March 31: Operation Global Blackout: Hackers Intend to Shut Down the Internet by Disabling Core DNS Servers

by | Mar 28, 2012 | Headline News | 170 comments

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    The hacking group known as Anonymous intends to attack the core servers that control the routing of all internet traffic. DNS, or Domain Name Servers, are a critical backbone of the web and make it possible for internet surfers to reach web site destinations by typing in a domain name in their browsers. Once a particular web site is requested, a query is sent to a domain name server, which then redirects that web address to a specific IP address on the web. Without these servers, access to web sites through traditional means (typing in a ‘dot com’) becomes impossible, because there is no way to direct the traffic to the appropriate web site destination.

    According to a statement released by Anonymous, it is these servers that will come under fire on Saturday, March 31.

    Anonymous says they do not intend to ‘kill’ the internet completely, but rather, the end game of Operation Blackout 2012 is a temporary take down of the internet where “it hurts most.” According to the group, the operation is being carried out to:

    …protest SOPA, Wallstreet, our irresponsible leaders and the beloved bankers who are starving the world for their own selfish needs out of sheer sadistic fun, on March 31, anonymous will shut the Internet down. (source)

    Excerpt of statement:

    Citizens of the United States, We are Anonymous.

    This is an urgent emergency alert to all people of the United States. The day we’ve all been waiting for has unfortunately arrived. The United States is censoring the internet. Our blatant response is that we will not sit while our rights are taken away by the government we trusted them to preserve. This is not a call to arms, but a call to recognition and action!

    The United States government has mastered this corrupt way of giving us a false sense of freedom. We think we are free and can do what we want, but in reality we are very limited and restricted as to what we can do, how we can think, and even how our education is obtained. We have been so distracted by this mirage of freedom, that we have just become what we were trying to escape from.

    For too long, we have been idle as our brothers and sisters were arrested. During this time, the government has been scheming, plotting ways to increase censorship through means of I S P block aides, D N S blockings, search engine censorship, website censorship, and a variety of other methods that directly oppose the values and ideas of both Anonymous as well as the founding fathers of this country, who believed in free speech and press!

    The United States has often been used as an example of the ideal free country. When the one nation that is known for its freedom and rights start to abuse its own people, this is when you must fight back, because others are soon to follow.

    Read full Statement

    If this latest threat is carried out, it will highlight the significant security risks inherent in the internet as it exists today. According to numerous reports, including those of the head of US Cyber Security General Keith Alexander, infrastructure, commerce and transportation are susceptible to attacks that could damage physical equipment like thousand-ton machines, cause widespread power outages, and affect just-in-time delivery systems that keep food, gas and commerce flowing.

    If Anonymous is capable of attacking core DNS servers that take down the web, even for a day, it would be a show of just how fragile our entire way of life really is. Though Anonymous hackers undoubtedly include some of the best and brightest techies out there, they would likely pale in comparison to the cumulative power of hackers operating under the sponsorship of a large Asian government (we won’t name any names), or a coordinated rogue terror network that acts not for the purpose of protest, but devastation.

    If such an attack were to be unleashed on the Untied States terrorism experts suggest a coordinated take-down of the entire United States could be executed in as little as 15 minutes.


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      1. First Biatches!

        • You are going to feel like an alterboy at a overnight bible study class with catholic priests after all the red thumbs you get for poasting that.

          • I was thinking Martyr would be more topic appropriate Kevin.

            • I had to make that comment. I picked on jewish people the other day. Now its the catholics turn(I’m Roman Catholic by the way). My statement had more to do with being fair. Hope you understand mr/ms mcloven.

            • Kevin,

              Are you really Catholic? Or are you part of that 50-year old religion, the Novus Ordo?

            • @johnQ- That is funny. All this time I was thinkin you were just another religious fanatic, turns out you are very much the comedian. Your allright.

            • Know whats really cool? I just got 15 cassette tapes for a penny. After using ALL my names and SS numbers I now have over 150 and columbia house STILL has no idea who or where I am…..kinda like the American people….go figure

            • Just remember….If your not the lead dog, the scenery never changes….

            • Okay JQP – *that* was funny.

              (at least you didn’t use the more obscure ICEL as a description…)

              BTW, I got a treat for you, avid SSPXer that you are. Enjoy:

          • But will he beat Durango’s record? Hmmmmm…..How many was that, DK?

            • Not likely Daisy. A man whose first real job was that of a garbage man is destined for the top of the heap.

              Fat chance.

            • @dk- I am rapidly ascending, Don’t count me out. Kevin-shtfplan “first” record holder+shtfplan green thumb record holder.(and god willing, one day red thumb record holder)

          • only the Catholics gave you a thumbs down for that

          • No skin off my back Kevin, did you confuse me for Mel Gibson? And it’s MR. Mclovin… Jigga Jigga YEAH! FAKE ID! FAke ID! (Superbad quote)

        • B..s…! Sopa will b passed after this.

          • That’s why Anonymous is actually a covert ops created (or at least, infiltrated and seized) by the power elites.

            • Yes they blatantly are. There are 2 groups of sheeple. Those who don’t realise there is a global conspiracy and those that bind themselves to disinfo agents and spread their legs for PSYOP penetration.

        • What a tool

        • This CANNOT be done by any group other than NSA!

          It AINT happenin. It involves too much. This was a stupid article.

          • You realize what the NSA does, right? They analyze SIGNALS. I’m sure they have large amounts of bandwidth throughout the United States but limited amounts else where. Most of the top level DNS servers are outside the USA.

            Now, the US Military would have the capability to do something like this, but doubtful the NSA would. I think you read too much Hollywood type stuff and less on the reality side of things.

            Also, what does it involve? Do you even have the slightest clue how the Internet is put together? How systems interact amongst themselves? Doubtful based on your well thought out and put together response anyways. Is Anonymous capable of doing this? Doubtful, maybe hitting 1, 2 or maybe even 4 of the top Domain Servers yes, but there are dozens.

        • WHAT JOKE ITS 4/1/2012 and nothing happened, where is the black out? More Government Propaganda. I looked forward to some peace and quiet…

        • Simply lovely, Kevin
          As my Daddy always says:
          “Fuckem’ if they can’t
          take a joke, and Jokem’
          if they can’t take a…”

        • How can 4 people red thumb a link to my favorite version of america the beutiful. You non-link clicking commie bastards.

      2. 3rd !

      3. Now wait a minute; didn’t this group claim they were going to shut the banks down a while back? I hope they aren’t like Obama: “Words Just Words”

        • They also claimed they would go after the Mexican drug gang known as Zeta. That stopped the moment some anon-friendly blogger’s head literally wound up on a pike… Long story short, the shit got real, and the boys in the Guy Fawkes’ masks bugged the hell out.

          As for the DNS thing? Most DNS entries expire in 86,400 seconds, or one day, by default. Forgot what the root servers had set, but if you shut them all off right now, caching (both at the individual level and at the ISP DNS servers) would insure that you didn’t notice the change for at least a day.

          Long story short? Good luck with that, kiddies.

      4. IF THEY DON”T WORK FOR FEDS-They are patriots,I agree with their view that censorship has started(it has been blatantly obvious to me for 8-10 weeks) and we are all living the american dream(DREAM-a succession of images,thoughts, or emotions passing throught the brain during sleep) I say again- whom ever came up with that saying was talking about the american sheople in the state of sleep. The media twisted it to mean house,car, and government job.

        IF THEY WORK FOR FEDS- All bank account balances will get wiped out, and transfered to jpm and goldman sachs and 5% going to bj clintons cocaine fund, and a new more powerful sopa will get passed.

      5. False flag!!!!

        This is exactly what the de facto government running the show in Washington has been waiting for – an excuse to shut down the internet.

        A new executive order or internet patriot act will follow immediately upon the heels of this!

        • Daisy- Why do you jump on the false flag bandwagon so quick?

          • Because a very wise person opened my eyes to the fact that we are constantly being manipulated to believe that things are being done “for our own good”.

            Further – the internet is the last bastion of free speech left in the US. The mainstream media is all propaganda – you can now be arrested and federally charged for peaceful protest – it is in the PTB’s best interest to shut it down.

            • I disagree, WE THE PEOPLE are the last bastion of free speach. The internet was created by the military(aka the feds) they have ALWAYS controled it, they just have not 100% silenced/censored the people yet (aka patriot movement 2.0), they are working on that now and are proceeding in leeps and bounds. Yes governments deceive,with that in mind they can also use OUR mis-trust of government against us, to divide us. This groups message is a good one. It is for liberty,freedom of speach, and anti-federalism, every thing in principal that I support. I know there are people in the alt. news that THINK they are feds(someone I really respect does)BUT without PROOF it is just OPINION! The feds will go after internet freedom for a dog peeing on a fire hydrant at this point BECAUSE THEY ARE LOSING THE WAR OF THOUGHTS AND INFORMATION and they KNOW IT. I will waite to make up my mind about it being a false flag after I see what is attacked.

            • I believe the day of the false flag is over because IF NOT we would have been at war with Iran already

            • Kev ~ I posted a very thought provoking Youtube video about Anonymous – it hasn’t cleared moderation yet. Let me know what you think of it.

              As far as the people being the last bastion of free speech – okay – I can definitely agree with that. But the internet is the tool we use to get the word out. One person shouting on the sidewalk is very limited as to the number of people he or she can reach. But that same person on the internet can reach THOUSANDS of people in seconds.

              This will be the beginning of the end of us having access to the internet for this purpose.

            • Google is already WASTED!! Search “haliburton sells nuclear technology to iran 2009” go to NEWS!! See what comes up????? I will tell you, NOTHING pertaining to the inquiry comes up, thats what!! WHO MADE THAT VIDEO you posted???? WHO ARE THEY???? Government shills make videos all the time and I am seeing more, and more blatant fed made videos everyday.

            • Kevin, I whole-heartedly agree with you regarding Google, and all the other search engines I use have been likewise compromised. Research is my bread-n-butter and it has gotten far more difficult over the past two months.

              As for the video, I honestly don’t know who posted it. The person who did has many other videos about Anonymous. I’m not saying it’s 100% law and gospel, but if you read back, I said it is very THOUGHT-PROVOKING. We all have to draw our own conclusions and the more resources we have to base those conclusions on, the better off we’ll be.

            • daisey-You remember that guy in the us gubmint that said “never let a good crisis go to waste”? IF this group are patriots the gub. would try to convince patriots they are feds and tell the sheople they are terrorists. Hell, for all I know the feds(or chinese) released this statement(and ALL the anon statements) and the real enon is in the shadows fighting for internet freedom, and the gubmint knowing this is, just going to use this attack to get more control. There are a million senerios but its 50-50 they are feds.

            • well said Daisy
              the manipulation has been going on for quite some time

              “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the [public] is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.”
              Edward Bernays MASTER OF PROPAGANDA
              do a little research on this scum bag

            • I don’t see the video yet? Just post the link so we can see it sooner. I want to see what you and Kevin are talking about….. thanks!

            • @daisy- that video has not cleared yet, just want to say (before it does clear) that IF that video is based on “press releases” and the timing of those releases and since we really don’t know IF anon(or who) really DID release them(or this one in this article) It really will just convince me more they are patriots working undercover with TPTB sending out these press releases to further their own ends and divide us..

            • Yeah, Mac’s slacking!!! 😉

              Kev, it’s for you to form your own opinion – I’m just putting it out there for informational purposes.

            • @satori-“do a little research scum bag” WOW!! QUESTION- Who sent out this information in this article? ANSWER-who knows(but abc and the feds SAY anon did) Question-Who benefits??? ANSWER- NOT anon, you never tell a foe when the attack is) AGAIN-WHO benefits?? ANSWER- The feds(they get to implement drakonian laws) Question- IF anon where a patriot group, and you were the feds, what would you do to alienate them from patriots who really have no concrete info on them??? ANSWER-You would release un sourced press releases yourself saying they were from anon at strategic times to MANIPULATE the patriot movement to think they are feds. Re-read your quote to yourself slowwwly. THINK for yourself.

            • @ Daisy, you have certainly “fully blossomed” into a tall, confident, and conspicuous “flower” in a garden often overgrown with ragweed. May the “soil” you are rooted in continue to provide all of the appropriate and timely “dirt” as needed. Gets easier to identify when you “know to be looking” in the first place.

              Keep digging…you have found the “pay-dirt”. IMHO, of course.

            • Thank you, Yental.


              I just know some smart people – sometimes they kinda rub off on me a little.

        • Very interesting Daisy. Have not thought of that. Are you saying that Anonymous will not actually shut it down but the government will as an exercise and blame it on Anonymous? That would be perfect for the elites. Then they could shut it down anytime they want and just put out a statement as if they were Anonymous and shut it down.

          • That’s my guess, Silver Fox. It will be shut down (or further restricted) in response to the “threat” proven by Anonymous. We’ll be told it’s all for our own good and that the grid is being protected for our safety.

            And my further guess is that SOPA will seem like a Libertarian picnic compared to the law they come up to counter this action.

            • it aint happenin, kooks. Lets see on friday.

            • I like the way you think Daisy. I wouldn’t put it past the government they like to use the scare tatics and then impose some new law as if it is for our own protection. All the while taken our God given rights away.

      6. We’ll see. From what I’ve seen, Anonymous is a joke. I don’t think they could shut down the lights if I pointed out the switch. If they have such ability, why are they letting the government and banks steel us blind? Shut it all down if you can. I fully expect to read SHTF Plan 3/31.

        • Steve, you’re a funny guy. That made me laugh. Perhaps they can or can’t, will or won’t. Perhaps, for all we know, Anonymous is CIA or some other elite tentacle. Say they create this group and we feel like they are some kind of superhero on our side. Then when the elite need it most they say Anonymous is doing it. I’m just saying, who the hell knows. I trust no one. Tell you what Steve, let’s make a pact to meet back here on the 31st. I think we’ll see each other then.

        • Your right. They ARE A joke and nothing is going down…. cept maybe a few anonymous chicks.


        This is an example of the “american dream”. MAN ARRESTED DURING HILLARY CLINTON’S FREE SPEACH SPEACH FOR STANDING UP AND TURNING HIS BACK TO HER a silent protest. Shows guy getting man handled. Classic $HIT. WAKE UP SHEOPLE!! Enon is right(if they are feds or not) WE ARE LIVING A LIE!

      8. Daisy, I’m in agreement with you! This group is being used to terrorize the internet and further the agenda of control through implementation of greater lengths of internet policing/control. I would not be surprised if they need to do a complete shutdown to start a new system or program that monitors more completely than it already does. Horrible that we have no trust and need to even think this way but this is our new reality like it or not.

        Or maybe it’s just these continued threats that they are going to use to sell greater monitoring control of the net to the masses. All the dumb asses will say ok that seems necessary not understanding the consequences.

      9. It’s not like this is a surprise. People in the know have been warning of this exact situation, saying just how easy it would be to do this. It’s not exactly difficult to do. They will use the same techniques that people use to “hack” websites, change the DNS rules to make a domain name go to a different address than it should.. with a modified copy of the website.. it appears someone gained access to the actual website, when thats not what actually happened.. It’s called DNS cache poisoning.. I can’t remember where I read it, but several years back, a group of techies started warning of this, and came up with ideas for solving it.. but no one ever wanted to do what was necessary to fix it………. “It will break too much stuff” was the most common complaint….. Well guess what…. Those fixes could have been in place for a decade now….. but they arent..

        • This describes(the technicals in laymans terms) of what happened to egypt and HOW its internet was “taken down” and actually gives alot of evidence that gives alot of weight to the “false flag” theory.*kevin gives congradualtory pats on daisy’s back* BUT*kevin stops pating* and this is a BIG BUT- Go back and re-read my posts again.I stand by every word 100%. I am one of those types that question EVERYTHING from many different directions, and I do not trust ANY info from a source that CANNOT be VERIFIED(like these videos that supposedly came from anon, and this one posted by you, I don’t know where the hell they came from or who made them). I disagree 100% with you about the internet. The internet is NOT the last bastion of free speach, WE ARE. The people who voice their opinions are that freedom, the internet is a tool, a hoarse to ride into battle on. Unfortunetly, that horse belongs to them, and we are sitting on it fidling while “they” grab the rein and walk us AND the hoarse down the road of ruin.

      10. if genuine….they are divine intervention….

        the NDRA has already started….they took my farm away that day…. they took me away, even with pay, i had no choice….if what has happened to me happened to you…’d be in the streets too.

        i can’t sell my goats milk but corzine can rape innocents and walk, killing food animals because they are Ferrel, what’s Ferrel is the elite and they need to be scrubbed

        and you detest anon? question them yes! act on conscious it is truely time to bring the system DOWN.

        time to beta test the revolution because whether you like it or not IT IS HERE, regardless of who anon really is.


      12. It gives me the creeps when Anonymous says ‘we are legion’. It sounds satanic to me.

        • Saq, all the world’s most horrible dictators made themselves look like they were for the people in the beginning. Then came the genocide.

        • Saq
          I thought the same thing, we are legion we are many is from the Bible, I am not sure if many people picked up on it when they said this in there closing. I listened to one video awhile back and was like wow they seem up on things, than they said “legion” it creeped me waaaaayyyy out! Glad to know I am not the only one (makes me feel a bit less paranoid. I am really in belief that this is not a war on liberty but a war against powers and principalities. It is spiritual, nothing else in MHO. Or I am just turning into an overly paranoid woman who’s children will not come visit because of never throwing anything away, and an over abundant collection of neighborhood cats. LOL Eitherway I am not in a good position LOL 🙂

        • Personally I wish they would attack the people who are responsible for this loss of freedom instead: one by one.

          IE The personal emails of the GB’s would be a good start. Then maybe the globalists in and out of government.

          Expose them, their lies, and their web of deceit. Don’t shut US down.

          Provide the “transparency” that is lacking. Once these assholes are exposed, and their criminal conspiracies with them, there would be no place for them to hide from justice.

          Anonymous get a clue! 🙂

      13. I remember when Anonymous said they were going to shut down Paypal last November. Never happened.

        No, if anyone shuts down the Internet it will be POTUS, in between rounds of golf and using our Constitution as TP.

      14. I don’t know how much I’d miss the net, besides shtf plan and a few others. Give me more time to prep and hang out with the youngins. What the hell go anon! While your at it change the nat debt so chicom owes us!

        • It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I know I could stand to use a little less Internet. No one who has trouble with a short-term Internet outage will be able to survive what is to come.

          • Ha! Funny you say that. As I was reading the comments here I guess our Internet went down. I didn’t know as I could continue to scroll down on the page which was still up and showing. My daughter came in to my office in a panic saying “The Internet is down!! You need to fix it right now! I’m in the middle of something.” Granted, she was working on her college homework, but I think a big outage would affect young people the most as they never lived in a world without Internet so they can’t fathom being without it.

            For me, although I depend on it everyday for my business now, there were ways to conduct business before the Internet, it just took longer. Actually, I would enjoy a break from this hectic life sometimes!

        • In this economy, there is a lot of commercial enterprise done via the net. Not just the obvious little one-person business, but a lot of large enterprises have managers working from other locations via the net. It is increasing productivity. Someone at their home in Altanta can email a vendor in Podunk for delivery to a loading dock in Michigan, all in seconds, with confirmation coming by return email in another few minutes, as just one example.

          So many folks do all their bill-paying online, buy stamps, complete USPS shipping orders,that a one day shut down will cost the economy many tens of millions.

          Then there is all the streaming entertainment, all the Skype calls, all the families keeping in touch via FB…the Internet today is about a lot more than getting the word out or engaging in free speech. It really is a communication & information superhighway we all use for everything.

          Anonymous will hurt many more average folks than they will hurt the government, IMO. Frankly, I think they are major criminals and need to go away.

        • The net is going nowhere, kookla fran and ollie.

          They would be taking down a freakin trillion dollar industry…. that’s help the economy huh?

        • I need:
          – SHTF dot com
          – Infowars dot com
          – endoftheamericandream dot com
          – ronpaul dot com
          – email (sadly, Google, – for throw-away accounts etc.) and – even more sadly – Comcast
          – amazon dot com
          – a few technical websites which I need for my work
          – Netflix

          The rest of the Internet can go to hell.

          I’d love to keep w few free movies/series streaming sites, but I can definitely live without them.

          If the first 3 sites I listed are shutdown, I’ll know: that would be the time to start sleeping and going to a bathroom with the gun.

          Mark my words: information blackouts will be immediately followed by arrests, “disappearances”, and mass murders.

          • intellicast dot com. gotta see when those storms come in!

            • oops! and hillbillyhousewife dot com

      15. What time?
        What day?
        Sidney, Australia or New York, New York, USA.

      16. As Tuco said in The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly….”Ya gonna talk…talk. Ya gonna shoot…shoot” Why are they announcing it? Just do it.

        • Like a barking dog right good buddy. I don’t really fear a barking dog. But one that’s crouched down and growling. . .watch out. Anonymous really hasn’t growled yet.

        • How do we know THEY did? For all know MR. Napolitano did.

      17. its groups like anonymous that ruin it for everyone else.

      18. Anyone wonder if one day in the future we’ll hear about how “Anonymous” was really a classified government program developed to force other government (or sponsored) entities to tighten up their online security by probing for weaknesses? And to ransack the private info of other governments under the guise of some rouge hacker group? It would be brilliant if true. And the more this group operates seemingly unchallenged – or even talked about publicly by political figures – the more I wonder. Maybe one day “Anonymous” will attack China, disable their Internet and steal a bunch of state secrets. “But hey, China, it wasn’t us,” says the US gov’t, “It was a rouge group of independent hackers.”

        • SM thanks for posting. quick note on that: the shtfplan ip is not dedicated due to limittions with our current hosting package. we are in the midst of a server migration as we speak ( have had some technical issues with properly exporting our database so have been slightly delayed). once on the new server the site will have a new, dedicated IP so access directly via that will work in the event of a DNS outage.

          for those interested, the new server will be running on a hexacore processor with the ability to handle a lot more traffic efficianetly, especially during rush hour spikes, and should make it possible for us to finally introduce more community oriented applications like forums, and eventually group networking features.



          • Thanks mac. I was wondering why it took me to a DNS page instead of the actual site. That makes sense.

      19. I smell a great big stinky rat with this scheme.

        Shutting down ordinary Joe’s only access method to non-corporate censored info for the benefit of ordinary Joe?

        Finest example of Orwellian “newspeak” I’ve seen in a while – give the agent who came up with this one a gold star!

      20. Saturday DNS attack? Why not during a week day during business hours where they could REALLY hurt the banks, Wallstreet and the corporations they claim to so vehmently abhor?

        Maybe an attack at 3 AM; yeah that’ll get them you foolish idiots.(sarcasm)

        If they want to change the course of this country with their so called hacking prowess why not go for the jugular instead of pussy footing around with this stupid Saturday deal? The only people they are hurting with this is people like us. These poltroons are a bunch of cowards which leads me to believe these shills are just a distraction run by some governmental group.

        • The ppl in anonymous probably work during the week so saturday is the day they can pursue their interests.

        • What exactly IS the jugular? Most of the banking/wallstreet/gubmint people are at HOME on saturday, are they not? So thats the perfect time to strike(when nobody is there). 3 am is perfect timing, when the sheople wake in the morning its over. One last thing, the mega rich have more to lose if the system goes down(no rigging the market monday), we won’t suffer much. NEXT!

        • ROFLMAO saturday, hahaha the only ones they are affectin are kids up late on the internet without their parents know sneaking on youtube and watching justin beiber videos. ANY person with a life of things to do is not at wok meeting deadlines or banking, or anything meaningful. We are reunning errands, mowing lawns etc. 3 AM every adult is asleep LMAO really what a joke. They need to do it at like 9 AM so they can not do anything all day….AND just an FYI had a friend that was a wiz in our IT department during Y2K, it is nearly impossible for hackers to get into goverment stuff. I am begining to think Anon is a farce like everything else in this life, another illusion, Gosh nothing is real anymore, all diluted, fake, holgrams. I am going outside to sniff a flower and enjoy something real while it lasts. I am in a funk tonight sorry just getting really disgusted with how we are living in a country run by goons. They are like the bully at the school yard, just picking on everybody yet twisting the truth to get out of trouble, they usually did for a long while anyway. I am just sick of not being able to enjoy things, to be worry free besides the normal worry. Not always worried about how long will we have our jobs, how will we pay for gas, how high will the electric bill be this month. How will we afford air conditioning ( live in HOT climate) etc etc.I miss going to work having a lil extra money for a take out night. Now what lil we have we are trying to set aside incase a obloss etc. No savings anymore pay check to paycheck and I just want to be able to have room to breath but ya can not when the goverment is in your life God they are living in our coffe pots and Blenders. The other day was driving and a flas of light flashed in my eyes so bright and scared me it was a camera taking a pic of a person who ran a red light infront of me…GEEZ I am sooo glad to hace that camera take a pic of him so I could almost cause an accident….No common sense these people with there tassle toed shoes, educated idiots all of em. I want Joe the Plumber for president, arrgh sorry needed to vent

      21. There is a infinitesimal chance that this could be famous last words, but anonymous will not shut down much, if anything at all. Someone that is capable of an attack is extremely unlikely to forewarn those that they attend to launch an attack on. It is even more unlikely that someone would ever tell their enemy where they are going to attack. Unless anonymous has some sort of fail-safe plan that just cannot fail, they are just trying to frighten everyone.

        Even when the very superior air power of the United States during the first Gulf War, Iraq didn’t know when it is was coming or from where and from what. Those Stealth aircraft should surprised the hell out of hussein. IF anonymous could flatten the internet, they would likely just do it without any advanced warning and catch everyone off guard and then maybe take credit for it later.

        Announcing that they are going to shut down everything, anonymous is nothing but like a peacock strutting around trying to look more important and threatening than they actually are. Think about all the safeguards put in to the net because of attacks from organized extremely well financed countries with the best minds on the planet working for them, like from China or Russia.

        In my opinion the ONLY way anonymous could shut down the internet would be if they had some type of future or extraterrestrail technology that would be invulnerable to any defenses, while giving advanced warning would not matter. I have more chance of winning the power ball and mega ball in the same week. The group anonymous is all BLUSTER.

      22. Can someone tell or help me with this one. I thought anonymous got busted a few weeks ago or a month ago. maybe I was wrong but i thought they said they busted people all around the country working as them could be wrong i dont know so asking. They have done some small jobs but if they could pull something that big off that would be a big deal. we will see I guess, but not guessing it will happen. I would like to see the group shut down msnbc and al Sharpton the idiot himself. Or turn off obamas teleprompter. lol

        • there’s another group called lulzsec that had done a string of dns attacks with little effect.

      23. Why indeed Eman, why indeed. If you were the elite and you created Anonymous just how bad would you be willing to slit your own throat? I think they are probably a government group also. I agree with Daisy from above. False Flag.

      24. FALSE FLAG INTERNET TAKEDOWN ALERT! Thanks to Al-Mossad-a, and Al-CIA-da

      25. Look up the IP address of every website you normally access. Add the IP address and the regular address of the site to your hosts file (after making a backup copy). If DNS is interrupted, your browser can still get the IP addresses you have stored in the hosts file.

        The hosts file is plain text editable with Notepad and (on my Windows 7 computer) is located at c:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\. To find the IP address, one place you can go is Choose ping; on the next screen type in the address (such as that you want the numbers for; and hit enter. Then you can copy the domain and IP address into the hosts file. It is tedious, but you have two more days.

      26. The hackers Know something is up when they warn there own.The net is going to see if they are real.It’s just wait and see now false flag?Or real?Time will tell.I’ll go to the park that day.Watch the kid’s play.

      27. I believe Anonymous is controlled opposition. The FBI creates, arms and trains alleged domestic terror groups. Who is to say that NSA or CIA didn’t create Anonymous? Nothing is as it seems in government. Nothing! There is a shadowy hand behind everything they do. Words like honesty, integrity, accountability, in describing government are more than laughable, they are meaningless.

      28. I wanna see them stand on their heads and sing the Chinese national anthem first, than i will believe in their power.

      29. I recall Anonymous was going to shut down Wall Street a month or so ago, too…..

      30. Yeah, they threatened this before. Several times. Every time they failed. Just another distraction from whatever else is going on.

      31. How is it that some of you get your comments on the board and moderated almost immediately, and others (like me) have to wait, and wait, and wait…. ??? What’s the deal?


        THEY ARE ALL NOW WORKING TOGETHER IN TANDEM!!! towards a one world globalist government… this is the END GAME MOMENT!!! from now too december 2012…

        … SECOND “ANONYMOUS” IS A NSA / CIA / FBI controlled manipulated group it’s called CO-INTEL!!!

        … THIRD so is white haired JULIAN ASSANGE and WIKI-LEAKS!!!

        they create the problems… and the solutions… to manipulate the sheeple ((YOU)) to do their bidding!!!

        “SHOCK and AWE!!!” by the time anyone wakes up and says WTF??? it’s already game over for everyone!!!

        … did none of you learn a thing from the past 50 false-flags from history!!! does 9/11 , twin towers, bldg 7 demolitions 3000 americans dead KILLED INTENTIONALLY with syntax explosives BY MURDERING DICK CHENEY ring a bell??? hmmmmm


        “wake up and smell the imf nwo.cfr globalist carbon credit tax debt slave facism!”

        and @kevin … do your homework… your confusing people here with your false conjecture lies!!!



        • Knowledge is Power: ANONYMOUS and LulzSecurity are the NWO CIA FBI MOSSAD FEDS!!! They’re playin’ you ALL for ignorant FOOLS…

          LulzSec and Anonymous attacks have provided the government with an excuse to push their cyber security agenda and propaganda campaign, including the proposal for a “kill switch” that would have allowed Obama to shut down the internet (due to public outrage, the proposal was dropped from a House bill in February).

          Government and corporate groups cited LulzSec and Anonymous lawlessness last June to push the so-called Protect IP Act (known as PIPA). The introduction of a House version of the bill, dubbed SOPA (Stop Online Privacy Act), was met with public outrage and widespread activism that forced Congress to reconsider the legislation.

          In October, Mother Jones revealed that the FBI is notorious for creating supposed terrorist groups from scratch and then framing patsies in order to claim the government is protecting the United States from terrorists and also breathe life into an otherwise moribund war on mostly nonexistent terrorism.

          Sabu’s role as an FBI provocateur working inside LulzSec reveals the government is attempting to do the same in order to push its so-called cybersecurity agenda. The establishment is eager to pass a raft of legislation to closely regulate the internet, strip the medium of its anonymity, and close it down as an activism and alternative media tool.

          ya better wake up soon…


        • @ninao- My points have as much conjecture as any other post here. Questions are not lies, they are questions.

          ANSWER THIS- HOW do YOU know WHO released this video and ALL other anon video’s(for and against them) and what their real motives are???

          AND THIS- HOW do YOU know there isn’t a REAL anon group that the feds are trying (or have)to take over, demonize and/or alienate them from other patriots with these blatant psych-job videos????

          Please answer THESE specific questions.

          There is an old saying from the 90’s- If 5 people are standing around in a circle talking about overthrowing the government 3 are feds. With that being said, anon is most LIKEY compromised, but YOU are right, that is conjecture on my part. I don’t know for sure,you don’t know for sure, and that is NOT a lie.

          You have left links to a web site before(here on shtfplan blog) that is known to me to be propaganda/op. Perhaps YOUR homework is not as complete as YOU think.

          Look, I agree with you 90% of the time, but I don’t believe(I will watch,think, and verify IF I can) videos that I don’t know or trust their source. Like I said before, there are people I TRUST and RESPECT out there, who THINK anon are the feds, me, I will waite to see WHAT web sites and systems go down and what data gets “lost”, THEN I will follow the cookie crumbs.

          P.S.- The web is WASTED!!”they” were here last night. POUND SAND FEDS!

          • Kev ~

            What this all boils down to is one thing:


            With the constant media blackouts on anything that looks good for the side of the Patriot Americans (or alternatively BAD for the side of the de facto government) do you honestly think that a legitimate attack on the PTB would be allowed to be covered?

            Critical Thinking 101 – don’t take anything you see in the media at face value.

            • Good morning Daisy. I hope your wread my link I left below your video link. It does give false flag alot of weight. My point is that the feds are all over the net putting bull$hit out there also. Like you said “critical thinking 101”. BUT that does not just apply to the t.v., it applies to the internet also!! Men can die, men can be killed, men can be silenced and put into bondage, but the fight for liberty, God given rights, and the rule of law will go on forever!!(men= men and women)

            • Hi Kev – yep – I did read that. Great link!

      33. Why has nobody mentioned the obvious? Sunday is April Fool’s Day. This is either a hoax or seomthing else.

      34. Nothing good can come of this! Just more censorship of the Internet!!!

        • GOOD for those currently realizing THEY are actually losing the “information war” that THEY took for granted for many decades. THEY have all other “media” bought and paid for.

          The internet, as it currently exist, is an “infected thorn” in THEIR ass. Expect THEM to attempt to “remove and TREAT IT” at a not too distant point in time.

          What emerges after THEIR selected “treatment”…that answer is soon-to-come.

      35. After this group managed to shut down the sites for the FBI, DHS, and DOJ a while back, they might not be just bluster. Taking down DNS servers uses the exact same attack as a large website. I know they tried Wall Street, but Wall Street isn’t just a computer network. The DNS system is, and is very susceptible to a DDOS attack.

        This might wake up some folks to preparedness if it happens. Those of us that are prepared might want to make sure we have some cash on hand that day in case banks and ATMs are affected.

      36. anonymous + wiki-leaks = nsa cia fbi zionist globalist traitors!!!

        wake up, open your eye’s, smell hear see feel the OLIGARCHY BANKER GLOBALIST U.N. EUGENICS ZIONIST FASCISM SHEEPLE!!!

        or not… either way your all poisoned radiated diseased sterilized pre-maturely dead!

        by the hand of your nwo globalist u.n. masters!!!

        you and your children , all now have a life expectancy shelf life expiration date of just 40 years… welcome to the nwo u.n. eugenics program.

        please remember to get your very healthy shots and gmo processed radiated foods are good for you!!!

        you all might wanna learn what U.N. CODEX ALIMENTARIUS is… its already started in europe and is already here, soon to be LAW!!! just a suggestion…


        • nina
          just read about un codex alimentarus WOW heard vitamins would be illegal ( about a year agao I heard that rumor) and could NOT believe what I just read, that is scary. This stuff is just insane what is happening not only here but globale. WHat are we lil people supposed to do to stop this monster geez I am just so tired of all this I wanna bury my head in the saind and watch american idol too (not really but kinds)

          • @justincase ;0) me personally i’m stocking up on everything that fights cancer hepatitis influenza naturally… like multi vits, vit c, licorice root, black elderberry extract, garlic, colloidal silver, amino acids, iodine, DETOX HERBS etc etc have been for the last two years… plus collecting every book i can find on herbal natural remedies, herbal gardening,and making herbal medicines and tea’s.

            europe is already blocked from vitamins… we’re next! All you can do is as i am STOCK UP and/ or try to get involved in local county politics , pass laws protecting your natural body legal rights!

            THE BEST WAY TO FIGHT GLOBAL CODEX ALIMENTARIUS U.N. food control is right at your own county levels… inform your local SHERIFF of it all and pass COUNTY LAWS PROTECTING PEOPLE AND THEIR NATURAL RIGHTS TO EAT AS THEY DESIRE!

            just remember they want us dead! it’s open class warfare… the HAVE’S against the HAVE NOT’S!

            and here’s hint if you make less than $$$ 10,000,000.00 a year your a HAVE NOT! and they want 90% of you/ us dead!

            good luck…


        • ‘Anonymous’ Hackers , Sabu’s Lulz Security (ZIONIST CIA MOSSAD NWO FED co-intel agents) Call Religion a ‘Sickness,’ Declare War on Christianity?, Christian News

          EDITOR: It’s ALL about a relationship with GOD…NOT religion!

          They say they are LEGION….this reminds of many demons Jesus cast out! Demonically inspired?

          *** NinaO’s note: the globalists goal is too discredit All religions the world over… even da’ jews Judaism ;0P

          To force all peoples the world over to WORSHIP at the end of a gun barrel their ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT GAWD – MOTHER EARTH – GAEA!!!

          Which will justify their U.N. HARSH NWO EUGENICS World-Wide human population control U.N. Carbon Credits Tax eugenics human death programs!!!

          they will use what ever is necessary to convince you all to bow and submit to their plans for the global world!

          this is just the beginning OF THE END!

          your suffering has only just begun…


      37. How boring would it be with no Internet? I’d have to listen to State controlled media on TV, read completely uninformative newspapers and listen to …. Radio? I don’t even have a radio!!! Except for the one in the car!
        Sounds just like living in Russia in the 60s and 70s or worse still ….. The Dark or Middle Ages!!!!

        • Heaven forfend you actually, you know, read a book. Of course that would be a medieval concept; in the Middle Ages books were regarded as priceless treasures, and literacy a mark of nobility. With the American Revolution, books and pamphlets shook the world. Jefferson himself may have read a book or two; I hear he owned several. I truly fear for today’s Idiocracy.

          And please tell me you DO have a hand-cranked emergency radio prepared in your bug-out bag?

          If you’re really that bored, why don’t you entertain yourself by cleaning your room?

          –Mama Bear

      38. It’s a bad move.
        I’m no fan of the “system”, but this is comparable to shutting down a freeway or other public resource.
        It’s like poisoning the public well to protest the king.

        It isn’t even an astute attack, just simple brute force again a handfull of servers that serve us all, yes ALL. Good,bad,sheeple, the root DNS servers serve us all.

      39. What a crock/crap bit of information this is.
        I mean Really?
        Not having read any comments, just the article I LAUGH in your face!
        When I wake up that morning, everything will probably be the same except for others that may have read this in my small city and made a run on the stores.
        And if the Internet goes down and the trucks don’t run for a few days?
        SO WHAT.
        Isn’t this the type of ‘short term’ emergency we are all prepared for?
        Scare tactics, “Oh look here, ‘Not over there’, at what could happen.”
        Is this the way ‘they’ are preparing us for what the real ‘they’ could really do?
        By the way, 3/31/2012 is a Saturday in my part of the world.
        I will probably just sleep through it.
        Then I will get up boil water make coffee by hand if I have to and go work in the garden.
        Oh Brother…

      40. what a joke…

      41. I don’t think they can pull it off. They change a few home pages now and then but never seem to get in to critical systems.
        The news does not even pay attention to them anymore. Only 21 stories about this on Google News…

      42. So who is to say that this is actually the real groups statment of intent? Why release the warning? Tactically if you wanted to take down a target you hit them when they don’t expect it, why announce it, all they are doing is giving TPTB time to be prepared to retaliate if such a statement was true. With all these Executive Orders and problems going on, looks more like another avenue that TPTB can use to lock down communication.

        The chess peices are moving faster and faster, look at all the wag the dog and smoke and mirrors ongoing in Washington.

        Back to prepping

      43. Halfkin says “And if the Internet goes down and the trucks don’t run for a few days So What”
        I’ll tell ya So What. It’s trucks that move this country and it’s trucks that put butter on my table. Trucks not running 3 days would create a huge ripple effect- fuel, deliveries of food, milk, steel-, whatta think, half the country gets a few days off and it’s no big deal?

          • Average gas station needs fuel deliveries every 2.4 days. Interesting.

        • I work in an industry that gets semi-truck deliveries and pick ups EVERY single day, of steel by the way.
          And I still say, A few days would not put us out of business or cripple us.
          So again, If you are not prepared for this little set back or inconvenience, then again, and again,
          I laugh in your face.
          I have a HUGE respect for truckers and trucks, they are my life line.
          But isn’t this blog about getting over our dependence on our regular Life lines?

        • You’re not ready for something like that?

        • lil bit says ALOT. But then “preppers” will weather the storm well…relatively speaking. Perhaps “the rest” will receive the much needed “wake-up-call” that has been on “hold” for too long.

          Silver lining on the storm cloud?!?

      44. Time is running short, this is a false flag so that TPTB can move more chess peices.

        All most end game

      45. Like a poker game…never show your cards nor even hint how you gonna play until called!

      46. Ever heard the story of the boy who cried wolf?

        There’s no shut down gonna happen.. These guys are just a bunch of clown shoes.. At best!

      47. … there will be 3 THREE ZIONIST MOSSAD CIA FED FALSE FLAGS soon…

        1.) the internet will be shutdown by the al-CIA-duh or anonymous CIA MOSSAD co-intel agents

        2.) a naval ship in the persian gulf theater of war will be attacked sunk by al-CIA-duh israeli zionist mossad co-intel agents

        3.) the us fiat dollar will crash finally (it’s already dead by the way)

        bringing about full blown martial law, complete lock down of the internet, international war and a new one world banking currency!

        a one world government will arise from the ashes of global destruction and all of you will be it’s RFID CHIPPED carbon credit tax deb slaves!


        ya better wake up soon… it’s already too late for most of the world…

        ;0P pssssssssssszzzt da’ NWO!


        • In response to your list. #2 will be the U.S.S. Enterprise Carrier, all nuclear material was off loaded in FLorida( supposed training)and it will power out to the Gulf old school. They wont moth ball/ sacrifice a nuclear vessel unless its safe to do so, this being the oldest and first of the nuclear vessels it will be the easiest to sacrifice since it is out dated and up on its last voyage ( literaly). It will take longer to get there because of the removal of the nuclear rods. It wont take long after it gets there before we see the ball move.

          IMO I’d imagine it’ll get sunk when Isreal strikes Irans facilities( remember they said they would attck in months), this is so we can see Iran use China’s Carrier Killer missle( supposedly)but blame N. Korea and tie in all the players we want to hit. In which the skeleton crew will be lost. Another sacrifice of 3000 crewmen/women +/-to further the agenda during another election year.

          Other then that couldn’t we just call you Bob or Fred, it’s a heck of a lot easier then what you have… just razzing you.

          Back to Prepping

        • looks like you have all the answers..

          what is the solution?



            RETURN TO VALUE BASED BANKING with coin controlled created by the central governments in each state territory!

            teach the truth to the children so the may learn from our mistakes!

            its really very simple… stop lying to the people!

            kick the family rothschilds and their agents out of america!!!


        • NinaO, Your “list” may very well qualify as “prophetic”. The listed order of the “events” may occur differently, but all “events” are certainly on THEIR calendar. The good news/bad news is…I don’t believe WE will be waiting much longer to experience the “line-up” you describe.

          If you have any extra elk jerky (hell, any jerky other than “long pork”)collecting dust, I can supply a “delivery address”…with a gracious COD reciept.

          Keep RINGING the liberty bell, every additional “convert” is one more “gun-hidden-behind-the-trees”.

          • @YENTAL ;0) apologies on the LP jerky… nuthin wrong with LONG PORK… tastes just like lil’ piggies chops. ;0P slurp… GOT BAR-B-QUE SAUCE???

            remember 4 weeks after the crash and trucks stop rolling @yental and folks will turn feral cannibal’s! 4 weeks is the average time.

            “beware the fat man in a famine!”


      48. They will knock us back into the stone age of the early 1990’s. Or god forbid- The 80’s!!!!


      50. I don’t know if this is real. How can they post vids on youtube without google taking them down? I think its a hoax. Or – if it does happen, whos to say that the government didnt make they event so that we give up on internet freedom and let SOPA pass (its only tabled!).

        If this was 100% real, wouldnt the government + google remove the vid, and trace who posted it? I might not be right but thats just my take on it.

      51. if theyre so good they should try to make it appear to the world as if we just launched a massive amount of nukes in every direction.

      52. So far…

        every false flag event predicted across the web has proven false..

        TPTB are light years ahead of all of us in technology,think tanks,calculations,timing, and scenarios..and drill for every scenario imagined and then some.
        When a false flag does occur, it will throw everyone off their we are predictable to them in our limited conjectures posted throughout the net..

        Only those who actually know and threaten them with real information are either eliminated or silenced..

        Anonymous is a perfect pysop..

        just like all those conspiracy sites that have claimed for years the chicoms and russians are ready to invade the u.s.

        and those military transports on trains are headed our way,,

        pure bunk


        • Actually, it’s the Feds who are the perfect Psyop.

          And don’t assign so much importance to TPTB. They create illusions that feed their Psyops.

      53. I remember one quote, “Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see”.

        That being said, trust the little voice inside you, listen to it, trust it. And just because we may be paranoid, does not mean they are not out to get us.

        Here is my take and opinion and plan for my digital security. At my bugout spot, I’ll have a desktop devoted to security and knowledge. It will NOT be hooked up to the internet. This machine will be faraday protected and have it’s own power supply, I will build this machine from scratch and with the welding copper experience I have from making the distillation units, the faraday protection will be an easy build and sturdy as possible physically. I have plenty of copper scrap and will utilize it. Also will have a dumbed down machine hooked to the net for basic everyday communication, but this machine will not hold anything critical and will be considered “expendable”.

        I would urge those that can, to build their own machines. For example, a “custom” build if purchased will be as costly as $5000.00 plus. I can build the same if not better for around $1500.00. This will be with very good components and be very reliable.

        For an expendable machine, I’ll just buy a run of the mill cheap one.

        Storing information is critical in a manner that is safe from outside influence. I also believe in hard copies kept. Building a library both digital and with published or printed information.

        Here are some of the areas of information I will retain in library format.

        Animal husbandry and training
        Ethanol production
        Alternative medicine (I don’t mean sticking myself with needles)
        Emergency trauma medical information
        Survival, mainly military reference
        Engineering, of all disciplines
        Basic sciences and advanced, all branches
        Preservation/storage of food
        Water treatment, waste and various methods of making “potable”

        There are many others, too numerous to mention but am hoping we all can store or retain as much information as possible.

        I do not preach doom and gloom, but believe in “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst”.

        I don’t call myself a “prepper”, I just try to be prepared, my grandparents were, their parents were. I personally think this “prepper” movement is a wise way of life as we move towards self reliance and to the way some of our ancestors thought. Depend on what we can do, not elsewhere.

        God bless us all,
        Terry W. Reed

      54. Okay, so Anonymous is going to be fighting for their rights to speak out….by taking away the rights of everyone on the internet? Smart move there guys. This is PSI Warfare 101: If you want the support of the people, you don’t attack them.

        If Anonymous does pull this attack off, you can bet that law enforcement from around the world will put Anonymous members to the top of their wanted list. And the people will be 100% for it too. Take away a the internet from the majority of the population, you’re going to upset 99% of them.

        • If Anonymous does pull this attack off, you can bet that law enforcement from around the world will put Anonymous members to the top of their wanted list

          NOT—they will be on the Pentagon list all right–next hire!!

      55. A shame they didn’t hack FEMA servers and leak all the camps and information regarding them.

      56. Wow. This article has really generated some ire and some very pissy responses. Take a deep breath. The knocks against various religions are pointless and do more harm than good (I say that as a devout pagan.) I would think that the people who come to this site would be the most prepared if the internet (and everything that goes along with it) collapses, even for a day. Whether it’s a real group or a government fake-out, the end result is the same. We are at the mercy (so they think) of groups beyond our immediate control. If it’s a real group flexing its techno-muscles, why are they attacking a tool that everyone uses, not just the government and the banks? They say they want to protect their “brothers and sisters” but if you burn down your enemy’s house and mine gets torched by the blowing ashes, how does that help me? And if it’s the government trying to raise the security level colors, there are too many people out there (though not enough) who know that it’s a scam and a shell game; a diversion to keep people from wondering about why there are chemtrails in the sky (you should have seen the geometric patterns in middle TN the past two days), why gas is sky-high (sorry, no pun intended) why grocery prices are so high and why troops have been recalled from Europe to be deployed who knows where. I would miss the net (Doonesbury, Netflix, Weather Channel and all the folks here) but I have books and cd’s and an EOD closet and would manage. Wouldn’t be the same, but certainly doable. Two good books to read when the net goes down: “Captains and the Kings” by Taylor Caldwell and “Little Green Men” by Christopher Buckley. Hang in there and hang together, or we shall surely hang separately.

      57. NO porn??? OMG

      58. How am I going to survive without my daily dose of internet pornography?

        I’m going to need to do something really special for the wife tomorrow!!!

        • ive bin thinking the same thing 4 20 years

      59. And just what do these assmonkeys think they will accomplish by doing this?

      60. I say someone needs to.porform a firesale. Only chaos fixs chaos

      61. It should be clear, now more than ever, that Anonymous has become the useful idiot of the NWO or an outright PSYOP.

        (See Julian Assange and Wikileaks)

        • I think this finally proves what many of us have said from the beginning, Anon is quite a blatant PSYOP along with weak links. The internet is the last strong hold for info for a lot of people. Groups like this are all part of problem, reaction, solution.

      62. yawn..ham radio comes through again when everything else breaks.

      63. If they can pull this off What point is it going to accomplish, The CFR controls the world already. AKA council on foreign relations.

        The skull and bones and the yale version the Quail and paper oh and let’s not forget George Washington the nations first President was a Mason.

        Ever read the book Behold the White Horse people. It’s at the public library.

        Oh wait there a secret plan to replace all written knowledge with ebooks that the government can change at the click of a button.

        Very soon people will be sorry they didn’t listen to the secret warnings in the song in the 2525

        Newsflash it’s not really about the year 2525 it’s about today.

        Because everything we think and say is already in the pill we took yesterday.

        Ever listen to the song for what it’s worth. coded messages there too.

        Sweet low sweet charity come the angels are coming to carry me home. It’s a coded message that the Underground railroad men are coming to free all us slaves.

        Stupid master will not know when we disappear one night.

        because the angels this time really real carry us home if where not prepared.

        • I have never heard this song, but I want to now, by whom is this by?


      65. It’s the morning of the 31st and all is well. They are hot air.

      66. Afternoon of the 31st. When was this supposed to happen exactly?

      67. April Fool you all are!!!!!!

      68. It’s Saturday night and all is well. I guess I was correct, they are a joke. If you really had the ability to manipulate the system through the net, you would be transferring assets to your people instead of grandstanding. Keep dreaming, at least then you’ll be important.

      69. Well, did it happen? I was out on a hike with the family and missed it.

      70. Okay, March 31st came and went. Another Anonymous nada…..

        The group is undoubtedly run by President Zero.

        • @ Zoltanne. I took anonymous with such a tiny microscopic grain of sand that I completely forgot about their so called threat. They should change their name to “horse crap” that name would suit them much better.

      71. Well, I am greatful that it was just an empty threat!!

        Doesn’t mean it will not happen in the future!

      72. our infastructure is not connected to the web for cryin out loud

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