Man Seen Exiting WTC 7 On 9/11 Wearing ‘Radiation Hood,’ Was A DOE/OST Tech For Nuclear Weapons

by | Jun 23, 2017 | Headline News | 108 comments

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    This report was originally published by Shepard Ambellas at


    If you are not already aware, micro nukes (nuclear munitions), barometric bomb technologies, and nano-thermite were all used to take down the World Trade Center towers 1, 2, and 7 on Sept. 11, 2001 as I reported on April 15, 2016, in the groundbreaking article titled: “Secret barometric bomb technologies, nuclear technologies, used to bring WTC towers down: Proof.”

    However, the picture becomes ultra-clear after a man by the name of William Bennette was filmed exiting WTC 7 after the attack in which he admitted that he was “Secret Service OST” which stands for Office of Secure Transportation.

    According to Wikipedia, “The U.S. Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration‘s Office of Secure Transportation (OST) provides safe and secure transportation of nuclear weapons and components and special nuclear materials, and conducts other missions supporting the national security of the United States of America.”

    In the video, Bennette can be seen quickly removing a protective smoke hood, which some people online have referred to as a ‘radiation hood,’ from his head after being spotted by an on-scene reporter.

    Moreover, the Secret Service employee also appears to have been equipped with what looks like a radiation detection devise of some sort and can be seen warning the reporter filming him to exit the building.

    “I think you should leave. Everybody else is gone,” he said. “I’ll just make sure that there is nobody else coming down the stairs.”

    Bennette can then be seen turning and heading back into the building after preventing the journalist from going any further.

    What was an OST employee doing inside the World Trade Center after the two reported plane strikes?

    As it turns out, Bennette had charges brought against him in 2005 and ended up serving 6-moths probation, a mere slap on the wrist, for the theft of several government vehicles which were slated for destruction after the attack.

    Bennette is a retired New York Police Department Sargent who worked as a technician for the Secret Service OST.

    Via Intellihub

    Shepard Ambellas is an opinion journalist, analyst, and the founder and editor-in-chief of Intellihub News & Politics ( Shepard is also known for producing Shade: The Motion Picture (2013) and appearing on Travel Channel’s America Declassified (2013). Shepard is a regular contributor to Infowars. Read more from Shep’s World. Follow Shep on Facebook and Twitter.


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      1. Beware the flooding of disinformation to dilute and discredit information.

        • What a stupid article.

          A surprising low for SHTFPlan.

          If I was there at that time and all I could find was a bed sheet, I would put that over my head and face to protect my breathing. So would that mean that the trade center #7 was brought down by Serta Mattress Company?

          Dumbest article ever Mac, shame on you.

          • I’m waitinmg for Parts 2, 3, and 4 to tell the rest of the story. There is a rest of the story, isn’t there ??? 🙂

          • Well said!

          • Radiation Helmet man, probably ran off with the 5 dancing Mossad who were sent there to film it on 9-11, by our $38 Billion Con Theft Job blackmailers. Connect the dots, it all comes back to the same people. GW Bush’s Cousin had the contract for all the “Security at the WTC’s Buildings” and pulled all the dog sniffing Canines security out of there, a week prior to 9-11. The charges were set, ready Action… Pull it. Silverstein, profited $5-$6 Billion in insurance. When the insurance claim went to court the Judge was also a Gew and awarded Silverstein his loot. These moves were in place for a long time.

            An entire floor in the WTC was rented out to an explosive company from our $38 Million con theft Job blackmailers Country, over there in Isreaaahell. This private Explosives Co also did business with Halliburton, VP Cheney’s Co. The info is all out there if you look. So yeah, they were brought down by explosives, no doubt what so ever. I want to see persons going to Prison over 9-11. 3000 People Murdered. All for a Centralized Power Consolidation Grab canned the DHS. And how about all the Gold that was found missing in the ashes, because that too was removed just prior to 911, before the Buildings fell down, in a nice neat vertical fashion by the nuke explosives.

            Did you know the BP Gulf Horizon spill was on purpose all to collect insurance. And the insiders dumped their stock a month to weeks before that spill crime happened.

            Things happen for a reason. Connect the dots.

          • Are any of you conspiracy nuts familiar with high rise buildings? If any of you clowns actually spent any time working in a skyscraper (I’m not talking visiting the viewing deck in the old Sears Tower), you’d surely know that it would be impossible for anyone to place supposed bombs, thermite, mini nukes, or any other Hollywood inspired explosive devices on multiple floors. People would notice that shit. I’ve spent years and years working in high rise office buildings in Chicago, New York, San Fran, and Miami, and I’ve been to the mechanical rooms and maintenance/mechanical floors. I’ve been in the corner CEO offices and corner conference rooms. I’ve had REAL WORLD experiences in those buildings, and the supposed experts spreading this conspiracy crap are making asses of themselves and fools of “truthers”. Seriously people, do you really expect hundreds and hundreds of office staff/employees/visitors to NOT notice something in the corners or their offices and company floors? To not notice anything on beams, columns and such? Do you really think that no one would notice the mess made by putting all that shit in multiple floors – i.e. removing/replacing ceiling tiles, moving office furniture, concealing items behind drywall, new paint? You goofs seriously need to get out more if you actually think that 9/11 was like at the end of “Fight Club” when the janitors expertly placed explosives in all the credit card company office buildings and blew them up. 9/11 wasn’t like fucking Hollywood! Where is your common sense?! I challenge any of your morons to spend even just ONE fucking day in a high rise office building and ask yourself, how could anyone pull that off without being discovered?
            Now to the Pentagon… the way I see it is that deep state planted a bomb by the helicopter pad, detonated it, then dumped plane debris all over the lawn. Yeah, makes sense to me…. They detonated the bomb, had trucks of actual plane debris – landing gear, wings, jet engines, etc – at the ready to rush out and strategically place it, without being seen by anyone, near the explosion. It’s like the Truman Show… a guy comes over the radio right after the bomb and says “cue the plane debris!” Sarcasm off.
            I’ll add that I’ve had experience and had classes in nuclear physics, radiation physiology, metallurgy, and engineering. Over the last couple of years, I’ve had these conspiracy conversations with several conspiracy nuts, and they refused to even consider just one thing I’ve presented here. It also became glaringly clear that they’d NEVER spent any meaningful time in a high rise office building, nor had any engineering or any sort of technical training/classes/labs whatsoever, never been around or worked in any sort of commercial or high rise construction. Their only reference points were Hollywood movies, conspiracy nut pictures and youtube bullshit.
            I’ve been reading this site for several years, and have made a few comments here and there. I’m wondering why I keep coming back only to see this sort of fear mongering and conspiracy bullshit, Mac. And it’s just not this truther crap, but it’s also the ongoing near-daily drivel about enslavement and “they want to kill us all”. Ask yourselves these questions – if the bankers and TPTB wish to wipe out 20%, 30%, 50% or whatever percent of the population or are going to enslave/kill us all, who is going to support the economy to keep TPTB enriched? Who is going to buy the new Ford and Chevys? Who is going to rent apartments? Who is going to be there to consume the food and buy the clothes? If we’re all gone or enslaved, who will the bankers lend money to? Who will apply for the new credit cards? Why would TPTB want to wipe out the very people they control? If we’re all gone, who would they exploit, and rule over? Sit your ass in an economics class for just a month, and you’d quickly see that these ideas of enslavement and mass killing would make NO sense to the banks and ruling oligarchs. The populous creates wealth. The people create wealth by participating in the marketplace. Remove the people, the market goes away. If the market goes away, money, metals, assets, property are meaningless. Remove the marketplace, and even the Rothchilds sitting in their castles would eventually be reduced to grubbing for food and clothing like any other surviving peasant. Chew on that shit for a while, and you’ll see that this enslavement talk is just a total waste of time.

            • Have you ever heard of line spacing or paragraphs?

              Who can read that?

              • This man has makes a valid point, and you have to critique his grammar?

                • Don’t have to critique no, but I’ll give praise to your ability to read his grammar and to know he has a point.

                  Curious what was the valid point you read?

                  Hope it wasn’t that three high-rise buildings can free fall collapse on themselves when hit with lateral force by two jets?

              • He only knows how to copy and paste.

            • I’ve been in many high rise building and there is ALWAYS construction/remodeling going on all the time. please explain building 7’s free fall when it sustained minimal structural or fire damage. there are videos that sure show a controlled demo. and you got me why TPTB want to eliminate the middle class that supported them.

            • So you’ve been in a building? Good for you, does that make you a structural engineer like the over 2000 that say the original story is b.s.? You know nothing because you’ve researched nothing. Good on you for Not doing your part.

            • Can you explain to me why building 7 collapsed into it’s own footprint even though it was not hit by an aircraft and only had small office fires inside? Thanks.

            • The explosives crew rented out an entire Floor for months to set the charges. Go read the facts jackass. How much were you paid to dilute the facts. Thinking we are conspiracy nuts. You see shills dont like facts when their parasite tribal crews are called out for their crimes against America. They want you focused on the Muslums. Just like the Boston Marathon Bombing false flag. Its all part of their “Pull the Wool over Your Eyes” Operation. There was no plane disbris found at the Pentagon. No wings damaged the accounting wing building right where the $2.3 Trillion missing money was found missing the day before.. Like the plane all folded up on its own before crashing to make a nice neat hole. We have retards here in denial of the facts. Probably paid spammers by the MSM fake news outlets. Spike is one of them. Yes we have truthers then we have liars like spike. The beams of the WTC were cut at an angle. Look at facts. Not you propaganda brochure from your Gewish temple.

            • A week before the trade centers magically disintegrated some of the elevators were down for maintenance…I believe that’s one way to get access to the floors ? look it up.

              Also while we will never prove what happened that day, buildings don’t free fall without explosives. We have watched countless buildings burn and burn and none behave the way the twin towers did. Open your eyes sheep! Watch that trillions video if you don’t want to believe the physics behind the buildings – the money is disgusting. Why were some people called and told not to go to work that day?

            • Go fish somewhere else.

            • Spike, Its time to round up jews and put them in concentration camps, that includes you

          • Totally agree. What a monumentally stupid article. Guy with exposed arms??? Please…

        • Looked like Gumby exiting the building.

        • That is not a “radiation hood”, it is a fire escape mask, similar to one called “EVAC-U8”.

          • Yup

        • Beware of the Gew who wants you to keep believing the MSM and the Government’s Narrative of how 911 went down. Keep you focused on those Pesky Muslims as (((They))) pick pocket America from the rear. When one hand is waving over here, “lookie here.” Their Other hand is robbing and stealing you blind. Like Silverstein.

          Why are the Gews so worried about the 28 pages of the 9-11 Report to be published? What are they so afraid of America Learning the real truth? And all the connections that set up 9-11.

          Like the investigative show Colombo used to say, Just one more thing sir. Those 5 dancing Mossad Film crew, that were sent to film the plane crashes. Then cheered and danced in joy. How did they know in Advance?

      2. I’m already aware as a retired firefighter the tower came down exactly as expected from being hit with a plane. This has been confirmed by engineers. This ass hat probably has the nerve to call others sheeple when he is the blind leading the blind into a ditch.

        • Hmmm

          Literally thousands of licensed Architects and engineers have stated for the record that they disagree with both and the official story on why the towers collapses.

          Nothing in the official government explanation provides a scientific explanation as to how all three towers collapsed at free fall speeds. As a matter of fact, no explanation for that was given at all……

          Oh and for the record, the towers DID NOT fall exactly as expected after a plane strike. They were specifically designed and engineered to withstand that kind of plane striking the towers. And in fact they significantly over engineered the buildings. But hey don’t let the facts or Dancing Israelis for that matter get in the way of a good lie.

          • DDearborn,

            You are wrong, the towers were designed to take an impact from a commercial jet manufactured during the time the towers were designed.

            During the DECADES since the building was designed, let alone built, planes got bigger, much bigger.

            Also the attackers made sure they chose long range flights that would have max fuel supplies. When shorted domestic flights are scheduled, lesser amounts of fuel are loaded. This was exploited to maximize the fuel on board at crash. Remember Osama Bin Laden was a college educated engineer.

            • that doesn’t explain BUILDING 7 that had minimal structural or fire damage that fell like a controlled demo. there are videos.

            • dearborn,
              1. A36 structural steel MELTS, but doesn’t vaporize, at 1400-1500 degrees F.
              2. jet fuel fuel (aka kerosene) burns at abt 450 degrees F.
              3. see the problem? once you understand the absolute impossibility of ANY amount of kerosene vaporizing structural steel then you are on your way to the unfortunate realization that the conspiracy nuts–aren’t!

            • The 707 it was designed to withstand a hit from was very similar to the 767 that was used. Do some research before you go spouting shit off like “the planes got bigger, much bigger”. Actually the 707 had a higher cruising speed hence would do more damage than the 767.

              In any event, the towers weren’t brought down by planes, it was an inside job. Same with the Pentagon. Why was there NO wreckage of a plane found? Same goes for the plane that “crashed” in PA. ZERO wreckage. Planes don’t just disintegrate into thin air.

        • Pastor:

          The twin towers were hit with an aircraft. One plane in each tower. Two towers, two planes.
          Building 7 is acknowledged to have come down without having been hit by a plane. The Official version admits this fact. The reasons given by the Bush team had something to do with a conveyance of energy from the Twin Towers to Building 7. The Official version ranks up there with magic and telepathy. If you choose to believe, so be it. As for me, it is absurd. Why didn’t other buildings in the area collapse if such a transfer of energy was possible? No other buildings fell because that explanation is false.


        • Shill!

        • Building 7 was rigged for demolition PRIOR to the 911 event as TESTIFIED to by the new owner in NYC Federal Court when he tried to scam the insurance companies for the insurance money TWICE after having recouped his losses many times over.

          It seems he paid $3 billion for the WTC with $100 million down and insured it for $4 Billion under the conditions that happen …. exactly …. less than 60 days after COE.

          911 was a joint Mossad/CIA/NEO CON, Deep State False Flag Operation. The Official Records of 911 and Sandy Hook remain sealed, much like the JFK Files, while all of the other massacres are an open book for the public.

          If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck; it’s a fucking duck !!! 🙁

        • Pastor with a degree….. authorized by the STATE?

          As such you should believe everything your told.

        • I looked at a lot of evidence, this was an inside job explosives, heck look at the Pentagon attack, there was No airplane in that tiny round hole in the side of the building. Exactly in the same wing where the day before 9-11 Rumsfeld said they were missing 2.3 Trillion dollars. Coincidence?

          Rumsfeld, 9/11 and $2.3 trillion
          … [Rumsfeld, 9/11 and $2.3 … The timing of this admission just one day before 9/11 kept this story from even making … It’s not that the money is “missing”, …

          911myths. com/html/rumsfeld__9_11_and__2_3_trilli.html
          More results

          Rumsfeld Announced $2.3 TRILLION Was Missing from Pentagon

          Rumsfeld Announced $2.3 TRILLION Was Missing from Pentagon … money that had somehow just gone missing … than just the 9/11 attacks. Rumsfeld …

          salem- news. com/articles/may012013/rumsfeld-trillions-tk.php

          9/10/2001: Rumsfeld says $2.3 TRILLION Missing from Pentagon .

          … Rumsfeld says $2.3 TRILLION Missing from Pentagon … Missing from DOD Day before 911 2001 Rumsfeld … 9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money …


          No Plane wreckage found, or at the Down plane in PA, no plane wreckage, no clothes or tennis shoes found at these crash sites. Nothing, just a blast hole.

          Any demolition Company out there will tell you it was demolition. Like Building 7. dropped like clockwork inside its footprint. So 3 buildings on 9-11 came down with just 2 Airplanes what you are claiming ex firefighter? You can dispute facts.

          • Exactly CSS, what spike failed to realize and I presume he went around on his many excursions, is called renovations. Marsh and McLennan (sp) was previously renovated on those floors. I wonder if spike could still visit the ceo’s office then.
            Spoke by the mile, thought by the inch and should be removed by the foot, imho.

        • You’re not a retired anything.
          I’m looking at your address on google maps.

          No former firefighter lives there.

      3. That dude has naked arms and you actually published this bullshit that he was wearing some kind of radiation hood.

        Because in the world of you’re-a-fucking-retard, radiation can only be inhaled but all those dust particles that would be chock full of radiation… Naahhhh.

        This story was custom built for imbeciles.

      4. he’s wearing an emergency OBD (oxygen breathing device) nothing sinister there.

        • The question is not that he had a OBD (VRU), but was he the only one who did.

          From all the footage of 911 taken, was there anyone else that had or was wearing one of these?
          Was it just for Secret Service?
          Was it coincidence that an OST tech was there at that moment during the event? Why?
          Was he the only one?

          Too many questions – not enough answers.

          Note to Mac:
          Thanks for the article. Regardless of what others say about you and your intentions about this article, keep it up.

          • He said his title was OST with the secret service; Operations Support Technician, the guys that sit in the vans and watch monitors, keep the vehicles running, maintain weapons and gear etc. nothing special. It’s not surprising that a techy whould have access to that kind of gear while everyone else has the dust masks. and VRU is exactly what it is look at it here
            As for why he was there, Secret Service had offices on floors 9 and 10. Move along folks nothing to see here.

      5. Probably picking the pockets of the dead,I mean goddamn the article even says he’s a fucking crook .

      6. I am amazed that someone thinks our government could move so fast to capitalize on the situation presented by those muslim terrorists. To think our government could bring down the towers on a moments notice is amazing. Even more amazing as I worked for a government contractor at one time.

        • Thank you!

          And how does this government keep any secrets?

          Absolutely creepy that everyone knows all about “Fast and Furious”, a totally criminal black op by Obama…… but alas, no one cares that the Obama admin wanted American citizens massacred for a political agenda.

      7. Wotta lotta bovine excreta!

      8. This “story” is total fucking bullshit and is beneath the otherwise honorable dignity of this site. Mac, please stop giving this spew a free pass.

        • AGREE!

        • interesting article, but Dave Hodges track record is terrible, every couple months he warns of the next world shattering event, in 2013 he went on for weeks about an EMP event that would shut down the Grid in the US, and here it is 4 yrs later and it didnt happen.

        • HiCKS, better check under your bed for the boogie man. Please ask your FEMA contact or your scientist friend when martial law, after jade helm 15, will be declared. Seems to me all you Dave Hodges’s followers are always running around hollering about the sky falling. You sound a lot like WWTI a couple years ago saying Ag would be 26.50 an ounce Last July. Seriously dude, you don’t know any martial arts, you’re girlfriend is actually a guy, you don’t sell real estate, you mow the grass at your trailer park and you’re always getting locked up cause you can’t keep your mouth shut. GET A LIFE. Tard

          • LOL Bullwinkle! Couldn’t have said it better myself! He might be schizophrenic….

        • Thanks HCKS

        • Hodges assumption or hunch does not mean facts Hcks. Tell us again when the Chicoms are going to Invade Houston? How are you preparing for that? Do you have your bunker built? Fixed Bayonets? Giving them lead? Let us know.

      9. Still many morons out there that believe the official government account of the events of 9-11. People that stupid will never accept the truth no matter how much evidence is presented proving every thing they have bought into is a lie. If I talk to someone in public I always bring up 9-11 to gage their opinion, the overwhelming majority disagree and end the conversation there. Talk about the dumbing down of America, the ignorance is astonishing.

      10. Everyone who has studied a bit knows this was a massive orchestrated false flag. Nevermind the doubters, there are reasonable explanations to everything they dont understand. Keep researching. Dont let nothing get in your way. We owe that to not only the victims of that day, but to all the others who have lost their lives since. We WILL win.

        • Every US Airport these Named Hijackers went through on 9-11 was an airport run by the same private Israeli Security company who had contracts for security at US Airports. This is all part of the Zionist DHS who picked them and steered more DHS Contracts to Israeli companies, and where this same DHS, year after year handing out security Grants in the US, where 98% of these grants worth hundreds of millions of dollars year after year all got awarded to Gewish Organizations. (FACT) We are being fleeced and attacked. and you sure don’t hear about this on MSM do ya. We want the 28 Pages of the 9-11 Report to be fully releases NOW with NO Redactions. The Bush Family will be in prison.

          My question is, why is the US awarding and allowing US based Domestic Security in US Airports, under the tentacles of the TSA, to be run by some foreign Corporate entity like Israel?

          Why Was the Boston Marathon Bombing Security run by an Israeli Company? And magically within minutes after that false flag attack with actors fake bleeding, had the names of 2 suspect and only these 2 suspects, and no others, these guys, and the manhunt was on for the False Martial Law Rollout Beta Testing, to see how far Americans will be pushed until they snap. Illegal house to house searches. They are not obeying the laws. Why did the Bush Admin Pick a Duel Israeli Citizen to run the DHS. The most important security job I the country be run by a friggin DUAL Citizen? You just can’t make this BS up.

          Until Americans Get a grip that America’s Real Enemy is here already, well embedded, and until we remove this evil from our society and Government, we will not have peace nor security.

          Stay armed and carry daily. End the Fed!!

          • Im in complete agreement with you. Keep up the good work friend.

      11. Of all the evidence, the one thing that convinced me, beyond a shred of doubt, that building 7 was a demolition event; was the non chalant attitude of a female newscaster reporting that the building was down, even as it could clearly be seen in the background.

        The other thing was the explanation given by the Israeli man who said, “We were there to document the event”.

        I found many things suspicious, but one of the most blatantly suspicious things was the fact that the building had recently been purchased and insured with double indemnity in the event of a terrorist attack.

        Another thing which convinced me that it was a demolition is that Bush referenced the incident as a demolition.

        And then there is the report of engineers who explain why they, in there expert opinion, find convincing evidence that it was a demolition. They say thermite was used, the beams were cut at an angle, and possibly small nuclear explosions occurred.

        Another thing that added to the demolition theory, was the firemen talking about seeing burning like a foundry. And describing hearing the explosions one after another as one would expect to hear during a building demolition of a skyscraper.

        I know people who were there and who confirm having heard these consecutive explosions; one after another.


        • I blame George Bush.1. myself!

          Then again, it could be TRUMP!

        • You know people, huh? Take off your tin foil hat you moron. If all of these people were in on the “secret”, it would be impossible to remain as a “secret”. Use some common sense and think about it. I am going to safely assume you are not a Mensa member.

          • Sorry KB, My post WAS in jest , and I just assumed most people would have seen that.

            I think 911 happened long AFTER George Bush.1. and long BEFORE Trump.

            …and why not, most things in the USA are blamed on Bush or Trump!




            • Old Codger – I was replying to B from CA and his dumb post, not you.

        • B of CA – Yep Silverstein the new owner of the twin towers, even though the Trade Center Bld’s were valued at just $1.5 Billion, he doubled the Insurance on that to over $3.5 Billion. Then He tried to claim that each airplane crash was a separate attack, meaning 2 attacks and that he should be awarded double the $3.5 Billion to 6-7 Billion. In the end the Gew Judge sided with Gew Silverstein and the Ins company had to pay out. The port authority got like $2 Bill out of the stolen Ins Loot. And Silverstein already had new building plans drawn up prior to 9-11. With a cool Fat $5 Billion in his pocket, laughing as he winked at the Gew Buddy Judge.

          I ask Why is nobody in prison yet? Follow the money.

          • Everything you’ve said is total BS and factually wrong, CrackHeadNumbSkull. You’re too obsessed with Gews to even make sense.

      12. This is the kind of info that is clearly a huge loss of credibility for the author. This individual is wearing a hood, probably due to the extreme dust. Noticing he is not wearing other protective gear. It may very well be a nuclear hood but on 9/11 first responders were probably obtaining any protection available. VERY DISAPPOINTED IN THIS TYPE OF REPORTING!

      13. “Fake Conspiracy News”! Picture looks like he’s wearing a brown paper bag over his head. How does the author know who he is and/or where he works. Actually, is it a man? I call B.S.

      14. Hey morons, the moon is made of cheese supplied by the Deep State, the same ones who blew up the towers…. Modern health care is a blight on the world, because it kept idiots who believe drivel like this alive to propagate another generation…unbelievable

      15. I have just one thought to convey,
        “Occam’s razor”. I made a very good
        living for many years following this
        simple principle (I am an engineer
        not a scientist).
        I think Occam’s razor applies to 9/11,
        when dealing with all the facts and data.

        • Yes, one must ask who and what was in that building. Hard copy evidence, floors of it. The tenants list is not hard to find.

          • Its all on Utube, the whole inside job, who what when why and where. Just search there, and sit back and watch.

      16. The OST Secret Service guy in the video is wearing an emergency oxygen mask/hood. Not a “Radiation Hood”. Why wear a so-called radiation hood without having a complete radiation suit? This is tabloid grade reading material at best. Should have mentioned something about alien babies being found and Abraham Lincoln is still alive with Hitler and Elvis in the sublevel basements of WTC 1. Now that sells!

        • Phillip:

          Thank you.


      17. Anyone else notice that guy in the head gear was perfectly clean. No dust on him at all???

      18. Total nonsense.

        So charges were placed in World Trade 1,2 and 7 over the course of a weekend and no one saw the wires, charges, pins, etc on the Monday of September 10th? Each of those towers employed around 10,000 or more per building at any one time; no one noticed anything suspicious?

        Not a single cabbie, delivery driver, NYPD ticket cop noticed any suspicious tractor trailers that would be required to wire 110 stories of two towers?

        So the Israeli Jews, with half of their families living and working in Manhattan chose to kill their own brethren in order to convince Bush, Cheney and the neocons to attack Iraq? For what reason? To push the Shia, the Iranians into the arms of the Manchurian, Obama? Everyone knew that was going to occur as well, right?

        So many leads were ignored by Richard Clarke and the NSC during Clinton’s final two years that discussed potential suicide attacks by Saudi nationals learning to just fly airplanes and not wanting to learn to land, that was part of the Bush/Israeli/CIA conspiracy?

        So JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs and other firms were interested in completely turning the equity and bond markets upside down, don’t forget the market was closed for 3 weeks, brokerage firms don’t make money when the markets are closed, they conspired with the Israelis, Jews, to be exact, to shut down the Western world for what reason? To destroy its own way of living and the city that they love so much, Manhattan?

        So everyone is constantly manipulated by the Jews and Muslims are just the perpetual victims and scapegoats of Judeo-Christian aggression?

        Give me a break!

        • No Gews died in the twin towers. They all got advance notice not to go there that day, just stay home and telecommute from a remote location. However the 5 Dancing Mossad got their orders to go there and film it that day. Israhell loves to see America hit over and over again. USS Liberty. More facts these lying parasites here cannot deny. The biggest intellectual property thieves in America are the Gews. Steal the technology send it back to their squatter territory for exploitation to sell it to China. Like Aerospace technology. The facts are out there.

          • Oh okay, no Gews, not even one, died in the towers? Get out of your mom’s basement and get some sunlight for a change. It might help.

      19. Why I think it was demolished was because of the molten steel pouring out the sides of the building and even after the building came down.

      20. What a TOTAL BS article written for a reason that I don’t care to know about…What a delusional person who wrote and submitted such crap…Why was this article even accepted and published by this site…The person in the initial pic had a plastic bag over his head, there was no protection from anything let alone radiation…This is the kind of thing that should be trashed instead of published where any number of ignoramus fools will read and perpetuate onto the internet…

      21. I had an aquaintance who worked in one of the towers and she said that at any given time,construction was always going on.Companies were always coming and going,so,floors were always being reconfiguered to meet their needs.If there is work being done,no one is going to notice if a piece of drywall was cut out,something placed inside the wall,then drywall replaced and the mudded over.

      22. That was a PBE just like what is on an airplane for fighting a fire. And a very conveniently disguised Geiger counter commonly called a flashlight.

      23. What was the point of that hood? It was useless! It wasn’t sealed, it didn’t have filters. It may as well have been some type of prop from a B-movie.

        The sounds! What was up with all the weird sounds? That clip does not make sense to me. At all.

      24. This is one of the STUPIDEST articles I have read on SHTFPlan or most anywhere else! 1) The hood is a standard issue fire escape or dust/smoke hood. GEE WHIZ! 2) The wearer is a cop! 3) NO “micro nuke” was used, as even the smallest of nukes would level several blocks (I worked with nukes as one of my early jobs in the USAF 4) The studies on the collapses have been broadcast on PBS, Frontline, NatGeo, Sci, etc, etc, and clearly reveal the commonly known liquid aluminum explosions due to high temps, melting plane structure, and water from sprinklers. 5)There is and was NO evidence of “thermobaric bombs. GEEZ STUPIDITY!

        WHY do idiots refuse to read or watch the ACTUAL investigative studies by trained professionals and Chemical and Physics experts along with Structural Engineers? Instead of listening to IDIOTS with paranoid agendas to push?

        DAMN DUMB SH*T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      25. The guy in the picture is not wearing a radiation hood, that’s a disposable gas mask like the one I was talking about a week or so ago that I bought my daughter when she lived in a high rise, so she could walk out in a smokey fire like the building in England.

        I mean damn, one of the tenants in WT-7 was the freaking CIA. I imagine they’d have those or even better equipment and might have cause to retrieve crazy stuff from their offices, even risking going back in.

        Chemical signs of thermite?????? Each plane had nearly a 75,000 pounds of aluminum that was shredded in the crash, some melted mixed with rusty building steel and was exposed to high temperatures. Once ignited aluminum burns like crazy at 3,000 degrees. Have molten aluminum hit rusty steel and ignite and that thermite mixture burns at 5,000 degrees.

        And people can’t believe the building came down from a plane crash fire alone. Aaaaahhhhhhh. Enough with the stupid conspiracy theories. This is like the pain of watching CNN go on endlessly about Russians stole Hillary’s Election Day lunch!

        • Sure because aluminum trumps steel,please explain how building 7 collapsed.We just saw a high rise in London burnt to a crisp why didn’t it collapse ? BTW to make thermite the aluminum has to be in powder form.

          • The buildings foundations went 70 feet into the mud to get to bed rock, needed to hold up such massive buildings. The foundations were all interconnected. There were underground shopping malls, parking garages, subway tunnels and stations that interconnected with Path trains that ran under the Hudson.

            The engineering that went into building this vast deep basement support structure for these towers, just dozens of feet from the Hudson River was incredible. It’s fascinating reading if you have training as an engineer.

            Point is when the twin towers came down into that basement the massive weight of steel and concrete flowing like an avalanche took out the supports for any structure that shared that basement including building 7. I was actually surprised other nearby buildings didn’t also come down. The force of millions of tons of concrete and steel falling from such vast heights released an incredible amount of energy. Probably as much energy as a MOAB or similar bomb.

            With my training as a mechanical Engineer, including ocean engineering (hydraulic effects on foundations) and my experience and training with dealing with strength of materials, handling metals fires, strength of materials under elevated temperatures etc I have to say sorry, it really wasn’t a conspiracy. Two planes hitting those towers really was enough to bring them down along with Bldg 7.

            To be honest I was home that day, screaming at the TV as I watched and heard reports they sent people back to work. Five minutes into watching those fires burn and I knew the aluminum from those planes would ignite and those towers would come down.

            My first experience with structural steel and high temperatures was in high school, helping a friend who wanted to span a garage with an I-beam and lose the loly columns in the middle. He bought a used I-beam. I figured out how to jack it into place, lock one end, and then jack up the other end. The beam had some discoloration that bothered me, calculations said it should have been sufficiently strong. As we jacked the last end into place we watched that I-beam bend like spaghettini. It was obvious it had been in a fire and had lost its temper. That bending beam is the image I had in my head as I watched the WTC burned.

            I was frantic, I was in a nearby state that had a strong local call in station that was taking relevant calls. I grabbed the phone and while on hold waiting to get on the air and describe my fears that people in those towers should freaking run for their lives, I watched the towers fall and finally hung up.

            I really have heard a belly full of the stupid conspiracy theories. Just stop.

            • Good observations. I took structural engineering, materials testing lab, etc. I have no doubt the building collapsed as a result of the impact and fire/heat from the planes.

              The idea that people infiltrated the buildings and prepped it for demolition is absurd.

              Once the steel weakened from the heat all it took was the slightest downward movement for kinetic energy to go exponential.

              • you’re both full of bs…There has never been a skyscraper in the history of the world collapse…except these. A WW2 bomber actually hit the empire state building causing a large fire…its still standing.

                • The plane that hit the Empire State Building was a B-25 Mitchell bomber. It was being flown back to the US from England, it carried no bombs and was low on fuel. Empty the B25 weighs about 20,000 pounds.

                  The planes that hit the WTC were Boeing 767’s traveling at near max speed, that weigh loaded around 300,000 pounds and carry up to 16,700 gallons of jet fuel. Being long distance flights the fuel tanks would have been filled to near capacity.

                  Let me offer a comparison, think of having a 30,000 pound loaded semi truck, fully fueled with 400 gallons of fuel, drive straight into your house at 80 MPH vs a 2,000 pound compact car with an empty fuel tank hitting your house at 50 MPH

              • Sloppy arsonists always double the Insurance just before the torch their building. And remove all the valuables before the fire. Like all the Gold was removed from the Towers vault just weeks before they fell. Connect the dots. This is a classic case of Insurance Fraud. And lets not forget the US Military had sent all the military jets off in the opposite direction that day on some wild goose chase training mission. It was all coordinated. And the Gew MSM controlled The Narative. Oh lets not forget all planes were grounded in the US, except for the Bin Laden Family planes in the US. Dozens of flights so they could escape unharmed. Daddy Bush aOK’d that little crime. You want facts. Get the 28 Pages from the 911 Report fully published with no redactions. Lets see the real connections and (((WHO))) was involved. Why be afraid post the 28 Pages. Until these are fully posted America is Hijacked by the deep state.

                • Skulls, good points, and wasn’t there something about the asbestos in the Twin Towers that would have cost millions to tear out and remove? An impossible task. Better to just bring them down.
                  Between that and architects and engineers for 911truth, I’m way too suspicious of those who accept the ‘official’ version.

                  Bush’s response while reading to those children after he was informed that morning tells me he KNEW about it beforehand. (He did nothing but continue to read to them because he didn’t want to face it. Most Presidential responses to a terror attack of that magnitude would have been far different).

                  There is simply too much counter evidence to believe the government’s story.

            • Guess p2p1 is actually a disinformation agent after all, I didn’t know a person could exude such waste from all orphases unless they were experiencing a hemorrhagic fever.

        • And building 7 came down why?

      26. BullShiite.

      27. No connections like that between towers 1,2 and to tower 7.

      28. You people and this site are off the deep end.
        Having been part of the financing in 8/11 the reason for the terrorism coverage was not to bring the buildings down and collect, but to protect the lenders given the towers had already been attacked by a truck bomb in 93′.

        The value of any structure is not what the cost would be to rebuild for the most part in a total loss. That was the reason for the higher coverage. If you don’t get that then ask many of the Sandy victims who still haven’t rebuilt due to value vs rebuild to modern codes.

        What a dog and pony show.

      29. He has a standard escape hood. It’s designed for people that work in or around high rise buildings. Everyone who works in a high rise building should have one. Some of these hoods have a 10 minute oxygen supply. If he was exposed to radiation how is he still alive? The article is telling us he knew about the radiation and still went in there. Really? Let’s not be so quick to believe what we read. I took the word “believe” out of my vocabulary. I replaced it with the word “think”.

      30. Trump has been building skyscrapers for what 40 years ? He has engineers advising him on designs and specs. He knows about building 7? and Jewish lightning.

      31. I have no inside knowledge or documentation, am not naming names, so much as stringing concepts together.

        The barometrics reminded me of Nazi’s, because they experimented with negative energy.

      32. The use of micro nukes to bring those towers down is obvious, the same kind that were used to blow up the Murrah building in OKC.

        That’s pretty much been proven by the extreme radiation that was initially at the site and the current lingering high radiation levels.

        That radiation killed many people and is still killing them, it is being covered up by calling the deaths the result of toxic dust from the collapse but those in the know know better than that.

      33. For the disbelievers here, it takes weeks for a demolition crew to prepare and wire a building like these for symmetrical “bring down”. These buildings didn’t free fall straight down by accident. The know it all opinion here in this forum is total bs. These buildings were brought down by a concerted effort that is larger than and not part of the official narrative!

      34. Or maybe the guy didn’t want to breath the asbestos, glass, ash, and people parts in the air

      35. This is a Provita Smoke Hood. It provides 20 minutes of breathable air to escape fires in a high

        rise building. This guy was obviously prepared for worst case scenario evacuation from a high

        rise building.

      36. That hood he’s wearing is an off the shelf “Escape Hood” anyone can buy.

        If he’s around any type of rad emitting material, he’s dead, he’s wearing street clothes, and is covered in dust and debris.

        This article is strictly BS, and is for all the brainwashed 911 conspiracy freaks out there.

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