Martial Law Becoming Increasingly Acceptable As Cities Fall Under Social Unrest

by | Aug 27, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 17 comments

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    Martial law is becoming a reality for many Americans. As we continue to be bombarded by psychological operations and inorganic scenarios designed to divide us further, people are playing into the hands of the elites and increasingly accepting martial law.

    This is not a good sign for the United States going forward.  The Minnesota governor has called in the National Guard now, as looters and rioters continue to destroy Minneapolis in response to the police shooting of Jacob Blake.  Now, before everyone gets triggered, as they always do and put themselves on one side or the other completing the division necessary by the elites to divide and conquer us, just remember:

    You Can Be Against Police Brutality & Looting and Rioting At The Same Time

    Police violence against innocents is wrong. Looting and rioting are wrong. If we ever hope to get our freedom back and have a life that’s not lived in a mental prison, we need to wake up and stop taking sides when both are wrong.  Most people are unable to look beyond their own indoctrination into the left/right paradigm illusion to wake up and realize violence against other humans is wrong no matter who does it. This entire psychological operation is designed to get people to only accept martial law but demand it.

    Martial law is not a solution unless you advocate slavery. The looting and rioting are absolutely absurd and should not be tolerated, nor should police shootings.  Living under a police state is not living freely, and that’s not an opinion. We have got to stop acting on violence and destruction and start living peacefully in unity.  The elites absolutely love police brutality and riots because they can swoop in and make more heavy-handed tyrannical changes that will be permanent chains around our necks.

    This is NOT to say that looting and rioting are acceptable, and although I’ve said that before, people are going to accuse me of taking the side against them when I have no side other than humanity’s. Looting and rioting most absolutely are NOT acceptable. All violations of another human beings’ fundamental human rights given by the creator are unacceptable.  That includes the execution of other people, even if the killer is wearing a badge. The end result is the same. A fellow human being was killed.

    Wake up. This division is exactly what the ruling class and elites want in order to shove the New World Order down our throats and most Americans are playing their roles as pawns in the game epically well. I already know this will ignite cognitive dissonance in the comments with people making assumptions about which side I am promoting; which is no side because neither is moral.

    We cannot drive out the evil of the New World Order while playing its game. Choose to not play the game already rigged against you. This is a war for your mind, a spiritual war if you will. If you’ve chosen either side of the left/right paradigm, you’ve already lost to the divide and conquer tactics.


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      1. Ephesians 6:12 – For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

        Ecclesiastes 10:6 – Folly is appointed to great heights, …

        These two biblical verses sum up accurately the evil NWO agenda/plan we are increasingly forced to live under, confront and fight back against. Tragically, a majority of people are unaware of this and being brainwashed continue to choose sides in vain (right or left) or do do not choose sides at all, though not for the right reasons, but because of their apathy and indifference.

        Mac Slavo, once again, you are unfortunately right and one again, I discouragingly agree.

        • Yes, don’t take sides but don’t give false hope quoting the Bible either. The Bible is just another psyop perpetrated on humanity. The rulers want you to believe that bible prophecies are being fullfilled. They have the power to conduct world events to make it seem that way. Every generation of christians falls for it again. Don’t be deceived. When Jesus gave the end time prophecies he was talking to his disciples back then. He told them that THEIR generation would not pass away until all the things were fullfilled and then the end would come. It never did. What makes you think is going to happen 2,000 years later? It’s just another scam to keep people in false expectation of a better life. Get over it!

          • It is absurd to state that the Bible is a psyop. Please prove that. Of course you cannot.

            If the Bible was a psyop, put in place by the same people that put the entire world under house arrest, then it would be pushed and promoted everywhere. Kids would be required to learn and recite it in schools, billboards everywhere would be telling us “Don’t forget to read your BIBLE today”, and Hellywood would be churning out movies about God’s Kingdom (rather than the occult-themed garbage being churned out today).

            The elite take service to their god, satan, very seriously. That should tell anyone looking that there must be a good God if the devil exists. And, yes, the Bible speaks of both the good God, and the prideful evil little god who was kicked out of heaven. Incredibly, the satanists who control the world believe that they and their litrle god, satan, will defeat Yeshua Messiah, and the almighty God who sent Him, at Armageddon.

            Of course we already know how the story ends, and it is a very bad ending for satan and the fallen angels, along with all his human tools and the half-breed demons. They will burn up and never be remembered, whereas those saved by the blood of Yeshua will live with Him forever. Amen.

          • The world is not ending. Freedom is ending in the world. Mostly because people just don’t want it anymore. Those of us who truly do, will find it.

          • If you see this dimension as lasting for 7,000 foreordained years, and each millennium is reckoned as just one day, in the perception of an Almighty God, the death of Jesus places you at Thursday, in your work week. TGIF.

            Of course, there is a strain of gnostic belief, in which the condemned are unfairly predestined to fall from grace, irrespective of personal merit. They hope to be co-creators and break ties from their legal entrapment.

            I have yet to see one perform any literal example of manifestation.

            Or, who can save himself?

      2. U.S. foreign policy is not only in violation of international laws, but is also treasonous and threatens U.S. national security. 

        Whose actions have led to the total collapse of the entire global economy? Iran’s? Russia’s? 

        Saudi Arabia’s with intentionally crashing the oil market sending oil below negative $47 a barrel.

        The U.S. governmemt caters to money, in which ever country it may originate in. The U.S. government is willing to protect Saudi royalty and Israelis and is willing to deny protection to its own citizens, and is even willing to kill its own citizens, not only by sending them off to die in foreign countries that have nothing to do with protecting national security, but is also willing to kill U.S, citizens right here on U.S. soil.

        The Israelis and  Saudis object to Iranian support and defense of people in the region that the Israelis and or Saudis ( they are usually in agreement ) are in conflict with. Now Iran is uniting with China. China is not as benevolent as they like to portray themselves as at all. China has not exercised its veto power at the UN over NATO wars, and China also honored U.S. Iranian embargoes, until it appeared that Iran would be willing to sign a 25 year agreement with China. Iran is capable of building its own port and has the raw materials to do it. Now the Chinese are also building a new port in Lebanon.

        The Chinese are taking over the Middle East. 

        Andrea Iravani

        • International politics is just another show to deceive the masses and maintain them divided, distracted and in fear. They are all under the same rule, in spite of the puppet governments presenting an outward appearance of being sovereign. This has now become patently clear with their common reaction to the propaganda of a non existent virus.

          • Charles Fort,

            It is not just a show, because people are actually dying because of evil national foreign policies and other nations evil foreign policies. Countries are actually affected by it. A psychopath is able to minimize it as a show, since they have absolutely no regard for human life. There are still sovereign nations, however inconvenient that may be to you. I thank my lucky stars that I have never met you and pray that my luck on that continues!

            Andrea Iravani

      3. There is never, and I mean NEVER going to be peace and unity in a multicultural society. History proves this.

        • Reality,

          Very short, concise and 100% accurate

        • Actually, even within monocultures cultures there have been wars and violent uprisings. By your line of logic one would conclude that history proves that peace is not possible within monocultures.

          Regardless of sameness to the observer, within any culture there are sub cultures and a certain segment of those people will always look for reasons to find some other group to demonize, however trivial the reasons may be to the observer.

          It could be over just about anything – age, sex, weight, height, life style, eye color.

          You will never have a true monoculture because a certain segment of the population seeks conflict and thrives on conflict.

          Culture is reflected in the arts. Culture is also a reflection of personal taste as well as heritage. If you choose to surround yourself with people who only share your tastes and beliefs that is fine, but you have no right to force others to adopt your tastes and beliefs. For example, I hate country music. If we had a monoculture that only allowed country music, I would probably kill myself. In fact I hate country music so much that it practically induces rage in me. It is literally torture for me to listen to it. I am not exagerating.

          Andrea Iravani

          • “You will never have a true monoculture because a certain segment of the population seeks conflict and thrives on conflict.”

            Since Cain and Abel, those mutually-incompatible, even to the very last, would ultimately have found reconciliation, either in banishment or a stoning.

            Since the very first family, there’s still at least one, in every family, afaic.

            Is introducing several more species of argument into the mix going to make things relaxed or more-chaotic.

        • Totally agree. That is exactly why humanity was first divided into so many different cultures with diverse languages and religions, so there could never be peace on earth. This is just what the owners of the world wanted in order to be able to control and manipulate the masses. “The earth is a farm and we are someone else’s property”.

      4. The Swiss might disagree.

      5. “Martial law is becoming a reality for many Americans. As we continue to be bombarded by psychological operations and inorganic scenarios designed to divide us further, people are playing into the hands of the elites and increasingly accepting martial law.”

        With the Staged Violence & Looting leading up to the Election, the Public will be begging for Martial Law.

        Just like they will be lining up to take the CoronaVirus Plandemic Vaccine.

      6. It’s the Freemason slogan, “Order Out Of Chaos” it’s been the plan for over 200 years. Create the problem, and stress the citizens out so much, that they will welcome whatever solution the powers that be offer them, which will be martial law that will never go away. And then everyone can say the final goodbye to the Constitutional Republic of America, just what the elite pigs have been wanting for years.

      7. David Knight talked about arch villains and how they monologue, at length, about everything they are going to do to you, and detail, and detail, all the methods used. Jones talked about predictive programming.

        But, there is no legal or spiritual consideration, in which you accept it all as absolute truth, roll over, and give up.

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