Martial Law Is Unacceptable Under Any President

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at

    In the midst of the three ring circus known as the false Left/Right paradigm it is sometimes easy to forget that there is a motive behind the chaos; that there is an intended end game. Part of that end game, I believe, is the eventual erasure of individual liberties and the implementation of martial law in the US. However, the establishment quest for government lockdown requires something very special in order to succeed – They need a considerable percentage of the population to support and defend it.

    Governments rarely attempt outright martial law. The reason should be obvious; no military, no matter how advanced, has the capacity to suppress a unified citizenry. If the public is armed, the task becomes even more impossible. The laws of attrition alone would make the conflict bloody and costly.

    Martial law is a mechanism that cannot be exploited in a vacuum. The-powers-that-be understand that it can only be used when a large percentage of the public is conned into supporting it. This is usually accomplished through the triggering of engineered crisis events, but there is also another method for getting the masses to back martial law, and that is to push both sides of the political spectrum to extreme zealotry until one side decides to use government as a weapon against the other.

    Whether by disaster or political division, the public can be influenced to rationalize government dominance of every aspect of life.

    The agenda to engineer crisis is evident. In past articles such as ‘The Federal Reserve Is A Suicide Bomber With A Deeper Agenda’, I have outlined the facts behind economic decline and how it is often utilized by central banks and their international banking partners to accumulate and centralize wealth while also manipulating society into accepting reduced living standards for generations to come. There is another more important motive, though. The banking elites also use the controlled demolition of the economy as a tool to create fear.

    The Hegelian Dialectic of problem-reaction-solution is a powerful potion that mesmerizes the unaware population. Those who are dependent are easily frightened because they have no control over their own futures. They become reactive rather than proactive; they seek to be led rather than to lead. They will readily accept promises and solutions from anyone in apparent authority rather than maintaining their objectivity and reason. They become slaves to the social and political tides, always waiting for someone else to fix the problems around them.

    This conundrum also transfers over to political conflict. In my article ‘Order Out Of Chaos: The Defeat Of The Left Comes With A Cost’, published just after the 2016 election, I explored the dangerous possibility that Trump supporters were being fooled into participating in the false Left/Right paradigm while believing that they had transcended it.

    When we refer to the “false Left/Right paradigm” in the alternative media, we are referring to the fact that the political gatekeepers within government actually tend to share the same beliefs and agenda regardless of the “party” or ideology they claim to support. That is to say, Republican and Democratic leaders play their respective roles and their battles are scripted, not legitimate. The Trump campaign was a rather different animal, in that Trump was a candidate without a longstanding political record. He was a relative unknown compared to Clinton, and this made him enticing to conservatives and liberty activists that had all but abandoned participation in US elections.

    It takes time to identify a political fake or controlled opposition. With Trump, we had no point of reference. Two years have changed this…

    Trump’s campaign was built upon two very important positions: First, Trump promised small government conservatives that he was going to “drain the swamp” in Washington of the kind of globalists and banking elites that Clinton was notorious for associating with. Trump’s background already had at least one red flag in this regard – his empire was bailed out by the Rothschild banking family in the 1990’s during his debt crisis and Taj Mahal casino failures. This alone was not enough to discount him, though. Many businessmen have at least some interactions with banking elites by necessity and the way the system is designed. Unfortunately Trump’s relationship with the bankers did not stop there.

    Trump’s cabinet picks were a perfect opportunity for him to establish his independence from globalists, bankers and their think tank partners. This did not happen. Trump brought in Wilber Ross as Commerce Secretary, the same Rothschild agent who arranged his bailout in the 1990’s. He brought in people like Steve Mnuchin, formerly of Goldman Sachs, Larry Kudlow, formerly of the NY Fed, and John Bolton from the Council On Foreign Relations. Trump was adding to the swamp, not draining it.

    Second, Trump also argued for economic transparency during his campaign, which for many of us was a breath of fresh air. Trump pointed out the fallacy of the stock market and the fact that the Fed had been supporting a fabricated rally for years using artificially low interest rates and stimulus. Trump argued against false economic stats like mainstream unemployment numbers, which ignore the 95 million jobless people in the US that are no longer counted by the BLS.

    Yet, as soon as Trump entered office, all of this changed. Trump immediately started taking credit for the bull market rally in stocks as if it was his own rather than a product of Fed manipulation. He took credit for fraudulent jobs numbers too, despite the tens of millions of people still listed as “non-participatory”. Trump has tied his administration to the performance of a fake economy sitting atop a massive deflating bubble.

    I would also note that during Trump’s campaign and in the two years since Trump has barely mentioned the word “Constitution”. This is rather odd to me. A liberty advocate should be defending constitutional protections regularly, driving home the need for the Bill of Rights to be secured and honored. Our very society depends upon the survival of such principles, after all.

    It has become clear that Trump is not the “savior” that the liberty movement was hoping for, but many people will continue to applaud him all the same because of a specific factor: The increasingly deranged political left.

    Consider the endless absurdity of Russiagate; a conspiracy theory with absolutely no evidence to back it. It never seems to die despite all logic and reason, but the motives behind this are not what conservatives usually assume. Russiagate is a drug, a drug for leftists. They love it, they need it, it dulls the pain of their loss in 2016 and it confirms their biases. They didn’t “fail” in 2016, and they aren’t the biggest losers of all time; the election was “stolen” from them by Trump and his Russian handlers. Therefore, they are now justified in any level of insanity they display in their activism and opposition. They believe they are righteous.

    At the same time, conservatives are ever more bewildered by the cultism and zealotry of the left. Each new incident pokes at their ribs with a pointy knife. Trump is being “railroaded”, they think to themselves. The left must be planning a coup. They won’t let him build the border wall. They try to delay or obstruct his State Of The Union Address. They spew nonsensical drivel and froth at the mouth and scream and wail and act like overgrown toddlers. They are dangerous. Drastic measures might need to be taken…

    And so we are confronted with a perilous choice; do we as conservatives becomes zealots ourselves in order to defeat the zealotry of leftists?

    But this is a false choice. The left hand of the paradigm has reached full bore lunacy, but this is designed to push conservatives into our own brand of blindness. The goal? To get conservatives to champion actions that are completely contrary to our principles. The goal, I believe, is to condition us into cheering for greater government power and centralization in the name of stopping the leftist menace.

    Three weeks from now the government shutdown fight is set to return. The mainstream media has been avidly reporting that the uncertainty is over, but this is a preposterous conclusion. What the nation faces now is even greater confusion as the shutdown fight prepares to return in February or a national emergency is declared, or both. My concern is that this is leading to conservative support for extreme measures.

    Consider the current geopolitical environment in the western hemisphere today. South America is on the verge of potential implosion, in no small part due to the failures of socialism, but also due to Trump’s globalist infested administration seeking destabilization of an already fragile region. Increasing US sanctions on Venezuela, Trump’s support for Madruro’s political opponent (John Guaido), and John Bolton’s notepad snafu would suggest there are military plans being made to take advantage of the chaos.

    I have warned in the past that the ongoing breakdown in South America is suspiciously similar to the martial law scenario described in the US government’s secretive Rex 84 plan which was exposed during the Iran/Contra hearings. To summarize, it suggests that a South American crisis would lead to mass migrations to the southern US border, and that this would be used as a rational for martial law measures in America. I have to say, this sounds a lot like what is happening now.

    If you think the border wall debate is a hot button issue this year, just wait until a collapse in Venezuela or an economic disaster in Brazil or Argentina results in millions of people seeking refuge illegally in the US. Trump’s wall will be all that any conservatives talk about, while leftists will be blaming his administration for the very calamity that brought about the migrant hordes in the first place. Both sides would be fully disillusioned with each other if they are not already. Conservatives would certainly support a declaration of national emergency for the wall.

    The cleverness of this ruse is that both sides would be partly right, but also mostly wrong.

    What would a national emergency entail? Simply building a border wall? Building a border wall using the military? What about martial law on the border? Why stop there? Why not have martial law throughout the entire country?  That would finally put an end to leftist interference, right? Knowing what we now know about Trump’s associations with banking elites, how can we trust that it will end at the border?

    It seems to me that the fight between left and right is being driven beyond the information wars and beyond activism into a realm that could include actual civil war. If the current trend continues, I see no other outcome. But as always we must ask who benefits the most from this?

    While the left has gone off the deep end into cartoonland and must be stopped, the real threat to America is the banking cabal which influences both sides of the paradigm. The fact is, Trump works with them everyday in the White House. Economic crisis and geopolitical crisis are inevitable catalysts for greater centralization and totalitarianism, and the left is being used as a cattle prod to ensure that the political right is infuriated enough to jump on the bandwagon.

    The only right answer, the only solution is to refuse to support martial law under any circumstances or under any president, and to fight against it should it ever arise. Borders can and should be secured without giving government carte blanche to do whatever it pleases without restriction. In fact, any problem can be better resolved without selling our souls to big government in exchange for temporary power over our political opponents.

    I would remind liberty activists that by opening such a Pandora’s box, there is no going back. It is a power that would allow for infinite and irreversible corruption, a power that can only be used for evil and never for good. Even if you truly believe Trump’s motives to be honorable, there are no guarantees that these measures will ever be rescinded once they are started, nor can we be sure that they will not be used by a future president with ill intent once Trump is gone. Some people might argue that my concerns are unwarranted; that it will never come to martial law. We shall see. The trend developing today is certainly not encouraging.


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      1. Brandon is full of it. the citizenry of the USA wouldn’t stand a chance against the military.90% are fat fucks who couldn’t win a fight with a wet paper bag.

        • OG:

          How many do you need to ruin their game?

          I know your 90% is kind of a swag number, but let’s use it…

          There are about 250 million adults in the US.

          At 10% we have 25 million with half of them being Libs or Left Leaning. That’s 12.5 million and cut that again by half for the female population.

          So now we are down to about 6 million. If we had just 10% of them who are willing, able and as committed as the Viet Cong were in Viet Nam that would be close to 3/4 of a million men.

          Now obviously the formal military with their superior weapons and tactics would overmatch them in any kind of traditional engagements. But what hell could they produce for the Govt ?

          Do you think their would be any defections from the Military to the mostly Rural Cong?

          Complete fantasy ?


          • Posting screw by me.

            Am not Anonymous.


          • how many of the capable 10% would actually take up arms and attempt to water Jeffersons tree?

        • ” … the real threat to America is the banking cabal which influences both sides of the paradigm. The fact is, Trump works with them everyday in the White House. ”

          COLLUSION !!! LMFAO !!! 🙂

          Look, while there is a threat from the gangster banksters (it is one that the American People have lived with for a long time); there are threats from many, many groups with a particular self serving agenda, distinct from that which is in the best interests of the American People.

          America was DESIGNED to pit competing interests against each other to create competition for ideas to find favor & acceptance with the people, and in doing so, pursue equilibrium; or at least some measure of it. Some groups have been much more successful than others in pushing their agenda upon the ignorant, unsuspecting public.

          TRUMP has no choice but to work with ALL of these groups as he attempts to govern the country. That said, I am disappointed that he didn’t use the shutdown to furlough (terminate) a large part of the non-essential Swamp by firing government workers after the 30 window had opened.
          That opportunity will likely never come again.

          With respect to Martial Law, there are already groups of tens of thousands of migrants crossing the border; while tens of millions have already found illegal refuge here. TRUMP would serve the interests of the American People by declaring a National Emergency; sealing the border, and deport all illegals, even without the support of Congress.

          If TRUMP does not use his Emergency Powers to stem the illegal flow of migrants now, it will be too late down the road. It’s now or never for the Nation. 🙂

        • Three percent is all that is needed.. 90 percent of the military are fat desk jockeys.. all the might of the USA and the taliban are still standing strong in their flip flops with ak 47s .. plus the combat military vets… the real killers.. the worlds most elite killers will lead the furious militias of America.. you are woefully ignorant

      2. So by accepting Trump’s ” national emergency ”
        We are accepting Martial Law !!
        Not good, then comes gun confiscation and more

        • Fear mongering at its worst.
          How do you make the quantum leap of declaring an emergency for border control and having the military build it to Martial Law??

        • Trump will only use Martial Law if the armed factions of the extreme Left or gang bangers force him to. This is not an issue for me. Trump and the military will be on the people who supported him in the election. Now – if HRC had won, I would be worries…

      3. From one old guy to another I agree with your assessment.

      4. Martial law wouldn’t be so bad if we had the right person in charge of it.

        Like myself.

      5. five million snipers, want to try that ?

        • Just because you own a deer rifle or hunt doesn’t make you a sniper. Most of these idiots can’t shoot for shit! They just go out with their cheap ass rifle and cheap ass scope and take shots they have no business making and wound thousands of animals that are left to go off and die somewhere. God damned Elmer Fudd assholes… I HATE THEM! If your going to hunt, learn how to shoot first! If you aren’t sure of a clean kill shot, DON’T TAKE IT!

          • I agree, Genius. But on the other hand, if these Elmer Fudds were gut shooting invaders and traitors….. But i agree, they are a life hazard not just animals but rhe innocent too. Incompetence and ignorance often has dire results for the unintended shooting victims.

          • You are correct, Sir.

          • I just saw a young wounded buck the other day ago. So pisses me off. They think it’s just a video game. All the ex-pot growers around me are getting hungry.

      6. I agree that martial law must be avoided at all costs.
        I do not agree that we all are being manipulated by the evil world bankers. Certainly there is some manipulation, but it is rather obvious as we can observe it.
        I sincerely believe that Democrats as they exist today are Americas biggest threat for they are anti-freedom and their intentions are not as obvious. By the time we see their results, we will have lost two or more generations. Look at our present education system. We are producing Democrat automatons not educated, critically thinking people. My Grandson will suffer from a much less “rich” lifestyle than I have lived, just because Democrats have decided he doesn’t deserve it.
        I repudiate Democrats. I will do anything I can to destroy them.

        • Rellik, agreed on martial law. My family and I won’t submit to it.

      7. Yet people keep voting for either side of the scam that is US politics when there is no real difference between the two. Both are controlled by the same forces whose intent is to enrich themselves while increasingly ignoring the law to abide by our Constitution. The people are easily molded and played with like playdoh. Neverending wars mean loss of freedom and declining living standards for tens of millions of citizens as is currently happening. If the people do not stand up for their futures expect further loss of freedom from every angle.

      8. I hate to break it to y’all, but there is no “plan”. There is no cabal pulling the strings. Everything is done ad hoc by imperfect humans doing what they think is best with incomplete information and understanding with only the haziest idea of what the future will bring.
        The insistence on the existence of some type of bogeyman (whether it’s Illuminati, Communists, Rothschilds, Globalists, Reptilians or even the Devil) is childish.

        • mr sean, i wonder what carl jung would say to that? makes me think, necessity is the mother of invention…

          • HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sean! I see you are 1 day old now! Time to go to skool little feller!

            • Genius, wonder what fantasy world sean is from.

              • …like I said: childish.

        • You are quite naive and lacking any historical perspective. So much so you actually could qualify as a troll.

          Nothing personal.


          • No, it’s not personal…because we don’t know each other. You can believe whatever you want to believe, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

        • It’s archetypal.

          What are the bean counters looking for, when they compile case histories or profiles.

      9. Doctors and nurses have patients. The bread man has to deliver to the store.
        Everything has to function or the economy implodes. Capitalism RULES here.

      10. A state of emergency is not exactly the same as martial law. All presidents have declared a state of emergency for one reason or another since the Great Depression. This wouldn’t be Trump’s first. It would be his third.

        I think there would be a lot of crying and gnashing of teeth from the Congress, but that’s all.

        • JRS

          I agree, think folks, do not fly off the handle like a bunch of


          That’s what our enemies want if you fly off the handle then it will be Martial law.

          Stay Frosty

      11. Now for my two-cents.

        Yes, there has been a plan for more than 200 years to destroy the United States. It does involve the Rothschilds and the (((Freemasons))) who follow the Babylonian Talmud and are psychopaths. The biggest move toward this end started with Woodrow Wilson and “The Federal Reserve Act” (and their planned “Great Depression”), WWI, Samuel Untermyer, Freemasonic Jew Frankly Rosenfeld (Roosevelt in Dutch) and Pearl Harbor and the subsequent destruction Europe and mass slaughter of Europeans in his intentional and pre-planned WWII and infiltration of the U.S. State Department by Soviet Communists……. etc, etc etc…

        Laws like the ‘John Warner Defense Act’, Rex-84, NDAA and so on are in place for this very reason.

        Martial Law would be prosecuted by UN troops from nations who’s soldiers could give a rats-ass about the ‘Bill of Rights’. Technology is not on ‘our’ side either…

        Israel has colonized the U.S. over the last 50+ years and Israeli Mossad was the main actor in the 9/11 attacks.

        Russian collusion is actually Israeli collusion, but the Democrats don’t dare speak of it above their breath.

        There is more, too much more than to pump out here. Do your own research.


        I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world – no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.

        Woodrow Wilson

        Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.

        Woodrow Wilson

      12. Not everything is controlled. Just 99.9% of everything. Hell, our comments here are numbered and logged for future use by those in control.

        Martial law is necessary during riots and during events like Katrina. These are localized. But, a Country under martial law is probably going to be voluntary, such as the time during the Super Bowl. Everyone glued to a screen, that’s here and now. There is no need to declare.


        • “Hell, our comments here are numbered and logged for future use by those in control.”

          Another salute to you uncle scam stooges in your “undisclosed locations”

          (‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
          …..\…………… _.·´

          • The other side is filmed, eating microphones, draining the blood of the living, and throwing bottles of fermented poop. Live babies, etc.

            No matter where you lie on the spectrum of conservatism, there are things you just won’t do.

            I suggest to be like those people on Shindler’s list, who tried to look healthy. Make your bed. Go out of your house, clean, if you must. Paint, if it is worn. And, the authorities will usually have bigger fish to fry (usually), where people are proactively embarrassing them and disturbing the peace.

      13. They will put a conspicuous alien in authority over a descendant of the Mayflower. The only loyalty of a Republican is to the system, itself.

      14. Martial law in North America????
        Can’t see it not without the UN anyway.
        I truly believe that American soldiers enmass would refuse to fire on civilians.
        The Japanese wouldn’t invade why? A well armed populace.
        North America is simply too big to control militarily. Germans had a hell.of a time in france
        Same with the us military now.
        20 + years of terrorism and they still can’t lock down a simple country like Iraq Afghanistan. Russians couldn’t do it in Afghanistan.
        Why a bunch of farmers with pitchforks crawling in the mud.
        Might see a few cities locked down.
        And then there is hurricane Katrina,
        Feds came in scooped up all the weapons. And not one shot fired in defiance.
        People just gave them over. Willingly!!!
        I have to believe if north America was invaded or put under martial law. A good chunk would fight back.
        I would if given the chance.

        • “I truly believe that American soldiers enmass would refuse to fire on civilians.”

          Short memories most people. American soldiers do as they’re ordered:

        • If we were invaded, yes. But, under martial law there would be no big fights. They would restrict movement, deny the right to carry a weapon and then stop each individual and search them. Just like stop and frisk was implemented in NYC a few years ago. There would be no mass warfare. I firmly believe that if Trump declares martial law, most of his base will defend it as needed and comply with what ever he demands.

      15. There are two groups of people. Those who have, and those who have not. The have nots don’t want martial law at all. They will be the rioters. The haves will welcome martial law when they see the hordes of rioting minorities looting and burning coming towards their neighborhoods!

      16. Read–Chris Hedges: “Confronting the Culture of Death”

      17. Scientists tell us that the Universe likely has 11 dimensions. This is difficult for us to believe as we are three dimensional creature who perceive a fourth dimension we call time. We can move through length, height, and depth, something that pilots in airplanes do regularly and then as this motion persists, our brain perceives through our senses…the passage of time.

        If we were a lower order creature, we might not be aware of time, because our brain was not complex enough. Or a two dimensional creature, no matter how much they tried, could not understand depth. They would not be able to percieve us as they cannot see depth. We would stand outside their space at right angles to their existence.

        If you accept the fact that a supreme being exists and that being created us, then you have to consider that such a being that can create two trillion galaxies is so advanced that we cannot fully comprehend the magnitude of that being.

        The alternative is the entire mass of two trillion galaxies came from nothing. That violates logic and science. Everything has an origin and arises from outside forces. And not only that, DNA and RNA are programmed, not random. And thus this implies a PROGRAMMER.

        If a supreme being had no limit to travel time and foresee all outcomes, such a being would be ominscient ie all knowing because they could see every outcome at once as if it had already happened. Such a being could anticipate every free will choice that exists.

        In Christianity, that supreme being is YAHWEH. YAHWEH inspired writers of the Bible and communicated through the prophets that one day a Messiah would come to ransom the people from the bondage of sin. That messiah is Jesus Christ (Yeshua ha Mashiach).

        His disciples and apostles were afraid and asked how they would know when he would return. So in Matthew 24 and Luke 21, he told them a timeline of events that must occur. Jesus came to the Earth as the Son of Man and the Son of GOD. So he was not omniscient and said, “No one knows the day or the hour except YAHWEH”. So there are signs and events to watch for,but no way to precisely know when.

        Certain signs and events point to massive changes in governance such that a military leader will head a one world government after conquering all the nations. And that person is called the Antichrist and is a servant of Lucifer.

        That Antichrist will then control and remove all liberties, and you be unable to even buy or sell without acknowledging the authority of the Antichrist. And then it will get so bad that even food will be restricted and he will demand that you worship him.

        That is a supreme form of martial law and that is our future that we cannot see, but has been ultimately foretold by YAHWEH who can perceive all time and all outcomes at once.

        It is inevitable. Mere human beings cannot prevent this martial law from happening.

        • Well lordy bee! I actually agree with most of what you said. Ya the christian belief is that yahweh is the omni potent creator of all but that is only one religions belief. There are many names for the universal intelligence and the law of the universe applies to all things. It is easy to prophesise what humanity will do as I am sure it has happened before. The reason it isn’t published is that man has destroyed all references to it or hidden them away. Remember history is written by the victors of wars. Look at all the vast knowledge that has been destroyed by assholes that invaded countries. The cycles are so predictable it’s almost boring. Man is stupid, man is violent, man is greedy, man lusts for power. Man destroys his home.

        • Counting Malkhut, the are 11 sephirot on the kabbalist tree of life. Although, the underworld is considered a shadow of the 10 levels, above, it is generally portrayed with 11 points, like these:

          h t t p s : / /

          M says, “Scientists tell us that the Universe likely has 11 dimensions.”

          Most materialistic dogma usually has some religious underpinning, or occult counterpart, so that public schooling and entertainment are an induction into the mystery schools.

          Whether intentionally, or by coincidence, public life might be seen as ritual.

      18. Hey Brandon,

        Spot on! I had access to a intel report that came up just before the election. They described the divided govt we would get in the election. That would lead to a national emergency and then martial law and the milt. is in full blown preparation for that. They also talked about Trump doing this to bring peace here in America and all his trips overseas is to bring world peace and prevent WW III. And to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem making it the center for all world religions. “we all need to get along”.

      19. Satan is alive & well, squatting in Washington DC, playing his fiddle… smirking as the dumb masses dance to his tune.

        There’s no coming back. It’s too far gone. The jig’s almost up… and there’ll be Hell to Pay. Count on it.

      20. woopie yawhoo Yahweh ? Im more worried about crazed bible thumping superstitious religious loonies than the US military. In fact as long a my Social Security Ponzi check keep’s being deposited and no shit skins invade my part of the Qzarks the president can declare all the national emergency he wants. I tolerated 8 years of Obummer thinking he was King of the world. compared to him & hellery Trump is a equal to Thomas Jefferson. Like Jefferson Trump has likely received a poke of two from some of his Slave workers.

      21. “Martial Law Is Unacceptable Under Any President”

        ESPECIALLY a Republican one, and more so one that beat komrade hillary, General Secretary of the Central Committee.

      22. Ug0IL7k3elQ
        Patriots came up with a plan to round up communist subversives and infiltrators to protect the country.

        But the Illuminati and the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) have subverted that plan.

        It is entirely plausible and possible that Lucifer’s minions will use this to round up unprepared folks to enslave them and bring them under the dominion of the Antichrist.

        America stands alone against Lucifer as every other nation has been subverted. And half of America are either supporting the Luciferian Democrats or on the righteous side as Christian conservative Republicans.

        RINOs are Republicans in name only who are either neocons or globalists or both that are practically Democrats.

        Over time, fewer and fewer Republicans are conservative and Christian.

        The Bible tells us that eventually, these Luciferians will be minions of the Antichrist and we will as Christians be martyred (the 5th Seal), or be persecuted under the Great Apostasy, but finally at the Harpazo (Rapture), Jesus will gather us in the sky.

        On your own, you cannot defeat Lucifer. Only Jesus and the Heavenly Host of angels can defeat Lucifer.

        • re America stands alone against Lucifer

          HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Satan’s SERVANT??? HAHAHAHA!!!!

          • When did you sell your soul to Helel ben Shahar?

      23. To whoever Cares ,I live in a Border city, San Diego .Grew Up with the Drug War ,TJ Is Now The Murder capital on our Border and feeding our Walking Dead druged out homeless population that can be seen to number in the Thosands . LA to The North is bad as San Diego And San Francisco is completely Lost . Our Middle of the State City’s are just as bad due to Drugs and more Walking Dead . With that said Calif has Walking DEAD Population in the Millons and some are still mobile and can be used to create a panic for near states ,this along with the Millons from South America are the Cannon fodder the Infamous THEY aka our POOLITICAL BANDS have created to take out states all the WAY TO THE MISSISSIPI RIVER . CHEAP DRUGS has fueled a Domestic INSURRECTION ,Add a group of skilled Mercs and some Antifa ,Black lives are easy killers a few Muslims and a Nation state like China and Mexico and this is a force to be reckoned with THEY all don’t need to be Coordinated THEY JUST NEED TO BE SET FREE TO KILL AND THE HOW IS TURN OUT THE LIGHTS. Nothing make sense now and the more I see at my local level of this EVIL And The Pressure it has created here where we see nothing stops those with out Morals to be LAWLESS than a UNCIVIL WAR must be in our Future.

      24. You gave up Christianity and accepted other religions including atheism. You quit.

        Well, witness the result! You have no one to blame but yourself.

        Meanwhile some of us have been faithful since we were aware of Jesus from childhood and never lost our faith and have always evangelized and have always helped the suffering.

        Get a clue and join the right side by getting saved through Jesus Christ. It takes minutes to do, but a lifetime of loving service.

      25. Martial law is NOT an authority granted to anyone in the constitution and is unconstitutional and therefore illegal!

        Marbury v. Madison if a law is found to be in conflict with the Constitution, then the law is invalid

      26. It’s not that martial law is unacceptable.

        Rather, it’s that which LEADS TO martial law that’s not acceptable!

        The question is will martial law be declared to protect Americans from the globalists or will it be declared to protect the globalists from Americans?

        – the Lone Ranger

        • See. Here is a very excellent accurate smart salient post by LR. Its not TLDR. Its also posted by Lone Ranger, not the most profligate poster.

          • Too Long Didn’t Read is shorthand for self-imposed stupification.

            Try pulling that stunt in grad school, asswipe.

            • There always are morons that think tweets are brilliant and novels and technical manuals are too long to invest one’s time.

              This is great dumbing down of America. Obviously a generation will just be reduced to emojies.

      27. Martial law? The entire US mainland? Nah, nope sorry not with another countries military sent/asked to help. THINK ABOUT IT, hell the moment that would be enacted, there are thousands upon thousands who will sneak out and start shooting deplorable, crooked, evil, lying, and thieving politicians at the local, state , and federal level. Just think about a city like Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago, good luck trying to keep the idiot teenagers who will say screw it and screw the .gov and their curfews and such. Nah don’t see it sorry. Plus there are those out there who would immediately go operational and within hours the dead would be piling up. Again there is a ton of local, state, and federal employees and so called officials who would start dying. Karma is a bitch and has a brother named murphy…

      28. What kind of mangina discusses too long didn’t read anyway?

        Oscar Wilde was a notorious homosexual, and he’s the one who stated that brevity is the soul of wit. Be he was obviously wrong, for if that is so, then saying, “Up yours!” would be the mark of a genius.

        Making an insightful pithy quip might be useful, but the average American has now been so dumbed down by the public school system, that they cannot write in paragraphs!

        I’m not impressed. Have an independent original thought with analysis and logic and a conclusion versus a snide limpwrist jab.

      29. Hey I got a great idea! Mac can just start posting two sentence articles as obviously some cannot read long ones! There must be a niche market for dolts who get easily confused by too many words! Rather than have them post TLDR, they now could be spoon-fed by just bite sized articles.

        Then we could have routine articles like this.

        “Put water that is uncertain and potentially unsanitary in a filter. Then you can drink it.”

        Tweet style prepping for a snowflake generation!

        Instead of lengthy prepper books, we will sell single page double spaced laminated handouts! That way anyone can then think they are prepared!

      30. You see, there is no reason to discuss history, or the law, or the practicality of various firearms, types of ammunition, tactics, amd strategy.

        Nope. Just write a two sentence article about martial law like this.

        “Bad things may lead to concern about the government forcing martial law. Get a firearm.”

        Obviously this is a vastly superior form of communication but being direct and to the point, plus it uses the imperative mood to inspire action.

        • Hey I’ve got it! No more 12 weeks of Basic Training to create a US Marine! We will whittle that down to 24 hours so they won’t think “TLDR”. We will give them single page laminated handouts listing the bare essentials. Then that will be a superior form of training and we can muster way more battle ready soldiers.

        • Maranatha, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you are taking a swipe at me. I’m confused by your posts.

          I’ve written short posts and I’ve written longer ones.

          Each has one thing in common: cogency.

          If you have an issue with my writing, say it directly. I can handle that.

          On the other hand, if I am misreading you, then ignore this. I’m just confused by your posts.

          – the Lone Ranger

          • No Sir. I am not. I would not.

            I will take a swipe at some dolt who writes TLDR but only to instill some backbone. I am very good natured and it’s nearly impossible to make me angry.

      31. An ounce of prevention lessens the fear.

      32. You need two things for martial law to work. One is the buy in from top military brass, the second is support of the rank and file military. In dictatorships these people support the dictator because he gives them privileges in a low income and tightly controlled society. I am not saying it could not happen here, but it would be much harder. Look at when the USSR fell, the commanders who where privileged supported the regime, but the rank and file didn’t. That ended it all.

      33. Interesting artical, It appears that Mr Smith, while having a fairly keen insite is really bemoaning Mr Trump. Converersly, would the same verbage be applied if hillary had won? Mr Smith, at least we are still a Constituinal Republic, rather than some socialist construct of the democucks political model. How about using your time lobbying the politicians that can influence Nr Trump rather than the stuff your puttin out.

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