Man Arrested, Charged With Possession of Firearm, & Strip-Searched After 4 Year Old Daughter Draws Picture of Daddy Shooting at Monsters

by | Feb 27, 2012 | Headline News | 162 comments

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    North American educators and law enforcement officials continue to take zero-tolerance gun policies to obscenely ridiculous levels. The latest hypersensitive over-reaction comes to us from Canada, where educators contacted local law enforcement after a 4 year old kindergartener drew a picture of her daddy shooting a gun at monsters and bad guys.

    In the modern day Police State, everything is a crime, everyone is a suspect, and government myrmidons are all too willing to turn snitch at the first sign of ‘unusual behavior.’

    Jessie Sansone and his family are reeling after he was arrested and strip searched by police after his four-year-old daughter drew a picture of a man with a gun in her Kitchener, Ont., kindergarten class.

    The 26-year-old father of four said Saturday the sketch was supposed to be him, getting the bad guys and monsters.

    The school must have thought differently, as after Nevaeh drew it Wednesday, the school contacted Family and Children’s Services and they called police.

    Waterloo Police met Sansone at the school when he tried to pick up his kids he was told he was charged with possession of a firearm. He was then handcuffed and put him in one of the several squad cars waiting outside, he said.

    While Sansone was being strip searched at the police station: told to disrobe, lift his testicles and bend over, his wife was home with their 15-month-old daughter.

    “They came to my house, told my wife that I had been charged with possession of firearms, that she would have to come with them, and that Sundae (their infant daughter) would have to go with the social worker,” said Sansone. Stephanie called her Mom who rushed over to take Sundae instead.

    Source: Toronto Sun

    The “gun” his children told police about? A toy pistol that shoots foam darts, which police discovered during a search of his house.

    “The child had every belief it was real,” Thaler said. “The indication from the kids was that it was dad’s [gun].”

    Sansone was finally released after four hours. He said he’s furious and that his name has been slandered.

    Source: The Blaze

    While Canadians have firearms ownership policies that are significantly more stringent than those of their US counterparts, if you think the madness is restricted to those living north of the border, think again.

    In 2007, Atlantic City 2nd grader Kyle Walker was suspended for violating his school’s zero tolerance policy when he drew the following stick figure with a gun:

    In 2010, autistic 14 year old Shane Finn was charged with a felony and labeled a terrorist, when in 2010, he drew a picture of a stick figure (identified as himself) shooting another stick figure (identified as his teacher):

    In December of 2010, ten students were punished with detention at Battlefield High School after their Christmas Sweater club distributed candy canes to other students. The reason given? Candy canes could be sharpened and ‘weaponized.’ [No word on whether school administrators and city officials would be detained and charged regarding the possibility of inciting violence as a result of the name of the school being “Battlefield”]

    (Note: Not actual candy cane distributed by students.)

    In a society where guns, violence, drugs, and sex appear on nearly every television station and at just about any hour of the day, we are at a loss for words at the sheer lunacy running rampant in our schools, law enforcement circles and government institutions.

    Has the world lost its common sense?

    Hat tip Manos, Gator USN, et. al.


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      1. The people who report this kind of stupid shit to cops should get a bat to the head. And the cops who go after these people should get a bat to the head as well. We need to thin these people out of the gene pool so their stupidity cannot continue to infect humanity.

        • Unfortunately it’s the idiots, the morons and the moochers who are reproducing at alarming rates and giving us more of this crap.

          As long as we reward bad behavior, poor choices and laziness, we will continue to deplete the gene pool.

          Idiocracy. “As the 21st century began, human evolution was at a turning point. Natural selection, the process by which the strongest, the smartest, the fastest, reproduced in greater numbers than the rest, a process which had once favored the noblest traits of man, now began to favor different traits. Most science fiction of the day predicted a future that was more civilized and more intelligent. But as time went on, things seemed to be heading in the opposite direction. A dumbing down. How did this happen? Evolution does not necessarily reward intelligence. With no natural predators to thin the herd, it began to simply reward those who reproduced the most, and left the intelligent to become an endangered species. “

          • I totally agree with Mr blutarsky on his comment about the idiots and moochers, We should be natural selection like you said, but now mega moms and deadbeat moms and snicker lickers are having 10 kids and getting free SSI section 8 medicaid and all the perks to have more idiots and deadbeats. Its going to get worse and you can clearly blame the democrats for this, free cell phones etc. BTW call them and they are dying to sign you up I called for the OBama phone and said I made over 90,000 a year, just threw a number in there and said that I make too much, she said you never know lets sign you up. the Number is 1-800-833-8333 for the Obama phone, call them up and tell them great job for Obama and how he is breaking us more and more, they are real nice to get you signed up, you would not believe how nice they are. Call and test them. uncredible.

          • Should have worded that differently but you get the point.

          • There are many idiots in the public school system..a ‘friend’ teaching fourth grade came to my third grade to ‘report’ some of my third graders and her fourth graders had playboy pics on the playground…I laughed– she didn’t laugh with me.
            They walk among us.

            • You have to have been there to appreciate that post. I’ve been there. I did Public Safety at a college for over eight years. From what I saw there education and common sense never seemed to go together.

            • Is she handing out condoms?

        • Run for President with the motto….”A bat to the head of all deserving dumb-asses!!” I like it, can I be the campaign manager?? Seriously, I agree completely….I’m also investing in a boat-load of Louisville Sluggers just in case!!

        • Rainyday: It wouldn’t do much good, people like that don’t have any brains. They turned them in when they voted for their Nanny-State to take care of them and do all their thinking for them too. I know that there are still some real men and women left in Canada, but most have become nothing more than a bunch of limp-wristed sissies affraid of their own shadows. It happened in GB, NZ, and Australia too. It reminds me of the bumper-sticker I saw the other day: “I just neutered my dog, now he’s a liberal too”.

          • Fortunately for us Canadians we elected a majority Conservative government last election. One of their main election platforms was a promise to eliminate our much hated (at least by half of the population) long gun registry. We are almost there now with the bill expected to pass the Conservative controlled Senate sometime in the next few months. This will be a great first step. We Canadians seem to be coming to our senses and are starting to rail against the socialist leaning Liberals and NDP’ers. For a long while it looked pretty bleak but things are getting a little better.

            • acat49, you really think your elected rulers are going to grant you the tools to overthrow them one day? I hope you are correct, but the velvet fist of govt rarely loosens.

            • But now Toewsy-baby wants to put the whole damn internet under surveillance.

              Minus one gun registry, plus one internet registry. They give with one hand, and take away with the other.

            • good for you guys in canada, everyday I see so many nice cars in Pa near Erie Pa driving by. You guys must be doing something right. Im not saying having a nice car means anything but your country is so much cleaner and the roads are great. We have so many deadbeats and smoochers its nuts. take care up there and hope the best for you guys, beautiful areas

            • Sorry acat49:

              I disagree. The P.C.s are no better than any other party. Harper is a turd; contempt for Parliament – he’s already guilty of that. Proven! And this latest scandal re: robo calls and illegally directing non-P.C. voters to non-existent poling stations is criminal.

              By the way, I’m a hunter and own long guns and I live in a big city…the numero uno one.

              I think that the American might have something with Ron Paul and/or Libertarians.

              And, as Roland below says, that “Lawful Access Bill” is frightening. A minority government would be better than any other option under our crappy first-past-the-post system.

              And, don’t get me started on the G-20 crackdown in Toronto. Criminal behaviour by the cops and their P.C. overlords. Harper called the shots on that one, too. We’re no different than the U.S. when cops attack innocent protesters a la Oakland Occupy.

              – Stoosh

            • Hey Stoosh… I live just down the QE from ya. Oskee Wee Wee. I agree that the PC’s are as messed up as the Libs and Dippers but I prefer a more right leaning, personal accountability agenda than what we were subjected to for far too many years. Now McSquinty needs to go although I don’t like the alternatives.

          • Have to disagree on the “nanny state” label for Australia and New Zealand. Firearms aren’t outlawed. But you are required to get a licence to own one and in New Zealand’s case you have to complete a firearms course through the NZ Police. It’s like a drivers licence questionnaire. With questions on safety, storage and how to safely secure weapons in your home. Also questions on how to carry wpns in the bush, crossing obstacles like rivers, fences ect. Identifying targets and so on. Having served 20 plus years in the Military, I’m glad they make people undertake this course. Just because you own a gun, does not mean you know how to use it safely.
            Basically if you can pass the test ….. And it is pretty much a “common dog f****k” questioniare then you have the right to buy/purchase a wpn. If you can’t pass it then …. Tough luck.
            As for semi and automatics, well, they are banned outright. Why does anyone need a semi to go hunting deer and thar anyway. A bolt action with a couple of rounds is all you need. You’re in the bush to stalk and hunt maybe one animal, not take on the whole herd!!!! Thats why deer and pig hunting is called “hunting” instead of “total war on the animal kingdom”
            Personally, I grew up pig hunting with the old man. We had 3 dogs on average and the old bloke was always armed with his trusty butchers knife. That’s it. No guns ….. Its the cheats way of hunting. We’d have 2 or 3 days of run-walk-run and tracking as we go. A small pack with an old army hoochie for shelter and a pocket full of scrounging to eat. Man, we wearnt even allowed to take a compass let alone a map!!!!
            Now that’s HUNTING!!!

            • i thought you could get semi auto’s from gun city? Its one of the categories they sell guns in.

              But yea i’d be for the licence system. You don’t want general idiots prancing around with guns like they do with fireworks.

        • okay, i don’t know about everyone else, but if this was me in the article and i went through this crap to include the humiliation over a freaking toy that i bought to play with my daughter… i don’t think words of hate and anger would do me any justice in the spite i would have towards all the morons involved.(just pray that i don’t ever meet you face to face) Another thing… have the state or who ever try to take my child away from me or my family… good lord, WWIII/Zombie nation apocalypse would break loose!

        • okay, i don’t know about everyone else, but if this was me in the article and i went through this crap to include the humiliation over a freaking toy that i bought to play with my daughter… i don’t think words of hate and anger would do me any justice in the spite i would have towards all the morons involved.(just pray that i don’t ever meet you face to face) Another thing… have the state or who ever try to take my child away from me or my family… good lord, WWIII/Zombie nation apocalypse would break loose!

      2. Yep, and just this morning there was another school shooting. I often wonder if these things aren’t just staged. Either that, or there are some really stupid parents out there that do not practice firearm safety. Hey dummies, it’s not the gun, it’s the user. Oh yeah, taking guns from law abiding people only means you disarm the honest and make it easier for criminals.

        In regards directly to this story though, I heard the over the weekend. I thought to myself, “How could the girl be in any danger if she drew the picture with daddy shooting bad guys and monsters?”, as a major Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Who are these douchebags that come up with this horseshit?

        • Excellent point Joe!

          • Mac, what’s scary is that children can’t be children any more. Their imagination can get their parents in a bind, aka arrested.
            Children can’t even look to their dads as heros/protecters. Like in basic training, the drill sargent was your mother,father,brother,etc.. Now the gov’t wants the children to look to them as the all everything of family life and as the good guy.

            • The only time the parents are not held liable for the actions of their kids is if the children are already on a path to becoming career criminals- they want to ensure crime remains high so they can justify asking for larger budgets each subsequent year. Ensuring continuity if criminality is big business, and brutha business is good.

            • These kind of incidents are what the governments are going to use to confuse and control the populations around the grobe.

              We need to stop it NOW!

              I was listening to a man on Coast To Coast AM, he said that we need an internet THINK TANK to figure out ways to stop the stupid stuff that is going on.

              Has anyone heard of any site like this that we can get behind and support and start a movement to sanity?

            • Perhaps we should sponsor “draw a gun at school day”, just to desensitize these idiots who are scared/offended by everything. Can you imagine going through life petrified of every little thing? No wonder libstardsmare such winers. Oh, at my kids school library they have a section on crime and punishment. Care to guess what picture was displayed on the sign? If you guessed .38 special, you win the prize!

            • Mona: Here is a link for you:


              There are also a number of links at SHTF Patriots that you might find interesting and useful.

          • Normal child development was all that was depicted in that little girls drawing or has to possess an imagination & a loving father now become a crime?

            That’s what Daddy’s do ffs- scare away the imaginary monsters and nightmares of their 4 year olds. They also frighten the strange beasty from the closet and under the bed. My own Daddy was my hero at this age.

            This says far more about the mental health issues/strange family dynamics of the accusers than it does of the perfectly ordinary family described.

            • Why didn’t the stupid b**ch ask the student if daddy had a gun??
              Does daddy have bullets for this gun?
              What do the bullets look like–are they hard and look like pennies or dimes?
              NO–they are soft and like darts.


            • Finally we are privilaged to a “true show of justice”. The father was “strip searched and jailed”…The bastard should have been executed by SWAT team. He was obviously training his daughter to be a muslim terrorist squad leader.

              Children over 8 months old are beyond rehabilitation. She should either be jailed for life NOW, or pre-emptively executed as well.

              The screwl system and the TOP cops are keeping all of you safe from terrorist you ridiculous, ungrateful, morons!!!!

            • Spot on!-and the PTB make $$ to tear
              apart innocent familys’,meanwhile neglecting
              to investigate TRUE actuall abuse.Every time
              another story comes about CPS misconduct,the
              GOV increases their $$power.It’s all a sham-
              I’m praying for the 70lb.15yr old in the midwest.
              gotta go,Cheerio-

        • Gun Control: Empowering Criminals, Weakening Citizens and Perpetuating Police Employment for 46 years.

        • I agree with you Joe Republic re: the school shooting. If you saw the lack of common sense at schools regarding security, and I have (Because it’s an inconvenience to come in the front door of the school, teachers are allowed to leave classroom doors open to the outside so incoming teachers can avoid the inconvenience) they wonder why incidents like you cited occur.
          Again..common sense and eduction just don’t go together.

        • you will start to see more and more shooting on tv to try and convince the idiots that guns are deadly. Guess what they are with deadbeats but no common sense people who care. Just watch they will start showing more and more of it and less and less cops doing illegal things or stealing money from the states and us people. Its nuts and we all got to stay together in some form of way.

        • So if a kid draws a picture of a fireman putting out a fire, does that mean he’s probably an arsonist? Or, how bout a kid drawing a cow being milked and then draws his mom and sister drinking the milk …. Does this give the State the right to invade the child’s family home with a SWAT team on susspition that Dad is a “raw milk dealer?
          I am not even going to suggest what would happen if Little Johnny drew a picture of himself flying an airplane!!!!
          Damn, no more crayons and paper for the kids!!! It’s too dangerous!! This should be an alert to all good parents!!! Stop your kids drawing crayon masterpieces for the refrigerator door!!!! They might be breaking the law!!!!!

      3. Agreed Joe, complete insanity

        • The man needs to sue for false arrest; damage to his reputation, etc . (punitive damages, emotional stress)

          • I cant believe Laura that someone gave you a thumbs down about your comment. that is just plain nuts. we are all alike on here and we will always have a few idiots of our own on here. That shows you that there are people will really think that this is ok or they just dont care and are a deabeat all together. you take care.

          • It might be easier if he draws a picture for the authorities using some crayons. Obviously stick figure pictures in crayon, stands up better in court. Easy for the prosecution, easy for the cops and easy for the Judge to comprehend. No big words from them big old law books that people in the Justice system don’t like using anymore.

          • Why didn’t they just question the father privately to see if there was any thing to be worried about? They ought to be sued for character defamation. Not to mention the damn teacher should be questioned as well. I guess they are now teacher/psychologist and can make assumptions on their own. All that grief on that family over the actions of a stupid, ignorant teacher who evidently is extremely paranoid. Kids can not be kids any more. So sad…

      4. My son was suspended from highschool for a week because he had a BUTTERKNIFE in the bed of his pickup truck at the highschool parking lot. It had been there a long time buried under leaves and junk and he said it was from when he went camping over the summer. Some government tit-sucker rummaged around in the bed of his truck and found it. Needless to say, when I heard about it, I went to the school with blood in my eyes. The little sniveling worm who was the principal at the time called for a security guard while I was in his office. We used to go pheasant hunting before school and leave our guns behind the seat of the truck while we were in school and the school knew about it. The worst thing that happened was one of the parking lot monitors, who was my english teacher, asked me if I would get a couple of birds for him. I am so sick of liberals and cry-babies. I heard somewhere that where we are today has been called progress. You could have fooled me!

        • BRF, great point regarding progress.

        • Oh I so want those days of my youth back now! When I was in high school in the early 80’s I kept my deer rifle or shotgun in the back window of my pickup truck in a rack. After school I went straight to the woods. No one said anything. I kept the doors locked of course but no one ever bothered it. I wouldn’t do that now just because of the police how they act and how the children now don’t respect a firearm. If you ask me there’s a lot of older children and even teenagers that need to be taken out behind the woodshed. Our government has caused parents to not want to spank their children due to the laws and the fear of being stereotyped as a child abuser. My father who was born in 1929(RIP) took me behind the woodshed and he would have been in prison for life if he done that now lol. But it taught me to respect others and “yes sir” “no sir” “yes ma’am” “no ma’am” was expected of me and I still say it to this day.

          • I hear ya Gator. My dad (RIP) had no qualms about heatin my ass up. And ya know what? I deserved it! I am a better man for it and I’m glad he did it. Nowadays the kiddies think they are in charge. My kids got whuppins when they deserved it too. Now we sit around and laugh about it.
            My dad bought me my first shotgun when I was seven and I would walk to a nearby farm with the gun in plain sight, action broken open and no one even looked in my direction. I actually had a cop stop and ask me where I was going and I told him, he wished me luck. This was 1970…God that was the greatest times in my life. A lot of kids today are spoiled rotten assholes and deserve a good bop on the horn to learn em some respect. I miss the good days.

        • Such BS as this is probably why some people say “Bring on SHTF!”. They want it to happen before these arrogant piss ants have been able to disarm America, and we are all defenseless.

      5. When a child is afraid of the bad guys and monsters, isn’t it usually daddy who kills the scary stuff or sends it running away because he is going to protect his child? I know a single mother who made “monster spray” in a water spray bottle for her child to spray around the room to keep the scary stuff out and so her child could spray any monsters that might show up. These are normal things that parents do to help their children feel safe. I wonder if the woman’s child drew a picture of that at school if they would have arrested her and searched her house for pepper spray or charged her with giving a child access to a volitile substance thereby endagering the child’s safety?

        When the school and other do-gooders stick their nose into the basics of being a parent, it is not only across the line, it is just stupidity. I’m not a lawyer happy individual, but if I were this guy, I’d sue the ever-loving crap out of everyone involved.

        • I honestly think the do-gooders in this situation need some kinda therapy as their mentality is twisted.

          • They need to be taken to the gun range and have a glock put in their hand and they need to shoot 100 rounds before they EVER complain or report someone for gun related “crimes”.

            Our society is not a society of do gooders. You keep calling them do gooders. They’re not do gooders, they ignoramuses. They are ignorant about parenting and their ignorant about life. They go around in this educational bubble thinking life is a certain way and they are so full of themselves that when life turns out to be different, they want it arrested.

            Morons. Its coming! The great cleansing is coming. You may all think I’m horrible but, I’m going to Laugh My Ass Off. All these people that should never be in the positions they’re in just because of a piece of paper that says they’re qualified. They earned it by passing tests, not applying the knowledge.

            We reward memorization and we punish application. Because of this we have a population of morons with papers that say they’re smart. Yet, they can’t figure out which end the bullet comes out of. We’ve created this society to crash and burn because we’ve gone off track.

            Sorry I feel this way, but the sheople will be piled up and burnt while the rest of us survive. I work with them daily. There is no saving them.

            • Oh, Net Ranger, I am so with ya…I’m just about ready to start digging a big home behind the shed…but dh said he can just take them to the woods and dispose of them there.

            • edit–edit–edit–that’s hole, not home..

            • Agreed, NR.

              I will go one step further in my assessment, however. These people are NOT “do-gooders”, or “liberals”. They are functioning in a manner designed to break the family unit, and instill a sense of helplessness and fear, in society.

              All you see going on before you was laid out long ago; social conditioning began with manditory education. Thier whole program is accelerated. They are continually redefining what they will consider “normal”, or “deviant” behavior. This is all by design.

              This is one more thing most people cannot/will not face: People are under assault, on every level, from every instituion they have been told is good and right all thier lives. Not because the insitutions have changed, but because the Owners’ mask is coming off…

            • “when life turns out to be different, they want it arrested.”

              I believe that’s the best explanation of their twisted behavior that I have ever heard!!

            • NetRanger that is one of the best fucking post I have read anywhere in a long time.You are more than 100 billion percent right!!!!

            • NetRanger—you are absolutely correct.

              Every stage of a childs’ public educational development is geared toward assuaging the lowest common denominator; not, unfortunately, the highest.

              I wish we could have a “Vocal Majority”.

              However, I believe you are right about the “crash and burn” scenario. It is too late.

              Unfortunately, it may be the only way.

              If thine eye offend thee, pluck it out. That may apply to society as well as souls.

              Either way, the sheeple are gonna get plucked.

              Just sayin’

            • Well said!!….I believe in good honest education…wish I had more but I hate indoctrination which is what passes for education far too often these days!

              I do however have a good attendence award at the “School of Hard Knocks” AKA- Life! Learned all the important stuff there…still have years of study to go… 🙂

        • No, no, Fed up. Its the governments job to protect them. Actually the problem isn’t the good parents who actual care about their kids, its the lousy parents that don’t who give the jerks the power to do crap like this.

        • I remember taking my guns/knives/ammo/ ect to school and putting them in my locker before schooland walking out with them afterschool…NO PROBLEMS!!! These type of losers wouldnt last a minute in a post-SHTF world..thank God!

          When my son was just a little guy someone had told him about monsters and the boogieman(ticked me off because my wife and I never LIED to our kids so we never told them about monsters and santyclause,but some retard did)my boy came running to me one night scared and crying and I scooped him up and asked him what was wrong…he told me the boogieman was after him so I asked him where he was and he told me he had run out of the house and was outside…I handed him to my wife and grabbed my pistol…out the door I ran and out into the dark woods on the side the pasture…I yelled at the boogieman and told him to come here right now because I was mad at him for sneaking in my house and scaring my boy…I then fired several rounds into the ground,made some awful noises while yelling at the monster and telling him he was dead(all for my sons benefit of course) I then went back inside and told him that the boogieman had told me he wasnt scared of me and wouldnt go away and leave my boy alone so Daddy had to shoot him and kill him(what an act)…he went to bed and was fine…he never had a fear of the dark or monsters again!

          Awhile after that we were somewhere and I heard a person tell my son that the boogieman was going to get him…before I could say a word the little man put his hands on his hips…cocked his head back and without flinching declared “No he wont because hes dead….Daddy shot him”….that shut them up…my grand baby daughter recently said something about the boogieman to my son and my son who is now a grown man looked at me and winked and held her close and told her that she didnt have to fear the boogieman as Grampa had killed him years ago….made me a hero to two generations….had to share that…. 🙂

          • thanx for bringing a tear,while LaughingMAO!
            This is why I adore SHTFplan.

      6. Only a fool or an imbecilic coward sends his/her kids to the national dumbing down/propaganda center known as ‘public skool.’

        So when this type of BS happens to you – shut your pie hole and gleefully accept the damage that you signed up for. Eat it up.

        If you’re on these sites, you know the purpose of public education. You know how pernicious and feral it is. Still choosing to send your kids to the meatgrinder – well, pal, you’ll not get any sympathy from me.

        • I disagree my children are homeschooled and there has been several times where I have had to come home and strip search my wife, if there is not a gun on her I become nervous then i bring out the cuffs then I usually sleep on the couch, she’s not into restraints be it me or the goverment!!

        • LOL

          17 thumbs down yet no counter-arguments?

          Say, has your publik skool education enfeebled your argumentative ability?

          My degree is in Elem. Education with a dual minor in Exceptionalities and Psychology; I know intimately the foul refuse of our ‘pubic skool’ system.

          A simple note for you simpletons who downranked me earlier…neither you nor your dim-witted chillens who shamble, zombie-like, through the crumbling halls of our propaganda institutions will ever rise above the station you have been intentionally programmed for; you will serve as cannon fodder or as cogs in the machine. I openly mock you and yours.

          I’d provide some quotes here form JD Rockefeller and A. Carnegie – but know what? I look forward to using and exploiting the willfully ignorant like you and your sub 85 IQ offspring.

          There is nothing as sublimely worthy of exploitation and destruction as a willful, useful idiot.

      7. The “authorities” were on a guilt trip, knowing that they were the “bad guys” her daddy needed to shoot.

      8. Any zero-tolerance policy only serves to relieve those in charge of their duty to distinguish between right and wrong. Is it really such a surprise that this is so prevalent today?

      9. Whatever it takes to wake the masses. Right?

        “…he was arrested and strip searched by police after his four-year-old daughter drew a picture of a man with a gun…”

        replace gun with…
        or spoon,
        or mattress full of money,
        or gold bars,
        or containers with stored food,
        or raw milk,
        or bible,
        or vitamins,
        or seeds,
        or gas cans,

        The question is, how far will this obsession of theirs to control and manipulate their perceived slaves, go, before the slaves revolt?

        Don’t hold your breath. But then again, an adult brain requires 20% of the bodies oxygen to stay conscious. Maybe the masses “aren’t” breathing?

      10. Time for a lawsuit against the school system who turned him in.

        You can’t sue the teacher personally because the DAM* unions protect them.

        I’d donate some money to help him sue the school system though. Just tell me where to mail it….. This crap has got to stop.

        • I’d start a civil law suit anyhow..just to see the teachers ass pucker..

          we have to start smewhere to send a message

          • and the only problem I have with sueing the school when we do that were sueing ourselfs..the tax payers..thats why I say when the law “person” over steps..sue the person..any government position or entity…suit against the entity solves nothing, they have all our money to fight it, or to pay the million(s) in law suits..its our money..

            go after the person with civil law suit..thats what its going to take to stop this bullshit

            • “go after the person with civil law suit..”

              Doubt that would make any difference one way or the other.

              “Even if the door kick-down at 2 in the morning and subsequent ransacking of your home are later declared an “administrative mistake” (they meant to bash in the door of the house across the street, not yours) but you, in your fear and absolute innocence took steps to defend yourself/your family and in the process shot a “law enforcer,” guess who’ll be up on murder or attempted murder charges?

              This has actually happened already.” …


        • Well then can’t the teachers union be sued?

          • It can, but good luck. With all the liberal, union loving judges out there, you’d waste your time & money.

        • I beg to differ on that issue.
          My cousin, a teacher of over 20 years, was having trouble and the teacher’s union told her to defend herself, she was a lawyer.
          Truth be told there.

          She quit the union and I followed shortly after.

      11. John Stossel’s most episode is titled “Illegal Everything”. You can probably catch it on a rerun this week.

        I missed it, I’m going to see if I can find it. Seems fitting.

        • mr.b- this was a really good show and i hope you are able to catch it while you can.

      12. Actually if I were the father I would probably commit that stupid kid to a mental institution for life.

        There was a scene in the Grape of the Wrath, where little Ruthie, the little sister of Tom Joad who is the pillar of the family, reveals her big brother’s murder of someone.

        Because the family failed to shut off little Ruthie’s mouth, Tom Joad has to run away from the family (and would probably never see them again, one way or another), and the family now have to suffer without their chief breadwinner. The death of the oldest daughter’s child at the last chapter shows the family will probably have no future.

        The family should have strangled Ruthie’s f__cking neck after they learnt what she had done.

        Little children have to be watched very carefully, since they can be bribed easily and will tell things nobody should .

        • comenius:2 words- You Suck

        • “commit that stupid kid to a mental institution for life”

          Now THAT was a stupid and ignorant remark. Kids are very perceptive and at that young age are very innocent to the adults narrow-minded, paranoid way of thinking, so when something like this gets blown out of proportion, I blame the busy-bodied teacher who should have known better. All they had to do was call a parent conference with the principle, but Noooo, let’s call the cops and make their life hell. Thumbs down for the teacher/school.

      13. I agree that Canada sucks and I have been where he is. When my starter wife wanted a divorce after fifteen years but did not want to share our assets. She moved out and two weeks later filed a false police report that I had beaten her. No incident report, no bruises, no hospital report. Nevertheless, I got dragged out of my house in handcuffed, fingerprinted, deloused, and thrown in a cell. I got out the next day on bail and it took months to get the charges dropped.

        Everyone reaps what they sow. She got the house, but that’s all she has. It has been ten years now and I am remarried to a great woman and finally have a child where she has now been divorced two more times and is all alone in the world.

        • Divorces are so expensive because they are worth it! The wrong partner in life will ruin you. I had a similar experience when I caught my wife cheating on me red-handed. She told the cops I hit her even though several witnesses said otherwise and I was hauled off to the hospitality suite at the county jail. Ultimatley the judge threw it out of court but it cost me a lot of money for her to be an asshole.

        • Starter Wife… Love it!

          • I saw that too and had a chuckle..Ive had quite a few starter girlfriends..

        • Pastor:

          I won’t engage in ad hominem attacks although your comment regarding my country offends me. You’re entitled to your opinion, since all we have on which to base our opinions is our own experiences. That said, something bad must have happened to you in Canada.

          Canada is a good country, not a great one. It is better than many. It most definitely does not suck.

          Now, I’m no fan of the direction in which it’s heading and in which it has been headed to date.

          – Stoosh

      14. “The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.” – Ayn Rand

        • Atlus Shrugged

          Where is John Galt when you need him, anyway?

      15. Hoplophobia…its all about those who dont know or understand..
        that and stupidity really took it on the chin with this one

      16. Man, I cant believe how hyper-paranoid this world is getting!! This is outrageous. My kid brother got in trouble when he was in middle school for pulling what would have been considered a prank in the 80s and 90s he lit a black cat firecracker and threw it into a metal dumpster and nearly got a felony charge over it!! This police state is getting waaaay out of control!! Everything we do is illegal!!! I think the govt. wants us so scared that we wont even leave our houses. Make our world into a prison. This is not the country our FF’s fought and died for. The kids are getting tased and cited in school over petty shit. The teachers dont seem to want to deal with simple problems and instead hand the resonsiblity over to police. Havent these nanny state bastards ever heard of detention?? Im talking about the kind where you have to stay after school for an hour not actually being detained by rule crazy thugs with badges!!! This makes me sick those shits at Columbine ruined everything for the kids in school these days!! Shame on Canada!!!

      17. Guns are thought by “authorities” to commit murders– what about the murderers who actually pull the trigger? The guns are instruments USED by the murderers… never saw a gun commit a crime without some jerk behind it! Next up? SPOONS will be outlawed for “incitement to commit an abhorrent act”… making sheeple FAT, LAZY, OBESE Diabetics, who if they WALKED around the f’n grocery store instead of riding those GD electric carts, would miraculously lose all those unsightly pounds!! WTF? I have no problems if a person has had hip surgery or similar to use those carts, but DANG! Why all the fat asses? With skyrocketing medical insurance premiums to healthy individuals being what it is, no wonder a normal weight person like me can’t afford insurance! OK- time for me to stop now.

      18. I would have sued their balls off….I would have sued that teacher, that teachers kids, that teachers grandkids and that teachers alive or dead parents for raising such an ASSHOLE!!! Fuckin piece of VERMON.
        One day the people will RISE up and stop this insanity before our kids grow up working in 23 hour a day sweatshops under the supervision of armed guards. I DOUBT IT THOUGH

      19. These little stories have a huge impact when they add up. They want more and more of this type of reporting, in order to justify the removal of our right to own and bear arms. There is zero tolerance for this type of behavior even at the hands of innocent children, but we tolerate the deterioration of our rights each and every day.

        How do we stop them and let them know that WE have zero tolerance for anyone strip searching us and barging into our homes, because of some tight assed, politically correct, liberal lap dog, turning in little kids and destroying lives over mindless crap.

        Everything is backwards now, United we fall and divided we stand.

      20. The time to “head for the hills” is here.

        Be safe, be fearless.

      21. This is crazy. I would file a lawsuit against the state, the city, the police department, the school district, the principal. You name it, everyone would get sued. I realize this is about Canada, but would it surprise anyone here, if this happened in the US?

        The ptb, are so concerned with their own agenda and staying in power, that they will portray anyone and everyone to be a bad person, just further the agenda. They must eliminate anyone who thinks for themself.

        Good luck finding my weapons…

        I have rambled enough…Time is now, Prepare, Plan, and Practice.

      22. Good article Mac. I love the part about
        how children’s services Expected the mom to
        just hand over her infant. THEY Love
        fresh meat,the younger,the better.All part
        of their legalized child slavery scheme
        which makes them a TON of money.

        • Yes, very good move on her part.

          • Hi VRF. Unfortunely,once CPS is in a family’s
            hair,it is like getting rid of head lice.
            The best way to get those knits out is
            with a headlamp and dayglow hairspray.

            • I know..I dont want to go into why I know this..lets just say my kid knew how to deal with the point where we won.
              she had a good instructor

          • Smart woman. She knew she stood a good chance of never seeing her child again.

      23. I wanna know if he sent his kid back to school the next morning…

      24. If you want to keep seeing these kinds of stories keep voting for the idiots you keep voting for.

      25. the insanity never stops…

      26. Why does the left demonize being Christian, owning a gun, and for that matter preparing? I don’t see a lot of condemnation of those things from the “right?” What does the left fear?

        • Jim it is called “ENVY”. They see how most Christians live without fear of dying and they can’t face the facts. So they just keep condeming and lashing out and want to see if we will buckle. It’s sort of like my little woman on the drag, and I say just relax and quit your bitchin’ at me. She responds “I ain’t bitchin”. Oh I almost forgot,sweetie, You’ve got “ENVY”. “Penis Envy that is”……. Two days later…. Make up sex is good!

      27. The children’s services involvement sent shivers down my spine. What trauma would that poor child have suffered if Grandma had been out of town that week?

      28. Wow, we are living in very scary times, the authorities are becoming our enemy, it is so sad. At the same time, it does not surprise me, we are being controlled and to do this the authorities need to instill fear into us. I see that the National Defense authorization Act was sneaked into the US on the 1 January 2012, anyone that is not familiar with it, I suggest that you Google it.

        Here in the UK the creator of “fireman Sam” (fireman Sam is a famous children’s book in the UK)was detained at Gatwick airport, please see an exert from the mailonline newspaper below:-

        “As David Jones passed through airport security, his thoughts were turning to lunch with his daughters, who were already ‘airside’.

        But a light-hearted remark as he placed his scarf through the X-ray scanner led to Mr Jones, the creator of the animated children’s character Fireman Sam, being held for an hour by security guards and accused of racism.

        Ex-fireman Mr Jones, a former member of the Household Cavalry, said he experienced an ‘Orwellian nightmare’ after commenting on the ease with which a Muslim passenger ahead of him – who had her face almost completely covered by a hijab – had passed through security without showing her face.

        As he placed his scarf and other belongings into a tray to pass through the X-ray scanner, Mr Jones, 67, said to an official: ‘If I was wearing this scarf over my face, I wonder what would happen.’

        To his astonishment, he was stopped by security staff on the other side of the checkpoint at Gatwick and accused of racism after a Muslim security guard who heard the remark said it had caused her offence.”

        We are living in very sad times indeed.

      29. What would happen to the father if the daughter told the teacher “Daddy touched me”, when the full story was that he gave his daughter a hug?

        Young children are not very articulate. Anything spoken could be misunderstood and over-reacted by the nanny state.

        Maybe the father should call the authorities, filing a complaint that the teacher and principle were touching his child.

        • fight fire with fire

        • Nothing is misunderstood. They badger children until the child says what CPS wants to hear. Google child sex abuse in daycare centers in the 80s. CPS always found what they went looking for. Many innocent lives were destroyed

      30. With respect to the candy cane story…
        shouldn’t sharpened pencils also be deemed a WEAPON???

        Just thinking out loud. 😉

        • RWM – sharpened pencils? Kids learning to write? In a school?


          Whatever will these prepper types think of next?

          (Ha Ha).

          • Yep, I home school and actually teach phonics and handwriting skills. 😉 LOL

            Prepper 3 R’s:
            Instead of Reading, wRiting, and aRithmatic…

            we cover…

            RIGHTS, RECOIL, & RICE!!! (hehehe)

        • Yes it can!

          Did you ever see the movie “The Evil Dead”?

          Sure made a great weapon in that movie.

      31. In the past I’ve spoken to people in gun shops about the restrictions on guns and there are many gun owners out there that think.

        “Hey if I stay out of trouble and be a good person then the authorities have no reason to take away my gun rights”.

        And I’ve heard people say that “If someone loses their gun rights then they must have deserved it and I agree with the law!”

        My few friends that lost their right to own a firearm used to say the same phrases above. Now the phrases they say include things that you wouldn’t want your children to hear. Let me tell you there is a VERY thin line between right and wrong nowadays and never ever doubt that you can wind up on the wrong side of that line no matter how good of a person you are. That’s why I no longer look at people who lost their gun rights and say anything like those phrases above and instead I remember the following phrase “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”.

        • ‘“Hey if I stay out of trouble and be a good person then the authorities have no reason to take away my gun rights”.

          And I’ve heard people say that “If someone loses their gun rights then they must have deserved it and I agree with the law!”’

          Sadly here in the UK I’ve met a few mothers who thought the same way re their children recently. Just substitute guns for kids in your sentences above.

      32. My 2yo grandson has been ostracized for picking up a stick and imagining it’s a “sword”. I guess he picks it up from cartoons on TV. This kid is genius smart, loving and considerate, but probably won’t hack it in the F’uped school system. Home schooling my be the only way to protect him…..

      33. Many schools are staffed with limp wristed commies, while Child Services are heavy in neo-nazi perverts. Strange how often they walk hand in hand! The whole Republic has gone nuts!

      34. publish the name and number of the school principal, the police chief and arresting officers, and the mayor of the town where it occurred.

        We need to shame the individuals involved in all this crap, not whine about ‘government’ or some etherial ‘they’. Send them emails. Call or fax. Focus on the specific individuals and let them know that the people will not tolerate their crap – whether it’s charging people with felonies over nothing, shutting down lemonade stands, or drinking raw milk.

        Google their names and institutions and publish their emails, phone numbers, fax numbers and whatever else you can find. Use the free online fax services to send them faxes and clog up their fax lines. They will get the message.

        As a matter of course, shtfplan should include all this contact info at the end of every article where statists and technocrats and tyrants need to be communicated with by the public.

      35. The vile Orwellian actions of these bureaucrat-snitches (and what good little totalitarian snitches they are!) are about much more than “guns.”

        The other issue is that the little girl drew a picture depicting her daddy as a heroic figure, fighting against monsters. etc. in a MANLY, warrior-like fashion. That upset these neo-marxist edu-crats even more than the picture of the weapon, I would wager.

        We know that the social-engineering, anti-human marxists have long excoriated the “bourgeois fetish of family life” and that they are dedicated to eradicating Western “patriarchy” (i.e. the Western social order that has existed since prehistory). Now, OTOH, if the little girl had drawn a picture of daddy in a wig and high-heels, they would have invited him to the school to be presented as an exemplar and role model.

        • Our society will right itself. It always does. A few decades of this nonsense will not change nature, and that is what really infuriates these weenies. They know they are on the losing side.

          Much pain and bloodshed will have to be endured in the healing process, but they will lose.

      36. When political power is again in the hands of Patriots these abuses will stop or the perpetrators (read PTB) will be prosecuted.

        America First! The Constitution Party. The Patriot Party. All politics are local.

        These are the answers to the weasels who have usurped OUR values and eroded OUR rights. The Globalists who run the police state didn’t come to power overnight and they will not be eradicated overnight.

        It is a process WE can win. Engage.

      37. New Book out: Three Felonies a Day. According to author the average person committs 3 felonies a day. We don’t have a chance. Ah Oh, I probably just comitted my third.

        • TX Hillbilly

          you have hit the nail on the head, we don’t stand a chance, I often feel that there are introducing draconian powers slowly and perversely, I call it the boiling lobster slowly analogy, the poor lobster does not realize he is being cooked to death before it is too late.

          Wow, do we need to rebel in force against all this rubbish.

        • Its late in the day and I’m probably on my fourth by now…

          “Under common law, I do not consent and a waive the benefits.”

          No victim, no crime. Pack it in Policy Enforcers (Police). You are powerless in the face of REAL law. Touch me and know the sting of truth and justice.

          • Any Place one could find more info on common law?

            • I don’t know if common law will help much.

              The criminals who have been in charge for the past 30 plus years turned this once great Republic into a corporate governance a.k.a. fascism.

              Uniform Commercial Code. is what we need to learn, use their codes to our advantage.

              We also need to pool our money and hire
              lobbyists to influence lawmakers.

              If the lawmakers only listen to whomever fills the pot with Bribes,I mean campaign contributions then lets get busy.

              common law is just/moral
              UCC or Uniform Commercial Code is legal

          • Only your forth???? Slow day eh? 🙂

            • Ja sagen

      38. Ok, here is an amazing set of articles that goes right along with that last video I posted. It’s not a cure-all for adult Americans and Canadians, however; it could be the key to changing the future, more-so than any lawsuit ever would.

        I highly recommend these thought provoking articles to anyone who has children or is thinking about having children,… send these links to People you know who have children:

        The Plug-in Drug

        The Plug-In Drug Redux

        “If you believe that our entire current political and social debacle cannot be attributed to the wide infiltration of television in all aspects of our lives, then you are truly blind. Television is the modern-day opiate of the masses, used by our rulers to provide us with the bread and circuses that keep our minds off the critical issues at hand.” …

      39. I’m going to stay on this side of the border. This is not only disgraceful, but illegal. And just think, this idiot teacher is going to be responsible for educating your kids.

      40. Mac, I truly believe the world has lost it’s common sense. A couple of years ago, while on my way to Houston, from the Carolinas; I noticed a lot of crazy acting drivers along I-10 especially across Louisiana. On my return trip, with the irratic driving behavior in mind, I noticed an increase in stupid driving. It was early A.M. so I chocked it up to caffine and everyone running late for work or school. While digging on some good FM radio tunes, the morning DJs did their usual jokes and so on; then proceeded with the traffic report. After which, they said be careful, a new study just came out via the Louisiana Dept. of Highway Saftey and confirmed that over 70% of all Louisiana liscensed drivers were on some type of prescription medication. Add that into the change of magnetic pull of electrons everywhere due to Planet Elenin, and the heavy amounts of benezine in the air from exhaust emissions and we have the receipe for loss of common sense and sanity. It seems a lot of people teaching(baby-sitting) the early grades of children don’t have a lot of either to begin with.

        • I did’nt know whether to laugh or cry…

        • nice….

      41. My solution is this…a phone call would be made to ALL authorities involved to alert that the teacher and principal was said by ‘friends’ to be in possession of a firearm.

        What goes around, comes around.

        ‘Do unto others as ou would have them do unto you’

        As a former educator, this &*^% teacher makes us all look ignorant.

      42. One word…HOMESCHOOL.

      43. law enforcement in Canada would be well advised NOT to ware their uniforms out to eat as they most likely to get spit in their food

        • Spit would probably be a GOOD day!

      44. I the man’s daughter drew a picture of her “teacher” or a “policeman” shooting monsters would the school have contacted Family and Children’s Services and would the teacher or entire police force have been strip searched and arrested?

      45. Check out Ted Weilands Interview with Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America.

      46. If the man’s daughter drew a picture of her “teacher” or a “policeman” shooting monsters, would the school have contacted Family and Children’s Services and would the teacher or entire police force have been strip searched and arrested?

      47. “Has the world lost it’s common sense?”

        YES, it has, it doesn’t take a lot of looking to notice this, either. it lost it’s common sense a loooong time ago.

        look around. shit, scroll down the homepage here and read the headlines. how much of what you see could be lumped under “sound & prudent judgment”? not too f*cking much.

      48. I’m glad the school found that gun that was drawn on paper. What if another student found it & shot someone with the gun that was drawn on paper.,,,another columbine averted…lol…

      49. In high school, I used to take dads pick up, mount 2-2x4s vertical at the tailgate, tie the surgical tubing on a install a funnel. Then we launched water balloons OVER the gym and into the quad at lunch. Would that be considered an RPG or mortar attack today? GEES!

        • AZ Ready: When I was a kid, WE would tie plastic dry cleaning bags to two strips of cardboard, place birthday candles into the cardboard strips, light them to fill the bag with hot air, and release the bags in the dark over Lake Michigan from the dunes.

          The bags with hot air would rise up over the lake, the candles would melt down to the cardboard igniting it, then in a flash, consume the plastic bag.

          It was a great imitation of a UFO and left no evidence. Sometimes WE would rig firecrackers and or a cherry bomb to the device for more effect.

          Today I have no doubt We would be charged with terrorism and an attack on aircraft coming and going to O’Hare 35 miles away.

          WE cannot build tree houses above the fence line today, yet 30,000 drones are planned to fill OUR skies and spy on US by 2020.


          • What a world we live in!! Wish I could go back to the 50/60’s!!

          • SICKENING, your Inhumanity! Constructing an incendiary device which absolutely is a weapon of mass destruction.

            Your multiple violations of principled honored laws such as:
            – Unlicensed WMD which violates arms treaties and multiple anti-terrorist laws.
            – Violating FAA airspace which endangers not only the sacred O’Hare airport you mentioned but also multiple regional and private airstrips. Do you have any understanding what it takes to destroy an unblessed airfield in the middle of the night such as Meigs Field?
            – Non union labor to load and facilitate said unlawful unlicensed aircraft. How do you think destruction of private airstrips can occur without funding local government democrat corruption via labor unions?
            – Not following TSA protocols, see above.
            – Violating EPA regulations; unlicensed incinerator. Did you provide a environmental impact study for your activities?
            – Violating EPA regulations, failure to purchase carbon credits to offset burning of birthday candles.
            – EPA Violation, failure to use emission control systems in an external combustion engine. Your device did not incorporate a catalytic converter. A small amount of palladium and platinum, and you would have been fine.
            – Federal Violations, using a dry cleaning bag in a manor inconsistent with it’s labeling.
            – Federal Violation, engaging in interstate commerce with an unlicensed vehicle.
            – Federal Violation, vehicle does not conform to safety regulations. Did you submit your apparatus to DOT crash tests?
            – Federal Violation, using an unapproved and untaxed fuel. How can we pay for the unions which contribute large quantities of money to the local government which employ unions to fix the roads if you try to avoid paying transportation taxes?
            – Maritime violations, dumping garbage in Lake Michigan with out a license. Only Chicago is allowed to dump garbage and sewage into Lake Michigan where they get their water supply.

            Really, How can you even sleep at night? That is, how can you sleep at night without a device to capture and sequester your methane production?

          • Dang it DK, now I have to try this over Lake Powell this summer!!! Still a kid at heart!!!

      50. when i was a kid me and my friends would play battleship and destroyer ship and we would draw all these missiles and guns and stuff. haha. it was fun. but to but my dad or in this case her dad in jail. this country is a complete and utter joke. joke joke joke joke. did i say joke?

      51. Clearly the authorities were concerned the imaginary monsters and bad guys in the child’s drawing could have been Muslims, or even worse, they may have been carrying a koran.

        Can’t take a chance on an imaginary infidel stray bullet desecrating the koran!

      52. I’m a fiscal conservative, social liberal and responsible gun owner.

        What happened is ABSOLUTE bull… fascist is what THAT is!

      53. No lunacy about it.. The intent is to cause cognitive dissonance.

        To make all of us want to quit and give up..

      54. $1,000,000 Canadian Dollars.

        Like my imaginary drawing ^^^

        The canadian police and teachers can use it for their salary, because that’s all they deserve.

      55. So the police had this guy bend over and lift his balls.

        How many types of guns can you hide under your balls?

        • guess it depends on their size

      56. The level of stupidity is incomprehensible. I think the system will collapse anyway and eliminate all the dross in the world. We are all corralled in cities so termination of 90% of the planets population should not be that hard.

      57. Duh, duh, stupid society…

        In Ontario Canada, teachers/principal(s), although over-reacting and arguably “stupid” in this one of many similar cases, are required BY LAW to report ANYTHING “arguable ‘suspicious'” to child services, read: the Children’s Aid Society (CAS). The CAS “investigate” (insert laugher here) and then call the police (’cause the Canadian CAS employs under-qualified, under-staffed, and over-worked personnel that follow so-called “procedures” that preclude them from rational thought. No one wants to make a “mistake” that they might be held accountable for (read lawsuit), so cases get thrown over to the police to “deal with”). The police only did “their job” based on child services “information”… The cops most likely knew this was a stupid episode but would not have – by legalities – a choice in the matter.

        By law, when the cops are called by the CAS, a CAS/Police Protocol kicks in (again, BY LAW) and can require the police to arrest, no questions asked or interviews required – based on the CAS’ “shoot first and ask questions later” history of dealing with these types of issues. Child Services is the issue here and the “regulations” they employ – and deploy – against democracy or reasonable probabilities of any rational thinking…

        Should the guy sue? HA HA! Right! In Canada, you are NOT “innocent until proven guilty”, ESPECIALLY if the CAS is involved, who operate outside of public and legal accountability. The CAS do not operate in the realm of the public democratic “rule of law” but, rather, on a legal term known as the “balance of probabilities”. “We [CAS] say you’re guilty”, but if it can’t proved in a court, you’re “free to go, sir…”, but you’re still guilty…

        This charge will follow this guy for life. Cross into the US? “Have you ever been arrested, sir? Park over there, sir…” (Not, have you ever been convicted of a crime, sir?) Lawsuits in these cases are a joke as the system is not geared to legal accommodation in child protection matters, rather, they’re orchestrated to bleed citizens and families at their expense since, “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or one.” No brains, no rational thoughts, no concern for any collateral issues… Unless, of course, this guy has a lot of $$$$$$$, support, a great constitution, and wants to enter the “legal” system for 15 years…

        Just sayin’…

      58. The man indeed should have been roughed up and stip searched for a different reason… naming his daughter “Heaven” spelled backwards.

      59. The same thing happened to me in 2009. A teacher went up to my son who was 6 years old at the time and asked if he was molested by his step brother and and by the time I found out about it was after social services was at the school with the police and they already had interogated all 3 of my children without my knowledge and permission. Then my stepson was detained and was not allowed a lawyer to be present during his interogation. The result was that there was a 12 day restraint order that my children could not be near my stepson who was innocent. It costed me about $10,000 to get this mess removed I did not recieve an apology from the police or the school . The worst thing about this is that I am a Priest!!.

      60. When I was in high school in Maine in 1973, I used to bring my rifle to school on the school bus, because we had a riflery club at school. Guess how many people got shot there. Zero. How many times did someone say they wished the school would burn down or blow up before some test or finals? A few. How many times did it actually burn down? Zero. And how many times did we go into a panic over it? Zero. But then that was before kids were desensitized to violence and trained to kill as many people as possible through video games and violent media. It doesn’t make murders out of everyone but it puts a few over the edge.

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