Market Analyst Forecast: “In The Next Week Or Two We Should See A Significant Move To The Downside”

by | Jul 23, 2016 | Headline News | 67 comments

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    Greg Mannarino of has been keeping a close eye on stock and bond markets. He has been accurately predicting major turning points in these markets for years.

    While everyone in the mainstream appears to know that something is seriously amiss with the economy, no one is warning the retail investor, despite the fact that billions of dollars are being shifted out of broader markets and into safe haven assets like gold and silver.

    Unless some miracle happens, the next large move for this market is down…

    Their bottom line… a lot of these companies are coming in below the mark… but the market is still in this topping phase… the fear/greed index remains at an extreme, so we should not be surprised to see this…

    The real tell here will be moving into the next week or two… in the next week or two we should see a significant move… or at least the beginning of a significant move to the downside in this market.

    Mannarino has previously warned that should the world’s massive debt bubble burst, it could literally lead to the deaths of millions of people worldwide as the system cleanses itself.

    Visit Greg Mannarino’s Traders Choice website and follow his Youtube channel.


    Prepare For Economic Collapse: A Step-By-Step Guide

    Analyst: “Millions Upon Millions of People Are Going to Die on a World-Wide Scale When the Debt Bubble Bursts”

    Fed Can’t Save Stocks from Verge of Collapse: ‘Huge Disaster Waiting to Happen’

    Proof It Is Rigged: “Fed Moved 93% of Entire Stock Market Since 2008”


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      1. OK!

        • General Discussion: Analyst who has predicted the changes over the past four downturns is predicting a major move around August 25th; another around Sept. 23-28 and one final drop around Oct 5-10. I would make a note of these dates. With the chaos of a market fall, Obama will declare martial law and cancel the election. Troops will patrol the streets of major cities and eventual curfews will be put in place. Riots and shootings could easily be false flags- but Obama will be the new dictator- can it get worse- this is the blue print of Europe, step by step- watch.

          • RB,

            You may have a point. Turkey could be a trial run for the NWO’ plan for world domination. Keep your eyes and ears open.

            Louisiana Eagle

            • Turkey was a test for all world leaders, but especially obumer : Can we get our constituents to hit the streets and fight our battles, cause enough ciaos and confusion that we can declare martial law. Can we use the people to set the wheels in motion. They have their answer.

        • Honestly, I have no idea what predictions are based on these days. Since everything is manipulated, and hosed over, there is no saying what will happen and when. Those who want to keep it pumped up will do so, those who want to bring it down will do so. And its all to their benefit. Just hitch your wagon to their train and jump off before the train hits the wall. Basic Market fundamentals don’t mean squat anymore. Not since 1998.

          I said Silver should be sitting at $26.50 by the end of July using fundamentals. Mostly the Silver to Gold Price Ratios. I was wrong, Silver should really be at about $28.50 right now. But its sitting at less than $20 today. Its being Jammed hard with Paper shorters still. Silver jumps up in Hong Kong overnight, then when the NY Markets open they Jam it back down. I have no idea how they can manipulate this vast Precious Metals Market other than with Shell Investment companies run by Banks with insider Margins and unlimited free cash, Like $100 of Gold is controlled by only $1 of Cash. Gold is trading over 500 to 1 in Paper ETF’s compared to actual physical Gold. Silver is like 17 to 1 Paper vs Physical. Who controls that BS margin manipulation? They are selling assets on paper with no physical holding to back it up. And who is stupid enough to buy worthless paper?

          And to those who think their Gold is safe in some Vault, you are dead wrong. These Vault holding companies Trade and lease your Gold holdings put to others many times over, creating this vast disparagement in Paper to Physical. That is called Rehypothification, selling 1 Oz of Gold to 499 other people on Paper. When the Music stops, there will be 499 idiots looking for their Gold chair, and it wont be pretty. This is when massive wars break out and Gold is stolen like what the US did in Iraq. The US Looted Saddam’s Gold Vault. Same with the Gold in the 9-11 Attacks which was basically a cover-up for GOLD Theft in the Twin Towers vault. They emptied the Gold in the Vaults in the Twin Towers and shipped it to California Underground caverns, before the planes hit on 9-11. Then filed an Insurance claim and double dipped.

          So who knows when anything will crash? The stock market should have crashed 4 years ago, when I warned people to get out then. But up up and away the stock market went, with no basic reasoning other then massive manipulation casino ride tactics, with Free Fed money printing and cheap interest rates. Companies borrowed free money to prop up their own stock buybacks. Its a friggin’ casino using free chips.

          All I can say is, control what you can in your own personal world, like prepping, Food, Guns Ammo, Fuel, Physical PM’s, BOL’s Off the Grid, remoteness, and security. And hopefully you will be out of the line of fire when this Shitcan explodes. Which could be anytime now.. Or next year, or whenever they choose to bring it down. Probably just before Trump takes office like in 2008 when Dumboma was appointed. Then cry and beg for a bail out. Want to end the manipulation let the banks crash, and get your doe out of there before it happens or you will be a victim of their Bail-ins. wiping you dry.


          • Wwti
            I have to agree with your last paragraph. This house of cards will come down. It will be sold short like the 2008 crash.
            I just want every extra day I can get to be set up in real assets like a home water food. No debt and keep it real.
            Had a long talk with my son yesterday, and found out they are paying off debts at a fast pace. They prep, but have too much debt. Funnybone… he is about the age I was when I paid all debt except my mortgage, and prepaid on it.
            Some things coming up soon, I hope, and I will be better placed all around.
            Prep on and be happy in your life. Luck to all.

        • HO HUM………..nothing g to see here

        • This is all crap. Every Tom, Dick and Harry has been predicting crash. This is not going to happen atleast for next 5 years. Market will coninue to go up in July and August pretty high.Mark my words. This steeeeeeeeeep correction won’t happen. You better fly a kite.

      2. I’m sure it’ll come someday just like all the other collapses.

      3. A five thousand point drop in the DOW might get my attention.

        Blah Blah Blah.

        • How far will it fall? The correction eliminates inflation. In the early ’70’s, a new Plymoth cause less than $3000; A Cadillac
          was only $7,000. The market was below 500 ! Great excitement when it passed 500, then wonder and amazement when it passed 1000! That is inflation, among other forces, man made… How far can it drop – at least 500, maybe lower if the dollar crashes.

        • You sound skeptical ? I am not for one simple reason.

          All of the gains since 2009 have been artificial and NOT market driven at all. It has all been driven by the fed one way or another using cyber dollars to pump and ramp it and keep it all alive.

          Can you point to even one actual underlying fundamental that can show these levels are real and sustainable by real market forces ? These markets are as phony as a 3 dollar bill and anybody who actually thinks they have gains is living in a fantasy. They will vanish in a flash because it is all smoke and mirrors and blue sky bullshit ! The paper gains mean zero, just like the cyber dollars that created them !

          • Down to earth
            Good time to take those false gains and turn them into real property.

            • Actually I already did that some time ago. But property is not the only asset worth having. When things do collapse real estate will not be worth much so it is very easy to pay too much right now. All part of a big puzzle , Hey ? I just know from first hand experience that all of the markets are completely fake and have been for a very long time , certainly since 2007-08. Now would be the perfect time to take any profits and run !

      4. Yea yea we shall see …..even if it does it will rebound again like always

        • @Rich99:



          • Still waiting for this collapse I told you guys wouldn’t happen for a long time !!

      5. Outside external disaster that shakes the market, it is not going happen over anything more than 1000 points on the dow, the world federal banks are supporting markets too much.

        i know, i’m a trendline investor and advisor. the market has now reversed the bearish brexit trend and is in another bullish trend. to break that with the current central bank supports would take something like a multi-city muslim attack on several major european cities all on the same day.

        • Lena,

          Anything can happen, and happen fast! They are all in position, ready to unleash terror like never seen before, thanks to TPTB. They are here living amongst us!

          Louisiana Eagle

      6. Forecast. This part of the headline jumped out at me when I was reading the Fox News website.

        Belive it or not! this was @ Fox:
        Kerry: Air conditioners as big a threat as ISIS.

        Yep AC is a threat.

        Secretary of State John Kerry said in Vienna on Friday that air conditioners and refrigerators are as big of a threat to life as the threat of terrorism posed by groups like the Islamic State.

        Read it and weep. I did.

        A commentor (Jakt111) on the Fox site said: “Unbelievable, I don’t think a bigger dumda$$ has ever walked the face of the earth. God help us.”

        My sentiments exactly. What’s he gonna do? Make us all give up our AC to save Mother Earth? And our refrigerators (They bad too, don’t ya know).

        • Give me A/C and refrigeration or give me death! F#$% John Kerry!

          • Kerry aka real name Kohn is a certified self admitted tribe member so remember that fact when yiu Dis him so badly. PS once done with daily fox propagandas, renew your mind with reality for a change at a website like david duke or incogman dot net.

            Who knows you just may amaze yourself!

        • Now there is a war on refrigerant too?

        • If you can’t live without them, yes, they are a threat!

        • Bingo brains ketchup boy yelling fire, Again. Just like his claim that being jobless and no insurance is the driving factor behind isis. They can both take a flying leap.


        Oh come on guys. I am delLusional and needs to get back on my meds..

        What could possibly go wrong.. I will tell you this IMPENDING PHUCKING FACT OF LIFE UP IN YOUR PHUCKING FACES.. NO ONE WILL be BUYING ANY HOUSES OR BUNINESSES AND REAL ESTATE WILL BUST. DRY UP AND I WILL FALL THREW THE CRACKS AND COLLAPSE AND BURN IN THIS ONE, PERIOD, PHUCKING PERIOD..And then once Trump gets in. The bastards are going to call the Russian and chinese allies to crash the dollar, and blame it on Trump. Then they take down the grid..

        Agency ass clown trolls have advised don’t listen to HCKS, he needs meds eh. People are jobless and news jobs but hiring muslims to protect power grids in the solution. Why are they not hiring white men or veterans for the security for those plants… you fucking trolls think you so smart coming on here taking shit..

        I know it’s my grammar isn’t it.

        Go on David Hodges and easy how a security comp are hiring muslim jihadist fighters for $1200 a pop, to the firm’s to protect and guard the power grids..obviously to guard them from Americans who will be going there to investigate who shut it down only to come into Ak 47 gun Fire from from muslims.. yes I read between free lines.

        Because they know that patriots and veterans will be going to try to power up the plants to turn it back on when it was purposely taken down only to run into jihadist fighters.. One Second After will be the end results.. we are in deep shit beyond recognition.. only a fool cannot see what is being done.


        You think I am stupid, you better think again you agency ass clown trolls.

        Every thing that scientist say will happen..

        • No one thinks you’re stupid…. just a little over the top. Claims with zero proof.

        • Keep making these big calls HCKS. None have proven correct yet, but one day…..

        • HCKS –

          I believe you have actually hit the wall head on … without a helmet. You focus too much on what Dave Hodges/Alex Jones/Hagmen&hagmen …etc. then focusing on the true enemy that you and I and everybody else faces.

          90% of what we all here and see is a damn ‘ dog and pony show’ … even good folks here think Trump is going to win and deliver the things he promises … this is all 100% nonsense … best be looking out for yourself and loved ones … everybody else is a or is a potential enemy … fk the world .. and fk you!

        • HCKS, you don’t need any meds. I’ll take you over a useless troll anytime. One of these days you will be proven right on the money.

          • Sounds more like HCKS walked into a bad batch of Meth.

            ~WWTI… “ADD” and Meth are a bad combo.

        • Actually, we don’t think you’re stupid, we KNOW you’re stupid, Senior Agency Assclown!

          • Being single most all of my life, and in the online dating world, I can see more women becoming desperate, loosing jobs, loosing their place to live, stuck with 5 kids in some cases, men not supporting their families. Its crashing now folks. Lots of good looking women even turning to porn and tricks for treats. And I talk with women from all around the world. Europe is crashing, and great looking women can’t get out of their Countries fast enough. They cannot get exit visas. South Florida, Miami is Jammed packed with Really Hot Model looking babes from all over Europe.

            Hold on everybody, its coming.. more economic pain.. I may set up a few more portable buildings and set up a commune and put these women to work at my BOL in exchange for a place to live with benefits. Seriously, give them some hope and a safe place to live. What women want most in life is to be safe and secure. I read these women’s dating profiles and many Smokin hot chicks are now saying they just want a good guy who will help support them, and looks do not matter. So there is hope for you ugly guys out there with a fat wallet, looking for score a hot chick in a crashing economy. I have many women send me photos of their hot naked bodies. They are marketing their goods, and looking for a safe place to rest their heads. Keep in mind, all of this can change in the other direction, if the economy gets better and opportunities open up again, then these women won’t need a guy again. This is cyclical, So if you follow trends, like I see in the online dating world, this is reality. Like it or not. Not in all cases though, but this is the direction of the trend I see and where it is going. There are plenty of legit professional women out there yet, who know how to knock down the big bucks, but they too are looking for a great guy. I am in my 50’s and get a lot of responses from young great looking women in their 20’s, looking for a daddy to take care of them. Guys in their 20’s and 30’s still live with mommy and daddy no jobs or ambition. These hot chicks want to skip the decade of struggle with a dopey 20-30 year old guys, who just like to go get drunk, and would rather go live the good life right away with a dependable Guy in their 40’s and 50’s who has their act together. This trend has been going on in Europe for decades, but is now here in the US as well, due mostly in part to a crappy economy with little job opportunities. Interesting. s this is another social aspect to the crashing economy. A guy who is a prepper and has his safe place to live, will be the place a lot of women will seek, and for a desirable mate.

            Prepare today, and live great life tomorrow.


            • Haha, you are so desperate it’s sad. Wow.

              Once a guy told me (it was such an unusual comment from a man I’ve never forgotten it) how he was at a nude-y bar and looking around at all the ‘patrons’ thinking “what losers!”

              Then he realized he was a loser too.

              Have some self respect dude.

              • WWTI envisions himself a hero SHEIK. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

              • A guy that can’t wait for a hoard of bedraggled, desperate women to wander upon his swamp compound. Sounds like a Hollywood horror film.

          • Sammy Scientists here! You forgot and left your brown paper sandwhich bag of airplane glue at our top secret shop, cia/mossad/alexjonsky/and Hodges have discovered it and are now bouncing off every secret shop wall!

            Please do Not be so damn careless with airplane modeling Glue again or I am going to switch secret shop code passwords for entry and you shall be on the street asap!

            ps carefull while you maintain a stiff upper lip, do not allow that glue to glue upper lip to lower nostrils!

            Online secret squirel scientist and NASA exec official in charge of luner Biz over and outski!

        • You’re not crazy HCKS–everyone else is. At this point, they can shut us down many different ways but it all surrounds the collapse of the dollar.

          They’ll probably implement a massive false flag then pull the plug on the dollar and blame it on the “terrorists.” Who are the terrorists? Anyone they tell us they are.

          BTW, I hear the crisis actor jobs out there are increasing.

          Fuck all the sell-outs who have allowed this to happen. Anything for a buck–soon you will find out what your soul was really worth.

      8. The stock market is in a bubble. So are the real estate market, the bond market, and the US dollar.

        The petrodollar system is almost dead. Obama released the redacted pages from the 9/11 commission. It won’t be long and OPEC will start accepting other currencies for oil. And they may stop accepting dollars altogether.

        The big western banks are in trouble. There’s a quadrillion dollars in derivative exposure and a trillion in bad loans. Deutsche Bank may be the first to collapse or it could be one of the Italian banks. When one goes under it will start a chain reaction and all of them will go under. Americans will wake up and find that their debit cards don’t work and neither do their credit cards.

        Lindsey Williams released a new DVD recently. Somebody released a 6 minute part of it. He claims that there’s a domestic only dollar coming and it will be devalued 30% right away with another 30% devaluation coming after that. That’s what Jim Willie has been saying for a year now.

        According to Lindsey Williams and Jim Willie, many of the foreign ports serving the US Navy no longer accept US dollars as payment. They want to be paid in silver for their fuel and supplies.

        When the world rejects the dollar we will be the last ones to know. We’ll see shortages of gasoline and food. We’ll see hyperinflation as foreign countries stop stockpiling dollars to buy oil and those dollars flood back to the US.

        I don’t know when all of this will happen but I expect things will be normal one day and very bad the next. Prepare accordingly.

        • Oh for shit’s sake BC, can’t you do any better than Lindsey Williams???? He looks like death suckin’ on a Lifesaver. His teeth gets to clickin’ every time he talks to where you think they’re gonna fall out of his mouth. He just needs to sit back in his rocker and suck on his ensure.

      9. So the dollar will be worthless, not worth less. The plan looks like “white people gotta go”. Maybe tidy bowl in the public drinking water will shrink the peons numbers. The FDA is doing their appointed job to protect the genocide mindset of the biggest business death mongers, the AMA, Big Pharma, Monsanto and their ilk kinfolk, food producers that produce poison food and fake labels as to the ingredients, Big Oil and their worldwide pollutant destruction, nuclear energy and their braindead evil assholes, weapon maufacturers who steal trillions from our nation with no accounting and on and on, my hunt and peck finger’s getting tired. Crooked Haglary’s VP choice is pro the Asian Free trade deal. She was for it, then politically expedient against it. The VP pick shows her true colors on the whole question of free trade, you cackling horrid liar. I’ve read both Clinton’s are near death, what are they waiting for to croak.

        • My family got out of row crop farming when it went all chemical…. heirlooms can’t compete with hybrids or GMO’s… When we farmed corn the plants were probably 10″to12″ apart. Now they are maybe 5″ apart and the government is screaming more more more.

          Production went thru the roof lowering the price per bushel. Farmers got too good at there job. Nuff said.

          There’s like what? 8 billion people on the planet now? If the powers that be wanted to kill a1/3 of them they would ban GMO’s and third world countries would starve. It would look like Venezuela post haste and the price of groceries would go through the roof.

          GMO’s are for the masses. He’ll ask any farmer they don’t eat that crap anymore than necessary.

          You don’t have to try and save the world just plant a garden and look out for #1.

          I know what you mean about hunt and peck … This iPhone is giving me carpal tunnel of the thumbs …its been rumored that bite out of the Apple represents the evil Apple was unleashing upon the world… I believe it

      10. Kinda like a fortune teller is he not.I guess I better sell all my millions before they are gone.

      11. Barn Cat and Aljamo, eight on the phucking money again.. lickidyspit.. cock sucker or what you are going by today… you think that we are over the top because the requirements from you employer at DHS is a. 50 IQ, you see smart intelligent people who are awake can reason and think constructively, unlike brain dead pedofile gays like yourself who think that bending over men an boys is a normal way of thinking, right in time to elect the former speaker of the white house, none other than a faggot pedofile, who was replaced by a globalist stooge.. so go eat shit you little shit..lickidy spit..


        • Again.. just a little over the top. Did I strike a nerve? I see many intelligent reasoned people on this site. Sadly, you are not one of them.

          • Hes a dumbass, closet faggot nutjob is all. Everyone gets a good chuckle from his incoherent rants though! LOL

        • What about the end of America in April HCKS?

        • Swearing and name calling give you 0 credibility.
          And it makes you look stupid, and you talk about I.Q. levels. When I see your posts, I skip the rubbish. Stop ranting like a twelve year old!

      12. Market Analyst Forecast: “In The Next Week Or Two We Should See A Significant Move To The Downside”

        Yes it will … and … more money will be added from out of thin air to keep the ponzi scheme going … again … I retort …

        fk ‘da dumb shit!

        • “should see” coulda,shoulda for the last 5 years.

      13. Wow, didn’t know the funny farm allowed its residents Internet surfing time!!

      14. Since when did they allow internet use at rhe funny farm?

        • JMO

          Since the patients took over the asylum.

      15. Tell me MR Almighty is the sky falling YET YIKES.

      16. ssh DON’T TELL ANYONE BUT YOU ARE FULL OF manure

      17. If you have fruit trees you can make fruit preserves.
        If you grow strawberries, makes great ground cover around flowers or trees, make preserves.

        Blackberries have nasty thorns, but if you have room for them, the health benefits are big.

        For apartment dwellers, stock up on store bought. Avoid anything with high fructose corn syrup.
        In times of food scarcity, make cookies and add some fruit preserves. Use Organic NonGMO flour and sugar. Make sure your baking powder is aluminum free.

        Make waffles and freeze for toaster. I prefer a square waffle that makes four square waffles.
        A round waffle oven is ok for freshly made waffles.

        If you live in areas with temps over 103. I would get solar or move. AC is life saving in high temps. If the grid goes or the Government turns off between 1pm to 3pm, that’s all it would take for some to stroke out.
        Apply an ice cube to your pulse points and get your temp down. Have an ice chest and freeze bottled water in addition to ice cubes. If you have a large freezer, freeze large suare water containers. Stay hydrated in heat. The bigger the ice cube, the longer it takes to melt. Basic but not unimportant.

        • Also do not forget to put that airplane glue tube Cap back on asap once finsihed sniffing it! Elsewize the whole tube will fast dry out and say bye bye to next Buzz.

          This is for Hicks at the, I can’t tell you location or else I will need to eliminate you.

          ps You may wish to try Huffing Spray cans of Paint and various cleaning agents! it seems to be the latest fad to replace old time glue sniffing. Dreams get less colorfull, however they Last far longer so one can remain asleep at wheel far longer.

        • B from CA
          Cool bath water… sit in it and cool off. Put water in a spray bottle and spritz in front of a fan. Battery driven fans are great. Solar battery rechargers.
          Nap in the afternoon, chores early or late.
          I don’t have this much heat now… but lived in Texas. Unbearably hot.

      18. From what I see the whole financial system is screwed up so bad the average person has no idea how it works. It has many avenues. Bonds, stocks ,Derivatives. Fixed loans, mortgages, variable loans secured and unsecured loans, contracts, credit card and interest rates to name a few.
        How banks conduct business and now your money is THEIR money once you put it in the bank. These corporations can grow on solid or fictional news. Lie and conceal their problems of stability and the customer is left holding the bag when they fail.
        Now I am still playing some of the paper game and financially positioned myself accordingly but straight up. If Stock Market and the major banks took a big shit from Wall Street on over to Rockefeller Square, I would care less. For investors, we have been fairly warned.
        They will play the game until they can not do it anymore and that may be done only by outside influence.

      19. Obummer cancelling the election and declaring Marshall law. This is not in his cards he denies anything is going on and this vision of chaos in the streets is total guff. It’s not what most Americans are feeling. So everythings fine in mayville. This crap about air conditioners being worst than Isis is silly. So what are people supposed to do die of heat stroke. The demoncrats want everyone dead. I said once before anything that makes you comfortable and happy they wanna tax or ban. They truly are an evil bunch. I say progressive demoncrats are the worst thing for America. The ship is going down and they wanna clamp down on freedom. Fuck Hillary wasserman sluts Pocahontas they are all evil demon cunts.

      20. I am in a major city almost everyday. There is building, major building projects going on all over the place here like gangbusters. And there are probably plenty of people paying $4k-$6k a month, and even higher for a two bedroom place. But the thing that I am noticing that is not matching up with the costs and amount of building here, is the ever increasing sightings of empty and/or closed retail real estate and commercial properties and locations. I am noticing this all over the place, and it seems like the numbers are accelerating. I have even came across two closed Subway stores. And to top it all off, I came across a closed Chinese Food place. Anyone who knows anything about this place will know that if we are seeing Chinese sores close, that is not a good sign. In the end, all of this really suggest to me that things may not be how people think things are. So to state an obvious, markets are usually at their highs just be fore they turn. But on a more serious note and IMO, powers that be are trying to keep things going on long enough, maybe for the election,so that they don’t fall apart before positioned themselves and have suckered as many sheep as the can. But I think it’s too much of a stretch to do; and not sure if they can continue this to that point anyway. But they will continue to mislead, lie, and manipulate anyway, with the help of their cohorts, the MSM.

        • Rather obvious we are at the peak of ramped markets, real estate as well. Because you see buildings going up does NOT mean they will not be vacant just like so many other vacant commercial buildings all across USSA today ! What you are seeing is likely more bankruptcies in motion.

      21. A friend working in the military-industrial complex was worried about getting laid off a few months ago. Now her company is gearing up. I am glad she’s got a job, but who will die to provide it?

      22. Rebecca.

        “Now her company is gearing up. I am glad she’s got a job, but who will die to provide it?”


        We are.

      23. If you all watch close, you will see what they are up to, nothing will happen untill closer to election, when Trump wins, economy will crash, and remember folks when he wins election, Obama still has 2 months left in his term, that is when he declares martial law

        • Why wait until Trump is elected ? your thesis does not hold water logically. BHO will not wait form Trump to be elected for martial law, that is backasswards

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