Mannarino Warns: “There Is A Massive Amount Of Financial Engineering Supporting The Stock Market Right Now”

by | May 4, 2017 | Headline News | 62 comments

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    If you’ve been following mainstream financial analysts and pundits you’d think that the U.S. economy was booming again. Prices are near all time highs, people are living in fancy homes again, everyone has a brand new car, and official unemployment is below 5%.

    Happy days are back again, just like back in the late 1920’s.

    But Traders Choice analyst and “Fed Predictor” Gregory Mannarino has a different theory, and according to his latest alert, the situation with the U.S. economy and financial markets is critical:

    Yesterday I explained that the fundamental factors that are supposed to support this market… along with the technical factors… are deteriorating. This morning we get yet another round of bad economic news. We find out that U.S. productivity is the lowest level in a year… you can just go on and on… we haven’t had one round of good economic news… I can’t remember when… It just keeps on coming.

    And every single quarter we keep hearing from the mainstream financial channels, ‘oh, the next quarter is going to be better.’

    And it just doesn’t happen.

    We are all well aware of the fact that there is a massive amount of financial engineering going on right now that is supporting the stock market.

    I think the Fed is in a lot of trouble here and it is going to have to act and introduce a new stimulus program… They’re not going to call it quantitative easing… but that’s exactly it is going to be… It is the only thing they can do to support this market…

    Or… they’re going to let it all fall.

    Watch Greg Mannarino’s brief market alert for additional details:


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      1. We all knew the Obama White House/treasury dept and FED Banks were actively involved in manipulating precious metals prices.

        Well D J Trump has been president for some time now and the illegal market manipulation of precious metals prices via massive quantities of paper shorts continues to drag down PM prices.

        Silver is back down to $16.32 and gold is $1229? This is crazy.

        • Thank god the price of popcorn is stable!

          • ammo investments are way more stable , and usable no matter what happens to the economy or false manipulation

            • Haha ammo investments that is funny. I invest heavily in the 45 ACP market haha

            • Plus the gains are not taxed.

            • Ammo investments advice-buy low but aim small

              • With the end of Obama market manipulation, ammo prices are down! There are great sales available.

                Last time I was at a gun show I noticed customers holding out for better prices or quality.

            • At these new low ammo prices I can afford to double tap the perp again?

          • WikiLeaks Reveals “Archimedes”: Malware Used To Hack Local Area Networks

            “Today, May 5th 2017, WikiLeaks publishes “Archimedes”, a tool used by the CIA to attack a computer inside a Local Area Network (LAN), usually used in offices.

            It allows the re-directing of traffic from the target computer inside the LAN through a computer infected with this malware and controlled by the CIA.

            This technique is used by the CIA to redirect the target’s computers web browser to an exploitation server while appearing as a normal browsing session.”

            ht tp://

        • The problem is at DOJ. All of the US Attorneys across the country have been dismissed, but their replacements have not been named and installed.

          The legal system is backed up. 🙁

        • Its really not crazy but an opportunity. Time to load up on some more. It going down don’t hurt my feelin’s none.

      2. This is a great topic but not a lot of facts in this
        article. I have noticed the debt clock rolled back 100 billion or so and frozen. I have also read the debt increased 1.4 trillion this past fiscal year. It does sound
        like a bit of manipulation. So what is the truth, the whole
        truth and nothing but the truth? Can we handle the truth?
        Can anyone afford to publish the whole truth?

        • MANY facts have been listed on this website’s articles, and in the comments section….but we got too many stupid people here…in this country, and on this website. every time facts are presented, the trolls come out….MANY can’t handle that, and stop posting, for fear of being ridiculed….i believe THAT is why we have a LOT less comments/readers here now.

          • People get bored,,, or busy,
            Im busy but there isnt shit to read these days so out of boredom for some good mindless entertainment i read this stuff,,, man, really scraping bottom

      3. I can tell you for sure that the job market is a god damned horrible joke! Sure there are jobs out there if you can live on $10 an hour…yeah, GOOD luck with that one in this massively expensive/rip-off country anymore. The “real” economy is also an awful damn mess. All smoke and mirrors guys. If we really knew the whole truth, it would cause absolute mayhem in the streets of America and we can’t have that, at least not yet until the powers that be are ready to pull that big string on us and then roll in with the tanks, Martial Law, etc, etc.

        • There’s a metric shit tonne of work out there. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a machine shop looking for good machinists. I’ve been doing this work for decades and have never been out of work longer than a week unless I wanted to be out of work.

          And I’m not talking 10 dollars an hot either. Any 5 year machinist can make 20 easy, 25 if they look. It goes up the better you are. I’m at 37/hr. And I enjoy my work. Win, win for me.

          • Billy, what is your specialty, (or the type of machining that is most in demand?)

          • Ive been wanting to get one of those little combination mill/lathe setups, thinking Smithy,,,
            Be nice to be able to turn and mill small parts and such because its almost imposible to get the one legit local machine shop to make anything, they are always backed up and for some reason theres really not any choices.

      4. I recall in the late 1950’s to the early 1980’s there were many that thought the dollar would die “any day now.” The economy of 1917 is a mere speck of dust compared to today’s economy. The economy of 2017 will be just a speck compared to the economy of 2060. DOW 500k with a 2060 fiscal budget nearing $40T. Profit from the growth, the PTB/NWO ain’t going to let anything go wrong, heck, they own 99% of the planet and everything on it!! In many ways the level of total debt is an indicator of all things produced during the past. No collapse (unless WWIII, alien/zombie invasion, rock from space, pandemic), the NWO/PTB will continue, as they have in the past, just borrow the money in existence to service the debt. As long as there are prole producing goods and tapping earth’s resources, there is no limit to the number of zeros that can be tacked on, as long as it is done s-l-o-w-l-y. No Henny Penny, the sky isn’t falling, unless you are earning a living off the thought of a collapse.

        • WHEN, in the history of the WORLD have you heard of savers getting paid almost nothing for money loaned? WHEN has the divided states of america had 40% of her population NOT in the labor force? WHEN have you seen americans paying such a high percentage of their incomes to pay for houses? WHEN have you seen americans paying such a high percentage of their wages for healthcare? WHEN have you seen stock markets at such high valuations? WHEN have you seen the opposition parties HATE eachother so much?WHEN have you seen the people so much over their heads in DEBT?….bankrupt cities, bankrupt states, bankrupt counties, bankrupt PEOPLE?

          • I believe that your correct. The course we are now on is not the one that brought prosperity. It is a veneer of the established order with a hollowed out core. Its a movie stage set not reality. Lots of glitter, lots of flash but no underlying substance enabling it to survive more than a gust in approaching hurricane weather.

          • Yea, and WHEN is the proverbial chicken going to come home to roost?
            Seems its way past time for serious issues

            • Its been said that a “Black Swan” event will do it. I think just a slightly grey swan event can start a swift cascading series of events sufficient to overwhelm the system. I do think they can, in the absence of the above, keep it going on for quite some time. Considering the global chaos politically, environmentally (leaking Japanese reactor) and militarily its inconceivable that one or more won’t be that “Grey Swan”.

              Tomorrow or a decade from now; pick a date and time.

              • got MY ducks in a row….and been camping with son in the boy scouts to sharpen my skills….i aint askeered!

                • I invested rather than spent. Fortunately made a nice chunk for a “white shirt with a dirty neck” career, some luck, lots of sacrifice. Paid off everything, in all cash, without making any more we can modesty retire. Losing that is not a comfortable thought.

      5. Here is a *BIG* picture view. FEBRUARY 23, 2016 The World’s Debt Is Alarmingly High, But Is It Contagious?

        One of the loudest creaking sounds coming from the markets right now is the global economy straining under a record pile of debt. The world has continued to borrow hand over fist since the financial crisis, adding nearly $60 trillion since 2007 in the process of pushing the worldwide debt load to $200 trillion, or nearly three times the size of the entire global economy. And that figure takes us only to 2014; we don’t yet have fresh debt tallies from last year.

      6. Greg is an ASSHOLE ….as soon as you contradict him on his YouTube channel he blocks you …..I believe that’s called CENSORSHIP . Don’t believe a word he says

        • Rich sensorship is stopping you from speaking not posting on someone else’s page. Tewl.

          • With few exceptions, the Bill of Rights (ideally, go with me here) regulates the Government relative to the individual’s rights. NOT my behavior relative to YOU.

            If, for instance, you say/publish something I disagree with, my right to not associate with you, listen/watch you, buy your music, spend money/time on you in any number of ways, or ban you from my YouTube channel is my absolute right and is equal to your right to express yourself.

            It is not censorship. Most of the time only Governments can engage in censorship. There are a few gray areas relative to employer/employee interactions and a few others, but those aside, my exercise of my free association rights are not censorship.


            • Thats why i dont get these lawsuits and court rulings against folks like bakers etc who wont make a cake for some queerdo couple, hasnt it always been “we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone?”
              Screwed up times we live in,

            • Correct bb, the Constitution limits Govt not you. Laws are made to limit you. I just wish tax slavery was still abolished.

      7. Silver or Gold right now? What say you. I can buy either but which one?

        • you got all THIS shit first?
          pinto beans
          canned fruit like peaches, fruit cocktail, pears, apricots
          peanut butter
          tomatoes and tomatoe sauce
          sugar, brown sugar
          tabasco sauce
          BBQ sauce
          popcorn and seasoning
          olives, black
          canned chilli
          canned soups…my favorite, cream of mushroom
          milk, dried, evaporated, and condensed
          cake mix, 7up or sprite, and canned fruit…to make cobbler, apple or cherry is MY faves(google that)
          canned veggies
          shortening/corn oil
          soy sauce…teriyake
          beef/chicken bullion
          baking soda, baking powder, yeast
          pepper, garlic salt, chilli powder, italian seasoning, cinnamon, ketchup, mustard mayo.
          instant coffee, tea..creamer
          hard candy, chocolate
          tuna, spam(don’t stack it very high)
          powdered eggs
          well, that’s enough for now…

          • wait,….almost forgot sumthin’!plates/ eating utensils…(mess kit)
            bivy cover/sleep syst………….. sleeping bag good for 0*…-30 degree
            military sleep systems can be had for around 75$
            fire starter
            mattress pad/cot/bed…..sleeping bags………pillows
            cooking oil
            granola bars
            coats/cold weather bag w/hats scarfs gloves longjohns, shemagh
            550 cord
            dutch oven
            firstaid book
            extra glasses
            jumper cables and brillo pad(fire starter)
            sawyer mini filter
            magnifying glass
            tool bag
            digging bar
            tow strap and chain

            • Thats all? Wheres the rest o the list cuz

              • he got the condensed version….sounds like he’s got deep pockets. when i change email addresses, i mite just be askin’ you to send all those back to me…..glad SOMEbody’s payin’ attention!

            • That baby list is half of my B.O.B……like a drop in the ocean, like one itty biddy snowflake in Antarctica….been buying $20k+ preps per year since 2005….I can house and feed etc 250 friends for 18 months in style without growing one tomato…..

              • hope that food for 250 for 18 months doesn’t turn out as food for 3000 for 2 months……with YOU not bein’ one of ’em!…seems a little funny that you think i got one of each of those things on my list….like a lot of the posters on here, you have made some ASSumptions.

            • “Where’s the beef!”

            • Where’s the 100% vitamin and mineral supplements to add to your diet ??? Also, store MASSIVE amounts of Vitamin C. It’s the Lord’s PERFECT MEDICINE for everything that ails you; [including SNAKEBITES], which the PTB have been hiding from US for decades.

              The more you consume the better off you are.

          • You lost me with Spam. Everything else sounds good.

        • why not BOTH?….that’s what I did….but i bought a LOT of other sh*t FIRST.

          • bcod, you got a Dutch oven to sell? 🙂
            Still haven’t got one.

            • Dont AmaZon deliver to you folks down there?

              • Nail, yes amazon delivers as does all the rest. I was bein’ sarcastic….and trying to boycott amazon, too.

                • thumbs UP on the boycott of bezos and amazon. but they will go down under their own weight when “investors” finally realize it’s one of the MOST overvalued companies in the HISTORY of the world….they been losing billions for MANY years.

            • easy to come by a chinese one, but shop for an OLD one….much better made, and you’ll probly pay about the same price for it…..but no, i aint got one….are you local?

            • you must be from “big gold”…didn’t realize this was you until now.

            • Bass Pro Shops has lots of good stuff too.

        • Gonetoolong, gold if you’re in the higher $ level, (and have more to preserve) silver for us regular folks, just in case you need barter stuff.
          Yeah, I know the comments this usually brings but no one knows what the future holds and having some of each gives you two more bases covered.

          • Thinkin bout picking up a little gold as it has a better price as in closer to spot at the moment on a percent basis.

      8. Say it like he says it. Gwegawee Mannaweeno.

      9. Time for them to play “Kick the can down the road”.

        I wonder how much more road is left?

      10. Ok, my thoughts are they created the tsunami, made the nuke reactor leak…make North Korea a scapegoat for a false flag nuke attk on our armada just like ww2 pearl harbor was allowed. We need a reason to war with Russia….it will be a false flag like gulf of Tonkin incident (actually there was no incident….a fact). They needed radiation in the pacific to allow UN to validate NK sunk our battleship when we do it or fake it. Just because media said “North Korea said they would nuke our armada” does not mean that North Korea said it! We are as closed loop as the Koreans ministry of information. Each leader is telling its people what to think…..this event has been planned and they needed the religious, alt right, racists, nationalist, redneck narrative to be firmly in place with a trump type far right in president role so as to bring us into socialism or worse. Hitlery is not gone, mark my words she is lying in waiting.

      11. Soooo…he thinks there may be some serious manipulation in the market eh? See folks, this why the credentialed are necessary pillars in the economic information dissemination realm. Clearly, this guy can spot a trend as his focus and very reason for getting out of bed is the financial markets and subsequent inpact on the hoi polloi in their fog and innocence.

        Additionally, I’d be willing to bet in his social circle he’s the conspiracy nut..and sole ingester of the red pill.

        The product and wonder of government schooling incarnate.

      12. I remember the meetings when the whole system was unravelling back in 2007. The fact was this: the only option left was to exponentially hypothecate. The debts at that time were already beyond anything that could be paid back with the social conditions in the US and other Western countries. Basically, the US had no choice but to make the whole world own its debts just as the whole world needs to pay for America’s living standards. The current battle is between America doing this and China and Russia saying “no!”.

        To keep the system going they need more mouths and data points to justify the valuations. This is why they want the Africans. There are so many of them and they breed like rabbits. That makes for good data points.

        Now, the problem with all of this (and Greg has brought this up many times), is resources. While digital money can be hypothecated to infinity via computers, resources on the planet are finite and can’t be. There is no way in hell all Africans will achieve a Western living standard, either in Africa or if they move their butts (as they are now) to the West. Obama said as much to them in his first term.

        At some point a country (maybe China) is going to stop being nice about the resources battle and get nasty. It is like a large size pizza. You can carve it up thinner and thinner to feed a room filling up with black kids grabbing at the pizza, or you can so “No!”, grab the pizza from them, kick them out of the room, and stick to slicing the pizza into 8 pieces.

        • Pieces of 8, the rules in the “Post Man” you are right about the pizza but if it was watermelon ? the jiggaboo-mutts would want it all.

      13. How can this guy be so wrong for so long? He is worse than a weather man!

      14. Funda-what-now?

        Mumble Twitter stock… 9__9

      15. 5 May 2017, 1:49 PM. Today’s jobs report is BS. Same as Obama and Bush and Clinton. 211,000 new jobs. So what? 30 years ago when we had 100 million fewer people in this country, we needed 300,000 new jobs per month just to stay even. So 211,000 new jobs leaves us down 90,000 just to stay even. Not good. Unemployment rate is 4.4% they say. Wrong. That is just the percentage of people who are still eligible for the unemployment benefits. If your benefits ran out, you are no longer counted as unemployed. If you are just out of school and can’t get a job, you are not counted as unemployed. Get it? It’s BS.

        • the TRUTH can be found in the gubmint’s OWN employment report, if you read down a little farther….the labor participation rate…the amount of working-age population with JOBS….it’s at 63%….which means 37% DON’T WORK.

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