Market Crash In the Works: “A Canary May Have Just Keeled Over”

by | Dec 30, 2013 | Headline News | 604 comments


As holiday shoppers raided Black Friday sales and internet retailers ahead of Christmas, the establishment media heralded a new era of economic boom for the 2013 shopping season.

But things are not at all as they may seem if all you do is follow official government statistics and propagandized mainstream news report.

In the week leading up to Christmas, for example, retail analysis firm ShopperTalk advised that brick & mortar retail traffic was down over 20% this year.

…In-store retail sales decreased by 3.1 percent from the same week last year. Retail brick-and-mortar shopper traffic decreased by 21.2 percent compared to the same time period in 2012.

Some would argue that much of this foot traffic jumped to the internet to make their holiday purchases, but according to the National Retail Federation sales online were only slated to rise 3.9% this year, which is nothing to write home about considering annual retail sales for the last 10 years rose an average of 3.3%.

Consumers, it seems, are starting to feel the pinch of widespread job losses, wage reductions, cuts to government assistance and termination of unemployment benefits for millions.

But the cuts in consumer spending don’t just stop with traditional American holiday staples like electronics, brand name clothing and furniture.

It is affecting all consumer markets.

The National Association of Realtors reported that the month of September saw its single largest drop in signed home sales in 40 months. And that wasn’t just a one-off event. This month mortgage applications collapsed a shocking 66%, hitting a 13-year low.

Something is amiss, and despite claims of economic recovery emanating from pundits far and wide, the numbers on Main Street, where they really matter, suggest that we are in for a rough ride.

Eric Peters Autos, which analyzes political and economic trends, notes that trouble is brewing all over and it may soon have an overt impact on what many consider to be the only measure of economic health in America: rising stock markets.

A canary may have just keeled over. Not in the coal mine – but in the stock market.

Shares of Ford – healthiest of the Big Three automakers – are down 8 percent, according to Bloomberg. And it’s not just Ford, either. GM, Honda and Toyota stocks are down, too.

Could it be related to the gloomy news that the number of new mortgage applications has just hit a 13 year low? That the yield on 10-year U.S. Treasuries is a barely break-even-with-inflation 3 percent? That there are almost1.5 million fewer Americans employed full-time today than there were in 2006, even as the population has increased by 16 million since then?

The buying power of the average American – not just his ability but his inclination – is the decisive factor. And the buying power of the average American is going down – not up. Lower household income; higher cost of necessaries (food especially). Higher – and new – taxes (in particular, the ObamaTax). The very real specter of Zimbabwean inflation at any moment. It is enough to give a sensible person pause.

Interest rates? Forget about it. When they begin their inevitable uptick – expect this to happen by summer – it will be impossible to sweep under the rug.

And it will probably do to the car industry’s fortunes what Bernie Madoff did to his “investors.”

Grab onto something. It’s going to get bumpy.

(Read the full commentary)

Any way you slice it, whether it’s car sales, home sales, retail sales, employment, or monetary stimulus, the warnings are everywhere. The canary in the coal mine is going into cardiac arrest.

Back in 2007 trend forecaster Gerald Celente warned the world of the “Crash of 2008.” He based his analysis on many of the aforementioned data points. We’re seeing a similar pattern develop in late 2013, suggesting that 2014 could be the year it all goes critical:

There’s fear and hysteria running through the entire global financial community, because as everybody knows all they did was postpone the inevitable.

I’m saying to everybody out there, If you don’t have your money in your pocket it’s not yours.

And as for the international scene… the whole thing is collapsing.

That’s our forecast.

We are saying that by the second quarter of 2014, we expect the bottom to fall out… or something to divert our attention as it falls out.

Moreover, if you were to compare stock market charts from 1929 to present day, you’d note that they are eerily similar:

Chart by McClellan Financial Publications via Modern Survival Blog

Our economy as it exists today is wholly unsustainable. The government and Federal Reserve will soon run out of bullets and their efforts to stabilize the system will be revealed for the abject failures they really are.

Is 2014 the year?

We’ll soon find out.

Inflation is Running at 40-Year Highs!

Negative interest rates are taxing savers, creating food shortages, and making life miserable in the United States!

There's little time left before the REAL DISASTER occurs!

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    1. 0311

      It’s getting old, guys.

      Every year is “the year”

      Its been happening all along for a lot of poeple.

      • Jf

        Sorry but you can only cry wolf for so long

        • Ugly

          Jf and 311….

          The ‘wolf crying’ has been recovery. How much longer can those lies be told until MSM ‘sheep’ like yourselves start seeing it?

          • James Donovan

            Guys, if you are comparing whats coming to Y2k or any other BS from the past, you dont understand the fiat currency system. Look into it, this is bigger than anything that has happened in the past.

            Dont let past erroneous predictions numb you to whats about to come, be diligent and do your research, whats happening to the dollar will change the balance of power in the world for a VERY long time.

            • Plan twice, prep once

              I agree this crash will be huge. Don’t underestimate Obama’s ability to forstall the inevitable. Remember the 2007 crash was promoted by the press, and was used as a tool to control the 2008 election outcome. This White House and the puppy press that adore him will continue to pretend there is no problem. If the left let the damn break, they will try to use the disaster for their own gain, or for the destruction of their political opponents. The break could also happen because of external forces not under their control.

              I fear if the break occurs during Obama’s last term, it will be a device he uses to force marshal law, so he can retain office. Otherwise he may engineer it to occur to the next, likely conservative president, so Democrats can take back the government like they dd in 2008.

              • Tucker

                The proper term is ‘martial law’.

                • Lost In The C.R.C

                  You need to read up on your terminology. A state of Martial Law is a fancy name for a military coup – that is to say the military takes it upon itself to suspend citizen government and specifically the Constitution. Hence the Founding Fathers’ intent to not provide a standing army in the first place.

                  To what you refer – Obama would ATTEMPT to suspend certain aspects of citizen government (Judicial Redress, Constitutional Sovereignty, and Congressional Representation,) while excluding the executive branch from suspension through Executive Order. The POTUS would likely attempt such action under a pretense of “Continuity Of Government Order” and attempt to muster the standing military to enforce it. If the military does that, they have breeched the oath they took to support and defend the Constitution from “All enemies foreign and domestic” That’s when the firearms of the free will be locked and loaded, bringing forth a torrent of change to this country LONG OVERDUE!

                • Plan twice, prep once

                  Dang autocorrect! I wanted to add; many people are unaware that regulations have been changed, so the FED has built their own trading floor so they can manipulate all the markets.

                  Not that other countries don’t use government power to manipulate markets. Imagine the individual privately owned US bank trying to compete against the communist controlled monster government bank of China. For all the bankster remarks, how does the US stay competitive?

                  Giving the FED the power and authorization to manipulate US and International markets is frightening, it is a vast amount of power. I fear the FED will use this power against the American people, just as the IRS is used against Obama’s political foes.

                  To fold this in, when will the big crash come? With the FED’s new power, the crash will only happen when they want it, or when they lose control.

                • Billy Idol

                  I thought either that Brady girl or The MarshallTucker Band was taking over.

                • freewill2

                  There’s always a teacher, What difference does it make? Martial law is Bad!

                • The Virginian

                  Lost in the PCP (see below) needs to read up on his terminology. Martial Law is not a military coup. A military coup is when a nations military overthrows its govt and installs its own leader. Probably not a bad thing…

                • AL KIPF

                  NO KIDDING!

              • John W.

                As long as they can print money the stock market will climb. This is how they are buying silence from those who could actually give Obama some grief. Until an outside entity calls a halt to accepting dollars this can go on forever. Well almost.

            • Jim(another Jim)

              That is the problem, getting numb to all the predictions. I get so fed up with it I want to scream. I have finally decided that I have changed my designation from prepper to self reliant. I still prep, but instead of being geared towards a breakdown happening, I am focused on getting myself off of the system. It helps keep the sanity and stops me from wanting to put a pencil in celente’s ear everytime I hear one of his financial predictions

              • Arkaden

                Outstanding comment!

                • Arizona Fred

                  Thanks for listening, but the readings aren’t changing
                  Currently at Lake Havasu are Avg. .20 micro seivert
                  Until I get elevated readings, and I WILL be watching…
                  These are the HOURLY readings..disturbing
                  Feel like one of them now who say…
                  Well what am I going to do….sad

                  Stay tuned…stay informed

                • Arizona Fred

                  Just quickly…I went to Kingman today and got .33 micro seiverts at I 40 and beal street. That is 50% higher and only 40 miles north of my home. Just saying…WHEN I get higher numbers I’ll let you know…

              • KY Mom

                Happy New Year to everyone!

                I know some are going through some difficult times. Whatever lies ahead – be strong and don’t give up. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

                We can’t always control our circumstances. But, we can control how we respond to those circumstances.

                I received this in an email. It reminds me what is really important in life.

                The Mayonnaise Jar
                A philosophy professor stood before his class on the first day of the semester. As class began, without a word, he picked up a large, empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students if the jar was full. They agreed that it was.

                The professor picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar. As he shook the jar lightly, the pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls. He then asked again if the jar was full. The students again said it was.

                He then took out a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Of course, the sand fit in the crevices. He asked once more if the jar was full. The students responded with a unanimous “yes.”

                He then produced two cups of coffee from under the table and poured their entire contents into the jar. The students laughed.

                “Now,” said the professor, “this jar represents your life. The golf balls are the important things – God, your family, your spouse, your children, your health, your friends, and your favorite passions – things that, if everything else was lost and only they remained, your life would still be full. The pebbles are the other things that matter like your job, your house, and your car. The sand is everything else – the small stuff.”

                “If you put the sand into the jar first”, he continued, “There is no room for the pebbles or the golf balls. The same goes for life. If you spend all your time and energy on the small stuff, you will never have room for the things that are important.

                Pay close attention to the things that are critical to your happiness. Take your wife out to dinner. Play with your children. Take time to get medical checkups. Maybe even play another 18. There’s always time to clean the house and fix the disposal. Take care of the golf balls first, the things that really matter. Set your priorities. The rest is just sand.”

                One student raised her hand to inquire what the coffee represented. He smiled and replied, “I’m glad you asked. It just shows that no matter how full your life may seem, there’s always room for a couple of cups of coffee with a friend.”

                • James

                  To KY Mom, That is an awesome story and so true!!
                  I have refocused in the last couple of weeks and have changed my outlook a lot.
                  I will still have the basic preps but I am not going to worry about circumstances that I can not control. My wife and I have just bought a used boat, am going to golf a little next summer, and just enjoy life a bit more.
                  This is not to say that those who are really hard core preppers are wrong but for me, at my age, a little moderation is called for.
                  Just watched Rose Bowl parade and those that were there were having fun! Some may be calling it cognitive dissonance, burying head in sand or elsewhere but at least they have had the neat experience they will remember their whole life. I know I am rambling but I am getting tired of not being positive about things a little bit. God Bless, James

                • braveheart

                  Ky Mom, that was an awesome story and analogy about life in general. I can’t dispute anything in it. Happy new year to you and yours. braveheart

          • lastmanstanding

            atta boy Ugly, keep pounding on those bodies while they are still warm.

            Never know who you might get thru to.

            • NoRegretVet


              Is it just me or have a lot of you guys also thrown in the towel on trying to get people to wake up….TO REALITY…TO HISTORY….To what’s in front of their damn faces that they refuse to look at !!!

              I am looking at relocating soon…the smell of what I believe is coming is getting stronger….I am located in the Florida Panhandle…..right in the middle of 2 major military bases….hurricane hell alley…..and what appears to be more Brain Dead Tards than you can believe.

              Input ….ideas for safer havens…hell, anyone gotta compound that needs a Military trained night watchman !!!

              Rand said it best….

              “You can ignore Reality…but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring Reality ”

              Itza Comin Boyz !!!

              • PO'd Patriot

                Rather feed the Canary than the Fat Lady……..don’t eat as much.

                • Wasp

                  Yeah they don’t eat that much when they’re dead.Wasp

              • lastmanstanding

                NRV. I just pick my battles. Some people deserve to go.

                As far as relocation, it depends what your assets are. More money…more options.

                A. I’d get to higher ground.
                B. Less populated area.
                C. Farmland, forests, water, like-minded armed folks.

                You had better get your ass movin brother.

              • slingshot


                Come East on I-10 and find yourself a hunt club.

              • Thinker

                NRV: and all Warriors? Please take time to read the article @ Rense titled You’re Men,Ain’t You?
                Where are the Warriors ? Time grows short, The hour is late.


              • California Girl

                Sorry NoRegretVet, no compound. However, I highly recommend the book “Strategic Relocation” by Joel Skousen. He goes state by state and gives recommended areas of the country to move to with details on crime rates, taxes, natural disasters, possible nuclear targets, escape routes if the SHTF, etc. It’s a good place to start.

              • Jim Smith

                Get out of Florida as soon as you can. We left Florida back in 2007 and never looked back. Lived there from 1979 to 2007. Orlando first then Tampa for the last ten years. I watched the state change from “The Sunshine State” to the “Illegal Alien State” in a short amount of time. The trips I took to Miami ended over the years as the amount of illegals increased and took over the lower portion of the state. Crime soared to unbelievable levels and no one spoke English. I never thought about carrying a firearm until 1999 when people were getting mugged on Sundays while visiting their dead in graveyards in Tampa. The gangs moved in (MS-13 was the worst) and the cops did nothing. I tried to organize my neighbors in my 45 house community (gated) and not one would stand with me against the criminal element that crept in during the night. Me and my dog stood against illegals, black and white criminals with a large hand held spotlight and my Glock. I finally had enough when one night I called the police about some criminals in my back yard and in my neighbors back yard. Twenty minutes later a single cop shows up with a flashlight. He said “I don’t see anything.” I packed up my stuff, sold my house and me and my dog headed North. We were headed for Montana or South Dakota but found a nice place in Wisconsin and that is where we are today. Should have gone further on to Wyoming or Montana but I didn’t. Still, I’m very glad to be out of Florida and have never gone back and never will.

                • braveheart

                  Jim Smith, I spent 1975-1982 in Miami. I left after my wife was killed by a drunk driver. I went back in 1987 for my mother-in-law’s funeral and it was going downhill then. Went back again in 2000 and almost got killed. Haven’t been back since and not going back, period! the older generations of immigrants were better people. they played by all of the rules, assimilated into our society, and learned English. The ones today don’t give a shit about any of our rules and demand we make certain changes in our society to accommodate them. I say screw them. If they don’t like what they see here, they can leave! There’s planes and ships that leave this country every day. braveheart

              • Rusty Loads

                Dang, I’m in New Mexico and was getting the itch to relocate to Florida. I like boats and figured an extended sailboat trip at the right time sounded like a good plan.

                I got pulled over for speeding two weekends back. The Deputy approached my car like he was storming a compound in Iraq. He had full “military style” battle gear on. Thirty round mags stacked two deep all over his chest. He stayed away from the window I had rolled down and remained in a “on your marks, get set, GO !!!” stance behind the roof pillar.

                Only this wasn’t Iraq. This was me, an old retired guy driving a Prius 10 mph over the speed limit on a country road in New Mexico.

                Not since my days as an amateur boxer have I had the hair on the back of my neck stand up signaling me that I was facing off with a dangerous human primed to attack.


                Not sure what, but for the first time I’ve been seriously thinking about getting the heck out of Dodge.

            • Ugly


              Just trying to help as much Sheep as possible. But I will agree with the Sheep on dates. I wish the economists and doomsdayers would quit using dates and predictions. They just need to give us the facts. From the facts, we can decide the troubles ahead.

              PS. I don’t mind projections, just don’t like predictions and dates….

          • Tom T

            If you look at the historical facts about fiat currencies of the past it has only three ways to conclude, War, economic collapse or both. All come into play to obtain a debt “reset” as the current debt now is not the mere 17 trillion the elites talk about but closer to 220 trillion when you include unfunded liabilities of our socialist programs of Social Security and Medicaid amongst others. Even if we were to cut the budget by 60% across the board and apply all excess revenues to the debt it would take over 250 years to pay it off if we incurred no further debt.
            The 2008 crash was not allowed to properly play out because of TARP , Stimulis and Fed QE programs that have created a much bigger bubble in the markets.

            • John W.

              The debt can never and will never be repaid. After all retirement accounts and anything of value not nailed down is seized the dollar will collapse and most likely things will get worse than we can ever imagine. Total economic destruction. When? That is the question. Keep printing and put it off as long as possible that way the blowup is as big as possible.

          • lonelonmum

            One of the reasons Iran is so hated is that they tried a fiat currency 5000 years ago in what was then known as Persia. They learnt a lesson that has culturally NOT been forgotten. For those of us of a religious bent we remember that Usery was the ONLY thing that ever made Jesus demonstrate human anger to the point of raising his hand.

            To those with PHD’s in economics and high finance etc that keep trying to say everything is fine I say a trip to the grocery store shows even the dumbest high school drop out what’s really going on. A look at the vacancies available either in the local paper or online tells it’s own tale. People are inclined to deny bad news as long as possible, normally we see it in about to be abandoned wives as they scrub the lip stick from the collar of the man who at one time promised them life long fidelity, now we see it in the eyes of those still trying to sell up and get the hell out of the big cities.

            SHTF started a while ago now, like a snowball rolling down a hill it’s gotten larger & larger, till eventually the avalanche will overcome.

            For many people the time to buy more “stuff” has past, my suggestion to everyone who may already be having to dig into their preps and savings to get by:-

            Lets have New Year Brain Storm on how to acquire new SKILLS for free.

            To kick off I’d like to recommend khan academy on youtube – free videos for those of us who didn’t master calculus or basic mechanics at school/college.
            Along the same lines & edx have FREE college level courses. Last year I did one on solar energy that’s turned out to be very handy info.

            Google for a copy of “Where there is no doctor” and “where there is no midwife” and print, even if all you can afford right now is a memory stick and not a hard copy.

            The son wants to learn more animal care skills and bee keeping this year. Thankfully we have moved to an area where there is a community farm to take him in order to continue to acquire these skills at VERY low cost. At 9 it’s time to expand on his life skills to those beyond the home before civil disorder makes every day travel hazardous.

            In light of the recent storms etc here in the UK I’m taking another look at our new locales flood maps, topography and geology as there will come a time when we won’t get official warning to evacuate etc. When shtf for good, the police etc will be too concerned with their own kith and kin to look out for the likes of me, wildlife will be the best warning system then.

            Joining a historical re-enactment society is interesting so long as you choose a pre-electricity era, based upon your current geography (eg the Vikings for soCal makes no sense, but is smart survival skills training for an Alaskan resident). You get to have fun but also to learn genuine skills such as metal work, cloth production without screaming to the world “I’m a doomsday prepper” etc.

            Why our ancestors lived as they did in various regions of the world starts to make complete sense if you want to survive what’s coming long term. It can also help with defence and fighting skills beyond firearms as I worry that too many of you in the US sometimes forget that the gun is not the ONLY weapon for murder.

            Stuff is only stuff and can be confiscated, knowledge however once acquired cannot be stolen from you and can be traded for survival many times over.

            • Sigi

              It wasn’t usury but fraud that the money changers and dove sellers in the Temple were committing.

        • michael

          do you remember what happened in the chicken little story …. the chickens became complacent to the cries of chicken little and that is when the wolf came

        • Rich

          Hey jf!
          Imo this is why “controlled oposition” is so effective, and why so many “genuine” info siites have been hijacked….I wont compile a list! But it seems to me if an entity were to take over very good, knowledgeable websites that are very effective at getting more and more ” newbies” on board and helping them to prepare, and simply then regurgitate one set date after another about ” when the end will come” as to wear down these preppers resolve and get them back to good sheeple status, well then there objective would be complete. Especially when you consider just how long the average persons attention span is. I believe there are a very good number of sites out there that do a very good job at moving advanced preppers on, considering ones level of prep, but i think these kind of write ups are still very useful for awakening newbies to what MAY be coming. Im sure this line of thinking makes me sound very cynical:-) But when ones physical preps are in place and a real doozie of a Winter is setting in, one finds much to think about. Just my rant:-)Good luck to all….except the ones that would do us harm!

          • JohnFornaro

            <<Rich says:

            <<Comment ID: 2893872

            <<December 31, 2013 at 8:12 am Hey jf!

            Occasionally, I sign off as JF, so I’ll imagine that this comment was directed at least in my general direction.

            So, how deep could the “rabbit hole” be? Plans within plans within enigmas within mysteries, yada yada. I could not say. Me and the kids now treat ‘bourne identity’ type movies as comedies; it’s hysterical to think that all of those secret ‘assets’ are in play from the very getgo. No matter where the ‘hero’ turns, the bad guys are there to get him. And what miserable shots the bad guys are! Still, the movie studios put up real money, and some of these flicks make real money. The dispassionate observer can’t help but wonder how seriously people take this stuff?

            Back here in the Sun Tzu real world, it is certainly possible to conceive of an agency having the human assets to cognitively infiltrate a select number of websites, both to monitor posters and to subtley influence the tone of the website. It can be a left or right, governmental or private agency. One does see the same comments over and over.

            The way I look at it, there’s a large set of “sheople”, who follow the crowd per their inner longings. Among the many subsets are the sheople who prep, and the sheople who do not. That first group of sheople looks outside of themselves for leadership, and can be impressed by those avatars who are constantly crying ‘wolf’ or by the chicken littles who keep advising that the ‘sky is falling’.

            It does get old.

            I too, am getting a bit cynical; I don’t want a complete breakdown of society. I want the criminals out of our government. I want us to take care of business and jobs here in the US of A. I’m tired of all these social experiments in the compulsion of questionable activities. I want the US to start building a lunar base so free people can have a frontier again, and that a new economy can grow off planet, along with a new republic. But hey. Who lissens to me? Hakuna metata.


            • Hey You

              You seem to have the right idea, J.F. Not many thinking people want (or even suspect the possibility of) the breakdown of society. However, there are many who want our country cleansed from the corruption in the federal system.

              Seems that the corruption goes with the centralization of society. As Lord Acton said, “Where you have a concentration of power in a few hands, all too frequently men with the mentality of gangsters get control. History has proven that”. That implies that local support plus local actions are the best method of living with each other.

        • David in AZ

          Yes, true, but recall the wolf did finally show up…. and this one has fangs and not teeth….

        • laura m.

          JF and 0311: I agree w/ you, but if anyone reading this is close to retirement or in retirement, get your 401k out of the S&P index- stocks now since you made your gain. Don’t take a chance just in case it crashes; we put ours into treasuries 100% and drawing down monthly for two years.

          • John W.

            Not sure treasuries are all that safe anymore.

        • Isherwood

          I’d like to point out that, eventually, the wolf actually came…

        • BobPortlandOr

          You don’t understand the story of Crying Wolf?

          He cried collapse and some listened

          He cried collapse and less listened

          He cried collapse and they were unprepared and lost everything

          He was just early…. Get the similarity?

      • braveheart

        0311, I believe this year could be it. I don’t think there’s much road left for kicking the can. braveheart

        • Leaving a reply

          It is all over for America, read the Obama prophecies, they are very sobering. revelation12 dot ca

        • lastmanstanding

          …and no money left to repair what road is left…spring is right around the corner and there will be thousands of bigass potholes out there.

          All it takes is the right one.

        • Professor Higgins

          This would sound so much better with Stewie Griffin’s voice from ‘Family Guy’. That’s how utterly ridiculous this all sounds because every new year is “The Year”. Great program by the way because it mocks all those ridiculous American beliefs that the lower classes still hold, and mostly coming from Stewie with that great English accent. Absolutely fabulous!

          • SmokinOkie

            Paging Professor ‘iggins
            Paging Professor ‘iggins…

            There’s a chimney needs sweeping over on Canal Street. Bring your brushes and move with all possible dispatch…

            • Mountain Trekker

              SmokinOkie, Where were you when we need you. Thought they had you in a FEMA camp. Welcome back. Trekker Out.

            • eppe

              We really need some “Smokin-isms” today and always…

              • eppe

                Here’s two for you Smokin….

                A psychoanalyst shows a patient an inkblot, and asks him what he sees. The patient says: “A man and woman making love.” The psychoanalyst shows him a second inkblot, and the patient says: “That’s also a man and woman making love.” The psychoanalyst says: “You are obsessed with sex.” The patient says: “What do you mean I am obsessed? You are the one with all the dirty pictures.”

                After sex, one behaviourist turned to another behaviourist and said, “That was great for you, but how was it for me?”

                Still love the piggy-back story….

                • Billy Idol

                  After sex, the astronomer’s comment was heinous:

                  Though I’ve made a career out of Venus my dear
                  I’m tempted to switch to youranus!

            • REB

              Good to see youre back!…alls well I hope!?

            • Hunter


     mean the professor sweeps chimneys too?
              I was under the impression he was seriously into…enemas and anal probes!

          • mountain man 6-1

            @ Pro-Hig ……OK , then MATE !! Piss OFF !!….mm

          • PO'd Patriot

            Should have “off’d” Stewie and kept Bryan. Professional Hugthese sounds like he’s infatuated with the little drag Queen (Stewie).

          • braveheart

            Professor Higgins, all of your beliefs in authoritarianism and tyranny are ridiculous. every tyrannical regime that has ever existed anywhere eventually ended up on the trash heap of history. the same will eventually become true of all of the tyrannies currently in existence. BTW, I’ll take a Scotsman or an Irishman over a bloody limey bastard like you any day. MOLON LABE braveheart

            • Professor Higgins

              BH: Yes, that snide comment was directed at you in particular, but also towards the rest of the frightened little children as well. All those who keep believing that next year, next month, next week is “The Day” is just so sad to see. I must say BH that your life must quite miserable to want this fine country to collapse into chaos. While it has many short comings that other civilized countries don’t suffer, it also has much to offer that others don’t. That’s the main reason I stay here, for the good it offers, but also for the good it could grow into to as well. To want to lose all of this is a sign that you, and others like you, are truly miserable creatures who can’t stand to live another day. So sad!

              • slingshot

                Professor Higgins.

                Happy New year!

                I disagree we are frightened little children, but do agree this country has much to offer. We find ourselves with very poor leadership which has declined over many years. The “Yank” isn’t what he used to be. Can that also be said of the “Brits”. The things that plague our country impedes yours too. Banks, Immigration, Crime, Racism, unemployment, terrorism and a host of others.
                The Nasty little war with Ireland would be parallel to a civil war here, should it arise. Once the sun never set on the British Empire. The British Sterling a Hallmark of wealth. We find ourselves with Nation Building and the Worlds Reserve Currency. Both unsustainable.
                As preppers we may indulge way too far in what we read and say but that does not change the eventual outcome.
                As for wanting a collapse. Do you think that change can be done without carnage? Do you think that those who control our lives will give up their power over the people. Our laws are more oppressive than ever and we are Taxed so they can make more laws and create and fund agencies to bind us. Should we not be concerned with the camera’s, Drones and the military buildup of our police force. You call us frightened. I call you slaves.

                • Hunter

                  Bravo Slingshot-

                  ..and per limey meta-sexual males like the professor, their slavery fantasy always involves a ‘dominatrix’ w/ whips, chains, large blunt objects and #10 cans of ‘crisco’.

                  ..hence his reference to this country’s govt. having ‘so much to offer’.

                  ..betcha $10 bucks he attempts to go thru the TSA’s cavity search/genital groping check-points, multiple times…whenever he flies home!

                • Professor Higgins

                  slingshot: Well you seem to be catching on but you’ve still missed the main point. You’ve allowed yourselves to be taxed and regulated far beyond what your were when you had your little revolution back in 1776. It’s seems that lesson, and the slow crumbling of the British empire, taught you nothing. America, and it’s true owners, the multinational banks and businesses, have made America the new world’s empire and now it too is falling down like London Bridge. Pull up a map of U.S. military installations around the world and see if you too don’t have an empire with it’s protectors in place (U.S. Military). All empires become arrogant, subject to heavy military spending, and eventually find that their reach exceeds their grasp. And now it’s happening to you. You can be a fool and believe that America fights for freedom and democracy around the world but your military are errand boys for these huge corporations. But don’t take my word for it read your own General Butler’s book “War is a Racket” and then re-read your country’s history, especially the war years. He’s about the only honest man to publish the truth.

                • Professor Higgins

                  Hunter: You naughty little boy, and I thought you looked at Europeans as being perverted ones. You’re really a sick little bugger yourself harboring those vile thoughts. Sounds as though they actually excite you some. In psychology we call that projection where one person (you) transfers ones’ thoughts or feelings they are repulsed, yet titillated by, onto another person (me) to avoid the shame of having those very thoughts. It’s purely a defense mechanism young fellow. But now everyone else knows that you are the kinky one. I’m not judging mind you, I’m just trying to clear up your confused and misdirected sexual feelings.

                • Hunter

                  Actually Higgins ole’ boy, my suspicions per your blatant proclivity of manifold perversions stems from distant observation of your likely ‘home-ground haunts’…mainly the seedy side of the Soho district.

                  ..and I thank GOD, your “sickness” is not contagious!

                  But I do think wicked cretins like yourself should be ‘QUARANTINED’ from contact with children.

              • braveheart

                Professor, I think you totally misunderstand the people on this site. I’ve never personally interacted with the others here except through this forum, so I think I can speak for all of us with some authority. None of us are ‘frightened little children’ or ‘miserable creatures’ as you put it. Not one of us have any desire to see this country be destroyed. On the contrary, we are all saddened and distressed to see what is happening to our homeland. None of us know when ‘the curtain on the final act’ will open. The more time we have before it happens, the more supplies we can obtain for ourselves and our loved ones. No, Professor, we don’t want our nation destroyed and we’re not the ones doing it. It is the traitors we have for ‘leadership’ along with the international bankers, INCLUDING THE ROTHSCHILD FAMILY IN YOUR BELOVED CITY OF LONDON, who are behind all of this. If I’m ever fortunate enough to personally encounter any of them, I will become God’s instrument for vengeance upon them. I won’t have mercy on them. you say we can’t stand to live another day? On the contrary, again, we prefer living because we know there is not an alternative. We are all strong, have faith in God, and know how to survive adverse situations. when you and your fellow globalists are gone, we will still be alive and standing tall. braveheart

                • braveheart

                  Slingshot and Hunter, AMEN to the comments from both of you about Higgins. He’s exactly the type of Englishman that makes me ashamed of my English heritage. braveheart

                • Professor Higgins

                  BH: Not your fault! What are you then, helpless little children? No, only mindless idiots who have fallen for your century old phony, so-called, two party system. Your leaders are chosen for you and you buy into it like good little saps that you are. Big money has been controlling this for a very long time and you’ve been quiet and happy so long as things were going your way. But now that they’ve played this whole rotten scheme out now your unhappy and screaming like spoiled little children. Well your little nappies (diapers) are full and you need them changed-too bad. Your empire is dying, your country is dying, and along with it your high living, intellectually vapid, and morally bankrupt consumer society is dying. Just look at your entertainment for proof. I, and the rest of the civilized world, say “good riddance”! Oh, and enjoy the chaos that will consume you BH old boy.

        • Corona man

          STFU BH!

          • braveheart

            Corona man, come and try to make me if you think you have what it takes. So f#$% you! braveheart

      • RickInOregon

        I’m cynical of predictions because I think that most are base on a desired outcome and then the dots are found to justify the prediction whilst others are ignored that would lead you to a different outcome. Sorts like global warming. In this case, there are fewer and fewer dots that paint a rosy outcome and more and more that says that at sometime in the not too distant future there will be a correction or a recession or a depression or a DEBTpression, or a collapse, or a reset, or a revolution, or break up to be followed by generations of Balkanization, or a dictatorship, or a surrender of our sovereignty to a different governance with different boarders, a North American Union.

        • c

          My area malls had half full parking lots at Christmas time. They are usually overflowing.

          • Gunner

            Save those dead canary’s for the stew pot.

            It’s getting down to that, or worse.

            • RickInOregon

              I’ve had rats show up around my chicken coop and I’ve been trying to use a snare to catch them. No luck so far, plan “B” instead of passive snares I’m going to try to use spring loaded snares, maybe a fishing rod for the spring or a tree limb. May as well learn now how to snare small critters, could help add protein to the soup pot when the deer and elk can’t be had.

              • Scavenger

                Promontory Peg Deadfall Trap

                • RickInOregon

                  Scavenger, I’ll look it up and give it try if it fits the area.

                • Jasmine

                  I was doing sorta ok reading this article, UNTIL Gerald Celente was mentioned. OMGoodness, Mac, that guy has been predicting every year was “the year” since 2007. He was right once and his predictions since then about such and such quarter of this year or next year is going to be when “it all collapses”. As your article says, he was right in 2007 about 2008. Big deal. That means he was right once. Even a broken clock is right twice a day which is more often than Celente.

              • Gunner


                Rat traps (oversized mouse traps) work
                excellent on rats, squirrels, pigeons, etc.

                No joke, they are a true survival method
                that work. Bait with peanut butter and
                stake it out with an attached wire.

                Sounds weird, but it will keep you alive.

                • RickInOregon

                  Gunnar, as your fearless leader Obama 🙂 would say “A teachable moment” but with a twist, a learnable opportunity. It’s not about trapping the rats as much as it’s about learning how to snare small game. I’ve learned a long time ago that to know how to do something you have to actually do it and not just read about how to do it. I’ve read and seen small game captured with a passive snare, what I’ve read and watched on youtube isn’t working on rats. I will try a loaded snare for plan “B” and then a dead fall for plan”B” and then maybe a pit trap for plan “C”. I think a post hole a couple of feet deep with some PVC in it would work for a pit trap for the rats.

                • Gregory8

                  Rick: I tried peanut butter with ‘some’ success but bacon grease was the best, they went for it so fast.

                • unknown suspect

                  I don’t know about the peanut butter. Last time I used that method, the squirrels licked the peanut butter off and left the trap. I found .22 snake shot works best.

              • TnAndy

                Nothing beats a good Conibear trap. Took out 10 raccoons around our chicken coop in 2 months this summer.

                • PO'd Patriot

                  TnA, have you ever ate coon? It ain’t shabby. Made up a chicken salad type dish with the coon meat and it was surprisingly good.

                • PO'd Patriot

                  BTW, I haven’t as yet ate possum. I never could sit down and eat one. My grandfather did and he said they were pretty greasy. I believed him as I’ve skinned them out catching them in rabbit and coon “gums” as a youngster. Use to get 50 cents for their hides.

              • Paranoid

                Try a 5 Gal bucket half full of water with some grain floating on the top.

                • NoRegretVet

                  The suspended can over a 5 gal bucket about 1/3 full of water trick….smear/cover can in the center of the can with a half melted/chewed minature Snickers bar on the center of the can…yep Snickers bar will get them in the bucket….look it up on Youtube….I tried several things until a ole guy (Hey..he’s 86 !!! I can use that term !!! ) down the street said just half chew up a small Snickers bar and smear it on the better than anything in instant death rat traps also….the buck was loaded up with them in a couple of days ….

                  He also said that you would need to drink some Scotch that night or it wouldn’t work !!! I guess maybe Beer would work also !!!

              • REB

                Had rats digging around mine too…propane bottle with a rod to expel a lot of gas quickly down the hole followed by flame applied to hole…”FIRE IN THE HOLE!” blew them critters apart…none for awhile…a few recently…time to reapply the “CURE”….mmwwwwhahahahahah!…keep your face back from the hole)

                • SmokinOkie

                  Hey REB! How you been?

                  Any varmint control method that involves yelling ‘Fire in the Hole!’ is good by me.
                  In fact, that same term comes in handy during hunting, fishing, stump removal, sex, baptisms and some weddings (depending on the in-laws)

                • REB

                  Hey buddy!…its been too long…glad to hear from you…been finer than frogs hair as they say,thanks for asking 🙂

                  Yessir…the ole fire in the hole routine comes in handy in a lot of situations one might find themselves in in a given moment…especially with the inlaws… 😉

                • Anonymous

                  Burning the animals alive in their own home? Where you hit a lot as a child?

              • Anonymous

                Spring traps baited with peanut butter and popcorn will bring them in usually. Try mounting the traps on the perimeter of your coop/henhouse with screws to the wood, out of reach from hennypenny, and keep the poisons away from your food sources.
                I found regular rat traps work on rags and squirrels but will also get your cats if they arent careful, so proceex with caution. Happy hunting.

                • braveheart

                  Smokin Okie, it’s about time you came back. How have you been? braveheart

                • Howdy -doody

                  I used rat poison bait in my work shed to get the rats and mice. it works every time. They eat the cardboard box and all. I try to keep a few baits out there, and it eliminates the problem.

              • Kulafarmer

                Have a heart traps work good,, catch em and cage em, small scraps and grains,,
                Ill post a link

              • PA farmer

                Rick I dont if you have a (TSC) Tractor Supply Co. around, they sell a Package of three Different size cage trapes Cheap, once they go in for the bait its over. They will work for anything up to a Coon, and will last a life time. I would clean them after each catch sow’s not to spoke the next Victim away.

              • Sierra Dave

                Rats is protein. Chickens will eat them up!

                • RickInOregon

                  I just killed one with a pellet rifle and threw it in the chicken coop, I’ll check in a little while and see if the little vultures have developed a taste for rat.

                • RickInOregon

                  The chickens have left the dead rat alone, I’ll compost it.

              • old guy

                One fall I had a severe rat infestation around some grain bins. I couldn’t use poison because of neighbors pets. so my grandson and I went there and stuck a garden hose down the holes. we poured gasoline with a funnel down the hose and followed that with compressed air. Groggy Gassed rats came out and we had great fun clubbing them. after a time very few rats came out. I knew there where lots more because I had seen more at night. So we kept adding more gasoline in different holes and weren’t having much success. we got about ten gallons of gas in the ground all the time vaporizing it with compressed air. I got the bright idea of lighting the fumes. Teriffic explosion!!!! Flames shooting out of the ground burning rats running everyplace!!!! We where stomping & clubbing like madmen. some flaming rats ran out into the tall dry grass & weeds along the road and started fires. Neighbors came running and helped put out the fire,s. Some asshole called the fire dept. The fires where out long before they arrived. No charge or fee was levied because I pay a membership to the local vollentier fire dept. Great fun and the grandson wants to do it again. we piled them up and had killed over seventy rats.

                • JohnFornaro

                  Old Guy! That is a great rat story!

                • Brane Frees

                  Seventy rats divided by ten gallons = seven rats per gallon (RPG).

                  Whew! Sounds like my 454 Suburban!

                  You’re gonna have to up your fuel efficiency considerably or trade your method in for something that gets better RPG.

                  Maybe electric? Or perhaps a hybrid?

                • Jimmy Crack Corn...

                  You’re gonna fuck up your water well and shoot your eye out hillbilly!!!

                • braveheart

                  Old guy, that’s one helluva story. now if that had been politicians instead of rats…….

                • Hunter


                  Great idea! Ya reckon we could do the same to TPTB bunkers?

              • Dave

                Why don’t you try Rat Snap Traps on the Outside of the Chicken Koop? Their approximately 4 times larger than the Victor wooden snap traps. Rats love Hersheys Chocolate Syrup; Peanut Butter; and Slim Jims. BE CAREFULL when setting the traps. A mouse snap trap wont even break the skin; a RAT SNAP trap COULD break your finger. As long as your chickens don’t have access to the Traps; there shouldn’t be a problem. Rats typically feed early in the morning; 4 a.m. to around 7 a.m.; and at dusk. Good luck with the Rats. They are some ugly critters; and WILL attack a human IF they feel threatened.

              • mountain man 6-1

                @ Rick In O. …Use victor ought0 trap ! It’s HELL on muskrats !!….Op-Sec. !!…

                • RickInOregon

                  What I’m trying to do is to work the bugs out on using a snare. It’s a learning opportunity that’s too good to pass up. If I work this out then I’ll braid up a para chord bracelet with some snare wire woven into it.

                • RickInOregon

                  Thanks for all the suggestions for traps. That conibear trap looks like it will take out something big enough to put on a spit. The cage traps will keep the meat live until you need to eat it or until you go shark fishing.

              • John W.

                They cost a bit but there is nothing like the electric rat traps for killing rats and mice. Just be sure set them up in a dry place. Rats never get gun shy about them and they are deadly. I use pieces of the bird treats we get for our parrots as bait. It makes killing rats almost too easy.

          • Hugh G. Reckshen

            Maybe the shoppers decided to use online retailers this Christmas. Why not, with free home delivery and no sales tax in some cases?

        • KY Mom

          The government and the banks know the crash is coming. They have been planning for a while now.

          It is not if, but WHEN…

          “Draghi’s ECB and Carney’s BoE have put in place plans for bail-ins and deposit confiscation. Yellen’s Fed is quiet allowing the FDIC to do the controversial bail-in ‘dirty work’ by stealth.

          Bail-ins cometh … Prepare …”


        • JustMe

          The msm propaganda organs are not going to come out and formally announce any kind of dismal future/end. Just like “dhs insider”, they will not come out up front, and speak the blunt truth.

          They will keep up the facade, even as another 10 million people become unemployed. And, most people, Whites in particular, will try harder to ignore reality.

          Yes, we have all heard all of this before, but something about this period is very different. I’d wager it’s close.

            • Barn Cat

              When you include unfunded liabilities the real debt is about $200 trillion.

            • Kulafarmer

              How come theres no data?

              • JustMe

                Move your cursor over any numerical figure, a short definition of the number will show up at the top center. If you want further info, you can search from there. It’s not a perfect thing, but gives an instant view of what’s happening.

              • 10% Off

                Kulafarmer – the numbers won’t show if you’re on a mobile device of any kind….

          • Nimrod Hunter

            I feel like it would be a year or two out if things were allowed to play out, but there’s a funny feeling I get that something is not going to let us get past 2014 without causing suffering for everybody.

            • apache54

              I have people i know in the big money, wall street and they say it is close, anywhere from 2nd quarter of 2014 until no later then early 2015, and they say they are prepping for it with there investments, so maybe this this the time!!
              just for record, i am not part of that crowd, just happen to know a few from past things.

              • Warchild

                Apache,agree,my dad in finance field for 40+ years,a friend of his was secretary of treasury which shocked my dad,friend claimed took gig(in the 70’s)as he would do less damage then other folks considered.They have said for years a ponzi scheme that can only go on so long,they including my dad will be very happy to be proved wrong but do not believe they will be,my dad has seriously considered buying over seas but even that gets questionable in the bigger picture.On a side note,he was one of the honest players in a corrupt system,no bail outs ect. for him or either of his companies.

            • buttcrackofdoom

              it’s OBAMACARE, you NIMROD…LOL…that’s that funny feelin’ you got!

          • NoRegretVet

            For…Just Me…..

            You are right….there is something different about the period we are in now…SAnd more times than not your Gut feelings are closer to the truth…..and I, Like you, feel it is getting closer…

            I don’t believe in the Boogey Man…the BS ” My DHS Insider friend ” told me stories …”My Elite Friends inside the beltway horse manure !!! “….But I do believe in “Reality”….

            Our King ” O ” has been using the same condom on us for years…Has not had the common courtesy to change it !!! That Socio/Economical Condom has gotten some very thin spots in it…and I think a few breaks….So….We can believe what is in front of our faces or go on with the denial trip….Care for some more KY jelly !!!

            No one knows WHEN….but how the hell can so many people act like “Nothing is Wrong !!! “…….

            Free Koolaid and pills for everyone….just line up over there and wait your turn….

        • JohnFornaro

          And speaking of global warming: I am getting a big kick out of the GW scientificists who are stuck in the …wait for it… ICE in Antarctica!

      • durango kidd

        The key for retail numbers will be POST holiday sales for the season. Even the Sheeple know that many retailers will drop prices JUST before Christmas; or they will wait until after the New Year to buy cheap during the “After Kawanza Sales Event”.

        If there is a 20% drop in seasonal sales after the holiday season is over, THEN there is a problem. Any predictions of the death of the consumer before then will be premature.

        Just saying, it ain’t over til its over. Until then I will be partying like a Rock Star at the Tempe AZ New Year’s Eve Block Party. 🙂

        • KY Mom

          Many stores offered large discounts starting in mid November. I saw a number of store ads described as ‘pre-black Friday’ specials’.

          I believe many retailors were concerned that sales would be lower this Christmas.

          • Anonymous

            What an ingenious conclusion.

            • Peterson

              Her badass teaching skills at work there…

              • NorthGeorgiaIdiotsCousin

                Breaveheart, hey cuz, looky who we’ve got over here harassing KY Mom again. Theirs just no way around it cuz, your gonna have to kick Peterson’s ass.

              • braveheart

                Peterson troll has returned. Now back off from KY Mom before something happens to you. MOLON LABE braveheart

        • buttcrackofdoom

          i hear predictions of mass retailers going out of business after jan 1…been hearing it for 3 years now and i betcha obamadontcare will tip them over the edge to finally make it happen this year…don’t hold those giftcards too long!

        • Them Guys

          I like to watch BET Talmudvision when they show the Kawanza Negroe Swartzas all together and singing “I’m Dreaming of a WHITE Christmass”!

          I wonder if that means there is still some Hope for amerikwans….

          • Kwamee

            Them Guys: No man, you got it all wrong, it’s “I’m dreaming of more white women for Christmas”. And them some more for Kwanza.

        • John W.

          Obamacare and all the other new taxes will just about finish off the consumer. What a stupid idea in the first place, a consumer economy.

      • Old Gringo

        0311: You’re spot on. It’s “the death of a thousand cuts”. PREP people. As if your life depended on it.
        Because IT DOES.

      • BigB


        If you are referring to people claiming that this is the year when the SHTF then you are only being fooled by the unbelievable crazy new ways and means that the government(s) have come up with to cover up and perpetuate the current status of our financial condition.

        I will be the first to admit that every year I say this will be the year when the sheer weight of the system collapse’s on it self. But every year they come up with some thing different to postpone the inevitable. But I think they have run out of rope at this point.

        As the man said “I’m saying to everybody out there, If you don’t have your money in your pocket it’s not yours.” And with that I caution all of you that the money you have in your pocket is going to be worth less than it is today. Tangible asset’s even if part of it is in PM’s (which I don’t like)is what you need.


        • Arby

          How about the new PM….Lead???

          • Nimrod Hunter

            I used to joke about “lead bullion bars”. Doesn’t seem so far from the truth now.

          • buttcrackofdoom

            don’t forget the “lead delivery systems”!

        • Hey You

          Actually, my time prediction a couple of years ago, based upon time line extrapolation, was for a break-up to start in mid-2016. I see no reason to change that timing. Sure, those who have power remaining will put-off any break up (or break down) of the federal system as long as they can. That’s why my 2016 time remains on track, all things considered.

        • John W.

          Gild took a massive hit today. The wise guys are driving the price down so they can buy more of it as the weak sisters sell.

      • tak583

        1. How many canaries were killed in the making of this blog
        2. Do they taste like chicken?

        • Walt Kowalski

          Yes….I am highly disturbed about the fate of the canaries in that picture.

          Were any animals harmed in the production of this article?

          Inquiring minds want to know.

          • Walt Kowalski

            I hope people understand that I’m trying to inject a little humor into this topic.

            • Brane Frees

              You do realize that some people here consider humor injections to be potentially lethal?

              • Billy Idol

                It’s OK. I’m a licensed mime.

        • JayJay

          Oh, off topic big time–did you know you can cook a fish over an open fire in aluminum foil and not scale it??
          Wrap it in foil with butter and lemon on its side.
          Wrap that in foil, let flame recede and lay it down. Allow about 6 minutes on each side.
          Looked great.

          • Warchild

            Rather skin em,@ least blues and stripers.

        • Kulafarmer

          Kinda a cross between bald eagle and california condor, or spotted owl!

          • SWFL

            Much milder and lighter than manatee.

            • BigB

              Mama used to make the best free range dolphin. mmm – mmmm

              Daddy always made us carry lab fed chimp jerky when we went camping.

              I read a book the other day that advocated raising guinea pigs as a food source. wtf?


              • ENFP

                They do raise guinea pigs for food in South America

                • BigB

                  lol. You wouldn’t think there would be much meat on a guinea pig. Kind of like why I never hunt doves, not much there. However on the sick side of life a good pair of guinea pig fur gloves could have multiple uses. NOT!


          • mountain man 6-1

            @ K.farmer……That reminds me of a Joke ..This guy was off in the wilderness ,then he got lost. He walked around the woods and noticed there was a lot of Spotted Owls sitting in nearby tree’s .(which is an endangered specie)Anyway ,he killed him four or five of them and was cooking them on the fire when a Game Warden walked up ! Anyway, when the guy went to court ,the Judge said ,”Why did you kill all those endangered owls and EAT THEM !?? ” So the guy said “Well ,I was lost and starving to death ,so I ate them “!! The judge said “Well I can understand that ,so you’re free to go !!” When the guy was walking out of the courtroom , the judge hollered “Hey! By the way , what doe’s spotted owl taste like ?? The guy said ” Taste like BALD EAGLE !!”…

        • Peterson


          • BigB

            KFC? Nope KFGP (guinea pig)


            • Canada Canuk

              @Big B…Happy New Year to you and yours…..wondering about JOG, have you heard anything from him?? concern for sure. Stay safe, CC.

              • Gunner

                I hope is isn’t frozen to a tree.
                Quite a climate change in anybody’s book.

          • braveheart

            No, Peterson, in your case it’s SMF.

      • GV

        It’s been happening for us for several years now… but the worst is definitely still to come. Having personal or business income down is NOTHING compared to the economic collapse coming.

        Hang on to your arses! I believe 2014 is the year.


      • possee

        Not to be concerned about the markets…Helicopter Ben’s tutelage Yellin will kick in QE once again so all the fiat boys and girls will make even more on the stocks..


        the rest of what’s left of this nation will continue the decline..

        a slow descent into the abyss.


        • Anonymous


          +1 to ya.

          The slow descent into the abyss, is the worst case episode, imo!

          ..see pot..stove..water..and frog, for details.

      • wormdirt

        If you can ask ‘every year is the year’ with sarcasm then consider yourself fortunate. For millions of Americans, this year WAS the year that the SHTF. Job losses. Loss of health coverage. Loss of unemployment benefits. Many of you may be busily searching for some major disaster that would flush the US or the entire world down the crapper, but that’s not how it will probably be. Consider a mound of dirt in the desert that is suddenly caught up in a flash flood. Now imagine that all those grains of dirt represent a person. When the flood comes sweeping thru, the majority may not notice it at first. But the ones barely clinging on do as they are swept downstream. Now as the flood continues, more and more are swept away while the others begin to take notice. Eventually more and more in greater quantities disappear in the maelstrom until finally nothing is left but a level patch of watery mud. THAT is how the SHTF. Just this month almost a million people lost their long term unemployment benefits. Now I know that there were probably many who were ‘milking the clock’, but I also know there were hundreds of thousands of others who were barely making their rent, their utilities, paying for groceries, etc. For them, SHTF is here and now. The same will occur for millions more this year. So to ask, “is this finally going to be the year” just shows how you are wandering around with blinders on. It’s happening NOW!

        • DG-Kernersville


          Thank you. My thoughts, stated very nicely by you. For me, SHTF in 2011, w/ no light in the tunnel.

        • NoRegretVet

          For: Wormdirt

          What he said !!!


        • buttcrackofdoom

          damn wormdirt, you got MAD writing skills! thanks for saying it so eloquently!

        • lonelonmum

          Wormdirt – that’s how they are doing it, one family at a time. My friend & I were talking yesterday about how the growth of foodbanks in the UK has been exponential this past year.

          If you aren’t on the coat tails of SHTF yet, you will be at some point.

      • slingshot


        Been in this game for a long time and as with others my age, with the wisdom to understand that something is wrong, we hope to find closure. A closure of all the lies told to us over years and with their deception unveiled, quick and decisive justice.
        It is not about predicting a precise event and time but about stopping evil that portrays itself as benevolent while opaquely destroying the means of our very existence and the joys of life.
        As others have stated, events seem to be more frequent and have more influence in the world. I have heard it called the “Quickening”. It will grow until even the POWERS That Be, lose control and we will awake one day and it will finally be here. That is, “Our Predictions”.

      • Frank

        Americans are so lazy and stupid. Always wanting to know exactly when things will happen. How much Fed money printing can they do? The same as Mugabe did here in Zimbabwe. When reporters asked him why he was printing so much money, his answer was “because the people need it, so I print it.” Now, there’s a genius for ya, mates! When the German workers who printed the paper money left the country on the same plane one night, that was it. They had just printed a series of million dollar bills (one bill equaling 1 million Zimbabwe dollars). It didn’t take a genius to know the jig was soon up. They didn’t know when the currency would collapse, but they made a safe bet that they didn’t want to be around when the currency defaulted because the idiot Mugabe would have probably blamed them (for what Mugabe did). The same thing’s happening in Venezuela right now.

        I’m not going to fast for your Americans am I? You probably never heard of these countries but I can assure you of one thing, prolific money printing to infinity is never sustainable in world history. Oh yeh, you Americans don’t know history either, I forgot. If you could print money forever then that would solve everything, wouldn’t it? Idiot Americans, you’re going to get Mugabe’d. The key is the Saudi’s for you yanks. They’re really pissed you didn’t bomb Iran for them. Say goodbye to the petrodollar which is the last pin holding this mess together. I almost feel sorry for you.

        • Sue

          I agree except for the part that Americans are all the same.

          • Dick

            Sue you can go f@&$ yourself too. You fat lazy b$&ch.

            • braveheart

              Dick, back off from Sue and go f#$% yourself, dickhead. You sound like Frank.

          • Them Guys

            FRANK: Hey whos the real idiot? heres a FYI on zimbabwee $$$ VS US dollars…Zimbawbwee like wiemer germany, neither is nor ever were the Worlds reserve standard for money. That tends to make a difference.

            Also you call americans idiots etc..Are You a white guy Frank? Cause if yes you are a whitey, then You are the biggest fool idiot for remaining In Africa!…Perhaps You should study african History for the recent past and learn that whites are and have been systematically being Genocided by african Jungle bunnies aka Black savage animalistic Sub-Humans.

            So I can’t think of a worse fool idiot than a white person who remains in africa at this time frame of history. I read many websites articles the past couple yrs that all stated them wild savage beast apelike negroes have been claiming for some time now that as soon as their Messiahboy Mandella dies them savages plans are to finally finish off every last Whitey in africa.

            Last I heard Mandella Bit the dust last week…Hes likely now in Hell with his zionist handlers daddy Satan, and if those articles were factual? Then I would rekon that soon, very soon africa is going to be Hell On earth for any whitey folks still there….So whos the real fool idiot Frank?

            And if I recall it correctly wasn’t it stupid whites in africa that followed in former French Whites in Hati’s footsteps, and actually Voted to hand over political power to african Savage negroes?….Ever study Hati’s past history Frank?….Yep french whites in Hati voted to allow savage black canibals to Vote to prove they werent no racists!…Then black hatians voted blacks into political positions of power, then after hati became a majortiy Black political power…Black savages again voted….To Okay the mass murders of every single whitey on the island!….Then in typical Detroit Monky savage ways…After mass murdering all whites, the savages pillaged, stole, looted and destroyed all that used to be white owned…Then as usual with savage blacks, they Burned it all down!

            Hati’s never recovered since 1800’s due to that liberal feely fuzzy let em vote too attitude eh…And whites in africa are ounumbered by what? 90+% blacks vs 10 or less% whites now?…Yeah it takes a genius to be a whitey in africa today…Or a Real Idiot!

            • mountain man 6-1

              @ Frank,…..I hope you wake up and find Diane FrankinStein in yer BED ,Butt NAKED !!….And I wouldn’t wish THAT on ANYBODY !!…….mm

              • Billy Idol

                MM, THAT was a mental image I didn’t need!

          • John W.

            Yeah some are really stupid not just a little stupid. The citizens of this once great country are the most worthless bunch of morons in history. They had the best country and system in the history of the world, pissed it away and then elected a communist dictator not once but twice to make sure the destruction was done right. They are going to get just what they deserve.

        • anonymous

          Frank, go f#$% yourself!

        • Dick

          Oh did you forget Frank…..when the U.S. goes down so goes the world. You’re just as fu@&ed. Probably more!

          Too for to in your rant you moron. I’ ll let you figure that one a$$ wipe.

        • Mountain Trekker

          Yes Frank you was going to fast for this American. Your hand writing was running together and I couldn’t read what countries you was writing about. Could you please repost your comment and go a little slower, so your brain can keep up with your writing. Thanks Trekker Out.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          i see mostly truth in what frank says, but some of you missed the point that he’s talking to the 95% of americans that really are the way he describes US….but he’s not talking to most that read SHTFplan(the 1%, or 3% or 5%…we are growing in size, the awake ones). do yourselves a favor and reread what he wrote with that in mind….i think you will come away with a different interpretation. am i right frank? read what rodster says a few posts down from here….he says it a lot better than frank, but i got a feeling frank’s gonna agree with rod’s post.

        • HD

          I’ll admit Frank brings his message pretty bluntly. There’s no need for name calling, all our western democracies are in this mess together (not to mention Japan and perhaps to a lesser extent China), but he’s certainly making the valid point that all this money printing will only lead to an inflationary disaster (possibly after a deflationary prelude)ánd the complete debasement of the petrodollar. Most Americans will only realise what losing the privilege of a reserve currency really means when it is far too late. And believe me, it will come as a very nasty shock.

          And no, things over here (Europe) are nót better, in some regards even worse (banks), with the possible exception that our German friends are squirmish about outright money printing, given their Weimar experience, which might prove to be a bonus in the future.

          Bottom line, when a guy living in Zimbabwe has something to say about monetary policies, I tend to listen very closely.

        • braveheart

          Frank, if you’re referring to the US government, OK< I can agree with your post. But not all Americans are alike. If you're referring to the American people, then go f#$% yourself, you bloody British limey!

          • HD

            I’m sorry, Braveheart, I don’t agree, I have become very cynical about the attitude of the majority of most of my compatriots – Belgians in my case – and I’m pretty sure things aren’t any better in America. You guys even cornered the term “sheeple” to expose the problem. Most people don’t want to read between the lines or think things through for themselves.

            So yes, most people – be they American or European or whatever – have become quite literally “stupid”, not because of genetic shortcomings, but because they do not want to face up to the true state of affairs in the world.

            I have tried many times to convince people in my own surroundings of the problems and challenges ahead and like most of you, 99 % of the time people just stick their fingers in their ears, singing “la la la, guess what, doctor Doom, I can’t hear you”. Well, given all the bubbles, money printing, rising sovereign debts and toxic balance sheets, I call that attitude plain stupid.

            Tragically, the only people who “get it”, are those who are already experiencing the consequences of this monetary and financial madness. For instance, I don’t think you have to go and convince the Greek of how bad things have become. They know that now. Only a bit too late, I’m afraid.

            • NONYMOUS5

              HD, I think its a strength-weakness of humans. No need to prepare for the uncertain future. Humans are beyond imagination at adaptation; so, don’t have to prepare that much.

              Another way of thinking about is: the sheeple are working hard to master adaptation to the current system; ergo, they believe the current system will succeed.

        • Anonymous

          @ Frank. All the economic superpowers are in a mess. When you foreiners point out in a lusty glee, how we are going down, you are correct. Problem is that the Whole world is going with Us. Your country’s collapse will be worse than the USA because we are food producers and exporters. Good luck, as you are looking at a empty dinner plate. I sincerely feel sorry for you.

          • Hunter

            Actually, considering Frank’s current location..I think he should be concerned that he DOESN’T become a menu selection..when the natives get hungry.

            ..its rumored they have an affinity for…roast “long-pig”, over there!

        • maudy fricket

          Hey, Frank, what is Umtali called these days? Can’t find it on a map.

        • 1940just me

          I’m an American and a Vet and have to agree with Frank
          for the most part 60% of the Americans are lazy and want the other 40% to take care of them, even the people who did work and went on unemployment don’t want to take a job unless it was doing the same thing they were doing, at the same pay scale. many could have been working a couple yrs ago if they really wanted to. Just think about what it’s going to be like next yr when the other 5 mil run out of UE. Congress knows that we’re broke, none except Ron Paul ever wanted to talk about it and when he did, even FOX cut him off.
          the printing presses are going around the clock to keep the Ponzi scheme going and keep the masses thinking things are great.

      • Rodster

        The reason every year IS the year is because the entire global financial systems rigged from the US to China and ALL parts in between. The central planners and central banksters are just doing what banisters and cheaters do. They lie, cheat and steal some more.

        And you have the US Govt in collusion with the banisters and “Presstitutes” covering up for the Govt.

        So what you are dealing here is an abnormal financial system that is being held together with glue and duct tape, long enough for someone else to take over i.e. Bernanke to Yellen.

        So when you have crooks and bandits in charge or better yet the inmates running the asylum. Would you want to guess when it all goes poof? These guys like Celente are doing the best they can with the data they have but even they admit it’s all a guessing game because of the central planners and bankers in charge.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          nailed it again rod! you guys better pay attention to him….a LOT of us KNOW what’s about to happen, but have trouble putting it on paper…..rod don’t HAVE that problem!

      • GDawg

        0311, aka 03 walk-a lot, LOL, Semper Fi, former 0331. Yep, I’m gittin to the point kinda wish something would go head and happen. The fix is beyond the ballot box. Heck, probly aint no fix. Semper Fi.

      • Brane Frees

        Gerald Celente…..

        Just the mention of that guy’s name reminds me of the old saying, “Even a broken clock is right twice a day”.

        If you keep predicting something year after year after year, and it FINALLY happens, then I guess you get to smugly say, “I told you so”, like you were some sort of prophet or something.

        However, having said all that… yeah, it’s gonna hit the fan.


        • buttcrackofdoom

          i like to think gerald and me will have the last laugh, but, AINT NOBODY GOING TO BE LAUGHING!

        • Brane Frees

          Well blow me down – thumbs down.

          Did I step on somebody’s hero?


          • Anonymous

            @ Brane. Sometimes preppers are like sheeple, just a different herdsman. They follow a few popular doom salesman and can see no wrong in them. sort of like the negroes and jesse jackson.

          • PO'd Patriot

            There BF I upped it on upside for you. I get a laugh out of GC only because he’s so animated. Cut off his hands and he couldn’t say a thing.

            • Brane Frees

              “Cut off his hands and he couldn’t say a thing.”

              New Yorker, is he? 🙂

              All the butthurt folks here who don’t like my assessment of him make me smile. I’ll survive the heartbreak of thumbs down being cruelly cast in my direction.

              Say…. how about I make a startling prediction:

              California is going to have a massive earthquake and tidal wave that will wipe out millions of people in 2014.

              Well, if it doesn’t happen in 2014, then for sure in 2015.

              Uh… and if it doesn’t happen in 2015, then for sure in 2016.

              And just in case not 2016…etc., etc.

              You know it’s going to happen eventually. It’s a geologic certainty.

              There. I just did my Gerald Celente impression.

              Hey – maybe I can be a guru with bunches of loyal groupies now?

              Hot doggies!


      • Adam

        The best Christian website I have found that explains what’s going on is

        • Them Guys

          Is that the Herbert Armstrong Cultists “Trumpet” by any chance? Only Now with the new Cult Leader gerald flurry?

          if so, its well worth the time to see what falsehoods are really taught by their cult of armstrongers.

          Kinda like a mixture of new ager+mormon+christian+ Massive Doses of Judiazering, where members can Learn how to become “Little gods” and in near future be able to copy god by creating Life same as on earth creations, only do so on Other distant Planets to “Finish” the “work” God was Unable to acomplish!!!(as If!)

          Oh and Mr armstrong a few yrs prior to his death began to claim He was the REAL Prophet Elijah, reborn In the Flesh!

          Thats why sunday mornings on his TV show Gerald Flurry keeps repeating that herbert armstrong was that prophet spoken of that Must restore ALL things before jesus Christ can ever return!(Jesus himself said john the baptist Fullfilled that old prophecy of a return of elijah the prophet, I guess armstrong and his cultists never Read that part eh).

          I guess in flurrys cultic mind not only is armstrong really elijah in the flesh, but also more important than Christ since Christ had to await armstrong/elijahs “works” before Christ can do anything.

          It it a real cult? Watch one TV show episode then asnwer that!….PS if thats Not the same cult of armstrongers…Then sorry for my mistake.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        hell 0311, we aint even done singin’ the national anthem in THIS muhfugguh! have you heard it’s a doubleheader? with a WHOLE bunch of NEW RULES!!! there’s a scene in terminator 4 where young john carter says to his soon-to-be girlfriend”it won’t last” or sumthin’ like that(it’s been a while) but when i saw that scene i knew it would be shit hitting the fan, just like in real life, SOON. better be preppin’ like a MO-FO!

      • 1940just me

        you should have down loaded last yrs stories, you could have the years head lines read in advance.

        • 1940just me

          read this yrs headlines in advance

      • Lake Monster

        2013 is the year we have seen more Americans on SNAP and other assistance, than any other year. Something is about to give, and just wait until more cuts come. With more cuts, people can afford less. And just wait until the employer mandate kicks in. This is all big sh#$ storm in the making.

      • Kunta

        We have been in a silent depression for somewhere close to 13 years. That is why it has been happening to people all along. That year will be 2014 and it will be much worse than anything seen so far. Hold on, it get roller coaster ish from here.

      • 1940just me

        Stock Market Warning Signs: Record $423.7 Billion of Debt Is Now Invested in the Market

        By Blake Bos | More Articles | Save For Later
        January 1, 2014 | Comments (0)

        The New York Stock Exchange recently updated its stock market margin-debt data, showing that Main Street and Wall Street are continuing to dump billions in borrowed dollars into the stock market.

        Source: NYSE.

        Borrowed money in the stock market, known as “margin debt,” hit an all-time high of $423.7 billion in November. This puts margin debt, adjusted for inflation, 4.6% below levels seen during the housing bubble and above highs set during the dot-com bubble.

        Margin debt is accrued when someone takes out a loan and invests that money into the stock market. Due to historically low interest rates, the appeal of margin debt is much greater today than in previous bull markets. Based on the attractiveness of low-interest debt, it’s likely that margin debt could surpass the adjusted highs set during the housing bubble.

      • Anonymous

        Yes there is most certainly going to be a collapse!
        The God of Abraham ,Isaac,and Jacob (JEHOVAH) by means of his glorified son warrior King Jesus Christ, will soon collapse the entire web of illicit, corrupt human rulership, which is under the control of Satan the devil.
        Good riddance to all human rulers who cling to power over the people and seek only to enrich themselves at the expense of the downtrodden. Goodbye political rulers of the earth and the imbecile populace that prefer the antics of these washed up has beens.
        Jehovah God reigns sovereign over these grasshoppers soon to be trodden down in the wine press of his anger!
        Repent!! Gods’ Kingdom is mans only hope. Sue for peace by reading his word daily and praying for guidance and stop looking to human rulers of this world as if they could actually do something!!!!

    2. Sierra Dave

      “We’re on an express elevator to hell, going down!”

      Oh wait. I used that last article. Whatever. Still applies.

      • thefulishbastid

        “That’s it man! Game over! Game over!”

        • BadAmerican

          Aliens reference………cool.


        • Nimrod Hunter

          Bill Paxton. “Aliens”. Love it.

          • Night breaker

            we’re all going to die!!!!

            Bill Paxton Aliens II

            Semper Fi 8541

        • Shooter

          Why don’t you put her in charge man?

          • TheGuy

            That exact sound byte. That very one. Bill Paxton and everything…

            As Hillary Clinton’s campaign ad.


      • TheGuy

        Well that’s just great, man. That’s just really fucking great! NOW what are we supposed to do?! We’re in some real pretty shit now!

        • lastmanstanding

          Big Lebowski??? Bridges and Goodman.

    3. Ordinary Average Guy

      Good thing I’m not invested there…although I’d have taken the increase over the past few years …even if it was smoke and mirrors.

    4. Anonymous

      All time highs baby!

      It’s going up — forever! To the moon!

      Great depression? Great Recession?

      It’s different this time!

      Sell your preps now and buy paper.

      • jerrytbg

        Ah yes….
        Another cottage market in the making, used preps…

        Where do I sign up and get in on the bottom floor… 🙂

      • Jim Bob

        Happy days are here again. Nuthin’ but blue skies, from now on, the only thing needed to complete the dream is some grainy looking black and white footage of Obama saying ” The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!”. Or maybe me…..

        • buttcrackofdoom

          PARTY LIKE IT’S 1941!

    5. CrackerJack

      Grab onto your seats boys and girls, we are in for a bumpy ride.

      • sixpack

        I don’t plan on taking it sitting down…

      • Billy Idol

        All Aboarrrrrrrrrrd! HA! HA! HA! HA!

    6. Joseph James

      Funny…watched three diff tv news channels all barking holiday sales were up by 8% over last year….

    7. Red Leader

      Hard tangible assets are the key. If you can’t hold it, you don’t own it.

    8. Paranoid

      I for one am a lot more prepped than 7 years ago. Bring it on

    9. maudy fricket

      Maudy can’t wait. The old bitch is going into the ghetto and kick in some doors. She gonna put some 230 grain +Ps in some dudes forehead for New Years fun. Prozac ran out 2 days ago. Been pullin rats out of my button holes all day. 2 more swigs of Jack, a big belch and a hardy Hi Ho Silver away! Damn. I should write childrens novels.

      • RickInOregon

        maudy, great post, the tears of laughter are good tears.

      • tak583


        • PO'd Patriot


      • Nimrod Hunter

        Hah! Yeah, it’s like, “Maudy Fricket, authoress of “One Clip, Two Clip, Switchblade, Nightshade”!

        • Them Guys

          After Maudys done i can Just hear what will be said on MSM tv about it all!…FOX TV Hannity show..”Its Bad folks! Really evil…They are makeing Human Soap bars out of dead ghetto africans!”

          CNN= Wolf Blitzer report..”Oh my my my Folks! This Just in! seems They are makeing Lamp Shades from Dead ghetto africans skin!”

          MSNBC: The DYKE show report with that Manly bitch “Okay folks this just In! Seems they are useing shaved off afro hairs as Vokswagen Car Seat filler material!”

          Oh the Humanitys! Oopps! that goes with that Zeplin crash and burn event…..

      • What? in MN

        Only two days off Prozac Maudy? Wow. After two weeks, everything is going to be bright pastel colored and out to get you. I’ll get my bullet-proof vest and riot helmet on now. Oh, wait, don’t have any. I guess I’ll just stay home. 🙁

      • JayJay

        Ran out of Prozac? Latest tests say just drink the water–it’s full of chemicals and drugs.

      • Warchild

        Well,at least you chose Jack!I would have to add either fungus or tiny bits of paper to head that route,not saying aint happening,just saving the best till last!

      • TheGuy

        One does not simply “stop” Prozac…

        Egads… you must really be in the hurt.

        Saint John’s Wort. Trader Joes. It’s the same shit. Sadly… it’s less potent but it’s better than nothing. I’ve tried it, it works. I caution you not to exceed three a day, and start at one for a few days to see what happens.

        Every 4-6 months your body will saturate with it, and it will become ineffective. Go off it for a month or two, start over.

        Oh and 5HTP. That will amp it up some. One before bedtime. Puts you to sleep too.

        DO NOT!!!! Mix this with Prozac. EVER!!! You will go into serotonin overdose and go REALLY super anxious-manic. It’s not pretty at all.

        • maudy fricket

          Just kidding. I passed out, but luckily I fell on my stun gun and zapped myself sober. I hate when that happens.

          • JohnFornaro

            Maudy Fricket. That’s funny. You should try this drink I created: Jack/n/Zak. A shot of Jack Daniels, with a crushed Prozac pill. Or two. I’m afraid to try it. Why doncha mix one up and let us know how it is?

        • buttcrackofdoom

          it’s been said that 10% of americans are on mood-altering drugs….just IMAGINE if they can’t GET those drugs when the SHTF! FREAKOUT will be the result, as if we didn’t have enough to worry about…it’s gonna be EPIC!

        • old geezer

          I know what you mean about mixing drugs. I once mixed rogaine with Viagra, grew plenty of new hair, but it all stood on end!

          • buttcrackofdoom

            the one time i took viagra, it got stuck in my throat and i woke up with a STIFF NECK!

      • NoRegretVet

        For Maudy Fricket…

        You sick twisted #*&^$….NO…wait a minute….You have the attributes I love in a person !!!

        Well said….well written….Keep em comin !!!

        I am still LMAO !!!

    10. braveheart

      I know I’ve said this many times before but it bears repeating. Stop the world. Get your money out of the bank. Cash in those 401Ks, IRAs, what have you. start buying storable food, water, water storage and purification items, heavy-duty clothing, extra underwear, socks, insulated waterproof boots, medical supplies, camping equipment, guns, ammo, tools, etc., things you need to help you survive what’s coming down the pipe. To me, those are the only things worth buying anymore. If you have to, pawn any useless electronics you have and spend that money on preps. I believe 2014 will be THE year for the balloon to go up. 1.3 million people just got booted off unemployment with more to come later in 2014. Home invasions, robbery, carjackings, etc. will definitely go up now. I’ve already started ‘packing heat’ in the truck with me everywhere I go. Braveheart is NOT going to be carjacked. When a canary dies on Wall St. instead of in the coal mine, everybody had better sit up and take notice. My prepping is still ongoing and everyone else should continue with theirs as well. Keep prepping, my friends. the more you can get, the better your chances of survival. braveheart

      • Anonymous

        Your advice in regard to financial assets is the same advice as would be given by a bolshevik trying to destabilize the existing government in order to establish communist tyranny.

        Aren’t you also the guy who can’t get any credit and has to pay cash for everything?

        • braveheart


          • buttcrackofdoom

            calm down now BH, sounds like you fergot tuh take that pro-zac we was jest talkin’ ’bout…LOL

            • braveheart

              buttcrack, I don’t need Prozac or any FDA-approved poisons in my system and will never take any under any circumstances, period. I’ve already recovered from it, thank you for the concern all the same. braveheart

          • Peterson

            You JUST started packing a gun around with you? You are really going all out like its KFC 2014, aren’t ya dude?

            • braveheart

              Peterson, I don’t know what part of the country you live in or even what fantasy world you’ve been in, but things are steadily getting worse out here. I’ve been a crime victim before and won’t be a victim again. when you play you gotta pay. braveheart

          • John W.

            Why is it you cannot get credit? Even illegal aliens and dead people get credit. WTF is your problem? Who wants to carry wads of cash around? Ever try renting a car without a credit card? Not easy.

            • braveheart

              John W., back in the 90s when I was interested in credit to get something, the reasons varied from one creditor to the next. Some of them told me my income level was too low and others told me I should’ve gotten like a credit card or an account at a department store, built up a good credit history with those first before trying to get a car financed. The last time I filled out a credit application was in August 2001, just a month before 911. When that one was rejected, I said ‘to hell with it’ and gave up on credit altogether. All of this was back in the 90s when we had a good economy. Every car I’ve ever owned was bought from an individual and paid for with cash. Not one dealer anywhere would put me into a car. At the time of my last application being rejected, I was getting some pressure from my company to get away from what they called outdated technology concerning the cars I buy. it even led to a heated argument between me and a senior manager. To break the impasse, the CEO offered me a company vehicle with insurance, maintenance, and fuel paid for by the company, so I accepted it. it’s worked out great since then and I can’t complain. I don’t give a shit about credit anymore. In this economy, I’m better off avoiding it. Besides, there has always been some discrimination in the financial system, never mind what anyone says. I was actually better off having all those credit apps rejected. So every cloud has a silver lining after all. braveheart

              • buttcrackofdoom

                i remember going to sears back in 1979 and was asked if i wanted a set of steak knives for filling out an app for credit card. what the heck, i thought, i’m a new mechanic and i need tools often. so why not get the card and then if i relly needed a new tool(i often did) i could buy it even if i didn’t have the money. up to that point everything i owned was paid for. i had no collections/credit issues. but then sears did a very foolish thing, they DENIED me! 25 year old veteran, and they thought i wasn’t good enough to loan me money! i NEVER FORGOT IT! i still bought tools once in a while. but they would have sold me MUCH more if i had the card. over the years i have loaned to pretty much anyone that asked for money. i most always got it back, but then a funny thing happened. people didn’t have money anymore! after the housing bubble popped in 05 i often encountered people that just plain COULDN’T pay it back, even when i KNEW they wanted to. america(ns) leveraged themselves to the max, and then kablooey! they just didn’t have enough anymore. credit WRECKED america. i’ve seen it many times in my business. most EVERY aspect of our lives depends on credit, and we’ve come to the end of the road. with that easy money came inflation…too many dollars chasing to few goods. they probably did you a FAVOR by denying you.

        • Mike Prince

          Anonymous : Don’t have the guts to post your name.

      • NC joe

        Braveheart is NOT going to be carjacked

        Bullshit. One round through the driver’s window and you are done. But, keep living in your deluded world, one less fool to be eliminated when SHTF.

        • What? in MN

          Hey Braveheart, NC Joe seems to want you dead. I didn’t know he could tell us the future. Of course, even a broken clock is right twice a day. Today though, I think his hamster has the run of the tunnel.

          • braveheart

            What? in MN, this is the same ncjoe who has come on here previously and said none of us deserve to live. He was referring to all of us, not just me. Why he singles me out this time I don’t know. I doubt if he really comes to me to try anything, but I don’t take kindly to what he posted or even that anonymous troll calling me a Bolshevik/commie POS. He and ncjoe are the true POS’s. braveheart

            • Facebook Page

              Its because he’s sweet on you.

              • jerrytbg

                ((( in my best Barry White )))

                It’s a love fest…can you feel the love…

          • braveheart

            What? in MN, BTW, I’ll trust that broken clock before I trust ncjoe. braveheart

        • braveheart


          • Buck

            Can’ we all just get along? Man,all the fighting …and I thought my teenagers were bad.

            • Facebook Page

              You have not seen anything yet. Coco wars that was down and dirty war. And I feel it. I smell the napalm be cook. It will be glorious.

          • NoRegretVet

            For Braveheart…..

            Don’t let this POS get to you …..those kind of people are the folks that sit in their Mommies basement…nutless and gutless…going on line to attempt to irritate folks….eating a never ending supply of ” Little Orbit ” donuts….scratching their asses and sniffing their fingers !!!

            The old expression ” Eat Shit & Die !!! ” comes to mind when I read their post in an attempt to get under your skin….let it go Man….there are more of “US” than there are of them !!!

        • Sgt. Dale

          One day you will come up with a good idea. All I have ever seen you do is try and find something wrong with someone else.
          If you can’t say something good, don’t say nothing at all.
          Happy New Year.

          • braveheart

            Good morning, Sarge. I have to confess ncjoe blew my mind yesterday singling me out. I guess he finally got tired of me jumping on him, but what the hell does he expect when he comes on here with his BS? I know everyone gets tired of it. I doubt if he comes looking for me to do anything stupid, but I’ll be on the lookout anyway. Can’t afford to let my guard down for 1 minute these days. MOLON LABE braveheart

        • PO'd Patriot

          NC joeblow. Your number on the pingpong ball is coming up too. Don’t fear the reaper muver phucker.

      • Northern Reb

        I could not agree more. GET READY!!!!
        How many times do we have to be told. Somethings coming. It does not fell right out there right now,and a lot of people know something is happening but for some reason they are not acting ON THERE GUT FEELINGS.
        Getting preppered is like having insurance, home, car, health. You sure don’t want to use it but if you need it is there for you.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

        • braveheart

          Northern Reb, I’ve had a similar feeling ever since Sandy Hook. I confess I was part of that rush in Dec. 2012 and added another member to my ‘ventilation team’ with extra mags and ammo of course. I already have reports of a slight increase in home invasions in my area and I know damned well it’s only going to get worse. braveheart

          • Northern Reb

            Stay safe my friend. Were I live the same reports, stealinhg small pawn shop type items so far. Keep HER locked and loaded and ready to rock in roll ONLY IF YOU OR YOUR LOVED ONES ARE IN DIRE DANGER. If not in dire danger wing’m Ha,Ha,Ha. Not really let the law take care of them.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

          • CWinOR

            @braveheart- the newest trick I’m about to add to my “ventilation team” is a jacket swaging press for .223 and .308…as well as the gear to make tungsten carbide cores to go in them little jackets. Level III body armor? heheheh…WHATEVER!!! Also 12 ga. “buckshot”…except I’ll be substituting .25 tungsten carbide bearings for the lead. Hiding behind a riot shield, body armor or even ar500 steel won’t do any good! MWUAHAHAHAHA! Do I care who’s “listening”? Not one friggin bit. done caring- just bring it!

      • Nimrod Hunter

        I’m armed everywhere I go; even in Church.

        Note: If you keep IV stuff, you might want to get a few dozen 1000 ML saline bags. Dehydration from Cryptosporidium, V. cholerae, etc., those are a bitch. Especially for babies and old folks.
        Get 20 Ga. catheters or smaller.

        We have had a home invasion already. Too bad only my daughter was at home. A city cop within walking distance of my house had a home invasion in October.

        • Gunner

          Nimrod Hunter

          Braveheart will have his 12 gauge catheter
          called BERTHA, I’m sure of that.
          The ultimate troll control.

          • braveheart

            Gunner, that is correct and she’ll be loaded with 00 buckshot. You say ‘troll control’? Don’t give me any ideas; that could be hazardous to someone’s health, especially after I finished jumping on 2 trolls. I’m trying to get my blood pressure back down. I know today was Monday, but DAMN……

            • Sgt. Dale

              Hey there my friend. Happy New Year.
              NC is a turd with nothing good to say.
              I won’t be carjacked. If I don’t shoot them my wife will.
              Hells bells I carry all the time.
              If all goes well I will be traveling a lot in the next few weeks. If something happened I might have to fight my way back home.
              Thanks for all the info you gave me this year. Thanks to all of you on this site with your wisdom in 2013.

              • braveheart

                Sarge, just caught your post addressed to me. Happy New Year to you and yours as well. I think 2014 will be THE year. You’re most welcome for the info. Keep on coming back for more. MOLON LABE braveheart

          • JohnFornaro

            You can also fill a 12 gage shotgun cartridge with salt. Then it’s called an a-salt weapon. Sorry.

            • braveheart

              JF, thank you for that tip. you do mean rocksalt, don’t you? That with 00 buck should be a really nasty combination. braveheart

        • braveheart

          Nimrod Hunter, thank you for those tips, but I don’t have any IV stuff. On home invasions, they’re already starting to increase in my area. I have security doors on my place front and back plus bars in the windows. They still look for the easiest target. braveheart

          • buttcrackofdoom

            a warning shot center-mass should suffice, BH.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          yeah nimrod, we lived in a tough neighborhood when i was a kid too. hell, our church had a BOUNCER!

      • Warchild

        Warchild will not be carjacked either,of course,no one wants Warchilds rides,excepting the scoot!

      • HD

        Clearly, I’m with you on this, since I have been preparing for the past 3 or 4 years.

        But as far as I’m concerned, there is one serious downside to all this prepping: it feels as if I have put my life on hold these past few years, waiting for things to unravel. And yes, sometimes I regret that.

        • Warchild

          HD,as I say a lot”Live for today,prepare for tomorrow”.I agree there is no sense in readying for the future if our lives do not have some meaning and fun today.

          • braveheart

            Warchild and HD, I still get out and have fun myself on occasion. there is more to life than prepping for what’s coming later. I wouldn’t even prep if I thought my life can’t have any meaning or fun in it. braveheart

      • Scout

        Trends indeed Brave Heart.

        BTW, I just found out my Irish clan backed Brave Heart for real last night, I believe through the noble Robert Bruce.

        There’s more, but need to save stories for another day.

        Sorry for those on this board from the other side.

        Not really. 😉

        Happy New Year all.

        I think fall 2015 will be the time, but 2014 to be very volatile and of course increasingly dangerous…

        Great call Brave Heart.

        I hope I get deputized WTSHTF.

        • braveheart

          Scout, my ancestors came here from Stratford-on-Avon in west central England, the birthplace of William Shakespeare, with Captain John Smith and the first group of English settlers and that founded and built the Jamestown colony in 1607, 13 YEARS BEFORE THE BLOODY PILGRIMS CAME AND LANDED AT PLYMOUTH ROCK. Our country’s story started in VA, NOT MA, but that’s another story. I’ve never been proud of that English heritage, especially after researching the history of the British Royal Family and their history of oppression and terror against Scotsmen and Irishmen. Yes, I’m bloody ashamed to call myself of English descent knowing all of this. I hate every f#$%in drop of English blood in my veins but what can I do? Nothing. It’s something I have to always live with. I’ve always felt sympathy for the Scots and Irish. there was never any legitimate basis for what England did to those people. Now England is paying for it with their country being turned inside out by Muslims and other foreign groups culturally and politically. Looks like the chickens have come home to roost. Their own government allows it to happen so they brought all of this upon themselves. braveheart

    11. RICH99

      By the 2nd quarter of 2014 ……now that’s hysterical!!
      As long as they keep money pumping , the system keeps going PERIOD !!!
      They are brainwashing the children in school right now so if they hold off for 10ish years they will have an aged patriotic citizenry and a new generation of reprogrammed citizens who most likely will easily accept their agenda …..just my thoughts !!!!
      Again my 5-8 years back in 2011 is looking real good now !

      • BadAmerican


        … with your boobs……..Sir.



        • Anonymous

          Boobs you said boobs Where

          • Hunter

            A long, long time ago, Rich99 inferred he/she was female with huge, firm boobs..hence BA’s memory is sharp indeed!

            +1 to ya BA!!!

            • BadAmerican

              YAH !!

      • Jasmine

        EXACTLY, Celente strikes again. Just keep the link to this article and when June 30 passes with no problems bring the link back and ask everyone to reread Celente. By the way Gerald, hows your gold?????????

        • Warchild

          Mine is fine but bought at 400,also got in hand,not paper as originally.

      • Warchild

        Rich,am teaching a friends daughter how to use a bow while he teaches her basic firearms(BB gun @ moment),this along with other basic outdoor skills(she is 9),trust me,many parents out there working with their kids on positive skills and common sense thinking along with a more legit view of history.That along with information highway(net)which if broken breaks the connection also teaches kids to at least consider different options,I will not give up on the kids!

      • lonelonmum

        Rich99, the homeschool movement is snowballing. Not all those kids will be successfully indoctrinated, and the way things are going some will escape their ritalin script cos their poppas will be too skint to pay for it ; )

    12. G

      The bankers won’t take the fall this time around,the china japan conflict,the north and south korean conflict,the israel palestinian conflict,the iran nuclear conflict will cover for the bankers this time,the chess pieces are in place.

      • Jasmine

        I hope nothing interferes with NFL playoffs or the Super Bowl commercials. Or Dr. Phil.

    13. CelticNana

      I’m one of those people that didn’t contribute to the holiday shopping binge. Very selective this year, downsized everything because the dollars just aren’t going as far and food and rent come first. Went shopping at the local Sears, where tumbleweeds were blowing in the aisles and you could hear the Clint Eastwood music faintly in the background – a real ghost town. We had a nice Christmas, maybe made more so because we didn’t take part in the shopping hysteria. And even though it’s been said for several years now, hard and difficult times are coming – we’re just getting the first touch of it now. Keep prepping. Misneach, Fianna.

      • Nimrod Hunter

        We cooked for family and had some good wine. What more do you need? Remember when Charlie Brown got upset over his dog’s “commercialism” when Snoopy put lights on his dog-house? If only that was the extent of it today.

        Blwyddwyn newydd dda!

        • Warchild

          I had a great time visiting friends/family,as driving stayed sober yet still managed to pull off a good holiday,and when home,well,the beer was patiently waiting.I gave good gifts to friends kids,not junk and from my family Warchild will soon be getting a pretty good crossbow for Christmas!I have fishing gear/camping/good tools/a bow/other stuff but a crossbow was missing,never had one,soon I will!

          • buttcrackofdoom

            damn warchild, all i got was a sweater! i wanted a screamer or a moaner, but i got a sweater. oh well. i’ll take ‘er any way i can git ‘er these days!

    14. KY Mom

      Off Topic…

      Was Mysterious Attack on Calif. Power Station a ‘Dress Rehearsal’ for Much Larger Assault on U.S. Electrical Grid?

      “The intruder(s) then fired more than 100 rounds from what two officials described as a high-powered rifle at several transformers in the facility. Ten transformers were damaged in one area of the facility, and three transformer banks — or groups of transformers — were hit in another, according to a PG&E spokesman.

      Cooling oil then leaked from a transformer bank, causing the transformers to overheat and shut down. State regulators urged customers in the area to conserve energy over the following days, but there was no long-term damage reported at the facility and there were no major power outages. There were no injuries reported.”

      “There are ways that a very few number of actors with very rudimentary equipment could take down large portions of our grid.”

      • sixpack

        Well, if they ban rifles and hi-cap mags, those terrorists won’t be able to shoot as many transformers next time, right?

        If you said “yes”, you must be diane frankenstein…

        • buttcrackofdoom

          is it just me, or does finestine look like hillary before adding water?

          • 7 3/4 tinfoil hat

            must be toilet water

            • sixpack

              …used toilet water…

              • buttcrackofdoom

                she DOES put the CUNT in COUNTRY!

    15. oldfart

      2014? Maybe. . . Or maybe not. I don’t know and I doubt anyone else does either. One thing I DO know though: It IS going to happen someday and very few of us will be as prepared as we A) think we are or, B) need to be.
      Sure, we’re all ready to shoot the tatooed, toothless zombie running up the walkway from the street to our front door but what about the seven-year-old blond girl that lives three houses down? The one whose parents didn’t prepare. How are you going to treat her when all she wants is something to eat?
      That’s another little tid-bit I’ll have to file in the “I don’t know” drawer for now. I remember when her mom and dad brought her home from the hospital and took her on a ‘show and tell’ walk around the neighborhood. I remember her playing with my grandkids and knocking on my door at Halloween. I don’t think I can turn her down. And if I feed her everyone in her family will know and then their neighbors and then . . .
      I’m slated to turn 80 in April. I might not make it — I hope!

      • JustMe

        Don’t say you hope you don’t make it. Your desire not to witness the unthinkable is understandable. Help that child survive if you can, tell her parents to FO.

        • JayJay

          Which brings me to a present-day question??
          What the F**k is this good Samaritan crap about sending home from schools 3 days of food with each child in low-income brackets so they won’t starve, be deprived of nourishment the weekend?
          Is this stupid or what??
          Like do these idiots really think the low-life parent(s) isn’t gonna grab that bag as soon as they get off the bus and eat it themselves??

      • oldwhatshisname

        oldfart, When you help your neighbor and his child, you maintain some sense of humanity. Your integrity is more valuable than living alone with a bunch of freeze dried preps.

        • Hunter



      • Warchild

        7 year old child down the road,all she wants is something to eat?Sounds like the child at beginning of remake of Dawn Of The Dead,all she wanted was someone to eat!On a side note,will as always if survive the initial hits will take in to best of ability 2&4 legged orphans and do the best I can,including finding better homes!That said,really hope it is not the little girl from that Romero movie!

      • buttcrackofdoom

        good one oldfart….something we need to think about…and there aint no RIGHT answer…depends on the circumstances….and the parents. i KNOW my 2 year supply for my family of 6 might just turn into food for 50 for a week….and i just HOPE i’m ONE of ’em!

      • jerrytbg

        It’s what I’ve said many time…And what you describe is truly a dilemma, esp. if the parents use the child for tugging on your heart…
        Feeding the child is primary and easy to do…
        Turning away the adults may be difficult, but necessary…

        Right after small children, my soft spot is a pregnant woman…

        Short story,

        Saw a young pregnant woman go into a unit at a 24/7 storage facility. Her husband followed a few hrs later…
        He was looking for work.
        Turns out they lost their home, small apartment, after the company he worked for “downsized”…smart kid though and I felt confident he find other work and get back on his feet. But in the meantime they had needs…If it was just the guy I’d toss em’ a few bucks but his wife was huge and couldn’t get around very well…we traded tools for food and supplies, he wouldn’t take any charity. I was in the middle of a project and asked for some help where I needed an extra pair of hands. He’d help 10 mins here and there. I payed him by giving back his tools. They moved on and I haven’t seen them since.

        The point of the story…I guess there isn’t one if you don’t see it …

    16. thefulishbastid

      Guilty! Didn’t buy a single damn gift this year. It’s my fault, sorry.

      • tak583


      • GV

        Same here. Not one gift, not one card.


        • BadAmerican

          Bought all the family elderberry extract to help combat swine flu.

          Texas is ground zero. Hear that boys and girls, time to stock up.

          ….prevention is the cure…..BA.

          • Arby

            Texas and Virginia along with a few other states have been approved for a “pilot drone program” according to BBC News

            • TheGuy

              Why does this not surprise me.

              And why didn’t I see it coming a mile away… that’s the better question.

          • Hunter


            Expand please, sir…per elderberry extract!

            ..thanks much beforehand!

            • BadAmerican


              Elderberry stops the h1n1[swine] flu virus from replicating for a fast, effective recovery. I take it everyday, along with local bee pollen to combat allergies.

              • lonelonmum

                Honey harvested from within 5 miles of your home stops hayfever. I started giving my son a teaspoon on toast every morning during the season from age 1, as I felt it was safer for a tot than big pharma meds. It works. Find your local bee keeper.

                Elder berries grow well in temperate climates. Grow a bush if you can as elderflower wine is delightful, elderberry wine makes Xmas, and the non-alcoholic cordial is good for kids in summer. Here in the UK they grow wild all over so we harvest both flowers and berries for use at home.

              • lonelonmum

                Honey harvested from within 5 miles of your home stops hayfever. I started giving my son a teaspoon on toast every morning during the season from age 1, as I felt it was safer for a tot than big pharma meds. It works. Find your local bee keeper.

                Elder berries grow well in temperate climates. Grow a bush if you can as elderflower wine is delightful, elderberry wine makes Xmas, and the non-alcoholic cordial is good for kids in summer. Here in the UK they grow wild all over so we harvest both flowers and berries for use at home.

              • buttcrackofdoom

                i had to stop taking the bee pollen….one day i woke up flinging myself at the screedoor….maybe i took to much?

              • Hunter

                Bad American and Happy mom-

                Thanks much to both of you!

                ..just curious as a side note, do you know any reliable greenhouse suppliers who sell the bushes?

                • BadAmerican


                  I had the same idea. I have been looking online to find a nursery, but have not narrowed one down. I am also going to grow goji berries.


        • JayJay

          Exactly–not one card, not one gift!!

        • Warchild

          Did the gift thing for kids,also dropped $ for local critter shelter.When folks ask me what I want,mention different shelters,friend though called by family member,hence gift coming actually to me directly.I will be honest,not bitching.

      • TnAndy

        Bought one… from Baker Creek on seed saving.

    17. rednek101

      “Equates to Jan 14″…kinda reminds me of the scruffy guy standing on the corner with a cardboard sign with “The end is near” written on it. Been seeing those for decades. The “eerily similar” graph, well i bet that the ’29 graph could be patched onto a lot more date ranges than just the past few months. On the flip side, I’ve seen a lot of folks in NM laid off, out of benefits. It’s only gonna get worse. It takes time for the totality of these things to permeate through the economy.

    18. HisArmsWide

      Things are getting worse but really the only reliable predictions are those made in hindsight. “Oh yeah, now I see where it went pear shaped.”

      Will it be this quarter? This summer? This year?

      My advice and what I tell myself, be the little engine that could… prep. Add what you can when you can and for goodness sake stop worrying about it. When it happens, and it will, worrying about it did nothing but increase your stress and decrease your health. And when it breaks, your health will be critical.

      The biggest question for anyone should be ‘How bad is it going to get?” and not “When is it going to happen?”

      And there’s only so much we can do to work on that. So just keep on, keeping on. Stack another bucket of rice in the closet, another box of ammo on the shelf, another gallon of water in the garage, another box of bandaids and triple antibiotic in the medicine cabinet. Do it as you can, when you can.

      Because aint none of that stuff a waste of money or time. You’ll use it all eventually.

      And remember, enjoy the life you have to the fullest. Don’t let the constant stream of “No really, this is when it’s going to happen!” articles suck the enjoyment of life out of you, don’t live in dread and fear.

      Enjoy life today while we have it easy (compared to a full blown collapse). We can go to the store and buy food without having to worry about a sniper in a dark corner. We can go fishing and not have fish not biting be a matter of life and death. We can enjoy venison chili because we like it, not because there’s nothing else to eat.

      Life right now may not be the best it could be, we sure ain’t eating cavier and filet at my house every night. But we also sure ain’t digging through animal scat trying to find undigested grains or in the immortal words of Rambo “Eating shit that would make a billy goat puke”.

      So enjoy today, for tomorrow it may (and it may not) get really bad.

      • sixpack

        My biggest question is “have I done everything I can, while I still can.”

        • Warchild

          No,no matter how much brains/money/faith puts forth you cannot cover all bases even if you spent your life trying.Spend a life trying without enjoying life,what the hell then is the point.As I say at times,live for today,prepare for tomorrow.

          • lastmanstanding

            Believe that you will have exactly what you were supposed to have when the shit starts raining down…and

            “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

          • buttcrackofdoom

            live like no-one else today, so you can live like no-one else when the SHTF!

        • buttcrackofdoom

          just yesterday i said to my wife and kids”someday very soon, you will be holding your head in your hands sobbing”why didn’t i see this coming’ and stop buying all that china-crap from walmart and start buying IMPORTANT things”

    19. KaK

      I’ve owned a Internet business for 11 years now, my business caters to those with hobbies and requires people who shop to have disposable incomes to spend. The past 3 years sales have been steady dropping, last year was really bad but compared to this year it was a cake walk. As Christmas time neared sales were few and far between, so to generate sales I offered 10% off all orders but to no avail. I made a total of $350 for the month of November, and for the month of December… are you ready…$40…Yes you read that right, $40 total sales. Needless to say after 11 years in business January may be my last month in business.

      • Kevin

        What sorts of things do you sell?

      • Mike in VA


        I am so sorry to hear that. I hope the new year ends up being a good one for you. I hope it does for us all.

      • GV

        Same here, KaK.

        We’ve had an internet business for 15 years we get a percentage of other peoples’ disposable income spent in the travel/leisure market.

        With the economy continuing to crumble, people are traveling less and spending less, so our income has been decreasing for over 3 years now, and this year, especially in the last half of the year, we no longer make enough to pay the bills. That, from having thousands in surplus each month, to not even breaking even. Very bad situation.

        Our savings are now depleted and we’re diving into our stored preps to eat. We’re also much more diligent about our year-round gardening, canning, and dehydrating to grow and store every morsel of food possible.

        To our family, the collapse is halfway here; we just happen to still have electricity and running water.


        • GV

          And, I’ll add, thank GOD we have tons of preps in every category, because we wouldn’t be able to afford them now!


      • Facebook Page

        So you can recommend them for all to spent there $ on it.

      • Warchild

        Thanks mom,read that site,another now bookmarked(getting crowded in bookmark land!).

        • Hunter

          Ditto KY-mom. Keep the links coming!

    20. VRF

      Talk is cheap , bring it on , time to get this party started

      • JustMe

        We all know, the inevitable is past due. Don’t say “bring it on”, it will be unlike anything we can imagine.

        • VRF

          Kicking the can is no way to go thru life son

          • What? in MN

            But fat, drunk, and stupid is? 😉

          • What? in MN

            Sorry, I thought people would get the “Animal House” quote.

            • 7 3/4 tinfoil hat

              now, you’re on double secret probation

    21. Chilton

      Kinda funny seeing Hillary for President banner on this site! I always click on them to make them waste money!

      • sixpack

        I wouldn’t piss on that bitch, if her hair was on fire.

        • Steve

          I’d probably would, but just on a part that wasn’t already on fire.

        • ready down under

          But would you if her hair wasn’t on fire sixpack???


          PS – we dont like her over here either, her and BJ Bill are both rotten to the core!

          • Anonymous

            A female would be wise to keep the “pie” away from Hillardry. A known carpet muncher.

          • sixpack

            Ready, I wouldn’t get my “thang” that close to her. I might toss some coleman’s her way though.

    22. 9 Missed Meals to Apocalypse

      Treat all non preparers in the following way. I didn’t compose this, I wish I knew who did. So credit goes out to Anonymous.

      How to feed non-preppers
      “A quart of wheat for a day’s wages”

      A prepper buys X amount of food (e.g. flour*), he combines it with an equal amount of wild edible food (e.g. acorns*)

      25 lbs of flour combined with 25 lbs of acorns will make 50 (1 lb) loaves of bread.

      We now have 50 loaves of bed (50 lbs).

      ~ ~ ~

      10 people beg the prepper for food.

      The prepper hires the first beggar** and will pay him 1 loaf of bread (1 lb) for 50 lbs of acorns (gross weight)

      The prepper hires the second beggar and will pay him 1 loaf of bread (1 lb) to shuck the acorns, producing 25 lbs acorns net weight.

      The prepper hires the third beggar and will pay him 1 loaf of bread (1 lb) to leach the acorns.

      The prepper hires the fourth beggar and will pay him 1 loaf of bread (1 lb) to grind the acorns.

      The prepper hires the fifth beggar and will pay him 1 loaf of bread (1 lb) to bake the bread.

      The prepper hires the other five beggars and will pay them 2 loaves each (a sum of 10 lbs) to be the prepper’s bodyguards.

      ~ ~ ~

      Per day.

      10 beggars, 10 jobs.

      Cost: 15 loaves (15 lbs)

      Remainder: 35 loaves (35 lbs)

      Initial investment: (25 lbs flour)

      Net profit per day: 10 loaves (10 lbs)

      10 loaf profit x’s 6 days per week: 60 loaves

      200+ lbs profit per month.

      ~ ~ ~

      *may substitute; beans/rice, roots/wild game

      **The beggars don’t have to be strangers. They could be anyone (distant relatives, friends, neighbors, etc).

      • sixpack

        You could always do the work yourself in secret, donate it to a church and let them worry about opsec…then tell one beggar that the church is handing out loaves of bread.

        just saying…

        • rednek101

          Contact with Zombies attracts unwanted attention.

          • sixpack

            Right, and doing it is way, he had to contact a half dozen—my way, only one.

            • ready down under

              Offer 5 beggars food for work and before you know it you have a heap of them at your door plus all their hangers on. Sooner or later you are going to have to say “No more” – then you are in a spot, a lot of desperate people know you have resources ……. see where this is going?

              Sixpacks idea is the only sensible way to go if you have surplus to dispense as charity.


              • buttcrackofdoom

                i often wonder if people won’t share their preps early on in this SHTF scenario not realizing it had gone south yet, and within a short time may be sorry for letting go of their lifegiving supplies. the Shit has HIT the fan for MILLIONS of americans already….don’t be toooo charitable with your preps.

    23. Old Vet

      The U.S. administration is clamping down on scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey, who study everything from caribou mating to global warming, subjecting them to controls on research that might go against official policy. New rules require screening of all facts and interpretations by agency scientists. The rules apply to all scientific papers and other public documents, even minor reports or prepared talks, documents show. The changes amount to an overhaul of commonly accepted procedures for all scientists, not just those in government, based on anonymous peer reviews. In that process, scientists critique each other’s findings to determine whether they deserve to be published. From now on, USGS supervisors will demand to see the comments of outside peer reviewers’ as well any exchanges between the scientists who are seeking to publish their findings and the reviewers.

      As earthquakes increased, they were dumbed down in Richter so any statistics would give the appearance of no change. And since the sheer number of quakes is increasing, systematic purging of quakes before they gain public notice is done. When this practice started to become obvious, because web sites providing direct access to the data were not all coordinated, they were forced to funnel through the USGS as the sole source of disseminated information. When you can’t explain, say nothing seems the rule.

      What tacks might the establishment take, to blunt the truth from the public’s eye? If the excuses they have proffered are wearing thin, they can hope to supplant the truth with new Pied Pipers. Someone with alternative theories, along the lines of the many made-for-TV movies produced lately, to catch the imagination of the public and lead them anywhere but to the presence of the truth.

      Old news, but still piece’s to the big SHTF puzzle.

      • oldwhatshisname

        Old Vet, I get the earthquake RSS feed from USGS for quakes over 3.0 mg. I have noticed fewer notifications over the past few months, although other sites are showing quakes occurring within the parameters set.

        What are they afraid of?

        • Be informed

          @ Old Vet and oldwhatshisname. I have seen manipulation of magnitudes for years now. You have a 5 pointer in southern California and then it goes down to a 4.5. Yet the other seismic stations still say 5, (+,- .1 or so). I saw a 6.1 earthquake go down to a 5.3 of the coast of Oregon. This is either totally faulty equipment or so asswipe is making sure not to scare the public. When you further examine the seismic charts you can see that earthquakes are not matching the revised magnitudes.

          It is almost like you set the earthquake correctly for the other scientists to look over, then you set the frightening earthquake to the public lower so they might not consider getting the hell out of the area. To say that the San Andreas is only capable of a 7.8 is an absolute lie and an insult to anyone with geological knowledge at all. A 8 looks horrifying to people, it stills up images of death and helplessness. But that one number change to a 7 changes the masses opinion. After all many people “lived through” the 7.4 in 1992 in Landers, California. “We can live through another 7” type of ignorance.

          The difference is that it is likely going to an 8.1 to 8.4 and the shaking will be almost 3 minutes just for the southern and central portion of the fault going. The 7.4 had a duration of about 45 seconds. The 7.4 also had to do with a split off section of the North American plate. When the San Andreas breaks it has to do with the interaction of the North American and Pacific plates. It also has to do with the direction of the northwest energy taking california many million of years in the future into the Gulf of Alaksa. Downton Pasadena is in direct line of this energy. Forget about San Bernadino and Riverside when the energy from the southern section hits these areas, and same holds true for Lancaster and Palmdale when it reaches the central section.

          Of course my talk is nothing but doom and gloom to the USGS. But they know the difference. They are not idiots, they are just controlled by threats of losing employment to other unseen threats to keep their mouths shut. There are hundreds of billions of dollars at risk if the truth about what these faults are capable of got out there. A modern metropolitian area has not been hit in modern times. Toyko back in 1923 and San Francisco in 1906. Modern day same magnitude size earthquakes would be a disaster only seen to humans in world war to these areas.

          Straight up, The real destruction from earthquakes is the time of the shaking, the shear effects and where the energy hits the surface, this is what finally weakens structures enough to fail. Next is fires. Natural gas lines and fuels everywhere would cause out of control fires in which they would burn without any help to stop them because of the shear size and magnitudes of them. If they happened during a Santa Ana condition in which hot dry compressed air rapidly flows through the area with wind speeds often being about 40-50 mph sustained the fires would be fanned and burn an incredible amount of land until it reached the ocean. The San Diego wild fires showed this several years ago. The dry brush that actually has flammable plant oils in them makes the matter even worse.

          This is often what the government is afraid of, the truth getting out there.

          • Anonymous

            BI hey when you say forget about san berdo….i’m assuming you mean were totally fucked??? do ya have any approx time frame? guesstimation? thanks

          • Mike in VA

            Hello to B.I. Braveheart, Kentucky Mom, and all the rest of you. Hope you all and I have a wonderful new year.

            I see many on here complaining about predictions. I want all the information and predictions I can get. It is up to me to decide whether I believe them or not. We are all preppers I assume so are here because we know something will eventually happen. I am glad to read everyone’s opinion on when things will happen. If I disagree I can still get knowledge from the stats presented in the articles.


            You have made several comments about our right to bear arms and the effect that would have on a collapse. I think you have said that it probably would not happen until they got our guns.
            This caused me to start thinking a little differently. I would be shocked if they bypassed the second amendment. If that is the case then how does this collapse happen. I do believe they have tried to make it harder on people to buy weapons and ammunition. I think they have tried to drive prices up. They have limited imports of both firearms and ammunition. This has not worked for them. They have also tried regulation through the many shootings that get broadcast on the news. This has not worked either.
            This caused me to start thinking about other ways the elite may plan a collapse.
            If you were in control how would you manage a collapse knowing people had weapons? Some information I find interesting

            1 – Higher concentration of weapons in the upper mid west and the south east then other parts of the country.
            2 – Cities are generally highly regulated concerning weapons.
            3 – There was no resistance to armed searches in Boston after the bombing.
            4 – The number of firearms purchased has increased but the percentage of family’s owning firearms has decreased since the 50’s. I think it is down to 38 percent. ( This scares the hell out of me )
            5- Out of the 38 percent of family’s the majority are in the country not the city. This one is my opinion. Have not researched it. Just an educated guess. Also because regulations are tougher and peoples attitudes are different in cities.

            If I knew a collapse was going to take place and I was in control then here is what I would do.
            I would lock down the cities after I allowed a few weeks of fighting. It would not be difficult if I started with just a few in the beginning and slowly spread out. Why worry about those out in the country. They don’t have control of the manufacturing or infrastructure. If I had a small number of troops then I would deal with them slowly and in sections. Knowing the locations of the concentration of weapons is a great asset. Why would I care if Montana for example was on its own for 5 years.
            That is my first thought.

            My second thought is this. What if the global elite want this country not only to collapse but also to be at war. This would guarantee that the country would not be what it used to be for sure. Even if we win the war the damage is done. The cities would be in flames due to the collapse. The war that followed would in my opinion make us a 3rd world country. If the elite know this then they can concentrate there power and control elsewhere. Then come in and pick up the pieces later.

            I have just been trying to come up with ideas about how they may have this planned. The people in charge are not stupid. They have to know the collapse is coming. There own policies have created it. They have had to have planned for it. I believe it is global and they want a one world government.
            Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

            • Kevin2

              Mike in VA

              “Why worry about those out in the country. They don’t have control of the manufacturing or infrastructure.”

              The new reality is that manufacturing has fled the cities for foreign shores as can be seen with Detroit. The former “country” in many cases is now becoming the wealth creator via fracking and new oil discoveries. This is creating a shift in economic power where the former industrial cities are becoming a liability while the relatively sparse rural areas generate wealth in food and fuel.

              Along with the cultural delta in the two diverse areas above spells trouble as the have nots with population take wealth from the new haves and attempt to dramatically change their established way of life.

              • Mike in VA


                Very good point. That may be a piece of the puzzle to be considered. Looking at things from that stand point. A lot of resources have been sent to the other side of the world. It makes the collapse of the U.S. less painful to the world
                The elite have to have a plan for the fracking areas. The fracking areas are the upper mid west too.

                I believe they have got to have a plan for dealing with our 2nd amendment. I believe they have realized they will not get our guns. If that is the case then they have come up with some other way to deal with it.
                Just my opinion. I constantly try to figure out the puzzle.

                • Kevin2

                  Mike in VA

                  Their plans were laid out decades ago but they adapt to geo-political and technological changes. I think fracking was one of those things they’re adapting to.

                • lonelonmum

                  Divide and conquer. If the people turn the guns on themselves for a year or two, they achieve population reduction without the elite having to lift a finger. That whole Trayvonn fiasco was to incite race hatred to encourage this technique.

                  The elite can survive a few years of chaos, their planning is intergenerational, the sheople don’t think past the next quarter.

                  Sharecropping, crofting, small holding etc has been regulated out of existence and the giant agri-corp control the nations food supply. Capitalism in the US, has done what Stalin’s collectivisation did to the Soviets. Control the food supply and you control a LOT. Not many small farmers are as self-sufficient as they’d like to feel they are once the balloon goes up.

                  I was reading Little House on the Prairie the other day, and I noticed how Ma & Pa always settled near a general store. Take away that general store, and many even in the country will starve for lack of a few basic necessities, tools or materials within a few years. The elite know this.

                • Kevin2

                  Mike in VA

                  “I constantly try to figure out the puzzle.”

                  And a puzzle it is. I have been following this stuff since the late 1980s and I’m still shocked on occasion at what they’re capable of doing. Its overload for a “layman” just starting to investigate this stuff. Reasonable prudence would suggest, “No Way”. This is why its difficult to explain this to someone new. All of it requires baby steps to understand it because its so damn involved. I think once in a while a curveball gets thrown when they get infighting among themselves and we fail to grasp it in that context believing it was all part of the plan. I think of these SOBs as something similar to the Mafia Commission. They all follow a main agenda but many have self benefiting interests that on occasion “gum up the works” a tad.

                  Then again maybe I’m wrong.

            • Anonymous

              Obama’s minions have started the events that, if left unchecked, will end up in the not-too-distant future causing justification for martial law. I am referring to the growing “flash mobs” that started with simply harassing employees and shoppers inside WalMarts, with only a dozen or so running wild inside the store, jumping on displays, shoplifting inexpensive items, etc. Then it graduated to stealing high end clothing and stuffing it into backpacks brought along for the loot and racing out of the store while clerks stood there with their thumbs up the their butts wondering what to do. Then it escalated to stealing entire racks of clothing, racks included. Now it has risen to packs of hundreds in Jacksonville, FL and Brooklyn, NY.

              These mobs all are Obama supporters and their “parents” voted for Obama and their entire “households” receive full welfare benefits which have only been enhanced and increased under Obama, with the exception of the recent reduction in food stamp benefits. These mobs were born under the sponsorship of welfare checks to their “mothers” for having an illegitimate child. They were born into raw irresponsibility and into raw “gimme” environments. In all likelihood, they organize their mob actions using free Obamaphones. They, in all likelihood, are clients of ACORN and various other community activists and organizers.

              Whether they realize it, admit it, or comprehend it — each and every one of them is a Communist.

              This problem will grow larger and larger, faster and faster, if our political leadership does not act swiftly to nip it in the bud. In my opinion, lethal force is justified to stop these events of anarchy from continuing.

            • braveheart

              Mike in VA, Happy New Year to you and yours as well. braveheart

            • JohnFornaro

              Mike in VA: <>

              Not a bad pice of thinking and analysis there. The PTB are not stupid. If there is a total collapse, there will be many unintended consequences. For example, if they are in fact fudging the quake stats, they will not have accurate data either, and some of their planning may be erroneous. ‘Their’ ranks will be thinned considerably too. There can’t be only one group that is trying to take over, however.

              That’s why I don’t know about the one world government meme. After a large breakdown ‘they’ will have their hands full trying to operate and keep this country from the yellow man, for one thing.

              What to do? We need to get the criminals out of our government, and we need to do that soon. We need to take down the rhetoric a notch too, I think, prepping all the time, to the extent and in the way one thinks one should.

            • Hunter


              -(good post, btw)-

              Your thinking per TPTB strategies is thought provoking itself.
              But I think they (TPTB) would have to worry about those left alone, in the country-side.

              The reason being is, at least in my experience, most country-folk are a bit more attuned to the onslaught of evil (in all its disguises), currently attacking/suppressing the Republic/its citizens and our institutions.
              Country-folk are also more attuned to nature and thus tend to be more observant, per their surroundings. They’re also inclined to think further ahead of the herd.

              Thus imo, should your scenario come to’ll see the strangulation of the enemy’s logistics train, by those they chose to ignore.

              ..ever see what a 30-06/7mag/300mag can do to a semi-trucks engine block?
              Rail-roads would be cut/destroyed and critical infrastructure sabotaged.
              Which would magnify the difficulties facing the enemy leadership.

              ..I can’t remember who said it (Clausewitz maybe), but the saying goes:

              – the Amateurs study tactics, the Professionals focus on LOGISTICS-

              Another point to consider is the number of vets and patriotic LEOs spread across the country. Collectively or even individually, these guys “know stuff & possess talents/skill-sets” to cause TPTB..nightmares!


              Thus imo, there’s only two viable methods for TPTB to take down the country:

              1.> ..Be Informed’s method of swathing us w/ an airborne virus/plague and decimating the population via biological warfare..then merely mopping up any sick/feeble/weakened resistance..or..

              2.> ..formant a total Civil War scenario, where the United States eventually fractures into several ‘separate’ and Balkanized countries.


              ..I’ll let someone else theorize on the postmortem aspects of item #2.

              • JohnFornaro

                Hunter, Comment ID: 2894190:

                “…ever see what a 30-06/7mag/300mag can do to a semi-trucks engine block.”

                A good point, but it is too scarily refuted by this one: Ever see what a Predator drone could do to you and your buddies in a bunker? Ok, so you’ve already dug your bunker 50 or more feet into the ground. So you’re ok. You can’t possibly expect that everybody is ready for that. You may be the last free man standing, but that could mean that you’d be the last free man killed.

                Along those lines, say you’ve got a pretty good garden, PV panel, and livestock setup. What’s to stop a drone being loaded with agent orange? The EPA? All they have to look for is a nice row of tomato plants and a deer fence. It’s pretty obvious to the drone operator what a PV system looks like. And you don’t need a 500 pound bomb to damage a PV system beyond repair.

                If there were a widespread breakdown, assisted by an evil offshoot of our military, a good strategy for them to follow in crushing a rebellion of the people, would be exactly to hunt down the small pockets of resistance, using the tools of their trade.

                Still, you’re right about the logistical side of things. Keep in mind too, that a rag tag bunch of towel heads are giving our guys a hard time over there in the sand box. Still, they are losing a lot of their women and children. That ‘evil offshoot’ would have a difficult time trying to wreak havoc here.

                You gotta realize that I’m not trying to rain on your parade, but to get you to think more. If the fat, unfit DHS lady hits you with a nine before you get her, it’s a different story.

                I’m trying to find the path to survival, given any number of scenarios. One of the hardest things to do is survive the “peace”, which is where the country is at the moment.

                The viral outbreak things seems unlikely, as it would be difficult to control, and it might break out because of evolution, not because of TPTB. But the Civil War thing, and the balkanization of the US into Aztlan and the rest of the country seems credible.

                • Hunter


                  A little rain never hurt anybody..we’re cool.

                  Per your assessment of drone-strikes w/ hellfires and F-16s w/ five-hundred pounders..any group gathering at a bunker will be targeted, therefore that strategy/mentality will be short lived indeed.

                  ..nor do I foresee large groups/teams of resistance fighters massing to attack a supply convoy.
                  I do believe ambushes by small units will occur until the enemy is forced deploy overkill, in the form of protective forces..which means said forces are withdrawn from elsewhere..thereby weakening the defenses at that locale.

        ’ll see rock-slides on mountain roads, bridges felled and pipelines a whole host of other ‘monkey-wrenches’ tossed into the machinery of the rogue state.

                  ..politicians will be hunted, ditto the bankers, neo-cons targeted and addresses of the CFR/nefarious think-tanks membership lists…well, you know the drill I suspect.

                  I also believe there will be many ‘defectors in place’ amid the enemy ranks, who’ll become good intel and/or hardware (re)sources.

                  ..and provided the grid stays up, you’ll see small cottage industries spring up, overseen by retired/unemployed engineers and chemists and producing all manner of I.E.Ds and other nasty gadgets.

                  ..but the game changers are the retired/former spec-ops guys, the demolition experts, snipers, former force recon types etc.
                  If nothing else, they’ll provide a PhD. level education to the resistance.

                  ..and when all is said and done, the resistance need not be the victors on a given battlefield..they need merely to make it too expensive for the enemy to win!

                  Because, its not the generals who decide when the cause/war is lost…

                  …its the accountants!


                  P.S.> ..consider also, were the US gubbermint to undertake a domestic war against its citizenry…foreign investment monies would flee this country’s markets, at warp speed!


                  ..**the above post is merely a theory of mine.


                  Have a blessed, safe and Happy New Year everyone!!!

                • JohnFornaro

                  Hunter says:
                  Comment ID: 2894400

                  “…(1) ambushes by small units … (2) defectors in place … (3) provided the grid stays up … (4) the game changers …

                  Zeroth, I don’t quite get how the comments are organized on this thread, so I get confused in trying to follow any conversation that I might be part of. Still, glad we’re cool, and that you know how to think.

                  1) Probably the case, if a complete breakdown is accompanied by a hunger games federal force. Operationally, the small units will have to act on faith, because communications will be difficult. If things get really bad, then runners will have to be used for comm. IOW, 1776 will really be the solution for 1984. Those kinds of fantasies are only fun if you win. Honestly, I’m not sure how far one should plan for catastrophe. It is clear that groups of people will have a better chance of survival than folks holed up in family compounds, if there are roving bands of hunger games forces (HGF?) out there.

                  2) A great hope for the maintaining of a free United States.

                  3) A huge “provided”, as I’m sure you will agree. I could see cities being dark, and countryside having some light. Here we have the North Anna reactor. For a while, it could be protected, and its staff would continue to operate the reactor. With luck, say a year before needing a major overhaul. I think we have a couple of mine mouth generating facilities in Bath county, or else in nearby WVA. Maybe these plants are easier to keep operating.

                  But what about the transmission lines? There will probably be groups of mayhem actors who would be intent upon creating chaos. Blackouts could be widespread pretty quickly, despite intentions to keep the grid up. Just adding to the list of contingency planning. It would not just be the HGF who would be dangerous.

                  4) I’m not sure these would be “game changers” so much as assets to parts of their communities. The game changing would be in the widespread, cooperative, intelligent mindset of those who would survive and build a new republic on the other side.

              • Mike in VA

                Kevin, Vi, John, lonelonmom, and any others.

                Very good post. This is why I love this site. ( Thanks to you Mac )

                I agree with almost everything said. Drones will be a problem but mostly in more populated areas. Why waste the resources on low population areas. I still think the cities will be locked down in the beginning.
                Country folks are more aware of evil in my opinion. It is just due to our upbringing and lifestyle. This is not an insult to city dwellers by the way. The problem will be organizing I believe. If the economy crashes and the government locks down the cities. Most country people will stay close to there friends and family. They will protect there own. They will not organize to go fight at a city in my opinion.
                I believe this is what the elite expect to happen. It is a problem strategically for us country people. I risk my family’s survival if I travel to a city in that situation. The only way to fight back if I perceive evil then is too prevent all transportation through my area. Are country people going to take out the bridges, highways, and railroads at that point. Time will tell.

                I trained in a light infantry division when I served. We were trained to use squad tactics behind enemy lines to disrupt the enemy. I think this is the only way you could win a war against the modern technology that the elite have. We cannot fight tanks, air craft, or heavy weapons.

                The power grid will go down in my opinion. I work in that industry now John. You are correct about North Anna Power Station being able to run. The only way it stays running in a collapse situation is if the workers stay on the job. Why would any body go to work for worthless paper In that situation. Also why would people leave there families unprotected to go to work in a collapse. As far as Bath county. It is a hydro station. They use the water to run the turbines when electricity cost are high. Water flows down the mountain from the lake to a lower lake running the turbines. Then at night they use power to pump the water back up too the upper lake. Therefore they will go down too. They rely on other stations for power to pump the water up to the upper lake.

                Thank you all for your provoking thoughts. Hope we have the best new year.

                • JohnFornaro

                  Mike in VA
                  Comment ID: 2895404

                  Mike: I make a seven point post elaborating on some of the things you mentioned above, but apparently it did not pass moderation. This kind of thing makes me less interested in posting.


                • JohnFornaro

                  Sorry: It did get posted. The format for finding current posts confuses me. Perhaps I’m not using the correct Scotch.

                • Kevin2

                  Mike in Va

                  People working in what TPTB consider vital positions can be paid in anything they so desire be it food, resources or gold confiscated from others. Their families would be protected and fed by them too. You can bet that anyone well to include security forces would be “greased” very well to keep their “loyalty”.

                  During a labor dispute over three decades ago the people running the oil refinery I worked at were fed lobster and prime rib daily.

              • JohnFornaro

                Mike IN VA, Comment ID 2895404:

                “(1) Drones will be a problem but mostly in more populated areas. Why waste the resources on low population areas. I still think the cities will be locked down in the beginning. … (2) The problem will be organizing I believe. (3) Most country people … will not organize to go fight at a city in my opinion. … (4) prevent all transportation through my area. … (5) use squad tactics behind enemy lines … (6) Why would any body go to work (at, say, North Anna) for worthless paper In that situation. … (7) As far as Bath county. It is a hydro station. …”

                (1) Yahbut: They would still be droning around looking for the larger rural “compounds”, whether they be mayhem groups, or unauthorized groups of free people.

                (2) Absolutely. The key factor for organization over a broad area is a new comm link, independent of the current wavelengths, techniques, and implementation. I can’t imagine coast to coast communication over a new link right now. But I can imagine a new communication system which would work county to county, that could also be scaled down to neighborhood and squad use.

                (3) No question. The organization would be only to hold and secure one’s county, say.

                (4) Which, unfortunately, prevents good transportation too. Given a different comm channel and protocol, IFF could be implemented to allow good transportation.

                (5) Which Hunter gets at when he says, “ambushes by small units”. The only reason I bring this up is because some people (and even tho all of us are ‘some people’, my remark is meant to be interpreted broadly and non-specifically) get so hung up on proper terminology, that they miss the point of the observation. We all need to focus on the meaning of the concepts presented, and to gracefully accede to a gentle correction of terminology if it is truly important.

                Clearly, as has been the case in the sandbox, a ragtag group can hold off a technologically advanced army, albeit at great personal cost.

                Which, as a part of the continuing narrative of Korea, Vietnam and so forth, begs the question of why our political leadership consistently prefers elective war to no pragmatic purpose. This ties in to my continued narrative that we have always had enough money and technology to establish a lunar base, and a new frontier for democracy, but that we have been deliberately kept on planet. Not trying to derail the conversation, but to focus on the larger question of what human life is for in this friggin’ universe. But back to regular programming…

                (6) True, but people will also work for their family’s security. They will also work under pain of death, which I would think to be an extreme option. It would be interesting to know if Vepco (I don’t change acronyms) has long term emergency contingency plans to keep the reactors there functioning, under some broadly conceived survival plan, which would have to presume some kind of centralized government activity, I would think.

                (7) Thanks for that reminder. As an aside, I remember some of the publicity photos of the huge tunnels for that water to be pumped up and down the hill in. They’re what, 20 feet in diameter? An impressive piece of engineering.

                Still, I’d ask about the mine mouth coal plants. Pragmatically, they’d be easier to run, in a collapse, than North Anna? Assuming the solution of the personell problem, brought up in point (6).

                Other areas of the country have a mix of fossil fuel and nuclear plants, most of which are located in rural areas. There would have to be some organized force safeguarding transmission lines from mayhem groups.

                Look me up on FB.

                • Mike in VA

                  I work at one of the coal plants. Most are now or will be converted to natural gas. There may be a few of the bigger coal stations left. The govt. would have to ensure the continued running of the rail road to keep them going.
                  Vepco does have emergency plans for a system down scenario but would have to have people to run them. They have no way to make people come to work. The govt would have to find all the employees and threaten them. That would be true for all the nuclear stations. I am sure they could but it would take a large amount of manpower to do. I also fear what would happen to the cooling ponds for spent fuel rods. If the plant shut down they only have a limited amount of diesel fuel to run the emergency generators.

            • Vi coactus

              Hello all. I’m new here but I have a few thoughts. I agree with Mike in VA, they will lock the cities down. Those will be “dead-zones”, as in everyone trapped inside will die. Time and human nature will take care of that, no need to expend the energy nor the ammunition. The suburbs: that is where the massive roundups will take place. Those people will become the civilization of the NWO. Trained to follow orders, little resistance, and skills to carry on the thin veneer of civility as the NWO is built. Toward the end of the roundups, they will round up the farmers and ranchers. Oh they’ll be allowed to stay on their land, only now they will be sharecroppers.The rest of us, except for that they consider pockets of resistance (Ruby Ridge anyone?), they will leave to fend for ourselves. They will not worry about us as long as it looks like we can’t fight back.

      • Billy Idol

        The ministry of truth is born.

      • Billy Idol

        The ministry of truth is born.

    24. Lanny

      Good article Mac! I too agree with Celente that 2014 will be the year. Everything is being manipulated too much, especially the price of gold, silver & interest rates. I think a major natural event or a false flag will be the catalyst that starts it all. I believe it could have something to do with the sinkhole in LA, or an event related to the booms everyone’s hearing or my favorite, a major meteor strike with the recent increase in large fireball sightings (2 in MN in the last week).

      Good luck to all…

      • Nopittypartyhere

        I’ve been thinking 2014 before I even understood the magnitude of such an event and started prepping. I’ve heard too many people sounding the alarm (not hosts or paid commentators) on foxbusiness in the last 2 months. Especially about the tbill rate. Wish I had more Indepth understanding of that web.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          if…., no,… WHEN interest rates return to normal….we can’t finance all our debt with the taxes coming IN… to finance the debt, we have interest rates pegged too LOW, which causes inflation…eating away you dollar’s WORTH….the bernank has painted hisself into a corner with a hobson’s choice….so, in short..lower interest rates=inflation…….higher interest rates=bankruptcy!….not a bad summary for a guy that rewinds videos in a video store for a livin’!!eh?

      • Mike in VA


        I did not know about the fireball sightings in M.N. last week. We had one here in V.A.

    25. eppe

      How about a joke?
      The Darwins Are Out!!!!
      Yes, it’s that magical time of year again when the Darwin Awards are bestowed, honoring the least evolved among us.
      Here Is The Glorious Winner:
      1. When his .38 caliber revolver failed to fire at his intended victim during a hold-up in Long Beach, California would-be robber James Elliot did something that can only inspire wonder. He peered down the barrel and tried the trigger again. This time it worked.
      And Now, The Honorable Mentions:
      2. The chef at a hotel in Switzerland lost a finger in a meat cutting machine and after a little shopping around, submitted a claim to his insurance company. The company expecting negligence sent out one of its men to have a look for himself. He tried the machine and he also lost a finger. The chef’s claim was approved.
      3. A man who shoveled snow for an hour to clear a space for his car during a blizzard in Chicago returned with his vehicle to find a woman had taken the space. Understandably, he shot her.
      4. After stopping for drinks at an illegal bar, a Zimbabwean bus driver found that the 20 mental patients he was supposed to be transporting from Harare to Bulawayo had escaped. Not wanting to admit his incompetence, the driver went to a nearby bus stop and offered everyone waiting there a free ride. He then delivered the passengers to the mental hospital, telling the staff that the patients were very excitable and prone to bizarre fantasies. The deception wasn’t discovered for 3 days.
      5. An American teenager was in the hospital recovering from serious head wounds received from an oncoming train. When asked how he received the injuries, the lad told police that he was simply trying to see how close he could get his head to a moving train before he was hit.
      6.. A man walked into a Louisiana Circle-K, put a $20 bill on the counter, and asked for change. When the clerk opened the cash drawer, the man pulled a gun and asked for all the cash in the register, which the clerk promptly provided. The man took the cash from the clerk and fled, leaving the $20 bill on the counter. The total amount of cash he got from the drawer… $15. [If someone points a gun at you and gives you money, is a crime committed?]
      7. Seems an Arkansas guy wanted some beer pretty badly. He decided that he’d just throw a cinder block through a liquor store window, grab some booze, and run. So he lifted the cinder block and heaved it over his head at the window. The cinder block bounced back and hit the would-be thief on the head, knocking him unconscious. The liquor store window was made of Plexiglas. The whole event was caught on videotape.
      8. As a female shopper exited a New York convenience store, a man grabbed her purse and ran. The clerk called 911 immediately, and the woman was able to give them a detailed description of the snatcher. Within minutes, the police apprehended the snatcher. They put him in the car and drove back to the store. The thief was then taken out of the car and told to stand there for a positive ID. To which he replied, “Yes, officer, that’s her. That’s the lady I stole the purse from.”
      9. The Ann Arbor News crime column reported that a man walked into a Burger King in Ypsilanti, Michigan at 5 A.M., flashed a gun, and demanded cash. The clerk turned him down because he said he couldn’t open the cash register without a food order. When the man ordered onion rings, the clerk said they weren’t available for breakfast… The frustrated gunman walked away. [*A 5-STAR STUPIDITY AWARD WINNER]
      10. When a man attempted to siphon gasoline from a motor home parked on a Seattle street by sucking on a hose, he got much more than he bargained for. Police arrived at the scene to find a very sick man curled up next to a motor home near spilled sewage. A police spokesman said that the man admitted to trying to steal gasoline, but he plugged his siphon hose into the motor home’s sewage tank by mistake. The owner of the vehicle declined to press charges saying that it was the best laugh he’d ever had and the perp had been punished enough!
      In the interest of bettering mankind, please share these with friends and family…. unless of course one of these individuals by chance is a distant relative or long lost friend. In that case, be glad they are distant and hope they remain lost.

      • Archivist

        In number 4, who got the award, the Zimbabwean bus driver or his new passengers?

        • eppe


          • Jim Bob

            Being Zimbabwe, it’s amazing that anyone even caught on to the switch.

        • Hunter


          Dunno…but methinks, the driver surely took his cue from Obama’s mentality/playbook!

          • buttcrackofdoom

            that driver sounds like a good candidate for prez in 2016….probly be better for america than the candidate the dems will put up….definitely better than our current CON-MANder-in chief at the SPITE-HOUSE….and probly a greater chance that he’s a u.s. citizen than the barakalypse.

      • braveheart

        Eppe, I laughed so hard at those jokes I’m still hurting, but I needed the laugh after dealing with those 2 trolls earlier. ncjoe said he could take me out and anonymous called me a commie. I know today was Monday but DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNN……….. Keep that humor coming. It helps more than you know. Thank you for sharing that with us. braveheart

        • braveheart

          Eppe, BTW, those jokes do remind me of some people where I work. braveheart

          • braveheart

            Eppe, on #8, was the lady a cross-dresser by chance? braveheart

            • Mike in VA

              Braveheart you and I must work at the same place.

              • braveheart

                Mike in VA, last time I checked, the whole country is like that now. Sad but true. braveheart

            • Warchild

              Wasn’t me,no ops in the New York area!

          • Billy Idol

            I am really worried about an EMP event disabling satellites. Many of my coworkers rely on GPS daily to make it to work. Turn left here! Turn right here! Some will die sitting in their cars while the GPS says:Acquiring satellites…

      • Facebook Page

        From 2005.

      • Northern Reb

        Thanks I needed a good laugh, keep’m com’n
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

    26. Horsenut

      I agree with KY Mom, though I am also getting very tired of predictions as to when it will happen.

      My Prediction: It it is going to happen in the next few months, it will happen before the end of winter. The forecast for this winter is one of the hardest we have seen in some time. It is already proving to be harder just the last month.

      If this is a government controlled operation: (And I were running it) I would wait until there is a major cold snap before pulling the plug. The colder the better. People aren’t as likely to get off their asses and protest while the weather is bad. They’re still too fat and happy. (Thank you Government Handouts) I look for something to happen before the end of Feb. That is if it’s planned. If it’s not a planned event all bets are off on timing!

    27. Muckdog

      Sales were up 3.5% year over year.

      The market is due for at least a correction but who knows when that will come. It’s a good time to diversify and reallocate savings and investments, and to continue to dollar cost average into the portfolio.

      The sad news is that too many people have not participated in the 2009-2013 (and going) bull market.

      • Archivist

        I might diversify into quinoa or amaranth, or maybe those shiny new silver Maple Leafs with the glittery radial lines.

        • Warchild

          Arch,consider investing in a few bottles of Jack,always good for guests and ages well,would be also a great barter or in my case welcome the brave new world beverage!

          • Archivist

            I don’t drink, but I have everything necessary to build a still. I used to live in the town that Jack’s father was born in.

            • Warchild

              A fine barter material,have a friend who “shines”,just the white lightning though,a bit tough but imagine also will be a good barter/just have a good time product as times get tougher!

            • Billy Idol

              I don’t drink anymore.

              But then, I don’t drink any less, either.

    28. PKLauLau

      RickInOregon: Probably old news to you veterans at SHTF but….

      Something that worked for us re: rats, mice, chipmunks….

      5 gallon bucket filled 2/3 full w/ H20, put in place, wait for water to settle still.
      Floated hay, then seeds, peas, etc., or floated birdseed on surface (to look solid).
      Plank or whatever leading up to rim of bucket with seeds strewn up to top of plank.
      Rat jumps in thinking food and solid surface, then drowns….don’t like this slow death method but nothing else worked and we were desperate.

      • TheGuy

        Sounds like a metaphor for the stock market, you ask me…

      • braveheart

        .22lr works very well on rodents.

    29. Kelly Lambert

      They’re waiting for the perfect circumstances to pull the perfect collapse. Now that they’ve taken it this far, the last thing they want to do is pull the trigger and have it fail to bring total destruction.
      Also, I’m sure it grates on them that so many people like us know what they’re about to do that when they do it, we will be proven correct.

      • sixpack

        Proven correct AND prepared for it…

    30. Northern Reb

      Hi, Youal:
      Had a meeting with my personal financial consultant today. He said he did not like the looks of things out there right now, this is the first time in 6 years he has said this. The last time was back in late 2007. He does not understand how the market can keep going up to new hieghts when there is NO REAL NEW MONEY COMING IN.
      Those Q.E. 1,2,3,4 ect. is NOT real new money. Because the more they print the less the real dollar is worth.
      The prices are really not going up, the dollar is going down in value.
      A $20 bill and a $20 gold peice or a $20 silver peace back in the early 1900’s would all buy the same amount of goods. NOT TODAY.

      S.T.S.F.P N.R.
      P.S. The gentleman saved what little money I had back then, I pray he can help me now.

      • durango kidd

        New money for the stock market will come from the bond market as investors exit that asset class, but Japan will be buying TONNES of US bonds.

        Also the emerging markets are going into the toilet sooner rather than later and investors in those markets will also run to US markets. So it may have a little room to run yet and the chart supplied in the article seems to indicate as much.

        Still, its time to exit. Pigs stay at the trough too long, and they get slaughtered. Just saying. 🙂

    31. Peter in Seattle

      The chart in this article is so terribly wrong. The left verticle scale represents an increase of say 35%, whereas the right vertical scale represents an increase of say 90%.

      I agree there are problems, but stop with the foolish manipulation of data. You make yourself looks like idiots.

    32. flabbergasted

      Hey, Big B ,Arby and Nimrod Hunter!
      Have you heard about the lead smelter in Herculaneum, Mo
      going out of business because of EPA regs.
      Last smelter in operation in the U.S.
      Now all refined lead will have to be imported.

      • Arby

        Hey Flab… Yes I have heard about it. In their effort to suppress the new precious metal, I wonder if they thought about the un-intended consequence of increasing the price of their “fabulous Electric Car batteries”… “Oh DUH what have we done now” !!?? LOL

      • Nimrod Hunter

        I didn’t know about that, but I just found the story in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (from October). According to that story, they _might_ re-open the plant using a new EPA-approved process.

        “It was not clear Friday how many jobs could be affected by the closure. The company hopes to build a plant for a more environmentally friendly lead-producing technology. That technology relies on a wet chemical process that would essentially replace the heat-based smelting.”

    33. The Lone Ranger

      Hey Everyone,

      If you read Dave Hodges’ latest post at his site [wwwdotthecommonsenseshowdotcom] he conclusively proves we are ALREADY under Martial Law thanks to both the former President AND the CURRENT president’s executive orders that are quoted VERBATIM in Hodges’ latest post.

      In fact, if you are a fan of horror movies, just read his last ten posts if you want a REAL TRUE life J O L T !

      – The Lone Ranger

      If your are NOT prepared for a SIMULTANEOUS occurrence of horrible events (all previously discussed here) then STOP reading NOW and GET yoru butt PREPARED!

      Fortune may favor the Brave but Luck favors the Prepared.

    34. Barn Cat

      We’ve just seen 52 week highs in the Treasury bond market. Those kind of sudden highs are expected to trigger big derivative losses for the big banks.

      • sixpack

        And that’s when we’ll get our bail-ins. They don’t worry about their losses in derivatives, they know they can steal from us to cover it.

    35. Be informed

      The problem with that chart above is that the Dow should be 17100 or so as of today, and it is 16500. it has stopped following the trend. Next back in 1929 there was no influx of money from the government tainting the figures. Plus precious metals still had their place in the money back them, especially coins. I did find it interesting that it was following the same 1929 upward swing, but now this has broken off.

      I truly enjoy numbers, and the whole issue with the stocks is that none of us knows for certain just how totally warped those numbers are. It is like the Canary Islands myth in which the numbers were warped around to fit a whacked out theory that just goes against physical law. This is what could be happening with the stocks, and there could be a crash tomorrow or many months or years from now. We are not getting the correct figures to form a correct theory on or to see just how “Titanic” the numbers really are.

      Back to the Canary Islands myth. Basically a collapse of 500 cubic km of islands is ONLY 1-339,417 the mass of the Atlantic Ocean. To move that much water any distance with any size requires a lot of velocity behind it. The collapse would be going tops 220 mph. To show just how much water there is in comparison to the islands collapsing fill up a standard bathtub to the rim, about a foot. Then you are talking the size of a large pea, or a buckshot size 4 that is suppose to create a massive wave when it hits the water. This is 340,000 units of water to the comparison size of the island chain. That sure gave me even more perspective when I calculated this out last night of what total crap is floating around the internet and the deceptive that we are being fed.

      This is the same with the stock market. Yet we cannot make accurate measurements because we don’t know the real figures. That chart that overlays the 1929 stock market with now, SHOULD continue to follow the same pattern, yet it is not. That tells me there is some major league manipulation is going on.

      So the real answer to this is WHEN. That is probably all dependent on when THEY want it to collapse or THEY are waiting for something to occur. This is where speculation is really anyone’s best guess.

      By the way RICH99, you mentioned that I was talking about doom this and doom that in regards to the New Madrid fault. Just like the almost completely accurate figures I gave you and everyone else for the size of Hurricane Sandy, I strive for exactness no matter what. I will not purposely exaggerate something, if anything I tend to slightly underestimate the seriousness of an event. The New Madrid basically wants to eventually reopen itself to the Gulf of Mexico as the movement of the North American plate and the twisting of the southern plates from the Caribbean, Cocos, and South American plates are helping this process along. If you were to take away all the loose sediment, dirt, away you would find the New Madrid as many similarities to the San Andreas. The USGS would not be down there sticking probes and sensors into so many different spots unless they suspected something was getting close. This is not doom and gloom, it is being observant and aware of a critical future catastrophe in the making.

      • Old Vet

        BI: Like this,Put your hand on the N. Pole of the globe, twisting to the right as though turning the cap off a jar. Put your other hand on the S. Pole of the globe, twisting to the left as you open the jar, in this case the Earth, her plates coming apart. You not only pop the Indio/Australian plate lose and plunge the Pacific and Philippine plates under Asia, you relieve stress along the entire N. American continent!

        • Be informed

          @ Old Vet. This would be true 3 billion or so years ago, but there is actually more cohesion now with the plates now. IF the plates were coming apart rapidly like this you would see unbelievable amounts of volcanic activity not seen since pre cambrian times. You would see an explosive increase in volcanoes on the Antarctica. This would be something you would see during the formation of the planets. What you are seeing right now is a possible slight cooling of the inside by the plates becoming more rigid as the earthquakes around Fiji are going deeper than the 700 km threshold.

          Even this is a very slow process. Unless there is some sort of interaction with some space body the Earth will likely continue to have these increases in earthquake intensity over many thousands of years of cycles. Ebbing and Intensifying much like the cycles of hurricanes.

          Total past catastrophic events such as this would have evidence as it would not just be one super volcano, but many all over the place. The largest volcanic field of ash came about 27 million years ago in what is southern Colorado. This had a discharge of about 5000 cubic km as compared to Yellowstone and Toba that had 2500-2800 with their most violent eruptions.

          Again, what you talking about is happening in the very long term. The Pacific Ocean is shrinking while the Atlantic Ocean is growing. The Philippine plate is being compressed on all sizes and will eventually be sunk below the others around it. There is a massive magma bubble under the central portion of the Pacific that runs from south of Hawaii down to almost New Zealand. Slow release of this will be horrific, but this is tens of millions of years away. Your analogy has merit in the very long time scheme of the planet, something we will likely not be alive to see.

      • NONYMOUS5

        just getting a chance to chance to chime in… BI is, I think, correct: the bank cartel is blowing hard. so, market will continue to receive that influx. But, history rhymes. _Stock market_ may not crash but of course for every action there is a equal, but opposite reaction. Cartel debt-money printing puts great pressure on anyone outside of the cartel cabal. The financial break may not be a stock market crash. It might be a hole that occurs elsewhere in the bubble. Imagine a currency based in mobile phones which is stable but global. Like bitcoin but more applicable to common person. Maybe candycrushed coins. :-0) Just an example that what pops this bubble may not be identical to 1929 or past bubbles. But, we all know, bank cartel money creation is a bubble. It can’t go on without the opposing forces snapping.

        • NONYMOUS5

          I think the dollar-replacement thought is a good one since the stock market wealth is NOT a majority phenom. But the majority does the work in this world. Why would the majority continue to tolerate a system of financial oppression?

    36. ArmedPatriot

      I’m not changing my strategy at all. I’m sticking to tangibles including food and supplies. Most of my wealth is with things I possess. My goal this year is to keep moving and making money. We still need it to buy the stuff we need. Don’t get trapped in the fear. Do stuff that’s fun. Be with your family.

    37. Old Vet

      A possible event for Martial Law: A wave of disease threatening to wipe out the entire country if not controlled by a nation wide quarantine. You know TPTB
      a few deaths all over the country from some unknown disease or even some known. The sheeple will cry out, OH please save us, we’ll do anything you ask. No travel anywhere, they have it under control. Just a thought.

    38. Ugly

      Got me a PhD from a Pwestigious Universwity. Cant figure why I am still fwoicking fwipping burgers….

      • Guns n Roses


        If you fwink u r fwustrated jest fwink how them ole fooks feel bout thar pokitbook fer that thar edukashon u done went an got!

    39. Socrates

      Really? People keep saying that they won’t believe we are knee deep in SHTF already, unless ‘this event’ or ‘that event’ transpires. Wow. Probably a lot of idiots drowned on the Titanic using that thinking too. “This ship is unsinkable! It’s NOT sinking! Nope. I will only believe that this ship is sinking when I see water pouring into the grand ballroom…or hallway. O.K now the stairs leading to the promenade deck…”
      Give it up people… we are ALREADY THERE. The water just hasn’t hit your face yet, but plenty of others.

      And for those who keep saying they have this all before, repeat, ad nauseam…why are you here? Don’t you have better things to do? Try adding constructive input to the discussion if you are so versed in the ways of total collapse. I have plenty of other things I could be doing, but feel it my duty to try and reach as many as possible that are still hooked into the Matrix and not freed yet. Many topics here may just be seen for the first time through others eyes that are just opening, let’s give ’em a chance to see for themselves what’s really going on in this mad, mad world. For you newbies, (or even your deniers)here’s some wisdom for you.

      -The government has more restrictive executive orders in place RIGHT NOW than all of them combined from the very first president to date combined. These are not orders to ‘help you’ or further your cause. Quite the opposite. Notice I did not say ‘the total’ or number thereof. The number of EO’s is not as restrictive as the content of them.

      -The government has contacted major survival food companies asking them how many units of food they can supply to the government and if they can work 24 hrs a day to meet deadlines, etc. Ask the people at Sandy Hook or Katrina how quickly they were cared for by the government or FEMA. They weren’t and you know it.

      -The Stock market is cyclical and according to the chart listed in the story above on this very site. we are running smack dab into a repeat of Oct 1929. Only it will not be a repeat. It will be much. much worse. If you can’t understand why then maybe your genes don’t deserve to continue on this planet and your end will be your best contribution to mankind.

      This congress and presidency has the lowest rating of ANY in history. They didn’t get that rating by accident… they worked at it! A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that only seven percent (7%) of Likely U.S. Voters think Congress is doing a good or excellent job. 7%! Does that sound like a good return on investment to you? That is beyond horrendous and no wonder we have a country in such a mess. In any database, if you put garbage in, you get more garbage out. It’s way past time to take out the garbage.

      -American Poverty reaches NEW high levels
      A new study shows that income inequality in America is at a record high. According to an analysis of tax filings, the income gap between the richest 1 percent of Americans and the other 99 percent widened to unprecedented levels in 2012. The top 1 percent of U.S. earners collected over 19 percent of household income, breaking a record previously set in 1927. Income inequality in the U.S. has been growing for almost three decades.

      In summary for those of you who still don’t feel the water lapping at your feet…I truly feel sorry for you. Maybe if your life cannot be an example to lead others your untimely death will serve as a warning.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        if congress has such a low rating…..WHY THE FUCK DO WE KEEP ELECTING THEM???well said soc rat!

    40. Be informed

      @ Everyone. I want people to take note what NC Joker said above aimed at braveheart. One shot and your are dead. This is similar to the dangerous talk months ago about wishing that all of us would die and we all don’t deserve to live. We all here might disagree with each other on an occasion, but to wish harm on each other or death. I mean WTF. NC Joker comes on and instead of presenting an argument and discussing it, the Joker immediately belittles everyone and calls everyone some immature name.

      Remember this because NC Joker is very angry at everything around them and the comments reflect this. People like this either go postal or their minds turn off and they become babbling vegetables. Those that cannot talk over opinions without threats and hate sprewed like a monkey flinging crap at something has deep seated issues. This individual needs psychiatric help or someone to talk to why he is boiling over like a volcano. Even a troll has means of getting under the skin of people, NC Joker is just launching hate and more or it. I hope that some innocent person or animal is not the recipient of this hate.

      • RandomTangent1957

        Hey Y’all….this is what Libtards do. They can’t use facts to back up their opinion, so they quickly resort to hate & personal attacks. Fuck Em ! Who gives a rats ass what they say. There is a Murphy’s Law that says ” Never argue with an idiot because people may get you confused. I don’t have the time or inclination to waste 2 nanoseconds on them. Just Red thumb them & move on. Do you not see that getting all worked up & arguing with them… exactly what they want. This makes us all look like a bunch of morons. I started visiting this site several years ago… learn about prepping, & to find holes in my plans….etc. I think that if we get back to our roots….ignore the trolls….and use this site to spread useful information….we will all be better for it…& we will attract more of the Newbie Sheeple type…. Who are looking for answers for why things seem so upside down. Mac has given us a great forum to expand our knowledge . ms Daisy , D
        Smokin Okie, BI, Braveheart & many others have helped to make this site great. We can all work to make it better by cutting down on the Troll arguing, Religious battles, & name calling. I have learned a lot here….& hope that continues in 2014 . Wishing Everyone A a Happy & Prosperous New Year ! When the time comes…I hope everyone can limit out on Trolls every Day !
        Standing By in Montgomery County Texas

    41. braveheart

      Be informed, good evening, and it just blew my mind when ncjoe singled me out like that. I doubt if he comes to my area to make good on his threat. What I always say about anyone having bad intentions toward me applies to exactly that; anyone, regardless of who it is. On the other hand, maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised, since I do jump on him every time I see him on here. BI, I almost fell out of my chair when he mentioned MY NAME like that. It’s entirely possible he’s tired of me jumping on him, but what does he expect when he comes on this site with all of his moronic statements and other BS? People get sick of that and everyone knows how I feel about it. It’s such a shame we can’t have some decent, intelligent conversation without a troll coming on here and trying to ruin it for everyone. braveheart

      • Be informed

        @ braveheart. First of all NC Joker has to know where you are. Someone like this is however dangerous to those around them. I have seen this type of psycho behavior, and thankfully they did not act on it. The potential is defintely there, you can see it in their eyes. This one guy I knew many years ago use to talk about if they ever locked him up in a mental ward that he would throw himself over and over again against the glass door until it broke apart. People would joke at the work site about the day that this nut decided to bring his rifles to work.

        The thing that bothers me is that NC Joker is one person that continues to talk this way and has not calmed down at all with the anger, way over a year now. I have seen NC Joker on other web sites also post the same hate. It is not just SHTFplan and you, it is other places. Sometimes this is good as someone like this is getting out their frustrations. Other times it is someone that is yelling out for help or someone yelling out and saying they are ready to physically act on this.

        That is why I try not to push someone like this over the edge. He doesn’t know me from an ass and a hole in the ground. I still would have to live with myself if what I said pushed this nut over and he did something that became national news. Any government looking for “their heroes” to start a false flag have individuals like this high on their recuit lists.

        This world is really bizarre, just watch your back if NC Joker has anyway of knowing how to reach you. Anyone brazen enough to come to a blog site and talk about one round through your windshield and you’re done or that everyone doesn’t deserve to live has some screw and bolt loose in their head.

        • DG-Kernersville

          @ BI and braveheart,

          It is a little chilling to see this kind of acting out, even if we all know it’s from in front of a keyboard somewhere. What if somewhere was only down the street from me, or you? My rule of thumb is, Please do not feed the Trolls. But in this case, I agree with BI, there’s something more serious here than a troll.

          For everyone, keep in mind that the thin veneer of civility can disappear when adversity strikes. Now days that’s even more of a threat because of the way that inhibitions, or the sense of right and wrong, have been seriously compromised by design in a culture that has been compromised as well. Gerald Celente’s tag line has been, “When the people have nothing left to loose, they loose it!” and I have been praying everyday this will not be happening, that people will for the most part realize where all this has come from, and not respond in the way they, the manipulators, have designed.

          NC has been hit hard with unemployment. It’s high on the list, I think, almost as bad as Michigan. It’s not that there’s no hiring going on, but most of the jobs being offered have zero future, unless you think retail or fast food is your favorite work. Notice went up on the marqee of the Sonic here, “Now Hiring” More than 100 people showed up that day, and the next. How bad is that? Perhaps this sort of thing has been eating at NCJoe for a while and he is about to “loose it,” as Celente says.
          Still, it makes no common sense for lashing out the way he has, against people he doesn’t know, and who haven’t done anything to him when he clearly has no reason to do it.

          He wants to use our forum to vent his anger. His posts should be hidden, but, if they aren’t, there is no profit in responding to them, however something needs to be done about the violent threats, which wouldn’t be acceptable anywhere, including here and go way beyond the 1st amendment rights~ mods please take note.

          • ready down under

            The way to handle trolls is to red thumb them without reading or unblocking their posts. It denies them the thrill of getting you angry. Trolls are generally lonely and pathetic people who get their jollies by baiting others anonymously – something they would never do face to face as they are cowards who need the anonymity of the internet. They would wet their pants if you ever found out who/where they were and turned up at their door and said “OK dirtbag, I’m here – you want a piece of me?”

            Ignore them and never, NEVER give them the satisfaction of taking their baits.


    42. Warchild

      Eh,stopped worrying long ago about folks that may go postal,they do and am around am either dead or brought em to the ground,till then will enjoy my life while thinking/planning ahead.

    43. Ray

      Before the crash occurs , or right after it , the U S’s Puppet Master will start a WAR with probably China to divert the public’s attention ! Works every time .

    44. CWinOR

      @FoF- not over the top from where I sit! (but then again- I’ve been called “sick” and “disturbed” more than once!)

      • Ghost Rider

        @Faith of the Fallen; That’s one of the best posts I have ever seen. I just snarfed coffee through my nose. Man that was funny. Keep up the good work.


    45. TheGuy

      That, sir, wins.

      That wins. What I’m not entirely sure, but it definitely wins it.

      Oh man the visual on that one… I’m laughing my ass off…

      • Hunter

        LOL…Agreed TG!

        ..but it also begs the question…do the niglets bounce?

    46. Just Me

      The article talks in part about retail sales going down… Here’s my input – My portion of the premium for my employer provided health insurance is $118 per week right now. (It covers my whole family) In 2014, (Next paycheck..) it jumps to $213 per week. That’s a $95 dollar jump. $95 times 52 weeks is $4,940 a year LESS… that I won’t have available to spend next year. Now multiply that by MILLIONS of households nationwide.

      If you think retail sales are down now, wait until 2014.

    47. Jim in Va.

      Can you hear the thunder? There’s a storm coming……

    48. elmo

      Normalcy Bias

    49. Kulafarmer

      Dont care,,, dollar can dive, banks can close, everything can come unglued,
      SO WHAT!
      Nothing new,, will just deal with whatever however!
      Some stuff you have no control over,, this crap,,, WE GOT NO CONTROL OVER!
      So why worry?

      • slingshot


        I feel the same way. We have reached Terminal Preparedness. I don’t think there is any possible, “Black Swan Event”, we have not identified.
        Our advantage is we have done the basics that will allow us to further implement our plans while others fight in the streets. We have been mentally exposed to situations many will encounter for the first time. We have removed indecision, fear and allowed for the variables that may arise. Although we have reduced the exposure to the danger, we know it is still there, for we can never remove it completely from our lives.

      • Warchild

        But Farmer,we do have control over how we are ready when things get out of hand,that’s what counts!

    50. Goober

      I know a lot of people are getting disheartened almost let down because for some many years so many people have been saying next month, 3 months, later this year is it.
      But you have to see the writing on the wall and it’s ALL bad so it can’t go on. But on it goes somehow. But someday someone will be right and it will all end in a bang and a whimper. So DO NOT give up prepping any way as your preps get old replace them and eat your old preps so your turning over your stock. With the price of food you can’t go wrong. And keep on prepping, It’s important.

    51. Logicrazy

      I for one think that it will fall apart soon, mainly because of simple math. It can’t go on much longer, the numbers don’t lie or mislead. It will happen when it happens. Those prepared will be better off than most. It will be years if ever before we know the outcome of this mess.

      Happy New Year…

    52. Tom

      blah blah blah

    53. SCTV

      Hello, Merry late Christmas and Happy New Year.
      I believe that things are going to get bad for simple reasons. Walmart.
      Every year I shop and every year I see massive toy sections. Did anybody else notice that the toy and children’s sections were smaller than normal in most stores? In fact most places I went into they were not even expanded for the Christmas season. This tells me that the corporations were expecting sales to be down.
      Also last year was the first year that I saw bulk displays of survival equipment, ie ends and pallets in the middle of isles. This year I saw whole lengths of stores filled in some places with survival knives shovels, kits etc. This tells me that the stores are expecting to sell these things.
      Big business do make mistakes but they pay very good money to very smart people so that they make the best decisions for what people are really going to buy.
      Sure I can see Christmas junk sales down but the numbers are off because so many people are buying other gifts for survival. How many people did we talk to this year that do not prep but still expressed that they felt they should only get/give good gifts that serve a purpose?
      I know that I was stunned on Boxing day with that admission from a sister who I personally figured for zombie bait.
      People are buying that little do dad that seems cool and it is being reinforced by the survival media market.
      Not to mention that many more people are buying guns/weapons before new laws ruin things.
      Paranoia is good for business too.
      If 3 million people spend only $100 per month that is 3.6 billion into the economy. (I know some of you say I wish and others say is that all)
      I know I am rambling a bit but there are many different directions to look at this.
      This last ditch effort to keep money flowing that is not coerced like your healthcare is eventually going to create it’s own self fulfilling prophesy.
      Like when we were kids and we could only wait so long before we ignored our parents and took our firecrackers outside to play.
      Anywho take care.

      • 1940just me

        “”””Every year I shop and every year I see massive toy sections. Did anybody else notice that the toy and children’s sections were smaller than normal in most stores? In fact most places I went into they were not even expanded for the Christmas season. This tells me that the corporations were expecting sales to be down.””””
        kids don’t want silly toys anymore, they want cash or I phones.

        I see what you’re saying about survival equipment plus the use of camouflage coloring on many things and more canning jars,pressure canners out on display later in the yr.

      • Lake Monster

        SCTV, yes, the toy section was very small this year in Walmart. Smaller than I can ever remember. Another thing I notice, when things run out, they are not restocked as quickly. The shelf just sits empty.

        Also, petty crimes and reports of shoplifting took a sharp rise in the next town over from me all over.

        I’m rural, right outside of town, but not far enough outside of it for my liking. I can see where things are going to get bad here, even in a rural area. My neighbor lady down the road who has been sick for the past week said, she watched someone park their truck, walk to her chicken coop and steal two chickens. She was with fever and couldn’t get up to go chase him down. She also said this is the first time this has ever happened at her home or anyone on our road.

        So! When people are coming out into the country to get things.. you know it’s going to get bad.

    54. Stew Pedaso

      The speculation here is almost as bad as the speculation on Wall Street.

    55. SWFL

      That is a cool graph. I like pretty graphs. Pretty, pretty gra… ooohhh! Look! Squirrell!

    56. Be informed

      The economy will eventually crash for whatever reason. IT has to as you can’t continue to blow up the debt E to the X without consequences. The value of the dollar is probably the most vulnerable out of all of this. This song by Bon Jovi really tells it all for some people now, to one day become most people in the future.

      Livin’ On A Prayer”

      Once upon a time
      Not so long ago

      Tommy used to work on the docks
      Union’s been on strike
      He’s down on his luck…it’s tough, so tough
      Gina works the diner all day
      Working for her man, she brings home her pay
      For love – for love

      She says we’ve got to hold on to what we’ve got
      ‘Cause it doesn’t make a difference
      If we make it or not
      We’ve got each other and that’s a lot
      For love – we’ll give it a shot

      Whooah, we’re half way there
      Livin’ on a prayer
      Take my hand and we’ll make it – I swear
      Livin’ on a prayer

      Tommy’s got his six string in hock
      Now he’s holding in what he used
      To make it talk – so tough, it’s tough
      Gina dreams of running away
      When she cries in the night
      Tommy whispers baby it’s okay, someday

      We’ve got to hold on to what we’ve got
      ‘Cause it doesn’t make a difference
      If we make it or not
      We’ve got each other and that’s a lot
      For love – we’ll give it a shot


      We’ve got to hold on ready or not
      You live for the fight when it’s all that you’ve got


      • thisTexan has had enough

        BI-Now I have an earworm from Bon Jovi for New Year’s Eve today. That is one of my favorite songs.
        Wishing all the SHTF readers the best 2014 possible in these perilous times!

        • Warchild

          This is my song,not really a surprise given my handle:


          War child, dance the days and nights away
          Sweet child, how do you do today?
          War child, dance the days and nights away
          Sweet child, how do you do today?

          When your back’s to the wall and your luck is your all
          Then side with whoever you may
          Seek thats which within lies waiting to begin
          The fight of your life that is everyday

          Dance with the war child, the war child, hoorah
          Dance with the war child, the war child, hoorah

          War child, dance the days and nights away
          Sweet child, how do you do today?
          War child, dance the days and nights away
          Sweet child, how do you do today?

          War child, dance the days and nights away
          Sweet child, how do you do today?
          War child, dance the days and nights away
          Sweet child, how do you do today?

          In the heart of your heart, there’s the tiniest part
          Of an urge to live to the death
          With a sword on your hip and a cry on your lips
          To strike life in the inner child’s breast

          Dance with the war child, the war child, hoorah
          Dance with the war child, the war child, hoorah

          War child, dance the days and nights away
          Sweet child, how do you do today?
          War child, dance the days and nights away
          Sweet child, how do you do today?

          Tull,1973’s Warchild album

          • eppe

            Saw Tull in ’75, was awesome…
            Still got that idea on lead alternatives….

            • Warchild

              Ahhhhh!My first Tull tour,babysitters took be to the Boston Garden!Tail end of Warchild/start of Too Old To Rock And roll tours!I have seen em thru the decades over 100+shows.I am going to get wrecked tonite,how the hell we get in touch,will check site next few days.As I have said,though pretty poor myself( financially,not life!) have very well to do family and with a solid business plan could get some funds together depending on how much would actually be needed,would want to be a actual part of a endeavor though and not just a silent background backing,we would need to see if we could make that happen to a mutually beneficial project.

            • PO'd Patriot

              “In the shuffling madness, of the locomotive breath”……

              “Well its bungle in the jungle, well that’s alright by me…I’m a tiger when I want love, I’m a snake when we disagree.”

              • Warchild

                2nd,perhaps first favorite:

                “Rainbow Blues”

                Through northern lights on back streets
                I told the coachman, “Just drive me on,
                It’s the same old destination
                but a different world to sing upon.”
                So he threw back his head and he counted.
                I jumped out about five to nine.

                And I waved at the stage door-keeper
                said, “Mister, get me to the stage on time.”
                Oh, but the rain wasn’t made of water
                and the snow didn’t have a place in the sun
                so I slipped behind a rainbow
                and waited till the show had done.

                I packed my ammunition.
                Inside the crowd was shouting, “Encore”,

                But I had a most funny feeling
                it wasn’t me they were shouting for.
                So when the tall dark lady smiled at me
                I said, “Oh, baby let us go for a ride.”
                And we came upon two drinks or four
                and popped them oh so neatly inside.

                Oh, but the rain wasn’t made of water
                and the snow didn’t have a place in the sun
                so we slipped behind a rainbow
                and lay there until we had done.

                Let me pack you deep in my suitcase.
                Oh, there’s sure to be room for two
                or you can drive me to the airplane
                but don’t let me catch those rainbow blues.

    57. NoRegretVet

      Faith of the Fallen…

      I think there just might be a future for you as…oh…maybe a “Guidance Counselor !!! ”

      Personally…I Loved It !!! But like the other guy said…I have been known to be just a tad off center from time to time !!!

      Keep em comin….we will let you know when you go over the top …..

    58. buttcrackofdoom

      i betcha god just killed a baby kitten for that rant faith.

    59. Risky Whiskey

      last year…this year…next year…sooner or later this sucker’s gonna tank and go down so fast it will bounce off the bottom. And cheese-doodle America won’t be ready to receive the bad news when it does. THAT IS A FACT…

      Prepping, rugged individualism, political atheism, mistrust of the banksters and their puppet government etc. is a lifestyle choice I have made; not a fucking market timing strategy.

      So if my weapons, tools, seeds, metals, preps, books etc. aren’t necessary in my functional lifetime… they will certainly be of extreme value to my children and grandchildren when I’m too old to fight should the eventual collapse/overshoot/peak oil/nuclear winter/global pandemic/biblical-level extinction event/EMP blast etc. kick-off.

      This year I’m going all-in on silver bullion…paying down existing credit cars and my BOV (bug-out vehicle) car-note, acquiring the best NVG devices I can afford (since I no longer use credit cards), and taking my marksmanship comfort zone out to the 600 yard line.

      Don’t get soft out there people…the longer things appear normal in this debt-financed, media-manipulated hologram of “normalcy” the longer you have to train, gain, earn, buy, plant, pray, coordinate, relax and learn in expectation of things eventually changing for the worse unless you were born with a golden spoon shoved up your ass.

      • Guns n Roses


        Your posts are just the best. Keep on keeping us straight here at shtf.

      • Darkstar

        Great post Whiskey Risky !!!

    60. SWFL

      I gather from reading here that some of us are old enough to remember what we have already lost. The young ones we can’t blame for not missing what they never knew but come on guys, we should realize we are not waiting for it, it is here. We need to already be teaching the kids what freedom is and how to live free among free people. The government won’t change until enough people expect change. When it realizes the people will go a different direction with or without them, the members who are awake will get in front and go the new direction, just to save their positions. Eventually the government will reflect the will of the people, whether it wants to or not. All the conspiracies,boardroom-to-backroom deals, and shadow alliances will fall apart as the rats turn on each other to stay in power. We just need to survive long enough to pass on the ideals we say we live (and will die) for.
      My idea of Priorities:
      #1- stay alive and effective.
      #2- teach proper principles at every opportunity.
      #3- repeat above as long as possible.

      • Warchild

        S,your post has a lot of hope,I “hope” it tis right,and not a hard ride to get there.That said,will prep for the hard ride,if wrong,hell,will have a hell of a cookout with preps and you all are invited!

    61. Be informed

      Well “dang nab it” 54 percent of the masses feel that the economy will do better next year. I guess happy trails again. “54 percent can’t be wrong.”

      Kind of like the 99% that don’t prepare for disasters, even small scale ones that happen all the time. After all you can’t go wrong following the Jones’. As long as the majority of the masses say it is A Okay, everything will be just peachy.

      Thank goodness there are still those that actually think and understand the deception that is being fed to everyone. When math doesn’t add up, neither does any true safety of the economy or the world. E to the X is bascially an increase of 2.72 with each number that is raised. 1 is 2.72, 2 is 2.72 x 2.72 = 7.39, 3 is 20.1 and so on. When you look at a chart showing the national debt is resembles a basic E to the X graph. Eventually E to the X because an almost vertical line up. IF the national debt continues to mimic an E to the X chart, the debt will reach infinity and so will hyperinflation like so banana country republic. But after all 54% of the people say that the economy will flourish next year.

    62. Anonymous

      Off Topic:

      Yet another American tradition has been targeted, attacked, and destroyed: The Rose Parade.

      Grew up with, and continued the family tradition of, enjoying a virtual smorgasbord of homemade appetizers while oooing and ahhing at the gorgeous flowers and jawdropping designs on the floats on New Year’s morning. It’s all gone now. The Rose Parade has been rendered unfit for family viewing.

      Went to a nicer, upscale restaurant this past week, looking forward to a pleasant dining experience. Got up and left the restaurant before ordering when a trio of blatant, in-your-face homosexuals were seated next to me and almost immediately began using profanity. It was bad enough that several of the waiters were obviously homosexual, but being subjected to profanity from obnoxious homosexuals with obviously no sense of propriety was unacceptable. Won’t darken the doorway of that restaurant ever again.

      Don’t know what may happen, but have to believe that God will not allow this to continue much longer.

      • Be informed

        @ Anonymous. Just look at what the state is like now. Pro anti-gun everywhere, orgress feinstienless, nancy piece of, barbara boxed in. These people overwhelmingly voted these ghouls into office. Look at the way they try to ban Christmas and even Christmas lights and ecorations in some places. Yet they allow a buch of faggots and dykes to have simulated orgies in parades in front of children. Then the parents have to tell the kids that this is just the way they are. Children then often start to mimic this and are drawn into the perversion. This is okay because it is just an expression on these LGBT showing their affection for each other.

        Are you not even allowed to say gay anymore without being attacked as some racist. Use the term homosexual, which is a correct term in the dictionary and you are really labeled a monster out there. How about the abbrevations of FAG and DYKE instead.

        This political correctness crap is toxin. I personally never fag bash anyone as long as they don’t get into my face. I am actually very tolerant of a person’s freedom of choice. I may find it sick, but will aloow God to make judgement or their own practices into getting disease from their choice. As long as they don’t push it at me and DEMAND acceptance. My choice is that I don’t have to give anyone acceptance. This is a freedom that I still have.

        Ever notice though how these pits of perversion are settled on the most dangerous areas of the world for future disasters? The San Andreas runs right though Sodom and Gomarrah named San Francisco and Los Angeles. SF is the Sodomity capital of the world and LA is where the sickest movies and perversion come from. Eventually the San Andreas absolutely must break, the longer the wait the more intense it will be and the more the chance it will break from south to north.

        I too remember the purity of these parades and how many people felt good about going to these. Now a good parent is advised to bring along some blinders for their kids so they don’t have to see this sick depiction of weirdness on these floats that pass by. Better yet, forget the parade and go look at some scenic highway somewhere and spend some quality time with your family void of this evil.

        • slingshot

          A co-worker went to Disney World with his Family on Gay Day wearing a red shirt. Big Man with Muscles. Got hit on and the stories he told of what he had seen.

          • Anonymous

            Walt Disney NEVER would have stood for the takeover of his wonderful talents by the homosexuals and the promoters of child sexuality. He, undoubtedly, is rolling in his grave.

            • Do your research!

              That freak loved kiddy porn. Snuff films were his favs

        • Anonymous

          Political correctness began with Billy and Hillary.

          • Hunter

            ..”Political correctness began with Billy and Hillary.”

            …HUH? WHAT???

            Nah..not so much.

            Political correctness began w/ Judas and the conniving pharisees, but it only picked up steam once this country became enemy-occupied territory…thanks to their descendants.

        • lonelonmum

          There’s a world of difference between not giving a toss what two consenting adults do in their own homes and wanting all kinds of nastiness shoved in our children’s faces.

          My son has attended a few gay celebrations (I used to do face painting for a living) without being exposed to any nastiness. Get a publicly funded body involved for a Carnival or something though, and it all goes sleazy, even when they declare it a family event. We skip those.

          On the other hand part of the reason I got rid of the TV was because they started showing Lady Gup Gup and Miley Cyrus at breakfast time. I also have major issues with some of the advertising that seems to be trying to prematurely sexualise our children.

          There’s a damn good reason we used to refer to people as having a “private life”. Some things are supposed to be kept PRIVATE, including the colour of your underwear as you do your shopping at the grocery store. VERY few people are so poor they cannot manage a modicum of modesty in their personal atire. Yet so many obese women wander round the shop with everything hanging out it’s horrid. I can speak only as a woman but part of what makes a damn fine man attractive to me is guessing what he’s got under his shirt iykwim, so to attract me he needs to be wearing it in a restaurant.

          I’m definitely of the live and let live brigade when it comes to sexual matters. If I don’t have to see it, and it doesn’t involve, or affect non-consent, children, or animals I really couldn’t give a toss what people get up to. I do reserve the right to become VERY offended if your nasty fetishes, perversions etc, etc are shoved in my face.

          My old council demanded to know your sexuality on their application for for a residents parking permit. I used to have a tussle with them every year, when I refused to tick the box, simply because I did not see my private business, being any of theirs. My right to park my car should not depend on my admittance of being celibate, straight, bi or anything else. As far as I’m concerned only my mother and my doctor have any right to ask certain questions about my lifestyle.

          The only PDA’s I really like to see are those old couple’s that have been together 50 years sitting in the park feeding the ducks. You know, when she gently pats his hand or he gives her a peck on the cheek as he gets up to go to the ice cream stand. Yet those glances are full of a love well lived & a life of honour that means those elderly couples have EARNED the odd modest public display.

          • Emily

            @ lonelonmum ~ Thank You! Well Said! I agree with everything you stated! Happy New Year to you.

          • Hunter

            Excellent post mum!
            Happy New Year to you/yours.

    63. Be informed

      @ Mike in VA. I enjoy your comments so much. I could see a gun grab through a horrible false flag incident or even a real attack. The number of people supporting 2nd Amendment rights dropped immediately after Sandy Hook. Just imagine if something like in India happened in this country where 100 or 200 “terrorists” attacked 25 or so malls around the country. A type of Kenya attack, but not on just one location but a couple of dozen places. The country would be ready for a knee jerk reaction and BO’s approval ratings would go up to 80-90% just like Junior’s ones went up after 9/11.

      This gives BO the window of opportunity to use those executive orders to “protect national security”. When a “law” is passed it is difficult to override. So BO issues an order that says all rifles and shotguns, maybe even handguns, with more than a certain magazine size are to confiscated. Ownership of such firearms holds a ten year prison term because of the danger of these firearms to the safety of the country. Many people rather than risk prison would turn in their firearms quicker than you could say Hitler.

      While anyone representing a pro 2nd Amendment state would not go along with this, many that are up for election this year in blue or purple states probably would go along with a limitation on firearms but still allowing for basic home protection and hunting. The masses are stupid and would not want this type of attack to occur again and would fully support this gun grab. Then like Australia and Europe the foundation for making gun restrictions even more harsh are in line.

      When there is an attack on one location people feel that this happened on a far and away place and it won’t happen here. IF there was false flag or legitimate widespread attack involving many places, people would freak out and not blame the “terrorists” but blame the laws governing guns. People are again dumb as manure when they blame the firearms and not the psycho or maniac that goes out and uses the weapon.

      There are ways that any government can take some or even most or all of people’s self defense because people only listen to their own immediate fears and those fears are not rational or practical. They are like the reaction that an animal has when they hear a thunder clap. Big noise, run and react.

      After a gun grab and a proclamation that people will now be safe that the bad guys no longer can obtain firearms and the masses feel oh so safe, the safety net of people being able to protect themselves and their country gone, the real control grab begins and the economy or whatever else can be collapsed. There are plans like this, probably even more detailed and complex to gain control and power. The sad problem with this is that such scenarioes work all too well because most of the masses are idiots and need to be lead around by nose rings.

      • Kulafarmer

        I dont give a crap what anyone does,
        I can guarantee i will not go alone……

        • VRF

          Your right , your not alone

        • lastmanstanding

          Just make sure that fuckin REPR’s empty…my bet is on you brother…don’t sweat it.

          Go to utube and pull up Red Rider’s “Lunatic Fringe”…at .24 seconds, you can barely hear “see you on the other side.”

          Cochran knew wtf was going on…listen to the lyrics. Since everyone is on a lyrics roll, here is a bit out of context that doesn’t affect the symbolism of the song.

          I can here you coming…
          We know what your after…
          We’re wise to you this time.

          But I’m on guard this time.
          Against your final solution.

          Lunatic fringe.
          We all know your out there.
          Can you feel the resistance?
          Can you feel the thunder?

          Fella’s …I have always been in. Didn’t realize it until 2008.

          I got a confession to air with all of you God fearing folks.

          I believe in God almighty, maker of heaven and earth. Heck, I don’t even like to get down on my knees to pray…and I do a lot of it.

          Kula, VRF, Ugly, BI, BH, FB, Them Guys, KM, Warchild, MT, Hunter, Sgt, Night B, PO’d, eppe, tough Texan gal, Lake Monster, slingshot, RW, G&R MM6-1 and the rest of you…

          I’ll be standing in my local creek today. Clear, cold, crisp, honest water flowing from out of the Rocky Mountains sending you all the earth blessings.

          On one condition.

          “don’t go down without one helluva fight” lms.

          (but you already knew that)…see you all on the other side.

          • Hunter

            LSM(aka Standing Warrior)-


            You have my solemn word, sir…I’ll be expensive!

            …strength(courage) & honor…to all here and to you LSM!

      • Warchild

        Informed,we had multiple terror attacks believe there would be more then ever a push for citizens to be armed,once folks realize that leo ect. cannot be everywhere they will also realize a lot of people need to defend themselves and if given a chance others.The Kenya mall story a perfect example how a few armed citizens helped many out of mall and defended them on the way,either way,no one if getting one of my firearms unless I believe they need it to do some good,then,no problems.

        • Be informed

          @ Warchild. You are talking logic, that is something that is completely absent from the masses’ thoughts. The people that retain common sense such as yourself are far and few between. Remember ONLY 1% of the population takes the time and effort to prepare. That total should be 25% or much higher. As long as the government “allowed” people to keep some form of firearms then the majority would blindly support such a gun grab. I am talking about the idiots, not the people that still respect the 2nd Amendment and understand that no compromise is in order ever, as you give them an inch and they will take a mile. This is what has happened all over the world to places that use to be gun free.

          Look at what happened down in Australia with the Tasmania massacre. Australian citizens could own a semi auto rifle before this. Then everybody reacted, over reacted to one isolated event, and the gun grab was on. You get some widespread terrorist attack, especially if the rifles were legal and not some foreign brought in harware, and guaranteed the gun grab is on here also. The government would use the weapons to demonize not the terrorists. Just look at how it is now some taboo to use the word islam or muslim in referring to a muslim terrorist. They now just say radicalized terrorist. They however use all sorts of terms to describe a rifle like mass killing machine, death by trigger, and others. This is okay in the mass media.

          After such a mass attack it would not blame someone, even if it was “home grown” supposed right wing group. The government knows that they have to focus the hate and demons on to the firearms because this trains it on their true agenda, to take away people’s safe guard against tyranny. This is just that pathetic way things work. Logic goes right out the window with people. They start to see gremlins everywhere, and the government is more than willing to supply as many spooks to scare everyone as much as possible to pass laws strong enough to get MOST guns. Not all of them, but enough they feel to make that critical difference between a massive resistance a more isolated “rebellion”.

        • Kulafarmer

          The Kenya thing also illustrates how the supposed rescuers ie government sponsored rescue personnel are a bunch of crooks!
          I dont think our LEO or military would loot the stores like they did in Kenya but it does make you pause,,, if its a SHTF all out melee,, i suppose it could happen.
          However i could imagine some idiot UN peace keepers doing that,
          For them i say headshots! As Sarge D says, aim small miss small!

          • Be informed

            @ Kulafarmer. Like I always say anyone from the worthless un is a foreign invader to be dealt with as anyone trying to take over your country and destroy your freedoms.

          • Sgt. Dale

            KULA BI:
            YOU see a cop or a military man looting. Say something to him/her. If they don’t listen. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON HIS/HER SOUL.
            The only way I would take anything is to give it someone that needs it to survive.
            Let say you get hurt, bleeding bad, and the drug store is closed, locked up but if I don’t get bandages you would bleed to death. I carry and auto key that will open any lock. I’m going to open the door.

            • old guy

              Sgt dale two wrongs never make a right. Even in A mega SHTF situation the Ten Commandments are still valid. And half of the commandments deal with taking that wich belong,s to others. If ya need a bandage use your clothing. there are always choices that can be made. Theft is theft no matter how anyone tries to justify it. I wont tolerate any thief even one wearing a badge or uniform no matter what the curmstance.

              • Warchild

                Old guy,I also will break in to a store if necc. to save a life/help others.I will if situation exists down road make amends,you find my pack and need the supplies to save yourself or others,please,feel free.Hell,after reading Alive as a kid,will help folks out,hell,eat my corpse(just cook well!),am a organ donor,times get weird see that as the same thing.

          • old guy

            The LEO,s and military Broke in and looted during Katrina.

            • Yuri

              Military? Got a quote/citation for that?

              • old guy

                Some police took over a store Made it their headquarters and looted the shelves. The National Guard went where it wasn’t even flooded and kicked in doors they even assaulted a 72 year old woman and broke her hip disarming her. I see it live on tv. Advice to any badge wearing parasite during SHTF . throw away the badge. those badges will make you a target. I wont tolerate pillagers looters and thieves. No matter who they are or what the circumstance.

    64. old guy

      So far its not been a collapse of everything at the same time. like when fule went to $5 trucking sucked. but the gas industry boomed. Manufacturing went all to pot. but timber sawmilling and scrap recycling boomed. Right now cattle prices are good. producers of food are doing very well.Any motorcycle related industry is booming now. Prepping homesteading & gun related industry,s are doing great. I think as long as they keep the kickcanistan economics going. and as long as some things falter and others emerge & thrive there wont be any full scale SHTF event. it will be SHTF for some and prosperity for others. Now if your counting on some other person investing and providing a workplace and great job for you. The odds are That pipe dream isn’t likely to come true. the USA blue collar middle class is in decline and danger of extinction.

    65. Sgt. Dale

      Reading most of these replies. I see a lot of us believe this getting old. It is. It took from about 1888 to 1929 for the first major collapse.

      Then they took us off the Gold standard in 1972 or 3 under Nixon. I might be wrong with the dates but you know where I’m coming from.

      The stock market is doing the same thing it did in the 20’s 30’s. and now one wants to stop it.
      TPTB will sell out just before it goes under, and then stand back and laugh.

      It doesn’t hurt to talk about the basics like this blog. Just to remind us what is coming, or could be coming.

      Please folks don’t get complacent. Read this blogs and remember why we are PREPPERS/SURVIALIST. If we don’t take care of our families do you really want TPTB doing it.


      • Kulafarmer

        I dont want TPTB doing anything for me thanks,,,
        Buncha inept, corrupt, POS idiots who couldnt make it in private sector so decided to suck the government teet for a career.

      • Northern Reb

        The year Nixon took us of the gold standard was 1971.
        But the dollar was no longer backed by gold under Roosevelt in 1933. That is when they started backing the dollar with commoditties. Gold and silver was only used to pay on some foreign dedts, but very few.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R.


        • Sgt. Dale

          Thanks for the info. I knew it was something like that.
          Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

          • Northern Reb

            Just looked up some more info.
            Since 1807 we have hade 4 Depressions. They average about 40 to 45 years apart. We are way past due if history repeats it’s self, and it does. And we have had 47 recessions they average about every 6 t0 10 years apart.
            So 2007 to 2014 that puts us in that time frame for another recession.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R.
            P.S. Sorry about the bad news but that is the facts.
            HAPPY NEW YEAR ANYWAY!:-)

      • braveheart

        Sarge, all I want from TPTB is for them to step down and let us take this country back so we can save it. MOLON LABE braveheart

    66. BK

      There will be a crash, but the current system could last for another decade with no crash happening.
      Dire predictions have been made for Japan for decades and they still haven’t crashed.
      They muddle along just as the U.S. could easily do.
      These crash gurus have cried wolf too many times.
      They destroyed their own credibility in doing so.

    67. Warchild

      Yep,but till then sarge,my stereo works/my fridge has some cold ones/my keys and wallet put away till tomorrow/my toys safely locked up,yep,Warchild is gonna party tonite!

      • Warchild

        Oh yeh,however you celebrate(or don’t)Happy New Years all!See you on the flip side(hopefully!).

      • Sgt. Dale

        I want to thank you for a lot of the response to my questions this year.
        May God bless you in the new year.



        • Warchild

          Sarge,hope you and the wife have a good night and a better new year(hope you ain’t on call!),and hope for all forum(even the evil trolls!)whatever the new year brings it @ least brings us some peace and happiness,can be found even in challenging times!

      • Anonymous

        And please say a quiet “Thank You” for those who stood vigilant and on guard, helping to keep your butt safe, dry, and able to party on many New Year’s Eves.

        In the meantime….Moochelle and Valerie are toasting the “coming out” of the long-ago-recognized-as-queer morning news anchor, as if any of them actually are as admired/influential as they believe themselves to be. Such repulsiveness is tough to top…..

        • Sgt. Dale

          Amen Brother Amen!!!

        • Guns n Roses


          Yep, front and center on my computer. MooseHell with her arms around the queer.

          Just when I think the POTUS and his squirrel have taken America to the bottom of the barrel; they fire another shot of filth at us.

          Wonder what the next POTUS, Hell bent Hillary will do to top the orangutangs?

          • Anonymous

            Hillary has zero chance of becoming POTUS. She has far too many scandals super-glued to her butt, beginning (maybe) with the Arkansas real estate deals, continuing with her $100,000 windfall from a piddling $1000 investment in, of all things, cattle, supposedly because she simply “read the investment news.” Vince Foster…speaks for itself. And let us not forget Susan Thomases. It goes on and on.

            Benghazi will not be swept under the rug. There are too many honest, smart, loyal Americans who were there, who know the truth, and who are NOT afraid of her. And there are four — count ’em, four — dead bodies. Her table-pounding, practiced outburst of “At this point, what difference does it make?!” performance was as transparently prepared for that moment as it possibly could be. She’s a repetitive puter-oner, but we all have had her number for quite some time now.

            Not to worry. All the fawning press in the world can not get her elected.

            • Emily

              @ Anonymous ~ God, I hope and pray you are right.

              I know of 4 people who think that the sun rises and falls on Hillary Clinton. One works, divorced, poor, lower to middle income bracket. Is morbidly obese.
              2 year education. Worked for 14 years and still working in the same place.

              The other is divorced, is morbidly obese, has 2 teen age daughters, is on snap, Medicaid, welfare, ect. Just took drunken, deadbeat ex-hubby to court to get $ to help with the kids. One kid is going to college. She has 19 animals, 7 cats, 2 dogs, and 10 domestic rats. Rents an old farm house in the middle of no-where.

              They all believe Hillary will right the nation and save the world, and the one who has the kid will make her 18 year old daughter vote for Hillary. I can’t freaking stand it nor believe it.

              They also, ALL believe that Obama is Jesus Christ and can do no wrong. They don’t want to hear ‘nothing’ about any shortcomings or wrongdoings of Obama or Hillary.
              I was told by one of them to look up ‘All The Good Things,’ Hillary has done for the world.
              My response was to look up all the bad things.
              All the things you, anon, mentioned in your above post.
              Of course, they all Hate Republicans, and the Republicans are the source of all problems in the current government. Poor Obama is being stymied by those nasty Republicans.

              These people are beyond hope. They see, hear, and speak no evil when it comes to Obama and Hillary. To me they are narrow-minded, desperate, stupid and foolish people who are shallow and self-absorbed. They cannot see and choice not to see beyond their own nose. They also choose to not know what are going on in current events.
              They do not have t.v.’s but one lives on the internet.

              These are Sheep that are deaf, dumb, blind, and stupid. As long as they get whatever they need to get from the Government to survive, they are A-ok.

              They are hopeless. I refuse to waste my time or energy on them. When I have to interact with them, I talk about the weather.

              There are honest to god people like them out there, which is why I come here to get my head screwed on straight by those who are aware of current events, and are aware of what is happening right under our noses.

              To be with like-minded individuals who share ideas, prep information, and so much more. Thank you to all, and I hope 2014 is a lot better than 2013 for all of you.

              • Anonymous

                The only difference between Hillary and your acquaintances is the amount of money involved.

                They all are exploiting, opportunistic, parasitic Communists.

                And Hillary appears to have a BMI that, like your acquaintances, places her in the obese category as well.

              • nonymouse

                I see the same thing… most americans have no honor. Sad to say, but its not a matter of waking up. Its a matter of life change. I think God lets them remain because a few good people still remain. I dont think iits good for to continue to enable the takers.

            • SWFL

              Benghazi will not be swept under the rug. There are too many honest, smart, loyal Americans who were there, who know the truth, and who are NOT afraid of her. And there are four — count ‘em, four — dead bodies.

              I am NOT slamming you but,I’m more cynical. This time next year, I’m afraid your post will read-
              Benghazi WAS swept under the rug. There are four — count ‘em, four (still left) who were there, who know the truth, and who are NOT afraid of her. And too many honest, smart, loyal American— dead bodies.
              Indeed, you are right- ” It goes on and on.”
              In with the new year, same as the old year. (sad)

    68. Lazarus

      Be vigilant, be ready but be smart.

      Government and banks can keep things going for a pretty long time as they never obey the law and keep vital info to them selves.

      Then once it starts to go they will “adjust” the numbers to hide it as long as they can.

      Today they are sucking in the last of the holdouts. Once they are in up to their necks it will be off with all of our necks.

      Invest if you have the stomach for it, You can rest assured so long as the bank has your back their will be money to be made,,, just don’t bet it all!

      This is the calm before the storm. Listen to everyone, Listen to no one if you know what I mean. Both sides are trying to suck you dry before the shtf so be careful.

      So enjoy while the ride lasts…

      • Gunner

        I see on the site ‘Urban Survival’ they note
        the Dept. of Health and Human services are
        soliciting 14 million doses of potassium iodide
        to be delivered by Feb. 1.

        The thought there being perhaps that the Fukishima
        nuclear facility might be nearing a major melt down?

        I wonder If our dear gov’t will let us know about it
        before the fact if it should in fact happen.

        Oh, happy new year, eh!

        • old guy

          I wonder if our dear gov,t will let us know about it before the fact if it should happen? Gunner the answer is hell no.

    69. Lake Monster

      The economic boom? You mean, EBT?

    70. Sup

      hah! to me you guys seem like a bunch of sheep afraid to fall asleep at night being paranoid.

      every year i hear the same nonesense. an obama prophesy ? give me a break! the only ones that prep are those that are either christian or catholic and go to morning mass every sunday.

      all you guys do is point a finger at your failures blaming obamacare, obama, fed, government, etc. grow up and smell the roses.

      • Gunner

        Well Sup, why don’t you kindly inform
        the unwashed here what those roses may

        I’m sure everyone here would love to
        indulge in those aromas that only you
        seem to have privy to, you lucky dog.

      • Sgt. Dale

        I sleep very well thank you! I’m prepared and have my Faith in God. By the way what is wrong with going to Church on Sunday. God gave you 7 days, I believe I can give him an hour or two a week.
        One thing we do agree on obullshit prophesy. he is just another puppet that TPTB have after they killed JFK.
        You have a happy new year.

      • Northern Reb

        I have no problem sleeping at night or going to sleep at night.
        First of all I do go to church, I trust in my GOD, I trust in my skills, I trust in my family, I trust in my preparations for the future no matter what comes.
        I don’t point only to Obamacare, I’m old enough to have seen what happen in the 70’s,90’s,2008. I see a repeat of the same old stuff , but this time it looks worse than all 3 put together. Plus I’m a history buff and we are going down the same darn road we did in the mid to late 20’s.
        There is an old saying that goes something like this, If you do not know your history you tend to repeat it.

      • Darkstar

        @ Sup,

        So I’m none of the above but I still prep. And if some of the people on this site are christian or catholic so what. Who are you to judge us. Go crawl back to where came from……Obama’s calling you…he needs someone to fetch his golf balls.

      • Kulafarmer

        Ignorance is bliss,

        • Guns n Roses


          Back at you 111%. Enjoyed your posts through the last few months. Wishing you the best for the New Year. Wish I was on the Islands for the New Year where it is nice and warm…….

          • Kulafarmer

            Thank you!

      • braveheart

        Sup, go back into your hole and go f#$% yourself! Comrade Obama is calling you.

    71. Nopittypartyhere


      HARTFORD >> Several Republican state lawmakers say Connecticut should extend the looming deadline for when people have to register certain weapons and ammunition magazines under a new law.

      Rep. Rob Sampson of Wolcott said lawful gun owners are trying to follow the law, enacted in response to last year’s mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. But he said certain parts of the law are “vague and extremely subjective.”

      As of Monday, the deadline was still midnight on Tuesday to register certain weapons considered assault weapons under the new law, as well as magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

      Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said about 25,000 assault weapons had been registered as of last Wednesday. He said 17,000 people have registered high-capacity magazines, some registering as many as 100.

      Uh….that’s not that the law is confusing, well yeah it is because nobody published a common sense explanation. BUT…everyone was hoping the judge in the lawsuit would order a stay on registration until suit was heard. Once they have that list there is no going back.

      I suspect that if there is one single case of them going after guns, those 100,000+ high capacity magazines will be loaded with precious metal and ready to go. While there are a lot of libtards in CT, here are still some good old constitutionalists, of the 1776 type.

    72. Nopittypartyhere

      From reason dot com….

      25,000 registered “assault weapons” with hundreds more to go? But Governor Andrew Cuomo in (much larger) neighboring New York estimates the number of similar weapons in his state at one million, while a widely ignored 1991 ban in New Jersey on the arbitrarily defined category of weapons was estimated to apply to 100,000-300,000 such guns, before the politics-fueled buying frenzies of the last two decades.

      I’m willing to bet that 25,000 registered assault weapons represents a minority of the firearms that are legally required to be registered under the law. Considering that the vast majority of “assault weapons” use magazines restricted under the new law, and that most people purchase multiple magazines for their rifles, 17,000 registrations in that category should be seen as wildly underwhelming.

      That shouldn’t be surprising at all, since defiance of registration laws, let alone confiscations, is the historical norm in the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany … Politicians made that particular bed by being repeatedly untrustworthy, abusing registration records to seize recorded weapons, or otherwise letting even tolerable governments degenerate into the sort of regimes that make you wish you had a gun.

      In a white paper on the results of gun control efforts around the world, Gun Control and the Reduction of the Number of Arms, Franz Csaszar, a professor of criminology at the University of Vienna, Austria, wrote, “non-compliance with harsher gun laws is a common event.” He estimated that Germans registered 3.2 million of 17-20 million affected weapons when registration was implemented in that country in 1972. Austrians, he says, registered perhaps a quarter to a third of weapons subject to a similar law in 1996.

      When California imposed “assault weapon” registration in 1990, The New York Times reported “only about 7,000 weapons of an estimated 300,000 in private hands in the state have been registered” at the time the grace period came to a close.

      So take those “long lines” in Connecticut with a grain of salt. Government officials are capable of turning a dinner party into an extended, bureaucratic ordeal. But they can’t make compliance with intrusive and repressive laws seem like a goood idea.

    73. AnneMarie

      Yes, the doomsayers have been forecasting a collapse for many years, because they knew something bad was coming but of course all the conditions had not been in place yet, so we shouldn’t criticize them, they just worked with what they had. Well, now the conditions are here and are set to explode. It’s like driving down a road and you can see something in the distance; you don’t know until you are seconds away that there is a massive landslide taking place and your bridge is collapsing. The signs that have been going on for years are now looming up in our faces. The US economy collapsed in September 2008, but then they started the bailouts and QE’s, which, if stopped, will create a worse disaster than 2008 would have been.

      Be prepared, get ready, hang on, and get right with God – He will literally be our only hope to get through what’s coming.

      • Northern Reb

        Happy new year!!!!!
        You are right about the economy and the QE’s. Sooner or later the fed. res. will have to stop bailing the country out with play money that has no value.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

    74. ShootShovelShutup

      HAPPY NEW YEAR’S wishes to all SHTF bloggers. I rarely post, but read almost daily. I especially enjoy posts from Braveheart, Be Informed, Kulafarmer, KY Mom, and Sgt. Dale. Have a good one, and let’s hope it all holds together for a while longer!

      • Sgt. Dale

        Thanks for the complement.
        A lot of folks are saying that 2014 is the year. Well if it is. I will do my best to give everyone a heads up. but you do have to remember I’m just a Lowie cop, just trying to do my job.

      • Kulafarmer

        Happy New Year SSS
        Hope its a good one for you and your family!
        And i hope its a good new year for everyone else here as well,
        God bless and Aloha

        • Sgt. Dale

          I hope I spell this right. MAHALO.
          Love your state hoping to come back sometime in the early spring. I have been there twice and I want to come back.
          You and Yours Have a Happy New Year!!!!

    75. Canada Canuk

      Happy New Year to Mac and everyone here on the site….

      Special thoughts tonight for JOG, Smokin Okie, Daisy, and everyone that we have enjoyed over the past year (who we haven’t heard from lately)…hope they are all safe!! Take Care ALL! CC.

    76. Guns n Roses

      Looking over some of the posts that praise Putin I thought it would be interesting to do a little research on the man.

      Came across this article from The Economist, dated August 23, 2007; RUSSIA UNDER PUTIN THE MAKING OF A NEW KGB STATE

      While reading the article I couldn’t help comparing what has and is happening in America to what has happened to Russia. It makes you wonder if America is a sattelite state of Russia; or is Russia and America both sattelite states of a much bigger, all encompassing organization that has taken over the world. Do yourself a favor, read the whole article. Does Putin=Obama=Putin? Does the PTB of America=the PTB of Russia=the PTB of the World?

      Here is just some of the article:

      Political power in Russia now lies with the FSB, the KGB successor. On the eve of August 22, 1991 a coup of Mikkail Gorbachev had just been defeated.

      Watching a statue of Felix Dzerzhinsky, KGB’s founding father being yanked down, fellow KGB members felt betrayed by Gorbachev, by Yeltsin, and by the impotent coup leaders. At that moment one of the KGB members remembered thinking “we will prove to you that your victory will be short lived”.

      The feeling of betrayed KGB operatives, 500,000 across Russia and beyond, included VLADIMIR PUTIN- A LIEUTENENT COLONEL IN THE KGB.

      Eight years later, KGB men seemed poised for revenge. Just shortly before becoming president, Vladimir Putin told his ex-colleagues at the Federal Security Service (FSS) the KGB’s successor, “A group of FSS operatives dispatched under cover to work in the government of the Russian Federation is successfully fulfilling its task”.
      Over the 2 terms of Putins presidency that “group of FSB operatives” have consolidated its political power and built a new sort of corporate state in the process.

      Men from the FSB(KGB) and its sister organizations control the Kremlin, the government, the media, and large parts of its economy — as well as the military and security forces.

      A quarter of the countrys senior bureaucrats are ‘SILOVIDI’ — A Russian word meaning roughly “POWER GUYS’. The proportion rises to three quarters if people simply affiliated to the security services are included.


      By many indicators, today’s security bosses enjoy a combination of power and money without precedent in Russian history.

      The KGB provided a crucial service of surveilance and suppression. It was a state within a state. NOW, HOWEVER, IT HAS BECOME THE STATE ITSELF. APART FROM PUTIN NO ONE CAN SAY NO TO FSB (KGB).

      Meanwhile the KGB has been UPSTAGED AND OUTWITTED by a tiny group of OPPORTUNISTS, MANY OF THE JEWS, WHO BECAME KNOWN AS OLIGARCHS. Between them they grabbed most of the countrys natural resources and other privatised assets. KGB officers watched the OLIGARCHS become SUPER RICH while they stayed cash-strapped and sometimes even underpaid.

      According to Igor Goloschapov, a former KGB, special force commando who is spokesman for almost 800,000 private security KGB men, “in the 1990’s we had one objective and that was to survive and preserve out skills, we knew our moment would come”.


      The inner circle of men surrounding Putin is KGB men from Putins’ past. The political clout of the SILOVIKI has resulted in state companies with enormous financial resources, but the SILOVIKI reach even further into all areas of Russian life — into law enforcement agencies, economy, transport, national resources, telecoms, culture and BANKING.


      Competition to enter into this arena is intense. The KGB picks recruits carefully. Drawn from various institutes and universities, they then are sent to special KGB schools. Today the FSB Academy attracts the children of the SILOVIKI –a father or grandfather involved with the SILOVIKI is a highly valued recommend for recruits and marriage between SILOVIKI clans are encouraged.

      The security climate today gives the Russian Security Services the right to deal ruthlessly with enemies of the state. One law aimed at ‘extremism” gives the FSB(KGB) and other agencies ample scope to pursue anyone who acts and speaks against the Kremlin.

      The creation of enemies may smooth over CLAN disagreements, but it does not make the country more secure or prosperous. While the FSB(KGB) reports on the ever-rising number of foreign spies, accuses scientists of treason and hails its “brotherhood”, RUSSIA REMAINS ONE OF THE MOST CRIMINALIZED, CORRUPT, AND BUREAUCRATIC COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD.

      For a list of RUSSIAN MAFIA and their position in the government of the Kremlin see:

      http:// rumafia dot com

      • eppe

        Since this seems to be directed at me, my response is that it does not matter what “flavor” or “nation” the PTB comes from, they all need to be taken down. If you can realize that all the world’s leaders are in cahoots to run us down until they can take true control, then you will see what is really happening. If those in “control” could be eliminated, the world would be a better place to live. My post on Putin was to show how much common sense the others have in respect of where we are now. No disrespect, just stating the obvious. If we as a whole could terminate everyone from the Rothchilds down to the scum that do not produce, would the world not be in a better place? But some on this site often get thier panties in a wad over the freedom of speech….

        • Guns n Roses


          My article was not directed at you. I just had noticed there seemed to be support for him and decided to do some searching for myself.

          Your statement about the “scum” is the absolute truth and I know we are on the same page.

          So, Eppe, with that said I wish you and yours a happy new year. It is going to be an interesting one, don’t you think?

          • Mountain Trekker

            Guns and Roses, I did not take your article to be aimed at anyone, as I also have seen many on this site praise Putin. I am no lover of Obama, but Putin is nothing but a KBG Thug and O would, and is slamed for things that Putin gets praised for. Trekker Out.

    77. Northern Reb

      I pray nothing bad happens in our country that any of us have to use our preppes.
      GOD bless you all and the U.S.A.
      S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

    78. ozzie

      No body is crying wolf. I been unemployed, no one wants to hire a sick old man. No benefits, no med. insurance, lost my house, my wife, living in a small rotted travel trailer. Don’t even have a decent pair of shoes, in debt to a hospital for surgery.
      It’s true, its happening right now. Not to every one . Just wait your turn!!
      Even somewhere in the world , refugees are getting better treatment than I’m getting.
      I wish for some pancackes , a blanket for winter, a flu shot, some antiabiotics. No need money, just survival items.
      If you are one of the lucky ones…..get your prepps right now.. Don’t throw away that blanket with dog hair…You might need it pretty soon.
      It’s very sad for some people. don’t fall for that imaginary security blanket you have.


      • thisTexan has had enough

        Ozzie-I wish I could send you what you need. Is there anywhere you could get local help like from the Salvation Army or a church with a clothing room?

        • Emily

          @ ozzie ~ Call and Contact a Medicare office, and contact a food stamp, or snap assistance office in your state. Make phone calls, see if you can get appointments with these places. See if someone can drive you if you don’t have transportation. There also has to be programs for heat and shelter. Meals on Wheels, food donation centers. You sound like you are down on your luck, and need some true assistance. There has to be a social services dept. that can help you. 2013 has been a rotten and tough year for so many. I hope and pray that 2014 is a better year, for all of us. I am sorry to read your post, and hope that you receive the help and care that you need.

          • Sigi

            Churches are a good place to start. After that the local food bank is usually community run and often will be a good place from which to network for other help. See the hospital social worker or ombudsman- there are programs to eliminate some if not all of the cost for those who have nothing or at least make it much easier to pay off.

      • Kulafarmer

        God bless brother,,,
        I hope things look up for you,,
        It can happen to any of us, some of us faster than others…

      • old guy

        Well for you its for shure SHTF. You already have a head start. If things happen the way im afraid they are headed ya will have plenty of company. Maybe you will be happier then since misery loves company. Shurly their was a time when you where healthy and able to work. What happened that you lost the wife ect. Apparently you didn’t save or prep for a rainy day. Im not saying your plight is 100% your fault. however you do share a large part of the blame. If I where you I would be out picking up cans.60 cents a pound adds up. get some traps & snares and fishing equipt. contrary to popular belief your well being success or lack of it is not at the mercy of other people things or conditions. Im hard nosed. When SHTF happens Ill not give anything to those who never prepped. Ill not become anyones enabler.

    79. VRF

      Happy New Years to all here and your extended family
      Time to celebrate what we do have , have a few and step back from it all and live a little , they can’t take your sprit unless you let um

      One tequila , two tequila , three tequila ….. Floor!

      • Guns n Roses


        Four tequila, Five tequila, Six tequila…..SCORE!

        HAPPY NEW YEAR, YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!

    80. Old Vet

      Security Blanket?

      Look Y2K crisis was a paper dragon, one of many being used by the establishment to distract the populace from the real danger. Many such distractions, such as the Presidential impeachment etc., are simply to draw people away from the real concerns. Some disasters during this year and passed years will prove to be almost entirely man-made and could have been prevented. They have been seeded. Not enough to cause terrible disasters, but enough to put some weight behind the message so that people will start to take these kind of warnings seriously. The message should be to rely on your-self. What if the grid were to be down? What if the stores were to be empty? Start to think. But, they are trying to get the populace used to these kinds of thoughts and warnings. So they can say; I from the Government and I’m here to help you.

      The populace is being manipulated in many ways and has to become more self-reliant. The faster they move in that direction, the faster the government will be moving to stop them from being self-reliant. Those of good heart in the government (there are a few), cannot tell the populace the bad news, as the arguments about what to do will panic the people and are too shrill. But if the populace is preparing, if they are gardening and are prepared to take the bad news, those in the government who want to warn people will bravely step forth and begin to give it; warnings to the more self-reliant to populace. There are those in the government that agonize over the games that are being played, who cannot sleep at night and find it hard to live with themselves. But unless the populace is prepared to help itself, unless an alternative to panic exists, the games will go on. The basis for a lack of panic; is the sense that there is an alternative that the populace is preparing to be self-sufficient.

      There will be no security blanket that the populace can rely upon, so self-reliance must be the rule. The panic that will settle into governments as the time approaches, when each individual will be dealing with their own personal panic and anxieties, is completely unpredictable. It may run in all manner of directions. The movies that have been put out of late, where asteroids are falling and a calm prevails, and the government is like a rock of logic and quietly empties towns or flies people up to blow up asteroids, is so far from the truth as to be ludicrous. You will have your military running down the halls and bumping into each other; leaving their posts, turning guns on themselves and others. It is totally unpredictable. What will a frightened animal do when cornered? Well, your entire government and bureaucracies will turn into that in the last few months. So the populace should not look to them for help, but rather look to themselves.

      Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    81. NinaO's Mom

      * i know what i want for my b-day and x-mass gift next year … tee hee ;0p pssszzt

      GONNA be LIVIN in a VAN … DOWN BY THE RIVER … in 4×4 STYLE !!!

      ;0) AWESOME !!!



      • Kulafarmer

        Badazz vans bud,,,
        The black one in telluride gets my vote!

        • Kulafarmer

          I mean maam,, not bud,,, sorry

      • Kulafarmer

        Kinda top heavy though,, gonna stick with my JK, just ordered a Gobi ranger for it, is an 07 with 4″ springs and 33″ BFG KM2s
        My dream is to bag this pop stand, ship the jeep and other toys to seattle or portland and hit the road in the US across the Redoubt and down and back up the rockies then through Canada, up to AK
        Want to explore before im too freakin old or everything comes unglued!!

        • NinaO's Mom

          @Kulafarmer … Respect.

          * you might want to re-think going anywhere near the now constantly japanese fukuobama nuke disaster radiated West Coast or Alaska … head to the East Coast and Nova Scotia instead. You’ll longer , wont glow as much for it annnd wont loose so much body hair.


    82. Jimmy Crack Corn...

      Here’s a prep non of you though of…in the barter prep. Stock up on some porn mags. They store well…and I’m sure they will trade well. ha.

      Just make sure the pages don’t stick together! ha ha

      Sarah Palin….I’d pay money to see that NRA member in the nude.

      Smiles from somewhere snowy.

    83. sean

      oh no this could be the year!!!! fear porn!

    84. Ugly

      New Years Resolutions for 2014.

      1. Get debt down
      2. Buy items needed
      3. Talk to Sheep about future
      4. Do Not talk to Sheep about future
      5. Talk to Sheep about food basics
      6. Do Not talk to Sheep about food basics
      7. Learn
      8. Keep mouth shut to Sheep
      9. Love America!
      10. Find likeminded folks.

      Happy New Year Dudes! Not sure what the Chinese calender says, but lets call 2014 ‘The Year of the Sheep!!!!’

    85. Jimmy Crack Corn...

      Can someone explain to me if the Germans disarmed the jews to kill them..why are all the jews trying to disarm us?

      STAY ARMED….

      • lastmanstanding

        Forgot my manners, you too Nina’s Mom.

      • lastmanstanding

        JCC…they wanted to look like the victim this time.

        They have always been the perpetrator of this crime thru out history…just called it a holocaust this time instead of a purge.

        Look at the progs over history, especially the last 100 years…commies, democraps, liberals, progressives, now commies again. Vicious cycle always comes back around, just takes time…and here we are.

    86. Be informed

      @ Anonymous in or around San Bernadino, CA. Sorry for not respeonding, I didn’t see your question until now. Watch for a push from the south, in Mexico or even down in Central America as what helps send the San Andreas off. OR a release in the North, namely the Cascadia fault. The San Andreas is kind of like a train rammed between the sides of two mountains or rock masses desperately trying to move northwest. A segment of plate that moves to the north would allow some of this tension to be released which could set it off like back around 1700. A push from the south could also set it off if that push had enough horizontal force behind it. At least 7 pointer.

      Like the massive mega strike slip that went off in the Indian Ocean, horizontal earthquakes can cause many other earthquakes far away. These mega thrust faults have more of a vertical mannerisms and why when these break you don’t see as many earthquakes on other plates occurring. The Cascadia fault when it does break will release some hold on the northern section of the San Andreas and is probably a precursor to it breaking. This has to do with the angle at which the Cascadia and the San Andreas interact with each other. A push from the south would be more of what to look for.

      San Bernadino is a city waiting to die. It is a junction point between the San Andreas and the San Jacinto smaller sister fault, as well as many smaller thrust faults along the base up through Redlands through Lake Arrowhead to Big Bear Lake and beyond into Apple Valley and the desert. Strike slip earthquakes cause thrust faults and other fault type to break much sooner than there should. The 1994 Northridge earthquake was quicken by the 1992 Landers 7.4 earthquake for example. Thrust faults at the base of the mountains will likely break, at least one of them on top of the already violent horizontal shearing, even a Northridge size vertical motion for 10 seconds would collapse already weakened structures. This happened many decades ago in Mongolia with a fault that closely resembles the San Andreas.

      I don’t know if you are aware of San Bernadino or not. It is basically a swamp that has had the water pumped out of it. The water comes from the run-off from the San Bernadino mountains. This also includes a lot of alluvium soil that is absolutely horrible for shaking like Jello bowls during earthquakes. You can go out into most any backyard there that has not been back filled with other soil and see the silting and clay like soil there. Poor soil doesn’t amplify earthquake waves like solid material around the New Madrid, it just shakes longer, much longer than the initial shock from the quake. Again, shake a Jello bowl violently and watch it quiver afterwards.

      The problem with taking water from the individual soil particles is not only does it leave voids in the natural formation of the land, but also can lead to depressions in much larger areas of what is holding up entire neighborhoods. Then after this you have the problem of not having the pumps able to get rid of the water that naturally filters through the underground and what is left of San Bernadino fills back up like it was 100 years ago. Swamp. The real issue though is the massive fires that will ignite.

      You can look at the estimated amount of force of gravity that San Bernadino and Riverside will experience from the vastly underestimated fictional 7.8 size quake. It is all in red, mostly over 100%. This is the force of gravity and when you get above 100% objects become air born. This is why after some earthquakes you can literally see the waves of ground that have been almost frozen in time looking like breaking waves at the beach. On the Mercalli scale this would be XI or XII.

      Kobe, Japan experienced forces of gravity that reached way beyond 100% and look at what this did with an earthquake that lasted less than one minute. It was similar to Northridge, but a little more intense and lasted longer. By the way the Northridge eathquake had the most intense energy focused into the Santa Monica Mountains of almost 200%. If the fault had been reversed the earthquakes waves where they reach the surface, the hypocenter, would have nearly annihilated Torrance and Redondo Beach and trashed Long Beach. The Northridge fault was south dipping which means that the earthquake waves hit the surface to the north.

      Remember about the San Andreas, it is trying to push towards the Gulf of Alaska. There is absolutely nothing manmade that can be built on top of a fault that can withstand the ground moving below it. The largest most dense structure the Hoover Dam would be split into two if a fault below it moved.

      When you try to zoom in on the San Andreas fault line on the USGS map that shows that neighborhoods they have deleted it. Just to the east of the 210 highway the San Andreas goes right through. These areas might as well be graveyards. The censorship of the truth is shown here as to show exactly where the San Andreas or other large faults goes through would terrify people that death runs right through their backyard. This is true also with Palmdale. They also fail to show where the San Andreas goes through the California Adueduct where much of the water comes through to southern California. Your government hard at work hiding everything they can. I have been to places in which these a$$holes have even tried to paint over obvious faults to make it look less threatening. Twisted rocks from reverse faults painted with earth colored paint to make it appear like it is JUST part of the landscape. What is being hidden and not told is frightening with earthquake dangers and everything else being censored by the government.

      • Emily

        My god, earth colored paint? Geez-us.
        Keep getting the Real Information out to us,
        Be Informed. And, thank you for doing so.

        • Be informed

          @ Emily. Go to the USGS earthquakes map and zoom into California and continue to zoom in using the scrolling wheel in between the right and left click bottons. Watch how you can see the right line that shows the San Andreas fault down to small scale of 5 km. Then as you continue to zoom in the red line disappears after 3 km or less. This is because at this point you start to see landmarks such as highways and streets. Out in the ocean the fault lines go down to 3 km, but in any populated area ONLY to 5 km map. This is PURE deception and hiding where the faults actually go through a place. Real estate companies especially make sure these maps are as hidden as possible. Anyone within a strike slip fault’s of a 1/2 mile is in big trouble, anyone directly on the fault will be lucky to escape with their life. Anyone can go to the USGS site and see government censorship at full tilt here.

          When I walked passed that reverse fault that was painted, I was so tempted to take a can of paint myself and write on the rock mass, THIS IS AN EARTHQUAKE FAULT. Didn’t have spray paint with me. You know how utterly sick this is to deface a natural landscape like this like so much graffiti? This is of high interest to geological students to study, yet they want to hide it from people seeing it because it might scare someone to pass right over a fault. There is a good example of such a visible fault on the 91 Freeway between Yorba Linda and Corona in Southern California that people can see. This is the Chino Hills fault. I don’t know if they have tried to hide this fault recently as I have not been out there in Southern California since the 1980’s.

          I imagine that much high secrecy is going on around the New Madrid and Cascadia fault zones. What is so ridiculous about painting faults is that anyone with any sense will see the twisted rock and know this is a fault. Anyone else would not recognize that this was a fault painted or not painted. You could still see the deformation of the rock, the Earth colors just made it blend more into the surroundings. This type of SH%^ just makes me so sick and tired of the deception and lies of the government. It is so obvious with this on faults and what is going on with hiding the location of faults on the earthquake maps. So obvious. AND THEY call us conspiracy radicals.

          • Emily

            @ Be Informed ~ I lived in S. Cal. around the same time as you did.

            I took a job at Hoag Hospital as a diet technician.
            Once the novelty wore off, it was just another place to live. *Meaning, checking out Anaheim, Disneyland, the San Diego Zoo, and other tourist attractions.* I was living there around the time that John Belushi died of a drug overdose.

            I moved out there in 1978 and lasted 5 years there. I couldn’t wait to move back home and get outta there.
            As soon as I got home, Time magazine had on its cover how Cal. and the City of Angels had gone downhill and was not what it once was cracked up to be.

            I was exposed too and felt some real shakers of earthquakes too. Being an Upstate New Yorker girl, it was quite the experience. I actually remained calm during the quakes too. Oh yeah, San Bernadino IS an ARMPIT. Real poor, hole in the wall town. I had the misfortune of working there for a short time. Ugh.

            I betcha too that the gov. is hiding the signs and sx. of quake activity around the Cascadia and New Madrid
            fault zones.

            I don’t condone it at all. But, if the blind people who are barely surviving day to day, living paycheck to paycheck, involved in their porn, cell phones, large screen TV’s, drugs and booze, and cigarettes, really knew how dire things really were in those areas, they would probably freak out and panic. Or worse.

            The gov. could be responsible and help the poor folk
            prepare out there in sunny Cal. for earthquakes.
            But they are too involved in taking care and promoting the GLBT agenda. I am getting a little jaded and punchy at this time in the morning.

            I will check out your information tomorrow.
            Its 2:06 a.m. and I need to get some sleep.

            Thank you for your post and information.
            I wish you a Happy New Year and a good 2014 for all of us.

          • Unclebill

            @ Be informed – Happy New Year! I have a question for you sir. As I have been following your predictions and analysis for some time, I have been to the usgs quake map site numerous times. The one thing that I saw “once” and have not been able to locate again is the infographic on individual quakes showing the force vectors or movement for that particular event. Am I over looking something or has something been removed or am I just going to the wrong site? Any guidance would be much appreciated.

            • Be informed

              @ Uncle Bill. Here is a link to show you just how much energy and force occurred with each individual earthquake. You can click on archive on the left hand side to see past earthquakes. Notice how the scale of instrumental intensity shows the Mercalli scale that STOPS at X, ONLY showing X+. Actually XI and XII can easier be reached at 150% peak acceleration, % of gravity. They not dare show this to the public. Level X can be reached at 80% the force of gravity depending on the soil conditions also. The Mercalli scale is from 1 to 12 using the Roman numbers of I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, and XII, and is like the Fujita scale analysing the amount of physical damage that is caused rather than the magnitude of a quake.

              AT the hypocenter, where the earthquake waves hit the surface the following magnitude sizes can be compared crudely to the Mercalli Scale.

              I = less than 3.0
              II = 3.0-3.5
              III = 3.5-4.0
              IV = 4.0-4.5
              V = 4.5-5.0
              VI = 5.0-5.5
              VII = 5.5-6.0
              VIII = 6.0-6.5
              IX = 6.5-7.0
              X = 7.0-7.5
              XI = 7.5-8.0
              XII = 8.0 and higher.

              The Long Beach earthquake of 1933 was a 6.3 but had damage in the IX level. The Loma Prieta quake was right on at 6.9 or 7.0 and IX. The Northridge had X damage, yet a 6.7 magnitude. San Fernando in 1971 had destruction in the X level yet was a 6.4. Haiti had destruction of XI and some pockets of XII but was only a 7.0. As you can see the government hardly wants someone to know that the San Andreas, Cascadia, and New Madrid can and HAVE caused XII level of destruction with what would be modern day cities.


    87. Archivist

      Happy New Year! 2014 is here.

    88. Babycatcher55

      Happy New Year to you all and I thank God for you guys and the wisdom on this site! Prep on!

    89. Billy Idol

      No more a Twisted a Sista! We are not going to take it anymore!!!!!

    90. mongrel warrior

      I don’t trade the stock market. Weren’t margin requirements different in 1929. Was the FED and pension funds propping up the market in 1929? Perhaps the decline this time may be more precipitous and less volatile then the downturn in 1929. It’s possible.

    91. slingshot

      Happy New Year!

      Did not make any New Year’s Resolutions because I don’t remember keeping one in all my years. The stop smoking and drinking went out the door about a week into the new year. I mean would you pass up a real Cuban Cigar or some expensive aged Scotch or Bourbon. Life is too short. The thought of going VEGAN (Tried it) has me running for a Greasy Burger.
      New Year’s gives us the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and improve ourselves. Simple acknowledgements of Please and Thank you, go a long way.
      Respecting others and giving them a hand when needed. A good friend of mine whistles and I found myself whistling tunes. Lifts the spirit. Oh I do put the Oldie Goldie’s on and sing and shake the bones a little at times. I would like to listen more to people when they speak and not be quick to anger. Be more careful when dispensing advise and not just run my mouth. Enjoy the little things that come your way.
      It might be wise to check your gear and supplies. Adjust your plans to the changes in life you have or will encountered.
      There is lots to do. Don’t let it overwhelm you.

    92. newbee

      Happy New Year everyone. I hope we all have a good year coming..

    93. Mark

      It’s all in timing. This thing WILL fall apart. The question is when. Keep an eye on the 10yr. When it goes…. everything else goes with it.
      Please visit It’s a new site in need of friends. If you have knowledge of “anything” that will help others out, please join in and share.

    94. JM Denver

      Happy New Year everyone!

      Even though I’m supposed to take the day off I went in anyway and made some more monopoly money, just to keep up with the preppin’ dontchaknow. Now home with the famdamly for some treats and take down the deco’s…

      Wishing everyone a healthy and wealthy New Year!

      Molon Labe!

      For the NSA trolls: pressure cooker sandy point false flag radioactive fukushima ANFO etc etc

    95. old guy

      I had planned on going and signing up for the social security PONZI scheme today. However it snowed last nite. And I went down the road to check on livestock and put out hay. there where lots of folks sitting in their vehicles waiting by the road. I thought that maybe they where letting school out early. When I returned home and said something to my wife. She explained that they where waiting for the mail man. They wanted the government check. I stated I thought the checks where direct deposited. She stated that the deadbeats don’t have bank accounts because of garnishments from money owed like child support bad debt ect. She stated they pay Wal Mart $3 to cash their check and they buy money orders for any bill that must be mailed. She asked do you really want to go to town on food stamp & welfare check day? So ill wait another week to sign up. Not a one of them are black they are all wiggers.

    96. JailBanksters

      That Canary sailed long ago
      The new plan involves Alien Technology and their going into the Future in a “Time Machine” to steal grandma’s piggy bank and bring it back to Now. As they know grandma in the future will always have money, they are going to keep going into the future with the “Time Machine” to steal it. Endless money.

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