Market Strategist: 2019 Will Be A ‘Very Rough’ Year As Stocks Tank 20%

by | Dec 27, 2018 | Headline News | 20 comments

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    Yesterday’s stock market rally hasn’t soothed the nerves of everyone, including one market strategist, who is warning of a 20 percent stock value drop in the new year. Todd Horwitz, a chief strategist at investment advisor Bubba Trading, says 2019 will be a “very rough” year for the stock market.

    Horwitz believes the economy is weakening and going into recession despite yesterday’s gains.  United States markets, which have already taken a beating this month, could fall as much as 20 percent next year, Horwitz warned while speaking with CNBC on Wednesday. If Horwitz is correct, he’ll also be correct on his prediction that next year is going to be “very rough.” For 2018, major indexes in America such as the Nasdaq and S&P 500 have so far fallen more than 10 percent already.

    “I do think we’re going into a recession, I think that next year is going to be a very rough year for markets and I can see another 10 to 15 to 20 percent, and a sell-off,” Horwitz said. “I think we’re entering very rough times because of all these things that are going on, because of the weakening economy,” he said. And like many market and economic analysts, one of the big problems becoming obvious is debt, Horwitz told CNBC“We’ve got way too much debt in this country.”

    Horwitz also said that U.S. banks are “probably over-leveraged once again.” That may look good on their balance sheets — but only “for the moment,” Horwitz said. “We allow the banks to continue to accumulate massive debt and nobody realizes that the banks have been buying up loans from all these peer-to-peer lenders and some of these smaller lending institutions,” he said.

    Not to mention the student loan debt issue and the skyrocketing corporate and private debts.

    So just where should you invest your money? According to Horwitz, try commodities. “I’m a big investor in commodities … because I think they’re very under-priced,” he told CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” He also said it’s probably fine to invest in “strong companies” however, just be prepared that the market is likely to go much much lower than it already has.



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      1. I see stuff like this and I always wonder what the actual current net worth and current portfolio positions of the writing “analyst” is.

        That tells whether or not to pay attention to him better than any internet track record reputation possibly can (since it is the actual result of his predictions, not some after the fact self promoted reputation that may or may not be based on all of them being included).

        If I take advice, I prefer to take it from proven successful people as a source.

      2. Heard ya Lima Charlie!!!….commodities like firearms and ammunition, food and silver, farmland, good diesel 4×4, firewood.

      3. “could fall as much as 20 percent next year”…LOL Me thinks it will fall off the cliff. Over 50-60% is more likely.!!!!

        • been waiting for nearly 20 years. Aint gonna happen soon. A controlled letdown into abject poverty is much more preferable to TPTB anyway. A sudden crisis may encourage us to change to the better

          • I’ve been waiting 10 years. Every year has been the “year”. Slowly, like you said, is what’s going to happen. They ain’t going push it off a cliff, they’re going to push it down a long 5 degree slope. Put a frog in a pan of water and turn up the heat and he won’t jump out, but drop him in a pan of boiling water and he will. TPTB have us in warm water now, but nobody is jumping out, because it is being heated slowly.

      4. Guys, it’s ok. The market just shot up like a bazillion points yesterday. Everything is ok now. No need to fear. It is impossible for there to ever be a collapse of any kind in our present era. Technology and AI that does quantum computing will always stop a collapse before it could even start. I stopped prepping in 2012 and sold most of my supplies to local haitians and somalians that needed that stuff ore than I did. So lets just cool out everyone. Please. Cool out!

      5. Let’s see, stocks were at record highs. Stocks were way over due for a correction. As a matter of fact, stocks were more than twice as high as when Obama was President. I’m just the guy on the street, but even I can say the market could be volatile in 2019. First it will go down, then it will go up. And it will always do this. Over and over again.

        • Him; You are correct. The markets can be fickle. But one only needs so many guns and so much Spam. (The canned variety). My biggest fear with the stock market is that at a certain age there may not be time to wait out a recovery. As always, dividend stocks only.

          • Just watch the PE of the stocks, that is where you find safety or danger in them.

        • Dead cat bounce, sucker’s rally, call it whatever you wish. The banksters are just setting up all the 401(k) millionaires for another culling. Amazing how many people just keep coming back for another dry ass fucking. People will cheer when the stock market regains its present level. Huzza!! We’re back where we were 5 years ago!

      6. When will it all collapse? sigh…who knows. Rich99 has been right so far.

        Someday the sky will fall and us Chicken Littles everywhere will be vindicated.

      7. The crash will be an engineered one, staged and designed with one ultimate goal, to make Trump lose in 2020. They are desperate. Yes I believe that 2019 will be rough in many ways. More anti-gun BS and false flags too. Watch out.

      8. Start with Basic Questions –

        Do you believe that PE ratios are subject to normal statistical processes like “reversion to mean” ?

        What do you think is a realistic PE valuation for a Mature tech company that has experienced most of its growth ?

        There is only one possible conclusion –
        This Market has a Bubble on its Bubble.

        It’s like having Poison Oak AND herpes at the same time.

      9. My real fear is that they (deep state establishment) will try everything between now and election 2020 to destroy Trump…including collapsing the economy. If they don’t succeed in their attempts, and they believe its possible for Trump to win re-election, they will authorize assassination. And on that fateful day, will be the beginning of the 2nd civil war.!!!

        • 2020 will be brutal

      10. 20% whoopee. guess will have to concentrate our doom sites elsewhere because that does nothing for my dopamine levels.

      11. Trumps opposition is fake manipulation to prop up his next hare brained scheme which will be publicly bashed and privately supported. Build the fence-wall because the tens of millions of illegals already here don’t want the competition, forget the legal citizen barely audible thrown in the towel voice.

      12. I’m thinking if the Dow gets down to 10,000 it’s a collapse not a correction.
        Let’s hope Trump does not wait for a total collapse before he takes down the Fed.
        Gold standard is good but we don’t need a net with of zero before the transition.

        • Ever think about how the gold standard works for balance of trade deficit (net goods importing) nations?

          One way flow of the gold, us to them not them to us, That’s the exact reason we left it in the first place, all of our gold was going overseas in international settlements and none coming back to replenish what was leaving.

      13. I have not invested in the higher tranches of trading (ie, L1, L2, L ∞).

        But, if I was that rich, I would not be concerned with business at the level of retail, where the fickle, flighty, and unsophisticated are parted from their money.

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