Malkin: ‘Deep State operatives are embedded in every corner of the federal government’

by | Mar 15, 2017 | Headline News | 24 comments

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    This report was originally published by Lexi Morgan at

    Political commentator Michelle Malkin spoke about the “deep state” on Fox News’ Watters’ World Saturday.

    On the show, Malkin told Watters that the “deep state” plays by a “guidebook” of “A-B-C’s” which she said are: “Agitation — A, Barack — B, […] and C — chaos.”

    “There are deep state operatives embedded in every corner of the federal government [and] I think they need to be exposed.”

    The information presented by Malkin dovetails with a Feb. 15 article written by Intellihub’s editor-in-chief Shepard Ambellas titled Deep State captures Flynn with en passant move — who’s next? in which Ambellas paints a far more detailed picture of the deep state and Barack Obama’s new shadow outfit in D.C.

    In the article Ambellas wrote:

    The Deep State (A.K.A. the National Security Racketeering Network) and all that encompasses it, both good and bad, which includes but is not limited to, all of its quantum computers, all of its spooks (the C.I.A.), its techies, all of its operatives, and the entire Continuity of Government Program (COG) combined, serves as a crutch for the POTUS if need be. And seems how pretty much every president since John F. Kennedy’s assassination has had substantial C.I.A. ties or direct and association with the agency, as in the case of George H.W. Bush and Obama, one can only assume that most presidents simply hit the Ol’ cruise control button after they entered the White House, signaling the Deep State to streamline everything, ultimately putting the Deep State in control. Although this process is not as passive as I made it sound, it’s more like the C.I.A. directs their operative, which is usually the sitting POTUS, to do exactly as they say. The president is more often than not just a puppet per se, an actor, the acting C.E.O. of the corporation. But the tables have recently turned.

    Learn more about the deep state here.


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      1. Great News:

        Idaho Ends income Tax on Precious Metals, Arizona is Up Next

        Gold and Silver Are Money

        In a first and significant step towards the remonetization of Gold and Silver, Idaho voted tonight to remove income tax on precious metals. This is the first step in what will likely be a cascade of other states following suit.

        Last week we discussed here the Arizona Senate Finance and Rules Committees’ calling out the Fed on Gold Taxation by considering legislation (HB 2014) officially defining gold, silver, and other precious metals as legal tender. The bill also exempts transactions in precious metals from state capital gains taxes, thus ensuring that people are not punished by the taxman for rejecting Federal Reserve notes in favor of gold or silver.

        The main arguments in favor of removing taxation on Precious metals can be summarized as this:
        taxation on any appreciation in Gold’s value undermines its value as an inflationary hedge
        If gold and silver are priced in USD, then their price changes are a reflection on the USD buying power, nothing more
        You don’t pay tax when the buying power of the USD increases when buying EU goods. So why should Gold be treated differently?
        The removal of income tax and capital gains tax puts Precious Metals on a level playing field with FIAT currencies

        Gold is up $20 to $1218
        Silver is Up .43 cent to $17.27

        Hope you all Got your PM’s.

        • Congress is going after Deep State Leakers for bringing down Flynn. DC will be in flames; at least the soft tissue surrounding the anus of these NWO Liberals imbedded in these various agencies.

          Some will do jail time. Its tit for tat now that tables are turned and the Retards are in power.

          I expect a run on Preparation H in Metro DC as demand explodes because the flames spread. 🙂

      2. Malkin is absolutely wonderful.

        Operatives all over? Fine. America will root them out, one by one by one. I suggest they start learning to flip burgers or park cars.

        • any operatives FOUND need to be made examples of !! hang-em from the nearest lite pole on the DC beltway!!

        • What a joke. Malkin is a neocon, so she is a toady to the “deep state.”

      3. No doubt the deep state controls this nation. It is so blatant yet many consider that fact a conspiracy theory thanks to the mainstream media. That media is fighting for relevance despite being revealed as fake news. Growing rejection guarantees doubling down on fake news. A war on truth. One example is NaturalNews, taken down then back up for a day, now missing for weeks at least on this device. Attempts to reach an associated site allows some connection, then further attempts come up website is not available. This is overt censorship without a doubt.

        • I just checked both sites and had no problem viewing either one.

          I am using a desktop computer that I built from scratch, so it has no components or software other than what I wanted. It is a tank, and as I built it, if anything ever goes wrong with it, I can fix it myself.

          • Archivist:

            Do you build cars & trucks, too ??


      4. Its not too hard to see where this is going. The evidence that the “Deep State” exists is becoming overwhelming and hence undeniable. Its roots must be covered so a pasty must be found. Here comes Obama, the orchestrator, perpetrator and instigator. Forget about the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Council Of Foreign Relations, Banksters, Globalist Financiers, Military Industrial Complex. Maybe they’re going to throw Soros to the wolves as he, yes involved is the front man prepped to take the fall if necessary.

        Yep its all Obama and Soros.

        • Ever notice when people call the conservative pundits and they mention those “groups” and take-over-the-world think tanks, those same talk show guys start to get skittish. They
          usually cut to a commercial or dismiss them as “black helicopter people”. They don’t want
          to acknowledge that those organizations even exist. It’s like they are scared they might
          lose their sponsors. Levin and Hannity are both like that. Somebody called Levin a few days
          ago and as soon as he mentioned Jerome Corsi, Levin cut him off. It’s like they want to
          talk all about the constitution and monopolize every conversation. As soon as you mention
          the CFR, Bilderbergs, or something dark and scary, conversation over. I’m calling bullcrap on them.

      5. Kevin2, eventually we will all be forced to fight the ‘deep state. If the ‘deep state’ targets me, whoever they send will be in ‘deep do-do’.

        • You won’t be fighting the Deep State. The Deep State controls the government. They don’t like you, your persona non grata, maybe its no medical care for you. By fiat decree existing Federal Reserve Notes are no longer legal for “All debts public and private”. The banks don’t accept it, its done. Maybe they reissue new notes or some kind of computer credit for a fraction of its existing value. Gold and silver, fine to pay the farmer for a side of beef maybe but you can’t buy a home with it, can’t pay the mortgage.

          There is no one to fight.

          They don’t target you. They target your money.

      6. why not hangings? It would sure make the traitors think twice before acting..

        • YES and MAKE the MSM have to show them LIVE on TV !! they WILL kill us if we don’t take them out of power!!

      7. As TEST states, WE need to Hang those FACIST High

        From a Loyal Patriot

      8. Many have sworn an oath to destroy the domestic enemy. So who is the domestic enemy? Who decides? Who declares war on them and imprisons or revokes there citizenship and deports them? How can we let dual citizenship people vote or hold any government job? Isn’t it obvious that that won’t work? No matter if they are our so called allies or not? And giving them the chance to chose one or the other. Is just allowing a possible traitor to run loose. I guess the tri- bulation , Third World War tri means 3 is written and will be done. Weather you believe in the bible or not isn’t it obvious that we are heading to WW3? No one knows the day or hour it will start. But we all know it could be over in one hour. Just as written .

        • Traitor Hator:

          I like your new name. You can be identified by your tattoos, and your writing style.


      9. Hasn’t this been the case at least since Cheney-Bush?

      10. They are called bureaucrats,
        This is why i want everything to come completely unglued, i dont care what kinda lumps i need to take, as long as i get to watch the bureaucrats burned

      11. deep state ops are also working in state governments and city councils, but yeah…… certainly and especially the federal

        Every place of government has crooks. Government is a crooked game, the bigger it gets the more crooked it becomes.

      12. Why is it when I read these articles I get flashes of the old X-files episodes where the alien hybrids were running around SUCCESSFULLY staying hidden while killing off the bad guys using ice picks to the brain stems. They didn’t announce what they were doing or leave clues and hints and other such nonsense. they just simply got the job done and didn’t get caught unless they were lazy or sloppy. Hello? Deep State operatives, how about Seth Rich dead from a robbery that didn’t take any valuables.

        The Clinton crime cartel does it right apparently, Seth Rich was eliminated and nobody batted an eye. Why NOT do the same to them? Nevermind, its beyond peoples thinking capacity to figure it out. no wonder the republic was long ago lost.

      13. More than most even realize.

        Mar 16, 2017 Nullify Chapter 21: Federal Militarization of Local Police

        “States and local communities can nullify the practical effect of federal police militarization programs by simply withdrawing from them.”

      14. Firstly, I would give to Mz. Malkin, the generic sort-of dignity, which was traditionally afforded to women, children, and laborers, but do not consider her a moral authority.

        Secondly, for a people to fall into confusion, and turn on eachother, is a Biblical curse. You’re discussing a situation, in which the same nation has opposing factions, any of which are formally authorized to use force of arms. It is the same body or ship of state, at war with itself. That’s been called destabilization. The results have been known, since ancient times.

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