Map: Areas Of Probable Power System Collapse: “130 Million Lacking Power For Several Years”

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    In just the last twelve months Congressional members and top level administrators at the Department of Homeland Security have warned of threats to the national power grid so serious that should they occur life in America as we have come to know it would change almost instantly.

    Former DHS head Janet Napolitano, in a letter to her successor, advised that “a massive and serious cyber attack” on the US Homeland is imminent and that a “natural disaster — the likes of which the nation has never seen — is also likely on its way.” This was followed up by a comment from House Homeland Security Committee senior member Yvette Clarke (D-NY) who noted that, “the likelihood of a severe geo-magnetic event capable of crippling our electric grid is 100%.”

    Couple those threats with the realistic possibility of a rogue or state-sponsored attack on America by way of a super electro-magnetic pulse weapon, and the odds of a widespread American Blackout increase dramatically.

    With our complete dependence on the power grid to maintain the regular flow of commerce, communications, and emergency services, even a short-term grid-down event could lead to serious consequences.

    According to a report commissioned by the Department of Homeland Security which cites data from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the infrastructure supporting our power grid is so outdated and vulnerable that an attack or natural disaster could lead to an outage scenario of unprecedented scale.

    If you live in or around any of these areas you can expect a societal breakdown within 72 hours or less – and with traffic systems inoperable and roadways likely jammed, there’ll likely be no way out.


    The core of our grid – what makes it tick – are the transformers that pass power from one node to the next. These often weigh in the hundreds of tons. Most are no longer produced in the United States, so any damage would require the importation of parts or complete units from China. If one or two go down, the outage is manageable. But a cascading collapse resulting from extreme electrical surges across our power lines, such as those originating from an EMP attack or solar flare, could result in scores of transformers being put out of service simultaneously.

    There are roughly 300 of these mega-transformers that make up the backbone of America’s electrical infrastructure. At current world production rates it could take anywhere from 12 – 18 months to manufacture and deliver a new unit if it is destroyed.

    As noted by The Daily Sheeple:

    The report has generated great interest in government and the public, largely owing to the projected scenario of catastrophic damage, including:

    – More than 300 EHV transformers destroyed
    – 130 million people lacking power for several years until damaged high-voltage transformers are replaced
    – 1-2 trillion dollars of economic loss.


    All things considered, the restoration of power across the United States in such a scenario would be 4 to 10 years.

    Chris Carrington of The Daily Sheeple highlights the fall-out and what we can expect if the threat to our power grid is ever realized:

    We have become so reliant on electricity in the last 200 years, it’s difficult to imagine life without it. Those who rely on refrigerated medications would be hard hit within hours of the power going off, as would those who rely on regular oxygen cylinder deliveries to their homes.

    The usual back up power in hospitals is 72 hours. After that life support machines and operating rooms will cease to function.

    Pumps at gas stations will no longer dispense fuel affecting everything from the family car to the food supply.

    Water treatment and pumping stations will cease to function, again this will affect a wide range of services we take for granted, drinking water, sanitation and even firefighting will be limited or non-existant for millions. Contestation over water in lakes and rivers will be a source of ongoing conflict for years after the event.

    Many factories that make parts for transformers will not be able to do so, leaving the United States at the mercy of foreign powers for transformers and parts. (If those countries have not been affected by the event themselves.)

    The very fabric of the only society we know will come to a grinding halt within a week of the grid going down.

    We know it would be mere days before panic, looting and rioting took hold. Law and order would fall apart.

    Based on previous studies, we know that out of those 130 million people east of the Mississippi who would be affected by such an outage, 117 million would be dead within a year.

    Unless you have nearly unlimited financial resources, stockpiling supplies for a four to ten year grid down scenario is pretty much out of the question. But you can take the brunt of that first year and beyond if you prepare ahead of time.


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      1. I tried to watch Threads on Utube but couldn’t get through it. After the baby started to suffer I had to shut it off. What an awful movie.

        • No punches pulled in that movie.

          • The consequences could be avoided with one simple solution. Order 300 replacement transformers today.

            Of course, that doesn’t fit the depopulation agenda that REQUIRES the grid to go down at some future point.

            When the grid goes down the war begins because it will have been done, or allowed to happen, on purpose. Make sure you save you bullets for the appropriate targets rather than wasting them on victims.

            • creation, don’t know much about transformers, but if you think Obummers war on oil and coal will cause our utility bills to go up,I can just imagine what would happen if they went ahead and ordered 300 mega-transformers. I don’t think that would be very realistic. especially since we’ve been talking about the end of civilization for years. Trekker Out. Shocking Ain’t It!

              • Thats the thing,
                An event like this would bankrupt most utilities.

                • Just proves that most everything a society needs. Should be controlled locally.

                  • I find it interesting to see the pacific Northwest is an area of probable grid collapse when it is hydropower.

                    Oh, and uh, quick somebody tell Rawles’ his beloved Ideeho, and a chunk of his self named American Redoubt is highly vulnerable. I wonder if he’ll report that in his blog with the rosy news from the American Redoubt? I doubt it.

                  • Half of Washington’s power comes from coal. Seattle and Spokane are hydro, the rest of the state is coal, natural gas, and Columbia River hydro power. Wind power is on-line.

                    The problem isn’t the source of the power, it’s the distribution network.

                  • COMMIEFORNIA SURVIVES IT (mostly)!

                    YA….ay… (?)

                    You know what, that’s the last thing I would have expected. Something this State finally did right (most likely by accident)

                  • Wow… TEXAS survives it almost completely intact…

                    Well… given that’s the case, I think we can rule out a foregin attack. No one would be stupid enough to fry the US power grid and leave TEXAS totally un-hit.

                    Can you even imagine the revenge Texas would exact? Those boys don’t mess around…

                  • In Oklahoma this morn, power is out due to ice. Good test run 😀

                  • I can see a wind farm from my front yard. It would seem that we in the PNW could at least keep things locally powered?

                    <<<<don't know much about Juice.

                  • @ Sierra Dave…Good point…The Hydro electric power plants I worked at in Calaveras County Ca could be aligned to provide power locally. @ Jasmine.. do you really believe the map? Are you in lust because you think someone bright enough and had the resourses to leave the cities and set up in a safer environment is now fucked… well they prepped and will manage without power, but I doubt you will. @.02… The power plants I have checked out, Moyie and BF In town both have the abilities to run independant. I dont know how much transmission line would be available, but we could build a wood fuel genset, or a alcohol still to run a few carberated gensets.

                  • @ The Guy…. Ca uses about 25-30000mw in the winter months.. In the summer, it is in the to 35-40000mw area. Above that, expect possible rolling “brown outs”. Keep a eye on the: Ca ISO for power demand updates and it will help you predict and prepare for a power loss.

                  • De-classify Tesla’s work……problem solved.

                  • Build my house to survive without electricity AC or DC

                  • @BJ…unless some rockstar at the US Patent office has the balls to get this info to the real world…It will end up like the Twin Towers, bldg. 7, the Enron records and the 2 trillion dollars that ‘disappeared’ from the pentagon.

                    These bastards must be stopped once and for all.

                  • For all those people that think California would be saved… where do you think a large part of their power comes from… The Pacific Northwest and Idaho…

                • What about the nuclear reactors. Seems like that could be a problem . maybe Im wrong?

                • We’d probably have more than a few nuke plants melt down during an event like this. Be nice to see the stars again though.

            • @ Gods Creation. Found this on line “How to make your own Colloidal Silver”. Please let me know if this sounds like good advice on how to build your own device fro extracting the proper amount of silver. Or better yet if you can find a better link that would be nice also. Thank you.


              • Your Road Map to Self Sufficiency
                By Gaye Levy

                Getting started…

                An excellent article, includes links with additional information.

                19 Steps Toward a Self Sufficient Lifestyle
                1.Build up an emergency food supply
                2.Learn to cook without electricity or gas
                3.Know how to build and start a fire
                4.Install an alternate fuel source
                5.Grow a vegetable garden
                6.Start a compost pile
                7.Grow fruit trees and berries
                8.Learn to preserve your bounty
                9.Take a first aid course and create a well-stocked first aid kit
                10.Take charge of your health
                11.Acquire warm clothing and blankets to keep you warm without heat
                12.Learn how to use weapons to hunt and for personal projection
                13.Start an emergency fund
                14.Learn to barter
                15.Make your own cleaning supplies
                16.Cook from scratch and bake your own bread
                17.Be a MacGyver and fix your stuff
                18.Become self-entertaining (Learn card games, board games, puzzles, play an instrument, etc.)
                19.Get to know your neighbors

                Survival Life

                  • Don’t you mean someone else map. With no personal comment from me.

                • If that is all it takes KY I guess I am ready. Losing power today and it it stayed out, other than water we would breeze right through it. Last year we had a storm with power out for 4 days and the wife and I never missed a meal or a hot bath. The neighbors near froze to death because they have all gas and without the fans to push the heat their house was 40 degrees inside for 3 days. I told them to come over but they are too proud. People will freeze and starve to death in this country b/c of foolish pride, except of courser the FSA who will be attacking us to take what they feel is rightfully theirs.

                  • .02,

                    I am sorry to hear that you are without power. But, it sounds like you are in good shape.

                    I added that link for newer preppers. Maybe, a friend or family member seen over the holidays will request some guidance. This article provides some good advice and has a number of additional helpful links.

                    Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!
                    KY Mom

                  • I had a typo up there KY, it was supposed to say IF it stayed out.. I am with power now because If the power goes down there is no internet here. Anywhere in town b/c it takes power to push the signal. This is why i wonder why people still want their gadgets and computers after the event as i will be leaving them behind making space for other more important supplies than a laptop.

                • Caution with that list. It is out of order. The last item should be the first, not least because it is most probable that your neighbours are people who can teach you a hell of a lot about many of the items on the list, especially if you are new in the area.

                  We moved into a rural area 14 years ago and our neighbours were our best resource.

                • I blows me away that someone has to write an article on this…I learned all of this stuff and a hell of a lot more before I was out of high school.

                  It was our way of life…from my parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents who all lived thru the Great Depression.

                  My Christmas wish is that all good, honest people that have contributed to the earth and humanity are left in peace…the rest, well…eternal damnation.

                  God Bless you all and a Merry Christmas to all and your families”

                  please…”don’t go down without one helluva fight”

            • Bunch of hype.
              These transformers that they are talking about are really not very vulnerable. Anyone who sayds that there can be this sort of problem dosent have the slightest idea of what they are talking about.They are very robust to begin with and are protected even further by all sorts of overload devices including current shunts that will negate many forms of overload. A short between windings is unlikely and they are designed in such a way that a overload would cause short sections of wire to burn out. These are easily repaired by just cutting out and replacing the wire.
              Now the electronics are another problem and a real one at that.

              • I don’t think a current overload would be the problem. Any transformer core that is online – regardless of load – would be over-saturated with all the magnetic flux from the EMP or flare. This would cause massive overheating which would cause insulation breakdown and winding failure. Assuming that the relaying survives, it is still possible that the overheating oil will over pressurize and rupture the casing causing an explosion. Either way you look at it I wouldn’t want to be around one when it happens.

            • Replacement transformers would be the least of your worries. Just think of all the nuclear power plants that would have no working cooling water pumps. A major EMP event, natural or man made would fry the control systems, pumps, generators and transformers. Nuclear power plant reactors shut down automatically on loss of power, but without cooling water they would still melt down. As well spent fuel storage would loose cooling water resulting in radioactive fuel fires and more radioactive plumes.

              People can live without power, but we would have swaths of deadly radiation slicing across the countryside breaking the nations into safe and dead zones. And there would be no resources coming to help if it was a large regional event.

              • My cousin is a nuclear engineer at a nuke plant, their systems are hardened against emp

                • True, Nuclear power plants are hardened against EMP, but how many days fuel do they store to run their auxillary pumps? What other basic support equipment would be damaged: trucks, power tools, communications, employee vehicles even become critical? Can they feed their employes for potentially months? A power-plant that is hardened against EMP could be compromised by a few carelessly used extension cords, plugged in for normal maintenance or test equipment. They could act like antenna and conduct power into the internal electrical systems.

                  If you were a powerplant employee and your family was home starving, where would you be?

                  With a societal collapse these power plants would be islands, until they started having supply and general equipment failures. That’s assuming all critical backup equipment survived 100%.

                  After one storm we lost power for ten days, I had a generator. Never thought much about the logistics and I often used the generator to run my welder or power-tools away from the house, but the manual says to change the engine oil every 50 hours. Now I was running it 24/7 and it needed 5 oil changes during that 10 day outage. That’s ten quarts of oil, luckily I could get it.

                  Point is, the devil is in the details!

                  • And since those cans of oil and jerry cans of gasoline have to come from the pumping station; if there are no hand pumps, nothing will come out of those huge barrels under or above ground. Then, even if the locals figured out how to get at the oil and gasoline, when it runs out, who is going to bring more? The trucks and trains will not be running because they also have run out and their pumps are not running either.

                    The problem is the original electrical manufacturing and distribution paradigm. Had Nathan Stubblefield’s research not been quashed in the late 19th century, we’d be tapping electricity straight out of the ground; with no need for complicated distribution systems. J.P. Morgan and Alva Edison burned down Nikola Tesla’s laboratory and research notes. Tesla had invented ‘free’ electricity. J.P. and A.E. were Rothschild agents.

                    Another Rothschild agent was Morris Fishbein; who quashed Royal Raymond Rife’s discovery how electricity can be used to cure cancer; The Rife Ray Tube. His laboratory was also burned. Royal Rife’s patents are on file; patents for the cure of cancer and all other viral diseases.

                    Electricity is an amazing phenomenon and greatly beneficial. However, the earth provides it for free, being a van der Graaf generator. Hence, we need to completely rethink this issue. Unfortunately the governments of the world, who would lead the new paradigm are all in the pockets of ‘they’ who would keep things as they are, since they make so much money from the present system.

                    Electricity is a gift from Our Mother, Gaia; it is a gift which only needs infrastructure to receive it. They who would control what is our birth right deserve to be deposed and made to labour building the new paradigm for Planet Earth. If they refuse; we hang them.

            • What are the chances that after such an event, the ChiComms sell us/ship us pristine replacement parts? They’re going to ship us a few million soldiers to occupy.

              Communities should be purchasing these microturbines and protecting them with faraday technology.
              “Capstone makes various sizes of MicroTurbines: 30kW, 65kW, and 200kW. Products based on the 200kW turbine are also available in 600kW, 800kW, and 1MW configurations”.

              • In the event of the Killshot (solar flare) the ChiComms are going to have there own worries.

                There will be no more Global System. That depends on communication. There will be no more Federal Government in the US. The military will have some control, but mostly near their bases.

                Good thing about the PNW is the military bases. Four AFBs in WA/ID/MT. These would form the nexus for the local governments. A lot of their resources would be allocated to the mess back east, but enough would remain.

                The general isolation and regionalism of the people up here is a big plus.

                Someone commented earlier on power stations being able to “go local” mentioning Moyie and Bonners Ferry. I would appreciate some information on this.

                • @ Big Bear.. Moyie River dam off hwy 2 produces power for bonners ferry. Bonners ferry has a old standby genset across the street from the Brewery. The grid in all the places I worked can be routed in different configurations through tie breakers.

                  • I don’t think people understand, in an EMP event, the EMP energy is absorbed by conductors turned into a mega jolt of high current and voltage electricity blowing up or burning out everything that is connected to the grid, along with the grid itself. The massive power spikes go both ways burning out hydroelectric generators, transformers big and small along with all the appliances in the user end like your house.

                    Possibly the only things that could survive, are items not connected to the grid that are sufficiently hardened that they could take a direct lighting strike. A compact cell phone might actually survive while the battery powered FM radio on the table next to it with a long antenna might absorb enough power to literally burst into flames.

                    Even if you had a personal generator that survived because it wasn’t connected to anything, and was well shielded. Most of the electrical appliances in your house would already be dead from the power spike that arrives at your end of the grid. There would also be electrical fires everywhere as a result of an EMP event and no communications to call the fire department, so fires would rage out of control.

                    Point is it would be ugly. From a probability perspective, I don’t see an EMP event as very likely. And if it did happen we would all have to make due with what we have.

              • These look like the ” mini power plants” our hospital installed after Irene and the freak October snow storm that year. Said facility was just hours for running out of diesel for generator when the Crappy Light People got the power back on.

            • I don’t think 300 new transformers is something you can just purchase on amazon…

            • God’s creation: I agree exactly; that’s why gov doesn’t keep extra transformers in stock. I’m in SE Ala on nuclear power (Farley Nuclear Columbia Al) 30 mi w. of here. We protested a coal plant planned near the Ga. state line near Ft Gaines, it isn’t being built anytime soon. Power bills can be lower if you: wash clothes in cold water, wash dishes by hand, use CFL bulbs in most lights, hang clothes out, short showers, furnace at 65 and wear extra clothes.

            • Bingo!!!


              thats why we wont do it lol, dumbasses running the country now, or is that ruining it. i cant tell anymore

            • order them to be made right here in the USA by US Citizens !!!!!!

          • This is really a good set of maps. This country is way too dependent on electricity to function even the basics. Back-up generators are nice, but getting enough fuel is a big problem. Wind and solar are excellent and probably would not be affected by any flare because they are not long wires like these on the grid.

            When you think about loss of power, not like the lame attempt of a movie that national geographic presented, you can visualize just how many of the masses will panic. The areas that will fae the best of the places that are use to these types of “brief” outages. Places that have become soft like the big cities are in serious bad trouble. These enclaves MUST have power, without power they are vertical messes with no way of transporting water, no way of temperature control of residents’ homes, no way of supporting too many people crammed into a small spot. There are places in which 100,000 people are living in one square mile, because they are living vertically. 100,000 people in one square mile are the walking dead without power.

            This is why big cities are waiting to do some real wholesale dying when something like this happens. They just can’t handle a long term disruption of the very frail support system they have for everyone living there. Forget about what would happen to people that depend on employment in these cities.

            I know I harp on this, but disease will expand like a happy germ in a warm moist petri dish, especially with the back up of raw untreated sewage and unsafe water. It just takes a few people to get sick with something like Cholera and it will spread like wildfire. Thse cities only have a certain amount of antibiotics. If someone has to live in a big city, the first item to store a lot of is water. No one is going to bitch about a person in an apartment with dozens of cases of bottled water. At least this will keep someone from dying from dehydration. Canned food that doesn’t need to be heated to eat is another item. Sanitation items, especially alcohol and bleach. Not to forget about one of the most important, be well equipped to defend yourself. This is for someone that chooses to live in a big city.

            I really don’t recommend trying to tough it out though for someone living in a vertical setting. Germs travel with air currents, and everyone below them that is sick could easily transmit their sickness via rising air. Try to leave a big city if you can for too many reasons beyond the electric issue.

            People are going to be much better off in rural settings when the grid fizzes off. Some of the more out back setting also have their own power systems that are not really tied into the main grid and would not be so vulnerable to a cyber attack as the major populated areas.

            • “””I know I harp on this, but disease will expand like a happy germ in a warm moist petri dish”””

              I know I harp on this, but get some silver rods and learn to make colloidal silver and disease will not be a problem.

              • @ Gods Creation. Many years ago I had a serious sickness and I tried a battery of everything and the only thing that worked was collodial silver. It however took awhile before it set in and worked. I don’t know how well it would work with some of these mega fast moving viruses or something like bacteria nightmare such as pneumonic plague that would start up with the outages of power. In India this form of the plague occurs on a semi-regular basis. There are over 500 different bacteria type infections that collodial silver works well against.

                My question is will collodial silver work with a fast mover such as pneumonic plague that if left untreated kills almost 100% of the time. Your insight is appreciated by me and I am sure many others.

                • It’s a matter of dosage. Most people are afraid to take too much because the propagandist say they might turn blue.

                  If some really serious stuff is going around, or you get it, drink a couple of quarts of 10-15 PPM a day and you will have no ill effects, but ANY virus, bacteria, or fungus will not survive, no matter who makes it.

                  After a few days, you can stop taking it an it WILL leave your system. One note of caution, you should be taking a small amount prior to taking large doses. If you take about 4 ounces a day, you are OK. If you have never taken it, start with 4 ounces for three days or so and then take all you want. You have to do that because it is SO EFFECTIVE it can overtax your liver in getting rid of the junk in your body. If you take it regularly, that junk goes away much slower and when large doses are needed only the true target is there for it to attack.

                  People take one or two teaspoons a day of that high priced crap in the health food store and conclude it is not effective. That is like taking 5 mg a day of penicillin and wondering why your infection doesn’t go away.

                  You don’t need anything for ANY bug they set loose except for colloidal silver an the balls to take enough of it to do what is required.

                  • I make mine using 3 connected 9 volt batteries.

                  • @ Gods Creation. Thank you. I know this is why they use to call people that could afford silver dinnerware “blue bloods”. People that use to eat from silverware were much healthier. What I found also that was effective with really bad sinus infections is to make it into a mist for the nose. Good old fashioned sea salt is also real good for this is.

                    In case of terrorist attacks with Anthrax such as back in 2001, would the silver work for this also. One other question that many people would like to know is the collodial silver good for blood poisoning and septic infections that will be certain to be widespread with the many injuries that will occur with certain disasters. Before SHTF this is something that could do a lot of good for many to know as if this can be effective for what saving people from something that doesn’t have to make them sick.

                  • “”” I know this is why they use to call people that could afford silver dinnerware “blue bloods”.””

                    Actually they were called that because the sterling silver utensils actually turned them a shade of blue, like taking improperly made colloidal silver will do. ZERO of them died in the plague.

                    If it is a virus, bacteria, or fungus, silver will deal with it. PERIOD. The PTB can’t make anything that is resistant to silver AND damaging to Man, and God doesn’t either.

                  • Hey G.C. & BI Maybe by drinking to much is where they got the term “Blue Balls” ? Just kidding.I have used and made my own for years! i also have a colloidal generator & parasite zapper it was made back in the early 90 ‘s but for “veterinary use” you can get them now if you look. I haven’t used antibiotics for years , I stay away from Doctors unless its an emergency! been lucky i guess?


                  • When the manufactured Batterys are gone. Don’t forget Potato generated electricity. There are other plant batterys. Guess we need to see how many spuds it takes to generate 27 Volts.

                  • Creation:
                    I have a ?
                    Why can’t you just start sucking on a dime? (that is after you washed it). If eating off of silver ware works why wouldn’t that work? Just asking, I’m not up on this field. That is why I’m in a group.

                  • Looking for advice GC.. I have a 8yo son that suffers from eczema and its pretty bad. Everything we try does not work for him. Do you think colloidal silver would help something like this.

                  • Collodial silver machine:

                    This is similar to the machine I use except I just alligator clips on the bars and only submerge the silver and not the wire or clips. Set the bars so the water covers half to 2/3rds of the bar keeping any steel or metal away from the water. Silver rods work even better but I am to lazy to go find some to buy.. lol Back to if it works don’t fix it I suppose.

                • BI I find if you keep yourself “loaded” with it by taking 2 tablespoons daily it makes me bullet proof.

                  • I just take a swig out of my amber bottle, probably an ounce or two. I don’t remember the last time I got sick.

                  • Yup GC I keep mine in my old empty wine bottles

                  • Yeah .02 and it’ll keep the Vampires off of you. Or maybe that was Werewolves. If you don’t have any silver bullets atleast it’s good to be silver bullet proof. Trekker Out.

                  • They would toss a silver dollar in milk in the ole days as well to keep it from spoiling.

                  • For: GC…BI…..O2

                    Can someone put up some links as to where we laymen can learn more about how to produce Colloidal Silver…And the exact amounts and how to take it properly….I had rather be getting my advice from you guys than some Ad or someone who has no Real experience with it..

                    Thanks for all the great info…and your help and input for the rest of us would be greatly appreciated

                  • Non regret Instead of buying those wire harnesses to inline 3- 9 volts you can just stack them by pushing them together in a pyramid formation with them fitting one inside the other + to -, + to – and then just hook the alligator clips to the outside terminals on the bottom of the pyramid creating 27 volts. I also use a fish tank bubbler to mix the silver and reverse the alligator clips about every hour or so to keep the bars from tarnishing. In about 2 to 3 hours you have a batch (about a quart). The thing with CS is it doesn’t take much to be effective. My Niece’s husband cured a cat with distemper by putting it in the cats water dish and washing the eyes. Cat was cured in about 4 days.

                  • @Newbee,

                    I have a son who had terrible eczema. We now have him gluten free and it’s completely gone…. Don’t know if it’ll help your child, but it’s worth a try!!!

                    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

                • “””There are over 500 different bacteria type infections that collodial silver works well against. “””

                  Actually, there are NO KNOWN bacteria or virus or fungus that can exist in the presence of silver IONS, even in smaller quantities. 500 doesn’t tell 1% of the story.

                  • If I am not mistaken it also kills parasites like tape worms and such.

                  • Not really able to address anyones problems in the order they appear.

                    There is much info about making colloidal silver online. Just google it.

                    Newbee, yes it will work on exzema, but you will have to make it yourself. The health food store variety has other things in it. Put it on a rag or paper towel and cover the affected area, a couple of times a day, and take smaller doses (a couple of ounces a day) internally to get at the source.

                    I think I will contemplate writing an article for Mac on this one. Too many people too afraid of something so simple to do that CURES (not treats) so many things.

                  • Thanks for the info GC. I have been looking at different site doing a little research on the C.S. I have a couple more questions if you don’t mind.
                    1. In your experience how long does a batch store for.
                    2. How many ppm are you using and do you have a tester for it or are you estimating.

                • In the 1918 ‘Flu epidemic people would feel fine when they got up in the morning and start feeling poorly by lunch time, then be dead before they got home. When things go that fast the only effective counter is quarantine and precautionary pre-medication.
                  There is talk now of the next generation of antibiotics being silver-based. It is my understanding that nothing develops a resistance to silver, it just needs an effective delivery system.

                  • “””There is talk now of the next generation of antibiotics being silver-based”””

                    Silver needs nothing else, and in fact using anything but pure silver in distilled water will lead to problems.

                    Maybe the drug companies are trying to make it look like they do something special with the silver so they can make some money off of it.

                    Get some rods, get some batteries, and get some distilled water and you will be far safer that waiting for Big Pharma to put out something “approved”.

                  • GC the burn wards use silver based ointments to stop infection.. Humm wonder why? No big secret but the gov and the ama sure don’t want you knowing it.

                  • Many in dwelling catheters now are silver impregnated, or the dressings contain silver. Very expensive in hospitals, so don’t see used routinely.

            • Be informed,

              I disagree that this is a good set of maps. Where is the key?

              I can’t tell what the red and green dots are supposed to represent. This is not the first time we have seen this site publish maps without a key. Is there some copyright law that prevents them publishing the whole map with the key?

            • I must jump in here to confirm the silver thesis.
              Years ago, I was bitten by a dog… nasty, bad, deep, down to the bone in my leg, torn nerves, and then… sepsis.

              The doc’s antibiotics and other creams and what not, didn’t touch it. It was full of puss and nasty looking, with the red streaks down my leg. He said they might have to take my leg off. I panicked, and remembered something I had read years before…. ionic silver, sometimes mistakenly called colloidal silver. I learned everything I needed to know in a few hours and went to work.

              I built a machine out of .999 silver coins, batteries and a old toy motor. What .02 said about the fish bubbler is an interesting take, I used a motor to stir the distilled water until the VOM measured the resistance had gone down to a measurable level. But the stirring or bubbling of the water introduces air into the mixture and you are left with the purest form of the ionic solution.

              Anyway, I dosed the leg by cleaning out the wound thoroughly with the solution, several times the first day. The next DAY, the wound had formed a thin scab. I kept soaking the wound, and by the end of three days, the sepsis was gone… the doctor was amazed… and started asking me questions about what I had done.(He knew I worked at a Big Pharma company for years.)

              Turning blue, is usually because of idiots drinking the strong CHEMICAL versions of silver, like silver chloride or nitrate. Ionic silver is much more reactive, and diffuse, usually you can drink much more than a few tablespoons without ill effect. But, to those guys who drink a lot, everyday, I would be concerned about the probiotics in your gut… like every other med its about, dosage dosage dosage.

              But, I keep bottled eye drops around for small cuts, they hardly ever even turn red, and healing is awesome. After my experience with my leg, and many many cuts since then, chemical and ionic silver is all I will ever use again. I even have a hypodermic needle, in case I ever get really bad off.

              Another trick for lungs, a nebulizer and to ward off pneumonia a ‘Himalayan salt inhaler’.

              Doctors used to know and practice these things. Big Pharma helped brainwash them into ‘best practices’. When you got no doc, or Obamacare has destroyed them and priced them out of reach, remember remember. I hope ‘healers’ come back into vogue.

              BTW: Voltage over 1.5 vdc is debatable, since electrolysis takes place at that voltage level.(A simple D, C, A, AA, AAA battery, is fine, but do put two together to reach 3 v, that way you’re assured of electrolysis. And use only distilled, or non tap water. If you’re desperate, and its all you got, boil it for 10 minutes first, and add a drop of bleach to a gallon.) Also, store in a cold dark place. There is debate on how long it’ll last on the shelf.

              Good day, back to work…

              • Thanks, I’m feeling that we may need that kind of information more as time goes on.

          • If the restoration would take 4-10 yrs.
            with foreign made transformers, what
            country would fill that order.

            Considering the state of our dollar and
            the turmoil a power outage would have on
            our money supply / system, they just
            may demand payment in Gold, of which we
            have none, of course.

            Then, usher in 1933 and the ghost of FDR!?

            • Gunner, if the US goes dark and the grain belt goes tits up the rest of the world will be scrambling to do anything to get the food exports rolling again. As goes the US, so goes the world.

              • Very good point, .02

                • Nappy may be many things but she was tireless at her duties, and I trusted her. She was a good AG and a good Governor for Arizona, but I wouldn’t want her as POTUS in the current climate.

                  She was smart. She got out while the getting was good. 🙂


                  • For some reason, your positive views of Janet Napolitano do not surprise me at all.

                  • Anyone who felt compelled to rename Squaw Peak has no homeland in common with me. We are clearly not defending the same things.

                  • Durango Kid:

                    You been drinking when you wrote that post? Anyone who praises “old nappy” sure as hell is not on my side.

                    You just lost any credibility you had with me; and I am sure from the red thumbs, with a lot of other patriots.

                    She did jump ship, but not “just in time”. Her day of reckoning is coming and none of your “praise” will help save her.

                  • Walt: This comment from a man who has stated that he voted for O’Bummer? 🙂

                  • Granny: And of course her analysis that Veterans were a threat to the Administration was spot on! 🙂

                  • I have never EVER stated that I voted for Obama.


                    Build yourself another straw man.

                  • By the way….I’m pretty much convinced that you are bat-shit crazy.

                    Your obvious Napolitano worship is just further proof that you have zero credibility, and that your respect for liberty is at the very least….suspect.

                    Another reason why your “engage” BS is exactly that….BS.

                • Granny: While Governor of Arizona Nappy sent the National Guard to the Border and requested US troops too! 🙂

                  • Did Rick Perry ever do that? 🙂

                  • No, he’s in Texas, not Arizona.

                  • DK:

                    Who in the world would support Rick Perry?

                    He was AL GORE’S campaign manager. Do we not still get it? There is no two party system in America. There are just scoundrels pretending to be whatever it takes to climb the “golden” mountain to the top in DC.

                  • Granny: I understand that and have stated so many times. But the reality is that Nappy did a good job for Arizona as Governor, sending National Guard to the Border to stop the invasion, and requesting American troops.

                    I like Nappy. Yes she drank the kool aid after being inside the Beltway for too long, but then most do. 🙁

                  • BTW, the maps above provide one more reason for Preppers and Patriots to live in Arizona. That and the fact WE manufacture guns and ammo here. 🙂

                  • DK:

                    On your post further on down the page you state that Nappy drank the koolaid after going to DC.

                    If anyone on shtf believes that statement then they are drinking the same flavor of koolaid.


                    Damn, every once in a while I WANTED to believe in you and yet you just keep digging the hole deeper and deeper.

                  • Granny: Don’t believe in me. Believe in yourself and your own values and opinions.

                    Two students can have the same professor: one can like him, the other think he is the pits and a waste of time.

                    If what I say resonates with you fine. If it doesn’t, that’s fine too! 🙂

            • We would be instant somalia

              • Kulafarmer: Then I finally get to be a pirate!

                • @Anon 7 – I left you a reply on 2 posts back about teachers. And, I thank you for sharing your experiences with those hellish bastard teachers.

        • .02, have you ever read “One Second After” by William Forstchen? That is one emotional book to try to get through. The saddest part was when the guy’s diabetic daughter died. braveheart

          • I have read that one bh, and yes it too was hard to get through. I don’t know how well I am gona to survive the collapse. I am too soft hearted. I couldn’t watch children starve. I think I either have to go deep into the bush or just stand on the corner and start handing out provisions.

            • .02, I’ve been soft-hearted before and gotten hurt for my efforts [back in the 80s]. But no more. According to some people, I can forget about ever having another woman in my life because I’m hard-hearted, but I don’t give a s@#$ what anyone thinks. You have to be hard-hearted just to survive the way things are going right now. If you’re not, you definitely won’t make it. I’m not one to go and just give away anything I’ve worked so hard and sacrificed for. I’m debt-free so I can buy more preps at one time than I would’ve been able to otherwise. I don’t use credit for anything, period! I’m not enslaved to any MF, period! .02, you can do as you will for yourself. My way of thinking since the 80s has served me very well and kept me alive. Once the balloon goes up, I doubt if anyone left out there has any kind of heart. braveheart

              • braveheart — sad but true.

                I pulled into a rest area by the shore once
                to have a little bite. One lonely sea gull
                was begging.

                Next thing I know, there was fifty of the
                ravenous beasts attacking the truck, with
                two inside my cab!!

                I couldn’t help but draw the parallel
                between the ‘Killer’ gulls and starving

                • Gunner, that parallel is really scary and I know there’s every chance I could have such a scenario at my place after the grid goes down. I just hope I can get the hell out of town to the BOL before something like that can happen. braveheart

                • Braveheart & Gunner…

                  Both of your statements are the Reality I have spoke of in the few posts I have….The majority of people do not have a clue as to what it will be like…The Sea Gulls are the reality ….except humans will prove to be even worse..they always have.

                  I, like Braveheart, have been told that I am “Cold Hearted”….No…I am a Realist….but also like .02 it will be the children that will torment me the most….a lot of fellow Veterans I talk with we always speak of the children…’s the scars you can’t see that are the most painful. So we Soldier on….and Pray we get through what is coming.

                  • A lot of this “cold-hearted” talk comes from the starry-eyed Bright Girls who buy into the Global Citizen talk foisted daily by the MSM. As Global Citizens, the focus is taken off your local community. “Help the starving children in Kenya! Use your credit card now!”

                    Different world after SHTF. Your world becomes your community. There is no more mass media. No net. Communications become personal. A HAM operator is essential to any community.

                    Taking care of yourself and those around you might be considered selfish to the Global Citizen bunch, but they live in a happy world of bread and circuses where they can sashay through life waving a little piece of plastic and having everyone else wait on them hand and foot. They are psychologically unprepared for any collapse, especially considering their sources for escape (TV, video games, Facebook, etc) will no longer be there.

                    It’s not a matter of being cold-hearted, but being practical. Gather those around you who will be of use to you (and therefore to the your group as a whole) in a SHTF scenario. It becomes survival of the fittest. Traumatized Bright Girls with their mascara cascading down their faces because the SmartPhone is dead, and Starbucks is closed, are distracting and best and generally hazardous. Their opinion of “cold-hearted” is shaped by a media and society which won’t exist post-collapse. They will have to sink or swim on there own. Facts.

                  • Children are the responsibility of their parents.

                    That is how the earth works.

              • I have children and grandchildren Braveheart, little 2 yo grand daughter and beautiful 6 yo grand daughter and my first grand son will be born in about 3 weeks right around the 1st of the year. I have been blessed with a great wife of 38 years, great kids, and had one hellova fun life and as I near 60 yo I cant justify my survival being I am “cut” and cant reproduce anyway. maybe the human specie don’t deserve to survive, but I am going to do what ever i can to try to keep my genetic code going forward

                • .02, your kids and grandkids do deserve the best chance of survival that is possible. My wife was killed by a drunk driver crossing the street from the hospital where she worked to the employee parking lot before we could ever have kids. I never found another woman good enough to be a second wife. My wife was a fantastic, sharp, intelligent woman from Cuba who had more than her share of tragedies, especially at the hands of the communist POS who run the place. I refuse to get desperate and lower my standards just to stop being alone. Being alone does have certain advantages, at least for me. over the years I’ve been through bad women like a bowling ball through 10 pins. also, I don’t change anything about myself to make anyone else happy. Beware of such people. they are never to be trusted. In some ways, it’s sad that I can’t keep my genetic code going forward, but I wasn’t about to go against anything I hold near and dear to make it happen. I’ll die alone standing on principle before I’ll go commit an act of treachery against myself. .02, you sound like a very fortunate man and someone who will make it. I’m not far behind you at 56. I’ll turn 57 in March if TS doesn’t HTF by then. You’re right that there’s way too much of the human species that doesn’t deserve to survive and they most likely won’t. I may not make it all the way through SHTF, but I just can’t see compromising on anything I believe in to reach a certain goal. Every man dies, but not every man truly lives. braveheart

                  • BH, But it may be, that thru the stuff HTF that The Lord would bring someone to you who is your equal, and who is still young enough to have children. I admit, there aren’t very many of us around. But there’s a few. Don’t lower your principles. Good men are harder to find than the women, I think. My hubby was 59 and I was 47 when we married and I was pg a couple times the first few years. But we knew the chances for children were pretty slim. I have a history of early losses. We had a great time trying, though! May God bless you always!

                • I have 3 grandkids and one on the way. I will do everything in my power to keep them alive.

                  I pray that I will have enough strength and savvy to get us all to the other side.

                  Again…That is how the earth works.

              • Off topic but give me some KFC3PO Nuggets…. Star Wars Bucket Meal and a Tub O’ CubanHeart Slaw…..

                • … Oh ya, wrap all that up in some Holiday poached newspapers. Thanks Bravehearts!

                  • Peterson, the only thing I’m willing to give you is one of my feet up your ass, so go the f#$% away and go f#$% yourself too!

                • Babycatcher55, thank you for those kind words. My beloved mrs braveheart was the only woman I wanted to have kids with. all of the others I’ve been with since then; NO WAY! didn’t have the right kind of genes. At my age it’s way too late for me to try to play DA-DA now. the chances of there being a 2nd mrs braveheart for me now are slim to none. that’s just something I have to live with. braveheart

                • Isn’t it time for you to jerk off again, Peterson? Go back to your kiddie porn, troll.

              • As for braveheart being accused of being too ‘hard-hearted’, I can say from experiences that I’ve endured during my life that women are the most hard hearted, ruthless, self-centered, devious, cunning, manipulative creatures on this Earth. Most learn this game very quickly, once they discover how much power they can wield with their favors. Being a cynic of sorts, I’ve often said that women have the world’s most successful Swiss Army survival knife inside their pants and when that is coupled with a willingness to utilize their power in a cold-blooded, ruthless manner – most men will find themselves outmatched.

                Curiously, I seemed to notice at a very early age that women were natural actresses, while men seemed to be a little awkward at the art of acting and had to work a lot harder to come across as being natural. I’ve thought about this phenomena off and on, throughout my life – and I’ve finally concluded that this talent was given to females by Mother Nature, who saw that they would be the weaker and more vulnerable sex – so, in order for them to have a better chance of survival, they had to have the natural ability to con males into volunteering to become their protectors.

                Thus, millions of men have had the unpleasant experience of having a female bat her eyes at them, whisper that ‘I love you’ and then find out later that they were being hustled. Women use ‘love’ as their primary tool to get men to make sacrifices for them and they are not bashful about deploying this tool on as many different men as necessary in order to satisfy each and every one of their needs.

                Life sure does become less enjoyable, once you’ve got a little age on you and the last vestiges of your youthful naive have been erased.

                • Tucker, spot on analysis. Nothing I can dispute. braveheart

                • What a load of stink! I see men playing games all the time. All I ever wanted was to be partnered with a man who wanted the same things I did. Family ties, an easy old age, exploring things together. Third time down. All I hear is how he wants to sell everything, get a small place and travel the world. Forget the parents, the three daughters, five grandchildren. We have too much stuff, we eat too well. While he’s spouting this bull I’m looking around and seeing my very frugal surroundings, hand me downs. He’s griping I spend too much on household stuff and groceries. Oh gads, I discovered prepping and canning and started putting food by. I’ve been staying out of the stores as much as possible. He LOVES to grab prepared food and goodies to take to the boat every Wednesday and weekend. I don’t get taken out for a date, haven’t had sex in so long I’m a virgin again. I give and take care of and try to be thoughtful and accommodating and not bitchy. I take care of the house repairs and upkeep as best I can. Oh geez I could go on and on. So don’t dare any of you self centered righteous men carry on about women being conniving and deceitful! You get what you give in life if you’re LUCKY!

                  • Tucker and Braveheart:

                    Anytime I failed at a relationship I have learned to “look in the mirror”. The “blame” game just don’t cut it!

                  • Dollarstodoughnuts, you sound just like my late wife; like my kind of woman. sorry to hear about what you’ve been through. I’ve never been self-centered. as far as give and take is concerned, it depends on what you’re referring to. I haven’t even dated anyone in 10 years. The last woman I was with I caught her with another guy in MY BED when I came home from work one day and that was the end of that. I always try to be good, decent, respectful, and right toward a woman, but I haven’t had one be the same toward me in half of a lifetime. I might just die all alone after all, it looks like. braveheart

                  • Stupid Comments! keep this post as a blog for those interested in power grid failures.

                  • Dollars/ donuts, etc. I have known of men (brother, etc) get burned and women too. Several close lady former friends of mine- in church all the time, taught Sun school, etc. ditched their husbands for other men. One stole money from a biz. Several pastors I knew dumped their wives ran w/ church tramps mid life crisis..I’m retired and both of us are cynical on mankind in general after things we’ve seen thru the years. Few can be trusted if any. Patriots need to be real picky on their associates now days. Stay semi reclusive, Don’t join any clubs, org, or churches; stay low key and don’t reg. to vote for politician lying whore mongering scum bags either. We quit voting thirty yrs ago.

                • A fine analysis of women in the Plastic Age. Most of them won’t make it post-collapse. Even the connivers will be quickly ferreted out, since they have nothing to contribute.

                  I am reminded of the scene in “One Second After” where the former Girl Power big tobacco executive was reduced to saying: “Take me home, you’ll like me.”

                • I hope you fella eventually find a companion you can trust and love. It’s a terrible thing to be alone and turn your heart to hate.

                  • oldwhatshisname, thank you, but my heart hasn’t turned into hate. My position was dictated by personal experience and the type of world we live in to protect my own interests. braveheart

                • I’m a woman and I agree with you 100 percent! Somehow I never learned how to do the two-faced, clannish, hyper-critical stuff that most women do. I never learned to jump and scream any time an insect or other animal that wasn’t a dog or cat came near me. I never wanted to be an “alpha female” (that is, domineering witch), nor did I ever want to suck up to one. I never wanted to gang together with other gals and bully and humiliate vulnerable gals into the ground. My parents encouraged me to be kind, educate myself and think for myself (useful in trying to figure out what’s really going on in the world today). I found myself to be one of the few gals to think that way. If I want to pick up litter, hike the AT, cut up a fallen tree with a chain saw, ride a motor scooter, I do it whether or not all the other ladies would approve.. I sometimes feel sorry for men having to put up with women. Though of course some men are not perfect, ha-ha! Good news is, women involved with nature or prepping seem to be the most level-headed and decent.

                  • Looks like I poked a hornet’s nest.

                    Well, I tend to place a time stamp on the origins of the current ‘war between the sexes’ and that time stamp can be traced back to the 1960s, when the Marxist jews injected a disease known as ‘feminism’ into our culture. This was all part of the overall Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism revolution and a critical component in their well documented plans to destroy White, Western Civilization by, according to one of the Frankfurt School subversives and I will quote his words directly:

                    “Willi Munzenberg (whose proposed solution was to ‘organise the intellectuals and use them to make Western civilisation stink. Only then, after they have corrupted all its values and made life impossible, can we impose the dictatorship of the proletariat’) ‘It was’, said Ralph de Toledano (1916-2007) the conservative author and co-founder of the ‘National Review’, a meeting ‘perhaps more harmful to Western civilization than the Bolshevik Revolution itself.’

                    Lenin died in 1924. By this time, however, Stalin was beginning to look on Munzenberg, Lukacs and like-thinkers as ‘revisionists’. In June 1940, Münzenberg fled to the south of France where, on Stalin’s orders, a NKVD assassination squad caught up with him and hanged him from a tree.”

                    These Cultural Marxists correctly saw that the strength and societal stability of White, Western Civilization came from the strength and cohesion of the traditional White American family structure – so, these diabolically evil cockroaches decided that in order to destroy Western Civilization, they had to attack and destroy the traditional White American family.

                    Enter Betty Friedan, Bela Abzug, and Gloria Steinum – who were the architects and primary promoters of the poisonous disease of feminism. White women were taught (brainwashed to believe)the following: (a) White men were evil and had oppressed them, (b) Marriage was equivalent to slavery, (c) Motherhood was a fate worse than death, (d) Women should be able to be bed-hopping, promiscuous, sexually liberated party girls and go to bed with as many men as possible, (e) Women should view abortion as a symbol of their liberation and new freedom, and have feelings of exaltation every time they aborted a fetus that was inconvenient to their careers or to their party girl lifestyle, (f) And, lastly and perhaps the most racially genocidal poison being heavily pushed by the Cultural Marxists is to discourage White women from forming relationships with White men that could lead to marriage and the production of cute White babies – and instead, engage in the ultimate act of defiance – miscegenation, whereby they hop into bed with blacks and any other race of men except White men.

                    I will contend that, since the 1960s – and the Cultural Marxist revolution that has turned this nation’s culture upside down – both men and women have been negatively affected by this disease of feminism. Most masculine men want nothing to do with feminists, beyond perhaps a romp in the hay early in the relationship. But, when the feminism begins to surface and the men realize that they’ve linked up with a ball buster who’s twisted, anti-White male ideologies will spell nothing but misery and non-stop emasculation, most men will hit the trail and move on.

                    So, in the end – men have become more selfish, paranoid and less willing to enter into marriage, and women who’ve been brainwashed with feminism have become repulsive and unappealing to men as a result of their feminist indoctrination. Mother Nature, however, has still planted that seed of desire inside both White men and White women that makes them want to find a mate and settle down, but all these subversive barriers that have been artificially injected into our society have resulted in millions of otherwise decent, top quality men and women to be unable to achieve their dreams.

                    The goals of the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism are simple to understand, once you’ve done your homework. They want to destroy the West, and they want genocide White European people – since they are the architects of Western Civilization. Every one of their policies – now they are in full control of America and most other historic European nations – is in some way designed to help them achieve those two objectives.

                    I suggest we all remember this point, when we see the sleazy, treasonous, slabs of human scum in Washington DC making noises about passing amnesty and allowing the USA and Western Civilization to be buried and extinguished under a flood of 100-150 million mestizos from Mexico, Central and South America. Remember, folks – Western Civilization did not hatch out of the brains of Mexicans or Guatemalans, or Nicaraguans, or Haitians, or Bantu Somalis or out of the brains of ANY of these third world aliens who are being allowed to flood into our nation.

                    Just like a camp fire that has enough sand or dirt shoveled on top of it – the fire will be extinguished. The same rule applies to Western Civilization; shovel millions of non-Western aliens on top of it, and the West will be destroyed permanently.

                • Tucker, The bottom line is this – “Love” is a game. You can refuse to play, and you lose. You play poorly, and you lose. You play well – treat her with respect, put her on a pedestal as high as the one she places you – and you BOTH win. Hopefully forever. Not to say there are no evil bitches out there – about the same number of male assholes.
                  Good luck Man

              • Brave,assuming I survive the initial hit whatever it is as I have said before will die trying to fight whatever evil folks out there and am comfortable with that,a decent trade.That said,actually through some training/planning and perhaps a dab of luck do survive initial hit will probably be taking in orphans(kids and pets) and doing the best I can for them(which includes finding more qualified folks to care for em!).I otherwise as have stated before really see no point in surviving,have visualized way too many times the brave new world but also visualized what do I want to be doing in the brave new world besides surviving,and the answer is always the same,helping out other people.What life do you visualize/hope to lead in the brave new world?This ? is for all posters,realize we all are in different situations in regards to region/family ect.,thus will have different goals.

                • Warchild, that’s an excellent question. If I make it all the way through SHTF, I hope to be doing something, anything to help rebuild this country and bring it back to the kind of nation God originally intended for us to have. That’s all I really want out of life now, it’s the only thing I care about now. If I can’t live long enough to see that happen, at least I’ll die on my own terms, fighting the evil we’ll all be facing. braveheart

                  • Cool you have @ least envisioned something positive for the future,so many I talk with say just survive(very important!)but have not looked too far beyond that.I realize different situations will occur and plans for future may need to be altered/changed/rejiggered but at least for me having a idea of the future makes the rest a bit easier to take and makes preps a bit more satisfying mentally.

                  • “If I make it all the way through SHTF, I hope to be doing something, anything to help rebuild this country and bring it back to the kind of nation God originally intended for us to have”.

                    If I may add an opinion here BH, I believe with all my conviction that when Europeans settled the Americas we should have adopted the Natives way of life instead of forcing them to adopt ours. If you live through a total collapse and try to rebuild, DO NOT make the same mistake as we have and try to exploit nature. As a specie we MUST live with harmony with the earth and not be a parasite.

                  • As a for instance, when Lewis and Clark finally go to the coast starving, the natives were fat and happy living THE life as God intended. Elk, Deer, Bear, etc in the forests, HUGE salmon runs 4 times a year, all the shellfish one would want to pick up, fresh water from millions of crystal clear streams, it has been figured by mathematicians that the coastal natives had to spend 3 man hours a day to provide all basic necessities, the rest the time they laid around and had sex and played games.. where else could you live on 20 hours a week?.. I tell you, pride and greed have sure messed up a good thing.

              • @ Braveheart – I do believe you have ‘heart.’ You do care, and you take care of yourself responsibly. You are polite, and hard working when out in society. You encourage and welcome the new ones on this site.
                You share knowledge.

                You suffered the heartache of losing your lovely wife, and learned to move on in your life, but always remembering her.

                Yet, you are not hard hearted, but discerning.
                Discerning with those who would attempt to take advantage of you, use you, or even the 2 attempts to break into your home, you handled.

                You read books, are knowledgeable with fire arms, and are alert to the current events around you.

                Me, I now live for myself, and to make myself happy. Not selfishly or being narcissistic. I have weeded out some family and friends who made me unhappy. Who needs it? Life is too short.

                Take care of yourself, Braveheart, be happy and content with who and what you are.

                I myself, am done with some family and some friend drama and dynamics. Who needs it. Let them stew in their own oil, and leave me the hell alone.

                I wish to be happy and have peace in my life. I have learned to limit set a lot, and not too many enter my inner circle. Lonely? Not really. I keep myself busy all the time, not frantically busy to run away from things, but quietly industrious.

                I am tired of sacrificing for others. Time to take care of me.

                • Emily, thank you for that. My wife was the only person I sacrificed anything for and she was worth it. never found anyone else worth sacrificing for. I’m always active myself and not a lot of people enter my inner circle, either. I totally agree about the drama and dynamics from other people. Not needed and yes, let them stew in their own oil. Only have myself to support, period. So prepping doesn’t take a toll on me mentally like it does some others. Plus, I don’t have a nonprepping moron to tell me I can’t do or buy such-and-such item/items for myself. braveheart

                • Reading Emily’s post came close to bringing a tear to my eye.

                  Well said, Emily. I share so many of the sentiments that you so eloquently expressed and shared with the readers of this website.

        • I remember Threads when it first came out. Quite graphic !

        • What Movie?

        • Never Mind I found the movie you were talking about. Sorry. I had never heard of it!

        • Add to those, ‘Contagion’ and ‘The Road’.
          Contagion is so realistic to what we will face.
          Prep more than ever, folks.

          • The road was bad, but I think threads was worse. I made it through the road. Might try contagion but called the fur buyer today and coyote went up to 30 dollars a carcass unskined, just drive up and toss out the stinking critter and take the money. Have my baits set and am going to start getting serious as the hides are prime for a couple months.

            • @ .02.. I was thinking about trying up old Skin Creek road…its been “tank trapped” for years. A quad cant get through but I cut a foot path almost to Mud lake below Goat Mtn. Lots of tracks. Im new up here…any thoughts to this area?

              • If I recall there was always a lot of cats in that area. Cougar. Probably be grizzly there now, seems like they are about everywhere else up there. How is the wolf population doing.. i would love to get one of those.. no season in wa yet, but we had some problems and had to cull a pack near Colville.

                • Lots of wolves. people are trapping them and some elk hunting group is paying a “expenses” bounty.

                  • Wolves are like an animal vacuum going through the forest. They don’t even leave a single squirrel alive. I think a fawn in distress call should be able to get them into firing range, especially @ night. You can get big bux for tanned ones on ebay, good ones going for 600 on up. I can get a fur bearers license in Idaho for $93 but still cant hunt wolf. As soon as the wolf is put on the fur bearer list and I can hunt them for just the out of state permit and the tag, ole .02 is headed for Eastport.

                  • This year you could get a wolf tag, 5 was the limit.

              • I haven’t been in Idaho since 89 so probably things have become more crowded. If you go up to Addie and go along the east side of the river north there is a place called mellior’s field, there is some great hunting in there.

                • other than burying my friends, that is. But I stayed on 95 and didn’t go down the river road.. it was filling up when I left in 89.

                • Most growth here is Spokane Metro Area. Exurban growth from CDA is spreading into south Bonner. Up at Priest Lake it’s still Moose Country with a few millionaire’s cabins on the shore and nothing else. Silver Valley hasn’t changed much. Folks who have lived there for generations and survived many a hard time.

                  • Out here in the wheat fields it is going the opposite direction. Lots of empty houses and most of the down town is closed and not many young folks living here. If you want to go where it is less crowded than N Idaho this is the place. And the lakes here, good Lord all mighty there are a lot of lakes and of course the Snake and the Columbia river. Nope I traded Idaho for eastern wa and will not go back to Idaho to live if you paid me. The hunting is a tad better there, but the fishing here is no comparison. In a shft situation I think Rawles has it wrong, as I find N Idaho way too crowded, but then again I did move to extreme N Idaho in 1958 and seen how it populated and now I cant go into the mountains b/c of the gates and anywhere off road b/c of the no trespassing signs. The gov says the national forests are all of ours, just you cant go in them, unless you walk while we fly our helicopters into the high mountain lakes to catch cutthroat and camp in solitude. Like it should be (according to them). Naw it really burns me as I worked building those logging roads and now I cant use them.. On a side note, my wife still has relatives living in moyie and bonners and said she would divorce me before she would move back there and she also lived there from childhood until 89.

                  • First hand info is that businesses in CDA are being bought by guys with turbans…anyone confirm that info?

          • “The Road” may well be the most depressing movie I’ve ever seen.

            • Oh if you liked that, you’ll love the book.

              The movie stayed close to the book (which is astounding these days)… but it cut some stuff.

              A lot of the cuts were due to time constraints.

              But some… were because… yeah… yeah. You can’t show THAT in any movie theater on this planet. Yes, it was that bad.

              • Yes the book was MOST EXCELLENT, highly recommended.

        • what movie on u-tube? thanks

          • threads

        • I agree with the Article, but for this statement I disagree: “We have become so reliant on electricity in the last 200 years.” If you look back into history, Western Union built its first transcontinental telegraph line in 1861, mainly along railroad rights-of-way. IN 1880 Thomas Edison built the first longer lasting 1200 hour filament light bulb. In 1881, the Postal Telegraph System entered the field for economic reasons, and merged with Western Union in 1943. America’s first power stations were built in the 1920’s and 1930’s. The first Refrigerator about 1913andnot really sent into mass production until the late 1920’s,30’s and 40’s for home refrigeration. I would say that we have become more reliant in the last 80 years. I think 200 years is a stretch.. We are way too reliant on the Grid today, which is our weakest link and in a Grid down situation this will lead us down the path to Mass Human Death, because of famine, disease and the Plague. Just my take if we look at history.

      2. It’s happened before, it will happen again. Even ‘ol Mad Janet says it’s assured.

        • She knows who and how. It will happen right after she climbs into her hole. Hopefully many of them can be taken out before they reach their bunkers.

          • Consider that false flag has been thwarted along with the nuclears the military dumped. People are waking up to the false flags. The next one might be more believable if those Muslim inserts in this country perform it on school children. Just saying.

        • I started going through my food stores this week, looking for evidence of bugs or other deterioration. I figured that the end of the year was an appropriate time to schedule a storage inspection. I found a couple of, one pound bags of white rice with bugs moving around in it, buried about half-way down a stack of cans. I don’t usually put those items right off the store shelf in my long term storage, yet there it was, big as life. I sat there staring at the small bag, wondering what would I do, if this was the very last food I had.

          I’ve tried to psyche myself out to survival tactics, like scrounging for grubs, bugs and worms, eating moss, cattails and pine needles, if necessary, to survive. Should I throw the buggy bag away and starve, or worse yet, go digging through someone elses’ trash looking for scraps? If so, what kind of bugs might I encounter there? Would I end up being one of those who tried to take what I needed to survive from others?

          I wondered what the difference would be, between the bugs I might have to forage for, and the bugs I held in my hand, if there truly was NOTHING LEFT TO EAT in my house.


          Of course, right now I have the luxury of throwing the bag of bugs out, because I can replace it. It dawned on me that in the future, replacing food I carelessly compromised may not be an option. There may very well come a time when it can’t be replaced, so it’s much better to take care with what you have, than to be left without when it really counts.

          I took the rest of my rice and put it in the freezer, to kill off any eggs that might be waiting to hatch, just as a precaution. I inspected every container for leakage, contamination or loss of vacuum. I made sure to place all grains in transparent packaging, arranged in such a way, that I could more easily inspect it visually in the future…there would be no more surprises in my food storage. As I reshelved each item, I checked the dates and put the newest items in the back, making access to the older stuff a lot easier. This was a great time to make a written inventory of my storage (which I didn’t have).

          I’ve noted a rise in MSM articles lately, echewing the dietary benefits of adding insects to our human diet. I think the Globalists take some kind of perverse pleasure in thinking about the slaves resorting to eating insects, while they dine on their exotic menus, drinking thousand-dollar-a-bottle champagne. Let them entertain their delusions of grandeur.

          I plan on surviving long enough, to see them dancing at the end of a rope, when it’s all over.

          • Sixpack, right now in many places in the world that bag WITH the bugs is a big bonus. We are a minority culture that doesn’t eat insects, as most of asia and africa do.

          • Another quick note on eating “differently” and looking at survival in a totally different manner, if you havent read the book “Top Of The World” I strongly suggest you do so. True story that is totally amazing.

            • Also good for getting rid of bugs in the garden!

              • I’ve got some DE, but it doesn’t stop the eggs from hatching INSIDE the bags of rice. I’, freezing all of those as we speak. Thanks for the suggestion, G.

              • Genius;Like I always told my kids, I would rather eat the bugs than to spray pesticides in my house and on my food! Just like certain plants know which ones to eat??


            • I put D.E. in all my buckets(60+); I check often and no bugs, etc.; and wouldn’t the bugs float if you HAD to boil the rice??
              I have (16) 5 gallon buckets of just rice.
              I started in 2008.
              Macaroni, beans, flour, pancake mix, cornmeal, pasta, instant potatoes, oats…all got DE in the buckets.

              • Tractor Supply has 20 lbs. of D.E. for $12.

                • Jay,what exactly is D.E.,is it deciduous earth?

                  • Warchild: DE, also know as diatomaceous earth, is the fossilized skeletons of sea-going phytoplankton called diatoms. This is a fancy way of saying dead algae ‘outsides’. When used in a garden they destroy the exoskeleton of insects, causing them to dry out and die. It’s really just about the most perfect natural insecticide you can buy. It’s non-toxic to humans and it’s pretty cheap. It can also be used in storing grain for long periods. I learned this a few years ago taking a master gardener course. You can call your local country agricultural extension office and get lots of info like this for free. Good luck.

                  • Diatomaceous earth is a natural material made from little plants that are fossilized. These are ground up, and used as an organic pesticide or as a filtering agent; a lightly colored (white to gray) powder made of the fossilized remains of diatoms. The rock typically comes crushed into a fine powder that has the quality of small pieces of glass.
                    Diatomaceous earth is used to kill bugs without toxic chemicals. Farmers use it to keep stored grain pest-free, and some even use it to kill internal parasites in livestock. It is only harmful to creatures with exoskeletons, so it is safe for mammals.


                  • In a 5 gallon bucket spread a couple tablespoons on the bottom; pour in ________ to about half way; spread another 2 TB of DE; fill the bucket to the top; spread 2 TB of DE on top and close lid.

                  • Be careful not to inhale any.

          • Sixpack, I check my food and water supply once a month. that is something way too essential to put off inspecting like that. fortunately, you did your inspection before you could suffer a real disaster. I hope to live long enough to see globalists and other commie POS die myself. If I have anything to do with it, I’ll help put some of them out of their misery. braveheart

            • Jayjay: Sorry, I didn’t see your response about DE. Looks like I just repeated you-good post.

          • MOD: sorry my reply appeared under the wrong post.

            you can heat up the rice at 140°F for a period of 15 minutes
            also. The eggs are laid in holes in the rice and the larvae
            eat their way through.

            These are not a health hazzard though, so you can cook the rice and eat it, bugs and all 🙂
            maybe even get some protein out of them.

            MOD: sorry my reply appeared under the wrong post.

            • I hear the bugs taste like rice!

              Joking aside, amazing what you can hide with a can of el pato! Or some Zatarains,,,

          • I plan on living long enough to eradicate at least a dozen of the local vermin and their minions, if i get farther great, if not, i did my part.
            That prick obummer is on vacation here again, wish some pilot from Hickam would fuck them over and hit their fucking house with a couple sidewinders.

          • You need to store your bags of rice inside ziploc bags. Make sure you squeeze as much of the air as possible out of the bag before zipping it closed. I suppose you could toss in a desiccant bag, as long as it didn’t mixed with the rice.

            You’re right about the arrogance of these snot nosed elitist cockroaches. I have also noticed that they are getting less and less careful about trying to conceal their arrogance. Boehner, for example – having the unmitigated gall to be declaring ‘war’ on the conservative Tea Party wing of the GOP, when what these well-intentioned saps are simply agitating for is a common sense approach to be applied to out of control government spending? They’re on the right side of this issue, but Boehner and his RINO pals want to call them the ‘bad guys’?

            News Flash: The bad guys are the morons who are bankrupting our nation with their irresponsible and out of control spending and borrowing.

            The Day of the Rope can’t get here fast enough, if you ask me.

            • yep.

          • Give it to the chickens

            • That’s just what I did—they actually like the bugs, don’t they? Nothing wasted.

          • Six…been a time or two in my life when we floated the bugs off in water and cooked er up…that or go hungry…its something that has to be addressed by each person at some time in a SHTF situation…honestly though if most folks really knew what was in the foods they buy at the store a few bugs wouldn’t bug em!

            • AMEN to that REB. I know that what they term ‘industry standards’ allows 3% ‘bug parts’ in processed meats like hotdogs and bologna, by law. My Dad worked for Oscar Mayer for a few weeks—he never ate hotdogs or bologna after that. Now, I know why.

      3. You know, if you guys really want to be prepared for what’s coming, you need to get to know Jesus. He is the only one who can guide you through the storms ahead. It may sound like some religious nonsense to some, but believe me when I say its real, and you can’t really begin to fathom what’s on its way soon. How soon? I don’t know, but if you’re all really interestede in prepping for the inevitable, He is the best option you have. He loves you all, and for those who choose to hear this and put it use will see what I mean. You’ve not been able to see things in this world or in people like you can when you know God. He will show you things, and tell you the best things to do in any situation. His love is eternal, and put His life on the line just for you. God bless, and I pray some will head this call.

        • Get to know Jesus?

          Gee, is that right? I wonder what Jesus would think or have to say about the ruthless measures that are going to be necessary in order to purge this nation of the criminals who’ve hijacked it, and then the equally ruthless measures that are going to have to be utilized to stampede every last bloodsucking, parasitic, illegal alien border jumper back to the third world toilet they crawled of when they illegally entered our nation in order to poke their snouts into the social entitlement trough?

          You know, something tells me that your ‘Jesus’ isn’t going to like or approve of the steps that must be taken to salvage what’s left of this rapidly decomposing turd dump of a once great nation.

          • Not being an atheist but believing in Jesus didn’t help the 60 million Christians the Bolsheviks slaughtered in Russia. Even tho i do believe they are the blood at the foot of the throne, if you want to stay alive on this hell you better put Jesus in your heart and a rifle in your hands.

            • Actually, just ‘believing’ in Jesus doesn’t help anyone. Satan believes in Jesus. Atheists believe there was a Jesus, just not to the deitical level that He is at. My point is this, anyone can say they believe in Him, but how many are following Him? That’s what He asked for. Not to just say, “well sure I believe you’re real”. I believe our president is real. But does that make me his disciple? Nope, not a bit. Now, if these people were followers of Christ, then it did them every bit of good, since they are in a place I can only wait to get to for now. Its not all about staying alive on this earth. This earth is going away, and that’s what I don’t think many people understand. Its not just a population reduction, or some other explanation people come up with, there will be a seperation between those with God, and those against Him. There isn’t another side, and there honestly isn’t a lot of time left before it all goes down. If you pick to be with Him, living here won’t be your biggest concern or surviving the nonsense people are about to do. It’ll be about, “what can I do with the time I have here?”

          • Oh Tucker:

            You are soooo wrong about Jesus. This time he is going to be LEADING the CHARGE. I can promise you he is really PISSED!

            • Well, I hate to get into a debate about Christianity – but, the harsh reality is that Jesus did not lift a single finger to save or help the over 66 million, per Solzhenitisyn’s estimate, White and mostly Christian Russians or Ukrainians when the jewish Bolshevik Communist butchers went on a Satanically evil orgy of sadistic torture and mass murder following the 1917 takeover of Russia and eventually nearly half of Europe.

              Neither did Jesus lift a finger to help or save the close to 70,000 murdered Whites in the former Rhodesia and South Africa who obediently listened to the treasonous, backstabbing ‘Christian Church leaders’ and who advised them to vote to turn over their little outpost of White Western Civilization to murderous Communist thugs like Robert Mugabe and Nelson Mandela.

              So, a thoughtful individual – who has taken the time to look back over history and tally up the frightening number of White European people who placed their blind faith in Jesus and who were consumed with what can only be fairly described as a suicidal religion – and while they were clinging to their Bibles, wound up being savagely murdered and oftentimes sadistically tortured and mutilated in ways too horrible to describe – a rational individual can not help but conclude that this approach is not going to save White European people from the genocide that the Spawns of Satan have planned for our race.

              Or, perhaps He is waiting for another 66 million or so Whites to be murdered here in the USA – by the grandsons and granddaughters of the jewish Bolsheviks who seized control of Russia and who now have managed to seize control over a second White European ‘Christian’ nation within a span of barely a 100 years?

              I hate to keep score, but on my score card – Christians are getting their asses stomped and our enemy is on the verge of exterminating our entire race of people.

              News Flash: This world is not like some Hollywood produced movie about a fictitious football team who is losing the biggest game they’ve ever been in, and with 5 minutes left in the game and the enemy is ahead 100 million to zero – that the ‘star’ Quarterback comes off the bench to lead his team to victory and winds up winning the game 101 to 100, Granny.

              One prominent individual in the pro-White movement who I have some respect for once commented about Christians and how they keep calling talk radio shows which are complaining about all the evil that the left is imposing upon America, but none of these talk radio show hosts ever offer any solid solutions on how these evil leftists can be crushed and defeated.

              These Christian callers will always parrot the standard line of baloney about how ‘they just have to put their faith in Jesus and wait for Him to come to their rescue’. Well, what the pro-White individual said in response to this attitude went something like this:

              “Clinging to Christianity and a blind and pacifistic faith in Jesus is simply an excuse for these people to do nothing personally to save themselves or their civilization’.

              Do you see what I mean? Rolling over on our backs like a subservient dog and adopting a submissive posture and hoping (or praying) that our Big Star Quarterback in the Clouds will decide to show up to pull our cherries out of the fire at the last second is pure insanity. It is worse that that; it is a death wish. ‘Good’ does not always prevail over evil, Granny – and if you doubt what I say is true, simply study what has happened over the last 100 or so years in world history and tally up the couple hundred million good people who Jesus did not rescue from the Communist mass murderers.

              And, neither is Jesus going to arrive to save White European people here in America. If we manage to survive, it is going to be our responsibility to save ourselves – and by whatever means necessary.

              • I can’t say I see your point. You don’t understand what being a Christian is because you aren’t one. Life on earth is like two men. One wore wonderful clothes everywhere he went, had many friends, and boasted of how great his life is, while observing all that is wrong in the world around him. He never had a shortage of food, or wealth or people to tell him how awesome of a person they thought he was. The other man, wasn’t always dressed in the nicest clothes. Didn’t always have someone to go home to, and sometimes went without eating. He didn’t have a whole lot of friends nor did he care to spend much time in the limelight of life. The wealthier of the two always had a way to increase his income, or to be prepared by buying more things for whatever life might bring. The poor man more often than not had nights without eating simply because he would find someone with a greater need than his and would give the money he had for food that night, or the food itself to someone else. Whether they were homeless, or one of his friends who had even less than him. The rich man and the poor man both spent a lot of nights alone in their respective homes. The rich man usually anxious to find out when he would get to be praised by his friends again and worry about finding more money to make. The poor man was more satisfied with the good he had done during the course of the day. At the end of their lives, when the two lay on their death beds, they happened to be in the same hospital, and in the same room. After awhile they began to talk and get to know each other. The rich man spoke of the great wealth he attained on the earth, but rarely had any visitors. The poor man said he never had that much, but gave when he could, and sometimes when he couldn’t, and he had someone that he had met at some point come to visit him daily. When the rich man asked why he had so many visitors if he had done so little, the poor man answered with this, “If I had done so little, why were so many lives changed for the better? If I had done so little, why do I not now fear death? If I had the wealth you had, will I take it with me after I die?” The rich man began to think back and realized he had helped only himself and didn’t have much to show for it now.
                Now, let’s just say that there is a God. Let’s say He really would judge all at the end of life for what was done here. Who would be judged more righteous than the other?
                Some would say, well ok, so all I have to do is to be a good person then. Good by who’s definition though? Yours? Or according to what this perfect God I speak of considers good? None of us are good, which is why Jesus came. He came to be a mediator for all who would follow Him. He came to be our attorney before the Father for anyone who would accept Him. And if there really is a God, and all that the Christian bible says is true, then wouldn’t it be better to be safe than sorry? You have nothing to lose by actually going for it, but everything to gain. The reason why people who aren’t Christians don’t see things the same way as those that really are do, is because they’re still on the other side of a wall where all they can see is what they know. Where as for us, all we can see on your side, their side, and all we can’t see, is what we know. It isn’t something that can be explained perfectly with words, but for someone who actually jumps in knows exactly what I’m talking about.

                Christians don’t fear death. Its a relief for us when its time for this body to die, because then we get to go home and don’t have to deal with all the bad things here anymore. You think the Christian kids in Columbine were scared when the shooters went around pointing guns at them and asking if they believed in God? No, they proudly said “yes” right before the shooter shot them in the face. No fear at all. And yes, that is what happened in that school shooting. Funny how everyone seems to hate us most, when all we want is to see everyone set free and happy don’t you think?

              • You nailed it BH..Absolutely nailed it. Myself, I’ll prefer to be a Christian SOLDIER. I only pray I will have the courage under pressure to deal out the deserved justice to all those who have it coming when the end days arrive.

          • I never said Jesus would approve of what it sounds like you’re saying you’ll be a part of doing. Does it mean He’ll stop you? No. Everyone has their own free will to do whatever they want. The difference between some who knows Jesus, and some one who doesn’t is you’re all concerned with this world and what’s going on it all the time. We aren’t. We already know what’s coming, and we aren’t going to try to stop it. But we will try to lead as many as will listen to the path that will actually bring them back out of the storm and to safe ground. I never said it’d be easy or fast, but just like a ship, course adjustments are made in small increments to leads toward the massive change in destinstion that results from theadjustments along the way. I actually like the idea of not staying in the middle of being assaulted forever. Will it happen for a time? Yes, but for someone who has the right compass, there is way out.

            • “The difference between some who knows Jesus, and some one who doesn’t is you’re all concerned with this world and what’s going on it all the time. We aren’t. We already know what’s coming, and we aren’t going to try to stop it.”

              I’m sorry, but that kind of thinking is exactly how the elite want the slaves to think. “Kill me and take what you want, I don’t care, I’m going home anyway”.

              I can’t seem to find anywhere in the Bible where it says God, through Jesus, is going to save us from any horrors. He’s not going to fight our battles for us. He gave us free will, so WE can decide what is right and when to fight and when to walk away.

              When I read MY Bible, the stories of WARS, FIGHTING in epic BATTLES against evil, is scattered throughout the texts. Frankly, the Holy Bible is one of the bloodiest books I’ve ever read. Here’s a few of my favorites and a link to a page where I found them listed in one place, for easy reference:

              The Destruction of Jerusalem – Luke 19:41-44, 21:5-24
              The Christian War – John 18:36, 2 Corinthians 10:3-6 (Rom. 13:12, Eph. 6:11-18)
              The War in Heaven between Michael and Satan – Revelation 12:1-17 (Rev. 11:2)
              The Defeat of the Beast in the Battle of Armageddon – Revelation 19:11-21 (16:12-16)
              The Last Victory – Revelation 20:1-15
              The Assyrian Invasion – 2 Kings 18-19 (2 Chron. 32:20-21)
              Pharoah Pursues the Israelites in Exodus – Exodus 14
              The Israelites Fight Back against the Amalekites – Exodus 17:8-16
              Israel Marches on the City of Jericho – Joshua 6
              Joshua Leads Israel against the 5 Amorite Kings – Joshua 10 (Deut. 9:5)
              King Jabin of Hazor with a Great Army Opposes Joshua and Israel – Joshua 11
              Israel’s Continuing Conquests – Judges 1:1-11
              Ehud Leads Israel against the Moabites – Judges 3:12-30
              Gideon’s 300 Rise Up against the Midianites – Judges 7-8:21


              So in response to those who seem to think that God wants us to just lay down and “get it over with”, I say READ YOUR BIBLE AGAIN. In it it is very clear that God expects us to FIGHT EVIL, with our last breath if necessary, and for that we’ll get our heavenly rewards.

              Do nothing—Get nothing.

              We are expected to EARN our places in His Kingdom, and laying ourselves down, prone at the feet of evil is NOT an option.

              We’re not considered “GOD’S ARMY” and “CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS” for nothing.

              • You’re thinking about the wrong kind of fighting. I never said I wouldn’t fight, or that I would. If I had said I will fight, you would’ve taken it exactly how you are now. If you read the entirety of what’s written in the New Testament verses you quoted, you’d see you missed the point of why what was said, was said. As far as the Old Testament goes, that was a different time period with different ways of things being done and for certain reasons that don’t apply anymore. You can’t take things out of context and expect to produce the correct result. We are supposed to fight, but since you want to quote things; Jesus said “love your enemy”. Paul wrote, “the weapons of our warfare are not carnal”. Again its written, “set your mind on things above, not things on the earth.” The kind of fighting you are referring to is not the write kind if you are apart of God’s army.

                • If you say so. I do wonder then, why beat plowshares into swords? To butter bread with?

                  Clearly, believe what you want to believe…it’s okay.

                  • Same to you. Again, you shouldn’t take things out of context or misunderstand what’s written

      4. Having worked in this field for almost three decades and been having attended meetings with the public utility during the Y2K scare I learned a bit about the Utility Industry post deregulation.

        Once upon a time the profits made from generation financed maintenance and upgrades to the transmission side (known as The Grid). Then came IPP (Independent Power Producers) that took a great piece of that part of the business. The classic Public Utility one time operating in cost plus mode had to manage their money more effectively while simultaneously having less money to do so. The Grid took the brunt of the reduction in funding. Fortunately there was a lot of redundancy left over from the cost plus days of large budgets. Unfortunately over time that Fat was cut into while demand has increased.

        I’m not too sure that it would take an intentional human effort to create a cascading power loss that would occur over a large area effecting a lot of people. These power losses usually occur during periods of high demand. Fortunately these type of problems don’t destroy a great amount of equipment however expect them to occur more and more frequently.

        • I love goats!

          • Perv. 🙂

          • Then why don’t you go get yourself one and leave us the hell alone.

            • Lol BH that was funny!

              • .02, thanks for the thought, but I really wish that useless troll would just go away. I just don’t have nay use for him. braveheart

              • Peterson=troll. troll=dickhead.

                • agreed

            • Poor goat…how can you be so cold Brave?… 😉

              • There are laws against that kind of thing, ya know…

          • Honesty is good for the soul and admitting you have a problem is the first step to solving it.

            • Unless of course, you’re too OCD to focus on your feet…

              • You mean C.D.O. (The same thing but in alphabetical order, the way it should be.)

                • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder? How do you get CDO out of that?

                  • Alphabetize the letters, because things being out of order is just wrong and must be corrected And by the way, you need to put periods after the initials when you write it. Each letter is an abbreviation of a word and this is indicated by period.
                    On a more serious note; you could refer to it as Compulsion Disorder, Obsessive. But the comment was actually intended as humor. Sorry it did not come across well.

                  • Yeah…right…I’ll get right on that…

                  • You’re okay, SWFL…really.

          • Get some good rubber boots!

          • @ Petrson… I will give you one. two if you are a polygamist.

            • OK,since this seems to have veered towards crude humor,Pete,put the goat on a pitched roof,that way it keeps backing up!

          • I love to eat goats!!! BBQ Cabrito with some green chili and a big bowl of Menudo washed down with some ice cold beer!! Awesome stuff

            • Crabbe, I can eat road kill, I always said I like everything when it comes to food. But if Menudo is what I’m thinking of, I would have to drink atleast a 12 pack of ice cold beer before I could get a bowl of that stuff down. I was at WalMart and saw a guy and his wife loading up their cart with big cans of that stuff, and I said that must be good and he said it’s great you need to try it, so I bought a can, came home ate a bowl and poured the rest out. If Menudo is what I’m thinking of, it’s beef tripe, don’t really care what it is, but the taste just didn’t set right. Trekker Out. Eat More Possum!

              • The first time I tried Menudo was about 35 years ago down in Tecate Mexico. Of course, we had already consumed a couple cases of Tecate beer among other stuff so it was easy to eat the Menudo, and mystery burritos which by the way tasted pretty good. I wouldn’t touch canned Menudo, but if it was made from scratch by someone who knows what they are doing, it is pretty good. I suppose that’s true about most anything. My ex from years back was hispanic and cooked a lot of Mexican food from scratch… really good stuff. We don’t eat store bought canned food but do can a lot of homegrown stuff. Coon and Possum are pretty good too.

                • Crabbe, that guy and his wife I talked to at WalMart with the Menudo was Hispanic so they knew how to fix it. It’s true with about anything, you have to know how to fix it. When I was in the Navy and was on Liberty in Sicily a buddy and I ran into a couple of Italian Service men out drinking and they took us to a restaurant and we had squid, didn’t know what it was at the time but it was really good, so the next time we went on liberty we went to another place and ordered the samething, and man was it chewy and the breading slipped of and you could see the suction cups on the tentacles and it wasn’t nearly as good. So it’s all in the preparation. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

            • @ CRABBE….More people should try goat….

              I love Cabrito (sp?) I was down in Southwest Texas for a while and hung out in a local Beer joint where every weekend the guys from the local cook offs would drag their rigs over to the back of the Bar…..The owner paid and everyone pigged out !!! There was 1 particular guy from across the border that cooked the best Cabrito I have ever eaten….There seems to be a nack for being able to prepare it and cook it well…. And I would still be down there…but I swear that Girl never told me she was married to a guy who looked like Hulk Hogan !!!

              • Oh Lord !!! I just got the gest of what Capt Perv peterson had been talking about…

                So…Someone please tell me that PERV peterson is not from Southwest Texas !!!

                • Obviously, he’s from a land where they banned soap-on-a-rope…

          • Didn’t bother to read it, Hemorrhoid.

          • You just proved Phil Robertson’s point! Thanks!

      5. A failure due to emp is my biggest concern. Due to the fact that so much of the infrastructure could be affected. A cyber attack would be bad but and emp would be worse.
        I know there is some debate about what would or would not be affected like cars for instance. But assume the worst and hope/pray for the best. However we are still gonna get the boat. God Bless, James

        • I fell in love with the catamaran after watching water world.

          • Im partial to the corsair trimaran, is trailerable, but fast and easily piloted by one!
            http://www. corsairmarine. com/

            • 37CR is the one i like,,,

            • A long time ago I had a 25′ Piver trimaran.

          • Im partial to the corsair trimaran, is trailerable, but fast and easily piloted by one! Better with 2-3

            • Loved my Pearson 303… Not a Cat or Tri lover.

            • I am a kayak guy myself,have one OK in ocean set up right and one for the rivers/swamps ect.I love the kayak in that with practically no draw can get in many places could not with my old aluminum fishing boat(though liked that to).

        • How would a massive solar flare affect the electrical systems in cars?

          • Bear,believe would really depend on year model,older point system ignition cars might be ok where all the newer stuff with computers more susceptible to a hit,tis what I have read anyhow.I suppose if not too much could keep a spare”brain” for your car actually well protected in your car,depends on how new/how many computers ect.Someone posted awhile back about ways to ground your car even on the move.We have a lot of articles and discussions on emp,perhaps a article at some time discussing hardening things against emp beyond the faraday cages could be very nice.Bear,keep in mind,even if your car say protected not too helpful unless 4×4 if roads clogged with dead cars,but perhaps,gives you a chance to get to home or out of a bad area at least.I would be very interested though in emp proofing things without huge cages if possible.

      6. The human race is indeed addicted to electricity. Our whole country and way of life depend on it. Like everything else however, we take it for granted. People are just too used to flipping the lights on, having heat, hot and cold water, cooled and frozen food, entertainment…you name it.

        And has been said before by MANY- it really is a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’. Also, why the NDAA includes the ‘power’ to have government control of all power and communications. When it happens those areas will eat each other alive and then the chaos will spread from there. Don’t think so? Visualize Katrina x 1000 if you can. It will get very, very ugly very quickly.

        So…what to do?

        Solar- Even if you cannot afford a large grid buy a single 250 watt panel if possible. Goal Zero even makes backpack sized units to charge small items like cells phones or tablets.

        PMA Motor- Permanent Magnet Alternator. These can generate 12volts with as little as 130 RPMS’s…unlike a cars alternator which requires 2000-2500 RPM’s to start making power. The WindBlue DC-540 Permanent Magnet Alternator PMA equipped with 3-phase External Rectifier connector and standard DC output connection is what you want to look at.

        LED lighting- 12 volt and even LED light bulbs for regular household lighting are the bees knees in terms of light output, safety and power savings. I made the switch to ALL LED bulbs and my power bill dropped like a rock. Just do it.

        These are a few things to look into, I’m sure others can chime in with more.

        • I do solar systems as a side job and have done them professionally. One thing to keep in mind a panel that is 175 watts or more is probably 24 volts (up to 40 volts open circuit). An off grid solar system has come down in price from a few years ago. What I reccomend if you have the paper satans to do it is setup an array of panels (1000 watts or more if you can) 24 volt panels are a lot cheaper but you will need an mppt voltage dropping charge controller. Get a battery bank as big as you can afford and a pure sinewave inverter with built in charger. A good idea for making your panels work for you 24/7 is to have a knife switch on the output from the panels. 1 side will feed the charge controller to charge the batteries or switch it to feed a grid tied inverter to offset your grid power use. So when your batteries are charged just switch the panel output to the grid tied inverter and all the power produced will backfeed your house. Power goes out just switch it to charge the batteries and fire up the offgrid inverter to power your house. (be sure you sever any ties to the grid power before doing this!!!) If the solar can’t keep up you can help charge the batteries with a generator backfed through the inverter. It’s up to you if you want the govt involved with permits and shit I wouldn’t but be aware if your system offsets more than about 20-25% of your power you will raise a red flag and they will come snooping. Or if you just make it all offgrid then maybe install a subpanel to power critical items. Just be sure none of it is connected to the grid in any way! Some brands to STAY AWAY from are,, trojan batteries,, magnasine inverters,, xantrex charge controllers,, here are a few reccommendations.. charge controller inverter offgrid type pay attention to required voltage and wattage. Batteries,, these are great batteries be sure to click on the 420 ah model they are cheaper and hold more power. Look for a US Battery dealer near you so you can save a ton on shipping and maybe get them even cheaper. Look on craigslist for solar panels, a lot of people sell 24 volt new panels for under 1.00 a watt. Get MC4 connectors on ebay as well as uv resistant solar wire. Most solar sales sites offer free info on wire sizing and disconnects etc. A 100 amp rated dual knife switch is 40 bux on ebay. If you don’t have the funds for all of this then use some 6 volt golf cart batteries and a pwm charge controller and some 12 volt panels (cheap on ebay) get the batteries locally (costco, sams club) Dont buy a chinese puresine inverter from ebay. You can run most things with a modified sinewave if you dont have the bux for a real sinewave but not a tv or computer. Forget windpower it sucks, very unreliable and maintenence, visibility etc. I sold my wind tubine as fast as I could and bought more panels lol. If any of you have questions feel free to ask 🙂

          • Oh I almost forgot, the on/off grid system will have to use low voltage grid tie inverters. You can get them from ebay but they arent UL approved so only do this if you arent going to involve the govt. I have used them before with no problems. Just be sure to get the low distortion ones >2% you can get 24 volt or 12 volt models. Otherwise you will have to use a high voltage input charge controller about 1100.00 which will accept up to 80 amps and be compatible with a standard grid tie inverter (provided your solar input is over 150 volts).

            • Great info Genius…

              I do happen to use a Chinese brand grid-tie inverter. I haven’t had any problems with it in use for 2 1/2 years.

              I have the off grid charge controller stored for now. I keep my deep cycle batteries on a trickle charger 24/7 so they are topped up whenever I need them.

              Why don’t you recommend the Chinese inverters?

              • JRS, I do like the chinese inverters, I was just saying that if your doing a permitted/inspected system they won’t fly. They are a lot cheaper than a high voltage grid tie inverter but only about 60% efficient.

              • A question from an interested novice.

                I’ve been told that deep cycle batteries usually have an average life span of about 3 years. Some of the higher quality and more expensive batteries might last about 5 years under ideal conditions.

                So, even if people spend a ton of money and put in backup or SHTF solar power systems to help them survive if the grid goes down – if we are in a real SHTF situation, and the infrastructure has collapsed and the electrical power grid is down and there is no definite period of time where we can assume things will be back to normal, what use will solar power be once the deep cycle batteries die and we won’t be able to find replacements?

                Most estimates I’ve seen about the length of time required to recover from a massive EMP attack are in the range of at least a decade, if not longer.

                • Tucker, would you rather have 3-5 (7-10 for good batteries)years of some power or nothing? You could try dry storing extra batteries too. Empty the acid solution out of fully charged batteries and save it in glass containers and leave the caps off the batteries so they completely dry out (I have never tried this). Even if the batteries are worn out they will serve as a voltage buffer and you can use power from the panels during daylight. 10 years should be long enough to develop your flintstone lifestyle 🙂

                • A few years ago a person asked me to check out theyre old solar system. I will never forget what I saw, the panels were old as dirt probably 20 yrs old and the batteries were deep cycle 6 volt that looked to be 10+ years old. The damndest thing was the batteries appeared to have never been maintained! They were about 1/4 full of water and some were probably dry lol. BUT, it still ran the cellphone and some led lights. They didn’t have the money for new batteries so I’m assuming they are still squeeking by on those ruined dead ones. So even after the nominal lifespan of batteries is gone there is still a small amount of usable power.

                  • Your comment triggered my always active cynicism alert mechanism.

                    Could the manufacturers of deep cycle batteries be feeding us a line of bull about a 3 year average life-span because they want us to spend more money and buy new batteries, so as to keep their revenue stream flowing in a profitable direction?

                  • Tucker, I wasn’t being cynical I was pointing ot that power even if only for a few years is a lot better that nothing. Batteries with a 3 year warrany or lifespan are most likely lower end ones. US batteries warranty is 3 years I think BUT they will last twice that long if cared for properly. Surrette batteries have a 10 year warranty, Crown industrial batteries have a 10 year warranty but an expected 20 year life. It all depends on how deep you discharge them and how well you care for them. A desulphator extends the life too. L16 batteries last longer than standard batteries. If my batteries only lasted 3 years I would be pissed beyond belief. Trojan is about the only battery I have known to have a life this short in the real world. US battery is cheaper than trojan and outlasts them at least double. Size yiour battery bank large enough that you never go below 50% discharge and even less if you can.

          • Genius,to make it worth it how much direct sun does system need daily and basic material cost estimate,say 1000 watts.My other question is any of this equipment vulnerable to say a hard core emp and if so what needs to be spare and caged,thanx.

            • Warchild, there are a lot of variables such as where you live, peak sun hours per day average, days of autonomy (no sun), etc. I usually take 30% off of input watt hours to actual usable watt hours in a battery based system. Also we need to know your power consumption avg. Here is a formula for grid tie (just deduct an extra 25% for battery loss and inverter efficiency).. providing you have a large enough battery bank. Also if the batteries are exposed to below freezing take another 30% off the battery capacity. Solar panels put out more power in the cold and less in the heat. You don’t want to take your batteries below 50% discharge if you want them to last very long either. So size your battery bank accordingly, most manufacturers have a % of discharge vs. cycle life chart. I need to know the daily average of power you will be using or use the formula in my link. As far as emp Protection, some people say a total off grid wouldn’t be damaged but just in case you could put the inverter and charge controller in a metal garbage can lined with bubble wrap. The panels and batteries should be ok. As far as cost, to run 1000 watts constantly from a battery based system 24/7 would be kinda pricey, around 14,000 but if thats not constant it would be a lot less. For every dollar you spend on energy conserving appliances etc you will save 4-5 dollars on your system. Let me know if you need further help…

              • Genius ? Have you had any experience with the lithium solar batteries?
                When we going to get started on the experiment?


                • Hey thinker, My search for the equipment turned into a 2 day shelf building ordeal. I did find a cb but only had 1 antenna. I ordered another antenna and need some coax to connect it. Im not heading your way so I could maybe mail you the antenna. I need to call you and see if you can get a cb and cable or if I need to send that too. I will have to buy a cable if you don’t have one. Also I will be leaving town to work soon so I hope we can get something going. I will call you tommorrow, Thanks1

                  • Oh ya about lithium batteries, I have read that they are good but extremely finicky about charging. You have to have a semi complex charging controller or you will ruin them. I guess if you had the money they sound pretty good though.

              • Genius,thanks,was thinking for moms place but my guess is due to a well treed area probably not a great option,would though have to do some sun tracking I guess but probably lucky if 4 hours of direct.Would never grid tie and really,just looking to say run a micro for food heating/run a water pump a few minutes a day,perhaps run a radio a bit and recharge some rechargeable lights.She does have a hand pump set up outdoors finally but she is getting older(heck,we all are!),just trying without huge money or fuss making her home a bit more user friendly in tough times.

                • Hey Warchild, electric heating with solar is a bad idea. It would take a very big system to do it same with electric water heating. I would reccommend wood heat or propane. You can get a solar DC well pump on ebay for about 250.00 that will pump 150ft. and run on a 24 volt solar panel. You would need a storage tank and an on demand pump feeding your house. Do a search on DC well pumps and shop around, theres a big variance on prices.

                  • Opps I just saw that you meant a microwave lol. I would say a 1500 watt inverter would run a microwave ok just be sure you have sufficient batteries to handle a short term high drain load.

                  • Electric heating?The only thing consider heating would be say a soup bowls worth of water in a mico,she is good on the heating end as far as wood stove,bathing,well,a big pot on top of wood stove winter time/solar showers ect.

          • What I want to set up, is a solar powered spider box. I want to be able to haul out the panels and multi-plugged box, like what is used on construction sites to power their tools in the field. They usually have a magnificently huge generator to power the box, but I’d like to set one up to use solar power in an emergency.

            Any suggestions on that? A spider box isn’t expensive, it’s just like a big extension cord, really.

            • Sixpack, what I gather is you want a portable solar system in a crate of sorts? That is pretty easy, all you need is some panels, a charge controller, some batteries and an inverter. I mostly see jobsite size stuff built on trailers. You can make a smaller one of course any size that works for you. The smallest I would make is 2- 220ah golf cart batteries, a 2500 watt modified sinewave inverter, a 30 amp pwm charge controller, 250 watts total of 12 volt solar panels. I used the solar system on my travel trailer to build my cabin. I consisted of 4- 220ah batteries, 2- 125 watt 12v solar panels, 1- 30 amp charge controller, a 3500 watt modified sinewave inverter. The cost for those components now would be in the 12-1300 dollar range. A mini backup like I described at first would be about 8-900. You could mount the system in a back of bed toolbox just pull the panels out and set them up.

              • That’s just about what I was looking for, Genius. I’m gonna go research all the parts you listed and get more familiar with each. You’re right, I don’t want a permanent setup that could give me away at the wrong time, yet I need something I can run a couple of lights off of, maybe a fridge or a fan—stuff like that. Nothing extravagant.

                I wanna be able to pack it up and act like it doesn’t exist if I need to.

          • Id just like to have a solar system that would power some LED strips all over the house. Sort of set the system up and if power fails it comes on. A system where by you put it together and the solar panels keep the batteries charges, so if there is a power outage I have lights.

            • Slick, A nicer looking and more practical way to do DC lighting is just get the 12 volt led bulbs that screw into a normal house socket (edison base). Ebay has tons of them in all sizes cheap. get some decent fixtures at the local hardware store and wire them up where you need them. Just make sure you wire them all in parallel and use correct size wiring (dc uses much bigger wire size than ac). A 12 watt led light uses about 1 amp so 4 lights= 4 amps x 5 hours use per day = 20 amp hours x 2 (remember you dont want to go below 50% discharge)= 40 amp hour battery required. Bump this number up if your going to use an inverter. A 75-100 watt solar panel should work well for general weather. They also make cfl 12 volt bulbs that have a nicer color of light, Good luck!

          • How long do the batteries live before they won’t take a charge anymore?

            • Different battery types have different cycle lives. It depends also how far they get discharged, how long they sit uncharged, how well they are maintained. The best most forgiving batteries are the FLA (flooded lead acid) the kind you add water to. The only reasons you wouldn’t use them is for remote applications where you can’t be there to service them or if they need to be inside in an unsealed container (they vent off hydrogen gas) or if the temratures will be extremely low (-35 and below). The quality of batteries varies a LOT. Get good batteries right from the start and avoid problems later. Avoid trojan batteries! US battery is the best for the money IMO I had a set of 220ah US2200 batteries last 7 years! But, they were well maintained and never below 50% discharged and had a BLS desulphator connected to them. On the other hand I had a trojan deep cycle that ran a cell phone and a light and never got below 10% discharged and lasted a year and a half! I have gone out and replaced batteries in some off grid homes that had trojan L-16 That didn’t even last 4 years. The key is to get good batteries, keep them maintained, keep them charged,don’t go below 50% discharge. Crown also makes a good battery for the money. Using a desulphator helps a lot too I have had good results with this brand Good Luck!

              • A great way to learn about solar is this book it is one of the textbooks from the courses I took. It has all you need to know including wire sizing, sun charts, electrical priciples, system sizing, batteries, etc. Probably the best book there is for all inclusive solar design. Theyre school is also very highly rated and excellent courses! If you want a career in solar this is the place to start. It was worth every penny and is a great side job or full time job! There is a lot more to solar power than people realize, this will explain it very well! Knowledge like this is always good to have and a 60.00 education that can’t be beat!

        • Wouldn’t it just be easier to go to bed at night and get up at daylight? Maybe sit around a campfire for a couple hours if the cannibals are not roaming the hills? If it gets REALLY bad, having a light on seems like a bad idea.

          • They won’t see a thing coming from my house…guaranteed.

          • I am thinking my mom who is older and lives out in sticks,not so much light but say water pump/perhaps quick micro hit for heating food,have fixed her up with a hand one but like I said,she is older and would like to make as easy as possible,she does have wood stove also and try to keep her stocked up but is why I got handsaw for her as she is not comfortable with chainsaw.

            • I threw my mike in the trash years ago. I hate nuked food with a passion.

              • Eh,well,for her to quickly heat a little water/soup whatever,just trying to make it as comfortable as possible for my mum.

                • you a good boy warchild and your mum is blessed to have you.

              • Built a new kitchen in 2008 from the studs out, did not put in a microwave. Never did like them.

                Cooking a meal generally doesn’t take over 20 minutes unless it’s a big roast or such.

                Learn to cook and enjoy it. In 1900, most housewives spent 8 hours a day either in the kitchen or shopping for the fresh food. We have it pretty easy today, and don’t need instant meals out of the nuclear oven.

                • Smokey,SHTF/grid down,my mum is old.She can quickly heat up water/a can of soap whatever tis good for me,hence a hit lightly a day solar/battery rig might be helpful.She will be spending time hopefully fishing/perhaps a bit of hunting,making up firewood ect.,not 8 hours in the kitchen,well,unless working on a patient,she is a retired doc.

                  • WC, I’m not knocking your choice.

                    Good on yer for taking care of your mom. A lot of people don’t care.

            • Warchild great idea, wish you had mentioned it sooner, my moms gettting to old to use a chainsaw too, and I bought her a double bitted axe, but if I had thought of it I would have got her a good cross cut saw for Christmas. Trekket Out. Good Exercise!

              • Trek,you have missed my saw posts(here we go again!).I got my mom the corona 22″ hand saw,has a great handle that fits a large hand with a glove which is necc. in New England!I have used a few times myself and cuts pine and oak fine,could probably cut bigger then 10″ if determined but not much of a cutting stroke then,my mom will be chasing say 6″ stuff as there is a life time of fall in her region.The saw has a fine kerf on front to get you a good start and then aggressive for cutting thru the bulk on rest of blade.The only problem have had was the blade to handle bolts loosened but blue locktite cured that.I believe that was due to them not knowing what a lean/aggressive/saw cutting guy like me could accomplish,not their fault!I told my mum to just cut a few logs daily year round and she would always have stove set for winter.I would like to set up a small splitter run with foot power and some hydrolic piston,way too many things to do,just try and get done what I can.I got the saw off of big box A store on the net $40 delivered.

        • Thanks for the info, I’ve been wanting to build a system for years. I have panels & batteries, but definetly need to add PMA. Cost is prohibitive. I’ve posted several times about Red Chinas non-nuclear super emp. Size of a small suitcase. Would start a new dark age for us instantly. An EMP is about the only thing that would force us to abandon the US. We would try to ride it out, but cannibalism would be rampant pretty quickly. You can’t predict ANYTHING under circumstances like that. Least of all other people. Be safe everyone!
          Standing ready in Daytona

          • Hey Matt, don’t let your batteries sit around without keeping them topped off on charge. That will kill them faster than anything. What is PMA? If you want to keep your batteries good just hook them up to your panels with a charge controller, that way they will be good when you need them most. You can get a 30 amp pwm controller on ebay for 20 bux. Batteries are the most expensive part of a system, take care of them…

          • As I have said before,I die,feel free to eat me,just cook well!I am a big fan of book Alive and also a organ donor,really see no difference.

      7. I watched threads like a year or two ago, and I think about it all the time. The bad part about that scenario is that the UK received the worst amount of nukes in a small area. Not that it would be peachy anywhere else. Crack poof Cucko Guy? where are you ??????????

        • Plaindude, don’t you mean NinaO? good question. He did add some character to the site.

          • No he didn’t

      8. I’m covered. I have 80 200-hour candles, thus 16,000 hours.

        If use 4 hours per night, then (16000 hr/4hr) = 4000 nights.

        Then, (4000 nights/365 nights/year) = 10.96 years.

        I am covered! That is unless shtf lasts 10.97 years….

        • Ugly,I’ll be damned,there really is a 200 hour candle,or at least that’s what they claim,learn something new daily!

        • Ugly–you’re set!!

          I have enjoyed my electric battery charger so much, I am ordering a solar battery charger this week. Folks throw away perfectly good batteries and don’t realize it.
          I have LED flashlights for every room using AAA batteries so if the sun isn’t shining for a recharge, I have (1) 100 hour candle and (15) 100 hour sanctuary/church candles, 4 lanterns with lots of lantern oil.

          • JJ,folks throwing away batteries,am I correct in assuming your batteries made to be recharged?

            • Yep–I recharge all my batteries now with an electric battery charger.
              I have a shoe box of new batteries and with the solar battery charger, will be okay as long as the sun shines.
              The info with the charger says most AA and AAA, etc. can be charged about 16 times.
              That’s a big savings for a $23 battery charger, huh.
              All batteries can be recharged. Go figure!!
              At Amazon:
              Maximal Power FC999 Universal Rapid Charger for Alkaline, RAM, Ni-MH, Ni-CD, AA, AAA, C, D, N, 9V Batteries
              Let’s you check the power range, dead or not, BEFORE discarding!

              • Whoa,you mean like the meth bunny batteries ect.,over the counter basic batteries work with this recharger?!Damn,I need to get me one of them!

                • Best money I spent in a while.
                  Also, I have LED candles for the windows from DG for $2 each; been in windows for 4 weeks; on 8 hrs, off 16 hrs by themselves!!!!! 🙂
                  Coolest thing since sliced bread–no worry, no bother.
                  Haven’t needed any battery changes yet, for 4 weeks!!!

      9. All my prepping is geared toward an off-grid scenario, regardless of how it is caused. I have a Plan B to go to a cousin’s BOL in north GA if I can leave the city early enough. The BOL is already off-grid with solar and wind power systems in place and a good well with a hand pump. Heat in the winter is a, you guessed it, a wood burner and a lifetime wood supply is on the property. My cousins all have gardens and grow a certain percentage of their own food. they all grew up on farms so raising crops is all natural to them. they were all raised in the ‘prepper’ lifestyle; they learned how to hunt, fish, strip and clean game for cooking, foraging, camping, etc. from the earliest possible age. Their middle name is ‘survival’. Since I was raised in an urban area, I learned a lot from them. If I can’t get out of the city in time, I’ll really have some fun. [sarcasm] I expect trouble within the first 24 hrs. of the lights going out. Nowadays I check my weapons once a week just to make sure they’re 100% ready to go. I’m still adding to my food and water supply. the more I get, the longer I can last. I fully expect a scenario like in “Lights Out” or “One Second After”. It ain’t gonna be nice, that’s for sure. braveheart

        • Lol “strip” and clean game. That would be called skinning. Yup you are a city boy, but hey you will be thrilled with all the things you will learn when you have to go back to nature. I was 10yo before we had an inside toilet with running water. Shot and “stripped” lol my first deer @ 8. I do love the convenience, but you can keep you solar panels and batteries, I am going back to where I came from.

          • .02,call it strip/gut/field dress,still at times puke with the bigger game!

            • Lol, dont gut shoot them, makes it was less messy.

              • The one thing am sure of is my shot,hence why with bow have not got one as not totally sure of one shot I might have had this year,@ moment not a survival thing so OK as time spent hiking in woods quality no matter what,matter of survival using .308 and cheating(sorry bambi).

                • naw a 308 aint cheating, tis what I use. Works really well on bambi and its mother.

                  • Just got done loading up another 250 rounds of Sierra Game Kings for my 308,
                    My fave!

                  • Yep 165 GK ahead of 44 grains of varget.. Fire formed, necked sized with the Lee collet dies. Kills things DRT

                  • BUT is I was going after elk or moose I would probably go to the 180 grain Nosler Partition.

                  • 02
                    I like the 180 g GK
                    Ballistics are similar to the loads i roll with 175 SMKs try to get the trajectory close up to 250 yds

                  • Farmer. The Nosler retains more weight and drives deeper than the GK for a bit more energy at longer distance. The beauty of the 308 and reloading is it is hard to find a bullet it wont shoot well, but the 175 smk is THE bullet to use for competition. Federal uses them in their match ammo and what is it now, about 50 bux a box of 20? It sure is nice to be able to produce them for around 40 cents or less. I shoot the 53 grain vmax out of my Weatherby 223 for varmint mimicking Hornady’s Superperformance loads that are 23 bux a box of 20 for about 25 cents a piece. Reloading is a great way to be able to shoot a lot cheaper and it also makes for better accuracy as you can adjust powder and COL, PLUS use fire formed cases and that results in shooting holes in holes. Especially in the 308. Excellent caliber for reloading, possibly the best over all.

                • A great match/target load for the .243 is 47.5 grains of H414 with a sierra 70 gr. matchking. This averages 3600 fps and is extremely accurate.

                  • Genius…

                    Thinking about doing some reloading….what would be a good combo for a 270 ?

                  • NRV, I have never had a .270 so I can’t help you there but I bet others here can.

            • I was raised on a self-sufficient farm. While I really don’t like gutting, skinning or plucking, I CAN and WILL do it when I have to…if it comes down to me or them—it’s going to be me.

          • .02 my Nephew always had a way with words. He told me one time, I can’t figure out why someone is always dressing there deer, he said when he kills one he likes to undress it. But then again he was always calling Black Widow Spiders, Black Willards and Hollow Logs, Hollered Logs. And once when we were driving down a back road, he said stop and back up, and I said what did you see, and he said I think it was a Roverine. I think maybe there are more hillbillies in Missouri than there are Roverines. Trekker Out.

            • Lol my family is FROM Missouri originally on my mothers side. Guess that explains a lot about my up bringing. The stories my parents could tell you about how they lived. My dad was raised on a farm in southern Idaho that I don’t think has power even today.

          • .02, sorry, I didn’t have any control over where I grew up. I’m just thankful to even have relatives who do know how to do such things and were willing to teach me. Once I get to the BOL, I’ll be alright. braveheart

            • yes you will and you will and you might just find that you will be wondering why you waited so long to get out of the city. I try to stay as far away as I can, alone in the mountains is a great place. I spend a lot of time fishing and hunting right on the Canadian border.

      10. So this is why the government is buying all the ammo, food, and tanks. Now I get it.

      11. My my body is just a vessel.

      12. POG has mail

        • Thanks anonymous. Now I am just waiting for Tact.

      13. Although the link indicates the data comes from Oak Ridge National Laboratory, it took me to a page called E&E Publishing with which I am unfamiliar so a third party used the data of another and assumptions about an EMP in Canada to draw lines on a map.

        At least if their SWAG (Scientific Wild Ass Guess) comes to pass it will be possible for the prepared on the periphery to relocate to the unaffected area while those in the cities are still wondering what happened.

      14. I can’t leave NY fast enough. I wish I was in TX already!

        • Everyone is going to Texas , good luck with that

          • VRF, You got that right! Only problem is, Mexicans and Liberals are pouring in there quicker than Conservatives. I say give it a decade and it will be another California. Trekker Out. Sad But True!

      15. Running on off grid solar right now. Would actually be easier if the rest of the country was down as we wouldn’t spend any watt/hrs on fool computer or TV & components.

        Complete set of backup gear in metal trash cans.

        Bring it.

      16. I read all these doom and gloom scenarios, how we can’t build anything anymore. The reality is far different. Obviously it would take more than a few weeks, but in a few.months we could be in production of huge equipment of any type , thousands of copies per year without ANY difficulty. So it would in no way be decades, maybe a year or two to replace thousands of large transformers. I have personally set up factories producing hundreds to thousands of parts per day. All it requires is money and priority. Plus you would already have the resources in place all that may be needed is spare parts and repairs. Please try to be more realistic. In one case I built a department and factory and went from zero to #1 manufacturer in the world in 18 months, so to me this is nothing insurmountable, not even close. For example look at the wind industry that shuts down one year and the next they install 10,000 units worldwide. These are certainly more technologically advanced than any large transformer with controls and numerous large parts with a multitude of materials that need to be shipped worldwide and assembled and installed. I don’t think they are using all the nation’s resources to do this, only a small percentage.

        • “””All it requires is money and priority.”””

          Therein lies the problem. The “priority” of those calling the shots and controlling the money is depopulation, not repairing the grid.

        • In a JIT inventory society, you going to play hell getting to a factory to build anything none the less make it work. Power out for 7 days, it will be Mad Max 10 days later and they will eat you 30 days from there.

          • Even in current conditions, good luck trying to hire people for that factory. Most people refuse to work anymore. They all want to sponge on the revenue of the remaining workers who still pay taxes into the system and those numbers are getting smaller as time goes by. braveheart

            • Logistics and raw materials will be a big problem on top of the HR element, add to that civil unrest, how the hell do you ramp up and begin manufacturing a specialized product when people are killing eachother for a snickers bar or a can of beans?
              Guess FEMA will save us,

            • Yes Braveheart but when the electrical gird dies so do their EBT moocher cards as well. I want to see those 450 500 pound heiffers I saw at walmart, with their EBT cards and $434.00 worth of meats having to actually do some work to survive!

              • Slick One, I read you loud and clear. I’d like to see some of those hogs try to make it through an 8-hour shift somewhere. I don’t think they could. braveheart

              • The hearts failing them from the Bible verse comes into play here. Can you imagine the piles of dead fatties if they have to try to go out and gather food/firewood/supplies? Even the kids are obese.

                • .02, I can picture that happening. there’s no way the hogs will last.

        • I’d like to think that but without electricity, fuel, and parts/supplies it will take considerably longer to build and manufacture the replacement and get it to the right locations and operational.

        • The problem is the machine tools. If the machines have been sent overseas, it will take up to a year to build new ones, IF we have the raw materials and the know-how. One key vulnerability we have now is that almost all of our large machine tool capacity is gone. I watched it go in the ’70s and ’80s when I was in that business. Most of our large stuff comes from Germany, Japan and Korea. I can name a couple of companies still here, but they would be overwhelmed with the demand, and they need huge amounts of electricity run their factories.

      17. My Plan B is to go to my cousin’s BOL in north GA if I can get out of town early enough. Already have half of my supplies there. the place is already off-grid with solar and wind-powered systems, well with a hand pump, gardens, etc. I live in one of the green areas on that first map. If I’m stuck in the concrete jungle, I’ll be having fun. [sarcasm] Things will go south in the first few hours of any power loss, regardless of the cause. I’ve got all of the electronics I want to save in a metal trash can and insulated with bubble wrap. My prepping is continuing all the way til’ the last minute and even beyond if I can beat the crowds. braveheart

        • We gotta preppy mcgee over here.

          • Who the hell is this posting under my name and splitting the name?

            • Probably Peterson

              • If that was Peterson, I’ll beat his ass.

                • Watch out! As we said when I was a kid: Sheet Splatters!

            • Braveheart, I Love you Man! It looks like Identity theft. Trekker Out.

              • MT, it’s definitely identity theft, and I’ll beat Peterson’s ass if he’s behind it. On 2nd thought, I may just beat his ass anyway because he’s a useless troll.

                • Uh brave,perhaps you are cracking up a bit,perhaps a personality split?!Do you find yourself talking to yourself when alone doing say chores/tasks ect?!

                  • Warchild, my humor has been known to cross some lines on occasion. It helps me keep my sanity. braveheart

      18. This world is not my home.

        • It is until you leave it.

      19. Does this mean that us FIBs would have to go north and live with Packer fans and Cheeseheads?

      20. I love You Jesus Christ! Is this the Hilltop?

      21. (Yawn)

        So many city blocks will be burning we won’t worry about night lights and cooking. 😉

        • So we should stock up on weenies and marshmallows?

          • You can find plenty of both in any Liberal college town. Show a light in your window and they will deliver themselves to your door.

            • …maybe so, but they might tend to panic when I skewer their weenies and hold them over the fire…

              • When word of that gets around you just might have them lined up around the block. “Them folks ain’t normal.”

                • LOL, you might be right—advertizing “free piercings” might not be in my best interests.

      22. Look at the deaths in some large cities during a heat wave with electricity…

        It would be a SHTF situation. We would have to adapt and determine to live if it occurs.

        never give up……..If you give up, then you die….

        • Watching and waiting, welcome aboard, and AMEN to your comments. anyone who gives up will die, no question about that. braveheart

          • thanks, glad to be here…

            Merry Christmas……

      23. If in fact all the large transformers are made off shore what would stop those countries from saying to heck with you and not supply any.

        So many be the government should mandate/subsidize the production and stock pile of the large transformers.

      24. Solar power should be our primary power source. Huge u.s. power and oil money have about killed it off. Like in Florida, the sunshine state has near zilch solar energy produced. They want more and more of your money, just raised electric rate. Solar power sits there unused, a clean and cheap energy source. I imagine the military police state would of never reared its ugly head if solar power was the nations energy source.

        • If we insist on having an AC grid, solar is worse than useless. A grid cannot be kept running with such a variable source. Even the 3% or so that’s being fed into our grid now is pushing the ability of the grid managers to maintain the frequency and voltage control. Up that to 10% and there’ll be large scale blackouts every week. It would take way too much space on the forum to explain the technical problems to a layman, but as an engineer (retired) I tell you three times, it’s true.

          Solar and wind are worthwhile for a distributed system where power can be locally stored and used, however. What we lack is appliances that can run from DC battery banks, without the use of an inverter. The technology is here. I build high performance model airplanes that use it, and these electric cars use it, but so far it isn’t penetrating the home appliance market. Downside for SHTF is that it requires some pretty high tech components in the motor power/control amplifiers.

        • Nothing is stopping you from putting solar panels on your roof.

          The point of use is where the panels should be, no need to scrape off 1000 acres and put up hundreds of panels and a new transmission line setup.

        • Funny thing is before barry was installed solar was buzzing…after barry got involved it fell apart…my Wife and son work in solar electronics and wind turbine tech and the company has almost lost all its business…strange world…

          • Now THAT is an interesting factoid. Barry directed the business to his friends’ friends, and yanked it away from legit entrepreneurs? Some budding Hillsdale economist needs to make that his PhD thesis.

        • Tactical, I just finished watching the video. Yes, we have a nation of dickheads and when the lights go out…..Lord help us is correct! braveheart

          • Hey BH,

            Those turds in the video won’t know what to do when the lights go out. They’ll probably be sitting there for days wondering why the Obamaphone won’t work.

            • Darkstar, you’re probably right about that one.

          • Pretty scary video, alright. Checking the 2012 election results breakdown by demographics, we see the following:

            Black voted 93% for Obama
            Asians voted 72% for Obama
            Latinos voted 71% for Obama
            Jews voted 69% for Obama
            Whites voted 59% for Romney

            Thus, according to the census statistics – the jews who’ve been engineering the white genocide agenda since they got that 1965 White Genocide open-borders immigration law passed – have managed to reduce Whites in America to approximately 66 percent of the population. That would mean, based on the election results for 2012, that only about 6 percent of Whites are stupid and brainwashed enough to support the idea of putting an avowed Communist and a hardcore Marxist into the White House for a second term. However, as the statistics clearly show – the OVERWHELMING majority of all non-white demographic groups are predisposed to be completely supportive of Communism and Marxism.

            These ideologies, might I point out, have always appealed to the least intelligent, the least capable, the least ambitious and to those who are prone towards parasitism and dependency upon the government giving them things for free.

            This is why the left has been importing millions of these non-whites from every third world garbage dump of a nation on the planet, folks. The same template is being used over in the UK and in literally every other historic White European nation that can be considered a ‘Western nation’.

            The minority of hardcore, committed Communists who’ve stupidly been allowed to reside inside these White Western nations realized that they could never sell their ‘Communism’ and ‘Marxist ideology’ to the majority of clear thinking White European descended people. So, they simply set about to rewrite the immigration laws of each historic White European nation and then began their process of importing a completely new electorate – consisting of non-whites who they knew would be more amenable to their desire to impose Communism upon the West.

            So, for all those IQ of minus 50, so-called patriotic White idiots who comprise the ‘Tea Party’ and who I have been hearing whining and bleating about how ‘race does not matter’ and about their movement to restore the old Constitutionally restrained Republic and how they want to reign in big government and drastically cut spending and restore the financial health of our nation? Well, guess what, Tea Party morons? Race does matter. Because where your movement wants to take this nation is NOT where the vast majority of non-Whites want to go.

            If and when non-whites become the majority and the diabolically evil Democrat Party gets a one party dictatorship that is impossible to dislodge via the ballot box – Communism will be imposed upon America, because as the 2012 election results prove – non-Whites by vast majorities love Communism and Marxism and Socialism.

            Why do you race denying, Tea Party numbskulls think the left is so obsessed with abolishing the Second Amendment and disarming law abiding White Americans? Simple answer. They understand that Communism only appeals to about 6 percent of defective White Europeans – and the other 94 percent are Whites who live in the Red states or who are trapped inside Blue states or who are residing inside states that the left has been flooding with illegal non-white aliens and which will eventually turn Blue. Those are the people who the left wants to disarm, because once the left cannot be defeated at the ballot box – the cartridge box becomes the only option left to purge these evil SOBs from North America.

            Thus, the Communists on the left want to defang the people who live in the Red States. And, why do they want to defang them?

            Because they have plans to kill them. Just like Obammy’s mentor Bill Ayers said, folks. And, they would rather not have to risk getting shot in the head while they are in the process of killing us off.

            So, race does matter, folks. The left understands this all-important fact, which is why they’ve been importing millions of non-Whites. But, the one thing that scares the left the most is the fear that those of us on the traditional conservative right will realize the same thing they have understood for the last 50 plus years and start fighting this battle the same way the left has been fighting it – with race being the primary foundation upon which this battle must be fought.

            Which is the only foundation that will allow our side to win. Think about it. Tune into the virulently anti-White network MSNBC and try to watch that network for an hour or two several times a week. You will be treated to a blatant and increasingly hostile and often hysterical spewing of unabashed, undisguised, in-your-face, anti-White hatred and the most unbelievably toxic anti-White venom. I mean, the likes of Melissa-Harris Perry and Mr. Tingle, Chrissy Matthews – will actually seeth with what appears to be an almost maniacal and pathological driven, raw, festering, oozing hatred for White European Americans and for the values of traditional White conservative Americans. Review this latest Duck Dynasty ‘controversy’ and check the thermometer temperature on the radioactive hatred that is exploding out of these leftists and realize that what this latest controversy is really all about about is the hatred that these Communists and non-Whites have for the White European Americans and for their traditional values and sense of morality. Face the truth, folks. These Communists hate our guts and once they manage to seize complete and absolute power, they will not have the self restraint to treat us fairly. They will act out the very fantasies that we hear and see them spewing at us – they want us dead.

            So, the left fights to destroy the traditional America that our 100 percent White European Founding Fathers created and then passed down to their European descended posterity and the left fights on the basic of ‘race’. They use the race card as their ultimate weapon of mass destruction in their efforts to extermine and crush White European people and to destroy the ‘old White America’ that was the most successful and prosperous civilization in world history. But, the left is terrified of the right ever deciding to fight and defend themselves on the grounds of race. Our enemies are telling us what weapon they fear the most, folks. They are telling us what weapon they know can defeat them and trying to intimidate us into not using the only weapon that can defeat them – and we are falling for that?

            Remember the old adage about how stupid it is to bring a knife to a gun fight? Well, the White European Founding Stock of this nation has been fighting this battle with these heavily armed and extremely dangerous Communists on the left for the last 50 odd years and we’ve been using a tiny little pen knife and they’ve been blowing our asses out of the water with a howitzer.

            Don’t you think it’s time to change our choice of weapons?

        • Hard to watch…. 🙁

      25. Turning the Grid off is a fantastic way for the Govt to control what’s coming. I read a fantastic article last light on the looming French Revolution that’s growing in France, even Polie and Military are turning against the ‘elected’ govt there and outwardly jeering the ruling elite!! The people are using humor and laughter over there to mock their leaders …. And its working!!! The goal is to humilitate what ever official and make them a laughing stock!
        People around the globe are getting angry. It’s not just the US ….. And elected officials are getting nervous everywhere. Countries are demanding there government resign, there are protests, people are pushing back, it’s global.
        No-one wants a global civil war …. Man v The Masters …. But if it does happen the elites must turn the Power off ASAP. If they don’t succed turning the power of when the SHTF, they’ll all be lynched by the mobs!!!

        • But if it does happen the elites must turn the Power off ASAP. If they don’t succed turning the power of when the SHTF, they’ll all be lynched by the mobs!!!
          -What happens when the people refuse to turn it off and just continue on with what they were doing? The “masters” are only able to act when people follow their orders. Thus, the continual move by them to centralize electronic control in their hands.
          Don’t you feel sorry for them? They just want to feel needed. They’re not really malignant sociopaths, we’re just too ignorant to understand.

        • Cede, doesn’t matter if the power is shut off.

          Everyone who is supposed to, knows exactly who they are.

          There will be no escape from the playing field this time.

          FOR ANYONE…Everyone has contributed in one way or another to this bs and everyone will be a participant whether they like it or not.

          “don’t go down without one helluva fight”


        In the German army the rules given to judge the distances

        At 50m: One sees clearly they mouth and eyes of a man. / At100m: The eyes look like dots. At 200m: We still see thebuttons and the details of the clothing. / At 300m: We still distinguish the face of a man. At 400m: We see the legs moving. / At 500m. we still can distinguish the
        color of the uniform.



        It is difficult to distinguish anything in a dark central
        mass but the edges show more clearly and in poor light
        objects at the edges of your vision are often seen more
        distinctively. Once the eyes get accustomed to the dark,
        more and more is seen as “night vision” is acquired.


        Once this is achieved the eyes MUST be protected from
        bright light or the night vision will be impaired for quite a while. If there is an unavoidable reason for having to use a light, cover one eye so that the vision in that eye at least will be retained.

        A crude compass can be made from a steel sewing needle rubbed on one end of a magnet or laded in a north-south direction and gently taped with a rock for a while. A few drops of candle wax is then melted over the needle near the center. If enough wax has been added it will float in a small cup of water and work as a compass.

        • Does a red light help if you absolutely have to have a light? Ie map or diagram reading, intermittent use to repair a weapon or something,,

          • The red light is to protect your night vision when you turn it off. Your eyes readapt to the ambient light faster than if you used a white light.

          • Kula: Yes very much so.

          • Yes,have a unit that straps on head,regular/red/and a hazy blue.I have used the red to just go thru my game pack early AM as setting up to hunt for day and hopefully low level enuff not to scare game,tis nothing fancy but got a few more as they are also great working in attics ect. and keeping hands free,then of course use the for lack of better word regular light,can get one under 10 at a big box store to try out and if like could then if funds permit get a real heavy duty shock proof in theory one.

            • Night hunting you use red. the game cant see it and the predators eyes shine like nobody’s business. the Ungulates eyes shine green and the predators shine red.

          • Unless you have red lines on your map..

        • It does.

          Triva fact – the old time pirates wore an eye patch so that when they went down into the bowels of a ship they were attacking, they would have one eye already dark-adapted.

      27. gee.. it’d be nice if the pretty pictures weren’t all partially blocked by text so that Florida and South Texas can’t be seen. Guess people living there ain’t got nuttin to worry bout..

        • Kinda like all the stuff labelled as cancer causing in the state of Cali.,luckily I don’t live in Cali. so can use the products with impunity!


        It smells like a giant fart in here. Time to weed out the liberals. Bean eaters.

        I have an idea to pay off the national debt.

        We round up all the illegals.
        We give them an option. 20 years enslavement, or they can buy their way out…or we create a Rome style arena. Then have online gaming on who will survive.
        We toss them into the ring and toss in some weapons.
        The sole surviver gets part of the pot.
        The rest pays off the national debt and the Chinese.
        Then we ban all cargo container ships from China, restart our manufacturing base.
        We could always recycle the fema camps for factories.

        Can I be a racist for just a moment…
        Has anyone noticed that black people are not really black anymore?
        So what’s their beef?

        Another random and entertaining thought… VISUALIZE HILLARY CLINTON IN A BURKA.

        I do think Sarah Palin is very hot and would pay money…I’ll stop there.

        When you pee in a toilet with tidy bowl you get green. Another handy flush fact for ya.

        Sorry…as I age…women are sex objects…at least that’s my perception.

        Has anyone noticed that very Irish people’s eyes are going vertical? That sad look..but add a few hundred years and they will be blinking sideways.

        And what’s up with Barney Frank…It just strikes me weird to think of him in a sexual position with another man.

        I have a nice job. I’ve been thinking of divorcing the wife and hooking up with poor hot milfs who need a full refridge and a flatscreen. Just add an Xbox and that solves the “cock block” kids. ha.

        We’ll…There’s some random funny shit from my mind.

        I look forward to extreme old age.
        In my last five years..coming off a very productive and busy life..
        I’ll sit around in bed….smoke pot, eat, watch TV and cash in the silver to pay the hookers.

        See… now that’s a nice retirement.

        Exercise your brain folks. let it run…WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND?

        • Pretty funny stuff,
          Things people think but wont actually say!
          Id do Sarah,
          Dont think ill live to be too old, either wheeze to death from my asthma or die of multiple gunshot wounds….
          Have the cute sexy young girlfriend,
          Think im ready for the rhaspy voiced older broad who can suck start a 747
          Or maybe a nice hairy hippie chick?? Hmm gotta think about that one,,,
          Round up the illegals and tell them they get amnesty if they kill off a drug dealer or gang banger punk,,,

          • Sarah is not a bad looking ole rip but I don’t think i could get past that screechy voice. Sound like nails on a chalk board.

            • .02:

              Sarah would wrap that 50# 6 pointed star she wears on her chest and drag you in with the rest of the tribe. Don’t think you are up to that……

              • Cant argue with that POG. What I find amazing is there are plenty of far right repubs that actually think she would be a perfect president. Could you imagine? G Bush Jr said some really classic dumbass remarks, but Mrs Palin would top him in leaps and bounds.

                • We are all so screwed

              • oh Granny…you have pissed a few people off with that certain ethic group comment…

                Folks…not all jews are lying, cheating, dishonest, holier that thou satanic pos.

                Just the ones that have been attempting to take over the world forever.

                wtfu folks. Look at them in your community by comparing them to the ones that are fucking up the USA.

                They simply want servants…servants are slaves.

                Not for me. EVER.

              • Sarah is also a coal burner.

                Hit the sheets with the NBA basketball player, Glen Rice, according to what I’ve read – while she had a sportscaster gig down in Florida.

                Once a White female jumps that fence, she can hang a ‘condemned’ sign on her belt as far as I am concerned.

                Once you go black, we do not want you back. Same rule applies to White guys, just in case I hear any whining from the women.

                Take a look a what a race treasonous rat turd Paul Ryan is – he’s one the leading proponents of passing amnesty and letting 50-100 million Mestizos to flood into America, reduce White Europeans to a minority and turn America into Mexico El Norte. Does anyone think it is a coincidence that Paul Ryan was an oil driller in college and that episode of race treason is not connected to his desire to help genocide White European Americans and place them under the permanent and hostile rule of millions of parasitic, IQ of 85 mestizos?

                Never trust a race traitor. Never.

                • Oh, lookee here, another neo nazi.

          • hell, i would do sarah in a minute….maybe LESS…hee hee. i was just thinkin’..if you was doin’ pelosi or boxer…it would be like mountainclimbing….things would be great until you looked DOWN! my luck, when i was done with her she would send those emails trying to sell you penis enhancers…i just had eight of them yeserday. the 6 from my exwife weren’t so bad, but the 2 sent by my mom REALLY hurt. when i couldn’t get it up the other night my wife says”don’t worry about it, it happens to a LOT of guys”….and i start thinkin’….who the hell are all these OTHER guys?…and if it’s happening to more than ONE of us…..maybe it’s YOUR fault?….i bought her a cookbook yesterday called “cheap and easy vegetarian cooking”…because she’s a vegetarian and….
            seriously though, i would rather jerk off with a cheesegrater than get caught naked in a sleeping bag with pelosi. i would rather Yell “fire” in a theater full of firemen!………..anyways, just remember“You can lead a man to Congress, but you can’t make him think.”

            • Man, Buttcrack, you sure covered a lot of ground with that one!

              • JUST TRYIN’ TO CRACK A FEW SMILES…’s gittin’ AWFUL depressin’ out here!…but like my dad used to always say “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” ’til the accident.

              • hell, i’m on a roll now, so i’ll tell you ’bout the time I tried to git a job with the post office….the man said it was VERY unprofessional to use my MOM as a reference….and besides, she said some REALLY NASTY things about me!!!

      29. Peterson; Bored again? nothing to contribute to the discussion? Take a hike!

        • Hes off balling his goat!

          • Kula-

            Ever consider the possibility that per Peterless, its the other way around??!!??

            • i bet peterskin couldn’t get laid in JAIL with his demeanor. that guy could make a BISHOP kick out a stainedglass window!

              • BCoD-

                Now that’s funny!

      30. Colloidal silver is a heavy metal just like aluminum and mercury which may not exit the body easily. It may end up in the brain, spinal cord or other vital organs. While I agree that it can be lifesaving if nothing else is working or available, it should be used judiciously.

        • Absolutely. If something has any effect, it can have a bad effect. Pay attention to what you are doing. There is nothing in the world that only has good effects (outside the minds? of liberals and politicians).

      31. Then… you would drive around in Homeland Security trucks and deploy solar power solutions on a local scale.

        Because a shitty, tiny amount of power is better than 4 years of no power at all.

      32. I have 2 years food, 1 year water, filters, meds, clothes 15 cords of firewood, wood cook stoves, solar oven, generator, candles 40 gallons kerosene, weapons , goes on and on.
        All on 39k for 3 years and a promotion to 57k last 2 of 5. 4 paid off cars. Do it now!!!!
        Get real about it. every spare dime has gone to preps. Now we are way ahead of the game. 2 extra cans of food a week is great, but you are betting on events working in your favor. your are counting on Murphy not coming to the party.

        Get aggressive. make it a priority. you wont be sorry, but commit. my basement grocery store is awesome, and worth all the last 5 years of effort and sacrifice.

        • Do it,though a few levels above paycheck to paycheck that is some folks situation,as I said before,@ least they are working.I have always gone with the philosophy that the smalls add up,even 2 extra cans a week helps,hell,the buy one can/bag a week and some other basics at least have a chance.Folks,no matter what your financial situation you can do this!

          • But, wait, but, hey, now, just a minute—then you’re suggesting I unplug cable just to save my kids’ lives from starving?

      33. This would bankrupt the country. Those controlling this mess would lose all control which is not what they want as they would also lose their money and ability to generate more money. The world economy would collapse. Africa and China especially depend on our crops. This is a no win situation for anyone. Contingencies are being prepared.

      34. @ Jim in Va. and Kulafarmer. I really don’t understand why Peterson has this obsessional hate for KY Mom. She is a nice lady and like Satori adds much to the site that many of us don’t see in form of good links. It is almost like a stalker or something, it is getting creepy. I just don’t get it why someone would loathe another so much on a site where we are all in the same boat. Our enemy is not each other, it is those that would “attempt” to enslave ALL of us are the ones to direct revulsion towards.

        • NSA prick,, your tax dollars hard at work

        • Oh, come on B.I.!!!!

          You’re one of the sharper guys here…think dude!

          ..he’s either on somebody’s payroll or severely psychologically impaired.


          Peterless, is possibly a “PAID DISRUPTOR” in the employ of some outfit or another. Pay attention to his posting times and rare/occasional non-pestering post for clues!


          That said:

          His stalking behaviors are reminiscent of a hyena dogging/wearing down a prey animal, it has deemed more vulnerable than others.

          I think the Peterless-hyena analogy is well deserved because, unlike true predators…hyenas are also scavengers…eaters of carrion and scat!

          A fitting psychological profile, imo.


          As to why he’s chosen (our beloved) KYmom for persecution?
          Perhaps he’s wrapped-up in a mentally-warped Oedipus complex, as well.


          ..on a side note, his dislike for BraveHeart is undoubtedly a classical case of…PENIS ENVY!!!

          • As to why he’s chosen (our beloved) KYmom for persecution?

            This is b/c he knows how to get the biggest rise from all the members on this board. That or attacking Mac himself but that would probably be suicide. If he can get us to take the time to reply to his stupid posts, he is gaining the time we could be using for productive banter. In perspective he is a thief. Just down arrow him to get his post minimized and quit replying.

          • Hunter, you nailed it. He’s both on someone’s payroll AND severely psychologically impaired. He doesn’t like me because he knows I’ll call him on his BS. He better enjoy that trolling check while he can, because one day it will stop coming. braveheart

        • BI just look at it this way, it’s good to have atleast one follower. I also have one of those as do many on this site. I know I post comments that have no great value, and I always get atleast one red thumb reguardless of what I post. So just grin and bear it, and enjoy your admirer. Ky and Braveheart just remember everybody and everything has a parasite, and they will stick with you through thick and thin. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

          • I have one too, Trekker:

            An “old” fool following me around, refuting posts with name calling instead of proof, scratching and digging trying to cover up his tribes schemes to own the world.

            • “Proof” can’t refute hate, you bigot, because hate is an emotional response. Haters gotta hate, you people don’t know anything else.

              “Schemes to own the world”! My coffee nearly flew out my nostrils, I was laughing so hard! Paranoid freak.

              • Read the OldVets post on down the page you old fool. It really isn’t a conspiracy theory any more pardner. They are ‘up front in our face and daring us to do anything about it’. You have to be deaf, blind, and deluded to not see it; or you are one of the tribe…….

                You are as lame with your ATTACK as the other old fool…

                • Yeah, I’ve read all the bs you Jew haters sling around here. Just because a person who does or says things that are not good for our country is a Jew doesn’t make your conspiracy theories about the Jews in general true. Should an entire race of people be responsible for the actions of a few? Should Christians feel responsible for every Christian wacko that comes along? I never see any anti Christian rants, no Roman Catholic rants, no rants against Islam, though Islam is more of a threat to western civ. than any other religion. No, it’s pretty obvious you and your like drink from the same water as the neo nazis in this country. And no, calm down, gramps, I’m not calling you a neo nazi but let’s just say there’s not a hell of a lot of difference in the thoughts and conspiracy theories of them and you. Your hate degrades your soul, try to let it go.

              • oft-

                Is coffee a metaphor for something ‘else’ that splattered across your screen?

                The knowledgeable here are familiar w/ how you modern day Babylonians…amuse yourselves…by abusing yourselves…in fantasy of denigrating those who identify your types.

                Rabbis are soooo…stereo-typical nowadays!

                Get a life, smuck!

                • Ooh, such knowledge you and your ilk posess! The short end of the bell curve is certainly on display by you and yours on a regular basis here. It’s schmuck, asshole, schmuck. Now take your room temperature IQ and go visit David Duke’s website. He won’t care that you are immeasurably stupid; in fact that’s exactly what he’s looking for.

                  • May I ask old fool a question?

                    David Duke is not perfect individual, and neither are you or I or most other people. But, Duke’s mission in life is to fight to defend the perfectly legitimate, ethnic specific interests of White European people. Duke correctly states that all ethnic groups should have an equal right to defend their interests and that all non-white groups have organizations and spokesmen that work towards that objective.

                    So, blacks can have Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Chrissy ‘Mr. Tingle’ Matthews, Obongo and Eric Holder and a endless array of other advocates and this is not only accepted but to be commended. The jews have have the ADL and SPLC and the Israeli Lobby and the World jewish Congress and hundreds more organizations which advance their ethnic specific interests. The illegal alien invading mestizos from south of our border can have La Raza and a host of other Hispanic ethnic lobby groups and these are also accepted and commended.

                    But, old fool wants to heap slime and disrespect upon David Duke for doing the same thing for White European people?

                    Does old fool think that Whites and only Whites are not entitled to have spokesmen or organizations that are pro-White in orientation?

                    Perhaps old fool shares the kind of DNA that gives him a free ticket to one specific nation in the Middle East?

              • Hate is an emotion that is natural, and without it – I seriously doubt that the various species of mankind could have survived over the last couple thousands of years of human evolution.

                Stripping someone of their right and ability to ‘hate’ would be equivalent to stripping a turtle of his protective shell and then tossing the turtle out into a field where he would then be vulnerable and defenseless against predators who might like to eat him.

                For anyone who is dubious of my contention, simply ask yourself who currently has the most power and control over the world? Which specific ethnic group? I think everyone knows the answer to this question. And, I seriously doubt that anyone could cite any other ethnic group on this planet who ‘hates’ with as much passion and fervor as does this one particular group of nation wrecking, nation plundering, blood thirsty, war mongering, mass murdering creatures.

                So, I think it should be pretty obvious to all but the terminally naive that this tribe must have figured out the formula that results in the highest degree of success, right? For their tribe, I mean. I will grant anyone the point that the emotion of ‘hate’ cannot always be a healthy emotion to base all of one’s decisions on and that one must be disciplined enough to keep their hate emotion under control and not let it consume them to the point where it becomes harmful to their continued survival.

                But, realistically, it is okay to ‘hate’ one’s enemies and it is a natural and healthy emotion because it helps provide the necessary motivation that one has to have in order to fight and defeat an enemy.

                Personally, nothing makes me sicker to my stomach than to run across these nauseating, wimpy, spineless, castrated, gutless, vomit provoking, turn-the-other-cheek Christian idiots who believe that the highest honor in life is to bend over and grab their ankles and passively let their mortal enemies to ass rape them and then, once their rectums have been torn to shreds, stand up and plant a big sloppy kiss on the lips of their tormentors.

                By the way. The reason the world’s #1 most successful and powerful group of ‘hate specialists’ devote so much of their time and energy trying to demonize and, if they can, criminalize ‘hate’ – is because they want to have a monopoly on this very powerful and highly efffective emotion. Notice how all these complaints and laws that are passed about ‘hate
                speech’ never seem to apply to their tribe, despite the fact that they use their control of the mainstream media to spew endless and copious quantities of ‘hate’ for White European descended Americans and to deliberately incite non-white on white violence by cranking out movies like ‘Roots’, ‘Machete’, ‘Inglorious Basterds’, ‘Django Unchained’, ‘The Butler’, and this latest one about ’12 years as a Slave’.

                Does anyone think this is an innocent coincidence?

                • David Duke, a known neo nazi, has a mission in life alright. To disseminate disinformation and spread lies, hate and propaganda. His foot soldiers, of which, you are one, are weak-willed people, easily led along.

                  Nothing makes me sicker than to know that people like you are doing Lucifers bidding. Eagerly. By the time you figure out that out, it will be too late. Hell is for eternity.

            • Yep Granny. I already see that. I may not agree with a lot of commenters on here. But they should atleast see what a person has to say before they Rate a comment up or down and if they don’t care leave it alone. Granny here comes a green thumb your way! Trekker Out.

          • MT you get a thumbs up from me !

            • Me too!

              At least he’s honorable!

      35. @ Kulafarmer. The major earthquake is now 3 days overdue, should not be much longer as just has another percursor on the SW Indian Ridge. This one is extremely specific aiming at the Australian and Nazca plate most of the time. Only other times the Caribbean plate and Mongolia back in 1960. You may be in for a possible tsunami watch as usually when it breaks beyond that 15 day window, you get a much larger quake. Too many of these percursor quakes the past 18 days to discount. Fiji could have a huge one as this one in the last hour many times a major quake has followed in Fiji or the general area around it like Samoa and New Guinea.

      36. electrify your homes yourselves

        create your own electricity

        all you need is :

        1.) a 3 speed bike w/ stationary bike stand
        2.) 2X 4×4 posts 6feet long , some 2×4 scraps , wood screws , metal strapping , lag bolts .
        3.) acquire some marine batteries from your local golf course golf carts .
        4.) strip a few cars of their 12-15volt electric alternators , serpentine harness belts , pulley wheels and wiring .

        then assemble it all , daisy chain the alternators together to the bike rear wheel stripped rim , mount it all onto the 4×4 rails .

        add some solar panels to the system .

        And you got power and storage to last you a few years .

        you can run microwaves , rice cookers , led lights , even salvaged lights from your vehicles etc etc , with the proper rated amp volt power converter from 12v to 120v .

        * just remember light / power will attract looters and other golden horde to your front door looking for a hand out or to rob you .

        you are only limited by your own imagination .

        Predator or Prey , the choice is yours .

        • I think I will catch some rats and hamsters so i can free my time from peddling.

          • You’d need to gear things down too much, for a hamster to work. Just get yourself someone who wants to eat.

          • LOL!!!

            good one .02!

        • NinaOs, You are correct with your foot note. This all sound great and would work just find if the grid just went down because of human failure and if you did not live in a haeavy populated area, but an EMP would fry about 90% of all the alternators on cars and any power converter that had juice in it would fry. Rememeber that light can be seen 10 miles away at night. You would envite trouble to your door step if you use the power for lighting.
          For cooking cooking you could get away with your system. I have heard that cooked food can be smelled 1 to 2 miles away if the wind is right.
          Are you a good cook? You just might have alot of company1:-)

      37. Getting new transformers from China in a couple of years only works if it was NOT China who caused the event. There is always the possibility that China causes the event and then sits back and waits for the die-off to occur.

        • I would BET a perfectly functioning kidney and a rubber check for 10 grand against a 20 dollar bill that china has been up to a LOT of no good that MANY have never even considered. hell, they have had time to bug all our appliances, poison our animals(and US), I KNOW a lot of those car parts from china fail WAY too soon….PFFT, god only knows the shit they been plantin’ into our stuff/country for the last couple decades! I KNEW “made in china” was a warning label YEARS ago!

      38. A lot of talk in the past few yrs about A massive power failure. It almost seems like the powers that be are trying to get the word out that that’s how they are going to wipe the bottom feeders, the people who are draining the system and other undesirables. Only the very well prepared, the people with the most knowledge and the strongest would survive and maybe that’s what the NWO wants.

      39. Imagine, no facebook. No propaganda television news. No WH press whore conferences. I could live with that…

        • Me too. but the neighbors are going to be in shock, Talk about the walking zombies! The old farts with no NBC nightly lies and the young with out the square tumor in their hands to peer into 24/7 and take selfies to paste of fbook. God help us if they have to do without.

      40. Coalition of Leading Scientists Claim H5N1 Ferret Experiments Could Lead to Pandemic

        ““The potential for accidental release of a hazardous pathogen is real, not hypothetical, as demonstrated by an alarming increase in the number of potential and actual release events in laboratories working with high-threat pathogens,” they say.”

        I wonder if Stephen King’s THE STAND
        is gonna prove to be prophetic ???

        • The stand,I wanna be trashcan man with the nuke!

          • Bumbitty bumbitty bumb

      41. China investigating new deadly bird flu strain H10N8

        bad enough that there is yet ANOTHER flu strain out there
        but this is what REALLY concerns me

        “As health authorities tracked the outbreak, officials discouraged the domestic media from reporting on the incident and held back information from WHO researchers. China’s health systems have improved since, but some experts say the country’s surveillance of laboratory-confirmed infections remains underdeveloped”

        holding back information ???

        this is exactly what they did with SARS

        we know the results

      42. While China and Japan continue to start a wa over those islands rich with natural gas and oil, the U.S. continues to downplay the Chinese threat to the survival of the U.S. While the incredible misinformation of China ONLY having a couple hundred nukes is still floating around like old turds in a toilet bowl, the true and real threat continues to grow. Until that threat become stark reality when thousands of nukes are detonated over hundreds of U.S. targets from Multiple Reentry Vechicles via mobile ICBM’s launched from China.

        Something else most people don’t realize is that China has more land mass that the U.S., 163,054 more square miles, the size of California. The U.S. would have to use a vast majority of their nuclear force to target just China. Russia is another story along with other eastern coalition countries. This is what is making winning a nuclear war more of a thought with those that push the buttons. BO continues to dwindle the amount of nukes in the U.S. arsenal that safeguard the country. Something to ponder this weekend.

      43. Obviously the government hasn’t heard the phrase “two is one, and one is none”. If they had, they’d be buying a second transformer and setting it right next to the first one.

        Our government won’t buy back up transformers for the same reason they don’t want us to have our own back up foods supplies. It’s called Population Reduction, and the sooner a bunch of us kick off, the better the rich will be…….
        It’s hard to make a slave out of someone that’s independent and doesn’t need them.
        No electricity, no food, no water, no medicines = slavery.

      44. My ? is. If they know that something like this is coming why don’t they have extra parts and pieces set aside for just this type of a problem.

        I guess they aren’t PREPPERS!

        For me I have been working getting as much electrical items as I can to have my own electricity. Solar panels, wiring, deep cycle batteries, and clips,. ECT.

        Don’t forget these little solar lights for your yard. The Spot lights work the best. Remember these are run on AA or AAA batteries. You can charge rechargeable batteries with these lights and use them in other devices. Radios, flashlights, just to name a few.

        I would use my gas generator on a limited use only. If the power is out for a long time gas my be in short supply.

        If the US goes down the rest of the world would suffer more that us. Remember with out electricity the modern American farm doesn’t work very well.

        Several years would be a very long time for the rest of the world to be out of US food. It’s my belief that they would scramble to see that he had our equipment to get the power back up.

        TPTB would love to see the population of the world go way down. I guess we just do the best we can do if the grid does go down.

        Gods Creation did you get my ? about using a dime? I post a ? just under you statements about silver.


        • Sgt. Remember to bring all that stuff with you when you bug out.
          Farms in the USA that feed the world has to have ELECTRICITY to RUN.
          No US farms, the world STARVES.
          No electricty No Tap Water.
          No elctricity you have NO HOSPITALS.
          No elecrticity no working gas stations.
          No resupply of food to the stores, after 3 to 4 days.
          This all will be cause the world as we know it to END!!

        • Did you see that racist remark from the black gentleman? It is me or is it that only white folk can be racist?

        • “That’s how white people die man”.. I for one am getting really sick of these “type” of people.

      45. We are about to have our own “personal ” GRID DOWN event.
        in about 2 weeks PGE is going to cut off our power and tmobile is going to stop our phone service.
        Life is Grande!

        • Merry Christmas!

      46. If any outage was not caused naturally, I would think the map would change as to what areas would be hit/lose power by who initiated the attack.

      47. After reading all of these posts, I have come to the conclusion that I am pretty stupid. Thus I better place an Ad….

        Does anybody in their prepper groups need a ‘wood’ gatherer, a hole digger, or a weed puller? If so, please contact Ugly….

        • Ugly:
          I’ll take you. You would be more important to us that you think. The only thing is that you have to come to the USSI. (Soviet Socialist Republic of Illinois)

          • Sgt. Dale: I may live a little south of you sir.

            • Sgt:
              That for upstate Illinois, Interstate 80 south is still pretty free.

              • N.R.
                We are still under the control of shitcago. The whole damn state is. But yes we are still kinda free. We wait for the collapse so we can check out or sites on are long range rifles. We will get around 100,000+ gang bangers coming into the area after they rape, rob, and murder as many as they can in the shity of shitcago.
                AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

            • O.V.
              I live just about 5/6 miles south of Rt.#80 Mile post 97.

              • Sarge,you planning a party,hell,you got a pig recently,perhaps a pig roast?!

                • Hell YES!!! BIG one. Pig, Red Stag, Deer. B.O.B
                  Come One Come All. I would love to meet You All!
                  Someone bring some chicken, and some Brats.

              • Sgt. Dale: Around R1 and I-70.

              • Sgt.
                If you are going to roast a pig you might need more than one.
                How many of you all live in Illinois? If you live in Illinois, We could pay him a visit.;-)

          • Sgt Dale

            How about a stranger in a strange land from the peoples republic of Massachusetts?


            • Sure I’ll take ya!

              • Hey Sarge, would ya welcome a visitor from Down Under? If Ugly is coming remind him he owes me a couple of Fosters – I’ll bring some Boags Premium (once voted Worlds Best Beer).


                • Down.
                  Come on my friend. I’ll take any of you fine folks.

            • Possee,what about hanging with kids in N.H.,you really serious good folks will be welcomed in the northlands assuming you are willing to contribute to keeping things going,everyone has skills that will be useful if they think about it,really,start looking into N.H./Vt. property also,cheap find the right deal,do you have to be in Mass. anymore?

        • Ugly,you spread knowledge,wasn’t kidding when I said never knew of 200 hour candle(their claims,not mine)which then led to someone mentioning recharging standard,usually thrown away when gone batteries with a inexpensive unit.Wood gathering may be a survival necessity for heat and cooking,digging holes to help bury the dead or booby traps,weeding is a essential part of gardening,all skills that can help you get by in really challenging times.

        • Come on over, we will take a honest hard worker any day.
          Sounds to me you would fit right in.

        • I make a good living doing similar work right now ugly.

          Why? Because I can do it better, people like/trust me and I GOT THEIR BACK 24/7/365.

          Working smart, hard and honest has provide me with more than I ever could have expected during these past 5 years.

          I believe that you and I are about the same age…50+…most everyone I know 50+ gets it. If they don’t, I don’t have one second for them or give a damn what becomes of them. I have a plan and I stick to it.

          You have faith, get it and just want to be left alone.

          Nothing stupid about that…God bless and Merry Christmas

      48. Breaveheart:
        Hey old friend. You have tornado warnings in your area. Be Safe.

      49. TEPCO detects record radiation at Fukushima’s reactor 2, new leak suspected
        Published time: December 21, 2013 16:06

        No. 2 reactor buildings of the crippled Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear power plant (AFP Photo /
        TEPCO has found a record 1.9 million becquerels per liter of beta ray-emitting radioactive substances at its No.2 reactor. Also radioactive cesium was detected in deeper groundwater at No.4 unit’s well, as fears grow of a new leak into the ocean.
        The level of beta ray-emitting radioactivity in groundwater around the crippled Fukushima reactor No. 2 reactor has been rising since November, NHK reported.

        Previous the highest level – 1.8 million becquerels (bq/liter), of beta-ray sources per liter – was registered at reactor No.1 on December 13.

        This may very well spell the end of the world as we know it. There is a whole lot more going on here than anyone knows.

        • well it’s a good thing it’s only going out .4 mile into the bay!BWAAAAHHHHHHAAAAHHAAAAHHAAAAAAW! those effen bassturds really said that! tepco claimed it’s only spreading radiation into the bay! I been readin’ for WEEKS that BAAD juju is going on in the pacific(and beyond). sooner or later we’re gonna find out it really WAS fuckyoushema that’s been causing it….and finding out at same time that it’s been MUCH worse than MOST imagined….it’s all adding up in my mind. and it will be like when they call me from my kids school and say “we’re callin’ the cops at five if you don’t get over here and pick up yer kids!” but I know I got til 5:15 to get ’em outa there, cause the cops won’t show ’til 5:20…and by then, i’ll be loooong gone!, JUST LIKE TEPCO

      50. US Empire successful in stopping the betterment of the world’s people – Dr. Michael Parenti

        In destroying country after country, the US Empire is doing well. One devastated country after the other has made it clear that any country which pursues independent sovereign policies and attempts to better its own position and the state of its people becomes a target for the US Empire. According to Dr. Michael Parenti, in an interview with the Voice of Russia; “… any leader who uses the resources, and labor, and substance of his country for the well-being and self-development in that country is seen as someone who is evil, has a hidden agenda, hostile toward America and is hostile toward the West.” A term which he says really means the western plutocracy. Ukraine is a perfect example after having chosen a path of economic betterment which does not include US/EU/NATO, US backed “color-revolution” assets which have been left in place are being activated to cause another color revolution and more upheaval in that country. According to Dr. Parenti these people are: “… still so rabidly anti-communist, that even the residue of a shadow of a former Communist country is a little too much.”


        By Greg Evensen
        Is it possible to define the moment when the government began targeting real Lexington and Concord model patriotic Americans as recipients of government smear campaigns, investigations, and outright threats?
        I believe it was a “gathering storm” of issues including the never-ending exploitation and misery brought on by Mayer Amschel (Bauer) Rothschild’s European banking model. These schemers invested in a grand cycle of war and business monopolies (by use of fractional-reserve banking) that supported and prospered greatly from the profits of war after war after war. Rothschild forecast precisely what effect his money cartel would have on the United States. He said, “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” What arrogance! What disdain for a republic’s efforts to govern itself free from the corruption of the money changers! Biographer Frederic Morton stated, “The Rothschild family had, “conquered the world more thoroughly …than all the Caesars before or all the Hitlers after them.” (Creature from Jekyll Island, pg.218) Extreme secrecy has been the hall mark of these banksters since the beginning. That is why there has never been a public audit of the Federal Reserve in all of its history. That must be the rule; otherwise clear-thinking and honest people would burn them out.
        There was a great American conspiracy to rule our nation that centered hundreds of millions of dollars in late 19th and early 20th century financial markets on one empire building goal. It was the control of these markets, the use of their power and the resulting force of this influence to build an American financial kingdom with these treasonous conspirators in complete power. That goal has never changed. As a result, the ideals of personal freedom, self-reliance, private property, very small and limited government, and congressional “common sense” law-making standards have all been sacrificed to insure a continuation of tyranny. It is achieved through the courts, government, business, and a banking stranglehold over the American public.

        I believe that the next monument in Washington D.C. will not be built to honor these corrupt and evil people. It will instead be built for Patriots of this generation, who against all odds and against all the power a dictatorship can bring to bear gave their all for posterity. I do understand what John Quincy Adams said, when he admonished our young Republic that posterity would never know, how much that (patriotic) struggle cost his generation. …………….Yes sir, I believe I do.

        • Great post Old Vet!

      52. High today in southern Kentucky, 69°!!

        • Correction–72°…:-)

      53. Solar generator! Solves all sorts of problems. I have a small company making them. Better than everything else on the market and about 1/3 the cost. It should be the number one prep after a months worth of food. Check them out at abetterwaysolar .com.

        • Or just click your signature?? 🙂

      54. An economic collapse is far more likely. A slow painful slide somewhere between modern and 3rd world nation is where we’ll end up. That is what I’m preparing for.

        You could bankrupt yourself and drive yourself mad trying to prepare for everything.

      55. HILLARY CLINTON’S VIBRATOR WOULD NOT WORK… It’s why she has so many chipped teeth. ha

      56. Don’t you think considering the magnitude of the risk, that three spares for each of these transformers together with all associated parts would be stored immediately near EACH of these transformer sites. That’s 900 transformers. If each one cost $1 million that makes a total of $900 million. A routine expenditure. What is keeping this from being done when every bodies life is in jeopardy?

      57. We have a backup system installed. As for the food supply people ought to learn a lesson from people on a fixed income. Have at least one to three months of food stored away. This will allow ample time to get your gardens ready. I also have a farm in which a guy made trash on it. He pulled up all the berry vines, grubbed up all the chestnut trees and sold the black walnut trees. I still own the farm and I am learning the old farming methods. It would take about three months to put it in limited production and about a year to put it in full production. This would also include putting in a medicinal garden.

      58. Tesla discovered cold electricity to power his free energy light in 1899. Free energy has been clearly proven in many machines. So where is the free energy coming from? Here’s a link with a theoretical explanation of earth and universal velocity power sources.

      59. Texas laughs at the nations power grid.

      60. If an EMP was centered over Topeka, what about Canada and Mexico? I don’t think they would be making our transformers.

        On the other hand, if the PTB really know this is coming, I bet they have some transformers stashed. After terrorizing/teraforming our society, they will still have the addiction to money they once had and will start commerce again. They will need a power grid to do that. I think they have already pondered what will come after the EMP. If I have thought of it, so have they. Their world will continue – ours will end.

      61. Isn’t it odd that everything seemed to work fine, there were plenty of crops to feed us and the poor around the world, plenty of good drinking water, and old but usable infrastructure and few racial and social issues until the Communists entered the White House?
        The Gridx 11 was thwarted by a high commissioned Generals who discovered it was Obama who planned an EMP attack with one of the missing nukes from Texas.
        Of course the Generals, along with a couple of 100 other high ranking Army officials have been dismissed as well.

      62. you guys are nuts!

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