Mark Cuban: No Body Can Beat Trump In 2020 As of RIGHT NOW

by | May 17, 2019 | Headline News | 21 comments

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    Self-made billionaire, Mark Cuban says that as of right now, Donald Trump cannot be beaten in 2020. Cuban says that not one of the Democrats currently running for president has a chance of knocking Trump off the throne.

    “Politicians are the least trusted of every profession,” the owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks told CNBC according to Fox News. If you look at why people voted for Donald Trump, in my opinion, first and foremost it was because he wasn’t a politician.”  When Cuban was asked which Democrat has a chance of beating Trump’s re-election campaign, he said: “Nobody right now!”


    Cuban added that all of the Democrats currently running are also running their mouths. He said that all of the Democrat candidates’ campaign proposals are nothing more than “headline porn,” and further claimed that none of the policies would be legislatively viable.

    Cuban said if he did run it would be as an Independent. He had previously mulled running during the 2016 election, claiming he could beat both Hillary Clinton and Trump, according to CNBC. Although he admitted the thought of running for president crossed his mind, he also said he’s not committed to doing it. “It would take the perfect storm for me to do it,” he said.

    So far, the Democrats have put up a slew of Communists or socialists and Joe Biden.  Additionally, the masses believe that the economy is doing well and that somehow they aren’t suffering under Trump’s trade war and tax on the American consumer.  We agree with Cuban, as of right now, it’s not looking good for anyone other than Trump because of the mainstream media’s reporting on the “booming” economy.

    According to Forbes, oddsmakers agree with Cuban.  Trump has the edge over any democrat and it’s because of the perception about the economy. Trump has presided over the “strongest economy in living memory.” Unemployment is at record lows, inflation is nearly non-existent, and new jobs are being created at a startling pace. Anyone who studies presidential politics knows that strong economies are the most important factor driving support for the incumbent.



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      1. The Democrats only worry about illegals and queers, Not what is best for the nation.

      2. Zionists guarantee another Trump victory.

      3. Every commie puppet candidate the Demonrats have rolled out is enough to make any sane, freedom loving individual puke ! So much so that it makes me almost fond of the orange guy. I can’t imagine in my worst nightmares where we’d be now if evil Hillary had won the election.

      4. Do we really care what you say, Mark?
        Keep swimming with the sharks. You’ll do better there.

      5. I could grow a beard longer than ZZ top before I gave a shit what Mark thinks lol.

      6. How many donors do you need, to get on the ballot?

        I should do this.


          Almost nobody, out of hundreds of millions of people, can meet all of these qualifications?

          • Very true, and the Democrats and Republicans have colluded to keep it that way. There is your real collusion.

      7. If Trump gives MIC / TPTB their war(s) after an increase in “defense spending” they won. If it costs Trump the Presidency they win. They always win.

      8. Hillary is STILL not president……..and the rest are hangers on,none of which can beat Trump.

      9. Zion

      10. Why is a certain four letter word beginning with Z, ending with N, containing I and O banned here? Is Mac a bend-overee for these? Why protect the cause of 99% of the problems on the planet? Is there a fear of being labeled a hate-site, an antisemmy? Last time I checked the Zulu and the Pygmies aren’t a protected group. Why such a cuk for the Z?

        That is the problem, you are in fear for your life

        for even thinking of the Z word.

        • Conservative leaning J.ews, in I.srael, would like their autonomy and are saying, due to entangling alliances with the US, they cannot have all the industries, they want, in I.srael, like building cars. They want independence.

          In my view, Z.ionism represents a collaboration with the globalists. It’s the NATO or EU of the Mid East. I.sreal is stereo-typically expected to run the world, but they are a vassal state.

          Imagine the globalists, saying that the US should have to share your capitol city with Aztlan / Mecchistas / Brown Berets, who dispute your territorial claims / right to exist.

          And, they would have the right to hold office.

          • Clown World

            “I.sreal is stereo-typically expected to run the world, but they are a vassal state”

            Powerful interests with no national identity run the world. Nations are mere groups for exploitation to facilitate their interests. If a nation happens to contain a higher percentage of these people it’s looked at as having dominating influence however its not the said nation that holds the power. Citizens holding power is illusionary.

            • k2, not one problem with what you have written, here.

              Presentday America holds more influence, or else the global language of commerce would be Hebrew, and they would be threatening to cut off America, dictating our borders, here.

      11. “As of right now” is code for “I don’t know a damn thing but I want to say something that sounds good.” In politics anything can happen in the next 18 minutes let alone the next 18 months.

        As for why people voted for Trump, the biggest reason was that he wasn’t the Hildabeast. Good thing, too. If that putrescent harpy had won websites like this one would probably have been kicked off the Internet because they “lean right.”

      12. I do not agree with Cuban’s assessment.

        The one factor that he seems to either be deliberately ignoring, or that he is too stupid to acknowledge – is that politics in America has now turned into a battle of racial identity politics and a contest to determine who owns and rules America.

        The vast and overwhelming majority of non-Whites will vote for whoever the DemoNrats put on the ticket. The Dems could bail Charles Manson out of prison and nominate him as their 2020 candidate and Manson would knock down minority votes in the high 98th percentiles. Even Asians – who on paper, are very similar to White Americans in terms of education, ambition, low crime rates, low illegitimacy rates, and who generally have strong family structures and who theoretically should be thought to vote for conservatives in the GOP – but, they don’t. Over 72% of them voted for the Hildebeast. They have bought into the endless and relentless torrent of anti-White brainwashing which blasts out of our enemy controlled mainstream media 24/7, 365 – that constantly tells them that the White man is the bogeyman and since the GOP is the party of White Americans – they have to vote for the DemonRats.

        Trump has been a total fraud on the #1 signature issue that got him elected – immigration. The invasion of third world riff raft is higher since he took office than it was under Obama – and all this loser does is send out angry tweets.

        The Hildebeast supposedly won the popular vote by around 3 million, and while we all know that most of that 3 million were likely illegal aliens -Trump has not done diddly squat about securing our election system to prevent illegal aliens from voting in our elections in violation of the law. He just blows hot air, along with the contents of Bibi Netanyahu’s pants.

        Oh, and the RINO rats down in Florida – joined in with the diabolically evil DemoNRats in the state legislature and turned loose over 3 million convicted felons from Florida prisons and then restored their voting rights. Andrew Gillum is boasting that the DemoNrats are scrambling to initiate a voter registration drive that is specifically aimed at those 3 million released convicts – so, how is Trump going to win Florida in 2020? And, to demonstrate just how big an imbecile Trump is – he was planning on scooping up thousands of illegal alien border crossers from Arizona and dumping them in Broward County, Florida – to even further add to the demoNrat voting base – but, DeSantos pitched a fit about this and apparently the Orange Imbecile changed his mind under pressure.

        Florida is a critical state for Trump in 2020 if he plans on winning reelection and he’s trying to help turn it permanently Blue?

        I will guarantee that this moron will just look around for another ‘red state’ that he won in 2016 and dump those illegal aliens on some state other than Florida. Trump has to be the absolute dumbest boob to ever sit in the Oval Office. It’s either that, or the guy has been a fraud and a conman from the beginning.

        Whoever winds up on the top of the DemoNrat Party ticket is going to get the votes of 98% of the colored coalition of the ascendant. These minorities got a taste of having their boot on the back of White America’s necks for 8 years of Obama – and now they think America belongs to them and not to the rightful descendants of our 100 percent White European Founding Fathers who specifically bequeathed the nation they had created to their direct posterity – and NOT to a motley collection of America hating third world aliens.

        And for anybody who isn’t up to speed on what the word ‘posterity’ means, here is it’s definition:

        posterity (pɒˈstɛrɪtɪ)
        1. future or succeeding generations
        2. all of one’s descendants

        News Flash: Third world aliens did NOT descend from our Founding Fathers. Or, from the White European ancestors who founded and created America. Which is why we hear nothing but hatred and venom being spewed by minorities at our Founding Fathers. And, this hate and venom is also being spewed by self-hating White liberals.

        Need a recent example?

        Buttigieg on Renaming Things Named After Thomas Jefferson …
        [Search domain]

        Pete Buttigieg said on Friday he believes renaming events and things named after former President Thomas Jefferson is the “right thing to do.”

      13. Or, are they trying to tell everyone that Trump is going to win the election so the people don’t show up to vote like they did last time? This all sounds like political war strategy!

      14. Nobody can beat Trump in 2020.

        If Mark Cuban and three or four other billionaires put their money behind Patrick Little, Little might win.

        And it would at least be interesting.

        Because at this point, most people could care less about who runs against Trump.

        Trump ran as an anti-war candidate.

        War with Iran will be viewed as a stab in the back.

        It won’t be popular with Trump’s core. And people will vote him out, or just fail to show up at the polls altogether.


      15. Trump is by far the strongest candidate. He is very funny, his Tweets are legend (not the earnest, PC ramblings of AOC).

        Trump makes people feel safer because he is a) white, b) a businessman. After Obama and his corruption (unfortunately par the course in any African state as Africans will tell you), Trump looks good.

        The battleground will be over civilisation: do we respect the laws and institutions that made Western nations so prosperous, or do we had the keys to the car over to the chaos of the third world?

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