Market Commentator: “There’s Nowhere To Hide” From This “Serious” Market Correction

by | Nov 19, 2018 | Headline News | 11 comments

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    The host of CNBC‘s Mad money, Jim Cramer has a dire analysis of what’s going on in the stock market.  Cramer said that the market is enduring a “very serious correction,” and “there’s nowhere to hide” from the situation poised to go from bad to worse.

    Cramer said there have been very notable slumps in the “FANG” (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google) stocks and that could be the signal that things are about to implode in the markets.  According to Market Watch, all of the aforementioned stocks are down, which is bad, considering they are among the most influential on Wall Street due to their massive market values and the degree by which investors have piled into those investments for a hope of consistent growth. Additionally, all of those companies are in a “corrective phase,” which is defined as a drop of at least 10% from a recent peak. Netflix and Facebook shares have lost about a third of their values since hitting 52-week peaks.

    Cramer has aligned himself with President Donald Trump, saying that the economy is solid and has championed the idea of the Federal Reserve’s pausing, or at least slowing down, its interest-rate-raising initiative to assess current market conditions. Cramer has also criticized Federal Reserve boss Jerome Powell’s plan to normalize interest-rate policy from crisis-era lows. The central bank is slated to raise interest rates yet again in December, marking the fourth time it’s done so in 2018.

    Cramer added that there isn’t really an identifiable safe haven for investors either. An environment of rising rates and wobbles elsewhere in global stock markets have made identifying havens difficult, with expectations that rate increases will drive bond yields higher and prices lower. There’s nowhere to hide from the eventual and brutal market correction coming, Cramer said.

    It’s been a brutal few weeks for the stock market, and if analysts are correct, not only is the economy not as strong as we are being told that is, but it’s hanging on by a thread that could break anytime. It’s just impossible to know which straw will break the economic camel’s back.


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      1. My stock market is just fine. Just acquired additional canned fruits, veggies and assorted meats. I had a 10% correction as well with all the additional goods. There’s more but we won’t talk about that.

      2. The manipulating Aholes shorting Gold and Silver sure are good at hiding. They been doing this for decades.

        How about Hide at the Federal Reserve? The table is set for them to win every time. House Rules..

        Its a big club and we ain’t in it. ~ George Carlin.

        • So true

      3. About the only truthful thing I can find in this entire World is that the Sun rises about the same time every day and sets about the same time every day. Most everything else in life is one BIG Fraud and Lie.

        Go work for a new job for a few months and the Fricken owner fails to pay you.

        Mutherfcken County dredging on my property with out a proper permit.

        Mtherfucken County scam and trying to extort impact fees,

        Muthrfcken HOA steals our road money and cuts trees off someone else’s personal property and paves blacktop in front of their houses first before I even get gravel for my dirt road.

        Mutherfcken Election Dems stuff the ballot box with illegal votes.

        Mutherfcken Country spends trillions on illegal wars but has no money to care for its own people.

        Muthrfcken caravan sponsored by G Soros and he is not even in jail yet.

        Hire people to do a job and they quit as soon as they get paid. leaving the reminder work just sitting there unfinished.

        Liars, thieves, crooks, looters, scammers, cheats, you all get bullets assigned to you.

        I can’t find a lick of integrity in this country any more. Its all a scam, fraud and lie, scam, theft. And there is no accountability. Oh you want to sue them, and the ATTY asks for thousands upfront.

        Anytime an Atty asks for a deposit on a case, I ask him, What you have no confidence in your self. You get paid when you win the case Ahole.

        Welcome to Merica

        • Well dude not to upset you, but you chose your current location and lifestyle. Living off the grid in the dense pines and sand driveway does have its drawbacks. As for the rest of your post ain’t none of us really able to escape the government bullshit no matter where we live be it local, state or feds. Hope you get to enjoy the rest of your day. Hope you’re seeing plenty of deer and the other critters. This Saturday I get to climb a tree, watch the wildlife, relax, sip some Black Rifle coffee, and maybe get to add some more venison to the freezer.

          • ???

        • I feel the same way.

          In fact I’m starting to feel like the entire narrative I was sold in life is one gigantic crock of BS.

          Whatever this place was circa 1940-1958… and frankly I’m not sure it was ever that really because I wasn’t there… it’s gone.


          Work your ass off for what. Everyone hates you. If they don’t hate you all they love is the fact you buy them shit.

        • Nice summation

      4. The idea is for people to feel hopeless and depressed looking at the reality of the overall flow situation. The evil from the top is nonstop.

      5. “There’s nowhere to hide…” We’ve all known this for some time. It will be a terrible shock to those who believed the narrative of eternal growth.

      6. Invest in debt: It has been in a bull market ever since Jackson paid off the national debt around 190 years ago.

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