquakes begun as proof, anyone can see this on this site. Horizontal movement of this magnitude is unheard of and in laymen’s terms rammed the plates like a bulldozer slamming a train at high velocity, more kinetic energy. Other thrust faults had much more vertical movement in regards to other faults and less impact. With that horizontal earthquake you had the energy from a 8.6 quake, but also actual massive physical movement against other plates. The planet is still trying to recover and reset itself after 3 weeks since this.

              The government knows what I know and has the extremely sophisticated equipment to measure this and they know before something is going to break. This is why when you see FEMA and other emergency related “services” all of a sudden going into an area with large earthquake potential, LOOK OUT, they at very least suspect something is coming. This is a warning sign that people need to see. The emergency services are also not so much to protect and save people, but to keep order. I know this sounds cynical as all get up, but I truly do not trust any government. I as well as everyone else just does not have any reason to. I hope this helps you understand a little bit of what I have been trying to warn and help people prepare. It is coming, like many have said on this site, prep, prep, prep, time is a running out.

            • One other thing I forgot to mention is there is much difference in government agencies and the information that is ALLOWED to the public. The public gets ONLY what will not cause the government any problems or money. The USGS is an agency that deals with widespread destruction potential and enormous amounts of money lost if they are correct or not in earthquake or volcano prediction. You just cannot evacuate the people in california and trying so would be a disaster in itself. People that get a warning of a 8+ earthquake would not try to ride it out, they would head for the hills like rats rushing off a sinking ship.

              The USGS knows when earthquakes are coming, or at least has a pretty good idea. As of recent years, this downgrading of earthquake sizes where it might upset people more than proves their umbilical cord is firmly attached to those in the government that don’t have the people’s best interest at heart at all. Instruments just cannot be that inaccurate. The fact is why the downgrading? I seldom see upgrading of earthquakes, unless it is politically something that it benefits those in power. If it look like a duck, has feathers like a duck, a bill like a duck, web feet like a duck, it is a duck.

              The government does ONLY what is in its best interest. Not telling people the truth about earthquakes is in the best interest of the government. As the governments of the world have found dishonesty and total corruption is more profitable.

            • Yes, the USGS put The finest and most extensive monitoring stations, all around the most predictable earthquake fault in the US (Parkfield, Ca), And over twenty years they have been: WRONG THE ENTIRE TIME. They didn’t predict the Jap earthquake, or the Indo one before that, TWO OF THE LARGEST THE WORLD HAS SEEN. I have a degree in Geology and the only earthquake prediction worth anything is: Mostly the occur at the plate boundaries and they happen WHEN THEY DARN WELL WANT TO.

            • Be informed; enjoyed reading your post(s). Thanks for the education and adding to some of my theories.

            • Burt the Brit: Everyone is on edge and this leads to flights of imagination as you can see in these posts. People are looking for this big-bad boogy man who controls all: the atmosphere, the economy, even your very thoughts. I worked 35 years for DoD, Treasury, and finally DHS, and folks I’ve got to tell you, they aren’t some super master minds looking to control our lives. Well, maybe a few, but most are just bureacrats who want to maintain their little kingdoms, and expand them a little if possible. Why; so they can retire with a high paygrade and then get a job in the private sector that has a govenment contract in an area that they just oversaw in order to make even more money. Burt, my fellow Americans give our governemnt agencies way too much credit. Their ideas make for great novels and movies, but it’s just that, ideas. Yeah, I know, someone is going to say I’m a mole. This is the same charge that UFO believers make against non-believers “it’s a cover up” by a governemnt agent. Yet just like UFOs, not one shred of independently verifiable evidence is ever produced for weather or geophysical control mechanisms by a credible person or group. I know: it’s all a govenment conspiracy and I’m part of it.

          • Be informed: I must disagree with your statement that “The government knows when earthquake faults are ready to go… They know.” Also, this statement,”Before a fault is ready to snap there is a compression factor of rock that satellites can pick up.” makes no sense; some “compression factor of rock” may or may not be evident, but cetainly rarely on the surface where a satellite could “pick it up”, and not in any advance-warning time-frame. While noting the movement of vehicluar traffic can provide possible insights into a number of things, no one has a crystal ball which is what would be required to “know” an earthquake is going to occur.

            • @ RG. I should have better clarified myself on faults. First of all rock is hardly solid, it bends, it twists, it has tensile to it. South of san francisco and north of parkfield there is an area of the San Andreas in which the fault is not as locked and lurches forwards slowly each year, it is called creep. Prior to any earthquake there is a build up of stress and rock is actually not as locked as people think it is, there are micro moments as the fault gets ready to release its energy. These tiny movements are hardly perceivable to the eye or even ground based measurements, partially because of the planet is curved. Satellites can see these tiny movements from space.

              Yes, surface stress is evident, all the way from the surface to the deepest part of the fault there is micro stress that can be measured before an earthquake. The ground is hardly stable anywhere in the world as cracks in people’s foundation on their homes show. The ground actually swells and contracts, especially before a large event. This is something that is not taught in school very often, unless you have a very good teacher. Satellites monitor movement on the ground all the time and can pick up millimeters of movement on a fault. You can bet they have satellites trained on the San Andreas always.

              Ground based measurements are done on small sections of the fault and do not give the full picture of what is going on. Even if they did the public would never be told of an impending earthquake. Faults quiver and seismologists that are worth their salt know this and there are patterns from past raptures that are seen beforehand.

              Now, earthquakes also give off signals and even what is called earthquake lights before they break. The crystalline rock compresses and causes this. Many people throughout history have seen “UFO’s” a day or two before a large earthquake. This is not some alien starship visting the planet, it is lights caused by the stress build up within the planet.

              A crystal ball is not needed to forecast earthquakes, there are plenty of precursors to earthquakes that just have not yet been explained YET. There are plenty of warning signs that only seem alien because science has yet to prove it OPENLY to the public. A hundred years ago people did not have a clue about how tornadoes formed and it seemed as alien to people then predicting and forecasting tornadoes as earthquake forecasting does today to the public.

              The government does not want people to know about earthquake prediction as it is so widespread that this makes evacuation extremely costly and near impossible. Imagine 30-35 million people all of sudden trying to flee california, it would be a disaster before the disaster hits.

              I personally have had some success forecasting earthquakes from the foreshocks that I believe occur away from the main fault. This theory I have is still infant level and needs much more study, but earthquake forecasting is definitely there as I have personally proven this to myself. AND I am a born skeptic myself, so trying to convince myself that it was not just a coincidence took some time. I have seen so many earthquakes follow earthquake activity in the sub polar region to polar region in other parts of thw world for example.

              Trust me, everything can be forecasted, you just have to try to find out just how to predict it, this is the hard part. Just as we find out after the fact, the government knows so much more than they ever disclose. It should be called the hidden government.

        • “”””The powers that be are showing us exactly what the plan is and they’ll implement it city-by-city, town-by-town, one American at a time – until every single one of us is living in a state of fear and compliance.”””

          That is all the state is capable of, making you afraid. It is how you react to the attempt to frighten you that matters. If you respond with compliance, then you are a good slave. If you respond with violence, you are an idiot slave. If you respond by ignoring the threats and dismissing the fear, you can and will be free until someone from the corp violates the Law against you.

          I don’t fear anything from the corp. I can only die once, but every day is another opportunity to experience the only true freedom, the kind you create for yourself.

          I carry no papers and no obligations, as it should be. That is as free as one can expect to be when being occupied by an enemy obsessed with violence and destruction.

          Are you afraid?

          • “Perfect love casteth out all fear.”

            No… I am NOT afraid. Prepared, yes. Afraid, no.

            • I can’t even believe I got ANY thumbs down on this comment! Really?

              Your answer my friends, (for those asking all the time why is this going on, and that all is lost) is observed in these thumbs down! We have lost our way, lost our faith (by and large) and we will NEVER win the day without the providence and help of the Lord.

              For those of you who think it’s cute or wise to thumbs down this, think again. The fact is… YOU are part of the problem. I pray for you, even though I haven’t a clue who you are.

              Read up on a little thing called history, if you “believe” in the Bible. Our Founding Fathers established this great nation on God (the One True God) and that’s a fact… like it or not. For anyone to say they want to save this nation, yet smears Christianity or belittles it, truly shows they only want the conveniences of this nation, not to regain or retain the history of her founding!

            • Oh holy hell, son. You are annoying.

            • Easy Suthern Boy,
              Their just Trolls, don’t take it personal.
              There’s a Kenny Powers, moment in this. Take it and use it.

            • It’s self righteous, “holier than thou” attitudes like yours that got us all in this cluster fuck in the first place. If you want to experience the true meaning of “Perfect Love Casteth out all Fear”, then tame your Ego and False Pride, if you desire to be guided by the Holy Spirit of Love! Until you truly practice what you preach, then YOU ARE THE PROBLEM, SB. Grow up and become a MAN!

            • Thanks Slick… I needed that!

              Sometimes I’d like to “blow off steam” like Powers, but, I try not to. Ya know?

              Anyway… thanks again!

              God bless!

          • “Looking back at Executive Orders and Congressional Legislation over the past decade one can surmise that what’s happening in Chicago is not some half-baked training exercise. Rather, this is what life in America is destined to look like in the future.”

            It will be OUR future if WE fail to change it. Change is within OUR power if WE will act. WE will determine OUR future by what WE do for do not do..

            WE can accept the future that the PTB want for US, or WE can create the future WE want for OURSELVES, OUR Children, and OUR children’s children.


            • ~DK~

              All right…I raise you “X” amount & call your hand…..

              …So what is it? Create a new 3rd/4th/5th/…22nd party(your usual lame response) & vote against tyranny… no avail, mind you, as all efforts to do such, fall into TPTB M.O/schemes of……divide & conquer!

              …or do we “lock-n-load” & take no prisoners” when the enemy initiates “social/economic lock-down & attempts domestic shock-n-awe/full spectrum domination….nation wide????? FYI Kid, its fucking coming…..& sooner than you realize!!!!


              Screw your “(politically)Engage my peeps” mindset….

              #1.) I am not your fucking peep!!! Neither is many who post here!

              #2.) Reference Eeder’s post (& others) on a previous thread….I ask you up front…”what is the hidden angle/investment $$$” you’re so tied/committed to…that forces you to advocate….working within & in conjunction with, a totally corrupt/cancerous system…as the sole method to effect change??? What do you (personally) stand to “GAIN or financially profit from”, such a misguided strategy/process???

              #3.) “Who”…do you really work for/answer to??? Nearly everyone comprehends that political solutions are now passe…at this stage! You know it & ditto for 99% of the readers/posters here…I have a hunch that even Mac himself understands that we’re gonna see “REVOLUTION / CIVIL WAR”….so what’s up w/ your myopia regarding these TRUTHS???

              #4.) Per your admission…you are an “INSIDER” to the global banking cartel….you’ve worked amongst them & understand their motivation/mindset/planning procedures…& their lust for money/greed & especially….power & control!!!
              …..and yet you advocate a (compromised) ballot-box/vote, grass-roots political form of resistance!!!??? WTF!!!

              #5.) FYI…TPTB hold all the aces & the SOB’s are dealing from the bottom of the deck…..wake the fuck-up, dude!!!!

              #6.) You desire that we cloak/wrap/embrace ourselves w/ Gandhi’s mindset….fine! Good for you & your fans/followers!!!
              If that makes you feel good…so be it!!!

              As for me…I prefer the company/advice of Thomas Jefferson & those possessing his courage!!!!
              Because its not about you or I….its about our progeny…..our kids & grand-children…& what future & freedoms they’ll possess/enjoy vs. the EVIL that seeks to deny them……their humanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


              P.S.) Happy belated Birthday, kid………..

            • Mayday!

              it appears the ows and labor unions have some ‘engage’ mindset set for tomorrow..

              already sending envelopes of white powder to wells fargo banks with threatening letters..on drudge now

              and planned protests worldwide..

              let’s see who shows up..

              let the games begin..

              i’ll sit this one out and keep on prepping

              and loading


            • Dang Gunsmith…. I LIKE YOU!!!!

              You don’t believe in pulling any punches, do ya? 😉

            • Thanks for those words Gunsmith, I agree wholeheartedly. The time has come to take up arms, we are way past political solutions.

            • Gunsmith: Always fun to “engage” you in conversation. Pun intended. 🙂

              No, Patriots should not dilute their political power in a half dozen different parties. A group of true Patriots with name recognition and media savvy like Ted Nugent and/or Jesse Ventura, and others, should emerge to call and coalesce the many of US around them into one party to consolidate OUR power.

              Let those persons pick one, or start their own.

              Previous third party attempts have been nothing more than ego driven attempts by one man to become president.

              If these “peeps” (that’s slang for people) really wanted a “third rail” they would work tirelessly at the grassroots level in ever state to achieve it; and not “grandstand” for personal aggrandizement as some have done in the past: like Ross Perot or John Anderson.

              Ross Perot spent more than 100 million dollars in his run for POTUS. Imagine if he had used that money to develop an organization at the grassroots level. America would be a different place today, and better for it.

              No I don’t think armed resistance is coming anytime soon because “peeps” like you talk about it but rarely are willing to fire the first shot to get armed insurrection underway. You say one thing but fail to follow through.

              Success is all about follow through.

              The five guys in Ohio nabbed for plotting to blow up an old bridge are the exception and not the rule.

              Usually these types of peeps (or is it perps in this case) have neither the brains, nor the internal fortitude to actually get off their ass and follow through with the violence they advocate.

              In the end they are usually cowards hoping to entice someone else to do what they cannot do themselves.

              More often than not they are blowhards trying to stir someone else to violence rather than be willing to “man up” and be counted themselves.

              No, I do NOT believe in working within the “system”. The system is controlled by Retards and Demtards. Under the system the average American is exploited. The system must be changed. I advocate changing the system.

              The system can only be changed from an outside force; like a grassroots third party in every state of the union working to restore American values at the local level.

              It cannot be changed by force of arms.

              Anyone who believes that pockets of armed insurgents can overwhelm the greatest military machine ever assembled is not just a fool, he is mentally deficient.

              The PTB do not fear armed resistance. They hope for it. The only thing the PTB fear is loss of political power. That is their vulnerability.

              Armed resistance would give them just the excuse they want to disarm US, zip code by zip code, by zip code. This is the true life divide and conquer you mention.

              I have nothing personal to gain from either scenario; except the personal satisfaction of seeing that the America I believe in fulfill its true potential.

              I have mine.

              I could sit back and watch the rest of you peeps get flushed down the sewer. My resources are not infinite but they are sufficient to pursue all of my desires.

              Until Jesus returns I believe that America, the America OUR Forefathers founded, is the light of the world illuminating the way for all the other peeps of the world: for personal liberty, personal responsibility, and social justice.

              That America has been so perverted from its true destiny by the greed, selfishness, and the desire to dominate by the PTB, is one of the great tragedies of civilization; but it has been a reoccurring theme throughout history.

              Tyranny can be reversed, but it will not be reversed in America by force of arms. To believe so is to demonstrate your lack of both critical and strategic thinking.

              I know Jefferson. You are no Jefferson.

              Jefferson understood the necessity of political organization and the legitimacy that political resistance gives armed resistance if push comes to shove.

              The American Declaration of Independence is a political manifesto that provides legitimacy for armed insurgency.

              Engage. 🙂

            • ~DK~

              Ok….you wanna take the circular route…I’m game!

              …Btw, before we get started, let me say…no one can thumb you down w/ regards to your “consistency”!!! I’ll give you credit for that much………………

              Although, your trashing of “Laura M.”….imo, borders on a despising of the female gender & their ability to inject intelligent questions/data/opinions contrary to your own!!!!

              So be it………….


              …Apparently, you’ve been “around the block” a few times…as have I….albeit, at diametrically opposite levels!!!!
              You’ve taken the REMF route….while I was in the trenches.

              To begin with…your avocation of “the ballot-box solution” is a non-starter….at this stage!!!

              Primarily, because of social/economic forces coupled and/or crippled by…public education & the (controlled) “lame-stream media” propaganda apparatus! We’re a divided country/society…from top to bottom…to the delight of TPTB!

              ….this was (again) evidenced by my attendance (again, per your advice)…to yet another “3rd party” shindig in my area/county!!!

              Yep, there were maybe 45-50 folks gathered in a rented hall, complete w/ “old Glory” hanging on the wall (it was displayed backwards btw…the vets here will understand my point!!!)

              …anyway, the speeches centered/orbited around…ousting B-A-W-K Obama & not much else(again)!!!
              No mention of the trashing of the “Bill of Rights”….no mention of supporting/restoring the primacy of “Constitution of the USA, as the ultimate arbiter of individual liberty”……..both of which merely codifies/acknowledges that our rights….are GOD given & sanctioned by……HIM alone…..& of which we are obligated to “physically defend”!!!

              …..yeah, I spoke out, as did one other attendee….I/we raised the issue….only to be told/informed we must “NOT” raise/highlight, off topic discussion!!!! We were to “focus” on the primary (discussion) issue!!!


              …I run a successful business….I have a (paid-off) small farm also….I’m prepping to the best of my ability…to insure my offspring & their children………..have a decent chance at surviving the global calamity bearing down upon them…& all of us, at a breakneck pace.

              ….admit it DK, the collapse is accelerating….ditto, sans TPTB end game scenario!
              …you may be privy, due to your association w/ them, to their plans…..but I am not!
              Therefore, I’m forced (as are others here), into thinking outside “their box”….and adjusting my preps/M.O./mindset to counter “their intentions/plans”!!!!!

              …Yet, you continue to advocate a “compromised” solution????


              —(per your quote)…”I know Jefferson. You are no Jefferson.”…(unquote)—

              Yeah,…I’ll concede that point to you!

              I am not worthy to elevate/compare myself to such an august/iconic individual as Thomas Jefferson…..

              ….but then again…you’ve unwisely exposed yourself as a political operative/troll for the system…via your application of the tired/worn-out…(democrat)Lloyd Bentsen to (republican)Dan Quayle VP debate one liner…utilized/televised many years ago!!!

              ….Albeit, slightly modified so as to goad an adversary!
              Nice try!!!!

              ——————GOTCHA troll——————!!!

              ….thanks much, I was looking for a weak spot in your modus operandii!!!!!!!!!!!


              —(per your quote)…No I don’t think armed resistance is coming anytime soon because “peeps” like you talk about it but rarely are willing to fire the first shot to get armed insurrection underway. You say one thing but fail to follow through….(unquote)—

              …You know DK, you really need to shove that “peeps” crap up your opulent political/TPTB/voting actually works/counts supporting ass……provided there is sufficient room available where your head is currently embedded!!!

              …..though, I sometimes wonder/doubt whether its “YOUR” ass…that’s obstructed!
              Because the only difference between a brown-noser & a shit-head is……….depth perception!!!!!!!!!!

              ——Damn, do you need a set of bi-focals, or what???!!!???


              At the end of the day….its not about your/my differences of opinion!

              …its about my/our off-spring (do you have any???)….see my prior post for details.

              …rest assured Mr. Durango Kidd….soon…..very soon Americans are gonna be forced into “action or cowardice”….

              …I know the path I’m following…..

              ….my only regret will be…the sacrifices I suffer & endure, may/will benefit….cowards/trolls like……..YOU… the long run!!!!!!!!!!

            • Gunsmith: Thanks for the response. I have been on my own since I was senior in high school. I worked and had my own apartment while I finished my senior year.

              There were no free lunches.

              You name it, I have done it: every dirty job that ever came along. I promise you that I am a product of the trenches.I am also an ex-Marine and Viet Nam Vet.

              I worked my way through collage at my own expense. No mom or dad to assist on expenses so to compare me to Dan Quayle or Lloyd Benson is not a fair comparison. However I always believed that Senator Benson was a good and honorable man.

              The PTB have limited OUR options but as long as WE have the ability to organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote; armed resistance is not a lawful choice.

              Remove that ability and armed resistance against the PTB is not only lawful, but mandatory for patriots.

              laura m is entitled to an equal opportunity response. My battery is dying I must close.

              Engage. 🙂

          • Be informed thanks for the response

            Take care

          • Let’s see…3 million of us vs. them?

            “The plan uses a network of highway security gates that are designed to shut down all traffic coming in and out of Chicago in the event of a terrorist attack.”

            So all the good little drones will undoubtedly use the govt-funded funnel system we call highways? If I lived in that commie state, I’d have my Jeep ready and a map of multiple off-road or diy roads ready for use.

        • I live close to a military base a few months ago you would see 4 or 5 Army birds a week. I swear over the last month or so some days I can’t keep up with how many I’ve seen. 6 or 8 in formation i know we just sent some more local boys over the pond but with the price of fuel I know their not just taking joy rides!

        • Excellent resource alert

          I have just been given this, I have had a look and I think it is really good. For whatever reason loading links gives me untold grief so….

          Search brookside press and go to the medical section. If you scroll down past the paid for stuff you will find some great free to view videos and write ups about field medicine techniques, all written by the US military from what I can gather.

          Scroll further and there are so really good books on field/battle medical techniques that are free downloads. I think this will be very useful for those fortunate enough to have full medical kits but need advice on how to use it, and for those without full kits there is valuable info on replacing, for example a chest seal with plastic bag and duct tape.

          The book on that covers all things biological is one of the best I have seen. I hope someone finds this useful.

          Take care

        • You think that’s weird? I saw a DHS APC parked downtown in our financial district. Other reports state that they have been seeing convoys of military vehicles and ordinance being moved to and around our city. I don’t know if it’s paranoia or what.

      2. Heil Obama!!!!!! Better get used to it….

        • Never! As the saying goes…
          “I would rather die standing, than serving someone on my knees!”. Unless of course, it’s the Lord Himself… 😉

          • Gunsmith: I agree w/you..these third, fourth parties are useless. Older generation involved with them in the 60’s 70’s produced zero. Agreed about DK being a shill, neutralizer. All political activity is as useless as anything I can think of at this point, since the vote counters are NWO control freaks. Prepare for battle and back Oath Keepers when the time comes.

            • laura m: LMAO! You are the shill. You are the one defeated, discouraged, and disenfranchised. You are the loser spreading defeat here.

              Misery always loves company because then it justifies their failures. 🙂

            • You said above to Gunsmith, “Until Jesus returns I believe that America…”. So, I would surmise that you are a Christian, for only someone at least ‘claiming’ Christ as Savior repeats such things.

              But… I’m puzzled. You curse, you berate, you dismiss, and more importantly you belittle people. All because we may say something you don’t agree with, you’ve held a grudge, you think you know better or more than they, or you try to prove your point.

              Pray tell… which of these things are Christian acts? To have friends, we must show ourselves friendly, right? We MUST “care” about others, especially when we don’t feel like it or don’t want to. It isn’t a personal choice, it’s an obligation.

              To those who will attack me as “holier than thou”, go right ahead. The fact you are missing though, is that Christianity is not something you “decide” to do one day, and then live like the Devil the rest of them. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a factor of living by faith.

              Would I like to blow up and cuss some of these libtards our? Of course!!! Would I like to cut every one of them to the quick? You bet!!!! It is NOT “holier than thou” to NOT do these things… it is a choice. Do I fail at this, and will you see me fail at it in the future? Absolutely! I’m not proud of it though when I fail, for it hurts my witness and I know it hurts the Lord.

              So… bottom line… please watch what and how you say things to folks. Don’t be cordial in one comment referencing the Lord Jesus, and then in another just 6 minutes apart calling someone names and being judgmental and cutting. It simply does not compute.

              I hope you understand my quandary. If not, that’s OK too. I will respond to you only if you can do so in a mature and descent way.

              God Bless!

            • ~laura m~

              Hold fast to your beliefs, madam… know the score & there quite a few folks here, who admire your courage!!!
              ….me included!!!

            • DK~

              You and I have generally gotten along pretty well, with the exception of a memorable incident in which you told someone off in a very demeaning way and I called you on it. That didn’t go over so well because you really dislike being told you’re in the wrong. (Like most of us)

              But really, I have to say something. It’s gotten extreme.

              You might feel that some folks here don’t have the “right” attitude. While I might or might not agree with you, have you ever stopped to think about how the extremely harsh things you say might make people feel? Have you considered what some people might be going through in their personal lives?

              Someone’s partner may have died and you don’t know.
              Someone’s child may have run away and you don’t know.
              Someone may be going through a divorce, a job loss or a terminal illness.

              They have no obligation to share those things with us in the hopes that we’ll be nice to them/. It’s just generally expected that kindness is importatn. I get as riled up as anyone, but you need to stop and think before you verbally destroy people.

              I’m disappointed by the outright cruelty and deliberate hurtfulness I see from you lately.

            • Daisy: I just do that so WE can kiss and makeup! 🙂

            • Gunsmith: LMAO! 🙂 What courage is laura m, demonstrating? For two years she has encouraged people to roll over, play, dead, and do absolutely NOTHING about the tyranny that envelops US.

              She is a shill for the NWO who also wants US to do ….. nothing.

              You are a fool who is going to get a bigger fool killed or thrown in jail for a very long time because they allowed you to incite them to violence.

              Engage! 🙂

        • Not in this lifetime.

        • Naw…I didnt like the last dictator Ill. sent us…aint bowing down to his present day “wannabee”…just sayin….

      3. Y’all hear the homeless twenty something yr olds in the city that have been hired to start a riot during the ordeal next month?

        Do some looking,…. It will be a red flag event…

        • Keeper, I took a look to see if i could find some info on this with no success. You wouldn’t happen to have a link would you? Thanks.

          • It would be a false flag, the only thing I could find was a fox propaganda snippit, it wouldn’t be hard for someone to blend in with them and instigate the riot. Here is a link to another site, but I can not find anything in regards to paying these idiots. I’d bet its misinterpretation, no one sees thing the same if you know what I mean. 2012 will be interesting……..

            • I found something and sent it to Mac. Maybe he’ll use it on the story he’ll post later…

            • If you don’t mind, could you post under another avitar. I have been coming to this site a LONG time. People will think you are me.

            • How about you change your avitar to “The prepper formerly known as Kevin”

        • Do you really have to “hire” a homeless 20 yr old to rage against tptb?

          • To act the way these morons are acting, and the things they say they believe in… yes! Would you go down to one of those “protests” and join in with them?

          • If you want them to go for the intended targets instead of for the latest pair of Nikes and a widescreen then yeah I think you do have to cough up the $$$$$$


        • Please don’t bring up the “NAZI” Regime as if it was some “Evil” force seducing the masses. The German’s of that period, whether they were Nazi’s or not, were mostly unified, and “multiculturalism”, the disease that threatens basic human rights, wasn’t infecting their immune systems. Whereas, in this country…

          • You’ve got to be kidding? Really? Now I’ve heard it all!

          • You may want to read “Ordinary Men”, the story of Reserve Police Batalion 101 and its actions in Poland

          • It is resonable to say Germany was either a) more unified or b) less balkanized than America is today.

            Multiculturialism is toxic to any nation. Most of the people pimping it are fakes because they don’t pimp each culture equally.

          • @ European American —

            Don’t waste your time trying to reason with Amurikans who have a “Marvel Comics” level of “understanding” of twentieth-century European history. They think Adolf came to power because the German people were bored one Tuesday afternoon and so decided to be “mesmerized” like a bunch of pimply-faced suburban punks at some rock-concert, cause it seemed “thrilling” at the time.

            The fact is, Germany by 1933 had been looted by international bankers and was thoroughly impoverished. Even Germany’s rivers and railways were taken over as “collateral” so they could pay off the loans they were forced to take out from Wall Street, in order to pay “reparations” for the First World War, for which they were forced (at gunpoint) to assume full culpability for starting.

            Germany’s middle class was wiped out by one inflationary cycle after another and by the burden of the above mentioned “reparations.” Its gold reserves were looted by the victors of World War I. Its unemployment rate was staggering. German farmers were being evicted en masse from their homesteads by banksters.

            Germany was forced to almost completely disarm, so that as a nation of 75 million, its armed forces were limited to only 100,000 men (the NYPD alone consists of 40,000 members in 2012). This made Germany defenseless to the extent that countries like Poland and even Lithuania (!) felt strong enough to lob off slices of German territory at will, and treat the ethnic German, former German citizens living there as less than subhuman.

            Germany at the time of Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor had a large and well-funded Communist party (i.e., the KPD under Ernst Thälmann, which got 4 million votes in 1932) that was directed by Moscow, had large and well organized PARAMILITARY force (the “Red Front”) and was stockpiling arms in preparation for an armed revolt. They had the ability to put violent mobs in the street at a moment’s notice and they worked with German criminal gangs to terrorize all non-Communists in Weimar Germany. The Hitler movement was the only force strong enough to physically confront this threat on the streets, offering the Communist bully boys violence for violence, and it received massive support from the middle class, the army, the bureaucracy and the churches, all of whom had seen what happened in Russia and heard horror stories from the many Russian exiles who sought sanctuary in Germany after 1917.

            Culture in pre-Hitler Germany was disproportionately in the hands of Jews (both of the capitalist and the bolshevik variety) who mocked German national traditions and identity, and promoted homosexuality, bestiality, perversion and degeneracy of every sort (read Christopher Isherwood’s “Berlin Stories”, which formed the basis of the plot for the movie “Cabaret,” for a TAME depiction of the filth of the Weimar era).

            Amurikans today are being devoured by Marxists, banksters and Jews, and what is their “instinctive” reaction? To hold up those of another nation, who in another time REFUSED to be devoured by the same forces, as the epitome of brainwashed disciples of “evil.” This is not a reaction that is conducive to a favorable outcome for Amurika, but what can you say about a “people” that believes you can cure frostbite by rubbing snow on the affected area?

            Amurikans are rapidly being transformed into a minority in their own country by bankster-jewish supported mass immigration form the Third World; it never occurs to them to notice that Hitler DID NOT pack Germany with non-Germans.

            Maybe Amurikans should atop looking at other countries in other centuries through the prism of their own limited education and understanding. Maybe Amurika deserves a “Darwin Award.”

            • Americans have been a minority in their own country for a good few hundred years now. I often wonder if the First Nations are just waiting for it all to implode so that they can reclaim & rebuild.

            • Ahab, well put.

            • I would have agreed with you 100%… if you omitted a single work from your comment.

              The word is: “Jews”.

              My wife is a Jew. My kids are Jews.
              This world rotates around them, whether you like it or not.
              Although, I would not argue with you if you said that the world rotated around *your* loved ones, because that would be true, too.

              There will be no Holocaust for my family. No gas chambers.
              There will be plenty of bullets flying at those who come to arrest them.

            • Ahab, you fucking raghead animals with your pedophile prophet and your false cult moon god are the real problem.
              You muslim animals fuck your little sons and daughters, hide under the skirts of your women,and bankrupt Americans with your overpriced oil. Your Islamic determination to enslave the world with your racist religion is well documented. America will soon wake up to the cancer of Islam and will surgically remove it from the face off the earth.

            • lone mum,

              Are you serious? You do realize that the united States of America (NOT Amurika Ahab!!!) has only existed for almost 236 years, right? NOT “several hundred years”.

              If you haven’t a clue about OUR history, then I will ask the same as what you limeys want… LEAVE IT ALONE!!!

              If you think we’ll ever go back under British Rule, HAHAHAHA… good luck with that one!

            • I don’t contest your take on interwar Germany or the destruction of America facilitated largely by the Immigration Reform Act of 1965, but you can take your blanket assessment of American knowledge of history and stick it where the sun don’t shine. I know the score and so do a few other Americans. We are armed to the teeth and we are not a sad, defeated people like so many other nations are. The NEA and teachers unions may be killing more of our children’s brain cells than TV and drugs combined, but our the American people are in uncharted waters and our fates are undecided as of yet.

            • I agree with Angry Citizen. You make some good points, but you lose me when you start attacking the Jews. Consider who the sources probably are for your information. The Jews were one of many boogeymen the Nazis used as a pinata to unite the citizens against purported threats. They did this deliberately through the use of propaganda. The Jews, the Slavs, the Gypsies, and many Catholics suffered similiar fates under the Nazis.

              As far as the falacy of the Jews promoting sexual degeneracy goes, I was stationed in Germany and the Germans are doing just in that department without any help. My family is German, and my grandmother spoke German to me, so I’m not against the German people. Lets try to avoid antisemitism, though.

            • @angry citizen- *kevin yells* there will be no persecution for my family, no lion dens!!!!

              Whats the problem with him saying the word jew???
              Did he hit close to what is true?
              Were your wife and kids in germany at that time?(no)
              Was he talking about your family?(no)

              You getting mad about that, is like me getting mad about someone bad mouthing the vatican.

              Why would you care?

            • HAHAHA!!!!

              Great one there Toomanyfakeconservatives! I don’t like name-calling, but I can see why you all are continually calling these Europeans, Euro Trash.

              Maybe they FORGOT who it was that saved their ungrateful butts back in the “War to end all wars”? What do you think?

            • Reposting yesterdays rant to the person who says “lets try to avoid anti-semetism”. WHY are you not against what is going on in palastine then??

              Kevin said-

              “For you ignorant(without knowledge) people who were saying palastinians DON”T belong in Palistine. Look at old and ancient maps.

              QUESTION- WHY has that area ALWAYS been named PALISTINE?

              QUESTION-WHY do you think they are called PALASTINIANS?
              (Hint question-why don’t they call americans tibetans??)

              SOME jews are semites(NOT all of them)
              SOME arabs are semites(NOT all of them)
              ALL, I WILL REPEAT- ALL the palastinians are semites

              When I hear those words(anti-semite) I LAUGH at the american sheeple who fall for that ignorant mind control crap, its like the blacks who ALLWAYS, ALLWAYS, fall for the race baitors bullshit.!! GROW UP!!!!

              So before you people start calling others(and me) “anti-semite” EDUCATE YOURSELVES! Just don’t listen to beck and linbaugh.”

            • @ Southern Boy —

              “Great one there Toomanyfakeconservatives! I don’t like name-calling, but I can see why you all are continually calling these Europeans, Euro Trash.”

              Southern Boy, I was born and raised in New York City, but got out a long time ago thanks to the unending onslaught of the US Government-sponsored Mau Mau hordes. What I don’t get is that, if you are a White American (as opposed to an Amurikan, i.e. a 100% regime -supporting SHEEP), you are racially and culturally a “European” too… or do you feel no connection with the continent, culture and blood of your ancestors from LONG before “236 years ago?” After all, the US did not arise in a vacuum.

              “Maybe they FORGOT who it was that saved their ungrateful butts back in the “War to end all wars”? What do you think?”

              The war to “end all wars” was World War I, which was in reality a civil war among Europeans. The monarchs of Germany, Russia and Great Britain were actually RELATED to each other, and that war was a TRAGEDY for which no SINGLE country was to blame. Winston Churchill, First Lord of the Admiralty in WW I, said there would have been a negotiated peace among the belligerents by 1917 if not for Amurikan intervention. That would have meant NO Russian Revolution and hence no Communism, no German revolution and hence NO Communism or Nazism in Germany and hence NO World War II. By that scale, Amurikan intervention was a DISASTER.

              You’ve evidently bought into the hoax that Amurika “saved” Europe through its interventions in both World Wars. I would like to ask you a question: who was it waiting on the beaches of Normandy to oppose the US/British/Canadian invasion? Space aliens? Or Europeans?

              Who was it who fought for almost four years from 1941 to 1945 to hold back the communist hordes (Amurika’s “allies”) in the frozen hell of the Eastern front other than “European” troops, even as the Amurikans and Brits poured fire from the air on their families back home to take the pressure off FDR’s beloved “Uncle Joe” Stalin?

              And what about Amurika’s role in 1945 in handing over to Stalin hundreds of thousands of anti-Communists from all the Soviet nationalities, who had defected to the Germans and fought alongside the Axis troops against the Red Army as loyal comrades for years (there were almost a MILLION of them in toto)? What about the Amurikan troops who in 1945 freed well-fed communists from German concentration camps, from whence these “model citizens” immediately “went east” to occupy government positions in Soviet occupied Eastern Europe?

              In 1945, Amurika and its allies occupied the smoking RUINS of Europe with Negroes, Mestizos, Annamites, Senegalese, Mongols, Kirghiz and all of their other Third World “colonials” they had at their disposal, and they loosed them on the civil population with relish. ALL European governments in 1945, except the neutrals (like Ireland, who the US and Britain continually threatened throughout the war), were totally controlled by Washington or Moscow. I don’t call this “saving” Europe, but rather bringing Europe under the control of the NWO.

              The image of gum-chewing, jazz-loving, wisecracking, comic-book reading US soldiery dropping bombs on 1000 year old European cities and cathedrals to the musical accompaniment of the “Andrews Sisters” singing in Yiddish says everything about the so-called “good war” that I need to know.

              Amurika destroyed Europe. It helped to hand East Europe to the Reds and placed in power (in Western Europe) the spiritual ancestors of today’s lefty-socialist “Euro-Weenies,” who with Amurika’s support, are now feverishly packing Europe with non-White “immigrants.” Amurika “saved” only the interests of the Banksters, Marxists, and Zionists, but it certainly did not “save” Europe. It didn’t even serve its OWN interests in intervening, unless you count the subsequent Cold War, Communist insurgency all over the world and the Negro “Civil Rights” movement as a good thing. For ALL of these things were the logical CONSEQUENCES of US intervention in WW 2.

              BTW, you should be proud of your European origins.

            • @ Obtuseangler —

              During the interwar period, Jews were heavily, er — “overrepresented,” I believe the word is — in Communist parties worldwide. The leaders of the Spartacus revolt in 1919 In Berlin were Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg. The leaders of the so-called “Bavarian Soviet Republic” were Kurt Eisner, Eugen Levine-Nissen and Ernst Toller; the leader of the Hungarian Soviet republic was Bela Kun (Cohen); The father of the Red Army in Russia was Trotsky (Bronstein). Except for Ernst Thälmann and Loewe (the head of the KPD’s paramilitaries), the leadership of the “German” Communist Party was heavily Jewish. The threat perceived by the people actually IN Europe AT the time was NOT “purported” and did not have to be orchestrated to create “boogeymen.” It was REAL to the people who were THERE.

              “The Jews, the Slavs, the Gypsies, and many Catholics suffered similiar fates under the Nazis.”

              The alleged “Nazi” targeting of Slavs (as SLAVS) is another “oversimplification” that constitutes de facto DISINFORMATION because of what it DOESN’T say. Germany had many SLAVIC allies in WW 2, among them the Croats, Slovaks, the Serb “Chetniks,” many INDIVIDUAL Poles in mixed German-Polish families, Galician Ukrainians and, last but not least, hundreds of thousands of Great Russians who were organized in the military units of General Andreii Andreievich Vlasov.

              A huge percentage of the German population itself (primarily in the Eastern and Central areas) had/has SLAVIC blood, and do you know just how MANY Germans actually have POLISH or CZECH names? Also, do you know that most “German” surnames ending in “sche” or “ske” are a Germanized form of the Slavonic “ski?” Then there are the SORBS (a.k.a “Wends”), an ancient Slavic people of a couple of hundred thousand, who have been resident in Germany in the area of Bautzen since the time of CHARLEMAGNE?

              So, if the Nazi’s “targeted Slavs,” they would have had to bump off about 40 percent of the Reich population, including the populace of the areas from which their best and toughest troops came from (i.e., Pomerania, East Prussia and Silesia).

              As far as another one of these oft-repeated but basically FAKE canards is concerned, Hitler could hardly have targeted “Catholics,” since HALF of Germany itself was CATHOLIC. The German Army contained CATHOLIC CHAPLAINS among its personnel, and there was even a military rank called “Field Bishop” in the Werhrmacht.

              I will grant that the Gypsies fares badly, but are you aware that ALL the Eastern and Central Europeans, i.e., Germans, Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Hungarians, Romanians Bulgarians etc., even as they were shooting at ONE ANOTHER, were IN AGREEMENT on the subject of the Gypsies, who were seen as living off criminality? The bunch of 15 or so Gypses that tried UNSUCCESSFULLY to mug me in Warsaw’s Lazienki Park in ’87 certainly lived up to this stereotype.

              “As far as the falacy of the Jews promoting sexual “degeneracy goes, I was stationed in Germany and the Germans are doing just in that department without any help.”

              That’s true, and I’ve see it myself in Germany but it was the Amurikans who made this possible TODAY by their destruction and occupation of Germany in 1945. But did you know that the biggest bordello magnate in Occupied Western Germany in the 80’s was none other than Ignaz Bubis, late of the Central Council of German Jews? And what about Magnus Hirschfeld, the Jewish pioneer of Gay “Liberation” who had to get out of Germany quick after a certain party came to power in 1933?

              You know, this thread as a whole has nothing to do with what I’ve posted here, but please take my remarks as an attempt to REFUTE the LIES about “Nazi” Europe (obviously from the Holocaust Museum playbook) that Amurikans mindlessly bring up, in out of context fashion, in discussions about Amurika 2012, even as they show they know NOTHING of the period in question. Oh yes, and Amurikans injure THEMSELVES by spouting these LIES without considering their origin, their logical implications for TODAY, and most of all, WHO BENEFITS from them.

              Many Amurikans display classic Orwellian “Automatic Response” training when they continually and INCONGRUOUSLY bring up “Natzis” in discussions about what the Zionist controlled US government is doing to them. I find that Amurikans take their “history” and politics the way they take their FOOD — there is on the whole very little questioning of where it comes from, what the ingredients are and whether these ingredients are HARMFUL or beneficial. This is BAD for the AMURIKANS, and BAD for the people about whom they are LYING.

            • Ahab, you just drove the proverbial “Mack” truck right over the only human species capable of drinking beer, beating his wife, and watching Nascar ( in his case; Red Dawn for the hundredth time in a row while creaming his pants every time Patrick Swazye appears on screen) all at the same time. When dealing with this species one has to realize what they are dealing with. They are characterized by: ignorance, intolerance of others, isolated in their own little world, uneducated, marry their own sisters, live in a run down trailer, claim to love america, but carry a confederate flag, vote against their own interest, and are politically inept, i.e. he didn’t feel a thing, it didn’t penetrate the “Amurikan’s” cranium.

              But let me say, for myself and those with an open mind who I represent , your message and delivery was exquisite. Thank you.

            • Ahab,

              You show yourself very clearly by what you write. Best of luck to you.

            • @Obtuseangler —

              And what do you see? Someone who doesn’t fall in lock step with the zombies and who knows and REMEMBERS things that “those on high” have pronounced “forbidden?” And please tell us, in your encyclopedic and professorial cliche-spouting wisdom, what you think should be done with a “heretic” like me. Or were you making a veiled little girly threat?

              Every time somebody complains about NDAA, SOPA, lock downs, martial law, the Patriot Act, etc., and then brings up “Natzis” in the same context, they are precluding any serious understanding of the problem.
              That’s because, whenever the zombies hear the word “Natzi,” their Pavlovian reflexes kick in and they automatically accord “victim” status and complete immunity from the restraints of normal morality to the VERY people, the very TYRANTS, who are pushing NDAA, SOPA, lock downs, martial law, the Patriot Act, etc.

              Now who do you think those people might be?


      5. Think this is bad. Wait til the GOP convention in Tampa.

        • If there is one!

          • RON PAUL 2012

            • Not in this lifetime, sorry!

        • It will be a Ron Paul riot.

      6. Chicago is home to the “president”. Nato is an enemy of many. Could be something. There is a lot of water offshore of Chicago to launch something. Don’t forget something also, the New Madrid fault breaking would affect Illinois big time. I don’t like the earthquake activity that has been going on, especially the recent 2 quakes that are at 84 degrees north, extremely close to true magnetic north. I have observed in the past that when earthquakes are north of 70 degrees north or south of 60 degress south big earthquakes follow. It is like it has something to do with foreshocks focused away towards the magnetic poles, either end. Watch for some earthquake activity within about 4 days. This is from past events I have seen manifest themselves after this polar activity.

        Also much has been said about Israel saying that the next meeting is the FINAL time they will listen to Iran’s excuses before attaking. An attack on Iran from either and the U.S. will likely be Hezbollah launching attacks worldwide against U.S. and Jewish targets. This NATO meeting is on the same time as the Iranian meetings and also within the window of an Israeli attack with regards to a new moon +5 or -5 days within a new moon. The next new moon, the darkest skies during the month, will be May 20. May 15-25 would be the window.

        Could be a false flag event, the old election is coming. I would not put it past anyone in the government to doing something to start a police state.

        Could also be something that is coming that no one is expecting and the government is of course hiding it. I am always suspect of Yellowstone and any geophysical event on this planet. What “they” might not be telling anyone is something that is going on with the sun itself. A large EMP from a flare would surely mean martial law.

        It is just a hunch, but I think it has something to do with the planet. The government hides earthquake sizes all the time, just look at how the 4.1 in LA suddenly becomes a 3.8. LA has enough problems without earthquake sizes moving more people out. All the time the USGS downgrades earthquakes in populated areas, but will leave them the same size in remote areas. Not upgrade them, this is suspecious. That 8.6 earthquake, the largest strike slip ever recorded was still listed on the Iris earthquake site as a 8.7 for example.

        The government hides so much, you wonder what the hell they are hiding this time. A little bit of digging around might show it, but probably not until it happens. The government still can’t hide earthquake activity and the seismic charts are in orbit the past few years. Something is going on and something is coming, this everyone can be pretty confident about.

      7. Yeah, well Chicago is the home base of the Political Mafia, the cesspool of Fascism. It’s one of “their” model cities. It’s where was the “Mulatto” was suckled in his formative years.

        That city is a pocket of stress; the political stench there is enough to kill a pig. All government agencies are corrupt there.

        As for

        “The powers that be are showing us exactly what the plan is and they’ll implement it city-by-city, town-by-town, one American at a time – until every single one of us is living in a state of fear and compliance.”

        That may be their plan, but it certainly won’t be the outcome.

        • This will be a great preview of what’s to come. So everybody keep their eyes and ears open. If TPTB pull this together and actually pull this off, this will be a learning experience like no other!

        • Oh, don’t hold your breath… as I’ve said before – there is much “only from my dead cold fingers..” stuff being flung around, but we see the situation deteriorating more and more… you have hardly any freedoms left to be taken away, yet, I see no revolution, no guerrillas are roaming US forests and mountains…
          I know, I’m pessimist, but life made me so… and life says – people/sheeple will bend and bow, and gooberment will oppress and oppress… I see no revolution in sight… all is lost…

          • No…


            All is lost (as for our country that is) when the last Patriot falls… NOT until!

            You must remember… we are a patient and forgiving people… no matter the wrong that has been perpetrated against us. Have we been to patient? That’s debatable. Have we been too forgiving? Never.

            Also remember that “We The People” include some 90 MILLION legal gun owners with at least 225 MILLION guns and an untold amount of ammo. It will take a full out war (be it a Second War of Aggression, or a Second Revolutionary War), for them to wipe freedom from shore to shore!

            No Sir… I am under the firm belief that with God ALL things are possible. He is the Creator of our Freedoms, our Rights, and our Liberties! And it is ONLY He who can take them away. That is unless we cower down to TPTB and give them away… and if that’s the case… then shame on us!!!

            • Southern Boy said:
              That is unless we cower down to TPTB and give them away… and if that’s the case… then shame on us!!!
              well, I don’t want to be an overly cynical (and most of all, I don’t want to insult you), but that ALREADY HAPPENED!
              US population (and the rest of the world too, it’s not an anti-US thing anyway) has cowered! we have fiat money, you have FRS, NDAA, Patriot act, HSD, FEMA shit, CISPA, anti-protest act, Resources Act,…. what are you talking about? we all have been cowering for a very very long time.
              and it is not a rant directed at you! mind you, but I am just as cowardly as any, if not more. I have a child, and I know what future awaits this child. YET I DON’T DO ANYTHING… If I had any cojones to speak of, I’d have shot some politician pig years ago, and continued to do so until I’m dead dead dead….
              yet all I do is whine whine and whine some more, I do write some comments on net… I call others sheople, but I am much worse than they are – I know yet I do nothing
              I am a sorry excuse for a man, and a terrible father. Shame on me NOW!

            • Wow!!

              That’s about the most honest comment I have read on this board!

              Let me tell ya Brother… I understand what you’re saying, and I am in no way insulted. However, if I may, let me lay out a couple things for you to think about.

              While the atrocities you listed are very true, and have happened, does not mean that it’s a lost cause. Let’s remember that we have done what we thought would be prudent. For instance, we have called, written, emailed, faxed, met with and even petitioned these unpatriotic idiots in the cesspool of DC. Yet, to date, nothing has helped. Nothing has improved. Nothing has changed for the good of “We the People”. But you see, that’s only part of the story.

              The second part of this story is multifaceted as well. While the above is true and is more than aggravating, we must also understand that it’s a GOOD thing that these things are happening. WHAT?!!? you say? Yes… it’s a good thing. First, all these unconstitutional and illegal acts have awakened some folks who would have never been awakened from their stupor. They finally see what those of us have been saying for decades. Instead of the populace and even some of the MSM and the New Media calling us conspiracy theorists and wackos, they are standing up and taking notice that what we say a lot of the times are very true, and indeed scary. Secondly, to my knowledge, there has never been such an outpouring for the seeking of knowledge, be it prepping, ammo, guns, shelter, bugging out, and on and on. Knowledge is ALWAYS a good thing. You must remember, we are not a nation (overall) of rugged individuals any longer. We are pampered, and may I say… spoiled! We (I’m including myself in this) need our air conditioning, our heater, our car, our internet, our cells, our fast food, and on, and on, and on. We have yet to truly see “hard times” in the last 50 years or so. It is due. Thirdly, it takes people (no matter if it’s Americans or others) a long time to go through the stages necessary to become mentally, physically, emotionally, financially and yes… spiritually prepared to “do anything about it”.

              Let me share something here that most, if not all, of you have seen. It is so very accurate and we need to understand it so that we can see what will happen next. There are 8 main stages that any people or nation WILL go through. They are:

              1. From bondage to spiritual faith;

              2. From spiritual faith to great courage;

              3. From courage to liberty;

              4. From liberty to abundance;

              5. From abundance to complacency;

              6. From complacency to apathy;

              7. From apathy to dependence;

              8. From dependence back into bondage

              Where do you see America right now? If I may, and hopefully I don’t get thumbed down by the hoards for this, I’d like to share where I believe America has been within this list, and where we are presently:

              1. Tyrannical Rule to Christianity (pre 18th century)

              2. Pre-1770, or so, which includes WAY too much to list

              3. Post-1770 to the completion of the Revolutionary War and for a few decades afterwards

              4. Late 19th Century to the Mid-20th Century

              5. Post WWII (the Baby Boomer generation and forward)

              6. The 1960’s and 1970’s

              7. Dependency boomed in the 80’s, 90’s and the 2000’s (especially dependency upon the government)

              8. Yet Unwritten.

              You see, we are RIGHT NOW, at the stage where I believe our Founding Father were. In that, we must make our determination within ourselves, our families, and our “groups” (albeit communities, churches, synagogues, or whatever group), and DRAW OUR LINE IN THE SAND! Gone are the days of this individual wannabe commandoism. We MUST be together in this or we WILL fall directly back into bondage, with a few hold outs that will be scattered from sea to shining sea. We MUST be willing to do as ALL free-people have done, and that is to do the same as our Founding Fathers did….
              be willing to, give of our lives, our treasures and our sacred honor for our God-given Liberties, Freedoms, and Rights!

              That is the true quest, and one that must be fulfilled. For it not, then… we are doomed and it WILL be over.

              God help us all!

            • It will actualy be the third civil war. You’re forgetting the War of Northern Aggression during the 1860’s. And, unless the military honors their oaths to uphold and defend the constitution, we will not have a chance. These are dark times friend, and rapidly getting darker.

            • @jasoncookies Like I’ve said before, preppers bugging out in bunkers won’t change the game. It’s going to take some brave souls inside the corporation to affect any real change. Think Bradley Mannings wearing gold and silver bars and in control of some serious precision ordnance. Also, read up, the Navy has the ultimate responsibility of fixing this mess.

            • Southern Boy,

              The “8 stages” quote was written by Alexander Tytler, upon observing the successful American Revolution. Very astute observation…


              You are not alone when you say you are aggrevated but doing nothing. No one wants to go first, because more often than not, most people will do nothing…

            • JustMe,

              Thanks! I couldn’t remember Tytler’s name. I loved his writing on this issue. I believe it’s spot on.

              I’m surprised I haven’t got a thumbs down yet… LOL!! 🙂

            • Brutally honest, How refreshing. You just put every loudmouth, armchair warrior to shame (myself included). Some nights my blood boils at the injustices I see and read about, yet like you all I do is talk about what I and you and we need to do. I really don’t know what the last straw will be, but hope I am man enough to do the right thing.

            • Guirza, see if this sounds familiar. It took the original colonies a couple hundred years to throw off the crown. We are at the same point again today. Don’t lose faith. We have the power to change the situation and the time is fast approaching.

              “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security”.

              Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.

              He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.
              He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended in their operation till his Assent should be obtained; and when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend to them.
              He has refused to pass other Laws for the accommodation of large districts of people, unless those people would relinquish the right of Representation in the Legislature, a right inestimable to them and formidable to tyrants only.
              He has called together legislative bodies at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant from the depository of their public Records, for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his measures.
              He has dissolved Representative Houses repeatedly, for opposing with manly firmness his invasions on the rights of the people.
              He has refused for a long time, after such dissolutions, to cause others to be elected; whereby the Legislative powers, incapable of Annihilation, have returned to the People at large for their exercise; the State remaining in the mean time exposed to all the dangers of invasion from without, and convulsions within.
              He has endeavoured to prevent the population of these States; for that purpose obstructing the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migrations hither, and raising the conditions of new Appropriations of Lands.
              He has obstructed the Administration of Justice, by refusing his Assent to Laws for establishing Judiciary powers.
              He has made Judges dependent on his Will alone, for the tenure of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries.
              He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.
              He has kept among us, in times of peace, Standing Armies without the Consent of our legislatures.
              He has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil power.
              He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation:
              For Quartering large bodies of armed troops among us:
              For protecting them, by a mock Trial, from punishment for any Murders which they should commit on the Inhabitants of these States:
              For cutting off our Trade with all parts of the world:
              For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent:
              For depriving us in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury:
              For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offences
              For abolishing the free System of English Laws in a neighbouring Province, establishing therein an Arbitrary government, and enlarging its Boundaries so as to render it at once an example and fit instrument for introducing the same absolute rule into these Colonies:
              For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments:
              For suspending our own Legislatures, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever.
              He has abdicated Government here, by declaring us out of his Protection and waging War against us.
              He has plundered our seas, ravaged our Coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people.
              He is at this time transporting large Armies of foreign Mercenaries to compleat the works of death, desolation and tyranny, already begun with circumstances of Cruelty & perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages, and totally unworthy the Head of a civilized nation.
              He has constrained our fellow Citizens taken Captive on the high Seas to bear Arms against their Country, to become the executioners of their friends and Brethren, or to fall themselves by their Hands.
              He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.
              In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.

            • ~Southern Boy~

              —(quote)…No Sir… I am under the firm belief that with God ALL things are possible. He is the Creator of our Freedoms, our Rights, and our Liberties! And it is ONLY He who can take them away. That is unless we cower down to TPTB and give them away… and if that’s the case… then shame on us!!!…(unquote)—


              AMEN, brother!

              Always remember…GOD has “NEVER” sanctioned cowardice!!!

              Kudos & a hearty thumbs-up to you!!!!!!!!!

            • Thanks you Gunsmith!

              I have learned a long time ago, that I will be ridiculed and hated for my beliefs and faith. So be it… I am in good company! I will not cower. I will not surrender. I will not divert from my faith in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The words of scorn by those who dare spew them, don’t realize that they will be faced with judgement of Christ and having to answer for those words.

              My rights come from God Himself and not from man or government, thereby it will ONLY be God that will shut this mouth, stop these fingers from typing, and holding on jealously to my weapons that defend such liberties, freedoms and rights!

              God Bless Brother… and thanks again!

          • Giurza
            You’re making an assumption (assumptions) that I’m implying there will be a rising up of arms against “their” plan, at least I’m “assuming” that from your “only from my dead cold fingers…” statement.

            Did I say that? Where?

            You also said you’re a “pessimist” and “all is lost…”

            If that’s the case, then, in this “defeated” state you find yourself in, how can you fairly and objectively assess whether or not those in the world around you are capable or qualified to turn things around for the better, utilizing non violent methods, if all is lost?

            Could it be that your personal world; your physical or mental or emotional or financial situation or situations, are collapsing around you, and so you project that experience on to every one and every thing that comes into your personal world?

            This is not directed at you, per se, but there is a group, a faction, a certain “collective” of the preppers out there whose lives are crumbling within. As their life collapses they seek out others, or hope that others, are also in the same boat so they don’t feel “alone” or “disgraced” by their inability to get by, to make a “healthy” living. So, they fall into the trap of hoping that others are also in the same boat, “misery likes company”, and they blame and complain, because of their inabilities to cope or progress, on something external; something outside of them is RESPONSIBLE for their uncomfortable state. I know of preppers who actually want a collapse to take place because they think their slate (of debt) will be wiped clean and they can start over, fresh, In fact, they will even go deeper into debt while hoping and praying for a major financial melt down, so they can be free of the ball and chain, that they themselves have inflicted on themselves.

            There is going to be an overthrow of those in government, in corporations, that intentionally and consciously are, and have been, inflicting pain on others. It will happen within their personal lives, an internal implosion. It will happen to anyone who is corrupt. The destroyers will destroy themselves from within. It’s going to take a few years, but it will happen.

            Those who are asleep, will also go through the wringer. No one will be spared. But for those who support life, those who go out of their way to “give” rather than chronically “take” from the world around them, they will transition with the least amount of discomfort and upheaval in their lives.

            It’s so simple. It’s simply having faith and trust in “As you sow, so shall your reap”. Everyone who comes to this site knows, inside, what that means. It’s everyone’s experience. You can tell who the happy and successful preppers are by their comments, here. They are the ones who are prepared, better than anyone. They are the “Fearless” ones. They are the ones not overshadowed by this ever changing world of non-stop dramas, designed to capture and devour the innocent child in all of us.
            Don’t loose your innocence, folks. Without it, you’re gone.

            • well, EA, I get what you say, but I must add – I’ve been living out great depression for some 10 or more years (even sometimes it wasn’t so bad)
              it might be my bad English, but I found a perceived notion in your post that I might be one of those “only taking from the world”… well, I’ll let you be the judge – I grew up in the boonies. I drink coffe from acorns, I gather shrooms and dry ’em and pickle ’em, I grow 99% of the vegies I eat. I have sheep together with my father (it’s not enough for now I have no meat until July or August when I can get my next one)… it’s just that I can’t even retreat and live on my own, because BG still wants MONEY for MY land! and there are no jobs, even though I am desperate for work…
              I owe MONEY to BG because “I was not registered when I became unemployed”… yes that’s how this goes in my part of this shitworld – you become indebted if you are without work but you don’t go on dole!
              also I must say one thing about this “you reap what you sow”… If you’d be living in Lithuania, you wouldn’t say that! there is no divine justice (or karmic or whatever) in this world. be a predator, lie, kill, steal and you’ll be praised, you’ll get rich and be an icon. be an honest hard working human and you’re a freakin’ slave, an a-hole, a loser. be humble and polite and you’ll be spat on. I say this because I was raised to be an overly polite member of society. I always experienced problems when I needed this paper or that, when I bought something or sold… but one day the shell burst and I literally said blyat nakhui, vy menia zayebally to the clerk who was showing absolutely no respect and was treating me with “go away and don’t disturb my leisurely work” and you know what????!!! he transformed right in front of my eyes! he became polite and very helpful. so I learned my lesson.
              so tell me brother – is it still true that “you reap what you sow”???

            • oh, and one more thing – I wasn’t directing my first post at your post per se… I was only refering to the very last sentence you used:
              EA said: That may be their plan, but it certainly won’t be the outcome.

          • We still have bread and circuses. Once those are gone, all bets are off.

          • Oh yeah? Shut off the porn, groceries, and beer… then witness millions of Americans pick up firearms overnight.

          • @Giurza. Damn it Eyore, did your tail fall off again? Or should we just call you “Glum”?

            • well, I guess Winnies rosy eyeglasses have their place in this world as well. You see, I’ve passed that phase, and many more, now I’m oscillating between total gloom/suicidal depression and slim hope that there will be a revolution in my lifetime (meaning while I’ still capable of holding a gun, while I have some lead in me pen)
              well, have a laugh at my cost, just hope you don’t have to walk miles in my shoes

            • Giurza, please don’t lose hope. Tend your garden (who needs a therapist when they are holding tiny seedlings in their hands, or are sinking their fingers into well-cultivated soil?), tend your loved ones, and please keep posting your wisdom here. I have learned so much from you and your unique perspective from the “Bloodlands”.

              And for any fits where you are cultivating your melancholia, may I recommend a soundtrack composed of Mark Knophler/Dire Straits?

            • @Mama Bear
              thank you for your kind words Mama! You know, you just hit it right on – it’s my favourite method of knocking off melancholia – gardening and music…. as to music, I do like Dire Straits, never heard Knopfler though, I guess I’ll have to check him out. my music to go against blue mood – some hard songs that inspire revolutionary beast inside me – Rammstein, van Langen. I use Dire Straits, Lesiem and other soft music for relaxation.
              speakin’ of gardening, it’s just the time, I almost done with planting seeds this year. it came very late this year because of long spring. luckily though, this year my apple and pear trees managed not to open up too early, so there might be hope for some good harvest of those. last year there were very little apples and pears, something to do with bad spring and especially with strange sun behaviour… beans suffered too from this sun thing too – they started to produce beans only in the late autumn when sun’s effect was down.
              since I’m on the topic, I want to ask if there are other gardeners here who experienced this changing stuff in mother nature – hard to predict weather, bad sun, bad years (three now in a row) etc… it’s like Nature is against us (especially noticeable if you do organic gardening)?
              yet again – thanx Mama Bear – I appreciate your kindness!!! best wishes for you and yours! (oh and on the more gloomy side – mark my words, if Western populace doesn’t go revolutionary soon, you’ll be experiencing “Bloodlands” in FPS mode!)

            • Giurza–Mark Knopfler (I misspelled above) is the lead singer/insanely brilliant guitarist for Dire Straits. And if you have not listened to his solo stuff…oh man! I saw him last year in Chicago on his “Get Lucky” tour at the Chicago Theater (one of those old school Art Deco movie palaces). It was a transcendent, near-religious experience.

              I haven’t been vegetable gardening long enough to speak to the weather patterns–last year was a really rough year, and it’s been pretty weird so far this year too, but I just pulled up some of the most gorgeous heirloom radishes I have ever seen yesterday, so the weird weather seems to be tipping in my favor at least with one crop. It has been extremely dry here in my corner of the Midwest but we just got some good soaking rains over the past few days.

              One thing that I have noticed is, it just seems like there are a lot more ticks around nowadays. I went on a hike this weekend through my old childhood stomping grounds–woods and fields–and had 4 ticks crawling up my clothes at the end. I never had a tick on me as a child 30 years ago, although our dog got them a couple of times that I can remember.

              Your comment on the bloodlands is duly noted. My sister in law is Polish, and I feel like I should take some lessons. She was grilled as a pre-schooler to see if her family was Christian (they were). There is a book that just came out by that title, and I read a good portion of it–about the areas that were ground to pieces between Germany and Russia. It terrifies me.

            • Mama Bear.
              well, radishes aren’t very demanding, so no grief there. but stuff like apple trees, pears, grapes, beans (those are extremely sensitive to UV rays, that’s how I judged that we had bad sun last year), pumpkins, zucchini, pattypans, corn (even though I don’t grow it) cucumbers are very sensitive to bad weather – be it drought or torrential rains… and frankly, those are the important ones. I got enough zucchinies last year to feed my family for the entire winter, but it was barely so. pattypans were almost nonexistant last year. apples I use both raw during winter and I can juice and also I produce my own vinegar – lots and lots of uses for it! I strongly advise to make your own vinegar. just a few stuff that vinegar is good for:
              canning/pickling – saves a lot of salt since you need far less of it, for instance I use it for mushroom pickling – almost no salt needed and the resulting mushrooms during Christmas are something to die for.
              treatment of wounds – look up the syrup of garlic, besides even Romans used vinegar for wound treatment
              herb vinegar – infuse it with juniper, basil, chilli pepper, bay leaves, marjoram or whatnot and whoof you have yourself wonderful long shelf life condiment
              cleaning – against mold and mildew and against almost all bacteria
              removing bad smell – especially when cleaning food storage places
              etc etc… vinegar is truly one of the many wonder stuff that we have, and don’t forget that when you make it yourself – you know what you put in there! no more Monsanto devilry!
              keep on gardening Mama! this is what we all should do. Deus lo vult!, 😀

            • oh, and about those ticks!
              i noticed it too! we had almost no ticks when I was kid. I don’t even remember anything about them from me childhood….
              but lately, their numbers even got me wondering if there is maybe some silent bio war going on. You know that sudden rise of vector species (ticks, lice, mice, rats, mosquitoes etc) is a sure sign of bio war (at least that’s what I learned in NBC school)
              so be careful of those small buggers!

          • Buck up fellow patriot…there’s thousands of us who have yet to show our hand, but we are getting ready and watching what develops. Some of us are ex or current military with technology and engineering backgrounds. If a human created it, it can be hacked by another….

            In the mean time PREPARE PREPARE PREPARE, and teach others. Create you own systems and watch what the enemies of freedom do on Youtube ( Vanity and the lust for power and control will be their downfall).

      8. I say let them have Chicago. It’s just a big dung heap anyway!

        • VietVet,

          First… thanks for your obvious service! We owe you our thanks and our gratitude!

          I understand what you mean… but… we have Patriots up there too. We the People can’t allow them to take anything!!! We MUST muster and fight if it comes down to it.

          • Southern Boy….You just have to be from Tennessee!! Bless your heart!!! 😀

            • I’ve lived in the great state of Tennessee, and I’m still in that neck-of-the-woods!

              Thanks SmokeyMtnLady… We “southerners” must stick together! 😉

        • I live in Southern Illinois and I can’t tell you how much I agree with that statement. I wish Chicago was in another state it ruins everything for us hard working Southerners paying rediculous taxes and having nothing to show for it. Schools, roads, everything here is second to Chicago, our jobs outlook is horrendous and no body is doing anything to help other than making it harder for us to live. They won’t be satisfied til we are all on welfare. Rediculous gun laws making it harder on Preppers like me to get a head start. Its more or less like that’s the only place that matters in this god forsaken state. I say give them Chicago. Turn it into its own state. I wouldn’t place that headache on any other, I would not object.

          • Take it back then! Change the politics, and those leeches will go back to the swamp that Nazi Pelosi wanted to drain. Don’t throw the baby out with the water though….

          • Seems like a sound case for secession to me…

        • Youd fight over in veitnam,over what? but not stand up for a major on a website forum?SHOuld i say indiffernet veiws or TWISTED.

      9. ive got one better, wait til the london olympics

        • The build up to the London Olympics is frigging scary. It’s got me going WTF and I thought I’d grown too cynical to be shocked anymore.

          Observations from a local:-

          1/ missiles on top of residential apartment blocks.
          2/ All kindsa official nosey parkers from meter readers wanting to come check inside peoples houses 2x in a month to pest control officers to daft questions being asked of the kids at school by bizzare gubbermint “support workers”.
          3/ Cops on the main A roads recording traffic movements – it doesn’t take 20 police at a time to do this & normally they just check tax discs etc occasionally in pairs.
          4/Someone needs to tell me WHY publc servants – eg our police suddenly all need to wear balaclava’s and why they no longer have badge numbers on their uniforms. If we the pubic can’t identify you – who you working for & how does that help identify “terrorists”.
          5/ Military practice in the parks etc – these guys are aiming to intimidate the publc this go round. It’s not like the friendly displays you see at Buckingham Palace, or the Tower of London.
          6/ Roadworks – everywhere lemme tell you – if you can’t find the problem with the pipe the 6th time you dig it up – you ain’t gonna find it.
          7/ A warship will be stationed in the Thames – now this is normally my get outta dodge par excellence modus operandi (I swam it to get away from school bullies at 8 and used it on 7/7)

          Basically it all calls to mind that 80’s toon – “IF you don’t like what you see here get the F&&&k out”.

          I’m not liking London at all right now as I walk the dog so will be bugged out for the summer season, (permanently if I can sell up). My advice to anyone still crazy enough to reside in Chicago (that plac has been rotten to the core since I can remember) is to do the same.

          • Lone

            Sorry but enough is enough. What fucking planet are you on? With the exception of point 1 and the possibility of point 7 both to occur, if at all during the Olympics. As they were reported by the BBC and the Daily Mail it is probably bullshit anyway.

            It grieves me to rip into another Brit, especially a female one but I have to say this is getting silly.

            You bug out to the seaside during the riots but then say the riots never even broke a window in your area, you managed to squeeze in making biscuits for your protectors before you left.

            You taught something to do with electrics, then it was woodwork then metalwork, what is it next week

            You have family in every country anyone mentions.

            Your mate got shot through the head when you were kids…never caught that on the news

            You spell English words like an American, not a Brit

            You have no level of patriotism towards your own country

            You swam the Thames at 8 to flee bullies….oh pleeeeaaasssseeee

            I dare say if I told you where I have been in London for the last month you would say it was all going off in a different area. This post is a crock of shit.

            Are you a troll? Looking for info or what.

            • Some of the inconsistencies really do beg the question of who Lone might be working for, don’t they?

              Lone, assuming you aren’t a government troll, just be yourself. You truly don’t have to have something in common with everyone.

            • Burt the Brit

              I’m mentioning stuff I’ve noticed walking the dog – the Olympic locations are hardly a secret!

              I have family in various parts of the world – not everyone marries the boy next door or chooses to work down the same pit their father did. We stay in touch – the internet lets you do that you know!

              London is a city with people from all over the globe living and working in it. Do you never chat to your neighbours/co-workers to find out what the hell is going on that’s not being reported elsewhere in the MSM? I don’t actually want to exist in a bubble, in today’s world that’s dangerous.

              I’ve often disagreed with stuff you’ve said or just considered you to be plain wrong, but I’ve never been openly rude to you. I’ve even tried to help you by suggesting safer areas than Croydon for your planned relocation & that you join a historical reenactment society (unpatriotic?).

              I learnt a long time ago that sometimes one can gain a nugget of wisdom from the most unlikely sources, so I do you the courtesy of giving you the benefit of the doubt; while quietly hoping that you’ll become just a little more observant of the world around you.

            • Oh the anonymity of the internet. Ain’t it grand? 🙂

            • Maybe Lone is just really Lonely.

            • Design Technology – you say you are a mother concerned about the education system? Again go look it up.

              I served my time working for International coorporations (never any like Shell) – that includes US bosses & corporations. Hence why I look at a US based site now. Part of me misses my work jaunts to New Jersey years later. I then retrained as a teacher on becoming a lone parent only to find it was a mountain to climb in order to get my own disabled kid the appropriate help needed.

              R v Meyers
              The murder of a young man stabbed outside Lewisham police station in broad daylight. The case is now the leading authority on anonymity orders for prosecution witnesses.

              That’s the case you sneered at – I found it really offensive but kept my trap shut on that occasion – now go look it up. My mother still attends Church every week with his poor Mum.

              Knew this boy’s family too, though wasn’t affected due to my age at the time.

              Other promininent cases that DID make the MSM news (no personal connection at all) – cock ups are so common & have been for so long noone raises an eyebrow.

              This was an international incident and they STILL couldn’t get it right.

              How you get horses on a double decker bus was the topic of pub convos for a good fortnight after.

              Why Mark Duggan’s death was the “flash point for the 2011 riots” as you still don’t seem to understand.

              Crack cocaine in the UK is thought to have started on the Milton Court estate, Lewisham. Thankfully they’ve knocked down the estate now (and dispersed the worst families – those that aren’t locked up or dead that is) and closed the key schools from which they were recruited. Look up quieter crime families like the French’s.

              They met up around the Woodpecker parade from the late 1970’s, early 1980’s. The police were nowhere to be seen after 7pm there or on the nearby Pepys estate. Would crack have got a hold in the UK if it had been firmly clamped down on in the early days? It’s a question asking your policeman friends.

              A lot of shit went on that shouldn’t have done. The area also had the “joys” of the Millwall football club “fans” and the NF headquarters on the door step. Again look them up. While you are at it look up the New Cross fire.

              Nonsense still goes on, even amongst the respectable.

              Shit’s going down then your arse should be locked up tight indoors or the fuck out of dodge, pref with people you know watching your back while you watch theirs. Pubs = drunks = stooopid when there is trouble in the air. Especially in the vicinity of Luna House,(headquarters of the UK border agency for non-Brits). Have you actually seen half the crap that goes on in Croydon on a good day? I know children’s entertainers who flatly refuse to work there. You’ve been so rude it just had to be said.

            • CAT FIGHT! Furs a-flyin’, backs are arched and detect the claws are coming out. My money’s on Burt!

            • Ah Burt just foolin’ about. You and lonelumum are good folks just trying to make it through like the rest of us.
              Wish you the best….POP.

          • Mum, I think you and Burt should get adjoining compounds in the Welsh mountains or Scottish highlands. She IS a nurse, not a bad sort to have around.

            • LOL! I posted that before Burt called Mum onto the carpet–d’oh!!! Good stuff.

              Although in her defense, I too have swam in the Thames (Isis), at midnight, off of Christ Church Meadow in Oxford, where it’s just a good-sized stream (and the Cherwell is what we in the midwest would refer to as a “crick.”)

              As a good Lutheran girl, I will not comment as to what was or wasn’t being imbibed or worn.

            • Mama bear

              Not possible, sorry lol. I do not like what is happening in my country anymore than you guys like what is happening in yours but I love my country and am sick of a fellow Brit over exaggerating and on occasions lying about what is happening here.

              Take care

            • Mama

              What we need is a plasterer, and an ABA therapist.

            • Mama

              In London is is wider and filthy, I have dived it in full scuba and still got sick lol I do not normally blow like that but like I say enough.

              I see this country at the sharp end Mama, I am a level six medical technician and I specialise in accident and emergency, I teach advanced trauma and life support to the military as well as dealing with it on the job.

              I associate with the police on a daily basis at work all of whom have their collar numbers clearly visible, except detectives of course. I have also had a year long relationship with a detective inspector who serves with the Metropolitan police.

              I just take exception to a fellow Brit misrepresenting our country. It is a country that is far from perfect, but it’s my country and I would defend it with my dying breath, just like any patriot of any nationality would defend their country.

              I have been to the crick part of the river on a few occasions, I am not Lutherean, but I also feel it is best not to comment about what I was not wearing and who I was not wearing it with, though the memories are quite devine, there’s a boat mooring in just the right place near a stand of trees that over hang the river just far enough lol

              And on that note,

              Take care Mama

            • Burt, remember, if you ever decide to jump the pond I have some GPS coordinates that will get you to a travel trailer parked in my front yard. You can stay there until you either adopt us or move on.

            • Lone
              Croydon has never been a planned bug out location, I have said repeatedly I have no bug out plans.

              Croydon is where my child’s father is a shithole…that we agree on

              As for ” quietly hoping I become more observant of the world around me” how patronising can you get? How many gunshot wounds you dealt with this month? Any stabbings? Honour burnings maybe?

              The job I do makes me very very observant lone, and very very aware of what is going on in the world, in particular, the area I am in. I have treated a teenager with rifle wounds on a car park because London Ambulance Service refused to attend, do you have any idea how it feels to be putting a drip in with the bloke that shot him still holed up in the warehouse opposite, hoping and praying, really praying that he won’t shoot you ? Medivaccing from Brize Norton, or waiting on the helipad at the hospital for kids coming back from Afghanistan, minus a few limbs usually.

              I observe all the time lone, I am quite aware of what’s going on in the world, both close to home and farther afield. What you see is pretty much what you get with me lone, I am what I am and I make no apologies for it. What I am not is a needy, have to fit in and say what goes down well type.

              I have honesty and integrity. You continue to quietly hope for me lone, I in the meantime will carry on actually having a life instead of living vicariously through others.

              I really mean this genuinely, take care, because when it hits you can make biscuits until they come out of your ears, you can remember your re-enactments until you are blue in the face but none of these things will help you in a bomb attack (I dealt with the Soho bombings just for the record), or a drive by shooting, or a hundred other scenarios. You need to wise up a bit and think how you are going to deal with the threats that face you in your area now, then you can plan what to do when it really goes tits up. Planning to bug out…fine, what if for some reason you can’t the city is in lockdown.

              For the record my post was not rude, it was pissed off, If iam rude you will be by offended.

              Take care

            • PO’d

              Be nice now lol. To be honest I don’t want or need a fur fight, cat fight, fist fight or word fight but the smell of bullshit sometimes gets me to a place where it becomes inevitable.

              I have to say though, I am an only daughter of a wonderful man that was a member of 1 para…to give it it’s proper title, first battalion the parachute regiment…I am a non-violent person but if pushed cat fighting does not come into it…he taught me so well God rest his soul.

              Take care

            • Who the hellis design technology? Wrong blog Lone lol

            • PO’d

              I know you are kidding

              Take care

        • Eeder

          It will be impossible to search everyone.
          It will be impossible to police all the underground stations, bus stations et al
          It will be impossible to protect the city, it’s residents and visitors

          Why? Austerity has cut the police by thousands of officers, the army is deployed elsewhere.

          I think you have a point.

      10. Nato meeting May 20-21 and Russian Troops in Colorado may 24th.

        • Net

          That is getting a more attractive prospect by the day….jeeze it would be nice to have a little Brit consolidarity going but obviously this is not to be.

          I can’t concentrate now, Mama has reminded me of a very memorable Sunday afternoon lol

          I hope all is well with you and yours

          Take care

          • Net

            I will happily adopt you Net. You teach me how to shoot and I’ll teach you how to do a tracheostomy with a ball point pen. Deal?

            Take care

          • Net is your website down?

        • Oh my God. The RUSSIANS ARE COMING! I can see it now, Millions of them, I mean, Thousands of them, Ahh, Hundreds…hey, wait a minute here. The memo says “20” are coming. WTF?! All this wild speculation and conjecture that America is getting taken over by 20 Russians? Those must be some bad motherfuckers, i.e. kick ass “Ivan Dragos” in the Ruskie Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

          Hmm, maybe I read the wrong memo. Got to be a mistake. Got to be more than 20. Well, this is America, the most programmed, brainwashed, sleep state country in the known Universe.

          (Don’t believe the following quote, it’s not REALLY factual)
          “Around twenty airborne Russian troops with arrive in Fort Carson, Colorado to take part in the training program targeting “terrorists”. It will be the first time Russian soldiers have conducted military training on American territory.”

          • Yeah EA, the Russians are a problem. Sure, especially 20 of them!

            When and if the SHTF, it will be worldwide. Some places hit harder than others. Does anyone really believe the Russians or anyone else will send troops here when they have to quell the riots in their own back yard? Please!!

            • Yes AZ, I do.

              If we are brought down (which is their objective), then we wouldn’t be the BMOC any longer. Surely you know that there are 100’s of 1000’s of foreign troops already on our soil, right? Why are CHICOM, Russian, and other non-ally troops doing here? What? It takes a village now?

              To not think that our “enemies” would drool over the chance to take us down in whatever manner they can, is naive IMHO.

            • SB, I do understand that there are troops here. Not really sure why but I have doubts about training for a takeover theory but anything is possible I suppose.

              All I’m saying is the situation that is upon us now is worldwide, not just here and when the SHTF resources for putting down the people will be spread thin, very thin and bringing down the US will be the least of their worries. Their own countries will be in turmoil.

              There are still 90 million plus people here armed to the teeth with untold hundreds of millions of weapons and ammo. That is a formidable force to recon with even with the high tech weapons at the militaries disposal.

              If there is one thing we should have learned from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, when the people hunker down and duke it out for real, high tech military doesn’t always come out on top. Just ask Britain that a couple hundred years ago.

              Other than that dude, I’m with you. Stay alert and informed. Best we can do right now.

            • AZ Ready,


              What’s your thoughts on this? You said it, and I have often said it, and that is… “There are still 90 million plus people here armed to the teeth with untold hundreds of millions of weapons and ammo. That is a formidable force to recon with even with the high tech weapons at the militaries disposal.”
              The question…
              Like I said, I have oftentimes said this exact thing. But the more I think about it, I can’t get the logical side of my pea-brain to shut off. It always goes back to the last part of the statement about the high tech military apparatus. Therefore, HOW do normal “Joes and Janes” fight against laser sights, night vision, heat seeking weapons, thermal imaging, drones, aircraft, tanks, etc, etc, etc??
              Even the impressive 225 millions guns owned by “We the People” logically seem to be no match. Even if, let’s say, 50% of the military is on “our” side, is that a scenario that will give us victory?

              Anyway… you get my gist… right?

            • SB, maybe we should ask the Afghanies how they are doing it! They held off the Russians and now us.

      11. Our good buddy Rahm Emmanuel is the mayor too.

        He eloquently states “If you are known as MAYBE A POSSIBLE TERRORIST you cannot buy a handgun in America.”

        MAYBE A POSSIBLE TERRORIST – wow, that’s a fine example of “innocent until proven guilty. Welcome to Chicago!

        • rahm emmanuel is a fucking faggot.

          • Is a fractured flagship? Do what? That’s really what you meant to say…. right? 😉

          • takes one to know one?


            • geeze, you sure showed me! grow a pair and stop anon.

          • Indeed… even more smarmy that the Golfer in Chief.

          • (said with a soft feminine husky male lisp…)


            “Rahm Emannuel will be President of the United States of America here real soon … “YOU WILL RESPECT HIS AUTHORITY!!!” or “Be punished severely by my Very Butch DHS TSA Bull Dykes at CAMP FEMA you ooooh so manly ;0P slurp … nasty domestic terrorist brutes!!!

      12. Welcome to the USSA, comrade.

        • Wolverines!

          • I am watching “Red Dawn” right now in fact! LOL!!

      13. WAIT! why would you still be in Chicago by now anyway!! Okay still a small window of time left for everyone to escape all major cities! What the hell were you thinking!

        • The same as all the other sheeple. Gotta have my “creature-comforts” and my MTV bro! Amazing, isn’t it?

          I’m so glad we decided to move from the 3rd largest city in the United States and buy our acreage in the middle of nowhere almost 2 years ago! Thank God we listened when we did!

          • Greeting Everyone!
            Just for the record….
            I love the the Chicago I knew,Period.Born there,lived there and still(mostly)love to go back and visit.
            Having said all that,I “walked away” as soon as possible.
            The Chicago of the past is fading,the future ain’t looking too bright.One BIG reason,BP bought off those carefree folks in the city next door called Gary-nowhereville,Indiana.Garyites are allowing TONS of toxic waste to be dumped into Lake Michigan on a continuing basis from a BP owned chemical refinery(thanks again you BP corn-holers!).AND,the fair city of Milwaukee lets it’s UNTREATED sewer water into the lake every time it rains just a little too hard.Add to that the drugs from the many hospitals that are left untreated/neutralized that are returned to the lake(I.E. the city’s ONLY source of potable water)and you get my drift.Plus,for some reason the smell in the air as you get about 30 near to Chicago is awful.Really truly awful.On the plus side the city still has many museums and other things to see and experience(If you stay really aware of your surroundings for the criminal element is always on the prowl everywhere in the city for Easy Marks).For me the turning point came after the last real-estate tax increase.The politics of Chicago are no different than anywhere else,i might add,and that INCLUDES downstate Illinois.I have had firsthand experience of major cities on BOTH coasts as well as Chicago.If things get “crazy” there,the local color will get “crazy” too.
            Just a few thoughts,
            As Studs Turkle would say:”Take it easy but take it”

            • GrayFoxGreen, I know how you feel. I had the good fortune to grow up in a rural setting in Oregon. I still live nearby and I occasionally drive past our old house. But it’s all changed now. The open fields are covered with tract houses and carefully engineered streets. The creek I waded in is nowhere to be found except in a completely covered drainpipe. The majestic old oak trees that shaded our yard are still there but somehow they seem smaller than I remembered.

              It’s been said that you can never go home. I guess it’s true. There are just too many of us around now. Obama will fix that with a little war or two… maybe a concentration camp with only an entrance, no exit, or he could find a way to “manage” our food supplies… like Stalin did for the Ukraine.

              It doesn’t make much difference to me, I’m old but I feel terribly guilty about bringing my children into this world and then screwing it up for them. Maybe God will forgive me. I can’t.

      14. And the sheeple keep on sheepin’. You would think this type of hostile takeover would be cause for monumental outrage, yet, the sheeple keep on sheepin’. Baahaahaa, it’s for our safety, baahaahaa.

        Time to get that bumper sticker made with a sheep skull and crossbones made up that reads next to the logo “Keep on Sheepin’. Then go to every Walmart parking lot and start sticking one on every car. Baahaahaa!

        Or, maybe just do one that says, “Baahaahaa”

        Or, how about a sheep skull in the center of the biohazard icon.

        All pointless ventures, they wouldn’t get the meaning anyway. Instead, continue prepping, growing and stacking. The shit is heating up more every week. No fear, no compliance, nothing left but disdain for these criminals.

        However, it would be funny to get your own man inside one of these events with a small oscillating fan and a ziplock bag of shit. Then, right in the middle of one of their little meetings, pop the fan on the table and sprinkle the shit onto the blades running at high speed. Ya think they would get that message? Yeah, probably not.

        • @ Joe Republic: I love your phrase “no, no compliance.” You could well make that the tag line for the “resistance”

          • “Personally I prefer just sayin’…

            “PHUCK YOU … ya ZIONIST FED PIG!”

            … as I “Lock-n-Load” my .45-70!”

            “It’s time to take back America once and for all!”


            • Fuck you ya Islamonazi pedophile worshipping muslim pig.

            • “Oink Oink … Got Bacon?” “My the Prophet Mohamed … Allah , Praise His Name!” … “Guide my Hard swollen vibrant Sword into your vile filthy septic orifice YOU LOWLY INFIDEL DOG!”

              “Insha Allah!!!”

            • “LET SLIP THE DAWGS OF WAR!!!”

              “GAWD WILL’S IT!!!”


              “MY THE INFIDELS FALSE GAWD AND ALL MIGHTY ALLAH (there is only one gawd , his name is Allah be Praised) … have mercy on All our souls!!!”

              Insha Allah!!!

            • AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaJeeeeeeeeeeeeeew… ;0P pssszzt

              “Jesus Bless me!” “Oh that’s right the Greedy Thieving Corrupt Diseased Incestuous baby raping baby killing Jeeeeeeeeeeeews… Killed Jesus – Crucified “GODS” Child for “Kicking” their asses in the Temple for being Thieving Banker Jeeeeew Scum!!!”

              Any time … Any Time … When I’m done teaching YOU … just as “Jesus” Taught your Thieving Corrupt Diseased forebears … I’m gonna feed your “cojones” to my Goats!!! ;0)

            • IMF NWO,

              Your hate is going to eat you alive! How ’bout spewing it elsewhere, like at the KKK site that would love to hear your rhetoric!

        • …probably not.

          I read all this then I went and checked:

          Armory. Yes. Thats what I call it because thats what it is. Lots of guns and lots of ammo. Munitions check: OK.

          Larder. Big. Full. Some long term stuff that I never rotate, lots of canned goods. Food check: OK.

          Fuel Stores. 110 gal. gas. 150 gal. diesel. Fuel check: OK.

          Perimeter trail. No activity. Proximity check: OK.

          Its taken me 6 years to build to this point. Nothing I can do to change what the fearmongers are doing in the cesspool of Chicago.

          Someone on here said that no guerrillas were roaming America. Why would there be? They pull this crap inside cities like Chicago. Those people are used to that kind of stuff. Cities are the worst anti-freedom areas there are. They try something like that in a rural county like mine and they’ll be treating us differently. They’ll have to.

          An armed society is a polite society. People like to live, lead free.

          • My local guns shops and shooting ranges are islands of politeness in a sea of rudeness…

            • The Prepper movement has sent dozens of rude citizens flocking to my local gun range on weekends. People who think that building an AR clone and going shooting twice a month is the only thing they need to do to prepare. I laugh when I see flocks of Mosins, ARs, 12 gauge tacticool shotguns, and 5 twenty-something bro dudes hovering around one shooting stand. One thing I know is that bugging out too early is CLEARLY unsafe

      15. “The plan uses a network of highway security gates that are designed to shut down all traffic coming in and out of Chicago in the event of a terrorist attack.”

        Guess we found out what those bullet proof security checkpoint structures were gonna be used for.

        • Once upon a time my homosexual lawyer (God bless him!) told me the government could not detect a fly landing on a steaming pile of dog shit without the help of an informant. Wise words from a wise man.

        • Yep…Bingo!

      16. Several points….

        First, “paranoia and confusion” is exactly what they are wanting! If just one, or a small group, of armed citizens feel paranoid, confused or threatened enough, they may “take matters into their own hands.” That would be all they need to call for their hail-Mary play and lock in down tight!

        Secondly, we have observed MRAP’s being transported north as well. Those are some bad-ass looking machines. I bet they may be headed to the Windy City too.

        Lastly, I mentioned this to Mac, and I’ll mention it here. I don’t believe in coincidences… AT ALL! So, having said that, isn’t it a convenient set of circumstances that we have in play here? First we have the May Day events that will kick off tomorrow all over the country, and those idiots are ready for violence and melee. Then we have the Chicago “Take Over” of May 20th and 21st and beyond. Finally, we have the Russians “visiting” on May 24th – 30th.

        Kinda make ya sit back and say, “Hmmmmmmmmmm”, doesn’t it?

        • Sounds like a false flag waiting to happen!

          • Just might be… we will know soon enough, huh?

          • I’m going to Wal Mart. Where exactly does one buy women’s size 28 leopard print spandex pants?

            • Troll….

      17. I get the feeling this is a distraction. It’s not chicago that is the actual target, but someplace near. Or, this is a distraction with no real attacks, just to make us all look crazy.

        • Good point! Maybe it’s a culmination of all the May dates. After all, it is the intention of these radicals to make the entire country (and globe for that matter) fall into chaos. What better way that to hit multiple sites within a short period of time to at the least overwhelm the system?

          We’ll see…..

        • I get the feeling that the times are gone when I could tell what’s real and what’s illusion. Sad part is, I’m a pretty highly educated and well traveled fellow…

          To save time, I’ve whittled my list. My immediate family, my ammo, my food, my beer. These are real. All else is suspect.

          • Agreed, Tym. It’s fun to read the information out there and look for patterns. But the only things we can be sure are true are the immediate and tangible things around us.

            I stopped calling and writing my representatives several years ago because I never received any responses but form letters and loads of requests for political donations. I figured I may as well save the postage, because all I am likely to accomplish by writing is getting my name on some list of malcontents and trouble makers. I always vote, but tend to vote for candidates that don’t have a prayer, like Libertarians. So, my political involvement accomplishes nothing.

            I do have some control over whether and to what extent I care for and protect my family. Best to spend my energies in that direction and treat the rest like entertainment.

        • If not, we can say it was a false, false flag huh?

      18. Someone better call Jack Bauer.

        • LOL!!! But to bad he’s such a LibTard!!! LOL!!!

      19. Tell me how that would be a bad thing (Chicago burning to the ground)with all the world leaders there.

      20. This event should provide loads of Intel for the OPs officers of urban groups. Observe, gather Intel, verify and pass it on. This Civil Martial Law is coming to everyone’s doorstep soon. Don’t believe for one split second these security goons give a sh*t about your “Civil Rights”. Current battlefield “lawyers” are 5.56mm NATO & 7.62mm NATO. Ask those at Kent State, Ruby Ridge and Waco what those “lawyers” did for their Civil Rights.

        • I have no sympathy for the Kent State crowd. Waco and Ruby Ridge are another matter alltogether. That was murder plain and simple.

          • You got to be kidding me. Firing on unarmed civilians that we’re protesting a criminal war facilitated by a false flag event and supporting the corrupt US created government of The Republic of Vietnam that was created to avoid a mandated reunification election that Ho Chi Minh would have won hands down in 1954.

            This is why I’m not a Republican but rather a Libertarian.

            Every “War” since WWII has had dollar bills wrote all over it.

        • Watched “Red State” last night… twice

      21. It will be interesting to see how this plays out so that we will know what to expect and can determine in advance how to react when it is happening to us.

        I was in Chicago last year for a conference and hated it. We were downtown pushed up against the water and if caught concealed carry they throw you under the jail.

        Chicago is already a police state and a microcosm of what America will become so anxiously waiting to see what happens.

        • Dale Gribble has nothin on you guys. The paranoia is at a fever pitch. Nothing will happen in Chicago while the visiting dignitaries are present.It would be an embarassment for the Furher.

          • Au contraire my good man…
            If his aim and ultimate goal is to have an event so horrendous, so nerve-racking to the American people so as to get them to call for the government to “put a stop to this madness”, then Obumbler (and TPTB) would indeed “allow” it to happen. No doubt about it….

            • I hate to say it(but I must). If something “horendous” does happen in chicago, I really don’t give a $hit. A bunch of commie fascist pigs. BYE BYE pink leotard, pole smoking,gun grabbing, son of an israeli agent,crook,butt buddy of obummer mayor of chicago.

              We are balkanized now. THANKS FOR BALKANIZING OUR NATION YOU A-HOLE POLITICIANS!! I’m sorry, and it might be wrong to think in such a way BUT, these following locations are the hot beds of our nations destruction.

              Places that can get nucked and I don’t give a $hit about-

              San fransico
              Los Angeles
              New york
              Washington DC

              If dc got nuked with all the house and senate and executive branch and the so called supreme court being there, who would give a $hit. NOT ME. I would feel bad about the civilians and the loss of the smithsonian air and space museum(and other national treasures there.

            • So Kevin, are you anti-Semitic?

            • I respectfully submit to Kevin and the board, the proposition that any World City — past, present, or serious wannabe — is a running and putrid sore upon the Body Politic unfortunaste enough to be therewith afflicted.

          • If you read my past posts, you will see that I am no conspiracy theorists although many of my friends are. I will be the first to applaud if they do not close any roads or increase surveillance, but as a member of a CERT team can tell you we are practicing those things here. I recently got invited to help enter surveillance data being collected from college sporting events.

            Being in a smaller community I look forward to how cities like New York and Chicago handle these types of things and expect smaller communities to follow suit.

            • Kevin, no one gives a shit about you loser. Your big fat smelly lard ass is the reason why.

            • @sandy- I could care less what you say about me, but you are using a REALLY nice young ladies avatar(from florida) to do so.

              You are disrespecting her by doing that.

              @MAC- I hope the new site has a registration to get rid of the people who post under multiple names.

      22. This may be to flush out those who object to their “elected leaders” before it goes nationwide. Write a letter, make a call, get a red dot by your name for when it goes house it house in your locale.

        Or – and I’m not residing in the states so this is just pure guess work.

        They’ve identified the most dangerous (to the ptb cos nothing is ever done for the citizens benefit) street gangs to them are those based in Chicago. We know gang members have been joining the military in increasing numbers to get the knowledge to take back to their homies. Perhaps the Chicago gangs got a lil too organised, and a lil too well armed in the eyes of tptb.

        Gang members have their own brand of survivalism and Tu-pac was only one in a long line sending out a message of what’s to come. (some think Michael Jackson was bumped off for trying to warn people too). Contrary to popular belief some gang members have phds, are lawyers, ex special forces etc. They aren’t ALL the dumb cannon fodder street rats people assume from the MSM. The Chicago gangs probably drew their own conclusions from the Rodney King riots in that other cesspool LA, and made their own plans.

        What we do know is that they are well-armed and ruthless. We know that the process of societal breakdown has begun and that history tells us power abhors a vaccuum. The sociopaths at the top of gang culture will be jostling for a new position in the coming post shtf society same as everyone else.

        If my theory is correct, having neutralised the Chicago gangs the ptb will do the same “lock down process” to the next biggest percieved gang threat and so on till they think they have them contained. As a non-US bod I’d be getting twitchy if they do this to LA next, followed by Texas (el paso maybe?).

        You’ll be better able to judge than a foreigner like me, which street gangs in which states have the highest levels of infiltration into the military etc.

        From a preppers perspective, if my theory proves correct – I’d take another look at the location of your retreat if you are in a county/state with a high concentration of gang membership.

        • MS-13, Latin Kings, Crips&Bloods, are quite ready to do thier thing. And they are in EVERY American city. These are the people who generate the events that will make White people cry for police protection. There are no comperable White gangs to speak of, only those who are crude imitations of the aforementioned gangs, not nearly as orginized, or well armed. Most White people are are fat, weak, and afraid…

          • Justme-I agree, the gangs are VERY dangerous. I don’t underestimate them at the least.

            That word- underestimate.

            I agree, ALOT of white people are fat, weak and afraid, a shadow of the race that conquered the world BUT there are alot of people of ALL races that are in the same boat(fat,weak, and afraid) in america and around the world.

            I love being underestemated to tell you the truth, because my advantage is that much greater.

            As for your “police protection” comment, I and many here(and people of ALL color) just want the police/gubmint OUT OF OUR LIVES, and to be able to defend life and property. Here is a comment I made further down about gangs and such.-

            “I have to dis-agree with you about the “sweep”ing the streets thing, thats un-american, besides after their done “sweep”ing those people off the streets you and I could be next.

            If we were allowed to defend ourselves with force(without the law stacked against us), and the crooks knew it(instead of feeling entitled, and no punishment for their actions) the street would sweep itself. The idiots would be thinned out pretty quick.

            You brought up that you were in a “war zone”, there you could defend yourself, in america on the street, you have a 50/50 chance(even if your in the right) of sleeping with bubba(for the next 20 years, and losing everything) if you defend yourself. The system wants it that way, it likes it that way”

            TPTB want america to be like South Africa, where whites have to live with barb wire, and land mines around their properties(we see the begining of that with gated communities), I got news for them- It will not get to the point!!!

            There is a REASON whites(by a large margin) are ALLWAYS on the front lines of war, and there is a REASON whites conquered the globe(ruthless warriors, and right now the suppresed anger is building,building and building). I see alot of racial troubles(violence) comming to america, and when the white race(sleeping giant) awakens, nothing good will follow.

            I wish from the bottom of my heart it wasn’t so, but it is and there is NOTHING I/you/we can do to stop it!!

            God bless us all.

          • You wrote the truth and eleven posters did not like it. They must be living in a different reality.

        • I dont call a few nines and maybe Maybe one or two never cleaned rifles of shotguns well armed, cartels well armed —low level gangmembers can’t even get rid of eachother well armed horse shit! I don’t care if they have the best civilian weapons made shit changes real quick when return fire starts. You give theses wanna be gangsters to much credit. Capone was a gangster, these gangstas you refer to are not.

          • Agreed… my fat, weak, afraid, white-assed neighborhood watch would rise up an mow down any gangbangers who cross the line in a post-SHTF event.

            • DITTO!!!

      23. Has NATO done anything significant since bombing Christian Serbs during Clinton’s second term? You know… the same Serbs who were on our side in WWII and have been opposing real Muslim fanatics since God-knows-when.

        • They bombed Quadaffi and helped more mohammedan fanatics

        • They most likely assisted in getting one of them elected President of the US. Is that enough for you?

        • Yes, as you know, the U.S. is part of NATO. lets see what we did, we invaded Iraq and killed over 2 million Muslims who never harmed us. Invaded Afghanistan in which the People never attacked us. We bombed Pakistan killed over 2000 people who didn’t attack us. Building more bases and occupying land. If you were talking bad about alqaeda, I would agree. But don’t get the Muslims into this after we ruined and bombed their region for decades. Vast majority are not radicals and they don’t hate the American people, they hate our double standard foreign policy. The kind of double standard that was shown in your post. MAYBE AFTER WE SUPPORTED THEIR DICTATORS, WE WILL KNOW HOW THEY FEEL?

      24. If there is serious trouble in Chicago, you can bet it will have been caused by government provocateurs to justify the expense and disruptive “security”. They have been caught at it before, both here and in Canada. Just ask yourself, if the government was willing to stage false flags to start a war, why would they shy away from merely provoking violence in one city? These scum fail to realize that after they lost their credibility, trying to put spin on their activities, comes across as hollow as a sucked egg. Maybe their arrogance is so great that they don’t care that we know. Maybe they know it’s all coming down anyway, so what does it matter if they get violent. Maybe they think the violence will frighten the rest of the country into,”You Will Obey”! Like shit! We remember a long train of abuses and how to deal with them. We’ve read our history and know what happens to dictatorial scum! Think and act like it’s 1775.

        • It would be a good test event for the reasons you give. A “False Flag” would enable them to enact all those Emergency Executive Orders, Patriot Act clauses and Suspension of most, if not all Constitutional Law. With the economy in shambles, unemployment at record levels and a Tyrannical government controlled by Evil, we are at the edge of the abyss of a dictatorship. Pray for mercy from what ever God you pray to, because these SOB’s won’t be giving you any. Never have & never will.

        • Well said Swift.

        • So have they started with Chicago cos it’s Obama’s home ground?

      25. its is time people no more! let the revolution begin !

        • Be careful what you wish for. You just may get it. Revolution is a losing game.

      26. Jake and Elwood have things under control. They are on a mission from God. If you happen to be in Chicago during the summit and are manhandled by the secret service or other Illinois nazis just tell them you are a musician and God bless the United States of America!

      27. Uh-oh!!!!

      28. We just saw a massive amount of brand new tanks on a train system in Colorado last weekend.

        Must have been hundreds of them…


        • add that to the list of IFRC vehicles I listed

      29. Awwww good to see things have not changed in the last 6 weeks being gone..LOL


        • DPS ~

          I was just thinking of you earlier today!!! You were missed around here – I hope all is well with you!


          • Daisy and JRS

            Thank you its sure good to be back home, But I sure did like the hill country here in TX. Some really great pig hunting and great people. And yes most of those people are prepping.The only problem I’m having now is freezer space.


            • what did you use to take the pigs? 45-70?
              I hear they have a hell of a shield on some of them, would love to try that hunt

            • Buy a bigger freezer. I sure do like Fredricksburg, we have relatives outside of Austin in Lexington. BlueBelle Ice cream factory, oh yeah! The drought has sure raised hell with the trees and cattle. Sad, hope it is over kooked really bad last Nov. when we visited.

            • I hear they hunt them out of airboats too, did you try that way?
              saw on sons of guns where they made a special 45-70 for the property owner that was having his crops over run by the wild pigs..seemed like an action packed hunt

            • VRF
              Shoot 1 with the 30-06, and 2 more with a AR10 but the most fun was shooting at them with a laser designator I added to the AR15. Just need to practice more at night.


              John W

              Fredricksbury was hit hard by the drought but it looked like alot of the tres are coming back, what I noticed most in that area was the amount of ranches and homes for sell, not sure why I figure high taxes for most of them.

              thank you it sure feels good to be home.DPS

        • Welcome back.

      30. Big government types sure do love the police state, a Lot of so-called small government types, do too. Chicago lock down, and now this, a sort of internet lock down?:

        “47 of the 66 members of the House Tea Party Caucus” voted for CISPA – so much for voting for “patriots” to protect liberty.

        Heck, the Democrats were more patriotic than the other War-monger party, they voted, “42 to 140 in the opposite direction.” – Source, Forbes.

        Where was it I read they were intent on transforming America? This is part I of what they meant.

        • Frickin frauds. When a majority of Tea Party freshmen voted for more war profiteering back in ‘0, I knew they were useless. I also have my doubts about the Oath Keepers. Talk is cheap.

          • ’09

      31. That was expected. Most of them were just republicans that talked a good talk and were sent over to infiltrate.

        We need to elect tea party members who have NEVER been in politics and are working men. They off-shored and out-sourced OUR jobs we have to do the same to them.

        I would rather have a walmart greeter in the senate before a lawyer.

        • I forgot to put @clark on above statement.

      32. If they’re thinking of evacuating a city why don’t they hold the NATO Summit in Detroit? The city is 2/3 evacuated already and if they evacuated the remainder most probably would not ask to return.

        • LOL! That was good… yet I suppose since the Obamanation was “from” the Windy City, maybe he wants to make sure it’s the ‘starting point’ of the declared Martial Law order. Or, maybe he’s using him “home town” as a guinea pig? LOL!!

          • HIS home town, that should have read… UGH! 🙁

            • Didn’t you mean some village in Kenya?

            • arco,

              Actually … check this out! I saw this today and it made me think! See what you think….

        • Hehehe. Yeah, most would be like, “Dude! Thanks for the ride!” …and take off.

        • One could bomb the hell out of Detroit and who could tell or care?

        • It would be perfect, It already looks like a war zone..they would fit right in

      33. Now why would the leaders of NATO be afraid of a terrorist attack. After all the “humanitarian” aid they have delivered to the world over the years they should be loved by all. On another note, what is May Day celebrated for? Anyone….anyone…Bueller? OK, then.For the workers it is an international labor holiday. Here in America, it is mostly for the fight for worker rights and the 8 hour day from the late 19th century. HOWEVER, for some (and I am including the PTB here), it is a pagan ritual of spring.Enjoy your May Day, whichever side you are on.

        • MayDay is a communist creation, but most people don’t undrstand the significance of that…

          • Wrong. The celebration of May Day as a labor movement was started in the 19th century in America and has now spread worldwide. Most so called Communist countries now have a capitalist economy albeit more fascist than ours, but we are quickly catching up. Corporations control the better part of the world’s economies and resources now led by the 3 biggest corporations of all….the District of Columbia corp., the City of London corp and Vatican City corp. They are sucking the wealth from the world and making debt slaves of us. This is why there are huge worldwide labor demonstrations today.Yes, even in “communist” Russia.They are even demonstrating against raising the retirement age. Sound familiar?

      34. First unarmed Illinois, then unarmed New York. Couldn’t happen to a finer bunch of people. Let them eat them. Save enough room for the Californians. Zombies. There’s your weak-ass zombies. Zombies by the State full.

      35. Mac, I want to be a King. Should I buy gold?

        • You can’t be king unless you’ve got some shiny bling!

      36. I’m scheduled to attend a business meeting in Chicago on May 19th and 20th. I tried to get it rescheduled with no success. So you folks may be getting some eyewitness reporting from me. I just hope it’s not from Joliet!

        • Merree

          Burn it on a DVD. If they do stuff like this I suspect some local specific internet trouble in the Chicago area. Don’t call anyone on your cell announcing what you have anything until your out of the area. If questioned repeat the line from Hogans Heros…”I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing”.

      37. Don’t get me wrong, I like my freedom as much as the next guy, however if we can bomb the shit out of small countries that have a few morons we don’t like, we should be able to clean up the damned snot rag headed arthric finger signing tattooed up scum bags that think if they piss on a street they own it. I’m tired of having to feel like im back in a combat zone every time I travel and have one hand on the wheel and one on my 40. I’d like to see a “sweep” of the streets to clean up these worthless gangs.

        Other than that yeah I’m not too happy about some of these idiots with “badges” either, after all they are all in the same 20 something mental group.

        • The cities have been a war zone for a long,long time. In a way, people fleeing detroit, los angeles, and st louis(to name a few) are refugees of a sort. My wake up/first experience was 20 years+ 1 day ago.

          You are correct about that group that I call “so-called LEO’S”(the 40 something crowd can be scum also). I grew up with some(3) who went into the law enforcement carreer. It’s an even split. One is just doing a job, one is awake, and one got kicked off the force for being a scum bag(which he was as a kid also).

          I have to dis-agree with you about the “sweep”ing the streets thing, thats un-american, besides after their done “sweep”ing those people off the streets you and I could be next.

          If we were allowed to defend ourselves with force(without the law stacked against us), and the crooks knew it(instead of feeling entitled, and no punishment for their actions) the street would sweep itself. The idiots would be thinned out pretty quick.

          You brought up that you were in a “war zone”, there you could defend yourself, in america on the street, you have a 50/50 chance(even if your in the right) of sleeping with bubba(for the next 20 years, and losing everything) if you defend yourself. The system wants it that way, it likes it that way.

          • @everyone- A political message if I could- That ex-marine who was one of reginald denny’s attackers(the one with the brick, if memory serves me correctly) that just got time served for that is just ONE example of the NO accountability for action thing that has plagued our nation for decades and he is/was a DISGRACE to the uniform my grandfather loved.

            • He also is serving a life sentence right now for a murder he commited. Career dirtbag.

            • No, he isn’t. His name is henry watson.

              I was wrong watson wasn’t the brick guy. You are correct, brick guy is in jail for murder.

        • Yes, read the wording of the proposed changes very carefully. The changes are subtle, but make no mistake, it’s about squashing dissent. Add to that the coming net lockdown…

          If Americans do not figure this out soon, it’s over.

        • NRA official: Obama wants to to “destroy” gun rights and “erase” the second amendment in his second term.



        • Geophone achors?

        • It’s part of ‘Operation Nuclear Weasel” but don’t tell anybody! PETA would be so pissed!

        • @ copperhead. Three words to your question, New Madrid Fault. If there was more activity on the northern section of the Mid Atlantic Ridge I would say The New Madrid Fault breaking would be highly likely. The area in the midwest is an ancient plate boundary that has been fused together many millions of years ago. The Atlantic Ocean is expanding and getting bigger, while the Pacific Ocean is strinking, and these weak points such as the New Madrid Fault still feel the movement from plate migration. Kind of like something that has been welded together, it doesn’t have the strength of something solid. Also there are many splintered faults all over the place much like california has capable of 5-6 range size. A couple maybe as high as 7.

          There are therioes about the New Madrid Fault that it never really became connected west to east and the reason why it moves every couple of hundred years or every half of a millennium. There is no way the government with 100 million people with substandard building codes on the structures are going to let the public know that there is concern it is going to snap. There are nuclear reactors within the range of this fault.

          The stories of what happened in 1812 with 3 seperate quakes shows that if this happened today it would be the tipping point of the country, the financial destruction would be in the tens of trillions. The Mississippi River flowed backwards for example. There called it at least a magnitude 8 for at least one of the three for decades. Now because of the FEAR FACTOR they say it was ONLY a 7.5. Horse manure 7.5. I was in a 7.4 earthquake and there was no way that this size would cause a river to flow backwards, it takes at least a 7.9 or more likely a 8+. 7.5 LOOKS much less threatening.

          Why does the government downplay earthquake sizes? MONEY. It it tourism partially, but it has to do with the cost of retrofitting buildings to be up to building codes. Better yet to hope that the earthquake never comes again and let millions die if it does in totally collapsed buildings like in Haiti. Like in california san francsico was hit by a 8.3 in 1906 decades ago, then it went down to a 7.7 to appear not that threatening to the public. The deception is sickening. The Owens Valley fault broke in 1872 near the town of Lone Pine and was left with the initial magnitude rating because of the total isolation of the fault.

          The USGS intalling rods into ground means the goverment is expecting something on the fault system of the area. Then these Fema emergency vechicles in the area. The only logically assumption is possible geological movement. The government is will lie and hide everything it can until it can’t anymore. Then the general public with excessively short attention spans forgets and the next cycle of government deception begins with the next episode. Yes, something is going on. Are the good people here being paranoid about the government hiding something, HELL NO!


      39. It sounds like they’re preparing for the Occupy Wall-Street idiots.

      40. Take special note of the fact that of all the SS, FBI, Homies and Chicago PD involved in security for the NATO event, not one has had the morality to be a whistle blower. Not one true American is the whole stinking, low-life group. Says a lot about where we are at as a Republic. If nothing else, a whistle blower could have stepped forward to explain why the Red Cross was contacted about evacuation plans. That revelation alone would relieve some of the tension, intentionally being created by government scum! Common sense says there exists a hidden agenda in all this. I’ll be happy to be wrong.

        • Swift,

          We wonder why there isn’t more whistleblowers…

          Obama has Prosecuted More Whistleblowers than All Other Presidents COMBINED

          Obama Aggressively Prosecutes Whistleblowers … But Refuses to Go After White Collar Criminals


        • Go to secondcitycop website. The cops aren’t being told anything, either.

          • The Fed cops are hated by the locals because of that attitude. I used to get a kick out of driving on the Navy bases and they would have the dumb shit Federal cops on the gate.

      41. That’s why I won’t live in the city. They can just trap you like a rat and your stuck with a bunch of scum. This doesn’t sound good. I don’t want to see any Americans subjected to that kind of criminal authority, but thats what happens when the libs get their way and restrict firearms. The funny part is it will probably be some false flag event, and they’ll have a bunch of sheeple on TV saying how thankful they are that the gov’t was there to save them.

      42. If agents from nation A can dance in the sreers of new york, they can dance in chicago too.

        • I meant(to type(silly fingers)) DANCE in the streets


      44. Tomorrow may be the test run for the Local Law Enforcement for the other events that are sure to come. TPTB most likely started this whole “Occupy Any-Street USA” as a way to run thru their “event scenarios”. A NYC Policeman told a reporter today, “We’re ready for anything that happens.” Time will tell.

      45. All I can say is: “Practice makes perfect.”

      46. If you’ve been to Chi-town, you know they don’t have enough police and they are NOT equipped to handle hundreds of thousands of rioters.

        The anarchists are indeed plotting mayhem. This is supposedly the 3rd cache biological human waste contaminants found:

        In addition from the police blog, reportedly Secret Service found a bunker at Meigs Field (abandoned small airfield destroyed by Daley post 9/ll for security risk, which is located near McCormick Place, site of NATO Summit activities).

      47. *** BUY $$$ Body Armor with front back ballistic plates … Fast!

        450 million hollow point .40 cal dhs purchased recently are for one thing only… YOU!

        Hollow point bullets are:
        (1) Violation of the Geneva Conventions. They were OUTLAWED after troops started Xing their rounds in WWI. Look up “DUM DUM” bullets.
        they are DESIGNED to MAIM and create atrocious wounds. Solid core, FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) bullets just make a piecing hole.
        (2) Used against UNarmored personnel. Body armor actually “prefers” hollow points. Armor-piecing, solid core bullets, piece body armor. DUMDUMS mush out and penetrate LESS.
        (3) Thus we are led to the conclusion the plan is to attack UNarmored CIVILIAN Personnel, NOT “Enemy Combatants” that would wear armor.

      48. Patsy Cline…Led Zepplin…Hank Williams…Steppinwolf…Freddy Fender…Van Halen…
        No doubt about it, my radio is definitely bi-polar. But, I kinda like it that way.

        I found the most awesome new toy! It’s called ‘The AC/DC Converter’. Not to be confused with an INverter for swithching electric currents. It’s a CONverter. This nifty little machine hooks up to your radio or cd player and it automatically converts heavy metal music into twang. Or vice versa.
        Not sure how it works. It must have somethng to do with a “laser” beam (makes air quotes with fingers). But however it works, it’s unbelievable!
        You’ve never really enjoyed Bad To The Bone til you’ve heard it sung by Tammy Wynette. Or the soul-piercing sound of Jon BonJovi singing Your Cheatin Heart. And Lester Flatt & Earl Scguggs do a great rendition of Purple Haze! Wow! Banjos at 200 decibels. Pure ear-shattering nirvana. Which reminds me, Loretta Lynn’s version of Smells Like Teen Spirit aint half bad either.

      49. America is becoming more and more divided and eventually there will be a very violent confrontation. Not so much between the government and the peopel but between those that are [pro-abortion, pro-contraception, anti-gun, pro-pornography, homosexual, lesbian, pro-drugs, and atheists] vs [ conservative christians and especially traditional and conservative catholics]. Virtue was ordered to tolerate vice, but vice does not tolerate virtue and in the end has always attacked virtue violently. Our nation is taking side – those that believe and worship a Supreme Being (God) and those that worship Satan, evil, and are anti-God.


        • Maybe it’s time for a good ole fashion “Civil War”, but not yanks and rebs. Let’s make it Ole Farts against Fags. I’ve never thought about plugging a fairy or a dike, but I’d sure like to burn one’s ass up with my pump BB gun, or say a 2 oz. load of rock salt from ole Betsy at 50 yards. Sit on that, queers.

        • Jarhead, this one I will nail to the wall:
          Virtue was ordered to tolerate vice, but vice does not tolerate virtue and in the end has always attacked virtue violently
          is it yours or you found it somewhere on the net? if it is yours, I’d like your permission to quote you 😀

        • Absolutely agree Jarhead. “What one generation tolerates, the next embraces.” I am with you.

        • Jarhead,

          Just look at all the thumbs down I get on this board (probably mostly from Trolls) when I mention God, Jesus or Christianity. I get blamed for being “holier than thou”… and it’s further from the truth. They don’t know me, yet they judge. They think I judge, yet I am not. I am pointing our simple Biblical Truths, and it offends, it cuts them to the marrow, and that’s fine. For that is what the Word of God will do.

          And yes… your are very right about a violent end to this may very well come. Let us pray then, that the Lord returns soon. We know Who the Victor is in the end!

          God Bless!

          • I gave you thumbs up Southern Boy! Even though I’m not Bible believer, I do strongly believe in God. any faith is better than ignorant atheism. Those who have ears, let them listen, those who have eyes, let them see.

            • Thanks Giurza!

              If I may… let me just say one thing, and if you reply, I’ll go further.

              In reading your comments, some may say that you’re a defeatist, a quitter, one who’s lost their way. I don’t think that’s the case. I believe you are searching. You need hope… TRUE HOPE! You just said that you’re not a Bible believer, yet you strongly believe in God. That’s GREAT! But let me challenge you to go further.

              Have you ever seen the old painting of Christ knocking at the door? If not, simply “Google” it, if so… what’s missing in that photo?

              I look forward to your reply…..

            • @Southern Boy
              oh yes I know that one, and I know where you’re going. I do believe in Christ too, it’s just that my belief in this case is a little … unorthodox.
              as to me being a defeatist it is far from truth. I might sound like that, but my history studies have convinced me that there is no regime or structure (social/economic or other) that is capable of lasting more than few hundred years. I am no defeatist – I am realist. and my all post say just that – I know that if nothing will be done (by done I mean a bloody revolution not some snivelling “peaceful” protest) there is no hope for our children. but their children’s children’s children might do the work… it’s just that I rather not see my kids go in chains (even if metaphorical)
              as to Bible (and I hope I don’t tread on any toes here) – research how the Good Book especially the New Testament was composed during and after the rule of Constantine the Great. I tend to take very sceptically everything that was tainted by power hungry men – and that what happened to the New Testament…
              but I repeat, it’s just my opinion, my point of view, don’t be insulted or taken down, please don’t!

            • I understand what you mean about Constantine, however, there is one very important factor that must be understood here above any “man” that was involved. God’s Word is divine. It was written by men inspired by the Holy Spirit, as I’m sure know. However, you’re probably saying… ‘but I’m talking about after the original writings’. Right? Well, let’s question this. Is God’s Word, God’s Word… or not? Let me be bold here and answer this… YES!

              His Word will not come back to Him void. It is protected by the Holy Spirit in the original text, yes. But it is also protected today (within certain versions… NOT paraphrases) but the same God, the same Holy Spirit, and of course the Lord and Savior.

              A challenge…
              Get a Strong’s Concordance, a Vine’s Reference in the KJV, and the NASB (at least) and look at the original Hebrew (OT), and the original Greek (NT). Especially, concentrate on the NT since that is your issue at this point. See if you do not see that the actual translation is correct. I promise you, you will be surprised if you’ve never done this comparison.

              Have a good night….
              God Bless!

            • Oh, I must say I’m no scholar of religious texts, all I know is this:
              all New Testament (NT) sources lead to one hypothetical source – so called Q source and also to Gospel by Mark and it is dated at earliest 30 AD (which is still very debatted until today)
              here is one quote from Wiki (yeah I know, but I’m a lazy bastard that doesn’t have will to search for a better source): Clement of Alexandria famously
              summarized the unique character of the Gospel of John by stating “John last of all, conscious that the ‘bodily’
              facts had been set forth in those [earlier] Gospels … composed a ‘spiritual’ Gospel.”
              all the dogmas that Christians so strongly believe in now (like Hell, divinity of Christ, Purgatory etc) have been invented by bishops
              the Bible was never, never, never a “word of God” since it is also based on belief, yet belief not in God, but belief in Man’s word that it [the book] came from divine inspiration. a simple example – if I told you that I hear word of God and I start to tell you to do things my way – would you believe? the whole Bible thing is just that – we believe that those who wrote it were writing it down from God verbatim. but it is belief in Man’s word nonetheless…
              King James Version (KJV) is long since been known to have been mistranslated in certain parts just for the convenience of one king James 😀 since I can’t read old Greek and Aramean I also tend to be subjective since I believe in Men who criticize the KJV. the Bible studies is not my strong field, so feel free to correct me, but from what I’ve read, Geneva Bible is much more true to the early texts in its translation. not to say that Geneva Version is closer to true word of Christ.
              don’t you find it strange that bishops in the early stages of Christian religion when it became state religion felt the need to standardize, redact, cut and edit those many Gospels present at the time? it is because certain postulates in the early Gospels were not in concord with what was needed for a State religion! mind you, but please notice the difference between Religion and Faith.
              why has all the differing opinions been declared heretic and prosecutable?
              why was it needed to bring the Christian faith with sword and fire? surely it wasn’t the Christ’s intention.
              why do you think Christian, Muslim, and all the other religions strongly advocate non resistance to the state?
              as I said – Bible is just that – a book written by Men for Men. it contains many good advices as to how one should live one’s life. but it also contains many rules that are only advantageous to the power grabbers.
              one example: Render unto Caesar… you surely know this one. now tell me, how many times this one single quote been used to coerce people to pay taxes???
              I have my own faith, and I refuse to let other Men to dictate to me what I should believe in. This is what I believe in (and notice that I do not require ANYONE ELSE to believe in them!):
              There is a Divine Mind behind this all (call him God, Allah, Buddha or whatever, makes no difference to me)
              Jesus Christ is a historical fact, his call to love thy neighbour and your enemy is a sufficient proof of that – no one would have called to love his enemy at that time, it is unfathomable idea even today, even though we had Christian doctrine for over 2 millennia
              Jesus Christ was/is a Son of God, … but so am I, and every other single human being on this world
              now, whether God does anything in this world or not, I have come to no definite conclusions… I do now believe that God has left this world and people in it to fend for themselves… how I came to this conclusion you ask? well, if God is our Father, he would not be able to stand actionless while there is such amount of suffering today (we do have more slaves now than it was ever conceived by the Romans, and I’m not talking numbers, I’m talking percentages!) and since there was no opening in the skies in the last hundred years, I presume (PRESUME, mind you!) that God has turned away, in order not to see what his children are doing one to each other…
              and finally! what is belief? how do you define BELIEF? it is a nice word, and is being flung about without any regard or back thought about its true nature… “I believe” – but what does it mean? “I feel pain” – is a very definite statement. “I need” – is also a definite statement. but “I believe”? what does it feel like when you believe? “I know”? but if I know, then I say “I know”… Belief is commonly described as “knowing in face of the lack of fact” – but then we all would be saying – I know God… yet we say – “I believe in God”
              personally, I found it very disturbing not to understand fully the word that has been in use for God knows how long… I thought about it long and hard, and finally I came to my personal revelation – to believe is to HOPE. I hope that there is life after death, thus I believe it is. I want the afterlife to exist! I want to be something more than just a blip in the timespace netting of this universe. I refuse to think of me as of a finite measure. I refuse to even contemplate that ability to think was created to last only 80-100 years at the most! I refuse to believe that consciousness was just an evolutionary biproduct. but I leave a small percentage of doubt for that statement, because one can not say – this is how it is. I don’t believe unconditionally in anything others tell me. the ultimate answer will come to me when I pass the barrier, then, hopefully, I will know, then belief will be transformed into knowledge.
              until that moment, everything is anyone’s guess…
              did you ever contemplate about the nature of our universe? of our surroundings? have you ever discovered (with all the recent scientific discoveries) that there is no matter! flesh, matter, air and everything else is just an imagining, an illusion! we are composed of cells, cells are composed of molecules, molecules are composed of atoms, atoms are composed of neutrons, protons and electrons, those in turn are composed of other even smaller particles… and in between those ever decreasing particles is absolute nothingness. a void. and who’s to say that those particles even exist, as we go to smaller and smaller scale, we find that every, even tiniest Higso Buzon particle is something composed of yet smaller things, while the biggest space occupier is the void. thus we might presume that matter does not exist. and if it doesn’t exist, than the whole perception of our surrounding of our world must be rethought.
              “I have dreamt that I am a butterfly, now that I am awake I do not know if I am a butterfly that has gone to sleep and is dreaming that it is a man, or am I man who dreamt that he was butterfly and is now awake” – I’m sure you’ve studied this one… in this world no one can be sure of anything, yet religion (notice – religion, not personal faith) gives the majority of people a safe passage through this finite reality in order so that the majority would not flip of the sanity by trying to search for the answers! it is very comfortable to accept other people’s ideas as a dogma and live by them.
              as I see it – God gave me my brains. if He gave me the ability to think, he knew that I can think of many things, now, would he like me to not think? would he like me to blindly believe in what others tell me? be it that GMO is beneficial, GB working for my own good or that the God created Hell and Purgatory…
              I think the way I do, because God wanted it so. and others do it also because He wanted so. we have our free will (which is a presumption) and we either do what we can with God’s gift to us, or we follow the easy path and believe in others. Religion, History, Reality everything is just a presumption, nothing is clear or certain. we live, or rather, we try to live as we see fit. we adopt our virtues and vices as we see fit and that’s the way this world goes. the grossest, biggest, worst misdeed one can do is to FORCE others do as one wills it!
              even I did that right now, by saying to you what I have said, because in this reality of absent matter, thoughts and words are just as forceful as swords and guns and violence. When I say something, I alter some else’s reality, some else’s personal convictions, even if by the smallest fraction. one must wonder if that kind of “soft” changing of other people’s convictions is better or worse than outright violent forcing of change… for is it not the way our present leaders got us confused and detached from our true self? is it not by clever words that people are led away from what they can be?
              if that being so, I must end my diatribe on religion, lest I become like our parasites,… ups, I meant to say “our leaders”…

            • @giurza- You nailed the bible thing. My biggest problem (sine I become aware of them) are the changes and omisions.

              Example A-


            • Giurza,

              If you have an email that you don’t mind giving me, I’d like to respond. Your response is well thought out, but my reply would be too lengthy for here. Even if you make up a temp email that’d be great, I’m leaving this up to you so we can continue this if you wish.

              God bless…

            • kevin,

              You are correct about the APOCRYPHA, and the Septuagint is another great example. There are so many facts that I’d love to hit on from this string, but it gets pretty deep. So you too are invited to join in this. If you supply an anonymous email, I’d love to share some fascinating facts, not opinions.

              God bless…

            • Thanks Giurza!

              I will get with you in a day or so… OK? Look for an email starting with uspatriot

              Chat at ya soon…

            • Giurza,

              I sent you an email about 3 days ago as a “test” email. Haven’t heard from you? Did you get it?

            • Nope, nothing on my radar….

            • Giurza,

              Try again, and look in the Spam folder too. Let me know…

      50. I am an unemployed Human Resources Director.
        I am in a job search mode since Friday, September 23, 2011. All these activities will undoubtedly put the breaks on employers scheduling interviews, and candidates having awful time getting to employers for these interviews.

        All that aside, with armed COPS, Federal Agents, and Soldiers heavily armed on the streets, who the heck will want to do routine hiring and firing when they know that they may be ordered to wrap it up, and evacuate.

        • A lot of private sector jobs are tied up by government programs designed to force employers to hire targeted groups, like minorities, etc. The feds pay part of the wages, so the employers willingly go along. This blocks regular applicants from even knowing about openings.

      51. You probably have seen this already, looks like they don’t know the difference between capitalism and fascism, but oh well:

        The Occupy Plan for a May Insurrection
        Adbusters, the group that launched the Occupy Movement, has issued Tactical Briefing #30.

        Occupy is a confused mixed bag. They seem at times to be against free exchange and a climbing standard of living, at other times they have well deserved targets, such as the G8 meetings and the warmongers.

        Overall, it appears as though it is going to be a month of Occupy mayhem.

        Here’s Tactical Briefing #30:

        Hey you dreamers, strikers and new left redeemers out there,

        For thirty-one magical days beginning this Tuesday, May 1, we take the plunge and Strike! We block the Golden Gate Bridge; occupy a Manhattan-bound tunnel; seize the ports. In 115 cities, we march into banks, erect tents and refuse to leave. We disrupt financial institutions forcing thousands to preemptively close. Five thousand of us pray, dance, sleep on Wall Street and in front of the Fed and if the Bloombergs of the world bring out paramilitary police to intimidate us, we use our social media fire to call out 50,000 more occupiers and intimidate them right back.

        In the week before the G8 and NATO summits, we light the spark globally. We occupy hundreds of squares in cities on every continent – from Paris to Berlin, Toronto to Athens, São Paulo to Bucharest and beyond – we up the ante with direct actions that paralyze capitalism. …”

        Read the rest at Economic Policy Journal

        • Hey clark, seems to me that many in the ows crowd are confused on who the real enemy is. They get shafted by gov and big corporations, so they want to destroy CAPITALISM? And replace it with…what? There’s no unified answer to anything. The plan seems to be 2 simple steps. 1- tear down current system (even though it’s the PEOPLE who are corrupt, not the system. Step 2- …uh, we’ll think of that after we finish step 1.
          I actually admire their spirit and commitment to confront those in power. Just wish they’d talk about building, making, creating, achieving…something. Anything. I’ve seen tons of videos and news reports from the protests and I’m still waiting to hear anything workable for step 2. Other than a few who openly advocate socialism, or fascism as you mentioned, they don’t say much about what the replacement system is. And it’s hard to win the hearts and minds of the populace when you’re causing more trouble for them than the actual gangsters in power.
          Still, it looks like it’ll be an interesting month ahead.

          • SO: While I agree with you about their lack of direction and understanding, at least they are doing something. Which is more than I can say about most Americans.

            Something about OUR system smells very bad to these kids and they seem to want to take out the trash. Can’t blame them for that.

            Granted they are led by commies and socialists, but considering how far the pendulum has swung to fascism in this country, I can’t be opposed to any opposition of the GB’s and crony capitalism.

            The principles of this nation have been shanghaied by the corruption of the NWO PTB, with a bought and paid for Congress; mortgage fraud of unprecedented proportions, and the subsidizing of a corrupt banking system that has been made WHOLE at OUR expense.

            I don’t expect a revolution of the proletariat to occur, but any actionable opposition to the PTB has to be a good thing.

            Unfortunately, the PTB never get the message until there is blood on the streets from MASS demonstrations. That is the history of the 60’s and 70’s in America and that is the take away from every corner of the globe over the past year or so.

            While the corruption of the status quo wasn’t widely understood in the late sixties, it is known by everyone today.

            Many of these protesters, at least the ones that I have talked to personally, are kids and college students with a real, personal stake in the future of this country, and they want a different future then what is manifesting across the board now.

            They may not know what direction they should take afterwards, but that’s where WE come in. We need to be directing their attention to personal liberty and personal responsibility after they address the rampant and widespread corruption at the highest levels in this country.

            Still, its hard to be free in a state that is increasingly totalitarian, and its hard to be responsible when your opportunities have been shipped offshore to China.

            I say, let them have their day. Some action, even by leftists is better than no action. It was the left that forced the elimination of the draft; and it was the left that demanded the same rights for everyone during the civil rights movement.

            Race aside, I think WE can all agree that every American citizen deserves the protections of the US Constitution.

            To do nothing in the face of tyranny is to be complicit with it.

            Engage. OWTFH! 🙂

            • well said DK. Some of their passion may be seriously misdirected, but at least they have the passion. Much as I like to poke fun at them, I do admire that. And if enough of the patriots in America would engage them in civil, meaningful communication, we might find ourselves with a determined energetic ally.

            • Please be so kind as to point out the practical differences between Communism and Fascism….because….for the effect it has on the average person, I can’t really distinguish a difference.

              I’ve always found it amusing that Hitler was so opposed to the Communists. Had the Communists won out, the end result would have been the same….millions of dead people.

              The reality is, Communism and Fascism are merely two sides of the same coin.

              You are so hung up on George Bush…as if he were the source of the problems this country faces today. How silly.

              I’m no fan of either of the Bushes….and I sincerely hope that Jeb finds another line of work altogether…I don’t want ANY more Bush people in positions of power in this country….but blaming George Bush for all of our problems is sophomoric.

              Our problems began before GW Bush was even born.

            • @walt- Pretty much it all boils down to WHO is in control.

              Communism= The politica party(one) controls corporations and the people
              Fascism-=Corporations control government, and the people
              Republic= RULE OF LAW, free markets and the PEOPLE control the government AND the corporations.

              I say this- Which one are we now?

            • Walt: I didn’t mention GWB once in the comment you responded to, but now that YOU mention him, yes, he IS responsible for OUR plight! 🙂

              (Walt, I couldn’t resist. I love the thumbs down. when my comment disappears EVEERYONE clicks on it to read it!)

      52. Also, forgot to mention, I read that in NYC a few years ago the cops did sweeps of the protestors and caught up all kinds of innocent bystanders with them, packed them in buses and let them sit in garages for a few days.

        Be wary.

        • @Walt-
          I thought Communism was when you have two cows, the government takes them both, milks them, and gives some of the milk back to you.
          Facism is when you have two cows, the government takes them both, shoots one, milks the other and pours the milk on the ground.

      53. Four dead in ohio …. hasn’t changed, except for technology.

      54. Saw this in a JR Nyquist article called, Saving the Free Market:

        A powerful answer to the environmentalist assault on the free market can be found in the eloquent video titled “If I wanted America to Fail,” produced by Americans for Limited Government and Citizens for Lower Taxes and a Stronger Economy. Everyone should see this presentation. Watch it, share it with friends. The free market is under attack and if we don’t do something the future will be grim indeed. The anti-capitalistic mentality opposes, as a matter of course, all the vital underpinnings of our society. Day by day government grows stronger and the free market becomes less and less free. …

        Link to the video:

      55. everyone and every bus. in chitcago should take a vacation day or two on the 20/21 and leave for the duration, tptb would not know what to do and have to explain why they spent so much tax payer cash for nothing, like that would ever happen, all of america should have a walk out from work those two days the whole country, shut it down for a day or two.

        • That would be classic!!!

      56. Still lookin to connect with some level headed preppers at 5280′. Individually we don’t stand a chance and most people I know who I thought would have a clue aren’t ready to open their mind or their eyes to what’s going on right under their noses which leaves me feeling like I’m on an island alone. Ironically, I get the feeling I’m not alone in that respect which would mean all the prepping in the world won’t make a bit of difference if there’s only one prepared for every 100,000 who aren’t. I’ve lived in some of the places where others on this board have indicated they’re from or are currently living (Whitefish, Blanco, SA, Austin, Den and more) but no longer have significant connection with anyone anywhere except in CO. I guess it comes down to the fact we’re all on our own and it probably doesn’t matter at this point anyway. If by chance there is anyone interested in connecting in my area give me some kind of indication on this board and I’ll post a way to contact me. Cheers…

      57. What’s to prevent NATO troops from joining in on the fracas in Chicago? Didn’t Bush or Obama sign an executive order allowing foreign troops on our soil in case of a “disaster”? Is this perhaps what our military has been gearing up for with their “drills” in Los Angeles? How long before we see this same type of end-around in large metro areas, like Dallas/Ft. Worth, LA, Miami, to name just a few?

        Someone please tell me this is just a bad episode of the Twilight Zone….

        • if foreign troops fire on US citizens….rest assure, a large pecentage of 18-20yr old home grown US military personnel will fire upon foreign troops…..take it to the bank….think people..think

          • They don’t need foreign troops.

      58. The problem with this scenario is the duality of it all. On the one hand, the summit is likely to attract the sort of terrorists that would not care how many innocents they killed, only that they killed a large number of world leaders. You have to admit that it is a juicy target. In such an event, you would want to have plans in place and resources pre-staged to deal with any potential aftermath. This is how those who wish to see their government as benevolent will perceive these actions. On the other hand, there is a far more ominous component to it. It can easily be argued that, along with the recent legislation giving the government disturbing new powers, this is a dry run for martial law and total control to be implemented in fairly short order. I know what I WANT to believe but I find it increasingly at odds with what logic dictates I MUST believe.

        You almost have to think that Rahm Emmanuel was sent ahead to put this in place. It’s not like a Democrat running for the mayor of Chicago is going to lose the election. It’s also important that Chicago was chosen for this summit since it is Obama’s “home town”. People there are far less likely to question his actions than in other large cities. Thus, they get their foot in the door in the city which is least likely to offer much resistance. Once one major city falls, it is only a matter of time before they all do. Then again, this is how everything has been working for decades now. We are being herded into totalitarianism with a velvet glove and this is just another minor step towards that goal.

        How do you fight it then? I would normally say that you should try to affect the political process in such a way that pro-liberty candidates get elected. However, I am not sure that it matters anymore. More and more I am starting to believe that elections don’t count because the vote count is rigged. Even if it isn’t, most people choose to stay ignorant and refuse to look for the facts behind the stories for themselves. Instead, they rely on the propaganda machine for the “truth” and get stories slanted against pro-liberty candidates. What has happened to Ron Paul in the mainstream press, not to mention by the republican party, is enough to make you sick. How can you get out the message to the great unwashed if all they get is manipulated propaganda designed to elect the same kind of leaders we have now?

      59. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

        • Yup. I hate to say it, but I think what we are really seeing is the way being paved for the rise of the Antichrist. Depending on your view of eschatology, it is either about to become a terrible time for those of us who are Christians now or we are about to be removed from the equation and brought to the ultimate bug out location before it all goes to crap.

      60. I traveled through Illinois on I 74 Eastbound recently…right around Danville, near the Illinois-Indiana border there is a large sign with lights on it that says”when flashing, be prepared to stop” there are no weigh stations in the vicinity. This looks to be for checkpoints…anyone have info on this?

      61. With a Tony Soprano voice: Da freaking idiots in charge are just-a-bag-a sloppy mobsters from da big Windy! We know whut happens to da freakin slobsters; dey git whacked or put in da pokey! HEY! HEY! wher da f**k’s BLAGO?

      62. Chicago has become the “Cape Town” of America!

      63. In the history of the world no government ever amasses the kind of power this federal government has in the past ten years unless there are definitive plans to use said power. You can bet the farm that this is just the beginning, conduct yourselves accordingly.

      64. I just read that the location was moved to Camp David near Washington D.C.

        • G-8 goes to Camp David. Nato goes to Chicago. But most of the G-8 people will show up in Chicago to take part in the Nato festivities, afterward.

      65. jasoncookies says:

        “It will actualy be the third civil war. You’re forgetting the War of Northern Aggression during the 1860′s. And, unless the military honors their oaths to uphold and defend the constitution, we will not have a chance. These are dark times friend, and rapidly getting darker.”

        Our military may well fall along the lines that it did just prior to the “War of Northern Aggression”. Only in this case, the issues will not be slavery or states rights….but individual liberty.

        Those who believe in and defend the Constitution, may well be put in the position of refusing to take up arms against the American people.

        Those who have never bothered to look into (or have never been taught) what the founding of this country was all about…and who have not come to love freedom above all else, will not hesitate to serve their NWO masters.

        The dumbing down of multiple generations of Americans may well be our undoing. But…..there WILL be a big struggle put up by those who love liberty. And those who seek to deprive us of it will know that they have been in a fight when it’s all over.

        But if we want to win….we are going to have to cut the head off the snake.

      66. SmokinOkie says:

        “well said DK. Some of their passion may be seriously misdirected, but at least they have the passion. Much as I like to poke fun at them, I do admire that. And if enough of the patriots in America would engage them in civil, meaningful communication, we might find ourselves with a determined energetic ally.”

        What many fail to understand, is that most of these Occupy Wall Street folks are products of our current educational system. Which means…..they are hard-core leftists.

        This movement is nothing more than our own Boleshivik Revolution. It’s no accident that they have selected May 1st to launch this latest round of protest.

        For the most part, trying to engage these folks in “civil, meaningful conversation” will end badly. I encountered just such a situation last week. When you try to bring logic and reason into the conversation, it usually ends up with them calling you names.

        For the most part, these people are intent on only one thing…..bringing down capitalism…and replacing it with Socialism/Communism.

        What needs to happen is that the current crony-capitalism….or corporate fascism that we currently have, needs to be replaced with true free markets…..which we have NOT had for decades.

        It is crony-capitalism…or corporate fascism that has resulted in millions of jobs going overseas.

        The free market does not exist at this time.

        • Walt: I appreciate your personal observations. They differ a bit from my interaction with some of these kids. I think that while some of them are indeed “hard core leftists” as you say, the kids I talked to were anything but.

          They were white kids from middle America; small town kids in the West.

          I think these differences in the peeps we spoke to evidence the spectrum of people with various backgrounds all across the country who recognize that everything is NOT right in America and that the GB’s are the ultimate source of the problem.

          Recognition of a problem is the first step to rectifying it. It promises to be an interesting summer.

      67. One thing I know about this for a fact, no conjecture or guess work, or conspiracy theories. I’m not from Illinios, I’m not in the Illinois Natinal Guard, but my drill date was changed from the first week of May to the 18th to the 20th of May. The reason given and we all recieved a memo from our state’s greater command stateing “To be ready and in uniform in the event the Illinios Guard needed help”. Our heavy weapons companies still have drill the first week of May for crew served weapons qualification though. Spooky. This could really suck.

        • This kind of thing is not new. the 82nd Airborne and the 2nd Marine Division were on stand by for deployment in DC in 1970.

          Civil unrest will be addressed.

      68. It is my opinion that the primary reason this government, and any other throughout all time, has gathered the power and authority to subjugate the people, and ultimately destroy itself, is because a bi-polar parasitic relationships becomes the social contract between the citizenry and the government.
        In a nutshell, the people (generally and as a a majority) look to the government to handle an ever increasing list of liabilities the people do not feel they are liable for. Government, in a constant effort to gain more of the people’s support (and therefore their labor capital) promises more and more liability transferring programs and actions. The reason this relationship is parasitic is that both sides become alarmingly unhealthy and greedy, and neither side actually produces what they promise, or profits in the manner they imagine.
        The people pay for their entitlements with debt. The government prints more money with the juice running. The people want participatory representation. The government sets up sham elections with pre-chosen condidates. The people blame politicians and others for their declining station in life. The government cites the working class and legislates outsourcing and illegal immigration. The people demand personal and communal security in deference to securing themselves. The government offers a security state that ultimately only secures government.
        These are just examples of a systemic infection of liability transfer and negligence that is going to crash this nation hard. It all starts when men no longer have the courage or bells to take care of themselves. The tipping point is long past. Nearly every part of human existence in America is provided by some corporation or another, governed by the head corporation, the Federal Government.
        The greatest advice you can give yourself is to disconnect from the idea that government is democracy, constitution, republic, freedom, security or any other pile of BS it claims to be. The only place those things ever existed was at the life-level of a man.
        The only truly free people to ever walk this land were the indigenous Indian tribes. Every man was expected to take on nearly all liability for himself, every man was expected to have a positive purpose in the tribe and ecosystem. Right up until it was destroyed, including the ecosystem, in favor of this system. It’s now in it’s final death throes of implosion worldwide. It won’t happen tomorrow, but if your think for one moment any of this is sustainable at any level then perhaps your late for some political pep rally somewhere? I hear there’s one in Chicago coming up…

        • As a follow up: Freedom is liability, liability is freedom.
          Freedom from liability is not freedom, it is a means of control.
          When a man takes on an increased liability for self, that man has the freedom to act within those liabilities.
          When a man passes liabilities on to strangers in exchange for promise, that man only has the freedom to act as he is instructed by the holders of liability.

      69. From what I can see the PTB have spent approx. 100 years herding us in their desired direction, extreme debt, high umemployment, government dependence, distruction of the middle class, high inflation and apathy. With the past prosperity of our nation we let it happen, satisfied with our ability to borrow and spend. It appears to me that we are ready in step 8 (From dependence back into bondage). The question is Can we get back to step 1, 2, 3? It will take extreme courage to do so.

      70. Edison Company has sent out a “Power Outage Emergency Guide” in the flier it depicts a Bug out Bag and its contents..

        is there something they arent telling us?

        • Bill Ayers father was at one time a CEO with Commonwelth Edison Chicago. Myabe father and son are going to help out with the festivities.

      71. so sad…our govt publicly denounces foreign govts whom suppress freedom of speech, human rights, till the point of regime change…send teens overseas to die on foreign soil for those entitled rights…..

        yet here in america..the same govt surpresses individual liberties via legislation…questions why we question 500M ammo rounds being purchased…fema camps being so on…

        louis farrakan, like him on not..reveals publicly for our benefit, regardless of race, who the real satan is..with documented evidence…he reaffirms our our suspecion…

      72. race,

        “They call them terrorists, I call them freedom fighters.”
        Louis Farrakhan

        What is it that the vile, hate monger, Mr. Farrakhan reveals publicly for our benefit?

      73. The meek shall inherit the Gulag.

      74. Obama’s New Campaign Slogan “Forward!” has long socialist past…

        “Forward” is a Hitler Youth Marching Tune (Video)

        link on Drudge Report…

      75. look up…“Pay Up or Dry Up”: Municipal Red Light Camera Extortion in Las Cruces, New Mexico

      76. In a tortured exercise in sophistry, Attorney General Eric Holder told an audience at Northwestern University Law School that “due process” doesn’t require “judicial process” – a self-serving claim that is impossible to reconcile with Obama’s strident insistence that without the “critical work” of the court system, justice is merely an “abstract theory.”

        During congressional testimony on March 7, FBI Director Robert Mueller was asked about Eric Holder’s claim that the president can order the execution of American citizens without judicial process. He artlessly ducked the question by claiming he would “have to go back” and check if that was addressed in administration policy. Mueller has not found the time to report what he has learned.

        Not only does the Obama administration consider courts unnecessary in dealing with presidentially designated “terrorists,” it finds them similarly useless in addressing crimes committed by high-ranking government officials – such as the overtly criminal torture program now openly boasted about by those who carried it out.

        Rather than being a modest commercial republic ruled by law, the United States is a fully realized imperial regime whose rulers operate on the basis of Lenin’s definition of a “scientific dictatorship”:

        • I said it before and I’m saying it again. The democrats can get away with a lot more of this stuff (along with free trade and de-regulaing the financial industry, Glass Stegall) than the republicans. It’s not an increased desire but rather decreased public outcry aided by either significantly less media reporting of no reporting at all. Because they can get it administered they do generally without a word from the MSM.

      77. Boycott Chicago, don’t spend one red cent in this fucked up police state.

        • I love the Museum of Science and Industry.

      78. Good points. I wonder, though, if it is the people that have become that commercial regime, or the people’s acceptance that the presumed authority of Federal is in fact real, and a constitutional authority. Federal acts outside, above, underneath and around that ‘G*dd*mn piece of paper’ with impunity. It has effectively and completely replaced whatever was the constitutional government. The sideshow it delivers on TV and other media to look like it is constitutional must be very compelling, because the people are willing to get kicked over and over again and chalk it up to ‘democracy’.
        Federal cannot exist without the life energy of the people, period. We are it’s fuel. Paper dollars don’t have value without labor value, nor does any other thing in this world. Their spell is to garner voluntary subservience. It is working and has been for some time…

      79. May 1st. is “Victims of Communism” Day. Please remember to say a prayer for those who are suffering, such as the people of North Korea.

      80. This is copied from a diary entry of mine: On 2-14-12, I had a dream about our army hi-jacking a luxury train heading into Chicago. They placed a bomb at the back of the train, however, a young girl discovered what they were doing. She used her cell phone to warn her parents who were inside Chicago, except the military was screening phone calls and they captured her.

        This girl was then taken into custody by some vicious man who was in co-hoots with a doctor. He made the doctor drug her and then they took her into the bathroom where they took turns raping her.


        When my dad showed me this article, I instantly remembered the dream I had nearly three months ago. Maybe it was just a dream–maybe it meant something–personally, if I lived in Chicago I would leave.

      81. Welcome to Amerika.

        JJ The Fed

      82. Rest assured you’re not the only ones feeling a chill wind. Here in the UK,we are not only the most watched people on the planet with CCTV camera’s on every street corner in all city’s but now we have police wearing balaclava’s hiding their faces in London for the first time,needless to say they are also armed to the teeth. They are training with the army and together there will be thousands of them “protecting” the public during the Olympic games, they even plan to install surface-to-air missiles on half a dozen tower blocks. Many of us feel this could be a dry-run for something other than just the Olympic games.

      83. Contingency Plan or Conformists Plan?

        As this article said, “..this is what life in America is destined to look like in the future.”

      84. sounds like they are afraid of ‘the people’.

      85. The only thing I like about Chicago is deep dish pizza. The place coined the phrase, “Vote early and vote often”.

      86. you people are crazy.

      87. So convenient they will have Russian airborn training in Colorado to call on at the same time,,, just in case.

        • I thought that too. Alittle too convenient for me .

      88. My trucker husband recently delivered crated gun turrets for HumVees,to Elmwood, a very resricted area. FYI Whatever ‘deadfish’ and his buddy Barack are planning for the NATO summit,they’re planning BIG. The shear number of those involved for a 2 day event is overwhelming. Hospitals,FBI,IDOT,Red Cross, Metra, empty PRISONS, possible/probable(??)evacuation… SWAT, police riot gear, horse riot gear,military helicopters flying in between skyscrapers at night for Christ sake. WTF!It’s Absolutely unbelievable.

      89. It sure seems like they picked a good city to start the coming wave. Chicago is full of very poor, naive dimwits who will blindly assemble, get into the trucks, relocate, and who knows… on command would they march into giant pizza ovens? I am glad that I have no kids to worry about. I am, however, a very disgruntled citizen, armed to the teeth, and I will not go quietly into the night. I am no criminal. I will not be detained, moved, groped, or disarmed by anyone. It’s as simple as that.

      90. Another example in Charlotte prior to Bank of America shareholders meeting. The following is from Huffington post article.

        …The council granted the City Manager the power to designate any event an “extraordinary event,” which the ACLU worries will chill free speech. The police response to the May 9 protest will prime expectations for the September DNC, which is expected to be the focal point of much larger demonstrations. While the rules state that people arrested at protests can be exonerated if found to be possessing items “legitimately,” or for never using the items violently — intensive searches and arrests could nevertheless stifle protests.

        Protesters say they will be bringing at least 100 members with proxies to the Bank of America event, with the hopes of getting them into the meeting to speak before company executives. But even if the protesters are ultimately blocked, organizers emphasize that aggressive response from banks and local officials serves as a public reminder of the power that large corporations can exercise over American society.

        “To me, this is a sort of glimpse into an America of the future, in which banks and corporations can write all of the rules,” Lerner, the labor organizer, told HuffPost…

      91. They are actually planning for mass casualties. I don’t know if this just being over cautious or if something is planned. The feds say they will take over Metra and ship injured to hospitals in the suburbs.


        • If our recent history (at least the last 4-5 decades) is any indicator… unfortunately, when hell freezes over.

          It’s a shame that we have to be totally in dire straights before some of us (probably about 10%-15%) will actually do anything about the atrocities that keep us down!

      93. Escape from chicago!!!!

      94. I will never be ” living in a state of fear…” I live and walk under the Blood and Hedge Of Protection of Jesus according to The Bible ! And that’s that.

        • The Truth, Stu… the absolute Truth!!

          Good post Brother! 🙂

          P/S- Isn’t it amazing that the ones who continually give thumbs down to any post mentioning Jesus haven’t a clue? They will, one day, wish they would have listened instead of ridicule. All we can do is pray that hot coals are heaped upon their heads until the Truth of the Word breaks their ice-cold heart.

      95. Well, I can tell ya… as many posts as I’ve posted, and I use my email addy too…. simply makes NO difference in the time that your message is posted!

        What is the deal Mac? I’ve waited over 2, 3, 4 and even 8 hours now to have a message posted!??!

        Not meaning to beat a dead horse, but this is getting annoying when you’re trying to carry on a conversation with another poster. Oh well… such is life……

      96. I saw two post in One post stated that FEMA are moving coffins from Georgia to Chicago. How strange. What is really going to happen.
        The second post contained a video, titled 30,000 – 1000,000 Russian Troops in US next 7 moths. It on youtube.
        The video that Comrade Obama’s Regime is allowing Russian troops in the US. They will stationed at US military bases.
        This comes on the heels of of the report about Russian Troops training with US troops at Ft Carson, CO. Maybe there is more to Comrade Obama’s open mike comments to the Russian President.

      97. Were the meeting in Chicago a Governor’s Association Meeting or an NFL Executive Meeting, perhaps the police state fears would be founded. But this is an international meeting, of international leaders, and I believe these measures are prudent. I was a member of the GA Army National Guard when the G8 Summit was held in Savannah, GA, and similar measures were implemented at that time. Georgia is getting progressively worse by way of law enforcement and such, but is still far from a police state. We need to stay vigilant, but these measures are justified.

      98. The tree of liberty needs to be refreshed .That old Tree is Mighty thirsty these days yearning for tastes of new life and energy to bring the Nation back to its roots and its greatness among all the others .

        Only the power of the People are able to make such a change .With corruption so rampant in our congress and our political leaders their is an end game coming .On any given time line, and if its long enough , it always returns to zero .

        They are coming! Will you be ready America and bow down or will you stand like your forefathers who have gone before you ? Its an individual choice but the cost of loseing this one will effect all generations in the future .

      99. just wanted to point out, that link to ‘chicago sun times’ is a link to, not chicago sun times.

      100. Hey Durango kid,
        You are a narcissistic, mindfuck plant/ instigator. There is NOTHIMG about you that is REAL, other than that you are here to PROVOKE people to do what THEY would otherwise NOT do. You are trying to set people up, you MFing asshole. You can kiss our asses if you think that you can jerk chains and provoke people to do what is not in their best interest to do at this moment. Where are your FUCKING BALLS? I bet your mommy is still holding them in her warm, soft hands. Go fuck yourself you worthless CIA violence-inciting bastard. You do not FOOL us and you will not PROVOKE us. We will ACT when we are ready to do so and NOT to prove to a provocateur that we are SHOW rather than BLOW! Your smelly little scrawny ass will see justice come your way.

        To the other people here I would like to say that for the past 40’years I have had very accurate premonitions. The very last premonition that I hadis as follows:. There will be civil war here in the US very soon….I have seen it. The young people will be rioting in the streets trying to massacre the generations and classes that have destroyed the future for so many younger folks. The military will come after those folks who are in their own homes. There will be large, black military choppers filling the skies. There will be massive numbers of foot soldiers. They will seek out and kill us, one by one. In my premonition the military that was seeking us in our homes WAS NOT AMERICAN SERVICE PEOPLE. They were RUSSIAN! So, for whatever it is worth to anyone reading this, please know that I write,this with absolute sincerity. I saw the WTC planes dive from the sky in many premonitions. I have seen the death of relatives and even unknown people related to friends. I just want to warn you that this country will be a place we no longer recognize. It is sad and frightening.
        The most intense sense that I had with this premonition is that THERE IS NO PLACE TO GO! NO PLACE TO HIDE! Until recently I didn’t know how this could EVER be in the US. Now I see and now I understand.
        Also, DK is a plant and should be banned from even rading this list……just my opinion.

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