Market Analyst: “We’re Going To Have A Biblical Event… There Is No Way To Stop This”

by | Sep 27, 2017 | Headline News | 64 comments

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    Gregory Mannarino of has been eerily prescient in recent years, having accurately forecast stock movements, Federal Reserve rate hikes and market sentiment. In a recent interview with Greg Hunter at USA Watchdog, Mannarino says that U.S. debt has reached such extreme levels that when foreign creditors and investors finally decide to pull out of the U.S. dollar the system will collapse to such an extent that it will have a devastating impact not just on our way of life, but may lead to a massive bursting of what he has dubbed “the human population bubble.”

    Citing a “hockey stick” graph of U.S. debt, Mannarino explains exactly why you need to put your survival and preparedness plan in place:

    That chart in front of you has to continue to rise. It can never stop. We can never pay off the debt.

    If we try to do this the system implodes… the system is dependent on debt being borrowed into existence in perpetuity, in greater and greater amounts… that’s why the debt has doubled under Obama… it will double under Trump as well… until the system hits a moment of maximum saturation… when we cannot borrow anymore… that’s when the system implodes…

    The scary thing about with that hockey stick?

    The global population is paralleled with that hockey stick… So what does that mean?

    If the debt were to correct… and it is going to at one point… what do people think is going to happen to the human population?

    We are going to have, unfortunately, a biblical event… there is no way to stop this. People think that their lives are going to go on the normal way if the debt bubble bursts… People think that things are not going to change dramatically…

    You are in for a wake-up call.

    Look around the world… people are eating animals in the streets… cats and dogs… just to survive.

    The chart in question:


    Watch the full interview:


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      1. Been watching this for a decade. Bless the children when this pops. I will probably be dead before this happens and l believe this can go on for another decade. Thoughts?

        • Just revise to a logarithmic chart. All fixed, and so easy too. /sarc

          • DAAAAMN! i will never look at a hockey stick the same. THAT is going to be hard to unsee!

        • A friend had this posted on their page from a friend of theirs who’s on Puerto Rico. Think it would be any different in most cities?

          “My family has lost everything. My uncle with stage 4 cancer is in so much pain and stuck in the hospital. However conditions in the island are far worse than we imagined and my greatest fear has been made reality. The chaos has begun.

          The mosquitos have multiplied like the plague. Dead livestock are all over the island including in whatever fresh water supplies they have.

          My family has been robbed and have lost whatever little they had left. The gang members are robbing people at gun point and the island is in desperation. People are shooting each other at gas stations to get fuel.

          They’re telling us to rescue them and get them out of the island because they are scared for their lives. We’re talking about 3.5 million people on an island, with no food, no drinking water, no electricity, homes are gone. Family if you have the means to get your people out, do it.

          This is just the first week. Imagine the days and weeks to come.

          These are bad people doing bad things to our most vulnerable. Imagine a few weeks with no resources and the most vulnerable become desperate.

          What are you capable of doing if your children are sick and hungry? We have to help.”

          • Puerto Rico is the perfect example of the type of dependency on the nanny state the federal govt wants, and then is totally incompetent to handle real emergencies.

            100 years ago, PR grew over 90% of their own food on the island. Today it’s less than 1%. That is simply shocking, given they could crop 2-3-4 times year, depending on variety, in their climate.

            The people need to get off their asses down there, and take back control of their food, fiber, power (Massive solar investment instead of 40-50 yr old diesels), and so on.

            Yeah, a bunch of folks down there are going to die from lack of electric power. People HERE ought to be taking note, because when (not if) it happens here, there will be no one riding to the rescue with fuel and generators…MASSIVE die off will be the result.

            Quit caring about a bunch of overpaid boy-men stand or kneel…starting figuring out your plans if you end up without power for years.

            • Yeah, i was thinking, we are helping the other countries with food – we always help, but someday when the U.S. collapses and people here are starving i bet no other countries come to help us. So we must be the fool to help others when they most likely won’t help us.

              • After Hurricane Katrina you couldn’t find MREs. If you could even place an order, delivery was over a year out. Same thing when Fukushima. All emergency supplies were shipped overseas.

                Puerto Rico has 3.5-million people. Try placing an order with Mountain House, or Wise, and see what happens.

                There is not enough to go around. Too many mouths to feed. Too many people in desperate need.

                Even without hurricanes and earthquakes and natural disasters. Things are tight. And what we are NOT being told is worse. As bad as the “refugee, migrant, illegal, undocumented, unescorted children, boat people, asylum seeker” situation already is in Europe — the crisis here in the U.S. is ten times worse.

                • I Don’t WANT mre’s, because there’s no water in there….if they had CANNED food down there with some WATER content in it, they would be much better off. watch “the road”….the scene where he finds a dead guy’s preps, and the FIRST thing he attacks is a can of peaches. he guzzzles it right down, peaches, juice and all. that was an epiphany for ME…..canned water is MUCH safer than any water you will find AFTER the bell rings. eat an mre without water, and you might as well not eat at all, as you will have digestion problems shortly.

                  • BCOD, most canned foods have very little nutritional value at all and water is very easy to make potable in large quantities quickly.

                    There are some canned meats that are nutritious , like canned mackerel and salmon that are bargains even still today. Excellent sources of protein and tastes very good. Far better than any MRE !

              • on the contrary, marie. the world HATES U.S. now, and when it happens to U.S., they will take FULL ADVANTAGE. copy that and SAVE it.

            • but…but….there have been people in the comments section right here on shtfplan that say it CAN”T Happen…..we are a bunch of fools for saving for a rainy day….AREN”T WE? i wonder if any of those puerto ricans LISTENED To those trolls?……i can’t help but wonder if more would have been better prepared if we didn’t have so many useless idiots blathering about how the gub-mint will ALWAYS Come to our rescue. time for a reality check was WAY overdue.

        • It’s a simple fix really, default on all debt, and “destroy” all the excess reserve notes when they come flooding back. Get rid of the federal reserve and let treasury print new patriot dollars, exchange them for old reserve notes and voila, other than moderate speed bumps during the translation, 3 birds with one stone taken care of. Those countries who we borrowed from will never miss the money, it was our money we shipped over there for cheap junk which was just loaned back to us via treasury bonds anyways. Problem solved, except the bankers and globalists lose all control…

          • If we are going to do what you said… (default). We better bring our military home for two reasons. #1. We will have to defend ourselves from just about every big player on the globe and, #2. When We quit paying, nobody is gonna give our anything. No food, no fuel for the planes and ships, no nothing.

        • I agree with you.

      2. The first chart should be on a log scale- the drama is solely due to the failure to use this type of scale.

        • What Could Go Wrong? (For Public Pensions, More Than You Know)
          “this is your problem if you are a taxpayer anywhere in the US.”
          ht tp://

          Teachers Demand $3,200 From Each Kentucky Household To Fund Pension Ponzi For 2 Years
          “That said, logic and math have never before stopped pissed off teachers and/or clueless legislators from throwing good money after bad in an effort to ‘kick the can down the road’ on their pension crises.

          As such, it should come as no surprise at all that the Lexington Herald Leader reported today that Kentucky’s 365,000 teachers and other public employees are now demanding that taxpayers contribute a staggering $5.4 billion to their insolvent ponzi schemes over the next two years alone.

          To put that number in perspective, $5.4 billion is roughly $3,200 for each household in the state of Kentucky and 25% of the state’s entire budget over a two-year period.”

          “No amount of math and logic will ever be sufficient to convince a bunch of retired public employees that they have been sold a lie that will inevitably fail now or fail later.”

          ht tp://

          • NOW Do you understand why we HAVE To have war. we WILL default, and there WILL be pissed holders of our debt…..this is THE Disaster that y’all SHOULD be preparing for, because this one HAS to happen. look at pensiontsunami if you REALLY Want a look at how bad it is…..put a dotcalm after their name to check out their site…’s a real eye-opener.

            • bcod,

              I too believe a pension tsunami is coming.

          • KY, the pension insolvencies as well as the state and municipality insolvencies will be the next big outlier events to strike on grand scale here in USA today !

            It is all quite unavoidable as it has all been in motion now for years and nothing new at all. Just buried by PRAVDA/MSM so a fool like BHO would not look bad ? More illusions.

            These hurricanes were also major outlier events on many levels and the debt created will be astonishing as well as the fraud and crimes committed revolving around it.

          • KY, the pension insolvencies as well as the state and municipality insolvencies will be the next big outlier events to strike on grand scale here in USA today !

            It is all quite unavoidable as it has all been in motion now for years and nothing new at all. Just buried by PRAVDA/MSM so a fool like BHO would not look bad ? More illusions.

            These hurricanes were also major outlier events on many levels and the debt created will be astonishing as well as the fraud and crimes committed revolving around it.

            • DowntoEarthThinking,

              I agree.

              Thought of the magnitude of this is frightening.

              Take care.
              KY Mom

      3. [OT]

        [the following needs to be spread everywhere]

        Researchers Find Tipping Point to Sway Public Opinion

        If just 10% of a social network is strongly committed to an opinion, that’s enough to rapidly convert the uncommitted 90% to adopt their point of view, say researchers who used computer models to discover the tipping point where a minority view becomes the majority opinion.

        The findings of the Social Cognitive Networks Academic Research Center (SCNARC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) were recently published in the journal Physical Review E.

        “This is true not only for important opinions, like political views,” says Boleslaw Szymanski, SCNARC’s director and a distinguished professor at RPI. “It also applies to everyday decisions like, for instance, whether to buy a PC or a Mac or what fashion to wear or what movie to see. The spectrum of potential applications here is very, very broad.”

        • So glad I have no social media connections

          plan to keep it that way, too

        • awed bawl , this is only true if you happen to control PRAVDA/MSM as the deep state cabal does ! Without that propaganda/interrogation mechanism it will not work with only 10%. But they are telling you what does work now because they do control PRAVDA/MSM, a deliberate mind control mechanism.

      4. That’s a big Twinkie…

      5. Get ’em to fight each other.

        Show up late to the party. Very late.


      6. He is right. Just a matter of time for all the pieces of the puzzle to come together. I know the preppers community has been yelling this for years. But with the weather wars Saber rattling and an extremely divided country brings us that much closer to the perfect storm the late john Paul Jackson prophesied back in 2008 I believe. Hang on folks when this shitz goes down the glass house will break very fast. Prepare the best you can and be right with God. Keep your powder dry trust in the Lord and very few people. God bless y all and take care

        • Agreed…I have uh, self protection “devices” hidden around L.A. here high and dry. Figure the hordes pounding at my door for help…well, the family and I will be gone so they’re welcome in, house will be empty except for some old furniture. Nope, you haven’t prepared by now you are SOL, don’t come crying to us.

          Only thing to believe in is who’s got your back and the Good Lord above…who is the ONLY one who gets my knee. The NFL gives me the knee, I give them the finger.

        • …the preppers community has been yelling this for years… Prepare the best you can and be right with God. Keep your powder dry trust in the Lord and very few people.

          Spot on.
          You do the same.

          And, Good Luck

        • mikeincanada,

          “Prepare the best you can and be right with God. Keep your powder dry trust in the Lord and very few people. God bless y all and take care.”

          Great post!

          God bless you too and take care!

      7. Just because Mannarino has been saying this for so long does not mean he’s not spot on. Just early to warn. Too early perhaps; but, still correct. What’s coming is going to be unlike anything Americans have ever seen. Plan on it. Be ready to rely upon yourself, your skills, and your faith. It’ll be all you got.

        • Not too early imho. I woke in 2008. 9 years to prep helped a lot. God help those who wake too late.

          • Unless you prepped enough to last for the next hundred years, you didn’t prep enough.

            Puerto Rico is going down. The corrupt professional politicians bankrupted the place just before the storm arrived. These same conditions exist everywhere.

            In a way, we have been given an opportunity to see what a true systemic collapse looks like.

            • a hundred years?

        • that won’t be ALL i got…..i got a PLAN, and i got preps……LOTS of preps…..and LOTS of friends, which might be the most important preps.

          • bcod,

            I agree. Lots of preps and a community of like minded friends will be a very important prep.

            Take care!
            KY Mom

      8. Debt will continue to rise until the usury equals 10% of the GDP at which time they will cut the free money off. 10% is the standard tithe, and the parasite has enough brains to avoid killing the host.

        • As the genius of it is just who are we paying interest on the debt, too? The same people who printed the stuff to begin with. These bloodsuckers have us coming and going. Pretty soon it will be mainly going.

          • My auto-correct messed up. It is not “As the genius of it” but “And the genius of it.” It is not “too” but “to.”

      9. I think the country is going to experience something like it has never been part of in its entire history!! Get your asses ready and prepared people.

      10. Get rid of your own debt,have cash,silver,barter items and dependable friends. Friends with skills,plenty of food and water and the means to defend it. You’ll need every bit of it.

      11. As far as the debt bomb exploding, one only has to look at Venezula and now PR to see what will happen to the US. What can be more telling is who will be on top in the aftermath? Who will always have access to the food, toilet paper, shelter, medical care, etc.? In Venezuela, it is the Army and the Police. In PR it is all of the FEDGOV folks who are : “…there to help.” And, PR was bankrupt even before this disaster.
        The difference between PR and Venezuela is in PR everyone has to get out. And where will they go? New Yawk and Florida come to mind. I am waiting to see all of these cosmic white Hollywood Marxists belly up to the bar and open their wallets and Gucci bags for these unfortunate Puerto Ricans. I will not hold my breath.
        One thing I can count on is any tax cut planned for me and mine is going to evaporate like ice on a hot stove. When Amerika’s creditors finally have had enough, our economy will definitely implode.

        • In Venezuela and Puerto Rico you won’t get enough food to need toilet paper?

        • DWEEZIL, it my be better stated that when Americas creditors are no longer the benefactors of the debt bubble they will change the game !

          And no doubt we are seeing what happens in todays world when catastrophes occur. Some are created or self inflicted like Venezuela and some are more natural like a hurricane or earthquake. What all have in common is the inability of a government to deal with any of it or prevent it in any way beneficial in the long term. All we see are reactions, nothing proactive ever. So we are always well behind any event. Some of it is not possible to be proactive , but some is. Kinda like building your vacation house on a beach front that is known to flood and then expect the gov to bail you out for your losses ? And this has happened many times here in USA today ! So the stupid just continues.

          One would think the citizens would get fed up with the incompetence and waste but they have not up to this point to revolt and we have seen all manner of crimes committed and no prosecutions ?

      12. Side with the soddomites. And you are a Tare. We are witnessing the separation. Like it or not. Pick a side. For one reason or another . God burns soddomites. Like it or not.

      13. Possibly a financial disaster of biblical proportions but it will be a man made man caused caused financial disaster. Nothing Biblical about it. I simply don’t care about the parasites in puerto rico. Let them die. We need a great culling. Just smother that burden on society with stage 4 cancer. Its not like he is going to be cured and become a useful producer. Certianly don’t bring any more parasites to the USA mainland. False citizen parasites are like ticks. We already have too many.

        • I had a Puerto Rican friend tell me about 12 years ago that PR lost its pharmaceutical
          plants to the Dominican Republic because it was cheaper for the big pharma companies
          to operate there. You better believe that Puerto Ricans moved to the mainland because of
          that, and a lot of other reasons. It keeps getting worse. With this, there will be a mass
          exodus. You can easily see a million or so of them will find their way to Florida and other
          states. And of course, there are not jobs growing on trees here in the States. We are on the
          brink, as is. Economically, we can’t take any more disasters. Sadly, we all know that more are coming and the tipping point keeps getting closer and closer.

      14. Gregory Mannarino is not “analyst” he is a flippen nurse. His website is could be illegal because of this.

        • we’re ALL analyst NOW!

      15. We shift our focus from time to time, but we continue to prep. Surprised we have lasted this long.

      16. Mac tried to tell you, but did you listen? NO!

        So, when the $#!+ hits the fan, don’t say he didn’t warn you.

        And don’t even think about coming to my compound waving a white flag.

      17. I’m waiting, let it come the sooner the better.

      18. I would have said the economy was dead in 2008, but zero interest rates and printing money kept it a float. If you asked any economist 15 years ago what they though of zero interest rates, they’d have said you are nuts, it’ll never work. Then if that wasn’t enough, multiple nations went to negative interest rates. If you asked economists what they thought of negative interest rates, they’d have said you’re nuts, it’ll never work.

        We never had computer systems before that could tamper with all the world markets and currencies. We live in a world where machines now run the worlds economies. Who really controls those computers?

        When it does come down, it will be spectacular. God forbid the crash comes in the middle of a super disaster for some people. I mean by this a disaster striking multiple nations that is on the order of a Puerto Rico 2017 event. Wow, I think I just coined a new term?

      19. Here’s what the late Michael Ruppert argued more than a decade ago:
        “We live in an infinite growth paradigm which requires growth forever. It’s not that Bernie Madoff was a pyramid scheme…the whole economy is a pyramid scheme, the whole global economy cannot be sustained. It requires infinite growth, but infinite growth collides with finite energy.

        The first law of thermodynamics says that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be transferred from one form to another…You have finite energy and you have a financial paradigm which demands infinite growth and we are at a point in human history where the infinite growth paradigm collides with something that is more powerful than money is.

        The people who have run the planet to this point and are running the planet now are losing control. What I see is a new paradigm that is as cataclysmic as the asteroid event that killed almost all life on the planet and certainly the dinosaurs. We may be seven billion people by the time anyone sees this interview. All of those people exist, are on this planet only because of oil. That’s it. So it’s axiomatic that if you take the oil away, the population must go away also.

        Certain things are inevitable right now. FDIC insolvency I will tell you is coming. Insolvency of the Federal Reserve is coming. The Federal Reserve can go bankrupt. T-Bill defaults. We’re looking at major bankruptcies, starvation, dislocation, all these things are already on the way. Everything is going to breakdown.”

        • Steve, agree on most points. But I would say it is not just oil that is finite , every necessary commodity on the planet to include WATER is finite and we have shit in our own nest terribly. So whjat we are seeing is more complex tahn somply oil. NO doubt the idea of an economy based on continuous growth and consumption would come to exactly where we are today. The massive debt was simply created to try and keep it all afloat and that paradigm is of course failing.Rather clear Keynes was wrong all along, but his ideas were easily sold that many fully understand now !


        Watch the “Crash Course” videos on the website.

        Chris Martenson has been warning of this for years.

        It’s mathematical and unavoidable. Immutable laws of nature. At some point it’s going to all come down. The longer it goes without crashing, the more catastrophic the crash will be when it finally happens.

        • Anonymous5, excellent video series, crystal clear info !

      21. Puerto Rico is going down. Watch carefully. New Orleans after Katrina was first. Venezuela. Mexico. Puerto Rico is the dress rehearsal for what the “Powers That Be” want their whole, new, beautiful, united, globalist, one-world to look like. A sh*t-hole.

        You bankrupt a whole country. Set it up for a systemic collapse. Sit back, watch, then move in after everybody’s dead, take over — keeping the best places for yourself.

      22. I heard that the Clinton Foundation was spending billions to save PR.

        oh. wait…. that was Haiti.

        oh. wait….

      23. “Kill the Fed”

        • you’re not being LITERAL, are you?

      24. How do you account for nearly no red debt on that graph prior to 1940 when WW2 was getting underway? Is that when the money printing presses were shifted into overdrive and perpetual war ensued? Damn the torpedos, this mother is approaching wipeout. This ship is pointed straight up like the Titanic ready to plunge to the sea depths.

      25. What difference does this make? At our current pace, they will all be heroin/opiate addicts anyway and incoherent enough to not care either….Like closing your eyes right before the head on collision with a semi….pointless to change anything, might as well watch it all the way through.

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